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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  January 4, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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looking at olde city which will go to cold city. drop dramatically. the blast of winter air out there is straight ahead. with the new year comes a new mayor for the city of philadelphia, where you can see jim kenney being sworn in today. >> the mummers parade under fire, more fall out from the controversial costumes, and what will change for next years parade now. the the the mummers controversy, coming up. good day, it is actually, the the first monday of january, january 4th, 2016. happy new year. >> happy new year to you to. >> get to celebrate or see you for a week. >> it was weird, not seeing you, because i was used to seeing you have single day. >> that is why i didn't call you, text you, tweet you, i wanted to have you some break. >> does the heart grow fonder.
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>> i said i get to see chris tomorrow. >> that is sweet, right. >> sue serio, i haven't seen you for a week. >> the bandies back together. >> it is fun. >> we're all here again, and hopefully, you did have a great, holiday season. now it is time to get back to reality a what a shock to the system when you walk outside. i don't know how that bat got there. it is six out of ten. look at how those wind are getting gusty. so 34 feels like 25, and, this is going to be about as warm as it gets today because temperatures will not only fall through the 30's, but wind chills will probably end up being in the teens, later on this afternoon. so we've got temperatures that are mostly in the the 30's unless in the mountains where it is a lot colder but the wind, chill, the feels like temperature out there, lower 20's, mostly every where, 17 is what it feels like in allentown right now. we have a wind chill of 30, in wildwood. so it is a cold one out there and some of that cold air coming across the the great lakes is causing some of that moisture to get into central
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pennsylvania and eventually we will think, maybe a few flurries around here. probably this afternoon once those wind start gusting to maybe 30 miles an hour. so if monies your trash day be aware you may be running a after that trash can down the the street. state college getting that snow right now, so our fox cast has a high, well, temperatures just dropping through the the 30's, don't be surprised if you see a few flurries but you will also see some sunshine on this blustery day to day, the low tonight is 16 but with the wind, we will probably feel like it is around zero. wind chill overnight tonight, happy new year, bob kelly. >> yes, right back at you. we will go from 60's and no coats on christmas, to freezing temperatures here. it the is definitely a cold start. so kids back to school, parents back to work, we don't get a chance to get a wear a new hat and gloves and scarves after the the the new year. the this is a disabled northbound i-95 approaching philly international a airport.
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look out there it is kind of quiet. the it will not be that way as we roll in the morning. the first day back to work and school, a after the the holidays, it the is always crazy, all of the kids are getting back in the groove, the the buses are back out there with us, north on the new jersey turnpike we had an overnight accident with an investigation that is still here with us, exit number 7a, the the outer drive has police activity, if you use patco grab a new timetable or get ready a new schedule went into effect over the weekend. you don't want to be standing out out on the platform any longer then you have to with temperatures at 346789 feeling colder. in problems this morning on the high speed line, except for that new, schedule in play, a fire location in newtown square, jeffery lane and earliest lane just off of route 252. otherwise kind of quiet coming from the burbs. no problems on the the turnpike. 202 or 422, all of the bridges looking good and mass transit the is running with no delays, lauren, back over to you. this frigid cold bob as you just spoke of it is
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dangerous and that is why handful of counties in our area activated a a code blue emergency. officials in montgomery and bucks county near pennsylvania and cumberland county across the bridge in new jersey are providing shelter from the cold, you cab call your local municipality to find out where the warming centers are in your area. and because of those lower temperatures, shawne elementary in the easton school district closed for students this morning because of of an issue with the heating system. teachers and staff, still are required to report to forks elementary school to the gymnasium at their regularly schedule time. lauren this just in police confirmed a triple shooting in the 100 block of west rashard street. seventeen year-old was shot once in the face and ten to temple hospital. i a second man was shot once in the back of the head. a third victim shot twice died, the other two are in critical condition. in the meantime at 5:04, investigators are on the scene of the shooting in hunting park. an armed robbery left one man chris thecally wounded this happened around midnight at
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broad street. fox 29 will bring you more information as this becomes available. philadelphia has officially a new mayor starting to day with the inauguration of the mayor-elect jim kenney. our own dave kinchen live in center city with more on this, good morning, dave. >> reporter: good morning, chris. the the academy of music is where we are at 10:00 a a.m. that is the time when former city councilman jim kenney and mayor-elect jim kenney will drop elect from his title and become 99th mayor of the city. of course, america is a nation phone for a peaceful transfer of power at all levels of government and here at the the city level in philadelphia, that is in exception. kenney went back to where it all started tweeting a picture of himself editing his inaugural address at his olde city council desk. he said in this tweet that he cannot wait to continue serving the people of philadelphia, that jim kenney has been called a progressive but he doesn't always favor that title. he said he wants to affect us on fairness, kenney is a late 50's irish american from south
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philadelphia who is quite comfortable talking about race, equality, policing concerns and police nothing minority communities and mass incarceration. some views have caused many to compare him to new york's mayor bill deblasio. kenney also has vowed to take on the the city's ailing school budget problems, especially with some action coming from the the state capitol but still the school district says it will run out of money on january 29th, without major funding for the state as a rule. kenney said he will bring all sides together as one of the big issues that he will work on. 10:00 a.m. is when it starts. fox 29 will have coverage all day and on line as well. >> lots to take on. thanks, dave. the suffering finally is over for us eagles fans, now we can move forward. >> will jim kenney have a hand at picking our new coach. >> no. >> okay. they won't be going to the playoffs but they did not end
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the the season on a down note. less than a week after firing head coach chip kelly, birds beat new york giants under interim coach pat shurmur there demarco murray started scoring in the first quarter, early in the game this 54-yard touchdown run right up the the middle. it was his longest rush of the season. it was a close game until eagles turned up the heat with the 28-yard interception by walter thurmond. eagles sealed the deal with the touchdown pass to jordan matthews. good effort by quarterback sam bradford, 320-yard, two touchdowns. they beat giants 35-30. eagles wrap up a terrible season. the final record seven-nine. by the the way that seven-nine is second best in the nfc east. washington redskins will represent as they get ready for playoffs. >> now we have to find a new head coach. >> yes. >> interesting to go see. >> is monday next monday after the official end of regular season, black friday when all of the moves happen behind the
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scenes. >> we will see, sean payton, if we get someone out of the college ranks. that might be di cey base on how we got chip kelly. >> we keep hearing stories about how he acted. >> it is all start to go come out now. >> it is all consistent story. sometimes you feel like he was bitter, angry but all have of these players have the same story. >> yeah, yeah. >> he lost the the locker room months ago it sound like. mummers, say changes are coming next year after concerns over some controversial skits and homophobic slur made by a mummer during the parade. >> new years brigade, portrayed bruce and kate len jenner from the wheat is olympic hero to a fruit loop. brigade captain said he didn't mean to offend anyone but he doesn't think they crossed the line because the the act a had a patriotic scheme. skit was meant as satire, of popular culture. the others disagree including philadelphia's mayor-elect jim kenney. >> mummers where celebrating in the new year, competition,
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family, neighborhood and not about offending people this argument that it is satire and it is okay, no, it is not okay. >> mummers condemned the homophobic slur caught on tape by one member who was immediately kick out. the organization had this to say, in a press release, quote, reject expressions of hate and bigotry, negative behavior and expression has in place in the parade that has come to represent the the city of philadelphia a man who made that offensive slur was kick out as we said. the themes of the parade could be closer examined now for content, starting next year. >> okay. camden county police investigating after video surfaced showing what looks to be a crowd allegedly attacking a pregnant woman. we want to warn you the video is tough to watch. footage has been shared thousands of times on social media, since friday. in it a woman claims she's pregnant while a group of other woman held her down and beat her. she could be heard pleading for her baby. the issuing ises of that situation is not the clear,
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video does not show how this fight started, early on though it appears as though the victim is holding a kane or crowbar of some kind. it is unclear where it was taken but people on the scene can be heard saying it was happening in camden, those who have seen the video tell us that they have found it pretty disturbing. >> it was crazy, like she was pregnant. they just dumped her. they didn't care about the the babies. >> people are heartless. it was her baby. >> woman seemed eventually able to escape after one of the people in the the group could be seen intervening. authorities are now looking into that video. a girl shot in the the back, all because of the the hoverboard. what she did to try to stop the guy from pulling the trigger.
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flood waters damage more than a hundred structures in illinois, officials knocked on more than 500 doors urging people to leave voluntarily but a a lot of people stayed in their homes. the voluntary evacuation could run four days, 31 people have died cue to severe flooding in illinois, missouri, arkansas and oklahoma. the more flooding expect in the southern states along the mississippi in the coming weeks. scar toy see that in the wintertime, spring or summer, but boy it has been a unusual winter for so many. winter just started what two weeks ago officially, around
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the 21st of september but it has in the been cold out until today. >> yes, it feels like tight. >> we have had any rain here it would be snow because sue you says tonight is 16. >> wow. >> right. >> and then it will be windy tonight, so it will feel like around zero. >> wow. >> i'm not kidding. arctic air has been waiting in the wings all holiday season, all month of december. we just finish the warmest december we have ever had so here's is what happening. the jet stream has moved to the south, to the point where we're now getting those gusting northwesterly wind and they will pick up this afternoon. so today's high will end up being probably about 35 degrees, that is the temperature at 3:00 in the morning. we will get colder throughout the day with the cold front coming through. coldest high temperature we have had so far this winter or this season i should say is 42 h and that was even before, winter officially started. so, this is going to end up being the coldest day of the season so far until tomorrow,
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which will then be the cold is day of the season. so far? here's the evidence, the the snow, that is coming down. it is not a lot of it on the central part of the the state but we are seeing snow flakes around harrisburg, around actually state college is getting maybe a coating on the roadways but we don't to have worry about that at the moment. we have to make sure we are bundled up when we find winter gear, starting a new fashion of mismatched gloves because i cannot find two gloves that match so it is 34 degrees when factoring in the wind. i urge you to come along with me because i have two gloves upstairs that do not match today. i don't care. this is what it feels like, temperatures or wind chills are in the 20's, and temperatures are going to continue to drop through the 30's today and tomorrow, we will only get a high in the mid 30's. then we're back to more reese nal wintertime temperatures. we may even hit 50's by the weekend but today, and tomorrow will be down right
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frigid, bob kelly, welcome back to reality. >> yeah, you saw that mismatched gloves, i just check my socks to make sure that my socks were looking good, you know, you get dressed in the dark early in the morning. good morning. 5:16 on a monday morning, a double bubble here we have a disabled in what would be the right lane, southbound i-95 at cottman avenue and then a accident, i think one may have caused the other but nonetheless if you are heading south on i-95 right now, through that cottman construction zone, look at that, you have no shoulder here, look at that, wow, some near misses here as folks are quickly jetting over to the left lane here to avoid what is a disabled sitting in that right lane and this by has something to do with it up there be careful heading south on i-95 this morning. coming from south jersey, no problems on the freeway, working your way in toward the the city, again, light volume, so far this morning but i think today will be a little craze which that first day back to work and back to will
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school, everybody is back at it this morning. northbound on the new jersey turnpike an accident, a pedestrian was struck up here near exit 7a. outer drive, has a lot of police activity. if you you use patco, no problems, but, they kicked in a new timetable over the weekend. be ready with 34 degrees and your mix matched gloves out there you don't want to be standing outside on the platform any long then you have to. coming from the burbs up through west chester, chester county there is a new pattern on 202 but otherwise no problems on the bridges and mass transit looking g chris and lauren, back to you. a at 5:17 a pennsylvania teenage girl goes missing, just weeks after her mother's death and new there is a nationwide search for her. the authorities are looking for 16 user old ca asandra lomas, no one has seen or heard from her since new year day. she was staying with her grand fat shore said she was in a fragile state since her
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matter's passing. the police believe she could be headed to either georgia or new jersey. in world news this morning at least six people are dead and hundred others are hurt after 6.7 magnitude earthquake in north east india. it happened just before dawn in the india mymar border region. >> death and injuries were caused by falling debris. several buildings and homes were damage. the quake lasted for a full minute. at that magnitude a minis a long time for things to be shaking. >> um-hmm. a mayor murdered just one day after she took office, authorities in mexico say gunman burst into her home, shot and killed her. she's a former congress woman who was the new leader of ten, mexico. investigators say that the gun man is believed ton linked to organized crime. authorities say they have a arrested three people, two others died in the shoot-out and a chase with police. president obama back in washington and ready to meet with his attorney general to talk about gun control as we hear from "fox news"
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correspondent kelly wright, the president is planning to take executive action to stem violence. >> reporter: fresh from his hawaii vacation president obama is back in washington and ready to fight his first battle, of 2016. he is scheduled to meet with attorney general loretta lynn to much day to discuss executive action on gun control. he previewed the meeting touring his weekly media address. >> i get too many letters from parents and teachers, and kids to sit around and do nothing. i get letters from responsible gun owners who grief with us every time these tragedies happen who share my belief that the second amendment guaranties right to bear arms and we can protect that right while keeping a few from inflicting harm on a massive scale. >> reporter: chief executive is expect to ohio an executive order to strengthen background checks required for gun purchases, it is an idea that is being shot full of holes at
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gun shows around the nation. >> people will get guns if they want them. they don't go buy them, they steel them. >> reporter: at some shows people are rushing into buy guns and ammunition before any proposed change. >> you cannot depend on law enforcement, i mean they tried but they cannot get there in time. >> reporter: in addition to today's meeting with attorney general, president obama has scheduled to participate in the town hall meeting on gun violence. the meeting will take place on thursday night at george mason university, in washington, kelly wright, fox 29 news. a standoff continues in oregon between police and a armed man establish a group. they took over a building in the the national wild life refuge. >> so both men now facing prison time for setting fires on federal land but protesters say imprisonment is not fair. head of the million establish group said the federal government should not be dictating how local use that land. this area by the the way is a a very remote part of oregon.
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many protesters say that they should be free of federal oversight, and be used for ranching, lobbying, mining and recreation. they have told everyone to bring your guns, come join us we have plenty of space here in this federal building wow. >> atlanta police searching for a robber involved in the attempted home invasion that ended up with a 16 year-old getting shot on the saturday. >> fox's jacqueline schultz report, police say that she was after the girl's hoverboard. >> he shot her. >> reporter: the the mother says her daughter was inside this apartment, as her 16 year-old friend was robbed, and then shot for a hoverboard >> she was coming from the store, and he followed her. >> reporter: at the plant a police say teenage girl and another friend were walking back from the convenient store to the hidden hallows apartment on fair burn road. police say the girl and her friend tried to slam the door on the robber and even threw the hoverboard at him. the robber, fired through the front door, and hit the 16 year-old girl in her back.
5:22 am
>> crazy. over a hoverboard, really. >> how is your friend doing? >> reporter: her 19 year-old daughter released from the crime scene says her friend is okay. meanwhile police searched the the area around the apartments with a helicopter. >> just so ignorant when it comes to material things it is crazy. he would shoot her to try to take the hoverboard. >> some doctors are not quite sure when to vaccinate preteens for hpv. when experts say vaccine works best for kid up next. 5:22 is your time. here is your winning lottery numbers, good luck.
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a new study from doctors are not quite sure when to vaccinate preteens for hpv. vaccine works best if kid get it before, they become sexually active. one-third of all young people have have had sex by age 16, and the the most common reasons doctors cited for the delay the belief that parents or that patients had in the had sex and their parents would object. >> makes sense, right. >> better safe than sorry. >> true. >> 5:25. that means, it is a new year and new laws.
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increased toll prices are in effect on the pennsylvania turnpike, pennsylvania turnpike commission says tolls are now 6 percent higher. the hike impacts cash and e-z pass customers but e-z pass customers save 35 cents using that speed service. i have to tell you real quickly, i went up to massachusetts for a couple days, i drove over the george washington bridge. >> okay. >> guess how much it is now. >> how much. >> it used to be $10. it is 15 bucks to go over that bridge now. >> man. >> i know. >> officials say toll increase is needed to pay back money borrowed for penndot, and fund will go toward road improvements for that. >> i should have saved that little anecdote after i said about the tolls. it is a new year. i had a week off. i will get up to speed. d.c. police officers leaves a positive impression on local musicians, we will tell you why, straight ahead.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. arctic air is blasting us with the lowest temperatures we have felt so far this winter. >> with the new year comes a new mayor for the city of philadelphia, jim kenney will be sworn in today and we will tell you when and where. it is monday january 4th,
5:30 am
2016. speaking of arctic air. >> yeah. >> it feels just as cold in this studio as it does inside. >> not to me because i'm wearing a wool suit and you are sleeveless here. >> do you see these goose bumps. >> man. >> they are really full goose bumps. >> it is cold. >> we were just talking about big development, of course, the eagles, jettisoned chip kelly. >> it happened last week while were you gone. >> so how about dick vermeil. you mentioned this on friday. what a throw back. >> i was kidding. >> yes. >> he loves wine. he has add a night break from coaching. >> sure, why not. we will see if that will happen. meanwhile, bus stop buddy has good advice for you, stocking, caps, cover up your ears. you can barely see him actually with the blanket, coat, mittens, it is much colder then it has been all season with temperatures in
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the 20's and 30's, wind chills in the the 20's, this morning. we have got a six out of ten in your weather by the the numbers and a breeze that makes 34 degrees feels like 25, and we have temperatures in the 30's, as we mentioned, teens and the mountains but this is what you dress for the wind chills. it feels like it is in the mid 20's in the city. feels like 17 in allentown. feels like four in mount pocono, and feels like 20 in at atlantic city think morning. that the is a breeze and it will only get more windy as the the day go by and with the cold front that is now coming through the the area, temperatures will go down throughout the the day and we cannot even rule out a few flurries this afternoon. so by sunset time which his 49:00 p.m., days are starting to get longer, temperatures in the 20's and just a few flurries here and there. the that is your weather authority forecast for your back to reality day, monday, january 4th, we will see fit ever warms up again coming up in the seven day forecast, probably, bob kelly. >> get that hot chocolate ready to go, good morning everybody.
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5:31. back to work and school. here we go southbound i-95 a double bubble here. we have a disable sitting in the right lane, right at cottman avenue. watch, we will hold our breath here as folks try to quickly merge over to the and, and, near misses, hopefully you can get an officer or penndot truck out here in the construction zone, which is no shoulder, so folks are moving at a pretty good clip here because volume so far is light and it is also a accident involved here as well. so southbound i-95 between academy and cottman avenue look out, it is an accident and a quick merge there live look downtown philadelphia, vine street expressway opened this morning. they did not work last night, but problems or changes on two of our pikes. turnpikes. first of all, northbound on the new jersey turnpike a pedestrian was struck on the overnight at exit number 7a, there is an accident, outer drive, jenny joyce is on the the way. we will go live to her when she arrives with the rest of
5:33 am
the details. and a toll increase on the pennsylvania turnpike. so if you use the e-z pass tag there, you won't have any, there will be no change at all you'll see the bill in the mail but expect delays at all of the cash lanes today, on the pennsylvania turnpike with that new fare increase that went into effect yesterday. chris and lauren, back over to you. we are following breaking news where emergency crews or the scene of the horrific accident. >> this is in the turnpike in hamilton township where fox 29 jennifer joyce is standing by live, jennifer, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, chris and lauren. we are standing here along the new jersey turnpike near exit 7a, new jersey state police, out here, investigating this accident of a pedestrian that happened in the outer lanes of the new jersey turnpike here near the wood row wilson service area. we got our first report of this accident just before 4:00 o this a person was struck by a truck on the turnpike and we will take a look here to the
5:34 am
right as you can see the cameras panning toward this enterprise truck off to the side of the road. it is unclear what role if any that struck played in the accident. we are standing off in the fenced off area, so it is hard to communicate with the police on the the scene. we know this is an active investigation but crews are out here working the the scene. so again, state the police in the the outer lanes of the new jersey turnpike, northbound, near exit number 7a, for trenton, investigating a pedestrian struck at this point. we don't know the extent of the injuries, this lane which leads to the wood row wilson service area is closed as police investigation. chris and lauren. >> jenny joyce, thanks very much for the update. philadelphia officially has a new mayor starting to day with the inauguration of the mayor-elect jim kenney. >> our own dave kinchen live from center city with more, hi there dave. >> reporter: good morning to you lauren. good morning chris. we are here at the academy of music where at 10:00 a.m.
5:35 am
former city councilman jim kenney will be the 99th mayor of the city of philadelphia. of course, it will be a who's who here later but the former city councilman went back to his political roots tweeting a picture of him editing his inauguration speech on his olde city council desk at city hall. said on the post that he cannot wait to continue serving the people of philadelphia, kenney will be working with the bunch of new comers on city council to tackle pressing matters like the cities ailing school budget, among his biggest challenges as school district of philadelphia announced it will run out of money january 29th without significant funding from the state. state funding is only one factor. kenney has said he will work with the variety of groups and lead a coalition to get an education plan in place. >> we will find money in our own current budget the and go out through philanthropy, corporations and whoever else want to help. we will put this together and
5:36 am
make it happen. >> reporter: make it happen indeed. time is of the essence here even with governor tom wolf releasing emergency fund for philadelphia schools late last month, school district is already borrowed 525 million-dollar so far but a big hole remains and, of course, the the new mayor, as of about 10:00 a.m. will work on that and many, many other issues, to keep the city moving forward, guys? >> kenney knows what he is getting himself into. boy does he have have a lot of hurdles to jump. >> reporter: he has some idea because of his years in government but when you get into the the executive office you always ten to find out things thaw didn't know before and sometimes you have to wonder gee, did i really want that. >> man. >> i wouldn't want it g luck, jim kenney, thanks, dave. d.c. police officers leaves a positive impression on local musicians we will tell but that after the break.
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after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious.
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a real blast of winter out there, it will stick a around for a while, sue serio will have your full weather forecast, coming up, as we take a look the at wilmington delaware. d.c. police officer leaves a positive impression on local musicians, fox's alexandria lemon has their story. >> reporter: d.c. based musicians, were filming a
5:40 am
music video on this basketball court when a d.c. police officer pull up, they thought it was bad news, and. >> we have seen a cop coming up and we got all nervous like oh, man they are about to shut us down or whatever. >> the cop came up and he is basically like opening up saying in, i want to play, you know what i'm saying. >> reporter: in this video shot the by ceo sun/sun you can see d.c. officer in uniform shooting hoops with the group and having a a blast. >> he was balling with the kids. he was having fun. shooting video. we seen the cop pulling up. we thought we were going to get flush out, you know. >> reporter: instead of shutting down their shoot they say the officer was even in the music video. >> it shocked me because it was giving me a great insight, you know, i'm looking different on cops now. we were expecting him to shut us down and tell us all to go home. when he came and played with us, it was like man, you know,
5:41 am
that is a good look for all videos. >> ceo sun/sun a behind manager reached out to fox five to share the the positive experience with the officer. they say they will now have a much better mine setting into police encounters and they want to share that positive attitude with others. reporting from northwest d.c., alexandria lemon, "fox news". i nailed her last name because i was like lemon, lemon. >> you nailed it. >> like lemon but lemon. >> you went to the atl, yes. >> i did, i did. people were asking how was weather, was it cold, what is going on. >> and? >> it wasn't cold, i had a great time and i'm glad you asked. >> you went to decatur. >> it is 20 minutes east of atlanta my older sister lives there. >> yes. >> you know who was born on this day in 1960, in decatur, a guy michael spike, and he
5:42 am
went on to be lead singer of rem. >> here's one of their cool songs. >> ♪ the. >> that sound familiar. >> here's what i did know, the eagles finished up on a high note after a really disappointing season with chip kelly now gone, we will have a new head coach. >> new coach is big daddy graham to weigh in on his chances of replacing chip after this and here's rem. >> ♪ the
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this morning as we get back to reality after a hopefully good holiday for you, we have temperatures in the mid 30's in philadelphia look at the temperatures to the the north of us, 26 in pittsburgh. twenty-seven in detroit. only 16 in minneapolis. we have a taste of the colder air that has been trap to the north through most of december and maybe even earlier in january. so the cold air is moving in, and it the is an arctic blast that we're not ready for. who is ever ready for that. because of that with the cold front still coming through we are seeing some lake effect snow, move as far south as state college and maybe even harrisburg getting a few flurries, this morning. we could see a few flurries by the end of the day. right now we have 34-degree temperatures as we showed you in philadelphia, only 19 in mount pocono. thirty-six wildwood. thirty in wilmington. those are actual temperatures. new we will factor in the wind
5:46 am
coming out of the northwest at around 12 miles an hour in the city. they will be picking up. so we are already got wind chills in the 20's, and it will feel just as cold, even whether the he sun comes out throughout the the the rest of the the day. so now we're getting back to actually feel like it is wintertime after the warmest december, on record which is 2015. our 50-degree high yesterday, history today as temperatures fall through the 30's. we will average around 33 this afternoon. we already had our high probably of 35 degrees, at 3:00 in the morning. thirty-four, for a high temperature. tomorrow mid 40's by the time we get to the middle will of the week and with the storm system possible this weekend, temperatures should be mild enough, that it is only rain, we will keep a close eye on that system bob kill toy make sure that happened. >> you got it, sue, 5:46 on a monday morning back to work and school all of the little ones will be out there on the bus corn they are morning and
5:47 am
make sure they wear the new winter coat and gloves that they got from santa here's southbound i-95 an accident right here near cottman avenue. good news they have it all push off to the shoulder, downtown we will go vine street expressway looking good starting to see volume pop it is a crazy days, first day back, after a long, holiday weekend, it is always a little busy and then north on the new jersey turnpike, as we just heard from jenny joyce live up there outer drive closed as you a approach exit number 7a as they investigate that early morning accident and some changes, on the the pennsylvania turnpike, first of all, coming from new jersey into pennsylvania, you no longer have to stop and pay the the toll when you enter into philadelphia. it is non-stop cashless they will take a picture of your license plate and you'll get the bill in the mail. on top of that, all of the toll plazas, have the toll increase in play. this is a toll increase that went into effect yesterday, if
5:48 am
you had the e-z pass tag, nothing will change. you zip right on through get the bill in the mail, charge it the to your charge card. but if you pay cash that is where you have to dig deeper and depend upon what exit you get off but expect delays at the cash lanes for the next couple of days until we get used to that new fare increase. new schedule on the high speed line, no problems or delays at the moment on the trains and we are looking good across the septa system. chris and lauren, back over to you. is what worse than a toll increase. >> the eagles season. >> suffering is over, season is over quietly. >> i know, they will not go to the playoffs but we did end the dismal season on a winning high note. the less than a week after firing head coach chip kelly, bird beat giants under interim head coach pat shurmur, 35-30 net life stadium. turning .38-yard interception by walter thurmond in the third quarter. big daddy is sitting over here next to you, making some noise. >> yes, because he said it was
5:49 am
the the highlight of the ending with a win. where i did not look the at it that way. i don't understand why they won that game yesterday. it made no sense to win it. let me get this straight, be in out there gets anything confused. i expect everybody on the field to give a hundred percent and play like pros. i just didn't like who they had on the field. >> all of the starters. >> the game meant nothing, all it did was guarantee that now you have to play seattle, in seattle next year. we would have had a neutral game in london against the rams. your boy nick foles, all right. so, we now have to go to seattle. so almost a guarantied lost. we lost draft slots. we are now drafting lower then we would haved about had we lost the game. it made no sense to play bradford any of these guys. >> this guy, pat wanted to prove that he could do the
5:50 am
job. >> you you want to know, bro. >> he is not going to be the head coach of the philadelphia eagles: before we get into this talk i want to read you a tweet from kevin green. the if the eagles were smart, they would buy john gruden out of his espn contract. what do you think about that. >> would i take gruden, i would take gruden over any of the coordinators thaw are hearing about. some of these coordinators you have to start more often then not as a coordinator before you get to the head coach. i get that. there are some very qualified coordinators out there. but i would take gruden. would i take sean payton. would i take bill cowher. >> dick vermeil certainly is not happening. dick vermeil 79 year-old out of retirement. >> watch him cry one shore time, yes. >> you didn't like the the players on the field but did you like how they played yesterday. >> i did like how they played on the field yesterday but, it
5:51 am
was a game, two years in a row they lose the game that they are supposed to win against the red skin, and then lose the the game they are supposed to lose. >> let's look ahead now, zach ertz played really well. >> he looks like he is a keeper. >> sam bradford has looked much sharper. >> he has. >> here's my take on bradford he will get a lot have of money, an awful lot of money but in the nfl it is so hard to find even an average quarterback which is what he is. he will have his quarterback but it is hard to find an average quarterback. they will to have resign him. nobody else is out there. he has played better, no doubt good demarco murray do you find a whole different offensive strategy for him to open up, the the middle of the field for him so he he runs more vertical and not horizontally. >> within play goes for 54-yard touchdown and then that is it. and then bradford takes hike under center and gives ball to murray. >> but it worked.
5:52 am
>> and then that was it though for the rest of the game. it never happened again. >> shurmur in his defense said i didn't have time to change so we will go with chip's offense this last game. >> i get that. who is going to be the next coach? i still think it will be mcdermott. >> were you surprised about the timing of chip kelly's release. >> no, i was not. i was not surprised by timing. i was not surprised by the firing. my listeners know i have been saying this would happen. howie roseman is the key man. i think lurie considered himself to be embarrassed by the the way chip kelly bullied him into getting rid of howie roseman. he stayed in the building. name me another work place where you fire a guy, but he is still in the same building, same floor. >> strange. >> it is very strange. >> so i was not surprised. i think lurie felt embarrassed
5:53 am
by what happen. kelly gets his job and does worse than roseman. he did. >> i'm glad you are joining us on the set. >> do i get to talk my next event. >> i could. >> i would have to know when it is. >> it is in new jersey. >> yes, valentines day weekend me and joe conklin and lauren, and chris, will be all on stage. >> happy new you year 2016 will be interesting. >> man, it will be. >> i'm glad i'm a sitting next to lauren. >> surrounded by two great guys but hundreds of his closest family and friend, a world war two vet in upstate insuring celebrates a huge birthday, chris murphy has more.
5:54 am
5:55 am
wha...before the was discovered... and everything had fewer calories.
5:56 am
truvia. life with less sugar is just as sweet. good morning well column back at 5:56 on january 4th, the the birthday of mikal strike. the world war two veteran in upstate new york celebrates a huge milestone turning 100 years old surrounded by 200 have of his closest friend and family members all there to watch fred reno wished him a happy 100. fred or freddie as his friend called him honored him with speeches, kind words and present. >> of course, my favorite memorandumry going and a
5:57 am
suring the army, and i felt honored. i have the uniform, hanging there in the closet the right now. >> we're honored, sir. his grandson thomas randall a is convinced it is what keeps him young but asked fred what keeps him going and he will tell you, there is a lot more to it. great man and thank you for your services sir. 5:57. a a judge in the defamation suit begins bill cosby wants to hear from one witness who does not the want to talk hot judge is forced to testify next hour.
5:58 am
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i'm bitter. we're talking about cold weather. the it is really cold. wind chills way down there. you wanted winter, did you? well, you got it. now kenney is one or soon will be, the it i of philadelphia starts off with a new year and new mayor. we have you covered so you can catch jim kenney getting sworn in. and, mommies not the the word this morning, we will talk bit out in the public here about the, outrage over, some aspects, of the this years mummers parade. how one group's axis backlash all around the world. this morning, it is debut on philadelphia, we have a summit, we are bringing together the lgbt community


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