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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  December 18, 2015 4:00am-5:01am EST

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a pennsylvania teen ace accused of cop expiring and attempting to provide material support to terrorist, who canning discovery made by detectives in the boy's room. just a week out from the holidays, president obama briefing the the nation on u.s. security issues and he says there is no serious threat. our commander in chief is urging americans to do right now. plus movie may be set in the galaxy far away but here on earth, yeah, star wars flick has fans, really ready. everything you need to know about the the force awakens without any spoilers, of course. good day, happy friday, december 18th, 2015. a friend of mine just left the movie theaters. >> they have been playing all night. >> he says, it was great, that was it. >> great. >> give me a two sentence
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summary. i'm still waiting for that. it was great is all i heard. >> it is basically what was going on back in the late 70's when these movies first came out. >> thirty-eight years ago. >> man i'm getting old. >> dave warren, it was raining yesterday, now it will be cold this weekend, right. >> cold this weekend. today is a traps situation day between rain, and the cold weather that we had moving in. so, our number of the day, transition right in the middle right around five today. not nearly as bad as yesterday with all that rain that has cleared out. maybe patchy fog this morning. there is some low visability to the south east like millville, wildwood, certainly not dense fog. philadelphia is all clear but could see dense fog in these north and western suburbs, reading is at a half mile this morning. cool. it is in the 50's. the not too bad. favorly mild. colder air is coming from the north and western suburbs in the low to mid 30's. the hazelton at 36. the mount pocono dropping down to 38. still above freezing.
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but sub freezing temperatures this weekend can start making more snow, nice news there, 50's to the the south with colder air working its way across south and earn suburbs. ultimate doppler all clear. we are not log at rain moving in. it is still to the south and may skirt suburbs or the coast, this afternoon, so keeping a few showers in the the forecast. of course, nice weekend on tap, colder, those numbers coming up, lets see what the road are like and for that we will go to bob kelly. >> 4:02. we are drying out after all that rain are yesterday, probably wipers, once or twice if that car hits a puddle will but otherwise we are looking good here on i-95 come southbound, crews are still working northbound lanes of i-95 here right here near girard avenue. then if you are coming in on the the the schuylkill expressway, eastbound, the off ramps to the vine street expressway are still blocked. so you can use spring garden, 30th or south street. here's a live look at the construction, again, closed
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between schuylkill and broad street until 5:15. then a new traffic pattern that developed the other morning, causing havoc for neighbors in port richmond and fishtown and sure to be a mess for weekend, on ramp from girard avenue to head north on i-95 closed for the the next 18 months. they have built a new detour only road, pushes you up to castor where you can use race street, pennsylvania turnpike, work crews between the connection toll bridge all the way over through willow grove. otherwise mass transit looking good, chris and lauren, back to you. a terror suspect under arrest in pennsylvania. >> teen is accused of conspiring and attempting to provide material support to isis. jennifer joyce now live from fbi headquarters in center city with more on this, good morning. >> reporter: they have arrested this 19 year-old teen yesterday but federal authorities, first went to his home and raided his home last month. at that point is when they apparently found a tactical style backpack inside of his
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closet with supplies like ammunition, modified kitchen knife, thumb drive, a tin filled with medicine and full face mask similar to those worn bias lamb i can state militants. federal authorized say jahlil aziz had been working with isis members, he had close to 60 twitter accounts and he was spreading islamic state propaganda. he may have been preparing to conductor assist others in conducting an a to tack on u.s. soil according to a criminal complaint. the four hour long raid that happened yesterday on fulton street in harrisburg jumped up a lot of attention and fears. "fox news" cameras talk to the woman whose 98 year old aunt lives on the block. she stopped by because the the elderly woman was scared to death. our a a filth also talk to the young man on the block and was shocked by the news. >> scared half to death as she was crying, that is why my mother told me get here because she was here crying. she was a nervous wreck. she didn't know if she would have to be evacuated or not.
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>> coming home to this, i understand a regular shooting, that is common around here but to come home and finding out they had isis here, that is some crazy stuff. >> reporter: aziz already had an initial court appearance and being held pending a detention and preliminary hearing scheduled for next week. the last night there was a sign posted on his family door that said no comment, no news, no trespassing and this comes the the same day president obama addressed our country on the state of the national security and what took place in harrisburg yesterday, certainly backed up his statement that federal authorities are being extremely pro active. he also said that right now, there is no credible threat against our home land, lauren. >> thanks, so much, jenny. just a week away from christmas and the president briefed the nation on u.s. security issues and fight begins isis. the president says there is no currently in serious threat against the the u.s. his remarks came following a meeting with top u.s. intelligence and defense
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leaders at nation's counter terrorism command center in virginia. president obama says the the center, paid the center a visit the to pay staffers for their hard work throughout the year. the president is urging the nation to not let fear of an attack interfere with family tradition. >> i want every american to know as we come upon the holidays as you travel, with family and kid open up their presents and as you ring in the new year that you've got dedicated patriots working around the clock all across the the country to protect us all. >> this morning the the president will meet with the family of victims from the san bernardino shooting massacre. delaware has decriminalized marijuana a statewide. law was passed and signed by governor jack markell earlier this year but law enforcement says that doesn't mean smoking potties legal in the state. adult found with less than an ounce of marijuana a will face a hundred dollars fine. the authorities say that fine can be paid just like a parking ticket.
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prior to the new law fine was as much as a 1100 bucks and center could be slapped with six months in jail. police are working to identify a body found inside a north philadelphia a abandoned home. remains were found on the first floor of the property on north chadwick street. the gruesome discovery was made yesterday around 5:00 in the evening. detectives believe she's a woman and say she may have been dead for quite sometime. the pennsylvania department of human services is ordering a day care in north philadelphia to close its doors, this is coming after a child died there on thursday. joining us from the special victims unit in juniata park is dave kinken with more on that story, hi, dave. >> reporter: thinks a shocking case that has a lot of, people in the city of philadelphia, talking about this and, of course, svu investigating this big death as suspicious. now here's what we know, since this center was shut down on thursday, philadelphia police special victims unit the is probing a suspicious death of
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the ten month-old baby girl who was in the care of the center two days ago. the the health department has not yet ruled on the cause of death, and it is still pending. meanwhile state document reveal several problems with the facility. twenty-four problems in fact, found during a july inspection. day care only operating on a provisional certificate as a result. state officials say problems included workers working without proper training and background checks, working with too many children and tripled the amount allowed by the the the state. there were so many children some staff mens did not know the kid names. they were yelling at the children in front of the inspectors. investigators returned for a follow-up investigation, in october, and issues were resolved but the others still remained. somehow something went terribly wrong when that child died. police say that the day care provider, provided cpr but the the child died at temple university hospital. so a lot of questions here, a very tragic case, and an investigation that continues. guys, back to you. all right, dave, thanks
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very much. chester police are investigating how a two year-old boy fell out of the moving car and then was abandoned on the street. luckily a man driving by saw the whole thing happened and stopped for help. jason says that he pick up the the screaming toddler and root 291 and high land avenue, and a according to him the silver pontiac grand am made a hard left turn, back door flew flew open and out fell the boy. that driver hit a spark car and then sped off. the child suffered minor injuries and was treated at crozer-chester medical center. police say the boy's mother eventually showed up at the hospital and then was arrested. fire that destroyed a wilmington delaware church will not ruin christmas prayer services. meantime a federal investigation is underway, pastor of new jerusalem missionary baptist church vowed to rebuild. he says he has received many offers from neighboring congregation toss hold services at the their church. crews using heavy equipment began tearing down the building on van dever avenue
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yesterday. atf has been called in but investigators have not released the cause of the fire. this was the second fire in two weeks, at that church. we have breaking news for you out of the vatican. the pope francis has approved a miracle needed to make mother teresa a saint good news there. she has been credited with curing a man of a deadly brain disease. this within her second miracle which is required for canonization. she was beatified in 2003 by pope john paul the second for performing one miracle. >> italian media is reporting pope francis would hold canonization ceremony for her in september to coincide with the anniversary of her death. she died in 1997. good news there. >> yes. the the wait is finally over for star wars fans, episode seven finally here. >> for diehards it is an experience that has been years in the making quite literal willly. we stopped by king of prussia where some fans have been packing the the movie theater since early yesterday morning. it was 38 years ago we were
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introduced to luke, leah, hans and it has been more than a decade since the the the last installment. we talk to one man who could not wait the to share the experience with his own kids. >> i want my kid to maybe feel what i saw coming up but i like to feel like a kid again for one more night. >> reporter: what do you like about watching those move business your dad. >> they're good, and i like the the jedis. >> princess leah going to make a big come back. >> i wear them all the time to the gym. >> what about the first by obi won do you think that will come back for the dudes. fans told us it is one of the best of all of the star wars films. >> good, not a let down because we have built it up so much. >> creed was good, last rocky film. >> that is good. >> sheriff's deputy risks his life jumping in the moving truck. the chase lasted for miles. why this move may have saved
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the truck driver's life.
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this song is happy by the stones. more importantly, sung by the greatest and written by him. >> well, he looks 107. i mean, no, i think he is close to 70. yeah. we will play the stones song for you throughout the morning. so, if you flew out yesterday, you might not have been able to take off. >> yes, a lot of rain there yesterday and then fog to develop but look now that fog has cleared out and we are not talking about anymore rain today. look at these numbers now, 53, that could be about the the warmest that we get, all day, that northwest wind visibility up to 10 miles. colder air is coming in. it is a colder afternoon and colder wind that developed, tonight, wind chills in the teens tomorrow morning, and
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then we have more record highs in the forecast. so just a brief chill that we will talk about this weekend. ultimate doppler, all clear, we will keep an eye on south jersey and delaware because of this area of rain. it is trying to work its way up the coast and maybe will keep clouds indefinite thely but possibly a sprinkle will there just along the the the coast from delaware, up to atlantic city and long beach island. cloud will linger today from philadelphia a to the south but they are clearing up, overnight tonight, this colder wind developing. mostly clear tomorrow, but there is a cold breeze, that is wind gusting to 20, 30 miles an hour and these are temperatures and they are in the 50's right now but 40's this afternoon. it gets colder. thirty's down below freezing in the north and western suburbs tomorrow morning only climbing up in the upper 40's, or lower 40's, tomorrow afternoon. here's the the forecast for today, 47, dropping to 45 degrees. the seven day forecast, just for the record high
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temperatures they are coming back, after the start of winter on monday. we could see record on wednesday, we see temperatures climb in the upper 60's. there will be a few showers. we are close to 70 there. bob kelly. >> keith richard, 72. >> wow. >> he looks so good for 72. >> i hope i look that good. >> good morning. 4:17. getting up, getting out, friday a live look here at penndot crews working southbound i-95, right here near allegheny as part of the overnight construction and of course that whole hot bed of construction between allegheny and girard. vine street expressway looking good, there is no traffic, we are shut down between schuylkill and broad street for the next hour or so, coming into the the city, you jump off at spring garden, 30th or south street. otherwise, schuylkill looking good, in problems on i-95 or as you roll up and down city line, keep in mind the road are still wet from all that rain we had yesterday, midday work out on route 611
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at the jericho road, that will tie you up doing christmas shopping there at abington towne-center. this weekend some changes coming to route 202, they are moving traffic patterns around on the north bound lanes between route 30, and route 401. they are out there later tonight all through the weekend. if you are heading from west chester up to king of prussia for weekend shopping just be aware of the new pattern changes. should be a better day to fly, we have big delays yesterday with the rain, fog, so hopefully we will get off to a good start there down there at the airport and they are still doing that dredging which will give us frequent bridge openings on both tacony palmyra and burlington bristol. i hope you didn't blow that gfi circuit yesterday for your christmas lights out front with all that rain that we had but we are still looking for your pictures, keep them coming. thanks to rosene who event thus within with the big trees decorated on both side of the entrance to her home and we are looking for the picks
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because we're hitting road later today. just snap a pick of your home, post it to your facebook, twitter, instagram pages, use that hashtag fox 29 lights so we can show it here on tv. there are your lottery numbers but late are tonight we will hit the road, we will head to ambler, pennsylvania pennsylvania. >> you hit the lottery. >> i will hit the the lottery and hitting the road. it gets better as morning goes on, trust me. >> really. >> thank you. >> back to chris and lauren. >> thanks very much. update on keith richard, turning 72. lets turn to national headlines, a friend of the san bernardino terrorist who bought the the the rifle used in the attack is now in jail charged with terrorism. enrique marquez bought high powered guns that seed farouk and his wife killed 14 people. the husband and wife tied in that police shoot-out. twenty-four year-old marquez was a long time friend of farouk and painted a troubling picture of his friendship including attacks they had
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planned on a crowded highway and a community college. they both attended. >> that is scary. world leaders, agree on a u.n. resolution ahead of syrian talks that begin in new york. diplomates have yet to agree on a draft resolution endorsing a international bid to end the five-year old civil war in syria. u.n. security council did pass a resolution targeting nation that is do business with terrorist groups like isis, and sanctions could be imposed on those countries. they include freezing assets, travel bans and armed embargoes. a family whose story went viral arrives in the u.s. >> a sign it ises and his four kids landed in detroit last night. fifty-four year-old father is fighting cancer and lost his wife and daughter when a missle hit his home. he survived with his son and three other daughters. the story was profiled on the humans of new york, it captured the a attention of president obama a who called him an inspiration. actor edward norton who set up a campaign raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for their big move.
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bizarre scene plays out on a nebraska highway as a sheriff's deputy jumps in the moving truck. >> sergeant made an tearing attempt. the driver of the vehicle was having a a diabetic episode before the the officer brought the truck to a halt. the truck driver has since recovered. 4:21. more than just a game when eagles play sunday against arizona how players are staying focusinged and keeping their eye on the prize. and if you sit court side at a basketball game. >> you got a lot of money, and you got a lawsuit, jumping for the ball, out of bound. look what lebron did and specific injuries. just ahead.
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eagles play against the the best time. air zone here. cardinals have terrific receivers. larry fitzgerald has been send situational since he came out of college 12 years ago. steady, only missed six games over his entire career and for eagles malcolm jenkins will have the responsibility have of covering him much of the game. it is a will challenge but it is fun. >> he doesn't feel like the game owes him anything. you know, he is a very blue collar attitude when he goes about his work, very humble. he is a good friend of mine.
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when i came out of college, he was first personally got to train with. i spent off seasons working with him crafting my game and work ethic after him. >> flyers at home again last night to the wells fargo center playing vancouver, scoreless in the sending period and the the shot by medvedev, flyers win two to nothing, steve mason with his 28th career shut out. flyers a winner. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. so fans who is it court side at basketball games know it can be scary. that fear became a reality for jason dave wise when lebron james fell right into her lap while going for a loose ball. this happened last tonight between oklahoma city thunder and cleveland cavilers. lebron hustles to the side line to avoid a turn over, barreling right in today's wife, he will i in the process. ouch. well, she laid there for a few minutes, medics do come in and
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carry her out on the stretcher. lebron did check back to make sure she was okay. sources say she was taken to an area hospital. i have never sat court side i don't think i have had that privilege before. >> no. >> but i sat close. it is scary, because ball goes flying, you are ducking, moving, you don't know what will happen. i cannot imagine being closer. >> you are sitting down low, and lebron is 6-foot eight, 200 something pound. >> can you imagine him landing on you. >> full force. >> and then all of the sweat gets all over you. >> you wouldn't mine that. >> no, i would mind that. i don't want sweat on me. >> jason day one of the best golfers in the world, australia. do you remember u.s. open last year in washington state, he is one who got vertigo and had to lie down. >> i remember. >> newest installment in the star wars series had a debut last night, but according to critics was it everything that the fans hoped it would be.
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kin chen.
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the pennsylvania department of human services has ordered a north philadelphia day care center closed its doors after a child dies while in the program's care. >> no shortage of the opinions at philadelphia school
4:30 am
district headquarters, why parents, teachers and community members all making their voices heard this morning. good day everyone it is friday exactly a week until christmas december 18th, 2015. thanks very much. >> what did you decide. >> today is a true day, rain yesterday and cold this weekend. this is the last weekend you have to buy your christmas gifts. >> okay. >> so spending it inside the mall and then you won't be in the cold. >> man, pr department in king of prussia, loves her. >> so, yesterday we were going to buy your wife either cleaning fluid or a hatchback. >> a crx. >> yes. >> either or. >> either one would get me in the same amount a of trouble so i have to work on that. i have to go to the mall and work on that. eagles game at sunday night at the link. >> beautiful. >> good idea. >> early gift. >> if we beat arizona that is a big gift. >> we would both be excited for that one. >> did you know today is
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national ugly christmas sweater day. >> ahh. >> nicely done. >> missed the memo. >> we have got eagles gear and ugly sweater. but thing for today, if you were waiting for the rain, today just getting colder in the 40's and 50's now. it will be colder this afternoon. warmest part of the take right now, cold breeze develops tonight, 53 officially in the city. that wind is out of the west northwest at 12 miles an hour bringing in colder air we are seeing on the temperature. thirty's in the mount pocono. forty-eight in allentown. philadelphia is at 53. fifty's to the south. it will try to climb but this will be warmest temperature we have seen all day. we will not see that rain like we had yesterday, it is not far away and these showers may try to work their way just along the coast. we will keep cloud in the forecast but they will clear out by tonight, as that wind develops and that brings in that colder air, we will feel that chill by tomorrow morning. into the the 40's by nine.
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we're dropping. we will stay in the upper 40's, as we clear tonight 45 but getting cold, feel that chill by tomorrow mourning. how are roads looking this morning. for that we will go to bob. >> good morning everybody. 4:32. tgif and everything is wet from that rain we dealt with yesterday. live look at downtown yesterday, the rain did not wash out construction, they are down here working shut down between the schuylkill and broad street. you know morning drill coming in on the the schuylkill until will 5:15 or so, eastbound side jump off at spring garden, 30th the or south. same deal coming westbound out of south philadelphia. coming up i-95 you are pushed off at broad and use vine street local. live look at i-95, crews have been working on allegheny south wound side. northbound at girard there in the background. they are still working on the pennsylvania turnpike, westbound between delaware valley interchange. if you come into pennsylvania over that connection bridge watch for crews out through
4:33 am
willow grove. and then philly international we have had big delays yesterday but the rain, and that thick fog for the afternoon we will reset the clock and hopefully have a good morning, to travel, and a new pattern in the neighborhood girard avenue on ramp to northbound i-95 out of port richmond and fishtown here closed for next 18 months. get used to the detour here heading up to castor or back toward center city and use race street ramp. the mass transit though looking good, chris and lauren, back to you. pennsylvania department of human services has ordered a day care in north philadelphia to close. >> this comes after a child dies there on thursday, dave kinchen now live from the special victims unit in juniata park, dave, good morning. >> good morning to you. this is an absolute tragedy that has a lot of people in the the city talking, and here at philadelphia police svu they are investigating what they are calling this baby's suspicious death. sisters child care was shut down on thursday, philadelphia police and special victims
4:34 am
unit probing the the death of the ten month-old, baby girl whom investigators say was in the care two days ago. the health department has not yet determined the the cause of death at this time. meanwhile state documents reveal several problems with the facility, 24 problems in fact, found during a july inspection. that day care only operating on a provisional certificate as a result. state document said problems included workers conducting their jobs without proper training and background checks, working with too many children and in some cases, tripled the amount allowed by the the state. there were so many children, some staff members did not even know the names of the kids, the the report says and that were yelling at children, right in front of the inspectors. when investigators returned for a follow-up on october 5th, 5 issues were resolved and there were at least plans to correct the other 19. somehow, something went wrong when that child died on wednesday. we are told by investigators that a day care provider,
4:35 am
provided cpr for that child and then the baby was rush over to temple university hospital where sadly she died but again a lot of questions here investigators at svu trying to get to the bottom have it all, back to you. >> so sad. >> all right. >> 4:35 is the time. supporters and critics are a charter school expansion face off at a school reform commission meeting. >> on the table renaissance turnarounds of three public elementary schools. src votes to green light conversion of the struggling wistar, cook and hugh i elementary. as of last night a pack room of parents, and educators were deeply divided. >> i want my child to have a better education and to have have the opportunities that we're not getting at the wistar. >> we have pr people out here just trying to get community people to turn over and we're stronger than that. >> the the school vote is next month, looming overall this is budget stalemate in
4:36 am
harrisburg, cash to educate philadelphia students may run out by end of next in if lawmakers do not pass a budget. thomas jefferson university and philadelphia university are merging and this is good news for students. >> preliminary merger decision was just announced. the deal would help the the philadelphia university students a better shot at jefferson's medical school which traces its the route to 1824. jefferson would nearly double the number of students and academic programs. during 39 years transition period, philadelphia university won't change but eventually it will be clear it is part of the jefferson university. she showed kindness to hard working fire fighters and much needed generosity being shown to to this new jersey waitress.
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before anybody peeks at your undercarriage again. ok, wehere's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now?
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maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours, but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta and other select models. live look, at reading, pennsylvania. >> who is that? >> the roots. >> okay. >> so, breakfast tab for two hard working fire fighters, this year. >> and now this new jersey waitress is the one on the
4:40 am
receiving end getting much needed generosity. >> fire fighter spread the word about her kindness in july on social media but has not been easy for liz woodward over past few years. her father lost his job seven years ago, two years later he had had a brain aneurysm. they desperately needed a customizeed van to get around. fund raising rounded up an impressive $85,000 but after hearing her story cot that makes the van gave the the van to the family for free. >> we're so grateful to the mobility ventures families and the angels they have disguised as employees and to everyone else involved in this, and a real thank you, which will be heard a lot today. >> the entire family is calling the donation divine intervention. money will now go towards the the of every day care. >> that is awesome. >> yeah. holidays as we know can be a stressful time of the year
4:41 am
but health experts say there are some things you can do to make your life a little bit easier. >> have a nice glass of bourbon. >> biggest thing to remember remain calm and to, breathe. >> that is right. >> also give yourself permission to feel you're motions, asked others to help lower your expectations. in one is perfect, right. focus on being, rather than doing. i'm being lazy instead of doing my shopping. >> or i'm's breathing, please, don't interrupt me. >> new star wars series had its debut last night, and according to critics this one is really, really good. >> okay. >> no spoil era alerts. we will tell you all bit the straight ahead. >> then there is a a new show. >> aka. >> aka top 15 of 2015 with kevin mccarthey, anniehu and alex holy aka, december 18th on fox 29.
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and i try, and i try... >> if you don't know this song, yes. >> name the second greatest song of all time, by rolling stone magazine and keith richard wrote it. he turns 72 years old, one of the original members of the
4:45 am
rolling stones. >> i can't get no, satisfaction. >> no, it is too early. i have had too little sleep and in the enough coffee you need more coffee in your system. >> you know he is crazy at the this hour especially today. >> and they play a classic rock song. >> is what your favorite stones song. >> i will go with moon light. >> no. >> that girl theme. >> i love the beginning. >> great. >> this is a great song. the let's rock out. forget weather. here's the deal, we had all that rain yesterday and new we will get cold weather, right. >> we're in a transition from this rain, the front is moving through, here's the clouds today, this is our weather tonight, that is our wet they are weekend.
4:46 am
a little transition for that cold rain, chilly rain yesterday and new that cold breeze will be developing and that will really drop our wind chills here overnight tonight, and these are the temperatures right now, 40 a's, 50's to the south, so the the colder air is coming in bringing in the colder temperatures. the this will be as warm as what he get to day in the mid 50's. fifty-two in millville. atlantic city is a at 53. raid are is all clear, gone, but just to the south though it is slowly trying to work its way off the coast a few showers may work up through delaware and right along the coast all we're really seeing is the clouds today. they will linger, much of the morning but by the afternoon, and everything starts to clear out, and then we will get that cold breeze. it is clearing up overnight tonight and maybe a wind chill tomorrow morning in the teens. we're clear with sunshine and just a few clouds. so that is our weather this weekend, windy saturday and then calmer sunday but still pretty cold in the morning because there is in more rain to worry about and things are getting better, here this
4:47 am
weekend. seven day forecast shows we're in the 40's, dropping down to 41, overnight tonight, and tomorrow and a low in the upper 20's in the city on sunday morning. there is that chilly start. we're up to 43 degrees there in the afternoon. now winter begins late monday, and of course we will go back to record warmth temperature. by tuesday, wednesday, thursday, climbing back in the upper 60's and we have rain back in the forecast, bob kelly. >> that is good, good morning. 4:47 on this friday, as you mentioned everything is still wet from all that rain. we don't have the fog and probably not any need to use those wipers this morning but ben franklin looking good, coming into downtown philadelphia a, in problems at all here. here's a live look underneath 30th street station, the the schuylkill expressway where again we are seeing ramps to the vine are still closed until about 5:15 or so if you are coming into the city off of the schuylkill you can use either spring garden, 30th or south street to gain access into downtown.
4:48 am
we have pattern changes coming our way this weekend along route 202, north bound lanes shuffled over to that newly construct stretch of the roadway between route 30 and route 401 and if you are going for a ride the blue route you are good to go. imagine standing on the corner and this pulls up to the front of you here. look the at this guy got his septa bus all decorated for the holidays. do you think we're singing christmas carols on board that bus this morning. >> all aboard. >> jingle bells. >> speaking of christmas carols how about christmas lights. i hope you didn't blow those gfi circuit breakers yesterday with all of the water. take a look at this one thanks to shayna sending us pictures of her little carriage. i think this is the house where we will go to tonight, this is in ambler along butt per pike. we will go live during our 5:00 and 6:00 o'clock newscast. wait until you see this. this is an opportunity to take the kid, park the the car and then walk through their entire property to check out all of
4:49 am
the lights. mini long wood gardens up there in ambler. snap your pictures and put them up on facebook, twitter, instagram use the hashtag fox 29 lights, and then tonight, make sure you tune in during the 5:00 and 6:00 o'clock news when we will take our decorated news van on the road to ambler, chris and lauren. >> sound great. ♪ you're a mean one, mr. grinch ♪ >> it is a holiday favorite, we all know it, doctor sueses how the grinch stole christmas, the the cartoon classic aired on television for the the first time on this date, in 1966. i think i seen it the the ther day. it is not one of my favorite.
4:50 am
>> it is fantastic. it is one of my favorites. new star wars made its debut last night the are you in the star wars theme. >> no. >> i like it. >> not at all. >> according to critics, it was everything fans hoped it would be. >> you are no where safe, we all need to run. >> hans solo is back. harrison ford. >> cool. >> critics are applauding jj abrams for breathing leave back in the stagnant franchise. they say it is a perfect mix of the nostalgia, aka harrison ford and modern day special effects, bringing together generations. some of those generations being brought together zuckerberg family. >> facebook ceo posting his picture of his daughter getting in the star wars spirit and captioned the force is strong with this one. baby max surrounded by star
4:51 am
wars characters like yoda, chewbaca and bb8. three week olden had her own jedi cloak and light saber. the photo has gotten almost 2 million lights. >> all swaddled in that obi1. letting a child win could be a good thing, right. so it boosts self esteem. on the other if they lose, that can be a good lesson for their future, which is better, experts weigh in. do you remember from last year, all frozen, all the time. >> every where
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
wake up, wilmington this song will get you rocking, and going, and waking up for sure. keith richard is 72 years old today. >> that camera is cool on top of the westin hotel. >> look behind them. >> difficult. >> no, video. >> did you let your child win at all of the games to boost their self esteem or then learning about losing at a young age. >> it is a tough one. tough what to do as a parent.
4:55 am
fox's stacy delli cot got some answers and parents, children and experts will weigh in on this. here it is. >> reporter: to win or let the the kid win, common dilemma that parents, older siblings and caregivers face every time that box of monopoly comes out. >> there is no rule. >> reporter: jenny's life is filled with games. she owns west side kid toy store and she hazlet a child win a time or two. >> i remember playing air who can which two little guys, eight and five. eight year-old would not let the the five-year old win. we said please let your little brother win once. then we would play with him so he would win. >> reporter: there are a fewtive rent schools of thought, on one hand letting a child win could ab a good boost to his or herself esteem, then again if they lose that is a good lesson for the future. >> the games, that apply strategy and roll the dice, it is what they need to learn. >> reporter: katrina paris says not only letting your child win is an important life lesson but that doesn't mean
4:56 am
she's out to make them lose. >> i will give them hints. sometimes i will ask them open ended question are you sure, is that your final choice. >> reporter: is there a rule when it comes to when you should let a child win at a game. >> it just depend on their age and their developmental level. >> reporter: critical child psychologist doctor edward says in many cases a parent can start shifting their strategy when they are around four years old. >> you do not want to constantly throw games it gives children a unrealistic sense what will happen when they are playing with their peers and unrealistic sense of their own abilities. >> reporter: she said no need to wipe the floor with them either. encouragement and conversation, can go a long way. regardless, remind your little ones it is only a game. stacy dellicot, "fox news". >> unaudible. >> thinks a huge leap in technology that may soon be part of every day cell phones, yes, the the next best thing
4:57 am
surely to be on your holiday list, next year. this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. a pennsylvania teenager is a accuse of conspiring and attempting to provide material expert to terrorist, shocking
5:00 am
discovery made in the boy's room. a week from the holidays president obama briefing the nation on u.s. security issues, he says, that there is in serious threat. what our command inner chief is urging americans to did right now. >> movie may be set in the galaxy far, far away, but star wars fans have been dreaming about it the for a long time, everything you need to know about the force awakens without any spoilers, of course. can't ruin the experience. >> no, no. >> today is friday, december 18th, 2015. not only keith richard seventh second birthday but it is paul's from paul on twitter. happy birthday to you. >> the big six-zero. >> that is a good one. >> it is also, brad pitt's birthday today. >> it is. >> and steven speilberg a lot of birthdays today. >> yes. dave warren, when is your birth the day. >> august 10th. >> boo. >> what does that make you a leo. >> yea


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