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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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has the woman who found it wondering about its owner. snow machines are getting work out in the poconos. temperatures dropping to dangerous levels. your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ right now dangerous cold gripping our area with wind chills already below zero in the poconos. you can see cold enough at blue mountain to finally make snow. but it's not only the mountains people are bundled up walking around manayunk tonight we are
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only in single digits. >> you know what, it's not going to get any better before you walk out that door tomorrow. as we take life look in wilmington, tonight. it only took until the start of january but winter is finally here. >> good evening, i'm lucy nola noland. >> i'm iain page. several communities declared code blue because of the frigid temperatures. live team coverage for you tonight. chris o'connell talked to people out trying to stay warm let's begin with kathy orr who's tracking the oldest weather of the season. kathy. >> we're talking about dangerous cold already in the poconos. a wind chill advice eighty four in effect right now for monroe and carbon counties in pennsylvania. until tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. we're talking about wind chills 15 to 20 degrees below zero and we're already in the thick of it. right now in the poconos 1 degree. 11 in allentown. 17 in philadelphia and in trenton it is 14 degrees. add the wind out of the north, gusting to 31 miles an hour in the poconos. gusting to 26 miles an hour in philadelphia. even at this late hour and you come up with those feel like reading those wind chills 21
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below zero. right now in the poconos. it feels like three in philadelphia in trenton it feels like two below. so we are going to see some wind during the overnight. and colder temperatures. temperatures overnight between 10 and 16 degrees. these numbers right through early tomorrow morning when you head out the door. winds out of the north 15 to 20. slowly decreasing and wind chills between five below and five above. tomorrow morning in philadelphia waking up to 15 degrees. it hasn't been that colder in 10 months you have to go back to march 7th when it was only 11. iain and lucy, we're not used to this. so bundle up. i'll show when you it will be warming up at least a little bit in that seven day forecast. i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> something to look forward to, kathy. temperatures are way below the freezing mark throughout our area tonight if you are holding off and pulling out that winter coat, i'm just guessing the time is finally come. fox 29's chris o'connell live in rittenhouse square tonight. got tweeted tonight chris i was wean 93 because i was talking about the cold. however, it is cold out there.
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>> reporter: you're not the only one. as you said lucy many municipalities issuing that code blue warning tonight for the dangerously cold temperatures. camden, philadelphia among those municipalities. cold weather and dangerous wind chills we have our an mom meter here this is clocking wind chills right now 10, 11, 12 degrees. winter has arrived but it is caught many people off guard. welcome back winter. chaka mamoud dog couldn't wait for day like this. when the temperature gets cold his business gets hot. >> iran out. they ransacked by gloves, scarves everything people need for the cold weather. >> people all over center city had to break out heavy coats, hats, coats and blankets for the first time this year. slap in the face to many who didn't expect temperatures near 20 degrees call it pay back for a mild december. >> i've got legwarmers on,
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slacks on, panty hose, going take me three hours to get undressing. >> you may not like it but there are some who have to be out in the cold. like peco crews working the night shift or car wash schers like this man. >> i didn't want to come to work today. it was that cold. i came. been freezing all day. >> reporter: fox 29 weather authority it's the coldest since last march. some may have forgotten what winter really feels like. >> i was really looking forward to the snow but the cold weather really hard to deal with. >> my favorite weather is the wintertime. i see less people and it just feels good. it's refreshing. >> some call it refreshing. others call it down right bitter. and wonder if it's a sign more wintry things to come. >> frigid and kind of awful. i think like 70 degrees like three days ago. not the weather for shorts? >> no, not quite. >> we've been lucky. we've been lucky. >> but now. >> i think we'll get it bad. we'll get snow and everything. >> reporter: well the good news for those who like the
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snow, ski resorts in the pocono mountains are back to making snow. some of them are already open. most will be open this weekend but, guys, iain, i tell you, i forgot how cold it was. i forgot my hat and my gloves. i should know by now. >> you should buddy. run back in that truck and get warm. thank you, chris. as we take life look at trenton tonight remember make sure you're prepared for the winter weather with the fox 29 news app. you can see live radar get alerts sent right to your phone search for it in the apple and google play stores. >> fire to tonight in claymont delaware home was an accident. when firefighters first got to the scene smoke was pouring out of the house. two people did escape they are not hurt. deputy fire marshals say electrical malfunction in the basement started the fire that. damage estimate is $50,000. >> new tonight investigators in cam county need your help finding a man wanted in connection to a homicide. authorities releasing this video tonight. police say it shows a man walking along 27th street in cam leaving the area where a
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homicide had just occurred. this was on halloween night. the shooting death happened on the 2600 block of kramer street. if you've got any information call police. a new era in philadelphia mayor jim kenney now in charge of city hall. kenney took the oath of office this morning on the academy of music's grand stage. the mayor pledged a transparent government and former city councilman highlighted his top priorities. they include reducing poverty and putting a universal pre k in place. he also spoke about improving community and police relations. >> black lives do matter. (applause). >> and that the overwhelming majority of our police are decent hey working public servants who risk their lives every day. >> meanwhile tonight at the convention center philadelphians head to do a block party to celebrate the change for the city's top office. but this party had a much bigger goal than dancing the night aw away.
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organizers raised money for a very important issue here in philadelphia. our bruce gordon is live at city hall now where mayor kenny will first his first full day on the job tomorrow, bruce. >> reporter: that's right, lucy. every new mayor wants to set a tone and send a message on inauguration day. well, for jim kenney the tone was informal as be fitting this blue collar kid from philly. the message our public schools need money. we'll help raise it. you doesn't to look out to hard this out this was not black tie gallon good la. finger foods came from food trucks and the price of admission was a donation to the fund for the school district of philadelphia. non task provide supplying programs for the cash trapped district. the city can no longer wait for help. >> we obviously so have to continue to fight for all the funds we need to harrisburg. it will be a fight every year. instead of ring our hands and giving up we'll put back in the music programs, the art progra
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programs, reading programs, after school programs. because this organization the fund for the schools in philadelphia is the way we'll attack this. >> reporter: big bucks donors put up $650,000. then fund volunteers in park link fedoras worked the crowd for more. >> people want to be able to help. the fund allows somebody to have $5, 500, 5,000 or half a million dollars to be able to give. >> reporter: perhaps the happiest man in the room school superintendent dr. william hite who knows all too well the city cannot count on help from harrisburg. >> these are things that get basic supplies into classrooms. thing that we shall be take fog granted that unfortunately we haven't been able to take for granted here in philadelphia. >> reporter: kenney like this president source sore michael nutter takes office after a long tenure in city council. but nutter never enjoyed the support of his former colleagues and it often stimied his agenda. a man who has work alongside both men says lessons have been
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learn. >> remember, jimmy was in council when michael was the mayor. for almost eight years so he studented the disconnection if you will and i think he's done everything to date to make that connection happen. >> reporter: jim kenney was surrounded by hundreds of friends and supporters at the convention center tonight. working the next four, member eight years, he'll really only need nine. votes that is the bare majority in city council. with those nine votes, he can move mountains. without them, he will go nowhe nowhere. iain tomorrow the real work begins. >> absolute, bruce, thank you. >> in montgomery county officials were worn in. new sheriff, county commissioners and new da already making headlines. last week da kevin steal charged bill cosby in connection to that sexual assault case that's more than a decade old. >> developing to night a battle brewing in washington, d.c. over guns. president obama is expected to take new executive action on gun
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control tomorrow despite congressional critics who say his over reach is dangerous. the president met with attorney general loretta lynch, fbi director and other top officials to workout those plans today. he's not giving any specifics on expanded background checks until tomorrow. but the president says the initiatives will curb the country's rate of gown of gunnery lated suicides and mass shooting while respecting second amendment rights. house speaker paul ryan says the president at a minimum is sub verting the legislative branch and potentially over turning its will and that account tune will not stand for it. >> berks county firefighter facing arson charges to night accused of of set throwing separate fires dating back to the summer. authorities say surveillance video and witness reports helped them catch 19-year-old cody widener. he was rookie firefighter with the fleetwood fire department. he said set a shed on fire saturday and then a garage on fire in fleetwood on friday and then started another fire in fleetwood in august.
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armed group continued to occupy a federal building in oregon. it is day three of standoff with federal officials over the use of government owned and controlled land. >> at issue federal prison sentences for father and son ranchers dwight and steven hammond they are convicted of setting fires that they say were necessary to not only protect their land from wildfires but also kill invasive plants. one of the fires burned 127 acres of federal land. even though they've spent time behind bars, an apples court has now ruled they must serve a full five years. the bigger issue is a decades long struggle over land rights. the protesters say the federal government has over tendon its authority. >> because we have allowed our federal government to step outside the bounds of the constitution, they have come down upon the people and are prosecuting them now directly. they're coming down into the state and taking over the land and the resources. >> federal authorities including the fbi are watching and they're waiting. they don't want prolonged
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standoff but they're also hoping to avoid what happened at waco and ruby ridge. this couple arrested. police say they left their young children alone in a car in near freezing temperatures. what officers say these two were doing while their three children tried to stay warm. video that went viral. a woman beaten, screaming she's pregnant. we now know that's not the whole story. what neighbors say really happened that's changing the way many see this story. a mother of three killed simply stepping off a trolley on her way to work. >> somebody got to pay the price and bury they mom or they daughter behind somebody careless mistakes. it's not right. it's not fair. >> the crack down tonight to keep you safe when you get on and off septa. a startling find a local grocery store parking lot. one woman's mission to make sure someone's treasure makes it home safe. plus -- we'll get even. that's what we're going to do. >> waiting at the drive through for a coffee and a little pay back.
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what she claims barrista did that wasn't looking which that could end with a trip to jail.
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a new jersey couple in jail tonight accused of of leaving their young children in the car while they were in a local casino. police in bensalem say jared nelson and ebony walker left their eight, three and one-year-old in the back seat of a cold car at the parx casino. according to police, the kids were alone for nearly two hours in the car while temperatures fell to near freezing. they are charge charged with endangering the welfare of children. they were unable to post bail. police in bensalem are trying to figure out how a man ended up dead after collapsing
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alongside a road. skyfox over knights road just before noon today. passing driver saw a man lying in the road near a market with injuries to his face. he later died at aria torresdale hospital. investigators don't know what happened. video captured nearby shows he was not hit by a car so police are trying to figure out what led to his death. police in burlington county, new jersey, are trying to get to the bottom of a suspicious death investigation. mansfield township police say they were called to monaco court yesterday afternoon to check on suspicious car that's when they discover the body of 68-year-old james dwyer dead inside. police say it was from a gunsh gunshot. autopsy results could come tomorrow. authorities in gloucester county, new jersey, are investigate a suspicious fire. firefighters called to the unit block of evergreen avenue in pitman around 1:30 this morning. that's where officials say a fire started outside at an apartment building. no one was injured. the county's fire marshal and prosecutor's office are investigating.
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a developing story tonight out of chester county. a west chester woman's trip to the grocery store had her coming home with groceries an whole lot more. she says she found somebody's wedding rink in the parking lot. >> she turned to fox 29 for help finding its owner. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in west chester tonight. shawnette? >> reporter: well, this woman as you mentioned believes that she found someone's wedding band. she found it in the parking lot of this giant. it was saturday after christmas. she's been holding on to it ever since hoping to return it to its owner. >> if you can tell me the description and the end gaving inside i will return it to you. >> reporter: donna ziegler hopes her facebook post will reunite with someone with this special ring they apparently lost. >> the design of the rink, it's 14 carrat gold. it's a wedding band. i was pretty sure it was a wedding band because of the width. >> reporter: she says she found the ring the morning after christmas. in the parking lot of giant in the bradford shopping plaza in
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west chester. >> stepped oust car right on to the rink. the parking lot were mobbed. anyone could have loved it. at any time. >> reporter: donna lynn describes the ring as unique. >> the outer band has black enamel sea turtles all the way around it. >> sea turtles represent love, hope, prosperity, long life, um, so i'm sure it has a lot of meaning to the person who lost it. >> reporter: she can relate to cherishing something personal. she wears a charm bracelet that she says tells her whole life story. she can't imagine losing it. >> it's very important. sentimental. it's not expensive. but it's mine. >> you kind of have that same -- >> i have that too long about this ring. it needs to be returned to the owner. >> reporter: and we want to help make that happen. if you know who the ring belongs to contact us by e-mail or on
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our facebook page. we will then put in you touch with don't in a lynn to get the ring back. the one catch you must be able to tell us what the inscription says on the inside of the rink. we definitely want to make sure we get it back to the right person. >> absolute. understandable, thank you very much, shawnette. close call for high school athlete in newark actually in newark, new jersey. bus carrying 32 members avenue track and field burst into flames yesterday. they were on their way to the ex sex county relays in jersey ci city. everybody did make it out of that bus okay. it looks scary though. merely all of their uniforms and equipment are destroyed. but that didn't dampen the team's spirit. they jumped on another bus and got to the competition, they shared think clothes, they shared their cleats and compet competed. >> autopsy results are in for a five-year-old boy with autism who wandered away from new year's eve party. the lehigh county coroner says the cause of jahlil vega's death is still pending but he found no injuries to the child. authorities believe the boy's death was a tragic accident.
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his body was discovered saturday in lehigh canal after someone spotted the boy's tablet he'd been playing with floating in the water. welcome back to local dj patti jackson she's back on the air after having a mild stroke in october. our own joyce evans helped surprise her on her first day back on air. thanks to some strenuous rehab the midday dive van the queen of 411 is back doing what she loves. >> jackson says she's getting stronger every single day. but after the stroke jackson is now dealing with double vision which is why she's wearing a pap on her eye for now. she's also walking with a cane. but the stroke has not affected her speech and for that she is so thankful. despite some first day jitters, you know, she did not miss a beat. >> i was very nervous. i. i was nervous. i don't know why. i never get nervous but when i open the mike, i sat in this chair, it felt natural they say it's like getting back on a bi bike. you pal off, you get back on and start riding. so it was great. it was great.
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>> and jackson says emotionally it's been a journey but the best emotion to describe her, is happy. laughing outloud. handcuffed in court accused of of threatening people at an nfl game. when he confine the cheap ticket to scalp, what cops say they found in his car that landed him in jail. howard? >> the eagles season ended but the coach got fired during the season. today the eagles interviewed another head coaching candidate with another in tomorrow. i'll run down the eagles process and hear from the players on their thoughts of change. that's coming up in sports. >> will smith's son land add big modeling gig but what he's wearing in the ads that has the internet buzzing. plus what kathy doing here? we're tracking the cold. that's coming up. now with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. lots of construction back at it now that the holiday is over. aramingo avenue shut down from york to delaware avenue all this week. so richmond street will take the brunt of the detours. also, midday work coming to
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bridesburg. tacony and are a ma ringo and then tomorrow, right after the morning rush hour about 9:00 o'clock, penndot will set up shop from bridge street all the way down to center city. and if you use mass transit patco kicked in a new timetable over the weekend so make sure you you have a new schedule as you're ready to board that train for tomorrow morning's rush hour. the rush hour starts with sue and i beginning at 4am. we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning. ok, so the government crashed-tested the f-150. the one with the high-strength military-grade, aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make.
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it pulled a 5-star safety rating... on all sides... for every cab configuration. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested." this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history. the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget. that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania.
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now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ a vandal targets a florida mosque doesn't serious damage. titusvulle police department just outside orlando says the mosque was vandalized friday when officers got there they found several cameras, lights and windows broken. police were also looking at surveillance video. they say shows a gun entering the building. the man reportedly pulled out a machete and started damaging the place. investigators say the accused of criminal also left a raw slab of bacon on the front doorstep. >> former south carolina police officer charged with killing an unarmed black man walked out of jail tonight. the judge allowed a half million dollars for michael slager. a former north charleston police officer shown on cell phone video firing eight times at walt
10:25 pm
scott. scott died. slager is on house arrest until the murder trial starts in october. in utah, a woman accused of of faking a disappearance of her daughter social security talking about why she did what she did. she says she faked their disappearance all so they wouldn't have to go live in kansas with their dad who won custody. authorities found daniel and sidney wofford safe in their mother's home. more than a year after she reported them missing. authorities have been searching for them the whole time. in 2014 their mom said she dropped off the girls at the mall and they weren't there when she went back to get them. it turns out it was all a ploy. >> i feel like this amount of time was the only thing that would save them, because they needed to have some peace. >> police say they hunter the empti' desires to protect her daughters a judge has ruled their father has custody. video showing a local woman attacked screaming she's pregnant. we now know that's not the whole story. what neighbors say really happened that's changing the way lot of folks see this story.
10:26 pm
>> and -- we seen a cop come up and we got all nervous and stuff like oh, man they got to shut us down. >> shooting a music video in d.c. when an officer rolls up. what happened next no one expected. kathy? >> all right. we need the gloves, the hats, the mittens the scarves maybe hand warmers. coldest air since last winter moving. it peaks overnight and tomorrow morning i'll show when you things warm up a little bit in that seven day coming up. ok, so the government crashed-tested the f-150. the one with the high-strength military-grade, aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make. it pulled a 5-star safety rating... on all sides... for every cab configuration. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested." this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history.
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>> damage russ cold setting in. we're talking wind chills below freezing as we take life look in the pocono mountains where we have seen emery sorts making snow. but it's not just bitter in the mountains. live look in south philadelphia tonight. you can see the wind shaking our camera. it could be in the teens when you wake up. kathy is tracking what you need to know before you walk out the door tomorrow. police now say this video showing a group of woman attacking a another woman in camden is not wait seems. that video went fifty five after someone posted it online over the weekend. the woman at the center of it all shouted that she's pregnant.
10:30 pm
fox 29's bill anderson did di digging. >> they do not believe that the woman seen being beaten in the video is pregnant. they also told us that the women seen beating the woman in the video had been threatened by a group that drove to camden to confront them. they had been sprayed by mace, and finally had been warned that the woman seen in the video was going back to her car to get a gun. one of the women involved in the video told me that what's being called a beating was really a group of women defending themselves against someone who came to their neighborhood armed and looking for a fight. >> my mother-in-law got hit in her temple with a rock in a sock. they had mace. they had everything. and then later on we hear her saying get my gun. they came prepared for war. >> reporter: she also told me that the viral video in her opinion being shown out of context has led to some serious issues for the women involved. >> you know it's not fair. all we did was defended ourselves.
10:31 pm
we didn't pay a toll to go over to philadelphia to fight someone. with a bunch of weapons. they paid a toll and came over here to harm my children. i'm a mother before i'm anythi anything. >> reporter: sources close to the investigation told me that no one was seriously injured in the attack being treated only for minor cuts and bruises. they also told me that everyone involved in the confrontation has come forward and is working with the police except for the woman you see being beaten in the video. so far they've been unable to speak with her and they would like to do so. we'll keep you informed as we get more information. here in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. >> group of musicians shooting music video thought it was bad news when a police officer pulled up. >> what happened next well no one expected. >> the cop came up and he's basically like, opening his arms like, nah i want to may. you know what i'm saying. >> that's right. the d.c. officer in uniform jumped right in, shot some hoops. even making it in the music video fort group of local d.c.
10:32 pm
artists. >> we was expecting thyme shut us down. tell us all to go home. when he actually, you know, um came and played over with us i was like, man, that's a good look an all the pd in d.c. >> the group was so touched they reached out to our sister station in d.c. to show what a positive experience they had with the officer. i love that. i love that. i know you don't love this weather but i got to tell you, kathy orr, winter weather enthusiasts are so happy right now. >> i know. it is winter after all. it's supposed to be cold, right it will be cold might as well snow but there's no cold air. iain didn't like that part. right now in philadelphia, it is a cold night. 17 degrees. winds out of the north northwest at 21 miles an hour. wind with temperature it feel like zero in the city. right now 12 in pottstown. 14 in trenton. in the poconos it is 1 degree and with those gusty winds it feels even colder. wilmington zero. 21 degrees below zero in the
10:33 pm
poconos. that is what it feels like when that whipping wind takes that warmth right away from your skin. here's a look at those future feels like. overnight tonight those numbers continue to stay below zero far to the north and west especially lehigh valley and poconos. 7:00 a.m. you walk out the door. take the dog for a walk or the kids head off to school 10 below in the poconos. still dangerously cold. it will feel like three in pottstown. three in philadelphia. feel like one in wilmington and zero in dover. even atlantic city at the airport it feels like two. then by the noon hour little bit better. wind chills in the teens. by 3:00 p.m. wind chills in the 20. the wind relaxes the temperatures will be cold but at least a little bit more comfortable. high temperatures through the week are going to improve very cold through midweek. 10 degrees below normal during the day tomorrow. by wednesday only 2 degrees below the normal of 40 and then thursday we begin to go above average temperatures in the mid 40s and by friday temperatures closer to 50 degrees. now the late week scenario
10:34 pm
changes thing. high pressure system bringing arctic air slowing going to move off. we see warmth moving up from the south and the west. that bring a chance of rain late in the week and toward the weekend. this area of low pressure a coastal low and watching this storm that looks like it will move to the west again keeping us on the warmer side of the storm. so that means more rain. clear and cold tonight. 15 in the city. 10 in the suburb. wind chills between five below and five above zero. tomorrow 30 the coldest day since last winter. wind chills in the teens. as you look ahead on your seven day forecast, 30s for tuesday, 30s for wednesday. and you can see by thursday up to 46 not quite as harsh the. the clouds move in friday. warm front on saturday. we're up to 50. 51 for sunday and monday. clearing and cooler again. temperatures falling back into the 40 as actually average for this time of year. looks like we'll stay chilly though right through at least
10:35 pm
the 20th of january which is typically the coldest time of the year. we'll see. >> all right. so we got to make sure we hit cars to make sure there's no kitties in them before we leave in the morning. >> make sure of that. >> hit the cars. let the kitties run out and start your car. >> bring the pets in. >> good advice. >> we've seen damage after hover boards catch fire one after another but this. what one family now says their haver board did after it burst into flames. we're going to get even. that's what we're going to get. >> what she claims a barrista did when she wasn't looking that could end way trip to jail.
10:36 pm
ok, so the government crashed-tested the f-150. the one with the high-strength military-grade, aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make. it pulled a 5-star safety rating... on all sides... for every cab configuration. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested." this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history. winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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pictures like these are becoming quite familiar z california family says their hoverboard caught fire while charging over the weekend. then they say, it exploded sending burning debris flying 15 feet across the room.
10:39 pm
they say that started several other fires. firefighters did get everything under control, and no wasn't is hurt. in your money night you don't need cash to cross the delaware river on the pennsylvania turnpike now. a new cash less tolling point was opened up at the delaware river bridge. if you're not in e-z pass instead of hitting the brakes for the toll new system snaps a picture of your license plate and then males you an invoice. you'll get it about a month later. a lot of buzz on social media tonight over new wee vuitton ad featuring jada smith. featured in these pictures posted on instagram by artistic director. the 17-year-old appears to be wearing a skirt which has some on social media criticize the photo. others are proud of the picture. that smith is breaking down gender rolls. >> looking for new scent to start the new your. how about a new perfume to smell like russian president vladimir putin. why, right? nonetheless hitting the market in moscow.
10:40 pm
it's called leaders number one it comes in black glass bottle with putin's profile on it. sets you back about knife buck. perfume contents hips of lemon, blackcurrant. not everyone is interested in trying the perfume. some call it cheap. others said it smelled hike somebody on horse without a shirt on one woman's trip to starbucks is getting a lot of attention. sean there for the coffee. >> her brother posted on video on facebook showing them waiting in the drive through to confront barris at a someone that works there. they claim she stole the woman's credit card information then went shopping. now watch what happens next. >> we got you on camera yesterday, the cops are coming up here. they reported bleep. you took a copy of my card the other day. you know what you did. >> so what are you sorry about that you took bleep money from me and my kids? what are you sorry about. >> i'm sorry i took money from you and your kids.
10:41 pm
i'm sorry you had to come up here. i'm sorry this is inconvenient for you. >> inconvenient. >> the starbucks worker continues to apologize. even offers to pay her back. the woman in the video goes on to say she's contacting the police and will press charges. the video has almost half a million views. laughing owd loud, handcuffed in court. accused of of threatening people at an nfl game when he couldn't find a cheap ticket. what cops say they found in his car that landed him in jail. a mother of three killed stepping off trolley on her way to work. the crack down tonight to keep you safe when you get on and off for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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the one with the high-strength military-grade,the f-150. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make. it pulled a 5-star safety rating... on all sides... for every cab configuration. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested." this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history.
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♪ in court handcuffed and laughing. police say this guy threatened police when he couldn't find a cheap ticket. they say matthew brunson wanted to buy a tick. when prices were too high he started heckling people. when cops showed up they say they found a stun gun, a meat clever and samurai sword in his car. >> i did it because i just -- i'm just like san to clause. >> by the way this all happened at gillette stadium to at this particular time off prosecutors say his blood alcohol level was .12 and he's a fugitive from connecticut. little list going on.
10:45 pm
here's now in jail pending a $17,000 bond. thousands of people ride trollies and buses around the area every day. but it can be dangerous stepping out of your destination where traffic approaching. >> a mother of three died in november when a car passing a trolley hit and killed her. fox 29's dave schratwieser shows us how septa is cracking down on drivers. >> reporter: the trolley still rumbled by 54th and woodland where miriam wilson lost her life. friends and loved ones still bring momentos to memorial for the 38-year-old mother of three. november 16th is a day they won't ever forget. >> she's dead. she lost her life. she's gone. >> reporter: shepherd was there the day when driver tried to pass this septa trolley at 54th and woodland and plowed into wilson as she tried to cross the street in the
10:46 pm
crosswalk. >> he was in a hurry to get past the trolley and going outside of the trolley and hit the lady. >> reporter: wilson was on her way to work at a local daycare when the trolley stopped to let passengers off and on. the driver 23-year-old malachy armstrong tried to pass the trolley on the left hand side. police say he was traveling at a high rate of speed and went through a red light before striking wilson. >> she got up this morning all happy, i'm going to work, i'm going to go what i do every day. not knowing that she was going to lose her life. >> reporter: armstrong was arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter, homicide by vehicle and driving under the influence of marijua marijuana. wilson left behind her children, her mom, dad, and several siblings. >> somebody got to pay a price and bury they mom or they daughter behind somebody careless mistake. it's not right. it's not fair. >> reporter: witnesses shepherd and vincent jen jenkiny
10:47 pm
what happened to wilson could happen at this intersection any time. drivers routinely try to pass the trollies and buses here. they worry that the next time it could be a child. >> people got to be mindful. they might not be an add dull that steps off that bus. it might be somebody's child. somebody's mother. somebody's father. it could be anybody. >> reporter: septa police are well aware of the dangers for passengers boarding or exiting septa trollies and buses when impatient drivers try pass on the left or the right. they have special teams of officers positioned around the city near trolley and bus lines. their job is to crack down on drivers who pass trollies and buses illegally. >> wreck lessness of the driver wind up getting someone hurt or injured. >> reporter: we took our undercover cameras to trolley stops to see for ourselves. we spent time with officers brian and nick on patrol for drivers who just can't wait to get around trollies and buses across the city.
10:48 pm
>> passenger is coming off to has to literally walk into the lane of traffic. >> we were at this stop for less than a minute when they spotted a driver who passed a trolley. >> septa police routinely watch hot spots for this activity like the intersection of 52nd and lancaster. >> information that comes from our operator we go out and we actively enforce traffic in the area. >> reporter: captain jones rallied off half dozen intersections where septa drivers tell septa supervisors cars almost always try to pass them as passengers are boarding or getting off trollies and buses. is a rita shepherd says she's seen it first hand many times. >> in the back of the trolley it states do not go around the trolley. when the lights are blinking. >> reporter: that's why the officers on board septa special operations vehicle keep a watchful eye out for passengers and pedestrians. they seen it all as drive try to maneuver around septa vehicles.
10:49 pm
sometimes even with a crowd of passengers waiting to board at busy intersections. warning signs are obvious on the back of every trolley. >> somebody should do something about this. >> they don't have respect for nobody get off or getting on the trolley. that's the big thing up here now. >> reporter: part of the problem is also related to the positioning of trolley tracks in certain areas of the city. they're out near the middle of the street. sometimes eight to 10 feet from the curb and sidewalk. oftentimes passengers crowd into the street to board or exit a trolley. >> most of the time it's the impatient driver. somebody who can't stay in line or wait in line till the trolley or bus discharges its passengers. for the most part we see that. >> reporter: on this morning septa officers pulled over three drivers for passing trollies in the space of 30 minutes. the trollies were either load are or unclouding passengers when the offenses occurred. each time the officers stop the drivers, secure their license, registration and insurance credentials and issue the
10:50 pm
appropriate warning or ticket. >> it's safety at all times what we're trying to same it's a rule. it's a law not to pass buses or trollies. >> reporter: all this leads back to miriam wilson who lost her life that november morning simi heading to work to support her three children. her loss has impacted many and reminded others how easily an impatient driver trying to pass bus or trolley can cost someone their life. >> you have to pack your patience when you're driving. >> when it comes to our stop when we go to get off the trolley and the bus, we have to look right and left to make sure that it's not a car coming. >> reporter: the fine for illegally passing a trolley or a bus in philadelphia is $137. malachy armstrong faces more than 10 years in prison if he's convicted in the death of miriam wilson. dave schratwieser fox 25 new fo. >> here's howard with a look what's coming up in sports.
10:51 pm
>> the football season is over but the eagles continue with the interviews today on the search for new head coach. with another coming in tomorrow. and the players can just wonder as they clean out their lockers what will happen with a new head coach? some players tell us why it's good and what they look for in that new coach. that's coming up in sports. ♪
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget. that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania.
10:54 pm
♪ eagles season we know it's over but now the work is ahead. to find a new head coach. today the eagles interview pat shurmer. tomorrow the bears offensive coordinator adam gaze comes to town. shurmur did really nice job as the interim head coach for the eagles yesterday in the win against the giants. okay. but the reality is the season was such high hopes ended without the playoffs and today for many of the players it was time to pack up 15 or 20 -- 15 to 20 of these players likely not coming back. sources told me the eagles have started early negotiations with fletcher cox and vinnie curry but life is about change. >> i think it's exciting that there is going to be change and it's like the first day of school for everybody. so everybody has got to clean slate. they'll be new coaches that, you know, will make pins on you from
10:55 pm
day one. and everybody, you know, should be ready to put their best foot forward. >> the coach that comes in has to definitely be like a father figure type of guy. a guy that demands respect. similar to andy reid. not saying that's the only style that works. >> right. >> there are a lot of different styles and permits that work and have worked in the league. >> i never thought of andy reid as a father figure but he was a good coach. new york giants head coach tom could have flynn announced his resignation today. he may coach after winning two super bowls with the giants actually he was fired. i'm told that is the team however that chip kelly would like to be the next head coach. since new boss of sixers started making moves for the sixer the team is playing much better you see sam hinkie made the sick ser the joke of professional supports. colangelo was laughing. he made the trade for a point guard and they needed one. since the trade for smith sixers
10:56 pm
are three-three with a win tonight. elton brand back in. another colangelo move. smith can play fort sixers. nice pass. 11 assists. to carl, had 16 off the bench. sixers scored a ton off the bench and smith scored. nice play to the basket. 21 points sixers beat minnesota not a good team. they still win, 109-99. andy reid as a father figu figure. i think -- >> sure. >> the coach shouldn't leader and should have command and respect. >> i think chip kelly is a good coach and i don't think he had enough thor. there wasn't enough penalties for guys that didn't get the job done and that's not father figure if you want to look at it that way. >> good point. >> we know as fathers. >> that's right. >> you got to discipline your kiddos you want to grow up to be good people. >> a friend of mine facebooked me said it was -- i love you love facebook and twitter.
10:57 pm
>> 34 degrees in fairbanks than it is here. fairbanks alaska. >> only 17 in philadelphia. so there. >> google that. >> i'll get it for you. >> entertainment news coming up next. >> tmz followed by dish nation. ok, so the government crashed-tested the f-150. the one with the high-strength military-grade, aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make. it pulled a 5-star safety rating... on all sides... for every cab configuration. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested."
10:58 pm
this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> there's a woman accusing chris brown of punching her in the eye. she's a little sketchy. >> she probably came to my room and too ugly to get in. >> kind of a similar situation. jason derulo doesn't let her into his after party and she goes crazy. >> isn't she aiming too high. she tried chris brown and jason derulo. i'm sure she can probably get on the new edition bus or something like that. [laughter] >> britney spears was performing in vegas in past weekend. she got stuck on the tree. i felt so bad for her. harvey: that's kind of what you want to see at the concert kendall jenner got a new eeps boyfriend, harry styles. the two of them spent the last two days together on a yacht. >> ellen was on the boat.


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