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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  December 21, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> jen freddie's off as is mike jerrick. >> you just pulled a steve harvey. >> wait until we see it, on this, but, i have a feeling they will be bad. >> he is funny. so accomplished. he does good in the community. he is a motivational speaker. >> stuff happens. >> that would be what he is remembered for, is that right. >> in addition, but people will bring it up too. >> yes. >> let's bring up this weather. i hear it will get warm. i'm ready for it. >> it was cold over weekend but as cold as it is supposed to be in december but now we will warm up, you're right, alex. by christmas eve we could be talking record warmth. so today is a an eight out of ten. it will not rain today. it is starting off chilly with buddy and his winter coat again. temperatures in the 30's and 40's but it is, tranquil out there, which is just a little bit of the breeze and then 7:19 is our sunrise time, and so right new we're at 45 degrees. we don't have any rain to show
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you, on radar, at all, and then it will be a lot more milder today then it was yesterday. we will be a few degrees warmer. some sun with increasing cloud. we will get to a high of 55 degrees, later on today but sunset time is at the 4:39. talk about the winter solstice tonight and what happens after that, as we head into the holiday week. now we will talk traffic as bob kelly a had has a three day weekend and it is, i-95 northbound at 420 where we start in delaware county, and pretty crowded there but the roads are getting busier but moving along okay, traffic coming in over ben franklin bridge from new jersey, picking up volume as well and as we look around the region at our traffic travel speed our slow spots are that i-95 area around cottman avenue where it always slow down and the the entire schuylkill expressway, moving slowly, alex, this morning. >> it is a monday, sue.
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>> coming up on 7:02. eagles lost last night, puts them a game behind, in the nfc east standing. >> they are still having hope in this season. dave kinchen joins us from west philadelphia with more on this. all right dave, we need to win two in a row and it is doable. >> reporter: it is doable. i believe that we can still win the division. the it can still happen. guys have to get the the the next two wins if you you went up to a performance that was in the a winning fashion last night. eagles got steam rolled by the cardinals. no doubt about that. just take a look, for much of the game it was really about the the bird not being able to stop the run and there were a lot of runs that the eagles simply could not stop. so evident left them feeling run down or run over. the other problem the turnovers. giving arizona a huge, huge advantage. eagles have to keep the the ball, boys, we know that by now. and then pick six, of course
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that gives the other bird the cardinals, an early christmas gift, control of the game. eagles fans here at 69th street station they are just not happy with what they have saw. >> same way eagles finish every single year, bring you big ups and next thing you know let you down at the end of the season. the that game was crazy, man but i think that the boy chip kelly they should get rid of him. >> i'm a diehard eagles fan. i'm disappointed that they lost. i don't think chip kelly should have gotten rid of all of those players like he did at one time. it was just too many have of them. >> hopefully we will dominate redskins but the redskins, they are a pretty tough team. >> you didn't like what you saw. >> not at all, it was pretty terrible. >> it was. it the is do or die forbidder. next week washington. and then they have to get that
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road win, begins the giants. it takes two as that one song goes it takes two wins to get the this done. very weak division but eagles can do it. we have faith, right guys. >> i believe. >> i believe that we will win. >> so win skins are at seven-seven. eagles and giants at six-eight. giants are not out of this thing either they have vikings who are okay and then they have us the eagles, so this could go three different ways. >> reporter: there is a lot that can happen between now and next couple weeks. >> redskins are in the good on away games. maybe that will work in our favor. >> reporter: yes, little will shaky on the road. >> none of these teams are good. they stink. >> reporter: it is terrible. we need a leader. everyone has a losing record if not a losing record a rot of losses. >> we will see what happens. >> thanks, dave. >> to think cowboys were expected to win this division
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at some point. a night of watching eagles football turns violent for group of friend in philadelphia one of them pulled out a gun leaving another person dead, jennifer joyce is live in philadelphia police headquarters with the the very latest, jen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris anal evenings. police tell us they have the shooter here at police headquarters. he is working with homicide detectives, and answering some questions, police say that at this point, why he opened fire it isn't clear but he may have been under the influence of alcohol. police were called to the 8300 block of gilbert street in east mt. airy just after midnight this morning, for a report of a shooting. when they arrived they found three men, in their 50's, shot, one was dead on the the scene, and two others were transported to einstein medical center, and one is in critical condition, and the other is in stable condition. and investigators say at least five shots were fired, shooting happened inside of a renovated garage where the four men were hanging out watching the eagles game and then things turned violent. the shooter had taken off and was placed under arrest.
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police say one of the shooting victims was able to identify him. >> the 51 year-old victim before being transported to the hospital was able to positively identify this 51 year-old male as the shooter, so right new that 51 year-old male is in custody and transported to homicide. >> reporter: police say there was a 15 year-old boy inside the house which is not actually connect to the garage. the teen is nephew of the man killed and he was brought here to homicide and talking with detectives. the detectives are interested to know what he heard, prior to those shots being fired, alex. >> yeah, as part of the investigation for sure. >> thanks, jenny. 7:06. police are looking for suspects after a 48 year-old man is rob, and then shot in the cities section. >> that victim is left in critical condition. this happened 2:30 yesterday afternoon on the 1800 block of cornwall street. medics rushed that man to temple hospital. police do not have a motive yet and they are trying to
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track down that shooter. a man suspect of holding a 91 year-old woman the at gunpoint is in police custody a this morning after he apparently shot himself in the foot, literally. >> literally shot himself in the foot. ninety-one year-old great grandmother gertrude said two men broke into her west philadelphia home sunday around 3:00 in the morning and the the men pointed a gun at her head while stealing her lap top and they took her cell phone too. the brave granny, who went for the butcher knife, and the the suspect said let's get out of here. but not before one of them shot himself, as alex said literally in the foot. police were able to track gertrude's cell phone to a hospital where the guy was getting treatment for that gunshot wound to the the foot. she is safe with family and she will have a safe christmas. she says it was a christmas miracle that she's okay. >> yes, it is yeah. 7:07a fiery crash in northeast philadelphia a kills three people. >> all right, so this happened on torresdale avenue around 2:30 yesterday morning. police say the spiething car went over a hill and in an intersection and hit the
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unoccupied truck head on. it caused both vehicle tolls catch fire. a man close by heard people screaming from inside of that car and he rushed out to help but the flames were too intense. so he had to back off. for one neighbor the the details of this crash really hit home. >> to me it brought back memories because i had a little brother who passed away and hit a truck, went underneath the tractor trailer. >> the three people killed in that crash have not yet been identified. grabbling over state spending plan, continues in harrisburg. >> lawmakers right now trying to make a move to keep social services in schools and some businesses, in business and opened, and they are rejecting a piece after piece of bipartisan deal to end pennsylvania's five month budget stalemate. house republican majority leaders are planning votes on a short term emergency spending package a. this would be a stop gap measure and governor wolf does not want. that house rules committee was scheduled to meet monday at 11:00 a a.m. with the floor
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vote possible for tuesday. house republicans haven't haven't given the the amount or duration of the spending package. governor wolf's office isn't saying whether he will sign it. he wants the full deal. wolf, a democrat, says he a has enough support to pass a $1 billion plus tax increase he wants to boost aid to publish schools and human services but house republicans, went back on their commitment, to put it up for a vote. on saturday house conservatives help defeat pension legislation that senate republican leaders had tied to their support for this tax increase. so now house republican majority leaders are planning procedural votes on a short term emergency spending package. this is what you were just talking about. so basically no deal, and it doesn't look like they are much closer at this point. >> six months. >> and schools, they are the the the big loser if something doesn't get passed real soon. a bridge that crosses the schuylkill will be shut down for emergency repairs meaning a major traffic headache could be on the way for some drivers. >> there is some reports that sounding the warning that the falls bridge will soon be
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closed for about a month. that is that real pretty metal bridge. it says while cars will not aloud to cross the bridge you can walk over, jog over and bike over it. the city says that the entire rehabilitation project will cost six million-dollar, and there is no exact date for clothes another just yet the but it is expected to be sometime in january. we will keep you posted on that. 7:10. tragedy on the las vegas strip when a driver, plowed through a crowd of people, and then on the sidewalk. >> this is the worst part, police think this may have been intentional. at least one person was killed, 30 others were hurt. this happened last night right in front of the planet hollywood hotel and casino where they were having that miss universe pageant inside. police have one woman in custody. they say she was drunk. authorities say the driver had a child in the car with her as well. that child thankfully was not hurt. we have a sad announcement from inform president, jimmy carter, he told his church congregation that his grandson died unexpectly over the weekend. >> carter says the 28 year-old was not feeling well saturday, went to lie down for a nap.
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his mom checked on him later and his heart stopped. jeremy carter died at the hospital yesterday morning, no word on his exactly what happened there. this comes weeks after former president carter announced that he was cancer free. >> yes. >> very sad. >> he was just in his 20's. >> yes, so sad. well, 7:11. canada's minister of administration said resettlement program of the syrian refugees can double to 50,000 by the end of next year. the the new government is press to go resettle 5,000 by the end of february with the help of several government agent cyst. >> well, latest estimates show that more than 4 million syrians have left that country, making it the largest refugee in europe since world war two. >> that is one of the big talking points what the u.s. should do, when syrian would be refugees in the campaign trail. hillary clinton continues to take digs a at g.o.p. presidential front runner donald trump.
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>> clinton claims isis is using video of trum top recruit muslims to his cause. she said that saturday night's democratic presidential debate, during the debate, clinton stated that the republican presidential contender is quote, becoming isis's best recruiter. with the group attracting people by showing videos of him clinton spokesperson acknowledged that the campaign ace wear of no such video. tina fey, amy poehler returned to saturday night live and they brought their impersonations of sarah palin and hillary clinton with them this time. >> with hillary clinton played by kate mcken on and, and, and, look at the this in 2008. the republicans are bows owe's, and, and, sleep well tonight. >> yes. >> they are just getting it. >> funny me. how are you are.
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>> so, good to see her on display, the lid fridays 2008 but things have have changed. >> trump is running for president. >> there were some more hilarious parts, tina fey did during snl that we will play later. sue, we talk about this earlier this morning. >> yes, we did. >> yes, best accent ever. >> she's a philly girl. >> she knows how you to do it. >> that is right. >> look what is happening tonight, it is winter solstice or as we often call it the solstice, the earth is tilted furthest away from the sun, and the the shortest day, longest night of the year, longer days are coming a after today, and it is 11:48 p.m. when the actual moment of the solstice happens. we will have a day that is only nine hours and 20 minutes long. so we will look forward to, longer days, a at least a little bit every day after today. so, here's the record that we were talking about earl their could be broken this week.
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wednesday's record high was set in 1990 at 66 degrees. we are forecasting 64. that is pretty close. sixty-four is the the record for christmas eve which is also set in 1990 and tied last year, remember with the warm christmas eve last year. our forecast is to bust that one wide open with 71 degrees this thursday, christmas eve, you see some rain in the western part of the state of pennsylvania, and our not predicting any on have that to get here today. high pressure is blocking it but we have quite a few cloud around. you see those sprinkles and it may not happen for most of us, it the looks like tomorrow morning is when we will see some rain, from this system and we will have south the westerly wind and bringing up the rain on wednesday, from the the south, which means warmer temperatures which is why we are calling for record highs on west. we could see heavy downpours wednesday afternoon into the evening hours and we're talking 70's on chris had mass eve. 45 degrees right now in
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philadelphia it is already starting to warm up. little bit to the north of us we're below freezing in allentown. still below freezing in lancaster. thirty-nine in wilmington. forty-six in millville, new jersey and 48 in wildwood. we had a week went this average high around 43, 44 degrees, and a weekend that was, a actually saw temperature below average on saturday and then right where we are supposed to be on sunday with a high of 43, pope eighthly cold as we have been saying but now we are warming up. fifty-five today. sixty tomorrow. sixty-four on wednesday. 71 degrees on thursday. we could see a few then are storms and a mix of sun and cloud on christmas day with a high of 64 degrees. the that is not too christmasy but we will take it. that is your seven day forecast, we are taking a look at traffic now and we have a look from sky fox, route 72 wood land burlington county a horrific crash here and a lot of responders on the scene there. don't have too many details about exactly what happened
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here but it looks like two vans collided and just horrible wreckage as a result. so, obviously the accident, the clean up will continue there but this is route 72, burlington county, new jersey. stay away from that area if at all possible. we will go to the roosevelt boulevard picking up a little but no major delays when a all that volume. go tout route 422 westbound at trooper road, also cleared, moving along just fine for now and travel times, to go on the schuylkill for blue route to the vine 21 minute trip on i-95 on woodhaven road to the vine, 18 minutes and in new jersey on 55, on 322 to the route 42 freeway is a 13 minute trip alex and chris. thanks, sue. 7:16. this is a tough loss. cardinals beat up on the bird four-17. the good news is, we're still in it. we still control our own fate
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with two games left, and mr. sean brace. >> good morning. >> yes. >> you know, what is bad is fact you have to say what you just said that we're still tonight. we still have a chance. is there still two division games left. we have redskins and giants. it is enough is enough. this is a bad football team. you saw last night how good arizona cardinals are. they are a real team. that is a super bowl contender. >> carson palmer will throw for 5,000-yard. >> he has 30 plus touchdowns, incredible season across the board. >> but where is tackling. >> there wasn't a a lot of tackling. >> they struggled in that department for sure. >> it felt like they just kept running and we just could not catch them. >> it is very similar to the doug martin perform answer earlier this year. eagles are just not a good football team right now. we saw that last night. >> what about the the off season moves. we have two games left. demarco murray does in the
7:18 am
play, we paid him that much money. >> is what up with demarco. there was a moment i thought was interesting where there was a split screen of demarco's face and chip kelly's face. there was moments where he could have been good. >> it comes up exactly what you said about the money. your mine goes automatically, eagles spent over 40 million-dollar. nfl contracts work, only thing they get is guarantied they went after demarco mur toy make him lead back. it just didn't pay off that way. i'm with you getting crazy in the off season but right now what does it do. demarco murray, it is good to have a number of backs healthy. that is one thing we can count on is the fact that he is not hurt. he is able to play if we need him to go but just not that effective. >> able to play but they are not playing him. >> we need two more games this breaks down redskins are at the top of the nfc east at seven-seven. the top of their division. eagles six-eight, giants six-eight. giants are not out of this either by the way.
7:19 am
>> no, giants there because if the eagles won they would have been out of playoff contention but that did his not happen. >> do we beat redskins at home saturday night. >> what do you think? >> after that game i don't know. >> do you think we will. >> no, look at the the secondary. who is playing quarterback. byron maxwell has a bad hamstring. >> we will see how this plays out with the injuries they sustained but eagles are playing cornerbacks number five and six on that list. jaylen watkins, ed reynolds, chris maragos were out on the the field at that same time. you will not win games playing those guys. desean jackson, curt cousins is a decent quarterback. i have to take the redskins at this point you don't think we will make the the playoffs. >> no. >> redskins take this division. >> yes, that is how it will happen. >> what a shame. >> really. >> you know, steve harvey is doing all right.
7:20 am
>> yes. >> remember there was so much hope. some analyst pick the bird to win the super bowl. >> yes. >> i'm not talking about locally but nationally. >> you're right. you play the game on the feel. it is in the played on paper. it is a cliche but a truth. chip kelly took a team that went ten-six that wasn't good enough for him, flipped the script and here we are looking at a six-ten season. it is ugly. not pretty right now. >> what do you do. >> i guess we can't put the nail in the coffin just yet. that would be wrong. >> it sound like he has. >> he is done. >> i have. >> are you done with sam bradford too then. >> he is up for renegotiation. >> would i bring him back. i would. i look at sam bradford and offensive line was beat up. i'm in the trying to make excuses but who else is out there. who is your quarterback next year if you do not want sam bradford, mark sanchez. >> yes.
7:21 am
>> jordan matthews. >> it is funny, odell beckham junior, a little bit. everybody wants to be me, me, me, me. i get frustrated. jordan matthews has some sort of jm type deal that he celebrates after a regular catch. everybody wants to celebrate and the attention. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas as well. >> thank you. miss universe um-hmm, big mistake and why miss columbia wasn't the real winner. talk about um-hmm, have you not done your on line shopping yet and haven't been to the post office either we have your deadlines and your winning lottery numbers. holiday season's just like football season...
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you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my giant. if you have not shipped your holiday packages yet you better hurry. >> i better hurry, laurie rothman. what are the deadlines? report are report alex and chris, thinks for amazon, ordering on amazon they are
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working up to the 11th hour here. you have until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow, that is eastern time to send by standard shipping. wednesday the deadline for one day shipping, that is wednesday, as i said, same day delivery deadline christmas eve, and then is there always two hours delivery via prime now. you can order your gift, two hearst before you want it delivered. that is saying something for amazon. they are not holding back to make sure everybody gets what they want their loved ones to receive this christmas. >> is what wrong with me and everyone else, that we procrastinate. we knew christmas was on december 25th? well, forever. >> yes. >> that is true. >> we have only just met so i cannot really tell you what the problem is with you about that but would i just say, it is one of those things, it is almost too easy to do since you can order on line. the most people are shopping on their mobile devices, look at amazon, accommodating everybody, all these procrastinators. >> i know christmas is coming.
7:26 am
my thing trying to find the right gift that is the hard part. >> do they, up the price, in other word. >> oh, sure. >> if do you same day deliver any august sit more expensive now right before christmas. >> absolutely, i cannot quote you the the price. depend on the distance and which shipping option you choose but just like anything else if you wait until last minute you you are paying a premium for your procrastination. i will say there has been fantastic deals. the market has a whole has been struggling in this fourth quarter and before black friday as you know, we have been seeing sales and mark downs. so, if you waited this long you you will probably, you know, what you will pay in shipping will off set what you have shaped in the holiday bargains out there. >> lori, thanks, appreciate it. >> anytime, merry christmas. >> speaking of getting presents quincy is helping us out getting some stocking stuffers this morning. >> yes, because stocking stuffers are key, they are very key, i'm on fourth street between south and bainbridge at urban princess and they
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have stocking stuffers from $5 and up we will check it the out.
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dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches, freshly made all day, so you can enjoy them any type of way, any time of day. that's breakfast whenevs. america runs on dunkin'. what happened this month that should prevent future accident.
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taylor swift in the holiday giving spirit. surprise she gave one fan this weekend. well, good morning, coming up at 7:30 on this monday morning. >> it is the 21st of december. >> that is right, how are you. >> i'm fine but getting nervous because right after the show at 10:00 o'clock i have to race out and get one gift and get straight to the post office. >> today is a big day, the last day. >> yes, one play last night because eagles game started so darn late. but the eagles and their fans were pumped up for another big prime time game last night. the team, even going back to the black jerseys. >> i love the black jersey and blackout games but we got blacked out. >> yes. >> players did not live up to the hype, they got beat 40-17 by cardinals and it was eagles own mistakes that cost them the game. >> two fumbles, interceptions and we cannot have that happen. >> now eagles have to win sat the day verse redskins in order to keep playoff hopes alive. >> but we heard from sean brace that he doesn't think it will happen. >> we will see what happened.
7:31 am
>> yes. >> coming up at 7:31. a system that could have prevented the deadly amtrak train derailment in may is back in place between philadelphia and new york city. >> wall street journalist report ago this amtrak activated the system over the weekend. it is the last section of the northeast corridor to get the the new system which can slow down a train going too fast. journalist also reporting that septa will have positive train control installed by end of next month. derailment in may killed eight people and injured more than 200. the grabbling over a state spending plan continues in harrisburg. we still don't have a budget. >> can they just work this out. lawmakers are making a a move to keep social services and schools in business. >> house republican majority leaders are planning votes on a short term emergency spending package. the it comes after rejecting peace after peace of bipartisan deal to even the six month stalemate. house rules committee is scheduled to meet this morning with the floor vote possible tomorrow. so we will keep you updated on what happens.
7:32 am
but of course everyone is talking about this, the 2015 miss universe pageant will go down as one to remember. >> poor steve harvey. >> yes. >> a he announced wrong winner and then has to come back on stage, stand next to the person who announced the winner and say sorry, you are not the winner. take a look at this.. >> miss universe 2015 is columbia. >> he does a pageant cry, gets flowers and crown and walks around the stage. >> and puts the crown on top of her head is that right. >> that was a former. >> that was former. >> yes. >> the the current one. >> also, beautiful. she looks like sophia vergara, amazing miss columbia won. >> she was taking it all in, she was miss universe for a good couple of minutes. then steve harvey came back
7:33 am
out on the stage and made this very awkward announcement. >> okay, folks, i have to apologize the first runner up is columbia. in miss universe 2015 is miss philippines. >> wait, what is happening? yes. so they had to take the crown off of miss columbia and give to it miss philippines, it was a hard few minutes to watch. steve harvey tried to apologize saying he just miss read the card.
7:34 am
>> i will take full responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. >> the right thing i can show it to you right here, the the first runner up is columbia. it is my mistake. still a great night. please don't hold it a against the ladies, please don't it is still a great night. thank you all. >> he apologized. >> i feel horrible for him. >> he showed the card which i'm glad he did but when you showed the card you saw second runner up, first runner up and in big bold letters miss universe down here. >> it says philippines right there clear as a bell. >> i don't know if he just read one side of the card. it is live tv, folks, things happen. but you know, they talk to donald trump because thinks third miss universe pageant without him. >> i'm sure he is weighing in.
7:35 am
>> they asked him, okay, what would you do if this were you. >> he said he would make them co winners. >> i don't know how i feel, how do you feel about that. >> give someone something like that and let them have that moment and take them away. >> you have to respect the process. the it was just a mistake from one host at one point. >> former host. >> i don't know if he will be doing that again. >> they should let him redeem himself. >> reporters talk to him after the show. he a said in one feels worse than he does about the mistake. spokesperson for cot that runs the pageant said he correct the the mistake on his own when he realized the error, on air. >> he also tweeted out the a tweet saying he apologized and he spelled miss philippines wrong, he spelled columbia wrong. >> we want to hear the interview with steve harvey to see what led to this major brain problem. >> he has like five shows.
7:36 am
he will talk about it a couple times. one thing i learned over the weekend, he sells bacon. he has his own bacon. >> he better keep selling it. >> yes. >> sue serio. >> he doesn't need miss universe gig. if i were him i would never do it again. we have bus stop buddy in his winter coat, and temperatures in the 30's and 40 ease, and, 40's,. >> inn eight out of the ten clouds out there and a bit of the breeze, 45 degrees with the a 14-mile an hour wind out of the south/southwest. southerly wind means it will warm up, on the last couple of hours of fall we will get up to 55 degrees for a high temperature to today and that is your weather authority forecast for monday, before christmas. lets see how traffic is doing on this monday morning as bob enjoys a three day weekend, route 42 at creek road in new jersey, more volume, no delays, the schuylkill eastbound a approaching spring garden, also no major delays as more people get on the road
7:37 am
and checking travel speeds they are getting slower, moses specially on the schuylkill expressway where we're averaging, guys only 18 miles an hour. >> that is no fun. that is one upside getting up in the mid of night sue. >> that is right. >> two or 3:00 in the morning. >> looking for last minute holiday getaway for family or your significant other? deals you can score for that quick vacation straight ahead.
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beautiful, beautiful day. well, a new star wars day continues to get box office records, breaking them big time a kid in germany shows a force was with them by holding a special theme services. >> so church visitors, young and old, dressed for the occasion, star wars theme costumes. on the two churches, using star wars theme light sabers to go along with traditional dress. they had a star wars theme rendition on the organ.
7:41 am
>> wow. >> there you go. >> then the theme of star wars always had been since the the original episode four in 977, good verse evil, may the force be with you, kind of like peace be with you. >> yes. >> yes. >> and also with you. >> interesting service. >> yes. >> i don't know, all right, 7:41. new year means a new list. >> philly magazine is set for best restaurants in the city and alex has been to 47 of them. >> yes. >> new comer, straight ahead. quincy, good morning to you, sir. >> hello, christopher, i'm at thinking of ideas for inexpensive, stocking stuffers, and, we will have some stuff coming up next.
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this new water park covered in snow, that is the poconos mountains there and
7:45 am
that is not an attraction that will be opened today, but the slopes, will be in places like blue mountain because they were actually able to make snow it was so cold over the weekend. tonight just on time is winter solstice that happens officially at 11:48 p.m., just shy of midnight, we will be experiencing the the shortest day of the year and then after today and tomorrow, things will start to get a little bit longer, more daylight during the day, so this is it, last couple of hours, of awesome. high pressure in control today, but quite a few clouds ahead of this front. we will get this cold front and warmer air moving in. the cold front will actually not quite make it here, it will dissipate before it gets here and warmer air rolling in, just like the whole month of december has been with milder then normal temperatures. so nothing here right new but we are looking a head to tomorrow, some late morning rain, and then in the afternoon, maybe a couple showers here and there and
7:46 am
then on wednesday, it looks like the early morning hours, a pretty rainy day on and off throughout the the afternoon and evening, rain, rain, rain on wednesday. getting milder and then on thursday, christmas eve even warmer then. that we have got temperatures that are chilly right now especially allentown at only 30 degrees. forty-five in the city. forty-eight in wildwood. only 38 in dover. thirty-nine in wilmington. but the average high temperature is 43 degrees, we have been way above average the entire month until saturday when we were at 42 for a high and 43 degrees on sunday, about average. fifty-five today, what a difference. 60 degrees tomorrow, and tuesday, the high is 60 degrees as we said. sixty-four with that rainy day on wednesday, and then christmas eve we could see thunderstorms and 71 degrees, how crazy is that? christmas day mix of sun and clouds and high in the 60's. that is your weather authority forecast, lets go to traffic,
7:47 am
vine street expressway looking clear and get out there now if you have have not left because we're moving slowly in most roadways this morning have the blue route northbound approaching conshohocken is clear, no delays right now, travel times to check the schuylkill, it is slow go this morning. we will take you a half an hour from the blue route to the vine. woodhaven road to the vine is 17 minute drive and really slow on route 55 coming up from 322 to the the 42 freeway in new jersey that is a 19 minute trip for you there, leave as early as you can guys this morning. >> have you heard we are doing a very kelly christmas thing. we have heard it a time or two but here we are, it is fox 29 lights, look at this house. >> yes. >> jimmy james sent this in. >> he doesn't say where he is but that is beautiful. maybe he just takes pictures of the beautiful houses. >> we want to see your house in our area, use the the
7:48 am
hashtag fox 29 lights and post to it facebook, twitter, instagram, name it so you can find it and we will put it on good day leading up to christmas which is friday and in between now and then bob kelly will go to one more home in the 5:00 p.m. hour of i would say good day the the fox 29 news and use that hashtag again fox 29 lights. >> it is all one family, chris. >> you know, not only are we won family but we're one team. >> if you are in need, we can help. >> vince i harris in south philadelphia, visiting a store that has all types of fun things. if you do a stocking stuff it should be fun, right. >> i'm at urban princess, and we will say hello here, where is urban princess on fourth between south and bainbridge. it the is a amazing store. we have mary harvey. no relation to steve harvey. anyway, stocking stuffers, any stocking stuffers you have
7:49 am
here. >> we have lip baums made out of lime. they start add $6. these are fabulous wine bottles, and we have them looking like a christmas ornament. you can put candles in. use their hand painted like mostly here hand made. these are jewelry cases for when you travel, people jewelry safe made out of satin, beautiful, just $10. >> let's walk back here because we have so many things in here. we have homemade things right here. >> absolutely these are hand made logily vegan organic soaps, shay butter, rip baum, face washes and masks, everything for bat and body. >> you guys have everything for stocking stuffer right here. i love this, you know, these shirts right here. i love this one. let me show them. yo. >> you are in philly. >> that is how we say hello. >> now who made this. >> these are by filth philly faithful, good friend of mine, we started our businesses a at
7:50 am
the same time. awesome to see him doing so well. he makes great flyers. born and raised in south philadelphia. >> we have cool stuff. >> during the tease, i brought this out right here, in 2,000, this is a, ear warmer. >> yes, lieutenantly. >> oh, my god this is amazing. >> you are not going to wear it. >> this one starts at $10. >> ten to $15. >> now, one thing i was really about here was this rock. >> these are wine tasks, whatever you want to do, put your bottle on top and also hand made local philadelphia guy, it bottle on top of the could be will will stone and then you start pouring. >> let me try a little bit of this. >> look a at the that.
7:51 am
>> this is good. >> yes. >> that is pretty cool. >> come on down to urban princess, fourth street, between south and bainbridge. >> absolutely. >> quincy. >> that is so cool. >> eleven to 7:00 but we don't have any rules, we are ten to eight on or whatever you need. >> this is my kind of storm. >> how much is the pouring rocks. >> how much is the rock. >> that is 125. >> chris, chris we need to you buy this for about it. >> 125. >> i'll take couple. >> yes. >> thank you. >> okay. 7:51. quite a few perks at the the first of the year, mummers parade this year, and next year we should call it. >> exactly, next year a week away at this point so many groups will be marching down broad street for the first time they got their first
7:52 am
rehearsal will this weekend and that includes puerto rico bamba and group, which will bring you latino flavor to new years day that digs. >> mummers were opening up, you know, this new division, and we started to make phone calls and it 12 turned into 20, 25. >> reporter: why do you think that is. >> everybody is excited, and spread the closure, and the mummers parade is a big thing many years, big tradition. >> by the the way thinks also the first year that members of the lgbt community will be involved. >> it will be great to see different groups coming together. >> yes. >> are you looking for last minute who will will day getaway for the family or maybe your significant other, might make a nice gift. deals you you can score for that quick vacation. >> taylor swift in the holiday giving spirit, big surprise she gave one fan this weekend.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
people are heading out. >> this is the the one year that maybe you decided let's go somewhere else. last few winters have been so cold. let's go to phoenix, arizona, and see grand mom. >> and, this year, and, crazy. >> 78 degrees. >> and christmas eve, so sue will have your forecast. >> do you think santa will wear shorts. >> yes. >> colder up there. >> that is true. >> yes. >> we will see. >> okay. >> 7:56. of course, last minute rush is underway to make sure packages make it to their destination by the end of this week. >> here's what you need to know if you need to ship still. post office says you must ship priority mail today to expect
7:57 am
your package to make it by christmas eve. tomorrow is your last chance to ship, second day air packages and wednesday, that is two days from now is deadline for overnight packages guarantied to arrive by 24th. post office workers say give them a break, be patient, long lines are going to be facing you when you get there everybody has packages. just chill out, don't do anything crazy in the parking lot either, okay. go on line. >> because it is not too late to order on line for christmas delivery. amazon prime members you have to pay extra. >> how much is prime right now. >> it is like 99 bucks a year is that how it works. >> something like that. >> and then they give it to you free like a free trial period, but then you forget to cancel, of course. amazon prime members can put off clicking order button until 9:00 p.m. tomorrow but whenever you're shopping on amazon you have to make sure whatever you are looking for has a blue amazon prime, marker. >> yes. >> because otherwise it the will not make a difference.
7:58 am
>> one day shimming is available many in areas through wednesday and if you are waiting until last minute there is always amazon same day delivery available on christmas eve. shortest window is free, two hour delivery which is also available to prime customers through prime now. you have some options. >> today is deadline to sign up your drone the with the faa >> yes. >> i think of drones now. so, you want to know is what on the mind of your neighbors this past year things they were guyingeling. google has come out with the most searched subjects and they broke it down by state. >> so, across the entire country, politics, of course, dominated. the president top search necessary alaska, donald trump in south caroline, ben carson in alabama, second amendment in air zone, marriage equality in michigan, and, legal a icing marijuana for recreational use. in ohio, that is interesting. >> some state in our area delaware, the top topic, pope
7:59 am
francis, they googled the holy father more than any other state. look at that. other churches in delaware, amtrak, beau biden, kendrick lemar and, nicki minaj. in new jersey, hillary clinton, e-mail, garden state googled more than any other state. interesting, um. other top stories, fifa, what a mess that was, governing body of the international soccer tournaments being investigated by bribery and corruption crimes, accept bladder still hanging in there, yogi berra and governor chris christie and nfl player pierre paul's hand. fourth of july, he lost his index finger. and in pennsylvania, we googled the royal baby more than any other state. also game of thrones john snow, pope francis visit, dick van patton, creed, that was probably me. >> carrie under wood and blake
8:00 am
lively. >> so how many times did you google michael b jordan. >> no, never, what are you talking about. >> i didn't do that. >> one thing did you do is you saw star wars this past weekend, as did i, thises a very special bit to star wars. monday, december 21st, 2015.
8:01 am
may the the force be with you you on this monday morning. you can tell we have star wars fever right now. >> yes. >> hats off to jessica kline. >> yes. >> and that is just fantastic. >> philadelphia magazine released the list of the 50 best restaurant in 2015. over next two hours we will try every single one, wouldn't that be fun. no we will try the the top ten. >> we will put them in the list of places to try. >> coming in at number ten, helm in kensington. the this is a french byob restaurant at 1305 north fifth
8:02 am
street. >> have you been there, sue. >> i have been in where. >> these are places i could try so thanks for the suggestions. >> look at that. >> yes. >> i love byob. >> a french restaurant. >> i wonder, why chris you save so much money. you want to drink good wine it is 90 bucks a bottle, bring your own $25. >> exactly. so we had two cold days, saturday and sunday, that is it. >> thank you. >> back to warm weather. >> what is going on. how many record will we set between now and christmas. >> one that is pretty sure is, thursday, christmas eve, we will probably set a new high temperature record. seventy-one. >> report is 64. >> yes. it could happen. >> crazy. lets go to the number of the day which is an eight out of ten, looking pretty good today but we do expect to see cloud cover this week. we do not expect rain.
8:03 am
the 30's and 40's our temperatures for bus stop buddy waiting this morning with 45 degrees in the city, we have a southeasterly wind at 11 miles an hour. good visibility no fog to worry about out there. last few hours of autumn, we have a high temperature of 55 degrees, and with many clouds, and some sunshine, and then tonight, not nearly as cold as it was last night with the low of 50 degrees, but rain may move in after midnight. we will talk about that in just a few minutes and show you whacky temperatures in the seven day forecast, bob kelly enjoying three day weekend. the lets get to traffic which is all clear heading to the airport this morning on i-95, and roosevelt boulevard a approaching broad street, some volume there but no major delays just yet. checking your travel speed this morning it looks like our slowest spot is again the schuylkill expressway, where parts of the schuylkill near city line avenue you can only go alex and chris, 60 miles an
8:04 am
hour. >> yeah. >> well, coming up at 80:00 46789 tragedy in the the loss acknowledge as strip when a driver plows through people who are on the sidewalk. one person was killed, up to 30 others were injury. it happened last night in front of the planet hollywood hotel and casino where miss universe pageant was hell. police have one woman in custody. she was intoxicated and police believe it was intentional. >> that is crazy part, intentional. but sad a announcement from former president jimmy carter not about his own health but a member of his family. he told his congregation that his grandson died over weekend. carter says his 28 year-old grandson who was not doing well saturday went to lie down for a nap. the his mom checked in, and his heart just stopped, just 28. he died at the hospital yesterday morning. coming up at 8:05 on this monday after the eagles lost
8:05 am
to the cardinals. the it put them a game behind the nfc east standings behind the redskins. >> but is there still hope this season. >> really, parentally there is. >> the the question is do the fans still have have hope. >> we want to say they do but some of the fans do, as they are already thinking about next year, hard to believe. they have to get two more wins to make a run at the title but who knows what will happen. you know what, eagles simply got dropped by the card, and it was all about the running game and really not being able to stop the run provided by the the arizona cardinals there. there was some big runs, leaving the eagles, well, run down. other problem major turnovers giving air zone at advantage and, of course, pick six also giving the cardinals an early chris nast gift. so eagles fans here on the the way to work at 69th street station say they are just not happy with what they saw.
8:06 am
>> it was embarrassing, it is not something to be proud of. >> every single year. >> hopefully we will dominate redskins but redskins is a pretty tough team. >> you didn't like what you saw at all. >> not at all. it was pretty terrible. >> do they have a shot for the division. >> no, i'm still there but no, they are done. >> i think chip kelly need to get his act together or we need another coach because that is not acceptable for a philadelphia team. >> redskins are up next and then giants, good to the get both of those wins but eagles fans didn't have a big night and steve harvey is not alone in having a bad night, guys. >> thank you you. >> with that said here that is moment. >> yeah. >> i have to apology guys.
8:07 am
>> the the first runner up is columbia. >> a bad mix up a at miss university pageant. steve harvey read the card wrong and declared miss columbia the winner when it was philippines who had to take the crown off of her head and put it on miss philippines. coming up at 9:00 we will interview steve harvey, on friday, right before, i ghost, you know he had to go out and do this. we will talk and replay what you saw and what his expectations are for first pageant. will it be the the blast, i don't know but we have talk about the fact that he was hosting. steve harvey turned the card around and it showed what he had to read. it had second runner up, first runner up and it was clear as day. >> in bold. >> you wonder what happened. >> important guy. >> let's hope they let him come back and do it next year and things go smoothly. >> maybe we will see.
8:08 am
there is another debacle that happened when it came to the pageant over the weekend this one centered around miss puerto rico. >> this is destiny velez, miss america puerto rico organization posted this picture of her from this weekend to instagram but now she's been suspended, after a twitter rant in which she sent out several anti muslim tweets, and one of those tweets she wrote, islamic god is not the same god of the christians and the jews. there was several others, they were targeted at film make are michael moore who posted this picture of himself to twitter, right, standing outside of trump towers or trump tower in new york last week with a sign that read we are all muslim. that was in response to trump a's proposal to ban muslims from entering the u.s. temporarily. >> destiny velez issued an a apology saying a pol guys to the people i have offended with my word, i am first and foremost an up stander and as such i stand up against
8:09 am
bullying. the last thing i wanted to do was bully anyone. i apologize good there were certain subjects you just don't talk about in the public eye. >> right. >> unless you are running for policies responding and compelled to respond but why do you take that issue up it is so controversial. did you get to the movies this weekend. i did, the kid would the not let me not take them to see star wars and it is pretty darn good. >> star wars breaks the box office the force awakens becomes the the biggest opening in the movies history bringing in an estimated 230 million-dollar in the first week end in the u.s. and good record was set this past summer by jurassic world which pulled in 209 million. the it could pull in $2 billion by the the end of the run, it is worth it. we saw tonight 3-d.
8:10 am
it was really cool. 3-d was pretty darn cool. 2d version is great. i think this movie with all a of the technology we have in 2015, is what lucas envisioned, even they ironically it is first movie without any involvement from george lucas he he sold it to disney for $4 billion about three years ago and they went into quick work making this. if you listened to what george lucas envisioned with the first movie, this is what he envisioned with all of the stuff they can do with computers now. >> i just can't believe it is making this much money. >> it is a good film. >> we see harrison ford again, carrie fischer again. >> bring back some of the oldies and greats. >> you had should go see it. >> 8:10. taylor swift may have given one fan the best christmas gift ever, how she surprised a different teen battling cancer. >> but first jenny greg lost her leg 42 year ago today. now she says new technology has given back part of her that she has been missing for
8:11 am
decade. how this work, a amazing story after the break. teleprompter right? sweet molasses! i need to start shopping immediately. save on thousands of last minute deals at target.
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8:14 am
wednesday's forecast ted high of 66 degrees. which we also set the report in 19 on of 64 degrees for christmas eve. we tied it last year. we are absolutely, crazy. and, it begins tonight, we will take a trip through all of the planets and talk about the fact that the earth is on the ax is. it is lowest sun position in the sky but longer days are coming have after today. and, it is a day, that are nine hours and 20 minutes long. the mostly high of 55 degrees. sixty tomorrow with showers in the morning, and then a rainy day on wednesday but it is milder and look at thursday with a few showers and a thunderstorms, 71 degrees,
8:15 am
should dry out and get better on christmas day with a high of 64 and then for eagles game on saturday night with the redskins you might get wednesday, your seven day forecast. bob kelly is off, let's check traffic for you and we will start off with an accident upper state road and bristol road. we have traffic delays, looking at a result of the action there. and, meanwhile, moving right along, and, and folks taking their time. and, christmas is coming later in the week, later in the week. >> a aloft people wondering that right now. imagine, waking up, and, without one of your limbs. such is the case for next guess who shares her story with us this morning..
8:16 am
sixty-two years old. been an am to tea for 43 years. i was in a met or cycle accident in germany and hit by a drunk driver. i was 19. nineteen, august 16th, amputated my leg on august 19th which was my birthday. i thought my life was over, i thought i was going to be in the wheelchair. i knew nothing of and i was terrified. >> despite, her misfortune she has led a very active life. today she's a business woman, mother of two and able to do what she is used to, as it is often referred. >> joining us with answers is our the bionics, medical technology, in boston, ceo. thanks for making trip down i-95. >> with this it does all of the work for you.
8:17 am
>> exactly, it has powered push off so it is replacing your calf medical to allow you to go about her day to day activities and, do things that she wants to do. >> how is this different from previous technology. >> there is two main differences. one that the ankle will move on its own but has flexibility. months angles are fixed. >> show us how you this works. >> it opens and closes, hard to do, easier to see when she's walking, how it opens ape closes when she moves. >> do you want to show us it has powered propulsion. >> so it pushes off. >> yes. >> pushing off the toes, like your calf muscles push off. >> how does it feel, judy. >> it feels like i will get my real limb back. >> how long had you gone without this technology and how long have you had it. >> i have had several different for 42 years but i have had this technology, testing it for four years and it just gives me the limb that has been missing, it is just like getting my leg back.
8:18 am
you definitely feel the difference, the push, the thrust forward. so you have not walked like this since 19. >> nineteen. >> early 70's. >> seventy-three. >> that is right. >> now that you find out about this how did you do it. >> just through working in the the prosthetics business world and hearing that they needed somebody to test. >> i love as you are walking right the now you are smiling. >> it is like, wow when you walk like it. >> did it take some getting use to. >> not the at all, it was like immediately, boom you are off. >> how does it work, how does it no when to move on its own. >> we have a number of sensors in the ankle. >> you can walk all day. >> as you walk, it measures the speed at which you are walking, when you hit your heel on the floor and it determines then how much power it needs in a time it takes to push off. number of computers inside of it. >> the guy that came up with this technology too it really
8:19 am
hit close to home for him. >> so hugh herr, inventor at mit lost both of his legs at 17 in a mountain climbing accident where he got severe frostbite and had to have both legs amputated. >> he goes to mit and comes up with his own way to get around. >> he made a big difference for himself and other people. he actually invented that she's wearing today as well, in the knee. >> we have a whole new health care system with the affordable care act. are there hurdles forgetting sock like this covered. >> today we have coverage from the administration and workmen's compensation insurances but we are working hard to get medicare coverage so that people like judy, who in a few years will need medicare to cover this and today she wouldn't have a access to this technology under medicare. >> how has this changed your life. you told me you are walking and you ski. >> i ski, i golf, i can walk 18 holes around the gulf coast and do everything, i run a
8:20 am
business, i stand up eight hours a day. it is just like getting my limb back. >> any pain between the the metal -- >> no, very comfortable. >> wow. >> fantastic. >> amazing technology. >> how long has this been around. >> since 2011. >> wonderful. >> thanks for coming in. >> merry christmas. >> merry christmas. it could be bad for your future mental health, why having high anxiety puts you at great risk of dementia. >> we will continue the crown down, so we have the 50 bus restaurants, number eight. >> sippico. >> this is one of mike jerrick's favorite. >> they serve up american cuisine and they recommend corn ravioli. >> i like that. >> let's go. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. new study took place 30 years, and showed over 1,000 swedish
8:24 am
identical and non-identical twins completing tests, answering questions and getting dementia screening. it is higher levels of anxiety at some point in their lives were 48 percent more likely to have cognitive decline. >> that is a long study too, 30 years. >> yes. >> accumulating case studies. >> yes. >> but how do you stop anxiety that is the thing. >> yeah. >> okay. >> well, new revelations. >> don't worry about it. >> new revelations coming out about lemar odom and his recovery. >> according to tmz he is making really good progress. had not been a able to move without a walker but as of just thursday, we're talking about four days ago, lemar reportedly ditched the walker and a took three steps, shocking the doctors, lemar has had limited range of motion in his hand during a recent visit from chloe kardashian he was a able to reach above his head to put his hood on, this is a big step, his brain function is also improving, slowly, but
8:25 am
that is an nature of these blaine injuries and recovery, it takes time. tmz says lemar will be moved to the rehabilitation facility. let's cross our fingers and wish him the best. >> there has been progress. >> taylor swift gave a sick young fan the best gift ever. she took time from her busy schedule to visit 13 year-old delaney them opposite battling cancer for five years. swift spent the day taking selfies with her family and friend who live in colorado. now she gained a following on social media have after being diagnosed in 2010 and swift learned about her after the hashtag, delaney meet taylor began trending on twitter. she made it happen. >> best picture is taylor swift in the bottom left with the kiss, you know, just having fun. >> that is fun. >> that goes a long way in recovery too. >> good for her. tina fey and amy poehler returned to saturday night live and repriced their famous political characters but coming up at 9:00 how the comedy duo took on the sounds,
8:26 am
i love that. and this holiday is wearing on you it is not too late to get away. grab the kid and head to the airport. we will tell but last minute holiday travel deals you kahn book right now. son, the holiday season's just like football season...
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well, it is moment everyone is talking about this morning. steve harvey, announcing the wrong winner during miss universe pageant, my gosh, it was painful. coming up at 9:00 we will tell you what he told bus his expectations for his first, miss universe pageant when he was on good day on friday. and let's continue the count down philly mag released list of the 50 best restaurants, at number eight, binge, binge, dim sum. >> yes. >> on east passyunk. according to this restaurant facebook modern take on
8:30 am
chinese food. >> binge, binge let's have some. i'm starving. >> i think mike has already been. >> he has been every where. >> we will get to the whole list before 10:00 o'clock this morning. looking for a last minute holiday getaway for the family or your significant other. our travel expert is here with great ideas. >> mark murphy, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> this is all this week, like right now. >> yes. >> where should we go. >> christmas, sin city, right. why not. because you can still fly, book right now, i just checked this morning. you can fly for less than 300 bucks from philly to las vegas. best part when you get there there are five star hotel well under $200 a night. if you go low brow you can get under $100 a night at four star hotels. here is the catch, they are showing 75 bucks but it will be 25, $35 a night and you have to factor that in. >> you are looking at a hundred bucks.
8:31 am
>> yes. >> for four star hotel. >> cheap, cheap, in vegas. you have to get out before new years because new years prices triple, quadruple. >> until the 30th. >> come back 30th or 31st. >> what about in virginia. >> i was thinking what can a family do, low gas prices, save on airfare, and you go south. as you go south you can stop in washington d.c. on the way, get a smithsonian visit, head down to williamsport. king out king's world resort. do a condo, wand bedroom, get mom and dad some privacy, save on breakfast and lunch. >> and golf as well. >> absolutely. >> and it is pretty decent weather down there. we will have 71 degrees thursday. they have 07's right now. >> seventy's will be the the rest of the week after today, so get out of town. >> i will take it. >> what about feeling really fancy and go out of the country. >> you know what there are things you can do. i would say head to punt acuna
8:32 am
which is hard rock hotel. you have great deals there. we have none in stop air service. buy a package through your local apple vacations, you can buy it independently, i would say use travel agent regardless of how you buy it, but that is a great experience. >> family of four ballpark what are you looking at. >> family of four you are looking at four or five or 600 bucks a night and then come this spring a brand new concept, nick load yen hotels, first one ever is opening there. if you cannot do vacation now, held off because it is around may, may 16th, is the official opening, sponge bob twitter pants is giving us a thrill. >> it is new, and they will want to be there. >> catch 22. they have nickelodeon brand but when you have grand opening you have incentives. look for those incentives. you are going in the summer season and shoulder season type of travel come may. >> here's the good news heading in to 2016. fuel prices and gas prices are low. >> that is right. that has not translated for
8:33 am
several years to lower airfares, except for right now. we just saw slight decrease in 2015 but keep in mind they have gone way up, right. >> new we are seeing 2016, forecast to get down again. those fees will not go away. be smart about how you do it. you will see cheap airfares in 2016 because what is happening with the airline is it is getting more competitive and they are adding more combatty. if you did your economics 101. more supply, demand, lower prices. >> airline mergers. >> yes. yes. >> real quickly, name one place that is a hot spot in 2016. >> i would check out, product river cruising and check out southeast asia. would i look at anyplace where dollar has appreciated strongly. don't forget about europe, europe is on sale. canada on sale great destination. >> exchange rates up there. >> it is great. we are talking 30 to
8:34 am
40 percent savings over a year and a half ago. >> you know where sue serio will go, myrtle beach, like you do every year. >> in june. >> i love myrtle beach. >> it seems so far from now, june. right now we won't be dressing like this in myrtle come june but buddy is smart because it is cold outside. temperatures in the 30's and 40's and we are giving you an eight out of ten in your weather by the numbers today. right now in the city, it is 45 degrees with an 11-mile an her breeze out of the south/southwest. wind direction has changed a and that means for the last couple of hours of autumn, we will be in the mid 50's, warmer air moves in from what we had over weekend, early sunshine, cloud increasing later on. the that is your weather authority forecast for today. bob kelly has the the day off. let's check traffic right new with an accident at upper state road and bristol road, still affecting traffic, they have not cleaned it up quite yet. so that will be slow go for you there. potentially. heading in to philadelphia on the ben franklin bridge we
8:35 am
have got all cleared, no delays there, this will be a lighter volume week christmas week, travel time is still will slow but still getting better, guys. >> all right, sue. >> have fun in june in myrtle beach. coming up at 9:00 if you are looking for a baby-sitter new years eve, you will pay up. how much more sitters are expecting for to you shell out to them to watch your kid, so you can do this at the stroke of midnight. meek mill is stuck in pennsylvania after violating his probation. how his punishment is costing him more than just freedom. we will tell you how much he is losing.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
boy that looks festive there. >> yes. >> no snow, on the ben
8:39 am
franklin parkway. >> that is why you have fake snow. >> yes. >> we need fake snow. 71 degrees on christmas eve in philadelphia, pennsylvania. can you believe it. philly magazine released its list of the 50 best restaurants in the city. number 7sraga, the american restaurant includes a few italian and french dishes. i have yet to go there but it looks fantastic. >> i'm getting hungry. >> i'm starving. how good does that chicken look. new jersey housewives teresa gui dice will be home for the holidays. >> i love that name good she's due to be released this week. she has been in prison since january. she will be released on wednesday. she will remain under house arrest at hermontville home, and she and her husband joe were convicted of hiding their assets present bankruptcy creditors. they filed phony applications to get more than five million-dollar in loans. now that she's going out, her husband joe, will be going in. they will wanted to keep one parent at home with the kid.
8:40 am
>> so sad, right. >> it is sad. >> but they will get their mother home for the holidays. >> those poor kid dealing with that situation, um. you know what they say, don't do the crime if you can't dot crime. >> that is true so don't be doing anything. >> all right. >> meek mill, speaking of doing things, this is the deal, he will miss out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in gigs because for some reason does he not only have to do the time the judge said in, you cannot do anything that is a money maker. >> he has to stay within the the five counties around philadelphia a. >> why can't he work? i don't get that part of it he had to cancel these events after that judge ruled last week that he violated his parole and tmz reports he has a slew of gigs booked before the judge band him. he was going to perform in las vegas on new years eve and have would have made $140,000. it was supposed to be his first stop in getting a residency in las vegas which is now also in doubt. >> could they not keep track of him if he went there and came backy don't know.
8:41 am
>> that is part of the the problem he went out of the state without getting proper permission to go. >> i guess. >> and also he is supposed to be doing a move which will smith but he cannot leave the area he will not be able to do that. >> quincy is none on this, quincy, do you hear what we're talking about meek mill and everything going on. >> i know you are doing christmas stories but what do you think of meek's situation. >> it is unfortunate because meek mill, he is a role model to a lot of young kid and it the is unfortunate that he is caught up in this situation but hopefully, hopefully, hopefully he will have to do anytime and just some community service he will to have do and get out of it but i mean it was a small violation i'm hearing it was just a a small violation and he went somewhere without notifying somebody. hopefully he will get over it. we need him out on the street. he employees a lot of people that wouldn't be employed if it wasn't for him. i think things will turnout
8:42 am
well for him in february. i'm with one of meek mill's friend/producing partners. this is it from chester pa. he has a record label. we will do christmas music coming up next.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
just about 8:45, as we count down the last hour of autumn, from sky top lodge in the pocono mountains, they made snow on the ski slopes, but not so fortunate, the other part of the pocono mountains. that snow will probably melt this week with the temperatures we have this week ahead. as we look to the weather this week we have rain on the way, we will be back in the 50's today after a cold weekend appropriately cold though for december. more rain tomorrow and wednesday, and, some temperatures get milder each day. we will have have record breaking highs on christmas eve. seven day forecast is come up, meanwhile, it was chilly but it was warm inside of this restaurant in media yesterday. doctor mike and i encountered mr. and mrs. santa claus. yes, we were having brunch with the folks there you could see how happy kid were. this is the special part italian grill on state street in media they partnered with
8:46 am
cradles to crayons to collect coats the for children in need. cradles to crayons is a non-profit that collects essentials for children in low income families who are homeless. there is box of coats and toys and they are still accepting donations of wednesday of this week. >> so we still have time, thanks, sue. the likes of the jay-z, diddy and meek mill among some others. >> his name is jahlil beats and he is hanging out with quincy harris in south philadelphia, hi there, guys. >> hey, how are you doing. look, we're actually, thinks a whole, i don't know if you know anything about hip-hop studios but it is a whole lot of people here very early in the morning and everybody is it is chaotic. we have jahlil here. how are you doing. >> i'm good. >> so jahlil we have to give them the back story on you. when did you start pro tuesdaying. >> i have been pre duesing since about 12, man. my father is a producer/certified engineer. i am pretty much just born into it.
8:47 am
i got my deal around 23, i signed to roc nation, shot at the jay. >> when you say j you mean jay-z. >> yeah. >> how sit working with jay-z. >> it was cool, man, roc nation gets you placement and all types of cool stuff, man. >> let's run it down, some of the big artists you have work with in the past. >> chris brown, rick ross, the leona a lewis, ti, 50cent, fav, puff. >> a lot of people. >> now you are starting your own record legal. >> tandem is the the new label. we just signed three artists, my boy, bob, from philly and a group that i got called crc from chester, you know what i mean. we have the party, new years day, shout out to my boy tdot, get him on camera right now. >> jahlil he like a rapper, he wraps, puts people on the camera and everything. this is what i wanted to do. you worked with a a lot of people, you work with meek
8:48 am
mill, who is the biggest rapper, the first start that got to you getting the the notice of jay-z. >> it was a record called that me and meek did, featuring rick ross, killing it over the air waves and then, you know, ross put it on self-made, volume one and then it took off. >> this is what i will do because you are starting a label. you have a party. you are doing all this stuff. it is christmas week. you are still a nice guy. >> i'm the nicest guy. >> what i want to do for chester pennsylvania and do for everyone watching right now i will put you to the test, can you make meehan artist in one hour. >> yes. >> you can make meehan artist. >> absolutely. >> now you made a christmas beat let me show you how talented this guy is. he made a beat, an instrumental, a song in about 20 minutes. you already have the the instrument, can we hear this. >> i will play it right now. >> christmas song we will make. >> it feels very festive. >> how long dit take to you
8:49 am
make this. >> fifteen minutes. >> some of your hits thaw made does it take you longer than 15 minutes, 20 minutes. >> some take two days, some take two hours, some take two minutes. >> so this is what we will do, guys. in the next hour, jahlil beats will make meehan artist and we will make a christmas song to this beat right here. >> absolutely. >> oh, boy. >> chris, i wish were you down here because would i love you on this song. alex, we will make a song in one hour and we will hopefully make something good for good day. >> q got bars. >> can't wait to see it. >> i like the beat though. >> thanks, for including me. >> yes, takes two days for me to do anything constructive. >> they are liking it. >> yes. >> all right. we will check back, guys. someone just dabbed in the corner. >> to they did ate dab. >> you know about the dab. >> we went viral with that dab. >> i know. it is funny to see someone doing it to the a christmas
8:50 am
song. we have a sneak peak at the groups in this years mummers parade for very first time making philadelphia a tradition more diverse. >> but first your lottery numbers. [ dog barks ] [ bark ] there it is! [ gasps ] oh no! look, the sky's awake!
8:51 am
♪ that. was. epic! [ bark ]
8:52 am
8:53 am
checking traffic for bob kill think morning who will be back tomorrow. we're back at that accident scene bristol road and upper state road, it is still clearing right now, still some minor delays, likely traffic isn't too bad around that intersection. vine street expressway looking very clear right now with very little volume and travel speeds are improving especially on the schuylkill expressway. we have gone up from 19 miles
8:54 am
an hour to just 31 miles an hour, we are doing pretty well on just about all of i-95, chris and alex. >> thanks very much. >> so we will continue the count down here, philly mag released list of the the 50 best restaurant at number six vetri. >> i cannot afford it. >> at 13th and spruce. >> mark vetri's restaurant has made it on some of the biggest foot lists in the country. the it makes sense to make this list too. >> so, i'll have to go. i haven't been to any of these restaurant. i clearly need to be doing more. >> exactly. >> you have been around town with mike. >> you know what i just realized, i don't think mike has taken me to any of them. >> he is not going by himself. >> he has taken me to the cheap places he is smart then. >> it the will be cheaper a at best of the year in the first of the year. >> many groups will be marching down broad street for the first time and got their first rehearse aal, and that includes puerto rican bamba
8:55 am
and other music groups, which will bring some latino flavor to this years new years day tradition. >> when we found out, the mummers were opening up, you know, this new division, we started making phone calls and gathering, and 12 turned into about 20, 25 and now it is just about 30. >> why do you think that is. >> everybody is excited, to spread the closeness. the mummers parade is a very big deal. it is a big tradition. >> it will be the first year that some lgbt members will be jim in, on all of the fun, and craziness. coming up. >> what should have been a proud moment. >> miss universe 2015 is... columbia. >> what should have been a proud moment but turned into an awkward one. what steve harvey told bus his first year hosting before he made this big mistake.
8:56 am
>> and nice job on the miss-take, very clever. son, the holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...cheese plates, turkey, appetizers.
8:57 am
and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. that's my boy! fill your cart with everything you need this season, all at one place. my giant.
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8:59 am
yes, merry christmas. well, it is a couple days away still but it thinks week. we are continuing to count down now philly mag released list of the 50 best restaurants at number five, townsend on east passyunk this french restaurant is a must try. we have a lot of french restaurants in here haven't we. >> yes. >> i. been to any of these. >> we will work on it. >> good morning, guys. >> have you, have you ever. >> yes, with the kid, i haven't been out to a restaurant beyond applebees in how many years. >> count down is on, by the way, so kid can sit themselves because for $5 an hour for
9:00 am
some of these baby-sitters. it used to be two bucks. >> it is soon to be costing you more. >> we will talk about it in a little bit. >> but good day, it is monday, december 21st, 2015. so if you are looking for a baby-sitter on new years eve, talking about prices, you better pay up. how much more sitters are expect to go make while you party the night away. >> speaking of kids do you want to make sure your kiddies smart, and it starts before they are born. >> i'm he out of luck. >> please, what age you should start having kid if you want them to be smart like quincy harris, good morning, quincy. >> yes, guys, i'm in the actual booth in the studio super producer jahlil beats who has worked with the likes of jay-z, kanye west, 50cent, chris brown, from chester, all these guys, he will make me a rapper. don't miss this video this song that we will make. are you confident in my skills. >> hot fire. >> hot fire. >> coming up next guys. the don't miss


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