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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 5, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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what a neighbor did after he heard about the attacks that has police asking questions. >> a local school under fire for what's meant to be an act of patriotism. your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ right now another bone-chilling night. let's take a live look at reading. temperatures are already below freezing across our area. and take a look. you can see on the left pocono mountains ski resorts taking full advantage of the cold
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making snow again and in the middle people bundled up trying stay warm in center city on the right traffic is moving in south philly. >> and moving to trenton now. it is only going to get colder before you walk out the door tomorrow morning. good evening, i'm chris oh congress iain has the night off. >> i'm lucy noland. so question of course is how low are the temperatures going to go? kathy orr is track wagon to expect when you wake up. hey, kathy. >> we're talking about cold temperatures again lucy and chris. take a look at the numbers right now. mount pocono 11 degrees. it is 16 in pottstown. philadelphia 27. trenton 18. we don't have any wind. this air is very cold and we do have dry air that will allow the temperatures to fall quickly not much wind but still a wind chill with cold temperatures in the poconos it feels like three. in pottstown it feels like it is 17. come tomorrow morning, we'll see temperatures in the teens by the noon hour. a little bit better rising into the 30s. and then even in the 30s during the day on thursday. so we will be seeing some improvement after the bitter
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cold tomorrow. waking up to the teens and even some single numbers. so temperatures will be on the rise we'll take look how quickly and for how long. the rain will return to the forecast with some terrible timing and then we go back to bitter in the seven day. so that warmup is not going to last that long. we'll talk more about that later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> all right. make sure you're ready to walk out the door with fox 29 weather and traffic authority. from latest forecast to any problems out on the roads you know sue serio and bob kelly have you covered. it begins at 4:00 a.m. >> we're following breaking news coming into the fox 29 newsroom. police shoot and kill a man in upper darby officers say they were call out to an apartment on bishop avenue for reports of a suicidal man with 95. police say the man approached officers on the scene with that knife. officers ored thyme drop it even tased him but say he still came at police. now, officers say they fired four to five shots at the man. he died on the scene.
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his name is not been released we're told no officers were hu hurt. we have a developing story out of northeast philadelphia tonight. sky fox over the 200 block of lockhart street where authorities say two dogs have bit two people. they are now in the hospital for their injuries. and moments later gunshots rang out in the same neighborhood. now the man who fired that gun is in police custody. fox 29's brad sattin life in northeast philadelphia tonight. brad, police say it appears the man was trying to shoot those dogs? >> reporter: chris, yes. the question tonight is why? there's some talk to maybe one of dogs was actually charging the man others think the man came out because the dog at least one of dogs bit two women maybe he was out for revenge but at the time he was firing the shots police arrived and certainly could have turned much worse. two large dogs possibly mastiffmastiffs taken away by al control after one of them they're not sure which one severely bit two women as they walked by. a mother and her adult daughter
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who live in the neighborhood. somehow the dogs got out of their home and past the fence into the street. as the women were being treated by paramedics, police arrived to the sound of gunfire. >> they saw a mail firing a gun at the two dogs. this shooter fired at least two shots from a revolver. the police on the scene who were in full uniform mark police cars to order this mail to drop his weapon. he did drop the weapon. >> the dogs did not appear to be hit. a sketch-year-old man was taken into custody. police say preliminary information is that he may have been bitten by one of the doing in the past. but this woman says a neighbor told her -- >> somehow this dog again got out from the gate and charged at him. supposedly the dog was about maybe 10 feet away and he took his gun out and shot the dog. >> reporter: police still investigating that claim. the woman says the dogs have been troublesome in the past. >> any time i would park over
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there, it would be scary to even walk by because these dogs would bark so loud and they shake the gates like they're about to run out or something. they're scary. they're very scary. >> reporter: it's not clear tonight if the owners were home at the time they can potentially face charges the two women who were bitten both been taken to holy redeemer hospital again we are recovering. dogs are being tested for rabi rabies. they're fates to night are not known. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, brad. president obama has just overhauled how guns are bought and sold in the united states. he's side stepping congress taking executive action. he did it today. the president says congress inability to pass any kind of comprehensive reform forced him ting a his 10 new orders expand background checks and close loop holes in the gun show market. the president says he knows these laws will not stop all future violence but he hopes it can help save lives. >> from every family who never
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imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun, all of us need to demand congress brave enough to stand up to the gun lobby's lice, all of us neither to stand up and protect its citizens. >> president obama meth of mentioned u.s. pat toomey in his address. saying legislation that the republican senator from pennsylvania supports is similar to the executive actions he's taking. senator toomey has now released a statement saying in part "while i am still awaiting further information about the executive orders, the president has abused these actions in the past and exceeded the boundaries of the law. this should not be allowed under our constitutional framework ". >> toomey adds that the president should be working with congress to handle gun control issues. caught on camera, philadelphia police need your help in tracking down this group of teenagers. cops say they caused thousands of dollars worth of damage april
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side a property in the city's logan second. fox 29's dave schratwieser live outside of police headquarters tonight and dave you are hearing that propertied was targeted more than once. >> reporter: in fact, chris, police say that these suspects went in and out of that property multiple times during a five-hour period. according to investigators they did more than $5,000 in damage. on north broad street in logan neighbors have been anxiously awaiting the opening of several new stores at this former supermarket site in their community. >> first of all, we dope have no stores in this neighbor if you look around you, and second of all, they going to put laundromat here. we don't have a laundromat an dollar tree. these are stores most people shot at and we don't have them. >> save a lot is my best friend and dollar tree. >> they were so disappointed to hear three teenagers had been caught ransacking the place. they punched and kick holes in the new walls and spray painted equipment and other items inside
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the big renovation project. >> you have these individuals go in and they just simply destroy the place for no apparent reason. something that doesn't make sense. >> it's sad. it's sad. they kids but it's sad. >> reporter: safe lot, dollar tree and new laundromat slated to move into the old shop and bag supermarket at broad and wingohocking. they're hoping the burglary and vandalism didn't delay the project. >> i knew they were working on it and there was a delay but we never new why. >> good for the neighborhood. we had two previous supermarkets that didn't last at all. hopefully this one will last. >> the site is clearly marked with signs about satellite surveillance and there are lots of surveillance cameras. investigators are hoping someone even a parent might recognize the teens from the video. >> a parent should be disturb they see this video and recognize their kid doing this. we should be receiving a phone call turning them in. >> but it's just sad because we trying to have something trying to build the neighborhood back
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the way it used to be years ago, and they target up. it's just sad. >> reporter: police believe the suspects are between the ages of 13 and 17 and may be from that very same neighborhood. you want to get another look at that video go to our website at if you recognize the suspects you can call northwest detectives. chris? >> okay. thanks, dave. philadelphia phillies first baseman ryan howard has filed lawsuits against al-jazeera television claiming they reported false information on him using drug. washington nationals ryan zimmerman also filed a suit and al-jazeera documentary claiming the two along with several other professional athletes allegedly received shipments of performance enhancing drugs. zimmerman and howard claim the report titled the dark side contains false statements and was inaccurate. the person cited as making those accusations in the documentary has already recanted everything he said. >> scary moments for convenience store clerk in washington
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township, new jersey, when two masked men walk in. this happened last week in the nick knack store on woodbury turnersville road. but authorities just released the images hoping to catch the robbers. one of the men point add 95 at the clerk. then stole money from the cash register, took off. authorities are now looking into whether these guys are behind similar crimes in nearby towns. an unfortunate final action for philadelphia's former police commissioner. before leaving office, charles ramsay issued a suspension for officer derek lewis, eight days ago lewis had run in with upper darby police. they arrested him saying he was disorderly and aggressive with officers responding to a domestic disturbance call at his home. the nine year department veteran facing assault and harassment charges his 30 day suspension from the philadelphia police department comes with the intent to dismiss. federal judge agreed to postpone the deposition of bill cosby's wife camille. it was scheduled for tomorrow in massachusetts. lawyers representing seven women those women are suing bill cosby claiming he allowed the women to
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be portrayed as liars while the comedian is count suing. accusing the women of making false allegations for financial gain. montgomery county prosecut prosecutors charge cosby last month saying he sexua sexual set add temple university employee in 2004. >> us troops came under enemy fire in the taliban strong hold and mortar fire hit a medical helicopter responding to the area. military has yet to release the names of the americans killed and wounded. late tonight, the pentagon says there's still fighting going on. >> routine traffic stop turns ugly in a new jersey community. now the driver face as judge while her lawyer claims she is the victim. you actually believe that your life was in danger. >> yes, sir. >> possibly you were going to be killed is that right of this? >> yes, sir. >> will a judge died. she broke the law. the story you'll only see on fox 29.
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>> emotional reunion for a little boy and his family he was in a car when the guy stole it from a local 7eleven. what police found the little boy and what he was doing only a half hour later. a cold you just can't shake. it may not be what you think. what you may actually be fighting that could last for months. >> a local school under fire for what's meant to be an act of patriotism the words children may not longer be saying.
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>> raging fire last night. real live ice palace today. this is what is left of the clubhouse at the cobbs creek golf club it is now covered in ice. firefighters were back on the scene today hitting some hot spots. they were call to the building on lansdowne avenue around 11:00 o'clock last night. took crews about two hours to get things under control. no one is injured. no word on what spark that blaze. happy reunion as police carry a young boy back to his family. he was in his family's car when a man jumped in and stole it. turns out that six-year-old slept through the entire thing. >> goodness. the search is still on for the guy who took the car. fox 29's bruce gordon breaks down exactly what happened. >> reporter: chief inspector scott small described for us the reunion that took place inside this 7eleven store when philly police returned to six-year-old boy to his mom and step dad. >> joy, tears, a lot of emotion but they were really really happy.
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and so were we. >> reporter: around 2:20 a.m. the 30-year-old step dad pulled up to the 7eleven in a 2004 silver honda civic. left the engine running and his stepson inside asleep in the back seat as he ran in to make purchase. just a moment later, a white car pulls alongside the civic. a man gets out, jumps in the driver's seat and peels out. with the boy still april side and dad in hot pursuit. >> not only do we have a stolen auto here, now we have a situation with an abduction. >> reporter: police scramble to fine the car and the boy and within 30 minutes time found both around 2 miles away on the 4300 block of lieper street. amazingly -- >> the engine was still running. the child was in the back seat still sleeping. >> reporter: as mom carried her little boy from the 7eleven, customers and neighbors were left shaking their heads at this bizarre kidnapping. >> you have children of your own? yes, i have one. >> what would go through your
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hyped if something like that happened to your child? >> i'm just hoping it never happens because i don't plan to leave him in the car. >> reporter: it is in fact illegal in pennsylvania to leave your vehicle running while unattended with or without a child inside. again the little boy is fine. he was unharmed during the entire ordeal. slept through the whole thing as you heard. in fact even got a free donut out of the whole experience. the thief if caught faces a charge of car theft, no surprise there, but even though it's not clear he knew there was a child inside the vehicle, could face a kidnapping charge as well. in frankford, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. tonight we know more about a deadly pedestrian accident. it was in newark, delaware. police say more than one driver may have hit the woman who died along route 1 near i-95 off-ra off-ramp. investigators think one of the cars involved might be a volvo f60 sedan or volvo vest 60 hatchback. it's possibly silver and a model year of 2011 or maybe newer. it happened around 7:00 this morning.
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the woman died at the scene. medical investigators are working on her identity. >> in new jersey authorities are warning residents of an irs phone scam. sheriff jack chem lower says several people in the county are getting calls from someone claiming to be with the irs. the callers demand thousands of dollars in back taxes and threaten officers will serve an arrest warrant if they don't get paid. authorities say if you receive a call like that, just hang up. the phrase god bless america is at the center of controversy at a camden county elementary school. the american civil liberties union sent a letter to haddon heights elementary school saying reciting that phrase daily should not happen. fox 29's bill anderson spoke to both sides. ♪ >> reporter: god bless america is causing a bit of a controversy at a south jersey elementary school after the aclu sent a letter to glennview of a elementary school demanding that they stop using it.
10:18 pm
school began saying god bless america every day after the pledge of allegiance following september 11th as a show of respect. the aclu says they appreciate the respect but simply put it's unconstitutional and it needs to stop. >> it is simply and constitutional as a practice to have school officials leading elementary school students invoking god's blessing at the beginning of every school day,. >> in a letter to parents, glennviews principle they view the statement as patriotic more than religious but they will stop doing it. understanding all of that the parents and residents i spoke to were disappointed. >> supposed to be one nation under god, in god we trust on our money. they don't want to say it they don't have to say it just respect thing. >> it was supposed to be positive from what i understand after 9/11 just, upping, showing our patriotism. >> if you feel like you want to
10:19 pm
say god bless america this is america, i don't see why you can't say it. >> reporter: students are free to end the pledge saying pretty anything they want to. just not as a united group. at least for now, the united organized statement that they thought was just a sign of respect god bless america has been banned. >> parents, not the government, have the right to decide ton direct religious up bringing of their children. >> reporter: it's interesting to note the aclu told me they didn't receive any complaint that started this. they just heard about the policy and thought that it needed to stop. we'll keep you informed if there are any additional developments. here in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. the six-year-old son got a toy gun from his school. she's outraged. why the school is defending the gift. my friend was like rupp, run, i was like what? i looked behind me and there was pure chaos. >> terrifying night at the mall
10:20 pm
this young woman won't soon forget. what had her running for her life and the life of had he ever unborn son. >> families with young children in freezing temperatures and no heat. why their city took away the one thing keeping their apartments warm. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. keep in mind we got the new fare hike on the pennsylvania turnpike. we've had delays all day at many of the cash lanes if you use the e-z pass tags you'll be good to go, and then tomorrow, right after the morning rush hour, about 9:00, 9:30 or so penndot will set up shop southbound between bridge street and vine street expressway coming out of northeast philly on 95. and then midday work coming to the neighborhood at tacony and aramingo and it was so cold today, mass transit did not have any express trains on the market trang forward line. keep in mind that the patco high speed line kicked in timetable over the weekend. will it be as cold tomorrow morning as it was this morning?
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grab a cup of coffee and see you at 4:00.
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♪ >> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ what is going on now in north korea? the earth is shaking violently near a nuclear testing site in the country. north korean officials are about to make a statement. earthquake south korean and chinese officials have detected could signal north korea'
10:24 pm
conducting more atomic test. big worry to its neighbors. isolated nation has a handful of crude nuclear weapons the u.s. and allies are worried more nuclear tests could bring north korea closer to perfecting its arsenal. young driver in texas gunned down behind the wheel on new year's eve. tonight we're learning more about the man police say pulled the trigger. you saw it first on fox 29 this weekend. on her way from new year's eve party 20-year-old sarah, suffered fatal injuries after someone opened fire on her moving car. earlier today, police in arizona arrested 20-year-old eric jamal johnson an active us marine investigators say johnson was in another vehicle exchanging words with passenger passengers in he. that's when police say johnson flashed a handgun and shot the 20-year-old in the head. well, a new mom is sharing her unique delivery story she went into labor in the middle of a shooting. >> christa dunbar from the charlotte area.
10:25 pm
she was a few days past her due date. she decided to walk around the local mall hoping to induce labor. seemed like great idea. until gunshots rang out. in the middle of the chaos, dunbar fell twice trying to run to safety. she was so worried her baby was injured. or worse. >> i was afraid because i hadn't felt him move for it had to be at least a good 20 minutes. >> dunbar hid behind a desk and began to have contractions. she stayed out of sight with store employees until help could arrive. she gave birth two days later. now regarding the shooter, authorities say off duty officer shot and killed him and that a fight in the mall started it a all. a woman caught up in rough traffic stop in new jersey fac facing a judge after prosecutors charged her. could she go to jail. >> fox 29 investigates is ahead. kathy? cold air again tomorrow. we're talking the teens. but it will be retreating. i'll show you when and when the rain moves in comin coming as f9
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right now at 10:30 another frigid night. cold enough for the pocono mountains to make snow for the second night in a row. a winter wonderland at the blue mountain ski resort. so pretty. south philly we go. we have dropped below freezing. it's only going to get colder before you walk out the door. i don't know, chris. >> it is cold. we were out for coffee tonight. not as bad as last night. >> no. the key to the whole thing is? >> what? >> you know -- >> wind. >> the wind. all about the wind. wind takes the warmth away from your skin and that's why you feel colder. that wind chill no wind tonight. significant difference in what it feels like let's take look up market street. beautiful evening. clear skies, temperatures are cold, though, in the 20s but look at this the wind chill is the same as the temperature. because the wind is calm make a huge difference even come tomorrow morning. right now 16 in pottstown.
10:30 pm
trenton 18 degrees. airport in ac15. in the pocono mountains it is 11 degrees. a great temperature to be making snow. they'll be making snow 24/7 in the pocono mountains. let's take you to the northeast where it's even colder. upstate new york syracuse 10. ottawa zero. it always could be worse. dry for now but for how long? that's the question. this arctic high slowly moves offshore. the air will be moderating. that high strong enough to keep a coastal lowell offshore. so we stay dry. at least for now. then watching this other area of low pressure approach from the south and west by thursday but once again, like it has several times before, during the fall and the winter season, the low will be tracking to the western great lakes and we stay on the warm side of the storm. so in the upper levels of the atmosphere this is what's happening. the cold air will slowly but surely be retreating and as it does, the warmth builds up from the mid atlantic and temperatures will be back in the 50s by the weekend. but with the warmer air will
10:31 pm
come the rain. low percentage of rain through most of the week. so don't worry about that. it's friday. friday evening if you're stepping out dinner a movie, errands, going to the mall perhaps you will be caught in the rain by the late evening period and some rain of course over the weekend. for tonight in the city down to 16 degrees. but we're not talking bitterly cold wind chills. in the suburbs nine. not as windy. that's the good news. it will make a huge difference tomorrow morning. still cold, but at least you don't have that brutal wind. 40 degrees by the afternoon. that's a seasonal day in philadelphia this time of year. a light westerly whipped will be blowing so nice day to be outside. as you plan your day frigid in the morning no about that. little ice on the windshield and frosty morning. by the noon hour up to 30 degrees. huge rise in temperature. despite this cold air mass over us. comfortable by 3:00 p.m. after school temperatures approach 40. and turning colder at that dinner hour at about 7:00 p.m. on are your exclusive seven day
10:32 pm
forecast from fox 29, sunshine wednesday, thursday and friday with a warming trend. no records but it's okay at least it's getting warmer. saturday the showers. the linger into sunday and then it will be turning colder. by monday, clearing, cold, 40. look at tuesday. morning lows in the 20s. highs only in the 30s. another bitter cold blast will be back in the forecast. that's it, gang. send it back to you. >> all right, kathy. keeps those hats and gloves handy. >> more now on president's obama plan to tighten the sales of guns. executive order seeks to expand the number of gun sales subject to background checks. >> fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us live with local reaction on the president's plan. shawnette. >> reporter:. well tonight i talk to woman who lost her son to gun violen violence. i also talked to woman who recently purchased a gun for her own safety. now, they both agree that something needs to be done to curb gun violence but neither are completely sold on the president's plan to get there. >> do you realize you tore my
10:33 pm
whole family apart? >> creed doctor randolph carter is mourning the loss of her son justin carter. >> hard, of course hard. >> reporter: he was gunned down a little more than two years ago. justin was 20 years old. >> when he shot into the crowd the only shots that were fired hit my son. he didn't sell drugs. he didn't have any guns. like i said he worked downtown and he was just on his way home to get ready for work. get killed just like that. >> reporter: she says the person who murdered her son is serving a live sentence without the possibility of parole but she's still not at peace. president obama's order for tougher gun control laws leaves her with mixed feelings but she says it adds some comfort. >> makes me feel like maybe if they had did this a few years ago maybe my son would still be here. but making the gun law strong, maybe the gun laws harder, i guess that's one thing he's trying to do before he leaves office. >> reporter: the white house hopes a better definition hoof should be licensed as a gun
10:34 pm
dealer an better accounting of gun sales will help save lives. >> gun lobby may be holding congress hostage right now but they cannot hold america hosta hostage. >> lauren shy bow bought a gun a year ago. >> i personally know people who are jumped, mugged, robbed, beaten, you know, held at gun point, knife point, um, and it's stuff that really hits close to home. >> reporter: she agrees with tougher background checks but says it shouldn't be hard for law abiding citizens to protect themselves. >> the bigger issue is criminals getting a hold of illegal guns as opposed to your average person like myself you know wanting to protect my business or my family where, you know, we shouldn't be having a difficult time to be able to protect ourselves. it's more so keeping the guns out of hands of the wrong peop people. >> reporter: and back here live, president obama has vowed to take action on curbing gun violence. he says with or without support
10:35 pm
from congress. lucy? >> all right, shawnette, thank you very much. residents in one atlanta apartment complex dealing with out heat for weeks. after code enforcement officers took their gas meters. the families including young children have had to put layer upon layer on. some are using hot plates to heat their apartments. last month, the officers responded to gas leak and realized the building's gas meters were stolen meters. so they confiscated them leaving residents with no gas, no way to use their stoves or heat their home. >> hot plates for heaters. you turn on the hot plate you got to turn on the heaters. if we turn on the heaters we got to turn off the hot plate. >> residents say for weeks they've tried to get help from the city of atlanta. a person from the mayor's office met with them today to try to find alternative housing. six-year-old son get a gift from his school. a toy gun. mom is not happy. but the school says she shouldn't be upset.
10:36 pm
>> the cold you just can't shake. it may not be what you think. what you think may actually be fighting that could last for months.
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>> sam's choice black angus beef patties with may and june of 2016 used by dates. the meat might have wood inside. no one has become sick. the usda says anyone with the meat should throw it away or return it to wal*mart. >> yo, adrien, rocky may be making yet another come back. sylvester stallone telling variety magazine there will be a sequel to the recent box office hit creed. stallone says one plot possibility would take place in the past and bring back carl weatherweathers as apollo creed knowledge timetable yet for the new movie. >> i still have to go see it. >> i know i haven't seen it yet. >> this weekend i'm going. >> you got this cold or sinus or respiratory thing. a lot of people sick now. it won't go away. as soon as you get over one illness you get sick again. >> i've been coughing about two, three months now. >> in your health tonight we may have the answer what's going on. you might be battling a
10:40 pm
bacterial infection that attacks what's called your bronchial tree. doctors most commonly see this in the spring and the fall but thanks to our record breaking warmth we've had this past cinder of winter it's the gift that basically keeps on giving remain in your body for at long as nine months. and you need a blood or mucus test to fine it. here the good news. experts say it's easy to treat especially if i was tack it quickly with three basic antibiotics. >> the antibiotics have to be prescribed for long enough period of time to eradicate the infection, and sometimes the requirements of the antibiotics can actually be weeks or even a month at a time. >> severe symptoms may need more treatment but experts say once it's gone it most likely will not bug you again for many yea years. a routine traffic stop turns ugly in the new jersey community now the driver faces a judge while her lawyer claims she's the victim. >> you actually believe that your life was in danger possibly you were going to be killed?
10:41 pm
>> yes sir. >> as a result of this. >> a judge decide if she broke the law? the stole you'll only see on fox 29. >> do not forget the final season of american idol starts tomorrow night right here on fox 29. big night, j.lo, keith urban, harry connick jr., you can join all of them for auditions for for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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♪ take a look here at the gift michigan mom says her son's school gave the six year old. that is a toy gun. her first grader brought home from a christmas party at scho school. >> so much going on in the world with kids getting killed for playing with guns and toys just like this. >> the school says it was one of several toys donated as gifts to the students and because it was already wrapped, they had no way of telling what was inside. that mom plans to throw it away and wants an apology from that donor. a controversial police stop in bridgeton, new jersey, captured on camera. well now moved to federal court after the driver faces sharp questioning in the criminal trial. fox 29 investigates showed you that stop and had so many people talking in november. >> tonight the heated fallout from a judge's decision. fox 29's jeff cole investigates.
10:45 pm
>> you are under arrest. >> stop resisting. >> you beating me up. >> you are under arrest. >> he's beating me. he's beating me. help me, jesus he's beating me. >> reporter: 44-year-old sea brook new jersey motorist who battled with bridgeton officers in a raucous police stop has been cleared of the most serious charges she faced. you began to cry immediately. >> yes. >> why because i'm relieved to know that justice, you know, it does serve. >> lawson and her lawyer will now press ahead with a potenti potentially big buck federal lawsuit against bridgeton and the officers she tangled with. >> i'm thankful for the judge. she made a very good decision. >> take her down. >> but the ruling by millville municipal court laura van he been den outraged bridges toes chief of police and silenced its mayor on advice of council. >> ma'am, open the car! open the
10:46 pm
car! open the door! i'm going to break the window. >> reporter: it was early evening on the last day of mar march 2015 when lawson was pulled over for driving while suspended. officer shane sawyer a 14 year veteran approaches lawson's vehicle after being directed to it by the officer who spotted her. he's not heard on tape asking for her license or registration. sawyer's banks on the window a few times and realizing lawson is refusing to open the car, he pulls out his baton and strike. >> about one minute after approaching the vehicle, sawyers is seen walking to the rear passenger window and begins to try to smash it. he also calls a supervisor for approval and gets it. >> i'm trying to force entry n now. >> do what you got to do. >> lawson calls 911 from inside
10:47 pm
the car on her cell. >> can you please call a state trooper, please? ma'am -- >> he's trying break my window. he is trying to break my window. >> they going to break my wind window. >> open the car now! in court lawson testified she opened her window a crack and asked for state police to be called. why? because she and officer sawyer has scuffled two years earlier during an arrest in her see brac home. lawson had filed this federal lawsuit against the city and sawyers based on that 2013 incident. claimed she was frightened to see him standing at her car window. >> i'm going to break the window! >> you actually believed that your life was in danger. yes, sir. >> possibly you were going to be killed as a result of this? >> yes, sir. >> you are under arrest. >> you already beat me up.
10:48 pm
>> you are under arrest. >> he's beating me. he's beating me. help me jesus he's beating me. >> put cuffs on her. >> please, sir, my arm is stuck. >> stop resisting. my arm is messed up. >> sawyers under aggressive questioning from lawson's defense attorney testified he recognized lawson only after he busted her window and entered the car. and he argued he had no obligation to withdrawal once lawson was resisting arrest, had to maintain control at all times and act quickly. >> stop fighting. >> you scratched my hand. >> do you understand me. >> sawyers said it was frustrated with her but not angry. >> stop resisting. >> i'm not resisting, sir. >> you are. put your hands behind your back now. >> i got a frozen shoulder. please, jesus. >> lawson testified her shoulder was frozen from life long diabetes. she said she did not strike the officers as they claim and she did not know her license was
10:49 pm
suspended. the dam cash video shows lawson was pepper sprayed. the group ends up on the pavement. >> you know what, take her down. >> after long testimony lawson was fined for broken taillight and found guilty of driving while suspended. fined and hit with 10 days in jail for repeatedly driving unlicensed. she'll dot time in an alternative program. what's your reaction to being convicted on suspended driving -- driving while suspended? >> can you talk to that any any what. >> no. >> on the more serious charges of harassment, hinder obstruction and resisting arrest the judge rules she was not guilty. the judge said she found officer sawyer's testimony contradictory and not entirely credible. >> bridgeton's chief of police michael, refused on camera interview. but for the record he said, he found the ruling ridiculous.
10:50 pm
he said that he supports the system but not the ruling and he says that convicting lawson of resisting arrest should have been a no brainer. lawson's attorneys say, justice was served. >> i think the judge was under considerable political pressure here. i think she was really in the spotlight and i think it took a lot of guts to do what she did. >> we think justice was done and we're excited to move on to the civil. >> reporter: while lawson and the lawyers left court through the front, bridgeton police went out the way they came in, the back door with an escort from local police and no comment. >> officer sawyers -- >> jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> officer? >> jeff telesis the state of new jersey s has now appealed the ruling. meanwhile the officers have been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing. but still face on-going internal affairs probe. howard eskin now in with sports with more on the eagles
10:51 pm
coaching carousel. >> well, it's going to take couple of week at least. now the eagles continue thend view process. another candidate having his turn with the eagles front office today. there is more to come. and ex giant's coach tom coughlin sounds like he's calling out players. the flyers never make anything easy this season. tonight back at home. the came down to the final seconds. it's all coming up in sports. ok, so the government crashed-tested the f-150. the one with the high-strength military-grade, aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make. it pulled a 5-star safety rating... on all sides... for every cab configuration. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested." this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history.
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flyers back at home tonight after losing three straight and four of their last five. that changed tonight. it wasn't easy. flyers scoreless in the first peer. scoreless until brayden schenn gets turnover again the canadiens much he doesn't miss this opportunity. he shoots and he scores. flyers up one to nothing. second period flyers up two-one. they're on the power play. off the face off. wayne simmonds off his stick it goes in. the flyers are up three to one. three-two in the third period. and the flyers shane core tour yeah will score. four-two. flyers made it close at the end. four-three flyers over the canadiens. the eagles no playoffs. but the owner and his front office are busy trying to find a new head coach for this team. not to mention work about signing some of their players but we'll get to that soon enough. all right. today the eagles interviewed another head coaching candidate add dap gaze the offensive
10:55 pm
coordinator of the chicago bears this year. it's amazing how you start hearing how good these coaches are they haven't done anything yet much he was a denver broncos also coach on the offensive for six years before that gaze 37 years old. i'm sure there are at least four more interviews to come likely many after this weekend's games. two local college basketball teams tonight. both games coming down to the final shots. let's go to connecticutth there's fran dunphy of temple. kevin ollie used to play for the sixers connecticut won a national championship but ranked team temple is playing on the road comes down to the last shot. off the inbound. there was 14 seconds left. and josh brown he's going to take it himself. he's going to go all the way. yes, he shoots, he scores. connecticut tries, 55-53. that's second ranked team temple beaten in a week. st. joe's down to the final shot as well to the hagan field house on hawk hill. off the foul shot. st. joe's in the white down three. they shoot to try to tight do
10:56 pm
not. they lose to vcu85-82. all right. the new york giants head coach tom coughlin remember him? he announced what was called a resignation. either way he left on great terms with the giants, and today held his news conference he has great personality, today he made a great and funny point about players lacking toughness. >> more about the sacrifice and the day in and day out grind much get to know people. knowing who they are. how consistently they are. they perform. how tough are they? we've lost a little bit of that in our game. i got a toothache i'm out of the game. what? >> a stiff neck. i got a stiff neck 24 hours a day every day of my life. (laughter). >> what the hell has that got to do with playing. >> yes. ! all right! >> he's right. the guys -- it's not the same. the union has changed that. the practices have changed that but they are clearly not tough enough any more. i'm glad he took that shot. >> i like him now. >> he'll get another job. he wants another job. >> that's great.
10:57 pm
>> good guy. >> thanks how war. full hours of entertainment news is next with tmz followed by dish nation and chasing news and the simpsons good back here at 4:00 a.m. with "good day philadelphia". >> you know what is next, chris. >> mega millions lottery drawing. good luck.
10:58 pm
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> tyga is telling gloria allred, in your face. he said this 14-year-old he was texting was all professional. >> tyga's team sent me all of the -- the entire text messages gloria allred left a few out. first thing is like hey, whatever. and then she says -- harvey: wait, what's the whatever? >> that's a big whatever. >> adam rodriguez from "csi." we talked to him about "making a murderer." >> you cannot convict a person if the police were trying to plant evidence. >> if i thought i could get my answer out, i would go for it. can i get my answer out? >> that's all excludable based on the fruit of the poison tree. >> i can't get my answer out. >> future is going bonkers about ciara.


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