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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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spreading good cheer during today's mummers parade. a new year's nightmare. garden state landmark reduced to rubble. who is left to pick up the pieces? your news starts in 30 seconds. >> fox 29 news in hd sponsored by x fin changing the way you experience tv. right now at 10:00 desperate search for a missing five-year-old boy it's only getting harder for authorities and volunteers in allentown still working to fine the child who has autism. temperatures drop, there is a
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growing concern for the boy's safety. he has been missing now for 24 hours. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. investigators tell us the five-year-old is not dressed for this kind of weather. as fox 29's jeff cole explains, every second counts. >> reporter: the young boy has been the focus of aggressive search since late last night. police have gone door to door and they pressed both dogs and drones into this search. volunteer search and rescue team launched a drone with a camera on board in a dire search for the five-year-old autistic boy. >> he's amazing. he's the best brother. >> reporter: bare foot new york city coat, only a shirt and sweat pants for warmth jahlil vega slipped away from an east side allentown new year's party his parents attended last night. last seen at 11:00 p.m. on the street, he ran from a neighbor. >> he loves to climb. he's non-verbal. he, um, he can only point to
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certain things to grab your attention. pretty much if he doesn't know you he gets really scared. >> reporter: police have pounded on doors and scowerred backyards. dogs have been brought in and sharp images from that drone have been look at. >> we'll do whatever it takes to locate this young boy. we're asking all of the neighbors in the area to please check your backyards, check your sheds. we're you coming around doing it as well but an extra set of eyes is always good. >> pd has been door to door. so there's been a lot of coverage and there's pretty frantic evident going on right now with how it is outside. >> reporter: the neighborhood borders on a wooded park and there's water just beyond the trees. the search is frantic for this shy child alone in the cold. >> scared, like, really scared. i don't even know what to say, like, i don't even know what he's going through. like i'm really scared that
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something happened. >> police are still calling this a missing person's case. they say if anyone sees the child to not approach him, they are concerned he'll run away. they say call police and they'll respond. jeff cole in allentown. fox 29 news. one of those concerns temperatures falling on your radar tonight. fox 29 chief meteorologist scott williams tracking the chilly weather and keeping an eye on your weekend forecast. hi, scott. >> hi there, chris much those temperatures they are definitely dropping across the area. 36 degrees currently in philadelphia. pittsburgh checking in at 31. green bay 25. 29 right now in chicago. so it finally feels like winter and it definitely feels like january. millville 30 degrees right now. we're checking in at freezing in pottstown. allentown right now 32 degrees. but those are the air temperatures. really have to factor that that wind how your body reacts. how you should dress. it feels like 16 degrees right
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now in the pocono mountains. it feels like 27 already in wilmington and freezing, 32 degrees right now in wildwo wildwood. so once again, we still have some patchy clouds outdoors, but 36 degrees currently in center city. we have a wind out of the west at seven. so it currently feels like 30 degrees right now in center city. so if you're stepping outdoors late this evening, bundle up. 26 degrees for the low temperature in the bushes. 31 in the city. and tomorrow's planner deceptive sunshine. a high of 43 degrees. we'll talk about when highs could be stuck in the 30s coming up. ♪ sounds like new year's. the 116th mummers parade is now in the books. one of philadelphia's oldest traditions strong as ever in 2016. thousands hitting the streets, many in sequins, many with umbrellas in hand, all strutting their stuff for the city of brotherly love.
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>> our brad sattin getting a close-up look at all the excitement. he joins us in south philadelphia where the party definitely continues. brad. >> reporter: dawn, it sure d the strutting is over for the most part but the partying here we're actually along washington and front streets just getting started. we're with a couple members of the sawed lillian. last year you came in 12th. this year -- >> sixth place. >> sixth place. quite the improvement. >> nice job. winners in fact during the process of being announced this hour. philly once again kicking off the new year 2016 in grand style. ♪ >> reporter: a chilly but dry 116th installment of the mummers day parade nothing quite like it anywhere. >> best festival in the world. we love it wouldn't miss it ever. >> it's pretty good what we come up with every year. we're all original and our suits are and dancing. >> some were bundled in blankets even parkas, fans were treated to warm thoughts at least while
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greater kensington took us back to the future. ♪ >> reporter: this is a first for durell robinson visiting from baltimore. >> we had parades but we never had anything like this. they keep talking about the mummers parade and things like that. i had to come down seen this, man. >> reporter: marge down broader quite the spectacle. ♪ >> reporter: the costume as always immaculate. >> as young kid it gets in your blood and you don't let goat. it's handed down from generation to generation it's a way of live for us. >> reporter: after the dark the show continued inside the pennsylvania convention center with the fancy brigade finale i wassing the crowd. back stage it's a scramble on stage the performances have gone high tech. >> we're trying to keep up with the time and seeing things on television, and saying, oh, we want to do that. >> reporter: last year's champion south philly vikings tried to retain its title with a little wizardry. taking the crowd to the sent of the age. >> we're mummers.
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everybody thinks it's just about the competition. it's really about the tradition. what we did on that floor today, it did elevate and raise it to another level we're proud of that. >> reporter: how strong were this year's performances. >> unbelievable. unbelievable. they shall be on broadway. this should be broadway hit. >> reporter: we're not giving it to new york. we'll keep it here in philly much as i mentioned the wipness are still being tab lated chris and dawn but we do vorred a couple of them. south philly string band we feature in this piece winning one of the competitions the other the bench brigade winner tonight is riverfront. we're still awaiting the fancy brigade and some of the others but, again, the partying here in south philly is continuing. guys, back to you. >> all right, brad. we understand murray won the comics division much that's just coming into our newsroom. >> reporter: great. >> congratulations to murray. outside the city hall another parade route today a couple dozen black lives matters protesters took to the sidewalks. the philly coalition for racial,
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economic and legal justice hosted the demonstrations. skyfox was overhead as two people were put into handcuffs. police tell us those two arrests were made one for disorderly conduct, another for disrupting a procession. a new jersey man is facing drunk driving charges after authorities say he smashed into a police cruiser in gloucester county injuring the officer inside that car. authorities say officer jacob curtis from the elkton township police department was in his patrol car when he was broad sided by a pickup truck i happened about 1:00 this morning on buck road. authorities tell us the driver of that truck william durr of marlton charge the with dwi and reckless driver. the officer curtis was taken to cooper medical sent where he was treated and release the. we're learning more about the philadelphia man charged with shooting a mother and daughter from his front porch. police say 40-year-old lloyd richardson opened fire with a shotgun from the front of his home on the 4400 block of north seventh street in hunting park. a 58-year-old woman took a
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bullet to her neck. her 29-year-old daughter suffered a graze wound to her shoulder. both are in a hospital tonight in stable condition. richardson now faces several charges including two counts of attempted murder. a piece of history goes up in flames in north jersey ton night crews are going through what's left of the iconic church. searching for the cause. fire tearing through saint marks episcopal church in west orange overnight. fortunately no one was hurt. investigators still don't know what sparked the fire the church was built back in 1827. 20 years ago the preservation new jersey listed the church as one of the 10 most endangered historic sites in the state. the music world is mourning the passing of legendary singer this new year's day. natalie cole has died. >> ♪ >> natalie cole passing away from congestive heart failure at a los angeles hospital last night.
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she had a string of hits during her career including miss you like crazy and unforgettable which she performed with her father nat king cole in a virtual duet. she sold over 30 million records worldwide and won nine grammys. natalie was 65 years old. more sad news to report tonight. actor wayne rogers has died. he's best known as captain john trapper mcintyre from the hit tv show mash. he moved beyond acting to see serious sick success later in life as a money manager and investor. rogers passed away suffering from complications from pneumonia. rogers was 82 years old. straight ahead a local family living in fear. they witness their son's murder a block from home. the search for his killers and the family's desperate plea. plus new year but the same mission making a difference in 2016. the local group reaching out to families in need. scott? chris, a new year, a new month. and also some colder air is on the way. we'll talk about an arctic blast
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in that seven day forecast next.
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the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget. that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania.
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♪ a plea from a local family that had a devastating holiday season. it started with them witnessin g their own zone's murder near their home on thanksgiving morning. >> now even after police relea released photos of who they believe are behind his murder still no arrests. fox 29's jennifer joyce talks with the victim's heart broken parents. >> it's been the worst
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christmas, new year's and thanksgiving. >> reporter: it's been a tough holiday season for the kelly family. >> honored and remembered just five weeks after their 21-year-old son brian was gunned down. thanksgiving morning shooting happened on the 3500 block of almond street. one block from the familiar's port richmond home. police released these surveillance images of the suspects but no arrests have been made. the kellies are putting out a plea for justice. >> we have to get these people off the streets. >> take them off the streets. >> before they do it to someone else again some other family report the police who took kelly's life are believed to be behind multiple armed robberies in the neighborhood. investigators quickly recovered a stolen mazza six that was connected to kelly's killing. >> i wish he was here. i wish him so much. >> his mom was a witness to her son's murder. she was waiting for him in the door wave their home. >> it's all i think about any
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more. wake up thinking about that night. that morning. thinking about ryan and him laying there. >> reporter: haunting images of a young man whose family says was full of a life, a huge flyers fan who was always hanging out with his friends playing sports at the neighborhood rec center. >> kind hearted. he's a good friend a brother. i just want people to know that. he doesn't deserve this at all. >> his family admits each day without their loved one has been incredibly hard. but knowing that his killers remain on the loose make it that much more unsettling. >> we're hoping and praying that they fine them quick. because they don't have no value for life. >> reporter: friends and family of ryan kelly plan to hold vigil here at samuels rec center on january 15th at 6:30 p.m. and as with all homicide cases there is a $20,000 reward for anyone who offers any information leading to arrest and conviction in this
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case. reporting from port richmond, i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. special new year's day dinner tonight in the city's mantua section. chosen 300 ministries serving a meal to dozens of under served families. that meal allowing those who are struggling to make ends meet to have a nice filling meal to star the new year. chosen 300 ministries distributes more than a hundred 50,000 meals every year in the philadelphia area. a new jersey couple rinking in the new year by welcoming newest member of their family. meet baby madison. she was the first baby born at virtua memorial in 2016. madison officially arriving at 12:01 this morning weighing in at 8 pounds. the lead up to her berth may have taken longer than expected. >> it was tough, painful. >> how long were you in labor? >> um, 30 -- a round 30 hours. so it was definitely tough but well worth it.
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and i just couldn't think of any other way to spend my new year's eve. >> 30 hours! wow! madison and her mom nicole, way to go, nicole are doing just fine tonight. the happy family will be returning to westampton new jersey this weekend. congratulations. >> um-hmm. well, some water skiers brave the cold temperatures and hopped in the frigid waters every montgomery county today and it was all for a good cause. it was the port indian ski club's 36th annual event in trooper. it helps raise money for camp rainbow incorporated, a non-profit camp for kids. everyone from men in suits to santa himself took their turn on the water. brrr. >> i'll say. back to your fox 29 weather authority. certainly feeling like january. had to be cold out there for people today. >> yeah, i mean, we had wind chills in the 30s for much of the day. the high made it to 43 degrees which is right about average for this time of year. but it certainly feels like
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january stepping outdoors. look at the temperatures right now. 36 degrees. but you really have to factor in that wind. how your body reacts. how you should dress. dress for 30 degrees right now if you're stepping outdoors. the air temperature is pretty much in the low to mid 30s outside right now. we have 33 in wilmington. 36 degrees right now in atlantic city. freezing in pottstown as well as allentown. and 20s right now in the pocono mountains but once again, you factor in that wind, it feels like 16 degrees in the pocono mountains feels like 27 in wilmington as well as trenton over to wrightstown. so for tonight, it's going to ab cold one bundle up, 26 degrees for the low temperature. in the burbs 31 degrees. below freezing in the city. showers and storms still well to our south with that slow-moving system. we still have a couple of clouds overhead across the area and also a few flurries toward the central and western part of the state. but as we go hour by hour, for
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your saturday morning, it's going to be dry. sunny and chilly. temperatures tomorrow top out in the low 40s. so tomorrow is kind of similar to today. but we'll have more sunshine. but still with those feels like temperatures generally in the 30s. as we go hour by hour, for your saturday, the first weekend of 2016, 33 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 40 degrees by lunch time and once again a high temperature right around 43 degrees. hey, by the way, december of 2015 was the warmest on record for the philadelphia area. we averaged 13.7 degrees above average. so pretty much every day last month was above average because the jet stream was well to the north and then as we move toward next week, a pattern change that jet stream will dip to the sou south. so that cold air that's been bottled up in canada finally make a run toward our area. take a look at that seven day forecast. it stays seasonably chilly for the up coming weekend. low to mid 40s out there.
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chilly overnights but then look at the blast of arctic air moving in monday. a high of only 34 degrees. we'll barely make it to freezing on tuesday and tuesday morning temperatures in the low 20s with but then we start to gradually warm things back up. kind of seasonal as we move toward the middle and latter part of next week and our next best chance for rain is next friday. so perhaps you're gonna maybe wash the car this weekend would be a good weekend to do that. definitely feeling like january out there. >> yeah. january and eagles are playing but i guess, sean bell, it doesn't really mean a whole lot, does it? >> they're playing but already been eliminated so this game on sunday means nothing. guys, still talking about what they're going to do to actually prepare get ready for this unfortunate game and a bunch of college football action tonight. the best teams that were not in the bcs playoffs claim they should have been much that's coming up next in sports. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic,
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here's bob kelly. hi, happy new year i'm sue serio in for bob kelly with on-going construction project you need to know about if you take the betsy ross bridge. you can get on i-95 south any more from the betsy ross because they're doing the ramp completely over so this a project that will be going on until september of 2016. which is september of this year. now that it's january 1st. so instead, you'll to get on are a ma ringo and take it to girard and then get on i-95 southbound from girard avenue. hope you have a great weekend and bob kelly and i will see you monday morning at 4:00.
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>> eagles really have nothing to play for this week. they're out of the playoffs and the team will probably get blown up by whatever head coach comes in to town. most fans actually want the team to lose because that means a higher draft pick. but the players can't just quit because coaches around the league are watching. the eye in the sky and the guys still have a little bit of pri pride. >> there's a certain degree you got torque you know, kind of mourn for day or two and kind of get over it and try to win ballgame. we got to opponent in the giants coming up and division arrival. >> our guys will be ready to go out and win this game. one thing about it. we're all focused on winning this game. playing for each other. going out. last time this group will be together. so plan on going out with a win. >> check out the final "game day live" of the season sunday at 10am. howard eskin, gary cobb, dave
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spadaro and myself will break down the future of the eagles. fox nfl sunday right after. followed by a double header. to college football, new year's day. what does that mean? a ton of bowl game action. alabama and clemson clinched their spots in the national championship game yesterday. but the rest of the best are in action. first up fifth ranked iowa taking on number six stanford. the rose bowl out in pasadena. stanford set it off in the very first play. paul hogan finds christian caffrey and he sprints up the middle for 75 years. he got one on offense. hey, why not get one on special teams. there he is. making people miss and right back up the middle. special teams touchdown. punt return. 63 yards. he had 360 all purpose yards. rose bowl record. stanford dominates iowa 45-16.
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to the see teas bowl. ohio state and notre dame. irish down by 14. with the fade right. irish within a touchdown. the buck eyes come right back. he goes right up the middle and nobody will touch him. that's the easiest one he'll get all season. 47 yards of his 149 rushing yards he had four touchdown on the day. ohio state wins 44-28. next up, the citrus bowl michigan/florida. jim harbaugh trying to end his first michigan season with 10 wins. the gators decided to take the day off. wide open. no one around them it's a touch down and it happened again in the fourth out of the flat. jake johnson with the touchdown. that was just too easy. wolverines smacked the gators 41-seven. today was a bunch of goal became that were awful. all blow outs. nothing exciting. some teams quit and some teams decided to get that w.
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>> let's hopely championship is better. >> the two games were bad there too. hopefully the national championship game will give us something. >> scott, temperatures dropping, right? >> yeah. blow freeze tonight. low 40s tomorrow but even colder earlier next week. >> all right. bundle up. >> that will do it for us at 10:00. coming up next our fox 29 food bite special and then your life mega millions lottery drawing at 11:00. good luck! >> stay tuned for tmz right after. we're back here at 8am for "good day philadelphia" weekend. have a great night. happy new year! ♪
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♪ >> thank you so much for joining us for this fox 29 special. i'm karen hepp. >> i'm bill anderson. and when it comes to the holidays, so many of us think about food. today we've got some menu ideas guaranteed to bring a smile to the faces of your family and friends. do you cook or do you just ord order? >> i cook. like so many you out there. we have great idea. what we're going to do we're going to make an entire meal in this special start with appetizers make the sads sides the entree through to desert. first up, let's get mac and cheese with an interesting twist. ♪ >> today we're making bacon mac and cheese with crispy pretzel topping. start off by adding oil to our hot pan. we got some small bacon here add to hot oil in the pot. add the bacon to the hot oil. start to represent out some of that


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