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tv   FOX 29 Weekend  FOX  December 26, 2015 8:00am-10:01am EST

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we begin a developing story. three people shot in philadelphia. the details are still kmg in to our fox 29 news room. and also we have had wild weather all over this country, with storms claiming more than a dozen lives in the south. and take a look at your calendar. it's a holiday. it's boxing day. so box up those gifts you don't like and head to the mall to return them for one of the biggest shopping days of the year. and good morning to everyone that is joining us on this saturday. good morning. dave warren. >> good morning. hope you had a great holiday? >> it was great. they ran downstairs, looked at all the presents. >> so much magic happening.
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bill is going to be along in just a moment. he is out at the mall right now. it is saturday, december 26th. the weather has been crazy. out running, walking, doing stuff. >> flip-flops yesterday. >> that was me. >> me, too. not today though. we're a little cooler but we do still have some records in the forecast. first off when you step outside you will notice it's a little cooler. the fog we had last night has cleared out. ultimate doppler just a few showers out there. but it's the weekend. going to bring you weekend wendy for that. we'll go to sue serio. >> along with gardens christmas and weekend wendy is going to tell you it's going to be a great weekend for that. there are timed tickets, the only way you can get in. this thing is so popular. so on saturday we have some showers possible in the evening. i would say go early to longwood
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gardens if you can, but you don't want to miss the lights at night. bring the umbrella, sunday's high 70 degrees. much milder than saturday but there's still a chance of showers but don't let that keep you away from the longwood gardens christmas. weekend wendy recommends it. >> i do too. that's 70 degrees tomorrow. that would be another record. not today. keep the umbrella handy. there will be a few showers out there. nothing like we saw yesterday, but just a few showers passing through the area. it's a little cooler though. the temperatures are into the 50s. at 57 degrees, likely already happened. we'll be dropping a few degrees here throughout the afternoon, maybe leveling off right around 52 degrees. cooler today, just a few showers. back to 70 tomorrow and that is another record high temperature. right now we'll get you out the door with a temperature of 54 degrees. and just a light breeze out there, visibility is clear. that fog has cleared out but that northeast wind at 10 miles per hour that's bringing in some
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cooler air so we're not really going up much, maybe not dropping too much. we're holding steady into the mid to low 50s. a look at more rain in the 7-day forecast. >> i actually went to longwood gardens and had a fabulous time. happening today a shooting investigation in the nice town neighborhood. this happened about 1:40 this morning outside of a bar. police say two men were arguing when one of them shot the other in the stomach. the victim was rushed to the hospital. he is in critical condition. so far no arrests. and police are also investigating a triple shooting this morning in north philadelphia. police tell us that three people were shot there. as soon as we get more details on this one we will pass information right along to you. coming up on 8:04. huge shopping day today. now the sales begin.
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the doors are just opening probably about 4 minutes ago. let's check in with bill anderson at the cherry hill mall. >> reporter: who wants to be in the studio when you can actually be at the mall. the cherry hill mall, the day after christmas, all the sales are going on. if you just look around you see 80% off, you see 50% off. it's a little bit quiet so far. we're saying it's the calm before the storm as people make their way in. but renee and samantha, they were ready to get started immediately. what brought you in this morning? >> lush. the sales. >> reporter: were you ready to get up and get things started. >> you didn't want to do it? >> i did want to do it but i wanted to sleep. i got up. >> reporter: what kind of sales do you think you're going to get today? >> i think 50% and up. >> reporter: and that's worth it? >> it's so worth it. >> reporter: thank you very much. just a couple of the people who are making their way in, we're going to come, talk to different
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people, karen. i'll do a little shopping for you because all the sales are here. they tell us that the holiday season was actually a little bit slow. so today they're saying that the sales, 07%, 80% it actually makes a lot of sense to come here because they're trying to get rid of inventory that they didn't sell previously. so i thank you guys for sending me to the mall. in between talking to you i'm going to get some shopping done. >> i happened to notice there's some new hardware there on your wrist. did you get something special from santa? >> you like that. that's my apple watch. i like to consider myself a technology person. i have absolutely no idea how this thing works. i got it, i put it on, i played with it a little bit. so today maybe i'll go over to the apple store and find out how i can get it to work. >> santa really good to you. we'll chat with you all morning long. thank you, bill. >> reporter: i'll talk to you soon.
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>> some of our nation's struggling heros were treated to a christmas feastless evening. dozens stopped by for a turkey and ham. the meal was courtesy of a chef who set up a go-fund-me page and raised moernl $1,000. he even brought 100 blankets for vets in the cold weather some who are getting back on their feet say the loneliness during the holidays can be tough. >> make them feel like they have family again. >> vet rens were also given gifts that most of us take for granted like toiltories and socks. and more than 100 families with children received a christmas they didn't think they would get. a christmas dinner with dists in
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toys in mantua last evening. volunteers served dinner and presented toys. two others were held in different areas of our city. josephine was there with her family. >> i told them they was going to a gathering and they were going to get toys and see other people. >> when the children wake up in the morning there is no tree and there is no gifts to go under a tree. so here we want to make sure we impact these children's lives in a significant way. >> chosen 300 served 350,000 meals a year. >> a christmas like we've never seen here but one in the south people want to remember because of all the terrible conditions there. heavy rain brought flooding and mud slides at least 15 people have died in mississippi, tennessee and arkansas.
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nearly 20 tornadoes touched down across 10 states. >> i'm going to sit in my mom's house tonight and think about that. there's people who are not going to have a house to go to. >> some of those same weather systems are bringing more welcome weather to the west coast. the snow pack is higher than average for the first time in years which is huge and a big relief for people there who are still under severe water restrictions. not a present, but an iou note. coming up, how some delivery services tried to make it up to customers so they could have a merry christmas. chris? >> reporter: our cell phones can be great, right? but they also allow us to be tracked pretty much all of the time. coming up, what you can do to protect your privacy. >> and also you're sending in your pictures. show us what your christmas was like. we want to show them off all morning long.
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good morning and welcome back. as we take a live look at old city there is a kwaanza celebration at the african-american museum today.
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we're going to keep the christmas music going up through the new year. we'll continue at least through today. so if you have a special requests let us know and we will play them. let's look at some of the other headlines happening. some church goers shock onned to see what top. they go into church and come out of their christmas eve services and someone broke into their cars. $300 was taken out of one man's wallet that he had left in his car and a thief even stole christmas presents from wonl woman's liflt girl. >> i had a car seat in the back seat. you know those presents are for a kid. >> there were no surveillance cameras and they are still looking for the culprits. also some families had iou's under their tree as fedex
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struggled to keep up with demands. tornadoes whipped across the south causing massive backups and in turn caused problems for santa's reindeer. some of the workers volunteered to help clear out some of the workers. >> it's a good thing for when everybody is expecting a gift and all of a sudden they don't get it and all of a sudden we knock on the door and all of a sudden they get their gift. >> that is wonderful. the post office says oftentimes weather-related shipping delays are resolved by christmas morning so i'm sure everybody was happy to get their gifts. a lot of people going to the malls to return some of the presence that they got that maybe they didn't like very much. but what happens when you don't have a receipt and you don't want to take something back. >> reporter: i am here with quincy. did you get anything for christmas you're not crazy
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about? >> no. everything was okay, but i did get this sweater. >> guess what? i don't have the receipt and you can still take it back. 9% of all retail sales will take it back. our first tips here. if you want to get to the stores early, most stores relax their return policies for 21 days after christmas. >> you didn't give me the receipt when you bought it. >> no problem because you can still get cash back or a lot of stores will give you a gift card back. >> you can also get cash for gift cards. got this target gift card. look at all these others that we got. here's a little secret. what you can do is tirn those cards into cash. check out you can sell it right online.
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for example, a $50 target card is worth about $43 cash. >> i can take that. >> we can go crazy on the town with this. >> so there you go, folks. if you've got unwanted gifts, you can return them and get a gift card. if you've got unwanted gift karsds you can return them and get free cash. that's turning lemonade into lemons. >> we're cashing out. >> it is exactly 8:15 right now. so let's figure out what the temperature is going to be like on this day. it looks pretty nice outside, day of, but what is the temperature. >> is it going to rain? >> maybe a little rain later. just a few showers. nothing like what we had last night. a lot of greens and reds there on the radar screen. so that is certainly what we had to deal with yesterday. but now just a few light showers out there. they're trying to work their way
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to the western suburbs. they may push a little farther south could fill in a bit more later today. they're slowly working their way into the northern and western suburbs just a few light showers. what will happen with these temperatures, hold fairly steady maybe even drop a degree or two. already hit our high of the day into the lower 60s, now into the mid 50s. that is where we'll stay and it will be a little cooler up north. back to 70 tomorrow and that could be some record high temperatures. record tomorrow 64 degrees could easily see that being hit. 54 now. just a light east-northeast wind about 10 miles per hour. 52, 52 and 52. i'm not lazy, that's the actual forecast. we're pretty much holding steady. it is cloudy but there could be a few sprinkles out there and certainly a lot more rain is in that 7-day forecast after we warm things up tomorrow.
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it gets much colder. it may even start feeling a bit like it should this time of year. >> i just saw one of our facebook posts who said her son lost his drone so if you see it, share with her. it is 8:17. imagine living with six different families throughout your life and you're not even a teenager yet. that has been what life has been like for these children. why christmas is extra special for them this year. plus also a man feeling a bit foul decides to get revenge using, you got it, fowl. why he felt inclined to leave chickens at a government office. chris? >> reporter: we all live with these, they can be great but they're also a way for us to be tracked pretty much all the time. there's a way to opt out from being tracked as we learn in this week's tech tank. >> this is your tech byte from the tech tank.
8:18 am
so you're doing some holiday shopping and guess what, you remember do not call protecting your phone number and soliciting and all that getting data? well there's some smort stores doing that now. many retailers when you walk in, they have facial recognition. literally they take a shot of your face. but what about this? your smart phone. your targets, anything else you bring in? guess what, there are some retailers that are tracking what you do without you doing anything. they have devices called beacons sitting in their stores. your technology, especially your smart phones, send off messages. a unique identifier called a mac address. what that address is is a way for them to uniquely track you. with these beacons in the store, they know how much time you spend in a section in the store and what you're looking at to target your shopping habits. kind of creepy, but if you don't like it, there is almost like a
8:19 am
do not call. if you gool the smart store privacy website, you can look into your phone and provide them with your mac address and they will stop tracking you. a question was posed can they link your name and address. they didn't really answer it. so know your privacy, no what's going on, watch where you're shopping this holiday season and beyond. want to talk about more about security, privacy. reach out to us and we can continue the conversation online. >> and we love your pictures. and the conversations you're having with us. thank you kevin. merry christmas from santa's helper jackson. good morning, my good day family. merry christmas. and then carla, how about something to celebrate in her life. the highlight of our christmas day was our son proposed to our
8:20 am
future daughter-in-law. that is a merry christmas. send your pictures.
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. welcome back. look at that. a live look at times square right now. that's going to be the center of
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all the action in just a number of days. of course as people get ready to celebrate the new year. it's always active no matter what's going on up there in new york city. how about this one. 8:23. i can relate because i have some chickens as you know. there's a guy in oregon. he gets a pretty unusual call during christmas celebrations to round up a flock of chickens at the state's department of revenue. investigators say a 66-year-old man left his seven chickens at that facility because he was angry. police and animal welfare came to the scene, rounded up the chicks but they didn't know why the guy was mad at the department of revenue but the chickens were taken over to an animal shelter in that area. >> it's not often that we take in seven chickens and certainly not under this circumstance. >> no reports of any injuries to the birds. a representative from the shelter says they are not giving the animals back to the owner and all of the chickens are now
8:24 am
up for adoption. you know how much i love taylor swift, because she actually is a very great entertainer. but she was not the entertainer of the year. who beat out my girl? we will explain. imagine living with six different families over the course of your life and you're not even a teenager yet. what life has been like for these children and why christmas is special for them this year. man (sternly): where do you think you're going?
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welcome back. good morning, it is good day. we hope you're having a good day. your pictures are priceless. they're so wonderful and we'll get to the pictures of your kids opening the gifts at your dinner table. so much fun. some of our nation's struggling heros had a wonderful christmas feast last evening. dozens got ham and turkey and stuffing and all the fixings at the philadelphia veterans house. this meal was courtesy of a chef who set up a go-fund-me page raised more than $1,000 dollars. also families received a
8:28 am
christmas they didn't think they were going to get. chosen 300. they presented toys to children in need. two other events like that one were held in different areas in our city. and a christmas like we never see. everyone was out biking and jogging but down south they certainly want to forget this one. heavy rain brought flooding and mud slides. 15 people died in mississippi, tennessee and arkansas. it is coming up on 8:29. let's get back to the mall. it sounds like it's hopping now, bill. >> reporter: it's starting to get a little more activity. but i was thinking about you so i came down to the karen section of the mall. we've got michael kors over here. we ever got boss. check this out. we've got masarati. i'm going to see if i can get a special christmas deal.
8:29 am
they've got great deals. as i was wondering around talking to people, i actually met mike. mike's not necessarily shopping today, but you've been walking a thousand miles and doing it mostly in malls? >> that's correct. >> reporter: what made you decide to do this? >> because i have a lousy spine and the only exercise i can do is to walk. so since january 1st, i have walked almost 1,100 miles. >> reporter: and mostly through the malls? >> through here and moorestown. you would know if there's deals. >> terrific deals. >> reporter: my cohost is a little high, high brow. can you help me get a deal for karen because i want to bring her a great christmas gift. >> sure, sure. >> reporter: i think we got you.
8:30 am
>> so we are having fun here. i'm going to walk some lapse with michael. a lot of things going on here. people are starting to come in. you can see some of the crowds coming through getting some great shopping and great sales. we will be here so i look forward to -- >> i thought you guys were going to get me the deal on the maserati. >> reporter: i'll see what i can do. we've got a lot going on. we're inside. apparently there's a lot going on outside. what's weekend wendy got on tap? >> weekend wendy knows there's a lot of things to do with the kids this weekend. everything in the rail kwa way is in chestnut hill 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. i would say on saturday, today, do it early.
8:31 am
57 degrees is your high temperature. there will be showers a little later on. >> keep that will umbrella handy. nothing like what we had yesterday with that steady, heavy rain that led to some flooding but a few showers are likely. the 57 degrees, that's about where we are now. it will be dropping here throughout the day. so holding steady just about 50 degrees that's about where we are right now. ultimate doppler looking for a few showers out there. things are pretty clear watch how they do develop, becomes a bit more widespread. here they are popping up. just a few showers later this afternoon and this evening and then some steadier, heavier rain comes in tonight although a lot of that passes by to the northwest. just a few showers and this will be very late, in fact mainly overnight tonight. getting a little cooler. we're in the mid to low 50s now and that's about where we stay. it will be cooler up north, just a touch warmer to the south. those numbers are coming your way in just a bit.
8:32 am
>> this is a wonderful story. imagine you've lived with six different families and you're not even a teenager yet. that's what life was like for two children until halloween. as lauren johnson shows us, christmas will never be the same. >> reporter: for 11 years, zach was an only child. >> i always wanted a brother and sister. >> reporter: his mother wanted something else. >> we wanted to help kids out. >> reporter: she and her husband have been foster parents for years. >> a foster parent was not a good thing for me because it was hard to say good-bye. >> reporter: so she thought adoption was a better option. >> when i got that call, it was like yeah! >> reporter: katy and ben, a brother and sister set. >> i didn't know i had a sister until i had a visit with my mom. >> had been in the foster care system for years moving around a lot. >> for an estimate i think six.
8:33 am
>> six different times? that's a lot. how was that for you? >> hard. >> when are we ever going to stop moving. >> it took an emotional toll on katy. >> did you get scared that you would get separated from your brother? >> yes. >> did you ever cry, were you sad? >> i was sad. >> did you know why you were sad? >> because i didn't think we were ever going to get a family. >> reporter: robin was hoping she would be the last stop on their tough journey to find a forever home. >> all things kids wanted was love. >> reporter: and she was ready to pour out all she had. >> i was a bundle of energy. my stomach, budder flies and stuff like that. >> reporter: everyone was nervous, but excited about what could be. >> i thought they were really fun. it was very quiet. and we went from that to complete chaos. but it was good chaos.
8:34 am
>> and after a year of add ventures, it became official. >> our adoption was finalized october 30th and that was an amazing day. >> reporter: just in time for the holidays. >> first christmas with the adoption done. >> zach says they have big plans. >> to the nut cracker, macy's, and the christmas lights in allentown. >> and the christmas list. >> a tablet, new lego friends. >> a long list of wishes for siblings who are short on tradition. >> it breaks my heart to think that they were eight and 11 and they had never, ever decorated a christmas tree. >> they did it and loved it. >> what has it meant for you now to have a family? >> that we never have to move anymore unless we're moving to a different house but we're still sticking together. >> reporter: and now the family is finally complete. >> and i think that puts a whole
8:35 am
different spin on our christmas. like we are a family and we are all together. >> that's the christmas spirit. that is the true meaning of the season and what it's all about. absolutely phenomenal. congratulations to them with their forever home. from that inspirational story to another, there's a coach who's not letting any adversity get to him. an interesting twist, how he's using that to teach the young people on his team some very, very important life lessons. plus also, adele. love her. making all kinds of headlines this year. what a phenomenal voice. but she's not the entertainer of the year. who took home that honor? from the associated press. we'll let you know.
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8:38 am
good morning. i'm sean bell. christmas is over, time to get back to business. the eagles still have all their goals ahead of them when the nfc east go to the playoffs and compete for the super bowl. first they have to prevent washington from winning the division. they can clinch the division with a win tonight. last two time they barely escaped with a victory on a last-second pierre garcon touchdown. the eagles can't have a repeat performance. this game is for it all. >> the bottom line is if we
8:39 am
don't win the game, we're out of the playoffs. >> you look forward to playing in these games. not everyone has an opportunity to play in meaningful games in december. obviously i haven't had very many chances to, but i think you just try to do a little bit extra. >> and of course we'll have a full recap on this game tomorrow on game day live. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> i cannot believe there's a big game tonight. hi, dave. who do you think the entertainer of the year? >> you've said the two people i thought it would be. >> it was not. this is really interesting. the associated press named its entertainer of the year for 2015 and it's not even a person. >> this year the ap is honoring, get this, "star wars." the series beat out entertainers like adele and taylor swift.
8:40 am
the american film institute selected it as one of the best ten movies of the year and critics choice awards added it. >> everyone at our table had already seen the movie and they said it did not disappoint. have you seen it? >> no, i have not seen it yet. i've seen the products everywhere. i'm looking forward to it. the reviews are great and that's one thing i look at. of course some movie you know the reviews are bad but you want to see it anyway. >> you have a lot of kids like i have a lot of kids. will you go? >> i want to go. we're trying to work out the schedule. we have to wait until it comes out on dvd or something. >> i might see it this weekend. in just more than a month the first voters are going to be going to the polls as the election season will begin. we'll get to that in a moment. but first let's see some of your pictures. good morning, hope you all had a good day. that was a beautiful picture.
8:41 am
our family christmas -- look at this! a beautiful baby. congratulations. look at that face. my baby was the prize. such cute pictures. come them coming, use our hashtag #fox29goodday. voters are going to be going to the polls pretty soon. it's going to be just about a month and that's when the whole season will truly get under way. what the candidates are doing to lure the younger voters who many people say could end up deciding this election. plus also, this is a neat story. this coach, he is not letting any adversity get to him. how he is using that to teach the young people on his team some very important life lessons. [coughing]
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welcome back. as we take a live look now at the pocono mountains. you can just run into the pool. great weather for that. it's going to be a struggle for them to make snow and i think a lot of them tried to open. i know blue mountain was open on monday and tuesday so that will be a challenge for our friends up there who want to have people running down their slopes. there's a soccer coach in south jersey, total inspiirtion.
8:45 am
he uses that and that's the lesson he's passing on to his kids. >> reporter: inspiration can come from all directions on a soccer field. for play or someone sitting on the side lines. >> his maturity as a sophomore is amazing. >> when he wants to believe it. >> reporter: running straight across. >> it's haddonfield high school. chip has als, a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects the nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. >> i'm this quiet cheer leader, except when i'm yelling at referees. >> reporter: he coached a freshman soccer team before stepping down in 2010.
8:46 am
>> he's like a mentor and somebody i could look to for advice and his wealth of experience has been an asset for me. >> the players have dedicated their season to chip and have an impressive 17-0-1 record. >> every time we're struggling, we just need a little extra motivation we can look over and see him and realize how lucky we are every day. >> he always has a word of advice. >> you know what he's counting on, right? >> the headline was i'm an inspiirtion to them. it's quite the opposite. i love being here and watching them work hard. the coach sets out high expectations for them. they go for it. i'm inspired by their playing.
8:47 am
>> reporter: you can't count on games ending on a high. >> heads up, boys. >> reporter: but you can count on chip getting you from feeling low. >> you played well. >> reporter: bill rohrer, fox 29 news. >> let's take a live look at delaware. a little gray skies there. of course we have the huge game tonight. would you check out these two guys over here? okay. you're on tv, buddy. he's got a redskins hat on in our town seriously? >> they look like they're friends too. >> send us your eagles pictures. >> dave, what is the weather going to be like for that? >> this is our scale here, goes from awful to great and a lot of the higher end of the scale though. today, tonight, 11:00 pretty good. the temperatures are nice and
8:48 am
comfortable. look at tomorrow though. great weather in the afternoon. if you like the record high temperatures, if you like the snow, you have to wait for the 7-day forecast. could see record highs again tomorrow and getting a little cooler tomorrow night. 50s right now, we'll be holding steady and maybe a little cooler up north. 50s to the south. so certainly a mild day today, not climbing much but not dropping much. what will be changing is the radar here, just a few showers likely here this afternoon, that will be working its way to the south maybe becoming a bit more wide spread overnight tonight. and here they are picked up by this evening, but that area of rain, that will be coming through overnight tonight. that eagles game tonight maybe a shower late but a lot of this happening after midnight and it's gone by tomorrow morning. we have clouds, maybe some patchy fog when you wake up, clearing skies. there's the sunshine. this is what's pushing our temperature up and very warm air coming up from 9 south. it's one day though because this
8:49 am
is a front coming in from the north. that's the cooler air rushing back in. so maybe a heavier shower tomorrow night before the temperatures really drop. monday and early tuesday. this is the look of these temperatures climbing up, these are some hints of yellow there. highs into the upper 60s, close to 70 degrees. our record is in the mid 60s tomorrow. sunday afternoon we're setting a record but by sunday night and monday, here comes that cooler air. 40s and 30s to the north and west. we'll have some more rain there on tuesday once that clears out, that chilly breeze is there on monday. a cooler day wednesday, but a few showers on thursday. happy new year it's colder. 35 in the morning, 43 in the afternoon. so it feels more like it should this time of year. karen? >> what did you get your wife for christmas? >> earrings. earrings. we didn't splurge too much. she loved them. she said they're great for the office. i don't know if that's good or bad. >> what's her name?
8:50 am
>> allison. >> merry christmas. i hope you like your earrings. >> what did you get for people in your life? >> reporter: we hope you had an amazing christmas. i'm hoping that you can forgive your husband. you guys have probably done some messing up. because again we give you the list, we check it twice. we ask you if you've been naughty but the men will mess this up. >> always, totally. women, you should have just bought your gift. >> why don't we have to do anything? >> we can't juggle the kids. >>. >> it's time to forgive them. they messed up, use those gift
8:51 am
cards and go crazy. >> it's your dpault. >> it's not your fault. >> jen cracks me up. she's right. we also got pajamas. and they were a little too comfy. >> what do you mean by that? >> i don't know. maybe a little too classy, older. i'm going to stop talking. >> oh, i get it. this is really cute, this is the perfect gift. a stocking stuffer, babies given their own stockings. coming up why volunteers at one hospital saying they enjoy keeping this tradition going. welcome to the world. >> some people collect baseball cards, others collect model
8:52 am
trains, how about pez dispensers? take a look at this direction of over 4,000 pez candy dispensers. stay right there we're coming right back. mike? janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? he has that dry scratchy thing going on. guess what? it works on his cough too. cough! guess what? it works on his cough too. what? stop! don't pull me! spoiler alert! she doesn't make it!
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8:54 am
we love finding the spectacular high school athletes around the area. fox 29 junior reporter introduces us to our athlete of
8:55 am
the week. >> reporter: i'm nina here with the high school athlete of the week. >> he's one of the guys on the team where you can see players looking to him for direction on the game. for today's student athletes, that's big. they're looking for a role model outside of the program. looking at the leaders that we have, he has the ability to have the players follow. >> reporter: not only is he a leader on and off the field, but his coach said his hard work really paid off his senior year. he had a total of 556 receiving yards, eight touchdowns and made first time all conference. >> any time we needed a big play, whether it was as receiver or returner or defensive back that he was able to come up for us and make that play. >> i try to bring skills and mental ability to do everything that i can to help the team. >> reporter: the coach said one of his biggest moments this
8:56 am
season was an 85-yard point return. he ended up breaking a record. >> spencer is a very aggressive player on the field. there were games when we were looking for someone to pick up on the field. and he shined through. >> reporter: a poll recently voted him the best wide receiver in the cape atlantic league. >> the whole team gets up, the coaching staff gets up it helps keeps the guys motivated. >> my advice is that if you keep working and you strive to be the best, you will be the best. nobody can tell you that you can't do anything. you can do anything that you put your mind to. >> reporter: on behalf of fox 29 i would like to congratulate you on being our high school athlete of the week. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: do you have someone you would like to nominate? tweet us or post it on our facebook page. just using the hashtag
8:57 am
#fox29goodday so we can see it. >> in just over a month our first voters are going to be going to the polls as the 2016 election season will truly get under way. coming up what the candidates are doing to lure younger voters who many people say could decide this election. hey, bill. >> reporter: hey, you know, we're looking for all kinds of deals, karen. but apparently this house, santa's house, is now available. so i'm trying to see if i can get a 75% off investment deal on this. i think he's gone. so we'll see. i'm going to buy this coming up we'll have more information for you.
8:58 am
where do you think you're going? to work, with you. it's taco tuesday. you're not coming. i took mucinex to help get rid of my mucusy congestion. oh, right then i'll swing by in like 4 hours.
8:59 am
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9:00 am
vote in some places. in just about a month. the first voters will be going to the polls as the 2016 presidential election season truly gets under way and candidates are now doing their best to try to get younger voters. good morning to you straight up 9:00 and you caught me there when we were coming back from the break we were talking about santa and we had the tooth fairy come on the same day. >> my middle dude lost his very first tooth. >> i had birthdays the same day. december 24th. the twins. >> i will show a picture, a video. even better. >> and then it was destroyed in like two minutes. >> let's see what we've got for the forecast for today. >> the forecast looks good out there. it's just a few showers out there, first off we step outside, you don't have the fog. a look at love park here, center city philadelphia. the rain that we had yesterday cleared out, just a few showers
9:01 am
today. you but what do you have planned for us today? for that we can go to weekend wendy. sue serio. >> it's a saturday night eagles game and weekend wendy is already with her rain gear. yeah, there is a chance of some rain. philly versus washington, lincoln financial field kick-off around 8:15 and we know there's going to be some tailgating ahead of time. clouds around noon. about 4:00 there will be rain around and it will be a rainy night, at least it looks that way with temperatures remaining in the mid 50s all evening long. >> thanks, sue. it could be holding off until maybe towards the end of the game, but there will be some rain around. there's just a few showers. right now the temperatures are holding steady into the 50s, maybe dropping down a degree or two. a little cooler up north, just a touch warmer to the south. back to 70 as soon as tomorrow.
9:02 am
that will be more records there in the 7-day forecast and it comes with a little more rain. a look at all of that coming up in just a little bit. karen? >> first give you a check of the headlines right now happening now. a shooting investigation in the nicetown neighborhood of philadelphia. this all happened just before 2:00 this morning outside of a bar on the 1600 block of west hunting park. police say two men were arguen when one pulled out a gun and shot the other in the stomach. the victim was taken to the hospital. he is in critical condition. so far no arrests. and police are also investigating a triple shooting. this one happened in north philly. police will only tell us that three people were shot and we'll get you the latest details on that one and pass it along as soon as they come in. and one of the big headlines is it's a big shopping day. there are so many deals and sales happening. maybe you're going to the mall, returning something, maybe you want to go and get some of the
9:03 am
great stuff. bill anderson was going to get santa's house this morning? >> reporter: i'm trying to do a little bit of everything. so i put an offer in on santa's house. i'm waiting to see if they will accept my bid. right now we're just wandering around, talking to people who have made it a tradition to come and shop the day after christmas. lisa is here. you hit the stores early this morning. did you find any great deals jet? >> yes, we did. a lot of the stores had 50% off. we made our exchanges. we didn't have any lines. it's been great. >> reporter: why first thing in the morning? the mall is open all day. why did you get up and get start snd. >> to avoid the crowds. >> reporter: this isn't your last stop. after you leave here you're going to another mall to keep shopping. >> yes. >> reporter: tradition? >> it is a tradition. we've done it every year. >> you said we. who's this we is this. >> my daughter and me. >> reporter: we say that because where's daughter? she's hiding from the camera. so it was okay for her to come out and go shopping but she's
9:04 am
hiding. >> well she rolled out of bed so she doesn't want to be on camera. >> reporter: we appreciate you spending time with us. merry christmas. >> so people are actually having fun. we talked to people who are just walking lapse in the mall. we talked to people who are looking for special deals. we talked to one person who is cynical about it. he said he came to the mall to prove there are not great deals. i don't know if i would set an alarm to get up and do that. overall people are having fun. we can come out and get their shopping done. i feel bad, i left you in there, and i'm getting to do all the stuff that i know you would be enjoying doing. >> actually, i was just saying that bloomingdale's, they have door buster sales like great things that are only at the mall from 8:00 until 1:00. that's another reason so many people are coming out.
9:05 am
>> reporter: you know what's interesting about it, the initial statistics came out and excuse my voice. the initial statistics came out and they said the shopping was a little light for christmas so they have so much inventory that they've got to clear out before they start selling other things. that's why you get 75%, 80% off. they're saying that the deals are going to be insane because they've got to make up for the sales that they didn't have through the christmas season. so we shall see. people should get out and get their deals. >> you go over to the tea store and help your poor throat there. we'll talk to you in a minute. thank you, bill. >> reporter: i'll talk to you soon. >> it is 9:05 right now. some of our nation's struggling heros had a wonderful christmas dinner. there were some local veterans who got some ham and turkey. this was courtesy of a chef from a restaurant who created a go-fund-me page and raised more than $1,000.
9:06 am
he also got blankets. some who are just getting back on their feet say it can be a tough time of year. >> make them feel like they have family again. >> and the veterans were also given other items like toiletries and socks and things they that can use. more than a hundred homeless families and a lot of kids got a christmas they didn't think they were going to get. chosen 300 a volunteer organization had a christmas dinner with gifts and toys in mantua last evening. this all started with a prayer. there were two other events similar to that one held in different areas of the city. josephine was with her family. >> i told them they was going to a gathering and they was going to give out toys and they was going to see other people and
9:07 am
they was excited about it. >> when children wake p in the morning there is no tree and there is no gifts to go under the tree. here at chosen 300 we want to make sure we impact these children's lives in such a significant way. >> and thank you for doing so. they serve 150,000 meals every single year. so we had a christmas where lots of people were outside and they were enjoying it. i saw them out running. i ran and people walking and biking. but folks down in the southeast, this has been a really, really tough weather year for them. they've had so much heavy rain bringing flooding and mud slides to an area that's already reeling from an outbreak of december tornadoes. 15 people have died in mississippi and tennessee and arkansas. weather officials confirmed 20 tornadoes touched down across ten states. >> i'm going to think about that there's people that are not going to go home. they're not going to have a house to go to. >> some of those same weather systems are bringing welcome weather to the west coast
9:08 am
because they've been struggling with the drought there. now the snow pack is higher than average for the first time in years which is great news. >> battle for the millennials. how the candidates are reaching out to voters who may decide the next president. >> reporter: in 2010, danny and her mother launched a baking business from their kitchen. today wicked good cupcakes is a rising success. they ship nationwide and the state of the nation matters to this young entrepreneur. >> being in a small business, i want the next candidate to help all the small businesses out there that are struggling. or who are not struggling. >> reporter: millennials. those who came of age near the turn of the century and beyond
9:09 am
make up the single largest generation in american history, and they are a powerful voting block. in 2008 the youth vote helped secure the white house for then senator barack obama. but. >> the younger members of this generation, those who came of age a little bit later, remember not the movement of the obama campaign in electing the first african-american president, instead they remember 2009-2010 when we had grid lock and recession and we saw their friends, family, neighbors losing things. losing jobs, losing houses. it's a very different angle of which they came of age politically. >> reporter: with a new election cycle under way, the director of polling at harvard university's institute of politics believes the youth vote is up for grabs. but both parties may struggle to earn the trust of millennials. allison is a junior and believes the economy, foreign policy and health care are all important issues. >> grid lock and a lot of
9:10 am
different factors in washington that have made me think i'm not sure what party that i believe in. >> reporter: the vice president of nyu's college democrats questions the priorities of politicians. >> are they representing large corporations, are they representing who's going to cut them the next check or do they really care about the needs of people and what they need to get ahead in this country. >> i'm hoping that a lot of my generation will stand up, make the smart decision and vote for someone who's going to help us out. >> reporter: in 2012, 18 to 29-year-old's game president obama 60% of their vote. but research shows younger millennials are slightly more conservative than their older counterparts. a bit less willing to trust the status quo. he believes the time is right for both parties to reequity with younger voters. >> thank you, molly. we'll talk about a real stocking
9:11 am
stuffer. babies given their very own stockings right after they were born. coming up why volunteers at one hospital say they enjoy keeping this 50-year-old tradition going. and also, this is really fun. a holiday treat unlike any other. where you can find a cake that combines a few holiday favorites all into one. and also, keep sending us your pictures and your komths. this one from brian. this is the italian christmas eve. what a great picture. i love this one. thank you. andrew. don't mind the clouds and mild temps. cute dog. rocking my eagles t-shirt today and winter hot. -- hat. fly eagles fly. we'll be right back. man (sternly): where do you think you're going?
9:12 am
9:13 am
mr. mucus: to work, with you. it's taco tuesday. man: you're not coming. i took mucinex to help get rid of my mucusy congestion. i'm good all day. [announcer:] mucinex keeps working. not 4, not 6, t 12 hours. let's end this coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night... or all day.
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> this is going to be something sentimental we'll always have.
9:16 am
we're very grateful. >> those are so special. look at how crafty they are. they have been giving out more than 5,000 stockings in the past 50 years. >> we've got some light traffic on this saturday. were you headed out at all, dave? >> i'm going to be here because i'm bringing the forecast all day. temperatures are a little cooler. into the 50s, they'll be hold tg steady for now. no more records today but we could have records tomorrow. let's check these temperatures to the south. we're into the mid 50s. how about the new year? we have a weather question. this one comes to us from andrew. >> good morning, karen, dave,
9:17 am
bill and everybody at fox 29 good day weekend. many people are starting to make their new year's eve plan. will we be keeping the shorts weather? no. put those shorts away. you may need them tomorrow. we're looking at much colder weather coming in thursday to friday and next weekend. much colder than what we're seeing now but right about where we should be this time of year. showers around today just a few light ones nothing like what we saw yesterday afternoon right about noon it's cloudy but they start to fill in a bit and there's a period of rain passing by just to our north. overnight tonight maybe impacting part of the eagles
9:18 am
game. impacting you at the mall this morning, well, that's where you'll find bill anderson. >> reporter: this may be a little bit shocking to you. and even with my raspy voice that it's hard work to be this lean. every now and then i like to try some great desserts. >> reporter: the reading terminal market is known for unique shops and food vendors. it's been recognized as one of the best markets in the entire country. among so many vendors, one stands out. the flying monkey bakery for having created a unique dessert that people come from all over the country to check out. it's called the pumple cake. >> it's a two-layer cake.
9:19 am
>> we're going to make our chocolate cake batter and it's a really simple cake. flower and sugar. three different cocoas. so leavenors. >> it's a pie inside a cake. >> we're going to do a little bit of cake on the bottom and we're going to place the pie on top of that cake batter. and we're going to cover it with more cake batter and as long as we're careful, it will stay
9:20 am
pretty much in the center of the cake. now we're going to make our vanilla cake. put all of our dry ingredients here and our wet ingredients
9:21 am
here. we're going to set this on top and give them a little push. >> reporter: there is a rumor that each slice is several thousand calories. >> i can't speak to how many calories because i am not in the health food business. >> it's got apple in it. there's fruit. >> thanks for coming by today. i enjoyed showing you how to make a pumple cake. happy holidays. >> can we eat it? >> sure. let's have a slice. >> how ridiculous is that thing? you sit there and cut through you get a taste of just about everything. and fyi, i got one that i brought into the studio that you and i were supposed to share. lauren and chris ate it. >> that is so funny.
9:22 am
chris is a food stealer. >> i'm going to make sure we'll get one. we'll get one that you and i can share. you can customize it and put whatever kind of pie and cake you want. i think you and i should have a tasting ceremony to celebrate the holidays before we get back into the gym for new year's. >> that looks awesome. 9:22. it can sometimes be a struggle during the holidays when you have your furry friends to travel with them. coming up catering to dogs and their human friends all alone for the holidays. pez dispensers. coming up there's a guy who loves them so much. we'll check that out. we will explain that wall when we come back.
9:23 am
9:24 am
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start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. it is 9:25 but it can sometimes be a struggle during
9:26 am
the holidays to travel with your pets. many feel bad if you have to leave them behind and put them in the kennel. but check out this place. some dogs in texas are enjoying their own special time. even though they're not with their owners, it's the paw-derosa ranch down in san antonio. they get their own version of a christmas feast for the dogs that stay there at the facility. >> their parents are out of town so they've entrusted us with their dogs' care while they're out of town so we thought it would be fun to offer the dogs something special. >> that looks like a grown-up meal. they treat the dogs like family and they're happy they can bring cheer to the pups during this time of year. we always say it's a must-win. our eagles absolutely, positively need to win tonight. coming up, the keys to the game. what the birds need to do. what do you think?
9:27 am
you can use our hashtag #fox29goodday. >> some people collect baseball cards, others collect model trains. but how about pez dispensers? take a look at this collection of over 4,000 pez candy dispensers! stay there. we're coming right back.
9:28 am
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9:30 am
welcome back as we take a live look there at allentown, pennsylvania. let us know what you were doing on this day. use our hashtag #fox29goodday. let's look at some of the headlines. some of our nation's struggling heros retreated to a nice christmas dinner. there were a lot of homeless veterans who came and got a delicious turkey there. courtesy of a chef. he did a great job. he set up this go-fund-me page and he got more than $1,000 and he bought some blankets because that's useful when it gets to be cold. more than 100 homeless families and children also had a celebration that many didn't think they would have. this is a group called chosen 300. this is up in mantua. they had a prayer first and they had the dinner and they got all
9:31 am
the kids to get all of their gifts. there were two other events like this one in different areas of the city. >> weekend wendy is here to tell you it's the last day of christmas village at love park on sunday. so it's your last chance to get some great shopping done. santa is not there anymore. but if you didn't get what you wanted for christmas, this is the best place to do it. it's love park at center city. 11:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. and there is a chance of showers. but we're also going to be at 70 degrees. so just bring the umbrella. happy shopping from wendy. dave? >> thank you, sue. and that would be a record tomorrow. not going to see numbers like that today. we will be stuck in the mid to low 50s. we're at 54 now, that's about where we're stay all day. it's getting cooler to the north. 41 in point pocono, 50s in the north and western suburbs and mid to low 50s to the south. can't really warm up much with the clouds and cooler breeze
9:32 am
setting up and that all changes tomorrow. one thing that will be changing is the radar, a few light showers out to the north this morning. not that rain like we had yesterday. it was steady and heavy for a brief period of time last night. just a few showers around today and it could become a bit more wide spread later today. here's the clock noon cloudy everywhere, a few light showers, and an area of rain will slide through late tonight. this could be impacting the eagles game tonight late in the game, maybe a passing shower. it all clears out by tomorrow and that leads to a very warm temperature. it's in the 7-day forecast and we have some more rain to talk about. i'll have more coming up later. >> how many records have we set this week? >> we set one yet, we'll set one again tomorrow. this month we've had all days above average and five or six days with record high. >> we'll count those up. take a look. something i want to show you.
9:33 am
they are pez dispensers. they're really cool because they're an iconic piece of americana. and there's an interest in collecting them. >> we'll have to get that back up and running again. he's so much fun. right now we're going to try to get it. so what is your favorite pez? in my house we don't have the candies in them anymore. my little baby he calls it nemo and brings it around with him. let me show you another guy who's crazy about them. bob, explain it. >> reporter: it all started as a stocking stuffer, how many years ago? >> 15 years. >> reporter: 15 years ago, a stocking stuffer got george and
9:34 am
maureen his wife here started collecting pez candy dispensers. take a look at their basement over 4,000 pez candy dispensers. i had no idea that there was this many even around. so you got started, your daughter got you started. >> daughter got started, christmas with a stocking stuffer and just went on from there. >> reporter: unbelievable. let's take a look. you have some obviously very rare ones. there's some that even look alike. but you're saying they're all individuals. let's start up here with the ninja turtles. >> 56 different ones. 28 happy, 28 angry. >> val teens day the whole selection here? >> 13 of each and every one has a different saying on it.
9:35 am
>> jack in the box had the ones the the hats on, smurfs. the flyers give aiowa. >> you told me earlier you haven't had a pez candy. >> i haven't eaten one piece of pez candy. >> i'm noisy enough as it is without eating that. >> let's go behind you here, some of the trucks, the tractor-trailers. toys r us, wawa. >> i just got my son a truck wawa the other day after i talked to you and the candy put
9:36 am
him on a sugar rush. come over this side here. i want you to show us probably one of the most rare pez dispensers you have. >> i've got two of them. there's a regular up here from 1950 and i also have an owl whistle which is real rare and very expensive. >> reporter: so this is your little man cave down here. >> yes, yes. yes. >> it doesn't take up a lot of room. he could be collecting other things that took up a lot. he could be collecting race cars, his wife says. george and maureen, thank you so much for inviting us into your home here and good luck with the collection. and i hope santa claus brings all of us a little pez dispenser in the stocking this coming week. >> thanks for coming. >> back to you guys in the studio. >> that is really cool. if you collect something, let us
9:37 am
know. use our hashtag #fox29goodday. how about those birds? they need to win tonight. the keys to the game. what the birds need to do.
9:38 am
mike? janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? he has that dry scratchy thing going on. guess what? it works on his cough too. cough! guess what? it works on his cough too. what? stop! don't pull me! spoiler alert! she doesn't make it! only mucinex dm relieves both wet and dry coughs for 12 hours with two medicines in one pill. start the relief.
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ditch the misery. let's end this. this is really sad how bad the nfc east is. our eagles at 6 and 8 could make the playoffs despite the fact they aren't producing.
9:40 am
at least one eagle is frustrated he isn't playing more. a problem we have only in philly. >> hi, i'm bruce gordon. philadelphia sports teams have never had a whole lot of luck when it comes to signing big name free agents. there have been a whole lot more misses than hits when the eagles, phillies, flyers and sixers have pried away big time free agents from other teams. this year's demarco murray is the latest and arguably painful example. the birds spent $40 million to pry him away from the cowboys. the signing to be blunt has been a disaster. murray has never fit in with chip kelly's offense yifr scheme. he's not fast enough to get to the corner and not strong enough to the plow through the middle. this week produced a new low in
9:41 am
a blow-out loss, murray carried the ball twice for a grand total of three yards. he spent most of the contest standing on the side line modelling his eagles ski cap. then came the fun part. the post game and day after news conferences in which kelly tries to explain why he's given up on his star acquisition. one theory has the birds trying to unload murray at season's end so kelly can't really badmouth him in public. it would diminish his value. really? other nfl executives are that stupid? he tries to insist that murray is part of the regular rotation. but in that cardinal loss, the
9:42 am
birds trio carried the ball a total of 19 times. murray got two of them. that's not a rotation. that's an admission that the eagles latest big-time free agent signing is officially a bust. for his part, murray has reportedly complained about his lack of playing time to the owner. our zone howard eskin reports murray had a brief temper tantrum after that arizona loss. yes, the situation is bad and it's getting worse and only chip kelly refuses to admit it. only in philly.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> it can cost you a lot of money. but karen hepp found some folks who want to teach you how to do it without spending a whole lot of dough. >> reporter: for today's around the house we're going to show you how to patch your walls and how to do it in an hour and for cheap. this old library is now a private house and it needs a lot of work. we brought in some experts to figure out how we can patch and do it on the cheap. >> we have a five-step process. it's going to fix your hole for about $20 and only an hour of your time.
9:46 am
>> let's get started. what's our first it. >> fill it. >> how do we do it? >> make a patch. >> that's just regular drywall. >> go to any supply house and you can buy pieces of it for a couple of dollars. >> why do you do that pattern? >> it's just easier to break it apart. >> what's step two? >> mud it. show me. >> just regular joint compound. >> is there a secret? >> no. you literally just get it on there semi-smooth. >> and now i just push it in? >> yeah, just push it in. then you wipe it tight and it actual actually glues it on. >> what's the next step? >> skim it. >> you make it to where you paint it you don't see it.
9:47 am
>> what's the secret? >> just get it as smooth as you possibly can. >> so if you just skimmed it, how long do we have to wait? >> an hour. >> what's the next step? >> sand it and paint it. >> let's do it. >> last step. >> paint it. >> let's do it. >> you got a small brush, why? >> it's just easier sometimes. >> because you're a big man can handle a little whiz. >> you want to get a good primer so it sticks well. >> how do you make it blend with the rest of the wall? >> you dry roll it. and in dry rolling you run most of your paint off it and uh-uh roll over everything. >> thank you bill. >> thank you josh. >> fill it, spakle it, skim it, sand it, paint it, done.
9:48 am
>> under 20 bucks, one hour? >> yes. >> and we can make everything go from this to this. >> i'm dave warren here with a look at your weather. old city cloudy out there, temperatures have cooled off just a little bit. very little sunshine today. it is a cloudy day a little cooler but we have record highs back in the forecast tomorrow. look at our scale here today looking pretty good. it gets a little better this afternoon and tomorrow is the day where we see those temperatures really climb by 3:00 we could be closer to 70 degrees. got the eagles tonight and record highs tomorrow all looking pretty good but it does drop a little bit by sunday night. some colder air coming in with some rain and a bit of a breeze. right now the temperatures are into the 50s. that's about where they'll stay today. maybe dropping a degree or two. holding steady and climbing overnight tonight and tomorrow. 50s to the south just a little
9:49 am
warmer there. a few showers around but there will be quite a bit more with ultimate doppler and this is the look here as it slides by to our north. we will see that rain become a bit more wide spread by about 10:00, 11:00 tonight. so the end of the eagles game could see a few showers passing by. a bit more of a chance there, heavier up to the north. it will be all rain as the temperatures are well above freezing. showers don't go far away and this is where we see that very warm air coming in. it comes to an end by tomorrow night. pretty active day tomorrow. we'll see the temperature shoot up and drop quickly between 8:00 and 11:00. so there are the record highs. watch the temperatures continue to climb with that bright sunshine. 70s tomorrow. i think we'll be into the upper 60s. close to 70, our record 64. so we'll easily see that hit and it drops as the front moves through, quickly dropping between 8:00 and 10:00 by the time you wake up tomorrow
9:50 am
morning -- monday morning, much cooler here. temperatures will only be into the 40s. so holding fairly steady tomorrow night. tonight. there will be a few showers around late in the day. here are our records tomorrow and the forecast. many locations there in fact pretty much all could easily see record highs tomorrow. allentown has a record of 59 could see that hit early in the day. 68 degrees on sunday. that's what i think we'll see. just a few showers around maybe a little warmer to the south. it gets a little warmer on tuesday but we're looking at a steady period of rain, it will clear out by wednesday and get a little cooler. one or two passing showers on thursday. look at the new year, 35 and 43. feels more like it should this time of year. that's a gusty wind bringing in much colder air. karen? >> thanks so much. you know that sound. we've been saying it all season. but this time we really mean it. the eagles who got akt absolutely pummelled last week
9:51 am
face a must-win situation tonight against the team down in washington. it is do or die. if they lose, this season is over. if they win there's a chance they could make it to the playoffs. even with a potential 7 and 9 record. joining us this morning to break it all down sean bryce. >> desean jackson is back. we know him very well. he put out an instagram post last night saying it's about that time. he's excited for this game. desean jackson against the eagles he's had some success. in last year's december game, he had 1226 yard receiving ultimately the redskins knocked the eagles out of playoff contention. hopefully a bit of a change this year. >> hopefully. what are your predictions for the game? >> you know, look. you just said it when you started the segment. here we are again. they have a chance.
9:52 am
it's such an unpredictable team right now. i would love to sit here and say i believe they're going to win this football game but you don't know what team is going to show up. if they play the defense like they did at the beginning of the season when they were a top 10, they could win this football game, but if they play like they did against the cardinals, they're not going to win because they can't stop the run. you have to stop the rush if you want to win in the nfl. that's it. >> what do you think about what bruce gordon had to say? >> that was interesting because you know what? he nails it. he absolutely nailed it when he said he's a bust. that's's the first time that i really put some feelings behind it this year. i'm not going to get too carried away with the signing because we'll do that in the off season. right now he's healthy if you need a running back, but in the off season we're going to be throwing fits because that's a lot of money they're going to have to move. >> predictions for tonight? >> i don't know.
9:53 am
go birds. there's my prediction. look, i said at the beginning of this week. i just want this season to be over with. here's the bottom line, if the eagles win, the skins will not win this division. we don't want to see anybody win the division except the eagles. go birds. that's where i'm at. >> we want to know. here's our poll question. do you think the eagles will win tonight. vote in our fox 29 instant reaction poll. just tweet using our hashtag. yes or no. we'll bring you results in a couple of minutes. we'll be right back.
9:54 am
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welcome back. it's a gray day. but do not be fooled. we will still have a lot of fun. maybe you'll go to the mall, maybe you'll go outside. maybe we'll have some rain drops on our head. we have some most wonderful viewers and i want to thank you so much because you bring us so much joy and some of you have sent me christmas cards and i want to say it's so special. thank you for doing that. and pictures of yourself. not everyone is on twitter, not everyone is on facebook. dog and cat so thank you for that when we get this one from pat and we also got this one from sylvia and someone send me some cards for the police.
9:57 am
isn't that nice? you can have one. >> are we still in the spirit? no way. we have 50/50. thank you both of you for that voting. let's also share some of your other pictures. super cute. i thought this was adorable. going old school. are these the ones who have their birthday? >> the birthday and christmas and the house is a mess and i got a selfie stick. >> what are their names still. >> evan, lila, asher. >> thank you so much. we appreciate your pictures. i put it on my facebook page that i ended up sending out. so thank you for spending your saturday with us. we hope you have a wonderful day.
9:58 am
god eagles -- go eagles! . we'll see you tomorrow morning at 8:00.
9:59 am
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