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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  December 31, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> plus, preparations being made to celebrate the new year, we have details on the new security measures in place to keep you safe during the celebrations. >> listen to this. >> it was a clear and important decision that had to be made. >> yes, he made it. jeffrey lurie the owner of the eagles explains his decision to fire coach chip kelly. why he did it with one game still to play against the giants, and what he want in his next coach. >> you know, listening to him it, kind of sounded like he already new who he wanted. but, he said, tuesday night after the firing, about 7:15, he was on the phone with a couple of coaches. >> i think also you talk about where p.m. were from, as though he want someone who knows philadelphia, that's had some experience account team in the past. number of candidates that fall into that cat gore. >> i smells like sean mcdermott. >> what about dick vermeil? >> seriously?
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>> kidding. >> anyway, it is 7:00. and i'm kidding around, and it is new years eve. here we are, at the end of another year. >> people are suggesting -- >> every year, 2015. >> 2016 will be fantastic by the way. >> it is. i'm looking forward to it. can't wait to -- >> i won't survive the entire year, but first part will be good. >> start with the number of day, it changed it, i just decided on me, yes. eight is great. there is bus stop buddy already in party mode. wearing his warm coat today. cloud, fog out there, temperatures in the three's, and 40's, they're dropping, because we have a cold front come through last night. don't have nip more rain. that already happened. so, we have 49 greets in philadelphia plan on high of 51 coming early maybe 12:00 in
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the afternoon, chills out after sunset at 4:46 p.m. your new years eve planner from the weather authority. , let's check traffic, we start with the burlington bristol bridge, which is difficult to see. that is where the fog is right there over the river. avoid that one, take another bridge, i95 southbound approaching woodhaven road all clear this morning. checking travel speeds, most of the roadways you are able to go the post dollars speed limit. let's just say not a lot of traffic, mike, karen, out there this morning. >> nope. everybody just took the day off. >> yes. >> 7:02. >> remember this mug shop, they call him america's favorite dad? remember the cosby show all of that?
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>> never charged. that's the game change nerve this one, assaulting former temple employee. he is 78 years old. and he was charged, now, the statute of limitations will run out in about 12 days, and that's why they had to act. >> yes, dave, is in norristown dave, more info on this? someone sent this to the theme music of the cosby show, certainly not laughing matter. this case very, very serious, national media, descending on montgomery county just as bill cosby answered charges of sexual assault in a case dating back to the mid 2,000's, the 78 year old looking quite frail, and at times even tripped as he was walking charged three count of indecent assault.
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montgomery county prosecutors say back in 2004 cosby met the victim andrea constand who worked for temple university basketball team, women's basketball there. investigators say he invited him back to his cheltenham township hope, gave three blue pins, along with glass of wine, that's when cosby assaulted her. >> charges today filed as a result every new information, the that came to light in july of 2015. re-opening this case was not a question, rather, re-opening this case was our cute. >> i this case involves a woman and a man who had a concentual adult relationship over time. >> cosby left his home last night, posted $1 million bail, posted 10% of that. originally investigated this case, ten years ago, but did
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not press any charges, at this time. we do know, bill cosby is expected back in court by the middle of next month. it is possible that other alleged victims may be called to testify in this case, that is something we'll have to watch, and see, as it happens, or if it happens. the list goes on. we will be covering this for at least a year, guys. >> dave, thanks. 75:00. talking about it testifily -- heavily on temple campus, bill cosby one of the most fame graduates. >> because they had such a tight relationship, for so many years. he graduated from the school in 1971, but as the troubles mounted and the allegations increased, they cut him off, and severed their relationship. so a lot of people are just, you know, talking about this. >> i'm shocked. not bill cosby in the black history books. i'm shock. >> where is it coming from? is it true? you know?
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mind-boggling. >> guys want to say anything? >> you know what though? we trucked to a lot of folks yesterday. a lot of them just use the same word: it is sad. disappointing, one of our heroes, this person we admired, you hear one allegation after another. now that it is up to 50 women including this local woman from our area it, gives more credence to the claims. >> all right, 7:06. is this thursday? >> it is thursday, new years eve morning. >> okay. well, we had another homicide overnight. what's that bring us to, 270 -- >> 276, he can actually. on the 2500 block every west clearfield street. police say it was right after midnight they found a 21 year old man on the sidewalk shot multiple times. he was riding a bike when he was shot. then he tries to get away. he runs away, doesn't get far. he chances and dice at the hospital. >> and then in middletown, delaware, police were called out to a triple shooting. happened along the 300 block of elizabeth street around
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8:00 last night. two people were taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. then in north philadelphia back here, emotional tributes given by those who lost loved ones because every violence, in this year of 2015. >> and they purposely decide to hold this memorial vigil on the same day as maybe getting the most recent crime statistics. some of the family members gathering right at 15th and susquehanna last evening. they shared their stories, about their friends, and loved ones, they lost that were victims of murder in the citiment and in each of those balloons, they had a victim's name. and they released them in their memory. one woman whose brother right there was murdered four years ago, told of heart break. >> i sat on the couch 16 month and dropped my life away. i was on for 16 months, so real. >> police commissioner charles ramsey says this is the third straight year we've had fewer than 300 homicide. so far in the city 276, which is up 12% from last year, 84
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of those cases from begin violence, again, just said 276. the graphic said 275 because we had a killing last night. we didn't update the graphic. >> if you were wondering. commissioner ramsey says despite the increase this year, homicides have gone down, drastically, over the past eight years, that, for sure he's right about that. >> day 365, 365, out with the old, in with the new, celebrations all over including in our area. >> then tomorrow morning of course the mummers parade kicks off revelers will notice changes, few changes and some newcomb ers to the parade. >> remember, mike, 190; i was here at the first mummers
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parade? >> first one. >> mummers parade, it is the oldest folk festival in america, did you know that? >> i didn't know that. >> also, it is so old, phillies thanksgiving day parade, oldest thanksgiving day parade in the country, and it is still 20 years younger than the mummers parade. that tells you the history and dollars judicial that we are talking here when we talk mummers. these 19-dollar seat bleacher seats will be full, probably there is time tomorrow. because this thing is starting earlier. >> sue saying sunny, relatively mild, not only the bleachers pack, but the whole sidewalk on each side of center city where the pair aid is, then down broad street to washington avenue, also, packed, and again, it is going down broad street, like last year, instead of up broad street, like all of the previous years, and not on 95,
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like mike was hinting at yesterday. so mike, not on 95 or the pa turnpike yet, keep the same route two years in a row, live long philadelphians remember so much about this, one thing they'll see new is this new division, and they'll start the parade at 9:00 a.m. call it the philadelphia division. and this is going to counter all of the critics who complained that the mummers looked diversity. so in the philly division, we have a drag group, the missy fancy brigade, puerto rican dance and drum club called last bomberos. how about that for my spanish pronunciation? by the way, mike, websters defines mummers as a performer, one who goes merry making during festivals in disguise. so mike, if we count your make up as a disguise, you're officially a mummer. >> everyday. by the way your ride's here.
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>> thank you, steve. >> mike? >> what? >> was asking people what we should be doing on the show for new years eve. what we should be dropping off, getting ready for all of the celebration. >> one of our questions today. oh, i'm going to go to the roof of this building at about 9:45. and drop something off. but i can't decide what to drop off this year. >> well, tracey says, maybe water balloons with pictures on it of all of the hottest trends and things from 2015. >> so that's one idea. use your #fox29goodday. >> you didn't like that one? >> i actually do like that. >> come up with some more. >> water balloons with things we want to get rid of, like kim kardashian, trends, we think are over for this year. >> i real i am like that idea. >> what's happening up in new york city, getting ready up there, always worried about security when you have that many people converging on one point like times square. >> million people are expected, and people, this, is a live look great starbucks, 43rd and broadway, i go to many times at this time of
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day, anyway, that's what we are looking at actually. that is the building. you know what? >> tell me. >> that's not. i believe that's the opposite view. well, who cares? that's times square. >> we see the police that are already there that are gathering. we know that some people are actually lined to up get their spots. we're expect being 6,000 officers, many of the dogs that are probably sniffing as we speak. >> yes. >> they have new counter terrorism unit that's going to be keeping a watchful eye. >> do you think dogs are sniffing right there? >> i actually do think they are doing the sweep. they're going to use metal detectors up there. and i think that's one of the first times i've heard that they've done that to get into that area, to show up. >> but i think you're right. yes, metal detectors to get into to broadway, seventh avenue area there in times square. >> how about in belgium? that's where so many terrorists apparently are hiding out. new years eve celebrations have been canceled due to a suspect dollars tech or threat.
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this as another suspect in that paris attack was arrested, what is that, ten people now arrested? because of the terrorist attack? >> well, they've been on high alert ever since the terror attack, so deadly, 130 people lost their lives in paris, and many of those suspects were actually belgium citizens. >> that's right. living in brussels. >> 7:13 is the time right now, taking a look at the national headlines, tonya couch, the mother of that afluenza teenager, back in our country. she was deported from mexico yesterday. she is the mom of ethan couch, who is still in mexico, because a judge blocked his deportation. that family cents had a mine, they have good lawyers, and they're fighting it. >> look how he disguises himself with the dark hair. >> the light, then the dark hair. they disappeared, they took off. >> this is him from months and months ago at the trial. >> correct. so then video that surfaced, recently, and he looked like
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he was at a party, there were shots, under age drinking, that may have violated his parole. you remember after this case he was only sentenced to probation. ten years of probation in connection with that drunk driving crash where he killed four people. so his lawyers had argued and successfully argue that he was such a spoiled rich brat, that he never learned right from wrong. he ended up getting away with the probation. >> what do you think the judge is thinking now? historic flooding leaves homes and businesses underwater in the midwest. specially, in the state of missouri. >> well, what's fascinating is that the flood waters are still rising, missouri facing the biggest crisis mandatory evacuations are happening right now for thousands of people in the st. louis area. people are battling two rising rivers. it is both the mississippi which could be cresting at 15 feet above flood level today. flood watt verse also spilled over nine levies, 11 more could go, as women, interstates have been shutdown, and 20 people have died of both missouri and
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illinois. >> it is casino of weird. because it was a giant storm that had blizzards in mexico tornados in texas killed a bunch of people, then all of this flooding in missouri. but soup, it moved through. >> no rain right there now, but it is a lot of the blame goes to el nino, one of those el nino winters, that gave us spring time conditions, in december. >> we ring in 2016, so five, four, three, two, one, we expect admit night temperature of, there it is, 39 degrees. forty-four tomorrow for the mummers parade. happy new year. now, there is some rain in georgia, panhandle of florida, carolinas, but that's associated with the cold front that we had last night, in case you didn't notice it, did rain overnight. but, it is gone now, we expect no more rain for the rest of
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the day, in fact, no more rain for the rest of this seven day forecast. let's get right to t it will be about 51 degrees about 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoonment then get chilly -- chilly. forty-four, tomorrow, chillier saturday, get used to that over the weekend, then even colder on monday and tuesday of next week, with daytime highs only in the 30's. welcome back to winter. that's your seven day forecast, we are checking traffic on your thursday morning new years eve. and we're all clear, headed to the airport this morning, still little haze around, but not a loft fog this morning. we check next, 422 westbound, at trooper road, all clear there. moving right along, much lighter traffic, as expected on this new years eve morning. now, here's what you night to know about mass transit for tonight, if you're going out to check out the fireworks, or maybe going to party. septa adding extra subway trains starting 7:00 p.m.
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regional rail aiding extra late night trains, and there is also free parking in the city, here in philadelphia, karen, mike, after 5:00 p.m. >> what happened? >> free parking in the city after 5:00 p.m. >> so we already have people in costume. >> we have mummers here already. >> they're here! >> okay, so had will replace chip kelly as coach of the philadelphia eagles? the search for the eagles next head coach already underway. jeffrey lurie the owner said he was on the phone with some people, some coaches, coordinators, tuesday night after they fired chip kelly so who is it going to be? chip released statement. >> let me read you some of these. i deeply re greet we did not bring this great city and the fans the championship they deserve. he goes on to say i worked with the hard-working coaching staff every day, they'll succeed where ever they go. >> let's talk about what happened yesterday with jeff
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lurie. matt right over here, tom over here. matt we start with you. i wasly inning to you when this story broke, tuesday night? >> tuesday night 7:12. >> 7:12 p.m. so. >> i took away they want someone to communicate well with other, opens his heart to everyone that he want to have people performance, obviously, luke around the nova care complex, chip kelly created a rather toxic environment. and there is a lot of relief down there in the lockerroom, in the support staff with everybody there. jeffrey lurie want to bring in a head coach that can communicate, be a leader and be someone that can lead this franchise forward rather than regret the way they did the last couple of years. >> that's what i took away, too, he want leader and pay aren'tly, he didn't, chip, didn't have any allies apparently in that building down in south fill. >> i or people skills. >> chip was very robotic, it seems like, jeffrey lurie pointed out all of the things he wanted the next coach to
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be. also, something that really hit me, chip kelly is a pathological liar. >> wow. >> yikes. >> i mean that sincerely. they thought about it last year. when he came on at the end of the season and basically said oh, i didn't want full control. jeffrey lurie just gave it tow to me. if you watch yesterday press conference jeff lure when he mentioned that fact oh, look chip kelly demanded that i give him full control and he smirked. >> yep. >> he smirked about that, as that certain point. so to me chip kelly constantly lies. it is obvious. >> can i show you something here? i want to show you something here. >> dictator is gone. did you hear that. >> very open about the fact that he thought that chip was well intends sean, but again, couldn't communicate with the flares, what the goal was. he said while chip was here,
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devisive atmosphere in the lockerroom, everybody wasn't going in the same direction, as i think that the players are really working for a coach not only under stands the game of football, but, you know, crafted environ until the that lockerroom where it is 53 players playing together, and not playing against their head coach. which seemed to be down the stretch this year. >> let's play little sounds bite from the owner yesterday at about 12:30. >> i go back to peak performance. if you want to have peak performance, you got to have tremendous collaboration, trust, respect, smartness, agility, a lot for peak performance and leadership. so, you know, that was the decision was made to move on with a new leader, as a head coach. >> so what is he saying, chip didn't have any that far? >> that's basically what i am taking from it. >> all would have been forgiven if he won.
7:21 am
>> absolutely. >> gave him the platform, you have the power, but you're responsible, and you're going to take the consequences if it doesn't work out. it didn't. he pulled it. >> we aren't hearing about all of this nonsense in the lockerroom, not hearing about him not relating with the lockerroom. >> he just didn't win enough in three years. >> let's say they stumbled into beating the redskins and the giant. it sound like jeffrey had made a decision get rid of him. now stuck with him. >> you know, i would still say that there is a chance that chip kelly would be removed as head coach even if they didn't -- >> even if they made the playoffs howie roseman is back. >> howie roseman wins? >> don't play with howie roseman. >> howie roseman bumped joe banner out of the way. >> that's right. >> now with his that was his
7:22 am
childhood friends. talking 40 years, howie roseman. >> and he wins again. >> well, he was good soldier in all of. >> this he had to put up with a lot. >> a lot, a lot of money, to be in charge. >> who knows if he knows what he's doing. thanks, guys. >> yep. >> verizon and sprint, you know them? >> oh, yes. >> verizon and sprint, sure, customers, time is running out. details on the deadline to get a refund, for being over charged on your bill. i was. >> you can probably get money back. and also, maybe use ooh tear get around? good day to do it specially. >> help to make history the big milestone. that company has just reached and also how they're celebrating. >> we have mummers outside already. look, they're already gathering. and they're little people. little people. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> if you're cab driver in philadelphia, don't be mad at me, probably will use uber tonight at about 12:15 tomorrow morning. >> or 215, in any event, the company has hit huge milestone, joining us right now from the fox business network, joe link kent. good morning! >> good morning, hi, happy new
7:26 am
year, guys. >> happy new year right back at your face. so what's this milestone? >> so, a billion rides, that's what it is, uber's been in business only five and a half years, but already logged 1 billion rides, it happened in london, christmas eve, and both the rider and the -- both rider and driver are benefitting from this, uber giving the driver a vacation anywhere he want, outside, inside uber city. so they're operating in so many countries now, he'll have good choice. and then, the rider himself, he'll get uber for free for a year. unlimited rides, plus a donation, yes, to the charity of his choice. so good deal there. the real story here with uber, this is one milestone of many. this company is worth so much money. the market capped $65 billion, right now, thinking about going public, yes. that's right. so, that's a fair question to ask, because some people say it is completely over valued. uber of course, you know, the
7:27 am
company right now. >> you have my cell phone number. could you let me know 24 hours in advance before they go public so i could -- >> insider trading? disbelief your cell phone. one, i don't have your cell phone number, you want to share with me right now, and yes, uber definitely getting ready to go public, and this is a company that could see serious for the tech market in 2016, right? because everyone says tech stocks are so expensive. some of the best p.m. for ers of 2015 have been netflix, amazon, and uber, right up there with them, in terms of value, it bridges to the economy right now. >> you're fantastic, always love when you common our show. happy newspaper year. >> thanks for having me. >> his number 267-240- >> 254 -- >> thank you. >> i don't understand uber. just a punch of people who get in their car and drive around. how is that a company? how is that even legal? seriously. just a bunch of people get in
7:28 am
their car and drive around. >> a new school year, a new job, but no car. the tough reality for one single mother, what a stranger did that turned things around in her life. this is really fantastic. >> quincy, what are you up to? >> two street, going around, the last day of the year, asking people their new years resolutions, charlene, what's your new years resolution? >> to be a better person and serve god better. >> oh, goodness, people. we will find out other people's new years resolutions coming up next.
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>> the favorite photos of this past year, and they're pretty darn cool. and then this. >> remember her? high school cafeteria worker, man, people love her. her name is becky, the singing lunch lady, joins us, to sing old language sign, a song i've never understood. okay, 7:31 here again. comedian bill cosby, pleaded not guilty yesterday, in court, to charges he sexually assault add former temple university employee back in
7:32 am
2004. so, bill, who was arraigned in elkins park, posted bail and turned over his past port, as many as 60 women have allegedly accused bill cosby of assaulting them, and this is the first time he's been criminally charged in any of those accusations, the question is: will a man with his celebrity status ever be convicted? joining us andy fell man, rhonda hill wilson, former prosecutor, fred tisi. thank you for being here. should we start down at the end? >> oh, sure. >> let's go to the guy first. >> guy first. >> oh, man. just overall view, are you surprised by this? >> no, snot surprised by this at all. i was surprised when he wasn't prosecuted couple of years ago. >> oh, back then? >> yes, back then. you know, because these charges were looked at. >> this woman brought civil suit not long after this had happened, settled in 2006. >> but the da back then -- >> let it go. so, given the charges, you
7:33 am
know, indecent assault, which is what he is charged with, he clearly meet the statute. i don't don't understand why he wasn't charged but that's like old news. i think he is charged now, these are tough cases, tough cases for the commonwealth. but i think the allegations, he can't take the witness stands. i think he is -- >> what do you mean he can't take the witness stand? >> the challenger for him here he's made certain admission action during the course of the depositions he took in the federal case. and in those depositions he admitted he gave pills. he admitted some type of sexual activity. and then he calls and he says that he want to make good. he apologizes, those are petting damning things. those are things that have been admitted to and unsealed in federal court. so how do you get around that? >> how do you get around that? >> well i think the reason that he wasn't charged ten years ago was at the time at least there was, you know, you had the very famous guy, and who was very well loved at the time before all of this happened, and you have a woman who hadn't come forward, not only hadn't she come forward at the time, three month after
7:34 am
it happened, having not gone to the hospital or the police, she moved to canada. it took her another several months until she even told her family. it was almost a full year from that time until her mother called the authorities. >> and her -- hadn't they known each other? >> they had, yes, they had a bunch of meetings, one of which he admitted inch a prepare rhett at touching. but he had none this woman for years, met with him in new york, met with him in connecticut, met with him down year. not that she was a stranger. but the allegations over the last couple of years have been who are i have i can, and they've been -- there are so many of them, and they're all so consistent. so, you know -- >> not only consistent, part of which he has admitted to, admitted to giving women pills. >> that's part every it. also a settlement agreement. i haven't seen it, but i bet you lunch at my favorite restaurant that says i don't admit anything at all. >> i admit no guilt, except what he said in the deposition instead my question actually,
7:35 am
the thing that i don't understand, why was it at the time he was giving a deposition in a civil case, did his lawyer not say to to the plaintiffs ' lawyer also to the d.a., basically, we're not going to give any information unless we get immunity. >> look -- >> why would they say that on the record? >> well said, done. and i think that is the basis of these charges, and i think it makes it a lot different now than it did ten years ago. >> this is one woman. >> right. how do they come in in this case, if he doesn't take the witness stands? >> the prosecution doesn't get them in the case in chief -- >> but she takes the stand. >> he takes the stand. >> well, his words take the stand against him if this deposition is admitted. >> of course it is, it is
7:36 am
admission. >> and public opinion, certainly, everyone has heard about this case, about the multiple women who have come out. you have to get a jury who hasn't heard about this. >> you would be surprised. you will be amazed. >> but the tide has changed. even ten years ago. >> oh, yes. >> no means no. now, it is true, she says at least part of this is well i couldn't say no, i was inch incapacitated. >> hold on. >> she goes over to his house, and he goes here, take these pills. >> right. >> benadryl. >> right? but even -- >> would you take them? i mean, look. isn't that inapropriate to offer? >> i think that's why it will be a challenge on both ends. some people will blame the victim. and then you are going to have tomorrow people who are going to say -- >> blame the victim? >> well, they are going to.
7:37 am
>> in these rape cases, very very difficult on the victim, it is very tough. very unfair. >> they are doing things that are changing. because at the time he i think one of the reasons he didn't ask for immunity it didn't occur to him. he says in his deposition, in the deposition testimony he said well she didn't say no, she didn't give permission but she didn't say no. now we have moved to a place ten years later. but ten years later -- >> ten years ago, ten years ago this guy was beloved philadelphia and, beloved international figure, who has given back to the community in ways, those days, his reputation has been so tarnished. >> but you say that's the biggest celebrity case since oj? >> yes. >> twenty years snag. >> yep. >> how so? >> all is gone, baby. >> i know. >> thank you. >> thanks for having us. happy new year. >> kay say this? happy new year. >> happy new year. >> okay, hey, sue, what's up? >> bus stop buddy ready for the new year, already celebrating at least there is a lot of confetti around, and funny happen, it sort of new
7:38 am
years, isn't it? few clouds out there, but actually expect to go see some sunshine today. so, we're going to go with a eight, out of ten, in your weather by the numbers, and right now we just have clouds out there. the rain is gone t did rain overnight. but that's over. 49 degrees, right now, with 5-mile per hour winds out of the west northwest. and high temperature that will bounce back up into the lower 50's, actually got to 51 degrees at 1:00 a.m., it will be back there, with plenty of sunshine, and we haven't seen the sun in a while. so that will be nice. we'll have your new years day and seven day forecast coming un. let's get to traffic, bob kelly, enjoying day off. start off with the vine street expressway, some volume out there this morning, but not much. certainly not like a typical thursday, so that's good. route 309 northbound, at the pennsylvania turnpike, is also clear. and, mass transit, septa, city buses and trolley lines will be running on a modified holiday schedule today. let's go outside. because it is mummer time. all right, it is very colorful out there.
7:39 am
you want to stop by, dance around with us.
7:40 am
>> wife things, carina says we should drop off the roof of our building. >> for new years eve? >> thank you, the names of all of the cards ash yan, all of the candidates running for president, please, pretty please, with sugar on top. >> love the idea. >> another one, bruno says, i strongly believe that mr. jay should drop all of the extra cash out of your wallet down below. for all of the people waiting below. >> is that right? >> thanks, bruno. >> sure. >> okay. verizon and sprint customers, listen to this. time is running out to apply
7:41 am
for refunds, the cell phone companies owe millions of dollars to americans. you could be one of them. but you got to act on this. >> here's what happened. they over charged you. they ended upset link with the ftc for adding extra charges to our bills for services, we never signed up for. this whole practice called cramming. so if you had to pay a fee, for premium test any time in the past five, six years, you have only until today to file and claim against refund. >> oh, geez, you have hours left. >> all right, well, we gave you some warning on that one. 7:41. >> cramming. >> a mom, single, lives in charlotte, and she gets a wonderful gift of a lifetime real fry a total stranger. >> total stranger. her name is sarah. her last name peoples. sarah peoples. there she is right there. about to start school. and just got new job at local retirement home. recently divorced. her car got repossessed. it's been a mess. a plisses err that helped sarah get her belongings from her former car, told a local
7:42 am
businessman sarah's story, and that guy offered to help. and was so impressed with sarah's work ethic, that he helped her out. his name is jack. a complete stranger to her, he bought her a brand newspaper car. >> she came outside, and i tried to hand her the keys, and i don't think she believed me at first. and, it was kind of tearful, she was real excited as you can expect. and i think it was just a real nice experience for everybody. >> on top of that, the guy, again, his name is jack, says his act of kindness isn't about him. >> oh, so nice. just about taking the time to do whatever you can. sometimes something in your own life, maybe it is small, that is easy for to you do, means a lot to someone else. just do it. >> i'll buy somebody a car today. that's inspired me. >> just drop the cash off the top of the building. i saw this, i thought of you. you will see y i like when
7:43 am
they do of this year. there is achieve white house photographer, and picks all of his favorite pictures from the entire year. >> his job all year long, snap pictures of the president, where ever he is in the world. >> so i want to show you some every these ones. here's his top list. this is the one i thought of you. >> jerry seinfeld looking in the window of the oval office? >> isn't that great one? take of his show, comedians in cars getting coffee. >> did he drive around with the president? i haven't seen that episode. >> episode you haven't seen! >> oh, it hasn't aired yet. >> look how lucky you are. >> they are really good. he simply gets in a car with some celebrity, they drive to a coffee shop, they sit and have coffee and they talk, just like they did on the show with george. it is so good. so, a photo from when shaquile o'neil visited the white house back on february the 27th, look at that, that is a great shot. >> i almost named my first baby baby shack, baby shaquile. then also there was this
7:44 am
moment when the president played oh, would you like, with his national security advisors daughter. that is so cute. what, do you see him down on the floor, holding up little baby. what a surprise. >> i've never seen anything like. that will quincy, what are you up to today on new years eve day? >> not much? >> ya, we're asking people their new years resolutions, here at 30th street. these people are going to new york, going to find out is he going to break his new years resolution next week? we'll find out.
7:45 am
going to see some sunshine today. we had so much cloud cover, so, things are going to change, with the new year.
7:46 am
really, new year, new weather pattern. so it will be about 39 degrees at midnight. as we welcome 2016. 44 degrees for new years day, and the mummers parade tomorrow. here is our cold front. it is still raining, to the south of us, in george, a the carolinas, florida, but for us, the rain has ended. and that's we'll see some sunshine today. things are looking a whole lot better, but there is still flood warnings, even though there is no rain, in parts of missouri, and illinois from all of that mississippi river flooding. we expect sunshine for the rest of the day today. and dry weather for this seven-day forecast, which starts with our 51 degrees high today. then we get chilly. forty-four tomorrow. forty-two on saturday. 44 degrees on sunday. then, another shot of cold air, sunday night, which will give us high of only 39 on monday, and 37 on tuesday. keep in mind, one week ago, 71 degrees, on christmas eve. just saying. that's your seven day forecast, welcome back,
7:47 am
winter. >> we have, as we look at traffic, all clear along the roosevelt boulevard. no delays this morning. just little bit of haze out there, that's more after nuisance, more of a news than traffic. approaching route one, just fine. and your travel times this morning, on the schuylkill from the blue route to the vine only takes you 14 minutes. same amount of time on i95 from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. >> now again sue, the fcc requires this every new years eve day on the morning show, on television, local television, you have to do a new years resolution store. >> i are you going to come 11 this year? >> let's do it. >> quincy on it, asking people, on q street. >> q, what's your new years resolution, what are other people saying? >> reporter: i just want to get some more sleep. i really don't sleep enough, guys. i went to bed last night about 1:30, my kids, they go to bed, and then i try to get little free time. it never works out. like i need more sleep. i need more sleep. i need more sleep. i need more sleep.
7:48 am
but these guys right here, they're temple university student. what's your name? >> dave. >> jordan. >> okay. and you guys are about to go to new york? >> that's the plan. >> you're going to celebrate new years eve in new york. so what's your new years resolution? >> for me probably i want to get back in touch with people i haven't been around as much this upcoming year, rekindle those friendships, and relationships. >> listen, there was reason why you left those people alone. leave them in 2015. how about you, jordan? >> i would say to overall just have more success in my life, between working and going back to grad school. so got busy. >> so paint the picture for me. you guys going to new york city. the ball's going to drop. you going to stay therefore couple of days? >> the plan is to get out of there right away. you snow we got hour and a half to kill before the bus comes, trying to beat the wave, get back on time. >> okay. have some clean fun, jordan. i'll try. >> some of the things he was
7:49 am
saying off air, i can't really repeat. we wouldn't want to repeat. but these guys will have fun. i think, who, you know what, right now, you say you want to connect with a couple of people. is there one person in particular you would like to connect with that can see this right now on fox 29? >> that's hard. that's really hard. just people even from the past couple of years in school that i miss talking to, and friends back home, from high school, so, i'll in touch, just be red. >> i okay, guys. the bus, they're ready to go to new york, how are you doing, ma'am? are you okay? do you have a new years resolution? she has no new years resolution, about to go to new york so i'll catch you guys next hour. >> we'll see you in times square next hour. >> do you ever take the bolt bus? >> i don't but my sister takes it all the time. i used to take amtrak, all every those crazy kids take up and back to new york. >> only like 50 cents. >> one more for you. wait, one more for you. >> about what? >> what we should be dropping off the roof to celebrate the new year, you know, people drop the times square ball? >> ball drop?
7:50 am
>> selfie sticks. >> oh, drop a selfie glike one of your favorite people in the whole planet? >> kim kardashian. >> justin westbounder. >> bieber was here, i would drop him off the roof. >> so keep your ideas coming. >> you know i like the one you just toll me about. get a bag of chips. >> lynnia have mike drop a bag -- >> you're making me finds this quickly and my tongue gets tide. happy new year have, mike drop a bag of chips off the roof and then a bag of chips ahoy. clever, smart, i like it. >> i like that one. that's do-able, too. all we need is chips. interns in chips, please? you remember the seattle seahawks running back, marshawn lynch? has been granted a trademark on the phrase he used, think it was, superbowl week when the nfl forces to you do interviews, if you are one of
7:51 am
the stars of the team. he kept saying i'm just here so i won't get fined. he wouldn't answer any questions. that's now trademark. >> well, he became famous after he used repeatedly during that media day, just a guy real uncomfortable on camera. here's what he said. >> hey, i'm just here so i don't get fined. so you all can sit here and ask me all of the questions you all want tonight i'm going to answer with the same answers. so you all can shoot if you all please. i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. i'm here so i won't get fined. >> and that went on for about 20 minute. so mansion's marketing team filed for the trademark a few weeks after media day. and the petition was granted yesterday. >> so guess what? you will be able to buy a t-shirt with that slogan on it, come april. the trademark now allows him to use the phrase on sweatshirts, jackets, hats, and apparel. >> and as i agree with him. only reason i'm here. so i won't get fined.
7:52 am
okay, university in michigan says that certain words just should not be used any moran want them banned. >> this happens every new years eve, lake superior state university does this every year. >> all right, so they released their 41st annual list of words banished from the queen's english dictionary for misuse over use and general useless ness. >> that's one of them. >> so what. so lose it. >> join the conversation. >> i hate that. >> break the internet. >> that kim kardashian start that one. >> casino of clever. secret sauce. what's wrong with secret sauce? >> well, i think that's dirty, isn't it? secret sauce? >> in your mind. >> well, i'm so sorry. >> joe? dirty, isn't it? >> no, what's in the secret sauce? what's in the recipe? >> what?
7:53 am
>> mcdonald's big mac. >> oh, the big mac, oh, that's right, secret sauce? >> that was in their advertisement. >> what was the slogan? >> two patties blah blah. >> two all beef patties, special sauce sesame seed bun. >> oh? >> special sauce, that's where that comes from? really good. thanks, sue, i'm glad you're here. >> you cannot miss tomorrow on good day because -- >> what's happening tomorrow on good day philadelphia? >> we'll be celebrating the new year, having lot of fun, nothing better after a night of being out all night than hitting the gym in the morning. but, we'll have a way to get you fit, won't be too hard, good new years resolution that is aren't hard to keep. >> new years resolutions that are not hard to keep. >> yes. >> you don't want to set your except up for failure. >> i got one. >> okay. >> i'm no longer going to roll around naked on broken glass. >> it won't happen in 2016. >> that's a good one you can
7:54 am
keep. >> 7:53. no more chip. >> no more chip. >> eagles have cut ties with their coach now, we are hearing from the coach in the released statement what he says about being fired. you know who he actually did speak to after all of this? >> who? >> howard eskin. >> here is the thing, here is the thing, i actually have his cell phone number. >> yes. >> and i'm going to call him? just a few minutes and see if he picks up. i'm not kidding. live on the air. >> i bet he will. you know, he might just do that. but before you ring in the new year, we are going to show you how to keep that ringing out of your head, how is that ringing in your head, mike? >> it is constantly there. >> we have the hang over cures you need right now. >> look at the folks outside, karen? they're having a good time. >> well ... ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
7:55 am
7:56 am
this is sydney. fireworks displays about to happen? in four minute. look how beautiful that is. >> boats in the harbor there. one. prettiest places on earth. >> so, we're four minutes from midnight in sids any, australia. is that the opera house i see? >> right there on the right. >> look at all of the boats on the river, there the harbor. the minute we see it exploding we'll take the shot again. ceo jeffrey lurie of the eagles made it clear. he wants a coach who can relate to his players, and everybody else at the nova care complex. after being fired yesterday, chip kelly, gave a statement, but we wanted to hear from him. so, thankfully is he call him
7:57 am
on the commercial break, he is in his car headed to up new hampshire. did i call him. hey, how are you doing, mike? >> hey, good, how are you doing? you know culture beats scheme, founderly neat one on the schedule this year. i feel good mike. i'm pretty proud of my accomplishment. i write five years worth of place in three seasons, so -- >> well here is the saying. were you able to say good-bye to some of the flares. >> no, no, didn't think about it, my players, never talked to them when i was here so i barely said hell tow half of them, so -- >> well, you no what the coach, the owner yesterday, jeffrey lurie, said that, you know, the up tempo offense, innovative. he said it was a bold move to hire you. >> bold move. >> but this up tempo pace -- >> up tell tow. with you talk faster? >> really didn't work out. >> hurry up. all it did was make us look quicker, three and zero, three and out. but did provide for nice title for the season video, three
7:58 am
and out, going no where fast. pick it up. come on, mike. >> here is the thing. >> i do love my players though. i take that back. i never actually really talk to my players. that's why i sent plays in with signs, remember i was holding up the card? >> and what does that mean, s8 on that stupid card you hold, excuse me -- >> it means i don't want to talk to you, so read the sign. but i am still proud to be a duck. i am a duck to the end. i dumb responsibility, by the way i wasn't the gm. i don't know where you guys got that. >> well you said you were. here is the thing chip. yesterday on the cover of the daily news it says you're a dead doubling. >> yep. dead duck. but i'm i'm on my way back to new hampshire now, i'm going duck hunted. i'm wounded. >> you talk about how much you love your players, how much they meant to you, but they were so unhappy the ones you traded. there were some claims talking about things that make us uncomfortable. >> talking about shady mccoy, desean jackson, basically called awe race us. >> nope, nope, not a chance, not a chance. black players, white players, i don't get along with any of them. i'm in the car now driving
7:59 am
back to new hampshire. kiko al lan so tried to stop me, i got right past him though. we already got lost one. i blame the gps. by the way demarco murray's driving so we're going real slow. >> making a lot of symptoms are you? >> yep. i'll be back next week. yep. yep. eagles, i'm going to receive the wilson goode awards for blowing up the city. >> oh. >> thirty year old reference. >> got a laugh though, mike. >> sure did. >> yup, yup, yup. >> joe, come in here, that's jock con link, we love you. my man. >> what's happening. hello, karen? how are you? you have a couple of event happening. >> parx casino every wednesday, getting reviews, renewed for another year. we will be up there. and of course big show with big daddy graham, two funny fill ill guys, broadway theatre in pitman, every valentine day weekends, next month, next month at this point, yes. >> every valentine day do you a show with big dad. >> i yes. >> because we're kind of like
8:00 am
that. >> are you lovers? seriously? let's announce it now? >> we're supposed to do that after the first. >> big daddy. >> oh, would you stop? dear god. >> so thank you, we appreciate it as always. >> going to miss -- >> my act is taking a hit. >> the only voice i have left now brent brown coach of the sixers and he only has two victories, so how long can that last, you guys are awesome. thank you. >> your team won last night. >> no way. >> it is three. >> it is three. >> they won again. >> stop the madness. please, somebody, put a stop to the sixers wing. >> good to see you, man. >> likewise. happy new year. >> good day everybody, let's roll the open. what do you say? >> from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia". >> do you want to say anything? the stage is set for one of
8:01 am
the biggest celebrity trials ever. what his lawyer is saying right now. plus: fly eagles fly ♪ >> chip's eagles wings clipped after three seasons, kelly shares his biggest regret. and what the former head coach says he's most grateful for, and may surprise you. >> of course it is new years eve. and you are just hours away from that midnight smooch. most kissable place toss pucker up in philadelphia. >> but first, before you toes to 2016, get ahead that far hang over. the one thing doctors are urging party people to stay away from. it is midnight in sydney, australia. happy new year.
8:02 am
that's ebola put silly. the opera house, yes, looks like a big wave or something. >> it is already 2016, already celebrating, toasting the new year, they have the champagne glasses. >> love it. >> look that the shot. >> oh, wow. >> georgous, at some point the fireworks start falling from that bridge right there, see in the middle of the screen, it is like a waterfall. that will probably kick offer here in just a second. with that happens, punch it up. there goes. >> here we go you predicted it >> it is just amazing, such massive harbor, think i one of the press yes, sir fireworks displays on our planet. >> i agree. >> i wonder during their
8:03 am
nighttime if they'll watch our fireworks. >> hey look, there is philadelphia. >> i've actually been to sydney, and during our fireworks, they punch it, look, there is the delaware river, there is the ben franklin bridge. no, they don't. >> but they should. this is where america began. they're just stupid there. that's why they don't. >> that's right. by the way we do scale of one to ten on the weather every day. >> yes. >> today. >> yes, look at our special, our special happy new year, see, i put something special in there. see the ball in the middle it says happy new year. >> i don't like that because that's new york city. it is their ball we don't have a ball. >> what do you want, peeps, drop peeps in one of our towns. >> cheese steak. >> cheese steak? >> just change it, will you? >> no. >> bottle of yuengling. >> i like it. it is just so happy new year. >> wonder if we had meet being, that show all of the different things that happen in pennsylvania? >> we'll get a list together, yuengling, i think that's
8:04 am
pottstown, i know pete's is one of them, i know a strawberry, pretzel. >> okay. >> hershey kiss. in other words, why even have the meet it is we don't -- >> temperatures in the four's 50's this morning. and there is no more rain. it did rain overnight not bad, visibility good at the airport, we had some fog earlier this morning, that seems to be dissipating. so, let's have a party. plenty of of sunshine today for a change, haven't seen the sun in a while, and chillier afternoon after we get to early high of 51 degrees. >> we'll tell you will the midnight temperature. but in traffic today, checking out route 42 at creek road in new jersey doesn't like like typical thursday, and on the schuylkill past gulph mills, all clear on this thursday morning, travel speeds, everybody, able to go the post
8:05 am
dollars speed limit, amaze to go look at the traffic map, and all of the little things are green on there, karen, mike. usually, we had some red and some yellow which means slow downs, stoppages, but everybody's getting where they need to go this morning. >> america seeing favorite former tv dad in a whole new light. that is a mugshot. bill cosby out on bail after charged with assaulting former temple employee. that's the charge. >> now 78, and he does look almost every day of it, as we saw, headed into court. back to 2004. back in 2004, bill cosby met the victim in this case, what they are calling her, andrea constand, who was working he
8:06 am
invited her back to her home, cheltenham. then the allegation is that he gave her pills, and booze then sexually assaulted her. they settled civil suit back in 2005. the new charges filed less than month before the statute of limitations expires, like it is 11 days from now, politically motivate in the his mind. >> sad for his legal team, his family, that he would be dragged through this, this would be a political maneuver, fulfillment of campaign promise. >> do you want to say anything? >> so bill cosby is out, well, never went to jail, but he's out on a million dollars bail, so he had to pay 10% of that. charged with three counts of aggravated, indecent assault.
8:07 am
>> i meanwhile we heard from another high profile lawyer in connection with this case, talking about gloria all red, representing almost 30 women who say that cosby drugged and sexually assaulted them, she says, they're willing to testify against him, so there could be trial after trial after trial. >> we'll see. because what happened a lot of the statute of limitations for her client have he can period. that's why this one is so significant soy shy said her victims, they can help to establish backgrounds on this one, and she says that cosby of course deserves a fair trial, and they're looking forward to getting a just trial. >> twelve years now? >> not universal, depends if these women are out in the, you know, nevada, california, new york, where many of these different assaults were allege today have occurred, all different. >> so i think seven years in some states, apparently 12
8:08 am
here. >> have you seen this? look at that. the daily news out of new york city. it says: he said she said she said she said she said she said ... all of these different people that have come forward. how many, as many as 60 women? >> i certainly head up to 50. magazine cover came out with the nations of all of the women, rare covers where there is the first cover had all of the pictures of the women then unfolded and unfolded. that's how many. and it lends that credence, and credment, where it wasn't -- very hard to go up against a famous person, that's what your panel of attorneys were talking about earlier, then when you have a lot of support well it wasn't just me, here is this whole pattern. >> fifty, 606 other people. saying the same thing. >> sydney australia, still exploding in sydney? oh, let's look again. this goes on. fifteen minute there, sydney, every year.
8:09 am
what would be the next time zone? >> who would be next? there there are some. >> what about japan? >> that would be the same. >> next? >> i think the same. australia in a different time zone from hong kong and japan? >> you got your australia here. >> yes? >> and then you got your japan over here. i think about at least a time zone difference there. >> or maybe next hour we'll do japan and hong kong. see if it is different. >> tie pay? >> what are you yelling in my ear constantly. >> in. >> go to the next thing. >> what's so important that steve has to say? oh, our celebration tonight? >> reporter: it would be new zealand by the way. >> no, no, no. >> new zealand is the same. >> new zealand is the same. no, it was an hour ago, we showed new zealand. japan would be next. >> south korea. >> where are you by the way? it looks like you're up by
8:10 am
billy penn? >> i'm in a new time zone, new condo across from city hall, third floor con dow. look, i'm higher than the traffic lights. i don't know what this will be used for, i think this will be probably a lighting stand. because there is nothing else up here right now, but pretty cool view you don't get all time above syd i -- city hall. plus when i'm up this high, the crazy guy down there can't be getting on our camera. so i'm across the street, you see the traffic between me and jared if he comes back this way see all of the buses passing under me instead of in front of me. this is how i think i should be this far away from the camera on every live shot. because this is about as good as i look on tv. anyway, we are talking mummers. and this time tomorrow, all these bleachers that they've set up, will be full for sure.
8:11 am
people are still crazed enough to pay the $19 to sit in the believe earns so they don't have to stand on the curb all day. but you can bet with the wet their we have big crowd, they'll go down brought street like last year instead of up broad. we start here where we used to end, one of the big performance point right here in front every city hall. that's why they have the, you can see, that yellow box there, and the middle of broad street, market, that's where they're going to stop and play. so talking new years resolutions, i thought favorite show seinfeld you reference every hour, my favorite george did the opposite of everything. i think i will ' start smoking tomorrow and by next year be full blown chain smoker. >> i love that idea. >> for my resolution the follow year, so two smoking reelings pollutions, start smoking and then try to quit for 2017. just idea. >> fantastic idea. you know what i will do? i'll second hand smoke.
8:12 am
many ' stands around people who smoke. >> you toes tonight, get a handle on the hang over. one thing doctors are urging party people to stay a from this year. i'm being serious. you think it is a headache remedy. it could blow out your liver. not kidding.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> not used to the warm temperatures last week, even though chillier this week, even colder air moved in after the cold front last night. so at midnight, 39 degrees, as you lift your glass, and toast the new year, 44 degrees, for new years day. looking at the rest of our seven day forecast, we've got lots and lots of sunshine every single day, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, through wednesday, but look at the temperatures, high temperatures only in the 40's. and in the case of monday, tuesday, just in the 30's. so, wintertime temperatures are returning just in time for 2016. and that's your seven day forecast, now time to take a look at traffic with the talcony palmyra bridge open,
8:16 am
avoid that bridge. all lanes are blocked, as that moves very slowly through, large barge we like to say. i95 to the betsy ross, all clear this morning. what you need to know about mass transit for your new years eve, septa adding extra trains tonight, starting at around 7:00 continuing service all night long into new years day, regional rail also adding extra late night trains, and if you're driving into the city, you can park free in the city. >> at love people will be dealing with hang other, we asked doctor mike to come in here with us in the studio. hi, doctor mike, we'll tack your shot in three seconds, three, two -- there it is. hey, so what exactly is a hang over? >> all right. hang over is a complex way that the body deals with too much alcohol. lots of people are going to drink a lot of alcohol
8:17 am
tonight. what happens, it causes stimulation of the brain. we have a brain right here. >> okay, you got a brain. right here. >> so what happens is that alcohol will actually stimulate anti-diuretic hormone. what's that mean? when you drink alcohol, the pit too tar i england in your brain. >> where is that? >> stimulate, oh, it is underneath here. doesn't really matter. bottom line, with the pit too tea glands at this hormone makes you urinate. so you will de hydrate because it is making you me out a whole lot more. >> body dehydrated is that why it hurts? >> that's part of it, but it is more than that, not just dehydration karen, you are holding a clear spirit. actually vodka. and i'm showing some rum. now, the difference, as everyone can see, is that this is darker. >> yes. >> that's because of the way it is prepared, and made, it
8:18 am
has got something called conjureers in it, impurities actually in that casino of alcohol. >> what would be bet r for me to drink? >> the clear. >> clear. >> in addition to the dehydration, it adds more to the symptoms of hang over. now, there is a bottle of beer over there. lots of people will be drinking beer, or champagne, and what happens is, the cash nation followed by one every these drinks, increases the absorption of the alcohol. so, a perfect storm for a hang over is your dehydrated, you're tide, you have champagne or beer followed by some whiskey or rum. >> shots. >> and drink too much of it. you'll be a hurting puppy tomorrow morning. >> so a loft people say all right, i'm going to drink some water. maybe take advil or tylenol? >> forget the tylenol. there are case reports, and i tell my patients all the time,
8:19 am
don't ever mix tylenol, acytominafin, with alcohol. >> why? >> it can cause damage to the liver. i brought a liver here. this is actually a rep applicant after your liver. >> oh,. >> looks like mine, ya. >> this is the liver right here. you don't want to mix acytominafin, remember that, with alcohol, because there can be serious problems. it is okay to take some aspirin, but will irritate your stomach, so the clear issue here is how do we prevent this from happening, folks? >> don't drink so much? >> obviously, but that's not going to happen for a lot of people. >> it delays the fact. >> before you start drinking,
8:20 am
have a nice meal. don't drink on empty stomach. get hydrated. don't get tired. and keep drinking water. >> eat and drink? >> water. then in the morning, some people say, and it is proof never science, that you can have eggs, bananas, because you lose potassium, sodium, all of those things will help you feel better. bottom line, don't drink too much. you'll be all right. >> happy new year. >> the thing it, sobers you up most? >> yes. >> time. >> time. >> yes. >> not coffee, not walking around. >> coffee is bad, too. >> time in a bottle. happy new year, love you. >> love you both. cheers. >> give me kiss. >> there go. pucker up. >> all right, you two kiss. >> we have the best places to make out and kiss in this city. we'll give you top five places you want to go, have your little selfie stick being take your picture as you usher in the new year. >> you know rittenhouse square
8:21 am
would be nice, gazebo. ♪ (vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> 8:24. live slot of times square, as you can tell, looking down there, i believe, the address of that building, where the ball comes down, is one times square. >> people are getting their spots tonight at midnight. >> one of the code he is nights in my life. i was hosting live shot from the show. forty-seventh and broadway. it was 0 degrees. >> miserable. >> but, you got to do it at least once. and once is enough. >> okay? >> all right. so, in a few days, the man who is sitting to my left, that man, right there ... michael nutter, will no longer be mayor. as long as i've been in. back in philly from new york, you've been mayor.
8:25 am
>> yes. >> long time. >> so it will be weird. >> it will be a little different. good morning, mike and karen? good to have you here. >> good to see you here. >> it was a good run, wasn't it? >> incredible. great honor. it is humbling. and i've learned so much, but i've been given so much. and philadelphians, have been very, very kinds to me and my family. >> can we doing something kind of up? we always do top five things. >> yes? >> let's go back over the eight years. >> yes? >> and like highlight, some low lights, too. >> but the pope's advice. >> i yes. >> would that be your number one? >> it would be, yes. >> yes? >> what was that like for you? >> the number one event. you know, year before, last year, meeting pope francis for the first time, just incredible experience. then when we went back, with the final plans, i think back in june, seeing him on the stairway, coming out of that
8:26 am
airplane, at philadelphia international airport airport, was one of the most incredible moments. my life. tremendously kind, warm, joyous person that he is. welcome to philadelphia. >> good one. >> good line. >> yes. >> he seemed happen. >> i but our whole city, one of the highlights for our entire city, what an honor. >> people have talked about the 1979 papal visit for a long time. and i think that people will be talking about the 2015 visit by pope francis for decades. >> yes. >> to come. >> it was just incredible. >> highlight. >> yes. >> low light. how many about that amtrak crash? >> amtrak 188. >> where were you? >> i was in center city in a meeting. the whole team started communicating, rushed out to the scene. it was one of the most horrific things that i've ever seen. you know, again, the neighbors
8:27 am
in the community, rushed out, with water, towels, and really, literally, physically, embraced the survivors coming offer the train. and the heroism by police officers and firefighters, they literally save lives. >> i'll turn the chair little bit. >> you just want to be closer to you? >> yes. >> all right. >> certain amount? >> one of the hardest things you have to do is when a firefighter loses his life, or her life, police officers. >> other public servants, again, i will never forget the first police officer, sergeant steven, in my offers this saturday, in city hall, and it was just devastating. i mean, there is no, no preparation for that. >> yes. >> and as you know we lost three more officers that year. and then another one in february of 200. buffet total of eight police officers, four firefighters, very young guy, pgw, lost in a
8:28 am
explosion, one of the fleet management. >> so let's go back to more positive things, okay? >> things that happened. >> fourth of the july, concert that we had, the ma the made in america, labor day. >> you showed times square in new york, i mean, weaver an event of course, two sets of fireworks tonight, make sure to come out, 6:00 and midnight at penn's landing. but you know new york is new york. times square, and new years eve is their thing. but we own the fourth of july. there is no question about it. >> birth place of america. >> where else will be celebrate the fourth of july? what the roots have done, and the other performers that we've had. >> jay-z, with made in america, chose philadelphia, of all of the sit ills in the country to have that event. this one in september. sold out for the first time both days. again incredible erray of artists, jay-z, beyonce, good times in fill. >> i i know one more, when it comes to the sports teams, they struggle. but we had a highlight. >> that's right.
8:29 am
>> first year. >> phillies. that parade. yep, 2 million people out. folks were happy, joyous, they went to the world series the following year, came up little short with the yankees. but that was an incredible first year. >> what a day that was. it was halloween, right? >> yes. >> october 31. >> gorgeous day. >> fantastic, leading into the election. presidential election was the next week. and of course then senator barack obama won the election. >> so what are you going to do now? >> well, i'm going to announce right here on fox live tv what my plans are. arranged when management here, actually today, this is my audition tape, and i'm going to take the month off in january, and i'm pleased to announce that i'll be coming back in february as with karen and alex, i'm tacking over your seat. and so, i mean, no, it's been a good run, it's been a good
8:30 am
run, and aisle ' go where ever you are going to go, but good day. >> yes. you've been release from the your contract. >> yes. >> thank you, mayor. >> so you just push the little thing here? >> push the button right here. >> so, you're right. lots of kids will be doing the same thing at the please touch museum. this one, the countdown to noon. our buddy, quincy, hey, quincy, i got new co-host this morning. >> oh, quincy, i was with him last night. >> heck ya you were. what were you guys doing? >> that's my friend. how are you doing? >> pop warner national championship. >> he is talking to you about the event you went to last night. >> yes, well, listen, it the countdown to noon. we have the mad hatter. hello. i'm so excited about what's going on. >> you're not the only one. >> i can tell. okay, so tell us, we did bring our kids here. >> of course you got to bring your kids here, it is the counsel down to noon, for kids.
8:31 am
you won't stay up until 12:00 with your kids, right? so bring them here. we do it at 12:00. drop the ball at 12:00. drop it at 1:00. >> 12:00 noon. of course. of course. then we have great time. >> okay. so let's go through t please touch museum always halls cool things here. >> entire museum will be open during the event. so you can come and play on all of the exhibits, and, do the countdown and noon celebration and show. >> okay. so what time do you guys open up mat hatter? >> open up at 9:00 like any other normal day. >> you will have a crew actually perform here? >> yes, we will do an alice in wonderland countdown show. we have rock to the future, playing on the stage to rock us into the future. >> kids will love this. >> world famous. >> you can common the septa bus, you can drive the bus. >> yes, you can. >> if you have never been in the please touch museum, my kids come here all the time. >> this is not first time here. >> i know, amazing, should come more often. you look good in that seat.
8:32 am
>> i think i could be septa driver you. >> look good in that seat. oh, ya. >> so what's some other things, other inter-active things? >> welcome on out this way. you can do some road construction on our dig he is, dick in the ball pit, mover this around, drive sport i little car lining. >> this you can fix the engine. think it is the transition, but no one list tones me, and pump gas into your car over here and you can get some rita's water ice, then we come right into the hamilton hall where the big show is. >> what we need to do right now, let's act like it is almost. >> rock to the future. hello. >> nice to see you. hello, how are you, nice to see you. people just like these two at the hall here, just filled with the place. so, rock to the future will play, then we do big allison wonderland countdown show, then at 12:00 the ball will drop. okay? and the confetti will go off.
8:33 am
we'll all sing called language sign. nobody one will have any idea what it means, but we'll all have a good time. >> let's do a countdown. ready? >> ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, happy new year: >> cool. >> oh, the confetti. happy new year, guys. >> why are you not bringing your kids here? >> oh, we will, we will. >> thank you guys in the studio. >> thank you, quincy. so much fun. love the celebration. >> so just a dry run. they do it at noon. >> again at 1:00. and a lot of the firehouse also also having their countdowns to noon. >> yes. >> maybe see you out there at one of those. >> very cool. so, chip kelly put out statement about being fired. did you see this? >> last night he released a statement thanking the ceo jeffrey lurie first time with the team. in regard to the players, this is interesting, he says my players mean the world to my. i will miss them very much. and i will be rooting for them to achieve their dream.
8:34 am
life is all about responding to challenges, and seizing opportunities. >> meanwhile, the search is underway, an immediately, for new head coach for our philadelphia eagles. at a press conference yesterday, jeffrey lurie, made it clear on what he is looking for in the next candidate to be coach. but clearly his comments were directed as i sense criticism of jeff. >> you got to open your heart to players and everybody you want to achieve peak performance. i would call it a style of leadership that values information, all of the resources that are provided, and at the same time, values emotional intelligence. >> okay. don't forget we still have another game. >> we do. >> against the giants. >> because that far the players are still barak it. -- practicing out there. so they're practicing for the first time under the i am err
8:35 am
i am head coach that guy pat, players shared some of their thoughts what they thought about the whole situation. >> i would just say the surprise factor, you know what i mean, we had real good practice yesterday, he broke us down after practice, you know, everything was normal, and then for it to happen last night, i think it casino every surprised everyone. >> i knew something was going to happen, but i didn't think it was going to be this dramatic, especially at this time during the season, last week of the season. but i understand why. >> i think everybody under stands why. all right, of course, this is new years eve day. and not in the united state but europeans, look at this shot, european getting ready to ring in the new year as we r the tightened security changes being made through the deadly paris attacks earlier this year. of course that's times square new york city.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> 8:39. your pal all ready for the new year. and he's making sure you know to wear your winter coat. because it is getting cold. even though temperatures are in the four's, some of them in the 50's right now, we go down, pretty chilly, throughout the rest of the afternoon. so your happy new year number of the day is a eight out of ten. let's take a look now at the satellite radar picture. which is fine. even though we have few clouds, it is pretty decent morning out there, with 49 degrees, the rain is gone. westerly wind at 6 miles an hour, no problem with visibility all day at the airport. so if you are going somewhere, you should be okay, but it is always a good idea to call ahead. now we get to high of 51 degrees today. and for a change, we are actually going to see decent amount of sunshine. that's not been the case for that entire warm spell of christmas, and even few days before, probably been ten days since we've seen any decent
8:40 am
sunshine. sunset is 4:46 p.m. your seven day forecast, is coming up. and good day philadelphia will be back right after this. the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget. that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania.
8:41 am
8:42 am
thisit's like candy block ofcane lane. i know. oohhh. oh, holiday ferris wheel. i kind of love it. look at those reindeer. jeffrey, you're awfully quiet back there. i was just thinking... maybe it's time we finish this test drive and head back to the dealership? that is so jeffrey... soooo jeffrey... so jeffrey... oh. elves..
8:43 am
it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. the volkswagen sign then drive event. zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first months payment on a new passat and other select models. >> it is the banjo, the woodlands string band. >> wouldn't it be better -- >> you know what? i think the audience, i don't think we can. >> they can. >> the audience can hear? why can't we hear them? >> now trick t plays out for them but not to us. welcome to the show. >> how about that? >> my first day. that's why the mayor is taking over for me. i was just out there talking to them. that got on me. >> looks like my backyard when chickens were attacked. >> purple chickens. >> 8:43. >> beefing up security for tonight's bill bawling drop
8:44 am
there in light of all of the attacks, and even our neck of the woods. >> it includes some new specialized counter terrorism task force, nearly 6,000 new york city police officers, and k9 unit, will keep watchful ion party goers, 1 million people expected, everyone getting, screened with metal detectors, and then over seize, in europe, well, also, other part of the other side of the world, turkish authorities say they foiled suicide bomb plot that had been planned for tonight, celebrations have been scaled down with fireworks, canceled in brussels, belgium. about 60,000 officers, and troops, have been deployed across france, for the holiday season. and 80% of the areas police force on duty. 80% of their force in france is going to be on patrol in a few hours, matter of fact. >> a loft times it is all call.
8:45 am
everybody end up around the clock because there are so many people that want to be out, they want to celebrate. a lot of them nel ' get little romantic. might want to find quiet corner. >> normally you kiss somebody at in i had night. we have the top five kissable places, around philadelphia next.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
♪ okay, we're hours away from make out at midnight. normally new years eve, you kiss the one you're with. >> yes. >> i love you. creepy. >> so, we decided to bring in jillian wilson, her first time on television. hi, jillian. look in that camera right there. you are prep. >> i thank you. >> dang also from the website called you wish you new. >> yes. >> you wish you new. what is that website about? >> so it is about all of the great things going on in philadelphia, we talk about events, hotels, restaurant openings, it is real a great resource for, you know, planning what you want to do in the sit. >> i i'm going to log on. >> you should. >> i want a place i can get re month i can tonight. watch the fireworks at the same time, but i want to be inside. what's a good suggestion?
8:49 am
>> so you can go at the cue at the kimmel center. >> there it is, there is the cube, on the third floor whatever? >> something fun happening this year, sugarhouse casino fireworks are going to be streamed on bunch of screens including the cube, go at midnight, kiss your sweetheart, and be right in the middle of center sit. >> i who are you going to kiss? >> my boyfriends. >> what's his name. >> brandon. >> sorry to put brandon on blast. so i want something that screams love at me. where should i go. >> love park of course. >> love park. >> how about armor? >> yes, armor statue at philadelphia statue of art, you should get there soon before it closes down in january. >> okay. now, i also saw on your list, over there around seventh and sansom, jewelers row. >> yes. >> why there? >> i mean, have you seen the engagement rings? you know? you should go over there.
8:50 am
also, decorated for christmas, beautiful lights hanging above the street. great place to go walk hand-in-hand. >> really is a nice block, at night, too bad we don't have footage at night, it is all lit up. >> real prep. >> i it is. >> do you know where jewelers row got that stuff, all of those decorations? >> i don't. do you? >> look at me, jillian, i'll teach you something right now. they made that movie silver linings play book. >> yes. >> in philadelphia. the movie company needed a christmas scene. they bought all that stuff, put it up, and when the movie filming was done, we don't need it. they gave it to jewelers row. >> oh, that's a cool story. i didn't know that. >> i made it up. >> oh,. >> no, i'm kidding. >> that is a true store. >> i that's the truth. okay? tell me about a hotel i can go to? >> well, come right here. >> i know this hotel. hold on, that's the palmar.
8:51 am
>> so at the entrance there, ben franklin, marquis hanging above the street. >> what? >> yes. so it is lit up. you can casino of think of it as ben franklin mistletoe. why not have a kiss under ben prank lynn. >> jillian i've been over there a hundred times. i've never noticed that. >> you have to look up. it is there, i promise. >> i'm normally looking down crawling. >> how about something classic, something that's been around for hundreds of years? >> how about the oldest neighborhood in the country. >> oh, that's good. >> alfred's alley, great spot. the cobblestone street, it is quaint, cute, like who wouldn't want to walk hands in hand there, have your new years kiss there, also few blocks away from all of the excitement at penn's landing and old sit. >> i good idea. you know what i just thought of? something just down the street in fact i can see it, from our studio, that's visitors independence visitors center looking at that time right now. >> yes. >> the big red x's and o's. >> so since i am from visit philadelphia it wouldn't be if
8:52 am
i didn't have self promotion in here, so i will say the last bonus one. >> see it? see it? >> the xoxo with love photo spot. independence visitors center, xoxo obviously means love. why not go there. snap a selfie while kissing, your significant other, and have independence mall in the background. >> i drag down there every time i go by, i see people taking pictures and kissing. >> and people getting engaged there, too. >> you know, chris murphy and i on my instagram. >> you did not? >> we're not kissing, but hugging, by it. i never posted that. >> no wonder i never saw it. >> you were lovely and wonderful. >> you should common every day. >> okay. >> every day. >> how long have you been with brandon? >> i've been with brandon for four years, so it's been a while. >> do you think tonight's the night? >> i don't think so. i told him i didn't want to got engaged on a holiday. >> what do you want? >> random dray. >> like 2:30 on a wednesday. >> yes, 2:33 maybe. >> 2:33, all right. lit's go to a barber shop.
8:53 am
you know, cornerstone in many black communities. >> where everybody towels, you get all of the gossip, all of the entertainment news. i think that's one of the secrets to success, so we go to one of the best in the business tell you what's happening there.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> ♪ oh, look, woodland string band. fabulous. great, great, again. ♪ >> having fun. >> ♪ >> i see that you have -- hey, it is four minutes before 9:00 here. getting into the 9:00 hour in a matter of minute, well, like four minute.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> ♪ >> you can welcome everyone back, mike. >> welcome back. >> it is the 9:00 hour. it is a pretty big day. >> that's cool. >> yes. >> welcome everybody back. >> what the heck? >> happy new year. >> all getting ready for the new year. >> you're connected. >> i know, i'm in the going far. here's the thing, you don't like to make resolutions, you don't like to make resolutions, you don't have to. >> why snow. >> says mom, don't worry, there is whole


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