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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  January 1, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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years eaves that were bitter, cold with really dangerous weather with snow, ice and all that, but very tranquil last tonight weather-wise, so for today and your happy new year day we will do a happy eight out of ten and show you ultimate doppler radar. there is a storm system to the the south that is not expected to affect us and, some lake effect, stuff going on to the north of us, not expected to affect us. so we have got just the cloud cover around this morning, as we get started on the first show of the the new year. 41 degrees right now at 7:22 as your sunrise time. we do expect to see some sunshine today. it will be mixed with clouds but be prepared for colder temperatures, then we have been used to. mid 30's to upper 30's to the north of us, 41 in the city. thirty-nine in wildwood, dover and wilmington delaware with those wind out of the west/northwest making it feel, chillier, but still it could be so much worse. we will get in the mid 40's by
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middle of the day, happy new year, right after sunset temperatures will plunge, back down into the the 30's but speaking of plunging temperatures, wait until you you see what we have willing on in the seven day forecast coming up. 5:01, bob kelly continuing his four day weekend with the family. we will start off with a look at the schuylkill expressway, which is, fine right now, eastbound a approaching spring garden street but earlier we had an accident, that really was scar toy look at, with an overturned vehicle, you can see air bag deployed there in that van and at one point in time we saw that the two wheels of that vehicle will were on the median strip. it closed down the schuylkill briefly but they were able to clean up that accident quickly and it was just what we dread on new years eve, hopefully everybody is okay. ben franklin bridge is cleared this morning. everything is moving well. we don't expect a lot of
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traffic on the morning of new years eve, so, we will be able to go to the posted speed limit but make sure you do go the the posted speed limit, because there is lots of law enforcement the out there this morning. another successful fire works show at penns landing, two of them at 6:00 o'clock and, of course, the the late one welcoming in the the new year. so many came out to bring in 2016. and this morning, time for another event that we treasure, the mummers parade, and some new divisions this year, we had one, on the the show yesterday, steve keeley, they brought the a lot of fun flavor, what is going on right now. >> well, k-9 dogs are showing upright the now, one, two, three and a lot more police showing up, and as we pan to the other side to the left, a lot more barricading up too. i don't know if that was the plan all along, karen or if
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that is part of the new plan because what we have learn since late yesterday afternoon and there was a facebook page announcing a black lives matter protest mid parade right at the height of the parade at 1:00 o'clock at city had hall where reviewing stand is for judging, where television production is for live coverage of the parade and where all of the bleachers are set up where you see the most of the crowd coming to watch the the mummers parade. so we could have some news today. now philadelphia park and recreation department parade director deputy commissioner leo digman told metro newspaper that we are aware of the rumor about a potential protest of the mummers parade. we hope and prefer all parade spectators and participants come together and good faith and fellow ship to welcome new year and new you spirit of the cultural and ethnic diversity but mummers are introducing for the first time this year. should there be an unauthorized protest police
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and home land security are prepared to deal with such. we could have some kind of a clash here but karen, as you can see here you have got barricade here and most of these bleachers are paid seat for 19 bucks and if you were going to have a protest you would not be seen or noticed on the other side of the bleachers in dilworth plaza over there, so, you wanted to be noticed you would try to ho will the the barricade somehow or push them over or leap them and trying to get here in the street where the the parade is if you were going to disrupt the the parade. who knows what will happen but you can bet the police will be planning for anything to happen, as you saw leo digman say there and they certainly don't want anything to happen but we could have some news here today, for sure. >> we will stay on it, steve, very interesting develop amounts mid all of the pageantry there. thanks very much. we will stay on top of it. we have a developing story, bill cosby's lawyer says that he was charged with old crime simply because
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prosecutor was fulfilling a campaign promise. he would run on this issue. she says that once she, and cosby can speak freely, quote, will be made clear, but she said that on one of the other news shows. his attorney mow sneak pressly says he has been unjustly accused and is in good spirits and will be exonerated. he's accused of sexually assaulting a temple university employee at his home back in 2004. he said it was consensual. a massachusetts judge ruled that his wife camille must testify in connection with the defamation lawsuit brought against the comedian by seven women. the mrs. cosby had filed a motion seeking to avoid giving testimony at a deposition but a judge said he found no more tonight her argument that she didn't want to testify. some accusers say they were sexually assaulted by cosby between 69 and 92. in the statements denying accusations are false and
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defame try. end of the era for a philadelphia's mayor michael nutter. so he stood in front of the media within last time as mayor at city hall and he used this time to reflect on his eight years in office and announced plans for the delaware waterfront. he would like to study that. another study there, ten million-dollar trying to improve what happened down at penns landing. >> i think everybody has recognized, in the whole scheme of things the place. of i-95 where it was put and the damage that it has done to this city and a number of others is pretty clear. >> he also looked back at his two terms as mayor says he feels confident that philadelphia is in a better place now then before he took office and that is very likely true. jim kenney getting ready to take the the helm as 99th mayor. mayor-elect will be sworn into office on monday and he considers himself more fair than progressive. that is how he wants to be described. kenney's top priority will be
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tackling poverty, improving relationship between police and african-american community and reducing over crowd nothing jails. good goals. fifty-seven year-old overwhelmingly won the election in november with very strong support. he feels a responsibility to voters. we will be there at the inauguration ceremonies, it begins machine morning at 10:00 o'clock at the academy of music. we will brave you live coverage of the swearing in and inaugural address to the the city, coverage will begin right here on good day at the 4:00 in the morning. after eight years, we will also get a new police chief, deputy commissioner richard ross was chosen by kenney to succeed our outing police commissioner charles ramsey. some good news on the job front in philadelphia, we have more jobs, cities unemployment rate has dropped to five-point 9 percent, the the lowest it has been since april 2008 before the the recession began according to the mayor's office. more philadelphians are employed at anytime dating back to 1990. 40,000 jobs have been added
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since january 2008. some people are unsettled as we have had some crime in our most historic communities. police say in olde city, there have been a whole number of robberies at gunpoint in the past few weeks, there have been at least four armed robberies between olde city and society hill and all of these hold ups that happen between 9:00 and 11:00 at night. in one has been arrested and it is talk of the neighborhood. >> my wife was going to come out and walk the dog like she normally would but i didn't feel safe having her walk alone, so i'm out here with her. >> we are the ones out and about a lot and i have always felt like it was a safe neighborhood so it is unnerving. >> business owners who spoke with said they feel secured because they noted a lot of police in the the area. it is unclear fit is person or people behind all have of those robberies. more news, radnor township police are searching for a man considered armed and dangerous.
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we have kenneth generals, responsible for an armed robbery on december 17th he approached a landscaper's, robbed them and all happened on the 100 block of point tree road. schools went on, lock down as they were searching for him. he is wanted for similar crimes in montgomery county. 5:09. there was an armed robbery in mayfair that left a seven five-year old woman with the gunshot wound to her face. right now that gunman is at large and people are on edge, authorities say, the robber, followed the woman, judy richie, just simply walking home from the grocery store on thursday morning. he snatched her purse and then he got her purse, he shoots her right in the cheek. it all happened on erdick street, that crime rattled that neighborhood. >> it is just horrible. horrible. i can't believe that is happening here. >> i'm or toy see what happened to her. >> new years eve, happy new years and this is what we have to look forward to around here. >> and then if you can believe it, she has been shot, wounded and bleed bug she somehow manages to keep going for a
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few more blocks until will she gets home will where her husband called police. armed robber made off were $400 and his cell phone. she was in the silver car but detectives are hoping that surveillance cameras can give them more clues. the president is hoping to curb gun violence by tightening background checks on gun sales as soon as next week, president obama may take executive action to expand when background checks are conduct object gun sales. that is according to a gun control advocate but the the white house has not confirmed those details. obama is targeting on line gun sales and sales of gun shows, the national rifle association is on the record against the expansion of background checks. criminals find other ways to get their hand on weapons. several laws are set to go in effect all over this country for the the new year including some to govern hoverboards. we have seen what goes wrong with the video. what towns and communities are putting their foot down about how they are used. plus we all know dangers of the distract driving.
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but what about distract walking. even the government is noticing it is a huge problem, how they issued led to serious accident.
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we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. all right. it is 5:13 in the morning. thank you for joining us when are going to bed or just waking up, sue, 41 degrees
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right now. >> whisper. >> the the folks who are hurting this morning, a little too much fun, good morning. wait until you hear mummers, we will wake you up later on, we are giving you the mummer forecast which is also the the forecast for everybody. we think, upper 30's for most of us throughout the morning even though we are at the 41 in the city right now. we will be 40ish by 10:00 a.m. topping off at 44 degrees, later on today. what has happened, what happened is that the jet stream is moving to the south, and now we're on the northern side of the jet stream so that warm air is trapped south office and we are getting northwesterly wind, lake effect snow near ontario, erie, nothing to affect us, but sometimes you may see flurry or two but it is unlikely. we have rain further south you go because they are in the warm sector in the carolinas and florida but for us no precipitation, dry for the the mummers and they love that. they love it when it is dry
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and not too windy. we can deliver on bet of those today. forty-one in the city. twenty-nine in mount pocono a lot colder then yesterday. thirty-eight in reading. thirty-seven lancaster. thirty-nine in dover. thirty-seven in millville, new jersey with a wind that is making it feel chillier, 10 miles an hour out of the northwest in philadelphia right now. we have not seen, an average or below average temperature, since november the 24th, and i think that once we look ahead in the seven day forecast we will but even past few days, when it has been chillier it is still above average and we will be today, tomorrow, and sunday, but then temperatures will plunge, a blast of cold air on monday, and tuesday, and keep us in the 30's during the the day and we will wake up to temperatures that are in the lower 20's even in the city, on tuesday morning, so, new year, new weather pattern and it is a cold one. now you lets look at traffic as we get started if there is
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any, on our new years day morning and, pretty much, no traffic, once all the the celebrations are over. so we have got an accident that was on i-95 northbound approaching allegheny a avenue but they have just cleared it up, so no delays. hopefully that wasn't too bad. vine street expressway is all cleared this morning. we will check a couple travel times this morning as you get started, on the the schuylkill , traveling the blue route to the vine is typical 14 minute trip and same for i-95, from the the vine street expressway to woodhaven road just taking you 14 minutes. everything is moving pretty smooth thely, this morning karen but just a couple accidents and hopefully not too bad. >> thanks, sue. this was a dramatic, very scary scene, this is dubai right before that city celebrated the new year. that is a high rise luxury hotel that went up in flames. there is no official word on what caused the fire in the 63 story a address hotel.
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explosions were reported right before the fire started, they have been preparing for a fire works show right near there. the fire works did end up going on as planned with thick smoke blocking the view for some people were hurt 146789 people were injured but most of those were minor. 5:17. national news fbi says it stopped annex convict, from, carrying out a new years eve terror plot in rochester, new york. twenty-five year-old emmanuel lunch man is charged with attempting to provide material support to terrorist. he planned to attack people at a bar last night with weapons that he bought from an fbi informant. the authorities say members of the isis told him to prove his loyalty by planning an operation. he has a past criminal record and history of mental illness. >> we all must acknowledge that in today's day and age that anyplace in the world can be a target. so we're asking our residents to be safe and vigilant.
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>> because of all of that, they cans will he will the new years eve fire works show there because of the plot. if quick, he could face 20 years in prison. 2016 brings in a number of new laws and government regulations which range from gun control to hoverboard safety? peter barnes shows us what is change ago cross this country. >> reporter: as ball drops this new years eve thousands of new state and federal laws will go into effect, more than four dozen of them just in texas, in one controversial move, texas will start allowing licensed gun owners to carry handguns openly in most public places a practice known as hope and car that i 44 other states allow in some form. second amendment advocates say it is critical step in the right to bear arms. critics say it does not work. >> there is plenty of research that says that having open carry, and having concealed weapons does not have any effect on crime rates.
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>> reporter: california supported more gun control, a new law there allows families to go to court to get weapons confiscated temporarily from relatives they believe pose a threat. california will also mandate vaccines for kids after a measles out break at disney land earlier this year. in 12 states workers will get higher minimum wages. in connecticut police must start wearing body cameras. in insuring new mothers will get breast-feeding right in their work places. people in illness who pennsylvania make crowning 911 call will reimburse local governments for cost of responding and back, in california, anyone who rides in public on a hoverboard must be at least 16 years old, must wear a helmet and can only ride on streets with speed limits under 35 millions an hour. too late to help former heavyweight boxer mike tyson but for one analyst states are the proper starting point to experiment with new law. >> whether you are talking
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about fiscal policy or something trivial like laws for hoverboard is it is good to do these things at the state and local level and not have have them decided in washington. in illinois even pets are getting more protections with a new law that makes it the a miss demean tore leave them outside in extreme weather. in peter barnes, "fox news" business. it is going to be a tough morning for many of you, after a few too many lievations, refreshments, cocktails but if you are nursing a hang over, we will tell you what foods you can eat, to help the the fight. plus also how distracted walking is leading to some serious problems, deadly problems on the the street, you may be surprised. but first your winning lottery numbers. we hope you have them.
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so many people are celebrating, guess whose birthday it is, betsy ross. she was born on january 1st, 1752, the the eighth of 17 children in her family. her birthday was the first new years day recognizing so many of the american columnist to celebrate the the betsy ross house, right here in olde city, opened its doors for a birth the day party. the centuries in the making. >> my birthday is tomorrow,
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january 1st, but it is more fun to celebrate on new years eve. so we are having some lovely cakes that have been supplied to us by city tavern and we have been making treats and children are making treats. it has been a very fun a afternoon. >> she's also suddenly british. happy birthday, betsy ross, don't look a day past 264. in your health news, did you drink a little too much to ring in the new year? listen up because what you eat right now can help how you feel. of course, there is in real cure for a hang over but according to a dietition there are tips that can make you feel better, sooner if you are not the quite as queasy. here's what she says, eating a bland diet made up of banana rice, apple sauce and toast, they call that the the brat diet, and, getting your nutrients from natural sources can result in the quicker
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recovery. >> drinking fluids are very important. even if you can hydrate while you are drinking, that helps to prevent, feeling so poorly in the morning, so for every alcoholic drink i say just having a nice, at least eight to 12-ounce glass of water. >> too late for that if you didn't do that one already. getting enough rest is important for your bodies recovery as well. i have my water. experts are warning about the dangers of walking and using your smart phone all the time. you may even do what is called distract walking but here's what you may not know it can be deadly and much more often then you may think a alarming numbers show for pedestrian is killed every two hours, in the united states, because they are distract while they are walking. for the the first time this year the the national safety council listed advertise tracked walking as a category in the injury report. >> smart phone technology is more universal, everybody uses their will cell phone
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throughout the day. i think those accidents will go up. people can fall into potholes, run in the cars, they can have all kind of accidents looking at their cell phones instead of looking around them. >> last week there was a man in california, did you remember this, he walk off of a cliff because his eyes were on the the device, and in november, eight pedestrians were killed in insuring in one week alone. some changes are coming to our turnpike tolls this weekend, why you won't to have reach for your coins in one area.
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welcome back. it means our mummers will be marching in south philadelphia and center city later this morning but there are a number of things you need to know, before you head out to the fun. is there a mother with a very important message about drunk driving after she lost her child in the crash. good kay everybody. it is friday. it is, january 1st, and good beginning and start to this new year as you are waking up with us thanks so much for joining us. lets get over to sue serio, you're looking very festive. i like sparkle in the sweat tore day. >> i'm trying to be new yearsish, in the encloses this morning, a little rare. well, there is more stumbling around this morning but bus
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stop buddy, he has a fun time with the family midnight banging pots and pans. and he is still celebrating right now. we have a few clouds, temperatures in the 30's, and for the the most part and a little bit of 40's, so for your number of the day we will bring you, an eight out of ten. we some dry weather with decent sunshine. but there are quite a few clouds right now on this satellite picture. we do expect them to improve in that department and get a little bit more sunshine. we will call it a mix of sun and cloud throughout the day. 41 degrees with 10-mile an hour wind, 7:22 is your sunrise time and other temperatures are in the 30's. we have 29 in mount pocono, 38 atlantic city, 39 in wildwood and same for wilmington. the those are win speeds 10 miles an hour, 6 miles an hour, nothing extreme but just makes it feel chillier then it is. all and all a really nice day today mid 40's for our high
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temperature, sun, cloud, throughout the day, and happy new year, it is a gift, on the the first day of the year, sunset time 4:46. we will get started with traffic this morning, bob kelly enjoying the day off with his family and we will talk about what is going on, the the roosevelt boulevard. not much, all clear and moving just fine this morning. route 422 westbound at trooper road is also cleared, just a handful of cars out there this early in the morning. the here's the deal with mass transit for your new years day all septa services running on a sunday or who will will take schedule but broad street line will have subway trains every eight to ten minutes, why? you know why? it is because of the mummers parade, and there is a couple of them going on. we have detour is a long the the parade route but hopefully you know to expect that by now. >> heck yeah. >> let's talk about that right now. so many thousands will be coming downtown for the the big parade as one of our
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wonderful traditions. we have steve keeley in the thick of the action where party is getting ready to begin. good morning, steve. >> reporter: it is a party and protest and this could be a ducey of a mummers parade. we expect bigger crowd then normal because of the warmer weather than normal but now we have learned of a black lives matter protest right here at city hall, the pivotal point for mummers parade. they are starting here. this is where judging happens, this is where television production, live tv happens and thinks where so many thousands watch this parade, 10,000 bleacher seats and a lot of people lined the sidewalk which is now shut down. you can see fancy captain outfits here already delivered and parked along the street. you can see thousands of dollars that goes into that. but karen, protesters a according to their facebook page say they have been threatened with physical violence by the the quote white rise is on our event page. we have publicly stated this
5:33 am
will be a display of civil civil difficulties obedience goal toys disrupt and bring attention to the poignant issues of police brutality and they say, that the history of, you know, mummers themselves not being as diverse as they are going to be in a strange ironic twist this year for the first time, so the mummers don't know why this year they are being targeted of all years because they have got black and latino performance groups, in the division for first time in its history. these people are being warned what to do in case they are arrested. they say they will legal observers to watch our backs and they are telling them to stay in groups of three to four people, heed all of the security measures, how to have their name on index card and our legal team has provided legal observers who will document police and spectator views and watch our backs. they have got 300 people at least confirming that they will be part of this protest and you can bet police are now planning how to hand this will
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protest. karen, interesting thing is protest around the country have been violent but here in philadelphia they have been kept peaceful by great work from the police department. people have been allowed to essentially shut down market street and around city hall right around evening rush hour, repeatedly but you have to wand fur they will aloud to let protesters to disrupt the mummers parade when it is being broadcast live on television. it will be interesting to go see how police handle will this protest if it in fact happens today at 1:00 to 3:00 like they are planning. >> the reason why there is a a protest this year is this whole group emerge this year after all of the incidents they just didn't exist in the past. now they do and they want to get a voice heard they will use that platform. pennsylvania state police increased patrols overnight to crackdown on drunk drivers. state police say they want to remine people to don't get behind the wheel and you are impair. lets take a look the a the numbers in 2014 there were 345 alcohol involved and deadly accidents in the state.
5:35 am
there is a mom who necessary pain first hand, deborah am ross owe and she lost her son danny in the drunk driving crash 20 years ago and she has work to bring awareness ever since then. >> i think of that loss. i also think about the the man who killed him, what his life must be like and what he must carry with him. >> danny amrosso was killed instantly when that drunk driver crossed a center line and hit him head on. starting on sunday, you don't to have dig for your change at least a at some locations. they have gone cashless. the let's explain. it will be unveiled january 3rd. the bridge over the delaware river into bucks county from new jersey it is now a none in stop tolling checkpoint. it is for one way toll, drivers cross nothing to pennsylvania, from new jersey and i276. e-z pass users will pay five bucks. it will cost you more if you you do not have e-z pass.
5:36 am
the you will pay 6.75. thinks a toll by place system. they will take a picture of your license plate and they will mail you a bill after the car own are abe all tolls go up on the turnpike by 60 cents. eagles play the final game of the year, do you even care? will you watch? they don't have the head coach. they've got the this guy. also how malcolm jenkins defend fired coach chip kelly.
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on this new years day eagles play final game of the disappointing season that is sunday in insuring. the is there a new head coach running the show and that is interim head coach pat shurmur had been a head coach before with the browns so this is not something new for him. malcolm jenkins spoke for the first time since firing of the chip kelly and said both sides were the reason. >> i think communication between the the players and chip probably wasn't the best, and i think it was probably the fault of both parties. i people think chip is unapproachable and standoffish but if you go talk to him, he has an opened door policy and is willing to talk to anybody. i think the perception was not necessarily reality. >> big game for villanova and to the pavilion they played sixth ranked xavier. archie arcidiacono with the three, he had 26 points.
5:40 am
villanova beats xavier by 31, that score there 95-64. that is sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. happy new year. >> happy new year, hour. malcolm jenkins not only one defending chip kelly, patriots bill bill chick just talk about the nature of the nfl business. >> i mean chip kelly to me is a really good foot the ball coach and has done a great job with that team, pretty much is on a one year contract in this league and, you know, i don't know how you build a program in one year. >> chip kelly had has been saying kelly is a great coach and he will end up somewhere and will do a great job where ever it is. that is probably the case. what is new years day without college football, two big games yesterday setting up national championship game in ten days. number two al-zawahiri bam a playing number three michigan state, cotton bowl last night. alabama playing in the college
5:41 am
football playoffs for second straight year. after disappointing loss to ohio last year, the crimson tide faired better, winning 38 to nothing with the dominating performance by their defense. only allows michigan in the red zone one time, and that drive ended with a interception, by alabama. other semi final game yesterday features top rang team in the country clemson taking on oklahoma oak led by a point at half time but it was all clemson in the second half scoring 21 unanswered points and winning, 37-17. clemson will be playing in the the national championship game for the first time since they won it all back in 1981. alabama meanwhile will be looking for its fourth national title will in nine seasons under the coach there nick saban, machine january 11th. a a a lot of us are making new years resolution, including the president, what he is planning for his last year in office.
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the nationwide power ball jackpot continues to grow but even with no grand prize winner on wednesday there is somebody in our area, a million-dollar richer. someone bought a winning ticket from the sunoco station market on cottman. you know the one. ticket matched all five white ball numbers for wednesday night's drawing but not red power ball number. that sunoco will get $5,000 and that has a lot of people buzzing. >> it is a wonderful thing and i'm glad this is the store
5:45 am
that did it. >> were you thinking it was you at one point. >> yes, i did, i dreamed it, that is why i ran over here with my ticket but unfortunately i was than the the one. >> it helps to bring in more people. i think christmas will strike twice. >> it has and it does bring in more traffic. another person bought a ticket worth $150,000, they are just two of the 96,000 winners in pennsylvania. but even with all of the lucky tickets saturday's power ball jackpot up to 334 million-dollar. do you secretly think you will win, win it big, do you play, sue. >> only when there is a a pool here at work but i never go buy a ticket. if you don't play you can't win. >> it is true. we just finished up yesterday the warmest december we ever had in philadelphia, we have had temperatures above normal in fact since november 21st and that gave us an average monthly temperature of 51 degrees, for december.
5:46 am
we smashed previous record which was december of 1923 when the average temperature for the entire month was 44 and a half degrees. so, 51, that is a typical average, high average temperature i should say for the the month of december in charleston south caroline, but not here. so, that is it, a brand new record for december 2015. things are changing though, right on time for the year to change and month to change. cold front came through, we have the cold front kind of of stalled to the south here. we do not expect anything to happen from this low pressure system that is down to the south, high pressure is building in, that will keep us dry for quite a few days in the row but it will also keep us cold so this high continues to move eastward and will get reenforcement on cold air, early next week to make it feel even colder. so thinks our current radar, and we will see lake effect snow up to our north but again that is not expected to affect us either.
5:47 am
every once in a while those streamers come down and we will get a flurry or two but that is it. thirty-eight in reading. forty-one in the city and that is our warm spot this morning and that temperature may go down before it goes backup, so it is not until 72:00 two. 10-mile an hour wind out of the northwest and that wind direction is why it is chillier but still not extreme and temperatures still expect to be above average today, because the average is 41, we were spending three days in the 50's and now at 44 for today, 43 for tomorrow, 45 for sunday, and is there blast of cold air we were talking about for monday and tuesday. tuesday's high temperature 33 degrees. we are not used to this. week ago it was 68 degrees for a high temperature. so we will have to, get this sweaters, and scarves and hats and the gloves out because we will need them in the only this weekend but into next week. that is your seven day forecast, bob kelly is off today we will check traffic for you starting off at route 42 at creek road in new
5:48 am
jersey, everybody is moving along just fine this morning on the vine street expressway eastbound at broad street, yep, looking good there, there is a car, and also, checking the travel speed this morning you are able to go posted speed limit on all of our major roadways this morning. so we see green cars there. everybody is able to go on okay but just don't go above the speed limit, karen, not a good idea. >> i'm looking at a lot of you are watching different shows celebrating the new year and some comments are amazing about the different host. we will share them in the 9:00 . many of us have tried to make new years resolutions hopefully we will keep them. the president is no exception. doug lou saiders looks a at how commander and chief pledges could have an impact on all of us. >> reporter: beyond working on golf game which seems to be improved in recent years, president obama had a lengthy list of resolutions for 2016 and he will finish this
5:49 am
vacation in 2015, with just over one year to advance his vision for america. >> we are going to squeeze every last ounce of progress that we can make when i have the privilege, as long as i have the privilege of holding this office. >> other big goal for 2016 helping to defeat whatever republican end up winning the g.o.p. nomination next year. >> he played more golf last year then tiger woods, it is ridiculous. >> reporter: especially fit is donald trum hospital appears to get under the president's skin. >> i think we will have a strong democratic many in minute knee and i think that democratic nominee will win and i will have a democratic successor and i will campaign hard for that to happen for a whole variety of reasons. >> reporter: it would be essential for keeping the president's agenda intact in coming years but therein lies the delicate balancing act for the president in 2016. pushing items like gun control, as transpacific trade deal and closing prison of
5:50 am
guantanamo bay, things that can be controversial while at the same time he does not alienate potential democratic and independent voters in november. >> if he is serious about electing the democratic many in minute knee, he will to have find ways to be less controversial, and to appeal to a broad section of the public. can he do it? i don't know. >> no one really knows at this point but it is clear that as his vacation wind to a close this weekend the president will be looking ahead to a new year that could well determine what his legacy really should be. in washington, doug luzader for fox news. in entertainment the news, actor wayne rodgers has died, after suffering from complications, from pneumonia, who is best men for playing trap are john macintyre on mash. have a's moved on from agoing he became a successful money manager and investor and a regular panel list on "fox news" shows. he was 82 years old.
5:51 am
miss columbia breaking her cile benz this years miss universe mix up, she told a chum yan newspaper that she went silent because she had to have have grief about what happened. you remember steve harvey mistakenly announced a wrong winner when it was her but really miss philippines. just the way it happened was so embarrassing, not the fair, and having that crown removed from her head was humiliating. she said it has been cruel willly very hard. it has been a great shock because it was a dream i have thought for and dreamed of being miss universe. it was very humiliate for me but now she says she has a positive outlook and job offers have been pouring in including some work right here in the the united states. empire star taraji p henson denies that she's dating former nfl player calvin heyden despite a picture and they were holding hand on the beach. last night she was split this with pit bull with new years eve special and with wendy williams asked her if they were a couple. she said you cannot believe everything you read.
5:52 am
until you hear it from me, it is false. bill cosby has posted on social media for the very first time in months following his a reason sexual assault charges. the the comedian tweeting a very i am many message last evening, friend and fans, thank you. that was his first tweet since august. he was charged with sexual assault for a case linked to a former temple employee more than ten years ago. more than 50 women have come out publicly to accuse the comedian of sexual assault. 5:52. do gooders break a record, how donating clothing put them, in the book. and with drawings every monday and thursday,
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that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life. advil pain relievers are used by more households than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil.
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we partied in the u.s.a. it was fun. we had a great time whether at home watching your tv and all of the big shows there or out there in one of the big centers on our planet. there is a new nationwide record in port land. so, why are we looking a at a goodwill store? well, because people there really toe nate, they give, people donated to that salvation army location in december. representatives, say that from that goodwill that they held and so many thousands through the year and surge of donations at the end of the year means more jobs. >> but i have to say, we in this area have the most generous downers in north america, already today they
5:56 am
have broken their own north american record, in giving, we expect more than 215 million pounds. >> many people donate to help those in need, well, getting also that added benefit of the tax break. we're just, we're hours away from the mummers parade, lots of groups are getting ready we have been hearing from you in the clubhouse but one group is planning to show up and make this event, and could create their own news, we will tell you why and explain. plus, police are putting those who live and work in olde city on a alert after a series of armed robberies, what they have said all of those crimes have had in common.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
out with the old, in with the the new, penns landing last night at 6:00 and midnight, it was a really good show this year. i was kind of impressed. karen. >> for a lot of people here in philadelphia party just beginning. up at the clubhousees getting
6:00 am
make up on, live look and this will be news worthy, mike, there could be a possible disruption of the celebration. >> little protest. >> okay. >> and, a new year will bring in eye new mayor to the city of philadelphia. you will to have get used to saying this, mayor jim kenney, he is going to tell us what to expect once he takes office, next week. you know, i betty could tetz him, and shame him into coming in. >> will you do it. >> should we do it. >> hi everybody. >> we know he watches the show, he might be watching. >> he text me doing the show telling me what i'm doing wrong. >> yes. >> he is a leader. >> so annoying. >> it is january 1st, 2016. and we have a life coach coming in today. >> to tell you what you are doing wrong. >> this guy has his work cut out for him, i'll tell thaw. no every year we make


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