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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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a brand new year. the looking pretty good if you're new year's eve plans are taking you outdoors tonight. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in for lucy noland. >> i'm iain page much thanks for joining us. hematoma knew year everyone. still not too bad outside. considering it's the last day of december. chief meteorologist scott williams here to let us know what you can expect when you head out to ring in the new year. scott? >> looking pretty good for new year's eve, guys. we're talking about closing the books on the warmest december on record. but right now ultimate doppler showing that the rainfall from yesterday it's well to our sou south. so drier and colder air is moving in. as we zoom in a little closer, you can see we're dry. we still have some lingering clouds out there. but not that bad if you're stepping outdoors for your plans. we have mid 40s philadelphia. upper 40s wildwood. 51 degrees right now in dover. already in the pocono mountains we've dropped to the 30s. so here's your hour by hour forecast. dry and quiet. low to mid 40s by 10:00 o'clock. then by midnight, we are ringing
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in 2016 right around 40 degrees but wind chills will be in the 30s. so coming up we'll talk much more about the warmest december on record that dry and chilly new year's eve forecast and some of the coldest air of the season. it's finally really going to feel like winter with that seven day forecast coming up. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. ringing in the new year wouldn't be complete without the annual fireworks display at the waterfront. >> first two shows about to get underway and fox 29's chris o'connell is already got a good spot pick out to enjoy the show. chris? >> reporter: that's right, guys. new year's officially doesn't come for another six hours or so. but that hasn't stopped thousands coming down to penn's landing the waterfront take a look behind me. a gorgeous night here on pennsylvania lanning. the first of two fireworks displays getting ready to get started. we understand win about 90 seconds from now. the second one goes off at midnight. now, take look down there. warmer weather has people flocking here to winter fest. you see the ice skating ring.
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the hot chocolate. people by the fire pits. really becoming a great family tradition for new year's. very special fireworks display for the 6:00 o'clock. listen to this. a 14 minute display all about star wars. the music, the fireworks, all with a star wars theme. you'll see different display at midnight and i'm hearing the announcement now those fireworks are just about to get underway. i can tell you 4500 explosive devices making up 4 tons of fireworks and explosives just about ready to blast off here at penn's landing. if we could, take a look at the crowd. >> it is crazy. once again that warm weather people all around market street trying to get you can see on the bridge there, the celebration is now getting ready to begin. we're hearing the announcements these fireworks will go on a
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barge right off the delaware river, 4500 devices about ready to go off, and if we can hear -- let's take you right there. talk about on queue. ♪ fireworks new year's display first of two displays this one with the star wars theme starting as we speak. midnight if you want to come down here at midnight penn's landing, the best viewing point. camden waterfront another great. anywhere along the waterfront. the weather is great. guys, beautiful fireworks with star wars right now as we speak. >> perfect night for it, chris. you're timing couldn't have been any better. thank you, chris. we are staying on top of a developing story in philadelphia's mayfair section. tonight, police are looking for a man who shot an elderly woman in the face and then walked away with her purse. fox 29's dave schratwieser shows us it's rattled an entire community ahead of its new year's celebrations.
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>> to shoot her, that's awful. that's awful. >> neighbors were on edge after a 75-year-old woman from mayfair was shot in the face after a suspect stole her purse in this driveway just after 10:00 a.m. >> that's just horrible. it's horrible. i can't believe that's happening here. >> i'm sorry to see what happened to her. >> reporter: police and neighbors say judy ritchie was walking home from this shop writ op frankford when she was approached by a man in a silver car. asked her for her money. grabbed at her. kind of pulled her towards the car. there was a struggle. and a shot was fired. she was hit in the face. >> new year's eve. happy new year's, and this is what we got to look forward to around here. >> reporter: suspect fled with her purse containing 400 bucks and a cell phone. the victim left a trail of blood as she walked to her house on the 7200 block of al guard street. she lives there with her elderly husband. she works as an aide at this local school. >> it's good two and a half
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blocks from here to home and let's her hub know. puts the groceries away and waits for the police to come and take her to the hospital. >> my prayers and my heart go out to the family. >> reporter: police search the area for surveillance video looking for the car and the suspect. neighbor are praying for a speedy recovery. they condemn the violence. >> thank god, you know, she's going to live to see another day. >> she's taking the short cut home and this happens to her. it's a shame. >> reporter: police did not recover a weapon or a shell casing in that driveway in mayfair. they continue to review surveillance video hoping for a break in this case. at northeast detectives, dave schratwieser fox 29 news. >> radnor police are on the hunt tonight. >> investigators are searching for a man who is armed and dangerous take a good look at this guy. 31-year-old kenneth jones radnor police say he's responsible for armed robbery back on decembe december 17th. police say he approached landscapers and attempted to rob them on the 100 block of pine tree road in radnor.
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several schools near the attempted rob bro forced to go on lock down while police searched for jones. he is still out there and investigators say they are anxious to get him off the street. >> again, if you do run into mr. jones, we ask that you call 911 and stay away from him. let police professionals handle it. radnor township has zero tolerance policy for this type of behavior and the township offered a $7,500 reward for the arrest and conviction of kenneth jones. >> jones is also wanted for similar crimes in norristown and in elsewhere in montgomery county. >> fire crews in delaware county had their hands full with a house fire earlier today. this is some video taken by skyfox over the two alarm fire in chester. the fire was reported just before noon at a home near the intersection of jeffrey street and west second. flames could be seen shooting through the roof of the home. no injuries were reported though and fire officials are still investigating the cause of that fire. philadelphia police are hoping surveillance cameras will reveal more about the gunman had
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shot and killed a man in north philadelphia this morning. officers found the victim 21 years old lying on the sidewalk near 25th and clearfield it was about 12:30 this morning. police say someone fired seven shots at the man as he rode his bike. the victim made the about half block before then collapsing. paramedic rushed him to temple hospital but he died about tenements later. police say the victim was close to the shooting scene and are hoping that security cameras in the area will give them a better idea about just who the shooter is. more gun violence this time in west philadelphia. tonight philadelphia police asking for your help finding the person responsible for a shooting on the 1200 block of read field yesterday afternoon. police say a man was shot in the shoulder and later died at the hospital. no arrests have been made. if you know anything about this, give police a call. >> as 2015 draws to a close millions of americans getting ready to ring in the new year. >> a mid the celebrations we're seeing security is tighter than ever before. a million people expected in times square and new york to ring in the new year.
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along with the confetti there is a sense of caution in the area. thousands of police officers patrolling the crows roads of the world performing thorough searches of those arriving to claim a front row seat tonight. city officials assure the public there are no credible threats. >> there will be obvious security measures you will see and a number of measures you won't see. >> we have a constant threat analysis stream that we're constantly reviewing. but again we are not aware of any threat. >> still nypd isn't taking any chances. at least 6,000 patrol officers are assigned to the times square festivities. about 800 more than last year. and while you're out party to go night celebrating the new year a warning from local law enforcement. don't drink or drive. fox 29's jeff cole joins us live from center city tonight. jeff a lost extra police going to be out check fog drunk drivers tonight. >> reporter: yeah, i mean they obviously know what the problem is here on new year's eve as police come out increased patrols tonight.
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they're always the concern in our region a drunken driver will take innocent lives. obviously unfortunately it's happened before in this area. certainly police and others hope that maybe this year it will certainly be different. debbie amoroso lived for nearly two decades think the searing pain of losing her son to a drunken driver. danny was just 20. >> i worry about how many more people are going to lose their lives now tonight or how many are going to be so hurt that the rest of their life is spent in discomfort and pain. >> reporter: the man who killed him was well over the legal limit and took the young man's live instantly. >> three times the legal limit, ran from a previous accident just few minutes before, was driving without a license and no working headlights on his car. and he hit danny head on. >> reporter: state police will try to avoid a similar tragedy this new year's eve as they hit
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the roads with increased patro patrols. if they pull you and you've been drinking or drugging, they say there's trouble. >> if you have had something to drink you're probably going to get to know those troopers a little better for sure. >> reporter: they'll look for the telltale signs of many paired driving, speeding and switching lanes. dui checkpoints will be out on local roads all focused on keeping the celebration of this new year a safe one. >> members of the public should heed warning to the signs out there drive sober or get pulled over. we will be out there. we will be aggressively enforcing the motor vehicle code and we will be attempting to identify those drivers that are impaired and again our goal is to get them before the crash. >> reporter: to get them before the crash. that is absolutely state police goal. it's interesting. drunk driving fatalities in pennsylvania are down but according to the federal government up unfortunately in new jersey and in the state of delaware. if you are on the road to neat and you see a driver who appears to be impaired, the police ask
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that you call 911. try to get a license plate. give them some information as to where you see that car going. they'll try to pull up and pull the person over because before there's some kind of horrible crash in center city tonight, jeff cole. dawn back to you. >> jeff, thank you. another warning coming from police tonight about an illegal new year's tradition. of course we're talking about shooting guns in the sky. last year alone there were more than 78 calls for gunfire on new year's eve and those were the incidents that were reported in philadelphia. the police commissioner charles ramsay along with district attorney seth williams saying tonight, if you're caught firing a gun in the sky, be prepared to pay the consequences. starting this sunday you won't have to dig for change in your purse if you're going on the pennsylvania turnpike at certainly locations. the new cash less tolling point will be unveiled after midnight on january 3rd on the turnpike bridge over the delaware river in buck county. this non-stop tolling checkpoint will be a one-way toll for motorists crossing into
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pennsylvania from new jersey on i276. e-z pass users pay $5 and not e-z pass dollars will pay $6 and 75 cents through the toll by plate system. that system will photo of your license plate and male the bill to the car owner. there's a new millionaire thanks to the most recent powerball drawing. big jackpot is still there for the taking. we'll tell you what it is up to coming up. many will choose to ring in the new year with a cocktail or two. we'll tell was foods you can eat to help fight that hangover. howard? >> the eagles got one game left this season. but sunday against the giants will be without chip kelly. pat shurmur coaches that final game and tells us what the week was like and malcolm jenkins says the blame can go around for the chip kelly firing. that's all coming up in sports.
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>> philadelphia got a new millionaire the lucky ticket was
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bought at the sunoco station on cottman avenue. all that was missing from this person to take home the jackpot was the red powerball number. the store will get a $5,000 bonus for selling the winning tick. because no one hit powerball jackpot that means saturday's drawing is going to be a big one. as of right now saturday's estimated jackpot worth more than $330 million. that's expected to keep climbing over the next couple of days. if there is a winner it would be one of the largest jackpot drawing in the history of powerball. you can watch it of course live right here on fox 29 saturday night at 11:00 p.m. it's new year's eve which means a lot of people will likellikely over indulge when it comes to alcohol. what you eat the next day can actually help how you feel. there's no cure for hangover but according to one dietician at the cleveland clinic there are things that can have you feeling better sooner. replacing lost electrolytes by drinking vitamin enhanced water before you go to bed can help you a lot in the morning if you wake up feeling bad eat a bland diet made up of bananas, rice,
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applesauce and toast. getting your nutrients from natural sources can rhee result in a quicker recovery. i think fluids are very important even if you can hydrate while you're drinking that helps to prevent feeling so poorly in the morning so for every alcoholic drink i typically suggest having a nice at least eight to 12-ounce glass of water. >> getting enough rest is important for your bodi' recovery. the best plan for your overall health watch your intake of alcohol so you can avoid over indulging in the first place. that's probably the best advice. all right. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. if you'll be out tonight, celebrating watching the fireworks and all that kind of stuff -- >> you need a heavy coat. >> may be. may be. >> right? >> a jacket definitely. but it's not going to be that terribly cold really until next week. that's when we expect some of the coldest air of the season. a live look outside our studios right now showing not that bad and currently the temperatures
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are in the mid 40s. the normal high this time of year is 41 degrees. but it is going to feel like the 30s if you're stepping outdoors for your new year's eve plans. in fact we'll go hour by hour by 10:00 o'clock 42 degrees. a chilly breeze by 11:41. and by midnight, ringing in 2016, right around 40 degrees but once again you should dress for feels like temperatures in the 30s. no rainfall today. yesterday's system well to our south right now with the showers and storms. so we have some drier and also some colder air that's moving in. still some leftover clouds but once again those clouds not producing any rain. look at the temperatures right now. pretty uniform across the area. we have low and mid 40s across the board. 45 right now in philadelphia. 47 millville. 47 degrees currently in dover and low 40s right now in the lehigh valley. so mid 40s for us. but take a look. north and west around the great lakes, 20s and 30s showing up. teens right now in minneapolis.
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so some of the coldest air of the season. it's been trapped well to the north but as we move into early neck week, a dip in that jet stream and that means some of that cold air that's been bot bottled up in canada will make a run right for the delaware valley and actually below average temperatures as we move toward early next week. but for tonight, dry and chilly. falling temperatures. 31 degrees in the suburbs. 36 in the city. then for the mummers parade tomorrow lot of sunshine. it it's going to be cold with a chilly breeze 8:00 o'clock temperatures 37 degrees. and feels like temperatures early tomorrow morning generally in the 30s. the weather authority seven day forecast showing you 46 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. that's actually above the average for this time of year much that's 41. 43 degrees on saturday. sunday mid 40s and then look at monday and tuesday. high temperatures only in the 30s. there could even ab flurry as some of that cold air rushes in on monday. and then mid 40s by thursday of
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next week. but december 2015 the warmest december on record for the philadelphia area. on average the high temperatures were about 13.8 degrees above where we should be for the month of december. >> wow! >> that's incredible. >> a lot of 60s and 70s for this month. >> january will feel league january. >> yeah. >> i don't look in the past. i look in the future. >> all right. look into the future for us, howard. >> well, malcolm jenkins calls out one of his teammates for believing what he reads in the newspapers and eagles enter rim head coach pat shurmur talks about what it was like coaching the eagles at practice for the final week getting ready for the final week of the season coming up in sports. this is the best block of all.
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it's like candy cane lane. i know.
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♪ okay. so it's the final week of the football season. for the eagles. eagles play their final game of this disappointing season sunday in new york and there is a new head coach running the game. that would be the interim head coach pat shurmur. he had been head coach before with the cleveland browns. so this is not anything new. shurmur had been with the eagles under andy reid and this time under chip kelly. so now it's his turn to run practice aft chip kelly got fired on tuesday. as offensive coordinator of the eagles it may be different as the head coach but in the end practice is the same.
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>> we started something in motion here. the players are used to doing things a certain way. and very many, many of the things that we're doing it's right. we're doing to try to keep it as business as usual. as it can be in a very odd week. >> don't think the players care who run the practice. i don't think they care about it enough to tell you the tune. i only heard one player complain about chip kelly openly and that was lane johnson. said the players felt the friction between chip kelly and the front office in the locker room. malcolm jenkins speaking for the first time since chip kelly was fired says, that's not the case. that lane johnson must be rea reading too many newspaper stories. and jenkins talk about the issue from both sides. >> i think the communication between players and chip probably wasn't the best. i think probably on the fault of both parties. i think people seem to think that chip was unapproachable and
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a little standoff issue but in reality if you ever go talk to him he has an open door policy. willing to talk to anybody. so i think the perception was, um, not necessarily the reality. >> chip had some issues but malcolm jenkins knows the players could have approached chip. >> some players, they felt like chip was approachable and there answer my be know they probably never approached chip. so i think has a player who talked to chip and been to his office and had candid conversations, um, he has an open door policy. he'll hear what you're saying. >> going to be important who the next coach is for sure. >> definitely. >> all right. thank you how war. >> we'll see you back here tonight at 10:00. have a great night. >> inside edition is up next. ♪
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is bill cosby going blind? >> he's 78 years old and blind. >> the shocking revelation. look at his eyes. >> what we have learned about his loss of vision. then, the affluenza teen, his mom is back in the u.s.a. in cuffs. >> what were you thinking? and how safe are we this new year's eve? >> the disturbing arrest of an isis supporter who was allegedly plotting to open fire on a crowded restaurant. what we really have to watch for right now is the lone wolf. plus, jerry seinfeld takes the president for a spin. >> seem a little nervous. >> i'm a little nervous. >> are you always this nervous? >> no. then the gift that has this granny cracking up. [


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