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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  December 21, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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it used to be two bucks. >> it is soon to be costing you more. >> we will talk about it in a little bit. >> but good day, it is monday, december 21st, 2015. so if you are looking for a baby-sitter on new years eve, talking about prices, you better pay up. how much more sitters are expect to go make while you party the night away. >> speaking of kids do you want to make sure your kiddies smart, and it starts before they are born. >> i'm he out of luck. >> please, what age you should start having kid if you want them to be smart like quincy harris, good morning, quincy. >> yes, guys, i'm in the actual booth in the studio super producer jahlil beats who has worked with the likes of jay-z, kanye west, 50cent, chris brown, from chester, all these guys, he will make me a rapper. don't miss this video this song that we will make. are you confident in my skills. >> hot fire. >> hot fire. >> coming up next guys. the don't miss this.
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i will not disappoint. >> all right. you better not. only hot fire. >> well, world watched as miss university was organizationally crowned last night are was she. >> comedian steve harvey hosted this years beauty pageant. this one no one will ever forget. >> miss universe 2015 is... columbia. >> miss columbia was initially announced ace miss universe. she had her moment, you know, doing her pageant cry. they gave her the flowers and the sash and crown and then she got to wave. look at the crowd, i'm the new miss universe. but then, after they let her do this for like two minutes, it got real awkward. >> i have to apologize... the
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first runner up is columbia. miss universe 2016 is philippines. >> so, it turns out he read the card wrong and declared miss columbia the winner. but actually, it was miss philippines. >> look at that interesting to watch her body language. i saw all of the tweets when it happened, flipping back and forth between the game and pageant. she's shock. it is like what, for real. >> wouldn't you be shock. she had her moment. miss columbia was walk around and they let music play out. this makes us reminus of the scene from miss congeniality. >> unaudible. >> get the her off the stage. >> what?
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>> now what is this? >> they took her crown off. >> oh, man. >> this is not laughing matter. it seems so funny, like how does this possibly happen. >> one thing to get right and it is that. >> it is right there on the card how does he mess it up. >> the the way it was written too. >> he showed the card, steve harvey felt so bad. he was contrite. he apologized up and down but when you looked at it on one side of the card it had second runner up and second runner up and second side the other side was big, bold, miss universe, miss philippines you read it and some people will see what it is like. >> steve harvey went to social media and tweeted i'd like to apologize to miss clem use and miss philippines for my huge mistake. i feel comfortable. >> but he made spelling mistakes. >> through go. >> people judged that within because in his original tweet, they say his apology, it
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wasn't even spelled right. he misspelled them, columbia and the philippines. >> we all make mistakes and we're on line broadcasting a lot but still, this is big one. >> the card he had, was probably even bigger then this, that he wrote on this. >> he turn it around when he was talking bit. he said thinks the card, my mistake, my mistake. so take a look, okay. do you see right there it says, first runner up, second runner up and in big bold letters right here it says miss june force 2015. i'm thinking maybe he was, seeing this one and this one and didn't bother to look over here. >> right here it the said u.s.a. and right here it a said columbia and right down here it said philippines. >> i think maybe if they kept it all on this side, maybe he didn't think to look at the the other side. it, it's all right there. >> i don't if the get it. so back to the ladies standing up there if you are miss columbia what are you
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thinking. you just won miss universe. then they come and rip the crown off your head. if you are miss philippines she's the one that has to do that and say excuse me. >> miss columbia already had it. >> it is kind of mine. turn it over. >> thinks first year without donald trump. he did an interview. they asked him if you were still in charge of this, what would you have done. he said would i make them co winners. >> he also did say to steve harvey you are fired. >> yeah, really. >> he said it would be too difficult to take ate way from her and just make them both win. i don't know if i agree with that either. >> there is no good way to get out of it. >> i have never seen such an authentic moment in the beauty pageant. normally they are crying, and yes. >> this one she's really like, it is so awe ten particular, do i go up now. is it just her body language. >> miss columbia was not happy too. she was embarrassed on the biggest of stages. she could put a lawsuit for. >> i don't know.
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>> sue says there could ab lot that happens here. >> one person tweet todd make a joke about this, well, we asked 100 americans is what worse thing you could possibly do at a beauty pageant. that, of course, have steve harvey as a host of the game show family feud. no, and a number one says steve harvey should host the the oscars and maybe leonardo dicaprio would win one. >> steve was on the show. he was on the show. who was with him. >> it was current miss universe. >> paulinea. >> she is the one who put the the crown on the wrong person. >> miss columbia, right. >> yes, so she's what he told us before the big show. we don't have audio. >> incoming. >> it is coming. >> getting it ready. >> it is worth the wait. >> yes. >> we have to tune into watch because it will be the the best one ever, i can promise you. i don't know what i will do.
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>> how did she not win miss u.s.a. >> he said i don't know what i will do? well, he sure didn't know what he would do. >> that is the problem, he didn't know what he was doing. >> it was memorable all right. best one ever. >> the the beauty pal event from this year was it the miss columbia. >> i do not know, paulinea a. >> maybe he was so confused because he had her on the brain. you guys were doing the interview with her. >> it said columbia on the card. that was first runner up. he got it mixed up. >> unbelievable. >> never forget it. one thing you can't forget is christmas this year is on december 25th. so that makes it friday. >> thanks, chris. >> yes. >> but we knew it was coming. why are we just waiting all the time in getting our gifts out the door. >> apparently 50 million americans haven't started shopping just yet. so new poll found that less than a third of shoppers have crossed everything off of their list. now despite stores offering deep discounts and slashing prices, shopping patterns haven't changed from this year to last year.
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the the poll found half of the americans say they are too busy to shop and another says they waited this long that help hope it will get them what they need last minute. >> karen, you get the christmas cards out early. >> i do try too because it is so hard when you get behind. do i get my christmas cards out early. i did help santa, i got some, my christmas presents, but my husband will not shop like every other man until christmas evey don't have one thing. >> my dad does that too. >> running around the malls. >> yes. >> all of the people are crazy. trying to do it all. >> please don't tell me you do christmas eve shopping, chris. >> i do christmas eve shopping. >> okay. >> but the deals are good then. other thing is that is when you have the the best deals, so sometimes it is wise to wait but then at that wrist are being you may not find it, they may not have it in stock. >> thinks where gift card come in huge right now. because they have upped the shipping cost based on the graduated scale. so right now shipping costs, gift cards are just small and
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cheap, to get them out of the door, but you will get roomed as you get closer to. >> well, lets talk about new years. we will talk about baby-sitters. it is all about supply and demand. baby-sitters are jacking up the the prices for services on new years eve. >> in some instances, agencies are charging a rate of 60 bucks an hour, are you kidding me? that is a huge hike. i'm from the usual, 22 bucks an hour. they say it is a special night for a special occasion and many couples are willing to pay the the price. >> true. >> come on, now we have some good neighbors, the the bradberry's who live three or four houses down. they all three kid f they gouge me this year. listen, 15 bucks an an hour is a lot of money for a kid that is in high school. >> yes. >> am i wrong. >> no. >> well. >> it depend on the night. we have three kid. >> what, at the 14 what will do you on new years eve. you are 14. >> do you remember being 14. >> i didn't do anything on new
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years eve. >> you want to hang out with your friends or something. >> doing what. >> i don't know, talking, movies. >> you need someone to keep an eye on them. at 14 you are into trouble and early experimentation. all of the grown ups. >> all i cared about was whiffle ball and how dodgers were doing. >> well, either way you will pay probably. >> well, conviction i, does this make sense to you, are you paying up more for baby-sitters. >> well, it does make sense. if i was a baby-sitter, you have to go up. everyone wants to be busy on new years eve. willie be paying it? no, i will be at home, looking at my wife. looking at my kids. i'm not paying $15 an hour. aim not paying $20 an hour. think bit like this, you have to pay $20 an hour for baby-sitter and then people will be driving you crazy and you will have drinks, you have to get a car service or uber. come on man that is so much money. i'm in the doing. that so what i will do like i did last year, i will stay at home. talked my kids n look at my
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wife and say happy new years. people can come over my house, i'm not going out. too crazy, too expense turf do all that. >> you bring up a good point with drinking and driving. >> yes. >> so it is cheaper, less headache, stay home. >> but the the night is so expensive. if you do whenever they have a big party, you know, it could be six on seven on eight on the on dollars. and then the food, alcohol for your night. >> if you need to take uber, if you have been drinking, they spike prices. >> $20 an her for baby-sitter, you are looking at three or four or $500 night. i will stay at home with you guys. >> you are looking at, easy, a 140 to $200 before you even leave the house. no, no. >> here's the dumbest thing in the world is to go stand outside at times square and freeze and to watch the thing drop, right. >> i never got that. >> have you have ever done that before. >> no. >> you have never did that in times square. >> for all of those reasons.
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>> i need to go to the bathroom i can't wait all that time. >> i will be watching pit bull. >> pit bull rocking new years eve. >> he has some great party music. >> yes. >> it feels good. >> yes. >> it ace great album. >> there is that. >> okay. i will be home. >> thanks, quincy. >> sometimes, facebook can make you feel you need to get a jump start on different life milestones. you see people with babe a announcements and things. you may want to wait longer before having kid. >> go on. >> the the study found that the golden age to have children is in your 30's. >> go on. >> study determined that babies been to women in their 30's are more likely to be intelligent, they score higher on test and out perform kids who were born to women in their 20's or 40's. >> that is my problem then because i was born when my mom was in shore early 20's. my mom was never 30. >> i had had my kids in mid
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30's. it makes sense. then you have the maturity where in my 20's i was in where near ready. >> we're talking about the baby though. so your mom was how old when she had you. >> in her 20's. >> see through go. >> you know. >> you and i are -- >> yes, exactly. >> but anyway, having kid in, my 30's i was really ready to do it and you can focus, and give them that sort of nurturing. >> quinn and maclin will be brilliant. >> that is what that means good look at that. >> there they are. >> the whole gang. >> so yes, my little one, the middle one on the right-hand side hoist getting staples out of his head today. >> what happened. >> he felt down. >> i have three boys. >> one in the middle is quinn, the the one to the far right is brian. >> yes. >> he is my wild man. and so, your wild man is your husband, brian. >> that is also true. >> that is also true. >> how do you know that. >> i met him. >> he came to the news room
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and he planned, do you know what planning is and planning. he got right there the in the news room floor and he is planning, and i'm like this guy rocks. >> he is fit. >> what did you do over the weekend. those to stayed into watch saturday night live, they did not disappoint. three moments that everyone can't stop talking about. we will fill you in. first one was when amy poehler and surprise guest, may a rodolph brought back their bit bronze beat to make fun of philly accents, so check it out. >> let's do philly. >> okay, just got done clearing the fire and stuffed peppers to take down the shore, how are you. >> i wish i had an accent. >> me too. >> they are so boring. >> yes, same thing in philly, say what. >> water. >> say water. >> the water. >> what did you say. >> water. >> water. >> what did you say. >> say water. >> water.
9:15 am
>> okay, so is what new in philly. >> well, my brother dave and his friend dave and another friend dave saw a guy beat a salvation stand with an old car battery in the wawa parking lot. >> philly is a war zone. >> we were in stitches over here, off camera. >> whole thing is so funny. >> and my family, everyone is joe or bob. everybody has same names. i have all uncle joes's on one side, either a joe or they married a joe. >> or there is a dave. >> my doubt are came home, she's eight now. we have lived in philadelphia two years. she said water for the first time. my wife was mortified. she said it is water. it is water. >> yes. >> it is water. >> she said use, there was a wawa restaurant. the she's from our area so she would know how to do philly accents. >> next big moment happened during the the hillary clinton sketch. >> the republicans are bows owes, dnc is sabotaging
9:16 am
bernie, i think you'll sleep well tonight. let me just get in my pajamas. >> hillary from 2008. >> how are you. >> hello. >> hello. >> you changed your hair. >> yes, yes, well people said i should and so i did. >> and your laugh is different too. >> yes. >> grazing the hands like that is what she does up on the stage. >> yes. >> so, who cannot forget this third and final moment, musical guest bruce springsteen a surprise guest to sing santa claus is coming to town.
9:17 am
>> ♪ >> paul mccartney. >> look at the that. >> sir paul was great. >> at the end of the show, and if you watch that whole show and you have the the boss on the stage. the energy, yes. >> yes. >> and that is a tiny theater. if you got tickets to that that is a a highlight of your life. >> have you ever been. >> no, you haven't been there. >> i haven't been. i did a little bit in my time so my sister would go. but they used to go all the time. >> you never got to go. >> you never went to times square, never went to saturday night live. >> i'm's a philly girl. >> what did you do in new yorkie work. >> i work, went to the theater, i'm a theater nerd. >> what is the show to see these days. >> yes. >> best show i have ever seen. >> yes good really. >> loved it. >> it is all about rap music. >> yes. >> so, star wars, shattered
9:18 am
record at the box office this weekend and kept viewers on the edge of their seats. force awakens becomes now the the biggest opening in movie history bringing in an estimated 238 million-dollar. >> wow. >> just in the u.s. over weekend. analyst predict is it could pull in 2 billion by the end of its run. did you know daniel craig was in this movie? >> no, where. >> he is bond, right? >> he makes an appearance as a storm trooper. so he has mask over his head. there are more. >> yes. >> still a stand out moment because after i saw movie and i saw this, we're likee made an appearance. then no spoilers. >> no they popped out a specific moment. people know i remember that storm trooper. at first you think storm troopers how can you know the difference. there is a difference. >> is there so much going on in the movie, i need to see it two to three times. >> just to make sure i got under. >> i heard that scene it already, that it didn't
9:19 am
disappoint. what did you think. >> it didn't. the the last three the prequels, the the first three that came out, they were kind of lame, and, you know, animation wasn't, computer generated stuff really wasn't as great as lucas had hoped. this one, the animation, what do you call it, the special effects, they are unbelievable. the acting is good because it gets back to the character driven thing. the there is comedy moments. >> that was my favorite part. >> i laugh. >> it was great to see harrison ford back, carri fish are and mark hamill. >> what did the the kid think. >> i took my kids with some neighbor kid. the two dad won't. >> storm troopers. >> not only are the storm trooper, one of whom is my son with a mask on. is there erin in the middle. that is ben there with the blue coat on. they, being the or family, made these costumes out of scratch. they are in the store bought storm trooper costumes these are paper mashay. where do parents find the time, to do such a thing.
9:20 am
>> pinterest moms that make me cry every day, get off your opinion tears and start making the the rest of lose so darn bad. >> yes, they put this together. it was fun to go and see these kid all dressed up in their star wars dress. >> best part. >> princess leah hair. >> 9:00 to. we will continue count down philly mag released the list of the 50 best restaurants. at number four, ved ge at 12th and locust. that is top of the list. >> that is a vegetarian restaurant and fantastic even a as a meat either. >> we have a picture to show everybody. ready. >> ahh, look at that sad scene, this happened to a member of our good day family. take a look at that and guess whose disaster that is. we will reveal in a bit.
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and, this is great. >> you know what happened. >> what. >> blue mountain is opened for skiing and make snow, and they have snow, up in the poconos over the weekend. >> it is first day, but they will hit 70 here, in low lying area it could melt that manmade snow. you will make it one day of skiing. >> yes, fast. >> yes. >> far cry from last year and year before in december the the weather. >> yes. >> for last couple hours we have been counting down philadelphia magazine's list of the top ten restaurants in the city and list revealed 50 restaurants, totaling, but we are focusing on the top ten here. here's a recap of the top seven. >> we have number ten, helm in kensington. number nine, sirpico in bell a vista. number eight, binge, binge, dim sum. >> no, but i love saying it. >> on east paths i young. >> number 17 sprague a, number
9:25 am
six, vetri in midtown. real expensive beautiful one. number five towns end in east passyunk. then number 4ved ge in midtown. that is phenomenal. jamie is the the head cook over there. if you are not a vegetarian which i'm not, it is still one of my favorite in town. fantastic. >> number three, right here, two doors down from frustrates t fourth and market, on market street, fork. >> do you know is what happening today. >> person injured in that amtrak, accident right there. >> eli colt. >> yes. >> he is opening up his new restaurant in new york city high street in new york city today. >> he had that injury and he serves, i think he was heading to new york when he was on that train, to go and take care of final preparations for that. >> that new restaurant opens up there. >> lets get to the final ones, alex. >> so, then, vernicky's number two in rittenhouse. it is at 23rd and walnut and men for everything from cocktails, to its grilled row main, to the the lamb rack.
9:26 am
>> greg vernick, is the the head chef there. he works with his wife there. it really is great. >> what is number one. >> number one. >> yes. >> i'm looking at it, laurel. >> laurel, right there. absolutely the number one best restaurant. >> where is that. >> that is right down there on passyunk as well, in south philadelphia. it is quite good. >> gnocchi. >> very small space. >> if you have a deep conversation you don't want to have it there because you will be sit on top of someone else it is french inspired. it is pork cheek with squash is a favorite there. >> everything is good there. >> yes. >> lets get to jenny joyce because apparently this is not your typical fruitcake. you get fruitcake. oh, man, this is good you have got to try it. >> it is really good. you have to try it. i have to try it too. i haven't tried it yet but life here, at the the bakery
9:27 am
in westmont if you have a holiday sweet treat get ready, gear up because this bakery has what you need this man right here, ken is, drove 300 miles for goodies here. too good. >> very good. >> 300 miles. >> yes. >> we will show you more coming up next.
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9:30 am
snow already melting off the slopes, trying to make it so diligently, just not having a lot of luck there. >> the last day of fall, and it hasn't felt like it, darn like spring later in the week with rain and 70s on christmas eve, are you kidding me? >> i'll take it, though. well there is week we are taking out bakery in haddon township, new jersey he is that's been around for four generations. >> jenny joyce now, there, she in for mike jerrick.
9:31 am
and she's live. >> so she will be telling us about fruit cake. when i think of fruit cake, the song that is near and dear to my heart. >> sure. >> let's philadelphia international airport. >> ♪ nobody likes a fruit cake ♪ >> big holiday favorite, you always bring it, jenny found the place where they love fruit cake. >> how is it? >> yes, it is fantastic. it is fantastic, and there are some secrets considering the fruit cake. i just saw the fruit cake playing, like we didn't know that was fruit cake song. you guys will have to listen to that later. so, owner, this is the thirds generation owner, actually, fourth generation bakery, this is christine, tell us little bit about this legendary fruit cake. >> we've ben enjoying fruit cake for how long, many years?
9:32 am
>> eileen, how many years. >> seventy-five years. >> seventy-five years, okay, ed you're the baker can you show us what you are whipping up over here? >> this is fruit cake batter, basically very plane pounds cake mix. these are fruits and nuts we use in them. soak for three days in grand monet. >> that's the secret. >> part of the secret. we get very good fruit, go out of our way for good fruits, we wash them, dry them, take care of them ourselves. >> what do you do with the batter? >> first i put all of the fruits in there. cherise, red and green cherries. >> okay, then you mix it up? >> what's a green? >> green cher us. >> green cherries. so mix-up the batter? >> right. >> okay, and then we bake it? >> this is the after effect,
9:33 am
what it looks like after it is bake, then after it is bake i glaze them all. after i glaze them, then they get decorated. >> you told me this graze. >> actually is found hard, then i have to melt it down, made out of see weed. so it is all natural. then after i do that, then -- >> we have to top some of snows. >> yep. >> so you take these off? >> make they them fancy looking. >> try to be fancy. >> and you make 700 pounds every these but only between thanksgiving and christmas so if you want it? >> we have customers calling for our fruit cake that early of the season. >> oh, all over the world i hear you are shipping these? >> ship all over the place everywhere. >> let's try another piece, so i'll taste a grand monet. and dow, sweet and delicious, oh, so good. anything else you want to add?
9:34 am
what makes it so special? >> incorporation of the fruit that's been soaked in grand monet. another interesting thing, we sends to your troops. and it has even gone to afghanistan. >> my goodness, special treat that they need. >> that's right. and our cream donuts that we're really saving for goes overseas. >> thank you arlene motorcycle mill answer -- and. fantastic, if you've never been here, come, westmont, right on haddon avenue. >> thank you so much. happy holidays. >> shout out to my husband? >> okay. >> what's his name? >> oh, ted. >> hi, ted. >> thank you for putting one her, ted. >> merry christmas to you, and ted. >> okay. thank you, guys. >> that means people take a plane if i give them a fruit cake this year? >> one of the helpers outside the studios right now. all right, you have heard of dasher, dancer watch about ainge snell. >> oh,.
9:35 am
>> that's a real live reindeer, right outside these glass walls. >> lited ace -- let's go meet her. oh, no. this sad scene happened to a member of the good day family. can you guess who? we'll reveal in just a bit. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> our friend from the elmwood park zoo brought reindeer, right here, to fourth and market.
9:39 am
let's get right out to alex and chris with angel. good morning, guys. >> try to keep alex warm right now, it is getting little chilly out here. >> it is chilly. but i want to take some fashion advice from our friend angel right here. but we actually have real reindeer, maybe that's better to look at. missy, dave, from elmwood park zoo here. this is ainge snell. >> yep, this is single, she one years old. >> oh, my gosh. okay, so, we know that reindeer probably used to cold werth. how does angel feel about the fact it will be in like the 70s? about well, i'm sure we will be finding some sort every ice to give her to cool down. >> oh, you need to give her ice? >> the other day we gave her santa sculpture when it was reaching up near 70. so -- >> wow. >> yes. >> so reindeer are not really indigenous to the u.s. we have what kara boo. >> yes, reindeer more from europe. and there is a whole society based around the life of reindeer, living with reindeer. and so we actually she, angel;
9:40 am
actually a reindeer, and we have them at elmwood park zoo, you can get your photo taken with them to new years. >> what about the north pole? they would like the north pole, so colds up there. >> their favorite place. of course. of course. >> how old do you have to be to get like, i guess i can call them and the letters this long? >> yes, those are antlers. >> she is excited here. hungry? >> yes. what do they eat? >> in the wild, sort of vegetation that gross on rocks, that's why their hoofs are so big and the and the letters because they dig through the snow, they finds it under the snow, that's what they feed on. >> how long does it take to grow antlers this big? >> they grow them every day, the only deer species both male and female grow, and every year they drop them and regrow them. these are grown from last year. >> these are fresh andlers. >> i guess i better put these
9:41 am
on, both male and female have them. >> i tried get him to do it earlier, he didn't want to do it. >> see, you look great. >> how do i snook. >> he says wonderful. we like it. >> he's -- look at chris, always working the ladies there. all right, you look good. i like this look, you should keep it up. >> guys, thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> angel if donor, plus any of those guys need back up, are you ready to go? >> all right, that's a nod for sure. >> karen, you might want to take the kids to a.m. wood park zoo. >> i do want tonight but why the long face? >> thank you, guys. let's get out to quincy right now. see if he's a rap star already. hey, q? >> i'm a rap star. i'm rap star. i have little beats, labels, music group. >> tan den music group. >> just made christmas song called christmas dab coming up next you don't want to miss it. >> oh, my gosh, i'm horrified. here's some good news. the winning lottery numbers,
9:42 am
we hope you have them. good luck.
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>> ♪ >> we saw quincy with a major hip hop producer. >> and he talked to him about his new career, and his label, so i think also trying to help make a christmas song, so they had what about an hour, hour and a half to make the song, right? >> they said we had an hour and a half to make the song, like 50 minutes? >> thirty minutes. >> so let me tell you what happened. okay? so little beats, holler at me, then quinton miller a/k/a tray this is called christmas dab. check it out. >> ♪ >> ♪
9:46 am
>> ♪ >> mass time is here ♪ >> got to spread the cheer ♪ my present is a gift ♪ i'm sure you know it is. ♪ so be here to trim the 25th. ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:47 am
>> ♪ >> hey, guys. that's what you call a hit record really quick. your welcome, car jen sounded great. >> sounded fantastic. >> your welcome, amex. >> i'm afraid of what you can do if you had like, you know, a loft time in the studio. >> like an hour and a half? >> yes, yes, we could probably do some things. now listen real quick. in chester, this wednesday doing toy drove. >> toy drive at city hall, fifth annual toy drive, maury
9:48 am
tucker foundation, 5:00 to 7:30. >> city hall in chester. >> yep. >> having launch party. >> yes. >> new years day. >> 1925 lounge. you can contact my boy, tdid the ot, you know what i am saying, from 9:00 to 2:00. >> okay. >> and guys, he's looking for artists looking for rappers. see what he did with me in about a minute, a minute, christmas dab, that will be available on fox 29 on itunes, i think. >> yes, fox tunes. >> i'm excited. >> exactly. >> thanks, q. >> your welcome. >> nice dab, quincy. >> i know, i know, i know, of course. >> well, thank you. q pop. >> really? he called him q pop. >> let's not go too far. >> quincy has so many nicknames at this point. >> let's go to this picture again, getting a loft tweets on this one. guess who it is? >> so this sad situation happened to sue serio. >> sue, waist going on? this is bill your husband.
9:49 am
what's he doing. >> he's drilling a hole in the bottom of our tree, which should have happened before i put it up, put all of the lights on and put all the ornaments on with my daughter. we got the tree on friday at a place that was less expensive than where i went last year, and i thought they said they could drill a hole, because that's the kind of stands i have, you drill a hole in the bottom of the tree. and they said, then they said, no, but here is a stand you can buy for $6. >> so you had a stand? >> oh! >> so awed stands at home? >> it look like a fine stands. >> so you had to have the whole drilled. but buy this tree? >> they said yes, when i actually bought the tree they said no, we don't have a drill. i was like all right. so i bought the new stand. it stayed up for two whole days. >> then what happened? >> and then you got your money's worth. >> ya. >> $6. but what about your ornaments, sue? >> that is why i cried. i did cry. because a lot of my precious, you know, ornaments were
9:50 am
broken and shattered and my dear daughter she got out the glue, and the whole boring story is on sue serio fox 29 on my facebook, twitter and instagram. yes, i told the whole story. but, you know, the -- i'm addicted to these corny christmas movies on hallmark channel. my daughter says all the corny movies you watch, it is not about the present, but -- >> out of the mouths of teenagers in good point. christmas trees so often, living memorials to the christmas ornaments we have collected over the years. >> my ornament collection is the story of my life. >> right. >> everywhere i go i get an ornament. every travel that i make, and so made me sad. aid good cry about it and now we're laughing about it. >> sue: >> the best part, so many people had the same exact story. and the a lot of them have to do with our cats.
9:51 am
>> oh! >> yes. >> thank you, sue, we have to get to some breaking news, in the race for the white house. >> republican presidential hopeful lindsay gram has announced that he is suspending his campaign now, announcement comes the same day that the deadline for him to take his name off the south carolina primary ballot. senator gram had been polling toward the bottom ever since he enters this field, very crowded field, when he got in. and he's always been in the b stage, never made it to the a stage as i can remember, the senator from south carolina since 12003, re replaced -- >> suspended campaign is code word for basically dropping out of the race but you don't want to give your money away. >> ends of the road for him. >> pretty much. >> talking steve harvey's miss universe blunder all morning long. well, we have a miss pennsylvania here. miss pennsylvania american co-eds we will ask her what she thinks about this mistake.
9:52 am
9:53 am
this is the one place we're not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work. but a few might shape the future. like turning algae into biofuel...
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9:55 am
>> all morning talking about the miss universe pageant and the steve hair gentlemen mistake. now bringing in miss pennsylvania american co-eds. you kinds are of our expert when it comes to pageants. >> how long have you been doing padge meant. >> since i was seven, ten, yes. >> so you saw this last night. >> i did. >> what were your thoughts. >> i thought being on live tv is not easy, everyone makes mistakes, even though that was a big mistake, you know, the superbowl of all pageants, miss universe, i think being a pageant queen is all about caring yourself with confidence. being a confident person, being good role model. i feel miss columbia and miss philippines handled it great. >> what's going through miss columbia's head right now though when she is announced the winner and then he, steve
9:56 am
harvey comes out, oops, sorry it, cents miss philippines? >> english is snot her first language first of all, so she has to comprehends what he's saying at the same time as thinking oh, my gosh, well, i didn't win. she did carry herself with a lot of gracie feel. >> then miss philippines walk up. look at her expression. what's going through her mind? >> because you can't just take the crown off her head. you have to wait, and see what's going on, i just think that it is real a tough situation to be in. but they both handled it well. >> isn't it all well choreographed, you stand here, and this is not what we rehearsed? >> of course you get there, like do i walk up? do i get -- what can you do? >> so how is miss columbia feeling this morning? >> oh, my gosh. i can't imagine waking up, like, comprehending what happened last night. i really just can't imagine it >> not a good situation to be in. >> who is more embarrased, up there on the stage in front of everyone, miss philippines or miss columbia. >> oh, miss columbia, a cited,
9:57 am
has the flag, waiving it, i'm half colombian, my dad born there, so part of me was like yeah, but then what do you do? >> then miss columbia last year the one who won it. she places the crown on top of the new miss columbia. >> yes, they had a moment. >> my gosh. >> well thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you for your perspective. >> this saturday, you know, just -- >> very good. you know what this may be the good luck charm they need, you saw it right here first on food day philadelphia. >> where do you go? >> holy family university. >> if someone tried to take your drown what wu do. >> oh, my gosh. >> (laughing). >> that's okay. >> i think after this whole steve harvey thing they'll be extra careful to make sure that the right names are on there, maybe should rehearse that part, flight. >> absolutely. >> i don't know. thank you. and merry christmas. >> we really appreciate it. >> remember everyone today is a big deadline to get those packages out if you want to make it in time for christmas.
9:58 am
but happy monday to you. >> good luck out there at the malls specially. have a good one. introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with new kisses deluxe.
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live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. >> i'll give it to you straight. no chaser. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> now, here's wendy. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> yes. back at you. come on. come on. come on. tada. [ applause ] >> thank you for


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