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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  January 10, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EST

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♪ the dream is still alive but now it's even bigger. nobody won that $900 million powerball jackpot the prize sores to more than a billion dollars. >> and new details emerging about the capture avenue mexican drug lord. how a meeting with a hollywood big wig may have led to his arrest. 10 days into the new year, how is your resolution going? >> not welch you're not alone. four reasons why your resolution may fail this year. >> this is good. caught in the act a woman confronts the starbucks employee accused of stealing her credit card. >> i'll get even much that's what i'm going to do. >> she got her. a cell phone video. coming up why one law enforcement officials says he
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applauds the victim's tenacity but has problems with her method. >> put that umbrella away you'll need a grab the winter coat. i'll physical you exactly when that will happen with the complete weather authority forecast. >> from the fox 29 studios, this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. good morning, everyone, well bum to "good day philadelphia" weekend. very happy to be here except i thought i was going to win the powerball. >> i did. i was convinced i was going to win. i woke up upset when i found out nobody won. wait, what? >> i was already spending that money. >> good morning. good morning. >> a lot of us thought the same thing. maybe did win. if you did win a little bit of money the powerball let us know. use our hash tag fox 29 good day. we'll vote on that one later. >> the weather, dave -- >> weather is changing. >> it's not winter today. it won't be winter the next few days. we have to deal witness rain
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first. it is pretty warm out there. this is center city as we look life low clouds and the rain still there but it's beginning to work its way out. take a look at the array darren. it's pushing to the north now around allentown heavier there just pushed north of allentown moving up towards the poconos all rain temperatures very warm. breaking up just a bit here around philadelphia. a little farther south. we have more showers developing. we'll transition to that steady heavy rain to a few more showers now. look what happens here over the next few hours. this is the high resolution computer forecast updates many times a day. sees this little break here around philadelphia. another area of rain moves through right about 10, 11:00 o'clock. then we start to see this break here maybe a few showers with this sunshine pushing the temperature up into the 60s. the end of the rain here it is about four or 5:00 o'clock. this band moving through could contain few thunderstorms we will have colder air coming in behind that. so with all of that said, let's
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check in with sewer is he 84 with weekend wendy. >> now we're getting into the new year we're starting to really notice that the sun is setting later. the days are getting longer. so for weekend wendy and if you'll be out in the evenings, it's not too bad. daytime temperatures are in the 50's and it won't be quite as cold at night. sunset is getting to be around five of 5:00 in the evening. have a good time. >> 50s here tonight but that temperature will be dropping quickly overnight tonight. a cold start tomorrow morning but we are dry. 60s that could be a record temperatures today. maybe a thunderstorm. but then it clears up by 6:00 o'clock. a look at the colder temperatures in the seven day forecast that's coming up. >> thank you dave. time right now exactly 8:03. following developing story this morning. suspect accused of trying to kill officer jesse hartnett is now officially charged with that crime. his former lawyer is speaking out. >> edward archer being held without bail for attempted murder and other charges. his former attorney doug did you
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have man says he clearly remembers at aggressive personality of the self proclaimed jihadi who he once represented in a 2013 gun case. archer pledges allegiance to isis telling them he wounded the officer in the name of islam. >> very abrasive, very flamboyant, very arrogant. some are having in your face. he wanted it done that moment. >> he thinks archer was not radicalized when he knew him despite traveling to egypt moss prior. archer's brother says he may have acted out of what he characterized as the mistreatment of black men by police rather than a religious statement. the officer is still recovering. probably did it this morning. pulling out your tickets and checking them because it is amazing. nobody won the big one last night. >> i was upset. now the powerball jackpot is soaring. it will be more than a billion dollars. 1.3 they say. >> jackpot would have been $900 million lottery officials
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say 75% of the possible number combinations have been sold so they thought it might hit but that 25% chance that someone won win, well, it prevail. >> you know you didn't win the huge drawing. i can't even talk. here are the winning numbers from last night. remember, there's a chance you could have won something and that something could be significant. check those numbers. you could still ab winner. >> i think someone in pennsylvania won a million dollars. >> i'll take it. >> check in with jenny joyce in cherry hill. good morning, jenny. >> reporter: good morning karen and bill. i may have been the only person in our office pool last night. die not get around to getting a tick and i get another shot at this because there is another drawing now on wednesday night p we're here at 7eleven in cherry hill. this is where you can come and you can play as jackpot keeps growing and growing and because there was no winner last night the winnin winnings grow once ao at least $1.3 billion. the odds of winning aren't good.
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about one in 292 million that's how many number combinations there are and nothing to do witness amount of people playing the game. if you do win the neck drawing, you could take the 1.3 billion over 29 years or a lump sum payment of 806 million after taxes you'll walk away with about half of that. excitement comps continues to build this is the largest jackpot is u.s. history and it's only going to continue to get bigger as we draw closer to the drawing on wednesday night. karen and bill. >> jenny, karen and i were actually talking about this before we came on the air. you didn't participate in the office pool. can you imagine being that one person who didn't buy in if everybody else did? >> reporter: i know. i'm just a pessimist. i don't believe i'm ever going to win. (laughter). >> that's realistic. >> reporter: thank you.
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since i'm here i will be getting a ticket for wednesday. i might as well. $2. $2. >> one more shot for all of to us win. >> thank you, jenny. >> just checking trying to figure out where the pennsylvania winner, $1 million was sold. we'll look for that one. there was one, $1 million winn winner. did you win any money last night even if it was just $2? that is our instant reaction poll. you can vote two ways to do it. go to good day weekend section you can vote there. or if you are a person on twitter you can just use the hash tag fox 29 yes or fox 29 no. we'll have the results in just a few minutes. >> remember the only place you can see the live drawing is right here on fox 29 on wednesday evenings. visions of hollywood dreams may have helped mexican officials cap her el chapo. >> he wanted to be a star. actor sean penn look at that picture interviewed el chapo for
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rolling stone magazine during a secret meeting in the mexican jungle. they were snapping selfies, shaking hands this is the front cover of rolling stone. they were also drinking tequila swooping stories. officials say el chapo was shopping his life story while he was in hiding and that's why he wound up getting caught, because information picked up through hollywood sources helped lead the authorities to the drug lord who was recaptured on friday. >> joaquin guzman had the intention of making a biographical film so he reached out to actress and producers. >> this country u.s. asking mexico to taxi diet el chapo to face charges here. he's currently wanted in several states on drug trafficking charges. 8:08. u.s. officials say they are committed to defending south korea against the north and deployed a u.s. b2 bomber capable of delivering a nuclear missile. this is in retaliation to north korea' as announcement that it
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carried out its fourth nuclear test. the bomber left from guam guam and was armed with bombs capable of destroying north korea's underground facilities. >> i lost my credit card this week. how about your credit card is stolen? what a hassle. but not all of us get to confront the person who stole that credit card. you'll meet a woman who did just that. she recovered it and she recorded it on her cell phone. but upper darby police superintendent michael chitwood isn't totally okay with what she did. here's the chief. >> we got you on camera yesterday. >> a woman confronts starbucks employee copying her credit card and spending 200 bucks at a grocery store. >> so what are you sorry about that you took bleep from me and my kids? what are you sorry about? >> the customer drives up to the drive through window and confronts the employee. claiming she caught the worker on camera at the store using her card.
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the worker's response -- >> i'm sorry i took money from you and your kids. i'm sorry you have to come up here. i'm sorry this is inconvenient for you. >> then the worker offers to pay her back and begs her not to press charges. when you look at this video, you see the victim who in my opinion is very aggressive in confronting the individual who stole her credit card numbers and spent the money. >> you come to starbucks to get coffee not to get robbed. >> i applaud the tenacity victim, however, the victim should have allowed the police to handle that. the victim even though she was very aggressive put herself in harm's way. the police should have been the one that is handled the investigation. the police should have been the ones that confronted the thief. >> all right. new details are emerging about that so-called affluenza teen's mother. >> coming up what police say she did just before she and her son
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took off to mexico. >> good morning, sue. what's that? i can't hear you. it may be because i'm a mom. coming up why it's not just our imagination. our kids are really hurting our ears. >> we want to know what some of your favorite rainy day songs are. use our hash tag fox 29 good d day. >> i did a video this morning. >> the drug lord dreams of being an actor an singer.
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♪ (laughter). >> i can't. >> you handed over too many cards yesterday. it is raining outside. share your rainy day songs. we're getting really good ones. thank you very much. which one right here? kentucky rain by elvis presley. karen sent that one that's an unusual one. i like the ones we don't play every day. >> talk about rain the weather is changing again. aaa is reminding us to get your car ready now for the snow and extreme cold that could be coming. triple now has new car care center in the area. today it's in south philadelphia
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on columbus boulevard. it's the first aaa car care center in the city. meanwhile triple s says drivers need to start thinking about getting your battery check to prevent an emergency later on this winter. >> that's an important thing to think about doing now in terms of winterization this past week we saw our emergency roadside assistance calls go through the roof because batteries are dying in the extreme cold. >> this information i actually needed as well. aaa says besides your battery keep an eye on your tires which i do need to do and keep emergency roadside kit in your car, jumper cables, flashlight, blankets and of course a first aid kit. so i don't know if you have this experience this week. we get paid every two weeks maybe like tuesday i get the notices from the bank, overdra overdraft. overdraft. overdraft. >> pay the piper the bills are rolling in from the holidays but we got help bout about this. >> there's some things you can do to protect your financial
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health so you're not in that situation. our own jenn fred and dan rocatto break it all down for us. >> this is dan here with my friend jenn and have you ever had a hangover. >> today, this week, last month? >> not that kinds. this kinds. >> i'm talking about credit card hangover. >> what is that. >> average consumer has a credit card of $5,000 and paying 18% interest. >> that's crazy. >> a lot of money, right. >> i can't do as as principal for that. what do i do. a few tips how to cure your credit card hangover. >> yes. >> you get your credit card bill. you do a monthly payment. >> i do that every time. we don't want to you get caught in that trap. if you owe five grand the average 18% interest and you're paying the minimum guess how long it will take you to pay off that credit card. >> a lot. >> 22 years. takes it was years to pay them off. don't pay, pay $200 a month you'll pay that off in three
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years instead of 22. hey, jenn you still get offers for 0% interest. >> all the time. >> guess what? you transfer your existing card to one of those new cards with 0% instead of paying 18% pay $200. guess how long it will take to you pay it off? >> how long. >> two years. >> that's a win. score. do it. >> dan i hate to be pessimistic what if someone is jammed up with that are credit? >> go to government website where you'll see how to deal with credit card companies and lots of good tips. >> it's legit. >> legit. get you out of this mountain of debt. >> i like it. >> jenn, remember this? >> yeah. is that -- is that cash. >> it's called cash. >> people still use that. >> some people do. studies have shown consumers who use cash spend 12 to 18% less than consumers who use credit card. leave the credit card at home. take the cash. >> i'll take this cash. isn't with little bit of effort we can get you out of being in
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debt to the credit card companies. >> i have to have these. >> you don't. >> we're cashing out. ♪ >> people getting us into the whole zen us the rainy day son songs. we're take a look at allentown and clearly the camera shows it's raining. >> rainy day pictures. what's out in your backyard. what's happening at your house in your neck of the woods. >> maybe just light rain. little farther north though there's that steadier rain. this is not like it was just a short while ago. that steady heavy rain heard that about three or 4:00 o'clock in the morning woke you up. that's pushed north. we still have a few showers
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around and there's a little heavier band that will try to work through late this morning and then another one this afternoon. so not completely dry but certainly not the rain that we were talking about just a short while ago. here's this band coming through. little break up here from scranton through philadelphia. down through atlantic city. this is 10:00 o'clock. then we get this break a few showers will linger but look at the clouds clearing up. a little bit of sunshine will push our temperature up into the mid 60s that will set a record. record today 63. right about 60. we're close. a band of showers this is the end of it by four, 5:00 o'clock there could be a few thunderstorms in there. this will be this heavy rain. once this moves through, if you're looking outside you see that rain come through about 4:00 o'clock, after that rain moves out we're done. it just gets colder. that colder air coming in behind this. poor drainage areas flood advisory in effect. coastal flooding happening now along the coast atlantic city. down through cape may and about one, 2:00 o'clock tidal sections of the delaware could see some minor coastal flooding. 50s now.
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60 in philadelphia but a little warmer to the south as we climb up to 59 in atlantic city. 61 degrees in dover. temperatures today 63. showers an few storms. we have that rain this morning. transitioning to showers north and west. showers ending late down the shore. 59 degrees. then we get much colder and we're talking about wind chills into the teens i'll show when you coming up with the seven day forecast. now time for silly science. let's go to sue. ♪ this will come as no surprise. if you're a parent. if you can hear me that is. those silly scientists say your kids may be ruining your heari hearing. a researcher at the ear institute at university college london actually took the time and measured and it's not your match nation. your kids are hurting your ears. dr. mike explains. >> i'm sorry, i can't really hear you because i have two kids at home and my little daughter amy lee just screams into my head and i feel my bones
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rattling. kids can reach 110 decibels if they're screaming in a shrill high pitched voice when they're crying you can damage your hearing. >> sorry to hear that, dr. mike. silly scientists who put together this research may be on to something. ♪ >> all right. so a pet is stolen from store i sounds like a joke starting off. >> pet stolen from a store in oregon people are talking about the way that the thief tried to steal that pet. >> it's a dumb criminal catego category. a guy you knew it was a man goes in there you can see what we're showing you he takes a snake. where he put the snake. >> super crowded recently but they can clear out. so many people make those new year's resolutions and they can't keep up with it. coming up there are four things, four signs that will tell you
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you're not going to make your 2016 new year's resolution. >> also our producer likes the song it's raining tacos. if you're familiar with it. acute picture from kathy, grammy is really missing the sunshine. >> that's acute picture. this one coming in from -- they're giving us more suggestions. swv the rain. >> this one is great. riders on the storm by the doors. look that's our fox 29 facebook page. we're getting so close to 600,000 facebook fans. that's amazing. do us a favor. if you haven't already. head over to our fox 29 facebook page and just like us. get updates on all the different things. >> that's nice and all. something we're going to do to give them a pay off. >> tell them exactly we have
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something special planned for "good day philadelphia". get to us 600,000. it something crazy will happen and most likely involve mike jerrick. >> and likely worth your while. >> wipers. >> i didn't know the cameras had wipers. ♪
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thank you for suggesting november rain by guns and roses. we appreciate that. sending out a picture of how plant that sits on my desk. time to talk sports. how about the fly guys looking pretty good. up two-zero in the second period. they keep the momentum going. shutting out new york four-zero. >> from probably the best team in philadelphia to not so much. the sixers taking on raptors in the first half the sixers were all in it. but at the end of the fourth quarter the raptors created some distance and crewed 108-95 the sixers lose. hey, sean. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> i'm sean bell. eagles may have just lucked up with their search for a head coach. tom coughlin is reportedly meeting with the eagles tomorrow
8:27 am
for that position. coughlin resigned from the giants less than a week ago after spending 12 seasons in new york. he won two super bowls with the g men and made five playoff appearances. coughlin would gift eagles instant credibility as a franchise. this is great news aft the eagles found out they lost out on bears could have fence seive coordinator adam gaze. he's headed to miami to coach the dole dolphins. supposed to be a quarterback guru he chose ryan over sam brad for. to hockey, the flyers taking on the islanders. already up two to nothing. the flyers get the turnover right here and push ahead to madd matt read and read with the one timer. flyers within four to zero. third straight win. fifth straight at home. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. ♪
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ok, so the government crashed-tested the f-150. the one with the high-strength military-grade, aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make. it pulled a 5-star safety rating... on all sides... for every cab configuration. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested."
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this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history.
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♪ ♪ raindrops are falling on my head ♪ hat, umbrella go outside and down up and down the streets. >> a number of people suggested raindrops keep falling on my head. oldie goodie classic. thank you for that one. off shout out real quick. >> shout out to michael owens a friend of the show. regularly tweets us and inter acts with us he and his lovely
8:31 am
wife jenn are celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary. happy anniversary. >> congratulations. >> thanks for watching. 8:31. let's take look at the top stories today. police say that the mother of the so-called affluenza teen took $30,000 out of a bank account and told her ex-husband she was never going to see him again according to the warrant for tonya couch. she's being held in jail on $1 million bond. she's accused of of fleeing to mexico with her son after he missed a meeting with his probation officer. ethan her son remains in custody in mexico. president obama preparing to give his final state of the union address. the president will speak to a joint session of congress and obviously the nation on tuesday evening. the white house says the president will skip the tra dig alicealices of grand proposals d gives a birds i've view what he's done since 2009 want still needs to be done you can watch the state of the tuesday at nine right here on fox 29. >> music legend recently passed
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funeral services for grammy award winning singer natalie cole will be held tomorrow in los angeles. cole will be buried next to her parents in glendale. spokesperson for the family says chaka can is expected to sing. cole died sadly new year's eve at the age of only 65 of heart failure. >> alex? ♪ in your health this morning 10 days into the new year, and so many of us made new year's resolutions the big one going to the gym more. working out and losing some weight. but here's the thing. when it comes to new year's resolutions many ofs have big hopes we don't exact vol great track record. one survey found half of americans they make new year's resolution but only 8% actually achieve their goal. 8%. ouch. so the fox medical team's beth galvin joins with four signs you may be setting yourself up for failure. beth you say one big thing we're doing wrong we try to do the same thing every year because we
8:33 am
just can't keep it. >> reporter: exactly, alec f you're just pushing rewind and uri peteing the same new year's resolution that you had for 2015 that's really a sign that you may want to reconsider your new year's resolutions it's not too late. 10 days into the year. you can start today but what i would suggest is kind of reassessing, looking at one goal. one area of your life where you'd really like to improve and setting that as your goal. >> alex? >> after that i need to have plan, right? i need to figure out how i'm actually going to attain this goal? >> exactly. one thing i would suggest, alex, writing down your resolution. writing down that thing you want and then making a list. it's kind of a road map for you of here are the five steps that i'm going to take to achieve that goal. so maybe say you want to run a 5k in the springtime. so you're going to go out and buy shoes, maybe join the couch to 5k program. you're going to start walking and then even wantly three days a week. so you're going step by step and
8:34 am
you're setting yourself up for success and got this concrete plan that you want right in front of you because if you just free forming and hoping everything falls into place, you're probably not going to succeed, alex. >> i like that. i like that. what if you're somebody saying hey, you know what, i'm doing pretty good here. i don't have any issues. i don't feel like changing. is that a bad sign. are you not being honest with yourself? >> well, i think that's a sign that you're not really motivated i think motivation is key. especially when you're talking about doing something that's really hard. like losing weight or getting active if you're not active. i think you got to be all in on something like that. so i would really encourage people to kind of do that assessment and just set one go goal. i always get into trouble alex because i'm setting like five goals. i'm going read more. i'm going get in shape. i'm going eat better. i'm going to walk my dog. i'm going to be nicer to my husband. i basically don't get any of them done because i've got this laundry list i'm trying to do tea tame of get it down to one
8:35 am
thing and make sure that you really want it going into it. >> alex. >> if i do one goal how specific do i have to be with that goal? i mean probably -- i'll do better with taking the trash o out. i need to do better with taking the trash out on tuesdays and thursdays how specific should we get. >> the more specific you can be and the more focused you can be the more likely you are to stay on track. so alex, one thing i would really do is write those goals down just like you said instead of one big sort of goal, break down those steps that you're going to take and then focus on those small baby steps. so, yes, i would like to run a 5k race but i have to start running first -- i have to start walking first. >> true. >> you take those baby steps and sets you up for success when you meet that small goal i'm going to run three times this week, you feel like a total winner you've achieved something and build success upon success in these small baby steps. alex? >> wonderful. thank you so much. when it comes to 5k that's not
8:36 am
on my list. but i'm going to work on it. i'll think about it. (laughter). >> thank you so much, beth. >> thank you. happy new year. >> happy new year. we want to know how your resolutions are going. let us know on facebook or twitter using the hash tag fox 29 good day. karen and bill? >> thank you alec. resolutions. they're stay faux cuff. take a look in wilmington. fyi it's still raining. >> it's raining but you know what, it's not going to be of a wash out as initially we may have thought. it's warm and some of the showers are moving out. let's find out what dave thinks about how much rain we'll be getting overall. >> overall about as much as we had this morning. so that was certainly the wash between two and 4:00 o'clock in the morning that heavy rain came in. now we're seeing that transition to showers but we're not done with the rain yet. here's our scale today we're okay at noon. because we're seeing a little break this gets worse and worse here by 10:00 o'clock and 10:7 o'clock tomorrow morning this afternoon it's because of the rain tomorrow morning it is that cold whipped. right now temperatures are in
8:37 am
the 60s. rain coming down still so very very mild. as long as the rain is coming down temperatures will stay wa warm. they may climb a few degrees into the mid 60s by this afternoon. steady rain pushing north. still a few showers around. one or two around philadelphia. a few more widespread there up to the north and western subur suburbs. look at that area just in western pennsylvania. a little steadier there. that's lifting north but it will swing another band through here between about 10 and 12:00 o'clock. not everywhere but still some rain little heavier between now and noon. here's this break. by 1:00 o'clock we're getting a little sunshine. the rain comes through between four and 5:00 o'clock and then it gets cold. much colder weather is moving in. it's in the seven day forecast. that's coming your way in just a little bit. >> dave, thanks. sounds good. i'll take it. i'm not going complain about a little rain much it's january now. we've been talking all about powerball and if you happened to win you probably will live a little little bit different lifestyle with a billion dollars. what would you buy?
8:38 am
>> i would take a trip. a lot people would like big house, be big show off. wait until you see a piece of real estate going on the market and the price, it's the playboy mansion. here the thing. there is a catch about this one. ♪ >> you can buy the playboy mansion but there are strings attached. >> uh-huh. >> war the strings. >> we'll tell you about the strings right after the break. ♪
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♪ >> i so wish the video was on. take a look in old city. that's the second best shot we can have shown other than karen. >> yeah. >> little bit of rain. within the powerball that's the plan. >> yup. >> you might need a little property. >> yeah. >> you can get a little something. you could buy playboy mansion. i might put a little money in that investment. >> here's what tmz is roaring. it is now on the market but before you get that checkbook out, there are several strings attached. whoever buys it has to allow hugh move they are to live in the mansion until he dies? he's got pretty good lifestyle. so it may ab while. prospective buyers can tour the grounds but you're not allowed inside. the price tag on the 6-acre estate, get ready for it,
8:42 am
$200 million. >> pay $200 million and they're telling me which rooms i can go in. >> they don't want in you his bedroom. moving on. >> so there's guy who steals a snake from a pet store. but it's what he does to get it out of the store that everyone is talking about. >> talking about this story all morning. the store owner reviewed surveillance tape after she found out the python snake was missing. so what happens next? she sees the man put the snake down the front of his pants. >> you'll see him put it in his pants. yuk. just drop it right in the front. any time anything like this happens, it's very frustrating because we work very hard to run the business. >> isn't there borderline inappropriate mike jerrick comment waiting to happen right now? >> would you put a snake in your pants? >> absolutely -- i got nothing. owner says she's seen the man before and police are still looking for the 200-dollar black
8:43 am
python. alex. well, what are you having for breakfast? i'm having scones. would you like some. chef bennett you'll show us how to do this. >> absolute. >> let's do it. >> look at this picture. thank you for sending this one in. the dog getting shaved on this rain know day. >> a lot of hair. this one from mary. yes, won $12 got powerball, 13 on three tickets. but son did play the multiplier. >> could have one a couple more dollars. you won something. congratulations.
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♪ welcome back. take a live look at the international airport. it is damp and rainy out there. no problem. no delays. if you are lucky enough to be jetting off some place before the cold temperatures rush in, you are aok. all right, dave warren, let's break down this forecast on this day. >> they have just a few hours to get out of here before that cold air comes in. but it will be a few hours. temperatures climbed before that cold air moves in. we're in the 60s in philadelphia up to 63, 64 degrees. 63 is our record. we can see record high temperature today. little cooler up mount pocono still above freezing this is all rain. it was very heavy, very steady solid area of rain this morning. that's pushed north. still a few showers out there.
8:47 am
that will continue off and on here throughout the day. so we are not completely dry but we're not seeing the amount of rain that we had. there's some steadier rain to the west that's with the storm lifting north but swing some of this rain through by 10, 11:00 o'clock another band of rain comes through. pushes through today. seeing a little break with a few light showers by about noon. then a little sunshine could even warm the temperature up into the mid 60s. a lot more sun. talking about warm day today. here's a line that will move through this is the end of the rain. this contain few thunderstorms once the rain pushes through by 5:00 o'clock temperatures will start to drop and that wind picks up. so it does get colder behind this cold front and we are dropping down monday morning we could have wind chills into the teens and we get another cold blast in the seven day forecast. here are the numbers. 65 today. that could be record. only 35 tomorrow. big drop here. another blast of cold air comes by tuesday night. that could contain few snow flurries as it moves through. so a late snow shower possible. we have sunshine wednesday and
8:48 am
thursday. lows into the teens on thursday. a little warmer with a few more clouds on friday and saturday. here is alex with your food bite. ♪ drink something tea this morning, how about a scone with that? in today's fox food bite we'll be making homemade scones. i'm so excited about this because we all know that scones go quite lovely with a spot of tea. wouldn't you agree? >> most certainly of course. >> of course we have chef bennett here with classic cake. very good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> i love scones i never thought i'd be able to make them on my own. >> this is so simple. after we're done with this recipe you'll be amazed. it makes eight good sized scones for fraction of coast of one scone you buy in the bakeries. >> sign me up. let's get started. >> very simple. >> what do you have here. >> all purpose flour i'm adding baking powder baking sewed dan salt. baking soda reacts with acid of the yogurt we'll be adding.
8:49 am
>> what kind of yogurt are you adding. >> whatever you want much this is vanilla yogurt. you can add flavored yogurt or neutral unsweet tendon yogurts. >> greek yogurt work with this. >> absolutely. >> okay. >> so for the sake of time, this call cutting in the butter. this is also called biscuit method. this is a pastry blender is must in any kitchen. >> really pastry blender. >> you can inn corp. the butter using your food processor a pulsing motion until you get for the sake of time you get -- >> you work fast. >> see, nice and crumbly. >> it spreads the tenderness. >> okay. >> makes sense. >> add egg. >> unegg good quarter tee span of vanilla extract and the yogurt. >> there's the yogurt. >> vanilla yogurt. >> yup, that is. >> does it matter you can do any kind of variation. >> greek, fat free. >> you can. >> just so it's yogurt because
8:50 am
you need that acid to react with the baking soda. >> okay. >> it helps make them lighter. >> so you just work it and then work it back to where it's still crumbly or what are we going for here, more doughy. >> we're going for a dough it's coming up just about now. >> all right. >> look at that. >> on your ingredients ideally want them cold. if they're warm then the butter gets mushy and the -- um, the scones won't be as tender. >> um-hmm. >> so at this point, work eight little bit more. >> okay. what's that you're using. >> i like that. >> this is a bowl scraper like an extension of our hand. every pastry chef has these. scrapes your bowl nice and clean. >> um-hmm. >> so like this. >> flour on the pan -- is this wacked paper. >> yup. parch meant paper.
8:51 am
>> parch meant paper. >> like this. >> okay. >> little more on top. >> we don't want it to stick of course. >> i just don't want it to stick to my hands. >> okay. >> here. do you this. >> all righty. just some wedges. >> wedges. >> we were discussing this. we talk about this i've been to london and i've had high tea where they do tea and and scones. >> um-hmm. >> over there some people they do them like wedges and others do it kind of circular. >> that's a good point. if you take this dough and roll it out on to a flowered board, you can cut little rounds but then you'll have scraps left over one thing i like about this method i have no scraps tore roll furry role it they're going to be a little tougher the second go around. >> that's true. that's true. >> make sure i cut it. is there too small way to do. >> no. they're just fine. >> okay. >> just fine. >> you can make them bigger, smaller. now we spread out -- >> oh, no. >> put them back together there. >> um-hmm. >> you can always keep it whole.
8:52 am
bake it like a cake. >> okay. we'll have to wrap this up. what do we do next. >> sr. simply brush it with milling. >> okay. >> okay. >> little sugar. >> milk and sugar. >> put it in the oven. >> some people get fancy they add chocolate or raisins. when do we do that? >> right before you take it out of the bowl you need in -- i brought rum soaked raisin and chocolate chips. >> they'll turn out like this. >> you promise. >> i promise. isn't this is beautiful. how long do they go in the oven. to 15 minutes. the recipe should be on your website. >> yes, it will be. >> i've got homemade jam. vanilla scones, rum raisin scones much there good to be. >> this looks amazing. >> bill and karen i'm going share. if you'd like the recipe, it is on our website >> back to you guys. ok, so the government crashed-tested the f-150.
8:53 am
the one with the high-strength military-grade, aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make. it pulled a 5-star safety rating... on all sides... for every cab configuration. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested." this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history.
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8:55 am
♪ welcome back. we've been talking a lot about new year's resolutions. recently and some people have resolutions that apparently involve us. >> how war eskin, go ahead, knock the king. ♪ what's up how war. >> i heard what you said about the mayor last week. would you consider being his depth pee mayor? >> i'd rather be the eagles tackling dummy first. >> i guess we'll have to try that out and we'll see how good
8:56 am
merrill as attack link dummy and then he would want to be my deputy mayor when i become the mayor of the city of philadelphia. first thing i'd do move to california. second thing i'd do, burn your fur coat. >> all right. let me get this straight, kevin. you've got obviously a plan here, right? so your lawyer was incorrect if you're going to go to california first, you wouldn't be able to burn the fur because you'd be in california and i would would be here. so if you had a plan like i ha have, and not criticizing the teams like the current mayor did about them not being community involved, then you would understand. then you would have a plan. but obviously, kevin, that's why you need me and if you want to move to confidential calf go ahead. pay 11 to 12% state tax. knock yourself out but get the order right next time if you're going to try to criticize me
8:57 am
with your plan. think you have what it takes to knock the king? shoot your video. up load it to us and i'll talk to you next week. i need a fur by the way. >> do you not. no way. >> i need a fur. >> faux fur. most people did not win any money. there you go. results. polling results. >> i'm surprised by the number of that you did. that's interesting. most of us will lose but 33% of you walk away with a couple buck. maybe you had the powerball. >> i'm getting a fur. >> ♪ >> a little drama. one of the videos sent in by our viewer andrew thank you so much for that. you want to make video zen it in and have some fun. >> follow us because we tweet those videos out throughout the day and make sure you like our fox 29 facebook page. thank you everyone for spending your weekend with us.
8:58 am
>> have a great sunday. we appreciate i see you next -- see you tomorrow. ok, so the government crashed-tested the f-150. the one with the high-strength military-grade, aluminum-alloy body bolted to a high-strength steel frame. and guess what? it made the strongest statement any truck can make. it pulled a 5-star safety rating... on all sides... for every cab configuration. 'cuz when they say military-grade, they mean: "battle tested." this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history.
8:59 am
9:00 am
i'm chris wallace. with just 22 days until the voting starks in iowa, donald trump doubles down. questioning whether ted cruz is eligible to be president. >> honestly, do you have any doubts that ted cruz is a natural born sit sine in. >> i don't know. attacking bill and hillary clinton for scandals. >> a lot of people say this will backfire. hitting the new again control program. you want pretty soon we won't be able to get guns and the president responded that's all a conspiracy. one on one. on "fox news sunday." then two days before president obama's final state of the union. we'll ask w


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