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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  January 6, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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live from philadelphia. this is forks 29 morning news. 4:00 in the morning and temperatures 22 degrees, positively balmy compared to yesterday. it is another cold one outside. we will tell you if we have a windchill, and when it is going to warm up coming up in the weather authority forecast, lauren? >> sue, video that's going viral this morning. local high school basketball game taking a drastic turn. basketball coach really head butt a rev? we'll let you be the judge. first, chris murphy? >> and i'm chris murphy, in bridesburg, why are we in bridesburg? because this 7-eleven shows the number there, it went up the powerball to $450 million for tonight's drawing. lauren dawn johnson, let's hope someone from the fox 29 family wins this thing.
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sends it back to you. >> don't forget about your tv wife when you buy your ticket, all right? good day, it is wednesday, january 6, 2016. sue, yesterday i got home, and a pipe had bus in the my building. >> oh? >> flooded six floors. >> oh,. >> it was a mess. thanks to mother nature. >> sadly, i'm sure you weren't alone. i think that happened to a lot of people. we just weren't ready for the bitter bitter cold. let's get ready for normal normal cold today. starting off with 22 degrees in philadelphia, ten in mount pocono, 1012 in trenton, eight millville, 12 in wildwood. these temperatures are a little warmer than yesterday. not that much of a winds. so whatever it is, it generally kind of feels like it, but it is still dangerous. up in the mountains, especially, mount pocono, with a 0 degrees windchill. but winds are generally calm throughout the area. so that's a good thing, it is not as windy as it was yesterday. nothing on radar. so here's your temperature,
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22 degrees, 7:23 is your sunrise time for this wednesday morning. and as we head into the weekends, things start to get a little bit milder. so 40 is the normal temperature for early january. and 40 is where we expect to be by the ends of the day. still chilly, but not as harsh as yesterday. 26 degrees overnight. that should be our temperature tonight into tomorrow morning. we'll tell you what happens as the weekend gets here coming up in just a little bit. so, bob kelly, not as windy. makes a big difference. >> yes, and you know what, i got out of the car this morning to walk across the street, thought the same thing, wow, it is colds, but you don't have the winds. hopefully that will be a plus for thus morning. good morning, everybody, on a wednesday, hump day, live look here, this is 202 northbound. right near the schuylkill expressway. police and penndot on the scene after disable tractor-trailer here. but no major problems coming up out of west chester, they are working there near route 401. they are also working here downtown on the vine street
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expressway between the schuylkill and broad street. you know the drill. it is closed. use spring garden, 30th or south street. aramingo avenue also in the neighborhood. shutdown again today from york over to delaware. traffic diverted over onto richmond street. also, they are working midday in bridesburg, not that far from where chris murphy is hanging out at talcony and aramingo, road work during the midday. otherwise kind of quiet, in from south jersey, no problems on the freeway or 295. we had huge delays last night on the way home, over one hour delays on all of the regional rail lines, again, the trains weren't taking too kindly to the cold weather yesterday. so we will reset the clock, airport, all of the regional rails so far getting do you have good start this morning, and the rest of the mass transit systems running with no delays. lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thanks so much. we begin with developing story. police shoot and kill a man in upper darby, officers say they were called out to an apartment on bishop avenue for reports of a suicidal man with
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a knife, just after 7:00 last night. police say the manna poached officers on the scene with that knife. officers ordered him to drop it, even taze him, but he still came at police. officers tell us they fired four shots, at the man, he died at the scene. his name has not been released, and no officers were injured. now, to a developing story right now, an earthquake in north korea raising some concerns this morning. the associated press report that a south korean spy agency told a lawmaker the north may have tested at tomorrow i can bomb. tell advised north korean statement said it was a hydrogen bomb test. us gee logical survey measured the event at magnitude 5.1, foreign ministry held emergency meeting after reports of the size of the disturbance. three previous nuclear tests back in 2006, 2009 and 2013, were conducted in the region. the un is now calling an emergency meeting today to discuss actions by north korea. >> a video from our area at
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high school basketball game gaining major attention for the wrong reasons. in it it appears to show a team's coach in a incident with the referee. fox 29's steve keeley live at langhorne at neshaminy high school with more on. >> this hype, steve. >> reporter: well, so far two angles two, videos, and very early here at the high school, no comment from anybody at the school just yet. let's show you the videos, close game, disputed call, contact between head coach and referee. neshaminy player drives scores, but the referee says no basket, offensive foul. so they take the points away from neshaminy, then maybe bigger foul committed by neshaminy's head boys basketball coach jerry devine, the rev goes down, another rev steps in, throws devine out of the game, which continues you see assistant coach seems to be stepping in, between devine trying to cool things down against pens berry, and again, no public comment from coach devine following this or any other neshaminy school official like the athletic
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director. lauren, we're told, there was even police report on this. we don't have our hands on it just yet. but you can bet that school officials are investigating for disciplinary action, and maybe a police are too. >> yes, of course they are. all right, we'll see what happens with this, thanks so much, steve. federal judge has agreed postpone the deposition of bill cosby's wife. camille cosby was scheduled in court today in massachusetts by lawyers representing seven different women. those women are suing bill cosby claiming he allowed the women to be portrayed as liars, the comedian is counter suing accusing the women of making false allegations for financial game. montgomery county prosecutors did charge cosby last month saying he sexually assaulted a temple university employee back in 2004. all right, yet, we had big discussion here about our keurig now in the studio. chris murphy didn't buy into it. bob delivered it. now he wants in. well, keurig says they're going to sounds off about it and they sent us a tweet, bob and sue, yesterday. >> they did?
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>> yes. so they think that we should let chris murphy in on this, this one right there was a funny picture, or funny picture we took yesterday of chris actually trying to break into the keurig. >> what he tried to do whenever i went ton do my traffic, he snuck behind the scenes here, so much so that we had to have our security guard stand guard. >> but he is very unfamiliar, because he really doesn't know anything about it, i'm trying to find the tweet. here goes, all fair in love and coffee. happy brewing is what they said for us to let chris murphy in on it but he is not here, you know why? because he is out trying to buy lottery tickets for the big powerball drawing tonight that's growing to record proportions. so chris, cure sick on your side. might have some left tonight in the lottery. >> here is the deal. if i win this 450 million-dollar lottery, well, this is -- there it is, it is to has gone up to
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$450 million, you guys. unbelievable. so if i win that, yes, i will ' pitch in the ten bucks. i'll buy keurig's for everyone at the station. here is the deal, as you know, the powerball drawing, saturday night, sunday night, no winner, now the jackpot has grown overnight to $450 million. so, the cash prize on that, yes, $244 million. so if won tonight, the jackpot would rang as the powerball game's fourth largest prize on record. this jackpot has been rolling now since november 4th. the ticket will be drawn tonight. winning powerball at 10:59 p.m. so your last ticket is an hour before. that will your last chance to get in on this basically 10:00 tonight. so we talked to some people last night and said if you won what would you do with all of that money? >> a new life. all loans paid off. yes, different identity with that casino of money. it would be non-stop
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traveling. >> set up cd's, trust funds, all types of stuff for family, and just would be crazy, you know? i couldn't imagine having that much money. you know? i definitely would help the community out and also my family, as well. >> okay, again, we are live in bridesburg, at this 7-eleven. and the jackpot again $450 million. isn't this an interesting side note, lauren? according to nasa the average cost to launch a space shuttle, $450 million. >> wow. >> pretty interesting? >> that is interesting. bob and i are going to have to reconsider our decision to not let you in on this keurig now that it is lottery day watch if you do win? forget the keurig and the $10. >> wouldn't that be sweet justice? >> oh, my goodness. >> wouldn't that be sweet justice. >> i've been thinking about this all morning. >> i said do you want to go in together with us on a lottery ticket? >> hmm, let me think about
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that. >> since you're there maybe you can spot us couple of bucks? >> listen, the way you treated me yesterday, i need to think about that first. >> it is a new day. >> i'll check back with you. >> oh, let me get my violin out, hold on, let me get my violin out here. >> while you're brewing, we'll keep doing the news, chris, thank you. drivers for the popular ride sharing service uber expected to protest at cities headquarters today. philadelphia limousine association made up of over 500 uber black drivers are unhappy with their april. and availability on the app compared to the less expensive uber x service. protest is expected to happen at 2:00 p.m. at uber headquarters in center city. state grand jury says no criminal charges should be filed against a fraternity after the suicide death after penn state altoona student. happened today, more change among the top brass at the philadelphia police department. newly sworn in police commissioner, richard rot, names new deputy commissioner, myron patterson this morning, inspector patterson will be
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sworn in at police headquarters auditorium. he is a 30 year veteran of the department, and will head up patrol operations, that ceremony begins at 9:30. three brothers convicted in 2008 for their rolls in plotting terror attacks against fort dix military base back in new jersey this morning for court. the brothers, became known as the fort dix five, are currently serving life sentences. they are challenging their convictions on the grounds, previous defense attorneys were ineffective. 4:11 this morning. phillies baseball playing making huge play at al-jazeera. while ryan howard and other baseball players are taking the media outlet to court. >> plus: who did bathroom breaks be so expense sniff why a judge is making local company pay up, for it employees going to the rest room?
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>> we ended up yesterday low of 12 degrees, temperature did briefly reach 12:00 in the morning on tuesday, the code he is morning we've had since march 7th of last year, the high temperature, as predicted, ended up at 31 degrees. the colds he is day since march the sixth of 2015. when we had a high temperature of 26 degrees. so now as we head into the weekends, we will see the jet stream kind of migrate little further north, which will get us back into the 50's by the weekend, but we're not going to stay there. so don't get used to t as we look at radar, we start off on
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the west coast, series of el nino storms that are really pounding the west coast. so it will help with the drought situation, but will be a case of too much too soon with a whole lot of rain probably sadly some mudslides. now for us we don't have anything to show you on radar in our region, at all, it is high pressure in control. it is dry. and it is still cold. it is 10 degrees in mount pocono, we're in the teens, in allentown, reading, lancaster, 22 in philadelphia, 17 in wilmington, and 12 degrees in wildwood. windchills, well, there isn't one in philadelphia, actually feels like 22, but it foles like zero in mount pocono, and most of our windchills are pretty similar to the actual temperature. because as you see on the map winds are generally calm. and we expect them to stay that way throughout the day. so, there is your average hi, 40 degrees, until yesterday, we had not been below average, i should say, until monday, we had not been below average since november 24th. now, yesterday, with that high of actually 32 degrees, it was
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it was well below 40. today 40 gross, so still chug i but not as harsh, and and about 42 is the high temperature for tomorrow. then we get to friday. it look like the rain probably won't arrive until nighttime, and we have chance of some showers on saturday. and then sunday, another cold front comes through, we are back to those harsh temperatures by wednesday of next week. and that is a look at your weather authority forecast, so you have to keep the long johns nearby real close like on you. 4:16. i have an idea how we can get chris back in after the cure i can situation. we will address it when we see him again at 4:30. all right? thanks for chiming in yesterday on facebook, and twitter. live look at 202 be prepared to stop. they have the cones down, everybody going into one lane
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here coming out every west chester, still shut down on the vine street expressway, between the schuylkill and broad street, that closure in effect until about 5:00, 5:15 or so. otherwise we're in good shape. the schuylkill, 95 looking good as sue mentioned, still cold, actually 22 degrees, but we don't have the wind that we had to deal with this time yesterday morning. so if you are standing out on the bus corner, waiting for either the market frankford or the broad street subway, still using the night owl bus service until about 5:15, yesterday was a rough go across the board for not only some of the buses but all of the regional rail lines. we had problems early on at the airport, we had one hour delays last night nor the gang across the board, put caution flag out, there we could have minor delays again this morning, because of the cold temp. so make sure, if you use patco, you have the new timetable. couple every minutes can make a difference, if you are standing out there at 22 degrees. but no problems on the patco high-speed line. so far so good if you are
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headed down to philadelphia international airport to catch a flight out. and then work coming to the neighborhood again today, aramingo avenue, closed between york and delaware. so all traffic forced over to richmond street. we're looking good up and over the bridges. lauren, back over to you. >> thanks so much. more developing news this morning, this out of afghanistan. 1us service member killed and two other hurts in a hour's long fight in the southern part of the country. us troops came under enemy fire, and mortar fire hit medical helicopter responding in the area, the military has yet to release the names of the americans killed and wounded late last night at the pentagon says there is still an ongoing fight. phillies first baseman ryan howard has filed lawsuit against al-jazeera claiming they reported false information about him using drugs, washington national's ryan zimmerman also filing a suit. anal jazeer a documentary claims the two along with several other professional athlete allegedly received shipments of performance enhancing drugs, zimmerman, howard, claim the report titled the dark side could be
4:19 am
tape farms, making the those accusations already recanted everything he said. the phrase god bless america is at the center of controversy at camden county school, american civil liberties union sent a letter saying recite that phrase daily should not be allowed. student at the elementary school have been reciting the words as sign of respect for the lives lost during the september 11 attacks. although the school won't fight the aclu, resident we spoke to think backlash is sad. >> i think it is really a shame. i think with all of the craziness in the world today, i think something nice positive, from what i understand, after nine/one is, just showing our patriotism. >> god bless america, this is america, i don't see why you can't say it. >> i think that it is completely silly.
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>> student say anything they want, just not as organized group. last month the family of 18 year old marquis braham sued penn state and the phi sigma cap a fraternity, including hazing including sleep deprivation, alcohol binging, eventually caused him to take his life. but recommending no criminal charges. it says there is no direct evidence linking his death to fraternity hazing. grand jury report also says the teenager contemplated suicide since he was a child. a chester county publishing firm set to take big bucks for making its workers clock out during bathroom breaks. federal judge is giving american future systems incorporated two more days to smith proposals on how it will pay more than one and a half million dollars to thousands of its employees. the malvern based company claimed it wasn't required to pay workers for short breaks. so now it is on the hook for a massive bill which includes back pay, and damages to 6,000 employees who work that
4:21 am
between 2009 and 2013. >> it went down on the basketball court last night, between temple and uconn. the reason temple fans may be waking one big smiles on their faces. >> and, burger king raising the steaks in the fast-food cheap deal war. the meal that will only cost you four bucks the next time you decide to have it your way. first, winning lottery numbers. grover cleveland here. yes, the dashing fellow on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life! you could buy a new house! or maybe even treat yourself to a trip to the islands. and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery.
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you could win a thousand dollars a day for life.
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next eagles head coach? i don't have a clue right now. nobody knows at this point. that includes the eagles. yesterday the eagles interviewed another head coaching candidate, adam gaze, who is the offensive coordinator for the chicago bears for this year. it is amazing how you start hearing how good these guys are. and they haven't done anything yet. he was the coach for the denver broncos for six years before that. gaze is 37 years old. i'm sure there is at least four more interviews to come, likely, after this weekend. flyers, coming home after three straight losses to the wells fargo center. scoreless in the first period, the turn-over right here. it is good they got the turn over, because braydon chen on the break away, he shoots, he scores, one-nothing flyersment to the third period. score three-two flyers. getting little close. and sean, right there, in front of the net. puts it in. puts the flyers up four-two, they win it four-three, over
4:25 am
montreal. tough game, the flyers made it close, at the end. >> all right, that is sports in a minute. and i am howard eskin. you are howard eskin. hey, excite being night on the hard wood for two local college basketball teams. temple starts with 23, uconn in connecticut. fran dunphy and the owls looking for road win against the top 25 teams this year t would come down to the final seconds, temple with the ball. game tied at 53. josh brown spins in the lane, gets the runner, putting temple up by two. uconn would throw up one last desperate shot. it doesn't go in. and it happens right here. the oust pick up the upset win. their second in just over a week. after they beat number 22 cincinnati last tuesday, the owls now seven and six, on their season. lots to celebrate right there. >> st. joe's took seven-game win streak, their game with bcu last night, came down to the final shot. hawks down three, in the final
4:26 am
second. deandre puts up the three, but misses. st. joe's cannot extends the win streak. they are now 11 and three on their season. >> 4:26 this morning. cops looking for three teenagers they say caused thousands of dollars in damage. what they destroyed that the community says they desperately need.
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>> hole high school basketball coach taking it out on a rev during the game. did he go too far? we'll somehow the video. from sweet roads, tech world going crazy today with the start of the consumer electronics show, and this morning, we have a preview. good day everybody, it is tuesday, january 6, 2016. sue serio, my favorite new tech device that i got from santa claus, my apple watch. i wore it today. >> oh,. >> so you just hold it up like this. i can talk to it. suri, what's the weather tells me all sort of things. >> that means you don't need me any more. >> oh, no i still need you. she can only tell me the weather now. you have the power. >> i'm so sad. >> don't be sad. >> i see what i can do. 22 degrees, look, see, she's
4:30 am
not even listening. i'm irrelevantment it is 22 degrees, it is calm it, feels like 22 degrees. remember yesterday, our windchill was about four below zero? so little better. sunrise is at 7:23 this morning. let's see what else we've got here. temperatures in the teens to the north of us, 13 in lancaster, reading, allentown, ten mount pocono. millville with 8 degrees, 14 in wildwood. but in this case, it often feels like the actual temperature except in the mountains where there is more after breeze, it feels like zero. so windchill isn't a factor today, because most winds are relatively calm or very light. radar, nothing to show you there. plenty of sunshine expected today. so look for high temperature of around 40 degrees, 40 degrees, where we are supposed to be this time of year. and this is appropriately chilly, we will say. mid 20's in the overnight tonight. and then, little bit after warming trend, but also, little bit after roller
4:31 am
coaster ride, as we get into the seven day forecast, we'll explain coming up. bob kelly, i hope you're relevant. >> i'm okay. lawyer send over talking into her watch. i thought she was talking to me, aim satisfy saying what did you say? talking over to her watch over here like she is secret service. good morning, everybody, look, see? >> what up? >> what up? no, give me a hey. >> hey, suri. suiri is still sleeping. 4:31, hump day, kick the covers off. here we go, in is live look at the 30 bypass, eastbound, early morning accident, on the ramps to 322. now, penndot says the eastbound lanes are open. one lane can squeeze by on the ramp. there is about three vehicles involved in this crash here. again, it is by the pass eastbound at route 322. looking live downtown we go. the vine expressway still closed from the schuylkill over to broad street. otherwise, the schuylkill and
4:32 am
95, not bad at all on this early morning as you are getting out, again, remember what we mentioned yesterday. if you have a tendency, you want to warm the car up, that's okay, but make sure you're in it while you're doing it, don't leave the car unattended. market frankford and the subway both still running night owl bus service until about 5:15, lauren, over to you. >> video from high school basketball game gaining major attention, neshaminy high school basketball coach appears to head but a referee after a disagreement on a call, the team playing against pennsbury, steve keeley in language northern at neshaminy high school with more on this store. >> i not all of the kids were at the game here last night, but you can bet all of the student, the staff, teach earnings, administrators specially sports staff, all likely watching these videos a lot at school here today. here is video number one for you viewers that we have. and the set up is less than 30 seconds left in a close game, three-point difference, neshaminy scores, but the ref says no basket, offensive
4:33 am
foul. that's when the neshaminy head coach jerry devine gets up close and up close with one of the referees, appears contact between coach and ref is made, the ref goes down, coach devine gets tossed out of the game. and the gym here at neshaminy. from second angle our second video here, closer, from the stands alongside court it appears, the coach may have chest bumped the referee and coach devine's head move to the side or lean forward to the side so far no postgame public comment from the coach from the pennsbury coach either or neshaminy's athletic director or school officials. but as you said, lauren, plenty of public comments on every website known to mankind this morning all around the world. >> all right, i'm sure it is going viral, you're right steve keeley, thank you so much. >> police say they cost thousands of dollars worth of damage inside a property in the city's logan section, dave schratwieser shares that property was targeted more
4:34 am
than once. >> on north broad street in logan, neighbors have been anxiously awaiting the opening of several new stores at this former supermarket site in their community. >> first of all, we don't have no stores in this neighborhood, if you look around you, and seconds of all, they're going to put law dough mat here, we don't have a laundramat, and dollar spree. we don't have that. >> that's why they were so disappoint today hear that three teenage hers been caught on tape inside the property ransacking the place. they punched and kicked holes in the new sheet rock walls, spray painted equipment, and other items inside the big renovation project. >> you have these individuals that go in, they just simply destroy the place for no apparent reason. doesn't make sense. >> it is sad, it is sad, you know? they are kids. it is just sad. >> neighbors say save a lot, dollar tree and new laundramat are slate today move into the old shop and bag supermarket at broad and wing a hocking.
4:35 am
now they are hoping the burglary and vandalism doesn't delay the project. >> i newspaper that they were working on it and there was a delay but we didn't know why. >> it was good for the neighborhood. had two previous super markets here that didn't last at all. so hopefully it will will last. >> the site clearly marked with signs about satellite surveillance, lot of surveillance cameras. investigators are hoping someone even parent might recognize the teens from the video. >> a parent should be disturbed they see this is the video, see and recognize their kid doing this, we should receive a phonecall turning them in. >> it is sad. trying to have something, try to build the neighborhood up where it used to be years ago, and they are tearing it up, just sad. >> forget that there is always cameras. okay, un for that the final action for philadelphia's former police commissioner, before leaving office, charles ramsey issued the suspension of officer derrick lewis eight days ago, run in with upper darby police, arrested him saying he was disorderly and
4:36 am
aggressive with the officers at his home. nine year department veteran facing assault, harrassment charges, his 30 day suspension from the philadelphia police department comes with the intent to dismiss. >> president obama calling out local politician on his gun control legislation. this morning, senator pat toomey is speaking out. had is response is next.
4:37 am
4:38 am
president obama's plan to tighten sales of guns revealed
4:39 am
yesterday, ex he can touch order seeks to expand the number every gun sales subject to background checks. fox 29's shawnette wilson has more. >> you realize you tore my whole family apart. >> deidra randolph cart is her still mourning the loss of her son, justin carter. >> hard, very hard. >> he was gunned down little more than two years ago, justin was 20 years old. >> when he shot into the car, the only shots that were fired, hit my son. he didn't sell drugs. he didn't have any guns. he worked downtown, and he was just on his way to get ready for work. and to get killed just like. >> deidra says the person who murdered her son is now serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. but she is still not at peace. president obama's order for tougher gun control laws leaves her with mixed feelings, but she says it adds some comfort. >> maybe p they did this few years ago, my son would still be here, but making the gun
4:40 am
laws strong, making the gun laws harder, i guess that's one thing he is trying to do before he leaves office. >> the white house hopes the better definition of who should be licensed as a gun dealer. and a better accounting of gun sales will help save lives. >> the gun lobby may be holding hostage, but cannot hold america hostage. >> lauren, just bought a gun, a year ago. >> i personally know people who were jumped, mugged, robbed, beaten, you know, held at gunpoint, knife point, and it is stuff that really hit close to home. >> she agrees with tougher backgrounds checks, shouldn't be hard for law abiding citizens to protect themselves. >> bigger issue is criminals getting ahold of lying al guns as opposed to your average person like myself, you know, want to go protect my business, or my family, where, you know, we shouldn't be having a difficult time to be able to protect ourselves. it is more so keeping the guns
4:41 am
out of the hands of the wrong people. >> shawnette wilson, "fox 29 news". and the president mentioned us senator pat toomey any his address saying legislation, republican senator from pennsylvania supports is similar to the executive actions he's taking, so senator too many i has now released a statement saying in part, while i am still awaiting further information about the executive order, the president has abused these actions, in the past, and exceeded the boundaries of the law. this should not be allowed under our constitutional framework. too many i adds that the president should be working with congress to handle gun control issues. >> airlines are starting off the new year with higher prices, just how much more it is going to cost you to fly to high skies. we break down the numbers next.
4:42 am
ok, so the government crashed-tested the f-150. the one with the high-strength military-grade, aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make. it pulled a 5-star safety rating... on all sides... for every cab configuration. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested." this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history.
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past couple of days we've seen the jet stream lift to the south, it was indeed a shock to the system. still s it is still with us. as we head into the weekend, we will see this move a little further north and let in the milder air from the south, which is what we had over christmas weekend, now, we're really going to be on the edge of this jet stream, right on the border, so, we're not going to have that warm air necessarily with us from developing. temperatures rebounding though over the next couple every days, right at normal today, tomorrow, couple of degrees above normal. then as much as ten or 12 degrees above average, and probably sunday, as well.
4:45 am
the big weather news out on the west coast, we have these el nino storms coming in. it is welcome for the drought situation in california. but it is probably going to cause a lot of flooding, as well. for us, it is perfectly dry here on the east coast. high pressure is in control. so here we are with less wind than yesterday, and slightly milder temperatures. our temperature, if you recall, 24 hours ago, was 13 degrees, now we're at 22. we're ten to the north of us, in the mountains, we're at 14 at the jersey shore, and because the winds are relatively calm, it actually feels like the temperature it is. and you really can notice a difference, little windier up in the mountains, feels like zero, but for the rest every us it is very cold, but not as harsh, because that wind isn't going right into your bones and making ooh feel so extra cold. so just regular cold today, not extra cold. last week we had temperatures in the 50's, we sung down into the 40's, we had 50 on sunday,
4:46 am
37 on monday, 32 was our high yesterday, today, bump it up to 40. forty-three tomorrow. upper 40's on friday. by saturday, probably be some rain around, with a high in the 50's, and then we peak at our 56 degrees high temperature on sunday, before cold front comes through with some rain, and luckily it will only be rain, but, another blast of cold air moves in after that for the first couple of days of next week. so, bob kelly, it is really early. and we already have a problem, i think, flashing lights. >> just got alert from our home office. today is national cuddle up day. >> oh, just, ya. >> cuddle up. on a wednesday. >> i glow and an excuse to stay right where you are there, and cuddle up. 4:46. we're not cuddled here. thirty bypass, in chester county, the off ramp to 322, the off ramp is blocked here
4:47 am
because after accident. you got about three vehicles all involved in a crash here on the off ramp. i got a text from somebody in the area saying there was disable on the ramp. somebody then plowed into the back of him here, which actually is what cause that crash. forty-two coming in from south jersey, kind of quiet, no problems or delays coming in from south jersey. but we still have the closure of the vine expressway. shutdown between the schuylkill and broad street. until about maybe 5:15 or so, maybe another half hour, so you know the drill, vine st. local, connect it at spring garden, 30th, or south street. but otherwise the majors, the schuylkill coming into town, 95 at the moment, looking good. later on today, right after the rush hour, they're going to be working on 95 southbound from bridge in through center city. they will take out extra lane in the construction zone, so if you are going to get a late start or coming into the city maybe for meeting or appointment later on after 9:00 expect delays on 95. otherwise, south jersey casino every quiet. good morning voorhees, no
4:48 am
problems through bellmawr working your way up through the freeway. and both the market frankford and the broad street subway still both running night owl bus service until about 5:15, just factor in few extra minutes, or be prepared, for some scattered delays again the cold temps playing havoc on both the buses and the trains and hopefully we don't have a repeat from yesterday. lauren, back over to you. >> bob, the plan to make school lunches healthier appears to be working, new study out of the university of washington looked at over 7,000 middle and high schoolers. study looked at before and after new standards went into effect in 2012. researchers found student are now getting more vitamins and minerals in their meals, school meal participation did not change, especially among high school student. who can leave campus during lunch and there is no evidence that students are throwing away more food. that's good news. when it comes to being healthy, proper diet and regular exercise are not enough. new study from the university of north carolina says the
4:49 am
dynamics after person's social life has just as big after impact. adolescence, old age, important for people to to have bigger social network. authors the study say quality of relationships mattered more for people in their 30's, through 50's. growing concerns about potential for more young people to start lighting up. new cdc report finds more of them are, expose today e cigarette advertising. federal health experts fear that may leave them to start smoking, not only ecigs but regular cigarettes, as women. e cigarettes among high schoolers gone up more than 13%. >> favorite time of year for the tech i's out there, consumer electronic expo opens at the las vegas convention center today. featuring the latest gadgets, gizmos coming out this year, one of the events big highlights, new ultra hd tv's. and ledt vest a. >> great thing, is that it has a lot of the beautiful picture
4:50 am
quality that we used to see in plasma, even better, in fact, what we tested are the best we've ever seen. >> o led, never heard of those. other gang that's will be showcased, robots, smart houses, and more wearable technology. >> fast-food giants have enters into new battle every dueling dollar menus and burger king the latest chain to up the and tee with its five items for $4 menu. whopper chain promotion includes bacon cheeseburger, small french fries, small drink, four piece chicken nuggets, and a warm chocolate chip cookie. deal follows november announcement of mcdonald's mick pick two, revamp version every it popular their menu, the president every burger king north america says promotion builds on the company's strategy of bringing people into the restaurants every great tasting food attack zest recall price point. three of the largest us airlines have increased their fares on monday delta airlines increased prices on flights,
4:51 am
by up to $4, one way. southwest airlines followed suit raising its cost for one way domestic flight by $3, and american airlines also raised domestic fares by $3 to match its rival. us airlines regularly adjust their fares, but hiking prices for nearly all domestic flights is less common and an industry wide match even less so. if you saw creed, then you know how it is. with us, wanting a little bit more. now, one of it stars is talking about maybe a sequel. ok, so the government crashed-tested the f-150. the one with the high-strength military-grade, aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make. it pulled a 5-star safety rating... on all sides... for every cab configuration. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested."
4:52 am
this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history.
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> at the candle wood sweet. sue serio will have more on your forecast, 22 degrees, a lot warmer than yesterday though. legendary bands guns n' roses reuniting at coachella, takes place in april in california, will feature the bands as one of its headliners. rumors of the band's reunion since december. that's not been too long. this will be their first appearance together in 20 years. chris murphy's probably excited about that. >> why are you being so mean
4:55 am
to me? >> it is the end of the show for girls on hbo. the lena dunham comedy will end its run after season six, the series was renewed foresees on five last january, at its season four premiere party in new york. the comedy returns sunday, february 21st, girls, remains, a cornerstone of hbo's original scripted programming and a staple of the cultural dialogue. >> rocky balboa may be making yet another come-back? sylvester stallone telling variety magazine there will be a sequel to the recent box office hit creed. stallone says one plot possibility would take place in the past, and bring back carl wetters as open political owe creed. no timetable yet for this new movie. and tonight begins the final season of american idol right here on fox 29. the last season will have a few surprises, including, star auditions from the likes of rapper kanye west, the judges j-lo, keith urban, harry
4:56 am
connick, jr., will kick it off tonight. auditions start at 8:00. >> a cancer survivor credit children's hospital of philadelphia with saving her life. making a huge donation to the hospital. emily whitehead, and her family, presenting a $100,000 check to chop's cancer center yesterday. whitehead is the first pediatric patient in the world to undergo an experimental immuno therapy treatment. doctors use that treatment to fight emily's accute lymphoblast i can leukemia. >> for patients with regular leukemia, chemotherapy works great. this is for patients whose leukemia has come back or even after transplant, those patients are tough to treat. so only doing this in patients with very resistant difficult disease. but in those patients it works great. >> that mondayly go to help research. 4:56 this morning. an attorney for the so-called afluenza teen, ethan couch; tight-lipped this morning, as his mother faces some serious
4:57 am
charges. details in the 5:00 hour.
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> temperatures on this map are little higher than they were yesterday. what about the windchill? it was biting on tuesday. we'll see what it is like today. and we're not that far from the weekend, lauren, so we'll have that forecast for you, as well. >> have you seen this video? it is going viral this
5:00 am
morning. local high school basketball game takes drastic turn. watch the coach, man, he gets close to that ref. we'll show you closely what happens. and, is your bank account getting low? how about a pay raise? maybe $450 million? chris murphy buying us all tickets as we speak the good day, it is tuesday, january 6th, 2016. okay, sue serio, so yesterday we had this business discussion with chris murphy, 'd chance to buy into the cure i can, he didn't. now, maybe the tables are going to turn on us, because he is out there buying lottery tickets. >> well, we'll see if he is a team player. we didn't think so, but maybe yet maybe he is. anyway, it is 12 degrees in mount pocono. turn that around. it is 21 in philadelphia. we're in the teens to the north of us, these are really cold temperatures, and specially considering that the warm december we had. the good news is there is not that much of a


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