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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  December 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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at 6:00 o'clock right now on good day a bizarre shooting leaves one man dead overnight what police say a group of friend was doing, right before shots rang out. plus, an ugly loss, but, there is still a chance. what the eagles must now do to clinch the division after being blend out by the cardinals. and then this... >> i have to apologize. >> awkward. >> doh. beauty pageants are supposed to be graceful, right. the awkward moment stealing the show this morning, poor steve harvey. >> oh, steve. >> what a mess. >> yes. how do you live that down. >> can you? i'm sure he can but he will always be remembered. >> and when he tweeted afterward he misspelled columbia. >> i mean it just gets worse and worse once this all starts rolling it is like a snowball. >> no matter how much we might
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screw up here in the next four hours we didn't do as much as steve harvey. >> that is true. >> it is december 21st, 2015, do you have everything mailed off, ready to go. >> no, i don't. >> i need to work on it. i need to get it together especially since it is going to texas, sue. >> we have a story about how expensive it is to wait until the last minute. the it is december 21st. >> unbelievable. >> but besides all that, it is the the first day of the winter. >> two minutes, right. >> right. >> solstice isn't until, just shy of midnight tonight, so it is still technically autumn and we will give you eight out of ten because guess what the warm your is coming back, but still for this morning off to a chilly enough start that buddy has a winter coat on. temperatures in the 30's and 40's but we will be in the the 50's. we will have 44 degrees at the moment. sunrise official at 7:19 on this shortest day of the year, 10-mile an hour breeze out of the southwest right now,
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plenty of cloud cover. we will not see a whole lot of sunshine, some, but we will be up to 52 degrees by lunchtime, that is already 10 degrees warmer then yesterday and our high temperature should be, around 55 degrees. that is your weather authority forecast for your monday, before christmas, we have got the holiday outlook coming up and wait until you see he how warm it the is going to be on christmas eve. bob kelly is off, we have i-76 eastbound at city avenue has traffic slowing down because of we have a disable tractor trailer on the shoulder, it is not the blocking any of the the lanes but people are slowing down to take a look, ben franklin bridge heading in to philadelphia looking all clear for now, and checking some of those travel speeds this morning. the it looks like we will go posted speed limit on all of our major roadways, this morning, alex and chris. >> thank you, so much sue. 6:02. eagles lost to the cardinals last night will put them a game behind in the nfc east standings. >> believe it or not there is still hope. dave kinchen live in woes philadelphia with the details.
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so dave, saturday night at home against the redskins and then up in new jersey the week after that we have to win both. >> reporter: there is no doubt we must, must win both, that is the only way to really, be able to clinch a very weak division but as farrah as last night, they have just stink. eagles just got steam rolled by the cardinals and we have, of course, the the low lights as i unfortunately like to call them. i don't like to call them that but they are low lights. the it was a dirty game and mess of the game can be summed up by this, the bird could not stop the run. they were some big runs leading eagles run down. the the other problem major turnovers giving arizona an advantage. of course, philly, you have to keep the ball, boy. that pick six, also is the the other problem, an early christmas gift there eagles fans here on their way to work at 69th street station in upper darby are not happy with what they saw. >> being embarrassed, and it is not something to be proud
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of. >> it was terrible. same way eagles finish every single year. >> hopefully we will dominate the redskins but they are a tough team. >> you didn't like what you saw. >> not at all, it was pretty terrible. >> do you think they have a shot for the the division. >> no, i will still be there but no, they are done. >> i think chip kelly, he has to get his act together or get another coach because that is not acceptable for this philadelphia team. >> reporter: no doubt about that. what is next? as we say, eagles have to do it next week against the division leaders, washington right now and after that, of course, they have to close the the season with the road win against the giants, and what is that steve harvey? the eagles won? oh, wait, correction, steve harvey says the eagles did not win. >> very good, dave kinchen. >> nice. >> very nice. >> we wish. >> if you can imagine last night if you can imagine you're watching game and people flipped over from half time to watch miss universe and they are like this is out
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of this world. >> or thought they had too many yuengling. >> i know, davis fun think morning. >> i like it. >> there was a serious side note to the eagles game. it was violent, yeah, a group of friend in philadelphia, one of them pulled out a gun and now someone is dead. >> let's get to jenny joyce, she's in east mt. airy right now. >> maybe not. >> but, we're told that there were four friend just hanging out watching the game. they're in a garage, and then, someone decided to open fire. three people were shot, one was killed, two others transported to einstein medical center in stable condition. suspect gunman is being held right now and questioned at police headquarters. the a as we said, jennifer joyce is there getting new information. when she gets there we will check back in. at 6:05 police are still looking for a suspect after a 48 year-old man was robbed in the shot than in the city. the victim was left in critical condition this happened around 2:30 yesterday
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afternoon on the 1800 block of cornwall street. medics rushed that man to temple youth hospital, and police still don't have a motive yet the but they are trying to track down that shooter. a man suspected of holding a 91 year-old woman the at gunpoint is in custody. >> the the guy apparently shot himself in the foot. literally. so, here's what and had, 91 year-old great grandmother gertrude says two men broke in their home sunday at 3:00 in the morning. she said the men pointed a gun's they stole her lap top and cell phone. well, that zazi granny went for a butcher knife. luckily suspects took off. they weren't going to mess with her. but not before one of the men actually shot himself. one suspect is on the loose, gertrude is safe with family right now. wow. >> can you believe this that. >> yes. >> shoot himself in the foot and track the cell phone they stole to the hospital where he was being treated for that gunshot wound to the foot. >> and coming up at 6:07. fiery crash in northeast philadelphia, and, this one
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happened in torresdale avenue police say speeding car went over a hill and then hit this unoccupied truck, head on. the the crash caused both vehicles to catch fire, a man close by heard people screaming from inside the car and he ran to help them but the flames were so intense he could not get to them. three people inside that car, died, and they have not yet been identified but it the is a sad story. >> it is. >> and a system that prevented deadly amtrak train derailment back in may is in place between philadelphia and new york city. >> amtrak activated positive train control system over the weekend, it is last section of the northeast corridor to get this new system which can automatically slow down a train that is going just too fast. journalist also reporting that septa will have positive train control installed by next month. derailment, you will remember, killed eight people in may and injured more than 200. all right. this is what we talk about right off the top at 6:00 beauty pageant blunder, a
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very strange ending to the miss universe pageant last night. see the the moment steve harvey announced he made a mistake when he name the winner. my goodness. and tragedy not far from that pageant when a driver runs down people on the sidewalk in las vegas. police are shocked by who else was in the car with the driver. son, the holiday season's just like football season...
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it is 21st of december? that means i have one more gift to get and i have to wait for the post office. because i have stuff going west. i have one last gift to get. >> who is it for. >> here's the problem and i'm really in trouble now. my dad's birthday is in two taste the 23rd. >> you will not make it. >> unless i spend big bucks, yes. >> you have the big bucks. >> is he watching? of course, he is. >> this is a huge, colossal mistake. >> 2015 miss universe pageant will go down as one to remember, not the just because of answers and women were so intelligent. no, it was the the fact that steve harvey was the host made a major mistake. announced the wrong winner. >> miss universe 2015 is columbia. >> okay. miss columbia, we're saying okay, look at her. her little cry and her flowers
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and her crown. >> she's amazing, right. >> yes. >> of course, she won. >> she's on stage, victory lap. >> she looks like sophia vergara. >> she was on stage for two minutes soaking in the moment, my goodness, and then steve harvey came back on the stage and then made this very awkward announcement. >> okay, folks, i have to to a apology guys. the the first runner up is columbia. miss universe 2015 is
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philippines. >> my goodness. >> miss columbia looked really mad, and this poor lady looked shocked, and really, okay, i guess i have to take this off your head now. hand it over, give you that crown. what an awkward moment for everyone involved. not just steve harvey. steve harvey miss read the card. >> and they ended the broadcast without any credits or allowing philippines to take her first walk as miss universe because they did it at the end of the show. my goodness. >> we were talking about this all more, more all morning. >> sue, i could in the believe what happened. >> nobody knows what to look, whether to smile or not to smile. >> it is a disable tractor trailer on the shoulder of the the schuylkill eastbound at city avenue. it is slowing traffic just a little bit but it is not blocking any lanes of traffic, just keep that in mind heading out this morning. the weather and more traffic
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coming up.
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winter solstice is when earth tilt further from the sun. sunnies the the hoees position in the sky. very short guy and long night the but longer days are coming after today.
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do you see what time the solstice happens. 11:48 p.m., just shy of midnight. this is a day where we will have nine hours and 20 minutes of daylight. it is all we get, folks, make the mess of it. we will probably break some record before the end of the week, on wednesday, and on christmas eve. record is 66. we will come close with our forecast of 64 but we are broadcasting 71 degrees for christmas eve and record was tied last year from 1990, 64 degrees. we will see what happens. we have rain we're watching edge nothing to ohio and western parts of the pennsylvania, and right now, and it shouldn't be here until tomorrow, and i don't know how much we will get but probably not a whole lot. the the heavy rain stays out to our west, but by late in the afternoon, maybe just a few sprinkles on tuesday. it is wednesday that is a rainy day. this is coming up from the south and this means we will get warm temperatures along with the rain but count on, rain, on and off throughout mess of the daylight hours, as
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short as they are, on wednesday. so right the now walking out the door it is still cold up in allentown. thirty-two in pottstown and reading. forty-four here in philadelphia 48 already in wildwood as that warm air starts to move in. a ahead of that front. average high is 43 degrees. we will finally get an average weekend, a typical, december weekend, last week went 42 degrees on saturday and 43 on sunday, but that is it for that because more warm weather is coming back, 55 today, 60's tomorrow. 64 degrees on wednesday, christmas day, after that record high of 71, it is still pretty warm but still cooler then thursday with a high of 64, and then we're a little soggy over the weekend. the it the may rain on you going to the eagles/redskins game saturday night the at the ring. that is your forecast. bob kill which his three day weekend. we will take traffic here with an accident at 476 north bound past ridge pike, it is only blocking shoulder at this point. everybody is getting by, route
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42 at creek road in new jersey picking up volume but all clear and burlington bristol bridge is now cleared they were opened earlier but you can drive across the bridge, right now, guys. thanks, sue. 6:19. tragedy on the las vegas strip when a driver plows through a crowd of people in the sidewalk. >> is what worse? police think this may have been intentional. >> one person was killed in that, up to 30 others were injured. it all happened last night in front of the planet hollywood hotel and casino where miss universe was being held. police have have one woman in custody. they a say she's intoxicated. authorities say driver had a child in the car with her at the time. thankfully that child was not hurt. let's go to call, rescues pulled five bodies from the wreckage of the small plane crash. air traffic controllers lost contact sat the day afternoon and sent a had mayday call. named should be released today. faa investigating the cause of this crash.
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well, air france flight made an emergency landing. >> the device was in the bathroom of the air france flight that took off from an east african island yesterday. it was made from cardboard shoots of the paper and household timer. airline was heading to paris but made an emergency landing in kenya. all passengers used those emergency slide. investigators are questioning four people about that fake bomb. more details expected today about a home that was searched yesterday links to the attacks in paris. >> one person from that home that was searched in brussels was held for questioning. that person has in the been identified. building is located between the center of the belgium capitol and the district where some of those involve in the nova tax lived. prosecutors say that the the official statement on the search will be released to day. canada plans a double of the amount of syrian refugees to take them next year to 50,000. canada's new government starting to resettle 25,000 by the end of february, with the help of several government
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agencies, and the latest estimates show that more than 4 million syrians have left that country making it the largest flow of refugees in europe since world war two. so you a saw this over the the weekend. >> i did. >> as did i. >> it dominate the box office, of course, new film in the franchise, and also breaks a lot of record. we will break down numbers for you and talk about how good movie was. >> it is worth the four and a half hour -- it is long but good. two of the best of what they do go head to head in the nfl on sunday and things get, chip i, find out which one of these guys is accused of taking things a little will bit too far. >> it was crazy this game. >> yes. >> great game. >> yes. >> here's lottery numbers.
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eagles win the last two games and they are in the playoffs but still you want to see them play well, begins air zone, gain some momentum but they shot themselves in the foot alternate long. it was all about the turnovers. first quarter still in striking distance sam bradford drops back, sacked, fumbles, and that is right, cardinals will cover. very next possession, ryan matthews gets the ball, straight up the middle and he just coughs it up.
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that was resulting in a cardinals touchdown. and this was the back breaking play right there. sam bradford, he pick six if you can and eagles had four turnovers on the night. losing 40-17. luckily for them, the giants lost so they are out of the playoff picture, and the the game tomorrow, excuse me next week will be for it all, that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. that game. >> well, which one at the link? this one was great. the panthers game against the giants? it was amazing. i was glued to my tv. i saw these tweets. how about odell beckham junior and cornerback josh norman. what do you think caused a all this? a lot of people that obj should have been eject for the shots he was taking at josh norman during the the game. >> beckham and norman went at it from the start. they got into it, wrestling
6:26 am
one another, he got thrown to the turf. beckham was flagged three times for unnecessary roughness, twice in the same drive in the third quarter. are in man drew an unnecessary roughness penalty on the same drive. great game, that came down to basically the last minute and the the panthers are now 14-zero after 38-35 victory. >> here's the thing there is a philly tie into this. no the this moment but moment when odell beckham scores a touchdown. he beats josh norman and as he is getting up, he steps over josh norman and people are like this is just like ai, just like allen iverson in the nba finals against the lakers. people are like no, it is not the same thing. the not at all. what do you think. i think it is nice, of course, bringing up allen iverson. but final score was 38-35, my goodness, that was a great game. feels like a soap opera but one that moves fast, there was action, drama, crazy moments.
6:27 am
>> sixers lost again. >> trying to figure out why it was obj so upset. some people said it was talking? other people said maybe they should have the same woman or something. >> there was such hype before the game, if you watch the the fox preview show, terry brad shaw talk about this about how these are two of the best at the their positions. it was a huge match up. >> yes. >> it was all about pride, too. >> and then did you see what josh norman said after the game. he said, michael dancing around the field, focusing on being a football player. >> we will move on. 6:27. one suspect arrested have two men break in the eld herly woman's home what she did to protect herself at age 91. jen fred, good report report
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down but still not out, find out why a big loss to the cardinals does not mean hope is lost for eagles to make the playoffs. plus a new jersey scout leader a attacked what put him in the hospital while he was exploring a cave, with some members of his troop. yes, another failed attempt at a budget is what next for pennsylvania lawmakers as the six month budget standoff continues. >> to think it is december 21st, 2015, 4 days before christmas and we have been without a budget since
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what the end of june. >> it is unbelievable. >> yeah. >> good day to you it is a monday. but it is monday after an eagles loss. >> we are not out of it completely. >> at least we know we were going to lose that game. we have two more to come. we might be able to win those and get in the playoffs. sue, this is not football weather. you're talking about 70's on christmas eve. >> that is right, 70's on christmas eve and for next game with the redskins it will rain, when it should be, snowing. and and and, it is cold this morning. the it is eight out of ten, because it is milder then it was, over the weekend when we end the the game. 7:19 on this shortest day of the year, 44 degrees at the moment. a the lot have of cloud cover and 55 degrees, our high today, some sunshine, many, many cloud and a breeze out of the southwest. it could get breeze think afternoon. 50 degrees tonight.
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much milder then it the is right now, and then rain could arrive after midnight, so that is your fox cast, from the weather authority, bob kelly is enjoying a three day weekend. the lets get to traffic, an accident on the schuylkill expressway westbound just past the vine, it the is blocking the left lane, it is, definitely slowing folks down just a bit, another accident, is on the shoulder, at the the blue route northbound just past ridge pike traffic no huge effects there travel speed are getting slower as we go throughout the the area so we are below posted speed on our major roadways, most noteably the the schuylkill expressway, alex and chris. >> thanks very much. >> the loss against the cardinals last night puts them a game behind in the nfc east standings at this point. >> is there still hope this season, dave kinchen dot fans feel like there is still hope, dave. >> some of them do. some people say that they are going to stick with the team they just don't know how they
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are going to end up by the end. two more wins, that is what they have to do. if they have a chance at really clinching the division there. but i don't know, if you saw last night, it was really, really rough because eagles got buried by the cardinals and for much of the game it was about one thing, they could in the stop the running. for much of the game it was about something else the the turnovers. major turnovers giving arizona a good advantage. eagles have to keep the ball boys that is how you win this game. that pick six, also giving other bird cardinals an early christmas gift. afterward the the players and the coach, well, they have talk about the debacle. >> we just didn't tackle well and that is really where i look at it defensively we didn't tackling and we turn the ball over. the those are a few things. >> we just had, too many self-inflicted wound to really do anything, to not get points
6:34 am
before half time is frustrating. and then in the second half, the fumble i had, that will be a really big play if not a touchdown. that is a turn over. then we turn it over next position and we are playing a good offence and really good team like they are you cannot afford to do those things. >> no doubt about that. honest reflection from his qb sam bradford. the is what next? have of course, do or die for eagles next week against division lead others, right now, washington and then they have to win a road game against the giants and that will be a tough one too. so, it takes two, it takes two wins for eagles to have a chance to win that division. it is still possible. they can still have it happen but it is a question of performance and what we saw, well, it wasn't a good performance last night, let's be honest. >> if we get in the playoffs won't we just get the number one seed. >> and get crushed.
6:35 am
>> it would be nice. >> it would be nice? >> we will play the number one seed. >> that is what i'm's saying we will probably be playing the best team and then we will be out. >> reporter: right. >> like a slow death. >> each time we lucy want to accept it the but we still have a chance, okay, we have a chance. we lost. no, we have a chance, then we lost. >> yeah. >> i loved that patriots win, that was great. >> 6:35. night of watching eagles foot the ball turns violent for a group of friend in philadelphia. >> this is a sad side note, one is excited, they are pulling out a gun, so one person is dead now, jennifer joyce is latest on this case at philadelphia police headquarters, jennifer, good morning. >> police tell us that they have a shoot inner custody, he is here, being interviewed by homicide detectives right now. police were called to the 8300 block of gilbert street in east mt. airy just after midnight for this morning with reports of the shooting. when they arrived they found three men in their 50's shot
6:36 am
one was dead and two others were transport ed to einstein medical center. one is in critical condition, the other is in stable condition, and the shooter had taken off but was found a mile away and placed under a arrest. the investigators say five shots were fired. shooting happened inside of a renovated garage where the the third four men were hanging out watching the eagles game and then things turn violent. >> the shoot are was shooting from point blank range because it was a pretty contained small area. the just a one car garage which seems to be turned into a area to sit and watch television. there is, a flat screen television, also a large television, and some couches. >> police say there was a 15 year-old boy inside the house which is not actually connected to the garage. the the teen is the nephew of the man who was killed. he was brought to homicide and being questioned by investigators to see if he heard anything leading up to this shooting and at this point police tell us they don't have have a motive for
6:37 am
this shooting but say shooter may have been under the the influence of alcohol, chris and alex. >> may have, all right. 6:37. police are still looking for suspects after a 48 year-old man was robbed, and then shot the in the cities section. the the victim was left in critical condition. the shooting happened 2:30 yesterday afternoon on the 800 block of cornwall street. medics rushed the man to temple university hospital. police don't have a motive yet they are trying to track down that shooter. man suspect holding a 91 year-old woman at gunpoint is in custody. >> avenue apparently shot himself quite literally in the foot. ninety-one year-old mother gertrude tells us two men broke in the west philadelphia home sunday at the 3:00 in the morning. she said men pointed a gun at the her while stealing her lap top and her cell phone. well, gertrude went for the butcher knife. she was not going to take this lying down. the the suspect said lets get out of here. but then one of the suspects, shoots himself. police were able to track his
6:38 am
cell phone, the one that these guys stole to a nearby hospital and when the guy who shot himself was being treated. >> he reached in and take his gun out and it went off. >> so one suspect is still on the loose, gertrude is safe with family and she says that this was her christmas blessing, that she was not hurt, she gets through the holidays with her family. that is one tough lady. >> i like great grand mom gertrude. >> she rocks. >> 6:38. fiery crash in northeast philadelphia kills three people. >> this happened at torresdale avenue around 2:30. police say speeding car went over the hill near intersection and then hit the unoccupied truck head on, crash caused both vehicles to catch fire and a man close by heard screaming from inside that car, and tried to help but could not because of the intense flames. three people killed in the crash have not yet been identified.
6:39 am
6:38. lawmakers are considering their options amid wreckage of the deal between governor tom wolf and top lawmakers to end pennsylvania's nearly six month budget stalemate. >> house republican leaders are planning a vote on the short term emergency spending bill tomorrow, but governor wolf and senate majority leaders oppose it. house huge republican majority is opposing every element of the budget deal their leaders helped negotiate that includes a tax and spending package that the governor wanted and legislation to restructure the the public pension system. >> they need to get this done because serve west will go by the way side if not funded. speaking of politics, state representative todd stevens, and, ending his candidacy for, and, and, rafferty with a clear republican field for now. four democrats say they will seek the parties nomination in the april 26th primary. it is held by kathleen kane it is in the clear if she will run or not. happening today much needed help for crime fighting
6:40 am
in new jersey. >> big financial boost for departments looking to arm themselves with body cameras. they will look something like what we will show you soon. there they are. acting attorney general john hoffman will make a major announcement about how cameras will be paid for and issued across the state. well, new jersey boy scout leader is recovering after being attack by a bear. >> scary scene. this happened when he and two scouts were, and into that cave by himself. and they were soon yelling for help, from inside the snacks, and they tried bananas and trail mix to get the bear out of the cave. when that failed they started a fire to slope him on it of there. those living in the area are paying closer a attention. >> i leave before light and i often come home after dark and i cannot see my surrounding. the fact that there was a bear attack was startling to me. >> and, nearby hospital, and
6:41 am
thankfully he is expect to be okay. force is strong with you, strong with you alex. we have the numbers from the wreck breaking, star wars, and the new division and new field. we have a sneak peak at the mummers parade for the first time, today, making the philly tradition more diverse.
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6:44 am
yeah. do they know it is christmas. well, it looks christmasy up the poconos mountains, it was cold enough over week toned make snow, and looking at blue mountain, which opens up today for skiing. we will see how long those slopes are able to remain opened, because we have record warmth in store for this week. but instead that pretty christmas eve picture while it is still here. we've got, the very strong polar a vortex, waiting up around santa a's home in the north pole but because we're south of the jet stream we are going to be completely different weather pattern this week with warm air coming from
6:45 am
the southwest and as we mentioned just record warmth. it is almost winter. it will be official at 11:48 tonight, winter solstice happens and shortest day of the year is today, at least those days will get longer after that. high pressure from the weekend is starting to move out and it will let in that milder a air this cold front will get close but we probably won't get too much colder from that, in fact we have a warming trend as we get into the the rest of the week. the lets get right to the seven day forecast, 55 degrees today, much milder then we can even, 60 degrees tomorrow, and then 64 with a rainy day on wednesday, is there your record warmth on christmas eve, 71 degrees, how crazy is that, it looks like right now christmas day should be dry, little bit cooler but still much warmer then it is supposed to be with that high of 64. so that is your weather authority forecast, lets get to traffic, because, on the schuylkill, westbound at conshohocken, we have traffic
6:46 am
picking up and volume but moving along just fine. now lets check i-95 at the cottman avenue. we are slowing down a little bit here, a lot more volume then last time we have check if you have not left, you might want to getting. travel times, it is taking longer to get from the blue route, to the the vine, on the schuylkill, 24 minutes now and on i-95 from woodhaven to the vine street expressway that is a 22 minute drive for you there. guess where i was yesterday. i was with doctor mike at a a home, a at holiday brunch at this restaurant in media yeah, mr. and mrs. santa claus, i think i convince them i was a good girl. i fooled them. the the restaurant they were partnering with cradles to crayons yesterday for brunch with sanity, and collecting coats for children in need and children in needy should say. cradles to crayon they are collecting essentials for children and low income families or who are homeless and they have a very big need
6:47 am
for coats. so they hope to fill up that becomes this week. it is in media in state street and still collecting those coats, alex and chris, up through wednesday and even though it is not, coat weather, just yet, it will be. >> yes. >> sound like a wonderful thing. >> we are in the done with a very kelly christmas, in fact, we have a picture to show you of someone's house all deck out. this is miracle on south 13th street, holiday lights display, you can see daunte frato photography put this out. they have used the hashtag fox 29 lights. do the same, we want to see how your house looks all deck out post to it facebook, twitter, instagram use fox 29 lights so we can find it, and, bob will go to some house at 5:00 o'clock news 5:00 p.m. news this week for one more house this week. use that hashtag fox 29 lights. >> one more because christmas is this week. >> it is. >> i can't believe it. >> and in south philadelphia that row is beautiful.
6:48 am
>> it is. >> south 13th street. my gosh, amazing. you should take the kid. >> star wars was amazing too. >> star wars rules the the box office galaxy, galaxy far, far away, the force awakens becomes biggest opening in movies history bringing in an estated 238 million-dollar in the u.s. this weekend. >> previous record was set in the past summer by jurassic world which pulled in 209 million. analyst predicts force awakens could pull in $2 billion by the end of its run worldwide. pretty a nation stuff. good film. good comedy. you see harrison ford is back, carrie fischer is back, mark hamill is back, carri fischer. kind of of cool. very well done. >> look at how it blew away competition, alvin and
6:49 am
chipmunks: road chip. fourteen million-dollar. sisters 13.4 million-dollar. hunger game, part 25.7 million and creed, it is such a good film. >> it the is such a good film. did you really think anyone would beat star wars. if i released a movie, star wars is out, we will move it to the next week even. >> good point. >> speaking of money, last minute rush is underway to make sure packaging make it to their destination. christmas is friday. >> today is a very important day because post office says you must ship priority mail today if you suspect your package to make it the by christmas eve. tomorrow is your last chance to ship second day air packages and, wednesday is your deadline for overnight packages, guarantied to arrive by 24th. it is even opened yesterday to accommodate the those who wait until the last minute. >> i wait until the last minute, i'm's a last minute person, that is why i have to deal with extra little things that come up, yes. >> she's brave.
6:50 am
she was biking her gifts there to the post office. >> well, post office workers say they will be patient, long lines and long wait times because they are expect to have a lot of people over next few days. >> post office officials want to warn you for next year so this doesn't creep up on you day. they have set the the day for christmas it will be december 25th next year as well. >> yes. >> yes. >> well, we're talking about christmas is this friday. we want to put you in the holiday spirit even though it is monday. >> it has performed for president and now they have a special performance for good day viewers. >> here's brotherly love singing silent night. ♪ silent night, holy night! ♪ all is calm, all is bright. ♪
6:51 am
♪ round yon virgin, mother and child. ♪ ♪ holy infant so tender and mild. ♪ ♪ sleep in heavenly peace ♪ sleep in heavenly peace
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6:54 am
well, we have breaking news right now belgium authorities arrested five people, in brussels in connection to the terror a attacks, in paris, last month. you the a arrest come after two days have of raid there.
6:55 am
police are sure to follow this story a and keep you updated but you there have been five arrestness connection to the paris terror attacks. 6:55. there will be quite a few first at first of the year, in the mummers parade this year. many groups will be marching down broad street for the the first time, got their first rehearsal this weekend. that includes puerto rican bamba and other groups, which will bring some latino flavor to the new years day tradition. >> when we found out, you know, mummers were opening up, this new division, we started making phone calls and gathering, and it all turned into 20, 25 and now it is just about 30. >> why do you think that is. >> everybody is excited, to spread the mummers parade. it is a big thing. many years it has been going on. it is a big tradition. >> this will be first year of the members of the lgbt community, there will be a lot of first and another great parade, can't wait to see it. time is running out for those still shopping on line, on christmas, me, so how long
6:56 am
do you have to order before your gifts won't arrive on time? we will give you deadline. plus dave, that game last night. >> yes, eagles did not get it done. we're talking to fans on their way to work here at 69th street station and we will tell what you they are saying about it and tell you what the eagles to have do to have any hope at getting the division title after the break.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
and, still make the playoffs despite, the the big late season loss last night. plus deadly crash on the strip, the latest on the woman police say ran down pedestrians, and vegas overnight. and also, in las vegas, was this. >> i have to apology guys. >> oh, no major mistake in the miss universe pageant, the the awkward moments stealing the show and people are still talking about it this morning. >> man. >> all right. good day, everyone it is monday december 21st, 2015 and norma just said chris you just had a steve harvey moment. >> you called jenny joyce, jen fred. >> yes.
7:00 am
>> jen freddie's off as is mike jerrick. >> you just pulled a steve harvey. >> wait until we see it, on this, but, i have a feeling they will be bad. >> he is funny. so accomplished. he does good in the community. he is a motivational speaker. >> stuff happens. >> that would be what he is remembered for, is that right. >> in addition, but people will bring it up too. >> yes. >> let's bring up this weather. i hear it will get warm. i'm ready for it. >> it was cold over weekend but as cold as it is supposed to be in december but now we will warm up, you're right, alex. by christmas eve we could be talking record warmth. so today is a an eight out of ten. it will not rain today. it is starting off chilly with buddy and his winter coat again. temperatures in the 30's and 40's but it is, tranquil out there, which is just a little bit of the breeze and then 7:19 is our sunrise time, and so right new we're at 45 degrees. we don't have any rain to show


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