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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  January 4, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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and, good morning, at 4:00 t olde city, where temperatures are expected to drop dramatically the blast of winter out there straight ahead. with the new year comes the new mayor, city of fill will a where you can see jim kenney before it end to take. disturbing fight caught on camera pregnant woman at center of the brawl. what police still do not the know about this fight. this this is hard to watch. yes. >> good day, it is monday, january 4th, 2016. >> happy new year. >> wow, wow. >> i haven't seen anyone. >> i haven't seen you in more than a week. >> happy new year. >> how was your time off. >> of course, sleeping in. >> so when you get up at the 6:00 and it the feels like sleeping in you know you get up in the middle of the night and it is hard. how are you doing.
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>> i'm good. >> i got something for bob because i didn't see bob for christmas. when bob goes up there to do his traffic i will run it over to him. >> okay. >> sue, happy new year to you as well. is nia still home for january. >> yes, we will have her for a little while longer. and, you know what, happy new year celebration, from friday, some of us were here, and we are only going to go with the six out of ten because it is a lot colder then it has been. we have 34 degrees outside, it feels like 26, dress for 26-degree temperature if you are in the city because of that 10-mile an hour wind. here are some other actual temperatures, 20 mount pocono. thirty-one in reading. down in atlantic city 29. thirty-seven wildwood. twenty-eight wilmington. here's what it feels like. the nine in mount pocono. twenty-three in reading, and the wind chillies 22 in a atlantic city. the basically, dress for
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temperatures in the 20's out there this morning. kind of the shock to the system after the holidays and if you have not been out and about since we have had spring-like christmas weekend now we have cleared skies as part of the reason why temperatures did plunge but if you go out to the west around state college in harrisburg there is a few snow flurries in the air streaming down from lake erie because of the cold air, in place, so we only expect a high of, 32 degrees, today. cold temperatures, all day long, kind of blustery as well, look at the tonight's low, 16 degrees, yeah. welcome back, everybody. back to the reality day and you will feel it, bob kelly, when we walk outside. >> thirty-two. wow. the that is a shocker. >> yes. >> sixteen overnight. >> yes. >> what do you have. >> here we go. >> something to warm you up. >> i just figure you need this with six kids. >> here we go. >> look you go. >> happy new year. it the only gets better from
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here. good morning, everybody. i will put to this right here in my back pocket, bam, there you go, schuylkill expressway no problems in or out of the city as you get ready. yes, back to work and back to school for everybody. that is good nooses specially for my household. no problems here on the vine street expressway coming in and out of the city. overnight construction pretty much non-existent. we are off to a nice quiet start. you know how it is that that first day back after a holiday, it is probably going to be instant jammos, early jammos out there, blue route looking good, no problems on the the schuylkill, we have a fire location in newtown square, jeffery lane just off of earliest lane and in south jersey new traffic pattern along here white horse pike between 130 and route 38. all of the bridges look fine mass transit running with no delays. the chris and lauren, back over to you. we have just told you it is cold outside and these frigid temperatures are very dangerous. >> got down in the teens overnight the so that is why
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handful of counties have activated code blue emergency. so officials in montgomery and bucks counties in pennsylvania, and cumberland county in new jersey are providing shelter from the the cold. you can call your local municipality to find out where those warming centers are in your area. because of the lower temperatures, shawnee elementary in the the easton school district is closed this morning. the is there a issue with the heating system there. teachers and staff is still required to head to work. report to forks elementary school in their gymnasium at your regularly schedule programming time. 40:00 46789 we have breaking news in gloucester county, new jersey. the crews are bat he will flames in the cold. >> fire ignites inside a house in the middle have the the night sending residents out in the cold. jenny joyce joins us live on the scene with the details. >> reporter: good morning. the the fire marshall was called here to investigate. the two people were evacuated from the home here on evergreen drive. they seemed to have escaped injury. fire went to two alarms before crews were able to place it under control, and it started
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just after 1:30 this morning. the it was out within about 15 minutes and it looks like this home is divided up into apartments. the it doesn't seem to have spread to any of the neighboring units. the at this point we don't know where in the home the the fire started but you can see if you look closely there is some damage toward the the front door of this home, on the right side. so the the cause of the fire remains under investigation as you can see fire crew is still out the here on the front lawn trying to figure out exactly what happened, lauren and chris? >> okay, jenny joyce, thanks very much. time is 4:05. police are investigating a triple shooting on the 100 block of west rashard street a 17 year-old shot once in the face and taken to temple hospital. a second was also transported, once in the back in the head. third victim shot twice died, other two are in critical condition. philadelphia officially has a new mayor starting to day, with the inauguration of the mayor-elect jim kenney, our dave kinchen is live in center city with more on this, dave, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning to you, chris. this is the the day and at 10:00 a.m. will be the hour when jim kenney becomes the 99th mayor of the city of brotherly love, and, of course, we under stan that all of this will be very big for not just city but cities major issues at hand right here, namely, education but before we get to that a photo of jim kenney, at his desk at city hall. the his old desk where it all began, he was ending his inaugural address there, he tweeted this image a out and said he can't wait to get started, he can't wait to to get to work. also, that work will include, as we will see in the video it the will include dealing with the school's ailing city budget the and major budget problems there. he will be working with a bunch of any people on city council to try to get a budget in the place. but, the school district says
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it is going to run out of money on january 29th, without a budget, jim kenney has said he will work the very variety of partners to get a plan in place. >> we will find money within our own current budget, and also go out and philanthropy and corporations and whoever else wants to help. we're going to make this happen. >> reporter: he will get it done. time is of the essence here with governor tom wolf releasing emergency fund for philadelphia schools late last month. you will will's recall school district already borrowed 525 million-dollar so far, but again, the the key is bringing everybody together and that is just one major issue, of course, jim kenney's inauguration starting a at 10:00 a.m. fox 29 will have full coverage on tv and on social media. back to you guys. >> so many mountains to climb as he takes over in city hall. thanks, dave. eagles fans, it the is over. the it is time for to us
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finally move forward. >> they will in the go to the playoffs but they ended the disappointing season a winning note. less than a week after firing head coach chip kelly bird beat new york giants, than the interim coach pat shurmur. demarco murray started the way off the the way we hoped he would all year long the way he would. he wasn't running side to side. right through middle. 54-yard touchdown run. longest of his season for him. it was, nice to he that. eagles had a 38-yard interception with walter thurmon. eagles sealed the tiehl with the touchdown pass to brent celek. sam bradford looked good, 320-yard, two touchdowns. the giants, lost to our bird, by the score of 35-30. so eagles wrap up this terrible season at seven-nine, the second best, believe it or not the in the nfc east.
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redskins won the east. >> now search is on for a new head coach. >> we have talk to, or i did, with big daddy graham to talk about this. a lot of questions. the the the giants may also be on the look out for a new head coach. tom coughlin is out. he announced it, he is retiring. he is donnas giants head coach. we have mummers, saying changes are coming next year. >> this following some concerns over controversial skits and homophobic slur made by a mummer during this years parade. finnegan brigade dressed as, bruce and kate len jenner. he didn't mean to offend anyone but he doesn't think it crossed the line because it had a patriotic theme. it was meant to sat the tire popular cultures. the others disagree including philadelphia's new mayor jim kenney. >> mummers are about celebrating the year, it the business competition, family, it business neighborhood and not about offending people this argument that somehow it is a satire, it is okay, no, it is not okay. >> mummers condemned the
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homophobic slur caught on tape who was immediately kick out of the ordinary had this to say in a press release. they quote, rejected expressions on have hate and bigotry that negative behavior and expression has no place in the parade that has come to represent the city of philadelphia, the the man that made the slur was kick out, and themes in the parade could be closer examined for content starting next year. camden county police investigating after a video surfaced what looks to be a crowd allegedly attacking a pregnant woman. we want to warn you and i have seen this whole thing, it is really a hard to look at this. all right. here it is. here's the footage. the it turns out it is on social media on friday. in it a woman claims that she's pregnant while the the group of other woman seem to hold her down and beat her. she could be heard pleading for her baby on the recording, the issuing ises of this, are not clear. the video, does not show how the fight began, early on it appears as if the the the victim is holding a kane or
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crowbar. the it is unclear when it was taken but people could be her saying it is happening in camden. the those that scene this like i do this is really disturbing. >> it is crazy. like she was pregnant. they just jumped her. they didn't care about the the people. >> people are heartless. the she's pregnant and they are hitting on her like that with the baby. >> the the the woman seemed able to escape after one of the people can be seen intervening. authorities are now looking at this video and we will wait and see if any charges are filed if they find any of the people responsible for this attack. a judge in the the defamation suit begins comedian bill cosby want to hear from one witness who does not want to talk. who the the judge is forcing to testify. plus at 4:11, good smart tans in florida are hailed heroes for helping rescue two people trapped in the submerged car.
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we are expecting a high temperature today as we shock you earlier, of around 32, 33 degrees. the now, the previous coldest day, we have had so far this season has been december 19th, when we got a high of 42. that was coldest day so far, not this year, but, well, yes, this year because it is only the fourth day but this season let's just say it that way. only fourth day of the month for pete's sake and we will make that mistake for a while. what do we have going on. we have colder air over lakes
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erie and ontario. we are seeing lake effect snow and it looks like it is coming from is this stream from cleveland down to pittsburgh and more through the central part of the state. the as we showed you around state college they are actually getting some snow this morning. having said that we can the not entirely rule out a flurry or two, especially later on this afternoon when the wind gear up a little bit. so, we don't expect anything more than that but if you see a flake or flurry flying around don't be surprised. 20 degrees in mount pocono. thirty-four in philadelphia. thirty-one in reading. and 37 in wildwood. 28 degrees. the these are actual temperatures out there. that is the wilmington temperature. factor in the northwesterly wind 10 miles an hour here in philadelphia. 8 miles an hour in wildwood. and this is what it feels like outside, in the 20's. 26 degrees wind chill in philadelphia a. now it is positively frigid in the pocono mountains but it has been able this weekend to make some snow, 9 degrees is your wind chill in mount
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pocono. twenty-six is what it feels like in dover. the just plan on feels like temperatures, that are in the 20's, all day long. so the average high is now around 40, 41 degrees. we are back around average after those unbelievable spring-like temperatures, back around christmas eve and christmas day, so yesterday we did manage to make it to 50, today we're thinking around 33. so for a high temperature, 34 degrees tomorrow with the coldest start of about 16 or 17 degrees in the morning. and then we are looking at 40's through the middle of the week, and probably, getting a little will milder over the weekend which means when the the precipitation comes, it will most likely be in the form of rain but we will keep a close eye on this situation now that we have let the cold air, bob kelly in, and it will be a little tricky these forecast is. >> the the the heat is on. >> good morning, everybody. a new week, new year, back to
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work, back to school, come on, kick those covers off and lets get the party started. live look here at i-95 down near the stadium area light volume so far this morning. we don't have any overnight construction that we were typically dealing with on a monday morning, all holiday related. live look at 42 freeway, kind of quiet coming from south jersey. no problems at all on the schuylkill expressway coming in the the city, i-95 northbound from downtown up through construction just watch it, we have traffic pattern shuffles along the the way, philly international is jumping over the weekend, last night folks returning home after the holiday, so if you are heading down, no delays, to report on the the start of our monday morning. bridges, tacony, burlington bristol they are still doing dredging so frequent delays, quick delays, throughout, the the next couple of days here, no problems coming in from chester county, looking good coming in from collegeville. we have that one fire location in newtown square, jeffery lane and earls lane so just
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watch for some local detours off of 252. a new traffic pattern on the white horse pike over there between route 30 -- route 130 and route 38 but otherwise mass transit looking good. lauren, back over to you. >> thanks, bob. federal judge ordering wife of bill cosby to testify, bill cosby schedule to be deposed by lawyers of the seven women who accused her husband of sexual assault. attorneys for comedian's wife asked a massachusetts the judge to throw out a subpoena requiring her to give a deposition. the judge, denied that request. bill cosby is being sued by those seven women claiming he allowed would the man to be portrayed as liars. the cosby is counter suing accusing woman of making false allegations of financial gain. the cosby was charged last week in montgomery county for an alleged sexual assault against a temple university employee in 2004. 4:18. new policy a across the state of illinois after weeks of protests, some are calling it the a big win for all of those in chicago who are still very
4:19 am
upset, over the the dash cam video showing a chicago officer, shooting and killing, a black teenager. fox's elizabeth massey shows us what office's cross the state now have have to do. >> when they stop and frisk, an individual he they have to issue a stop receipt to that individual with the officer's name, badge number and the reason for the staff. >> reporter: this example of what the receipts may look like in chicago was given to us by the the chicago police union tonight. and this is what has turned into the department, a two sided document that the police union representative calls a cumbersome process. group of protesters trying to bring attention to the police gathered outside the mayor's house today. they a say this new police policy is needed. >> when we get in these situations with officers a lot of times they refuse to give their badge number and in it is our right to know who they are.
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>> reporter: research will come with these stop receipts, who is being stopped, where and for what reason. but some question what happens with that research. >> that is why we're here tonight is that the the people in charge who have the power, are protecting their own, and the people who are being targeted and refused they don't have a voice. >> reporter: others believe the receipts are not necessary, and believe that police have a right to talk to whoever they want to, however they want to. >> we hired these police to do a job and they are great at doing their job and i don't think they have to hand out little card to justify their existence. >> reporter: state senator raul who has been pushing this policy for nearry a decade hope this will build trust between the the police and the public. >> it provides a tool of restoring public confidence in law enforcement. that is something we desperate thely need. >> i want my son to be able to trust the police when they get older. i want my son to be able to want to be a cop if he wants to be a cop or want to call a could be if he has a problem. we want to build this trust.
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>> good smart tans in florida are hailed heroes for helping to rescue two people trapped in the submerged car. >> so, percy green says he was driving in jacksonville saturday night when he was flagged down. from there an suv crashed and ended up in a pond. green and other drivers jumped in, broke a window and they were able to cut the seat belt. so they got him out. >> i asked him, whether we were pulling. my life on the line, trying to help somebody out. >> both of those women in the the car were rushed to the hospital, now we're hearing one had serious injuries n war on the other persons condition. a couple good smart tans were also hurt during the rescue but they are expect to be okay. the eagles, finished up a disappointing season a high note, life on the field post chip kelly. >> here are your winning lottery numbers, good luck.
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good morning i'm's sean bell. nfl season is over, and for the second straight year the eagles do not make the playoffs. the last night's game, against the the giants was really about upping your stock for the off season. no one is happier, that chip is gone then demarco murray.
4:25 am
his first carry, murray goes straight up the gut for a a 54-. the his longest run of the season. but the the rest of the game was all about sam bradford. he was, 30 for 38, 320 yards, with two touchdowns and just one interception. bradford, a free agent this year and will definitely have options, after the game, he talk about the possibility of being in philadelphia a. >> it will be a factor. obviously it depend on who they hire and what type of offensive system he wants to run and if he feels like i fit and if i feel like i fit that system. >> that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. big daddy and i will talk about that. >> what about me. >> i was going to say big daddy and i talk about that the on the radio ban hour ago. >> is that how you roll in the the new year. i see how that is. quite a few teams in the nfl are looking for a new head coach. >> i know you know a lot about the nfl.
4:26 am
by the the way, how did your falcons make out. >> why, why, why the fall conditions. why? >> because i'm bitter about the eagles. after one season the 49ers fired rookie jim tomsula, they went five-11 in his lone season as head coach ending with a 19-16 victory over rams. he replaced jim harbaugh. the the move was looked upon with skeptical highs as he has never been more than just a position coach in the nfl he coached 49ers key fence i have line since 2007. >> now there is rumors that chip kelly could go there or i could go to the the browns. >> let him. >> the the browns might give up their offensive coordinator as our coach. >> there is a lot. >> take solace of this at least you don't live in cleveland. you don't have the browns to deal with. >> yuck. >> what is one habit the that all highly successful people seem to have in common? it is exercise, chris murphy.
4:27 am
how the super accomplished squeeze in that fitness. >> she's squeezing.
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on, arctic air is blasting us with the lowest temperatures, we have felt this winter. >> she's back and all over social media. >> who, me? >> well, that is true. lauren dawn johnson is back and also teresa g uidice the wish for her fans as she's released from prison. good day, it is monday, january 4th, 2016. i noticed on twitter, i saw people may have setting my alarm was rough. everyone is like i know, back to work, got the to get up early, get the kid ready for school. >> i'm kind of ready for back to normal. we went to church yesterday. youth pastor was off. everything is just off. >> you guys weren't here last week but i was here. >> how did it the go. >> i cried every day, yes. i was in consolable, too bad you didn't get up and watch. >> yes. >> i'm over it the now. i'm happy again. i am going with a high of six, i should say, out of ten, a
4:31 am
high, we might have already reached our high for the day because it is 34 degrees and we expect temperatures to kind of fall through 309's. our afternoon temperature will be about 33 degrees, but feeling hike 20's all day long. the these wind will pick up throughout the the afternoon. sunrise time is 7:23. we've got a 20-degree temperature in mount pocono. we're in the 30's on either side of freezing most other places, although we have 28 degrees in wilmington but it feels like the 20's every where. keep that in mind, win chills in the 20's after a absolutely spring-like christmas eve and christmas day. little chill will year for new years and now a lot colder and we are seeing lake effect stream's cross lake erie. for us hardly any clouds which is why it is so cold but snow is reaching as close as state college with the wind picking up later on we could get a flurry or two later on but basically temperatures will fall through 309's today and wind could gust up to 20 to 25 t
4:32 am
feel very blustery and cold, what a shot the to the system getting back to reality. 16 degrees tonight, and that is the actual temperature, and it will probably feel colder then that when we're here together at this time tomorrow morning. so bob kill you, you think it was cold when you walk out today, yikes for tomorrow. >> clear liquid that chris got me will come in handy later on today. i saw this one this morning when i woke up and i thought it was perfect for today. right here. i don't want to go back to work. it is a monday. none of us want to get back to work but we're already up and out. back to work, back to school, the holidays is over. a live look at i-95. no problems at all up and down that i-95 corridor. the construction zones, yep, they are still there. that squeeze from cottman down to girard, we have not seen any overnight construction, crews did not work last night, into this morning so that is a
4:33 am
little bit of breather and bonus on this monday morning. however if you you use the the the patco high speed line grab yourself a new you timetable, new schedules went into effect and with that chill this morning you don't want to be standing outside on that platform any longer then you have to. new schedule in play for patco. there is a fire location the at newtown square, jeffery and earles lane just off of route 252. schuylkill looking good, 95 kind of quiet but the first take back after a long who will will day weekend, it is always crazy. the it is also first day back to school, for all of the kid. school buses will be thrown back in the mix, everybody is getting back to normal here this morning. no problems at philly international, so we are looking good here and we are looking good on mass transit, chris and lauren, back to you. aftermath of last weeks winter storm force sod people living in central illinois out of their homes. others are only able to get to their house by boat.
4:34 am
take a look flood waters have taken over road and rain caused illinois river to overflow and spilled in nearby homes a lot of people say they never expect a flood during the winter because most of that happens during the spring or the the summer. most important part of dealing with the flooding is knowing best way to clean it all up. we have some breaking news out of hunting park where police are investigating a shooting there, armed robbery end up with one man critically wounded. police are still on the scene investigating a at broad street. we don't have many details at the this hour but as soon as we get the new information we will bring you the very latest. time right now 4:34. authorities in at the plant i can county new jersey are trying to figure out how body of the man wound up on the side of the road as you can take a look, this is the map have of this area where this body was found. the the atlantic county prosecutor's office say gala way township police were called to the great creek road early yesterday morning. that is where officers found this body. police haven't released his identity, the the investigation at the this
4:35 am
point continues. meantime philadelphia police investigating the second homicide of the new year, three three-year old man died in the philadelphia's kensington neighborhood just were 5:00 yesterday morning. police got a call of the shots fired in the 2100 block of burch street and when officers a arrived they found a man with gunshot wounds to the head. the they also recovered more than 15 shell casings at that scene, so far, no arrests, lauren. off-duty police officer injured after a fire in the north philadelphia restaurant. flames broke out just past 6:00 near corner of north fifth and cumberland streets. it took about an hour for fire fighters to contain the flames two. people hurt including an off-duty philadelphia police officer who just happened to be passing by and stopped to help. he went to temple university hospital for smoke inhalation along with the other person. all right, what is one habit that highly successful people all in common? there is a hint? lat pull downs and squats, more on that straight a ahead.
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wow. >> welcome about a. >> my voice is not returning to work yet. >> little propelled there. >> i need water. >> my work out water. >> so, a lot of people that are highly successful, they work out did you know that. >> well, you work out. >> so did you. you were letting me feel your guns, a gun show. >> boom. >> exercising, before 8:00 a.m., which i have never done is a daily routine that some of the most accomplished
4:39 am
people in the world. it is their number one productivity secret. here's work out habits, by some super successful people. >> the the president, exercising, for 45 minutes every day, six days out of the week. mr. obama, exercising first thing in the morning alternating between weight lifting and cardio. and also some golf. we have to show this, which golfing, but he weight lifts and does cardio. >> getting in the electric cart to chase a white ball is not considered exercise. >> hey. >> richard branson founder of virgin group wakes up at 5:00 in the morning to kite surf, swim or play tennis. branson plays, he gets four hours of productivity every day by keeping up with his consistent exercise schedule. >> what about mark zuckerberg? he works out three days a week, by taking his dog for a run, early, early in the morning. now he has a baby. >> yes, that explains why he
4:40 am
wears sweats and a hood ie all the time. >> yes, the baby is new. >> so i don't know he will get up and work out that much anymore. >> hater this morning. >> getting up at 4:00 in the morning. >> all right. >> editor and chief, wakes up before 6:00 a.m. so she can play an hour of tennis every morning. >> mark cuban the owner of the mavericks. >> shark tank too he is great on that. >> he has a lot of money. he works out, and does cardio six to seven days a week, plays basketball, takes kick boxing and classes at the gym. >> tim cook, ceo of apple, he wakes up at 4:30 and hits the gym several times a week. he enjoys cycling and rock climbing. >> well, one of my gift were for christmas from santa. >> oh. >> an apple watch, which i don't have on today but it
4:41 am
keeps up with your activity through the the day and tells you you have not been standing long enough, hey you need to walk some more steps. the it remind you you are not as active as you should be. >> that is annoying. >> it is helpful. >> i have have a wife or train are for that. >> i don't have a wife or trainer. >> that is a whole separate story, bang. >> 4:21. more than a week after christmas some say they have not received their packages they have ordered from fedex. >> what? >> some in maryland say they were told to pick up their packages this weekend at a fedex facility north of baltimore. come get it, from frustrates. but when they showed up for that facility, guess what, nothing. some waiting hours, in fact, with no results, so fedex, spokes people confirmed it mistakenly sent people to that facility, they are still working to get everything sent. what a mess.
4:42 am
>> someone is in trouble. >> bad pr move. a kentucky mall sending a message to teens in that area, new rule teens are not allowed inside at night without an adult that rule put into place after a riot day after christmas involving hundreds of teenagers, anyone under the the age of 18 now has to be with an adult or over, after 4:00 p.m. and includes sidewalks, parking lot, and the bus stop, at the mall. >> i'm just kind of disappointed that they had to do it and ruin it the for everybody else that wants to enjoy the mall. >> the mall is not your baby-sitter. the mall is a place of business. >> mall management says the policy is only for friday and saturday and it is temporary. i have a sad story to tell you. my friend was in charlotte. her birthday is on christmas eve. she ran to the mall with her daughter to get some last minute gifts. someone started shooting in the mall. of course, she's with her daughter who is 11 years old and they run and takes cover, she trips and falls, busts up
4:43 am
her knee, tears ligaments in her foot and some are saying there is no safe place to go anymore. the movies, the the mall, churches. >> things have changed a a lot the. >> the mall was my baby-sitter, in response to that officer back in the day in the 70's. >> this is in the 07's. they just sent us to the mall to see movies at the mall for hours, all um iser. i saw greece in 1978, 14 times. fourteen times. i'm not kidding. i got chills, they are multiplying. i can give you have line of that movie he is back. so is she. all over social median teresa gudice she has a wish for her fans since her release from prison. her message from the prison.
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4:46 am
singer song writer and legend national the lee cole who over came her battle of substance abuse and famous father and worldwide success of her own indict laid last week. she died late last week. >> thursday night. it was announced friday morning. >> yes. she died, you know, she was at cedars sinai hospital in los angeles due to complications from undergoing health issues.
4:47 am
the the news broke after the morning show. so, we wanted to pay our respects to the late performer and make sure that we shared that with you. i'm sure you have heard the noise. i saw reverend al sharpton talking about her legacy and how she did fight to overcome the shadow of her father but in her own right she was just so talented. >> so talented. >> a lot have people i think remember her, initially, being thrust on the scene because on have that duet her late father and how they produce that had was phenomenal. >> can you imagine it is tough when you are referred to as someone's daughter. you want your own identity. >> she had her first hit in the 07's. it will be, ever lasting love. >> that was way before this. >> yes, we will play that later in the show, shall we. >> please. >> i can't get enough. i wore that unforgettable album out the when it came out or was it the a cd by then but i don't know but it listened
4:48 am
to it over and over. i will miss her a lot. here's the deal, we expect to stay below average with our temperatures today and tomorrow and maybe even on wednesday, but the average temperature, what we should have is a high around 40. but then we will get above average temperatures. the not extreme but here's is what happening. the jet stream is moving to the south and we are enjoying all of that warm weather will now the the arctic weather has been released and now it is here. so the evidence is the streamers of light snow flurries you can see around state college as close as we can find them. there were probably a few flurries around harrisburg a little bit earlier but we cannot rule that out later in the day. the possibility of flurries is real, there but not expected to to amount to anything. don't freak out if you see a snow flurry later this afternoon. 34 degrees in philadelphia. right now. temperatures will get lower than that throughout the afternoon. twenty in mount pocono.
4:49 am
thirty-six wildwood. we have a cold take in wilmington but factor in these northwesterly wind the at 10 miles an hour in philadelphia this is what it feels like. this is shock to the system. beside the the fat being that so many people are going back after almost two weeks off we have wind chills that are in the 20's this morning, in the mountains it feels like single digits, so after above average temperatures, even when it the got colder, last week, then it it was on christmas we have got the to 50 degrees yesterday, they will be maybe settling around 33 or in the afternoon, and then a high only in the 30's and look at early high morning temperature i should say in the teens when we get started at this time tomorrow morning. now we do moderate a little bit and that is just in time for our next storm system to come. so at the the moment it looks like for the the weekend will probably just get rain and only rain but if we were getting a storm today bob kelly, oh, boy. >> all that rain over the the holidays we were luck that i was rain otherwise we would
4:50 am
have been pulling the sleigh over christmas. good morning, a live look at the blue route 476. we are good to go this morning. it will be one of those rough starts, rough day, first day back after a holiday especially everybody heading back to work and school we all got to get back in the groove no problems in downtown philadelphia, as we go for a ride here north on the new jersey turnpike an accident investigation. outer drive near exit number 7a look out for delays, if you use the patco high speed line they kick in a new timetable over the weekend so they are rolling with new schedules so grab the current one because 34 degrees you do not want to be standing outside on the platform any longer then you have to. otherwise no problems coming in from collegeville on 422, stretch here at the 202 if you have not been out and about since last week or before the holiday there is a new pattern in play between the by pass up into route 401 and that is also that stretch there where
4:51 am
they don't have the overhead street lamps. the get ready for a new closure and headaches in the headache, aramingo avenue will be shut down all this week from york over to delaware avenue, all because of construction related to the i-95 project. that will shift a lot of volume on to richmond street and again today will be rough because in the only is aramingo avenue closed but everybody is going back to work and the school buses, through the the neighborhood is here will have to navigate that detour as well. fire location at newtown square, just off of jeffery lane. the chris and lauren back to you. she's back. teresa guidice wishing fans a happy new year in her first tweet since being released from prison. >> new jersey housewives star now on house arrest after serving one year in prison. she tweeted out a special family photo's and well wishes to her fans. everyone in the picture full of smiles, even joey, who will begin his prison sentence new real soon. in a different instagram,
4:52 am
post her sister in law and friend hamming it up in a funny sort of whacky photo. happy birthday ♪ >> this is cool. surrounded by hundreds of his closest friend and family, a world war two veteran in upstate new york celebrates a big milestone. that is neat.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
putting on the natalie cole station. >> yes. >> sue, appropriately pointed out she had this big hit long before, the due it with her father. >> yes, with nat king cole. a world war two vet in new york, celebrated a huge milestone turning 100 years old. >> fox's tricia beckham was a at the birthday party. >> ♪ happy birth the day >> reporter: surrounded by 200 of his closest friend and family members a all here to wish fred randall a happy 100.
4:56 am
>> hi freddie . >> reporter: fred or freddie as his friend call him honoring him with speeches, kind words and presents. >> very loving, very sharing, in charge. >> all here in one day. >> reporter: and at 100 years young, freddie is as sharp as ever. >> a part of the greatest generation, freddie served his country in world war two. at the time of the life he holds dear to his heart. >> according to my favorite... unaudible. i felt honored to have a uniform and it is hanging in the closet now. >> he was in world war two at age 25. went over to germany. he came back, married my grabbed mother. >> reporter: along with his memories of being in the army, fred has another passion in
4:57 am
life. >> i played drums from the time iowas in high school. >> reporter: his grandson tomorrow at randall is convinced it is what keeps him young but asks fred what keeps him going he will say it is a little bit more to it. >> unaudible. >> reporter: room filled with loved ones surrounded by century of memories, pictures and moments from fred's life and, of course, his drums
4:58 am
4:59 am
spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
5:00 am
looking at olde city which will go to cold city. drop dramatically. the blast of winter air out there is straight ahead. with the new year comes a new mayor for the city of philadelphia, where you can see jim kenney being sworn in today. >> the mummers parade under fire, more fall out from the controversial costumes, and what will change for next years parade now. the the the mummers controversy, coming up. good day, it is actually, the the first monday of january, january 4th, 2016. happy new year. >> happy new year to you to. >> get to celebrate or see you for a week. >> it was weird, not seeing you, because i was used to seeing you have single day. >> that is why i didn't call you, text you, tweet you, i wanted to have you some break. >> does the heart grow


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