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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  January 1, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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happy new year revellers the world over ring nothing 2016, including at pens landing. plus, we're all getting ready for mummers parade but there is a group calling for justice that could be causing disruptions, who may be showing up. and camille cosby soon will be speaking about her husband's sexual assault, why the the allegations and a judge denied her motion not to testify, in a defamation lawsuit against her husband. and good morning to a all of you many of not gone to bed, this is a live look at new york city where they certainly had celebrations there more than a million people now heading to other locations. and we do have some breaking news as we are's beginning right now this
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4:00 a.m. hour, thanks so much for joining us, both chris and lauren are off, on this friday, new years day, 2016. many of you were just out in the city out and about still and waiting for people to come home. there the has been a terrible accident on the schuylkill expressway. we will begin with that one. sue serio, we have our members coming in and staff and said this is a bad one, what is happening. >> thing we dread every new years eve as we think about people, partying, and driving home, we don't know what caused it and it just happen. we're still getting information but we are looking at the schuylkill expressway and slow down you see is on the the eastbound side so that is going towards the the city. and we are hearing that it is an overturn vehicle, possibly more than one, on this portion of the schuylkill expressway, not too far from route one, bala cynwyd exit so right there in between where you get off for city line avenue and where you get off for vine
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street expressway. traffic is very slow in that area, and it looks like, it was stop and go at this point, of course, still in the middle of the night for a lot of people two minutes after 4:00 in the morning. we will get you you more information on this terrible accident, which is on the schuylkill expressway eastbound, looking right now at the resulting backups. so you want to avoid that if at all possible. that is, unfortunately how we will get started track wise this morning. weather-wise we don't have any problems to tell but. there is just a lot of cloud cover in in the area, and, no rain and we don't have any rain in that forecast for this first day of the year. that is where we're starting off here. temperature right now is 41. chillier then it was yesterday at this time with a little bit of the breeze, sunrise time is 7:22. we are seeing a lot more traffic in our neighborhood, foot and car traffic, much more than then we would normally see at 4:00 in the morning anytime but it was new years eve last night. so we have 37 degrees in
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pottstown, 30 in mount pocono. thirty-eight in trenton. thirty-nine atlantic city and 38 degrees in dover. that is, those temperatures are a lot more chillier as we said then they were yesterday. wind coming out of the west makes it feel colder, so as you are preparing for perhaps to go to the mummers parade today you definitely want to layer it up. here is your planner for new years day much colder to start, sunshine but it will be chilly. we will get to army high of 46 , it will be in the 30's right after sunset. sunset time his 46:00 p.m. that takes care of your friday forecast for this new years day. we will take you through weekend and beyond with chillier changes coming up in your seven day forecast just ahead. >> all right. look at all of the fire works they were amazing.
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we caught some of the 6:00 o'clock show. what a wonderful time. people ring nothing 2016. and philadelphia's kicking off new year with another annual tradition we are looking forward to the with the mummers parade. at 4:00 in the morning i bet there are mum are warming up. lets get out to steve keeley and see is what happening at this early hour. good morning, steve. >> reporter: karen, i got a text from mike jerrick. yes, he will make it on the air today. he will make it at 6:00. he is just waiting for this new pedestrian sobriety checkpoint to go away which should be around 5:00 o'clock and then he will walk into work but he doesn't want to get stopped and check at new pedestrian checkpoint. said ps, when did they start these. the it is just one for our station and employees and he wouldn't get through it if he tried to get to work. we're at 15th and market street, which now is sealed off, to car traffic, and you can see city hall all lit up in the background.
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look at clock five have after 4:00 a beautiful morning compared to any other time i have ever covered this and beautiful, is really an under statement here when lou along market street and normal parking spots for council people and all. that these are costumes. if you don't know what a mummer is, folks, men wear these things individually. look at this thing in the pink and white here. a guy gets in that and you can see wheels, kind of leak a shopping cart at the grocery storm but a guy is in that same with this case more wheels with this, somebody gets in that, that is one man's costume and then is there a scare crow there, the the list goes on. so they have a all that stuff set up because remember, they are going with what they did last year. they are starting the the parade here, and then going down broad street to south philadelphia, where normally we would see these things down in south philadelphia at the clubs where the guys are getting their make up on right now and getting their costumes on and tuning their instruments and doing everything and getting ready.
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then they will fill all these rental trucks and then they come up here, stage around here and then they start the strut down broad street. you have to like mummers anymore these days because it is real willly only parade we have got until next thanksgiving. we had four parades but it will be a long, long time i think before we even have a sport championship parade town in this town again. 2008 seems so long ago. >> you are what did you do last night, steve. >> reporter: i actually was able to sleep, the key is, putting electric fans on so i don't hear fire works. guess what i have a fire works show in my backyard tonight, not right over the fence, my neighbor's, the greatest neighbors in the world one of their daughters is getting married. the setup for that is bigger than set up for mummers parade. professional fire works show. i got the to stay up for tonight because i'm off
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tomorrow. >> that is wonderful. all right steve, thank you. best wishes for that family for their daughter's wedding. in the news, the at 4:07 there could be some disruptions during the parade this year. black lives matter activist plan to hold a matter during a parade this demonstration was yesterday in washington d.c. meanwhile at today's mummers parade activist say that pea sides police brutality they want to bring attention to our schools, how they need more money and immigration policies. bill cosby's lawyer says he was charged with a decades old crime because the the prosecutor wanted to fulfill a campaign promise. she also says that once she and cosby can speak freely, everything will be made clear. speaking on nbc's today's show. attorney pressly says cosby has been unjustly confused and will be exonerated. cosby ace accused of then sexually assaulting a temple university employee in early
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in 2004 ape said the encounter was consensual. meanwhile a massachusetts judge ruled that cosby's wife camille must testify, in connection to a defamation lawsuit brought against the comedian by seven women. mrs. cosby had filed a motion to avoid to give testimony at that deposition but a judge says he found no merit in her argument, not to testify. seven accusers say they were sexually assaulted by cosby between 1969 and 1992 and they say the comedian statement denying accusation where is false and defame try. >> it is the end of the era for philadelphia's mayor michael nutter. he was on the the show yesterday. he said in front of the media one last time as mayor at city hall. he used this time to reflect on his eight years in the office and announced big idea for delaware waterfront. he is behind a new ten million-dollar study to look at area around i-95 in penns landing and hopefully get the more access and more revitalization. >> i think everybody has
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recognized that in the whole scheme of things the place. of i-95 where it has been put and damage it has done to this city and number of others is pretty clear. philadelphians... >> nutter was also looking back at two terms in mayor and says he feels confident that philadelphia a is a better place now then before he took office. jim kenney is ready to take the helm a as our 99th mayor. mayor-elect will be sworn in on monday. he considers himself more fair, that be progressive. his top priorities in office will be tackling poverty, improving relationship between police and the the african-american community and reducing over crowd nothing jails. he is 57, he overwhelmingly won the november election with very strong support from african americans. he says he feels a responsibility to all voters. of course, we will there been at the inauguration which will begin a at machine morning at ten at the academy of muse being. we will bring you live coverage of the swearing in and his inaugural address to the city. coverage will begin on good day at 4:00 a.m.
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after eight years philadelphia will be welcoming that man our new police chief, commissioner richard ross was chosen to succeed the outing commissioner charles ramsey. we have some good news when it comes to jobs in the city of philadelphia, unemployment has gone down, dropping to 5.9 percent, lowest it has been since april e the recession began according to the mayor's office more philadelphians are employed now then at the any point all the way back to 1990. 40,000 jobs have been added since january of 2008. it his 10:00. we have had some problems, robberies, lot of people unsettled, in some of the most historic neighborhood of the city. police say at least one person, in olde city has been busy robbing people at gunpoint, in the past few weeks there have have been at least four armed robberies in olde city or society hill and all of these hold ups have been happening between 9:00 a and 11:00. no one has been arrested but it is the the talk of the community. >> my wave was going to come out and walk the dog tonight
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like she normally would but i didn't feel safe having her walk alone so i'm out here with her. >> we have little ones out and about a lot. i have always felt this was a safe neighborhood so it is unnerving. >> some business owners we have spoken to said they feel secure because they have noticed more police in the the area it is unclear if the same person or whole group have of people is behind the robbery. in radnor township police are searching for a man considered armed and dangerous. police say kenneth jones that guy is responsible for an armed robbery that happened december 17th. investigators say he approached landscapers and robbed them of that are cash. it was all on the 100 block of pine tree road. several schools were force to go to lock down while police searched for that guy. he is wanted for similar crimes in montgomery county. mayfair a seven five-year old woman was shot in the face while she was simply walking home from the store. this morning, that gunman is still on the lose, community is concerned. the authorities say that the crook, followed judy richie as she walked home from the
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grocery store on thursday morning, snatched her purse, around ten in the morning and then shot her in the cheek. the it was all on erdick street and a crime that has riled up the the neighborhood. >> it is just horrible. horrible. i can't believe that is happening here. >> i'm or toy see what happened to her. new years eve. happy new years. this is what we have to look forward to around here. >> richie, wounded and bleeding, somehow manager to keep going and get to her house where her husband was to call police. the armed robber made off were $400 and a cell phone. he was in the silver car but detectives hope surveillance cameras can get more clues. many of us are making new years resolutions including that person, the president of the united states, what he is planning for his last year in office. plus someone here at home is a lot more luck year, they have won a million-dollar, where a lucky lottery ticket was sold.
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welcome back. those are winning lottery numbers from last night, meanwhile, our power ball jackpot, continues to grow, but even with no grand prize winner on wednesday there is a a lucky ticket holder in our area, of a million-dollar richer. so someone bought a winning ticket from a sunoco station market, one right the there on cottman avenue. the ticket matched all five white ball numbers from
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wednesday night's drawing but not the red power ball number. that market will get $5,000 bonus and that has customers buzzing. >> it is a wonderful thing. glad this is the the store that did it. >> were you thinking it was you. >> yes, i dreamed it and that is why i ran around here with my tickets but unfortunate thely i'm not the the one. >> i think a winner in the the store helps bring in more people. this is going to go straight the price. >> another person in erie county bought a ticket worth $150,000. they are two of the 96,000 winners in pennsylvania, but even with all of those lucky tickets, the saturday's power ball jackpot up to 334 million. it is 4:16. we had a bad accident on the schuylkill expressway, we will check into see what is happening right now if there has been some action in that capacity, sue. >> we are looking at penndot cameras and they are moving around as we get the a better view but you can see emergency
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vehicles there we saw earlier a vehicle that was between the median and that has been cleared, but what we have going on is you're looking at the backup, eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, going in to the city, right. so that is the the left-hand side of the screen. they are letting lanes through it was temporarily block. they have cleared the vehicle but it was a scary sight there seeing it strad that he will concrete median strip in the middle. emergency vehicles are still responding as you can see. traffic is slowly starting to get by but it ace a huge backup eastbound on the schuylkill expressway. they had within lane block westbound and it looks like at least two lanes get by westbound and it is in the as slow going that way but i say again this was an accident on the schuylkill expressway eastbound near montgomery and it is, slowing traffic down considerably. travel speeds near the accident are not great
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averaging 21 miles an hour. or wise you can get the to the posted speed limit where ever you happen to be going but you cannot emphasize enough, of course, with it being new years day and all that you need to be careful on those roadways this morning and that is what we're always afraid of on new years eve, our traffic accidents. so that is what is going on with that. the lets take a look at our weather for new years day, and we will start off with a mummers cast if you will of the forecast for the mummers parade which is a forecast for all of us. by 8:00 we should be around 37 . the it will be cold are then it was but it is a tranquil morning. it may be a chilly breeze about 40, by 10:00 o'clock and it will stay chilly all day with temperatures remaining in the 40's, but there will be plenty of sunshine, so as long as you are on the sunnyside of the street you should be okay. you see what is happening? jet stream is sinking southward and we were on the warm side of that jet stream all through christmas. now we're seeing north westerly wind moving in.
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the it is a new year, new pattern for our weather and you have to get used to those colder temperatures. as farrah as precipitation is concern there is a lot to the south, down in georgia, the the carolina coast but nothing for us to be concerned about. not even the lake effect snow, which is what you see up here around buffalo and east of lake on tear yes as well, that is an indication of the cold air that is coming in but we don't expect any of those flurries to reach us, today, there is a chance though, that you could see a snow flurry or two tonight with just a few flakes flying around. the just flurries, just a flurry. 37 degrees in pottstown. thirty-seven in allentown. thirty in mount pocono. forty-one is your current temperature in philadelphia we're in the 30's in lancaster, wilmington, dover, millville at 39 at the moment. and wind are starting to pick up a little will bit at 9 miles an hour out of the west in philadelphia, that makes it feel colder. so here we are with our average high of 41, we were so farrah above average last week for christmas, that it was
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crazy, a and new we have been still above average the past couple days even though it is chillier with 52 degrees, three days in a row, tuesday, wednesday and on new years eve. today we don't expect to get out of the 40's, 44 or so for our high temperature, 43 tomorrow and then 45 on sunday. we're still above average but feeling more like wintertime and then we will get the a blast of cold air on monday and tuesday, and tuesday morning's temperatures will be about 21 degrees when we all get together at this time of the day on tuesday morning. so, this will be quite a shock to the system a as we have temperatures, and actually karen, feel like winter. >> yes, it is about time, thank you, sue. it is 4:20. fbi it says it has stopped annex convict from carrying out a new years eve terror plot in rochester, new york. twenty-five year-old emmanuel launch man charged with providing material support to terrorist. the federal say he planned to attack people at a bar with weapons that he purchased from an fbi informant.
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the authorities say members of the the isis told him to approve his loyalty to the group by planning an ol racial. he has a past criminal record as a history of mental illness. well, many of us have tried to come up with resolutions, and stick to them. president is in exception. doug luzader looks at how our commander in chief, how his pledges could impact all of us. >> reporter: beyond working on his golf game which appears to be much improved in recent years, president obama has a lengthy list of resolutions for 2016. he will finish this vacation, in 2015, with just over one year to advance his vision for america. >> we are going to squeeze every last ounce of progress that we can make when i have the of privilege, as long off the privilege of holding this office. >> reporter: other big goal for 2016 helping to defeat
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whatever republican end up winning the g.o.p. nomination next year. >> he played more golf last year then tiger woods, it is ridiculous. >> reporter: es specialry donald trump who appears to get under the president's skin. >> i think we will have a strong democratic nominee and i think that democratic nominee will win. i think i will have a democratic successor and i will campaign hard for that to happen. >> reporter: for starters would it be essential for keeping the president's agenda attack in coming year but there in lies the delicate balancing act for the president in 2016, pushing items like gun control, transpacific trade deal and enclosing the prison at guantanamo bay, things that could be controversial but at the same time he does not alienate potential democratic and independent voters, come november. >> if he is serious about electing the the democratic many in minute knee he will have to find ways to be less controversial and to appeal to a broader section of the public. can he do it? i don't know.
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>> reporter: no one really knows at this point but it is clear as his vacation winds to a close this weekend the the president will be looking ahead to a new year that could well determine what his legacy, really will be. in washington, doug luzader, "fox news". we will be heading up to insuring on sunday for the final game of next, interim head coach pat shurmur talks what it was like coaching the eagles at practice for his final week, or the team's final week, we will be right back.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. the eagles play the final game of the difficulties a appointing season sunday in new york. there is a new head coach for the eagles running this game, interim head coach pat shurmur. he has been a head coach before with the cleveland browns so this is not something new. shurmur has been under the eagles with andy reid and this time under chip kelly. now it is his time to run the practice after chip kelly got fired on tuesday. as an offensive coordinator of the eagles it may be different from the head coach but the impact is the same. >> we started something, in motion here, the players are used to doing things a certain way, and in many, many of the things that we're doing, it is right. we're going to go try to keep it as business as usual as it the can be in a very odd week. >> big game for villanova to the pavilion they are playing sixth ranked xavier, archie
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arcidiacono with the the three, he had 27, villanova a wins by 31, 95-64 over xavier. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. 4:27. some changes coming to the pennsylvania turnpike tolls this weekend, why you won't have to reach for your coins, in one area. um.
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we're following a big problem on the schuylkill expressway. we had a very bad accident involving a number of cars, at one point it was shut down. it looks like majority of the lanes have reopened as they are getting that out of the way. it is also start of the the new year and that means we will have the mummers parade in philadelphia late they're morning. there are some things you need to know heading on town to join the fun this morning. and there is one mother's very important message, about drunk driving, after she lost her son, in a crash. good day, everybody. it is a friday. the it is a holiday. it is january 1st. the it is a new year, thank you for waking up and joining us and beginning with us. the chris and lauren are off. we will get over to sue who is wearing a beautiful top. happy new years, sue.
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>> we will start with traffic this morning, and you will see the sweater involved in a moment. you're right, karen, the lanes are back opened again. the the the accident happened on the schuylkill eastbound just past montgomery drive. now they are still working to clear up the accident, the the vehicle had been straddling the median but traffic backup is quite minimal at the moment and traffic is flowing smoothly once again. so they really took care of that traffic backup quickly. here are your travel times this morning, if you are on i-95 going from the vine to woodhaven road that is a 15 minute trip and if you are westbound on the schuylkill going out of the city, from the vine, to the the blue route that is only a 16 minute trip. here's a mass transit a alert for you on this new years day all septa a services running on a sunday or holiday schedule, broad street run will have trains every eight to ten minutes for the mummers parade, and there will be detours in the city, a along the pennsylvania parade route,
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so, just have to allow extra time if you are heading in to the city because we have got a a big parade today. we have got a big number on the day. we will give you a a lucky seven, and a lucky eight, for new years day. i for got what number i picked. it was just an hour ago i did that. oh, yikes. we have rain to the south of us, that will not the affect our weather, just some clouds around this morning but do i think we will see some sunshine. didn't mix with clouds throughout the day, 41 degrees, right new with a 9-e west. we have 7:22 for our new years day sunrise time and temperatures that are colder then they were yesterday if you were up this early yesterday. 30 degrees in mount pocono. thirty-eight in trenton and lancaster. forty-one in the city and 39 in wildwood. the the wind makes it feel a little bit chillier then that. we have 9-mile an hour wind from the west this morning. so we're still celebrating, happy new year to everybody
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and we think we will get to the mid 40's by middle of the day for your high temperature and then temperatures sink down to the 30's for your friday night. sunset time is 4:46. and all there is conn if the the toy clean up to day, karen, every where. >> every where, absolutely. silly string confetti, thank you, sue. it is a new years tradition to have a mummers day parade in center city a and fun has started in those clubhousees. we have steve keeley right at center city where it will be kicking you have a, good morning to you steve. >> reporter: karen, what is not a tradition of mummers history is a history of protests during the mummers parade. we may have some news here in addition to the normal entertainment and that is because coincidently while this is going to be the first ever mummers parade in the history to have black and latino performance divisions, local black lives matter protesters now tell us they plan to rally here at city hall right at 1:00 p.m. at the the height of the parade and
4:34 am
right at its most watched performance point here, where the live tv coverage is based and the bleachers are all set up. we have showed you bleachers yesterday morning on the show, they are still bringing in additional bleachers and barricades now maybe the the extra barricades to put in a little extra security now knowing that this protest is planned at 1:00 o'clock. the the idea protesters say is to bring a attention to police shooting and brutality and what the protest organizers say is mummers history of racism. of course, mummers leaders in south philadelphia, have black, latin o and diverse religions in their membership. they don't understand why black lives matter group is going after the mummers but look for something to happen today at 1:00 o'clock here and again this is live television coverage too with this parade, so the the black lives matter protesters are using a lot of free publicity here to get coverage not just live but for
4:35 am
sure to make some news for the mummers parade. the a as we pan to our shot left here if you weren't watching at 4:00 o'clock hour we showed you the the elaborate fancy brigade costumes already here delivered here, on market street last night since this parade new has a two year straight tradition of starting at where it used to end here in center city and so they bring the heavier stuff and heavy artillery of mummers outfits, here first, and they have been sitting here under heavy police guard by the the waste because these things cost a lot of money and a lot of workings into them so all of the guys and women are getting ready in south philadelphia at the clubs, they will be loading their trucks shortly and start arriving here. the the parade as we said yesterday starts at 9:00 and as i look at the big clock on the city hall tower that is moving fast if you have a lot of work to do in the last minute prep if you are in those mummers clubs, karen? >> thanks, so much steve. we appreciate it. we will be very eventful parade.
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4:35 is the time. presidential candidates have a month before voters start to make decisions of the first primary so why some candidates are assembling weeks before the the contest. see ya. sounds good matt! thanks! gus, the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania! that's me. and this is for you! gus bucks ! the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery- with top prizes of a hundred grand. it's the best game yet. 'cause you're on it? well... keep on scratchin'!
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pennsylvania state police have have increased patrols to crackdown on drunk drivers. they say that they want to remind everybody do not get behind the wheel if you are impaired, and in 2014, there
4:39 am
were 345 alcohol involved accidents in the state, and one woman, deborah am ross owe, lost her son danny in a drunk driving accident almost 20 years ago and she has been working every day since then to bring a awareness about drunk driving and devastation that it can lead. >> i think a voiding, i think of that loss, and i also think about the man who killed him, and what his life must be like and what he must carry with him. >> danny am ross owe was killed instantly when a drunk drive crossed the center line and struck him head on. turning to presidential politics, primaries and caucuses begin next month but with just a month to go, some shake ups are happening in the campaign. rich edson shows us hoist having troubles. >> reporter: hours after reporting a substantial 23 million-dollar in the fourth quarter doctor ben carson's campaign manager and communications director quit. citing sources the the
4:40 am
register reports they resigned because of tensions with the conservative radio personality, advising carson. carson announced this afternoon what his campaign called enhancements, naming a new campaign manager. he had allude todd a campaign overhaul. >> there will be some changes made, so that the campaign is more consistent with me, with the way that i am, which is not, you know, confrontational and, you know, attacking other people. >> reporter: while carson's fund raising is impressive his campaign is spending it quickly going through 65 percent of the money raised last quarter. also with the considerable hall ted cruz, his campaign says it raised nearly 20 million in the fourth quarter, carson has fallen in the poles while cruz has listen. jeb bush is unable to find momentum. in an interview with npr, bush says voters will soon tire of donald trump and blames
4:41 am
president obama for trump a's rise saying he created this political environment. >> trump is in effect a creature of president obama a. >> reporter: trump attack bush, tweeting would i feel sorry to are jeb bush and how badly he is doing with his campaign other than the fact that he took millions of dollars of hit ads on me. republicans continue to attack former secretary of state hillary clinton. the state department has just released latest, e-mails from her personal server. state department officials say that the g is retroactively classified 275 of them, in total, nearly 1300 clinton e-mails are now marked classified. six of which are designated as secret. majority have a lower designation of confidential. in washington, rich edson, "fox news". and bill cosby taking to social media for the very first time, in months? what he had to say, and who he was tweeting out to. plus also, the the winter storm that left dozens strand
4:42 am
add cross texas and didn't just bring snow but for one young mom a brand new baby girl, how that baby made it into the world even though her mom couldn't make it to the hospital. we will check the baby new you year, new babies, let us know if you have any in your life, send us pictures fox 29 good day.
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welcome back at the 4:44. that winter storm that left dozens stranded didn't just bring snow, for that young mom
4:45 am
but also brought her brand new baby girl. dol ce maria was born on the kitchen floor of her home, healthy, beautiful her mom said it is all thanks to a police chief and two paramedics and now the blizzard will be a loving memory for her family and those men who helped make it all possible. that is a welcome to the world. we're checking to see who baby new years are for our neck of the the woods are as well. 4:00 is five the time. the lets get over to sigh. the it is really nice weather. so many people came out. >> it wasn't as warm as it was christmas but for a winter day it was g the for winter night, it was fantastic. we will have fantastic weather for mummers parade. not too windy, in rain, and sunshine. so we will have probably, upper 30's by 8:00. we're at 41 right now. eventually getting back into the the lower 40's, for our
4:46 am
high temperature today. plenty of sunshine, unfortunately the the the jet stream, has sunk further south, if you wanted it cold it is fortunate for you for the rest of house enjoyed the mild weather. the it will not be around for a while because we are in the whole new weather pattern with a whole new year. yesterday's cold front, it is still affecting parts of the south but it is getting in precipitation at all and where sea snow, east of lake erie a and ontario that is from the cold air blasting down from the northwest cause ago this precipitation. here are temperatures walking out the door right now 306789 degrees mount pocono. thirty-seven in pottstown and allentown, upper 30's in reading and lancaster. we have 41 in the city. thirty-nine in wildwood and atlantic city think morning. wind are making it feel chillier, we will check those wind chills for you next time. forty-one is your a average high. we will finally get closer to average, and we will start feeling like winter around here even though the past couple of days has been cooler
4:47 am
then last week, it is still above average. we had the warmest december we ever had, it is official, 2015, warmest december ever. we think mid 40's today. lower 40's tomorrow. back to the mid 40's by sunday. a blast of cold air on monday, and it gives us a high of only 33 on tuesday. we will start off in the 20's on tuesday morning, and wednesday morning, and then thursday, for that matter, and so the cold air, yeah, coming to haunt us, for january of 2016. that is your seven day forecast, and, as you have bundled up we're checking traffic phonon our new years day morning and we will start off with i-95 northbound approaching the betsy ross bridge. we're all clear there but still be careful heading out, because we're coming off a new years eve. route 42 new jersey is in creek road and also clear with a few cars on the road, just a few and mummers parade as you have been hearing begins at 9:00.
4:48 am
broad street will be closed between arch street and washington avenue. expect heavy car and pedestrian traffic in that a area as folks get their spot early, to watch the the parade. >> heck yah, thank you, sue. 4:48. starting sunday you will not have to dig for change to pay for your pennsylvania turnpike tolls at some locations. the there is a new cashless tolling point that will be unveiled january 3rd, sunday on the turnpike bridge the one that goes over delaware river in bucks county. it will be a non-stop tolling checkpoint that will be a one way toll for drivers crossing into pennsylvania from new jersey, on i276. so, how does this work? e-z pass users will pay a rate of $5 and the non-e-z pass users will pay more $6.75 through what they call a toll by place system. they take a picture of your license and then they mail the bill to the car owner, also, the the tolls will be going up for everybody in pennsylvania, on the turnpike on sunday.
4:49 am
bill cosby, posts on social media for the first time in months following his a reason sexual assault charges. he tweeted a simple message, friend and fans, thank you. that was his first tweet since august. meanwhile, people in massachusetts, a village mr. cosby called home in decades are speaking out about the criminal charges filed against him. this is first formal arrest for him, who was obviously coming under fire in the the last year after so many women came forward with all these allegations. people there say it is a sad situation. >> i think it is really, really sad that someone who was such a model for so many people is falling down so far. >> i'm glad they are finally doing something and that, you know, he will be stopped. >> i think it is a lot of gossip, this that doesn't need any publicity.
4:50 am
>> so, he was in court wednesday. he was arraigned on the felony charge. he could be facing up to ten years in jail. entertainment news right now 4:50. actor dwayne rodgers has died. you remember him? he had some complications from pneumonia best known for captain john trapper macintyre on mash, trapper. after he moved on from mash he became a successful money manager and investor and regular panel list on "fox news" shows. eighty-two years old. miss columbia breaking her silence about the the whole mess up at the the miss universe pageant. she told a colombian radio station that she went silent, she had to have grief about what happen. she was in such shock. you will remember steve harvey mistakenly announced the wrong winner who was the philippines. the miss columbia said it was not fair and so embarrassing having that crown removed from her head. she said it has been very hard for me, truly, a great
4:51 am
shock because it is a dream i for the for. i have always dreamed of being miss universe. it was very humiliating for me. she says she has a positive outlook and getting job offers pouring in including some in this country. well, we were talking about it the here on good day, taraji p henson denying that she's dating former nfl player calvin heyden despite a picture of them holding hand on a beach. tuesday night with pit bull big party in miami and wendy williams asked taraji if they were a couple and she said quote you can't believe everything you read until you hear from it me. it is false. do gooders break a good record how donating clothing put them in the record books.
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
one of the most popular sight every new years eve ball dropping in new york city, fire works going off and all that confetti. revellers enjoyed much milder weather as performers carrie underwood, jesse j and other people scream and come out for all of those festivities. that was then. lets look at it now as they
4:55 am
are getting ready to clean it up. they have probably in moved through with those street cleaners. some folks out and about, almost 5:00 in the morning, i bet some people are still up, but a lot of them are home in bed. we will see what is happening in our neck of the woods coming up in just a moment. at 4:55. new nationwide record in portland. oregon's goodwill store had more than 4400 people donate to their location in december. they say, that helped thousands office people throughout the year, the surge of donations at the end of the year means more jobs for the the store. >> turf say. we in this area have most generous donors in north america. already today they have broken their own north american record, in giving. we expect more than 216 million pounds. >> how about that, that is a challenge. we should try to donate the at our stores. >> lots of people donate to those in need while getting
4:56 am
added tax benefit a as well. police are putting those who live and work in olde city on alert because they are having a number of robberies in the area. what they say all of those crimes have in common. it is almost mummers time. parade getting ready to start. who may be at the event that could make it disruptions and make it news worthy. interesting developments on this news day. blank
4:57 am
4:58 am
grover cleveland here. yes, the handsome gent on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could invest it, or save it for a rainy day. or you could buy a new car! and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life.
4:59 am
happy new year. people the world over ring nothing 016, including in our area, what a wonderful evening. plus, also, we're gearing upright the new you for the mummers parade, there is a group that will be out there to protest, maybe planning some disruptions, we will explain that. plus, also we will have a a new mayor next week, but where our jim kenney says he is not a progressive. all right. good day everybody. it is friday, tgif, it is the holiday, new years day, welcome to the show. the chris and lauren are off today. the it will be a pretty nice start. the it will be a weather, sue serio, it is working out in everyone's favor. everybody is happy walking around. >> weather or alcohol, rights. >> we have all lived through, i think that does play a part. we have all lived through new
5:00 am
years eaves that were bitter, cold with really dangerous weather with snow, ice and all that, but very tranquil last tonight weather-wise, so for today and your happy new year day we will do a happy eight out of ten and show you ultimate doppler radar. there is a storm system to the the south that is not expected to affect us and, some lake effect, stuff going on to the north of us, not expected to affect us. so we have got just the cloud cover around this morning, as we get started on the first show of the the new year. 41 degrees right now at 7:22 as your sunrise time. we do expect to see some sunshine today. it will be mixed with clouds but be prepared for colder temperatures, then we have been used to. mid 30's to upper 30's to the north of us, 41 in the city. thirty-nine in wildwood, dover and wilmington delaware with those wind out of the west/northwest making it feel, chillier, but still it could be so much worse. we will get in the mid


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