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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  January 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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more urgency to the situation the little boy not even dressed for this weather. fox 29's jeff cole is in allentown tonight. jeff, any sign of this little boy? >> reporter: dawn, there's no sign at all. of course it's a real concern here because of course it is getting dark and it is cold. it's been as cold here today as it's been in december. now, this young child has been the focus of aggressive search. police have gone door to door here. they have pressed both dogs and drones into this search. relatives of five-year-old jahlil vega keep a somber vigil in the very spot the five-year-old autistic child was last seen late thursday night. >> scared, like, really scared. i don't even know him. i don't even know what to say. like, yorks even know what he's going through. like i'm really scared that -- something happened to him. >> the boy bare foot with only a shirt and sweat pants for warmth slipped out nearby east side
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allentown home during a new year's party his parents were attending. >> he knows who he is. for his address if you say the number seven he'll give you his address. >> he ran from a neighbor around 11:00 p.m. and hasn't been seen despite an overnight police and volunteer search using dogs and a drone with a camera on board. >> do whatever it takes to locate this young boy. we're asking all of the neighbors in the area to please check your backyards, check your sheds. we're coming around doing it as well but an extra set of size always good. >> pd has been door to door a lot of coverage and there's a pretty frantic effort going on right now with how it is outsi outside. >> reporter: the neighborhood borders a wooded park with water just beyond it. it's cold out. the concern for this timid child who doesn't speak remains very high. >> he's amazing.
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>> reporter: you can certainly understand why the emotion is running high here. residents here have been gathered all day. many have actually been taking part in searches themselves. the police chief here says this remains a missing person's case and the police here are asking folks if they happen to see this young boy not to call his name. not to approach him. but to keep an eye on him and then call police because they're concerned he'll run away again. live in allentown, jeff cole, dawn, back to you. >> so tragic. hopefully they fine him, thank you, jeff. happening now the wrap up 116-year-old tradition. mummers strutted their stuff at the annual new year's day parade in center city this morning and as always very colorful celebration featuring string bands, comic brigades, elaborate floats and will he teen of feathers and sequins. >> things looked different this year in the name of showcasing the city's ethnic and cultural diversity. fox 29's dave schratwieser in
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the middle of the madness he's live at the convention center tonight. dave, i know you've seen a few of these parades. >> reporter: no doubt about that. the fans see brigades chris are just about start their 5:00 o'clock performance inside the convention center here. lots of folks still filing in. it was great day for the mummers parade. cold but a great day and everyone had blast. ♪ >> reporter: the 116th he had dig of the mummers parade stepped off just after 9:00 friday morning with all the fanfare that it is the mummers. >> this year having my nephew in law be a mummer that brings it full circle. >> reporter: life is good. >> life is great. happy new year! >> we love the new year. we love the mummers. we're here for a good time. >> it's always nice and cold around here. >> reporter: you having fun? >> yeah. >> you like it? yup. >> reporter: thousands of spectators lined the parade route for the annual strut down broad street to washington avenue.
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this is the second year the mummers have marched southbound. more than 10,000 men, women and children participated. dressed in their finest mummers costumes. for some it's a complete family affair. >> got my son he's 11. my other son logan he's four. and i got my cousin noah and my cousin jimmy. the family tradition. >> yes. always. >> it's a great way to start off the new year, and just everybody being nice to one another. >> reporter: what's the best part of the mummers parade? >> being with your family much being in philly. everything. everything. >> reporter: for the first time the new philadelphia division marched in the parade as organizers tried to make the mummers parade more diverse. >> really colorful. really bright. love to be here. >> it's my first time at the par rid. >> what do you think. >> reporter: it's fun. very excited. i have a good time. >> reporter: families and friends crowded the parade route as they do every year celebrating the new year and taking in all the mummers
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pageantry. competition to see who will be the champion in each division is intense to say the least. >> pretty good. >> you know what i mean? first place. o'malley! whoo! >> we got to go with the pirat pirates. >> reporter: you got to go with the pirates. >> yeah, pirates. >> reporter: no major problems to report tonight. a few arrests of protesters a round 2:00 o'clock. lots of police protect out here all day and tonight. party continues tonight on two street. we'll have much more on the mummers parade coming up at 6:00. chris? >> all right, dave, outside of city hall along the parade route today a couple dozen black lives matter protesters took to the sidewalks philly coalition for racial economic and legal justice hosted the demonstration. skyfox over the scene as two people were put in handcuffs, police tell us two arrests were made. one for disorderly conduct. one for disrupting a procession. a few were down at the mummers parade today, you got admit the
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weather wasn't too bad. it could be a lot worse. on to your fox 29 weather authority. here's a live look at love park in center city. stayed dry and clear but that's you needed that coat out there. check in with chief meteorologist scott williams. >> that's certainly right, happy new year's chris. it felt a little more like january and winter. 43 degrees was the high today. right now it's 41. but take look at the wind out of the west at 15 so you need to dress for that wind chill of 33 degrees that's wait actually feels like. we have 40 in atlantic city. upper 30s right now in trenton. 27 degrees currently in the pocono mountains. but once again, you have to factor in that wind and take a look at a chilly 17 degrees. that's what it feels like in the pocono mountains. it feels like freezing in wilmington it feels like 31 degrees right now in atlantic city. so a cold evening if you're stepping outdoors on this frid friday. january 1st. we're looking at 36 degrees by 7:00. by 9:35 degrees and temperatures
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by 11:00 o'clock 34 with wind chills in the 20s but it's going get even colder with that seven day forecast. we'll detail all of it coming up. dawn and chris? >> ♪ natalie cole passed i was from congestive heart failure at a los angeles hospital. she had string of hits during her career including missing you like crazy and unforgettable which she performed with her father. nat king cole in a duet. natalie cole sold over 30 million records worldwide and won nine grammys. she was 65 years old and leaves behind an adult son. >> in gloucester county new jersey a man is facing drunk driving charges after
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authorities say he smashed into a police cruiser injuring the officer inside. authorities say officer jacob curtis from elk township police department what in his patrol car when he was broad side sided pickup truck around 1:00 this morning on buck road. authorities tell us the driver of that truck william durr of marlton was charged with dui and wreck less driving. officer curtis was taken to cooper medical center where he was treated for his injuries and released. happening now, two people are dead after a gunman opens fire in jerusalem noun the search is on for the shooter. it happened this afternoon outside a popular bar in tel-aviv. at least throw others are injured. the shoot walk caught on a security camera for one of the coffee shops in the area. the video showing the attacker firing off several rounds. some locals fromville hatch in northern israel claim the shooter from their area. they are calling on him to turn himself in. still no word yet on a motive. meanwhile a scary start to the new year in germany after authorities receive a tip about
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an eminent terror attack in is isis. munich police evacuated two train stations as 2016 approached. the information uncovered said a group of five to seven people were planning attacks for midnight that they were connected with isis and they were believed to be from syria or iraq. music's two trains stations were closed for hours. they eventually reopened this morning without incident. back here in the u.s. fbi says it has stopped an ex-con from carrying out a terrorist plot in new york state. the feds say the attack was set to happen last night. fox's patricia stark has the latest. >> reporter: the fbi says this is the face of a wannabe jihadi. he's charged with attempting to provide material support to terrorists. prosecutors say he was planning to attack people at a bar in rochester new york on new year's eve. the plot allegedly involved knives an machete. those items were purchased at a wal*mart with money provide beside an fbi informant.
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>> we all must acknowledge in today's day and age that anyplace in the world can be a target. so we're asking our residents to be safe and vigilant, not just tonight but every day and night. >> reporter: according to new york governor andrew cuomo he converted to islam while he was behind bars on a robbery charge. the feds say lutchman was in touch with an isis member overseas. according to federal complaint the isis told him he would have to prove his loyalty by praying regularly and planning an operation on new year's eve. >> he's got to wake up and pay attention and watch what a going on, you know, you see anything funny don't be afraid to call, because it could be an american born, it could be blond higher, blue eyes you don't know. >> in additional to criminal record he has a history of mental illness. >> that kind of thing can happen anywheres. it's not a -- just somebody
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that's going through some stuff. >> reporter: the city of rochester canceled their new year's eve firework display as a result of the plot. if convicted he could face 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. in new york, patricia stark, fox news. >> ♪ a disastrous start to the new year in a new jersey community. fire sweeping through a church early this morning. but there's something about this house of worship that makes this even more tragic. from guns to hover boards. new laws go into effect today grabbing headlines around the country. we've got what you need to know. and what does it take to clean up after 1 million party animals? look at the massive effort that just happened at the crossroads of the world. ♪
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♪ tough start to the new year for community in north jersey. a fire breaking out at a nearly 200-year-old church in west orange early this morning. the flames spread quickly through saint mark's episcopal church. thankfully no one was hurt but investigators don't yet know what caused that fire. back in 1996 the preservation new jersey list the the church as one of the most 10 endangered historic sites in the state. from gun control to hoverboard safety 2016 will bring with it a slew of new laws and government regulations in many states. >> fox's peter barnes has rounded up the most high profile changes for the new year. >> reporter: as the ball drops this new year's eve thousands of new state and federal laws will go into effect. more than four dozen of them just in texas. in one controversial move, text tess will start allowing licensed gun owners to carry hand guns openly in most public places. a practice known as open carry
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that 44 other states allow in some form. second amendment advocates say it's a critical step in the right to bear arms. critics say it does not work. >> there's plenty of research that says that -- that having open carry and having concealed weapons does not have any effect on crime rates. >> reporter: california supported more gun control. a new law there allows families to go to court to get weapons confiscated temporarily from relatives they believe pose a threat. california will also mandate vaccines for kids after a please sells outbreak at disney land earlier this year. in 12 states workers will get higher minimum wages. in connecticut police must start wearing body cameras. in new york, new mothers will get breast feeding rights in their workplaces. people in illinois who make prank 911 calls will have to reimburse local governments for the costs of responding. and back in california, anyone who rides in public on a
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hoverboard must be at least 16 years old, must wear a helmet and can only ride on streets with speed limits under 35 miles per hour. too late to help former heff vo weight boxer mike tyson. but for one analyst, states are the proper starting point to experiment with new law. >> whether you're talking about fiscal policy or whether you're talking about something seemingly trivial like helmet laws for hover boards it's good to do these things at the state and local level and not have them decide. in illinois even pets are getting more protections with new law that makes it a misdemeanor nor to leave them outside in he can treatment weather. peter barnes, fox business. >> no your eyes are not deceiving you. some water skiers bracing the cold temperatures hopping in the frigid waters in trooper montgomery county today. it was all for a good cause. today was the port indian ski club's 36 annual event that raises money for camp rainbow incorporated much that's a non-life profit camp for kids. everyone from men in suits to
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santa took turns on the water today. that had to have been cold. >> certainly was. back to your fox 29 weather authority. it is actually starting to feel a lot more like january. we were used to those 70s. >> about time. >> yeah. >> december went down as the warmest on record. on average 13.7 degrees above average but today certainly kind of a january chill outdoors if you were outdoors for any length of time he definitely needed to bundle up. it's going to be a cold overnight temperatures dropping around freezing a seasonal weekend but still chilly when you factor in the wind and then an arc tech blast we're talking the coldest air we've seen so far this season in that seven day forecast. on this friday, 41 degrees right now but if you're stepping out for dinner you need to dress for temperatures feeling like the 30s right now. we have upper 30s the air temperature in millville. 39 wilmington. 35 degrees currently in pottstown. 27 degrees in the pocono
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mountains. but it feels like 17 degrees right now when you factor in that wind in the pocono mountains. there excited about the colder air making snow there. 32 degrees right now in wilmington and it feels like 31 when you factor in that wind in atlantic city. so it's going to be cold, no doubt about that. if you're stepping outdoors, bundle up by 9:00 o'clock. 35 degrees and then by 11:00 o'clock, 34. but feels like temperature tempn the city will dip into the 20s so for tonight, it's going to be a cold one. we're looking at temperatures below freezing pretty much area wide. even colder once you move into the outlying suburbs. so showers and storms with that system still well to our south. a couple of lake effect snow showers well to the north and west of us today. just a sign of some of that colder air continuing to head in our direction. so for the upcoming weekend, it's going to be dry. a lot of sunshine, but once again there will be a chill in the air sim floor today despite high temperatures topping out both days in the low to mid 40s
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for the upcoming weekend. then next week, that dip in the jet stream, that's going to open up the door from canada allowing some of the cold air to really rush in in our particular area. so that seven day forecast will show temperatures this upcoming weekend, topping out in the low to mid 40s. kind of seasonal and then take a look at monday and tuesday arctic blast of the cold 34 degrees. that's it for the high temperature on monday. tuesday right around freezing for the high temperature. and then we start to rebound a bit as we move toward the latter part of next week with our next chance for rainfall. >> i don't think i've heard you use the word arctic blast in forever. >> exactly. >> that looks like january. >> scott, thanks. milestone in outerspace tonight. what isn't that so is celebrating to night that you probably don't often think about that has changed the way we think about the universe. >> and the president gets a special unexpected guest at the white house. their conversation is making headlines. what the president just revealed
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about his underwear. ♪
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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♪ the party is over in times square new york and now the cleanup begins. new york sanitation crews were
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out in full force this morning following the big apple's welcome to the new year. estimated 1 million people turned out in times square to watch that waterford crystal ball drop. more than 6,000 new york city police officers kept watch over those festivities. 2015 mark the hubble telescope's 25th years in space and as it continues to orbit around the earth nasa is taking a look back at what it's learned from its trusted space telescope. telescope was delivered into space by the now retired space shuttle discovery witness original intention of beaming back images for only 15 years as the brac throughs continued so did nasa's interest in keeping the telescope orbiting. >> with all the redundancy that we have we're very hopeful that we can get and make hubble last till at least 2020 and beyond. >> nasa says even after 25 years in orbit hubble still making new and amazing discoveries.
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president obama taking a break from his duties as head of state to show off his sense of humor. >> this is pretty funny. watch this last night. the president joined comedian jerry seinfeld in his web series comedians in cars getting coffee. let's just say their conversation hit below the belt. ♪ >> i slid open your under wear drawer, one brand or a number of brands? >> you got to go with one brand. >> one bran. one color? >> yeah, of course. >> the former star of the seinfeld sitcom took the president for a quick ride in silver blue '63 corvette stingray but they never actually left the white house grounds. they did have coffee it was a staff dining room at the white house and during the chat, obama revealed that he blows off steam by cursing. >> really. >> shaves before he works out and what do you think the guilty pleasure for food is for him? >> hmm. i don't know. because mrs. obama is so health oriented. >> guilty pleasure. he says he likes nachos. >> hmm.
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interesting. >> i'm with him on that one. >> yes, i am too. coming up later on fox 29 news at 6:00 head back to allentown where the community is frantically searching for five year old little boy who has autism who disappeared from his home during new year's eve celebrations. that will do it for us right now at 5:00 o'clock. >> we'll see you back here at 6:00. the fox 29 news special aka 2015 is next. ♪
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♪ >> hey everybody it's kevin mccarthy this is aka2015. what a year it has been incredible ups emotional roller coaster but also very tough downs as well. we'll present to you our top 15 moments of the year. i'm with the most amazing hosts of all time.
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how is it going. >> i'm annie yu. >> i'm alex holey. let's talk 2015. incredible year get right to it with the top 4tv moments of 2015. check this out. ♪ first up, empire returned for it's second season bringing out the biggest stars in the business. alicia keys, marissa thome and chris rock. no one is c out shine cookie as the fan favorite. >> who you think you're talking to? >> where the hell is putin? somebody not being fired presidential candidate donald trump hosted saturday night live in early notify and brought snl they're highest rating since 2012. >> i knew this was going to happen. >> when i say donald trump and snl people say -- >> stupid. >> hilarious. >> ratings. >> i have decided in 2020 to run for president. >> how does president kanye west sound? well at the mtv video music awa


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