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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  January 6, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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morning. local high school basketball game takes drastic turn. watch the coach, man, he gets close to that ref. we'll show you closely what happens. and, is your bank account getting low? how about a pay raise? maybe $450 million? chris murphy buying us all tickets as we speak the good day, it is tuesday, january 6th, 2016. okay, sue serio, so yesterday we had this business discussion with chris murphy, 'd chance to buy into the cure i can, he didn't. now, maybe the tables are going to turn on us, because he is out there buying lottery tickets. >> well, we'll see if he is a team player. we didn't think so, but maybe yet maybe he is. anyway, it is 12 degrees in mount pocono. turn that around. it is 21 in philadelphia. we're in the teens to the north of us, these are really cold temperatures, and specially considering that the warm december we had. the good news is there is not that much of a winds.
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stowe doesn't feel that much colder than it actually is. you can see the winds are relatively calm, or very, very light. and they are starting to change direction too. and that will be key to what's going to happen over the next couple of days. nothing on radar. so we can get right to the high temperature today. now, the average hi, for january 6th, is 40 degrees. so it is chilly. but appropriate chilly for this time in january, a prepare prepare atly chilly for this time in january. mid 20's, our overnight low for tonight. soap, that is a look at your forecast for today. we're going to get to the seven day forecast, which includes the weekends coming up. of course it is january the sixth, bob kelly, and we were talking about this yesterday. it is epiphany a lot of people wait until today to leave their decorations up through today, then take them down tomorrow. >> i took my decorations down over the weekends, that's when i had time. and people were saying you can't take decorations down until the sixth. i said great, you know what, i'll leave them up. you come over my house on the
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sixth and take them all down for me. how does that sound? 5:01. live look at the 30 bypass. this is eastbound on the bypass. right at 322, looks like they're just about ready to clear out an accident that occurred on the off ramp. so, we're almost back to normal there. kind of quiet on 95. no problems or delays at all as we get ready for your hump day. they've opened up the vine street expressway, so over night construction gone. we're ready for morning rush hour. the vine opened in both directions. septa's market frankford and subway still using that night off service for maybe another five, six minutes or so. but just be ready for some scattered delays. again, the cold temps, not -- playing traffic, minor scattered delays all morning, then even into the evening rush hour on the regional rail line. so just bundle up and be red if i you're using mass transit. there could be few extra minutes wait on the corner. if you use patco make sure to
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have the new timetable for all of the trains this morning, otherwise, the schuylkill and 95 looking good, and if you are headed to the airport lucky you getting out of town. but no delays down there at philadelphia international airport. lauren, back over to you. >> we have a developing story this morning. police shoot and kill a man in upper darby. officers say they were called out to an apartment on bishop avenue for reports of suicidal man who had a knife. this was last night. police say the manna poached officers on the scene. officers ordered him to drop the knife, even tazed him, but say, he still came at officers. they fired four to five shots at the man. he died at the scene. his name has not been released, no officers were injured. >> video from high school basketball game gaining major attention for all of the wrong reasons, in it it appears to show a coach in a incident with a referee. steve keeley live in langhorne at neshaminy high school with more on this video. hi, steve.
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>> we'll see how far they've del. , beyond just taking a report, see whether the referee filed any kind of criminal complaint. close game, four-point difference. dispute call and contact between the head coach jerry devine and the referee. neshaminy player drives and scores. but the referee says no basket, offensive foul. then maybe bigger foul committed by the head coach of neshaminy boys basketball jerry devine, the ref goes down, another ref steps in, throws devine out of the game. which continued. there was only 30 seconds left. and pennsbury went onto win. no public comments yet from anybody, connected to neshaminy high school over l school district, and specially from coach devine, or even the pennsbury head coach didn't want to comment after the game. now coach devine's been the neshaminy's boys head basketball coach for ten years, ejection already has a mandatory one game suspension, in pennsylvania high school athletic rules, by the way,
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most coaches are also teachers, and lauren, if you are wondering what coach devine teaches, history anal gentleman bra. so's smart guy, maybe not such a smart move getting so angry over a ref's call. but it is late in the game. that is close game. his team is having rough seas on, one in seven already this year. >> yes, a loft emotions on the line. all right, steve keeley, thank you so much. >> and if you are feeling lucky, the jackpot for powerball, it is getting big, historic level, many people buying into the funds for tonight's big drawing, why not send chris murphy out to bridesburg to get us all a few lottery tickets, and let's hope for some good luck, right. >> exactly. so you mentioned buying the lottery tickets. i have another 25 minute to decide whether or not to fork over two bucks, because, here at the 7-eleven in bridesburg, the machine here, for the powerball, will start selling tickets per pennsylvania state law at 5:30, all right? and then the particular lets begin on sale tonight until 10:00 then the drawing at
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11:00, so, here is the deal. as you can see, it jumped to $450 million overnight. the last drawing was over the weekends saturday, they do the powerball drawing saturday nights, and wednesday nights, society next drawing is tonight. so, at 450 million, your cash prize is going to be more than 245 million. >> this is huge, if won tonight, would rang as the powerball game's fourth largest on record. >> this jackpot's been rolling now since november 4th. so here's the deal. the tickets are going to go on sale as we said in about 25 minutes. should, lauren, and bob and sue, should i fork over the two bucks? now, that question is one we posed to some people last night. here's what they had to say. >> i would buy a castle and fill it with penguins. i love penguins. that's the craziest thing i would do with $450 million.
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>> these are activities, definitely probably would buy a yacht, definitely a yacht, and be in the mediterranian and travel all over the mediterranian, italy, the island of pizza, and travel, definitely, buy a yacht. >> so that's what those good folks would do if they won. a castle full of penguins, guys? i don't know about that. hey, by the way, quick question for you, largest powerball jackpot of all time, lauren? was in florida, all right? go ahead. >> sorry. >> it was may 18th of 2013. any guess? now again, we're at 450 million. >> yes. >> what's the largest all time? what's your guest? >> 390. >> know. 590. $590 million isn't that crazy? >> 509? >> and i bet you it goes up to five, at least five by the end of the day with all of the people spending monday.
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>> i because that's the deal, right? everyone will flood in to places like this, 7-eleven, in bridesburg, other places and start buying tickets today. today should be huge by way of ticket sales. >> chris, you can't see us, but keurig council is now here on the test being bob and i, sue is staying out of this, you know keurig tweeted yesterday when we asked the big question what do we do. for those unfamiliar, bob suggested let's buy a keurig for the studio. >> right. >> ten bucks apiece. chris thought the price was just way too steep. he was in the going to buy n bob delivered the keurig yesterday. >> wait. time out. time out. here's my rational. okay? >> all right. >> i get free coffee at the station. the good folks at fox 29, jim driscoll, denise, they have a coffee machine for us on the second floor. >> okay? >> and it is free coffee. and thank you. hey by the way my last station in san diego, i won't talk about which owner it was, it was not fox, they charged us as employees to use the coffee machine.
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and then the ratings were good one period, and they unlocked it and said free coffee for a week. >> isn't that nice? >> previous employer. >> why am i going to fork over money for your cure wig we get free coffee? i don't get it. >> see in he still won't buy in. i was going to suggest make all nice-nice with everybody, okay? you buy lottery tickets right there in bridesburg, at 5:30, take your $10, buy us lottery tickets, and just agree to share that money if we win, and then everyone is good to go. >> all of the k cups you want. >> is that fair? >> let me ask you a question then bob. based on that rational, okay? i'll buy five lottery tickets at two bucks apiece. >> okay? >> so listen, five bucks, $10, right? so five people. now, here is the deal. what if the say sue serio won, you know sue would be very grains, help us out, probably kick some money down to us.
5:10 am
what would you and i and lauren and others do with that money would we just hoard it all for ourselves or would we share? >> you're going to buy the tickets with the $10, instead of giving it to us for the keurig, buys us, buy five lottery tickets, then you're in. >> we pull that? >> and we all own these five tickets? >> we all own it. >> how about just a yes see you guys later we'll get the ticket right now? >> i have to think about that. >> oh. >> we can't be nice to this guy. chris murphy we love you and miss you. thank you. okay, drivers for the popular ride sharing service uber protesting at the city headquarters later today. philadelphia limousine association made up of over 500 uber black drivers are pretty unhappy with their pay, and availability on the app, compared to the less expensive uber x service. protest is expected to happen at 12:00 p.m. at uber's headquarters in center city. >> more changes among the top brass at the philadelphia police department.
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this morning, police commissioner richard rot, will swear in a new deputy commissioner chief inspector myron patterson, he is 30 year veteran of the department, and will head up patrol operation, that ceremony against at will the 30 at the police headquarters in the auditorium. >> lawyers for three brothers convicted for their roles in plotting to kill us mill tear personnel will argue to have their life sentences overturned. the brothers of cherry hill were convict in the 2008. the brother say they wanted to testify to deny the charges, but were told by defense lawyers to keep quiet. >> the brother convicted when two other of plotting an attack at military sites in fort dix and elsewhere. phillies first baseman ryan howard has filed lawsuit against al gentleman geez a reporting are false information about him using drugs, zimmerman also joining in on the suit. al-jazeera documentary claims two along with other professional athletes allegedly received shipment of
5:12 am
performance enhancing drugs. zimmerman awe who are after the report contained the dark side contained false statements, inaccurate. person has already recanted everything he has said. >> as the oregon ranchers stands off enters fifth day, oregon congressman gets emotional about the situation. ok, so the government crashed-tested the f-150. the one with the high-strength military-grade, aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make. it pulled a 5-star safety rating... on all sides... for every cab configuration. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested." this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history.
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>> equipment err is here. our official low temperature was 12 degrees for tuesday morning, the coldest since march the seventh, and then the high temperature was only 32, the coldest day since march the six last year. coldest of the winter so far. this is the jet stream. you can see it because it says jet stream. that's how you know. anyway, moving to the north of us, and it means, that we go from the bitter cold, to kind of cool i shall-mild i shall weather by the weekend. meaning, temperatures that will top off until the 50's. right now nothing to show you on radar. in fact, the entire northeast is just under the influence of high pressure which usually means dry weather. >> we have 14 degrees in wildwood, and wilmington, but the winds isn't as much after factor as it was yesterday. winds year up there, single digit windchill, dangerous, but no below zero windchills, like we had all over this map yesterday. in fact, it actually feel like
5:16 am
21 out there, still really coal. still have to bundle up. not as harsh as it was yesterday with the wind blowing in and just settling in your bones, we have 3-mile per hour wind, in philadelphia, right now. so, it is all about the temperature. and it has been taking a dip lately. today we expect to get back to normal which is 40, 43 tomorrow, i think upper 40's by the time friday gets here. and with that nighttime low above freezing, it looks like when the precipitation arrives it will be in the form of rain, and then casino of unsettled weekend both days of the weekend we had rain in the forecast, not going to rain every minute, but it will be at least a little bit milder, with temperatures in the 50's both days, and brr it is back to cold weather again early next week, bob kelly.
5:17 am
>> bundle up, and if you're using mass transit, just the walk to the car. remember if you are going to warm the car up, make sure you're in it. yesterday we had the situation where somebody left the car running, while they ran into the convenience store go get cup of coffee. somebody stole the car with the baby in the back seat. so make sure the car is occupied, if you are going to warm it up. and you got those seat warmers up. nobody no problems here on 95, live look right near girard. looking good at the benny up and over into downtown, no problems or delays at the moment. the market frankford line, trains start today roll again, that night owl service, done with for the evening, so trains are rolling from 69th into the market frankford line, same way on the subway, patco, kick in new timetable over the weekend so make sure you got the new schedule. few minutes either way can make a difference of standing out in the cold. we had a lot of issuing yesterday, suspend the in the morning, one hour delays for the ride home last night. we reset the clock, everything back to normal on septa's
5:18 am
regional rail lines. but, don't want to rule out minor delay. again there is cold weather, not playing nicely with the train engines this week. lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thanks so much. in new jersey, authorities warning people who live thereof an irs phone scam. sheriff jam says several people in the country getting calls from someone claiming to be with the internal revenue service. the callers demand thousands of dollars in back taxes, and threatens officers, will serve arrest warrant if he don't get the money. authorities say if you receive a call like that simply hang up. thousands every pounds of grounds beaver sold at wal-mart now under recall. the sam's choice black angus beef patties with may and june 2016 use by dates. sources say the meat may have wood inside, and there have been no reports of anyone being sick just yesterday but the us d.a. says anyone with the meat should throw it away immediately or return it to wal-mart. there is still no word on whether after flu end is a
5:19 am
teen ethan couch will return to the u.s. for trial. his lawyer visited him at the detention center in mexico city but didn't comment on whether couch will continue with his court one reprieve or drop the appeal altogether. >> he doesn't know yet if he want to go home yet or not, flight. >> well, we had a chance to confer, but i am not at liberty to discuss what we talk becomes i'm so sore. >> i eat and and his mother tanya were arrested in motorcycles co-after fleeing to the country back in november. couch's mother has already been deported back to texas, now faces charges there. >> authorities are trying to figure out how to get rid after mal airasia in oregon on federal land. the stand-off enters its first day in burns, authorities are pushing for a peaceful ends. the group has taken over national wildlife refuge and is demanding government controlled lands, be returned to locals. rumors of arrest warrants for five group members, including
5:20 am
ammobd bundy circulated. said he will take stand on possible raid. >> if government is being that fear and intimidation, that it needs to be checked and bald. and if other government entities will not do that then it becomes the responsibility and duty of the people to remove that intimidation and fear. >> government buildings and area schools were closed this week out of the precaution, local leaders say the stand-off has hurt the economy there. we're getting new look at tornado that touched down in dallas, texas last month. check out this amazing video. it was just released from the north texas toll way authority. the traffic cameras shows the twister as it passes over i30, near the bush turnpike, on december 26th. the day after christmas. traffic can still be seen moving along some of the ramps, even though the tornado was just several hundred yards away. eight people in their cars died when this happened. the white house says it cannot confirm a north korean nuclear test, but, does say,
5:21 am
the us would condemn any violations of united nations security councils resolution, con did duct dollars hydrogen bomb test, put the country step closer to improving its still limited nuclear arsenal. spokesman for national security council says america is monitoring the situation in close coordination, with our regional partners. >> in afghanistan, one. s service member killed and two other hurt in a hours long fight in the southern part of the country. us troops came under enemy fire in the taliban's strong hold, and mort area fire hit medical helicopter responding in that area. the military has yet to release the names of the americans killed and wounded, the pentagon says there is still an ongoing fight. over in france, the nation's stopped to remember the 17 victims killed in the charlie hebdo massacre year ago. victims families joined france's president to unveil a plaque in their honor yesterday. last janice lamb i can extremists targeted the newspaper and also carried out
5:22 am
attacks at market and against police during that rampage. meanwhile, france remains under a state of emergency after the november 13th attacks in paris that killed 130 people. >> 5:22 this morning, when it comes to being healthy, a proper diet, and regular exercise, just not enough any more. what else you need to succeed in life. what about the winning lottery numbers?
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proper diet, regular ex sewer size just not enough. the dynamics after person's social life has just as big of an effect. during adolescence, old age, important for people to have a bigger social network, where the quality of relationships mattered more for people in their 30's, through 50's. okay, three of the largest us airlines have increased their fares on monday delta airlines increased prices on flights up to $4.01 way, southwest, followed suit, raising its cost for one way domestic flight by three bucks, and american airlines said we're going to join the, raise $3 to match our rivals. >> your twitter message may be getting a little longer, reportedly, the company has been exploring extending the lent per minute in a tweet. so no more within hundred 40
5:26 am
clark ers. they say the character limit for tweets could grow to 10,000. that's the same limit on direct messages on its new service. and the new character limit could take effect early this year. micro blocking website currently has that 140 character limit. i think it takes the fun away. fast philadelphia international airport giant, dueling dollar menus, the latest chain to up the and tee with it five items for $4 menu. whopper chain's promotion includes bacon cheeseburger, small french fries, small drink, four piece chicken nuggets and warm chocolate chip cookie. deal follows november announcement of the mick pick two, popular dollar pen ooh, president of burger king north america says the promotion builds on the company's strategy of bringing people into the restaurant, with great tasting food, attack zest recall price point. >> a local school under fire, for what's meant to be an ability of patriotism. the word kids won't be saying
5:27 am
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>> you still need to bundle up like yesterday. we'll let you know your numbers coming up in the forecast. >> how about this? the biggest lottery prize in nearly a year, $450 million. what you need to do to get in on the powerball action. well, buy a ticket. hey, good day everybody, it is tuesday, january 6, 2016. okay, sue, so it was like freezing yesterday. unbearably coal. things looking better, though. >> yes. this number here that we're about to see was 13 at this time yesterday. now, it is 21. still real cold. but the windchill was four below. now, it is 21. because we hardly have a wind, and here is something that is key. the winds direction, that's coming out of the southwest, when we change from the northwesterly wind, we have anticipation of milder temperatures, and that will be the case today. sunrise at 7:23 this morning. some other actual temperatures, 12 mount pocono,
5:31 am
13 allentown, 14 trenton, this is still really cold, even without the wind, and with the factor in the wind, we really only have windchill that's significant up in the mountains, where it feels like single digits. so, very cold up there. but the good news is the pocono mountains are able to make some snow. and maybe have a season. so we have very calm winds out there, not big deal. no precipitation there or knit forecast, at all, in fact, bright, deceiving sunshine, again today. because we will still be in the 30's, throughout the early part of the day, and probably top off at seasonable 40 degrees. so, it is wintertime. and it is supposed to be cold. and it will feel cold today. sunset time, sunset, is at 4:51. so those days are starting to get little longer. but, bob kelly, you still need the coat and hat and all of that stuff. >> so for all of the kids specially my son noah sue said the word warm, warmer than yesterday. but still, not warm enough to
5:32 am
go out with shorts and no coat on. so, come on, bundle up, live look, good morning to the gang up here, montgomery are you, 309, 202, the mall there in the background. light volume this morning, on this hump day, as you get up, get out. live look at the benny coming into downtown philly. no problems up and over any of the bridges, but we do have accident, along market street, right near 30th street station. so, watch out for that if you are headed down to amtrak's 30th street terminal this morning. also, a fire location, out here in norristown. rittenhouse boulevard, and fencet lane. we saw yesterday the iced over street after the country club fire, so, just watch for some slippery spots there through norristown. and then later on today, good morning to fishtown. penndot crews working along aramingo avenue shutdown york to delaware avenue. all of the traffic pushed over onto richmond street, patco's got the new schedules this week, so make sure you're on time, because again, few extra minutes standing out on the
5:33 am
cold platform could get your day off to a rough start. ninety-five southbound, out of the northeast, as we go for a ride, looking good at the moment. but later on at about 9:00 crews will start working southbound between bridge street and center city. lauren, back over to you. >> video from high school basketball game last night is starting to circulate on social media. in the clip the coach sort of bumped into a referee after a disagreement with the call. the team was playing against pennsbury. the coach was being kicked out of that game. looks like he head butts the ref right there. >> the afraid god bless america is at the center of controversy at camden county school. the american civil liberties union sent letter to haddon heights elementary school saying reciting the phrase daily should not be allowed. student at glenview elementary school had been reciting the words as a sign of respect for the lives lost during the september 11 attacks. although the school won't fight the aclu, people think the backlash is just sad. >> i think it is really a
5:34 am
shame. i think with all of the craziness in the world today i think something nice, it was supposed to be positive, from what i understand, after 9/11, just showing our patriotism. >> is feel like you want to say good bless america, this is america. i don't see why you can't say it. >> i think it is completely silly. >> students are still free to end the pledge saying anything they want just not as organized group. >> last family of marquis side the fraternity, claim hazing which included sleep deprivation and alcohol binging eventually called braham to take his own life in 2014. but last night state grand jury recommending no criminal charges. they say there is no direct evidence leaking braham's death to fraternity hazing. a grand jury report also says the teen contemplated suicide several times since he was a child. >> they say give your dreams a chance. the jackpot for powerball's
5:35 am
surging record numbers, many people buying their chance for tonight's big drawing. so chris, 5:30 was the time, have you bought a ticket yet? >> you want me to do something right now that i've never done before? >> buy a ticket on live tv. >> not only that, fork over some money. okay? so look at my wallet here. what's in your wallet? sadly, let's see how much i've got. >> oh,. >> how much for an inability. >> $2? watch this. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. using higher math, that's going to get me five tickets. thank you, bob, for the cow bell. let's hear more cow bell, christopher. there go, there is $10, count it again if you don't trust me. you do trust me? why thank you. all right, so here is the deal. i'm going to add to the jackpot by the way, check it out, it went up to
5:36 am
$450 million last night. it was like 400 something the night before. so here's the deal. the cash prize on this, if we win, more than $244 million. so if won tonight the jackpot would rang as the powerball's game fourth largest, in annuity history. all right, here are the numbers guys take a look, winning numbers for us. we will pool this mine. this is me getting in the keurig thing. this is the four largest on record. jackpot has been rolling since november 4th. a lot of people want in on. >> this the ticket sales are going crazy. so we asked the question: where would you travel if you won all that money. >> puerto rico. i need some sun right about now. it is too cold up here. and then i would just island hop and visit every single country there is. >> in the mediterranian, and travel all over the mediterranian, italy, and the island of bizza, travel,
5:37 am
definately buy a yacht. >> a yacht, wouldn't that be nice, a yacht. there you go, guys, what are we doing with our money. >> i don't know, but number five, that's my lucky number. let me know if it is on there somewhere. >> okay. our fink remembers crossed, thank you will, chris murphy. >> it was down the basketball court between temple and ooh con, the reason temple fans could be waking one smiles on their faces. >> ♪ ok, so the government crashed-tested the f-150. the one with the high-strength military-grade, aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make. it pulled a 5-star safety rating... on all sides... for every cab configuration. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested." this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history.
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>> it comes down to the final second. temple with the ball. the game is tied. fifty-three, josh brown, spins in the lane. hits the jumper. temple up by two. one last desperation shot, boom, doesn't go in. the owls pick up the upset win. at this in just over a week after they beat number 22 cincinnati last tuesday, the owls now seven and six on their season, let's go to howard with a look at sports in a minute. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. all right, next head coach? nobody knows at this point. that includes the eagles. so, one way to go here. yesterday the eagles interview another head coach candidate, adam, the offensive coordinator for the chicago
5:41 am
bears for this year. amazing how you start hearing how good these guys are, they haven't done anything yet. with the broncos before that. thirty-seven years old. i'm sure there are at least four more interviews to likely come after this weekend. the flyers coming after three straight losses, wells fargo center. this is nice, when the other team turns it over the montreal canadiens turns it over. schenn does not miss that opportunity. one-nothing flyers, but got close. third period. flyers up three-two, sean, the left in the net. yes, he scores. puts the flyers up four-two, they made it close, but the flyers beat montreal four-three, also, temple wins on the last basketball two over ranked connecticut and st. joe's loses by three to bcu. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> howard, talked about it, seven game win streak into their game at bcu last night down three, puts up the three, misses, st. joe's cannot extend that win streak.
5:42 am
now 11 and three on the year. >> brain cancer survivor paying it forward, donations making to the hospital. she said saved her life. and you see that big check? well, you might be getting one, if you win the $450 million jackpot. tickets started going on sale at 5:30, chris murphy there with a lot of people who had some big dreams.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
(laughing). >> mr. beans! yes, everyone laughed, laughed, laughed. today, is his birthday, born six of one years ago, did i say his name wrong, sue? okay, i was nervous, because i didn't know. i was unfamiliar prior to that clip. he was born in england. so, happy birthday, rowan atkinson. >> mr. bean was a british comedy series, shown on pbs. he's of a periods in other sit comes, i believe, in britain. i most recently saw him on during the holidays, about the movie love actually, have you ever -- do you remember that one from about 2002 or three? he has a cameo in that. >> oh, okay. >> british guy. all right, on the rise, what
5:46 am
are we talking about? temperatures, as the jet stream, inches ever northward, during the rest of the work week, and then into the weekend, somebody needs a weekend right now. we'll see temperatures rebound. so it was below average yesterday. the average being 40 degrees. we will be right there today for high temperature. couple of degrees above tomorrow. and ten or 12 degrees above on friday, and saturday, which means, we head into the 50's by the weekend. but won't last. right now, nothing to show you on radar. so let's get right to the temperatures, remember, where we were yesterday? with the windchills, that were below zero? we're at 21 degrees for your actual temperature right now, in philadelphia. twelve in mount pocono. teens, maybe, some single digit everywhere else. still very, very cold, but the winds isn't as much after factor unless you're in the higher elevations where it is a 3 degrees windchill, it feels like the temperature it is in philadelphia because the
5:47 am
wind so light. still cold. still bundle up specially if you're waiting for bus or ride. but not as bad as yesterday not as harsh, win speeds as you can see not that big after deal. also paying attention to the wind direction. now, that we've switched to southwesterly wind. we can anticipate slightly milder temperatures than yesterday. so, in the past, we bottomed out, topped out, at 32, but bottomed out, trend wise, with our temperatures, because that's the coldest day we've seen since march of last year. today, little bit better. 40 degrees. little bit better tomorrow with 43. 48 degrees on friday. rain probably won't arrive until nighttime. and it looks like with this miler temperature trends, that it will be just rain we are talking about, unless you're in the mountains, we could see some freezing rain, maybe sleet up in the poconos, on friday night, and saturday morning. but, for us, it is rain around both days of the weekend. sun comes back on monday. but so does another blast of
5:48 am
cold air, bob kelly. get ready. >> get ready, get set, here we go. 5:48 exactly on wednesday morning. not bad at all on the major roadways. the blue route looking good. no problems yet on the schuylkill expressway. i-95 okay. we have an accident, right in front of 30th street station. it is an i long market street, right in front of the train station there. police and fire activity on scene. so if you are headed down to 30th street, just be ready for some minor delays. fire location out here, norristown, rittenhouse boulevard, at pheasant lane. of course evening when the firefighters leave with the low temps, watch for some slippery spots. we got crash on the freeway. northbound 42 in toward philadelphia, the ramp, takes you toward the ben franklin bridge. good morning collegeville. time to make the donut. headlight eastbound in toward king of prussia. light volume so far here this morning. and just a tip, with the cold
5:49 am
temps, tendency to warm the car up, make sure you're in it while you're warming it up. don't leave that car unattended or if you do start it, make sure it is outside of the garage and maybe lock the car with your remote there so we don't have a situation of that car getting stolen like we had yesterday. aramingo avenue shutdown in the neighborhood. york to delaware. so all of the extra volume pushed over to richmond street. otherwise, mass transit so far good. >> good story. credit children's hospital of philadelphia, or chop, with saving her life, making a huge donation to the hospital. emily whitehead and her family presenting a $100,000 check to chop cancer center yesterday. whitehead is the first pediatric patient in the entire world to undergo an experimental immuno therapy treatment. doctors use that treatment to fight emily's accute limb foam -- lymphoblastic leukemia. >> it is for patients who have
5:50 am
come back, or come back after transplant. those patients are really tough to treat. so only doing this in patients with very resistant difficult disease. but his those patients it works great. >> doctors say the sizeable donation will go toward future research. the legendary band guns n' roses reuniting this year, at coachella, took place in april in california. the band one of its headliners, rumors that the band's reunion since december there is will be their first appearance back together in 20 years. >> reports have surfaced janet jackson has to undergo a surgery on her vocal cords recently. well, according to radar on line. com this might be the reason why the famed artist postponed her unbreakable world tour which was in progress when she announced her temporary hiatus from the stage. the singer supposed to be in philly february 216789 her instagram says she will be re launching her tour in the spring, also says on there,
5:51 am
hold on to your tickets. they will be honored in a special way when the new schedule is announced. please pray for me. my family and our entire company during this difficult time. so there are some rumors throughout she may have cancer on her vocal cords, doctors found a tumor there. so they are wok to go get that off and test it to find out of course hoping for the best for her. >> okay, it is the end of the show for girls on hbo. >> why are you being so mean to me? >> always mean to you. >> usually it is way nicer. >> salina, comedy, will ends its run after season five last january, the party in new york comedy returns sunday february 21, girls remains cornerstone of hbo original scripting and staple of the cultural dialogue. don't forget the final season of american idol starts tonight right here on fox 29. we take you behind the scenes with keith, harry, and j-lo.
5:52 am
♪ ok, so the government crashed-tested the f-150. the one with the high-strength military-grade, aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make. it pulled a 5-star safety rating... on all sides... for every cab configuration. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested." this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history.
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(vo) what'scorn? dog food's first ingredient? wheat? in purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one. leaving the station for its final season on fox, with the judges in town hoping this last "whistle stop tour" may be the best one yet. fox news michelle, with a look at the final season of the
5:55 am
show that's launched big carreers for some of pop music's biggest stars. >> kicking off final season, after 14 ground breaking years of discovering superstar talent, judge harry connick junior knows they have a tough job ahead of them. >> itchy this the last couple of years, we put a lot of faith in some of these young performers to improve greatly over the course of the season, that doesn't happen as much as would you like to see, so we're trying to pick people that are a little bit more ready to go, right out of the gate. >> you know, you sang beautifully. that was a perfect performance. >> the contestant are well aware that this is their last chance to become an american idol. >> this is the moment that i have ' been waiting my whole life for. it is tomorrow. it is right now. it is incredible. >> so your last year actually, and i made it to the last round in hollywood week. i'm really hoping to kind of
5:56 am
surpass that this year and kind of redeem myself. >> is this kanye west? >> rap giant kanye west surprised the judges with impromptu audition in san francisco. >> what will you do for us today? >> i just wanted to do something original. >> we gave him a ticket. he can come to hollywood if he want. being come, can ya, it is okay. you can get there now. it was a lot of fun. >> first year kelly clarkson. second year rubin studdard. >> after launching the cars ear of so many chart topping singers, judge keith urban says idol has returned to its roots, as it bids farewell. >> interesting about idol is that it is the first of its kinds to spur on all of these other shows that has common after it. and think of it it, little bit, realize it did it right, and circles back around in so many ways, and gotten back, last couple of seasons gotten
5:57 am
back to the heart whatever idol is. >> ♪ >> oregon congressman gets emotional about the situation. mike and alex are up next on good day. mast past .
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> coach kick out. video from a local high school
6:00 am
basketball game that's getting a lot of attention this morning. we will take you live to the school. >> nearly half billion dollars. did you hear that? that's with a b. that's oprah money. powerball drawing tonight. if you would win, who is the first person would you help out? mike jerrick included. >> and everybody rejoice. it is going to get into the 40's today. >> no. >> but right now, it is still really, really, bitterly cold. >> it is all relative, isn't it? forty sounds good. good day everybody it is wednesday, january the six, 2016. brr. >> that's all you can say. >> we don't have the winds this morning. >> there is that. >> perfect example how much difference the wind makes, because it was very windy yesterday. and it is not today. >> and 50's, by the weekend. >> oh, now that's exciting. >> we'll take it. >> break the shorts out. >> well, let's not


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