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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  January 5, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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>> it is cold. >> cold. >> cold. >> and you have got to be careful with your pennsylvania space heaters. it happens every time we get the first cold spell of the season we hear about fires, things like that, so just be very, very careful when trying to keep warm. that is a challenge. we have got out of ten a four today because it is so, bitterly cold, and it happened so soon after the warmest december we have ever had. chills below, what? below zero. we are holding steady at the 13 degrees in philadelphia we have gone up to one in mount pocono from zero last hour. 12 degrees in wildwood. these are important numbers. it fels like 17 below zero in mount pocono. it feels like two below in philadelphia. that is wind chill. it feels like one in wilmington. a crazy day, with a high temperature of only 31 degrees. that is with sunshine. wind, there is one piece of
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good news wind won't be as high as yesterday. we had wind gusts of 35 miles an hour. the it calms down a little bit but we will go down to 16 degrees tonight. there are warmer temperatures in the forecast, we will show them to you, bob kelly in just a few, not just space heaters but make sure if you are warming up the car that you do it with either yourself inside the car or you lock the car and don't do it in the garage either, with the door down. some problems already on mass transit, septa's suspended services on the airport regional rail line, between center city and philadelphia international. that is all because of power problems. market frankford line, it is so cold, all trains are making all stops, in longer a or b service this morning. they are trying to keep time that folks are standing on the platform down to a minimum and route 11 trolley is terminating at the island and wood land due to overhead wire problems. up in doylestown, an accident with down wires, 202 at swamp road, here's a live look the
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at the schuylkill getting ready to see jams now heavy from the boulevard all the way out through to belmont avenue, south on i-95, already bum per to bumper from cottman avenue you in through center city. patco, they also kicked in new timetables over the weekend so make sure you have a new schedule, all a couple minutes off, by one way or the the other but with the temperatures that low you don't want to be standing outside any longer then you have to and make sure kid are bundled up with their gloves before you put them on the bus stop. >> we all listened carefully to bob kill there i you cannot leave your car running. i necessity it is cold but can run in these convenient store or leave them in the driveway. >> that is what happened at 7-eleven at fox forked and bridge street in frankford some one carjack the the car and there was a six year-old boy still inside at the time. >> back seat and car seat. >> the the boy has been found safe but suspect is still on the loose. >> here's dave with the story. >> reporter: this could have been such a scary, it was a scary situation that could have had had a devastating ending or development there.
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police are still looking for this person who stole the car. that boy back with family. boy found safe with that car. our cameras were there as boy was reunited with his step fat they are morning. it is just before 2:00 a.m. when the step dad drove this car to the 7-eleven at oxford and bridge street. the the boy was sleeping in the honda civic in the back which was left running. cops say that right when the the father stepfather went inside the suspect jumps in the running car and then takes off, the the 911 is called immediately. police coordinate and get officers on the moves for the the description of the gold civic with a spoiler, on the back. police chopper activated their unit as well and police put out an amber alert. it was found a mile away, with the the boy still in it, suspect long gone, the boy was asleep the entire time this happened, this was a 30 minor
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deal, but as we come back live police did take video here at the 7-eleven, several cameras, they are looking at that video, dusting that car for prints and dna and they are trying to find this person but good news that boy is okay, boy is with family, slept the whole time and even got a doughnut here for all that he went through before going home. >> thank good initial he was asleep. >> reporter: boy was asleep, right. but then the boy got up, obviously was woken up once they reunited with family. very scary situation here. >> very. >> good lesson for all of us. this bitter cold really hampered fire fighters last night. >> because they were battling those intense flames and also trying to deal with the frigid cold. >> cobbs creek golf course, steve? >> reporter: mike, don't be surprised if bob kelly keeps mentioning this after i'm done today because look at this road. this is a hilly road in west
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philadelphia that runs right along the golf course on lansdowne avenue. it is a sheet of ice. police have this shut down. there is no fire equipment any longer but because it is a hill and it will not warm up anytime soon unless the the streets department comes out here ape breaks up this ice they have been putting salt down but salt noise match for this wind chill. this road is treacherous. keep note. you can see traffic coming up with the headlights being detoured by that police officer about a mile away. now with our first daylight you can see just a at this golf course business to celebrate its 100 birthday next year and is there all this work, fund raising and restoring this place, look at the pro shop clubhouse here, the the roof is gone, you can see through the front window out of the back is what left of it. you can see the sky now. as this last fire engine leaves we will pull up our camera and walk out of the way and get out of their way but what a night it has been.
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lets get to video and she you what it looked like before midnight when flames were tearing through here and fire department in the only had bitter wind and the cold to deal with, but they had a tough time getting water they tell us when they got the here because this is really in the middle of the park. you do not find hire hydrants in the middle of parks. they ran a lot of hoses. the with things freezing up it was tough to get water on this thing and that is why these flames were so big and so intense. and the fire fighters, also had to worry about falling, slipping off the ladders, everything else, that the cold presents, and we see coming back to the live picture so much ice every where you look. we even had a fire engine in the past hour needing a a tow truck to pull it the out of the driveway here because it was in the only covered in ice from the water hitting et al. ex-and mike but it was stuck in ice, ice all around the wheels and they need a big tow truck to pull it out with the cable. >> yeah, look at all that. remind you of the ice, last
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year. >> ice house in west philadelphia. people took pictures of it. >> i went over there. beautiful, amazing that may look lining an ice house it shows what they have gone through. even last night in lansdale montgomery county fire fighters were injured, in a fire there, it was around 10:00 o'clock crew where is called to the 600 block of wissohickon avenue for a two alarm fire. one fire fighter got a minor shoulder injury and was taken to lansdale hospital. >> all right, lauren johnson what else is going on in the world. >> it is mayor jim kenney's first full day in office and wasting no time in addressing the needs of our city after his inauguration yesterday there was a block party to celebrate kenney being sworn in but this was in the the just about fun. it it was a fundraiser for the funds for school district of philadelphia, non-profit that supplies supplies, programs for the cash strapped school district. mayor kenney says city schools can in longer wait the for help. >> we have to fight for all of the fund we can get out of harrisburg. bin steady of giving up we
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will put back in the music programs, the the art programs, reading programs, after school programs. because this organization the the the the fund for the school for philadelphia is the way we will attack this. >> reporter: a as people will wrote big checks, $650,000 was contributed to that fund. kenney also laid out his other top priorities during his inauguration yesterday, they included, reducing poverty, putting universal prek in place, he also spoke bill proving community, and police relationships. philadelphia will get a new police commissioner, they is richard ross will be sworn in a at 10:30. ceremony set to take place at hissal will man matter central high school, school age children from all over the the city will be able to attend, advocates say this location shows his loyalty to his community, many others are describing him already as trust worthy and humble. investigators in camden county asking for help finding a man wanted in connection with the homicide, take a look at this video authorities released it showing a man
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walking on 27th street the in camden leaving the area moments after a murder. this happened on halloween night in the 2600 block of crammer street, if you have any information you are asked to call police. police in new jersey trying to get to the bottom of the suspicious death, police say they were called to mob for court sunday afternoon to check on the suspicious car. that is when they discovered body of the 68 year-old james doer. police say he he suffered a gunshot wound. autopsy results could come sometime today. autopsy results are in for a five-year old boy with autism who wandered away from the new years eve party. lehigh county coroner said the call to jayliel's death is still pending but they found in injuries to the child. authorities believe that the the boy's death was simply a tragic accident, his body was discover saturday in the lehigh canal after someone, spotted the boy a's tablet he had been playing with floating in the water. berks county fire fighter is facing charges for intentionally setting fire, authorities the say surveillance video and
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witnesses helped them nab codey widener, widener was a rookie fire fighter with the fleet wood fire department, he is now charged with arson. he set a shed on fire saturday, abe a garage on fire in fleet wood and started another blaze back in august, mike and alex. lets update you on that video. new information, may change things about what really happened in that video which shows women beating up a pregnant woman in camden. >> a as fight unfold you can hear a woman crying out that she's pregnant but police say that is not true. we're also now hearing from sources close to the investigation that the the woman at the center of the beating had made threats to the ones throwing the punches. we talked to one woman who said the confrontation happened after those threats and she claimed that they were just defending themselves against someone looking for a fight. >> my mother-in-law got hit in her temple, with a rock in the
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the sock. they had mace, they had everything. then later on we hear her saying get my gun. they came prepared for a war. >> police tell us that they have talked to all of the woman involved, except the woman who claims that she was pregnant, now wait a minute, but you would like to speak to her so far no charges on anybody just yet. >> maybe they are trying to find her to get a hold of her. >> 7:11. new jersey couple is facing charges after police say they left their young children in the car while they were in the local casino. >> they went in and gambled for two hours. police in bensalem say that jared nelson and ebony walker, left their eight year-old, and a one year-old in the back seat of cold car at the parx casino. according to police the the kids were alone for one hours in the car while temperatures fell to near freezing. stupid.
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7:12. well, the stage is set for a series of -- serious battle about 11:30 this morning in washington d.c., over gun control. >> president obama preparing for executive action, the the republicans are prepared to fight back. so chris murphy has more on this. >> this could be a protracted fight. president wants to require background checks for guns purchased from dealers no matter where they are purchased. at this point only federally licensed gun dealers are required to get background checks on buyers. republicans and gun rights activist are opposed to the new law but the the president says these new requirements would cut down on gun violence and mass shootings but even admits he won't stop all shootings. >> it will not prevent every mass shooting it will not keep every gun out of the hand of every criminal but it will, essentially save lives. >> the white house says fbi will hire more than 200 more examiners to process background checks, so buyers don't fall through the cracks.
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former south carolina police officer charge with killing an unarmed black man is out of jail right now. judge allowed a half million-dollar bond for michael slager, a former north karls ton police officer is shown on, cell even if video firing eight times at on year-old walter scott ran from him during a traffic stop in april of 2015. shot him in the back. the scott was kill, slager is on house arrest until murder trial starts in october. search for country singer craig strictland has come to a tragic event. authorities found his body in oklahoma a a. strict land disappeared december 27th on the duck hunting trip during a severe storm. state and highway patrol found the 29 year-old's body in the area called bear creek cove, his wife took to instagram saying he died of hypotheria. friend who accompanied him also died. strictland's dog survived. country mumia situation was a member of the band back road anthem. standoff in the federal building in oregon enter a i fourth day as groom of armed militia men are held up there at issue federal prison
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sentence are to the fair and son ranchers dwight and steve hammond. white house says fbi is monitoring this and offering support to local law enforcement. ranchers are convicted offsetting fires on federal land that they say were necessary, to in the only protect their land from wild fires but also kill invasive plants. the pair has spent time behind bars but an appeals court has ruled that they must serve, a full five years. they have turn themselves in but militia men said they are taking a stand against the federal government. >> hammonds have turned themselves in, and it is time for to you leave our community. go home to your families, abe toned peacefully. >> i'm not the here to die. i'm here to defend my freedoms and my liberties. >> federal authorities say that they don't want to prolong the standoff but they are also hoping to avoid what happened in both waco and ruby ridge. alex and mike, back to you. mother of the 18 year-old kid, known as a affluent teen, he is rich, is due in court in
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los angeles this morning. the not tension as, but l.a. >> tanya couch is due for an extradition hearing as authorities in texas look to bring her back there to face charges for helping her son need to mexico. the authorities believe that helped her 18 year-old son leave the the u.s. in november after he did not show up for a probation hearing. ethan is on probation for his role in the drunk driving crash that killed four people including their teen and just didn't know and tanya could be put in prison for up to ten years if she's found guilty, on hindering apprehension charges. let's hope so. 7:15. here's sue. >> we're talking temperature. that is all we're talking about. the it is definitely a cold one. 13 degrees, in philadelphia. but look at the other temperatures in the northeast. we're colder than chicago and colder than cincinnati. we are not colder than pittsburgh where it is only 8 degrees. that is not the important number.
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the wind chill is. we still have gusty breezes out there that are i can mag it feel colder then it really is. the a wind chill advisory continues for carbon and monroe counties, and then so far, with our 3-degree temperature coldest morning since march the seventh. last winter's, cold temperature of the 11 degrees. so, right now we're talking about 13 in philadelphia only one in mount pocono. thirteen in wilmington. fifteen in dover. this is what it feels like outside, two below is your wind chill in philadelphia 17 below in mount pocono. two above, in dover, and it is all because of the wind, which is sustained at 13 miles an hour, here in philadelphia. now one good thing is winds will calm down there yesterday when we are gusting to 35 miles an hour. we will expect a colder high temperature with 31 degrees for the high to take. so a high below freezing. the and then we're back to average which the average temperature for early janice cold, 40 degrees, but it is
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milder then today, not as harsh on thursday, late day rain by friday. by the the time we get to friday even with that rain coming around at night it will be only rain. we will watch the mountains, to see if they get frozen precipitation and then it is rain a little bit on sat the day and then another round on sat the day with the cold front which chills us out with a high of only 39 degrees. >> cold chill. 7:17. grab your coffee, hot chocolate and delays here route one northbound at christiana mall interchange. we are bumper to bumper from 95, from route 40 here all the way up through i-95, right by the mall. the as we heard from steve on the scene of the fire at cobbs creek golf club they have shut down lansdowne avenue. that is not an easy alternate here. you have to go all the way up to city a avenue and that will enclosing traffic even more so on city avenue or all the way over to 63rd street. so lansdowne even though you go through the golf course it is like a little short cut
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there so watch for delays in the the the neighborhoods this morning. septa's airport line service suspended because of power problems. even the trains are having a rough start, this morning. all trains making all stops on the market frankford line, there is no a or b services that because of the cold they don't want folks standing outside on the platform any longer then they have to. keep that in mind if you have to stand outside in the bus there have been delays on the buses, trolleys, even some of the scattered regional rail lines anywhere from ten to five minute delays. the route 11 trolley is terminating at island and wood land because of overhead wire problems. don't forget delays on the cash lanes of the turnpike all because of that new fare hike that went into effect over the weekend. mike and alex, back over to you. two days in the off season and eagles coaching search is moving right along this will be the third interview, we have done duce staley, pat the shurmur. >> yes, that was yesterday. >> big name coming in today, a hot name. >> he is hot, the name is.
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>> yeah. >> bears offensive coordinator >> adam gaze. >> he is scheduled to be in philadelphia today. gaze is one of the most talk about candidates for all of the head coach openings in the league. he has never been a head coach but many feel he will land a job, head coaching job this off season. the the question is will he be with the eagles. >> he has done a good job with jay cutler, making him a better quarter back. interim coach pat shurmur was interviewed yesterday. pat took over the team when kip kelly was fired last tuesday and led them to the win a against the giants. pat spent two seasons with the cleveland browns. the players seem to respond fairly well. they played well, that one day against a very bad team especially sam bradford who has he has known for years worked with pat during his rookie off season in st. louis. >> no wonder he has that connection, felt like a rookie again it goes back to when he
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was drafted. >> sam was drafted number one out of oklahoma university and then worked with pat. so sam is just one of the many eagles players whose future is uncertain because he is a free agent. >> certain things players were asked about because yesterday, they went and they cleaned out their lockers. packed up their stuff. you can see the end of the season. the as many as 15 to 20 players could move on to play somewhere else next year. the question is who. sources tell howard eskin the eagles started early negotiation was fletcher cox and vinny curry but life business change said connor barwin. >> i think it is excite ago this there will be change and it is like first day of school for everybody. everybody has a clean slate there will be new coach that he is will make opinions on you from day one. everybody should be ready to put their best foot forward. >> the coach that comes in has to be definitely be like a father figure type of guy, a guy that really commands that respect, a guy similar to andy
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reid. i'm not saying that is the only style that works, but there are a a a lot of different styles and personalities that work and have work in the league. >> what did chip kelly do? by the end of this second year i think he got the rid of 75 percent of the players that were here. >> fletcher cox i know people were worried will he go. wow like to retire an eagle. i remember jeremy maclin was like hey i want to stay a eagle. >> what you want doesn't always come to fruition. >> that is so true. >> i suggested this swap and it is not going over well on twitter. tom coughlin retired from the new york giants. is there an opening for chip kelly. he says he wants to stay a fat the paul coach what about we swap him out, chip goes to the giants and tom comes to the eagles. >> they didn't like that. >> i don't even like it, i was just saying it to be stood it. about what if chip went up there and won a super bowl.
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>> wouldn't that be something. >> i don't think they will hire him. >> the the chiefs are in the playoffs. >> well, that is true you good what does that have to do with anything. >> andy reid. >> oh, yeah. >> that is whole other thing someone goes to another team. >> doing really well. >> that is fine. >> but maybe the the giants, the the eagles seem to beat them over and over again. chip has their number. >> yes good we will see. in a bit of the surprise last night, and this meeting went all day. they announced it at 7:00 last night or maybe last night, indianapolis colts announced they have agreed to a four year contract extension with head coach chuck pagan owe. remember his health issues. many thought that chuck would be let go after a difficulties a pointing year. his team dealt with so many injuries. my goodness. one of the best quarterbacks in the the league andrew luck was injury. they had a eight-eight rorrer. instead of getting rid of him he is on for four more years. the at least that is the plan. >> we will what happens. did you hear this south
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philadelphia something weird happened. >> what. >> sixers won in 2016 they are undefeated. >> what you are saying is sixers are one of the hottest teams in philadelphia right now. >> i get it would seem that way. >> three wins in the last six games, 50 percent, last night beating minnesota timber wolves 101-99 last night at the well. sixers are four-three 33. of those wins have come, since jerry coangelo was hired to help make roster decisions. >> he is a old time basketball guy. >> now we have ish. >> he is back he scored 21 points last night. he also sign veteran elton brand. yeah, elton brandies back. he is back to be amen for to most of the team especially jahlil okafor. have you seen store business jahlil's dad. >> i have seen them. >> we should talk about that if not later tomorrow and see
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how that all falls out. he is screaming at sixers coach out on the west coast. >> it looked like he was screaming from the stand. >> he was right there. >> put my kid in i'm not sure yes is not playing his son more. >> i stayed up until midnight. >> why? >> my alma matter was on basketball. it was an odd thing, two teams both ranked number one. oklahoma number one in the east, coach's pole, university of kansas jayhawks number one in the ap poll. >> okay. >> okay. >> they played at the university of kansas last night. so they are both number one. it went into three overtimes. >> that is a game. >> pick it up in the third, oklahoma with the ball at one point leading with 20 seconds to play. they turn it over. they foul graham as he goes to the rim. kansas goes up by one after two free throws. eleven seconds left, oklahoma has inbound pass, kansas picks it off, they go on to win the
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game but what a classic, 109-106, and that is a very difficult place to play. even though kansas mize alma matter i believe oklahoma should be number one. >> when you see two number one's playing that is how you expect it to be playing, three overtimes. >> that is hardest place they have won 34 straight. i believe oklahoma because they for the so hard and almost pulled it out should be number one come next monday. new report shows that it can affect the ability to learn. because shift workers regular eating times, they were at greatest risk of having long term memory problems. people usually are sleeping at these hours, but researchers say it can effect a area of the brain that is linked to emotion. also, eating at odd hours can affect a person's sleep pattern. >> you and i who get up a at three and 4:00 in the morning. >> yes. >> i'm sure you can imagine who wakes up three and four, i'm just saying. >> um. >> i forgot what we were talking about.
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>> what? >> what? >> it is weird too when you are eating is this breakfast or lunch, because it is such an awkward time. >> well, parentally lauren simonneti is getting stupid because of her hours. >> she has been off on maternity leave but she should be good now. >> your brain should be spongey. >> that is a double whamy maternity leave and early hours. >> before you go on can we announce that you cannot see us. it looks like we got a memo to wear the same color. >> let's put up the three shot here. >> all royal blue. >> i'm wearing purple. >> pretty close. >> what is this about the the airline. what is going on. what is this bundle stuff. >> reporter: you bundle your internet, phone and cable. you can bundle your perks. you can get paid for them. this is what united is doing. they want to you fly in comfort. way to do that is in the to be nickel and dime. they want all that for one fee. two bundle packages are being
7:27 am
offered. one of them is called economy plus essentials and economy plus enhanced to get different perks to see it is different, however it is usually a savings of 25 percent. >> um-hmm. >> that is different way to look at it. >> all you got out of us was um-hmm. >> well, because you are still paying for all that stuff but paying for it all at ones so you do get to save a little bit that makes sense. >> kind of. >> yeah. okay. gun sales, now because the president about 11:30 this morning will go i'm in the sure where he will do it, somewhere in the white house make this announcement, maybe an executive order on gun control. are you telling me every time this discussion comes up, gun sales go through the roof. >> reporter: yep, this discussion and when we see act of terrorism, or mass shootings we do see sale of guns go up but not just up but
7:28 am
up in a huge way f lou at gun makers and gun sellers, smith and wesson their stocks double last year. yesterday if you looked at the stock market the dow jones fell almost 500 points. everything was down. then you see up 6 percent for some of these gun stocks. it certainly is a bright spot and it is because of what is expect to be announce today. more background checks for gun owners, more licenses for gun sellers, all that makes people go out and say okay, time buy a firearm. >> interesting. my brother-in-law works for remington down in north car line. sales are way up. >> interesting hey lauren, we will see you tomorrow. >> hey mike. >> looking forward to tomorrow. >> lets go f u.s.c. ia. >> yes. >> what about sharptruce.
7:29 am
>> red, i'm wearing red. >> let's go red. >> okay. >> thanks, lot. coming up on 7:30 a west chester woman finds a unique ring and she wants our help and your help to tried to find out who it belongs too because she things it is valuable. >> she found it day after christmas in the parking lot of the giant in the bradford shopping plaza in west chester. woman believes someone may have lost it and says it may be a wedding ban. she posted on facebook about the ring and so far she hasn't had any luck. >> the outer band has black enamel sea turtles. all the way around. sea turtles represent love, hope and prosperity, long life. so i'm sure it has meaning to the person who lost it. >> let's find this thing. >> if you know hot ring belongs to it is like you said pretty unique, contact us and we will put new touch with the the woman who has it. you must be able to tell her
7:30 am
what is written on the inside of the ring. it is 7:30. how about that. >> i'm an idiot. >> let the me tell but jayden smith have you seen the picture yet. will smith's son land a big modeling gig but it is what he is wearing in the ad that has the internet buzzing. i'm buzzing myself. >> is there a saying here meant to protect football players cause more harm. some are saying lessee quip. could benefit. >> here's the thing people are suggest they take their helmets off to play would you be more safe? would you be more safe like way back in the day, sue when i played football, it was leather sometimes we play -- am i going to break. >> no sue. >> playing football. >> thinks back in high school and i hated every minute of
7:31 am
it. so what i would do is basically tell jokes on the sidelines to my friends and told the coach my parents went to a parent teacher conference with the the football coach and they said arson is the name mike jerrick. the you know what coach says. never heard of i am. they never called on me. >> yes. >> i would pay money to see a picture of you in the the football uniform. >> i may be able to find it. >> hey, how cold sit alex. >> no you say it is cold outside. >> you asked me. >> okay. >> how cold. >> no you will say it and i say how cold it is. >> it is cold out. >> how cold is it. >> it is so cold i saw a group of cows, asking for bras to cover their you the thers. >> maybe like a vest. >> you may be breaking down these jokes too literally. >> i'm just saying. >> yes, really best to move
7:32 am
on, will alex. >> okay. >> not think bit too much. you we have chills below zero this morning. even with the sunshine. and four out of ten with this brutally frigid start. these are the numbers. actual temperature is 13 in philadelphia, one in mount pocono, and 12 in millville, new jersey. and it feels like two below zero in philadelphia right now. up in the mountains it is ridiculous, 17 below is the wind chill, it feels like zero in millville, so your planner, for today is for that frigid start but plenty of sunshine. the it will feel like the teens for most of the afternoon and we may not even make it the to freezing bob kelly, and for our high temperature, 31 today. >> wow, how lucky are we though that we don't that have rain this morning, otherwise,
7:33 am
all of the streets will look like, lansdowne avenue. as we saw from steve's shot, bumper to bumper up a and over into downtown philadelphia, an accident, this is a fatal, hit and run accident in delaware, northbound lanes, of route one, closed, right at i-95 ramps, just at christiana interchange, police investigating, early morning accident, it happened around 45 minutes ago but north bound lanes of route one just a parking lot right now. another opening scheduled at burlington bristol bridge, set for 7:30, they are running a couple minutes late so expect delays if you are coming up and over burlington as we heard from steve lansdowne avenue closed because of the cobbs creek golf club fire this morning, the road is closed but because of the all of the water hassized over lansdowne avenue. you have to go over to city avenue or 63rd to work your way through neighborhood, mike and alex, back over to you. i don't know if we can do it this fast at 7:33.
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do we have special graphic made or something. >> no. >> okay. picture in the paper of the daily news, look at this power shot. hold on, hold on. >> you have the new mayor, old mayor, you have the former governor, you have johnny dougherty, union guy, is there a power picture. after all this they walked, i see hardy williams there too. they walked from the the academy of music, i'm moving it, down broad street. >> hi. >> and then end on this right here. >> this is the the result. >> on the way from the academy music to city hall, newly elect mayor kenney, stopped a couple times, people wanting to say please do something about immigration, do something about infrastructure, can i bureau some money to go into wawa to get a hamburger. the the moment he becomes
7:35 am
mayor. so his first full day so mayor outlined his, plans during his inaugural speech yesterday. one of the biggest issues for -- one of the biggest issues for him is education. >> providing efficient and effective services means educating all our children where they live. our children should not to have get up before dawn and take three different buses to get to a good school but in order to make quality schools in every neighborhood a reality we will need private sector and our non-profit partners to come together with the city to create community schools. >> this is what we do we will take a informal poll, pick out four subjects, chris murphy and decide in a twitter pole what is the most important issue for philadelphia for you. >> it is an education, poverty, deep poverty. >> real issue in philadelphia jim kenney is philadelphia's a 99th mayor and a lot to tack until his first term. whether it is education, and,
7:36 am
mayor kenney touched on transportation, poverty and crime. >> providing efficient, effective services means that everyone feels that they can walk the streets, safely, and with dignity but in order to make that a reality in philadelphia, we will put all, put aside our differences, and acknowledge two things that black lives do matter. and that the overwhelming majority of our police are decent, hard working public servant whose risk their lives every day. we need to give our police the tools to establish strong relationships. >> philadelphia saw its homicide rate climb in 2015, up 12 percent from the year before. the cities new police commissioner richard ross will be sworn in later this morning. certainly at issue for him he will address this on day one. another topic is the city's deep poverty rates. >> providing efficient effective services means that
7:37 am
parents, working two or three jobs should not live in poverty. in order to trade a living wage economy our large corporate banks will to have invest in our small neighborhood businesses. our corporate suite executives will to have hire our returning citizens coming back from reentry. we will to have stop pitting growth of blue color jobs of the poor against white color jobs in the hospital and tech firms. we have to we must do both. >> so recent look at federal data shows philadelphia has the the highest, deep poverty rate of its ten largest cities in the u.s. deep poverty is considered when family's income is 50 percent less than the poverty rate. philadelphia deep poverty rate is just over 12 percent, u.s. average just under 7 percent. mayor says a addressing the cities transportation system, can work toward fixing that. >> for one in four people in the city living in poverty, and effective pun transportation system can make the difference of whether or not they can afford to go to
7:38 am
that job interview. >> so this morning, we asked you on twitter what you think are the biggest issues facing the city of philadelphia you said education, is the top priority, with crime coming in, and -- >> keep it going, we are just getting started. >> we are just getting started. do you agree where it stand right the new poverty, education, crime, transportation. mayor kenney, really poverty is top of his list in question bit. >> that is what he campaigned on. >> one of the first things he mentioned in the inaugural speech. >> we got a tweet from dana but first thing equal and effective education. go ahead and vote on twitter. >> breaking barriers that is what they say about jayden, or failed attempt at making a fashion statement. closer look over a new louie vouton ad feature jayden smith.
7:39 am
i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see collections of art and superb photography and film. new york has beautifully restored theaters, that are now important centers for the performing arts. and museums that preserve the glories of the past. winter in new york state means more great things to do than ever. plan your trip at there's something for everyone.
7:40 am
7:41 am
should we wait. up, up. up on the tarmac there, the runway. >> yes. >> is that ups. >> yes. >> yeah, ups. >> i saw a package from christmas. delivered to you, a alex. >> why is it so late.
7:42 am
>> i procrastinated. >> did you see picture of jayden smith. >> with louie vouton. >> yes, will smith's son featured in these photos posted on instagram by vouton artistic direct. he is wearing a skirt. some criticizing the photo. other says they are proud of the photo and that smith is break down barriers. he is wearing a skirt and he is modeling women's wear. woman's wear ad and he is in it. >> yeah, and it is a woman, woman, jayden. >> all wearing women's clothing. >> yes. >> there isn't anything wrong with it. what the heck. >> okay jen, let's go, lets get in shape. boom. >> good morning. i'm here to show this guy how to do fitness stuff; it the is this guy right here, and we will burn some calories.
7:43 am
>> yes.
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
it is so windy on blue mountain you can tell that they are making snow, it the is all blow around, as the wind makes it feel like it is about 20 below, up there, and that is how brutal this cold is this morning. the as we have been saying over and over again it is a shock to the system. the warmest december, ever, just a few days ago, wind chills below zero this morning, winds are still gusting this morning, up to 25 t the winds to calm down but we will get below freezing high temperature, before the day is through. our wind chill advisory continues in carbon, and monroe counties, and actual temperatures, 13 degrees in philadelphia single digits to the north of us, teens to the south of us, and important number the wind chill. it feels like two below in
7:47 am
philadelphia and one above in wilmington. brutal. average high is 40 degrees. yesterday for first time since the 24th we were 37 below average and we will be below again with a high of 31. forty tomorrow. warming trend as we head in the weekend. when we get our next precipitation because it is dry all the waste through thursday and most of friday, but by friday night it looks like it will be rain, only rain for most of us, unless unless you are in the mountains and any we can say bob kelly, outside, it is deceiving sunshine. >> yeah, well they keep that sunshine coming. thank goodness we don't have rain today or else we would be in a rough go. good morning everybody. 7:47. live lot at bennie, backed up into downtown philadelphia and everybody is back to work and school. here's a live look at center city philadelphia, westbound vine street expressway an accident off to the shoulder a the broad street and there is that new traffic pattern here where there is no shoulder and
7:48 am
lanes get you squeezed coming into downtown. good news bad news philly airport line on the septa regional rail service has resume on the airport line, but with residual delays and across the the board, factor in 15 minute delays on the regional rail lines, these trains are not taking kindly to the cold temperature here this morning. all trains, making all stops on the the market frankford line no a or b service this morning and route 11 trolley is terminating a at the island and wood land due to overhead wire problems and a hit and run crash here has route one closed northbound at christiana mall interchange which is right the there for i-95, mike and alex, back over to you. last night at 7:00 o'clock i started laughing at home looking at instagram because jen fred, she posted a picture and there it is, she said if you squint your eyes this is what i'm's looking like in a few months after she works out. >> you know what you are laughing but i see it. >> i saw it too. >> it is kate hud son.
7:49 am
>> very funny, jen. how do we look at kate hudson. >> i just might look like that we do not even necessity about it. >> i will look like halle berry. >> say hi, good morning. >> good morning. >> the the reason why we're standing lake this why are we standing with these things. >> as you must know it is jump rope is our size. first thing we need to do is get something to do at home jump rope might be a good thing to get started. >> yes. >> so we need the length. if there is a jump road in your blake sure it is like this. >> you are good. >> yes. >> next thing if we have in the done it before. >> if you haven't done it the before your calves witt get tight and you might mess up your feet a little bit. you want to ease in, you want to have your hubby or your
7:50 am
friend rub out your calfs. >> okay. >> it would be great. >> so, just so everyone knows, we have fitness competitions on my facebook page. >> he is mr. athlete. >> okay. talk to us about first thing you just to have jump road. >> okay. >> back in third grade. >> all right. >> you are a show off. >> high knees. >> yes. >> look at that. >> we know, we know. >> now show me side to side. think about your core, side to side. nice. >> i like that. >> and now, there is more of
7:51 am
this then squeak. >> show me the next one. now one leg. >> am i already with this. >> am i eating a and drinking. >> no, it is cold out it is cold out. >> give me five. >> okay. >> what is the next one. >> okay. >> let's see your cross over. >> this is super hard. we were practicing this one. >> we were practicing this. >> dot the double thing. >> yes. >> come on. >> high five, up top. >> okay. >> just to be clear that was
7:52 am
like 13 seconds. >> thirteen seconds. >> i'm a's out of breath. >> do you want to get tacos later. >> no. >> mike, i think you can do it. >> i'm totally into it. >> i like it. >> that is something i'm in the into. >> but i suggest you have a friend or loved one rub out your calves after your work out. >> so, alex. >> yes. >> here's the thing. >> they said a friend or a loved one. >> here. >> they said a friend or a loved one. >> i can't do it. >> i mulled a ham y just for that joke. >> you need some lotion on them legs. >> i'm ashy. >> it spreads. >> it is contagious, ash is contagious. >> donald trump's new campaign commercial creating some controversy this morning it
7:53 am
shows people crossing the border, but it is the wrong border. it is not canada. lets go there next. ok, so the government crashed-tested the f-150. the one with the high-strength military-grade, aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make. it pulled a 5-star safety rating... on all sides... for every cab configuration. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested." this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
is this the solution to prevent concussions. take off, the helmets. could football practices without helmets help prevent concussions. >> ising having too much equipment actually cause an increased risk. >> i understand this completely doctor mike. rugby players beat the heck out of each other and they don't have helmets on. hold up a little bit. >> more cautious. >> well, this was a small study a and it found kids that were playing without helmets, that were practicing, actual difficult not get concussions, and they had less head injuries then those that wore helmets. a lot of people believe this is due to the the fact that we have more and more
7:57 am
sophisticated equipment. you know, who believes this ed snyder. ed snyder believes hockey injuries have gone up because people now are willing, and feel brave enough to stand in front of the puck coming at them at hundred miles an hour. >> back when he first bought the flyers, late 60's, they didn't wear helmets. hockey players didn't wear helmets. in fact you considered kind of wussy but now everybody wears helmets. >> people are braver now. they have a false sense of security that if they wear a helmet they will be okay. we have talk about all the time. we have had a neurosurgeon on last week. the bottom line is you could put tie tane yan in front of the head but the brain is encased in a skull with fluid, and so, no matter what you do, you cannot prevent that movement. >> i wish there was a study back in the daze looking at footage when football players
7:58 am
just wore leather helmets. i wonder what the concussion rate was back then. >> but even if you don't have a helmet on you are still, being tackled and you're mentioning how your brain is sitting in the fluid and it is still being shaken. >> well, what they are trying to do is prevent that traumatic injury leading to chronic injury. that is what the cte people having significant long term effects. so is there two ways that i see that this will play out. either we need to change the game dramatically. all i see over weekend, i watched some football with my son. when players jump up they get hit and they flip around, they fall down, they hit on their head. we have to change the way we that we play the game or we need robotics. >> the players just launch them self helmet first. >> like nelson agholor about to make a touchdown but one of the giants players was saying oh, it looked bad.
7:59 am
>> they used that head a as a weapon. i'm a believe inner robotics. >> when we start with practice with the kid. >> thank you for that. good day, it is tuesday, january the fifth, 2016. >> you'll get it. >> i'm sorry. >> in february. ♪ i can't feel my face when i'm with you ♪ >> i can't feel my face when i'm outside but i love you. i hate it. it is so dangerously cold. how you can cope with the the first real case of winter. stopping illegal immigration by building wall in the southern border then mexico will pay for it. >> oops, wrong border donald trump a's new political a ad isn't quite right. why people feel duped this morning. and forget kail, coconut oil there is some new super foods in town. if you are new years
8:00 am
resolution toys get healthy, that is number one resolution, this is what you should be eating. get healthy and fit. forget gym. what you need to blast the fast and get a complete work out. was it the yesterday or this morning you put out an instagram, what color your gloves are if they don't match. it makes no difference get them on your hand. >> as long as you have a left and right. honestly i'm in the lying i cannot find two gloves that match and i must have about 15 gloves. >> i walk around with one purple and one black. i didn't care. >> my goal, it is to be warm. when i was in school they called me the the michigan lynn man because i had so many clothes on it is early in the morning we grab whatever we can find to get out. >> just be warm today. >> are we up to today at 8:00 o'clock. four is the number of the day. >> four out of the ten. bus stop buddy, you can barely
8:01 am
see him here at the bus stop this morning. in philadelphia we are still at 13 degrees. we have been at 13 sips 4:00 a.m. wind chill has changed and that is the the important number of the morning what it feels like outside. win chills are below zero. it feels like zero. 19b low is wind chill in the mountains and degree below zero in wildwood is what it feels like so we may not even make it up to freezing today. thirty-one is our predicted high temperature, not as windy as yesterday but still kind of breezy so we could see wind chills in the teens all afternoon and then back down in the teens, tonight. but there are warmer temperatures in the seven day forecast, bob kelly, can't wait. >> well, 80:00 is. bundle will up, give yourself extra time with delays not only on the roads but on the rails. ben franklin bridge stack upcoming into downtown. little splash of sun glare is not doing too much to warm us up we are still kind of stuck there at the that 3 degrees
8:02 am
but as sue mentioned it feels like below zero in many spots and because of that the trains are not taking to the cold weather too nicely. airport line, they have just resume services, we had early morning problems so expect residual delays on the airport line and across the board, factor in 15 minute delays on all of the regional will rail lines. bundle up if you are heading for a train platform. all of the trains making all stops on the the market frankford line, no express a or b service. route 11 is terminating at island and wood land. a fatal hit and run accident in delaware northbound lanes of route one closed at i-95. route is a parking lot up to i-95. a bridge opening underway with chase on both side of the river. mike and alex, back over to you. well, police are actively searching for person who stole a 2004 honda civic with a six year-old boy sleeping inside at the time. now it happened early this
8:03 am
morning at 7-eleven in oxford and bridge street in frankford. because it is so cold the boy's stepfather left the the car running, got out, went in the store and that is when another man jumped in the car, that was still running and took off with the six year-old boy inside in the back seat. the car and boy were found about a mile away, on leiper street. happening today, a new era in the city of of brotherly love. >> we are seeing new things happening. yesterday was jim kenney being sworn in our new mayor and now philadelphia will get a new police commissioner in a couple hours. richard ross will be sworn in at 10:30 at his alma matter central high school and kids all across the city will be there with him. >> they used the same bible because mayor kenney as you just mentioned now in charge at city hall. full day to day. jim kenney took the oath of office. mayor says transparent government that highlighted his top priorities.
8:04 am
poverty and universal prek in place. also efficient transportation throughout the city. >> well, this arctic bitter blast, made for a challenging fire fight, that started 11:00 . golf course there that iconic clubhouse is basically gone. fire fighters had a problem getting water flowing because of the extreme cold and low water pressure. they got it under control in two hours. the the the cause of course is under investigation. also in the political world, donald trump, is coming under some fire, i think he explained it away pretty well over his first political a ad. bill anderson shows us why people are fired up over this. >> donald trump has a way of explaining away everything and his numbers just keep going up but in the ad the donald reassures g.o.p. primary voters that he will stop illegal immigration by
8:05 am
building a wall on the southern border and mexico will pay for. the problem is footage shows more than a dozen people flowing towards some or the of crossing, but according to political facts the video is morocco. it is not mexico. talking about, border of mexico, while showing morocco. trum april peers on "fox news" last night and respond to questions surrounding the somewhat controversial campaign ad. >> all it is, it is a display of what it is going to look like and what our currently looks like. that the was video footage. the just a display of what our country will look like. we are like a third world country. we're like a dumping ground. >> like morocco. trump's campaign manager says the use of morocco as opposed to mexico was intentional. >> of course it was. >> ad begins airing today in the early campaign states of iowa and new hampshire. in another interesting head line this morning, surrounding donald trump and megyn kelly, look at this, check out the
8:06 am
cover of vanity fair. >> nice. >> "fox news" anchor told the magazine that donald trump once tried to wow her before announcing his run for president. she says she didn't know why he was doing that and when did he announce he was running for president, it all became more clear. megyn added she cannot be wowed, she would never love him or hate him, and, that her press clippings and would call her to talk about certain segments on her show. >> okay, bill anderson a couple things there. i used to have an office right next to megyn for almost three years. i tried to wow her. >> we expect that from youy don't think it is that kind of wowing, sit bill, romantic wowing he just wanted her support which she can't do. >> she has to remain neutral as a journal lick. whether it is any kind of wow, wow, wow, wow it shouldn't be happening. >> you are right, he was trying to get in her ear and gain favor. i don't think it was ever
8:07 am
romantic. >> still not go. >> do that wow thing. >> wow, wow, wow. >> jeffery osborne, ladies and yes. >> we have been talking about the the fact that it is cold outside. >> yeah. >> really cold. >> i want to know is what your go to bundling up exercise. this poor woman lauren johnson. >> she probably doesn't like you very much. >> i suggest this. she wanted to go back outside in the cold. >> so what are you seeing out there where are you the clothespin opinion . >> at the the clothespin right across from city hall. what people are saying is girl, what i'm not going to go does stop and talk to you. it is below 0-degree wind chill. we just had emergency crews coming, not the sure fit is weather related. they are busy. we didn't want to stop them. i see a few people coming up with no hats, no gloves and asked the question and what were you thinking. it is no the that cold. when they told me, it is not
8:08 am
that cold that guy gave us the thumbs up. >> hey, are you cold. >> no. >> no. >> how many layers do you have on. >> four. >> i thought you sneak that glove on you you are not cold. >> coat is warm. >> just came out of the subway. >> it is warm down there but freezing up here. >> yes. >> how long is your walk to work. >> three blocks. >> do you have coffee at your desk. >> what is in there. >> there he has got it, mike and alex, ready to brew. >> stay warm, okay. >> it is cold out here. >> no, no, no i need to buy some new gloves today. >> what do you think about the cold. >> it is pretty bad. this is my first day in philadelphia looking for an apartment so thinks a terrible weather for that. >> where are you moving from. >> new york city, queens.
8:09 am
>> you are still up north. >> not a great apartment shopping day. >> no it is not. >> bundle up. >> stay warm. >> all right mike those two are brave souls that want to stop and talk to me. everybody else is like girl, bye. >> mike just said she's looking silent. my problem is what is this cold all style goes out the window. >> i agree. >> red, blue, green, putting it all a together. >> comfort trumps style. >> yes. >> red hat, green coat and a fashionable blue fox coat. >> so sexy. >> i got this blue. >> george has to showdown low. >> then i have a white scarves and a green sweater. >> i'm with you, girl. >> thanks, lauren, good job. 8:09. new york giants head coach made his decision he resigned yesterday. you saw this coming in a statement he said obviously past three years have not been what any of us expect and as
8:10 am
head coach i except responsibility for those seasons some speculate he could still coach again and might be feeling about it though. >> chip kelly, can you imagine, if he became a giants coach. you know derek gunn from comcast sports net that according to a league source that the giants are interested in chip kelly, but so is san francisco apparently. he reach out to san francisco. we will talk to him. cleveland wants to talk to him. of course, a lot of people say it might be his number one choice tennessee titans. but according to, a source knowledgeable about the giants situation says that is not going to happen. chip kelly is not going to be the giants head coach. we shall see. how would that make you feel if he stayed in the division. make those games with the giants very interesting.
8:11 am
>> very juicy. >> and eagles fans would you want tom coughlin? he has won two super bowls. >> let us know what you think. >> use the hashtag fox 29 good day. you eat a lot of kail. >> i like to eat some kaily had a burrito, with kail in it yesterday. >> why ruin a burrito. >> what about coconut oil. >> i heard about super foods to help us get healthy and maybe thin out a little bit. if your new years resolution toys get healthy and that is your number one we have super foods with that woman right there. >> hi. then we also have quincy, hi quincy. >> hello, how is everybody. it is freezing out here and what happens in this weather, so today, q do my job i will insulate some of these pipes, i will be a plumber, and we will see how this works out.
8:12 am
8:13 am
♪ ♪ ♪
8:14 am
♪ ♪ kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. we are the the winter weather authority and this is why because of this blast of cold air, which has moved town, from the arctic. it is, with us and it came
8:15 am
yesterday and with us with this wind chill advisory continuing in the mountains for wind chills that are 15, to 20 degrees below zero. it is 13 degrees right the now and this is coldest morning since march of last year, and thinks the the important number. it feels like zero. it is trent 19b low is wind chill in mount pocono. one below is what it feels like in wildwood at the new jersey shore. so winds at least are calming town a little bit. we had 25 miles an hour wind gusts when we first got here this morning but it is getting better. we have finally made it to below average temperature not that we were looking forward to that and today we may not make to it freezing but we have gradual warming trend and by week end we are back in the 50's with some rain around. another cold blast on monday, of next week bob kelly. >> sue, good morning everybody. we have an accident here, this is northbound lanes of i-95. look at this guy off to the
8:16 am
far right. he is spun around facing the opposite direction on i-95 right before the woodhaven road on the northbound side, and got a little bit of sun popping out here not doing too much to move that temperature gauge. live look at the benny coming into fill a. we have ice, ice, baby every where, lansdale avenue shut down in front of the cobbs creek golf club. all of the water running down answer town avenue. we have to go all the way over to city avenue or opposite way to 63rd to make it around the golf course. the here's latest from septa, airport services resume on the airport regional will rail line but all of the trains are running, with a at least 15 minutes delay. factor that into your choice if you use mass transit this morning, and all market frankford lines all stops all aboard mike and alex, back over to you. >> how about to get health any 2016, let's eat more blood and big orange and green things. >> okay.
8:17 am
there is some food we should be eat nothing 2016. >> last year we had so many segments, good to see you. >> good to see you again. >> so many segments about chia seeds, that is so 2015. >> it is now out, i just bought a new package. >> use the package and then give it up. >> okay. >> you are a registered dietition. where do you work. >> i have a business, institution conn september is my business in malvern. >> what are some of these foods that we have here. >> sure, here we have started with the green. the that is a super food. because of the germ nation, protein content, fiber content it is higher and packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. what i have with my clients is i help them with green grains and they can use it for breakfast, so because of the protein fiber combination. >> i have a a question where
8:18 am
would i get a grain that sprouts. >> you can find tonight whole food, wegmans, you can do it at home as well. >> kane put it in a salad. >> you can sprouts on your salad. >> and yes. >> you can mix them with other things. >> so black beans are again, it is a great weight loss food because of the protein fiber combination in them. that is what you need for weight loss, protein fiber combination. >> when i go to chipotle i go get black beansy love avocado but i have never seen avocado oil. >> believe it or not it is a heart healthy fault, and it is also good for your skin and immune system. but as far as calories go it is a same amount of and, oils and fat. >> put it on salad.
8:19 am
>> on your pizza and pasta. >> seaweed, high in vitamin c, and it has antibacterial and anti viral properties. >> again put it in salad. >> you can use it. >> this color looks different though. >> yes. >> it is a dry seaweed. >> what is this. >> and that is mocha a another super food that can be used in smoothies, juices, puddings and many use that. >> that is chi a a of 2016. >> yes. >> the chia of 2016. >> when it is wet like these seed. >> no, it is a powder. it is a a root but sold as powder so you put that in your puddings, smoothies, and juices. >> and is a this one for me. >> collarobi. >> it is a cabbage vegetable
8:20 am
and it is high in vitamin c and fiber and the leaves are again very high in vitamin c and fiber. you can eat that raw in salad. you can make them chips. >> i was reading, on your web site blood sausage. >> that is basically blood it is pork's blood. >> that is a super food it is a super food, high in protein, iron and calcium and also, zinc but it is any saturated fat as well. >> so be careful eating that. >> what are those. >> that is colorobi. >> that is what i have over here, that is live right here. >> i went to high school with colorrobi. >> thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks for wearing blue. >> this is a trend everybody is wearing blue. >> it is blue, color cold. 8:20. is this the fridge of the future we are about to show you? this appliance is connect to the internet and it could
8:21 am
change the way you eat and cook. next up what this refridge or will tell but what is inside. local teen will be appearing on the real later today, why this 14 year-old author and designer wants every kid to have a sneaker journal. >> tv show the real. >> with the ladies. >> yes good he is lucky. ok, so the government crashed-tested the f-150. the one with the high-strength military-grade, aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make. it pulled a 5-star safety rating...
8:22 am
on all sides... for every cab configuration. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested." this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history. to be not a gift. it is not a given. fearless is a choice. one that's yours to make. will you be bold? will you be brave? you can. because you have the power of a card that opens doors in all fifty states. the one most accepted by top doctors and specialists. independence blue cross. live fearless. open enrollment is now. go online and sign up today.
8:23 am
8:24 am
i would rather be ugly and warm then cute and cold. >> my sentiments exactly. >> have you heard about my new refrigerator it is my back porch. is there a refrigerator have the future, split is. >> look at it it is sleek, cool looking. >> is that a screen on the right-hand side. >> yeah. >> computer screen. >> it is called family refrigerator and it is connected to the internet. it has a 21-inch touch screen, on the outside there on the right. >> yes. >> you have speakers and a camera that will allow people to see what is inside, without
8:25 am
even opening the door. are we that lazy where you don't open it up and look. >> my right armies the atrophied. >> you can be on the couch watching tv and necessity is what on the fridge. you can pull it up from the smart phone and say do we have anymore of this. >> can you believe that. >> the ultimate in laziness. >> i kind of love it at the same time you ever text someone in the other room and don't want to get off the couch. >> all the time. >> it is made by samsung. they have announced when this will be released. >> very soon. >> but it will be released in this calendar year. >> so accessible. >> yes, thousands of dollars. >> there is a new hoodie out, on kick start their is not your average sweat shirt for comfort. it is cool. according to inventors it inflates to make a pillow when you blow in the hood. >> i love this. >> they say it is perfect for people on the go or anyone who wants a quick snap. you know what it is good for on the airplanes. i have the hardest time. you have those neck wraps. just sit back, blow in the
8:26 am
pillow, and be set, you are ready to go. >> ideal use for that is an airplane, you are right, when you cannot get all the way over to the window. >> i'm a window see girl. i only do it so i can lean on the wall. >> you pull it down and lean. >> everyone gets mad. i need to sleep. >> it is problem when you fly first class, it is too far a away from the wall. you cannot get there. >> so much room. >> yes. >> not everyone knows that. >> i fly coach. >> is that why. >> that is right. >> you know, music bay watch, you know, the music, pamela anderson running down the beach. hi, pam. hi pam. bay watch is back but i want you to be casting director now. who would you advise to take the part of pamela anderson's iconic character. why the timing cot not be better for one certain actress but who would be your choice
8:27 am
in 2016. would it be a selena gomez or is she not built enough. >> you know, it is 2016. make it a brunette or red. >> miley cyrus. >> do you need to be busty. >> then i'm out. i'm a plum are. we're just covering some pipes so they don't bust. we will get some insulation going coming up next.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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8:30 am
that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ will she show it yesterday. host of the show is own our show today in the studio. meet him from new jersey.
8:31 am
>> and he played the game with us. >> 8:30. >> will smith a's son lands a big modeling gig but what he is wearing in the ads that has internet buzzing. >> mom and dad there, very proud. >> and holidays are over but are you still, celebrating? we want to know? are your decorations still up? have you just chuck your tree out? let us know. use the hashtag fox 29 good day. >> what is the day you take down decorations. we know people april and may, it is still up. >> a all those all year round people that have white lights, a a and they he just leave it up. >> i think that video was from south philadelphia, yes, one of the streets down there. >> baby, it is cold outside. >> so cold, that this could be a really rough job, do my job, that is segment where quincy goes out and replaces you on the job. this would be a bad day to be a plumber because of the cold. >> we have pick him to do it today. >> plumber. >> yes, guys we're in west oak lane.
8:32 am
it is really cold out. we are in the basement. thinks myron right here, he is a master plumber right here. we are installing what is this insulation right here. >> yes, pipe insulation. >> what happens right new is it is really cold outside. >> about 20 degrees. >> it is 20 degrees in here right now. >> what happens with these pipes when they get this cold. >> they freeze and burst. >> yes, so insulation helps prevent the the freezing of the pipes. >> pretty simple. >> what are some of things you have to do when it gets this cold. >> we work on heaters, we work on chimneys, pipes outside, anything plumbing related, that weather might affect. >> yes. >> so all you have to do right here is put this stuff right here. >> this is pretty simple. i can do that. >> yeah, you can do it. >> this line right here where does this go this goes up to the kitchen. we're in the garage and kitchen sits above the garage.
8:33 am
>> are pipes always this thing. this is half inch. so they also come three-quarters, and it is pretty common in a house. >> what are these pipes. >> that is a drain line. >> you wouldn't put this kind of stuff on heaters. >> no, no not really. >> why is this right here. >> it is old school way of somebody trying to insulate the pipe. it is not effective. >> now this foam right here you can get at any department store or hardware store or any big box store. >> yes, yes, definitely. >> just right here. >> it helps. >> it helps, it is not end all, be all but it definitely can stop the pipes from freezing. >> yes. >> i a had in clue. >> this is what we will do. next hour we will install a
8:34 am
toilet. >> yes, correct. >> upstairs in the bathroom. >> that is correct. >> that is where toilet usually goes. we will install this. we have the pipes insulated right here. i'm doing a good job. this is simple stuff. i could be a plumber. but it is 20 degrees. i have my coat and my gloves off because these guys work with no gloves and no coat. >> it looks like you are inside a garage there. try to stay warm. do the cold joke for me. >> it is cold out, or you are supposed to say it. say it is cold outside. >> boy, it is cold outside. >> how cold is it. >> a guy just -- do it again. >> it is cold outside. >> how cold is it. >> it is so cold the guy in the hallway just poured hot coffee a all over me and i said hey, thanks. >> you made that up just now. >> good morning, sue. >> it really is cold. >> how cold is it. >> i'm the the only one that necessary how to do a joke.
8:35 am
it is that bad. >> hold on. >> you have another one. >> wait a minute. >> wait a minute. we get it. >> we're holding on. >> man it is cold. >> how cold sit. >> pick pocket has taken a day off. >> now somebody put on twitter, pickpockets are putting their hand in their own pockets. >> one more time. >> how cold is it. >> it is is he cold new jersey politicians have their own hand in their pocket. that is just a joke. >> oh, boy. >> you realize thinks bus stop buddy, you can barely recognize him. that is a good thing. waiting outside for a bus you need to have, as little skin possible exposed. four out of ten. here's current temperature in philadelphia. 13 degrees. the what does it feel like? zero. that is our wind chill in philadelphia right now. many wind chills below zero all morning. we will get to a whooping 26 degrees by lunchtime. when sunshine we will probably
8:36 am
end up with a high temperature below freezing. of 31 degrees. sunset is 4:50 but really, bob kelly, the sunnies not going to make a lot of difference today. >> just watching quincy play plumber there i realized and i never turned my outside spigots off. >> um-hmm. >> so i got the hose still sitting out there i meant to do it this weekend. i will get it during week. 8:36. quincy, do my job. head to my house. live look north on i-95 an accident between a academy and woodhaven, only far left lane is opened here. we are bumper and bum per heading north bound in bucks county. jammo on the bennie coming into downtown philadelphia lansdale avenue closed between of the water, that is now iced over after the fire fighters, god bless them, they have been out there all night long putting out that fire at the golf club and street is allized over. you have to go to city avenue or 63rd and all that extra volume, blocking up the
8:37 am
neighborhood this morning. good news from september, airport regional rail line service has resumed but a across the the board expect 15 minute delays on all of the regional rails and the market frankford line all trains making all stops due to the cold this morning, mike and alex, back over to you. >> lets a's meet a a cool teacher out of atlanta a georgia. an educator there slowing off slick dance moves but that is not all. >> who this teacher is and yes may be one of the best, in the world. and keep them coming on twitter,. >> we have a suggestion. >> i just got a suggestion, we will show it the to you after the break, who can take the the place of pamela anderson for iconic character, they are making bay watch again for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting...
8:38 am
how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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8:41 am
he has a very nice life going on right now. >> he does. >> 8:41. someone on twitter said, who should play pamela anderson's character. they are making bay watch again. you have to get younger people. this guy writes in kate upton. >> thank youy love the the idea. >> good idea. >> okay. good one, matt. >> let's just leave that up for a while. >> okay. >> it looks likely owe nard owe dicaprio will spill the beans about who will be the replacement. he was on the red carpet for the at ward season always looking good. >> he has called it quits with the model actress kelly rohrback. >> what will she do now. >> they have spent half of 2015 dating. so, here's the thing, she has a new gig. because she is going to be cj parker in the the bay watch movie. she is the new pamela
8:42 am
anderson. >> good choice. >> yes. >> you know what, the the rock, dwayne johnson, he is all part of this film too. >> this new project. >> okay. >> so her name is kelly. >> yes. >> she starred along dwayne the rock johnson who announced the cast with his instagram post, including kelly.. >> ♪ >> wow. >> that looked planned to me. >> yes. >> i'm's surprised i didn't fall down. do you remember last labor day it was, we celebrated the end of summer, we did our reinact. , you and i. >> we did. >> of this iconic scene. >> ♪
8:43 am
>> you know if you swing your eyes a little bit we look like david and pamela. >> really. >> really good tan. >> yes, really good tan. >> and darker hair. >> and... >> watch it, watch it. >> so lets get in shape. this is our goal for the month of january. we are looking to jen fred to get it done. >> which is really sad, okay. don't eat pizza. here's the question, all of this equipment here, in this gym what is number one thing that holy says you don't have and b, cantor much your fat. come back after the the break.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
where is philly. >> we're rank number 70th out of hundred or people joining health clubs, and 68th number sports clubs per cap taxer eighty-first of residents who engage in physical activity. only good stat all the way at
8:47 am
the the bottom. we're sixth out of 100 because we walk around. >> that is a positive. we're walking. >> well, you will see these wbosue balls. >> yes. >> there is a lot you can do. jen will show us. >> she's at philly fitness. >> yes. >> we're having a great time. we love these. good morning everyone. good morning heidi. good morning. >> good morning. >> now what we will do is put my man to the test. >> let's do it. >> why do you like bosue ball idea. >> because you can do every exercise and it brings balance into play and it is just fun. you can bounce around, you can to a lot of fun exercises and i liken dunes so it kind of burns. >> so give us moves. you like these five the the best. >> i like these. >> so we will go back extensions, so, for me, pull back, squeeze. and give me four more.
8:48 am
three, two, one. >> now we are adding a little bit. >> i'm ready. >> hey, hey. >> pull me over. >> you started getting ready for a competition. you will be ready in six months. >> six months is the target day. >> you will be fine. >> we got him. >> yes. >> and do 85 of these. >> do you want to do a little survival, five, four, three, two. >> perfect. >> now release. now lets do our burpee on the bosu. >> yes. >> so flip that around. >> we don't just use it one way. >> lay your chest down on it, all the way down. >> perfect. >> now jump right up. good. >> all the way above your head. >> do one more for me. >> hi. >> okay. >> now go back down and get crafty with your fish up. >> i will do a regular push up.
8:49 am
>> okay. >> pop it up. >> yes. >> perfect. >> okay. >> now you can stand it. flip yours over. and if you would take my hand. >> i will take your hand. >> that is the the harder one by the way. >> we will go down as low a as we can, stick the butt out, shot back. lower good do i need to hold your hands. >> the moving is what we are doing the core, abs. >> we talk about this getting started, 30 minutes at home will be a lot on this thing. >> oh, yeah. >> as fast as you call go, hard as you work. >> perfect, keep going. >> do you want to do a hold again. >> hold. >> lower, lower, lower, lower, lower, lower. >> it is weird how mine is moving and his isn't i feel like i am will's is your fink.
8:50 am
>> perfect. >> perfect. >> you can do skaters without the bosu or with the the bosu. >> okay. >> okay. >> so, show us skater moves. >> just tap down and tap over, tap down and tap over. am i doing it right. >> you can use the bosu or without the bosu. >> we are doing variations from the craft. >> okay. >> for our viewers. >> i feel good. >> in six months you you will look different. >> yes, i will. >> yes. >> i will be here. >> by the the way, i am out of breath. >> yes. >> you should. six months, kate hudson. she will do it again tomorrow. >> twelve weeks. >> twelve weeks. >> twelve weeks. >> she will look more like the
8:51 am
hudson river. no, she's great. >> do you know a teacher as cool as this, a teacher we are about to show you. pretty good dance moves right here. do you even recognize this guy? you may. we will play the whole tape.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
85:00 four. delays southbound i-95 heading in the city and northbound jammed from cottman up to woodhaven, all because of an earlier accident. are you ready? it the is so cold. >> how cold is it? >> look at the this guy taking his dog for a walk? >> sitting in the car with the the leash out, that is how cold it is this morning. the the the airport line, service resumed but still with some delays, all of the
8:55 am
regional rails running with 15 minute delays and paoli line running with upward of 30 minute delays. so the trains are not taking too kindly to the cold wet they're morning. even if you are heading out the to any of the bus stops, or the train stations, make sure you are bundled up. mike anal extreme weather, back over to you. thank you bob kelly. let's just show rest of the footage of this atlanta schoolteacher, he is, finding a unique way to tap into the mind of his students. >> i am so exited to see this. people are tagging this i feel like i have seen it on video. he is inspiring them to learn and be creative but through music a and dance. you can compare his talent to the likes of fred astair. >> well, okay.
8:56 am
>> that is ron clark who is part of the ron clark academy. so that is pretty good. >> he is really good. >> what do you mean. >> they challenged him to do this. >> yeah. >> look at that. >> they said they were bored during winter break so he turned their complaints into this two hour dance off, and they posted it on line. it has more than a million and a half hits. he is a finally for global teach era ward. >> of 2016. >> it is only fifth day of the year. >> good day for you, ron. it is reflecting on 2016. >> there is marky mark, mark zuckerberg wants to build a robot. can probably do it. he wants to stop telling the the young woman in your life, to marry a nerd. well, is he the ultimate nerd how he fires back at a grandmother's post on social media.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
good morning, reading. it is good day to you, january . a award season is upon us. time for peoples choice award is tomorrow. coming up how you can get red carpet looks at home. >> you can look like a celebrity without being even one. >> without leaving the delaware valley. >> we all know, hi sue, by the way. we know men and women are different. a new survey reveals how different the sexes view their body. thinks old footage. who is more positive about the way they look in the mirror. >> will smith's son land a big modeling gig but what he is wearing that could have the internet buzzing. >> his parents seem to be very proud


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