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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  January 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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basketball game that's getting a lot of attention this morning. we will take you live to the school. >> nearly half billion dollars. did you hear that? that's with a b. that's oprah money. powerball drawing tonight. if you would win, who is the first person would you help out? mike jerrick included. >> and everybody rejoice. it is going to get into the 40's today. >> no. >> but right now, it is still really, really, bitterly cold. >> it is all relative, isn't it? forty sounds good. good day everybody it is wednesday, january the six, 2016. brr. >> that's all you can say. >> we don't have the winds this morning. >> there is that. >> perfect example how much difference the wind makes, because it was very windy yesterday. and it is not today. >> and 50's, by the weekend. >> oh, now that's exciting. >> we'll take it. >> break the shorts out. >> well, let's not go craze.
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>> i okay. >> let's talk about the number of the day. we've gone up from yesterday's four. seven out of ten today. still cold but appropriately so. still have bus stop buddy bundled up so that you know to not let down your guard, at least not this morning. and make sure the kids have enough on. it is not as windy as yesterday, but it is 21 degrees. that's still pretty cold. feels like 15, thanks to the wind. it is not much of a winds. but it is there. so, here are some other temperatures. ten in mount pocono. twelve in lancaster. thirteen atlantic city. and windchills little cooler than the actual temperature. but not as much as yesterday. now the winds have changed direction. which means it will be a little bit milder than it was yesterday as well. nothing on radar. so let's get right to the planner. sunshine all day, but we still be in the mid 30's, at lunchtime. topping off at 40 degrees, later on. bob kelly? >> sue, good morning, coming up on 6:02 this chilly wednesday, hump day. so far so good on the
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pennsylvania turnpike. it has been quiet, until just few moments ago, and it went bamm an accident here, on 95. this is a live look, right below our camera here, look at this fellow here. kissing the concrete barrier, this is southbound lanes of i-95 right near route 413. so there is a lot of police and activity here, only got the one lane. so if you are leaving bucks county, heading south into the city, watch for that delay. and then an accident right in front of 30th street station, along market street, right at schuylkill avenue, which is right out thereby the new pad yo they put in in front of 30th street. fire location in norristown. rittenhouse and pheasant lane, for the gang coming in from new jersey, north on the 42 freeway, and an accident approaching the ramps for 676 and the ben franklin bridge ramps. otherwise, mass transit looking good. mike and alex, back over to you. >> boy, big bomb went off while were you asleep. a big bomb. un security council holding emergency meeting right now
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after north korea claims it tested a hydrogen bomb. north korea says the nuclear bomb, yes, nuclear bomb, is its most powerful one yet. spice, though, for south korea say it was not an h bomb. but that north korea tested at tomorrow i can bomb. listen to. >> this it was so big it, set off earthquakes in the area. us gee logical survey pick up a reading of 5.1 on the richter scale. >> and back here at home, police shoot and kill a man in upper darby. officers say they were called out to an apartment on bishop avenue last night for report of a soup sidal man with a knife. police say the manna poached officers on the scene with that knife. officers ordered him to drop t they even tazed him, but they say he still came at police. officers say they fired four to five shots at the man. he died at the scene. his name has not been released. no officers were hurt. >> day of cell phones and youtube videos, a video can
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spread around the world quickly. >> this certainly can spread across the country. and it was shot in our area. video in high school basketball last night is getting major attention t appears to show a team's coach in a incident, well, more than an incident, with a referee. this got him kicked out. >> drives in. scoops it. and no basket it. offensive foul. no basket. offensive towel, technical. oh. and jerry devine bumps the official, the official goes down, so that should be two technicals. and he's gone. >> so there it is, you almost can't believe it. >> i know it. >> looks like he head butted the referee there, steve. >> steve, where are you, what school? >> reporter: it does not look like he head butt the referee to me, that's the problem here, the reason this headline on espn may be wrong as well,
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neshaminy high school appears to red butt -- head butt, because. head butt words, that's why the story has gone viral. we have moved from the school here to police headquarters, in the past 90 minutes, and the reason we did was because there has become such a social and tv media sensation overnight, the police are investigating, and the chief being the excellent public servant that he is, actually, came in at 5:00 a.m., just to handle all of our questions, even though, it is likely not such a big deal, or even a crime, or probably shouldn't even involve the police. now, if you haven't seen what we've been talking about here, here, again, video number one, high school basketball game, neshaminy down by four. and you heard less than 30 seconds left. neshaminy drives and scores. but the ref says no basket. offensive foul. that's when neshaminy coach jerry devine strongly disagrees, and appears there is some contact with the ref likely a chest bump, the ref
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against guess goes down, define tossed. different angle, closer, from the stands it appears maybe just a chest bump, because you see coach devine's head go to the side. so far no comment, from coach devine, or anybody, with neshaminy high school or the school district. but police chief came in to answer what he could, after his officers woke him up at two a.m. and toll him hey you better come in and hand you will all of the calls we're getting on this. >> we were never called out to the high school for 90 dent let alone this. so the only information we have is what we have on video. >> but you will investigate it? >> ill investigate t but i can't comment any further. the only information we have is what's on the video right now. >> and you will reach out to the coach or reach out to the ref? >> we'll do an investigation, reach out to anyone who might have witness philadelphia first-hand, see what we can come up with. we'll just take it from there. >> generally, incidents like this, athletics, are not
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police business. >> i've -- i'm not going to comment on. that will we're the police, we are see if anything criminal occurredment nothing criminal occurred then we won't be involved. it will be up to the school, any governing body overseas high school sports in the county to decide what they'll do. >> well, jerry devein's main job at america a.m. any high school algebra and history teacher, likely in there this morning. don't know fell ' be allowed to teach. i don't know if that has anything do with the coaching part. getting croce script dollars out after game already carries mandatory one game suspension in the pennsylvania inter scholastic athletic association, that's usually just for losing your temper saying a bad word or two, contact may mean more time off away from the bench, been rough seas on already, he has sixers like start, zero and five in the neshaminy division, suburban one, one in seven overall, so you can see why he really wanted a win last night. and maybe why he so strongly disagreed with that call.
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>> strongly. total control. if he leads with his head, steve, but his chest is big, so his chest looks like it hits first. >> debate over chest bump, head butt, either way isn't good. >> we have three different angles, we'll show them all to you this morning. lawyers for three brothers convicted for their roles in plotting to kill us military personnel will argue to have their life sentences overturned. >> so the brothers of cherry hill convict in the 2008. the brothers say they wanted to testify to deny the charges. but were told that de fawns lawyers to keep quiet. those lawyers deny the accusations, brothers convicted when two other of plotting an attack at military sites in fort dix and elsewhere. >> more changes among the top brass of the philadelphia police department. this morning, police commissioner, richard ross, will swear in a new deputy commissioner, chief inspector myron patterson. he is 30 year veteran of the department. and will head up patrol operations. drivers forbearer expected to
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protest, with the city headquarters today. philadelphia limousine association made up of over 500 uber black drivers, are unhappy with their pay, visibility on the app, compared to less expensive uber x service. protests expected to happen at 2:00 p.m. at uber headquarters and center city. >> folks in the fuse room, can you give me exact address on uber headquarters. it was a mess when the taxi drivers went out at city hall. >> totally. for awhile, honking, couldn't hear anything. >> so cold, my nose is still running. >> big dreams? jackpot for powerball is growing. >> oh, chris, what is it up to? almost half billion? >> reporter: yes, $450 million. okay, we're at the 7-eleven in bridesburg, guys, last drawing was saturday night. and that's when it went to 400 million. so the last three days it jumped $50 million all the way to up jackpot of $450 million. so, what does that mean? cash prize here, if you win,
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is going to be more than 244 million bucks. if won tonight the jackpot would rang as the powerball game fourth largest annuity prize on record. this jackpot has been rolling now since november 4th. so no one's won for couple of months. so, what would you do with all of that money? >> a new life. all loans paid off. yes, different identity with that casino of money. it would be non-stop traveling. >> set up cd's, trust funds, all types of stuff for family, and just would be crazy, you know? i couldn't imagine having that much money. i definitely would help the community out and also my family, as well. >> all right, so here is the deem. the ticket sales went on at 5:30 this morning, that's by state law. you are going to have it shutdown tonight at 10:00. , 9:59 to be exact. then the lotteries at 10:59, a hour later.
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again it will grow from 450 million, i don't know how much, because they've been actually pretty busy here this morning in the early hours, they started selling just about 40, 45 minutes ago. good luck, guys, are you going play. >> i tried to at 7-eleven at third and market. he said he won't sell until 7:00 a.m. really, what? ya, what's one that? that's the thing about center city. i think they need earlier openings for bagel shops, coffee, you name it. >> just for us. >> and cvs right around the corner here. >> lauren, what else is going snob. >> philadelphia police asking for help in tracking down group of teenagers who caused thousands of dollars worth of damage inside a property, in the logan section, police say this group, ransacked a vacant store on north broad, the group is seen on camera punching and kicking holes in the walls, they also spray painted equipment and other items inside. neighbors say, a save a lot, dollar tree and new laudromat are slate today move into that
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property, and they're hoping the burglary and vandalism won't delay the project, investigators are homing someone even parent might recognize the teens from that video. >> two mask men walk this happened last week at the nick knack store, woodbury turnersville road, washington township, authority just released images hoping to catch the robbers. one of the men pointed knife at the clerk, then stole money from the cash register and took off. authorities now looking into whether these guys are behind similar crimes in nearby towns >> unfortunate action for former police commissioner. before leaving office charles ramsey issued suspension of officer terrible i can lewis, upper darby police saying he was disorderly and aggressive with the officers with domestic disturbance call at his home. nine year department veteran facing assault, harrassment charges. thirty day suspension from the philadelphia police department comes with the intent to dis smith. >> phillies first baseman, ryan howard, filed lawsuits against al-jazeera claiming they reported false
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information on him using drugs. washington nationals ryan zimmerman also filing a suit. al-jazeera documentary claims the two along with several other professional athletes, allegedly received shipment of performance enhancing drugs. zimmerman, howard, claim the report titled the dark side contained false statements, and was inaccurate. the person cited is making those accusations in the documentary, has already recanted everything he said. >> that guy had no idea he was being videotaped seek ridly. all right, let's go to the white house. >> president obama overhauls how guns are bought and sold in the united state. >> yes, the president says congress' inability to pass any kind of comprehensive reform forced him to take an executive action. he says his ten new orders expand backgrounds checks and close loopholes in the gun show market. also, on the internet. the president mentions us senator pat toomey fry pennsylvania in his address saying legislation that the
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republican senator from pennsylvania supports is similar to the executive actions he is taking, of course, the senator responded immediately. >> gentlemen, released a statement saying, in part, i'm still awaiting further information about the executive order, the president has abused these actions in the past, and exceeded the boundaries of the law. this should not be allowed under our constitutional framework. tomb i adds the president should be working with congress to handle gun control issues. >> which he's been trying to do for years. 6:14. the phrase god bless america is at the center after controversy, now, in a camden county school. >> sent letter to haddon heights elementary school saying recite that phrase daily, shouldn't be allowed. student at glenview elementary school have been re sight the words of sign of respect, for the lives lost during september 11 attacks. although the school won't fight the aclu, residents we spoke to say the backlash, kind of sad.
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>> i think a shipment with all of the craziness in the worlds today, i think something night supposed to be positive, from what i understand, after nine/one; just, you know, showing our patriotism. >> feel like you want to say god bless america, this is america, i don't see why you can't say it. >> i think it is completely silly. >> so they start in the after 2011, the pledge of allegiance would go god bless america. still free to do it though at the end of the pledge saying anything they want, just not as organized as before. >> so don't make the whole class say it, so say everything say this. >> the kids are so used to do it now after 15, 16 years, it has just been passed on from one class to the next. exactly 6:00 vault here's sue. >> still real cold out there. but yesterday, does officially go down as the coldest morning of the season with 12 degrees officially. coldest since march the seventh. and our high was 32. and that was the coldest day
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since march, as women. here is the jet stream. here is now you know. it says jet stream right there. look, it is moving northward. yes, master of the obvious. it is also moving northward as we get closer to the weekend. so we go from bitter cold to kind of cool i shall mild i shall when we get into saturday and sunday. nothing to show you at the moment on ultimate doppler radar. talking temperature, 21 degrees in philadelphia right now, ten in mount pocono, 14 in wildwood. not as harsh after windchill, although it, does feel little cooler than the actual temperature, and that's pretty coal. 15 degrees what it feels like right now. so don't let up your guard. we will just have reasonable cold today instead of unseasonable cold. oh, i made that rhyme. 40 degrees, for today. forty-three for tomorrow. forty-eight for friday. and friday night is when we expect that rain to roll in. by then, in this milder trends, so for most of us it should be just rain, maybe little froese end stuff in the pocono mountains, stays mild over the weekend, and
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unsettled, another blast of cold air, bob kelly, beginning of next week. >> definitely cold, still cold this morning, for all of the kids taking that word warm that sue used. it is warmer than it was yesterday. but, still, 21 degrees, it is chilly out there. bundle up. no problems yet on the schuylkill. we have a problem on i -- i956789 southbound lanes of i-95. accident here at route 413. which only has the left lane squeezing on by. so for the gang leaving say new hope, yardley, coming down from trenton, south 95 already a delay, and then in the neighborhood here, there is a vehicle fire, along aramingo avenue, right at the base of the ramps, for i-95 not far from where chris murphy set up shop. here is the delay. south on 95, folks headed into the city. normal delay through the construction zone. got no problems yet on the turnpike. but, we've had delays at all of the cash toll lanes, all because of the new fair hike kicked in over the weekend. so keep that in mind if you
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are rolling between valley forge and philly bensalem. and an accident right in front of 30th street station. it is right in front of that new plaza, that outdoor plaza that they built there. obviously nobody sitting out there in the cold weather. nonetheless market street right there in front of suing schuylkill avenue. looking good with no delays, mike and alex. >> should we ask lawyer tone do some more work? >> okay, federal judge has agreed postpone the deposition every bill cosby's wife camille cosby, was scheduled to be in court pom in massachusetts, by lawyers representing the seven women. those women are suing bill cosby claiming he allowed the women to be portrayed as liars. the comedian is counter suing accusing the women of making false allegations for financial gain. montgomery county prosecutors charge cosby last week saying he sexually assault add temple university employee, back in 2004. >> a state grand jury says no criminal charges should be filed against fraternity after the suicide death of a penn state altuna student. last month family of 18 year
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old marquees braham sued penn state and the five sigma cap a fraternity they claim hawes g -- hazing, alcohol binging, eventually caused him to take his own life. monday night state grand jury recommended no criminal charges. it says there is no direct evidence linking his death to fraternity hazing. >> a chester county publishing firm set to pay big bucks for making its workers clock out during bathroom breaks. federal judge giving american future systems inning rate dollars two more days to smith proposals on how it will pay more than one and a half million dollars to thousands of it employees. the malvern-based company claims it wasn't required to pay workers for short breaks. so now, it is on the hook for massive bill, which includes, back pay and damages to 6,000 employees who work there between 2009 and 2013, mike and alex, no bathroom breaks. >> okay. thank you. i need one now already. all right, 6:20.
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trump's at it againment donald trump campaigns in new hampshire promising government that works right, hopefully didn't put it that way, horrible grammar, slammed democrat deal like the iran nuclear deal. obama care and even his own party's deal making with democrats on the budget. and he added government needs people with fat brains. guess he thinks he has a fat brain. and that he has the energy to make america late again. most polls show trump with strong leads, as he continues to focus on new hampshire and iowa, which is the first state to vote in the primaries, of course, he questioned ted cruz's ability to run, because he was born in canada. he's at it again, about people's citizenship. also, he also mentioned he thought hillary clinton wasn't strong enough to be president. >> well, meanwhile, democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is taking on wall street. the president's hopeful spoke to crowd of reporters in new
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york yesterday. senator sanders laid out his plans to bring an end to what calls agreed on wall street and put the money back in the hand of americans who need it most. he also says he will fight to cap atm fees at $2. and work to cap interest rates on credit cards. >> i like that atm idea. >> me too. 2:00; security concerns across the world after north korea claims it test add powerful hydrogen bok. >> one of the strom he is bombs ever set off. stronger than hero seeing a and nagasaki. calling for urgent meeting this morning. doug, tell us more. >> yes. at this point, good morning, guys, dealing with just a claim from north korea. but if it is true it, would bring that regime one step closer to being able to launch a global nuclear attack. >> north korea state runnemede ya made an apply up pant announcement about the nuclear test. broadcast in a large screen. and while some in the region
6:22 am
have doubt about the specifics, there is seismic evidence of a blast. japan prime minister said this cannot be tolerated. as regional leaders met along with the us ambassador to japan, caroline kennedy. >> we saw varying north korean ... >> the real fear here is that hydrogen bombs can be both extraordinarily powerful and relatively small. small enough to be placed on missile. and we know that north korea's missile program has been moving forward, as women, putting the country and its young leader, jim jong un, on path to having the capability to strike even the united states. >> meanwhile north korea is in the grips after lunatic. >> policy toward north korea has become an issue out on campaign trail, with real questions about how to approach a regime that may be more dangerous now than ever
6:23 am
before. >> again, at this point, we don't know exactly what casino after test this was, or whether to trust what north korea says, because typically you can't. but the us state department put out a statement, overnight, saying that the united state would respond appropriately, to this provocation. >> hey, is it true, we heard some reports that there was a report of earthquakes, approximately, the same time. have you been hearing that? >> well, my understanding, is that that would be the test t would be a seismic anomaly that would be pick up that would seem like an earthquake, but the indication of a test to take place, but it wasn't big enough to be what would be typically associated with hydrogen bomb test. >> can't confirm, okay. >> yes. >> keep us inch philadelphia on. that see you tomorrow. 23:00. the obsession continues this morning, over the new netflix documentary making a murderer. a lot of shows last night on the cable news devoted half hour 45 minutes to this. a lot of people binging, on
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this, with marathon watching over the holidays. >> so the pen part series focuses on steven avery, wisconsin mail jail from jail after 18 years of being wrongfully imprisoned for sexual assault. he then sent back to jail after being convicted every murder for a separate incident, he's currently serving life sentence. now the prosecutor in the case says the show leaves out crucial fact, accusing the film makers of intentionally with holding those details. >> so the thing is now there are several petitions on line created by fans of the show calling for the president to part steven avery. this petition has over 300,000 supporters, and counting, even celebrities starting to tweet about their obsession with the show, and tweet out their opinions. mia farrow tweeted outrage of making all ten episodes, another tweeted never mind emmy or oscar, making a murderer deserves a nobel prize, greatest documentary i've ever seen. >> interesting. now he was release from the jail after 18 years because of dna evidence, right?
6:25 am
exonerated him from the sexual assault. >> then went right back. >> went right back. okay. line of new developments overnight. first before we get to the eagles, man was this a great game by the temple owls h to go to up connecticut, ranked 23rd in the nation, very good team, right? >> temple is doing whole it comes to sports. >> that's true. let's start with those temple owls taking on 23 ranked uconn the huskies up there in their home layer. >> soap, fran dunphy and owls looking for their second road win against the top 25 team this year. it would come down to the final seconds. temple with the ballgame tied at 53. brown spin to the lane, hits the runner, putting temple up by two. >> boom. nice shot josh. uconn would throw up one last desperation shot and, nope. the owls pick up the upset win. their second in just over a week. after they beat number 22, cincinnati last tuesday, the owls are now seven and six of, on the season.
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>> congratulates toss our friend, fran dunphy, temple owls, his 200 career victory. >> wow. >> nicely done, fran. st. joe's up big, st. joes took it game seven win streak into their game with virginia commonwealth university. came down to the final shot. just like the other game. hawks down three, in the final seconds. well, they put him up by three. st. joe's cannot extend the win streak though. they now are 11 and three on the year. what i am trying to say is even with the 12-point lead with about four and a half minute left, they lost to the game to vcu. and their new coach. >> in the last couple of seconds. >> yes. >> they had him. they had him. up by 12 with four. >> but there is more to talk about, like the eagles trying to find a coach. let's get to howard eskin. >> all right. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. next eagles head coach? i don't have a clue right now. nobody knows at this point.
6:27 am
and that includes the eagles. yesterday the eagles interviewed another head coaching candidate, adam, the offensive coordinator for the chicago bears for this year. it is amazing how you start hearing how good these guys are, and they haven't done anything yet. he was the coach for the denver broncos for six years before that. gaze is 37 years old, i'm sure there is at least four more interviews to come likely after this weekend. to the wells fargo center, scoreless first periods, turn over right here, good they got the turn over because braydon schenn on the break away. now to the third period. score three-two flyers. getting little close, sean, right there, in front of the net. puts it in. puts the flyers up four-two, they win it four-three, over montreal. tough game the flyers made it close at the end. >> all right, that is sport in a minute. and i am howard eskin. >> flyers win, flyers win. four-three. >> we should be like rooting for the flyers, should be doing more with that.
6:28 am
sixers doing pretty well. >> yes, and they have five more home games. should we extend that streak? still want that number one draft pick, ben sill ons. >> strategic losing, when it comes to the eagles, when it comes to the sixers. >> so irritated by the strategic losing. >> i don't want to say irritated but i feel if the goal is to win, let's win do, we have to do to make it map. like to lose on purpose? >> doesn't seem right. goes against the grain. but i'm too long do it. >> my thing is can you blame the players though? you should have lost. like seriously? if it is in your mind to win, just focus on winning. >> we brought back i shall, with three out of six, apparently maybe want to go win again. lost so much, we can start to win again. if that makes any sense good day it is wednesday january the six, 2016. here we go. >> local high school basketball coach kicked out of the game what it appears did he following disagreement with a ref. >> and someone could be a
6:29 am
multi-millionaire tonight at 11:00. >> powerball has grown overnight to $450 million. will it reach half billion by 10:00 tonight? >> plus, all good things must come to an end, right? can you believe it? the final season of american idol, premiers tonight, right here on fox 29. so we have to preview. >> this talk about some of the biggest moments over the years. man, this is it. the beginning of the end. >> about time. good day everybody, it is wednesday, january the sixth, 2016. trivia, american idol trivia for sue serio. >> oh, in. >> yes, here we go. >> what year was that? had to be 1902? >> no. >> okay, they had two hoses. ryan seacrest, and? >> brian dunk elman. ding, ding, ding. >> ring the cow bell. >> i know. what do i get.
6:30 am
>> nothing. >> pride. >> all right. well, here's bus stop buddy. now we only cover up his smile, when it is very cold out. we are dressing him like yesterday. even though it is not quite as harsh, temps or windchills, are mostly in the teens this morning. anticipation is of high temperature that's supposed to be 40, and will be 40, 21 degrees feels like 15 right now. sunrise time 7:23, in the dark it is 21, 11 in pottstown, ten in mount pocono, 14 degrees in wildwood. it doesn't feel that much colder than it actually is. but what it actually is is still cold. so, 40 degrees for high. not as windy. then tonight, we are down into the mid 20's, with clear skies, bit of warming trend, as we head into the weekend, but there is a trade off. there always is, bob kelly. >> always that trade off. 6:30, good morning, everybody. getting up, getting out. starting to see some volume all around the board on the schuylkill expressway, i-95,
6:31 am
and then in the neighborhood, aramingo avenue, right at the off-ramps for 95. police and fire crews engine 33 there on the scene of vehicle fire. leaving bucks county, new hope, yardley, heading south on 95, we had earlier crash right near route 413, all the lanes are open. but traffic backed up, nonetheless, as you head on into downtown. and live look at the schuylkill, right near conshohocken, no problems, but we are seeing some volume pop. looking good on mass transit. mike and alex over to you. >> back to the video country is talking about out of our area. >> yes, the high school basketball game getting a lot of attention. because in it it appears the show, seems coach get nag incident with a referee. looks like he head butts. >> can we call it bigger than an incident? this is nothing but bad. >> let's take a look. >> fifteen seconds ago, drives in, scoops it, and no basket. offensive foul. no basket, offensive towel and a technical.
6:32 am
oh, and jerry devine bumps the official, the official goes down, so that should be two technicals, and he's gone. >> man right at the end of the game. so, no. steve keeley is not at a high school. he's at a police station. steve? >> reporter: yes, the police are on this case now. and this wasn't what olivia newton john juan sing being in her song let's get physical. look at our video here, national headlines say head butts, different angle show different. likely just a chest bump. either way, this has really bumped up attention to last night's home lost by neshaminy high school's varsity boys basketball team. and head coach jerry devine who got thrown out of the game as you saw there in the final seconds watch he strongly dispute adolf ends i have foul by his player, who scored and would have brought neshaminy within two points with less than minute left. contrary to another report, the police were not called to the game site when this
6:33 am
happened. >> we were never called out to the high school for any incident let alone this. the only information we have is what we have on video right now. >> you are going to investigate it? >> we'll investigate t but i really can't comment any further, because the operation information we have is what's on the video right now. you'll reach out to the coach? >> we'll do an investigation, we'll reach out to anyone who might have witness philadelphia first-hand, you know, see what we can come up with. just take it from there. >> here now second angle, different from the first that went viral. the reason for all of the head but, headlines, further away. chief says likely be more after school and a pennsylvania inner scholastic association case than police case, and coach devine already now gets a mandatory one game suspension from the athletic association rules that comes with any game ejection, the question now out to mike is will he face more discipline, for the contact, whether
6:34 am
incidental or intentional. >> i would imagine so. steve real quickly woth ref have to press charges? >> he could come in and file a complaint. but he hasn't so far. according to the police chief. doubtful the referee will likely do that. this happens in sports. >> but still, it is pretty shocking. >> 6:45, un security council on high alert this morning, meeting in a emergency session after north korea claims it tested hydrogen bomb. north korea says this nuclear bomb is it most powerful one yet. one of the most to be set off on the earth if it is true. because spies for south korea says it wasn't an h bomb at all, but north korea tested at tomorrow i can bomb. pretty close to the same thing. us gee logical survey picked up the reading of 5.1 on their
6:35 am
scale. >> about the same time. >> on the news there, they describe it as miniature. >> miniature. fairly small bomb. but hugely powerful. >> and new developments this morning in the san bernardino terror attack. investigators are trying to piece together a 18 minute gap in the shooter's actions, on the day of the massacre. the fbi is asking for the public's help to find out where tash even malik and farook were from, from 12:59 to 1:57 p.m. >> did he meet one other people? >> fourteen other people died in the rampage, both suspect killed in a shoot-out with police. >> lauren, what else is going snob. >> 6:35, mike and alex, police offers earls shoot and kill man in you upper darby, officers say called out to apartment on bishop avenue last night for report of suicidal man with a knife. police say the manna poached officers, with that knife, they order him to drop t they had to taze him. they say he still charged at police officers, say they were forced to fire four, five shots at the man. he died at the scene. his name has not yet been released. no officers were injured.
6:36 am
>> arrange g fire leaves behind real life ice pass al toss. first told but this yesterday on good day. this is what is left of the clubhouse cobbs creek, covered in ice. crews called to the building lansdowne avenue 11:00 monday night. took crews about two hours to get things under control. they spent yesterday getting some of the hot spots under control, no one was injured there. we still don't know what started the fire. so another ice house, mike analling. >> very pretty thing after a tragedy, you know, i don't know about tragedy, nobody got hurt. but still beautiful building. >> and well known. >> burger king making sure you have it your way. when it comes to pricing. how they are raising the steaks in the fast-food meal wars. going on in our count rip right now. >> first chris murphy keeping an eye on the powerball for us. i wonder how many tickets he's bought so far this morning? >> one. because i'm cheap. a lot of people are opening their wallets, if fact, we will take a look at how things are going here at the
6:37 am
bridesburg 7-eleven, one of the many places selling hopefully the winning ticket. we'll be right back.
6:38 am
6:39 am
>> if your dream is to give get the jackpot, you might have a chance, jackpot for the powerball surge to go historic numbers. >> yes. i don't know what the most -- the biggest amount has ever been in -- i can't even speak. >> this is pretty big.
6:40 am
that's the bottom line. >> i'll do some research. find out what the biggest total is. 450 now? >> yes. so mike, avenue done that research. >> oh,. >> the biggest powerball jackpot of all time, $590 million, ticket sold in may. i believe it was 18th of may 2013 in florida. so lady named glover y so, gloria did it, you can too. little lower. $450 million. the law drawing saturday night, for paul boar, it is wednesday, so tonight's the big drawing, okay? so a ticket sales started about an hour ago, about 5:30, it will go up until 10:00 then the drawing is tonight, right at 11:00, 10:59 to be exact. here is the deal. it is to up 450 million. after saturday it was 400. so the cash pay-out upward, $244 million. by the way this one there is jackpot, would rang the powerball's fourth largest, on
6:41 am
record, it has been rolling now for two month, since november 4th. so there is some crazy ways people think they might spend the monday if i they win. listen to this. >> i would buy a castle and fill it with penguins. i love pen wins. that's the craziest thing i would do with $450 million. >> would probably buy a yacht, definitely a yacht, and be in the mediterranian, travel all over the mediterranian, italy, the island of bizza, travel, definately, buy a yacht. >> how about it? with your $450 million, mike and alex, that is exactly what nasa says the average cost is to launch a space shuttle. >> that's what i would do. >> wow. >> i would launch a shuttle. >> you are fascinated with space. >> and name them after mike. >> yes. >> never come back.
6:42 am
thanks, chris. 6:42. fast-food giant have entered into this new battle of dueling dollar menus. i like it. and burger king is the latest chain to up the and tee, with its five items for $4. whopper chains promotion includes vacant -- bacon cheeseburger, small french fries, small drink, four piece chicken nuggets, warm chocolate chip cookie. >> oh, it is warm. >> the deal follows announcement of mcdonald's mc pick two, revamp version of popular dollar menu. president of burger king north america says it builds on the company's strategy of bringing people into the restaurants with great tasting food and accessible price point. that sounds like a businessman. price point. >> yes sure does. >> 6:42. >> american idol get set to launch another talented musician, into the spotlight. this will be the last one. so we will have a look ahead
6:43 am
at tonight's final season premiere. >> two of the three original judges? >> want me to say it snow. >> go. >> randy. >> jackson? >> yes. >> simon cowell, and paula abdul.
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> it looks like a winter wonder lands in the poconosment let's talk about it, not quite as harsh as yesterday. we are looking at cold temperatures out there. we are feeling actually the cold temperatures. by the weekend we think that things will rebound, temperature wise, with temperatures going up to above average, well above average, by the time we get to friday and saturday. let's proof it. it is in the teens right now, feels like the teens, we expect to head to 40 degrees for high temperature today. forty-three tomorrow. and then 48 on friday. next precipitation comes on friday. but it should be mild enough for most of us, to just see rain except the pocono mountains. we have to watch for frozen precipitation there. saturday, sunday, there will be showers around, about 50-50 chance each day. so it won't be raining every minute. but will be casino every un settle. it will be in the 50's though both days of the weekend. they'll get used to it, cold front comes in monday, high of 40 monday, high of 36 on
6:47 am
tuesday. >> 6:46 this wednesday, a live look at trooper road, the 422 interchange there, the brake lights, starting to line up, heading in toward king of prussia. south 95, jammo, from pretty much approaching cottman, in through girard. no accidents there. just everybody heading out at the same time. north on the freeway, delays in toward the walt whitman. 295, southbound, right near the i195 and route 29 interchange. again, that's on that southbound side of 295. and then some delays at all of the cash toll plazas, again, expect this morning on the pennsylvania turnpike, with the recent toll hike. mike and alex back to you. >> tonight is the night. >> i can't believe it. this is it. the final premiere of american idol. >> and jen has been covering this, for 14 years. are you going to miss it?
6:48 am
>> yes, show will begin in the fall, so i think it will be a nice evolution. so we have to look back at one of the best. >> very difficult. >> very difficult. people didn't think she could go there and do that. >> ♪ >> i will make a prediction, not only win the show make more records than any other previous idol winner. >> wow. as we now know, simon cowell was dead-on. was he also right about one of my personal all-time favorites? >> all right. >> ground, pants on the gown, pull the pant up.
6:49 am
>> okay? ready when you are. >> owing -- okay, ready? >> pant on the gown, pant on the gown. looking like a fool with your pant on the ground with your gold in your mouth, hat turned sideways, pant hit the ground, looking like a fool walking downtown with your pant on the ground. get them up. hey. >> larry flat. >> general larry flat. pant on the ground. him, sanjaya, simon, paul, we're going to look at all of them this morning. question on twitter, your favorite moment, your favorite judge, your favorite person who became super famous, tell us about it, and simon was also right. general larry platt was not -- >> who was the buy net judge there. >> karen deguard yo. >> oh, i forgot about her. >> who did you think it was? >> no, no, you were right, first season. >> mary j was there. >> paula. >> remember they were always throwing people in, then they got ellen? >> they couldn't figure it
6:50 am
out. >> all right, thanks. more on that throughout the show. 6:49. >> goal end globes, just days away, but what will the stars, this is my favorite, sit down, big meal, drinking. but what will the meal be? what will they be eating while they are there? always wonder what's on their plate? >> okay. >> but first, men versus marilyn. >> talk about a close call. the moment this group of fishermen never expected. look out, guys. lottery numbers. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help.
6:51 am
because i'm not just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, i'm a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne
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6:53 am
♪ >> oh, a crescent moon, new moon, i've made my decision, nasa says they need $450 million to launch someone in space. i'm going to win the powerball tonight and launch myself in space. that's a plan, isn't it? >> is that your dream instead of going out to pasture, you're going go out to space. >> why do you keep saying this that? >> i don't know, but i like it. >> i'm sure do. a lot of people in the delaware valley would agree with you. what just happened there? >> knocking stuff off the ding. >> goal end globe awards sunday evening, this is a show where they drink champagne, while they watch the festivities. and they eat full dinners while they're at the awards ceremony and everyone gets tipsy. >> you know they get curious,
6:54 am
what are they eating? here we go. >> caviar. >> getting full three course menu. so start with the salad. we will have radish, eggplant, loath lettuce root. followed by surf and turf. filet of beef and steel head trout. the vegetarians will be treated to salt baked hairline tomatoes, other veggies, meal rounded out with dessert trio, plenty of of champagne going around the whole night. surf and turf, i'm not fancy, maybe something i don't know about, another level? >> could be some type of turkish meal. >> sound good to me, though. >> oh, are you kidding snow 6:54. new breakfast invention that will blow your mind, so it is a frying pan, that lets us cook your entire meal at once. so check this out. it is called the master pan all in one frying pan. >> oh, man, still bloat in the this county from.
6:55 am
>> looks like the plate from mcdonald's, and you get those meals? my gosh. so you can cook eggs, bacon, toast, hash browns, pancakes, all at once, you can see, five separate compartment sells for 79 bucks on amazon. >> i'm telling you why won't i gather? >> no way it works. here is the thing, pancakes take longer than eggs, but all in the same stove. on the same griddle thing. >> good point. >> even though you may be done with the pancakes still cooking at the same level of the eggs, i mean, the eggs -- >> would you have to watch our skillet. >> i get take it off? >> when you see the pancakes are done do you have get them out of there. >> but cold by the time everything else is done? you know what i am saying? maybe i am thinking too much into it. >> did you see this? ryan howard of the phillies is fighting back. how the phillies first baseman is going after this, well, filed a defemation claim against this network al-jazeera television. they say he was ordering performance enhancing drugs. he says no. so he's filed suit. >> but first, let's go to this
6:56 am
story that everyone is talking about in sports, what a coach did after game to get kicked out. >> in high school. >> we got some breaking news on this. never before has a police chief come in at 5:00 a.m. to answer our questions. now the school district up before the sun putting the coach on leave, not just from his coaching duties, but from his algebra and teaching history duties, hear from the police chief, what the school district has to say when we see you at 7:00
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> flagrant foul. what the school just made announcement about. >> ryan howard firing back. phillies slugger responding to report about him using performance enhancing drugs with a lawsuit. we will talk about his legal battle ahead. >> here we go. it is tonight, 11:00. half a billion dollars up for grabs. people are rush to go make sure they get that powerball ticket. what would you -- who is the first person would you give money to, besides me, in your life? i know you'll keep most of the money for yourself, but who is the person you would give money to? my daughters if i of all for me, right off the top of my head. friends, co-workers? >> lot of people out there, yes. >> plenty of hands, hands out all over your face. >> true. everybody would know you then. >> finds a loft friends you didn't know you had.
7:00 am
>> exactly. >> i would buy an extra winter coat. >> i think you would need layers, plenty of lawyers, even today, although not as harsh as it was yesterday. we have yesterday. >> yes. well. >> close. >> almost. >> seven today, lucky seven. still very cold though. we kept bus stop buddy in the really bundled up gear, just to make sure you don't let your guard down. because if it is to isn't in the teens it, feels like it is in the teens out there this morning. and that's still pretty coal. we did have those below zero windchills. yesterday, so 21 degrees, but feels like 15. sunrise time is coming up at 7:23. and we have 12 in allentown, eight in mount pocono, and it is a cold 9 degrees in millville. but with the winds factored in, it doesn't feel that much colder. still, pretty cold temperatures. we expect to top off at 40 degrees today. and that's normal for january 6, sunset time, 4:51, that takes care of


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