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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  January 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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make up on, live look and this will be news worthy, mike, there could be a possible disruption of the celebration. >> little protest. >> okay. >> and, a new year will bring in eye new mayor to the city of philadelphia. you will to have get used to saying this, mayor jim kenney, he is going to tell us what to expect once he takes office, next week. you know, i betty could tetz him, and shame him into coming in. >> will you do it. >> should we do it. >> hi everybody. >> we know he watches the show, he might be watching. >> he text me doing the show telling me what i'm doing wrong. >> yes. >> he is a leader. >> so annoying. >> it is january 1st, 2016. and we have a life coach coming in today. >> to tell you what you are doing wrong. >> this guy has his work cut out for him, i'll tell thaw. no every year we make resolutions and we don't keep
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them. he said he has seven tips that will keep you on track for the entire year. >> but also it is interesting you can see our hashtag fox 29 good day he will answer your questions all morning long. we will have him here and, if you type your questions, we will answer those questions throughout the morning. we all could use help. >> my question is, how am i alive. >> i was out until two. >> really. >> it is casual today. >> it is a holiday. >> this was the floor. >> did you do waterworks. >> i went to the waterworks party. >> yes. >> and that was just the beginning. >> that was before the party. >> yes. >> there is at least that. >> i'm barely a live. >> is what the the number. >> let's check in and see. >> happy new you year. >> it is an eight out of ten in weather by the the numbers. bus stop buddy is still celebrating. he has a slightly warmer coat own then did he yesterday and temperatures in the 30's and eventually they will be in the
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40's, to get started so a little blanket coat there. so when he is out watching the parade it will be nice and warm. we have a few clouds out there this morning, temperatures to the north of us up in the mountains are in the 20's but we have 40 in the city, sunrise 7:22. there is your temperature in mount pocono, 29 degrees but it is 39, in wildwood, new jersey. our high temperature today will make it in the mid 40's. more like it is supposed to be. we have just finish warm hees december we ever had. we will talk about that and much more with the seven day forecast but layer it up heading out to the parade today. new we will check traffic, been kelly, continuing his licensing weekend, and really there is nothing going on, much, except this accident that is blocking right lane, schuylkill eastbound at the girard, use caution in that area, luckily there aren't too many cars on the road but please drive safely this morning. ben franklin bridge heading in to philadelphia and we are all
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cleared there. mummers parade, starts a at 9:00, broad street between arch and washington closed off, a lot of car pedestrian traffic around that area. other detours and diversions because of the parade. if you are driving new will need extra time, guys? what are they saying. >> i asked about five people last night to text me or call me to make sure i got up. >> yes, because that doesn't always happen. >> they are all saying are you up. yes, i am's at work now you. 2016 comes in with another bang as we do every year. this is penns landing, last night, great show at 6:00 and another at midnight. >> we had somebody at 6:00 o'clock, phenomenal, such a great time. and now, of course, lot of people up earl that i didn't celebrate last night but they are celebrate to go day, it is a big take, it is a mummers
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parade. >> new year means a few changes to the festivity, a couple changes, perhaps a protest, may be happening, steve, what are you hearing. >> reporter: mike, you know what hasn't changed? the fact that you and i are working together another holiday. you will love this story. i just met a viewer. she said you and mike are lucky you have been there so long. because you guys gets to hog all of the good holidays and work all these great holidays. i said you are right. we hog the the holidays. what happens every january 2nd as soon as new schedules are out and vacation requests come in mike and i come in on the schedule computer and vacation request and say we want to work black friday, thanksgiving, christmas and new years and new years eve. especially fun for mike because this is the the day he starts the the year without any sleep every year. >> go ahead, mike. >> i want to tell you the truth? >> it is because i'm so pathetic, i don't get in there
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and request vacation days, and then i end up being the one who has to work. >> it is true. >> it is laziness. >> he would put in the vacation the week that it was happening. well new they get taken months before. it is so true. >> reporter: well this will make you feel good, mike, i'm not pathetic. i put the request not to work this day, because i was so worried, back in the old days we would be in south philadelphia and there was some people who were participating, in some alcoholic drinks, still at this hour and so worried we would have a bad word said. it was a lot of stress and pressure for six hours straight. so that is why i said i don't care i'll work every or holiday. i want new years day off. even if you want, you will in the sleep anyway because especially living in center city you have fire works, you cannot sleep anyhow even if you wanted to sleep because i lay in bed but i don't get any bed because is there fire works in the suburbs. it doesn't matter if you put the the request in, we have
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been on for five hours and he is off today and i'm working. what is your report about? >> reporter: when does my report begin. >> you want me to do it. >> look at this, mike. the this is stuff you do not even have in your closet and you have some feathered, you have some feathers, mike that is you why love coming to philadelphia because you you weren't only man dress nothing feathers. >> true. >> look at these elaborate costumes. but as karen said look at city hall all lit up, how nice it is. this weather is perfect for a mummers parade, it is just beautiful out right now, just a gentle breeze, they had to not put signs in they put sandbags in. do you see the signs a little bit but you not even like breezy, i don't know why that sign is blowing because i do not even feel. that maybe i haven't slept that is why i'm in the feeling anything. we could have a news worthy events with the the mummers parade today because black
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lives matter organizers put on their facebook page that they were planning to disrupt the parade today. the as soon as they put that up, they said quote white racist are threatening them with physical harm so they are warning people how to hand that will if that happens, how to handle ago rested because they plan to be arrested how to have their names on index cards, they will have legal observers and they plan to disrupt the parade right at the height of the parade at the most important part of the parade where judging is, live tv coverage is and where bleachers are at 1:00 right here at city hall. we could have not just fun, festivities that we normally have but we will have some news. we will see how police hand that will because police have generally lit police protest and stop traffic right where we are, continuing for protester but do they want people to stop a parade. i don't think so. you can bet that the the fine police department even on a holiday is working overtime to figure out how to handle will this, if it does happen at 1:00 o'clock, guys. >> for the first time in
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television history we will go to a guy like steve keeley, to the pope. he is addressing people in vatican city right the now, we don't have a shot of him but all of those people right there are looking up at pope francis right now. >> cold weather,'s they begin the new weather. we look at the new year as he sets the tone for new year and the agenda this year was mercy. >> they is. >> that takes you back, last week of september here in philadelphia a, a block from where we're sitting karen hepp. >> it has to be a highlight of the entire city of philadelphia, and so many of you whether you watch it on to tv, rushed out to see him as he drove by. just an exciting weekend. >> he made the left turn there at fifth and market. we're at fourth and market. that was so cool i was glad i was part of that. 6:08. sea of people. did you see times square last night. the shots were really beautiful from times square. weather was so good.
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>> i think that is why so many people came out. it felt like rush hour when i came into our city, you can see huge crowds there as they dropped the water ford crystal ball. lots of people cheered, shared their first kiss and hugs. 100 million americans and 1 billion people world wide watched the festivities on tv. later in the show, i don't know if you have looking at comment, two things, jenny mccarthey looked like, they said she looked like lord of the rings character. >> i didn't even recognize her a at first, i said who is that. >> and then don lemon had one, two three, four, many cocktails. >> difficult not hear that but i will not fault him for that. >> it could be the first big political move of 2016, wait a minute we are only six hours into 2016. >> something could be happening soon good what some are saying president obama will take executive action on during his final months, he has what, a year. >> two more months.
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>> a year he he has a whole year. >> january of next year 2017. bill cosby, this is very interesting, goes on social media for first time in months following that a reason the sexual assault charges, he send out the a tweet, what he had to say.
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it is 6:11. i'm not talking about broad street but the time. 6:11 on the first day of 2016. bill cosby posted on social media for the first time in a long time following his a reason sexual assault charges. >> very interesting, he tweets out a simple mess aiming last night friend, fans, thank you. >> that is it. >> his first tweet since august. >> short and sweet. >> that tweet comes a day after bill cosby was charge in the montgomery county, for
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sexual willly assaulting a then temple university employee, basketball coach, at his home, this is allegedly happening in early, 2004. he had said that the encounter was consensual, his attorney is going on the attack calling the arrest a flawed politically motivated case that will in the hold up in court. she says cosby is in good spirits and will be exonerated. of course, that his opinion, one of his attorneys. it is 62:00. there has been some violence overnight and this case yesterday there was a woman simply walking back from the store in mayfair trying to get grocery shopping done and she was shot in the face. >> yeah, this morning she's recovering at home, but the the man who shot her, remains on the run. >> so authorities say seven five-year old judy richie was walking in this area have of
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erdick street at 10:00 in the morning coming home from the shop rite. then a guy in the silver car gets out, goes up to her with the gun and snatches her purse. even though he has her purse there is a struggle, gunfires and woman was shot in the cheek. here's what is a amazing, she's wounded, bleeding and continues to get a couple blocks more, gets home to her house. >> she kept walking. >> her husband calls police, they come out and everybody there is very shaken. >> that is just horrible. horrible. i just can't believe that is happening here. >> i'm or toy see what happened to her. >> happy new years and this is what we have to look forward to around here. >> robber got away were $400 and a cell phone, detectives hope surveillance camera give them clues and lead them to the suspect. attacked foiled, an upstate new york man arrested before he could strike what authorities say he was plotting, for last night.
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by 11:00 o'clock there is a chilly breeze and it is 42 degrees but you there should be a keys event amount of sunshine, 45 is the the high temperature, we should reach that around 2:00 in the afternoon, and it stays chilly, throughout the day, and so, we know it is a long parade and might be out there for a while. i hope you have fun. it is a new year, new weather pattern. now the jet stream has sunken, to the south, so now we have northwesterly wind instead of those, southeasterly wind, and it means things will be chillier. wait until you see temperatures into next week, rain to our south, and to our north we're seeing lake effect snow, east of ontario and, lake on tear yes and lake erie here. cleveland getting snow this morning, and some towns in buffalo are as well.
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the it finally got cold. the lakes haven't frozen over just yet. forty in the the city. twenty-nine in mount pocono. upper 30's, allentown, pottstown, reading. thirty-nine in wildwood and wilmington, right now but it feels like with the wind like it is kind of of in the 20's. wind chills in the the teens in mount pocono this morning. we have a shock to the system. christmas day we got to 68 degrees. last weekend saturday a's high was 67. sunday a's high was 65. ways cloudy. we are trading off. chillier temperatures but we're also getting sunshine, 44 degrees today. sunny bet days of the weekend but we will stay in the 40's. look at monday and tuesday with high temperature only in the 30's. we will start off in the lower 20's, on tuesday morning, and very frigid start, with the high of only 33 degrees. the it gets better after that but still, very wintry throughout the seven day forecast. so that is that. lets get to this, and that within traffic because bob kelly is off today.
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vine street expressway, fine this morning, all clear, everybody moving okay. i-95 south around betsy ross bridge we are looking there at hardly a car on the road. we can count them with one hand. here's the deal with mass transit, all septa services will be running on a sunday or holiday schedule today, broad street line will have trains every eight to ten minutes and there will be road detours throughout the parade route. >> mike is playing because it is new years day. >> still, the the white house vow toss push for tighter gun control in the you this year have of 2016. >> president may be taking some executive a action next week to expand background checks on gun sales. >> i didn't see this coming this could happen as soon as he returns from vacation. he is in his home state of hawaii. the white house won't confirm the details but president obama has seen targeting on
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line gun sales and sales at the big gun shows, as you can see around the country. the national rifle association, nra, is on record against the the expansion of background checks arguing criminals find other ways to get their hands on weapons. >> republican and israeli official was like to have some answers after the the nsa allegedly spied on them, the snooping accordly with u.s. negotiation was iran on a nuclear deal. nsa intercepted private communications between israeli governments, and members of the congress who were lobbying together to stop that deal. the house oversight committee is calling for hearing on that issue. >> they were doing to it get more information passed on to the white house so white house could then use that in the political battle will, inside of the congress about whether this deal will should be approved or not. it is a complete misuse of the intelligence gathering capability of the executive branch. >> and that is one man's
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opinion. >> so after that man, edward snowden leak classified information in 2013 president obama said nsa would no longer spy on our allies, but white house reportedly believes the information that was intercepted could be valuable to counter the campaign against the the nuclear agreement. authorities in upstate new york say they stopped annex conn from carrying out, an isis inspired terrorist attack, last night. >> luckily they foiled the plot, suspect 25 year-old emmanuel lunchman was arrested after investigators say he was planning to attack a restaurant in the rochester area to prove he was worthy of joining isis. he is charged with attempting to provide material support to a terror organization. >> they took him into atica it looks like. scary moments leading up to the new year, in germany yesterday, warnings of an imminent attack, terrorist attack, caused authorities to rush into action, it looks like they did a good job here. >> police quickly evacuated
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two train stations in the city and warned people to stay away from large crowd, this warning came an hour before the country was ringing in the new year, thousands of people still poured in the streets to watch the the the fire works. there were no fire works in paris at this new years eve city canceled them to keep large crowd from gathering and offered a light show, much shorter in years past. the security was very tight and no issues were reported. >> but the big story yesterday afternoon, folks and yesterday evening, scary scene in dubai, right before that city celebrated their fire works display a high rise hotel, pretty famous actually, went up in flames. she is flames were going up 20 stories. >> officials have have not said exactly what the cause was, but it is 63 story address hotel just right near the largest building in the entire planet. explosions were reported right before the fire started about two hearst before the fire work so maybe it was investigating that. fire works did get on as
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planned but they had thick smoke it was so heavy, it blocked view for some people trying to watch the display. >> nobody was watching the the display anymore once the fire started. so dramatic. >> so dramatic. >> some people were injured, 14 people, most of those were minor injuries, and mostly coming toward evacuations pool people running away. match up is set, we have highlights, from the college football, semi final from yesterday, setting up a showdown in arizona for the the national champion ship. clemson came through, um. >> yeah. >> and also be in hit the jack pot but there was a winning ticket sold in philadelphia, find out where million-dollar power ball ticket was sold. >> was it at the sunoco. >> yes, right there on cottman. >> i didn't go there. lottery numbers.
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good morning i'm howard eskin. eag plays sunday in new york and is there a new head coach for the the eagles running this game and that is interim head coach pat shurmur. he had been a head coach before with the cleveland browns so this is not something new. he has been a head coach before. now it is his turn to run the practice after chip kelly got fired on tuesday. the as an offensive coordinator for the the eagles it may be different as the the head coach but in the end practice is the same we started something in motion here. the the the players are used to doing things a certain way. very many, many of the the things that we're doing, it is right. we're going to try to keep it as business as usual, as it can be in a very odd week. >> big game for villanova to the pavilion they are playing
6:24 am
sixth ranked xavier, archie arcidiacono with the three, he had 27, villanova wins by 31. ninety-five-64. that is over xavier. that is sports in a minute, i'm howard eskin. >> man, xavier is pretty good. ninety-five-64. >> did you watch any of the big game, within of the the most fun things to do on new years eve. >> no, but we have highlights so this will be enjoyable for me. what is new years day without talking about college football, ladies and gentlemen. two big games yesterday. lets go to the cotton bowl first. >> we will start with alabama number two playing number three michigan state in the cotton bowl last night. alabama playing in the college football playoffs for second straight year. >> yes. >> they had that disappointing loss to ohio state last year. crimson tide faired better than michigan state winning 38 to nothing with the dominating performance by the the defense. >> it is shocking 38 to nothing. michigan state i thought would give them a fight but no. >> they only got in the red zone one time and that was an
6:25 am
interception. so roll tide. >> in the other semi final game yesterday, feature the top ranked team in the country, clemson, taking on oklahoma, and oklahoma, led by a point at half time but then it was all clemson in the second half scoring 21 unanswered points. they win the game, 37-17. clemson will be playing in the national championship game for the first time since they won it all, in 1981, it has been a long time for them. alabama meanwhile will be looking for its fourth national title, in nine seasons under coach nick sabin. that game will be played monday, january the 11th. how about the rose bowl toys day too, a classic. >> yes, most iconic one that will happen today, a tradition of course, rose bowl so who will be in this big match up. >> stanford will make an appearance for the third straight year taking on iowa,
6:26 am
the hawk eyes, this is the the hawk eyes first trip to pass dean a, california in 25 years. the rose bowl is a traditional reward for outstanding, seasons in the big ten, and pack 12, iowa and stanford take on the assignment have after ending up as the last two teams to miss the the college football, playoffs. i have in idea what that just meant. i have a friend, that used to make them. >> hawk eye candy. >> what that. >> buck eye. >> buck eye. >> i don't know. >> buck eye is ohio state. >> like i necessity what i'm talking about. >> this is, flowers, you put flowers on the car and ride it down the street that is what i'm watching. >> is that how you describe the rose bowl parade, a put a flower on a car and drive down the street. the whole notice made offing this but flowers. >> i realize that. >> it will be a lot of security today because of the
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terrorism threats. not that far from san bernardino, pass dean a so 700,000 people are expect to watch i believe on colorado boulevard, in pasadena, california. it is a beautiful, event with a lot of security this year. mayor michael nutter, only has a few days left in office and he is already talking about his next career move. >> no. >> and it involves me apparently. all right, steve. >> reporter: karen, i finally think of mike as the king of morning tv, maybe king of overall tv right now. mike, i have found a fitting crown for your huge ego and your head, you say. >> look at this. >> perfect. >> just the the right side. >> just right.
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kaboom. nice show last night over the delaware river at six and midnight. fun beautiful warm weather night. >> we have a glimpse in the new the in the future. we have new leader ship in the city. what we can expect the 99th mayor, can you believe that. >> yeah. >> when he takes office next week. >> i have 99 mayors but, okay. are you feeling a little fun think morning after your party last night. we will tell you what you can do now to have your self feeling better by noon. >> a like a mcdonald's hamburger,. >> go over to little pete's on 17th street and down some eggs. >> i will pay somebody to bring me either of those. >> what about pancakes, blueberry pancakes. >> i'm not a pancake person i'm an egg person. >> is what up. >> i don't need to tell you this, it is january 1st, and have you got even any questions on twitter yet because this might be a
6:31 am
struggle. we have a dude coming in who is pretty famous, he is a live coach. he says we never keep our resolutions, sue. >> no? so we had seven tips that will have us keeping our resolutionness 2016. >> he will be answering your question, if you have a question, he will do it use our hashtag fox 29 good day. >> be in will do that. >> sue, you got pulled over yesterday. >> what is this. >> we have breaking news. >> you got pulled over by the cops. karen. >> sue serio. >> well, you know, i was glad to know that our highways were being patrolled on new years eve. >> usually it is him i'm mad at. >> we're in the the 30's and 40's and bus stop buddy is really bundled up today.
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your number is eight out of 106789 i keep forgetting which number i pick. we have quite a few clouds out there this morning but we do expect to see some sunshine, 40 degrees, right now, 9-mile an hour wind, sunrise at 7:22 and 45 is our high temperature a a lot cooler then it has been, breezy as well and then tonight skies will clear and look at how cold it is in the city, 29 degrees, overnight, that is your fox cast from the weather authority, lets see how folks are behaving on the roadways this morning. i-95 at cottman avenue all cleared this morning just a few cars, going posted speed limit i'm sure just like many of us do. >> yeah. >> 309 northbound at pennsylvania turnpike is cleared, with hardly any cars, and travel times this morning forget where you are going on time as long as you behave yourself. for the schuylkill, blue route to the vine it is 15 minutes, but from i-95 from the vine to woodhaven, 14 minute trip.
6:33 am
>> how was blue route yesterday. >> it was i-95. it was fine. >> oh, man. >> we also, got a really cute picture of a baby new year, if you know a baby new year. >> wasn't the first baby in certain city get a prize or something. >> we put them on tv. >> pennsylvania hospital, we did get a nice picture. we will put this on tv. but they are showing off their baby. just show off your baby. put a little sash on them. very cute. >> mummers parade starts at 9:00. >> there are some changes people need to necessity b we have new acts that are joining and also there may be a big news worthy event, happening, steve will tell us bit, good morning, steve. >> reporter: karen and mike we are across the street from the ritz carlton at city hall. i noticed another new years tradition number one resolution to exercise more/lose weight and it does ant peer that anybody has tonight their resolution here
6:34 am
at ritz carlton getting up early and work out first day of the year because look at you'll of the treadmills. unused but lit up but that means it is open. hopefully they will get on them later, maybe start resolution tomorrow. coincidently while this is going to be the first ever mummers parade in its the history since 1901 to have black and latino performance divisions the local black lives matter group and its leadership said they plan to disrupt mummers parade here at city hall today starting at 1:00 o'clock at the height of the parade at the most watched performance points, where live tv coverage is set up, based and bleachers all set up and judging of the performances is done. the idea toys bring attention to both police shootings and brutality and what they say is the long history of racism, by the mummers. now, on their facebook page protesters say they have been threatened with physical violence, by what they called quote white racist.
6:35 am
they have delete add lieutenant of messages. they plan to be arrested and they tell anybody showing up, in their group do not hit anyone unless you are attack first. they plan to have legal observers here. they are telling everybody what to do in case they are arrested, which tells you they plan civil disobedience which means disrupt parade and that means jump barricades here. i'm sure police have some plan how to handle this. they normally let protest ter stop traffic on the the streets around city hall touring rush hours but you got to doubt they will allow them to disrupt a parade when it is being broadcast live. it will will be a news worthy event not just fun festive event that usually makes news every year. >> that is interesting. we will keep an eye on. that we will check back with you next hour. the new year will bring a new leader to the city of philadelphia, the the 99th mayor, right. >> isn't that neat. >> that is just a lot of fun. >> jim kenney great guy will be sworn in on monday and
6:36 am
before that obviously outing mayor michael nut's dressed the media one final time. >> we had a press conference at city hall yesterday. >> he wraps up what happened in the whole year. really comfortable in his skin. he has been doing it for eight years taking to the podium there to reflect upon his whole term, in office and he is announcing things wow like to see done, project on on the delaware waterfront. >> delaware waterfront they have been trying to clean that place up. >> he announced another study. he announced yet another stud any that whole area around penns landing to hopefully get some revitalization. >> i think everybody has recognized that in the whole scheme of things the place. of i-95 where it was put and damage it had has done to this city and number of others is pretty clear. >> i-95 is in the wrong spot. mayor nutter, also saying that he feels confident that philadelphia is in a better place now then before he took
6:37 am
office in office eight years ago. >> i think that is true. he back that up with some of the numbers when it comes to jobs in the city. unemployment rate of philadelphia has dropped to 5.9 percent, lowest it has been since april of 2008, right before that recession began. >> and also more philadelphians are employed now then at any point dating back to 1990. they have added 40,000 jobs since january in 2008. >> when he took office. >> speaking of jobs. >> so what is next? after eight years of being mayor of a large city, and he had national a attention, in question bit, mayor nutter, he was asked, yesterday what are you going to do now as you leave office and jim kenney takes over for you? >> yes. >> this is what he said. >> on february 1st i'm taking over on the anchor chairs, at fox 29, mike jerrick is out,
6:38 am
and, you know, he and i think chip are going to go do some things together, and so i'm looking forward were being with alex and karen on the morning show. >> i got to tell you, he says the same thing on our show yesterday. >> it was so funny. >> i can't believe he said it. >> you are absolutely right. >> it was fantastic he brought it up at the news conference because all of the other tv stations was there. they can't do anything with that. i just wish it had been live, you know what i mean. >> there is something they have not gotten around to tell you, no. >> wait a second is this real. >> wait a second is this real. >> remember when i said i was running for mayor on april fools day. >> people thought that was real and i heard bit. i get to the neighborhood. i necessity you did think it was real. >> he is just getting me back.
6:39 am
>> so jim kenney is our new mayor getting ready to take the the helm as the the 99th mayor of this great city of philadelphia. >> so he will be sworn in on monday and he likes to be called, interesting how we term ourselves that he is fair. i'm just fair in the necessarily progressive. >> well, we shall see, jim kenney's top priorities while in office, he said tackling poverty, improving relationship between the the police, and especially the the black community and reducing overcrowding in our jails. >> he is 57 years old. he overwhelmingly won the election in november from the strong support from all of the voters and says he has a responsibility to them. >> so we will be there for his inauguration ceremony which begins monday morning at 10:00 f music, we will bring that live coverage to you, his swearing in, his a address, coverage begins right here on "good day
6:40 am
philadelphia" on monday morning. >> here's some good news at 6:39. the power ball jackpot continues to grow, no big jackpot winner, so jackpot is going to be. >> that would have been wednesday night. >> no one won on wednesday, they have drawing on saturday. >> tomorrow night and it is 334 million-dollar. you know, the other one is what the the or one, power ball, mega millions is tonight, it is 150 million. >> we should buy some ticket for that. >> we could win them both, boom. >> i would take even a million, you know someone from our area won a million. >> tell me this. >> someone is a million-dollar rich are because they bought a winning ticket at the sunoco station right there at cot map avenue. ticket matched all five of the white ball numbers from the drawing but not that red power ball number, so the market itself will get a $5,000 bonus. >> do we know if anybody has pick it up yet? >> it is a wonderful thing.
6:41 am
i'm glad this is the the store that hit it. >> were you thinking it was you at one point. >> yes, i did, i dreamed it, i ran over here with my tickets but unfortunately i was than the the one. >> i think it helps to bring in more people. i think it will strike twice. >> we need to find out if anybody has gone in there and said i have that ticket, i have that ticket. staff, shh, okay. another person in erie, county bought the a a ticket worth $150,000. even with all of these lucky tickets tomorrow's power ball jackpot continues to grow, so power ball is at 334 million-dollar. >> and in within has claim that million-dollar ticket yet. >> nobody has checked it. >> in one has claim it yet so check them, you might have them. >> i didn't get it there. i got mine, where did i buy mine. >> at 7-eleven. >> no, across the the street at fourth and market in that little kiosk.
6:42 am
>> nice guy over there. >> and then he gave me a free ticket for the mega millions tonight. >> someone gave me a free ticket. >> that is nice. >> if i win, i should probably give him some money. dot right thing. >> you have heard about distract driving, texting and driving, don't do that but what about distract walking we have seen it over and over, one of my favorite shots, not that one but this with man falling in the fountain. new numbers about how dangerous it is, and it is getting the government's attention us walking and texting. >> it is surprisingly dangerous. >> deadly quite often. >> what is this. >> kanye starting off new year with the surprise for his fans, what he is saying about bill cosby, he put tonight his new song. this price can't be right...
6:43 am
that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list "can't be right?" looks like a list full of "can't be right's." seriously? at giant, prices are down. savings are up. my giant.
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is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. it is 6:45 on the first day of the year, and we've got to improve something that we're doing.
6:46 am
>> come on back. >> this song, new years day. >> you hear a song. >> yes, do i. >> okay, i hear it now. >> experts are warning about the dangers of walking and using your cell phone the at the same time. you see it all the time. happened to me right over by 18th street yesterday. woman is walking at me, using her phone, texts, almost slams right into me. you know my technique, when they get close i goes, boom. scared the heck out of them. >> i would think you would let her bum in to her. >> this woman was not a tracktive. >> what is being termed distract walking is turning out to be a deadly situation. do you remember this woman. this is in philadelphia he falls in the tracks. a alarming numbers of people, alarming numbers, show that a pedestrian is killed every two
6:47 am
hours, in this country, due to troubled, well, distract driving or walking. >> i think that is shocking, two people are killed, every two hours. i think that is shocking. >> they walk right into cars, walk right into traffic while texts. >> that is problem, they have create aid new term distract walking that they are adding. >> smart phone technology is becoming, you know, more universal. everybody using their cell even if throughout the day. so those accidents will go up. people can fall into potholes, running into scars, they can have have accident just from looking at their cell phones, working around them. >> did you hear about this guy, in california last week, he walk off a cliff, do you remember that story we did. >> i remember hearing from his devastating mother. so sad. >> yeah good eyes were on the device and walk right off the cliff. they tried to rescue him. too late. >> killed him. also in november, yeah, this about a month ago, eight
6:48 am
pedestrians in new york city were killed in one week, alone by stepping into traffic while texting and walking. >> i knew someone who tied that way. >> do you. >> i do. >> i never knew that. >> so 6:48. it is been a wonderful night. so many people out last night, i was driving in at 2:00 a.m. and it felt like rush hour. >> good weather. it was the weather. >> it was a good night weather-wise. you will have a good day to day. it is tough to beat december which is now going down in the record books december of 2015 as the warmest december, we have ever had, this is the average monthly temperature in december. 51 degrees, before that we had to beat 1923, where the average temperature was 44 and a half, that was the highest up until last month. we have been above normal every single will take since november the 24th and really a christmas eve we were in the 70's, been crazy weather but
6:49 am
new things have changed. new year, new weather pattern as killed front goes further to the south. one that came through overnight last night we will have to get used to high pressure bringing in chillier air. so for today we are not in the 50's. we are looking at flood warnings which continue in the midwest even though we don't have precipitation and winter weather advisory in the western part of the state freezing, drizzle out there, so for us we don't to have worry about too much in the way of precipitation. lets talk about temperature, talking temperature, 44 degrees today, 43 tomorrow and 45 on sunday. we should see decent sunshine all the way through weekend but then as we get into monday and tuesday of next week daytime highs in the 30's, nighttime lows in the 20's. that is, winter when it really feels lake from the weather authority. new lets get to traffic. have of course, bob kelly has the the day off. we will start at route 42 the at creek road in new jersey all clear.
6:50 am
schuylkill westbound past gulph mills all clear and then travel speeds everybody is going posted speed limit this morning, karen, looking good out there. >> it is encouraging, thanks very much, sue. a lot of people may have enjoyed cocktails last night and may wake up with your head pounding. how do you you make that feel better. well there are a couple things you can do. you need replace, your electrolytes by drinking vitamin enhanced water. if you can do that before you go to bed, you obviously don't feel that great. you you can eat the brat diet, bland diet, which is bananas, r rice, a apple sauce and t toast, brat. getting nutrients from natural sources can result in the quicker recovery. >> i think fluid are very important even if you can hydrate while you are drinking, that helps, to prevent feeling so poorly in the morning, so for every alcoholic drink i typically suggest having a nice, at
6:51 am
least eight to 12-ounce glass of water. >> getting enough rest is also very important for your body's recovery and best plan to watch how much you you drink so you you do not get a hang over in the first place but it is new you years eve and what can you do. how is your hang over working right now. >> mine is fine. >> did you get enough rest. >> i have only had two hours. >> do you know anybody who takes 12-ounces of water in between drinks. >> between every drink. >> i have never met any of those people. >> kanye west, with a new years day present for all of his fans. >> he dropped a new song and it is called facts. in it he is always one to call people out he goes a after a couple of celebrities that are in the head lines. >> did you want to hear it. >> i do. >> here's a bit. >> ♪ >> so that is a lyric that is only about seven days old, he brings up steve harvey, screwing up the miss universe
6:52 am
thing and he brings up bill cosby. >> that is exactly what he says, does anybody feel bad for bill cosby, did he forget the names just like steve harvey. >> really released on twitter. he goes after nike in the song because, of course, he has that partnership with adidas. >> it is in the like a facts machine it is part of the kanye's seventh studio cd which will be titled, swish, in release date just yet. a new years eve surprise on live tv. >> did you see this last night. >> difficult not see it but the happens almost every single year? this was a heartfelt proposal. >> they are engaged. >> lets see what she says.
6:53 am
6:54 am
the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget. that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania.
6:55 am
it is 6:55. a couple celebrating the new year, last night, on "fox news" channel, and this guy, a military guy, proposes to his girlfriend. here it comes. >> i have one of the 2015 things would i like to share, the military, but your family is your career and military is your job. with that would i like to ask you, ann marie, would you marry me. >> what? oh, my god, yes, yes. oh, my god. >> that is pretty cool. that is staff sergeant seth
6:56 am
muzi surprising his girlfriend with a proposal in times square as you heard, she said, okay i'll do it. >> she said yes. >> that was really cool. >> a coaching legend, weighs in on chip kelly being fired by the eagles, hear what bill belichick had to say about chip kelly, yesterday afternoon. here's steve. >> mike you're a wizard of oz freak, like everybody else loves star wars you love the the wizard of oz. this is a character not in the the wizard of oz but i wanted to show thaw. what was the the scare crow in the wizard of oz in need of, all right. >> he needed a heart, didn't he. >> no, a brain. >> he needed a brain. >> yes, that is what i need. >> thanks for proving me wrong. >> i'll tell you this fish face the the guy's name is ray
6:57 am
bulger that played the character of the straw man. >> reporter: that was ray bulger he played the father shirley on the partridge family. >> steve one upped you. >> the guy in the the lion outfit burt lar is his name
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
all right. wow. it was a good show last night one at 6:00 o'clock, midnight penns landing over the delaware river. beautiful weather. well, 2016 is here and i'm still alive. karen. >> a lot of people that will be celebrating, today, planning to send an important message, during our mummers parade. this will be an eventful one. it will be unlike ones we have had in years past. >> because of protest. >> what is his legacy? is it completely ruined now? we will look at impact of this weeks charges against bill cosby will have, on his image. man, he was on the top of the world years ago, right in the 80's is that when cosby was on in the 80's. >> it was. >> and such a proponent of education, so involved with temple and got his doctorate. >> that is right, doctor bill cosby. >> yes. >> okay, this is day we make resolutions. is what yours, get on twitter. we are forced to do this by


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