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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 29, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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head coach. why the owner may have let him go before the team's final game of the season. also breaking arrest in the theft of propane tanks that raised suspicions of homeland security. your news in 30 seconds. fox 29 news in hd sponsored by x1 from xfinity changing the way you experience tv. ♪ the bombshell announcement tonight. >> seriously. >> chip kelly gone. >> it's about time. >> eagles fans stunned. >> i can't even believe that. >> social media on fire.
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>> it's unacceptable. 100% sent on my shoulder. >> days after missing the playoffs again the eagles let chip go. >> right now less than three seasons after leading the birds chip's got oh find a new gig. decision confused fans calls that baffled a lot of experts and three straight disappointing years without a win in the playoffs. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. lucy noland is off. some tell us tonight they wonder what took the eagles so long to say goodbye to chip we have live team coverage tonight. chris o'connell talking to fans shawnette wilson is looking at the overwhelming response on social media. but first let's start with our howard eskin. >> howard? >> fans, fans wanted him out games ago. fans are impatient. chip kelly no longer the eagles head coach. released to night fired by jeffrey lurie. for many this is a shock but the surprise is the timing. many questioned why with one game left? >> i actually think it
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eliminated the media circus that would have existed after the final game in new york on sund sunday. obviously jeffrey lurie had made up his mind. the decision was made. so why wait? this will be chip kelly's first season as a losing coach in both college and pro kim coming to the eagles the 2013. the town was on fire with excitement. the first two seasons the eagles won 10 games but the last one did not -- last two did not make the playoffs. i hear lurie had been talking to players on the team to get a feel about the way things were going with the head coach. the feedback obviously not good and there became more questions about his personnel decisions and the way the team was being coached. i think the washington loss put icing on the cake witness lurie decision. to the final moments, chip kelly said he was not worried about his job. >> are you worried about job security at all? >> no. it's not good enough, it's not good enough.
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i don't think anybody in my situation would tell you they're worried -- if they're worried about getting fired they probably should have already been fired. >> chip has 13 million coming over it's next two years. nobody likes to be fired obviously. fired was vice-president of player personnel ed manowitz who chip fired. tom donahue a former gm of the buffalo bills will take over in that area. i'll have more and what i think could happen next and that will be coming up in sports. >> howard, thanks. we'll see you throughout this newscast as you continue to track this bombshell tonight. meantime eagles own jeff lurie tip his hats to the fans as he explained tonight's shocker n a letter posted on social media lurie said, i spent the last three seasons evaluating the many factors involved in our performance as a team as i watched the season unfold, i determined that it was time to make a change. he ended the note saying, thank you for your consistent and enthusiastic support. it is always appreciated. chris o'connell talked to fans tonight and said the change had to happen. he joins us live now in south philadelphia.
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chris? >> reporter: iain, when the news came over that chip kelly got fired when it came over the television sets here at chickie's and pete's in south philadelphia, the entire restaurant reported and cheered in approval. well agree or disagree witness decision it certainly came as a bombshell to eagles fans. >> i can't even believe that. >> reporter: to call reaction shocking is maybe an understatement. >> i was completely floored. report after failing to make the playoffs for a second year in a row eagles head coach chip kelly failed to become the revolution coach many had expected. instead, he forced the eagles back to the drawing board and tonight, handed his walking papers. >> i think good riddens g by. >> reporter: after hearing the news at south philly's chickie's and pete's most fans we spoke with approved of the kelly's firing. >> i love it. nothing could have happened better after last year, tossing
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everybody out. bringing in the new guys. hey f they're good, they're go good. but he didn't accomplish a darn thing this year. >> i'm surprised it was before the season ended. it's about time. time to go. >> reporter: good move? >> we'll see. >> reporter: some actually think the eagle pulled the trigger on kelly too fast. >> i still had love for chip kelly. it's only been a year. sure he made a lot of moves but when you're building a franchise from the ground up you got to give him some time. >> reporter: from releasing star players this off season to a lack luster losing season, some say they simply had enough. now, it's on to the next era for the birds. >> he got rid of andy reid. so relieved. chip kelly next. so relieved. the next guy let's say he's not as great they want him to be. another witch hunt. >> reporter: the big question for many fans are asking who will fill chip kelly's shoes. >> some say john gruden.
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another shame sean mcdermott. say bring back andy reid. regardless every who comes back it is going to be very busy season. off season for the eagles and their fans lots to talk about. >> absolutely, chris. all right. thank you. we'll carry owner jeffrey lurie's press conference tomorrow life right here on fox 29 for you at noon. our facebook post has gotten thousands of shares and you flooded our page with comments and did the news break twitter? well within seconds of the tweet the social sight froze. still ahead to shawnette wilson has the best tweets and comments from social media. on your radar tonight, the rain is finally gone at least for now. live look in reading tonight. pretty picture there. dave, we will be warm and dry tomorrow but of course not going to last, right? >> right. most of the day will be warm and dry tomorrow. then things will really start to change. we are looking at some more rain before that we have to get through tonight. very warm to the south still into the 50 there is. 48 degrees in philadelphia. mount pocono up to 37 degrees. had some freezing rain there this morning about quarter inch
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of ice so things are improving there now. clear on ultimate doppler. watching this area here because this is where our next area of rain is approaching from. things look like the timing of this will be later tomorrow evening. so things are quiet until about 6:00 in the morning. then by two, 3:00 o'clock, there's some rain coming up from virginia it's still has a ways to go before it gets here but moving through. looks like the timing will be later tomorrow evening. tonight 39. low clouds. maybe some drizzle north and west. 44 along 95. little warmer to the south at 48 degrees. much colder temperatures in the seven day forecast all the numbers are coming your way in just a little bit. all right. dave, as we look live in wilmington tonight before the rain hits tomorrow night make sure you download the fox 29 news app get live radar and alerts sent right to your cell phone. just look for it in the apple or google play store. the number of people killed in historic flooding in missouri continues to grow. there are now 13 deaths linked to the flooding it's expected to get even worse. five of those deaths were international soldiers studying
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at fort leonard wood in central missouri. their car washed away over the weekend. mississippi river is expected to crest at 15 feet above flood stage later this week. that kind of flooding would be similar to devastating records set back in 1993. a developing story tonight out of the citi' torresdale and frankford neighborhoods. philadelphia police say they have one person in custody in connection with a rash of propane tank thefts. fox 29 was there as police and homeland security officers searched two cars. one along aramingo avenue. the other near the intersection of he'd ham and simon streets. authorities tell us those cars are believed to be connected to the thefts. fox 29 sources also say they roughed most of the stolen tanks at a scrap yard along the 2600 block of wheat chief lane. they're waiting for search warrant. also searchin searching for a sn involve. sources telling us they do not believe the thefts are terror related.
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homeland security getting involved in the mummers annual party on two street. after the mummers strut down broad street the party continues in south philly back near many of their clubhouses. don't bring a backpack though this year. homeland security is working with philadelphia police and ban backpacks on two street. they also promise to enforce underaged drinking and open container laws. you can also expect an increased police presence along the parade route. a war of words over state spending rages on in harrisburg. on one side, an angry gov tour wolf. on the other a doug in republican controlled legislature. today governor wolf gutted their budget which is six months late. public schools will get a little something. fox 29's jeff cole with more on that. >> reporter: gregory young is relieved city schools will open after the holidays and remain that way for the next few months but that's about as far as his good feelings go. >> a lot of schools is missing out on art programs, such as
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after school programs. me personally i feel like my kids really it's tough for the kids -- beyond my kids is going to suffer if the school don't get better. >> reporter: governor wolf isn't happy either. >> tow simply left town before finishing their job. >> reporter: wolf locked in a nasty budget standoff with legislators opened the money tap just a trickle tuesday to fund public schools and human services but then launched a broad side on republicans in harrisburg. >> i am expressing the outrage that all of us pennsylvanians should feel about the garbage the republican legislative leaders have tried to dump on us much this budget is wrong for pennsylvania. >> reporter: the first term democrat blue lined hacked away big chunks of a $30.3 billion budget dropped on his desk as an unwanted christmas gift by the republican controlled legislature just before the holiday. wolf and legislators have been battling over spending for a record setting six months in the impass was threatening the opening of some public schools
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in the new year. >> this is no way to run a public education system. >> reporter: the superintendent of philadelphia schools says he fully supports wolf's fight to pump up money for public education. but feels the drip drip drip approach to funding just doesn't work. >> we have 203,000 public school children in philadelphia that are still showing up every day that must be educated, and when you don't have the ability to say, we can educate you through this year, with these resources, then that is very challenging. >> reporter: house chair of the appropriations committee republican bill day adolph of delaware county is confused by wolf's cuts. he's gutted some important health related programs but he's ready to return to harrisburg to keep talking. he's just a phone call away. in the newsroom, jeff cole, fox 29 news. deputes on the chase. a van in front weaving in and out of traffics to ago chainsaw out of the truck watch they're
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accused of of stealing that sparked this chase. teen too spoiled to go to jail after a crash that killed four people. on the run for weeks. finally caught. what cops say he did before taking off for mexico. plus promises to f what you've broken or chipped. fill in any cracks and makes it feel brand new in just second. what happens when we put the laser bond to the test. >> look at that face. why so sad. you'll understand when you see what little jasper ate that la landed him in the emergency ro room. >> we're still following breaking news after failing to make the playoffs two years in a row, the eagles release head coach chip kelly the overwhelmingly response on social media coming up next.
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♪ breaking news that stunned the sports world tonight. and the city of brotherly love. eagles head coach chip kelly is out. >> tonight tweet from the eagles announcing the decision nearly shut down twitter. from quotes to memes many of you voice are your opinions on social media. >> philly fans are not shy. let's just say they are not holding back on their feelings about this firing. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us from our newsroom tonight. twitter is on fire shawnette. >> reporter: right. where else do you go to say what you want and how you want? at one point we couldn't even get on social media it was that jammed. and then in this case there parent system no shame in rejoicing in someone's down fall especially when that person was
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the head of our not so flying high eagles. >> social media is a buzz with likes than dislikes on the firing of eagles head coach chip kelly fans aren't holding back about the decision to let him go before the last game of the season. on our fox 29 facebook page, the breaking a nouns many has thousands of likes and thousands of shares. keegan tate posts facebook needs an i'll drink to that button. michelle says it doesn't matter who the eagles get as coach they'll always be losers. tell us how you really feel michelle. terry gibbs says, problem is much deeper than chip kelly but you all keep believing otherwise and anita turner posts didn't think would it ever happen. now that it has maybe we can rebuild the team he destroyed. turning to twitter chip kelly is trending with hundreds of thousands of tweets. feel bad for chip kelly how he got fired. just remember how he handled players such as desean jackson. matt mccall tweets hash tag eagles wow! chip kelly fired. the experiment over.
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someone else had a little sympathy. rare for us diehard bird gang. they tweeted despite being against the higher of chip kellly from day one i never enjoy someone getting fired. been there before. good luck at eagles and hash tag kelly. and the most fun, the memes. donald trump, chip kelly, you're fired. this one the chip ship has sailed. it was only a three-year tour. and last but not least, who didn't see this coming? steve harvey, congrats chip kelly on your four year extension. i think that one came immediately after the announcement. keep your comments coming we'll be talking about this tomorrow morning on good day starting at 4am. dawn, of course, mike jerrick i'm sure will be fired up on the topic. >> he's already on twitter instagram and facebook on this. so tomorrow the coverage continues. it continues online as the future of the team plays out jut head on over to fox new surveillance video released today shows the man wanted by philadelphia police for robbing a rite aid. it happened christmas day on the
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1900 block of fairmount avenue. that's in fairmount. police say store workers approach the man when they suspected him of shoplifting soap. that's when investigators say the guy pulled out knife and threatened employees. he did get away thankfully no one was hurt. six people sent to the hospital after a bad car crash in the wissahickon area today. philadelphia police say three cars were involved in this accident on lincoln drive at the henry avenue bridge this is about 12:30 this afternoon. we still don't know exactly what caused the accident but it sure backed up traffic as well. dupont is moving ahead with job cuts before its merger with dow chemical. dupont says it will cut 1700 jobs in its home state of delaware and thousands more globally at the beginning of 2016. the company announced earlier this month that they would join to create a giant chemical producer. at that time dupont announced $700 million cost savings and restructuring program. the company has approximately 54,000 employees worldwide and
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says the restructuring program will affect about 10% of that work force. meet jasper this cute little puppy from our area has his owner in a panic over the holidays. little guy just stop eating and he got sick every time he tried. >> off he went to the vet where doctors discovered what was inside the pup that could have killed him. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live in northeast philadelphia and is a bean narcotic let's hope jasper is feeling little better tonight. >> reporter: iain, he is doing much better. he's walking around like nothing even happened. now it took doctors weeks to figure out exactly what was wrong with this little guy. when they got the x-rays back, they could not believe their eyes. >> all of a sudden, jasper couldn't keep this food down. he started throwing up after every single meal. >> reporter: this is jasper, and this is why the six month old dog is hanging his head in the cone of shame tonight. for giving his own are in michael you recall lick quite the scare. >> i was worried sick as soon as i saw the x-rays i was devastated.
10:19 pm
i lost it in the waiting room. >> i've seen dogs eat a lot of strange things. this is probably one of the biggest things i've seen a dog be able to swallow and to swallow one of them and then decide he wanted to eat the other one as well. >> reporter: 72-pound pup somehow gulped down two large inflatable toy balls. he was sick for two weeks. all through christmas. jasper's usual vet couldn't diagnose the problem. doctors at veterinary specialty and emergency center in levittown stepped in and just the nick of time. >> he was going to pass away within a week. he would have died of starvation because the balls were actually lodged in his stomach. >> reporter: now, just days after surgery, the mischievous pup is thriving. all be a few toys lighter. >> very friendly. he'll run up and start giving you kisses and licking your face. just a really happy dog. >> reporter: michael is of course relieved the house is now purged of any bite sized toys
10:20 pm
which in jasper's case anything smaller than a grapefruit. michael does have a hefty vet bill of course dawn he says it was well worth it. >> lucky dog sabina. thank you. four guys crash pickup truck through the front door of a sam's club and then they race and side. the one thing they were after that police think their selling out on the streets now. this dad standing up for dads everywhere. what he couldn't find while out shopping that forced him to walk out empty hasn'ted. plus -- >> mike tyson knocked out, yes, by a lover board but someone in the room warned just before tyson went down. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. even though we're in that holiday week the work crews haven't taken the week off. you'll find some delays along 422 out near trooper. they'll be working tomorrow out
10:21 pm
on the turnpike near king of prussia. same deal here on 295 in the 42 freeway in bellmawr and if you're using the city buses and trollies all this week, keep in mind they're running oh on a modified schedule through thursday. when is this rain going to end and the sunshine return? i'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning. sue will have the answer when we join you at 4:00.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪
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former glee star under arrest facing disturbing charges. los angeles police arresting mark on felony charges of possessing child pornography. the actor who played puck on the show is currently being held on $20,000 bail. this isn't his first run in with police. the actor was sued for alleged sexual battery. he denied the claims and the case was settled. the texas teenager who was serving probation for killing four people in a drunk driving wreck is in custody in mexico. >> he'll be returned to the u.s. ethan couch was arrested in the mexican resort town of puerto vallarta with his mother. the two disappeared on december teppth after couch failed to show up for a meeting with his probation officer. back in 2013 couch was driving drunk when he crashed and killed four people. his lawyer argued that because he was spoiled as child that the teen didn't know right from wrong. he got off with probation. officials say leaving the country was not spur of the
10:25 pm
moment. >> they had planned to disappe disappear, they even had something that was almost like a going away party before they left town. >> reporter: officials say the longest couch could be held for under texas law would be 120 days on the probation violation. a white chicago police officer pleads not guilty in the 2014 murder avenue black teenager. jason van dyke faces six counts of first degree murder and one of official misconduct in laquan mcdonald's death. there has been huge public out cries since dash cam video released last month. teenager armed way 95 was veering away officers when van dyke opened fire. three young lives cut short in one car accident. months later, no one is under arrest. tonight how families and friends are demanding justice. >> deputes on a wild chase. the van in front weaving in and out of traffic. tossing a chainsaw out of the trunk truck. were they're accused of of
10:26 pm
stealing that started this chase. dave? >> more rain in the forecast. not here yet. ultimate doppler is clear but it's this area of rain across the southeast that will impact part of your day tomorrow. i'll tell you when coming up in the forecast good dave, thanks. stilling breaks news tonig tonight. with one game to go and the bird out of the playoffs tonight the eagles fire chip kelly. tell us what you think using the hash tag fox 29. ♪
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♪ completely floored. >> i say good riddens. goodbye. >> he didn't accomplish a darn thing this year. >> i'm surprised it was before the season ended. yeah, it's about time. eagles fans stunned and relieved. the shocking announcement tonight chip kelly is gone. >> let's get right over to fox 29's howard eskin. lots to talk about, howard. >> in the last few weeks i thought this was better chance of happening than not. yes, chip kelly fired tonight by the owner jeffrey lurie. the loss to washington was the final statement but i really think in what i had heard that jeffrey lurie had made up his mind before the washington game
10:30 pm
and there was no reason to wait until after the game on sunday. also, fired vice-president of player personnel ed manowitz. the search will start and conducting that will be jeffrey lurie. the president don schmolenski and howie roseman. i have been told that lurie had been talking to some of the players to get a feel for the way things were going with chip kelly. all right. so now you look back. i think it started last season when they lost three of their last four games didn't make the playoffs after starting the season a nine and three. another problem was the inconsistent see with the team this year. they hadn't been playing well from the end of lat year through this year. kelly personnel decisions had been a problem. the team was going backwards. here's the record of chip kelly one game short of three seasons with the eagles. 26-21 in three seasons. remember his first two seasons were 10 win seasons. as the eagles head coach. he missed the playoffs the last two seasons. and that was a big problem. you will see many reasons that
10:31 pm
people speculate on social media why he got fired much it's obvious the team was going nowhere. was not going forward. and jeffrey lurie to his credit didn't procrastinate on making the move. a look at the career of chip kelly and what could happen moving forward and that's coming up later in sports. >> all right, howard, thanks. see you and that. you can watch jeff lure row's pre conference tomorrow at noon right here on fox 29. tonight a call for remembrance and justice. it's been more than five months since horrific crash killed three young people in northeast philadelphia. the victims families vowing to keep their memories alive and make sure those responsible face the consequences. a vigil even held earlier today. >> fox 29's dave schratwieser spoke to friends and family still trying to cope. >> devastated three families. >> reporter: for erin gonzales it's been five long months since her 17-year-old daughter yvette and two young friends lost their lives in a suspected street racing accident.
10:32 pm
>> it's hard. i had to go through my daughter's birthday in september without her. i had to go through thanksgiving without her. i had to go through christmas without her. >> reporter: wearing t shirts bearing the three victims names and pictures they gathered at this restaurant where the three met that fatal night from there the large crowd marched to this sunoco station where the driver of the car, the victims were in, christopher bloom field stopped to talk to some friends just before the horrific crash. >> peace, just, you know, to let them know that we haven't forgotten and their lives are very important. >> today we're just trying to, um, get justice for the three kids that were killed that night. >> reporter: the mourners fish finish their walk at the spot where the 2007 acura left the roadway and crashed into this degree filling the two teenaged girls and trapping hernandez in the vehicle. bloom field walked away and showed up later at a local
10:33 pm
hospital. >> such a horrific crash for him to walk away. >> justice. >> accident investigators continue to work on the case with the district attorney. but so far no charges have been filed. police found a second car and identified that driver in the suspected street racing incident. relatives and friends of the victims want justice and they want their loved ones remember remembered. >> very, you know, sweet boy, very, very sweet. >> we just want justice for the kids. >> reporter: mourners vowed to continue to hold vigils until this case is resolve. a spokesman for the did he say track attorney would not comment further on the investigation or offer a timetable on when that investigation might be conclud concluded. in north philadelphia, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. ♪ on your fox 29 radar, at least we're starting to dry out a bit. >> exactly. all right. here's dave warren. >> a little bit. yeah, more rain in the forecast but nothing like we saw last night and this morning.
10:34 pm
this will be all rain. not much now so the timing of this will be later tomorrow. ultimate doppler will track this and show you exactly when we'll see this rain developing first of all overnight tonight cloudy, cloud dough tomorrow right about 4:00 o'clock maybe just part of the rush hour tomorrow afternoon and evening. see a few light showers coming through. little heavier by about six, 7:00 o'clock. more to the south. again this is not a solid area just seeing passing showers throughout the evening tomorrow. no mix pick up here. warm enough where it's all rain and clearing out after 8:00 o'clock. by midnight, just off the coast maybe a few lingering showers there along the coast of new jersey. it clears up by thursday morning. this is where we get this change here. because we're looking at colder temperatures coming in. the rain wednesday evening. it clears out. it ends overnight but gets colder with a gusty wind on thursday. the temperatures are into the upper 40s now. but they'll be dropping throughout the day on thursday. here we go thursday by 1:00 o'clock. into the 50s. and then dropping down into the
10:35 pm
upper 40s by seven, 8:00 o'clock so the warmest part of the day could be right about noon with a little bit of sunshine if you're out thursday evening, i'm sure a lot of you will be, new year's eve look for temperatures to stop drop into the upper 30s by midnight. little colder bite end of the evening. then things shape up for the new year. get this pattern we're this stays pretty the same out west and that will lead to some colder days with a gusty wind starting new year's eve and not much changing after that. so our highs will be right about where they should be this time of year. new year's eve, 53 down to 48 down to 39. the warmest part of the day will be right about noon. friday, saturday, and beyond, only into the upper 40s. so what to expect tomorrow? 44 with some clouds and fog. little bit of sunshine up to 48. that rain holds off until about, say, six, 7:00 o'clock and we'll continue till about midnight. we'll put evening rain in the forecast tomorrow. the temperatures are little reversed on thursday. warm in the evening but 39 in the afternoon.
10:36 pm
temperature will ring in the new year. once we're in the new year 40s, low 40s and upper 20s for low temperatures actually where we should be. >> exactly. >> spoiled. >> all right. dave thank you. four guys crash their pick up trucks through the front door avenue sam's club and race inside. the one thing they were after that police think they are selling out on the streets. and get a gift card over the holidays? you'll never use. the deals target is offering to get you in the door.
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♪ these some are determined thieves. they meet up at this georgia sam's club and ram their truck through the front door. employees inside call 911 as the four guys run into the store. their after one thing. big tv's. they carry a bunch of them out. load them on to the truck. then they go back in for more. the guys get away before the cops got there. police think they are trying to sell those tv's on the street. >> in your money did someone give a gift card for the holidays you know you're never going to use? well target has potential deal for you. chain is willing to exchange your unwanted gift cards for some of their own at a reduced price. more than 600 brands are involved including old navy,
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cheesecake factory, staple and more. fees will be taken out during the he can change for example $100 wal*mart gift card can be exchanged for $85 target card. other trade in values will vary. >> crying baby with dirty diaper that's always a stressful situation for a parent. >> it is he is special physical you're not close to home. that's exactly what happened to one maryland dad while doing some holiday shopping at may see' the father needed to change his son's diaper but when he went into the restroom he couldn't find a changing table. after an exhaustive search of the store he just eventually left not want to go walk around with a baby in a stinky diaper. instead of just venting his frustrations to family members this dad decided to take his concerns right to the top. >> i couldn't find a changing table at that point i was stuck because unless the baby is content, i wrote a letter to the chairman. it like to take it to the top. >> he wrote a letter to macy's ceo and he got a response.
10:41 pm
only not only did macy's add changing tables to men's restrooms it revamped the rooms and gave this dad a gift card for all hits trouble. >> depth piece on wild chase. the van in front weaving in and out of traffics ting chainsaw out of the trunk. what they're accused of of stealing that started this cha chase. plus, it promises to fix what you've broken or chipped, phil if any cracks and make it look just like new in seconds. what happens when we put the laser bond to the test. >> and -- mike tyson knock out by a hover board. what someone in the room just before iron mike went down.
10:42 pm
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10:44 pm
♪ a trip to pick up some lawn care equipment turns into a high speed chase. >> that's because deputes say the couple stole it all. dash cameras caught the chase outside atlanta. deputes caught up to the man and woman right after they allegedly stole several things from low pozs. suspect going more than 100 miles an hour. at one point investigators say the pair started dumping what they took a chainsaw, leave blower bouncing down the road. the suspects finally crashed in
10:45 pm
one family's front yard. both ran from the scene. deputes found the woman but the man got away. a georgia woman thinks quick thinking may have saved her life in the middle of a violent sexual assault. clayton county dispatcher dionne thai smith says yesterday morning he got one of the worst calls ever of his career. a woman in desperate need help. she said she was kidnapped and attacked. the victim says her attacker forced her to call her boyfriend so he could hear her being assaulted. but instead she called 911. pretend it was her boyfriend to fool at tack kershaw able to give the dispatcher her locati location. >> just go with the flow. that's when -- you have to improvise. when you're a dispatcher not everything will be written down. not severing in black and white. >> suspect is in jail tonight after he was denied bond. he is facing numerous charges including rape. michigan woman the target of a purse snatcher thanks to good samaritan she gets that purse back. it happened outside detroit where police say as a woman got
10:46 pm
in her car man pulled up, stopped his car and got out. investigators say he took the woman's purse and hopped back in his car before he took another woman who saw the whole thing jumped in to help. she ripped off the bag off the crook and police are now on the hunt for that man. >> quick fix advertised to be permanent solution to broken items around your house using uv light and plastic to the makers of lazer bond say it couldn't be easier. leally? fox's steve noviello finds out if this is a deal or a dud. >> reporter: things break all the time. if you're tired of time and the unmatchable mess -- >> what you need is laser bon. >> reporter: the makers of lays is bond say when it comes to repairs, the fix is in. >> i just hope it work. >> reporter: clayton allen has -- >> we have a porcelain lidded dish. >> reporter: plenty of prices pieces. >> i believe it was packed very
10:47 pm
poorly during a recent move. >> reporter: to put back together. this peace of glass unfortunately is probably seen better days. >> reporter: professional repair could be costly. >> well over a hundred dollars. >> reporter: others can't he replaced. >> from 1986 cadillac that the ass ashtray broke. you can get these parts any mo more. >> reporter: lazer bond isn't an adhesive it's a lick washington, d.c. plastics to fixes virtually anything in as little as three seconds. it won't even stick to our fingers. the secret is the uv light that causes the liquid to cure hard as rock. and listen to the reaction. >> crazy. >> when clayton and his friend cole used lazer bond to taj a metal hook to a block of wood it. >> seems to be very secure. >> amazing. >> i totally thought this was going to be some kind of a scam. >> reporter: when we tried to move on to the handle of this handbag it failed. on clay upon ton's prized car
10:48 pm
part we tried to zest its test its filling claims. at first it seemed to stick this part did here but a little loo loose. but then it completely came apart. >> i was really hoping this would correct itself but obviously you can't see, you know, it just didn't catch. >> reporter: remember that hook on the wood board? if we can use -- oh, no. maybe i'm really strong. >> i think we need our money back. >> reporter: it fell al part, too. so what gives? well, the seal for one thing. as for the ad -- >> in just three seconds you have a permanent repair that lasts. >> reporter: in the commercial, the fix is in in three seconds or less. in the instructions -- >> here it says 328 so you've got a window. >> we used the light for the full eight seconds in all of our tests and it still didn't work in as little as three seconds. while on tv the product performs instantly. not so once you get it home.
10:49 pm
>> allow bond to cool before handling. >> how long? who knows? it doesn't say. when it comes to laser bond our testers are saying this. >> would you waste i don't know mr. on it? >> oh, no. >> i wouldn't either. >> it's a dud. >> steve noviello, fox news. we've all seen the video of hover boards bursting into flames but that's the only danger. scott reid fell on his first try scattering his leg in several places. after trips to the hospital and surgery, his medical bill is $100,000. >> there's 14 screws going every which way to try and screw it altogether. >> i'd hate to see little kids wind up in the hospital like this, too. >> reports like these are come from all over the country just before christmas the consumer product safety commission reported a 35% spike in injuries connected to hover boards even world famous athletes are having
10:50 pm
problems balancing on these things. >> take look at the video mike tyson posted to his instagram account this afternoon. >> ouch! that had to hurt. you can hear someone in the background saying daddy, i don't want to you fall but tyson ends up on his back side. he posted this today with the hash tag knock out. mike tyson breaks back and i'm too old for this. >> he definitely is. so far the video has more than 100,000 likes and tens of thousands of comments. be careful on those hover boards out there. definitely. you know it's amazing that a lot of eagles players around the complex -- >> really. >> i can't believe they haven't crashed into each other. >> it's unbelievable. the eagle made a change at the top tonight. no more chip kelly as the head coach of the eagles. so why did the eagles make the move now to fire chip kelly? that's coming up in sports.
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♪ as we've heard throughout the evening, chip kelly is no longer the head coach of the philadelphia eagles. released nice way to say he got fired tonight bite owner jeffrey lurie. for many this is a shock. but the surprise is the timing. now many question why with one game left. i actually think it eliminated the media circus that would have existed after the giants game on sunday. i have been told lurie had spoken to a few players on their thoughts about chip. i thought he lacked player discipline as well those are my thoughts. jeffrey lurie made his decision on why wait. also, released of his job was the vice-president of player personnel he had manowitz. eagles said their search for new head coach will be presented by the president schmolenski, jeffrey lurie and howie roseman. a look back. >> ♪ he came to philadelphia from oregon in january of 2013.
10:55 pm
with his up tempo style he thought would change the game. >> one thing that attracts him about the roster is the youth. one of the youngest teams in the league. >> first game was a success. eagles scored 33 points and beat the redskins they won 10 games that year and won the nfc east. but after that season, kelly raises eyebrows when he releases wide receiver desean jackson. the season starts nine-three. but the eagles stumbled down the stretch. they lose three straight games in late november and december and missed the playoffs. the off season that followed would be one of the most memorable in eagles hit reach five days after lurie says howie rose map is still his general manager -- >> is that a question? >> yes. >> yes. >> he reverses field and gives control of personnel to kelly. kelly rewrites the eagles roster. >> i didn't go in with a plan saying we need to make all these
10:56 pm
maneuvers. >> gone is quarterback nick foles in is sam bradford. >> i think any quarterback would love to play for chip and his offense. >> he trades running back to the bills. >> not a negative way but just different. more like college feel. >> you start chasing perception you got a long life ahead of you son. >> he adds 2014 rushing champion demarco murray. i fell this was a great opportunity for hee to win a super bowl. >> but the eagles never get above 500 in 2015. grumblings come from the locker room including from murray who complains to lure row about the way he's being used. >> there's so many things that are written and said now a days it's ridiculous. i think a lot of times we just chuckle and laugh to be honest with you. >> alive for the division title they lose 38-24 to washington assuring kelly of his first losing season as head coach. >> it's all on my shoulders.
10:57 pm
it's the same thank i said a year ago. unacceptable. >> jeffrey lurie live at noon here. think of the names chris balla ballard, ryan eighty six son for possible general managers. >> all right. >> thanks for watching that. will do it for us for now. >> mega million lotto drawing is up next. good luck. ♪
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