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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  December 21, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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one person is dead, after a shoot-out following the eagles game, what set off the gun man. all right. speaking of the eagles game, we kind of knew this would happen but the the defense looked horrible. my goodness. o line there didn't look too good. we will lot at game. big daddy graham will be uptaking a lot playoff picture at this point. i have to apologize. doh. >> grace, poise are meant to rule. but, the awkward moments, stealing the show this morning, poor steve harvey. that is not good. good day everybody. it is monday december 21st, 2015. lauren dawn johnson has the morning off. i dare say sushis's probably scrambling like so many to get the the last presents, and getting. >> that is what i was doing last week and is there still
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more to be done but hopefully it will pay off in a wonderful holiday for you. 44 degrees, right now, temperatures really jumped up since last hour and we have milder a air moving in. that is the big head line it will not feel like december anymore, but warmer air is coming back that is the theme this morning. the southeasterly wind at 10 miles an hour and 10 miles visibility. it is clear at philly international. 7:19 is your sunrise time, we will start to see, that sunrise time, go a little will bit earlier have after probably tomorrow, when we get our first full day of winter, because the solstice is late tonight, we have 30 degrees in will allentown. thirty-four in trenton. still below freezing in lancaster but 39 in wilmington. we are seeing milder air moving from the south and so it is close to 50 degrees in wildwood, already. there is in the much wind but it is really wind direction that is key this morning, southerly wind means warmer air and cloud cover prevented us from getting too cold overnight.
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once again it is 44 degrees. so from two, four's to two, five's our high will be 55 degrees later on. 5:01. bob kelly has the the day off today. hopefully we won't have too much traffic to warn you about but we will get started with a look at i-95 northbound at route 420, it is all cleared there in delaware county. not much activity there vine street expressway is also cleared but that will not last long, you know, it will get crowded so get out there as soon as you can. looking at a couple of your travel times as you get started this morning, we're on the schuylkill traveling from the blue route to the vine as it only takes four minutes. we're on i-95 traveling from woodhaven road to the vine and that is only a 13 minute drive. earlier the the better, chris moviey absolutely, sue serio, thank you. night of the watching eagles football turns violent for a group of friend. one pulled out a gun leaving another one dead at east mt. airy. jennifer joyce live at philadelphia police headquarters with the very latest on this case, jennifer,
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good morning. >> reporter: police have that shooter in custody here at homicide being interviewed by detectives. police were called to the 8300 block of gilbert street in east mt. airy just after midnight this morning, for reports of the shooting, when they arrived they found three men inside their 50's shot one was dead on the scene, two others were transported to einstein medical center, one in critical condition, other is in stable condition. shooter had taken off but was found a mile away and was placed under arrest. investigators say at least five shots were fired, the the shooting happened inside a renovated garage where the the four men were hanging out watching the the eagles game and then things turned violent. >> we know that the shooter was shooting from point blank range because it is a pretty contained small area and just a one car garage which seems to be turned into an area to set and watch television. there is a flat screen television, also a large television and some couches.
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>> there was a 15 year-old boy inside the house that was not connected to the garage. the the teen is the nephew of the man who was killed. police say he was brought to homicide and being questioned by investigators. if you heard anything leading up to the shooting at this point police do not have a motive but they do think that the shooter may have been under the the influence of alcohol, chris. >> that seems to make sense. we will see what comes up. jennifer, thank you. at 5:04 a 48 year-old man is in critical condition after being robbed and shot in the hard owe gate is section. investigators do not know who did it. it happened at 2:30 on the 1800 block of cornwall street. they rushed the man to the temple university hospital. police do the not have a motive. they are trying to track down that shooter. man suspect of holding an 91 year-old woman a gun point is in custody after he apparently, shot himself in the foot, hit allentownry. greg reynold, tells thaws two men broke into her west philadelphia a home sunday around 3:00 in the morning.
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she said men pointed a gun at her while stealing her lap top and cell phone. that grandmother went for her butcher knife but luckily the the suspect took off at that point. but you not the before one of the men, actually, shot himself. police were able to track down gertrude's cell phone to a nearby hospital where the gun man who shot himself was being treated. >> and a he was reaching into take the the gun out of his book and it went off. he shot himself in the foot. >> one suspect is still on the loose, gertrude is safe and said she forgive those men who tried to rob her or did rob her. she called her survival her christmas miracle. 5:05. fifty-one year-old man is in the hospital after someone stabbed him in southwest philadelphia this happened around 2:00 in the morning on 6,000 block of baltimore avenue. then they were rushed to the presbyterian hospital. they have arrested somebody in
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connection with this. that person's identity haze not yet been released. fiery crash in northeast philadelphia, kills three people, it happened at torresdale avenue around 2:30 yesterday morning. the speeding car went over a hill near an intersection and hit unoccupied truck head on. crash caused both vehicles to catch fire, a man close by, heard people screaming from inside but they could not get to him because of the flames. for one neighbor the details really hit close to home. >> for me it brought back memories because i had a little brot their passed away who hit a truck, went underneath the tractor trailer. >> three people killed in that crash have not yet been identified. two philadelphia police officers ended up in the hospital after a crash and about 2:00 yesterday afternoon. the authorities say those officers were anding a call when they collided with an. is uv near 53rd and springfield avenue you in kingsessing. the the driver, of that suv is not hurt. police tell us that the officers went to presbyterian
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hospital for minor injuries, thank goodness. all right. we saw this one coming, we got blown out at home begins one of the best teams in the the nfl. we lost, to the arizona cardinals. so what does that leave us with now? dave kinchen, he joins us on this monday, we've got two games left and these are huge games against the redskins next week at home and up in new york for the last game of the season. >> reporter: that is right two games left and two must win games if the eagles have any chance have of clinching, they are in a weak differential, that is what the analyst are saying. we here at 69th street station and people talking about this game on their way to work and we will get to that sound in a little bit but we know eagles simply got buried by the the cardinals. we will show you that action and low lights. the i don't like to say that but that is what they are. for much of the game it was simple. the bird could in the stop the run. and there were many runs that they could not stop leaving eagles feeling, well, quite run down.
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the the other problem, of course, major turnovers, that became the advantage of the cardinals and eagles, know you have to keep the ball, boys there was that pick six also giving other bird the cardinals an early christmas gifts. eagles here at 69th street station are not happy with what they saw. >> it was terrible. same way eagles nation every single year. they give you big ups and let you down at the end of the season. >> the game was crazy, man but i really think, man, the the boy chip kelly they should get rid of him. >> i'm a diehard eagles fan. i'm disappointed that they lost. i don't think chip kelly should have gotten rid of all of those players like they did at one time just too many of them. >> hopefully we will dominate redskins but redskins is a pretty tough team. >> you didn't like what you saw? >> not at all, it it was pretty terrible. >> reporter: yeah, it was. a lot of fans saying the exact same thing. what is next?
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do or die for the the eagles. next week against washington who controls the division right now, after that, of course, they have to close the season with a win on the road against the giants, if they want to get that division. i went to high school withdrew stanton who plays, of course for the the cardinals. that guy was always a beast. i wanted the eagles to win this one. >> i think last guy you talk to summed it up, perfectly, pretty terrible. >> reporter: pretty terrible. it was. >> big daddy graham will be here in a half an hour. >> reporter: i would like to say chip lost the team and they say that is the the result when you get these blow outs. >> look at who he has now, matthews, you know, you have demarco murray that hasn't done much, kiko alonzo they have done much, the guys they have got on this team has not performed. >> whether he they get in they drop the ball. come on, pick it up. >> 5:09. lawmakers are considering their options in the wreckage of the deal between governor
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tom wolf and top law make tours even the six month budget stalemate. six months and in deal. legislative leaders returned to capitol hill yesterday on sunday. house republican leaders are planning a vote on a short term emergency spending bill tomorrow. although the governor and senate republican majority leaders oppose it. the house's huge republican majority is opposing practically every element of the budget deal their leaders helped negotiate and that includes the tax and spend package governor tom wolf wanted and legislation to restructure public pension benefits. state representative todd stevens of the montgomery county is ebbing his candidacy for pennsylvania attorney general. that leaves john rafferty with the clear field. they will say they will seek parties nomination in the april 26th, primary. the office is currently held by embattled democrat kathleen kane. it is not clear if she will run for reelection with everything surrounding her. a special holiday delivery for kid of the fallen philadelphia police officer who will spend their first christmas without their
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father. you'll remember sergeant robert wilson the third, gun down protecting customers during a robbery in the the north philadelphia game stop last march. collindale fire department wanted to ease the pain of wilson's family. volunteers raising enough money to buy presents for his three kids. the biggest gift a one of a kind power reels chuck souped up with a picture of dad on the hood. >> it is amazing that strangers would do this for her. it is he so nice to see this love for this little boy that they do not even know. >> ahh. >> every year collindale fire company chooses a special family to raise money to buy gifts for kids. well, this has been their tradition for the past eight years and boy what a special one at that for robert wilson the third's family. new jersey boy scout leader land in the hospital after a bear attack him, how his crew stepped up, saving his life.
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>> unaudible. >> one graduate had a major surprise waiting for her at the end of that stage, you could hear the crowd at university of texas, roared with surprise, for this proposal, they both were graduating with the the masters in accounting, and her would i friend got his difficult problem a and then waited for her to walk across the stage. she said, yes. money typically is the the number one cause for divorce and they are both accountants, accountants in training so hopefully this would be a long prosperous, june to your advantage. >> whatever. >> here's the deal. >> yes. >> so you were engaged on what was it the new years eve. >> no, got married on new years eve, 1994. >> yes, you will never forget it. >> twenty-one years. >> it was a day they graduated from college. >> totally obliterated the milestone of graduating which is a big deal. >> you think thats was a dope i move. >> one milestone at a time. >> good point. >> little cranky.
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>> i love when you speak your mind, sue. >> well, you know, we will talk. winter solstice, happens tonight, and what is that? it is when the the earth, the the axis is tilted furthest from the sun. so we have the the shortest day of the year and longest nights. longer days are coming. it the is almost into tomorrow. the it is 11:48 p.m., just shy of the midnight, so we will have only a nine hour and 20 minute day, today, now we could be breaking some record pretty soon, because wednesday, and thursday, christmas eve, record are in danger. wednesday's record high was set in 1990 with 66 degrees. our forecast is close with 64, and christmas eve record is 64, and it was set in 1990 but also tied, that year. do you remember how warm it was christmas eve last year. 64 degrees. we're forecasting 71 for christmas eve. how crazy is this? we have a cold front coming
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close but it will not make us any colder, it could bring us a few showers but it is supposed to dissipate as it the gets here and looking autophytes tour cast we will see a couple of showers around but we will see a surge of warmer air coming from the north with the south, along with a few showers so showers are possible, tomorrow, and mostly late morning, early afternoon, showers possible on wednesday, not in the morning but midday they will move in. by thursday we have another chance of showers but also that high temperature around 77 degrees. the it is 44 degrees in philadelphia will we will expect double nichols by the the end of the day. 60 degrees tomorrow. sixty-four, rainy day on wednesday, thursday, record warmth, and pretty, certain at the this point, with 71 degrees, and it is still mild even though it is cooler on christmas day with a high of six 36789 up settled over weekend with chance of showers both saturday and sunday but still waste above the average high of 43 and that is your
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seven day forecast. that is the the weather authority. now lets get to traffic as bob kelly enjoys a three day weekend. we will start off with 309 northbound at the path turnpike, all cleared, right now hardly any cars on the road. one or two headlights is all we sees. i-95 at cottman avenue looking clear. volume picking up a smidge. some travel speeds to check as we get started on this monday morning before christmas, and 40 miles an hour on route one, and through that city line avenue area, and on the schuylkill, we're averaging about 50, 51 miles an hour. the that is your traffic, lets see what happened yesterday, this is me, doctor mike and yeah, mr. and mrs. santa claus, we were at italian grill in media and look at the the smiles on the kid faces. the restaurant is partnering with cradles to crayons. they were offering a discount on breakfast with santa if you bought a coat for a kid. cradles for crayons is a
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non-profit that collects things for homeless families. they are in need have of coats. even though we have a mild forecast, chris murphy, you know colder times are coming. it is just astonishing how many kid do not have a winter coat to wear. so you can still take a coat, it is on state street in media, and they have the bin right the there in their lobby and they would be happy to send it to cradles to crayons for you. >> i have been there and food goodies too. >> we did that dining under the the stars there. >> they are nice, nice people over there. >> absolutely. >> 5:19 is the time. >> thank you, baby johnny for your pictures, we have a very kelly christmas among us here. there it is, baby ya ani. how pretty is that. we want to he zoo you and your house all deck out, send it to facebook, twitter, instagram, use the the hashtag fox 29 lights and we will show you picture on good day every day leading up to christmas. the is there more fun.
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we will pick what we think are the the most festive homes and show up at your house live on the 5:00 p.m. news, post those pictures and use the hashtag again, fox 29 lights. 5:20. a section of the las vegas strip remains closed right now after a driver plows through a crowd outside the miss universe pageant. the scene in front of the pan it hollywood hotel and casino at least one person was killed, 30 others were injured, and police have not one woman in custody they say she's being investigated for driving drunk. >> i saw the the car up on the sidewalk, coming toward us, and there was a lady in it, an african-american lady and it looks like she wasn't even trying to stop the car. she had both of her hand on the wheel and looking straightforward and there were men running after her trying to stop the vehicle and they could not get to her. they were yelling stop, stop, stop. >> investigators ruled outer wrist many but they say that the crash was intentional. 5:20. this morning, authorities are expect to reveal more of the search of a house in brussels that may be linked to the paris attacks.
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a person was also detained for questioning, yesterday, authorities say that investigators are still trying to establish what connection they may have to last month's deadly attacks the in the french capitol. a new jersey boy scout leader is recovering after being attacked by a bear this happened when he pain scouts were exploring a cave-in morris county. the leader went into that cave by himself and was soon yelling for help. he had bananas and trail mix to get that bear out of the cave. when this failed they sloped the bear out in the open. folks plan to pay much more closer attention. >> i come home after the the dark. the fact that it is a bear attack is startling to me. >> scout leader was flown to a nearby hospital ape he is expect to be okay. 5:21. coming up we will will look at what they do to deck the halls and much of it, 1,000 acres, we are taking you to long wood
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gardens. beautiful there this time of the year. but first your winning lottery numbers. good luck.
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we have our studio here at fourth and market in olde city. up hour our lights, our reindeer are hanging out this one place in our area that goes all out. yeah, join me, come along here as i take you to an impressive display at long wood gardens. >> ♪ >> reporter: talk about making spirits bright, long wood gardens is illuminated with 500,000, christmas lights each year. arborist installed to miles of lights, christmas display is illuminated with led lights and 90 percent less electricity then traditional who will will daylights. they are also busy maintaining all of the plant and trees, close to 13,000 potted holiday plant will be used in the christmas displays. nearly 7,000 plants were grown in long wood's production greenhouses including more than 1600, poinsettia plants.
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the nearly 100 cut trees are selected from the display range nothing size from three to 24 feet tall, and again, many are covered in lights. long wood gardens not only has half million lights, but how about the fountains? 750 jets, help this over the a air, fountain come to life every day in the wintertime. yes, you can say long wood gardens is overflowing with holiday spirit, water, fountains, grow passionate with its founder, du pont, and they have more fountains then any other garden in the western hemisphere. it has been called the most significant in the united states, the the fountain. >> it is amazing there little bit of the drive but beautiful. did you hear about this? oh, my goodness. the huge shocker, beauty pageants are grace and poised,
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awkward moment though stealing the show, straight ahead.
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following a eagles game, and what set off the gun man. plus luckily for philly
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fans, last night's loss is not that devastating. big daddy graham will say what the bird need to do to make playoffs. it is monday, december 21st, 2015. lauren johnson is off. sue serio is back after a couple days off. >> welcome. >> timber. >> i will be, sorry, to put this story on social media of my christmas tree that fell over, yes. i was than the going to talk about it because i did cry, and i will tell the story on sue serio fox 29 on my instagram, facebook and it will go to twitter too. chilly start today. generic clothing because eagles lost but would i even put mittens on because temperatures are in the 30's and 40's. they're warming up but still in the 30's and 40's. we will give you an eight out of ten in your weather by the numbers today as we look at olde city, it is 44 degrees
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with the 10-mile an hour breeze. 7:19 is your sunrise time and we are below freezing in allentown, pottstown, lancaster, just a bit above in reading. warming up nicely down at the shore 48 degrees and that is not a warm temperature but, it is december, so that is not a bad kay to start the day, the normal high is 43 degrees and after a cold weekend, we will get mild tore day with quite a few clouds but no rain today in the forecast, but plan on a lot of cloud, some sunshine early, 52 degrees by lunch, 55 is your high temperature after highs only in the 40's over the weekend, appropriate thely high for december. the here's your sunset time 4:39. after today because winter solstice is tonight the those days will start to get little bit longer each day, a and that will be a good thing we will see that later sunset time which will be good. 5:31 is your time. bob kelly is off. time to check traffic on your monday morning, is there any, well, we will show you, not on
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the schuylkill eastbound, right at the the vine, they are picking up, volume but still, moving along and they should be picking up that construction on the vine, heading to the airport it looks clear as the morning moving along and at the airport all planes ara arriving on time so right now no delays at the the a airport, have a good trip, chris. >> sue, thank you. >> time right now 5:32. lets get back to traffic tie ups, penndot will be inspecting bridges in philadelphia and montgomery county expect delays and restrictions on tacony street and route 611. these inspections happen once every two years. a major traffic headache on the way for drivers who use a busy bridge that crosses over schuylkill river. it will be shut down for emergency repairs. published reports sounding the warning that the falls bridge will soon be closed for about a month. it says while cars cannot cross people on bikes and walking will be able to. the city says that the entire rehabilitation project will cost six million-dollar, there
5:33 am
is in exact date for the closure just yet but it is expected to happen sometime in january. night have of watching eagles foot the ball turns violent for a group of friend and one of them, has a gun and leaves another person dead. jennifer joyce is live from fill will a police headquarters with the very latest on this, jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris. philadelphia police say shooter is here at police headquarters and talking with homicide detectives. why he opened fire at this point is the not clear but he may have been under the influence of alcohol. police were called to the 8300 block of gilbert street in east mt. airy, just after midnight this morning for reports of the shooting, when they arrived they found three men, in their 50's, shot, one was dead on the scene, two others transported to einstein medical center, one critical, the other is in stable condition. investigators a say five shots were fired, shooting happened inside of a renovated garage where the four men were hanging out watching the eagles game and then things turned violent. the shooter had taken off but
5:34 am
was found a mile away and was placed under arrest. the police say one of the shooting victims was able to possibly identify him. >> the 51 year-old victim before being transported to the hospital was able to positively identify this 51 year-old male as the shooter. so right now that male is in custody and transported to homicide. >> police say there was a 16 year-old boy inside the house which is not actually connected to the garage. the the teen is nephew of the man killed. he was brought here to homicide and is being questioned by investigators to see if he heard anything leading up to this shooting, chris. >> jennifer joyce live for us, thank you. meantime at 5:00 346789 a big boost for police department looking to arm themselves with body cam yad. those cameras will look something like these. attorney general will make a major announcement about how body cameras will be paid for and issued across the garden state.
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penndot teaming up with police and various anti drunk driving organizations. the the it is to encourage safe driving. operation safe holiday will highlight the the the consequences of impaired driving, by drugs or alcohol. kim card dash an west is launching new way fans can communicate with the reality super star.
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star ruled the box office. the the a awakening, brought in an estimated 238 million-dollar, in the u.s. this weekend, the previous record was set this past summer by jurassic world which pulled in 209 million. analyst predict, the the force awakens could pull in $2 billion by the even of the run. it is, good abe my kid loved it, that is why they are there flanged by two storm troopers, one of whom is my son. i think the the one in the back. another family friend. family friend, by the way, made those costumes with the help of his dad, rich. how cool is that. all from paper mashay. the kid are so into this movie, showing up all around the country dressed in all kind of star wars dress. the it is pretty cool.
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miss universe was officially crowned. this years pageant will go down as one to remember because of the huge mistake from the host, steve harvey. >> i have to apologize. the first runner up is columbia. miss universe 2016 is philippines. >> well, miss columbia, don't mess up your hair but get that crown off and hand to it her, the winner, miss philippines. can you imagine. i wonder if she's well, yes, i actually won it. he read the wrong card steve harvey did declaring miss columbia the winner. miss philippines was the winner. steve harvey took to social media to apologize, he tweeted, would i like to apologize whole heartly to miss columbia ape miss
5:40 am
philippines for my huge mistake. i feel terrible. kim kardashian made a sex tape and now we have to hear about every nuisance for the rest of perfect life. kim kardashian launches her latest project, one that millions of her fans have been eag lawyer awaiting. today she's mailing her own selection of kimo.j. i. she's a preview that she posted, kimo.j. i feature fan favorite, moments including her famous will selfie. fans will incorporate them into text conversations. i don't get it. the rock dwayne johnson, and fans will be able to meet baby johnson on his instagram page saying christmas came early and thanks everyone for well wishes a love. he welcomed his new daughter with his girl friend lauren. it was an ugly loss. we got killed at the link.
5:41 am
and she will and blown out by cardinals.
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5:43 am
this is how kim kardashian, ray ray man owe, 58, my god. best none for his role as ray barone on the television show everybody loved raymon. wow star in the critically loved but lesser known shown men of the certain age. i got a chance to meet him
5:44 am
working in reno, nevada he did a stand up show there just a very accessible, very nice friendly. the just very down to earth like would you see on everybody loves raymon. >> i will watch that show anytime i see a rerun. one of the the few shows even by yourself laugh out loud. >> joyce robinson is great. >> pared with peter boyle, the the late great. so tonight, it is happening, i won't sing it again. winter solstice is at 11:48 p.m., almost midnight, but the shortest day of the year, and consequently the longest night of the year. how will we spend this short day? with very limited sunshine. high pressure is moving off shore and we have an approaching cold front and a lot of air with moisture in it coming from the southwest. so it will be a a lot of cloud cover today and very little sunshine. we are going to see a lot of rain, from this cold front, and in fact, it will dissipate as it gets here but we will get a few showers from it
5:45 am
tomorrow, and then we will get a warming front and here comes really warm temperatures by christmas eve. we are talking rain, late morning, early have afternoon, tomorrow, and that is it for tuesday. wednesday, we don't start with the rain until maybe noon, and into the early afternoon, into the evening, rush, and so wednesday, kind of a rainy day, after the morning is throw, and thursday, we could see a few showers as well and thursday we could break record highs for christmas eve. 44 degrees in philadelphia still cold to the north of us, allentown, pottstown, reading, all right around or below freezing but as we move further south you can see milder air encroaching the the shore, 48 degrees in wildwood right now. so average high is 43 degrees, and until saturday we had not even been close to that anytime during the month of december but saturday's high was 42. yesterday we got the to 43. that was an appropriate thely
5:46 am
cold december weekend if you like cold in december because it will be warm again. fifty-five today in the 60's tomorrow and wednesday, but by thursday, 71 degrees, the record high is 64. so we will smash that record on thursday, and then we will get cooler on chris mayday but still well above average with 64 degrees, mild, damp, milder then average a on saturday high of 58 and sunday still soggy with a high of 61. so our unusual december weather continues over the next several days, the holidays and beyond. we will look ahead to the traffic because bob kelly is off in the distance you see the burlington bristol bridge there. it went up, hard to tell in the dark at 5:40 a.m. try to avoid that area if you normally use that bridge. i-95 southbound approaching route 420 still looking all clear in that part of i-95 which gets congested in a couple of hours. checking travel times this
5:47 am
morning we're on the schuylkill from the blue route to the vine and only a 14 minute drive, same from i-95 to woodhaven road to 676, vine street expressway, chris murphy. >> thank you very much. bob kelly has the day off, and we are having a very kelly christmas. a manned, thanks for sending in your picture, she says at bob kelly traffic check out santa jerry at the carrados in west chester. come see us next week. we want to see your lights right now. send a picture. use that hashtag on facebook, twitter, instagram. we will show them right here on the air on good day as we just did and, bob kelly will be, showing up to a home, during the the 5:00 p.m. news, this week, post your picture using hashtag fox 29 lights is what to use. eagles lost to the cardinals, it was somewhat expected, because the
5:48 am
cardinals are so darn good and they have proved it again last night. teams chances, eagles that is, making the playoffs will come down to the last two games of the season. now the eagles had trouble putting points on the board last night in arizona, 40-17 was the final score. more importantly they had a hard time making any tackles as you can see right here. victory for cards make is it first time team has won 12 games in franchise history and in so doing, arizona locked down nfc west crown. chip kelly says defense and turnovers need to improve moving forward, do you think. >> against this team they have had one turn over in the last three games themselves. they had one penalty today, they had no turnovers against a really good team like that, a really good offensive team like that we cannot turn the football over and expect to come out on top. >> so on deck for philadelphia now is win or lose game next week against division leader washington, a saturday night game, day after christmas, after that they have to close the season out on the road, up
5:49 am
in new jersey, a against the giants, the the eagles have ended up winning division, they will have to win two games in a row. let's bring in big daddy graham now. big daddy, what happened. >> i cannot add anything. that was longest introduction, you ever gave me, chris,. >> i'll do x's and o the's you give the color. big daddy what did you think of that i said after that the eagles stink, times yours. you know what, the outcome, you are correct it doesn't effect eagles playoff chances, et cetera the but the way they played certainly does. philadelphia was starting to feel a little bit better about how eagles were playing they got that break with gronkowski, and win in new england. maybe they rode that into buffalo. they thought they would get a better performance yesterday and it looked like they were getting it up to the big
5:50 am
fourth and one at the end of the first half. there are some people questioning why do you even go for it. did not question that. i had in big problem with them going for it but if ever you use demarco murray that is where you are using him on a short yardage sit ways. the there is something going on with that story. why even bother suiting him up if he will get two carries, in the the that i'm a big fan but my god, every move will kelly made during the off season what has paid off, kiko alonzo forget he, he is one of the guys you referenced missing all of those tackles. maxwell did you see their tightened, fels he carried maxwell on his back for like 20-yard. every move that they made has not worked out. i don't think the the quarterback has work out. murray is just, wow it was a
5:51 am
bad day down there for sure. bad day. >> let's talk about how it plays out the next two weeks. saturday night day after christmas we have redskins at home. they are now top of the division, seven-seven. we are six-eight. as are the giant six-eight. if we beat redskins at home we have identical record and most teams at the that point would be seven-eight. and then you have the giants, they are taking on the vikings next week and then, of course, we finish with them as well. they could go in all different directions. >> what should eagles do, win both of these games but they have lost their home field advantage, it doesn't exist down there anymore. they are catching somewhat of a break. redskins have only won one game on the road the the entire season but if they look at their schedule on the road it is misleading. they have played some really tough teams on the road and barely lost to all of them. you're asking me what do i make of this game coming up on
5:52 am
sat the day night. i'd be a dope not to go with the redskins at this point. i might feeltive rently closer to the end. >> redskins will come in the link and win. >> i do. i do. >> even if the eagles beat the skins, and beat the giants up in new jersey how do they look going in the playoffs going in the playoffs is there a chance. >> they don't have any chance. people keep bringing up giants, be in gave giants any chance they ended up winning the super bowl. that will in the happen but as i told you last week, do i want another eagles game? of course. i always want another eagles game. don't you. it is so sad when season is over. that is the only reason why i want this team because i have had it up to here with chip kelly. >> in dire times like this when eagles aren't good and in sports team goodies we need something to make us smile and laugh. >> alcohol. >> yes. >> there is alcohol will. >> and then is there comedy.
5:53 am
>> yes. >> new years eve, is there all of the information right there, okay. we will see you out there i'm sorry, i made my own self laugh with that one but you are not helping matters much. i'm laughing right with you. >> it sound like you are buying. >> have a great holiday, my man. >> merry christmas. we will will see you next week. a new division is making its debut, this year for the mummers day parade, sneak peak at groups making philadelphia tradition more diverse this time around.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
good morning, welcome to the back to blue mountain in the poconos mountains. today is the the first day they are opened for skiing. it was cold enough to make snow. they have nod had any snow. they manmade it. the slopes are opened. a new division is making its debut this year in the mummers parade. many groups that will be marching down broad street for the first time this year, got the their first rehearsal over the weekend and that includes the puerto rican bam about a and the group. >> when we found out mummers were opening up, you know, this new division, we started to make even if calls and gathering, and it all turn into 12, to 25. >> why do you think that is. >> everybody is excited. everybody is exited to express the the closure.
5:57 am
mummers parade is a big thing. many years it has been going on. it is a big tradition. >> this will be the first year for some members of the lgbt community to officially participate. a 91 year-old great grandmother home a loans wakes up to strangers in her home. she tells fox 29 what got her, through this, even when one of the guns went off, straight ahead.
5:58 am
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at 6:00 o'clock right now on good day a bizarre shooting leaves one man dead overnight what police say a group of friend was doing, right before shots rang out. plus, an ugly loss, but, there is still a chance. what the eagles must now do to clinch the division after being blend out by the cardinals. and then this... >> i have to apologize. >> awkward. >> doh. beauty pageants are supposed to be graceful, right. the awkward moment stealing the show this morning, poor steve harvey. >> oh, steve. >> what a mess. >> yes. how do you live that down. >> can you? i'm sure he can but he will always be remembered. >> and when he tweeted afterward he misspelled columbia. >> i mean it just gets worse and worse once this all starts rolling it is like a snowball. >> no


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