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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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tonight residents in that small borough of colwyn shocked by what the three of their first responders are accused of of doing. let's get right out to our chris o'connell live outside the courthouse in media tonight. chris? >> reporter: this is another blow, guys, to the already trouble delaware county borough of colwyn. already under investigation by the delaware county district attorney's office yet another investigation today yielded three arrests of three top officials with colwyn fire company station 92. all three of them who live together accused of stealing tens of thousands of dollars from the department today. they were charged with theft among other charges and conspiracy. one of them was brought out of the delaware county courthouse tonight on his way to the delaware county prison. former fire chief gary bryce now in delaware county prison unable to post his $50,000 bail.
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two others are now awaiting arrest here to delaware county courthouse. that should happen momentarily. $50,000 from the county. what do you say to that? >> former colwyn fire chief gary bryce being taken to the delaware county prison tonight. one of three top officials with the colwyn volunteer fire conin two accused of stealing more than $50,000 from the department they ran. >> this money was not used for any fire company purposes. >> former chief bryce along with betty, the fire company president and her daughter lauren, who served as the fire company treasure are are charged with theft among other charges. >> the mother, betty, went to the counter at the bank and was able to withdrawal over a period of time approximately $20,000 and this money again is undo you meaned. >> reporter: 10 month investigation led prosecutors to
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charge the trio who all live together with using fire company funds for personal use. accused of writing checks to themselves without a second signature. and investigation began with the tip from the borough's controversial manager paula brown. >> our information is that the money is missing. they converted it to their own use twos what that use was, we are unclear at this point in time unless they come forward and start explaining it. >> reporter: bryce remains at the delaware county prison. once again on $50,000 bail. elizabeth and betty, expected to turn themselves in here to the delaware county courthouse within the hour. iain? >> all right, chris, thank you. police are investigate a death at a center city motel. officials were called out to the rodeway inn on the 1200 block of walnut street just before noon. police say a 75-year-old man was found with a scarf around his neck on the fifth floor. no word yet on his identity. crime scene investigators left
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the hotel carrying bags of evidence. we'll bring you update when we get one. now on to your fox 29 weather authority. let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams. >> iain just in time for winter those temperatures they'll be going up. take a look. it's almost winter the winter solstice is tonight before midnight and we're going to be talking about temperatures climbing. take a look at the theme over the neck several days. you can see from the weekend it was cold. temperatures on saturday from degrees. high yesterday only 43. today we made it to 56 degrees and look at tuesday. 62 degrees. even 70s in that seven day forecast. stepping outdoors right now, 56 degrees. winds out of the south southwest around 11:00 so there's no wind chills to talk about like what we had over the weekend. take a look at the pattern. we'll continue to tap into some milder air off to the south. but also look at ultimate doppler. off to the west we're tracking a little disturbance that will bring some rainfall our way overnight and early tomorrow.
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but the big news will be those temperatures climbing. we'll talk about smashing records with the seven day forecast. back to you. all right, talk to you then scott. happening right now pennsylvania education officials just made a formal admission. some philadelphia schools are as bad as parents have been saying they are. the findings are in response to the first of hundreds of complaints alleging phillies school do not give children the programs their entitled to. bruce gordon joins us live in the newsroom. bruce, this confirms parents claims, but will the ruling really matter? >> reporter: it's really a little too early to say right now, lucy. for now, all we know is that angry parents finally got tent attention of state education officials in very formal way it's official. pennsylvania's department of education says the gifted program at cw henry elementary school is ineffective. robin roberts should know. her son used to tend henry and it was her complaint that led to the department of education's finding. >> it makes me feel as a parent that we were able to stand up
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for something that we know is not going right in our schools. >> reporter: in just release the letter the state finds krick column at four philadelphia schools. henry, bodine high school, cpa and the arts academy at benjamin minute rush is define. the findings are the first in response to more than 800 complaints filed in 2013 by local parents like chris chi an caps. >> please, you know, listen to us when we say the school district isn't good enough. it's not providing what is mandated to provide. >> reporter: public interest law center and education active visits pushed the parents to formally complain after blasting the district without effect for its missing programs and overcrowded classrooms. >> and this is on top of the shortage of counselors and nurses and overall -- deplorable school conditions which make the so difficult for students to learn. >> if there's message here today it's that parents have really led the charge in holding the state and the school district of philadelphia accountable for
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resources in classrooms will be relentless and focused and continuing think. >> reporter: the letter from the department of ed demands the district summit a corrective action plan to improve its curriculum. that takes money. already in short supply, even before the state budget stalemate that has districts like philadelphia's threaten to go close its doors. robin roberts police the findings should change stubborn lawmaker. >> many of them are products of public education. it worked well for them. what they are actively doing is making sure it doesn't work for anyone else. >> reporter: the school district released a statement this afternoon in which it promised to quote fully address the department of education findings but the district once again blamed its curriculum deficiencies on budget cuts by the state. district is threaten to go close its doors if the new new spen spending plan isn't in place by the end of january. there's no guarantee that will happen. lucy. >> all right, bruce tour, thank you decision about weather to suspend a men's supreme court justice over his e-mail practi practices is in the hands of a
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judicial ethics court after a five-hour hearing. justice michael eakin said during the proceedings he is sorry for the e-mails that have been criticized for their racial and sexual content. eakin's attorneys have argued against his possible interim suspension from the bench pending a full hearing describing the elf males as male banter, not intended to become public. we don't yet know when the judicial ethics court will make its decision. police are trying to track down the man wanted for shooting three people this morning in east mt. airy. it happened around made it in in the back of a home along the 8300 block of gilbert street. police say a 51-year-old man was found by officers dead at the scene. two other men also in their 50s were shot as well. they were taken to einstein hospital one is in stable condition. other is in critical condition. police say they're looking for 51-year-old suspect. investigators are now saying speed was the main factor in crash that killed three in holmesburg. it happened on torresdale avenue around 2:30 sunday.
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the speeding chevy camaro went over a hill and hit a park tractor trailer. they both went up in flames. witnesses could hear people screaming from inside the car but try as they might they couldn't reach them. all three women inside died. police say they're looking into whether the driver of the car may have also been distracted by a phone right before the crash. a $15,000 reward now up for any help in solve the death of 33-year-old theresa posey. philadelphia police believe the person driving this black truck hit her on state road in philadelphia holmesburg on december 23rd of last year. the driver took off. police think the truck is a late '80's or early '90's model possibly converted into a tow truck. >> come up with nothing a year later, the friends and family are heart broken still. posey family. our investigators are frustrated because we have little to go with and this a tough way to investigate.
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>> several organizationings joined together to offer the venous zahn dollars reward --, $15,000 reward hoping to fine the person who killed her. a matter family of seven is without a home after early morning fire destroyed theirs. fire happened just before 10:00 this morning on the 200 block of edge hill drive in newark, delaware. fire officials are ruling that fire an accident and say it started when a space heater was too close to combustible materials in one of bedrooms. a 41-year-old man had to go to the hospital for smoke inhalation. five children and two adults lived inside that home. philadelphia police need your help find ago missing teen from the city's frankford neighborhood. authorities tell us 17-year-old ashley nance was -- nantz was reported missing from her home. investigators say she wearing a purple shirt and pajama pants when she was last seen. if you've got any information, call police. the fda lifting a lifetime span on blood donations from gay and bisexual men. fox 29's joyce evans joins us in studio. joyce? >> reporter: well, the fda says that they thought about
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striking down the 30 year ban completely but instead decided to follow the path of some other countries that use a one year abstinence rule when donating blood in japan australia and the uk, gay and bisexual men are required to state that they have not had sex with a man in the past year. while the american red cross and gay rights active visits say it's a step in the right direction, they still say any restriction is outdated. because of newer high tech blood screening for hiv and aids. human rights active visits say it's still sigma advertises gay and bisexual men. the relaxed rule is expected to help our demand for blood donations but authorities say we're still going to need more people to give. iain? >> joyce, thank you. bill cosby fighting back today suing beverly johnson in a lawsuit he filed today the comedian called calls the super model a liar over her claims that he drug and attempted to sexually assault her in the '80s cosby's lawsuit contends johnson
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has been using the story to try tore kim her career. last week cosby counter sued seven other women who accused of him of sexual misconduct. it started as high school toy drive but turned into so much more. how some local students helped create a lot of christmas magic. >> now the biggest game of the season for the eagles this saturday against the washington redskins. but they may be missing two players to injury. we'll talk about that and the suspension given out to o'dell beckham. that's coming up in later in sports. winter is hard on your nose.
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safety technology that train officials say can save lives is now active on amtrak tracks between philly and new york. officials say positive traction control or ptc could have prevented that may 11th amtrak crash in port richmond that killed eight and injured more than 200 people. it was activated over the stretch of track up to new york this past weekend.
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the technology was activated on rails from philadelphia to washington last week. ptc automatically stops trains if they're in danger of derailing. >> why, way more than a toy drive going to help children for a lot longer than the holiday season. >> the people behind it teenagers from local high school donating to kindergarteners. fox 29's karen hepp reports. >> reporter: that envelope, a golden ticket. pick out any gift you want. check out the most patient kindergarteners on the and tire planet. they actually managed to wait till everybody got their presents before they dug in and started sledding that paper. big eyes, wide smiles, pure joy. >> i got a honester truck. >> got a doll. >> little kids were overjoyed but what made this toy drive so special the big kids were behind it senior at paul robeson school for human service and they take that human service part very
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seriously. >> we're trying to start a big husky little husky that's our mascot. >> we want to build a connection between the two schools so we can be like mentors. role models for the kids to ha have. >> reporter: they plan to tutor and read and spend time giving extra attention that can make really big difference. >> a lot of our kids need mentor ship. so to have a big brother a big sister come over here from a different high school, they actually just feed that into their souls like they just soak it up just like little sponges. >> reporter: man, do they ever. dancing, laughing, learning. and it's not just the canted garners getting a very valuable lesson. >> i think it's important to teach students have community matters and in order for the community to change, they have to make the change. >> they were just so happy just to even receive a gift, you know, that made me happy. >> reporter: those big kids they're determined to keep giving not only are they going to tutor they've also found some computer that is they can donate to this school set up a computer
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lab with those kids and then work with them so this is going to continue long into the future. from mantua, i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. >> that is fantastic. >> absolute. >> make impression for very long time. >> absolutely. well, you guys, we had taste of winter over the weekend. but we're going to say goodbye to it because we're talking record warmth even temperatures in the 70s before all is said and done. i mean this december is going to go on record as the warmest ever for the philadelphia area. so why not tack on more records but it will be a little unsett unsettled tracking clouds and showers life look outside you can see it's dry and quiet. temperatures are mild in the mid 50s. the average high for this time of year is 43 degrees. that was our high temperature yesterday so no wind chill right now. take look at the numbers stepping outdoors. mid 50s in millville as well as wildwood. 50 degrees in pottstown. the coldest number we can find is 40 degrees and that's in the pocono mountains. the satellite/radar showing that
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we have the cloud cover overhead that will keep temperatures from dropping as cold as it was over the weekend. but off to the west you can see a little bit of green. so there is a front that will be moving through overnight tonig tonight. first part of the day tomorrow with the few showers not anticipating heavy rain maybe up to tenth of an inch before all is said and done. by 7am you can see that system off to the west continues to move in once again a couple of light showers across the area. at least through about midday. them we dry out but it's still going to be mild above average day for tomorrow. and then as we move toward wednesday morning, it's mostly cloudy but by wednesday afternoon and evening it looks like some heavier rainfall could be moving in maybe upwards of half an inch so keep that in mind. speaking of the middle of the week let's talk about record warmth. take a look at wednesday's forecast high of 66 degrees. the record wednesday is 66 set back in 1990. but more impressive. take a look at christmas eve. last year we had a record high of 64 degrees.
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what about 74 degrees for this christmas eve smashing a records across the area. now for tonight it's mostly cloudy. winter arrives on a pretty mild note we're looking at mid 40s in the bushes. right around 50 degrees in the city. and then tomorrow's planner, we'll call it mostly cloudy a couple of scattered showers around. temperatures, though, into the low 60s for the high and take a look at that weather authority seven day forecast. 66 wednesday. 74 degrees on your thursday. christmas eve. so it is going to be pretty warm for santa and then as we move toward christmas day, above average. 63 degrees that looks to be our driest day out of the unsettled pattern. saturday 57 degrees. maybe a late shower possible for the eagles game and then take a look at sunday. more showers and then we keep some shower chances by early next week but no 40s. no cold snaps in that seven day forecast. >> hard to have a cold snap when it's 74.
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>> up credible. >> unbelievable. >> absolutely. >> all right, scott, thank you very much. let's get back out to howard eskin to check in what's going on with the eagles and the nfl. howard. >> still in the play off picture even though they going yesterday by arizona. we'll talk about that talk about the injuries. that will all be coming up in sports.>[a5df]
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>> morning morning quarterback sponsored by xfinity your home for the most life sports.
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>> guess what, eat guess are still in the playoff picture and -- you love the term they control their own destiny. even they got smoked yesterday by the best team i think they played arizona. if they win against washington on saturday night, then beat the giants the final week they are in the playoffs because they win their division. now, the coach of arizona said yesterday he called to his team it was a hats and t shirts game. you win you win the division you get the hats and t-shirts. he eagles want two of notice row if washington wins on saturday night it would be hats and t-shirts for them. a couple of injuries, byron maxwell a shoulder sprain. could be questionable for the game and bennie logan i understand has a calf injury. we'll see. but arizona terrific team. he the eagles helped arizona yesterday with their lack of tackling. and one play that just stands out above all others is the run by david johnson. 47 yards. i can't even count the number of missed tackles. he had 187 yards.
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three touchdowns. the last guy to do that against the eagles jim brown in the '6 s that. that is a joke that that happened but the tackling was absolutely miserable. but the quarterback carson palmer is -- i think he's the mvp he's terrific. great pass and a great catch by malcolm floyd. but the eagles players obviously not happy with their effort yesterday. >> that's a good team. when you do dumb stuff like, you know, mis missed tackles and tun the ball over you lose to a good team. i don't know if we look at this game and judge ourselves off of it. we just move forward to the next op pone in this. we don't have to be better than the arizona cardinals neck week. we got to be better than washington redskins. >> we didn't play well. i would love for us to played well and saw what happened in that game on defense. we didn't. lots to learn from that game. time to move on. o'dell beckham, jr. went out of his mind yesterday to hurt
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norman of the carolina panthers. but he's been suspended for one game it should be for the rest of the season. with his hit to the head so o'dell beckham, jr., suspended against minnesota on sunday. we'll come back tonight interesting story about demarco murray talk about that we'll update everything tonight at 10:00 o'clock. back to you guys. >> all right. howard, thank you. be sure to join us tonight for the fox 29 news at 10:00. this car pulled over on a busy highway. police say a 13-year-old was behind the wheel. his little sister is with him in the car. what that teen does next that has police scrambling. >> that is scary. my goodness. that does it for us here at 6:00. >> see you right here back here at 10. have a great night. inn seed edition is up next.
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♪[ music ] colombia! >> you're the new miss universe. not. >> i will take responsibility for this, it was my mistake. >> the live tv crown swap the whole country is talking about. what this former contestant is saying today. >> people were mad. people were throwing cups of ice. people were yelling. >> then. >> it's me. >> amy poehler returns as hillary clinton on "saturday night live." and the real hillary's war of words with donald trump. >> he is becoming isis's best recruiter. >> just another hillary lie. >> and the box office awakens. >> the new "star wars" movie's record breaking opening.


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