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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  January 4, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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to not waste anytime tackling the cities biggest issues. we will talk about it. there was anger over weekend because of the mummers parade. some mummers leaders now responding, they want to come together for the lgbt community so we are providing that forum here on good day philadelphia members of the mummers and members of the lgbt are coming together on our show. you know, i think obviously it depend on who they hire and what type of offensive system he wants to run and, if he feels like i fit and if i feel like i fit that system. >> so will he stay or will he go? who is going to be our quarterback? who will be the the new coach. these are questions, heading into what is sure to be an eventful off season for eagles. the they finished on a high point in new york. >> maybe we should have lost the game so we don't to have play against a very good seattle team. >> yes. >> and we would have had a higher draft choice.
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>> but lots of off season was so eventful i don't want another one. you know, everybody being traded and all that. we need a coach. >> it is too late for that, alex. >> do not look back, only look forward. >> you get a new coach they always do something. never keep everything the same. >> bring in their own people. >> so many changes. >> that is the sports question if you want to get in on twit error facebook, who will be the new coach. we have six different suggestions for you. >> use hashtag fox 29 good day. you know what is one thought, that we are not used to is this weather. >> there are some changes. today and tomorrow is the the coldest air we have seen in a long, long time. certainly coldest of the season. that is you why get a six out of ten. even though we will see sunshine today, bus stop buddy has his stocking cap on today, much colder this morning to get started, temperatures in the 20's and 30's, wind chills are really lower, so 31 degrees feels like 20 right
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now, thanks to the 15-mile an hour sustain wind out of the north where we're just about to see our official sunrise time 7:23 the the official time. there could abe few flurries in your neighborhood, and here on ultimate doppler radar but possibility is here because of this blast of cold air from the arctic, sunny, windy with flurries, wind gusting to 30 miles an hour today and tonight. those temperatures plunge in the teens even in the city but wind chill bob kelly will be around zero. >> wow. >> definitely january back to work and school put on that new coat and grab your new pair have of gloves because you'll need them this morning as you step out, delays already on 422, and a accident this morning this is eastbound approaching trooper and we have a lot of emergency crews pug up to the scene. they have got all of the lanes temporarily block, it started out two car crash, left lane,
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and royersford, and eastbound in towards king of prussia southbound i-95 delays from academy in towards cottman have avenue rush hour underway. even delays on the schuylkill expressway. give yourself some extra time first day back after a long holiday weekend is always rough and kid have all gone back to school as well. the plus all those school buses will join the party. then later on aramingo avenue will go into shut down mode in a week long project all related to the 95 construction. that will be a rough go for everybody in the neighborhood and patco, kicked in a new timetable over weekend so make sure you have a schedule and you are ready to go before you board the game good mayor michael nutter has three more hours, after eight years as president. >> but he has pack up his things, tweeting out, thanks so much to everyone. so now starting to day with this inauguration we will have a new mayor, mayor jim kenney, get used to saying it. >> get on it, dave. >> reporter: that is right,
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hello, he will be saying but i don't think he will use the adele song as his official theme here but, of course, mayor-elect jim kenney dropping elect from his title at 10:00 a a.m. when festivities, pomp, circumstance starts at the academy of music in center city. of course, jim kenney will be 99th mayor of the city of brotherly love. take a look at this picture that he tweeted out. he went back to his roots on city council where he spent 20 years and tweeted a picture of himself putting his inaugural address on his city council desk. he cannot wait to continue serving the people of philadelphia. that is what he wrote on the tweet there that jim kenney has been called a progressive but does not favor that title will. he wants to focus on fairness, kenney is 57 years old, he is an irish american from south philadelphia who is quite comfortable talking about issues of race, in equality, policing concerns in the
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minorities and communities and mass incarceration. some views have caused him to compare him to new york mayor bill deblasio. kenney has vowed strong, swift action on education and, of course, the school district of philadelphia says it will essentially go broke on january 29th at the end of this month without significant action from the state despite getting some emergency money from governor tom wolf. well, mayor-elect kenney, excuse me mayor kenney will build a coalition to bring everybody together and fix this problem once and for all. we will talk more about that at 8:00. >> where are you, i hear dogs barking. >> reporter: we have, is there a k-9 unit that will begin a sweep here, yep, so they have not started yet but that could be what that is. that doggies behind the truck. >> yes. not at city hall even though it is a city hall event, it is at the academy of
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music on broad street. >> we will carry it here on fox 29. >> we will carry it live. >> thank you. authorities in new jersey are investigating a tragedy along the turnpike how could this have happened. >> a person appears to have been struck and killed in hamilton township. >> a pedestrian. >> reporter: it was mike and alex in the outer lanes of the new jersey turnpike near exit number 7a, the trenton exit and woodrow wilson service a area. the medical examiner's office was out here on the scene as ab accident reconstruction crews tried to piece it all together. again, accident happened in the out are lanes here. would we have our first report of this crash indicate ago this a person was struck by a truck on the turnpike, there was an enterprise truck on the side of the road near the scene that police were paying attention to but we don't have confirmation as to what role that truck played in the crash so again, state police investigating, this pedestrian
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accident theory that the pedestrian has died and it happened in the the outer lanes of the new jersey turnpike sometime around 4:00 o'clock this morning near exit number 7a, mike and alex. >> all right. 7:07 now. philadelphia police are investigating an armed robbery with one man in critical condition. it happened around 11:30 at broad and hunting park. police say one man was shot three times during the robbery. police chased the suspect and they arrested him. >> police investigating after a man was killed in the triple shooting on west wishard street last night, the 58 year-old man was shot twice pronounced dead at the hospital. two other victims one found wearing body arm or, also taken to the hospital, they are in critical condition this morning. police say they recovered a gun in the shooting but no word on the arrest and why body arm or. by the way, lauren. >> i have chip kelly news after you dor. >> i can't wait to hear it.
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>> but first fire ignites inside an apartment in pitman accepting people out in the cold this was a scene in evergreen just before 2:00 this morning at the time, authorities tell fox nine that everyone inside of the building made it out okay. fire fighters managed to get the fire under control quickly. the meyer marshall is investigating. camden county police investigating after video surfaced showing what looks to be to a crowd allegedly a attacking a pregnant woman. we have to warn you that the video is tough to look at. footage has been shared thousands of time on line since friday. in it a a woman claims that she's pregnant while a group of other woman, seem to hold her down and beat her. she can be heard pleading for her baby on the recording. circumstances of the situation are not the clear right now. it the appears as if the victim is holding a kane or a crowbar, and it is unclear, when this video was taken but people on the scene can be heard saying it was happening, in camden, those who see this video tell us this is pretty disturbing. >> it is crazy, like she was pregnant. they just jumped her.
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they didn't care about the baby. >> people are heartless, she's pregnant and they are hitting on her like. that she culled lose her baby the the woman was able to escape after one of the people in the group can be seen intervening. the authorities you nor looking into that video. mummers say that changes are coming to next years parade, this is following concerns over some skits at a homophobic slur made by a mummer during this years parade. opinion again's new year brigade portrayed bruce and caitlin jenny from a wheat is olympic here onto a group loop. the bring gate captain does not think he cross line because act had a patriotic theme and it was meant to satire popular culture. others disagree including philadelphia's new mayor, jim kenney. >> the the mummers where celebrating the new you year, it business competition, family about neighborhoods. it is not about offending people. you know this argument that somehow it is satire and it is okay, no, it is not okay. >> mummers condemned the slur caught on tape by one member who was immediately kick out.
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they released a statement saying we reject expressions of hate and bigotry and negative behavior and expression has no place in the parade, that has come to represent the city of philadelphia a. the the man that made the offensive slur was kick out and then will not be allowed to march with any other group, themes in the parade could be closer examined for content starting next year. autopsy results are expected today for a five-year old whose body was found in the lehigh canal over the weekend. jayliel vega had autism wondered away from a party on new years eve in allentown. a dive team found his body in the lehigh canal on saturday. the authorities considered his death to be accidental. authorities in atlantic county new jersey investigating how a man's body ended up on the side of the road in galloway township. the the atlantic county prosecutor's office say the bowed was found on gray creek road saturday morning. they have not yet released his identity. federal judge is ordering a wife of the bill cosby to testify in a defamation lawsuit against her husband. on wednesday, camille cosby is scheduled to answer questions,
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her lawyers of seven women who accuse bill of sexual assault. they are suing saying he allowed them to be portrayed as liars. cosby is counter suing accusing woman of making false allegations for financial gains. cosby was charged last week in montgomery county, for an alleged sexual assault against a temple university employee back in 2004. >> mike an alex. >> i don't want to over state this chip kelly news but you knew it was coming. a second season-- no, that is not it. the here's the deal. let's put up the tweet. the ad am schechter, chip kelly's camp, in other word his agent has reached out to the the 49ers, san francisco 49ers to express interest in their head coaching job, per league sources. 49ers likely to at least consider it. you would think so. you you know, you knows that area very well from being in the pac10. >> yes.
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>> twelve. >> , 12 yeah. >> i managed to watch a little bit while i was away. you had your panel. he will have a job within. >> it could happen by the end of this week. >> that is why we jumped on firing him so we could get a head start. there will be eight to ten head coach openings, coming up. so, i mean they have a big beautiful stadium, super bowl 50 will be. their practice facility is beautiful. weather is fantastic. we will see if they want him though. it was he tarnished after this year in philadelphia. welshing second season has been added to the bear hunting season. even though, he is facing some backlash, governor chris christie is standing his ground when it comes to hunting animals. so besides annual hunt in december a new six day hunting season will be added in october. being able to take two bears instead of one but they have to be killed in two separate seasons. animal activist want to continue their fight against the the state, saying that new jersey has a miss guided bear management policy.
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state law and we will life officials say it is important to control bear population. christie has yet to consider his federal bear hunt policy. >> if he becomes president, okay. that probably won't be high on the agenda. sure to be an emotional day for 600 workers in the state of california returning to the office where a terror attack happened. >> chris murphy has details on today's reopening at inland regional certainty. >> talk about emotions, guys. almost 600 people are heading back to work at the office building for the first time since 14 people were gunned down at a holiday party there back on december 2nd. leaders of the center say workers will meet in smaller groups to talk about their feelings and opportunities and then back to work. the executive director says workers tell her they do want to return to work. in any event, they have been visiting their clients at the home since the attack and regional centers two main buildings will reopen today but conference center where that massacre happened remains closed indefinite thely. police in atlanta searching for two would be robbers who shot a teen over
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her hoverboard. the men followed the 16 year-old girl and her friend home from the convenient store. one teen was riding the hoverboard after getting it as a christmas gift. gunman tried to force their way inside the apartment and shot one of the girls in the the lower back. the men ran off, and then never got the the hoverboard. the wounded teen will recover from her juster. standoff continues in oregon between police and armed militia group they took over a building a the national wild life refuge to protest imprisonment of two utah ranchers. both men facing prison time for setting fires on federal land, but protesters say that the imprisonment is not fair. head of the militia group said the federal government should not be dictating a local use of that land. many protesters say they should be free of federal oversight and used for ranching, mining, logging and recreation. the that is what they want that land to be used for in the middle of oregon. back to you. >> this group is darn well known from a story about a year ago. chris, thanks for.
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that 7:15. let's call it that. we have our first look at this morning of the cargo ship that sunk in the atlantic ocean over the the summer during the the hurricane. >> national transportation safety board has released under water image as and video of the el faro in the final resting place. the images show a breach in the ship's hull and navigation tower missing. u.s. flagship went missing october 1st during hurricane joaquin. he was octobered, in 15,000 feet of water in the the bermuda triangle. ntsb has yet to find the data recorder or black box and investigators are trying to figure out why the ship continued to sail into the hurricane. >> it was hurricane joaquin you say. >> i remember that, yeah. >> one of the family members did ab interview yesterday and said that his dead loved one is dead because this company that was shipping frozen chickens to the the caribbean insisted on making sure that they got there on time when they should have bailed out probably. >> yes. waited it out. >> yeah.
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>> almost 6:16. here's sue. >> we've got a whole different issue, first of all, we're coming off the warmest december we have ever had. we have had temperatures above average since november 24th, and at least through yesterday, and today will be a different story, average monthly temperature for december 2015 was 51 degrees, really smashed the previous record of 44 and a half, and that had been in place since 1923. so, now, we're expecting the coldest day of the season. the high of 35, probably already happened at 3:00 in the morning. temperatures have been going down ever since then with the cold front that came in and is in the process of coming through. forty-two on december 19th, that was the coldest, day of the season, the coldest high temperature of the season so far, all because of the arctic air coming down and really blasting not only cold air but causing lake effect snow in cleveland, buffalo. we will see these streamers making it down as far south as
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our area and a little bit of the snow burst, appearing on radar, let me know if you are seeing anything in salem, county, in new jersey. just one isolated little burst there. it could happen in your neighborhood as well. we have 31 degrees in philadelphia. twenty's to the north of us. teens in the the pocono mountains. mid 30's to the south of us but wind chills are in the teens and 20's this morning and probably staying that way for the rest of the day as wind end up gusting to 30 miles an hour. the another really cold day tomorrow with a high of 33, and then morning low of 16 but a bit milder as we get in the weekend, a and that is when our next storm system comes along. it looks mild enough that it will be rain and only rain, bob kelly, cross your fingers. >> fingers crossed, toes crossed. good morning, everybody. on a monday back to work and school and a new accident on route 309, 309 northbound right here near route 73 the flourtown interchange, that is
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off to the side, again, with the first day back after the holiday and it is expected to see delays. everybody back to work kids are back to school, school buses are back at it and we're back with the delay here southbound i-95. last few weeks have been light, really no rush hour to speak of but already we have a jam here, heading in to the city and some changes, over the weekend. changes to the pennsylvania turnpike. the first of all when you come in from new jersey over the turnpike connection bridge you no longer to have stop at a toll on pennsylvania side. you will snap a picture of your license plate, and whoever that carries registered to will get $5 bill in the mail and then across the board on the pennsylvania turnpike the the toll increase went into effect, expected delay, at all of the cash lanes, for the next couple of days until we all get used to the new price, exiting at all of the toll plazas, mike and alex, back to you. so we had had a game in the meadow land and pat the shurmur, interim coach led eagles to the victory. it is kind of dramatic
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fashion. so ironic that the the first game that chip ace away demarco murray explodes with this run. >> so happy to have the ball. >> yes. >> 54 yards for the touchdown. >> his longest run of the the season. >> rest of the the day was all about sam bradford he seems very comfortable finished for 30 for 38, 320 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. >> sean brace is here. sean, was it good or bad that we won that game 35-30. we will get a lower -- higher draft pick and we don't get to go to london. we were planning a trip to london. >> just like austin powers for the week, we could have done all of that. >> we can't lose the right way. the that is the the story of philadelphia sports. >> we can't win in the right way. >> they should not have won this game yesterday. if they would have lost then you are looking at probably i believe ninth overall, that is where they would have been selecting this coming draft in april. instead we are selecting number 13th. giants are in front of us. the let's put that there.
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>> earlier in the day we were eight or nine, picks behind. >> but after it all played itself out that is where it is you choose to win. >> pat shurmur, game day will never get old, playing the game, winning football games will never get old. have fun with that in another city. but other thing i want to say is this, if the eagles lost that game yesterday we go to london and take on a considerable lessee effective ballclub with the st. louis rams. now we have to go out to seattle which is probably the toughest play to play in the nfl. >> yes. >> it just made no sense at all. >> if they had lost would we even care. >> no. >> come on, eli. >> yes. >> you are right, i still cheer when they scored when jordan matthews had the touchdown, at the end there. >> every time i see, don't do that, don't do that. i feel like i have to. >> yes.
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>> thirty-five-30 eli has the ball back, just go down the feel, score a touchdown be in will care. >> all right. who will be the coach, they introduced duce staley. >> yes, they did interview duce staley. duce has been around since andy reid. you want to hear what he has to say, you want to hear what went wrong with chip kelly. i have in problem with him interviews duce staley. he might be a legitimate candidate but as far as we are concern i don't think he is. >> you don't want pat shurmur. >> no. >> why not. >> because he is, we already know what pat shurmur has to offer. he was head coach of the cleveland browns. i want new, i want fresh. >> here's the thing, sam bradford sound like he wants him. >> listen to him last night. >> i can say it for him. >> i'm proud of them, the reality of it is we were just all out there doing our jobs but they had fun doing it. >> okay. i'll pretend i'm sam bradford.
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>> do you want to return next year. >> i want pat shurmur because i felt so comfortable yesterday during the the game, oh, great for him calling playness my ear once again. you know what he let me do? he let me audible. when defense was against the play we don't to have run the same play. >> good luck to you, sam. good luck, pat. have fun. >> there is other candidates out there and that is why i'm happy with the eagles moving on from chip kelly, currently in the the process last week. >> go with two seans, sean payton. >> he would be tough to beat. i don't see him leaving, new orleans, though mike. he is one of the better coaches in the league. >> sean mcdermott. >> he has a lot of connections to the eagles. i would not be surprised if he ended up getting the job. >> my job, if i could just cut you off tuesday, tuesday adam gates is offensive coordinator. everybody is going craze bye. >> chicago. >> he had five teams and did not get any jobs. he is prime time right now.
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>> doug peterson. >> no. >> josh mcdaniel. >> i could see that. >> patriots. >> i'm's okay with him. >> belichick would say don't do it. >> he doesn't want to lose his job but josh mcdaniel has learned a lot but bottom line is you are right, talking about new england patriots and offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator they have in the been successful in the league. the interesting to go see what he does. >> do you feel like we should keep sam bradford do we want him still here. >> depend on hot coach is. >> that is what he is saying. >> fit is adam gates, i can see yes and i can see no. starting fresh. >> did he a good job. >> bad situation we're in right now. start fresh. >> all right. >> good news this morning, thank you by the way. >> thank you. >> sean party or what. alex holley on vacation, those pictures. >> yes. >> really, oh, my god.
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>> are you struggling to pay back those student loans? get off to a good start here in january. also this... mark zuckerberg, look who is back. >> lauren simonetti is back. >> hello. >> well, yes. >> how are you. >> good morning, guys. >> wonderful full. >> do you have pictures of the baby. >> i do, alex, you were on vacation. i had no idea what haze been going on with you. picture of the baby, i think you have one when she was seven weeks old. it is an old one. >> yes. >> we are showing a picture right now, adorable. >> yes. >> so my daddies ray, and we named them after grand pops. >> she's three months tomorrow. >> how do you like being a mom. >> i cannot get bored on maternity leave. i did in the get bored. it did not happen. if you make the bed, shower yourself and baby in one day
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that is a huge accomplishment. i learned that. >> yes. >> this is best i have looked in three months thanks to the hair and make up team. >> lets get back we forgot what the segment was about student loans. >> student loans, oh, right. >> thinks a great perk for anybody but particularly millennials. if you forget about day care, forget about dog sitting we will pay back your student loans for you. thinks a small but growing trend about 3 percent of the private companies, are dealing with this and this year it is expect to hear from price waterhouse coopers, fidelity investments and others saying we want to keep good employees, get good employees and help them pay off their student debt. in addition to their regular accomplishments. >> great have to have you back. >> yes. >> welcome back. >> good to see you guys. >> all right. >> isn't that nice. >> yes. >> things are back to normal. >> we are back together again. >> normal. >> never normal with you. >> speaking of normal, fall
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out, this is last time we will talk about this because it happened on new years day. some fall a out this morning because of the mummers routine that is being called offensive hear what the group is doing in response to the criticism. look who is back from ski trip that is jen. >> hi jen fred. >> a lot of people are complaining because it is cold, the eagles, back to to work, is what your biggest complaint. we will give you one day to day is complaint day, on fox 29, at wawa in havertown we will hear your complaints.
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tailgate gone badly here, how this man managed to set fire to his own pants. there were weeds involved and hamburgers. sack, exhausted and broke after the holidays is that how you feel? doctor oz joins with us some solutions on how to get past some post holiday blues. all right. lets get to this going here. we're having a summit here, a call for change this morning to next years mummers parade. >> yes. >> thinks after controversial skits and homophobic slur made by a mummer during this years parade.
7:30 am
>> yes. >> finnegan new years brigade portrayed bruce and kate len jenner compared wheat is to fruit loop. he didn't mean to offend anybody. it was meant as satire have of popular culture. others though disagree, including philadelphia's soon to be new mayor today, jim kenney. >> mummers are about celebrating in the year, it business get is, about family, neighborhood. it is in the the about offending people this argument that somehow it is satire and it is okay, in, it is not okay. >> mummers went on to condemn that homophobic slur that was caught on live tell rigs, by one member who was immediately kick out of the organization. they had this to say about the slur itself. >> it said that they reject expressions of hate and bigotry that negative behavior and expression have no place in a parade that has come to represent the the city of philadelphia. the man that made the offensive slur was kick out and will not aloud to march with any other group. >> so yesterday, couple members of the mummers
7:31 am
organization, wrote this comment, hi, hello there. >> we will don't you in a second. >> they said well, we want to work now with the lgbt community in philadelphia and work this out. i said why don't we do it here on television. nellie, good to see from you city hall. >> good to see you as well. >> george beatty good to see you. >> fralinger string ban. >> yes. >> did you do well. >> we did okay. >> key didn't win but it is okay. >> well, good to see you. thank you for your comments and willing to talk about this. >> sure. >> well, the thing that brought it to the attention is when the guy said that on live television or i hate gays are, they condemned that they kick the guy out of the mummers. >> and then the signs. >> the signs. >> some members of the finnegan said they didn't see anything wrong when they put the plan together over a month. they didn't see anything offensive. what say you. >> i think situation here what we need to keep aware office mummers are thousands and thousands of people celebrating new years day and
7:32 am
handful of people do something hateful or wrong, that is not tolerable but it does not represent who mummers are. it is important to say that the goal of the parade is to have a celebration, celebration of the city of philadelphia. >> 99 percent of it was fun. >> you said a handful does in the represent who mummers are. they say this happens every year. there is an instance of something that happens that is offensive. >> that is a a good point, excellent point. i think last year we had meetings with the the human relations commission. we took steps to ameliorate this problem. i spoke to nellie as well. we have reached out to the lgbt community. now we have lgbt members involved in the parade. there was a miss fancy brigade this year. >> but for months they are putting the signs together. bruce jenner on a box and right next to it is caitlin jenner on a fruit loop. you know what they are saying there. >> it is insensitive, mike. >> but the the group had to know they were going to do
7:33 am
that for weeks and weeks and weeks and couple members said we didn't see anything wrong witt. we didn't think it crossed the line. nellie, why does it cross the line. the let's educate people. >> it absolutely crosses the line. it is important to mention that the behavior that we saw here from finnegan's and from some certain individuals, it was not just homophobic but trans phobic that the behavior we saw going down street, yelling, explicit words about gay people and the entire performance by finnegans really is incredibly hateful and hurtful. >> they don't understand why it is, they say it was patriotic. look at red, white and blue. it is just satire. teach them why and it is really hard because people don't believe what you are saying. why is that offensive. >> i think what people don't understand is this never would have been a satire if the individual they were depicting were not transgender.
7:34 am
the depiction obfuscate lynn jenner coming out as she was formally known and from the wheelchair, it was deplorable. people who are transgender are individuals. they are human beings. whatever they go through, to live an authentic live to be themselves is their business. it is not funny. the it is not funny when somebody need to do something to live their life a as who they are. it is not funny to degrade them. this is message that it is okay to make fun or degrade them feed them in the epidemic of violence and discrimination we see against these people. we have been here to discuss that before. >> brigade that was involved in that skit they released a statement saying the person is no longer among their ranks. >> right. >> they are offering their services to help with the lgbt fundraiser. they want to learn more about lgbt concerns. how do you this think that should be. more meetings throughout the year. >> well, there is going to be a the lieutenant of things going forward. jim kenney made it very clear that going forward every single group will to have
7:35 am
submit what they are doing. they will be vetted out. there will be rules and press calls, and if they are told to correct that they are doing before they do it and they go out on the street and perpetuate this type of ignorant biased behavior then they will be held accountable and serious consequences and disciplinary action that is taken. it is important to note while we're here talking about these issues is there more going on, there is all kind of behavior that it must all ab dressed. way it is a addressed it is by putting together strong policies, protocols, doing education at forefront making sure that we have community involvement, and add avissing the mummers so they have the best product going down the street. >> people with brown faces, yes. >> black lives matter movement. >> if we approach this from the perspective of education and take an unfortunate incident that happened this year and we benefit from it in the long run with education. nellie said something, this
7:36 am
wasn't a homophobic thing this was a trans phobic thing. that is something that is new to many, many people. we hear about lgbt community and when we were told homophobic. >> real quickly but what is new about this brown face, i mean essentially this was black face, brown face in 1964. >> i mean when it comes to brown face verse black face. >> in general any kind of face. >> here's the thing, another issue that came up. we take this very seriously in the mummers leadership community. the situation is that we need when we have an ethnic theme this came up a at our meeting. if is there an ethnic theme whether it is mexican, italian or whatever we should reach out to that community and get some input, feedback to make sure what we do is really okay. >> well, maybe this will make sure it happens. >> like you said, george, it stinks because 99 percent of it was just kind of fun. >> exactly. >> i think everybody needs to step back and say mummers are well intentioned but that
7:37 am
doesn't excuse things that are hurtful, okay. what we need to do go forward is education and outreach. that is what is happening. we will maim lemonades out of these lemons. >> we will note the progress then. >> when thousands of people are involved, in any part of the society there are some people that are not very bright. you you know what i mean? >> yes, they will go out there. >> there is a lot of people that weren't bright here and it was a very structured and organized failure on behalf of many, many people there. so that is why in addition to them reaching out, there is going to be policies, protocols and this will not happen again. we cannot be an international spectacle for this type of bias and hatred. people are questioning whether or in the this was just funny or okay. we wouldn't be making headlines across the world if this were okay. this is not okay. >> i think caitlin jenner issue, part of the kardashian
7:38 am
clan, so to some extent it is -- should have been a product more discourse, more thought, more integration. >> thank you both. chris brownies firing back, this morning, a apparently found out how he is responding to a with man who claims he punished her in the face. winter is hard on your nose. from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better
7:39 am
so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today.
7:40 am
at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone.
7:41 am
that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ that sunnies on fire. >> it is. >> how about pants on fire apparently there is a tradition up in buffalo, new york before the buffalo bills game, when they tailgate, they jump on tables. they didn't realize this table was on fire and now his pants are on fire. >> and this did he this not once but twice. >> his jersey his back is on fire. >> of course, they tried to get it out. >> yes. >> it was available.
7:42 am
>> jen, you know a lot about the the the the buffalo bills and how they tailgate. >> yes. >> what is this about. >> so first of all when i first moved to philadelphia a, the tailgating i saw at the the vet, i thought kind of basic, because in buffalo, they go like that every single weekend, so mike and alex what they do is many times especially when it does get cold and it was cold this weekend they set cars on fire. they will set this part of the old koran fire and then they will grill on the top of it. that is their bond fire. >> yes. >> yeah. >> picture of the couch on fire, same thing, um. >> they set stuff on fire to celebrate the end the of the season and just like in philadelphia a, sad but true but basic drinking for 24 hearst by this time. >> that is why all they had to put it out was beer. >> exactly. >> my own father-in-law, was
7:43 am
this and super bowl. they set a bigger thing on fire or bigger thing on fire, and, big game for buffalo. and, rex ryan is their coach, and, huge, huge thing. >> jen, what is your topic here. >> i'm talking about complaining. people are complaining. it is cold. the eagles. going back to work. so we have had some people talking about it. i have a poll up, on twitter, jen fred fox 29 so go there and join the conversation. i'm kind of cold. i'll complain about.
7:44 am
7:45 am
♪ ♪ with the card most accepted by top doctors and specialists, you have the strength to drive forward. independence blue cross. live fearless.
7:46 am
it looks cool, does it. >> there is finally snow out there. >> they are making it but still. >> one more week. >> yes. >> give them a chance to build up a base, all right. >> you know what, is there some real snow too, it is coming off the great lakes and a few streamers making it down in pittsburgh. still making it down to washington d.c.
7:47 am
we even see a little bit, in salem county, new jersey. one little burst there and it is all because of this blast of cold air that we have, 31 degrees in philadelphia. twenty's and teens to the north of us, 30's to the south of us but that is not the the entire story. this is what it feels like outside, wind chillies 20 in philadelphia, chills in the teens to the north and then in the mountains it feels like zero and then it is because of the wind, sustained at 15 miles an hour in philadelphia but look at these wind gusts, 22 miles an hour we're gusting a and we expect to be more windy throughout the day. temperatures continue to fall throughout the 30's just a cold front that is in the the process of coming through. thirty-three tomorrow. then we're in the the 40's, in the middle of the week getting better but by the time the weekend gets here little milder so much so that our next storm system will only be rain. of course we will keep an eye on it all week long.
7:48 am
>> yes, we will, good morning everybody. coming up at 7:48 on this monday morning back to work and school, delays on the schuylkill, suit on i-95 normal delay through the construction but an accident northbound on i-95 right at cottman avenue has two left lanes blocked so just a few moments ago traffic just now starting to move here but again northbound i-95 right at that cottman avenue off ramp, watch for a crash, lights out traffic lights on the boulevard northbound at whittaker, also route 13 and new tyburn road in levittown you'll find a crash. twenty minute delays this morning on the manayunk norristown regional rail line. make sure you bundle up, it is cold standing out there on the platforms we are down to 31 degrees and new timetable on the patco high speed line to make sure you have a new schedule for morning rush. >> i know we shouldn't do this but this is what we do on good day philadelphia we are making out our list of things to
7:49 am
complain b i know we're supposed to be positive in 2016 but i'm over it no more eagles football. >> we're not the in the playoffs. unbelievably cold. >> we're back at work. >> back at work. >> back at school. >> yes. >> what else is there. >> my stomach hurts. >> mike is grumpy. >> yes. >> i have put on weight. >> yes, which is just a annoying. >> what are you upset about. >> turnpike tolls went up. >> tolls went up. >> that is true. >> christmas bills are due. >> yes. >> jen went into a wawa in haverford and what are people complaining about we're in havertown. >> that is just what i said. >> i'm complaining because i'm stupid. >> yes. >> reporter: first of all difficult a twitter poll with some of the things you just talked about. this is the twitter poll from my twitter and my question was what is most irritating for you today. overwhelmingly 52 percent said going back to work. the the cold weather,
7:50 am
31 percent. of course, eagles season at 17 . people are so cold, so irritated that they are not stopping but they are talking to us on social media harry says most irritating thing should be being sick with the head cold because of the weather. it is warm, it is cold. on back of being cold and off that other stuff. some folks say they wish people were most positive. this is from my jen fred fox 29 facebook page, how about this, mike, having a whole bunch of milk but out of cap n crunch. that is a problem we should all relate to. good morning, it is cold, right. have can i ask you a question. ahh, okay. that is my complaint. >> yeah, baby did you ask if i'm too late for the trash a and they said no, go ahead, jump in. >> that is cute. >> i will is a, we have a sound bite later but do you
7:51 am
want to hear brody fredrick's latest joke. the it is so cold he will have indoor recess and they play sorry, the board game sorry. he said he will walk up to the crew and say, is it too late, to play sorry. >> that is good. >> i got that. >> yes. >> i love sorry. >> that is good. >> by the the way, oh, one last thing mike, there is a complaint about you from casey and not casey mcdonnell. and says i says she's very upset because she's not cute enough to be followed by mike, a according to the the results. >> i have seen this. >> i never should have a said that on tv. >> you spoke too much. >> i do in the follow people because they are attractive. >> now all these women are complaining because they are not being followed. >> i will follow them. >> there is another complaint. >> i'm not hot enough to be followed. >> the complaint should be you are only following people that
7:52 am
are physically attractive to you. that is what they are complaining about. >> i promise to not be so shallow in 2016. >> is that your resolution. >> can you you write that down. >> how do you spell shallow. >> all right. we're talking about complaining. you're thinking about things you are complaining about. we will bring in doctor oz. he will help us to feel better bower selves in the new year. >> oh, what does he know. >> he knows a lot. >> what about this, standing up for bill cosby. hear why a fellow comedian we have not heard from in a while calls the the case against a cosby conspiracy. >> they want to tear down the black man in this country, that is what they say you are right, back to school, bill, doctor oz, doctor oz joins us next.
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
we are, bloated, we're tired, and we're broke. doctor oz, fix us please.
7:56 am
>> yes. >> let's start with, are we over indulge, how do you get back on track, man. >> all right. well, happy new year. i was down in philly for holidays and i indulge just like everybody else, however, it is january, time for second chances. we have day off die tote day. this is biggest day of my year. we work so hard on this program. we have had in millions of people lose thousands of pound. it was designed using best health advice experts and feedback from millions of folks on programs in the past. they told us very simple first off we want to have one day a week where we can do things we have to do in life. get around birthday parties and a office events and et cetera. so we give you one day a week off. not the just to get into but it is good for you. giving yourself one day a week to splurge, restimulates your thyroid and allows your met bliss tomorrow speed up again. other six days you will lose weight. every morning from now on i want to you take a lemon juice
7:57 am
water mix, in your coffee, stimulate digest death fluids. 25 grams of protein for breakfast. a smoothie, that we will show you on the show this afternoon. get it with eggs and some yogurt. you have 6-ounces of protein throughout the the day. as many starchy vegetables you want. we did all have the work. you have to follow through. good news if you do follow through you will lose a lot of weight. the food on this program will, very, very well. losing up to 7-pound first week. and then losing one to 2-pound a week for rest of the team they are on the program. >> it is on the web site already. >> it is already on the web site, the day off diet. >> remember, you get a day off. >> here's the thing doctor oz, how do you stay on track? i feel like you start off, i'm ready, i will do this and then it just, peters off. how do i make sure you stay on track though. >> well, just to deal with one myth, most people who start a new years resolution around
7:58 am
weight loss will stay on it until summer. it does actually work. the most people are not on the right program to have to follow. if you printout the calendar that we put on doctor i want to you issuing will the dates that are days off. you are lock into that. this is so darn simple. go shopping today for a couple basic need. you will need to have, for example, high protein foods. and then get past myths. we did one of a kind survey where we looked at the dude of americans around dieting. this is done by a political polling group. mike, the uber pol store in the country that ran this we understand why americans hate diet. they hate them because they don't understand them. a calorie is not the a calorie some will help you lose weight, others will not. other reality is that it is most of us are hard wired to lose weight, not the gain wait and it is die he had heart for you you are on the wrong diet. day off diet, is a relatively easy program. not so simple that you don't to have pay attention.
7:59 am
you have to focus. the but should not be a painful event to be on a day off diet. >> i was going to go, wait a minute, if you give us a day off, you must not believe in the other six days, i'm glad you said, a day off is actually good for you. it resets everything. >> that is right. we have learned that people on really strict diets over the the course of the week, slow their metabolism down so much because their body is smart and realize you you are starving itself so it does not want to waste energy. i'm not talking about eating everything that is around, and rational plan where you just having a good time at the event for that day, watching football on sunday. the other six days your body will know it is comfortable to lose weight and it will do. that one point that we can talk business exercise people do is wrong. you do not have to exercise for hours and hours. people do that wrongly. you need a little bit of exercise a few minutes of the interval training intensity and then after that make sure you exercise on a empty
8:00 am
stomach. much more effective for you. >> on a empty stomach. >> i tried to do that back when i exercised. >> okay. >> how many years ago was that. >> it the had to be during the reagan administration. doctor oz, we will be watching. >> thanks, doctor oz, happy new year to you. >> happy new year, good luck. >> we will need it. >> go to the grocery store. >> you say this every time. >> it had to happen because i don't feel well. >> it is monday, january 4th, mary grant's birthday today. >> lovely you don't know her. >> 2016. here we go. >> that is he had griffin, we have not seen him in a while. he is standing by bill cosby. he goes on a rant defending the famous tv dad why he says there is a conspiracy to bring down, successful black men in this country. chris brown on the attack. woman claims, the the singer
8:01 am
punched her in the face but he says, that is in the so fast. how he is firing back this morning. >> new year new leader, jim kenney is just a couple hours way from becoming the 99th mayor of philadelphia. >> we've got the blues. it is monday. it is cold. the the holidays are over. no more football. we're thinking your complaints all morning long. what has got you down. >> here's something to complain about when your car burst into flames on the way to work. >> on. h, no. >> this is the new jersey turnpike, northbound, right here near exit number five. we are watching from jenny joyce camera. >> we happened to be there. >> she's on the southbound side coming back from that earlier accident. stopped to see this here. so this is northbound on the
8:02 am
new jersey turnpike, right here near exit number five which is mount holly, willingboro. the if you are heading north bound it looks like they have everybody push over to the far right lane there on the northbound side. that earlier accident, which had the the turnpike closed off near exit 7a is gone, but this is now something we are dealing with here on the northbound side right here near exit number five. the rest of the major roadways as we get ready to get back to work and back to school for everybody, slow going on the blue route from route one all the way down to i-95. and then northbound, i-95, there is a a big, i'm no the sure fit is a piece of metal that fell out of the back of this pickup truck. it the almost looks like a car engine that is sitting in the middle of the roadway here from route 420. traffic lights out on the boulevard, northbound near whittaker. the delays north on i-95 into cottman. the his first day back after
8:03 am
the holidays is always crazy, everybody is getting back in the groove and everybody is going back to work, all of the kids are going back to school. so school buses are out there as well. the route 13 and new you tyburn road an accident, and we are looking at 20 minute delays on that manayunk norristown regional will rail line and sue, with the low temperatures you do not want to be walking out the front door without your jacket the or gloves this morning. >> no, i been deed with all of the mess you have to talk about there and then the shock to the system of this bitterly cold air that is with us, it is a six out of ten. bus stop buddy, stocking cap, mittens, blanket coat, it is much colder then it has been with these temperatures in the 20's and 30's. look at this 30 degrees but it feels like 20, thanks to that northerly wind of 13 miles an hour. we have been seeing a few snow flurries on ultimate doppler radar. at the moment in delaware and in southern new jersey around cumberland and salem counties, so you cannot rule out the a flurry, sunshine, windy, and
8:04 am
temperatures falling through the the 30's all day long. we have bottom out at 16 in the city but with the wind gusting up to 30 miles an hour it will feel like zero tonight. >> my goodness. >> zero. >> you know see, i often feel like a zero. >> you shouldn't. >> i'm trying to put in a new twitter, and follow our new mayor. dave kinchen what is mayor kenney's new twitter handle. >> it is pretty simple. >> it is a complicated one at philly mayor. there is already a tweet on there but that would be the the official account in second two hours when jim kenney becomes the 99th mayor in about 300 years. how is that for history. not so bad right there. the so lets take a look, at a picture that he tweeted out on his campaign twitter page, where he posted a picture of himself, editing his inaugural speech at his olde city council desk.
8:05 am
he said on that post that he cannot wait to continue serving the people of philadelphia he is going back to his roots after two decades on city council. kenney will be working with a bunch of new come tours tackle pressing matters like the ailing school budget. one of his biggest challenges in the school district of philadelphia announced it will run out of money january 29th, with that significant funding, keyword significant funding from the state, but state funding is only one factor. kenney will work with a variety of groups to get an education plan in place. >> we will find money in our own current budget and philanthropy and corporations and whoever else wants to help. we are going to cuddle this together and make this happen. >> we will see an infusion of the emergency fun from the governor tom wolf, late last month but there is still a need there. so we're here at the academy of music. 10:00 o'clock is when it all happens, guys, back to you. >> thank you for that. >> wednesday will be a big
8:06 am
day. thinks odd. a federal judge is ordering wife of bill cosby, camille, to testify in a defamation lawsuit, against her husband. >> on wednesday camille cosby is scheduled to answer questions from lawyers of seven women, who accused bill of sexual assault. they are saying that he allowed them to be portrayed as liars. the cosby is counter suing, accusing woman of making false allegations for financial gain. the cosby was charge last week in montgomery county for an allege sexual assault begins a temple university employee, in 2004. >> eddie griffin, hasn't seen him in a while, he better get ready for some twitter messages today. he is standing by bill cosby, calling the charges part of the conspiracy across this country. >> he is saying it is a conspiracy to bring down successful black men. listen to the clip from interview with glad tv. >> it is a systematic effort to deindustry every black male
8:07 am
entertainers image. they want us all to have an... >> interesting, he gets quite heated during this interview when is on line at vlad >> he is talking about successful black men he mentioned kobe bryant, michael jackson, michael jordan as black men hoff been singled out in the media for their so-called elicit behavior for what they call it it is quite a lengthy interview. he gets very heated in it. but if you never heard of vlad tv, it is vl ad >> yes. >> you can see it there. >> it will be strong reaction from that today. mummers say changes are coming to next years parade. we talked about this a few minutes ago following concerns over skits and homophobic slurs made by a number of the mummers. not very many. 99 percent of the the parade was fantastic. >> finnegan new years brigade portrayed bruce and kate len jenner from the wheat is olympic hero to a fruit loop. the bring gate captain said he didn't mean to offend anyone
8:08 am
but he didn't think they crossed the line because acts have an overall patriotic scheme. the skit was meant as a satire of popular culture. mummers also condemned a homophobic slur caught on tape by one member who was immediately kick out there were other instances, of brown face, they have a fiesta, and there were several mummers dressed up with faces brown, wearing robes and they dressed up as tacos. there were some instances where they were mocking black lives matter movement. it was interesting. what also made this so interesting is this year they said we were going to be more diverse but you can still see some steps to go when it comes to that. >> with thousands of people, some people just are not up to speed and don't understand, and understand is what going on. majority of the parade was fantastic. >> it is unfortunate that we see it happening but is there so many people involved, and, you know, there is a few that are ruining you the. >> dopes are not quite up to
8:09 am
speed. >> but hopefully we are moving forward. because you this made national news. hopefully they will take this moving forward and it can be a learning moment. >> how many times have i said that on this show. >> maybe this is the time. >> this is it. >> this is it, 2017 will be perfect. >> have after a heart breaking season the suffering is finally over, the eagles are, done playing golf but they did on their final day beat the the new york giants 35-30. interim coach pat shurmur was at met life stadium, giving an interview afterward. he said demarco murray started the first half with the 54-yard touchdown run. the his longest run ironically of the season. it it was a sea saw game but we won the whole thing. especially after walter thurmond did that toward the the end of the game. jordan matthews, icing on the cake with that nice touchdown, he had two on the the day. good effort by sam bradford, for sure, 320 yards. he was, i think, 30 of 38, pass attempts. two touchdowns.
8:10 am
there was a interception in there. giants lose 35-30. the the eagles wrap up a terrible season at seven-nine. the the second best though in the nfc east. that conference was there for the taking, alex. >> um-hmm. >> but, you know, some people say, like all we won but some people like no, we have not. >> a lot of people say we should have lost that. here are the perks, you get a lower draft pick, if you lost, and you get a trip to london to play rams. instead you get a higher draft pick for winning and you have to fly to seattle to take on the seahawks next year. >> they still have something to prove without chip too. >> that is true. >> they were not going to lose. >> sam had a great game. >> winning should be the goal. >> he was playing against the team who is last in the nfl in pass defense, last. thirty-two. >> we will see about sam bradford, we will see who on you head coach will be that will be the the big story who
8:11 am
will be the new coach. he is dubbed -- why this kid and his eating habits the at a cricket game caught comment taiters attention along with other fans. >> but first you have heard of a vision game i did one last year and plan to do one this year. what about a destiny board? we will will show you what a destiny board is and how you can create one and why it is pretty helpful to help you reach your dreams. >> doctor, i want to be like oprah, should i cut out the her picture? >> well, you can. >> you can. >> but you are in your own righty love you doctor. >> we bug her constantly.
8:12 am
from the palm of your hand, you can arm your alarm system, lock your doors, control the temperature of your home, turn on your lights, and get notified of all events. the slomin's shield is world class security. get a free slomin's shield security system professionally installed. call now and slomin's will include your choice of an indoor camera, thermostat or door lock. ♪ shield your home, ♪ the slomin's shield!
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8:15. here's is what facing you walking out the door this morning. hopefully you are bundled up because arctic express is here with wind chills in the teens, winds gusting up to 30 miles
8:15 am
an hour, very blustery day to day, flurries are possible, and mild again? well, that is not until the end of the seven day forecast. it looks like what we are seeing down here is in delaware probably around middletown, delaware at the moment. so 30 degrees in philadelphia, and you factor in the wind and it feels like 20. teens, wind chills to the north, 20's to the south, and those are your winds. we have wind gusts that are getting impressive. 25 miles an hour wind gusts in mount pocono right now. so temperatures will fall through the the 30's today. then we will have have a high of only 33 degrees. i cannot even say it, it is so cold. we have a wind chill of zero tomorrow. it does get milder by the weekend. by the the time saturday and sunday get here it will be in the 50's which means when we get precipitation, it will be rain. >> definitely take a few extra minutes to find hat and gloves and few extra minutes once you
8:16 am
hit the road. everybody is back to work and school. already delays on the the schuylkill and i-95. then an accident northbound i-95 working right now. this is on ramp from route 420. it looks like a car engine, fell out of the back of a maintenance vehicle and that is causing a delay north up toward the the airport. traffic lights out, boulevard at whittaker, also a crash up in left down route 13 and new tyburn road and off to the right is that delay north on the new jersey turnpike is all because of a vehicle fire up near exit number five, that is the burlington mount holly interchange again on the northbound side. mike and alex back to you. >> how do you stick with your resolution. a lot of people say write down the goal or put together something called a vision board or a destiny board. >> yes. >> i have done vision board in the past. >> how did it go last year. >> pretty well. you put your visions all out and clip out magazines and clip it all together. >> so doctor a argy allen is
8:17 am
here. so explain what a destiny board would be. i guess we know what the vision board is. >> it is very different. the with the vision board you are thinking about the big vision but they are actual stuff to get to that place. with the destiny board you are thinking of one decemberty any, where you want to be and specifically what are accounts a steps that will get you there. >> i love your example here. lets say we want to he to i vacation. it could be a simple vacation. put it on the game. >> this is where it is just about taking a vacation. the it means you want to travel. for the rest of your life. what will it require for you to travel for the rest of your life. it will require to you achieve. stress less a chief. and then it is also going to require you to handle your business, right. >> yes. >> you need money to travel. >> so is there business right there. >> there you go, alex. >> you may have to pay off some debt. >> yes. >> put it overhead so it can get it so they can see what you are doing. >> paying off some debt so they can see what you are doing.
8:18 am
>> you might be able to pay back some money to get some more money to travel. there are some things that you have to do, to get there. >> right. >> and then there is other things, once you create your destiny board then there is some more work, because you want to take these particular action steps and then write more steps. if you want to pay off debt, we will help you to pay back that debt. >> by next year. >> yes. >> so that next year you will be able to travel more. >> can you write them out on the board. >> another big difference. >> yes. >> you have to cut off things and just leave that it way. >> i like that. >> i like the action plan. >> where would i put it then. >> where would you put it. >> in myin my space to look at this. >> thinks about actual results. vision board is law of attraction on. if i think it, believe it, then it will come to me. that is vision board. destiny board is world of action. >> for example, this one looks like, this person wants to be a father this year. or in the next couple of
8:19 am
years. >> yes, yes. >> that is his destiny. >> love, trust, praise. >> right. >> connections. >> yes. >> right, right, exactly. >> so this person also wants ton a good father. so what does that mean? you have to talk with your children, trust your children, you have to connect with your children. you might need to buy a house but you have to have object lessons or you might need to be educated. there are all these things that need to be done. >> they are sort of broad. dos that mean in 2015, is what one biggest thing we will work on and lets hope, we will have different destiny board. >> but you still have have to have just one. the this is just a dancer. so she has to have ultimate a sacrifice. she has got to go beyond her expectation. she may have even have to go to school and succeed, right. >> yes. >> tough. >> but you have to have a plan with the purpose. if you don't after i plan with the purpose people that plan to fail, fail to plan. plan with the purpose. then create your action steps. and then, focus on, executing
8:20 am
your plan. >> okay. >> continuously. >> and then enjoy the propers zest. if you don't enjoy it, you will have no success. able finally over here true finish. a lot of times, there is a lot of times dreams without goals, ultimately, are just dreams, and that fools disappointment. people are walking around not finishing their destiny. well, not getting to their destiny because they don't have good goals to get there. this will help to you do that. >> she's probably needs some clothes too. >> that is right. >> yes. >> she wants to be a elephant dancer. >> yes. >> i like how focused this is. sometimes you need that focus. >> it will require a lot of tough love. >> thanks, argy. >> thank you. >> do you like this mike. >> is what your destiny, mike. >> you are my destiny. >> i knew you were going there. >> vision you this year to straighten myself out. >> yes. >> i'm there. you can come in my office.
8:21 am
>> do you have a couch. >> of course, she has a couch. >> look at this little guy. >> the water melon boy. >> man he loves his water melon. he is face deep in that thing. check this out, that is not tape but that is hair. how this man is transforming his back hair so you can enjoy it the every month and contribute to his good cause. >> is that back hair. >> that is hair, mike.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
this bias sitting in the stand in as you veil use over the weekend when a camera caught him eating that entire water melon. he even, he even, he even ate the rhine. he ate his way through the the side of it, into the center of the water melon.
8:25 am
he is eating the rhines. he finish it. >> i don't like to eat the seeds. >> you know what they have created now seedless water melon. the it looks like that is what he has because i don't see any seeds at all. wow. >> i like water melon but i don't think i can eat right through the rhine. that is so funny. i love it though. >> yes. >> wow. >> okay, new year are you going to get a new calendar. >> did you get one over the holidays. >> if you do it is probably nothing lake this guy's calendar. >> this is fantastic, back hair calendar. >> calendar hair, calendar. >> instead of the calendar year it is calendar hair. mike wolf, he looks like a wolf, decided to turn his body into art, he lives up in idaho and he used his back hair into different designs. it took years to make. so, let's see, look at this
8:26 am
one. >> swimsuit for the summer. >> yes. >> fourth of july. >> and oh, my. >> that is a backpack, and, back to school. >> football season starting up. >> from september. >> let me tell you this. >> halloween. >> that is pretty scary. >> what a brilliant, disgusting gross idea but i bet he makes millions off of this. >> i wonder what he his wife thinks. >> the manger are you kidding me, a manger in back hair. >> yes. >> okay, we want not top that story, is he we're going home. >> do you have any back hair. >> there might be a tug here. >> lets look. >> we will do that story. >> maybe i'll shave some in some other areas. >> my gosh. >> 8:26. we are moving on. >> every day i bring up seinfeld, right?
8:27 am
>> yes. >> george gets a win, everyone 's favorite awkward character george is getting to play, that you can call home. what jason alexander who plays george has to say about this. plus, are you still complaining this morning? we're still complaining. >> here's my complaint jared has back hair like that and refuses to show it on this cold, chilly morning. >> we have talk to some hairy construction workers. what do you think their number one complaint is. >> hi, let's see that back hair. we have got to go. we have to go.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
ladies, we have to make a change. >> ladies, we. >> this might not be a shock but we criticize ourselves a lot. is it a good make up day. do we look okay in this outfit? is it a good hair day. how many times a day women get down on themselves and most common criticism. >> are you asking me how many times will a women verbalize a critique of herself in a day. >> yeah. you don't necessity what we go through, mike. >> i would say three. >> three times.
8:31 am
>> okay. we will see. >> here comes jen. she's asking people what they are complaining about on this very cold, january the fourth. >> yes, we have amazing interview that hopefully you will see in the 9:00 o'clock hour. a lot of people, we're here in havertown, they are rushing. it is very cold. people have been talking about social media let's check this out. it is a tweet from the republican representative in the state of the pennsylvania, and a friend of the show, mike verb, the the fact that donald trump is still running for president is his number one complaint. look at my facebook page, jennifer doyle, the obligation of how are you holidays. to every single person you come into contact with for the next week. can we ask you a a quick question burr complaints. no. everybody is complaining about me this morning. >> yep. >> mike, i have to say our camera guy, he has in complaints, he is ready to kick off the new you year. we are hearing about that, from a lot of people saying today is not the the day to be
8:32 am
crabby. we should wait a week or two. people complaining that they still have chris in mass cookies that they are staring at. they want to get rid of. that people complaining obviously that they have to go back to to work. so check with us on twitter, because i have a pole going, is it the the cold, back to to work or eagles that are irritating you guys the most. >> the pole pull on our web site. >> it is on my twitter you are trying to get some rocket share there. that is good-bye you. >> yes, all three of them are bothering me. >> people are comma inning about our complaint top glike i guess so. >> yes. >> by the way, is what your go too day for take down the the christmas decorations. i have toe decide when to take down the deer. >> i was surprised when they came in and christmas stuff is still up. >> the the epiphany, yes. >> january 6th. >> that is wednesday. >> okay. >> so, wednesday it is. >> that is what we will do, lot of people do that. >> bus stop buddy, stock going
8:33 am
cap, blanket coat and sunglasses, much cold tore day with temperatures in the the 20's and 30's. the wind chills lower. it is a six out of ten in weather by the numbers because this is a shocker. it was so mild over the christmas holidays and now 30 degrees with the wind chill of 20 thanks to that 13 miles an hour wind, a few snow flurries in central delaware as we are moving out of new jersey, thinks all because of that cold air blasting in, it the is the arctic express. we will see temperatures drop through the the 30's and eventually into 209's by this evening, and you cannot rule out a few flurries anytime of the day but sunset time bob kelly is 4:49 p.m. those days are getting a smidge longer. >> yes. >> you know, i took my decorations down over weekend, posted a picture and people were complaining. you cannot take them down until the sixth. i'm busy on the sixth. i don't have time to do it on the sixth.
8:34 am
>> northeast extension right near lansdale interchange, and is there also a problem, northbound, lanes of i-95 at the 420 here. all traffic stopped, northbound, right at route 420. it looks like a big piece of i would call a car engine fell out of the back of the pickup truck there so they are in the process have cleaning up that. lights out on the boulevard, north bound at whittaker. we have an accident at levittown route 17 at tie burn roads. plenty of delays there and some changes on the turnpike. first of all coming over that connector bridge in new jersey into pennsylvania, you no longer to have stop at that first toll plaza they will snap a picture of your license plate and you will get a bill in the the mail a cross the board the entire stretch of the turnpike, the toll increase that went into effect yesterday, will leave us with some delays, at all of the cash lanes, today, only a few cents but folks are used to handing a 1.10 to the guy and
8:35 am
sipping right through so expect delays throughout the day. mike and alex, back to you. >> where can you get that anymore. >> maybe costco. >> i knew were you kidding. >> yes. >> there is a whole stack of franken sense in the back of the costco. >> yes. >> what were you doing in the back of costco. >> you mean back of the store. >> yes, not back around the the dumpsters. >> no. >> that is where i sometimes sleep it off. members of the the virginia state university gospel choir broke into song. thinks on a very long flight from amsterdam back to their homes near washington d.c. listen to this. >> ♪ >> oh, happy day they were returning from a tour in europe and decided that the eight hour flight deserved an
8:36 am
impromptu performance. they sang oh, happy day as you can hear. >> yeah, this this was, as they prepared to land. can you imagine being on the plane and having them bust out with that. >> after eight hours and you start to a approach dulles international airport you will go oh, happy day. >> they gave them a standing ovation. >> the the flight attendant and said everybody sit back down. >> please remain in your seat while the the seat belt sign was on. >> apparently you can get franken sense and mer at how much is franken sense. >> you can get a package of 19.99, they are essential oils. >> you you can get everything on amazon. >> essential oil combination pack for 19.99. >> essential oil pack. >> i will rub myself down in mer. >> forget that, i'm going for mer. >> all right. >> double 07 storm trooper, um-hmm, rumors swirled that daniel craig appeared in the new star wars movie. did you see him ?
8:37 am
you saw the movie. >> well, i didn't realize it was him and then said i remember that part good do we have that footage? we will find out after the break. ♪ ♪
8:38 am
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in fact, it whitens more than the leading express whitening strip. it's your smile bff. whiten more just by brushing.
8:40 am
in the very beginning it turns out it is sure to be a memorable, scene, so, for all of you who haven't seen it, watch for the the first four minutes and you will get mad at me but it wasn't my idea, what? hold please, let me reread this from the beginning. because i don't want to get in trouble. i'm sure everybody is already mad at me. the most people don't even know it is him. >> you cannot tell. >> it is revealed, that daniel
8:41 am
craig, snapped a short cameo in star wars: the the the force awakens. we know that craig daniel, only had four lines that were in the very beginning. it turns out it is safe to say, it will be a memorable scene. what we do know is that this storm trooper name is storm trooper jb. jb double 07. >> of course, double 07 had to be in there. >> that is the thing. >> i had no idea. that is a hint. he is a storm trooper. >> hopefully they didn't ruin it but now you will notice. so tweet me, not negative stuff and say thank you, mike for that. >> please don't tweet us negative stuff. >> you you for a seinfeld fanatic you can never get enough of this guy, and the crew. >> i told him i was very close to getting a job with vander lay industries. when the phone phone rings you say vander lay industries.
8:42 am
>> yes. >> what is that. >> okay. your favorite character is george, he is probably best actor ought of all of them. is there a george, inspired bar, that has opened in melbourne, a australia it is a long way to go but it might be worth it. the it is called be more like george. >> are you going to go. >> i don't know. look at this, that is right, i may not have a emmy, but i got me a bar in melbourne, australia good day, mates. >> so it features a toasty. >> and a bloody george drink. >> yes. >> and pictures of george every where you turn. is george your favorite on seinfeld. >> you know what, i'm's a big fan of crammer. >> you seem like a crammer guy to me. >> yes. >> but george was really good setting everything up. >> yeah. >> he is a all weird and anxious. >> did you see his parents. >> so on the attack, a woman claims chris punched her in
8:43 am
the face but he says in the so fast. how he is firing back. harvey levin have of tmz is with us.
8:44 am
♪ ♪ with the card most accepted by top doctors and specialists, you have the strength to drive forward. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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8:46 am
coming up at 8:46. it vice cold there. that is what we need to prepare you for this morning. that the blast of cold air, with a cold front, that is in the the process, of moving flaw right now, we have wind chills in the teens, wind gust to continuing to today to 30 miles an hour, flurries possible, but will it get mild again? well, of course, it the will eventually. in the meantime we're looking at snow flurries, possible, some have been showing up on raid are a, even this morning. so don't be surprised because we just told you bit. temperatures falling through the the 30's today. thirty-three for a high tomorrow, after a morning low of 16. but it is still going to be windy so it will feel like zero, when we get up in the morning tomorrow. just preparing you for that. here's a bit of the warming trend in the more reasonable 40's. by friday we will have late day rain and so it will only be rain with that high of 48 degrees and we should be in
8:47 am
the 50's with rain and only rain, mike and alex. >> okay. >> what happens today, after midnight they say, so this woman claims that chris brown punched her, at a vegas hotel over the weekend. >> but chris says it is in the true. he apparently is getting ready to sue her. >> harvey, where did this all go down. >> well, it went down in vegas at a hotel and i got to say we know something about this woman. because, we have done stories on her before. her name is liz i ann guitares and she claims that she was trying to go to the after part that i chris was having having, and they got into a scuffle and something happened and he punch her in the eye so she filed a police report. it turns out that this woman, about five months ago, was in hollywood, and she was at a club with jason dr ul o was and jason invited some of her friend to his home for an
8:48 am
after party but didn't invite her. she went off, the the rails, with us. talking about how she knew jason. how dare he do this. then a week later i remembered this help we did the chris brown story. i remembered we had done this story about this woman. i remembered something and we went back to our video and sure enough a week later she started accusing jason of, you know, doing stuff to her friends, and her friends ended up running out and crying. so she kind of has a history to this the chris says it is absolute crap ape he will sushi her for defamation he came out with the video. he treated it. but he came out with a video saying stuff about her too. >> yeah, i mean it was a ridiculous video. he came out and said she was ugly. she said i'm ugly. you know, the whole thing is kind of bad. but i got the to say, her
8:49 am
claim given what she has done in the past is a little bit sketchy. >> if we watch your show, do you have tape with her, from the incident before. >> yes. >> you do. >> absolutely. >> you will see it, absolutely , and very interesting let's show her, she's liz i guitares. can we move on to something else. alex and i have been following this story. madonna's custody battle. is her kid still over with guy richie over in london. >> well, not only is her kid over in london, but rocco wants to stay in london. we have just put a story up on the web site and we have been talking to various people in london who are connect to guy. rocco is not softened in his feelings. initially he did not want to be on tour with her until she was really controlling. a horrible way for a 15 year-old to live running around with the suitcase all the time. but now he likes being with guy richie. it is his dad.
8:50 am
it is a stable home. it does than the have to travel. he has issues with madonna that have not dissipated. and, guy we're told has already hired a lawyer. so there is going to be a custody battle it looks like and rocco has been ordered in court in new york city in february, and it looks like there will be a full blown custody hearing then. >> so i'm's sure you'll have more on this on tmz live. i say this every time but i love tmz live but today i will watch earlier because the the new show, it is starting. >> i'm so excited, will a ex. i mean, the show is called south of will shire. we have been working on it for a while. today is the day. it is on fox 29 at 2:30 in the the afternoon, 2:30, machine through friday and the idea of the show is we go in these areas where you wouldn't think celebrities hang but they do. bars, restaurants, and, pool halls, and basketball courts and all sorts of places. the customers and merchants
8:51 am
give clues on video about who the celebrities are that come there and we play the actual game in the soul food restaurant on crenshaw. it is so much fun where contestants have to guess based on the videos who these celebrities are. it the is a party. the it is a really fun game. i'm really excited. >> i'm totally inn. >> we will be watching. >> thanks, harvey. >> congratulations, another great show. >> thank you, guys. >> most of the celebrities live north of will shire. >> they are going south. >> normal people like us we live south of will shire. six year-old isn't your normal six year-old. i was watching this over the weekend. she is a basketball, phenomenon. >> go girl. >> how she works out, will blow your mind.
8:52 am
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good morning, 8:55. delays on the the schuylkill expressway eastbound an accident right here near 476, is there also a crash, right the here, thinks the off ramp from i-95 south, to enterprise avenue. there is a vehicle that is actually, sideways across the off ramp here, we've got philadelphia fire fighters with the hook and ladder blocking the the a off ramp. that is the at enterprise. then a tractor trailer accident, southbound a at lansdale interchange of the pennsy turnpike. coming in the city little sun glare this morning and again that crash a a approaching 476, and 20 minute delays on septa's manayunk norristown regional rail lines. mike and alex, back to you. could not keep my eyes up. >> watch this kid.
8:56 am
>> wow. >> she's better then this get her outside, that is rolling a tire down the the street, dribbling. is this all we're showing. >> this is her instagram video. >> sheer can do that. there is also video of her, rolling that down the street while dribbling the ball, my gosh. >> that is some skill. >> serious skill. >> jahlila, from new orleans, lou san a there is a lot of video of her on social media thousands of people are liking this on instagram. she's only six years old. >> she's six. >> stephanie curry. >> she's featured on sports center stops in. >> she made top ten of the sports center highlight. >> lets he called up wnba. >> she's opposite of what this next story is all about. she's pretty proud of herself and she should be. i'll give you a number of times a woman will criticize herself every 24 hours.
8:57 am
>> is this a good make up day? is this a good hair day. do we like this outfit. do we look okay. we will talk about how many times we criticize ourselves. >> i say four. >> last time you a said three. >> one up.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
it looks lovely but it is darn coal. >> yes. >> bitterly cold. >> it is january the fourth, 2016. it is monday. hi lauren is what going on. >> happy new yeary like that nail color. >> thank you. >> christian gray. >> do you see up close it looks like i have snow flakes. >> wow, look at that. >> i got it like two weeks ago. it was like 60 outside. wish full thinking. >> it is cold, darn it. so what we should do is roll footage ofhe


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