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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  January 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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it looks lovely but it is darn coal. >> yes. >> bitterly cold. >> it is january the fourth, 2016. it is monday. hi lauren is what going on. >> happy new yeary like that nail color. >> thank you. >> christian gray. >> do you see up close it looks like i have snow flakes. >> wow, look at that. >> i got it like two weeks ago. it was like 60 outside. wish full thinking. >> it is cold, darn it. so what we should do is roll footage of the beach.
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i mean a sunny beach. >> okay. >> look at that. >> look at that. >> that looks like down the shore, right. >> oh, yeah. >> but here's the thing, we are going to try for the next four mondays. the it is make over manor get in shape manor whatever the heck we are calling it that woman with the abs we met is coming in. >> tatiana. >> oh, yeah. >> you saw the instagram picture. >> i saw. >> she's shockingly fit. but is what weird is there is a magazine that haze banning the term bikini body what magazine would that be and why are they ban ago this term. >> will 2016, will this year finally look more like this. flying cars a virtual reality. we will see what we can expect to see from the tech world. >> wait until you hear about the gift i got for christmas that is a high tech, companion. >> what. >> is that appropriate. >> her name is a lexa.
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>> and also we're asking people what their complaints are this morning, coal, eagles season ended badly. my number one complaint i have a pair of socks in my pocket and i'm broke. >> put them on your hands. >> it looks like mittens. >> mittens. >> mittens. >> they now make work out outfits that have gloves, basically into it. >> like the sleeve. >> i like that idea. >> pull it back. >> okay. >> pull it back. >> okay. so it is cold. it is horrible. it is opposite of where were you last week on your christmas vacation. >> i could not figure out where it was. >> i was in costa rica. i was so exited to show you my picture but i hear you were already talking about me and showing these pictures. so over the christmas holiday the got a new camera for christmas. how are you getting these cool photos. i went to jack's photo place and i got this sony camera. i really like, showing pictures this would be a perfect time to show it off. >> is this professional.
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>> professional. >> i enjoying taking pictures. what i would do take camera and get delay and set it up and my dad would go and come around and literally press the the button for me. >> beautifully composed. >> well, thank you. >> is that it. >> no. >> here's where i was. here are some instagram picks i have. i never left philadelphia. >> let the me read that sign, it says. >> speaking spanish. >> is that the philadelphia. >> i never left philadelphia. >> i know that. >> but my question is, why is there a arch that says philadelphia in costa rica. >> there is a town called philadelphia in costa rica. >> i thought that was cool. >> i have to take a picture. >> here's where i was. as you can see, we have some friend, from texas who i grew up with. and they moved out to costa rica. >> yes. >> do you see that. this is about four and a half hours, five hours from san
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jose. we got in the car, we drove two hours in dirt unpaved roads. we were way out there. >> why did you fly to africa to go to central america. >> yes, yes. >> so, it is where we were. but, the the the house, but this is a picture of their living room. >> this is their house. >> excuse me. >> it is an opened living room. >> is that an infinity pool. >> yes, you can overlook the valley, and the ocean. >> hold on, the cliff. >> who are these people. >> they are my friend, miss trudy and book backman. they have been married 46 years. i call them miss trudy. we are taking a walk along sunset in the beach. there is, mr. rob her husband and this is my parents, we were all together there. it is so funny because he used to be like a psychologist before he retired. >> wait. >> who is zi p lining here. >> we went lining. here's the thing, i have been to bellies and go over some trees.
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we were doing this over mountains. i looked down and it was crazy. >> how long was it. >> it was really long. >> i have videos but it is a much longer process. >> there is that. >> but then i'm always like the third wheel. i was with my parents. >> i got them kissing. >> this is me trying to be a serious photographer. >> those are really good picks. >> so the three of you. >> the three of us, plus miss trudy and mr. bob. they are watching this morning. hello from costa rica. >> they watch on line. >> streaming the show on line. >> it is just so, i loved it, it was great, but it is real nature. huge bugs. i went in the shower and is there a scorpion waiting for me. >> at one point, you know, one of the things where you cannot put your toilet paper. so, i go in and about to use the rest room. but i will say, somebody didn't flush and i looked down and it jumped at me. it was a frog, in the toilet
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looking a at me. i screamed. >> nope, nope. >> but that is the whole scene. >> it is like a pure life. they are all about being natural. it is not just drink. >> blue zone means they can live well over a hundred years of age. >> everything is all natural. they eat lots of fruit and things like that. >> speaking have have blue zones we're in a funk today. >> yes. >> we have the blues. we will get back tour vacation. it is cold. it is monday. holidays are over. the bills are due. the eagles aren't in the playoffs. you know, we're hurting. but, of course, everybody hurts, sometimes. >> ♪
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>> ♪
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but there is a really bad attitude. i like jen fred's attitude in the truck. this is ridiculous. we cannot be depressed on january 4th. like i said i want it to be june, july. janice too cold. >> i will not be depressed. it is ridiculous. it is january 4th. >> let's do something to cheer up. >> let's watch some videos. >> yes. >> yes. >> listen. listen. >> you are not listening. >> listen, listen, listen. >> unaudible. >> okay. >> then you are not listening
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to me. >> you are not the listening to me. >> unaudible. >> i'm not breaking everything down i'm just letting you know you cannot have cup cakes for dinner. >> is that his mother. >> yes. >> mike, when we first watched this video. i said listen, listen, listen. >> listen. >> i think i called his mom honey. >> listen, honey. >> definitely earned it there. >> what about the the guy, what is his name, after he went to the dentist some people find that funny. >> this is real life. do you feel good. >> i can't see anything. >> yes, you can.
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>> stay in your seat. >> i have to go to the dentist today. i'm like this after the the oxide. >> that is chris murphy every morning. >> he screams like that. >> my gosh he is like are you with us. then at some point he will just lose it. >> that is funny another one came out last year, how about charlie bit my finger. yeah. >> ouch. ouch. ouch, charlie. charlie. charlie bit me finker charlie bit the me finger. that was three or four years ago. >> baby laughing too. >> i gotcha. >> baby makes it laugh it makes you feel better on this january or june or july 4th. what about baby, and bacon together. baby tries bacon.
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>> bacon. >> bacon. >> bacon. >> bacon. >> well, it is starting early, where ever they are, enjoying bacon. is that the best for the baby. probably not. >> but they got a reaction. hopefully he doesn't have bacon every morning. >> yes. >> do you feel any better. >> yes, i feel better. i got some laughs in. that is all we needed. >> more fun being depressed. >> a new study suggests that women let me get your take on this, women criticized themselves at least not three or four times a day. >> that was your guess. >> eight times a day. >> physically a say it, verbalize it.
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>> eight times a day. >> i'm trying to think. one in seven women were guilty of this, with weight, and image based critics being the the the most common. >> mostly, critiques about their body image. >> yeah. >> i don't like the way this dress fits. my gosh i need to go to the gym. >> you're too fat. >> you don't earn enough money. you are not wearing certain items of clothing because you think you cannot pull it off. >> put tonight first person. >> i wish i was more photogenic. >> i wish i could wear that like she is. >> yes, i wish. >> you look nice today. >> no, i don't. >> thank you. >> other day be like your hair looks nice today. so what it didn't look good yesterday or tomorrow or any other day. >> what you are saying is you wish you could accept compliments. >> yes. >> instead of deflecting compliments. >> yes. >> but eight is not a surprising number, you first wake up, you have to find something to wear, your hair, your dress is too big, your
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pants. >> your pants don't fit. >> you are changing to go to the gym. >> yes. >> then you get to work and like you you see everybody else walking around. >> yes. >> you come out and see what we look like on tv. >> or twitter. >> and everybody is like why isn't your hair in the pony tail. what is wrong with your make up. why are you wearing such earrings. >> they don't ever ask that. >> yes. >> i kind of of missed this. >> it gets crazy. >> you need more melatonin. >> do you ever say i wish i had a bikini body. >> because she has one. >> i don't want one either. i feel like peoples. >> what is a bikini body. >> people think bikini body is thin skinned. now i said i wish i had abs. like here. >> well, she's here. the she's here again. >> i'm not passing that up. >> i told her i had abs. >> wow to me that is a bikini
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body. >> and two kids later. >> my gosh. >> yes. >> i have abs. >> i thought it would be good idea continue on variety her back every machine through january, to keep us on track. >> to up company us motivated or make us made just wanted to see her. >> that is a good idea. >> do you ever see that women's health magazine when you go to the airport, you are bored, women's health magazine has a picture like gwyneth paltrow and they use this term over and over again bikini body in two weeks. >> you won't see phrases bikini body or drop two dress sizes on women's health magazine. the decision was made by magazine readers, actually. it is to pump you up, in the break you down. it stopped using the word strength and valiant last year so they are making changes. >> you cannot get those bodies anyway in two weeks. >> they say abs are made in the winter and in the kitchen. >> not the from doing
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crunches. it is what you eat. >> yes. >> and also your sleep pattern. >> i did a story about a group from australia that are, chip up dale as, thunder from down under. i asked them how do they get their abs. 90 percent is your diet. >> i agree. >> you don't work out just eat right. >> what do you eat right. >> it is only before. >> you should have started. >> i do. >> what did you have for breakfast. >> i haven't had any alcohol since new years eve. >> that could explain so much this morning. >> i'm detoxing. >> is what going on. >> he is all excited. >> yes. >> good to see you. >> nobody talks to me. >> okay. >> until january 30th. >> that is wonderful. >> is that your resolution it is not a resolution, it is a must. doctor a says alcohol, coffee and stress. >> you were drinking something this morning.
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>> well, bob offered me a free coffee but i took it. the it was a latte, very girly. >> does that make it better. >> no coffee. >> i'm lactose intolerant. >> it means you shouldn't be. >> yes. >> it is okay. 2016 will be better, mike. >> yes. >> i think it just came on. >> okay. >> so i may have to go here in a second. >> is that why you have to leave right at ten. >> i have to leave right at ten. >> right after this next segment. >> prince william is opening up about father hood. he is crying all the time now. explain this. >> documentary will air on i tv network. the three three-year old father says he is more emotional and there are few things that affect him. owe realizes how precious life is. became a fat inner july 2013 to prince george and charlotte was born in may this special focuses on prince charles charity which was started 40
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years ago, it helps provides jobs, education, and adults and you agree because your father, and it does like sort of make you different are. >> yes, it changed my life if i didn't have two children my two daughters, yes. >> yes. >> i would have gone way too fast. >> yes. >> i'm glad they slowed you down. >> too down. >> and, i would go to the parent/teacher conferences and the the minute the teach wore start giving them a compliment, it was like is what wrong. >> yes. >> so in touch with your emotions. >> yes. >> i can relate. with the little guys we talk about this over the holidays. you wonder what the world will be like when austin, who is four, is 15 or 21, and i have three daughters. three boys. you wonder about the girls. i really have to wonder how bad is prince charles really have it. >> i know. >> how involved is he with
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those kids? the the nanny, the the butler. >> well, he probably has access to them anytime he wants, and what is he doing. >> not a whole lot. >> charity work. >> yes. >> and, pilot or whatever. >> let me ask you this and go to alex holley and lauren johnson question. do you think date ago i guy with kids, is very different then dating a guy without kids. >> oh, yes. >> good or bad. >> i would say so. well, it depend upon what type of person you are. if you are somebody that likes kids, and i think you will see an opportunity from a woman's part. woman would have an opportunity, to see what a guy is really like, and, to maybe how he would treat your kids, and like we have, yours and ours. so, i think it gives us a good insight into how we handle will this. >> i'm starting think at the 34 that dating a guy with kids
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seems more appealing to me then dating a guy without kids. >> revelation in 2016. >> have you been against dating someone, with kid. >> i have shied away with it. >> i have in the past. it is at this age i think you get to see a different side of the man. some men, and this isn't all men but some men with no kids are always looking out for themselves. kids like that tend to slow you down. you see things differently. you are more compassionate, more patient. >> yes. >> the the dating scene become different. you will not go to the bar scene every night. >> right. >> you will doing family things. >> yes. >> i have got the kid this weekend, you just want to to come over and we will make you dinner. >> that doesn't sound like a lot of fun. >> not the that far. >> baby-sitting. >> yes. >> lauren will be like, you have the kids this weekend.
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you know, i'm out of town. >> i forgot i have this appointment. >> yes. >> i think the non-kid weekends can be great. >> yes. >> lauren, keep us updated then. >> i will. >> guys, if you are having children. >> i'm tagging lauren johnson. >> on twitter. >> lauren dawn fox 29. >> lauren dawn fox 29. >> speaking of meat, a local rest tur rant made daily list of america's top five steak housees, did you hear me. >> yes. >> it is in philadelphia, i went there and that meat is considered the best meat in the world. >> you will talk bit. >> wait until now.
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after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. a local restaurant made daily meal list of america's
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50 best steak housees. >> barclay prime came in at number five, and we sent mike, to find out just why. >> i am at barclay prime, just off of rittenhouse square. i have been here before, cher mark good to see you. >> good to see you. >> been here many times, you are one of the best restaurants in america. so really, top five restaurant, steak housees in america and you got named that. that is really cool. we decided to eat here. so look at this, that is something called ragu. >> japanese ragu beef. >> what is this. >> it smells like tuna. >> this is a best beef you can buy in the world. it comes from japan. these cats will are raised specifically for the overall flavor, texture, color of the
9:25 am
meet. >> when say japanese cow. >> rating is a5, that is a top rating. >> that is the the best piece of meat in america. >> in the the world. >> in the world. >> can you eat it. >> sure. >> it looks so rare though, which i order stake really rare. >> yes. >> it is probably closed to medium. it keeps it light and incredibly tender and moist. >> yes. >> that is fantastic. >> what a joy. >> it melts in your mouth. >> that is weird. >> yes. >> that is fantastic. >> it melts. i'm not even chewing. the that is fantastic. >> they have great fish here. what is this. >> this is our fish done with brown butter. it means caper, brown butter,
9:26 am
lemon. it compliments the the fish really well. it is a great dish. it is a rare fish, a prize for its texture, mild flavor, sweetness. it is pared with the nuttiness and acidity of the sauce. >> the butter and capers together. >> and lemon accent waits the sweetness. >> you said that was from the english channel are you lying to me. >> no, i'm not lying. >> it is so good. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> we have a couple of roasted cauliflower. >> i love that. >> these are famous tat ter to the. >> it is classic. >> and they are shoe string onions. >> is that really ketchup. >> i bet chef freak out to put ketchup on the table. >> yes. >> this is even better. the it is a classic. >> that is fantastic.
9:27 am
>> thank you. >> you the the man. >> chef mark, congratulations. >> i hope you'll stay. >> sure. >> you know he is staying and enjoying that. >> have of course. >> restaurant week is coming up againy can't wait. i love it. >> so maybe we will go there. >> to get some stake. >> that looked good. >> 2016 finally look more like jetsons. we have more technology, advances. we will have a flying cars, virtual reality. >> i got a apple will watch does that count. >> look at you. >> techy. >> thanks santa. >> we will talk about what we can expect to see from the tech world this year.
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♪ ♪ with the name trusted for nearly 80 years, you have the courage to enjoy the ride. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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>> gorgeous shot. good morning, reading. >> hello reading. >> hi, our tech expert, her name kathy slain, and she looks fantastic today. high. >> she always looks fantastic. >> thank you. >> she dot a drone for christmas. >> i did, i got a drone. >> it is under 4 ounces so she didn't have to register it. >> i don't know what to do with it quite yet. soccer game? watch your kids soccer game? take it to the beach? what was one do zero with a drone. >> so it wasn't on your christmas list? >> , no but a million of these sold over the holidays. they are getting to be huge. >> this is my first time seeing a drone up controls. so amazed by how light weight it is. >> just like a feather or something. >> but the faa wants to you register it if it is over 4-ounce. >> right, a commercial drone. >> are you going to let the kids play with this? >> i think looks easily breakable, so i don't think so. it looks delicate. >> how old are your kids? >> eight, six and four. >> okay. >> we have that. that will be big thing this year. what's the next thing? >> wearables? >> wearables.
9:32 am
well, so, we have got the apple watch last year, we saw the apple watch in 2015. now there are tatoo wearables, seeing stuff, yes, company called chaotic moon. they are making these bio metric tattoos, which attach to skin like a temporary tatoo. it collects health and bio metric data from your body. they're calling these bio wearables. and they can sense your body temperature, your sweat, your heart rate. >> wow. >> actually talking about using this in the military so they can even sense the air quality around you, so if there is a poison in the air, or if you're under a lot of stress. >> forget the fit bit? >> yes, forget the fit bit. >> this is on your skin. >> something you don't have to reach -- >> how would i read it then? >> it connected to your under phone, you can know, you know, if you're under an lot of stress, because you are sitting next to me. >> sweating. >> i'm overheating.
9:33 am
>> like the movie minority report, all of the ads, talking so they could read? >> probably make your sterile, but sounds like fun. >> new things coming out. >> oh, my gosh. okay. so virtual reality too, big. >> facebook coming out with the first consumer level, virtual reality, glasses, called occular risk. they don't require a small phone, which is very interesting. and this will make the whole gaming world and entertainment world, just going to take it a whole step forward. so, really, it feels like you're in the game. you can reach out, touch something, or someone. >> cool. >> and, yes, this will take gaming answer taintment for whole new leaf, a company called have i have i headsets expected to hit the market. so expect to see more virtual reality headsets coming out in 2016. >> this next one, mike, something you need to do in 2016. whenever we are going out or doing stuff, his phone is always about to die. he's always trying to find a charger, then lets it go.
9:34 am
so now we can have self-charging phone places in. >> i got two of those charging, whatever you call them, chargers for christmas. >> little portable charger. >> but you have to have those charges. do you have charge the charger to charge. >> well, there is a new technology coming out by japanese company. and the technology is called kota. what this will do it, will charge your phone through wavelengths and it will automatically recharge it, your mobile phone, at a distance it, pushes out the energy wavelength to charge the device from far away, so you don't have to plug it into anything. >> love it. >> this is so you. >> on a pad, this technology will be huge, once it comes out. you're also going to see more super batteries, israeli start up called store dot. look out for them. and they're going to create battery that charges a smart phone in 06 seconds or less. >> i love that. >> bamm. >> so it works like you put it, hook it up, wait couple of minute, okay, should be good. you pick it up, only two
9:35 am
more%? >> still can't take a picture? i got al election a, amazon thing, black tube, i put in my living roomy ask it questions. what's the temperature in denver, colorado? >> well, mike, it is 06 degrees. >> oh, one of those? >> is this your new girlfriends? >> it basically is a mechanical companion. she'll answer almost anything. >> well, his fiancee doesn't live here, so i guess that's good while she's gone. >> he uses the company. >> this machine is actually more interesting than her. just kidding. >> you don't mean that. >> oh, kidding, kidding. way to go. happy new year. way to go. >> way to go. >> okay. >> all right, jen's complaining again. oh, ya. >> one has unique complaint. he's upset about uni brow. what is everyone talking about? what everyone most crabby about on this cold back to work monday? we'll tell you right after the break. in havertown this morning, uni brouse.
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but at my table, i keep the food real. like country crock's new recipe. made with real simple ingredients and no artificial flavors or preservatives. real country fresh taste from real ingredients. welcome to crock country.
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9:37. we're complaining for one day. we're going to be positive the rest of the year. >> okay. >> exactly. >> the one day to complain with jenn fred at a wawa. hey, jen. >> or in a parking lot. >> she is cracking up. >> mike, i just -- let me let everyone in on something behind the scenes. i want smokey and the bandit this weekend? that's too bad. >> and it is so good. >> ya? >> the best movie ever made. better than star wars. and he will diablo sandwich and a doctor pepper. okay, so, yes. people are complaining about all kind of things, including these sexy, sexy, sexy contractors. check them out. high there. >> i know this is
9:40 am
philadelphia, but last week it was 72 degrees. i was in a tank top. and it was sunny. >> i bet that was hot. >> yes, now it is 35 degrees and we got to go up on the roof and it is cold weather. stinks. >> freezing out here. >> ya. >> cold. >> nobody want to do this in the cold weather. >> welcome to january, pal. >> yes, and the eagles lost, well, they won, but not in the playoffs, and -- >> we should have lost. >> ya. >> we would have been better off losing, eight spots in the draft is a lot. >> yes. it is a heck of a lot. and no one's going to london. everyone is up set about. that will i have to say on my twitter pole, 55% overwhelmingly the majority say going back to work today what they're complaining about the moles. not those guys. even out in the cold, they love their job, and their boss. okay, so, the other thing people are talking about, if you go to my twitter, people complaining. mike, the camera guy, the co-host of my 6:00 a.m. show on facebook, he is also complaining about complaining people. he says, it is a new year fresh start. if you don't love your job,
9:41 am
find a new job. one guy, said jenn fred, covering things up. well, mr. cheek i, it is in the 30's. so i'm covering everything up. by the way i have been eating all year, so even though i don't want to see it uncovered. a lot of people are saying, you know, it is time to take the christmas stuff off. here you see, yes, i need to count my blessings, happy new year, finally from allison, who is big watcher of the 6:00 a.m. on my facebook page, having to make my five's look like a six, you know, because it is 2016, after all. and not 2015. that is her biggest gripe. so finally ladies and mike jerrick, not a gentleman, mico my complaint is i only found one glove. >> oh, i hate it when that happens. pulling out the winter stuff, where is everything. >> or you just misplaced them like sue. >> and el diablo sandwich and a doctor pepper.
9:42 am
>> what were you going say, sneak. >> nothing. >> i always lose my socks, i never have matching socks. >> i don't get it, where do they go? >> hide this is the dryer. >> another says back to work, it was really hard to part with my lovely bed. i hear you, girl. >> specially when it is cold outside, you don't want to get out from under the covers, you know it will be freezing. >> and you get back later -- >> you know michelle williams, not with destiny child any more. >> that's you celebrity friends. >> okay, let's put up the picture from my instagram. this is about maybe a month ago. >> yep. >> she's back. and she's front. do you want abs like that? >> yes, please. >> course. >> by june? >> yes, please. >> you don't have to leave your home, do you? >> not at all. >> she's back. let's celebrate those curves.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
>> i swear this is the year we're getting in shape. 2016, come or not you first met our next guest, i would say, four weeks ago. she made the cover of oxygen magazine. , hello eastbound. >> hello, good to see you again. so, i have an idea. you gave us inspiration on the cover of oxygen. >> right. >> how about every monday for the month of july keep it
9:46 am
going. >> january, july sounds good, though. >> july? >> i don't believe i'll make july, that's why i keep bringing it up. >> is that what's going on. >> so every monday kick start us again at the beginning of the week. in january. >> there go. >> we don't want to spends money at the gym consideration we do this at home? >> of course. >> did you -- she's ready. >> i was wearing address, i put on my pants. >> i swear there is could become a trends across america. >> what? i don't think. >> what are we doing? >> so the good day challenge is designed tone courage all the philadelphians to get healthy, in shape, throughout the month of january. >> here is a idea. you take your before picture right now. delaware valley, by the way. >> of course. >> take a picture of your eastbound, eastbound especially if. >> abs. >> butt, back. >> sends them to me on twitter
9:47 am
>> nice try. >> hashtag good day challenge. have your pictures featured in next week's segment. >> oh,. >> really? >> that's pretty cool. >> okay. this is what we're looking for right now. >> right here. have some clothes on, glow oh, my gosh. >> even after the cookies. >> speaking -- >> okay, so let's get started. give me idea. >> so this will be the first one. you ready? >> oh, okay. >> here we go. so we stand, we do shoulder press. >> okay? >> legs are going to be shoulder width apart. we drop. >> oh,. >> this is for the ladies? no, he has to be in it. >> let's do it. >> i knew he was going to throw me out of it, we'll do a squat. keep your hands to the side. we drop down in a squat with our hands. >> oh, stay there, okay. >> then we come up, and we're going to bring our arms above our heads. that is going to be your shoulder press. so shoulder work out and a squat at the same time. we bring them down and drop
9:48 am
down. >> i can't get up! >> then come back up. so that's the first one, is a squat, work the body, quads, hamstrings, shoulders. second one will be a burpee push up. >> i know what a burpee s i hate them. >> you ready? >> are you ready? >> all right. so, we will get down oh, sorry, we start in a squat position with our hand on the ground. >> you lung yourself. >> you kickback. >> oh! >> then do push up. bring your body down in one motion. >> oh, you guys are good. >> jump back up. and then -- >> how many times do we do that? >> don't forget to jump in the air. >> one more time together. ready? >> reach out. push up. come back up. >> and jump in the air. all right. >> how many times do you think you should do that? >> we will do this three times a week. >> no, no, no, i mean how many? >> three set of 12. >> three set of 12? >> we're out every breath
9:49 am
right now. what's this? >> thirty-six? >> that is a lot. >> so we will be doing these three times, all right? twelve times. all right, so that's the next one, we are going to do a planning, all right? so we get down again. plank. and we will go on our elbows. and we're going to hold it there. >> sure we are. >> and you will hold it. and then we'll go around and i'll sit oner. >> oh, hold on now. hold on. >> so we hold it, make sure your body straight. and i'm going to go ahead and sit on you. >> oh! >> all right. >> hold it for 30 seconds. >> if you are inter immediate. >> i'm beginner. >> and those are our three exercises. >> that's pretty good. >> so let's recap, the first one, squat? >> salt and shoulder press. then do a burpee push up. and then we plank. >> so we will do these monday, wednesday and friday. >> okay. >> at home. three times. >> can you all hear his breathing?
9:50 am
>> how long should i hold the plank and how many should dow? >> thirty seconds. if you are a beginner. >> then how many? >> three times. >> three times? >> three times. >> three is the lucky number. >> okay, give me the hashtag again? >> so be sure to tag your pictures to good day challenge, for chance to have your pictures featured in next week's segment. >> okay. >> yeah, and also don't forget that i have videos posted on my site for more information this week's challenge at wwwfavianaforini do. couldn't. >> and we'll have it on our website fox philadelphia. com. >> i'm give you $100 for every pick we get by next monday. just kidding. >> oh, i got excited here. >> what what? >> are you going to send in a pick of your abs? >> no, i don't have any. >> next week you'll join in the exercise, right? >> say hi to your husband. >> awe. 9:50, everyone talking about miley cyrus. is she bag together with liam
9:51 am
hemsworth? the photos that have everyone on social media talking. >> everyone? >> pretty much everyone.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>> 9:54. i met miley cyrus and her boyfriend, liam hemsworth. when they were living in my building while he was shooting a film here. >> i remember, met him in the elevator, flight. >> in the elevator, the lobby, and anyway, then they broke
9:55 am
up. okay, we have pictures of them in australia kissing. >> and cuddling, not only cuddling, kissing. >> so are they back together? >> i don't know. >> so what do you think? it is to up you to decide. let's hope so. >> you want them back together? >> for a little while. >> or maybe just having some fun? >> is that what you do, just hang around with people you used to date? >> just saying. >> make out? >> sometimes. really is that correct what you do? that's not what i was thinking. >> what were you thinking? >> just saying, you can't so soon. >> just because they're kissing and hugging? >> yes. >> well, it could be, you know, miley cyrus, common. alex is saying maybe because those pictures were taken around the new years hour it, could have just been a new years kiss, right, not so much they're back together. >> who did you kiss at midnight? >> nobody. >> nobody. >> my champagne flute. >> i took a picture of like everyone kissing behind me. >> that was fun. >> i at new years. >> because were you like what up single laid.
9:56 am
>> all doing that at the moment. because everybody around you is making out. >> you had time just to take a self me? >> yes. >> nothing else to do? >> no. >> by yourself. >> don't do that. >> selfie. >> and there it is. >> so there it is. it was quick. >> humans kissing? >> and then -- >> and smiling, oh, alex, no, i'm smiling, i'm still having fun. >> you're happen. >> i not like crying in the corner, like hey shall everybody, kiss, kiss. >> fun night. over atwater works? >> yes it was, great, hollywood glam party. they had people walking around, lilt errly, looks like they're in black and white. >> this is make out session. justin bieber talking about kissing and telling. >> we are doing a lot about kissing. >> now, who is he kissing snob. >> look at this photo. >> oh, please. >> model, you know? she is the daughter of steven baldwin, guy very spiritual and religious. >> oh. >> and wasn't he supposedly dating a kardashian?
9:57 am
>> who? >> courtney. >> remember a week ago were you so angry, like really? >> yes, so look at them on a vacation there. >> she is cute. isn't she? >> ya. >> okay, bieber. >> i mean, he is living his life. >> you know what else? >> 's' 21. >> his resolution for 2016? to continue to be a tool. >> no it is not. >> that's not what he said. you are making his resolution to be. >> did you see the e-mail of all of the like, now, i can't think right now. >> the big deal this new years eve was everybody putting little compilation of their year together. >> oh, yes. the best times? >> so what happens if you don't like your best line? >> do they pick your best line for you? >> yes, the one with the most likes, and puts altogether. >> i couldn't even get two and a half. >> whatever. >> sad year. >> don't forget jim kenney. >> yes. break-in for coverage starts -- 10:30?
9:58 am
>> shows the swearing in and fairly small speech. >> have a great first monday of 2016.
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's the "the wendy williams show. show..". >> how you doin'? >> the kids have come today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect, have several. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: uh-huh. beautiful. welcome.


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