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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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most of the rainfall has come to an end still watch something showers even rumbles thunder moving threw sections of sal bury maryland most of the rain will stay well to our south for now. but we do have some more rain in that holiday weekend forecast. we'll talk about that coming up. but take look at the temperatures right now. 66 in wilmington as well as millville and atlantic city. low 60s in the lehigh valley and mid 50s right to you in the pocono mountains. so definitely not feeling like december or christmas eve. the bottom line hour by hour maybe you're headed out to grab some last minute gifts or headed to holiday mass. we're looking at mild and kind of muggy conditions temperatures are going to be in the mid 60s. coming up, not only did we set records today but tomorrow we have a shot at breaking more records we'll talk about that and our next chance for some rain. iain, back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. many of you of course left those coats at home today. while making last minute preparations for the holiday. the weather so warm today we saw people out in shorts.
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kids runners making the most of these spring like temperatures. fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live from city hall. dave, i know like this weather. what about people you talk to today? >> i like it and i know a lot of the people we spoke with they like it too,. especially folks out and about at christmas village. >> merry christmas! >> christmas village one of center city's biggest attractions even without the white stuff on the ground for christmas eve that feels a lot like a time for palm trees. just ask vicky palm. >> what do you make of shopping in this weather? christmas eve. >> i know isn't it weird? yeah. i like it. >> i'm a warm weather person. so this is fine for me. >> you were trying on gloves but it was too warm, right? >> yeah. >> tell me about what that was like. >> i feel like it's way too hot. christmas eve. >> reporter: still with last minute christmas shopping to do, vendors we spoke with say business is good. >> people are brave. they're still coming out and they're still spending money so that's good. >> reporter: with temperatures pushing the 70's getting out and
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about before christmas seems oddly more inviting with shorts and short sleeves replacing thick winter coats. >> i love it. whatnot, beats know any day of the week. too bad i'm not on my boat. >> you ever think you would beware short sleeves and no coat on christmas eve. >> no, not on christmas eve. >> reporter: many running on kelly drive are wearing even less like josh hibs. >> i'm a schoolteacher so it feel like i'm on spring break than christmas break. >> i feel very weird wearing a tank top running outside on christ eve. >> reporter: many don't mind the christ break. unless you counsel the children n it's not snowing yet. >> it's not snowing yet. are you happy about that or sad? >> sad. >> reporter: you're sad. why? >> because i can building snowmans. >> reporter: we caught up with mayor nutter strolling through christmas village to see if there was anything his office could do. >> do you have the mayoral powers to somehow bring in little bit of snow? are you seeking that power, that authority? even if i did, i would not. snow costs money.
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it look really pretty. assume they'll be snow at some point in time, but probably not today. >> reporter: and we don't believe that governor wolf has the power to create any snow as we. as far as we know at least we do know that along with the unseasonably like warm weather it will be with us for a few more days. along with time to get out your christmas village don some shopping, even if you haven't gotten there so far. iain, back to you. >> dave, thanks. looks great out there. that warm weather playing factor in a lot of travel plans across the country. millions are expected to head out on the road this holiday season but it's not just highways that could be seeing record crowds. fox's blake berman at reagan international airport with more. >> reporter: nice start here to holiday travel at reagan national airport in washington, d.c. cancellations and delays are minimal. nationwide, though, it is expected to be a record holiday travel season. aaa is anticipating slightly more than 100 million people will travel this holiday season. the overwhelming major the
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91 million by vehicle with an average trip of about 150 miles. while triple a points to certain economic facts why travelers are willing to dip into their wallets, they say the constant theme this year is cheaper gas prices. consumers are taking advantage. >> it's obviously we're seeing an improve many in the labor market. we're seeing rising incomes and lowering crisis in general. but fuel is definitely the main catalyst. >> reporter: triple a says the price of plain tickets are about 6% compared to last year. that's certainly savings for flyers but not as big of a cut compared to those who will travel on the ground. either way travelers will be dishindishing out big bucks. us travel association believes some $28.7 billion will be spent by travelers this holiday season. blake burr man, fox business. still developing to night shoppers forced to run from a north carolina mall after police shoot and kill an armed man.
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you can see police and shoppers outside that mall this afterno afternoon. the details are still coming in but police say it started as a fight between two groups when off duty officers stepped inform police say officers confronted the armed man who was then shot and died on the scene. witnesses heard almost a half dozen shots. mess say at least three people were taken to local hospitals but they wouldn't say why or how they are doing tonight. traffic flowing again in langhorne after a truck overturned this morning. sky fox over route 1 in east maple of a where a trailer full of jars of peanut butter overturned just after 1:00 this afternoon. officials say the load overturned on the ramp blocking traffic. the driver had to be rescued from the truck. no word tonight on his condition and we just got off the phone with officials there. they tell us the road is now back open. police in north philadelphia are looking for the shooter that left a man dead late last night. investigators say someone opened fire on the 37-year-old victim as he was sitting in his car near the 400 block of vernon
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road in east mt. airy. even with a bullet in his stomach the victim managed to drive up the block before smashing into two parked cars. paramedic rushed him to the einstein medical center but he died a short time later. police say they did find a bullet at the scene but there's still no word on the shooter. and philadelphia police are looking for the man who slashed the tires on more than a dozen parked vehicles. newly released surveillance video shows him walking his dog in the city's lawndale section overnight tuesday. investigators say he vinyl arrived the tires of seven vehicles on hellerman. six on shelbourne street. police are hoping you'll reginas a pair of barbers. check it out this week we showed you images of two men who burglarized four fathers bar and grill in old city. now investigators are hoping this video will give you a better look. police say they got in by breaking in a side door window with a brick. they grabbed two safes with about 1400 buck inside but they
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couldn't get the register open. if you know who these -- either of these guys are, please give philadelphia police a call. the search is on for a bank robber that philadelphia police are calling armed and dangerous. take a good look at this guy. investigators say he robbed the td bank on the 2500 block of grant of a around 11:30 yesterday morning. police say he walked into the bank and handed the teller demand note. after getting the cash, he took off. if you know who he is, give police a call. happening right now, the mad dash is on for all you last minute shoppers out there. many stores have already closed their doors. others though are staying open late and giving late shoppers some options. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us live from metroplex in plymouth meeting. i hope you have done all your christmas shopping. >> reporter: shame on me, right. i haven't but i am proud to say that i'm actually down to like stocking stuffers, gift cards and then fall out sales. you have to give money, not nice. but check it out. we're here at the target in plymouth moating.
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they actually are open till 11:00 o'clock tonight. so i did have a few more hours to get my shopping done. i stand corrected because when we came to you at 5:00 i said they were open till midnight 11:00 p.m. here at his target. take a look at the parking lot. you can see lot of people are out doing last minute shopping. not a parking space to be found. a lot of the other stores out here closed early. they closed at 6:00 p.m. but again this target open until 11:00 o'clock tonight. so we'll take you and side just so to show you people inside this target picking up some things at the last minute. most people are logging for that last minute special gift. just as i am stocking stuffers, and a couple of people we ran into said they ran out of wrapping paper and gift boxes so they're looking for that as they prepare to spent the evening wrapping gifts. we also bumped into someone who says it's double duty for her. she's working and shopping. >> my goodness, look at you. i like your style. i like the way you move. >> thank you. >> are you last minute shopping? >> i'm both working and shoppi shopping. i'm a vendor so i'm out here with you guys.
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>> i have all the presents just ran out of wrapping paper. >> reporter: okay. what do you make of this weather that we have? it doesn't feel like christmas shopping usually feels like. >> no, it's very strange. i've seen people in t shirts it's weird. i want the snow. >> reporter: all right. he says he wants the snow. i don't know about that. i like it. we're looking at people walking in the parking lot. here's young lady with a tank top on. we've actually scene people out here shopping in shorts. so it's certainly does not feel like christmas eve. but without a doubt christmas is tomorrow so people are doing what they can with the few hours we have left. back to you. >> all right, shawnette. this is my kind of weather by the way. speaking of christmas and toys where in the heck is stan clau clause. norad knows they are tracking his flight right now. for the 60th street year norad continues it's tradition of following chris cringle storybook world tour. so called santa tracker hub at peterson air force base. they'll be answering calls from 125,000 kids around the globe
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asking about santa' where is bouts and places like alaska, remote norad identification technicians are monitoring computer screens 24 hours day and here's what they're looking at right now. we will not se see santa. he's in europe flying all over the good little boys and girls in algeria on his way to maui. nor said he's delivered 3.5 billion gifts so far. we'll keep you posted on saint nick's journey throughout the night here on fox 29. straight ahead a holiday miracle they were not expecting. might not be much now but a local church may have found its new home. sean. >> iain an old between the eagles. desean jackson doesn't bring the fireworks that shady d hear his thoughts later in sports. scott. >> and sean, a record high temperature today. 71 degrees. smashing the old record for today's date of 64 set just last year. another record could fall tomorrow. we'll talk about it and your christmas forecast all next.
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>> we're following breaking news for you right now. sky fox live over route 70 in cherry hill. some power lines are down. we're seeing sparking right there. police are telling us a car accident knocked the lines down. right now, the road is closed in both directions. we of course will stay on top of this and bring updates as soon as we get them. a local church in desperate need avenue new home plagued for years by the violence of the neighborhood around it but now a south jersey businessman may be answerings their prayers. he heard the church's story and he knew he can make difference as fox 29's bill anderson shows us, his incredible donation is coming just in time for the holidays. ♪
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>> reporter: after years at a dangerous location in atlantic city, pastor kenneth ap apple we hoped to relocate his out reach center. earlier this week the congregation got an early christmas present from a new jersey businessman. >> mr. james c. horowitz and i told him we were a church. i said, can you donate a portion of the lapped? >> so i said we're trying to build a new church. we're in an area where there's a lot of violence and crime going on and we really trial trying to get. >> reporter: some believe the donation of this land was a christmas miracle. but as i spoke to pastor apple white and some of the church leadership, i found out that the miracle just keeps oncoming. >> this pastor built a brand new church and i told him, you know, we building a brand new church. he said you can have my plans. he said come over the neck day and get the plans and he gave me the plans. $10,000 plans for free. >> reporter: retired businessman james horowitz had
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been trying to sell this roughly $100,000 plot of land for some time. was inspired bite vision of the city of hope. >> he said he saw the sincerity of us. he said it was something about us and he said he had never been encouraged by people before. >> reporter: even with all the donations the church still needs to raise roughly $300,000. but pastor applewhite told me this christmas and the kindness of others has left him encouraged by the future home of the city of hope. >> we're basically here to help somebody. and as long as you doing it for the right reasons you can do anything. >> reporter: an engineer habitat for humanity and a attorney and a stone mason have all agreed to donate their services. it look like the holiday season has brought a bright future to the city of hope. in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. all right. i didn't have my shorts on tod today. but i didn't really need a jacket out there, scott. which is incredible on christmas eve.
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>> yeah. i mean we're talking records across the board. definitely your kind of weather, iain. take look at this. trenton 72 degrees this afternoon. 71 philadelphia. wilmington 71. allentown 71. as well as reading. so certainly take look at 70s club here. new records set the warmest christmas eve on record for most across the delaware valley. still pretty mild right now at 6:17. it's 67 degrees. winds out of the south southwest at 7 miles per hour. hey, by the way the normal high this time of year it's 42 degrees. look at numbers right now. we're 60 in reading. 65 trenton. 66 right now in wilmington as well as dover. down to millville and atlantic city. not a whole lot of arctic air anywhere to be found as we expand the view, you can see around pittsburgh, 57. we have 65 degrees right now in boston. upper 60s in new york city. so if you're stepping outdoors, maybe to grab that last minute gift or head to midnight mass
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we're looking at partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. that rain has ended across the area but watch out for some patchy fog late and we're looking at temperatures by midnight still pretty mild right around 63 degrees. the latest on santa right now he is moving through africa as we continue to track his whereabouts toward the delaware valley. eventually later on tonight. but take look the ultimate doppler it's dry and quiet for most us a few leftover sprinkles as we go hour by hour, look at future weather. by tomorrow morning, it's still mostly cloudy, but dry and then by tomorrow night, we're going to watch another disturbance move through bringing with it, yes, another chance for some rainfall but it look likes most of christmas day is going to be dry. then during the day on saturday, we have cooler temperatures and some pockets of clouds as well as showers. for tonight it's mostly cloudy but really mild for santa. we're looking at numbers in the city in the upper 50s and what about that christmas forecast for tomorrow? opening up some
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presents and gifts. underneath the tree. it's not going to be white christmas. take a look at the high expected for tomorrow. 68 degrees. we'll call it partly sunny. the record high by the way for tomorrow, it's 68 degrees. so another record could fall. kicking off kwanzaa on a mild note. 57 degrees. a couple of showers. most of that the rain will be moving out in time for the game at the linc and then we'll do it again 70 degrees on sunday. that would be another record. and then if you're looking for some cooler conditions, monday into the upper 40s. a chance for some rain and then 50s as we move toward the rest of neck week. maybe a chance of some showers but not that bad tomorrow cher wise 52 degrees on new year's eve. but unbelievable out there today. folks, kind of skating and on some ice that's melting out there across, the ice rinks out there. >> usually not problem this time of year. >> it's going get real hot. they'll burn down the linc they
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don't get a win against washington. >> you're right about that. >> they better get the done much it's a must win game. biggest of the year. they're playing for not only their playoffs but their jobs. desean jackson can be the one to put the dagger in chip kelly's heart. this game means a little more but desean says that's not the case. that's coming up next in sports. >> we continue to follow that breaking news in cherry hill tonight. sky fox over route 70 there. you can see some power lines down. sparking going on much police are telling us that a car accident knocked those lines down. right now the road is closed in both directions. we'll stay on top of it bring you any new updates as soon as we get them. back after this.
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♪ the washington redskins have a chance to come into the linc and end the eagles playoff hopes. you would think desean jackson would like nothing more than to end ship kelly's season much he had even worse departure than will he koy sean. unlike shady lesean taking a different approach to this week's game. >> just another game. excited about it. highly anticipated but not going to make it more than what it is. we got game to go to go win and that's automatic -- all that matters. regardless of what team it is or the name of the jersey we don't really care about that. just got a game to go win much it's a must win for us. >> you know that's a hundred% lie. okay. he cares a lot. desean missed a bunch of games earlier this year but ever since
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then, he's been great with kirk cousins averaging most 19 yards per catch. four touchdown in the last five games. he blow the top of any defense at any time anywhere. >> desean is getting vertical balls at a high rate. he's got the highest yards per catch. he's desean. he blows the top off of everything. we've got to be aware and over the top of him. >> although he's not the number one target they have, every time he's targeted, you know, he can be explosive and so he can change the game probably quicker than all of their threats and so you got to know where he's at at all times. his ability to stretch the field is something to be will he inspected. >> sunday morning a full reaction of saturday night's game on "game day live". howard eskin, gary cobb, dave spadaro and myself will break off the playoff push or if they lose talk about what they need to do in the off season to get better. for christmas the sixers have decided to rewrap an old
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gift. they traded a couple second round picks to new orleans for the same schmidt that was here last year. sam hinkie could have signed him this off season or picked off waivers in objection he trades for guy after finally row legalizing he might need a decent point guard. the sixers are waving tony wroten to make room for. sh. >> it gets bad. one and 30 you say he we need to get ish. he's the guy who will get us our second win. >> who we already had. >> he actually played well in new orleans. >> he has. >> 9.5. >> we could have had him. never should have given mcw up. >> never. never should have done a lot of thing. iain, keep going. >> we going to. that's does it for us at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition up next.
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comedy travel alerts. >> we have tips for staying healthy on your flight home. and family video lost at the bottom of the river. >> that was it, that was gone. >> how they got their treasured memories back. the telltale clues. >> i zoomed in on the patch. then the beautiful nfl cheerleader stricken by a stroke at age 27. she has to learn to walk and read all over again. >> it's not easy. >> her inspirational story. and the professor and the baby. the photo that touched hearts across america. here they are. >> wow! >> plus, that's no


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