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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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new year. i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. it's a nightmare start to 2016 for family in allentown after their little boy who has autism vanishes. fox 29's jeff cole reports with falling temperatures and authorities telling us the little boy is not appropriately dressed. every second counts. >> reporter: the young boy has been the focus of aggressive search since late last night. police have gone door to door and they pressed both dogs and drones into this search. volunteer search and rescue team launched a drone with a camera on board in a dire search for the five-year-old autistic boy. >> he's amazing. bare foot, no coat and only a shirt and sweat pants for warmth jahlil vega slipped away from east side allentown new year's party his parents attended last night. last seen at 11:00 p.m. on the street, he ran from a neighbor. >> he loves to climb. he's non-verbal.
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he can only point to certain things to grab your attention. pretty much if he didn't know you he gets really scared. >> reporter: police pounded on doors and scowerred backyards. dogs have been brought in and sharp images from that drone have been look at. >> we'll do whatever it takes to locate this young boy. we're asking all of the neighbors in the area to please check your backyards, check your sheds we're coming around doing it as well but an extra set of eyes is always good. >> pd has been door to door so there's been a lot of coverage and there's a pretty frantic evident going on right now with how it is outside. >> reporter: the neighborhood borders on wooded park and there's water just beyond the trees. the search is frantic for this shy child alone in the cold. i'm scared. really scared. i don't even know him. i don't even know what to say.
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i don't even know what he's going through. i'm reall really scared somethig happened or something. >> reporter: police are still calling this a missing person's case. they say if anyone sees the child, to not approach him they're concerned he'll run away. call police and they'll respond. jeff cole in allentown. fox 29 news. >> the new year arrives with some more seasonal temperatures feeling a lot more like january out there. chief meteorologist scott williams joining us to tell us how low the mercury will go. scott? >> we're looking at temperatures tonight, dawn, dipping two or throw freezing across the area. so if you're stepping outdoors on this friday evening, bundle up. 40 degrees right now in philadelphia. freezing that's the current temperature in pittsburgh. but you have to factor in the wind how your boater row acts. so it feels like 33 degrees right now despite that temperature currently of 40 degrees. 27 in the poconos. they've been make something snow
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up there today. even a few flurries but take a look what it actually feels like in the pocono mountains. 15 degrees it feels like freezing already in philadelphia. so the bottom line it will be cold. bundle up. dress in layers wear the winter gear if you're stepping outdoors this evening check out a movie or grab some dinner on this new year's day. wind chills by 11:00 o'clock in the city will be in the 20s. and coming up, we'll talk about some of the coldest air of the season in that seven day forecast. back to you. >> all right, thanks, scott it is one of philadelphia's oldest traditions today. thousands taking to the streets for the one hun 16th mummers parade. it's a little bit colder than what we've seen but it really was perfect day for new year's day parade. >> usual droves of people lining the sidewalks to catch glimpse of the colorful costumes and all the action including our very own dave schratwieser who joins us from the pennsylvania convention center where the fancy brigades put on quite a show today, dave. >> reporter: well, dawn, you know they're heatin heating up d the convention center right now
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the fancy brigades as they put finishing touch on the mummers parade. it was quite a day up and down broad street. ♪ >> reporter: as the 116th he had dig of the mummers parade rolled by on friday, mike robinson and his family lined up at broad and pine to take in all the fanfare that is the mummers. >> what's the best part of the parade? >> i think the comradery of everybody. it's like everybody wishing everybody happy new year. it's a great way to start off the new year. >> it's awesome. and this year having my nephew in law be a mummer, that bring it full circle. >> reporter: life is good. >> life is great. >> reporter: okay. >> happy new year. >> reporter: spectators line the parade route for the annual strut down broad street to washington avenue. this is the second year the mummers have marched southbound. more than 10,000 men, women and children took part dressed in their finest mummer costumes. ♪ >> we love the new year. we love the mummers. we're here for a good time.
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>> it's always nice and cold around here. >> reporter: you having fun. >> yeah. >> reporter: you look it? >> yes. >> i got my son, he's 11. my other son logan he's four. i got my cousin noah and my cousin jimmy. >> reporter: family tradition. >> yes. always. >> reporter: for the first time this year, the new philadelphia division marched in the parade as organizers tried to make the mummers parade more diverse. >> this is if i first time at the par rid. >> reporter: what do you think. >> it's fun and exciting exciti. i'm having a good time. >> very colorful. really bright. love to be here. >> happy new year! >> reporter: lots of families and lots of friends lined the parade route as they do every year. celebrating the new year and taking in all the pageantry of the mummers. the competition to see who will be the champion in each division is intense. >> we got to go with the pirat pirates. >> reporter: you got to go with the pirates. >> yeah. pretty good. >> you know what i mean.
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we'll get first place. o'malley! >> whoo! i had fan or two out there on the parade route let me tell you right now no major problems at the parade today. a couple of arrests and protesters around 2:00 o'clock. lots of police protection out today and tonight the party shifts to two street tonight. a little cool out there you might want to dress up if you're going out to continue to celebrate the new year. chris? >> that party going all night long, thanks, dave. mummers weren't the only ones taking in the streets today. as dave just told you a group of about 50 people were out prote protesting police brutality as part of the black lives matter movement. the protesters were peaceful for the most par. people did make at least two arrests when protesters ignored their orders. a water main break today in new jersey has an intersection shut down. police closed the intersection of gibbsboro road and nathaniel avenue just after 10:00 this morning. no word on how at this time how long those repairs are expected
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to last. >> caught on cameraman stealing from a carton night camden police are asking for your help to catch him. take look. surveillance cameras capturing the suspect on north 23rd street in camden. this was on thursday. you can see the man walk next to the vehicle and test the lock discovering the car is unlock. he comes back, opens the door and steals wallet and cash. he returned sometime later and ditches the wallet and on the items he didn't keep. if you know who this guy is, give police a call. and still no arrest tonight in an armed robbery in mayfair that left a 75-year-old woman with a gunshot wound to the face. authorities say this crook followed judy ritchie as she walk home from the grocery store thursday morning. he snatched her purse and then shot her in the cheek on erdrick street. the victim is still in the hospital tonight in stable condition. she is expected to be okay. firefighters in new jersey rank in the new year battling a house fire in burlington county. flames could be seen tearing through the roof of this
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two-story home along plymouth drive. it took crews about two hours to get the fire under control. everyone inside was able to get out save. fire officials weren't able say at this time what might have started this fire. and another fire wipes out nearly two century old church this morning. this happened just after 5:00 at the saint marks episcopal church in west orange, new jersey. the three alarm fire quickly spread throughout the building. thankfully no one inside -- was inside the building at the time. the cause of this fire also under investigation. also out of new jersey, a police officer was involved in an early morning crash in gloucester county. officer jacob curtis was in his patrol car when he was hit by a pickup truck broad side. authorities tell us the driver of that truck william durr of marlton is charged with dwi and reckless driving. officer curtis was taken to cooper medical center. he is listed in stable conditi
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condition. the area in around st. louis is finally starting to recover from flooding that's claimed nearly two dozen lives. but the region still remains water logged. at least four people are still missing. fox news correspondent matt fin in fenton, missouri with more. >> reporter: devastating flooding in the midwest carries over into the new year. homes, cars and infrastructure in the region hit hard. >> roads in missouri being to clear up with the inter states now open after crews work to pump out excess water. >> to see this devastation and all the workers and everything going on, i just -- i'm 68 now. i've never seen anything like this. i've been in the water. never seen anything like this. >> reporter: worse flooding along the merry mack river. in arnold roads completely water log. 145,000 sand bags were used but weren't enough to keep the town dry good i feel bad for all the people in the area who have homes and who are trying to get things dried out. it's going to be long process.
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>> historic. >> reporter: one person says his home could be a total loss. >> we're really kicking around if we're even going to come back here. we just don't know. my house smells, you know, sewage. i don't think that will ever come out of there. >> reporter: illinois getting inundated the state's governor touring flood damaged areas. we've seen the worst of it hopefully we won't get any more rain over the next couple of weeks. we'll keep our fingers crossed. >> reporter: in arnold missouri up to 200 homes destroyed or affected by the flood. this is the worst natural disaster the town has ever seen. in fenton, missouri, matt fin, fox news. >> new year, new state laws will take effect. we'll tell you about some of the ones you'll need to know about. and this little one was the first baby born in the region in 2016. we will introduce to you the latest new year's baby after the break. sean? dawn, new year, new coach, new general manager. the eagles hoping 2016 is a lot
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different. he tells us what he wants the new one to be like. that's later in sports.
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♪ meet baby madison. she was the first baby born at fifty seven what memorial in new jersey in 2016. she didn't waste any time making an entrance either madison was officially born at 12:01 weighing 8 pounds. the sweet pea and mom and nicole are doing just fine we're toll. the happy family will be returning to their home in westampton, new jersey this weekend. congratulations. >> and what's new year's without traditions. some water skiers bracing the cold temperatures hopping in the frigid waters all for a good cause it's the port indian ski club 36th annual money that raises money for camp rainbow incorporated. everyone from businessmen in suits to santa claus taking their turn on the water. brrr.
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>> um-hmm. >> wide range of new laws officially take effect across the country today. making some headlines bigger than others. in one controversial move texas will now start allowing licensed gun owners to carry hand guns openly in most public places. california will mandate vaccines for kids after measles outbreak in disney land this year and in new york, new mothers will get breast feeding rights in their workplaces. and back in california, hoverboard riders must be at least 16 years old, wear helmet and can only ride on streets with speed limit under 35 miles an hour. >> whether you're talking about fiscal policy or whether you're talking about something seemingly trivial like helmet laws for hover boards it's good to do these things at the state and local level and not have them decided in washington. >> illinois pets are getting some protect anyone that leaves an animal out in the cold will face a misdemeanor charge now. the music world is mourning the passing of the legendary singer natalie cole this new year's day.
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♪ what a voice. grammy winner and daughter of legendary nat king cole died of congestive heart failure in alas ang hospital late thursday nig night. her hits include this will be, unforgettable and inseparable. natalie cole was 65 years old. time to head back to your fox 29 weather authority now. scott, i tell you finally winter has arrived. >> i know. heavy jacket on today. finally. >> exactly for the entire month of december, it didn't really feel like december. it felt more like spring. take a look at the numbers. we were 13.7 degrees above average. the warmest december ever since records have been kept for the philadelphia area. but finally starting to feel like winter. feeling like january today. right now it's 40 degrees. you factor in that westerly wind
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at 13 miles per hour, so it feels like 33 degrees. that's how you should dress if you're stepping outdoors on this friday new year's day. as far as temperatures right now, we're looking at 34 degrees in lancaster. 27 right now in the pocono mountains. we have 40 in philadelphia upper 30s in atlantic city. but take a look at wind chill right now in the pocono mountains. 15 degrees is what it feel like. they're finally make something snow toward sections of the pocono mountains. so that's good news for the ski resorts. as far as temperatures tonight, though, it's going to be cold. so bundle up. we're looking at 26 degrees in the suburbs. right around the city temperatures at 31 degrees. so pretty much area wide. we're talking about numbers below freezing. as far as what's happening across the parts of the lower 48, you can see we're still looking at that stuck disturbance along the gulf coast as well as parts of the carolinas with thicker clouds and also showers. but for us, it's been pretty quiet. we still have some cloud cover across the area. even a couple of reports earlier
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this afternoon toward sections of lehigh valley and the pocono mountains of some flurries and you can see some of that lake effect snow really well to the far north and west of us. that activity should stay well to the north and west. so as we go hour by hour, it's dry, it's quiet for your overnight but once again it is going to be chilly so bundle up and dress in layers. finally feeling more like winter across the area. and then for your saturday, a lot of sunshine, but there still will be a bit of a january chill across the area. and then if you think it's chilly now, wait until early next week. that dip in the jet stream will occur and that will mean some of the coldest air of the season. we're talkin talking high tempes early next week stuck in the 30s and feels like temperatures in the 20s so the bottom line, it's sunny but chilly for the upcoming weekend. the first weekend of 2016. but look at the high temperature on monday. 34 degrees. and only right around freezing on tuesday and tuesday morning
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temperatures in the city around 21. we're talking teens likely in the suburbs, even single digits in the pocono mountains when you wake up on tuesday morning. and then we recover as we move toward the middle and latter part of next week with more seasonal temperatures. the next best chance for some precipitation and we're talking rain by friday of next week with a high of 47 degrees. >> i thought that was a misprint. i saw 20s in there. >> exactly. used to those numbers flipped around a bit. >> skiers have been waiting for this forecast. i'll tell was. >> i'm one of them. >> exactly. >> we want to get out there on the slopes. >> finally feeling like the season and it always feel like the season when it's college football. >> bowl season. >> bowl season. new year's day. new year's eve. there's a ton of college football games. but we have the recap the most important its important ones which happened last night with chip kelly gone maybe demarco murray can flourish. murray talks about what he wants in a coach and sounds a lot different than chip much that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ eagles starting off 2016 with that whole new year knew me approach. i'm sick of hearing that also but they actually real he will need it. time to start fresh, clear the slate and no one is looking for a fresher start more than demarco murray coming off his worst year as a pro. chip kelly being gone is probably what he dreamed up for
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long time. after being the best running back in the league last year, he became the third stringer under chip. he wasn't used correctly and the marriage went south real real quick. whether he admits it or not he's happy chip is gone and hopefully totally different type of head coach. >> obviously you want someone who has a strong work ethic and definitely, you know, someone who works hard, has connect with the player, you know, mentally, emotionally as well and i think whoever mr. lurie decides choose it will be a great fit for us. >> check out the final "game day live" of the season sunday at 10:00 a.m. howard eskin, gary cobb, dave spadaro and myself we'll break down the future of the eagles fox nfl sunday comes on after us followed by nfl double header. in case you started your partying a little early last night, and missed all the college football action, the playoffs started, four teams works games both highly highly
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disappointing. one seed clemson handling business against the four seeded oklahoma sooners. third quarter still a tight game. look at that. desean watson walks in for the easy throws to hunter he walks in for the easy 35-yard td. tigers owned the second half out scoring the sooners 21-zero win. 37-17. the other game bcs the tide rolled past out matched michigan state team already up 24-zero. jay coke kerr big 50-yard bomb. alabama smashes the spartans 3 38-zero. national championship. >> hockey the winter classic at gillette stadium. canadians and bruins playing outdoors. hockey's favorites every year. second period, check this out. the puck goes up in the air, brandon gallagher smacks it right in. montreal went on to win five five-one. and there's a lot of
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meaningless, meaningless football on sunday. especially for the eagles. it's a new year. i guess should we have new hope should we? >> we shall. >> long loss season. >> probably going to be another three years till we're really again if you're going to bring in a new head coach. >> start off the year happy. >> that does it for us. be sure to tune into fox 2910 news at 10. a local family living in fear they witnessed their son's murder block from their home. the search for the killers and the family's desperate plea. that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here for fox 29 news at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. thanks for watching. ♪
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karaoke in your car, it's the newest sensation from the selfie generation, singing along and recording it on your cell phone, but watch out. then, a gator ate her arm. >> there i was, gator's mouth on my arm. that wasn't letting go. and this first grader dreaded going to school because of what kids would say about his big ears. >> you have elf ears. >> now the surgery that will change his life. >> are you ready to see your new ears? >> yes. plus what you're doing wrong every day of your life and you don't even know it. >> ordinary things that you do every day and they are all wrong. >> is that incredible? >> even peeling a banana. >> the wrong way, dd


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