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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  December 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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of the biggest celebrity trials ever. we have live team coverage for you tonight. fox 29's jeff cole talking with members of the temple community reacting to charges against the man once known as america's favorite dad. let's begin with dave schratwieser who was there when the need yann walked into a montgomery county courtroom this afternoon. dave? >> reporter: dawn, the charges were filed today just days before the 12-year statute of limitations in this case was due to run out. cosby was in court this afternoon to face the charges then had he brought here to cheltenham township police headquarters to be fingerprinted and photographed for a mug shot. looking frail 78-year-old bill cosby said nothing as he was escorted into court in his hometown of elkins park. charged with aggravated indecent assault in an incident at his nearby home. >> mr. cosby, you want to say anything?
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>> these charges stem from a sexual assault that took place on an evening in early 2004 at mr. cosby's home in cheltenham township. >> reporter: cosby stands charged with assault andrea couldn't stand a former temple university director of operations for the women's basketball team. she contends she was inappropriately touched during one encounter at cosby's home. then drugged and sexually assaulted in another instance. cosby has told investigators the encounters were consensual. >> charge today's are filed as a result of new information that came to light in july of 2015. statute of limitations in this type of case is 12 years. >> reporter: charges say cosby gave the victim three blue pills and wine. she felt rubbery and like jelly. she said her vision became blurry and dizzy. she says cosby fondled her from behind put his hands in her pants and sexually assaulted h her. >> mr. cosby, did you drug that woman? >> when you look at the case,
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there is a number of aspects that are undisputed. >> reporter: dozens of women have come forward to accuse cosby of drugging and molesting them but this is the first time cosby has faced criminal charg charges. he is expected to mount a vigorous defense the da made this public plea. >> we ask that anyone that has any information regarding any similar incidents with mr. cosby come forward. >> reporter: now, cosby's attorney brian mcmonagle issued a statement saying the criminal charge was unjustified and his client will be exonerated. cosby was released on million dollars bail after posting $100,000 or 10%. he faces preliminary hearing january 14th coming up at 6:00 new details on the case against bill cosby. dawn? >> all right. dave, thank you. today's developments the latest chapter in a profound fall from grace for one of temple university's most iconic alumni. tonight members of the
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philadelphia's temple community are reacting to news that has left people around the country in shock. jeff cole is in the newsroom tonight with what people are saying. jeff? >> dawn, there was a time in the city in which temple university simply couldn't get enough of bill cosby. he was a proud graduate, a big donor and held positions at the the very seat of university power. tonight that's all disappeared and with it at least for now bill cosby's reputation. on north broad in the shadow of temple university the number three bus pulls up. those jumping off and climbing on for the ride over to theyrd street were mostly stunned by the news. >> maybe -- babe they charged bill cosby. >> reporter: hugh talking to? >> wrong is wrong. >> debra stafford to learn kill cosby had been charged. >> it's a disgrace to our race. african-americans. >> reporter: why? >> because he's in the black history book somebody you
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supposed to look up and you doing stuff like that and you've been doing it all this time. >> reporter: bill cosby in 1971 temple graduate and university has long been linked in a relationship that's been good for both. but as the wave of sex assault allegations crashed over the aging entertainer, temple like many others backed away. >> born and raised in north philly. out of here. get him out of here. >> reporter: wednesday, near campus, there was dismay. >> he thought he wasn't going to, um, you know, wasn't going to get caught. that's why. he a prominent figure out here. he shouldn't have never did it. >> reporter: disappoint. >> yeah, i'm disappointed. he owns temple as a matter of fact might as well say, you know. that's wrong. >> reporter: the devon, pennsylvania, attorney for alleged victim declined an on camera interview the lawyer thanked the montgomery county district attorney for the courtesy they had shown their client. the prosecutor says he expects her to work with them in the criminal case.
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back at temple, disbelief. >> it's pretty mind blowing. i mean, you know, america's dad, you know, it's pretty crazy stuff. i know that he was really connected with temple universi university. so i'm sure -- there aren't too happy people about this. >> reporter: some new the campus were clearly angry this day. others distraught over the fall of the man who many believe has done so much for the city of his birth. i'm jeff cole. iain, back to you. >> jeff, thank you. meanwhile the lawyer representing 29 other women who say cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them says that they would would be willing to testify against him. attorney gloria allred held a news conference in los angeles this afternoon while the criminal case brought in montgomery county today happened within the statute of limitati limitations, allred says the statute has already expired for many of her clients. nevertheless, she says they are ready to help the prosecution. allred called today's developments historic.
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>> this unprecedented. with so many women who allege that they are victims of one rich powerful famous man to have spoken out in the 40 years of law practice that i've been engaged in, i never seen anything like this. >> all that being said, i was read says she believes cosby deserves a fare trial and that she and her clients are looking forward to a just result. we of course will have continuing coverage of this story throughout our newscast. later in the show a local attorney will talk about what the next several months will look like for cosby and keep checking for constant updates as soon as news breaks. clouds and lots of gray skies today in your fox 29 weather authority. those looking for some sunshine one last time in 2015, well, you may have to wait until tomorrow a live look at allentown tonig tonight. all is calm but there is some rain on the way. meteorologist dave warren following that and what's on tap for new year's eve. dave? >> you have to wait until tomorrow, dawn, for that sunshine.
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we have fairly mild day today and a fairly mild night. but we have got rain moving in. still a little cooler across the lehigh valley there's patchy fog there. cleared up in philadelphia to 52 and just trying to warm up a bit to our south. temperatures are into the mid to low 50s. patchy fog with reduced visibles but i look at a few traffic cameras that fog is just off the ground so roadways are clear but you see that patchy fog fairly low. still you could run into reduced visibles from reading all the way up 32 allentown and mount poke known we could see more patchy fog tonight. now the big thing this evening is the rain moving in. ultimate doppler tracking all this rain to our south. it's trying to work its way north but at the same time it's moving east. little heavier to the south but a few showers hold together where it does move through our area. timing of this looks like it's between seven and 9:00 o'clock just a few light showers devel developing. maybe a little heavier by 10 or 11:00 o'clock. by midnight all moving out and clearing out. look at the skies. starting to clear up with a little sunshine in the forecast tomorrow that will try to warm our temperature up a bit but not
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having much luck. i'll explain a little bit later in the seven day forecast. >> dave, thank you. happening now, another big story tonight. a bold move ends in failure for the philadelphia eagles. it's a story you heard first right here on fox news at 10:00 o'clock last night. the team officially releasing head coach chip kelly. today the team's owner speaking about that bold decision. >> now the big question, what happens next for the eagles? our sports department keeping you informed tonight. we've got live team coverage for you. sean bell here in the studio with reaction from some of the players let's start with sports anchor how war eskin live at the eagles novacare center in south philadelphia. howard, you were at the press conference this afternoon held by team owner jeffrey lurie. what are his plans now for the team. >> obviously they've already started. what's incredible they've already started that's why they did this before the season was over. they've already started the search for a new head coach and those are their plans, and i honestly think it's going to be an offense seven coordinator from another team. somewhere along the way tonight will identify who i think could
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be one of the names. but it was an interesting news conference. jeffrey lurie i thought spoke honestly at the news conference and it was a decision by jeffrey lurie that wasn't made spur of the moment much that's what i think people have to understand. there was a report which what inaccurate, boy, that's a shock, that said in the meeting yesterday it got heated and that's when jeffrey lurie fired him. nothing to that effect. it was over time. i think he made the decision over the last couple of weeks but jeffrey lurie said -- didn't say this but i know from friends he was relieved but in the end, he said his decision was made over time. >> this was really a three-year evaluation. three-year evaluation of where we're heading, what is the trajectory, what is the progress or lack thereof? and what did i anticipate for the foreseeable future? and that's why the decision was made. >> reporter: you made some other good points during the news conference. we'll get to that later in this
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newscast, but i also want to clear up something else jeffrey lurie cleared it up. this decision was not because he talked to demarco murray and dee marrow murky didn't think chip was the kind of coach that could lead this team forward. so let's clear that up. and i did believe it or not spoke to chip within the last hour. i met with chip, and i'll share some of that. what i can. i'll share some of that coming up later in the newscast. back to you guys. iain. >> look forward to that, howard. thank you. offensive card nader pat shower her will be the interim head coach when they play giants. he ran practice for the players trying to take in what happened. sean bell is here now with their thoughts on the release of their head coach. sean? >> we all new something was going to happen. we knew someone was going to be fired but the timing that was the shocker. owner jeffrey lurie said he wanted to get a head start even the players were just surprised. lurie has never fired a head coach before the season was ov over. that's just not how he does things.
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he said, he met with a bunch of players before he made the decision. which would add note that but did he have a meeting with the guys after. this season was a train wreck. players new something was going to happen but the timing, again, just very surprising. >> i would just say surprise factor, um, you know what i mean, i thought we had really good practice yesterday. he broke us down after practice, and, you know, everything was normal and for it to happen last night i think it kind of surprised everyone. >> i found out probably like the majority of everybody else. i found out last night around 7:00 or six -- yeah, 7:15 on my phone. then i was just -- i was really surprised when they did it. >> i knew something was going to happen but i didn't think it was going to be this dramatic especially at this time during the season. last week of the season but i understand why. >> none of the players new beforehand. they just found out just like we did on the phones, via text message from friend. just watching tv.
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just very surprised at doing with one game left. later in sports we'll talk about how they look at their futures with this team. iain? >> all right, sean, thank you. meantime back to some weather devastating flooding leaving awake of destruction across the midwest. straight ahead the desperate effort to save residents before the water rises. captured after being on the run for weeks. it looks like the affluenza teen and his mother will be in mexico a little longer than expected. the new twist that's causing a delay in their return to this country. plus rapper, entertainer, entrepreneur this hollywood music icon already has it all but title kanye west is retaining for the second straight year. and all new at 6:00 o'clock, all off duty but also answering the call a new york police officer getting praise for asking one man a very unusual request.
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♪ the search is on four killers who shot man at least six times it happened last night on the 700 block of west ontario street in philadelphia's hunting park neighborhood. police say the four men approached the victim and then just opened fire. the victim died at the hospital. so far no arrests or suspects or any word on motive. argument over a cell phone is now being blamed for a double shooting in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. the shooting happened just before 12:30 this morning on the steps of a home on the 5300 block of charles street. police say two, 18-year-old men were grazed in the head and neck. three men were arrested several blocks from the shooting. the victims are expected to be okay. philadelphia police need your help tonight tracking down two people who witnessed a
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shooting. investigators say the men in the red pants shot a man on the 5900 block of spruce street in cobbs creek this was on sunday afternoon. now police want to fine the woman walking beside him and the man scene walking with a cane in the surveillance video. police are hoping these two people will lead them to the shooter. the victim is a 21-year-old man taken to the hospital with gunshot wound to his back side and is in critical condition. >> power trip ended when he pulled over a real cop. sergeant charles establish was driving on the garden state parkway last monday when suspect pulls up behind him and activated his emergency lights. one he pulled over 68-year-old richard gold rick immediately sped away. authorities later found him. he had handgun, ammunition and fraudulent documents in the car. >> what i tell people if you think you're being stopped and you're concerned for your safe
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tearing slow down, put your hazards on, call 911 while you're continuing to drive forward. find a well lit area. if you know where your local police station is and pull in there. >> gold rick is facing charges of impersonating an officer. as well as possession of a weapon and false government documents. it could be awhile before the texas teenager who killed four people in a dui crash and got off with probation comes back to the united states. 18-year-old ethan couch's lawyer today won a three day delay in his deportation from mexico based on a constitutional appeal that could lead to a legal process lasting weeks or even months. couch had been on probation for the 2013 deadly crash back then his lawyer successfully argued he should only get probation because his parents affluent lifestyle left him incapable of taking responsibility. couch and his mother disappeared from texas last month. authorities found them this week in mexico. deputes back in texas are ready to get this kid back.
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>> to be honest with you we'll breathe a lot easier when they're back in this country and we have them locked up and that's the ultimate goal. >> couch and his mother were originally set to be sent back to the us today. no word yet on whether couch's mother tanya will also be granted the same delay. happening now, rescue efforts continuing across the midwest. flooding blamed for at least 20 deaths in missouri and illinois over the past few days. there are fears that water levels may only continue to ri rise. >> that's why federal officials are keeping a close watch on 19 vulnerable levees on the mississippi river and its tributary. matt fin is in water logged missouri with more. >> reporter: many parts of the st. louis completely saturated today. flood waters spilling on to roadways and rushing over this bridge. firefighters using a latter truck to bring this man to safety. while another stranded motorist is rescued by raft. missouri governor jay nixon activating the national guard to help. >> it's very clear missouri is
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in the midst of a very historic and dangerous flooding event. the amount of rain we received in some places in excess of a foot has caused river levels not only to rise rapidly but to go to places they've never been before. >> reporter: health hazard in sainthood county a sewage treatment plant has overflowed. sending waste water right into rivers and streams. the man in charge of the facility is now concerned about people's homes. >> one of the real important things that we need to do is make sure that we don't have the river flooding people's basements. so we're going through the collection system making sure we block it off and putting up temporary pumping where appropriate. >> reporter: water breaching the levee yesterday. the mayor ordering any residents who hadn't left to get out. just across the river in illinois, volunteers are busy filling sand bags. >> really pull together. flood relief plan has been absolutely amazing compared to years in the past. they've learned every flood and they get better and better. >> reporter: mississippi river is expected to crest at 15 feet above flood level near st. louis
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tomorrow. that would make this the worst flood since the hysterically devastating flood of '93. in fenton county, missouri, matt fin, fox news. incredible. holding officials accountable that's what one local group wants to make sure happens when mayor elect jim kenney takes office. coalition of community faith, labor and environmental groups announcing the first 99 days of mayor kennedy platform outside city hall today. that platform contains eight policies coalition will push mayor elect kenney to adopt in his first 99 days of office. some of the issues are problems penal living in the city of philadelphia face every day. >> we have certain issues that we wanted address. everything from good schools, stop and frisk and we're just coming out here today to say that, you know, we're giving kenney 99 days to implement a lot of the issues that he promised he would implement once he became mayor. >> once those 99 days are up, the group will issue a report
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card of how they think kenney did during that time frame. the danger literally rising for this brave group of firefighters straight ahead the new risk they face that had blaze spiraling out of control. >> plus, a pricey heist inside a toy store. a thief caught on camera stealing one very expensive credibilitiable. why star wars fans are the ones missing out. promises to fix what you've broken or chipped fills in any cracks and makes it look just like new in a few seconds but is it a deal or dud. what happens when we put the laser bond to the test? >> ♪
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>> incredible rescuers finally getting in touch with group of worker trapped inside a mine in china. it collapsed over the weekend in northern china. rescuers sent cameras underground through a small hole they drilled to look for the miners. 11 have been successfully lifted to the surface. one is confirmed dead and 17 others still remain trapped. troubling new information today in a deadly plane crash in anchorage, less la. pilot of a small plane that
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smashed into a building in the downtown area was not authorized to fly. according to federal investigators today, they say 42-year-old doug did he maris of anchorage clipped an office building where his wife reportly worked and slammed into a commercial building. yesterday the plane belongs to the civil air patrol which helps the search and rescues missions. he join the patrol in 2020 but there's no word yet on how or why he was in that plane flames and smoke some of the dangers firefighters expect to face on the job but one group of firefighters in mexico going toe to toe with a fire nato. dramatic footage from a photographer shows what sparked up from this warehouse fire two days ago. fire originally broke out at a garbage plant. fire nados are whirlwinds brought on by large fires and huged made up of flames and ash. they can even last for up to one hour. authorities in mexico revealing the co-founder of violent drug cartel found dead. mexican prosecutors say carlos
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mendoza and three others connected to the cartel were found shot to death. the prosecutors office says the men were likely killed somewhere he will else and body dumped near a parking area. investigators say drug activity in the area where their bodies was found has increased over the past couple of years. attacked beaten and left for dead. prison deputy the victim of nearly a dozen inmates. what he says he discovered inside a jail cell that made him a target. >> fallout continues in montgomery county. a hollywood icon facing new charges to night. what his case could mean for bill cosby moving forward. dave? >> rain is moving in. when it will move out, well, i'll the timing of plus what to expect behind it before the new year. all with the temperatures in the seven day forecast coming up.
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>> tonight we're finding out more and more what led to the eagles ling head coach chip kelly go. owner jeff frue lurie says kelly didn't push to keep his job. he decided to fire kell before the end of the season to get a jump on a coaching search and meet with players to talk with them about his dig. >> bill cosby has been released on $1 million bail on sex assault charge in montgomery county. he was arraigned this afternoon in elkins park on the charge which was filed over 2,004 encounter in his home outside of philadelphia. bill cosby is now charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman and it is the first criminal case brought against the comedian out of the tour represent of similar allegations from dozens of other women. >> tonight many are asking
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what's next? attorney fred tease see is here to talk about that and more. tell our viewers what is next for bill cosby legally now. >> next he's been charged obviously and now it's up to the district attorney' office montgomery county to prove him guilty beyond a reasonable dou doubt. they'll kind of legal wrangling i'm sure his lawyers will file a slew of missions and chop down a million trees and try to move -- get the charges dismissed. he's got a very very good legal team. but ultimately i think the case ends up in front of a jury and we see at that point it's kind of anybody's game. >> so much time has past. >> correct. >> is that going to play into it and people's memories and all of that? >> in most cases dawn the answer to that question is yes but in this case interesting in all the time that's past, you've heard countless other allegations by women of all -- of all whom say virtuallvirtually the exact sam. over time this -- i think the case -- the case itself is the case -- waits it is but over
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time given all those other allegations. whether or not any of that comes into this courtroom, that's a whole other issue. that's a whole other story. but bill cosby takes the witness stand and tries to say i would have never done this or i never did it, then any prosecutor can cross-examine him on any of the other allegations. >> so what's your -- it's early but handicap the case. how difficult of a road is it for him to get off on this? >> a lot of things working against the prosecution in this case. the time as dawn mentioned. secondly -- you know, before all these allegations by all these other women i would have told you cosby's fame helps him out. he was up until all of this a beloved character. he was a beloved figure on television. he was a beloved philadelphian. i mean his allegiance to temple crew tremendous all those things would have worked for him and ultimately i think would have helped him out. at the end of the day with these cases, it's one person's testimony against bill cosby's. tough case for the state. but we'll see what happens. horrible horrible charges. horrible allegations by her and a lot of other women.
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>> and it is interesting that a lot of the allegations are so similar. >> they're so similar to be frightening they go and back so far in time as to be quite disturbing, maybe somebody else will pop up who can bring a case within the statute of limitations in the jury diction in which they live and, you know, face additional charges. time will tell. >> fred tecce thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> appreciate the insight as always. we'll have continuing coverage of this story for you throughout the night and you can always check our website for constant updates as soon as news breaks. back to your fox 29 weather authority. a live look at trenton. the rain rolling back in along with some cooler temperatures and now all eyes are turning to new year's eve. dave hopefully you have a good forecast for that. >> depends what you're looking for. we'll be getting a colder but we have to get rid of the rain first. no question it will be clearing out overnight tonight. we have the clouds around maybe some patchy fog. especially to the north. these temperatures will stay
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right about where that in fact maybe try to climb a degree ahead of the rain moving n in the 50s cooler up to the north. well above freezing. rain everywhere. ultimate doppler just starting to see that rain moving in. a lot of this staying to our south. but a line trying to develop. this will be pushing through trying to pull up some more that moisture to our south over the next few hours. so there's heavy rain across southern delaware and new jersey as the line moves in, we'll see showers developing by about 8:00 or 9:00 o'clock. so just this evening if you're outlook for a passing shower. mainly eight, nine, 10:00 o'clock we'll see this rain moving through. after midnight it's clear. and then look. the skies are clearing up. we can start to see a little sunshine tomorrow but before the sun comes in and that winds picks up and dries us out we may see some patchy fog developing could be fairly dense widespread this is at 4:00 o'clock in the morning. still around by the rush hour but by late morning it is clear. it is sunny but it's a little colder. big change with our temperatures tomorrow. here we are in the morning.
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right about where we are now. bumped up just a few degrees. thanks to that sunshine. but this is right about 1:00 o'clock this could be about the warmest part of the day tomorrow and it gets a lot colder tomorrow evening. we'll show you the time all the way through midnight happy new year because we're dropping into the 40s. by 8:00 o'clock and then here it is at midnight. 38. that's the coldest this will see our low temperature of the day tomorrow just before midnight just about freezing in allentown below in the poconos. 38 to 40 to the south. now the pattern for the new year a block sets up out west that means we're in for days and days of same type of weather and the type of weather we'll see is colder temperatures. here we are new year's eve. 50, 53 down to 39. friday, saturday, sunday 42. monday 38. these are the actual high temperatures lows could be colder. speaking of new year's day might be a little breezy especially later. the wind gusting about 20, 25 miles an hour. not all that gusty but you'll notice that breeze especially
5:35 pm
start to go pick up later in the day. seven day forecast, 53 early. then 39. that's why we reverse these numbers. temperatures will be dropping throughout the day. friday 41. a bit chilly especially breezy in the afternoon. saturday and sunday a mix of sun and clouds. another shot of cold air on monday. maybe a snow flurry or two and look at our low temperature on tuesday. 19. clear sky. 19 degrees with sunshine. now that will be as cold as we get because we'll start to climb a bit from there. but it's here. happy new year. >> what happened to the 70s? >> gone. >> long gone. all right. dave, thank you. >> coming up criticism against a star wars icon. cary fisher under fire from social media shamers. how the hollywood legend is firing back tonight. >> call eight new year's resolution. big changes come fog the tsa who officials say won't be ignored when it comes to airport safety. >> coming up at 6:00 it made headlines when it tore across parts of the state back in october. now we're getting an idea of how bad the damage was.
5:36 pm
the early price tag for an air bus' run away blimp.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for
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pond lehocky.
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>> actress carrie fisher fighting against body shamers. the 59-year-old shut down her detractors on twitter as several people a* criticized her parents in star wars. she went on to write quote youth and beauty are not accomplishments. they're temporary. earlier this month, fisher said she felt pressured to drop 35 pounds to a prize her iconic role of princess lea. >> conway yesterday earned gw magazine's top fashion award for the second year in a row. the performer turned fashion designer the men's magazine most stylish man of 2015. beat owl lucky blue smith mostly due to the fact that the kardashians use vast social media following to encourage people to vote for kanye. he ended up with 520,000 votes. his competitor got about 445,000 votes. unprecedented level of security that's what people can
5:40 pm
expect at the rose bowl ma parade this all because of the san bernardino shootings. some 700,000 spectators are expected to watch the parade on new year's day. theres will be the rose bowl college football game going on on the same day and that's expected to bring in another 90,000 people. both events being classified as top level concerns by the department of homeland security. despite the worries volunteers and curators of the parade are excited for this year's display. >> the rose bowl parade which has been going on for more than a century represents not just our tradition but our present and our future. you don't want let anything get in the way of that and we won't let anything get in the way of that. >> although there's been no credible threat made against each event the precautions mark the largest security operation in both events history. city officials estimate the extra security measures will cost about a million dollars. stranded for days. two stories up and facing a long way down.
5:41 pm
the surprising group doing what it could to help a feline in distress. how this cat escape the big fall without using any of its nine lives. >> aww. plus it promise to fix what you've broken or chipped. fill in any cracks and make it look brand new in just seconds. what happens when we put the laser bon to the test. >> howard? >> a wild day here at the eagles. jeffrey lurie spoke about his firing of chip kelly, and revealed something which might tell you something about chip kelly. that will be coming up later in sports.
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♪ tv news photographer covering flooding in north carolina gets more than bargained for and becomes a hero in the process. as we all know too well news
5:45 pm
crews are inundated with sites and sounds on the scene of breaking news the photographer for our sister station in charlotte the presence of mind to notice someone desperately in need of help. >> i see a woman stranded in her car. you have to get your mind going of i'm responsible for this person. there's no one else here. >> brian christiansen got the woman to safety and everything was all right. officials say a lot of rain an clogged storm drain probably caused all of this flooding. sudden discover prompts a brazen attack on prison deputy in california. nearly a dozen inmates leaving that officer badly beaten. >> investigators say it's all about of what he found moments before the assault. fox's smith has more on the attack and his recovery. >> reporter: inside a jail the sheriff calls what happened christmas heave night unusual and horrible. inmates beat up a deputy. >> right now he's seeing specialists. but probably both shoulders
5:46 pm
maybe hip injury. there's still evaluating head injuries. >> reporter: attack happened just after 8:00 at night in medium security dorm unit where suspected gang members are housed. the deputy saw an inmate hiding homemade alcohol when the inmate dropped the contra ban the jail guard pick it up and was tacked. nine other inmates jumped in. >> he was fighting for his life. the inmates were punching him, kicking him, kneeing him in the head, and everything. he's very very fortunate but did sustain injuries. >> reporter: guard who was injured is a seven-year veteran of the department. he was taken to the hospital and is now on medical leave. in light of this assault, the sheriff's office has added more staffing and they're limiting how many inmates can be out at a time. >> in this case, one deputy in there 80 people housed and at the time of attack there were 41 inmates that were out. it could have been much more severe and we're really fortunate that -- that it wasn't
5:47 pm
worse. >> this comes as the main jail in san jose is under scrutiny for the beating death of inmate michael tyrese. three jail guards are now accused of killing tyree following this attack at elmwood the sheriff says up to 9 gallons of homemade alcohol and the 7-inch shank which she calls a homemade 95 were recovered. inmates are being housed in maximum security at san jose main jail. >> now, surveillance video did not capture the actual attack but investigators say the inmate who started this fight has had problems with deputes before. a pricey star wars lego set swiped from toy store in oregon. the whole thing was caught on camera. heist happened at this collectible shop in the town of beaver ton. police say a man walked into the store and stole the ultimate collectors series r2d2 set worth more than $400. the store's manager says this kind of theft is heartbreaking. >> it hurts.
5:48 pm
it hurts. i mean being it was especially an expensive set we had just bought. it's really big loss much it's really disappointing. >> police are currently investigating the heist. so far no leads on who may be behind it. it is a quick fix advertised to be a permanent solution to broken items around your house it's called lazer bond using uv light and plastic the makers say it couldn't be easier. fox s steve knoll knoll find out if it's a deal or dud. >> things break all the time. if you're tired of time and the unmanageable mess -- >> what you need is lazer bond. >> reporter: the makers of lazer bond say when it comes to repairs the fix is in. >> i just hope it works. >> clayton allen has -- >> we have a porcelain lidded dish. >> reporter: plenty of pricey pisces. >> i believe it was packed very poorly during a recent move. >> reporter: to put back together. >> this piece of glass
5:49 pm
unfortunately is probably seen better days report roar professional repair could be costly. >> well over a hundred dollars. >> reporter: others can't be replaced. >> 1986 cadillac that the ashtray broke. well you can't get these parts any more. >> reporter: lazer bond isn't an adhesive it's a liquid plastic that fix, phils, if as sense and seals virtually anything in at little as three seconds. it won't stick to our finger. the secret is the uv light to causes the liquid to cure hard as rock. and listen to the reaction. >> that's crazy. >> reporter: when clayton and his friend cole used lazer bond to attach a metal hook to a block of wood. >> seems to be very secure. >> amazing. >> i totally thought this was going to be some kind of a scam. >> reporter: but when we tried to move on to the handle of this handbag it failed. on clayton's prized car part, we tried to test its filling claims since there were gaps along the contact points. at first it seemed to stick.
5:50 pm
>> this part did here but a little loose. >> reporter: but then it completely came apart. >> i was real hoping this would correct itself but obviously you can see, you know, it just didn't catch. >> reporter: and remember that hook on the wood board? >> oh, no. maybe i'm really strong. >> i think we need our money back. (laughter). >> reporter: it fell apart, too. what gives? well, the seal for one thing. as for the ad -- >> in just three seconds, off permanent repair that lasts. >> reporter: in the commercial the fix is in in three seconds or less. in the instructions -- >> here it says 328 so you've got a window. >> reporter: we you've the light for the full eight seconds in all of our tests. it still didn't work. >> in as little as three seconds. >> reporter: while on tv the product performs instantly, not so once you get it home. >> allow the bond to cool before handling. >> reporter: how long? who knows? it doesn't say. but when it comes to laser bond,
5:51 pm
our testers are saying this. >> would you waste your money on it? >> oh, no. >> i wouldn't either. >> reporter: it's a dud. steve noviello, fox news. >> time is running out to apply for refunds to cell phone companies owe millions of americans. two companies settled with the ftc when they were caught adding extra charges to customers bills for services they never signed up for. it's a practice known as cramming. if you had to pay fee for premium texts any time since july of 2010 you have until tomorrow to file a claim and get awry fun. tsa plans to step up their screening on their employees in 2016. the flashing of badge and background check might not be enough. tsa agents will randomly check more airport and airline employees. >> i think it's a good thing. i think they shall. i don't think they shall all be able to walk through. why are they more trustworthy than anyone else.
5:52 pm
>> saver i guess. >> you feel safer even though you're going through security. >> yeah. because they'll be checking up on people and making sure no one being anything they're not supposed to. >> tsa will not reveal exactly what they're doing or how often these random checks will happen but homeland security officials they're also encouraging us airports to reduce employee access points. tired, cranky, and frustrate add man trying to fly home to propose to his girlfriend forced to pop the question in an unusual way. danny rodriguez thought his big plan to propose to his girlfriend was ruined because he wound up stuck in chicago o'hare international airport for 50 hours. so he did the only thing he could do. he texted the proposal with a picture of the ring attached. it work. his girlfriend texted back, yes! follow thed by an exchange of several high love yous. >> aww. >> there's emoji for that. stone bridge comes crumbling down. just how long that structure has been standing before mother
5:53 pm
nature washed it away. >> all new tonight at 6:00 o'clock, gunfire left a young victim in the hospital. week later the search for her shooter continues. the gunman police say they hope you recognize. >> an act of compassion that's put a new york city cop in the spotlight. the unusual request that helped save a man's live. ok, we're here.
5:54 pm
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here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice... you didn't tell me aunt alice was coming. of course. don't forget grandpa. can the test drive be over now? maybe just head back to the dealership? don't you want to meet my family? yep, totally. it's practically yours,
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but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new jetta and other select models.
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>> happy ending for cat who neighbors say was stuck on utility pole for three days in arizona. residents in the area called local organizations but no one was able to help. power company responsible for the pole eventually sent workers out to help the cat. but the animal ran down the pole right before its rescue. temperatures in the phoenix area close to freezing the past three nights. good thing it got down. >> lucky kitty. whale of a story coming out of chi lay. blue whale about 65 feet long rescued after being found stranded on beach members of the navy and military coordinating a three-hour rescue operation to get the marine mammal back into deep water. they used a large net, a few tug boats and the help of regular beach goers to get that whale off the sand. two navy deployed ships then
5:58 pm
helped tow it out to sea and released it about 5 miles offshore. a piece of history now washed away in the uk. this ancient bridge partially collapsed into a river in north yorkshire and the whole thing was caught on camera. those are pieces of the bridge crumbling. the result of severe flooding in parts of northern england. giant chunks of the 18th century landmark slip into the river. as shocked locals looked on. bridge had previously been shut down because of structural concerns caused by flooding. back here in the us, some thrill seekers are taking winter activities to the next level. extreme shredding is now open at the utah olympic park. rider do's is to be at least 10 years old to take the plunge but there are smaller hills for the younger children. outdoor fun made possible by all the snow over the past few wee weeks. 91 here. winter activities at the utah olympic park open until april. ♪ the charge is aggravated indecent assault. >> what do you have to say, sir.
5:59 pm
>> next at 6:00 iconic entertainer now playing the role of defendant. bill cosby answering to assault charges from an incident more than 10 years ago. >> mr. cosby, did you drug that woman? >> the fallout from today's court appearance want it means for his legacy. ♪ it was a clear and important decision that had to be made. >> life after chip. day one for the eagles without their former head coach. chill kelliemonthly's tenure coming to a sudden and dramatic end. in what direct is the franchise headed? ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. >> cosby in court. at one time he was one of america's most beloved entertainers. tonight he's facing charges of sexual assault. >> good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. it's a story that's making
6:00 pm
headlines across the world tonight. and we are staying on top of it all with team coverage. fox 29's jeff cole is live in the newsroom. he has reaction from temple university community but let's start with dave schratwieser. he was there when bill cosby made his first appearance as a defendant in criminal court, dave. bill cosby's attorney going on the offensive tonight releasing a statement saying these charges are unjustified and they believe their client will be exonerated when this case goes to court. >> bill cosby would not speak with reporters as he walked into court with his attorney in his hometown of elkins park. now charged with aggravated indies zen assault in a 2004 incident at his nearby home. >> charges today are filed as a result of new information that came to light in july of 2015. statute of limitations in this type of case is 12 years. >>


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