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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  January 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> now even more powerful powerball, how much the jackpot is worth now, let me just tell you this, this is a record breaker for america. >> the scary moment captured on surveillance video. >> hands up, turn over that juice box. outrage over tsa pat down, ten year old left in an uncomfortable position. what prompted it and what the tsa is saying this morning. >> good morning, it is january the 27th -- january the seventh, 2016. >> good morning, everybody. >> a lot milder than it was yesterday. >> no wind? >> even with a lot of cloud cover, gee with eight. actually the cloud cover is our friend today. that's why it is not quite as cold as yesterday.
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>> 30 degrees in philadelphia, right now, but it feels like 25, thanks to that wind, oh, that big wind of 5 miles an hour. clock 23 this morning, skies clear, temperatures did plunge, so in the teens in mount pocono, allentown, reading, pottstown, but we're in the 30's in millville, atlantic city, wildwood, doverment so just depends on where you are. a lot of cloud offer to the south on ultimate doppler radar, that will be the story for the rest of the day. with mostly cloudy skies we still get to high of 42 degrees, which is 2 degrees warmer than yesterday. so, bob kelly, in you it is thursday. we're looking ahead to the weekend. >> pop quiz: where were you 20 years ago today? >> let's see january the seventh, 20 years ago today, was in prison. no, that's not true. >> maybe were you righter?
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the "blizzard of 96". >> i remember this. >> snow got dumped on us here in philadelphia, schools were shutdown for an entire weekend. one of the side streets in philly, throw back this morning, yep, cold, bow have been works, no problems at all here coming in on the vine expressway and i-95. >> good morning downtown, west chester, 202, through the construction zone, remember, if you are going it warm the car up, make sure keep the car attended water main break at powell and providely. northbound lanes of 95 get ready for penndot crew later today after the rush hour, they'll shall working northbound from woodhaven up to 413. >> you gave us numbers, 95, you want to hear other numbers maybe more important? two, 11, 47, 62, 63 and 17.
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>> those are powerball numbers, nobody won the big one. saturday night, what, around 11:00. they'll draw again, and it will be a record breaker. maybe by saturday night, $700 million alex. >> i can't believe that steve keeley. are you buying tickets? >> ask us to cut off your angle bracelet. >> look at the sign here, now, four days a ago, the jackpot 340 million. how does it double in four days? is it because everybody bought a bunch of tickets? how does that work? does that mean if nobody wins saturday it will be over a billion dollars? is that possible? a billion dollars jackpot, mike?
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>> that's lou it works. the more we buy, the higher it goes. >> no one buying here yet in cherry hill. but powerball is a lot like donald trump you're saying how is he tying those two together? really neither needs to spends money in the advertising, because of us in the media spending so much type hyping epp bought, giving them the free attention you need. if you think all of the previous lottery coverage has been way over the top, wait until you see the next few days starting with this live shot, leading to up saturday's biggest drawing of all time. it will of course sent buyers into a frenzy, even people who never would even think to stop and buy a lottery ticket, all of these offers collectives, pulling money fill company each mail, who is in, who contributed, who will share in the pot and the dreaded fear who will be among the few still working at the office while all of the new multi-millionaire for former co-workers moved to the south of france or north shore of hawaii. can you imagine if we would go
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few more drawings without a winner and this jackpot is soaring over a billion dollars? so maybe we'll talk to losers from yesterday's drawing, hopeful winners of the next drawing, as the morning progresses, but, right now, this little sign, with that big number, is getting a lot of hype i think all around the country already. >> oh, yes, become the number one story in america. steve, next hit, find out how many, if anybody in the delaware vale, won a million last night. because there were some million dollars winner. >> okay. >> yes. >> you got it. >> welshing radnor man arrest toed r child abuse is expected in court this morning. >> this is a horrible story. authorities say he's work with very closely, with children for years. >> so dave kinchen live at the courthouse in newtown square. telling us more about this, dave? >> mike and alex, devastating story, we're told the suspect will be in court around 8:30, for preliminary hearing. we are told he will be dealing
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with charges that he sexually molested a 13 year old family member. here's what we know from police, charles robinson of pay ellie is accused of sexually molest ago family member, cops are not releasing the gender of the alleged victim, police tell us, the abuse start in the 2010, and lasted four agonizing years, investigators say the abuse happened at the robinson's home on shamoni home in radnor, do not currently live therement robinson who was involved wad adoption support services agency at nearby. was arrested new years eve which was his 60 birthday. >> mr. robinson would start out by grooming the victim, start out by giving the person massages. and from there the behavior would progress to the point where woe would go into the family member's bedroom at night, different sex act, remove the victim's cell phone
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so the victim was not able to contact anybody else. go got progressively worse where the defendant mr. robinson tried to get into the shower with the victim, tried to get in bed with the victim, progression dollars to the point where it was basically hillaceous and unbearable for our victim. >> meantime, police worry that there could be more victims out there, because he worked so closely with children, and has affiliation with the boy scouts of america. cops say he was also a basketball coach, so police are asking for more help as this case develops. guys? back to you? >> horrible. 6:07. >> developing this morning, teens held at gunpoint all over a hoverboard. >> yep. >> surveillance video captured the terrifying moments outside after local recreation center saw this one coming with the popularity of this christmas gift. our dave schratwieser explaining, police say the gunman, well, they are also teens. >> in a bold move two, teens with handguns walk up to the 14 year old outside the
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shepherd rec center at 57th and haverford, and robbed them after hoverboard. and iphone, and their back packs. >> like the iphones were five years ago, hoverboards are the coolest thing on the street. and unfortunately you get individuals who probably can't afford them, want them. >> people can't even bring their kids to rec center and have fun. >> the robbery comes as the hoverboard praise is sweeping the country in this case rec center surveillance cameras caught the hoverboard theft on video, as the startled teenage victims ran for safety and the gun toting suspect walked away with their hoverboard. >> freely play in the rec centers without any fear of individuals taking things from them, especially this situation where they are using guns in rec centers. >> terrell cleveland was playing basketball at the center wednesday afternoon with his girlfriend, two young sons, stunned to hear about the hoverboard robbery, and worried about kids. >> horrible, not good, for this type of people and this environment like this is an environment for recreation, as far as kids football,
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basketball, all good sports. >> avail to see. that will you got a lot of kids out back. you got a lot of kids that come through this area here. just last week, a 16 year old boy riding a hoverboard on north 19th street was approached by three teens on bikes. one suspect punched the teen, and knocked him off the hoverboard. the robbers then took off with it. >> by any means they can get it, they take it, that's not good. >> once the fad is over that person's gone forever. you know? that fad is gone and nobody even thinks about it that stuff any more. >> paying attention your surroundings, pay attention what's going on out there. >> dave schratwieser "fox 29 news". >> these hoverboards are being stolen even before they had the the street. police report store robberies were multiple hoverboards have been stolen, also say hoverboards have actually been used in robberies and shoplifting. though swing by somebody, grab their purse, take off on the hoverboard, so you can't out run them. specially happening in crowded shopping malls. watch out everybody.
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>> that's true. coming up on 6:10, lauren? >> cosby next court appearance has been postponed, the appearance originally schedule for next thursday, but the court says cosby's defense lawyers ask for delay to better prepare. the pros sutures will argue they do have enough evidence to go to trial. but 78 year old comedian is charged with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman he has said upped oath he had concentual sex with her cosby freon $1 million bail. meanwhile bill cosby will not face criminal charges in los angeles, the la county district attorney's office investigated sexual assault claims by two win there. one says cosby assaulted her in 196 an at a home in the hollywood hills. the other claims he drugged her then assaulted her at the playboy mansion back in 2008. the d.a. says he won't move forward with the cases because of the statute of limitations. >> rube erred -- black drivers taking a stand in west philadelphia. couple of dozen drivers for the ride sharing service
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protest in the parking lot near the airport yesterday. made their way past uber's, drivers claim they're taking a bigger cut of their ride share. uber also don't like certain aspect of the app which they say ooh, the uber x drivers. uber released a statement in response to the protest, it reads, while we understand that many limousine drivers are frustrated, philadelphia has shown enormous appetite for more affordable options like uber x in philly alone, more than 12,000 people are earning extra income, through uber ex, nearly half million riders use uber ex to move safely from point a to point b. alex and mike, back to you. >> i guess sun young aoun's bomb wasn't so big. has caused some concerns. we still should be concerned. but, experts specially in the in the world of nuclear weapons, very skeptical yesterday. they say hi drove jen bombs like the one north korean officials say they successfully tells rod much
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more difficult to make than a bombs. many experts doubting north korea could have made the jump even if this h bomb isn't what north korea claims it is. analysts are still taking the threat seriously. >> even if they don't have the ability, they made it clear they surely have the determination to do so. >> as for sanctions, the un security council is gearing up for even more action against con yank, the capitol of north korea, but while russia and china block those efforts once again. china is getting very irritated with north korea. >> one of the final allies here. >> for sure. sun young aoun, i think it was his birthday, apparently trying to show off. always reminds me of the story of his dad, sun young ill, won time played 18 rounds of golf and told his people in north korea that he had 11 hole in one's. >> oh,. >> on his first time ever playing golf.
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>> uh-huh. they had a report out before, they had a cure for aids. interesting. >> the country is nuts. tsa pat down leaves a california father livid. >> and chris purr if i joins us in the news room to explain what happened. this ten year old got serious pat down. >> that's the thing. it is the girl's age, she ten, called happened during security check. the father said agent tricks being his ten year old daughter after finding juice box in her carry on luggage. take a look for yourself. so he recorded the entire thing on his cell phone, post the video on youtube, you can see, he also added some text there in red. agent patted down the girl at raleigh durham international airport back on december 30th. her dad said what made the entire thing so uncomfortable is that it happened several times, and he said the agent told him he would get arrested if he interrupted what they were doing. the girl's father told san diego newspaper quote i am a very big proponent every security, if they were patting me down no problem. but this was ten year old girl
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end quote. he also says he plans to file a formal complaint. now the tsa is not backing down on this one. it says the agent involved followed all proper procedures. >> i guess a sign of the new security, but boy, ten year old girl, a juice box? >> bring in the common sense police. >> thank you. >> had to have been scary for her, too? >> my gosh,. >> that's the casino every thing she may never forget. just ten. >> 6:14, let's go to wetter. >> sue, i never thought i would say this but i actually feel kind of warm now compared to the past couple of days. >> normal cold instead of extreme cold, which is what we started with on tuesday. bob, kelly has been talking all morning about the blizzard of 199, 20 years ago today. we got 30.7 inches of snow in philly really the bull's eye for that northeastern storm, boston 19 inches, baltimore, 27. and washington, d.c., 20. so we got more than anybody, and it is still ranks as our top snowstorm of all time.
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30.7 inches. what's interesting, one of them happened in april of 1915, 19.4 inches every snow, so far this season, how much snow have we gotten nothing, nothing yet anyway. >> little color on radar, but really just an indication of all of that cloud cover probably cloudy most of the dayment even though high pressure in control, clouds moving up from the storm to the south. look into the weekends, dry for now, but we do expect some rain by friday night, very late friday night that will happen. 30 degrees in the city. stowe does feel better than it did yesterday. this is about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. but, still in the teens up to our north where we have clear skies in the radiational cooling, and 33 degrees, in dover, 34 in wildwood. that's where the warmer air is.
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that's where it is cloudier. not much of a wind factor in. and the wind directions are casino of all over the place this morning, but five mere hour wind in philadelphia right now. only makes it seem a tiny bit colder than it actually s as we look back before we look ahead, yesterday we reached our predicted high of 40 degrees. today it looks like 42, 45 degrees, tomorrow, and by the time this precipitation gets here, late at night on friday, it looks like temperatures will be well above freezing, for most of us, we just have to watch out, late friday night, early saturday morning, in the pocono mountains for some frozen precipitation, but it is a rainy day on sunday, rainy and breezy, before cold front comes through, and then another blast of frigid air, so that we're only seeing highs in the 30's again, on monday. bob kelly, roller coaster ride. >> 6:16. two tickets for the ride, we got rough ride on 95 this morning, northbound, 95, an accident, right at the cottman avenue onramp. this is all in the
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construction zone. head northbound, expect delays. southbound cottman avenue, another flashback, we talked about the blizzards 20 years ago, even if you could dig out, no where to go, cars were just kind of stranded during the middle of the storm. it sat weeks upon end. then we had the baby boom nine month later. >> that's right. >> after that. >> yes. >> explain that one. north on the 42 freeway. >> were you involved? >> i was not involved in that one at all. coming in toward the city -- downingtown, west chester, good morning to you, no problems as you work your way up in toward malvern. so yes it is told, not as cold as yesterday as sue mentioned, in norristown, we got water main break at powell, and freedly. which is causing some delays, and then later on today right after the rush hour see construction crews coming our way north on 95 between
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woodhaven and 413. that will kick in right around 9:00 a.m. mike and alex, back to you. >> 6:18. >> let's goat lauren for top stories. >> couple who received outpouring of support after police officer fawn their toddler alone in love park could soon be homeless again, mike jones and ankle leak roland were sleeping in the park with their two small children last fall. their two year old son woke up, wandered off in the middle of the night. a septa officer found him after that story broke, donations poured in, chosen 300 ministries raised $12,000 in just matter of hours to help the family with housing and other service, well, now, that group is asking the parents to leave the apartment it rented for them. >> we had to make a very hard decision that we had to back away. they one rejected services and the counselling we provided but also for the safety of our staff and just the well-being of the organization we had to make decision to really just turn this case over to the
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hands of dhs. >> well the children are still in the custody of dhs, chosen 300 ministries says the remainder of the money donate willed go into an education fund for the children. >> authorities are releasing new information about the man shot and killed by police in upper darby. police say officers were called to the bishop hill amounts, tuesday night, around 6:30. that's when a man called 911 saying he was suicidal and he had a knife. that man has now been identified as 54 year old david zollo. according to police when three when three officers arrived he refuels today drop the weapon, then tazed, they say he lunged at the officers with that knife, two officers fired at him, killing zollo. police say he had a history of mental illness. >> he suffers from bipolar post-traumatic stress, has been hospitalized at least five times, since 2004 and we had been to his residence numerous times. >> police say the wife of the
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victim took to facebook after the shooting. showing support for police, and adding her husband is now quote free of all the demons plaguing him. >> police one step closer to identifying the body of person found near vacant lot in kensington, they say based on hairs found on the remains, they have determined the victim was hispanic man. skyfox was over the scene yesterday morning, as investigators were combing through the area along the 400 block of east cambria street trying to find anything they could to help lead them to more clues. >> donald trump and ted cruz going head-to-head the last 48 hours, donald trump again is questioning ted cruz's citizenship. >> doug luzader has the latest thon. >> sounds familiar, doug. >> the tarring set numerous, questioning whether ted cruz is natural born citizen. >> after loving off claims he
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didn't meet the citizenship test for the white house, ted cruz got serious. >> the question is quite straightforward, the child of the u.s. citizen born abroad is a natural born citizen. >> cruz was born in canada, but his mother was u.s. citizen. most legal experts say there is little doubt he meets the constitutional requirement to become president. >> a question gop frontrunner donald trump has been asking with renewed interest. >> i would like to see ted do something, maybe he goes in pre-emptive fashion into court to try and get some casino after order. >> to me it is the first time trump has shown anything similar, in fact, running ahead. >> for democrats, focus on power house gathering in nevada with all three candidates taking part. hillary clinton, given a warm welcome in keeping with the strong national lead in the polls. but entheusiasm, still seems to favor bernie sanders.
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>> let me begin, while i am trying -- >> he found it difficult to tam down applause, excitement and noise makers if he tried again and again to start speaking. >> look, make no mistake about it, look at the real clear politics, average of nan in a pole, hillary clinton has huge lead, more than 20 points over bernie sanders, when you start trying to figure out okay who will really show up at these caucuses, show up at the new hampshire voting precinct, that's where entheusiasm can make it big difference, can you bridge 20-point gap? maybe not. nevertheless, hillary clinton love to have that casino of entheusiasm. >> for sure. he draws a crowd. maybe he's got shot in new hampshire. let's go back to ted cruz, do you see his immediate flip and the response to what do you mean? i was born in canada but i can't be the president of the united states when he ran that clip from happy days, ponsy jumping the shark. was that great?
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>> was pretty quick to put up that on twitter then became clear he real had i to give kind of serious response to it so we saw the tone change. >> you mention maybe donald trump is little concerned about the polls? >> in iowa, for sure. >> yes. >> and you know what? we should probably add mike you and i probably remember watching that episode. >> oh, i do. while apparently happy days has run out of story lines, if they're having ponsy jump shark the show will have toned now. it is to has jump the shark. that's where we got that term so many years ago. hey, doug, see you tomorrow. >> yep. >> president obama getting little emotional during town hall meet being guns in america. >> this coming on the five year anniversary of the shooting of gabby gifford, along with 18 others, he blamed the reoccurring mass shootings on those who advocate for fewer gun laws. >> brave enough to stand up to
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gun lobby lives. cannot hold america hostage. >> some analysts saying the president spoke in a way that hardly seems intended to heal. while that's very few people said that. all right, 6:24. >> for the first time both houses of congress legislation appeal health, it was one in a long line of more than 60 votes to try and rollback all or some of the law. the gop last senate approved the legislation last month, the measure would also bar any federal money for planned parenthood, but don't expect the legislation to become a law. president obama has promised he'll veto any bill that dismantles his healthcare law. the alabama supreme court chief justice is ordering judges not to issue same sex marriage licenses, despite the supreme court's ruling. chief justice roy moore siting conflicting rulings. he said it is unclear if he
6:25 am
should abide by the u.s. supreme court ruling in junior the decision by the alabama supreme court last march. that decision upheld the state's ban on same sex marriage. so groups opposing the move, threatening to take legal action, and the alabama supreme court is deliberating the issue. >> u.s. supreme court trumped alabama supreme court. 6:25. >> let's get to your business headlines this morning. >> wegmans recalling nearly 1,000 pounds of chicken. >> yes, they that yesterday morning. actually i think it was night before last. wegmans says the chicken hits store shelves without federal inspection, the united states department of agriculture says it could make you sick. if you purchased it, you can take it back or for full refunds, or throw it out. >> here is the list, including wegmans italian flavored chicken breast cut less with use by date of january 24, 2016. and you can also see the rest there. but if you want to check it out, the list in it entirety go to look under the seen on tv tab.
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>> i think that i would just toss t meanwhile chipotle restaurants is served a fell rad grand jury subpoena, part of criminal investigation into a norovirus outbreak last summer. the company has to turn over several documents, tied to restaurant, in seem i valley california. chipotle says there was quote unquote an isolated incident there in august. the companies sales have been rock by e-coli outbreak's ties to several chipotle restaurant last fall, especially washington state and oregon state. >> macy's starting out 2016 by landing out thousands of pink slips. the department store giant says it will layoff more than 4300 block employees nationwide, 3,000 of the jobs on the chopping block are sales associates, at macy's, and bloom inning dale stores. macy's blames the cut on poor holiday sales, what it calls disappointing 2015. the retailer also plans to shut down 36 stores this year, including the location at
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suburban square in ardmore. >> going shut it all the way down. my goodness. >> closing down. if you work at macy's and bloom inning dale, let us know on the twitter, if you heard pink splits for us in our area. time for sports. here's howard eskin. >> good morning, flyers got a gift yesterday. another team took a player that the flyers have been trying to trade for two years. it does allow the flyers it make trades, with room under the salary cap. now the flyers finally traded vin which his $4.5 million contract had two nor years after this sees own. how much he's told people that will he retire after this season, he was traded with schenn to the la kings where flyers gm ron hextall had work before the flyers. schenn he makes 3.6 million. the flyers do have to pay 50% of their salaries but it opens upsal are you cap space from trade. the flyers got 23 year old jordan wheel, and third round pick of the trade. the ball bail hall of fame 2016 class has local guy going
6:28 am
to keeper town. mike piazza finally in, 427 homeruns, had 3089 lifetime average, high for catcher. he played 12 all-star teams, was rocky of the year, drafted later than any hall of famer in the 62nd round. ken griffey also makes t bob, comes in for interview with the eagles for the head coaching jock. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> okay. it is official we stink when it comes to sports in philadelphia. >> yesterday going on my time line. i look, i saw time magazine, great stories, reporting. >> and there is fill nil your face. >> what was it about? well, how historically bad philly sports teams are. >> use that information from sports, stats, llc, the magazine found that philly teams put up a measley 37.5 winning percentage in the calendar year of 2015. going 120, and 206. the sixers main reason for that going just 17 of and 69
6:29 am
in that year. >> well, according to time magazine, that's the second worse calendar year ever in the sit's. >> what other poor city would be in first place until we took them over? >> oh, wait. us gennady yanayev. fill eye sport teams in 1972. that year the teams only 1110 games. and the eagles were a two and 11. >> oh,. >> then they tide a game, too. >> i won't even bring up the collapse of 1964 for the phillies. they didn't even include that. >> seven and nine, yes. good day everybody it is january the seventh, 2016. we'll try to be more positive here. and i think is positive. you wake up and you hear that nobody won the powerball. right? you go oh. no, wait until saturday. it will be record breaking
6:30 am
jackpot. >> i'm all for it. >> and a shocking arrest in dome wear county, man who work closely with children now under arrest for child abuse charges. officials are worried there could be more victims. >> so did you watch american idol last night? >> sure did. >> it was good. >> so the final season premiere, over, in the books. last night's contestants say audition for shot of make it to hollywood get get the goal ed ticket. in case you missed of course we have you covered. there were some moments i'm sure a lot of people will be talking about this morning. >> unbelievable, man and wife and child. >> oh, yes. >> no longer. they cannot be together any more after what happened last night. we will play the whole tape for you. >> maybe re-evaluate, hum, if i get married, certain things i am look for. >> but throw un. >> sue? >> i actually stayed up and watched that show. >> you saw that moment? >> i took a five hour nap during the day, that he is y and i that you momentment and it was cringe worthy for sure. because she did not take it
6:31 am
wellment. >> no. >> anyway, cold start today. but not as cold as it has been. with mittens and blanket code coat on bus stop but i. most temperatures ring from the teens to the 30's. it is eight out of ten. we will show you what we mean when we show you the temperature map. so it will be little milder today. starting off with 30 degrees, but feels like 25. thanks to those 5-mile her pour winds out of the north northwest. sunrise time is 7:23. in the teens in allentown, pottstown, reading. 12 degrees in mount pocono. then go down to philadelphia, it is 30. because it is cloudy, talking about the blanket of clouds that prevent it from get too long too cold overnight. radiational cooling to the north, 36 degrees right now in wildwood. little more comfortable. tiny bit of color on radar. but that's because we have clouds around. and for today, we expect a high of 42 degrees, your sun sit time is 4:52.
6:32 am
so talk about 39-degree temperature at lunchtime it seems positively balmy, compared to tuesday, when we only made it to freezing for high temperature, bob kelly. >> yes, definitely. couple of things are going on right now. 6:32, we kick off our thursday morning. vehicle fire, south on 95, right at the 202 interchange, right in the heart thereof wilmington, for anybody jumping off and maybe headed down to dupont hospital for children, then eastbound, on the schuylkill expressway, an accident at the belmont avenue onramp. see the censors picking up the delay here. so leaving say conshy or king of prussia inch down, expect delays there on the schuylkill. otherwise, kind of quiet. no problems coming out of west chester, downingtown looking good, no problems on the turnpike, but we got the water main break in norristown at powell and freedliment looking good on the benny. mass transit running with no delays. back to you. >> creepy story of the morning at 6:32, a radnor man arrested
6:33 am
for child abuse is due in court this morning. >> and the worse part is he has work closely with children for years, dave, involved with bow scout, he helped with adoptions. >> reporter: yes, that's right. and he was a basketball coach according to investigators, he's due in court around 83:40 for preliminary examination. and he is dealing with charges of allegedly sexually molest ago 13 year old family member, we are talking about charles robinson of paoli. accused of this crime. cops are not release the gender of the alleged victim to protect their ted i police tell us the abuse started in 2010, lasted four agonizing years. investigators say the abuse happened at the robinson's home on shamown road in radnor, do not currently live there. they've since moved since the allegations have surfaced. the victim finally went to chester county youth is her vests with in -- services which contacted radnor police about the incident.
6:34 am
robinson who was involved with adoption support services at nearby church with a was arrested new years eve which was his 60 birthday. police also reaching out to the public they fear that there could be more victims because, as you said, mr. robinson's connection to the bow scouts and also his work as a basketball coach and other use organizations, due in court at 8:30. back to you guys. >> all right, we will be there. >> lauren, what sells going on? >> big cosby next court appearance and sex assault charge now postponed, his next court appearance will be further down the line. it was originally scheduled for next thursday, but the court says cosby's defense lawyers asked for the poe postponement to get more time to prepare. at the hearing prosecutors will argue they have enough evidence to go ahead and go to trial. seventy-eight year old comedian charged with drug and sexually assaulting a woman. he has said under oath that he had concentual sexual contact with her, cosby is freon $1 million bail. >> meanwhile, bill cosby will not face criminal charges in
6:35 am
los angeles. they investigated sexual assault claims by two different women. one says cosby assault the her back in 1965, at a home in the whom i wood hills. the other woman claims he drugged her and then assaulted her. this was at the playboy mansion in 2008. well the d.a. says he's not going to move forward with the cases because of the statute of limitations. >> bizarre situation inside local kohl's two, employees treated after one of their co-workers sort of lost it in the brake room after hours. police say it all started when anthony wigloose asked for dollar inside the kohl's store in limerick around 3:30 wednesday morning. after getting a dollar, investigators say, he continue to ask, and then he got aggressive throwing a pot of coffee, and then a chair at a 64 year old female co-worker. another co-worker tripped to stop him. police say he pushed her into a table. he told officers he had take between narcotic pills before his fifth shift. coals shoppers are hoping this
6:36 am
is just a one time thing. >> very unpredictable situation. so hopeful lip they get that all taken care of and the person gets the help that they need. >> kohl's row least add statement they are cooperating with police as they continue their investigation. wigloose now facing long list of charges. mining? >> as well he should be. 6:36. ahead in just a few minute here. kids rolf -- lobbed because of their hoffer bore. what parent need to know right now. >> but first, steve keeley, are you buying me a ticket? >> here is something you will hear a thousand times before lunch. no one won the puny 524 million-dollar jackpot last night. so the next drawing, saturday, is going to be the all time lottery record, and it stands at just 675 million now, expect it to jump over 700 million. these are ridiculous numbers.
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what other things on this list "can't be right?" looks like a list full of "can't be right's." seriously? at giant, prices are down. savings are up. my giant.
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is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. no one was a winner last night. >> it will go here, the more tickets we buy, the hootier goes, this could be over 700 million steve keeley saturday night. >> reporter: mike, that will be a new record. yesterday, if you noticed in our news room, e-mail, we also blew away the old record for
6:40 am
emails amongst the staff. >> true. >> with everybody e-mailing each other about these powerball ticket. i love how the cuff loves it, we only come together for reasons every agreed, whether the ncaa tournament or the lottery. suddenly we're all friend, normally won't don't even say hello in the elevators. >> best analysis i've ever heard. you are absolutely right. we come together for agreed. agreed day philadelphia. >> and i'm sure, we're not the only company. but i just love the emails didn't stop up until the drawing. look, there is the number in neon that alex said, mike, i think you're right, i think that six will change to seven. already in a buying frenzy this morning. the next drawing isn't until saturday night. i'm wondering, if people are just going to stay home saturday to watch this thing live. but there is a machine in there. by the way, you notice, 7:11, that there is about 700 lotteries. look at all of the ticket they have. there is a guy that came in here, bob kelly is telling people every ten minute not to leave your car running.
6:41 am
that's all everybody's doing hereby the way, guy left his car running, ran in here, bought every casino of lottery ticket, and he does the scratch off ones on the counter in there. he couldn't even take to his car why it is out here running, that's how some people might say sick people are over the lottery, caught up in the hype. let the hype begin. here we, guy came in this morning, who spent whole lot of money before the drawing last night. and he intend to spend 100 bucks at least for this drawing now. we caught him after he spent 30 bucks. >> did you play yesterday? >> yes, sir. >> how many did you spend so far on this jackpot? >> twenty today. >> now are you going to keep buying up until saturday ace drawing? >> yes, sir. >> what's the plan? $20 a day. >> best chance. can't win if you don't play. >> now guaranteed winning and keeping this $100 but you want to win millions? >> make a good point, bub you can't win if you don't play. so you got to take a risk
6:42 am
sometimes to get a reward, you know. >> the, guys, the clerk working here right now says fridays are always the busiest and best selling powerball days, especially with the big saturday jack possible they have. because it is payday. and we have watched people in the past, i've done package or two, meaning, a full story, on people spending their whole paycheck on a powerball drawing, more money, more tickets, means more chances to win, and i know i am the debbie downer of the news when it comes to the lottery, people usually don't assign me with this, i remember three directors news directors, you're not doing any more lottery tickets because you are a mean i. so many stories where people lose their houses on lottery. they get caught up in the compulsive gambling addiction, we caught cause it is with all of the hype. i don't know why powerball spends a penny on this money you can win. >> we still want powerball here. >> we're very grateful for. that will who survived between you and the news director? steve keeley. like a cockroach. you can't get rid of him.
6:43 am
hey, gin. >> i'm going to toss to jen. >> because we want to talk to american idol. >> i can get to jen faster if you cope telling me to go to jen. >> just like american idol, steve keeley, so here. last night bigger and better than ever. we will talk about it many coming up after the break. somebody even more famous than steve keeley was on the show.
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> man trying to break into a police station, with a knife, they ended up shooting him to death. >> ironically year ago today the horrible paris attack on the sewer arial newspaper. yes, year ago today. >> all right, my friend over at the franklin institute, derrick pits, the astronomer, i need to have him explain this. yesterday we showed the shot of the new moon, crescent moon, and venus was down below. and now up to the right. explain it to me on twitter @mikefox29. thank you. >> i'm sure he'll prepare to him immediately. >> who doesn't hang on your every word? >> looking back to 20 years ago today. our friend jeffrey, as always on twitter with us, we love it, he is showing picture of his maxima, which was cleverly disguised as amount of snow after the 1996 blizzard.
6:47 am
>> we are remembering it was 20 years ago today. >> anyway, 30.7 inches of snow, our biggest snowstorm we've ever had to date. we beat all the other northeast cities, in snowfall that we are year. couple of weeks later we had massive warm up. and record flooding. so now we have just cloud cover over the area. that kept us from get too long cold overnight. high pressure still in control. dry for now, but as that high moves off shore, we will let in milder temperatures. ahead of the next frontal system it, means precipitation we get over the weekend should be only rain. 30 degrees in philadelphia, but only 12 in mount pocono. so talking about big differents in temperature, 34 degrees, wildwood right now, head today high of 42, 45 tomorrow. dry, dry. then, we get some showers friday night, into early saturday morning. and then maybe stray shower
6:48 am
during the day, but the rainier day of the weekend will be sunday we spec maybe inch, inch and a half, some places 2 inches every rain sunday, but the high will be 57. don't get used to it, bob kelly, another blast of cold air by machine day of next week. >> wow, that roller coaster, 6:48. good morning shall everybody on a thursday, getting up and getting out already, couple of problems. first of all eastbound on the schuylkill expressway. >> vehicle fire south on 95 down near route 202. sue talked about the "blizzard of 96". remember 20 years ago, when digging out path? from your front door to the street? look at this pick the fellow sent mement look at the path from the front door to the street. when we received 30 inches of snow, 20 years ago today, back in 1996.
6:49 am
ninety-five though looking good at the moment. and mass transit running with no delays. mike and alex back over to you. >> so american idol i have to admit was pretty good last night. >> it was. there was some interesting people, as always, in a we saw on the show. >> jen, highlights? >> and clay akin went on twitter twitter rant. he said all of the judges are boring, which is interesting, because clay eakin was here at temple university. all of the clips you sigh clay eakin talking to the crowd right there at the liacouras sentiment judges not really listening to him, they say this crop of hopefuls is the best yet. >> my name is kanye from the south side of chicago. >> blah do you do kanye? >> originally producer, nobody really believed in me. i hope that works out, man. >> ya. >> good luck with all of that. >> ya. >> so are you nervous? >> i am. i am not nervous because dow really believe in him. >> yes? did you give advice before? >> i didn't give any advice on singing, rapping, i just, you know, i hope they really believe in him.
6:50 am
>> go out of their way? >> what will you do for us snowed. >> i just wanted to do something original. it has one of the judge's names in it. >> let's see. >> ♪ >> okay. first of all, i think the judges were surprised. i don't think if he was a regular joe if his name was mike jerrick i would have gone the through. flat. >> has a rapper ever gotten flew. >> yep, couple of rappers, you remember the xfactor they had astro. yes, bunch of rap verse been on, usually more mel odd i can. >> hey, don't hate on kanye now. >> or was that kim?
6:51 am
>> nanana. >> hey, great stuff. quincy, remember when we used to call him q deezy, oh, he is coming back. the 7:00 hour we'll have some fun. show you some of the ones i like. >> you saw rappers get in. last night seems like a lot of yodelers. >> they haven't in the past. >> i have nothing against yodeling. taylor swift can actually yoddle. another look alike surface, she is not in her 20's. we're going to show you the grandma swift after the break. >> ♪ after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious.
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6:53 am
♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver
6:54 am
♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ >> lips journal first day of nursery school. >> yes, he takes the loyal school bus. >> walks down to the corner by himself, gets on the bus. >> i seriously doubt that. >> true. >> stories every taylor swift looking like fans, and vice verse, a but take a lock at this. >> so posted picture saying the singer looks just like his grandmother. >> that is his grandmother. and that is his grandfather
6:55 am
who casino every looks like hugh hefner. >> true. >> wow. >> see the taylor swift resemblance. >> do you want to do side by side? we have the capability. >> maybe should do close up next time. but you can tell. so, of course when your grandmother looks like taylor swift and your grandpop looks like hugh hefner's brother. >> that's to me closer. >> wow. >> that's pretty cool. from a 602nd round pick, guy from our area, to the baseball hall of fame. >> how local feels about finally getting the honor. >> sixty-second rounds. >> no winners, nope. but the powerball jackpot is now a record breaker. the newest number this morning, and everyone will be running to get some tickets, i'm sure of it. >> could it hit a billion? >> i don't know. >> no.
6:56 am
dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. because i'm not just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, i'm a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
6:58 am
>> we've all come into work today because we didn't win the powerball. in fact, no one did. >> this will be guy gant irk saturday night history in the making no lottery bigger.
6:59 am
>> now people have to worry about alarming number of threats, one of the robberies at gunpoint, caught on camera here in philadelphia. >> snatching them right off the board. and we know we're bad, but historically bad. looking at the philadelphia sports team, where he they rang among the all time worse cities for sports. >> this is getting attention of time magazine, feature article. >> remember the roller derby team. >> isn't there bowling. >> good day philadelphia
7:00 am
bowling. >> oh, that's huge. >> not kidding! >> wait until you hear what the coaches of our soccer team has been doing to the players. >> oh, that's a good tease. meantime, let's talk about the number of the day. little higher than yesterday. it went to up 58 out every ten today. bus stop buddy, still cold. but he's not quite as bundled up as he was the past two morning. he's got the blanket coat on. but at least you can see his smile. it is a cold start. but temperatures range from the teens to the north, 30's to the south, we're right at 31 degrees in philadelphia, with calm wind, no real windchill, and sunrise at 7:23, this morning. right now, temperatures, 18 in allentown, 13 mount pocono. but 34 in wildwood. big, big difference in temperatures. because of the cloud cover. so, high temperature later on today of 42 degrees. that beat yesterday by two. sunset time, 4:52. and bob kelly, we've got memories of 20 years ago today, and the blizzards of


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