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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  January 13, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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live from philadelphia fox 29 morning news. >>. teach coverage of what you can expect for the weather. cold weather-wise. >> it is. sue how cold? . >> yes, we got windchills out there that are in the single digits and looks like this cold will stay with us all day long. lots of numbers to show you, including how much snow filthiest. coming up. >> we'll try to adjust your best and tie. the camera up there. >> it's chilly wednesday morning january 12th, 2016. >> dress warmly. last night snowed a bone chilling wind. today you'll want to bundle up.
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>> we have team coverage with all the cold weather, bob kelly is here. >> we got dave kinchen in freeze. he's in montgomery county where there are icy road conditions causing troublely he'll follow that for us let's get to sue, sue serio, what's going on. >> we had our snow squalls come through last night. as we promised you yesterday, as soon as the snow was finished, the window and the cold would to take it's place and that's were the happened. so we just lifted a wind advisory at the national weather service. that doesn't mean it's not windy. 16 miles an hour sustained winds in the city. 14, 15 be 13 miles an hour winds just about area else. the gusts are higher. 22 miles an hour in philadelphia, look at mount pocono. a 40 miles an hour wind gust. that is tropical storm force up there. so it's really feeling a lot colder than it actually is. now, all that's left of snow are the lake effects streamers coming across this bitter air is
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moving across the great lakes. we don't really expect any of those streamers to head down our way, but we'll keep an eye on radar just in case. nothing to show you at the moment. here we are 24 until. but feels like 11. 7:21 your sunrise time. we'll see sunshine but we'll call it deceiving as we do in the winter. there's a below freeze windchill in mount pocono. single digit in allentown, reading, lancaster. trenton ten, eight degree windchill in wilmington. this is why we're warning you to layer it up today. temperatures stay pretty much in the 20's all day long. we may hit a high of 30. but it's going told like it's if the teens all day long. those are the two words, deceiving sunshine. we got awhile before sunrise and dave kinchen, that indiana jones hat you're going to have to hold on to that this morning. >> reporter: i almost felt it blown away just a minute ago here, and that's the name of the
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situation he, wicked wind in hor shampoo, where we are. county line road shut down between henry and meeting house right there. utility crews dealing with downed wires. what happened, we're told by one of crew members is that there was a, the wind knocked over a tree by the street over, and then the wires were actually pulled this way because of that situation, so you got wires that are yanked up here, not clear how many people are without power, but they're working hard to get this set up. there still is a bit of an icy situation. even though the road is closed. these crew members were actually slipping as they're trying to get to where they're going, they're got the lights on, hard hats and walking carefully simply because of the ice and cold weather. the wind is to blame according at the utility crew members working to try to get these wires restored. one of the poles bent because a
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tree came down by the side street over there. county line road between henry and meeting house closed at this time. probably for at least a few hours, guys. back to you, bob. >> good job, dave. good job, good morning, 4:04. it's going to be mixed depending where you begin and end your trip. out in the suburbs, up northern montgomery county there, you're probably going to have the driveway partially snow covered. this is hallow road right before you get at the schuylkill expressway. look out, because right here is a patch of black ice. the snow that came down, the squalls last night. if it didn't get blown off of the roadway and stuck into that frozen form. we could have slippery spots as you roll through the neighborhood this morning. once you get to the majors, you're in good shape. no problems at all here on the vine street expressway. that's o the schuylkill, the blue route but the on and off-ramps again, we had the snow
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squalls on the overnight. the snow covered driveway, sue mentioned on the grassy surfaces and maybe again if you did get snow last night. maybe that scraper or the broom to get the snow off the windshield before you get started. two septa busses that are on local detours, both the 96 and 55 at least at the moment. if you're heading to the airport, possibly delays down there with the winds and the weather, just check with the airline to play it safe. as you roll out of the driveway. a new project here in the neighborhood, walnut lane at park line drive with local detours, bridges good shape, no problems so far in south jersey. chris and lauren back over to you. check out this video particular penns landing last night. look at the view as the burst of snow hit just as sue promised it would. >> in our camden county look at what a view tonight from bethlehem. looks like blizzard conditions outside the shopping center. and live look now at trenton if you're headed out for work or
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school, stay connected. you can watch from your phone, i pad or computer. plus fox 29 facebook page. a fewer claims the lives of two kids in wilmington delaware yesterday afternoon on the 500 block of north monroe street. investigators say an ambulance passing by noticed a woman and 2-year-old in the doorway. the woman's three-year-old infant daughter died inside,er written mcman in his was walking by and said he tried to save just as firefighters arrived but smoke and flames were too heavy. >> i tried, i couldn't get the two kids in there. killing me. >> go into that much and heat and flames to try to get to a child is a difficult situation. >> the father of the couple's other four children were not home at the time. the mother is in critical but stable condition in the hospital. the cause that fire still new england prosecutors say a camden county man killed his three-year-old son to win the
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affects affectss of a girl. he's behind bars on $750,000 bail. dj creato made his first appearance. the 22-year-old murdered his son brendon last october dumping his body along the cooper river in haddon township. the toddler was either strangle or smother erred according to the investigation. the alleged motive to win over a 17-year-old he met online. >> he described his own state of mind that monday night as jealous and paranoid he was going to lose his girlfriend. >> circumstantial is the only word i can think to use. you heard me say in open court. it's a weak substantial case. >> creato has been charged with first-degree murder and other offenses. he remains if you do constant watch at a special unit at the camden county jail. coming set up a 4:08 i, john
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kerry negotiating safe return, the sailors reportedly on two small boats that had mechanical problems traveling between cue wait and per and she gulf where they were picked up by the rely allusion anywhere guard. since iran made a historic deal with the u.s. republicans are fighting back. >> we need a commander in chief that will keep this country safe. >> iran says the sailors are safe and well and expected to be released wednesday morning. call it fever power ball to be exact. >> the jackpot bigger than ever. >> steve keeley joins us from cherry hill nj with the latest. hi, city. >> reporter: we got guys here got their wallets out disappointed they can't by yet
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because terminal is not up and operating. you guys are power ball players; right? . >> no. >> reporter: not yet but they will be later on. we were here a week ago today. i don't know if you guys remember but this sign should 675 million on it. one of re one thankful million is more than double the jackpot it was just a week ago. and don't be surprised if it goes up again. by the way, i realize the first thing i'm go going to buy will be one of those real cool looking live shot dave kinchen indiana jones budge cassidy sun dance kid chronic dial hat. by the way, girlfriend brought over bottled water last night. is this maybe? a hint of what could happen? big wind purifyed water. >> you better keep her. >> while working out, pure if i did water. that's an omen.
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look how cold it is. it's so cold, where is our clerk here. of course, the moment i want to show the clerk, he's in the back. i see the power ball ads on tv but the clerk, it's so cold, he's got winter clothes on inside the store because he says the breeze going in and out with people coming in makes the store cold. here some buyers. i like being outside i'm tough, like davech even though i don't have the the the big brim hat. i don't feel that cold anyway. look how close we are to the live truck. we go in got the heat cranking 140 degrees in there. if i have time i'm going to going to 26 second of lottery players right now telling you their thoughts on this crazy jackpot. >> 1 billion dollar? that's what dreams are made of. >> you're still playing? >> absolutely. >> tell me why. >> you have to play to win. >> reporter: you're feeling good
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about things. >> i know chances are very slim. >> reporter: how many tickets did you buy. >> $20 worth. >> did you win anything. >> i didn't check yet. when i heard nobody won, i said let me get more. i'll see what happens. >> reporter: there's our clerk behind the counter who will be dealing with the long power ball lines with his ski hat on behind the counter. to gives you sense of how cold it is. i'll buy him one of those indiana jones hats if i win, i'm going to share the wealth if you guys know. >> it's defining for him. >> i like it. it was billed as a nontraditional state of union and lived up to it. what he said and by he, meaning the president was one of his biggest regrets of his presidency. >> the reason the country's biggest jail forced into lock down, here's a hint, nothing to do with the inmates.
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it is pretty much played out our storm like it was supposed to. just a sweater here. we got mount pocono ended up with an inch and a halfful that's pretty much what the computer models were talking about yesterday. gilbertville, almost an inch, temple and phoenixville close to an inch of snow on the ground this morning, only a trace was manageable at philadelphia international airport, so this will be, actually yesterday the latest we ever had a 38 special
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of snow as the first snowfall of the season in philadelphia. still waiting for something measurable. nothing going to happen today. we got the lake effects snow to the north, east of lacks erie and ontario. if you want big snowfall you're going to have to go to bangor maine where they're getting quite a bit and measurable snowfallful arctic air is now moving in because you see the jet stream has sunk to the south. here we are in the delaware valley, let's give you the numbers. 24 philadelphia, 19 in reading and pottstown 12 in mount pocono. 24 degrees in millville. 27 in wildwood. lot colder than it was and then you factor in these winds and you get an 11 degree windchill. that's what it feels like in philadelphia. dress for single digits if you're to the north of us, dress for below freeze windchills me mount pocono and we have an eight degree windchill in wilmington. i believe we've only had one morning where we've been colder
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than that. that was during the holidays when we had below freeze wind chills. other than that, this is pretty cold. it's 16 miles an hour sustained wind in philadelphia. but the wind gusts is 22 miles an hour. and it is bitter up in mount pocono with the 40 miles an hour wind gust up there. the fox cast for today has a high of 30 degrees. don't expect it to ever even feel like 30 with the wind, it will file like it's in the teens most of the day. tonight, the wind do diminish we're down in the 20's, it will just be a regular cold night instead of a windy cold night. bob kelly. hopefully with these winds be we don't have a lot of black ice. the winds blew it around but you do have to watch out. >> that's what we're hoping. 90 percent of the situations last night. mother nature blew the snow off the road surface and the sidesch here's a live look. an example if you're starting your trip or heading out through the burbs this morning, this is
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202 near horsham. it's going to take your tires to get a little slice of that ice. if you see a glare on the road surface, that means the road is wet and odds are with the temps at 24, there's the possibility of ice when you come to that first stein or traffic signal. the closer you get to the city, the less snow on it grass you're going to see. no problems at all here. on the ben franklin bridge. he said all matter of where you begin and end your trip. if you saw the snow squalls last night you're probably going to start out with your driveway partially snow covered. two septa bus routes having minor mores the 55 is not stopping at willow grove and 96 is not serving montgomery county community college. whether that means you don't have to go to school today or not is up to you. penndot yesterday. they told me they were going to wording eastbound; right? so i talk about it send out tweets, facebook it. they show up working westbound
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in the opposite direction. guess who got stuck in that traffic? i did. the eastbound was fe because i told everybody they would be working the but today they say they're coming back working route 1 and montgomery during the 9:00 to 3:00 period. otherwise good shape coming up over the bridges. right now develop to go story over north korea i can't north and south korea reporting south korea fired warning shots after northern krooern drone crossed the border. the u.s. along with south korea are pushing to impose sanctions for that alleged hydrogen bomb test. >> making his final state of the union address last night. president says with confidence, that the state of the union is strong, president obama talking about a promising economy in america. he says the u.s. still has the
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most durable and strongest economy in the worldful word of america's economy being on decline is political hot air. claims enemies are getting strongerer. >> so we'll learn the same lessons the terrorists before them. if you doubt america's commitment or mine that justice is done, ask so many ma bin laden. >> and the president called on all americans as they acted to be a good citizen in last night's audience. he was guest the of first lady michelle obama. the 12-year-old created an organization that feeds the hungry. will be on good day to talk about his experience being therely. nicky haley give republican response last night spoke of the challenges of tighting terrorism to challenges to fighting, she says the president is fall short when it comes to our economy. . >> mean americans are feeling
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the squeeze of an economy too weak to raise income levels. we're feeling a crushing national debt, a health care plan made insurance less affordable and doctors less available. and chaotic unrest in many of our cities. >> haley adding, among other things, if republicans control the white house taxes would be lower and the military would be stronger. during the president's speech he also talked about one of his biggest regrets which was he failed to bring the parties together. it was one of his campaign promises eight years ago. yes. and it was all about hope and change. he says he's fallen short. it's interesting. a bit of contransition. much different tone in the past state of the union speeches. 4:20. the nation's biggest single site jail placed on lockdown. >> didn't have enough staff so it was required to lock down tuesday. that meant no recreation for the jail's 8500 inmates. 18 percent of the day shift
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workers which is 142 correctional officers called out for reasons like being sick, family, the weather. whatever it was. they didn't show up at work. inmates could still go to court and have visitors. >> we still got nfl player devon still, evidently has beaten cancer. >> proud father spending the wonderful news on social media. we've been tracking lea's journey since it started about two years ago. devon posted lea's last treatment was monday. he shared this photo. she's very, very cute. the 5-year-old has been getting treatment at the children's hospital of philadelphia. her dad says he's extremely proud of his baby girl and encourages those's those who supported his family to encourage others. that helped those families to know there's no alone. seems the rams might be going to back to california? it's the move that has the spotting world talking this
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morning speaking of sports, we're still talking of people wanting job as eagles headcoach. who are we looking at now? let's look at it in sports. >> first let's win. if we can't win in the field with the eagles. we can win the mega millions. >> i want the power ball. we can win the mega millions. >> i want the power ball. ♪ to the couple wondering what a good deal looks like... we can win the mega millions. >> i want the power ball. ♪ no. seriously? we'll give it a 6 for composition. scary. wow, what about just putting a fair, no haggle price on the window? not zany enough? ♪ sometimes the best deals are pretty plain to see. ♪
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♪, , ♪ guess who? that's the name of the group. these eyes. well, you know what? you could have protection for your eyes, it will be windy out there today luckily there wasn't a lot of snow to below around. we have an 11 degree windchill at philadelphia international airport right now, and there take a look at the last 12 hour when we did see that snow move through, it's gone now. we don't expect anymore snow today. didn't leave much, believe me. may have not even realized it snowed unless you were caught in one of those squalls last night but we do have cold temperatures today, all the numbers are coming up. howard eskin with sports in a minute. this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> i'm howard eskinch the philadelphia eagles a team still without a headcoach. no interviews with any other candidates scheduled. the last interview took place on
4:26 am
monday with ex-giant headcoach tom coughlin who had an interview with the 49ers maybe one of reasons is the owners were with other owners meeting in houston. on a i have been told right now, no other interviews as i said are scheduled. the reason the owners met in houston, they want to relocate a teep to los angeles after much disagreement, nfl voted to have the st. louis rams move back next season, they had left la in 1995. the chargers have the option to also move but have to do so by 2017 and the pittsburgh stealers will be playing at denver this weekend with a quarterback that's hurting, ben roethlisberger injured last playoff game has an acl sprain in his shoulder and torn ligaments. hard to throw deep. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
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for many of us it was the first snowfall of the season, although it wasn't much. in fact, if you went to bed after sunset, never went outside you may not realize it happened. we're left with this morning, bitter, bitter cold. we'll have the numbers for you temperature and windchill coming up. chris. >> how about snowfall to wind fall? . >> the power ball 1.5 billion and climbing. tonight is the big drawing.
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are we in. >> got my ticket. three, i got. i spent $6. big spender. i asked yesterday on facebook on my facebook page. did people think. >> time out. what's your facebook page. >> lauren johnson fox 29. >> mine is chris murphy fox 29. >> i said have you become greedy or are we needy for this cash? we have bills and everything expensive. i got lots of good responses. >> the weather is -- it is so darn cold out there. let's go back to sue and talk about that right now. sue, what's the temperature right now. >> 24 degrees. but that's not the whole story. you know we have to factor in the wind. you can hear the wind when it started whipping up overnight. teens and 20's for our temperatures. this is important. the windchill. what it feels like outside. feels like 11 at the airport. feels like six below freeze at
4:31 am
mount pocono. and single digits to the north and south of us in the case of wilmington where it feels like eight. feels like 15 in wildwoodful cold morning. out of the west 16 miles an hour in philadelphia but the wind gusts are in the 20, 25 miles an hour range unless you're in mount pocono where we have a 40 miles an hour wind gust. that's just air that goes right through you. this is current look at the last hour loop of ultimate doppler radar. you can see nothing in our area, just the cold air bring lake effect snow. it's all about the wind and windchill today. 24 feel like 11 as we said and a high maybe not even reaching 30 but chills in the teens, that's why we use the term deceiving sunshine. as we're awhile from sunrise but dave kinchen is out there but
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wind revoking havoc. right? dave. >> reporter: it is and reek, we'll create a twitter account for dave kinchen's hat. county line road here in horsham. as you can see shut down right now because crews are working to repair some power lines here that were taken down, we're told, by the crews by the wind that came through. henry avenue county line road between henry avenue and meeting house shut down here. you might be able to see police lightsch the crews have been checked in. i checked in with montgomery county radio. they're going to be here for at least a few more hours. possibly five hours, because of the wind that basically snapped a tree about a block away, and that pulled wires down over there. and a domny effect, if you will caused these wires and a poll to actually bend as well and nearly
4:33 am
snap on county line road. you will have to find another way around county line road between henry avenue and meeting house shut down and it will be shut down at least five hours, according to what montgomery county radio officials are telling us. crews are going to be busy here. there are patches of ice because we saw crews walking around trying to survey and they're slipping. some of the cars we've been seeinging driving in and out up the street, haven't had any ice related issues but you have to be careful. 4:33. the situation dave just covered here, county line closed gibson to henry, traffic using more land avenue for the morning rush hour. here are at a situations with septa, the 55 bus is not stopping at the willow grove station, the 96 is in the serving montgomery county community college. we got 35 miles an hour speed restrictions on the walt
4:34 am
whitman, benny betsy ross commodore barry and you're going to feel the wind. here's an accident not far from where dave is located. this is county line road off of upper state road and look at the glare on the road surface from the cars headlights. that glare gives you confirming that the road is wet or iced over. of course, up here in the bushes, you can see when we got the snow squalls, the grass, seahawks and maybe left to right turning lane could be snow covered. up the middle is probably bordering on that black ice situation, so out in the burbs, chester, montgomery, bucks county, where you received those snow squalls last night. there's the possibility of ice, as you roll out of the driveway. otherwise, the majors looking good, i95 in problems out of the northeast. we do have construction in the neighborhood, frankford and margaret. if your going to be using philadelphia international airport no delays at the moment,
4:35 am
but when we have a weather situation like right now, there are possible delays, your best bet check with the airline. chris and lauren back over to you. >> here's the big question. how high will it go? the power ball jackpot continue to grow. >> that the because ticket sales continue. steve keeley joins us from cherry hill new jersey, good morning, steve. >> reporter: while the power ball people obviously never thought it was going to go this high, because the signs not only do they not have a four digit room, you'll see some of the bill boards going to two digits with a decimal point. but it's permanently saying million here instead of billion, they need to change an mto a b and they need to make four digits or allow for the decimal point. that's ridiculous this is more than doubled in one week. can you imagine if it did that again? imagine no winner tonight and saturday, and a three or four billion dollars jackpot which is
4:36 am
crazy. the sales don't start till 5, i was, 5:00 to midnight. we've had people come here trying to buy this morning and beinging turned away and they plan to come back and worried about bigger lines like we saw a week ago. last night the guy working behind the counter, the machine was still up before midnight, and a woman bought $200 worth. that was the highest amount he had sold in a week. a rot of people think you buy hor you have better chances to win. let's go to video. we'll show you how frenzy sied it's been for the past few days with the word being the jackpot hitting the billion dollar mark and can'ting to climb. people in 44 states are buying them. we're hearing word folks in louisiana and alabama where they don't have power they're driving to other states. 7-eleven has everything. they got fire wood here.
4:37 am
we may start a bon fire to keep warm. put on a little winter fashion show. you can get this at 7-eleven. by the way even though i haven't done won the power ball i've done shopping, i've gotten howard eskin a matching hat for his sideline coat that he inherited from his grandmother i think. what do you think of this one? >> i think it would look niceing steve keeley. >> reporter: what do you think of this one. >> this is better than the shower cap you're wearing. >> reporter: look, geeter with the heater. >> you look like bruno mars, uptown funk. >> do i look like a power ball winner? do i look like a billionaire? >> you look like koj ac k.
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>> reporter: we have -- are we putting up easy on the air right now? do we have a shot of him? to hat there. he always has -- you notice easy has matching glasses for every tie he's got? maybe we can get him a matching hat. here's another option for a fir hatch by the way, we have fake fir. i always hope his fir is fake. i doubt it. this is leopard spotted. what do you think? this is good too. >> that will attract. >> we got to move on. >> we got wind chills. all right. see you later. >> see you. >> by the way, power ball drawing is where? . >> tonight. >> on fox? >> 10:59. >> fox 29, 10:59. we had a full screen ready to go for you. there it is. watch the drawing live tonight on fox 29.
4:39 am
>> speaking of the lottery, how about this, a budist munk was robbed in south philly gas station? >> will someone finally win? could be you. watch the drawing live tonight on fox 29. >> again?
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winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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4:41. rita is set to roll out natural water ice flavors. >> no artificial coloring, flavors, right now the natural flavors include pineapple and strawberry. banana and orange will be added in march. >> they closed the rita's in northern liberties. >> talking about american idol on fox and it has a huge philly connection.
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are you i'm going to to show you some more snowfall totals, because this is a storm that played out pretty much the way we said it was going to, close to two inches of snow in monroe county phoenixville, chester county, close to an inch, half inch in harleyville, hat ton done heights, camden county new jersey. 10th of an inch. went get that much but we registered a trace at the airport. this date, yesterday's will be the latest we ever measured a trace of snow in any winter ever in philadelphia.
4:46 am
now, that that happened, cold air blasting crime scene the great lakes and with the westerly winds, we're seeing lake effects snow bands but none of that affecting us. for us, it should be dry. we'll have to deal with this, arctic air for the rest of the day now that the jet stream is back to our south, the brief flair intimidation with temps in the 40's. it is 24 philadelphia, 19 in pottstown and reading, 18 in lancaster. 22 in wilmington. with these temperature, what's significant is the windchill down to single digits, four is what it feels like in lancaster, six below in mount pocono. 11 is the windchill at the airport. feels like 12 degrees in millville as you walk out the door this morning. hold on to the hat because of the wind speeds sustained in the teens, gusts up to 22, 24, 26, or if you're in the higher elevations 40 miles an hour wind gusts. in our seven-day forecast, we have a high of 30 degrees today but it's going to feel like it's
4:47 am
in the teens for a good portion of the day. even with that sunshine. not as harsh tomorrow with the high of 44. we bounce up to 53 on friday. chance of showers on saturday. high of 47. for the rest of the holiday weekend get ready for it to get cold by martin luther king day, a high of 32 and still chilled as we get into the middle of next week. the roller coaster ride continues bob kelly. hold on. >> it's cold, i was this morning. depending where you're beginning, if you're beginning in chester, montgomery, bucks county, the areas that you saw the snow squalls last night, you probably got a nice little dusting on the aggravates, maybe a coating on the driveway's if the roads are wet, there's a chance that they could be icy. here's an example. this is upper state road off of county line. we got an accident here. you can see the glare on the road surface. we're wet, but right here, the turning lane coming out of the
4:48 am
development, the sidewalk snow covered. there's that possibility that that could send you spinning and again with the temperatures hovering at 21 degrees, we certainly could be dealing with black ice. you get close to the city or south jersey, if you didn't see the snow squalls, you probably don't have that situation. hamilton route 40 and 575 closer to the shore, want for an accident. all bridges have speed restrictions in play. at least 35 miles per hour. you're going to feel the wind when you're coming over the whitman, benny or betsy ross this morning, county line road closed between gibson and henry. a tree pulled down the wire, snapped the telephone pole. they're out there all morning long, traffic diverted on the moreland avenue. otherwise, we're looking good on mass transit and no problems at the airport. chris and lauren back over to
4:49 am
you. ready for idol? >> fever hits philly. that as judges come here on their multi-city search for the 15th and final idol. fox's michelle paul ino has story. >> reporter: philadelphia you what the first stop for the idol judges on their seven city search for the next american idol. >> it's like the first day of school. that's what it feels like. i guess in a sense of, wow, will we ever do this again? is this really the last season? >> the contestants know that stepping on the idol change could change their lives forever. >> kerry under wood, people winning grammys and having platinum records. >> you can become a super star.
4:50 am
you stand in line, wait few hours and you have the chance to make your dreams come true. >> gives me a way to share my story and my voice with everyone in america. >> reporter: for 16-year-old katie auditioning in front of the judges is part of her amazing story. >> i wasn't able to breathe most my life. i have a lung disease, and from two to about 12, i was in the hospital, and i couldn't barely talk. being able to sing now is just a blessing and something that i never take for granted at all. >> reporter: for jennifer, harry and keith it's about finding super star talent as they look for the medics american idol one last tom. >> it's not going to do this year to be kind of in the middle or good even. it has to be great. >> got to blow us away in the auditions. got to be high level. even if it's a small number, i'd rather see a smaller number with
4:51 am
extraordinary talent. >> ♪, ♪. >> in hollywood michelle paul fox news 8:00 right here on fox 29. >> that's an order. we'll be right back. but before we're right back, here's something for horror classic, a new series coming to fox inspired by frank ken stein. the new sci fi takes place in modern times, follows a dis grade of former sheriff killed during a robbery. brought back to life in the body of a younger man. thanks to a pair of tech savvy twins, the second chance gives him the opportunity to right some wrongs, something the cast members say they wouldn't do if given a second chance. >> i've enjoyed all my mistakes.
4:52 am
some them have been devastatingly bad. even the three worst things i can think of something happened to me in my life have formed the person i've become now. i would repeat those mistakes if i could. >> the show has super human action and centers around futureistic technologies that could spark interesting discussion. second chance premiers tonight on fox 29 at 9:00. it's 4:52 if you're just walking up and looking outside. you can't tell. it is cold. sue will have more coming up. >> here's the break i was talking about
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
♪ ♪ taking a look at reading where they got more snow than we did in philadelphia. not everybody got measurable snow but it was intense if you got caught in a snow squall. maybe a slippery road or two out there this morning and single digit windchills in many places. snow is gone but cold sheerful we'll have the numbers coming up now, chris and lauren. >> the power ball jackpot well over a billion dollars joining an office pool may give you the best shot at winning. experts say it could cause you real headaches down the road. >> i don't doubt that. there's stories of coworkers no longer being friends after entering into an office lottery pool. a lawyer has tips to make the process as pain-free as
4:56 am
possible. make sure you photocopy your tickets and just get one trustworthy person to buy them. >> who would we have buy them. >> we have jody in charge of that. >> can we get someone else? . >> stop. use e-mail as a contract saying how you will split and the rules neither to be where everyone can see them. i can see this. i bought if before when the steaks weren't as high. i'm not buying in. >> jody very trustworthy. what your favorite celebs would be if they won tonight 1.5 billion dollar jackpot. >> purchase an island for sure. islands aren't even cheap they're only like $100,000. >> i would for the do anything. i would literally just -- ♪ ♪
4:57 am
4:58 am
our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at
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all right. lots of things are frozen this morning. seems. welcome to the fox 29 morning must where it is cold out there. we'll talk about the snow that fell last night for some. we're looking at a loop of ultimate doppler radar where, yeah, there was fast periods of snow but just some places. we'll tell you why we can call it windy wednesday coming up. chris and lauren. >> also coming up the father charged with murdering his own three-year-old son was in court
5:00 am
yesterday. the outrageous possible motor vehicle behind the murder. >> the power ball drawing is just hours away. while lottery pools may give you the best shot at winning, could cause little chaos down the road. >> good everyone, it is power ball wednesday. huge drawing, thanks for waking up with us. >> it's january 13th, sort of an unlucky number. >> if it's friday, it's unlucky. i was number 13 in baseball. >> were you good. >> one or two seasons. >> we're still trying to get facebook likes up. >> if we get 600,000 facebook likes, mike jerrick is going to dump a gallon of head over his head. we can buy more milk. there's a 7-eleven. >> we'll get grief over that. >> you're right. >> we'll think of something. >> how about water?


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