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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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♪ right now at 6:00, a tragic end to a desperate search for almost two days now authorities and volunteers in allentown have been searching for jalel battista. tonight they are confirming his family's worst fear. good evening everybody. i'm joyce evans. the five-year-old boy's body was discovered just about an hour ago. >> good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. moments ago the mayor and police officials addressing the media breaking sad news. fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose is live in allentown for us tonight. what can you tell us, sabina? >> reporter: dawn right now we know divers with allentown fire department found the body of jahlil battista vega in a canal behind the international plant. where we are standing here. only about quarter mile from where the five-year-old autistic child went missing on new year's
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eve night. now, police are calling this a tragic accident. they have been searching for two days and two nights launching a massive search with k9 teams and knocking on neighbor's doors to door the community provided the break that led to finding this child's body. police say a community member joining the search found a tablet that the boy was last seen with. he found it inside the canal. he went inside and retrieved it. that led divers to enter the canal at that area. they spent about an hour in the water before findin finding the, here's police describing how that situation occurred. >> this person actually entered the water on their own and recovered a knobby tablet with red cover on which was described to us as what the five-year-old jahlil was carrying when he left the home. >> reporter: again that was a community volunteer had actually
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found the tablet. that led divers with the fire department into the water. about 8 feet from the -- from shore they were able to find the young boy's body. now, the coroner says they are still working on a cause of death. look at hypothermia and drowning of course. we know that that child out here for at least two nights in below freezing temperatures. police again saying that this was a tragic accident. they are launching a full investigation into exactly the circumstances surrounding five-year-old jahlil battista vega's death. back to you. >> so so sad. thank you. bitter temperatures obviously a big concern for everyone involved in the search for that little boy. fox 29 meteorologist dave warren tracking how cold it will get tonight and even ahead for the work week it will be worse, da dave. >> yeah, going to get a lot colder than tonight. certainly feels cold out that after we walked about record warm december. right now it's at 42 degrees. we're putting wind chill on there right now a light breeze but this is the number we'll keep a close eye especially throughout monday, bitter cold
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wind chills are expected. things are pretty calm tonight. just getting a little colder. we are look at arctic blast co coming wind chill near 0o not here yet. may not be here tomorrow. go out and enjoy tomorrow before you see these temperatures really drop here's the cold air up in canada slowly working its way down. one front come through. cleared us out then we had the sunshine today. helped warm the temperatures up but there's bitter cold arctic air as it swings through tomorrow night it you'll see that wind change direction get lake effect snow showers. that's an indication get very cold air going over the great lakes. right now, we're only in the 40s. it's quickly dropping. the skies are clear. the temperatures a little cold so quickly drops into the 30s overnight tonight. big difference between the city and the suburbs. you'll wake up to temperatures into the mid to low 30s. this is where we are right now. see how quickly we drop. we'll warm it up again tomorrow. maybe even a little warmer. could be climbing into the upper 40s. but the cold air there's that first hint of it. it's slowly pushing its way south. so monday is the big change.
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wind picking up bitter cold wind chills a look at the coldest wind chill, coldest temperature and if the warm weather returns it's in the seven day forecast. i'll all have coming up a little bit later. >> thank you dave. with dangerously cold temperatures expected this week cumberland county issuing a cold blue for monday and tuesday nights. county will provide warming centers from 6:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. the centers are located at saint theresa's church in bridgeton, first united helping different church in vineland and central baptist church in millville. the mississippi river is receding today after historic water levels flooded towns forced evacuations and even left two dozen people dead. and tonight many in st. louis that area there facing a massive cleanup from all of that recovery effort that could last for weeks. fox's matt fin is in missouri with the very latest now. >> reporter: devastating flooding in the missed wet carries over into the new year. homes, cars and infrastructure in the region hit hard. roads in si missouri being to
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clear off with all the inter states now open after crews worked to pump out excess water. >> to see this devastation and all the workers and everything going on i just i'm 68 now i never seen. i've been in the water. never seen lying like this. >> reporter: first flooding along the merry mack river n arnold parts water log. 145,000 sand bags were used here but they weren't enough to keep the town dry. >> i feel bat for all the people in the area who have homes, and who are trying to -- to get things dried out. it's going to be a long process. >> historic. >> reporter: one person says his home could be a total loss. >> we're really kicking around if we're even going to come back here. we just don't know. my house smells, you know, sewage, i don't think that will ever come out of there. >> reporter: illinois also getting inundated the state' governor touring flood damaged areas. >> we've seen the worst of it. hopefully we won't get any more rain over the next couple weeks. we'll keep our fingers crossed.
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>> reporter: in arnold missouri 200 homes affected or destroyed by the flood much the mayor saying this is the worst natural disaster the town has ever seen. in fenton, missouri, matt fin, fox news. >> developing story out of west philadelphia. major delays on septa's market frankford line right now after a man is struck and killed by a train. this happened around 3:00 o'clock this afternoon at 40th and market streets. police have not released the name of the man only saying he was in his mid 30s. septa says service is suspended right now on that line until further notice. police in cape may county hoping you'll recognize who this man is. he's wanted for robbery with an unusual weapon. investigators say he walked into a cvs in cape may courthouse and threatened employees with a machete. no word yet on how much money he got away with. the good thing s nobody was hurt. if you recognize him, give police a call. firefighters are called to mercer county apartment building early this morning. flames breaking out in a first
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floor unit at the complex in lawrence township. this is along the 3500 block of town court south. fortunately no one was hurt. the cause of that fire still under investigation tonight. police in camden county need your help locating a missing 16-year-old. authorities say daniel nelson was last seen last night at his home along the 3100 block of washington street. this is in east camden. police say he was wearing a blue hoodie with a detroit logo on the front of it. happening now, a war of words over state spending still raging on in harrisburg. on the one side angry governor tom wolf. on the other side a dug in republican controlled legislat legislator. this week governor wolf gutting their budget which is already a full six months late. but as fox 29's jeff cole reports tonight, public schools will get a little something. >> reporter: gregory young is relieved city schools will open after the holidays and remain that way for the next few months
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but that's about as far as his good feelings go. >> a lot of schools is missing out on art programs, such as after school programs. me personally i feel like my kids really it's tough for and the kids beyond my kids is going to suffer if the school don't get better. >> reporter: governor wolf isn't happy either. >> they simply left town before finishing their job. >> reporter: wolf flocked a nasty budget standoff with legislators opened the money tap just a trickle tuesday to fund public schools and human services but then launched a broad side on republicans in harrisburg. >> i am expressing the outrage that all of us pennsylvanians should feel about the garbage the republican legislators lead tried to dump on us. this budget is wrong for pennsylvania. >> reporter: the first term democrat blue lined hacked away big chunks of a $30.3 billion budget dropped on his desk as an unwanted christmas gift by the republican controlled legislature just before the holiday.
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wolf and legislators have been battling over spending for a record setting six months in the impass was threatening the opening of some public schools in the new year. >> this is no way to run a public education system. >> reporter: the superintendent of philadelphia schools says he fully supports wolf's fight to pump up money for public education, but feels the drip, drip, drip approach to funding just doesn't work. >> we have 203,000 public school children in philadelphia that are still showing up every day that must be educated, and when you don't have the ability to say, we can educate you through this year with these resources, then that is very challenging. >> reporter: house chair of the appropriation committee republican bill adolph of delaware county says cease cop fused by wolf's cuts. he's gutted important health related programs but he says he's ready to return to harrisburg to keep talking. he's just a phone call away. in the newsroom, jeff cole, fox
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29 news. still ahead tonight on the fox 29 news at 6:00, a new year means new laws all around the country and some residents in texas are finding out just how far they can go with the state's new open carry policy. plus, an evening of prayer turns into a nightmare for young girl leaving church but ending up in the hospital. how a new year's celebration may be behind this near tragedy. sean? >> college football season continues. nittany lions may be seeing quarterback christian hackenberg for the last time. see if he can pull off a win against georgia later in sports.
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delaware river port authority officials say a rail track reconstruction project on the ben franklin bridge is nearly complete. we're getting live look at traffic moving over the bridge tonight. the end of a two-year project means rail service into philadelphia is back to normal schedules. the infrastructure up grades to the 30-year-old track were blamed for rush hour delays and other problems that frustrated many patco riders. happening now, shock waves around the world today after saudi arabia executes dozens of prisoners. officials say 47 people were put to death this weekend by saudi arabia. among them a prominent muslim cleric named in a mirror alma mirror. he was executed there. he drew national international attention by leading rallies against the saudi arabian government. they call him a terrorist. demonstrations were held around the world protesting those
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executions. >> i think saudi arabia made a big mistake when it executed him and this will full the violence in the region more and more. they have poured aisle oil on the fire. this will spark new unrest in the region. >> that excuse as you heard puts even more strain on relations between saudi arabia and iran. the two regional rivals are back on opposite sides in the civil war in syria. the united states and allies increasing military strikes against isis this week they conducted two dozen air strikes aimed at the heart of the islamic state. all this as authorities in germany tried to track down militants they say planned a massacre on new year's eve. >> fox's garrett tenney has the very latest now on the fight against the islamic state. >> reporter: police in germany are now hunting for as many as seven individuals suspected of plotting suicide attacks on people celebrating new year's eve in the city of munich. german officials say the group of islamic state militants were
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planning new year's eve massac massacre. with a series of coordinated attacks at several major train stations. using suicide bombers. the train stations were quickly shut down and evacuated as police secured the area and began searching for those responsible. today more than 200 additional officers patrolling the city streets out of abundance of caution. security officials say they quickly responded after receiving solids in about the planned attacks from foreign intelligence agencies. >> germany made a great decisive move win intelligence that came from not only the french in the hours before but from the u.s. in the days before. it was a victory forger man authorities and really international cooperation in intelligence sharing. >> reporter: city leaders in the belgium capital of brussels canceled official new year's eve celebrations after receiving intelligence they could be targeted by terrorists. police arrested a number of individuals earlier in the week that are suspected of being involved. even as much of the world was celebrating the new year, the fight against isis continues.
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in iraq the u.s. and allies launched 24 air strikes islamic state on thursday striking terrorists positions in seven areas. one of the hardest hit areas was near the city of talafar in northern iraq 11 air strikes destroyed nine bunkers and four bridges used by isis fighters. that city is about 40 miles west of mosul isis strong hold that the next big target for iraqi forces to retake early this ye year. in washington, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. we are getting a look signed the 63-story luxury hotel in due by that went numb flames on new year's eve. take look. officials releasing footage today. you can see the extensive damage charred debris whole lot of water. firefighters working for more than 12 hours to douse the flames. smoke was still billowing from that high rise yesterday. 14 people were hurt while evacuating the building. witnesses say it was absolutely terrifying. >> there was a lot of smoke
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coming up went saw the fire here in the hotel. and two explosions and it was scary. and we were wondering what's happening next. >> the flames broke out just before due by's new year's eve fireworks display. that show did go on as planned. still no word on the cause of that huge fire. it's a new year. that means new laws taking effect all around the country. one of the most talk about an open carry gun policy in texas. second amendment supporters are celebrating that new law and even bringing their weapons into places that had banned weapons already in place. fox's andrea watkins has more on that. >> reporter: on the first day open carry is legal in texas, these men tested the waters. they found their morning cup of joe just a little sweeter than normal. >> it's a good day to be a texan. it's a good day for the second amendment. >> reporter: bit of a target for gun rights supporters in 2013 by asking the people not
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carry weapons inside their establishment. starbucks reiterated to to fox 26 that was a request, not a prohibition. any business can ask a customer with a weapon to leave. but that did not happen on this new year's day. it didn't seem to phase any customers either. >> i had one gentleman look at me kind of surprised and went back to his coffee. >> people certainly noticed the guns, but two people said they were glad to see us out here. i didn't get any negative reaction. >> report roar the group actually met people who said they felt just a little bit safer because they were there. >> i personally am for it. i think people will get out their license for open carry are pretty responsible people and ask responsible with it. >> reporter: open after the open carry group moved outside. one man arrived who said he wouldn't display in -- stay in a place where people were displa displaying theirs guns and advised others to do the same. >> when you see somebody carrying a gun, walk out much tell the manager why you're leaving. >> tom mclane is a former harris
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county deputy. >> i don't think people in general especially young people and i'll say that are mature enough to carry gun. >> spokesperson for starbucks says that the demonstration in katie was the only one that they know about in that state. she says it was peaceful and that there were no complaints from customers. philadelphia has 82 new firefighters ready to respond to any fire emergency that comes their way. fire commissioner derek saw we are administering the oath of office to the 190th firefighter cadet class. city and union leaders attending to congratulate the new first responders all 82 graduates will be aside to fire stations throughout the city. a local basketball team hitting the hardwoods today all to raise money to fight cancer. the chelten ma'am lady panthers hosting their second annual alumni basketball game at cheltenham high school. proceeds from the game all going to the american cancer society's
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coaches versus cancer program. just before today's big game the lady panthers also host ago free clinic for area girls. and straight ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00, chaos in the middle of a memorial service a young woman's funeral interrupted by gunfire. how her death weeks ago may have sparked that violence. a wheelchair bound woman targeted by thieves and left with nothing. her story actually has a happy ending. who stepped in to help her start the new year on a high note? ♪
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♪ dramatic body cam footage is released by police in utah. it shows them kicking in the front door of a home in west jordan. they were called to investigate a domestic dispute and found a man setting the house on fire. police say he was armed with a machete and an officer had to use a taser gun on him. police drag the man out the house they say it was destroyed by fire. the man is now in police custo custody. already tragic day gets even worse as shots ring out during the wake for a 19-year-old girl in florida. turner was killed earlier this month in a car accident. officials say she was texting and driving but police say the argument at her funeral started over who may have played what role in that texting and driving. two men and a woman were shot at the funeral home.
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fortunately nobody was seriously hurt. >> you can imagine it's probably the worst case scenario for a family that suffered such a horrendous loss, especially right along the holidays. >> and tonight police are still trying to identify everybody who may have been at the funeral home at the time of the shooti shooting. so far nobody has been arrested. a spare fisherman is live tonight after fighting off a shark just off the coast of australia. the attack happening off the coastal island in queens land state. 31-year-old victim telling authorities he fought off the shark with his hands suffering extensive injuries to his arms. you can see him being carried away on stretcher. he is in the hospital tonight in serious but stable condition. the best entertainment in summit, new jersey, new year's day, well, it was a bear in a tree. that black bear spotted friday lounging in a tree in a residential neighborhood. police asked residents not to come out but it wasn't long before the bear became a hot
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attraction as you can imagine. wildlife officials said they could not tranquilize the animal because it was too high up and might have been injured in the fall. so they just waited for the bear to come on down. it's being tracked by officials to make sure the bear moves to save location. how about that? he looks like he's not disturdisturbed. still to come tonight on fox 29 news at 6:00 a disturb over prayers sending almost 200 factory workers packing. why they say their religion ended up costing them their jobs. plus a new super bug is emerging and got the medical community scrambling to find a cure. why experts say this new bacteria is so dangerous. dave? >> big changes with our weather. it's really not tomorrow. much of the same tomorrow but it's bitter cold air that's right at the top of the screen there. that's moving in. creating single digit wind chills. look at the numbers and see which day will be the coldest. it's in the seven day coming up. ♪
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patients across the country have spoken.
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they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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♪ sad news to report out of lehigh county police in allentown say search crews have located the body of a missing five-year-old who has autism. jahlil vega was last scene playing at his family's new year's eve party but he took off and ran into the nearby woods. today authorities say his body was located at the bottom avenue nearby canal after two days of searching. the police chief says his death appears to be a tragic accident. an autopsy is scheduled for monday. it sounds like something out of a hollywood movie. a super bug resistant to even the strongest antibiotics known to man. and there's even more cause for concern. >> it's spreading from country to country infecting patients and leaving doctors scrambling for a cure. fox's garrett tenney reports the plot line is all too real. >> reporter: when you get an infection, your doctor will often prescribe an antibiotic. but what if the medicine didn't
6:30 pm
work? what if there wasn't any medicine strong enough to treat it? that happened during the worldwide flew pandemic in 191,850,000,000 people died of the flu. medicine has come a long way since then but leading researchers are warning there's a new super bug quickly spreading across the globe. and they say it's almost too late to stop it. >> what's happening is problem seems to be getting worse. resistance has been identified against probably all antibiotics in use today. >> reporter: what makes this super bug known as the mcr1 gene so concerning is that not only is it nearly invincible to our current antibiotics but the super bug passes that immunity along when transferred to bacteria such as e. coli, salmonella and pneumonia league affected patients with very few if any alternative treatments. >> it's like going back to the so-called pre antibiotic era when people died from a simple cut. >> reporter: researchers discover the super bug in southern china and say it's
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already spread to at least four components. while mcr1 hasn't been found in the u.s. they believe it's a matter of time before it spreads worldwide. the food and drug administration explains that the growth of super bugs is large thely due to the widespread use of antibiotics in livestock which over time allows bacteria to build up immunities to the drugs. in a statement the fda says, it is search that we use antibacterial drugs prudent toll preserve their utility and do what we can to rate of resistance development. officials are keeping a close eye on the spread of mcr1 the cdc say cases of a slightly less resistant but still potentially super bug the phantom menace are increasing here in the us. in washington, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. and ba tock your fox 29 weather authority. feeling a lot like january this weekend. >> it sure is. >> you're telling us there's some dangerous cold to come? >> it will be coming eventually y. >> all right.
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>> we get one more day when -- >> today wasn't bad. we had sunshine. >> cold tomorrow. >> i know it's january but we got spoiled. >> wait until monday. coldest temperatures we've seen in awhile. we've not seen actually days below average since late november. all of december was above average. that is about to change doppler will stay pretty dry. really not much in the way of snow out there over the next few days. they can make snow in the poconos. finally. but this snow up here will stay to the north. it's actually that's the front that's coming south. that is the big weather change that we're talking about. timing sunday morning, all cle clear. but look all the snow develops off the great lakes. that's that cold wind developing over the great lakes you get that lake effect snow. maybe a few flurries could make it down to our area. but everybody will feel the big change in temperature. it is tomorrow night and you'll certainly feel that monday morning. so tomorrow we could see another nice day with temperatures maybe even a little warmer. climbing into the mid 40s maybe upper 40s.
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sunshine but then things change by sunday night. here are the temperatures first we go up, nice 46 degrees temperature there. it's not nearly as warm as it's been but still maybe above average tomorrow it will be a little cooler to the north. just a touch warmer to the south. then the cold air starts to move in. now overnight monday, you'll hear that wind starting to howl. sunday night and early monday. the wind will start to pick up gusts close to 30 miles an hour. you'll wake up to a 20-degree temperature and as the cold wind continues to bring in that cold air, maybe only climbing up to about 30. we cannot maybe not even touch 30 on monday. but now the focus is the wind chills. here's that shade of purple that will start to come in as the wind picks up that's wait feels like on your skin. you want to bundle up because you step outside, you get that cold blast of wind and that's what it feels like on your skin into the teens. but by monday afternoon, we're still getting that gusty wind. as soon as the sun goes down and the temperatures drop by monday night, these are single digit
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wind chills and down below zero in mount pocono. now the wind it will diminish overnight monday to early tuesday. but that means that could lead to colder temperature on tuesday. not as cold of a wind chill. 46 and 41. the temperature plus the wind chill. not much a change tomorrow. but by monday when that win picks up gusts to 30 miles an hour. 28-degree temperature will feel like 10. maybe even single digits. certainly a lot colder especially to the north. not much a change on tuesday. that wind will by down. overnight monday, to early tuesday, so temperature will be about the same it's still cold, in fact it could be the coldest monday on tuesday. but by wednesday and thursday, things start to warm up. right over the north pole right down no our area. that's the cold blast that we're feeling. but high pressure moves overhe overhead. so the wind dice down tuesday and wednesday. it's still cold and the temperatures drop quickly especially at night. thursday and friday watch how these areas of low pressure develop. bring the warm air back but bring in moisture so we can put little bit of rain back in the forecast for thursday and frid
6:35 pm
friday. now the key will be how cold that air is ahead of that because that could be an issue for right now just looks like rain boy friday. again the coldest wind chill is monday. the coldest morning is tuesday. that could be down into the teens. so what to expect? 35 to 45 then down to 40 and dropping. so the warmest part of the day could be about lunch time tomorrow. then we quickly drop overnight. 29 up to 46. down to 29. only up to about 25. that will be late in the day on monday. it gets colder by the -- afternoon and evening. down to 17 with a little less wind on tuesday. despite the sunshine, we're only up to 29. these are pretty low numbers on our scale of one to two. two an three. it will get a little better on wednesday. just a little chilly the though. warmer on thursday and then the clouds will increase. we're to about 50 by the end of the week but maybe a chance of rain late in the day on saturday. only up to about 45 degrees. maybe getting a little cooler. so the rain is back in the
6:36 pm
forecast but before that, just that cold blast of air you'll certainly feel that on monday. >> i'm not ready. >> finally get to wear our coats. >> you're right. >> thank you, dave. straight ahead thousands of people talking donald trump before this year's rose bowl game but the presidential candidate probably wasn't hoping for this kind of attention. and they are programs designed to improve test scores and give students an edge on the global stage. up next, why they're being implemented before kids are even out of the sand box. ♪
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♪ some people at the rose parade in pasadena, rose bowl parade, it could be, got to see donald trump's name painted in the sky. but it came with a negative twist. real estate developer admitted that he's the one behind these aerial messages. this one reading, america is great, donald trump is disgus disgusting. the person behind it is also a donor for marco rubio's campai campaign. opponent for the nomination. he says that he has gotten even more things planned for the billionaire. a meat plant in colorado
6:40 pm
firing 190 muslim employees after an alleged dispute about praying at work. it all allegedly started back in december when a group of 11 somalis wanted to go pray at the at the same time. there are reports saying a supervisor asked them to go in smaller numbers but the group reportedly went any way. then about 200 somali workers went on strike not showing up for work for three days and that apparently led the cargill plant in fort morgan to fire all of the workers. cargo representative says it provides religious accommodations for all workers including a prayer worker. some muslims are upset with the company. >> they say this is a new poli policy. they used to let people pray for the last eight, nine years and all of a sudden they said no. >> company policy allows fired workers to reapply for their jobs at three months. a north carolina man spent his first day of 2016 behind bars after he stole and crashed a police cruiser. 22-year-old cody grayson left
6:41 pm
nightclub in charlotte around 2:00 a.m. and according to police that's when grayson jumped into a police car and just took off. he crashed a short time later. police eventually arrested him and charged him with driving while impaired of the, reckless driving and resisting arrest. still to come, an evening of prayer turns into a nightmare for a young girl leaving a church but ending up in the hospital. how someone's new year's celebration may be behind this near tragedy. good evening, coming up tomorrow on good day, cheap ways to keep your home safe. >> and it might surprise but these smiles may not be your best attribute. we'll explain why. >> see you tomorrow morning at 8am.
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♪ police in orlando say it was celebratory gunfire welcoming the new year that accidentally hit a nine-year-old girl. investigators say she was walking out of church just after midnight when a bullet grazed her. she had just attended a special new year's eve service with her family. but witnesses believe the gunfire was not inn tendon to do hit anyone. still firing guns in the air is always a dangerous thing to do.
6:45 pm
>> every fourth of july, every year -- new year's, always happens. guys waiting on that moment for them to shoot up in the air. what goes up, goes down. and that's exactly what happened last night. and that's a sad situation. >> very lucky for her the girl was hit in the right arm and not seriously hurt. nobody from the church wanted to talk about the shooting. >> you never know what's going to happen. >> guys, watching cold start to a shivering -- we're having an earthquake right now. >> how about that? >> our second one of the new year. >> this is a good one much it's still going. >> unexpected surprise for anchors at a tv station in oklahoma city. the morning news crew from kwtv live on the area were a 4.2 earthquake shook the region. look at that. quake centered in err man. fortunately there's been major damage there. >> a terminally ill dog nearing
6:46 pm
the end of his life becoming a social media star. this is po. >> 15-year-old pooch he's suffering kidney failure. and he's losing his ability to walk. his owner is making his last days memorable by completing a bucket list and posting photos on instagram. po now has more than a hundred thousand followers. yesterday bow made what is expected to be his last trip to a florida beach. >> look at that face. >> a complete stranger helps a woman start the new year off on high note. >> the good samaritan donate add wheelchair after learning the woman was targeted by thieves. kathleen, who lives outside of milwaukee had her van stolen two weeks ago. inside it her wheelchair. the van turn up in a city tow lot. hit been in an accident and was badly damaged. worse yet her wheelchair was gone. luckily someone stepped in to help and got her a new wheelchair. >> it's a big deal.
6:47 pm
you know, when somebody is in need of something and you can help them, help them. >> i just don't know how many -- how many times i can say thank you. you just don't know. you are a miracle worker. >> looks like a new friendship for those two women to start off the new year. well, a set of twins in san diego are born in different years yes, they were. take look at these kids here. all righty. this is one guy he was born just one minute, this jahlil born one minute before midnight on new year's eve. her little brother well he was born 12:02 on new year's day. the babies weren't due for another month. but they're all doing fine. mom doing well, too. and dad couldn't be happier. but he says, birthday parties are going to be a bit tricky. >> later on in the years, they have like a little confrontati confrontation. my birthday came first, so i need two birthday parties back
6:48 pm
to back. >> the couple has another child, three-year-old little girl. more and more schools across the nation are embracing a new trend taylored some of america's youngest learners. it's aimed to at giving the next generation of students a competitive edge in the global work force. fox's bryan llenas has more on the fast spreading program what was hundreds of kids a year ago is now thousands learning in a language other than their own. >> educators say about a trend in schools across the nation giving the next generation a competitive edge on the global stage before they're even out of the sand box. dual language learning programs teach elementary through high school kids all the standard subjects but do so immersed in a second language. the goal having students fluent in two languages before they don a cap and gown. >> the rest of the world have children in school who are learning two, three or even four languages.
6:49 pm
so our children would be at a disadvantage if we don't at least help them acquire more than one language. >> reporter: new york city now has 182 dual language programs in its schools. 39 knew or expanded just this year. 28,000 grade schoolers in utah and 10% of all k through 12 students in portland, oregon, are enrolled. students at this elementary school in manhattan change the language they speak every other day. mondays they are learning their abc's in english. tuesdaytuesdays in spanish the s and subjects stay the same. words are color coded throughout the school red for spanish. blue for english. parents say, they love the program. >> in the future in the job market like being -- it's a huge benefit, it opens up more doors. i think it's a good opportunity for them to just be exposed to other cultures and understand that there's more than what they see in their neighborhood.
6:50 pm
>> kids do very well on state test. this according a study by the think tank the rand corporation which found students who enter immersion programs in kindergarten exceed in reading by the fifth grade and do at least as well as their peers in math and science. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. a frick year tradition continues right in the middle of the san francisco bay. check it out. members of the dolphin club started their swim from legendary alcatraz island, of course. it was a one an quarter mile swim through 51-degree water. at the head of the pack a 57-year-old woman who passed a 17-year-old to win the race. but you know what, that teen shouldn't feel too bad about it because the winner is a member of the international master's swimming hall of fame. >> wow! >> even chillier start to the new year in minnesota. you are looking at the 27th annual ice dive. look at this.
6:51 pm
it's not just local jumping in for quick dip. >> the town is known as the ice dive capital it attracts people from all over the world. cold outside. but sean bell the action on the field and on the court heating up. >> the teams have cooled off. >> i'm sorry to say. college basketball in full swing. st. joe's richmond come down to the final seconds and in college football penn state taking on georgia. christian hackenberg bye-bye to college career. in a disappointing way much that's next in sports.
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♪ the bowl season continues. penn state taking on georgia in the tax slayer ball. the lions haven't beaten anyone good this year and offense looks terrible. under james franklin despite
6:54 pm
having a quarterback supposed to be an nfl prospect. today penn state had the same old issues. hackenberg's offensive line has been awful and it showed. he scrambles, takes a hit, falls on his shoulder. that will be his final college play. declared nfl draft right after the game. he steps. lions fight back. desean hamilton catch. great grab. now they're just a touchdown away. georgia trying to run the ball out but it stops. stone cold on fourth and two by penn state. the lions get one last chance. mcsorely scrambles around. he has to throw in the air. these plays never really work. drops the ball. they lose, georgia wins, 24-17. to college basketball, after a season where temple got rialed ncaa tournament bid the owls have had rough start to the year. not able to win any resume building games.
6:55 pm
taking on houston. temple already getting doubled up. houston's rodney johnson stairs at it, pulse, good. that was part of a 17-one run by houston. in the second half more of that. temple misses. long rebound. long outlet. easy bucket by damien dotson. the owls lose big, 77-50 falling to six and six. st. joe's they're taking on richmond. less than a minute left. look at this he gets -- step back. that's money. all right. now they get a last second chance. richmond a post move. he tries to go a little up and under with it, but he can't get it. and of course, he gets the rebound. st. joe's gets the win, 77-73. to hockey the flyers having the same struggle every other philly team is having. they've lost three out of their last four. trying to break a losing streak out in la. the first period the flyers turn over the puck.
6:56 pm
that leads to three and one break. they play a little back and forth action and slats right in. that's a loss, of course. two-one dropping their straight game. eagles can't make the playoffs but the guys still have plenty to play for. this final game against the giants will be an auditioning tape for all the teams and all the coaches to seem it's also an auditioning tape for the coordinators and that's why billy davis is 100% focused on the giants and not the off season. >> we've got a hell of a challenge in stopping the in you new york giants which is a very potent offense. they've got weapons. they've got stats. they've got great scheme. they've got quarterback that can make all the throws and does and if he gets hot you're in trouble. we've got to make sure we go in there and we l it's a good group that we'll fight all the way to the end we'll cross the finish line going full speed. >> catch the final "game day live" of the season tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. howard eskin, gabbie could be, dave spadaro and myself will break down the future of eagles.
6:57 pm
fox nfl sunday and then an nfl double header. last game of the year and people actually want the eagles to lose this one because it means a better draft pick f you can go to the playoffs you might as well take the l so you can get a better player from the college draft, right? >> i hate to hear that. >> it's like -- >> it makes sense, though. >> i get it. >> you never want to lose as a competitor. those players don't want to lo lose. >> we're already out. >> yo, we're out. >> we might as well go ahead for the future already. you lost these other games. this one means nothing to us. >> i'm with you sean. >> that will do it for us at 6:00. live lottery drawing is next followed by tmz and gotham. join us for fox 29 news at 10:00v a terrific night. thanks for watching. ♪
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