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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  December 18, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> the president, trying to reassure americans about the government's ability to stop a terror attack. this is on the same day a pennsylvania teenager, 19 years old was arrested on terror related charges. details on that ongoing investigation out of harrisburg. plus is what next for meek mill have after a judge find him in violation of his probation. come on, you see we have a big game this weekend, come on. how the eagles could lose to the cardinals on sunday, cardinals are very good, and still have a spot in the playoffs. wow. >> and a along a awaited premiere finally here, we're live with some of the first people in our area to see the star wars film. >> all right. straight up 7:00 o'clock now. >> kid got a day off from school, whole thing of popcorn. >> it is a holiday for him. >> it kind office. >> i will explain this in a bit, dave warren but is what the number of the day. >> we're in a five.
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middle of the scale. not great. not all that bad though. but it will be colder tonight and especially that chill tomorrow. it feels like it should by the time you wake up tomorrow morning. right now it is getting colder in the northern and western suburbs, 40's and 30's, nobody down below freezing, but mount pocono getting closer, 33 degrees but we are having sunshine to the north to bump these temperatures up, 46 in fill arc climbing a few degrees before dropping tonight, much warmer, to the south there, in the mid to lower 50's. maybe, just a few showers, to the south, and there is one or two areas of rain going right up a across the del marva and that could clip parts of the new jersey closer to the coast. this is that rain yesterday slowly moving out to sea but slowing down a little bit. cloud and temperatures right where they are right now, so sunshine, maybe warming, things up but then that cold breeze comes in and cools us off by tomorrow morning. chills in the the teens. look a at those numbers, coming up with the complete
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forecast, one more look at the roads, for that we will go to bob. >> good morning. coming up at 7:02. good morning to you. live look the at route 422 eastbound with that disabled off to the shoulder here. traffic starting to move again but morning volume from collegeville, heading in to king of prussia, we are stack up single file here vine street expressway, everybody trying to get that first train out of 30th street station. the road are damp and wet from that rain we had yesterday, minor delays on the schuylkill, volume between city avenue and center city southbound i-95 heavy from cottman down in the betsy. north bound route 130 a crash at creek road and that accident took down one of the light signals. i am bound on the schuylkill an 18 minute trip, 19 south from i-95 and expect some frequent bridge openings midday as it continues to dredge the delaware river. mike and alex, back over to you. this is making national news. >> harrisburg teen under a a arrest accused of conspiring and attempting to provide material support to isis.
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>> jenny is on this story, what do you know. >> reporter: we know rain yesterday lasted four hours. nineteen year-old jahlil aziz was arrested and charged with working with well known isis members and, according to federal authorities, aziz had nearly 60 social media accounts, twitter specifically where he was apparently connecting with islamic state militants, spreading propaganda and also offering up his assistance. officials say aziz may have been preparing to execute an attack on u.s. soil. the last month investigators raided the fulton street home he shared with his parents and found a tactical style backpack with supplies like ammunition, modify kitchen knife, thumb drive, tin filled with medicine and full face mask similar to those worn bias lamb i can state militant. we have talk to aziz neighbors who were terrified this was going on so close to him. a woman whose aunt lives in the neighborhood stopped by last night to make sure that she was okay and a young man told reporters he is shocked and worried.
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>> come home to this, i understand a regular shooting, that is common around here but to come home to find out they have pulled isis out of the alley way that i live close to. it is crazy stuff. >> scared half to death that she was crying that is why my mother told me to get here because she was in here crying. she was a nervous wreck. she didn't know if she would be evacuated or not. >> reporter: aziz already had an initial court appearance yesterday, he is being held pending a detention and preliminary hearing scheduled for next week and another report in harrisburg said they get anywhere near aziz parents or his family members, instead they were met by a net on the door that said no news, no comment, no trespassing, a alex and mike. >> that is a shocker. >> yes, of course, we will talk about this in a little bit. >> we have a terrorism expert here. >> 7:04. pennsylvania death of human services ordering a day care in north philadelphia to close. >> this is coming after a child died there on wednesday, dave's on the story, hi there
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dave. >> reporter: good morning mike and alex. i just check with the svu investigators here and they say they continue to work this case right now and they are calling this baby's death suspicious. here's what we know, sisters child care was shut down, thursday after a ten month-old baby girl died on wednesday, the the cause of the death is not yet phone. state documents revealed more than two dozen problems with the day care including improper worker training and background checks. also staffers working with too many children in the knowing their names and even yelling at the kid in front of the inn expecters. that is from state reports. the big questions are how and why did this baby die? cpr given by a caretaker the baby died at temple university hospital. investigation continues at this time, guys, back to you. >> horrible. 7:05. what else do you got. >> police make a gruesome discovery inside an abandoned home. office are found body of the woman on north chadwick street and it appears she may have been dead for some time. homicide detectives are
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investigating. new jersey state trooper is dead after a car crash in quinton township. eli mccarson was on duty responding to a domestic dispute yesterday morning when he somehow drove off the road and hit a power pole along route 49. that crash is under investigation. trooper mccarson was 30 years old and was working out of the woodstown station. philly rapper meek mill was in court yesterday and will be back for sentencing in february. judge found him in technical violation of his probation. prosecution proved he violated court restrict travel and failed to communicate with his probation officer, several times, the 28 year-old maintain poor communication between his probation officer and management team and that led to his decision. legendary kenney gamble of philadelphia international record vowing to keep him on track. >> we're all going to have choices but when you are young, you know, you need mentors, you need people around a you. >> the judge will decide if he
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gets jail time or continued probation, between now and sentencing, meek mill can only travel within five area counties of our area. he also cannot perform or do any money making events. chester police investigating how a a two-year old boy fell out of the moving car and leaped in the street. luckily a man driving by and saw it all happened stopped to help. jason is a father and said he pick up a screaming toddler at route 291 and highland avenue thursday morning in the rain after a silver pontiac grand am made a hard left turn when back door opens and out fell the boy. car then hit a park car and sped away leaving the baby behind. >> he rolled, i stopped my van and i get immediately out and it is raining, cars are going by and i jumped out of the van, i picked him up and brought him over to the sidewalk. he was screaming, mommy, mommy, mommy, i said was that your mommy and he said yes. the in the middle of all that child suffered minor injuries and was treated at a
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hospital. the boy's mother eventually showed up at the hospital and she was arrested, mike and alex. >> darn right she was. 7:08. they faced off at a school reform commission meeting. >> on the table, so-called, renaissance turnarounds of three public elementary schools. src votes next month on whether to green light the conversion of struggling wistar, cook, and hughy elementary into charter schools. as of last night packed room of parents, educators deeply divided. >> i want my child to have a better education and other opportunities that we're in the getting and at wistar. we have people out here just trying to get community people to turn over, and we're stronger then that. >> the school voted next month, looming overall of this, as the budget stalemate in harrisburg, educate philly
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student cash may run out january 29th if lawmakers just don't pass a budget. there will be some optimism that a budget would be passed this weekend, in the looking so good now. we will keep you up to date now. thomas jefferson university and philly university, philadelphia university, they are going to merge. the agreement was announced yesterday, officials say it could help give philadelphia university student a better shot at jefferson's medical schools, during a three-year transition period, philadelphia university's name won't change, but officials say eventually, it will be clear, it is part of jefferson. 7:09. an arrest made in california connected to the terror attacks in san bernardino yesterday. >> who was this guy. >> this is scary stuff here, an old friend of the suspect, bail hearing scheduled for machine for the man who bought at salt rifles, his friend used in that attack. so enrique marquez is his name and now in jail, terror related charges.
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the authorities say marquez bought high powered guns that syed farouk and his wife used to kill 14 people earlier this month. they also say he helped them plot attacks a long time ago back in 2011, and 2012. that were never carried out. one of them was planned on a busy high washings another at a community college. during an 11 day period following the san bernardino attacks, marquez waved his right to an attorney and cooperated with investigators. president obama was in virginia for a briefing from counter terrorism officials. afterward he a assured the nation that there is no reason to live in fear. >> i want every american to know as you go about the the holidays, as you go and travel with family and the kid open up their presents and as you ring in the new year, that you have got the dedicated patriots working around the clock all across the country, to protect us all. >> the president went on to say that americans should go about their holiday plans, as
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normal but be vigilant. this morning president obama will meet with the family of the victims of the the san bernardino shooting massacre. mike and alex, back to you. 7:11. all right, thanks. big news from the vatican today. pope francis has approved miracle needed to make mother teresa a saint. >> she has been credited with curing a brazil yan man of the deadly brain disease. this would be her second mere will california which is required for canonization. she was previously beatified, in 2003, by pope john paul, ii for performing a miracle. italian media is report ago this pope francis will likely hold a canonization ceremony, for her, in september. 7:11. >> i loved here stories about mother teresa. >> amazing woman, that is for sure. >> hey dave is what up. >> we're talking about colder weather today. we have to wait for it. right new we're looking live, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. that rain is gone. we are at 46 degrees, dropping
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that wind at 14 miles an hour, visibility at 10 miles but it that is wind that is going to bring in the colder air. that wind will continue to increase, and wind chills, into the teens, and, more record highs, and there in the seven day forecast. this is in the sticking around long. the rain, that came through yesterday is just off the the the the coast and trying to move out, and it is filling in around norfolk, virginia and could stir parts of the dell marv, southern delaware, and maybe southern new jersey could see a few showers this morning. only really this morning because by this afternoon all gone. skies are clearing, and thinks a cold wind that develops here and it could abe few snow flakes falling in the north and western suburbs there up around mount pocono but just a passing snow shower. that is bit. the cold air, cold stream coming off the lakes indicate that cold air is moving in and it will be here definitely by tomorrow. and upper 40's today, and then we will drop, into the lower 30's, by tomorrow morning, and then with that gusty wind though, it is the wind chills.
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twenty's, i haven't seen these in a while. wake up to that tomorrow morning. keep that handy. it the is a cold start to the day tomorrow, and 48, 47, 45, dropping tonight and will continue to drop this weekend. forty-one and 43 saturday and sunday. here's that warmer weather monday starts, winter begins just before midnight on tuesday, 55. record high possible wednesday on 68 degrees. the christmas eve. still in the 50's. the showers each day, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, bob. good morning everybody. an accident on the schuylkill expressway it the is eastbound, right in the tunnels around 30th street station, just getting ready to clear out there as you you can see one vehicle being pulled away but we have a major jam coming into downtown right now, where we're bumper to bumper from city line, gets stacked and pack at girard all the way into 30th street, again on the eastbound side, even on the vine street expressway backup across town folks trying to get in this
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30th street station and hitting that backup. now coming northbound on 202, between west chester and king of prussia, look out tonight through sunday penndot will be working to put in a new traffic pattern, northbound lanes between 30 and 401, and also that new pattern in the neighborhood the girard avenue ramp to head north on i-95, blocked now as part have of that reconstruction of i-95. we have to go up to castor avenue to gain access to i9 567891 week until christmas, you better have your lights up by now. so get on out there on the front lawn snap a picture and put it on facebook, twit error instagram and use that hashtag fox 29 lights. take a look at this front porch there. you have candles, you have the bows, the railing, looking good there in the neighborhood ape tonight we will hit the road, make a trip to ambler pennsylvania. broadcast live from the front lawn of the fellow who gives you you an opportunity to
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bring the whole car load of kids and walk through his whole front lawn tonight from both the 5:00 and 6:00 o'clock newscast, mike, back over to you. now lets see, we will talk about the eagles. the eagles are looking to stay untea feeted, in the the in of december. we will welcome in a very good team 11-two, arizona cardinals. this will be sunday night, late game, 8:30. right, gary. >> 8:30. the whole nation watching, everything on the line, you have a lot of guys with a lot to play for. you have sam bradford, he can get a big contract if he were to out play carson palmer he might get a 20 million-dollar a year deal for like five years, hundred million-dollar. >> you are out of your mind. >> i'm telling you. >> what? >> sam bradford, our quarterback. >> man, you are big. a tall man. >> he is a a free agent. >> yes. >> if he plays well, you think eagles will pay him a hundred
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million-dollar. >> he could walk. he is a free agent. you might have him in a position where they have to give him more than they would like to but everything is on the line. he has been playing well. if they win, you beat a cardinals team, hey they are starting to look like they are a playoff team. they make playoffs they could make a little noise, and sam will be put ago this money in his pocket. >> sam, i am yes. >> what is this talk i hear all week about cardinals game we don't even have to win it. >> we don't really to have win it so don't play good players. >> no, you got to get in a groove, they are in the groove, stay in it, keep doing your thing, if they keep rolling like this we could be looking at a playoff team that will make some noise in the playoffs. that means win a game or two. >> listen to. >> it is a crazy year. >> lets say we beat cardinals can we drop one of the last two then or do you have to beat them. >> depending on how they do but the eagles will be
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battling the giants and redskins for that playoff spot so if they win it, they are in. >> so here's the the schedule, all right, for our eagles, sunday of course arizona then washington. washington is here. >> yep. >> the giants, up there. >> that is right. >> so what do the giants have. >> they have to take on the carolina a panthers. >> tough game, i don't think they will win that game. >> that is in new york, though gary. >> yes. >> minnesota, they're good. we're good too now. >> right. >> now redskins, sunday they play buffalo, at fedex field. >> buffalo might have packed their bags. >> really, after us. >> and then philadelphia here and then they play dallas last game. >> dallas would like to be the spoiler, you know, so you hope they show up and ready to play but some guys mail it in. you check the house they have the bags pack. >> they play sat the day night. >> yes. >> it that is time of the year when we start playing saturdays. >> games mean a lot. you have to win, if you win
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you are in. >> play hard, beat these cardinals it that is important. >> then in the groove for those last two games. okay, sixers constantly trying to promote, sixers trying to pre mote, so alex, they sent alex and i some ginger bread cookies. >> yes. >> the trouble in the transportation to fox here, all of their arms broke off. we didn't do it. look at jahlil okafor he has no arms. >> maybe that is why they lose all the time. >> that is so mean, but they look happy, there is that. >> who is number five do we know who number five is. >> to be honest with you. >> joel embiid is over there too. the his foot was broken off. >> mike did that one. >> mike, that was a cheap shot. >> you know what, i'll pass. >> our sixers. we will see what happened to lebron james last night. we will roll footage.
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look at this. lebron james slammed in the fan as he is trying to go for a loose bail last night. jason day's wife had to go to the hospital. >> is that so. >> jason sitting right next to her there. >> lebron is a huge guy, he has 6-foot eight, about 270-pound. >> there she goes. >> i'll tell you her condition this morning after the break, okay. but first, gary, it is sold out, if you are trying to get to that adele concert and i know you are, you will to have try something else.
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grover cleveland here. yes, the handsome gent on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could invest it, or save it for a rainy day. or you could buy a new car! and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life.
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well, at 7:22, i already have people coming to me now,
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inside this building, and out on the street, can you get the me adele tickets. they think i have some kind of a access to tickets. >> well, you do. >> a little bit. >> i call you mike master, not ticket master. >> i do get first dibs. >> no, that is torey, up in the control room. she wants it. and then you. adam shapiro, i can get you tickets too. this adele person a at 10:00 o'clock, tickets go on sale, how soon were they sold out. >> they were sold out within a matter of minutes and reports of what is going on is really, there was within report that someone was asking a adele tickets on e bay for 48 you this dollars. am i looking at e bay right. that was my reaction. but i just pass on the message. what i'm seeing here is $1,600 for an adele ticket. >> yes. >> where is phillips arena. anyway, so here's what happened. adele is selling ticket on
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ticket master but also on her web site and they were doing that through song particular when allows artist to screen out scalpers, who might sell you a ticket on e bay for $1,600. the fans became irate because on ticket master they could not get through. one fan tweeted hello from the ticket line, i click refresh a thousand times. it turns out, it might be ticket master, some kind of doctor evil conspiracy to get you to down load their app because people with the ticket master app did get ticket but people were calling or going to the web site were having difficulties. >> a allegedly scalpers are selling tickets anywhere from $7,000 to $9,000 on e bay and $11,000 on stub hub. there is a report some ticket were 48 grand on e bay but i cannot fine them on e bay. >> why don't i just fly to london and take her to dinner, for 48 you this dollars. >> problem is she won't want to you go. >> you will than rolling in the deep if you can afford
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that. >> nice. >> um-hmm. >> what about a popular identity theft protection company, paying hundred million-dollar to settle a federal lawsuit, what is that? >> ftc went after life lock again for the same thing, misleading advertising guarantying people their safety is absolutely protect when there is no absolute guarantee to be protect from hacking but this 100 million-dollar settlement is a refund as well as penalty for life lock customers because ftc said is that life lock did not adhere to the agreement, from the prior settlement and in new safe guard put the in place to protect your private credit card numbers, your personal social security number even your bank account numbers. life lock has said we have promised never to do it again and they will refund some of the money. >> about hutch would that be, hundred million tea trieded up per person, how much is that. >> $3. >> it is a class action lawsuit but if you are a
7:26 am
client i think lower end of the life long security cost you a hundred dollars a year. >> is this the dude that put his social security number on the drive of the truck. >> yeah. >> i remember those commercials. >> it is, it is the same company. >> adam, have a great weekend. >> thank you, you have a great weekend. we will see you next week. >> i will get adele tickets for you. tis the the season for work holiday parties, you should see what fox our station has planned for today. ♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love.
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it is running non-stop in theaters. we will be over at the franklin institute, people watching it right now. later the most fascinating person of 2015 has been revealed, number one pick and why you may not be surprised. >> is this barbara walters choice, right. >> her choice. >> her decision. >> dave warren was in the top five. he did not make number one. >> i'm sorry, dave. >> so close. >> so close. >> but, hey -- >> are you all right. >> i'm okay. >> you scared me there for a second. >> there we go. the bus stop buddy is off to a good start this morning. ugly sweater day, sue may never let me take another day off. >> do you have one, dave. >> i do not. >> i got the to buy one.
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>> they are $25 on target. it is getting colder, what we are seeing today, temperatures in the 40's and 50's, but will be dropping, here, throughout the morning, and, the afternoon, so get ready for that chill, you'll feel to it day. 46 degrees, visibility at 10 miles west north west wind at 14 miles an hour, and that is going to bring in that colder air, 30's now in reading and mount pocono, 46 in philadelphia, 48 in millville, atlantic city still in the 50's, there is that warmer air but atlantic city could have a a few showers. ultimate doppler that rain has cleared out, and that rain continues to slowly move off the coast but there could be a a few light showers just south and east of the city this morning by 11 or 12:00. cleared out. there is that cold breeze, that chill in the air you'll feel tomorrow morning. temperatures in the mid to upper 40's, not warming up much but really dropping tonight that chill in the air tomorrow morning. the those numbers coming up. the right now we have bob
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kelly with a look at traffic, hi bob. >> good morning. coming up at 7:31, running slow inbound from an earlier accident at the 30th street. pretty much crawling from conn show who can nep to city have avenue, opens up in the three lanes there but again, put half an hour on the trip, in bound on that schuylkill expressway, vine expressway also heavy across town trying to get in the ramps there for 30th street, boulevard heavy, heading down through schuylkill and everything damp and wet from the rain that we had yesterday, and a accident eastbound lanes of 422, right at route 100, as you work your way in toward king of prussia and then an accident in riverside, new jersey. north bound lanes of route 1130, one lane squeezing past creek road due to an accident, a truck took down overhead light signal and that is a project they will work on during midday and delays north on 202, heading in the work zone and then changes in the work zone coming tonight
7:32 am
through the weekend. penndot will put in a new traffic pattern northbound lanes of 202, between route 30 and 401. keep that in mind if you are using 202 between west chester and king of prussia mall for that christmas shopping trip this weekend. mike and alex, back to you. every now and then quincy harris gets in the giving mood and he is in that mood again today. >> he wants to pay it forward, fox forward today, quincy, what are you giving out. >> it is cold. i'm at broad and erie. i don't have a hat. someone needs to get me a hat. i have tokens, free tokens a at broad and erie. why not, it is christmastime. how are you doing. >> what is your name. >> damon. >> where are you heading to. >> first philadelphia a charter school. >> are you a teacher there. >> administratory can tell, you have the the voice on. >> here's a token, you in may need a toke even. >> i have i transpass. >> pass it forward and give it
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to someone else. >> what is your name. >> brian. >> where are you from. >> from new york. >> are you going to school down there. >> yeah. >> what college. >> i'm not going to college. >> what high school. >> marietta city academy. >> you pass it forward. we are giving out, tokens. the is what your name. >> cher. >> do you know any cher songs. >> no. >> i don't know the song either. >> okay good do you need a token. >> i do. >> you need a token. >> is what your name. >> sheneille. >> where are you heading to. >> penn medicine. >> yes. >> how are you doing. >> fine. >> tell mike i said hi. >> hi, mike. >> hi alex. >> hi. >> everybody. >> well, thank you for watching. we are passing it forward. >> this guy right here dropped her off, but he dropped her
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off, i don't know. what is up. how are you doing. >> yes good put your seat belt on. i'll be here at broad and erie giving out tokens until they run out. we are foxing it forward, going around the city, giving it back. every time you see a news van we are not doing bad stuff, it is in the bad news. we are spreading cheer. >> and he is hopping happy. >> he is so cheerful. >> tonight is the big night, the 10:00 o'clock news tonight. then at 10:30, boom sharp a new show called aka. >> yes. >> let's see it. >> aka top 15 to 2015, with sketch mccarthey, anniehu and alex holy, aka december 18th on fox 29. >> we are celebrating the holidays with the ground breaking deals while under construction.
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you know yesterday, i did have seen the star wars movie,
7:38 am
is the the most anticipated opening of the film in the history of film. but man it is on the cover of every paper, i think in in american america. what do we call this the the metro. wham. >> that is right. back when i was alive people thought i looked like george michael. people called me wham. >> i'll give you a thousand dollars if you can tell me the name of the other guy. the other guy. >> the other guy in wham. it is two hours and like 16 minutes, general. i have seen it. i just talk to my friend, world famous astronomer derrick pits. >> good morning to you. >> we are not on the same side because i have seen it and you
7:39 am
have not. do you know someone who can hook me up with the ticket. >> sold out for a couple days. i will take my kid this weekend. there is some science in there. >> there is a lot of science in this there is a science in all of the technology used for all of the flying craft, all of the science in the star field you see in the background and then there is a light saber. i know the answer. do you know the sound what it comes from in real life 6789 are they squeezing big fat cats. >> george lucas was looking for that outer space scene. he saw it on a poll on a light pole you can hear it. that is where they got that that is where the the light saber, the the the laser. they come from that when they
7:40 am
were trying to fix the the pole i will do some trivia. i'm good with this. >> the other thing, you had said is there will be, because of this. >> a lot of instances, like science fiction on movies, like this sometimes there are things present that turnout to be real. we remember the scene of the two sons setting on the horizon, and, at that time we did in the know there were star systems that had planet. new we necessity there are systems that have many planets. we find out that scene of scene could be real and we will see that in real stuff later. >> are you excited because you get to talk doors, because, they are on their science game.. >> i get to do this.
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>> will a.m. showing all men and two girls but women will like this because the lead heroin is a a girl, we have a girl that will the the universe. >> you will see many more with men here. women are sensible enough not the to be here at 2:00 hot in the morning. >> are they sensible not to come to work in their pajamas day. derrick is embarrassing you are not the in your pajamas. when looking at stuff. we will speak geek all morning long. >> we have our favorite light sabers. >> bye, jen. >> okay. >> all okay. >> we will get light saberness
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a little bit. >> come on back. >> oh, the trailer is out. for the fuller house movie, it will be on the big screen. it is fuller house.
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all right. 7:44, and now 7:45 looking at blue mountain there still no snow but lets get back to the story big yesterday out of our state of pennsylvania, a harrisburg teen facing federal charges, 19 year-old jahlil a meara aziz is charged with conspiring, and attempting to provide material support to terrorist. he is here in federal court yesterday. officials say he may have been plotting an attack because according to federal prosecutors, a backpack found in the teen's closet contained five loaded high capacity magazines, and modified kitchen knife, and several other items including a survival kit. we will bring in national security expert jack tomac ho on this. jack, good morning. >> good morning, alex. >> when we heard about his backpack and all that was in it and they raided his house and found this backpack a couple weeks ago my first thought was why didn't we get this guy and arrest him then.
7:46 am
>> it is a great question. he has been putting enough information out on social media he used 57 different twitter account to try and kind of prop gate his pro isis philosophy, and that is one of the things that certainly probably gave him away to federal authorities. >> when you mentioned the fact he had american 50 accounts he was tweeting out things we are coming to america and know we will sever your head in the white house, of course, talking about president obama. we have talk about isis. they reach out to people on social media. is this a prime example what they are doing when it comes to twitter ape facebook. >> a absolutely. in this cases specially with mr. aziz, there are two really salient issues. one he was using social media to get out the isis propaganda, to get out their hateful message. the second thing he was, of course, getting on line and using the internet and using e-mail to try to facilitate the the travel of individuals
7:47 am
from the united states into syria. this is very, very troubling i think. >> even on top of that he was posting about a hundred names, addresses, identified military members and called for people to pretty much attack them. >> that is right. we've sentencely a two part indictment here, one again ating and a betting terrorism and facilitating certainly facilitating the the a attempt of the individuals to travel into isis control areas and to join the fight. these are pretty serious charges for this young man. >> it sound very serious and scary. do we know if he was act ago loan or what was his network. >> a alex, that is probably the most important thing right now, that federal authorities and law enforcement are looking at. they are trying to find out whether mr. aziz was just a complete lone wolf or was he involved with anybody else. interesting thing is he was in
7:48 am
contact with some individuals in isis controlled areas overseas, trying to facilitate the travel of individuals from the united states, over to syria. the thing that the investigators will be looking at is they are going to want to key in on who those individual were on broad and who those individual were here in the united states trying to travel overseas. there may be other arrests following his arrest yesterday. >> we will be using, while he was doing it and tracking some of those to get more information then. >> absolutely. he had a network in the you had, did he have have supporters that could possibly help him get the magazines of ammunition, who was he talking to? who are the the people that wanted to go overseas, how many of them were there and was he working with overseas to get those people in syria. that will be i think the key element of this investigation. going forward. >> i also want to know when did he get radicalized. he is only 19.
7:49 am
for him to do something lick this and to have that backpack full of all those weapons that sound pretty scary. >> that is an interesting point is when did this individual become radicalized. we saw with the san bernardino massacres there was great interest in when mr. far ruining and his wife became, radicalized this individual we just don't know. he may have been radicalized as a result of the san bernardino and paris shooting. he may have pneumonia something that has been going on for a long period of time, another key element of the investigation. >> well, thank you so much, we appreciate your insights the. >> 7:49. we will go to dave with more on weather. >> more on weather and these temperatures are dropping, they will be dropping throughout the the day today. grab those winter coats. we are talking about a cold day but we should be here this time of the year. that rain is moving off the companies slowly, little cool tore day but a lot colder tonight the with that gusty wind, chills in the teens
7:50 am
tomorrow morning. but record highs they are back in the seven day forecast, 40's to the north, now down to 45 degrees in philadelphia little warm's lock the coast, might bump it up a few degrees before dropping big time tonight. radar has a few light showers trying to reach the ground, thinks all from yesterday, it moved off the coast but a few areas of rain trying to work its way up through delaware, and south jersey, i few sprinkles in the next few hours, only. not up to i-95 and knotter and west. it is pick up by the forecast and continues to move out. skies clearing today, warming up a degree or two and we will drop tonight when that sunnies getting very cold overnight tonight. chills in the teens by tomorrow morning low temperatures right about freezing, and we do have record highs in the head lines there, and you don't see those in the first five days, we have to wait for winter to begin, kind of opposite here, but winter begins monday night, warmer showers on tuesday and here it is wednesday 68 degrees, that
7:51 am
could abe record. our record today, is 66. christmas eve will not feel like christmas at 66 with a few showers. low that morning is 62. so end of the the seven day we are right back where we left just a few days ago highs in the upper 60's close to 70, bob. 7:51. good morning. we have an accident on i-95. this is a live look at i-95. it is impacting both directions in the area have of cottman avenue. the accident itself is northbound in the left lane just above cottman avenue. as soon as these tractor trailers get the out of the the way about five cars here all lined up in the construction zone. you can see officers on the southbound side, taking out that left lane as well. you'll fine delays south and north on i-95 in the area of cottman avenue. most folks heading south during the morning rush hour and so leaving northeast philadelphia already a big jam
7:52 am
but accident itself is northbound. police are blocking the lanes southbound near cottman avenue. broad street subway dealing with signal and power issues this morning, running with ten to 15 minute delays, mainly south of city hall. all trains between city hall and snyder avenue running with 15 minute delays. no problems with the lights though, on your front lawn i hope after all that rain we had over last couple of days. come on plug in the extension cord and keep those pings tours coming. thanks to trish walters for decorating her bow window, bay window. >> bay window. >> christmas tree in the window, snow flakes on either side, christmas tradition handed down from dad, merry christmas from up a a above, dad's watching down and keep those, pictures, coming, post them tour twitter, instagram, use the hashtag fox 29 lights. we will hit the the road tonight during five and 6:00 o'clock news. we will go to ambler, pennsylvania. butler pike. you have got to see it tonight. >> okay. >> a lot of holiday parties
7:53 am
tonight, you know, you go, your co-workers, so you need to go from your work clothes to glam it up for the party tonight and alex will tell you how to do that. >> we need something simple. but first lebron james slams in the fan during last night's game. >> look out, why one of the most famous golfers in the world, might not be too happy with him this morning. son, the holiday season's just like football season...
7:54 am
you got your big games... ...cheese plates, turkey, appetizers. and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. that's my boy! fill your cart with everything you need this season, all at one place. my giant.
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7:56 am
just wanted to be able to do that. what would we be talking about, meek mill trial. scary moments, for the the wife of a professional golfer, is number two in the world, jason day is. her name is eli. jason, this is so cool, we will go to the cleveland cavilers game and you got me court side seats. this ising to be bad. >> it ended like this.
7:57 am
>> wow, lebron crashing. >> and then landing on top of her. >> look at him. >> he making a dive trying to get the ball. >> he lands on her chest. >> she had to be taken out on a stretcher. >> they were worried about her neck. >> no official word on her condition this morning but we will see. but she just gave birth to their second child last month. >> there goes jason checking on her there. >> yes, he should. >> okay. >> did he save the the ball. >> well, he did save it. now, not that is important. >> not at all. >> i do believe he rescued the ball here. >> yes, he did. >> did you see jason. he goes like this instead of trying to protect his wife. >> you would do the same thing. >> darn right. >> yeah. >> this would be mike, pushing me in front, he is getting behind. >> so this super model her name is bar rafael, didn't she date leo dicaprio. >> did she. >> i'm pretty sure she did. >> in trouble with her native
7:58 am
israel. she's under investigation for tax evasion. they say the the 30 year-old former sports illustrated, swimsuit model, she evaded paying taxes on perfect international career, local taxes. israeli government says that she failed to report celebrity benefits of just three range rovers and lexus cars she got in exchange. she got a free range rover. >> oh, yeah. >> she hasn't paid any taxes on the luxury apartment that she owns in tel aviv. >> well, her lawyers are disputing this claim. >> her first name is bar. do you think she drinks. >> maybe. >> maybe. >> why not. >> bar none. >> yes. bar trouble. good day, it is friday december 18th. it is a week from today. >> that is right. >> it is christmas. >> oh, my goodness. seriously i have not purchased one gift. >> you need to get to work. >> just gift card. >> here we go.
7:59 am
meek is in trouble. rapper meek mill may be heading to jail, word from the philadelphia judge that had him tiering up in the courtroom. plus music mogul who came to his defense. controversial homework assignment shuts down an entire school district, teacher asked students to copy this arabic but the translation is what has parents fired up. >> ♪ star wars >> you see it is here, wait is over, star wars, force awakens is in theaters, people are watching it right now. the excitement, the fans, the light sabers. >> from day todayseling, it is a sees on for holiday parties. how you can easily glam up your workday look with a few easy steps. >> merry christmas everybody, it is a week from to take.
8:00 am
but we're talking food, star wars. >> nothing but star wars. >> i cannot believe all these theaters,. >> are you okay there. >> a all these theaters pennsylvania pack with humans, they have been showing this star wars film back to back to back. >> kids are taking off from school. >> parents taking them out the at midnight to go to the movies. >> my parents never took me to the movies at midnight. >> i never would have been taken out of school but maybe a holiday for them. >> we will go to the franklin institute where movie business to let out. >> careful. >> so star wars what is the number of the day, five. >> four. >> we have a four, the the four with you. >> i will use that. >> may the force with with you. >> i could make it a four. >> yesterday was a three. we are better. temperatures will be climbing,
8:01 am
today a little bit. they are already dropping mid to low 40's. we are trying to get things up. double four there, alex, four, four. >> that is right. >> this we go. thirty's to the north and now freezing, in mount pocono, start making some snow there this weekend. warmer just to the south. all right. temperatures are cool, we have rain coming in, not like yesterday. these are just a few you showers and they are moving out, as opposed to moving in. there it is, just off the coast, also doppler track ago this rain. forty's today with the sunshine, so we are about where we will be all day with these temperatures, and then things will get cold tonight, chill in the air tomorrow morning, that is wrong color there, bob. >> i wanted to see what it looks like. i got my green light saber. what happened. >> it is there. >> use the red one. >> it will show up on camera. >> green screen in action. >> we have an accident, north on i-95, on the northbound
8:02 am
side right here near cottman avenue, and that is causing, and southbound side as well. northeast philadelphia, be ready to throw a few extra minutes and jelly doughnut on the trip there. and then, northbound, leaving the betsy ross bridge, all the way, cottman, and delay from the accident, and police on the southbound side. we have delays between city hall and snyder station due to signal problems. busy weekend he we have sixers tonight, little christmas trans siberian orchestra action tomorrow, two shows, and eagles sunday at the link. well, friend of the one of the san bernardino terrorist is now in jail. officials say enrique marquez bought the high powered guns, that his friends used in that attack that killed 14 people, earlier this month the fbi
8:03 am
arrested this guy marquez and charged him with conspiring with farouk, to commit terrorist attacks, in 2011, and 2012, yeah. three and four years ago. they were never carried out but man did they have deadly plans. farouk, and his wife, died in that police shoot-out. twenty-four year-old marquez that you see there on the left was a long time friend of farouks. he painted a cruel willly troubling picture of their friendship including attacks that the two had planned on both a crowded highway, 91 freeway in southern california, and a community college there in southern california that they both attended at the time. and then this, a harrisburg teenager, 19 year-old under arrest accused of conspiring and attempting to provide material support, and money, to isis. nineteen year-old jahlil aziz appeared in federal court yesterday. officials say he may have been
8:04 am
plotting an attack according to federal prosecutors. a backpack found in the teen's closet, contained five loaded, high capacity magazines, a modified kitchen knife and several other items. officials say that the teen, also used twitter, to advance violence against the the united states citizens and military members. also pope francis made an announcement yesterday afternoon and approved miracle needed to make mother teresa a saint. she has been credited with curing a brazil yan man of a deadly brain disease this one would be her second miracle required for canonization. she was previously beatified in 2003 by pope john paul, ii, for performing a miracle. italian media is report ago that pope francis will do the canonization ceremony sometime next september. well, 8:04, philly rapper meek mill will will face a
8:05 am
judge in february for sentencing. this is after the fact that yesterday a judge found him in technical violation of his probation. the prosecution proved that he violated court restricted travel, also that there was a fact that he brought in cold water for his urine samples. he also failed to communicate with his probation officer on multiple occasions. twenty-eight year-old maintained poor communication between his probation officer and management team that helped lead to the decision. even took the stand to plea to the judge. he took the stan. he teared up when talking about his mother and he wasn't able to go see her even though she had a very big surgery. we will bring in philadelphia a defense attorney fred perry, who represented multiple rap stars in the past. you are joining us to talk about this case. my first question for you the judge ruled he was in technical violation of his probation. what technical violation, is that just a same thing as a violation. >> good morning, alex, how are you you. >> a technical violation is some event in which he didn't follow the rules of probation.
8:06 am
generally speaking being on probation is a a fairly simple process. you are given a set of rules for supervision purposes and you have to abide by those rules. if you don't, if you have urine sample that ace problem, not reporting properly or not keeping in touch with your probation officer, that is a problem. unfortunate part for meek here he is in the entertainment the business. sometimes it the is difficult to have an itinerary set far enough in the future so that it satisfies the probation requirements. that was an issue in some of the individual we have represented in the past in this industry. it is a tough match up. >> i see what you are saying. your schedule changes. he only had to talk to probation officer when there was out of state travel. >> i'm not familiar with the exact requirements he had in place but it is what it is. and you provide your probation officer with an itinerary far enough in advance that the probation officer can clear
8:07 am
everything. and, if there is a problem, then the courts will be notified and the court steps in and has a a hearing to see what is going on. >> earlier you mentioned rules. when it comes to the ruling is this fair for now he cannot leave the philadelphia five surrounding counties, he cannot go to new jersey to visit his mom, he can't make money, he cannot make music instructions. >> what you are seeing is a culmination of the consistent problem the court is having with the problem of following the reals of supervision while on probation. judge on this case is extremely fair. >> you think it is fair not the to make any money. >> i think the the judge feels like he put himself in this position and she now i think will see how he handles this next six or eight week process and i think now the the ball is in his court and if he can adhere to what they are looking for now at this point, hopefully he will be okay. >> when you say that he will be able to do charity work.
8:08 am
>> yes good but sentencing will be february 5th. how much jail time do you think he can have. >> sentencing could range from a continuing period of probation to maybe some home confinement, to up to and including a state prison sentence. so i think, you know, the the judge is carefully thinking what she thinks ace pope eighth under the circumstances and you know, i hope things work out for everyone involved. >> real quickly on this one he brought in a number of people, he has entourage there, nicki minaj was there, brought in music legends, kenney gamble, as character witnesses. >> it helps to show that he has a good support system in place now. probably hasn't had those individual in his life for the last couple of years or so but he has very significant people in the entertainment industry showing support and that should have an impact. >> okay, we will see, february e sentenced and thank you so much. >> you're welcome.
8:09 am
>> coming up on 8:09. an entire school district shut down because of a history assignment. teacher asked for students to practice arabic and it is what she had them write that is causing some controversy here, bill. >> yeah, it is a very interesting situation. we are looking at it right here, the the actual assignment. last week school had an emergency meet to go figure out what they should do about a teacher who had her students copy arab letters that translate to an islamic statement of fate. some parents demanded she be fired but school district said they will not do it. the lesson was part of the world geography class teaching students to translate writing and use arabic as a example of the language of that region but text in question called gee hada, there is no god but allah and mohammad is messager. reciting that is one of the foundations of islam. some say teacher was trying to get her students to renounce their faith and to convert.
8:10 am
the students brought the page home, social media erupted with parents and students debating from both sides. backlash got so bad that the school relayed this statement, school released this statement, saying neither of these lessons, nor any other lessons in the world geography course, are an attempt at up doctrine nation to islam or any other religion or request for students to renounce their own faith or profess any beliefs. but because of all of the attention this story has got earn on social meade yacht school district actually decided to close down and keep kid home from school because they have got even some threats, gotten some comments, that they thought put their safety at risk. >> shut down a whole district. >> they shut down the entire district because they said backlash to this, they started to get notes, no specific threats but they got some things that led them to believe that people may target that specific class. >> i'll be darn, we will keep an eye on that. coming up, next...
8:11 am
>> where is the pacific ocean. >> here. >> my goodness. >> they are standing by the atlantic. >> here. >> here. >> do you think that is bad. wait until jesse waters takes on presidential hopefuls. plus jen is all starred up. >> i'm having a a drink with my friend here, this is sunset. we are at franklin institute. i'm ready to take you on. it is go time. >> yes.
8:12 am
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8:14 am
dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. good morning. we have some rain still coming down, it is just across south jersey and delaware and all that rain from yesterday is off the coast just a few lingering showers is all we have this friday morning. temperatures are a little cool but we will get colder, as what moves out is replace by this cold wind that is setting up here. much colder air is coming in overnight tonight, wind chills will be in the teens, by tomorrow morning, and as far as temperatures go we are only
8:15 am
climb in the upper 40's today, right about where we are right now, until you step outside, there is a chill in the air, not much change, seven day forecast has warmer weather coming back even some records, but not the until after winter begins which is monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, 50's and 60's, could see record on wednesday, and record 66, high of 68, christmas eve 66, with a few showers, bob. >> hey dave, good morning. 8:15 on this friday morning not bad at all here on the schuylkill expressway, this is a live look between king of prussia and gulph mills, friday morning has already been lighter then the other four workdays of the week and a live look at i-95, still slow southbound from that earlier accident but at least northbound is moving working your way through the the construction zones. water main break just popped up here in norristown at trooper a and ridge pike, watch out for local detours there. septa running with ten to 15
8:16 am
minute delays between city hall and snyder avenue because of some signal problems. then they are running with delays on the route 13 trolley, because of signal problems, as well, mike and alex, back over to you. >> 8:16. the presidential election is 11 months away but candidates have given some things to laugh about over the last few months, and our "fox news" channel jesse water is men for his man on the street interviews. this weekend he takes on the presidential campaign but not before he takes aim at those casting the votes. >> here. >> where is washington d.c. our nation's cap toll. >> right around there. >> that is pennsylvania. >> well, jesse, you you are in pennsylvania pennsylvania, the home of the white house, and the capitol. >> good to see you. >> you too, mike thanks for taking time. >> you look like you were in
8:17 am
coney island there. she's standing by the the atlantic and she points to the the atlantic for the pacific ocean. >> yes, yes. we actual difficult this last time too i said where are you from? she said i'm from columbia. i said can you fine columbia on the map. she points to siberia. you know, i don't know what is going on but i have to educate these people. >> now for this special, when is this special, tomorrow night. >> 8:00 o'clock saturday night, and if you don't catch it, it will repeat sunday at 8:00 o'clock also. >> this time you you take on the presidential campaign. what were some of your questions. >> well, we asked people differences between republicans and democrats? surprise, not a lot of people know that. we also asked people who is isis, and where is isis. you will in the believe what people say about isis. you definitely want to tune in
8:18 am
for that. >> lets go back to the original question what is difference between a republican and democrat, here's one of the answers. >> what do you think the difference is between republican and democrats. >> yeah, i am's lost on that one. >> the the republicans really work hard for their money. >> republicans are more political and democratics are more focused on economics. >> the democratics. >> you have done these for years, these man on the street interviews. >> yes. >> what does it say about our country, what have you gleaned from this over the the years. >> i'm a slow learner it has taken me a long time to figure something out but i have learn that 40 percent of the country is oblivious. we are not saying they are stupid, but they are not paying attention. they don't know hot the vice-president is, you know, i don't even know the the vice-president knows he is
8:19 am
vice-president, so we will let that slide but to be honest, no one is focused and the the country is in really rough shape. we really need to start paying a attention because there is an election coming up, a lot of important issues. hopefully people watch this and say you know what maybe i should read paper, watch fox, find out what is going on and cast my vote. >> we have 11 months before the the polls here and we are not paying attention. you think 40 percent of this country, 350 million people are not paying attention. >> not paying attention. you know, i don't even know if they are gonna vote. some say they are going to vote if they know when election day enis. some of them are not going to vote and maybe that is a a good thing but i think the bottom line is we're in trouble and people need to start focusing and paying attention. >> have you ever been punch in the face or anything. >> no, i have not but bill
8:20 am
o'reilly says if someone takes a swing at me told me to lead into it, that way i will be famous like geraldo. >> yeah. >> i think wants me to get punched. >> i think so too. >> hey jesse, i will be watching tomorrow night on the "fox news" channel. thanks for being in philly for a bit. >> thanks, mike appreciate it. >> i fund something depressing on a web site this morning. the report said 22 percent love their elf on the shelf. nearly within quarter of philadelphia's adult population lacks basic literacy. we've got to do better, folks, come on. lets get back to that elf because i love him. you have heard of this el f but never like this. how one dad turns his child into an elf on the shelf, that is a real kid.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
quincy just wants to give stuff away. >> this time he is giving away free doughnuts and coffee mugs. >> are to they fox coffee mugs, quincy. >> well, we have given out all of the coffee mugs and these people are so excited. and, here's the thing, so, we have some doughnuts. and, mike, you know your hotels. >> yes. >> well, explain what that means. >> well, we have people, would you like a doughnut, ma'am. just take one. she's eaten a apple will. she doesn't want a doughnut. i'm coming over to you. would you like a doughnut ma'am. >> i don't eat doughnuts. >> i don't know. i'm's trying to give people holiday cheer. we are in the middle of 17th street. hold on one second. how are you doing sir. i'm about to get hit now. you guys got to know would you
8:25 am
like a doughnut. please, just take a doughnut. take one doughnut. >> i have too much in my hand right now. >> take a doughnut. >> are people always this aggressive. >> no, they are friendly, this is city of brotherly love. >> we just saw people, this guy, he is a driver. take a doughnut. this is a slap in the face, guys, i'm trying do fox forward friday and in one wants to take a doughnut. i'm starting to feel sad. we have our camera guy taking a doughnut. you have to remember this area of center city, a lot of people are working out, a lot of people are seriously working. how are you doing sir. take a doughnut. we are in philadelphia. well, thank you so much. >> people are husseling ape bustling and we are giving out doughnuts. ma'am, would you like a doughnut, ma'am. she looks very pretty.
8:26 am
>> i have to say i want to say hello to roy demaria and they were watching up and ran up on me and took a coffee mugs. i will give out some stuff next hour. people downtown are people from broad and erie. >> yes good they don't like me very much down here. >> people coming out of the hotels don't necessity you, they are from out of town. >> yes. >> we have a taker. >> how nice. >> why doesn't he he look happy. >> maybe he needs quinna, people are healthy. >> yes. >> a smooth i offer something. >> yes. >> now are you going to make us look better for our holiday party tonight. >> i will show you how to do this at work. a lot of times you don't have time to get cute. this is how to get your self together. >> our bathroom. >> well, maybe not. >> have you been in there late
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
well, steve harvey is on good day this morning and he is hosting miss universe pageant this year. sorry, you didn't get the job, mike. coming up, what steve and current miss universe have to say about donald trump. >> i actually, never mind. well, it is out, star wars, people have been watching this since 7:00 o'clock last night, back to back to back to back. you know, it is a bolt of the sexes for star wars. >> is it the guys here at fox or is it the girls here at fox, who knows more about star wars. let's battle it out. >> i have seen the movie, and you have. >> i bet this is trivia from past movies.
8:31 am
>> that should be interesting. >> we are coming up on 8:31. there is all these holiday parties and getting ready for new years eve. and the the problem is these parties are like happy hour and things. >> 5:00 o'clock. >> you don't have time to get your self together at home. >> we will get you ready and glammed up. >> i get the premise. >> okay. >> you know, it is that time of the year, ladies, all of those holiday parties out there. here's the thing. help they usually start at happy hour five and 6:00. you are still at work. you don't have time to change. luckily we have michael here. you will give us tips so we don't to have leave the office to get ready to party. we have three these lovely three ladies, short style, medium style and long hair style. really michael, her hair is already fabulous. >> she has absolutely great hair. that is why we will do something very simple as far as putting a head band in and what we will do is glam it all
8:32 am
up with her make up. >> and it is something so simple but look at that, it makes all of the difference. >> it does. >> medium hair we will go with nice big waves, to get you ready for the party. we are taking the hair, into four different sections. >> now whenever i curl my hairy never do this does it make it easier. >> it makes it easier so you are in the doing a bunch of different sections. and the the front two sections you you want to curl back. so once you put your head over and shake them out you will get really, really nice waves. >> my goodness. this looks fabulous, michael. >> it does. >> by shaking it out you get the a looser type of a look. >> michael, it will be had hard for this one i bet because long hair, you have so many options. >> you have so many options. people with licensing hair usually have some type of idea of what to do with their hair. so, today we're doing a modern
8:33 am
french twist. instead of twisting the hair into the the french twist, what is typically done, he is going to reverse it and move it down where it almost becomes like this and once you do the clip he will leave the hair out so it gives it a little bit of texture. >> now is this the the twisting. >> this is the the twisting. >> what he is doggies coming you have the the pin he just put there to hold the hair over to the side. >> what does that do. >> that gives the the hair a little bit more extra eases it out ape gives it that messy type of of look. >> i love this. >> i can totally see myself putting this together in the the bathroom at work to get ready to go. >> and look at these lovely ladies, their hair, looks wonderful, they change their outfits but we have marie here because we have to focus on the the makeup. >> absolutely, this is fun.
8:34 am
we added a little dark are lipstick just to make her look more evening, matches her dress and that within just another thing to grab in your back on the way out the door. so for our next model i would really like this. just to give her a cat eye look with some lipid liner and highlighter. >> maria, i'm loving glitter. how do you do this. >> just glitter eye shadow and on these lips it changes her look all together from day to evening look. >> maria and michael, i'm just so ready, ready to go party and ready to look good while doing it. >> thank you very much. >> tell us about where you are located. >> we are at the 1520 locust street. >> can i just walk in or do you have to make an appointment. >> you can do both. >> i'm sure you will get lots of calls for those holiday parties. >> well, through go, 8:34. these are some of the most fascinating people according to barbara walters but she had to pick a number one, who was
8:35 am
it? who.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
good morning, reading, pennsylvania. 8:38. presidential candidate donald trump getting praise from a world leader, did you see this, russian president, vladamire putin, calling donald trump an outstanding and talented man. the comments came yesterday during putin's year end news conference. right after the the news conference he made that statement. so, chris wallace, here's exactly what he said, it is not up to us to judge his virtue, that is up to u.s. voters but he is the absolute leader of the presidential race. chris wallace, is that an endorsement you want? what do you think.
8:39 am
>> well, look i don't think it makes much difference within way or the other. it is interesting that putin said that, having said that, i'll give you something which would have been worse if he said donald who, i don't know how are talking about. at least it says that he recognizes donald trump, he seems to know him, and seems to think he is a player on the world stage. if i were donald trump i would be pleased with that. >> i saw one of his operatives in iowa, in sue city for this interview you and he said it is a good thing maybe putin believes of all candidates that are left, the nine that were on that stage maybe he is only one that can take me on. the that is a pretty good spin. >> as i say, it is better than donald who. >> i understand you have a presidential candidate on this sunday. >> what he do, carli fiorina says that she knows vladamire putin, interesting situation for her because she toss well
8:40 am
in the debate. >> yes. >> gets attention, tend to rise in the polls and when she doesn't have national attention because she does president have money for commercials or ground game she tend to fall back a bit. we will talk about that and what her situation is going in the holidays with a month and a half until people finally actually start voting in iowa and new hampshire. we will talk to adam shift, the top democrat on the house intelligence committee and unfortunately and i know you agree with this mike, unfortunately on this holiday season terror is top concern of most americans. we will talk to congressman ship about what we are doing and what we could do better to protect the home land. >> we had a situation in harrisburg, you probably heard about it, chris, 19 year-old being arrested. he was ready to go too. he had a bag full of weapons. >> that is, of course, the greatest threat you just get these people, often american citizens, the guy in san
8:41 am
bernardino, an american citizen perfect flying under the radar, and we at this point don't seem to be able to pick up some of these people and the question is, you know what could we do better so we get them before they launch their plots and turn them from thoughts into actions. >> jason chefit z at that committee hearing with the home land security officials, he was really upset because so many people we have no idea where they are in this country and they probably shove been deported long time ago. on a much lighter note, last sunday our philadelphia a eagles took care of the buffalo bills. do you think you can do that this weekend, chris. >> i will tell you i was not very happen bye that because i thought the bills would beat eagles ape that would give us a game lead on everybody else but we went on the road and we won our first home game in like a year and a half, or away game, road game in a year and a half. remember, a week from sunday we play new philadelphia.
8:42 am
>> yes, i know you won the first one but in the so fast. >> not so fast. >> i'm glad you being acknowledged it. >> it will be saturday night and i will be at that game, the day after christmas. the chris, we will see you sunday. >> you bet it is a star wars sunday. jen is all about it. jenny. >> here's the the question, bb8, am i your favorite on good day. yes, i am. are you afraid of kyla ren. >> no. >> come on back being to the franklin institute where you need to work friday. we have talk to people hoff seen the movie. again, will you come home with me.
8:43 am
winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise.
8:44 am
winners, winners everywhere! play today! kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
8:45 am
today we're watching it move in and out. just the western edge of these showers clipping the the a area today. they will continue to move out and be followed by clear skies with colder temperatures, chills in the teens tomorrow morning. low temperatures down in the
8:46 am
20's and 30's. that is what you have saturday. gets warmer sunday. the winter begins on monday. tuesday is there a few showers. our numbers are going up here could see a railroaded high temperature wednesday at 68 and 66 on thursday, with just a few showers. ♪ >> star wars ♪ >> i love that bill murray. >> day star wars fans have been waiting for, a long time. >> one member has seen the sky walker ranch in person. she had to take her son brody with her. check out this is six year-old brody learning how to be a jedi warrior from an actual jedi knight.
8:47 am
>> good job, well done. the force is truly with you. >> how cute is that. >> he looked so little now, doesn't he. >> i know six years old. >> i know, so we have some people who are waiting in line. we have bb8. you guys want to see bb8 and see how it works. >> this is really cool. if you have great parents and i don't, you can get one of these at an apple store or franklin institute. they are a little expensive. they are $150 but they are super cool. have have you guys fill out your christmas list. >> yes you are not getting one of those. >> in. >> you packed up your snacks, what is in your snack pack. >> pretzels, chocolate chips, marshmallows. >> shouldn't you be in school.
8:48 am
>> no. >> no. >> no. >> on the note did it say can't be in school because he has like star wars flu. >> no. >> they didn't lie. >> did your teacher know yesterday you were not going to be there. >> yes. >> so there were people that have seen this movie. we are at the franklin institute where this weekend, they are showing the movie, every three hours, around the the clock, you know this, of course, and we were here when the people from the 4:00 a.m. showing let out. check this out and see what they are saying about the movie. you are a lady a among star wars fanatic guys. >> yes. >> what did you think. >> it was amazing. >> yes. >> it was so good. >> better then you thought it was going to be. >> exceeded expectations. >> what did you think. >> i loved it. it was everything i wanted it to be. >> you have a red light saber does that mean you are a bad guy. >> usually. >> millennium falcon tattoo and darth sprayed inner a head dress. >> what did you think of the movie.
8:49 am
>> it felt like it was redemption after the prequels. >> star wars is back. >> star wars is back. >> star wars is back. you know this that there are grown men, hoff been waiting for this movie for 30 years. thirty years. i'm assuming you are younger than 30 years old. >> yeah. >> have you ever dads been waiting for 30 years. >> i have no idea. >> i think they have. >> who is more excited you guys or the dads. >> us. >> just making sure. did you ask, are you christmas guys, is that your holiday. >> yes. >> did ask anything star wars related for christmas. >> yes. >> what did you ask for. >> the the latest. >> how much is that. >> $200. >> that will not happen. lower your expectation, maybe. >> don't ask for anything expensive because storm trooper will take you out. thanks so much. keep your stuff away. we will do a trivia contest. here's a question. storm troopers all do one thing, do you know this?
8:50 am
storm troopers all do one thing do you know what it is. >> invade the empire. >> that is a good one. >> it is a physical thing. >> it is something about how they shoot the the gun, anything. no, okay. i will come back and trivia you guys. bb8 is awesome. tickets are still available but only at midnight and 3:00 a.m. >> that little ball is 150 bucks. >> it is so cool, mike. >> it is like a toy. >> yes. will you buy me one. >> sure,ably me one, a pair, that is fine. >> it is cute dad taking their kid to the movie but my dad would have never let me skip school to see a film. but i'm old school. you have heard of the elf on the shelf but never like this. look what this dad did. this is a baby.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
good morning, everybody. hold on, boom, there we go we have woodhaven road northeast philadelphia, up by philadelphia mills mall, a disable vehicle off to the side, pen to the police crews or the scene. otherwise, 95, looking good here southbound working your way from with the man avenue in through girard. friday morning is always lighter then other four workdays. we have delays on both 101, 102 trolley, as well as ten to 15 minute delays on broad street subway here, in south philadelphia. mike, back over to you. >> hey, kitkat kline, who is actually in the studio today, stand by let me see reverse of that sweater. just give me the top of it when you come over.
8:55 am
it is okay. show it to us. it is a holiday tradition elf on the shelf. what did i just do. one dad in the state of utah got creative with this concept, instead of using magical elf doll he used his own four month-old son, how cute is this. i don't know how he got the up to stay on that rail in the shore maybe with a nail gun or something. the his name is rockwell, his daddies allen lawrence and he runs that dad blog if you want to read up on this guy. he took pictures of rockwell and super imposed them in funny precarious positions around the house. and put it on instagram. danny, joey, uncle jesse, dj, stephanie and crew are back together again, netflix, just releasing the trailer for the the the spin off the of the tv show called four house. >> ♪ >> it feels good to be back.
8:56 am
can someone help me with these boxes. >> i'll try. >> the hair. >> max. >> cut it out. >> cut it out. >> will you watch your brother. >> i have to find keys. >> i know i shouldn't gotten uber. >> you have got us you don't need us. >> welcome home. >> so there will be 13 episode of this this thing, fuller house, it is going to be netflix, no the in movie theaters, and it starts i think february the 26th, it is last week of february. it is national ugly sweater day. there is mine. listen, it makes noise. we will have a little contest here. who has the the ugliest sweater here at fox. listen to it.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
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that is a good christmas song. if you don't like it, bite me. the that is what my sweater says, it is ugly sweater says, okay. so it is national ugly sweater day. mike, alex and karen have one mission to find that. let's start with miss karen hepp, her ugly sweater is anything but, karen is always fashion forward this morning. it is not any different. oscar delaurenta, it is form fitting, and it is, by cole. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you for betting, my sweater for me. >> okay. great mind think alike. all of the


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