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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  January 13, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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yesterday. the outrageous possible motor vehicle behind the murder. >> the power ball drawing is just hours away. while lottery pools may give you the best shot at winning, could cause little chaos down the road. >> good everyone, it is power ball wednesday. huge drawing, thanks for waking up with us. >> it's january 13th, sort of an unlucky number. >> if it's friday, it's unlucky. i was number 13 in baseball. >> were you good. >> one or two seasons. >> we're still trying to get facebook likes up. >> if we get 600,000 facebook likes, mike jerrick is going to dump a gallon of head over his head. we can buy more milk. there's a 7-eleven. >> we'll get grief over that. >> you're right. >> we'll think of something. >> how about water?
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is it okay to waste water anymore? >> no. >> water outside is going to freeze and fast. what is the windchill right now? >> the windchill is in single digits in many places this morning, we warned you about this yesterday. maybe the cold would be bigger headline than the snow. it did come through last might. there's a look 12 hours ago. you see moving through a few snow squalls, not everybody got one, there may be a dusting on your lawn or driveway. watch where you're going, there's nothing left falling right now. we're left with the aftermath which are temperatures in the teens and the 20's. the 23 in philadelphia. wind chills are in single digits. you see feels like eight degrees in philadelphia right now. nine in trenton. below freeze windchill in mount pocono. and only feels like it's 12 at atlantic city international as you get started. sustained wind of 20 miles an hour in the city and wind gusts of 26 miles an hour. 30 miles an hour wind gusts, so we did have a wind advisory
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overnight. that has been lifted because of the criteria. but still very windy out there. that's what you're dealing with this morning. you see our flag blowing around. 7:21 is your sunrise time. today we'll see sunshine but only a high of 30 with wind chills in the teens, because of these wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour throughout the afternoon. 22 as wind diminish tonight so it will feel like 22. that's still cold. we'll talk about what's going to happen as we head into the holiday weekend coming up in a few minutes. just a few slick spots out there this morning, bob kelly. >> you know what? it all is depending upon where you begin your trip. the areas that i was the snow squalls last night are dealing with the wet roads, icy roads. snow covered conditions and the accidents. here's a look at one of our penndot camera stretch of root 202 between the limekiln pike and brill bristol road closed an
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overturned trash truck. here's an example. the roads are wet right here, this is that snow covered roadway probably iced over. we're dealing with a black icing and this is in montgomery county. this is an area that saw the heavy snow squalls last night around that 7:00, 7:30, stretch of 202 above 309 closed at the moment with that accident that i just showed you. good morning to the shaders. totally different story in south jersey. what are you talking about snow squalls? went get anything. dry as a bone over here in maple shade along route 73. county line road closed between gibson and henry with down wires. moreland avenue is the alternate. if you're leaving from the burb, chester, bucks, montgomery county, a tricky icy treacherous commute out of the driveway this morning. the closer you get to the city, the schuylkill, 95, no problems there on the major roadways. chris and lauren back over to
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you. >> let's take a look at the ben franklin parkway which is still a construction mess. this is thanks at the united way building camera. the road are calm right now, that the a good thing. >> it's cold out there. >> it is cold. we continue our coverage this morning with dave kinchen who's live in montgomery county. >> there's down power lines where you are saturday? >> reporter: yes, it's exactly right. we're on county line road in horsham and i'll step out of the way to show you what's happening. cold, cold wind snap a tree we're told by these crew members here on county line road causing they will to come out and repair the power lines at county line road between henry and meeting house. what happened was they tell us that it was a black weight where the wind snapped a tree and brought down power lines and actually pulled these lines aa block away also. they're out here in the bitter cold. they're working, and you know, even though the road is shut down, it didn't shutdown the ice. there's ice out there. we saw crew members out here
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slipping as they're walking from one end of the street to the other trying to survey the damage and also you have to just wonder what the cold is doing on their bodies. also on the hydraulics and the cherry pickers trying to work on this whole thing and get these lines back in place, these telephone lines here. definitely black ice as you heard bob say there an issue out this way, so be very careful if you are traveling around montgomery county, but again, where we are county line road between henry and meeting house is shut down because crews are working here in the bitter, bitter cold. back to you, lauren. >> dave kinchen. thank you so much. >> we live in a time of extraordinary change. i don't want to. >> seven and and final state of the union address, president obama delivered a nontraditional speech making it clear america's future is bright. the president turned his attention from typical pressing legislative goals to a handful
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of big ideas for the nation's future. looking beyond his own presidency into america's crystal ball. >> our unique strength as a nation, our optimism and work ethic, our spirit of discovery, our diversity, our income to rule of law. these things give us everything we need to insure prosperity and security for generations to come. >> the president, who, himself, often found it hard to work with members of congress using a series of executive actions to get his way on issues ranging from gun control to immigration argued our entire political system need revamping. the president admitted he will leave the oval office with some unfinished business but also touted his white house successs to he did providing health care to more americans put.
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nicky heyly agreed with the president's economic outlook. >> as he enters his final year in office, many americans are still feeling the squeeze of an economy too weak to raise income levels. >> governor haley went on to say how americans are more worried about a terror attack than ever before. chris. >> also attendanted last night's address was alex douglas, one of the transporters ambushed last year. his colleague died. he appeared on fox news talking about the incident. he was invited to attend the state of the union address. new jersey governor chris christy says the garden state is strong and growing stranger every day. christy says he's proud of what the state accomplished in the past year. as far as job, christy says things look promising there as well. >> we achieved the best private sector job growth in new jersey
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in 15 years. after creating no jobs for eight years. we've created 224,000 new jobs in the last six years. >> the governor applauded those who helped reform and simplify the state's tax code. he also talked about efforts the state has taken to help those addicted to drugs. >> developing this morning, two children die inside a house fire in wilmington, delaware. this happened yesterday afternoon on the 500 block of north monroe street. investigators say an ambulance passing by noticed a woman and her 2-year-old in doorway, aaron was walking by and said he tried to do everything he could but the smoke and flames were too heavy. >> i tried to save the two kids in there. it was killing me. >> that much heat and flame to try to get to a child is a difficult situation. >> the father and couple's other four children were not home at the time.
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the mother is in critical but stable condition in the hospital. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. >> 5:09. a camden county man killed his own three-year-old son to win the affects affections of a girlful he's behind bars $750,000 bail. dj creato made his first court appearance, wearing sack else and a blue jump suit. authorities say the 22-year-old murdered his son last october dumping his body in cooper river in haddon townshipch the toldler was strangled or smother erred according to the investigation. alleged motive to win over a 17-year-old girl he met online. creato remains under constant watch at the camden county jail. your dreams can be even bigger as the power ball jackpot gross and grows. >> to one and a half billion dollars at this point.
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beyond history making. steve keeley joins us from cherry hill new jersey. the biggest jackpot ever was a little more than 500 million. now we're more than that. >> reporter: we'll be three times that probably by drawing time. the terminal is just open. by the way, i don't know if you're watching viewers out there, at 4:30, i modeled a bunch of hats they sell at 7-eleven of i don't fancy myself as a great you super model. one way to determine is if you model something and people clamer to buy it afterwards, he's wearing one of the hats if he figured if it can look good on an ugly guy it could look good on him. they had to put up a sign. remember last week we showed you how everybody was in line. there was little elbowing, now please be patient we will help you as fast as possible.
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we had people buying monique got her ticket. she has her own ticket. even though in a pool at work and i asked you if the pool people would be mad if that hits and you're not sharing had with them. >> i'll give them a little bit. it's not going to be slip evenly like it would in the pool. >> this is what lawsuits are made out of every time something like this happens, when there's a big win and somebody buys and outside ticket and doesn't put it in the pool ticket. >> it said true, i guess they could try it. it's just because i put it in the pool doesn't mean i can't put on my own. >> reporter: you'd rather have that ticket. >> any ticket that hits is more than i started with, i'll be happy either any. >> if you get like 1.5 billion dollars, you're going to give something to these people at work. >> yes, i would. >> reporter: not an even divide. >> in. >> reporter: enough to pay off a car payment. >> maybe enough to retire with.
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>> reporter: we'll let you get to work. by the way, she gets up at 3:30 but going to stay up at 11:00, she's i got to watch that drawing live on fox 29 at 11:00. she's not going to get much sleep. she's buying the ticket at 5:00 a.m. got to get up at 3:30 and she's going to be up at 11:00. it's so cold outside, i'm getting nervous. everybody walking in has stuff over their face and head like they're going to hold up the place. >> let's hope not. >> 5:12. this is first for a impress teaches school, one student now identifies as a boy. >> how the school is handling it's first transgender student.
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our first taste of wet weather, at least precipitation wise. we've had cold days before this winter. but it's been a winter of roller coaster changes. temperatures way up and down, today, bitter cold. in the seven-day, you'll see temperatures will rebound by the end of the week and cold for martin luther king holiday on monday. the first snowfall in toby hannah almost two inches of snow in monroe county where we want the snow to be, phoenixville almost got an inch. could be slippery this morning, harleysville montgomery county half inch, haddon heights 10th
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of an inch, we couldn't measure it in philadelphia but we're calling it a trace. for january 12th that will be the new date of the latest ever first trace of snowfall in any winter we've ever had. got that? see if you get this. this is look at the lake effect snow moving across lake ontario and lake erie. and we've got no precipitation to show you right now. lake superiorier is way out there. 23 in philadelphia right now-11 mount pocono. teens and 20's your actual temperatures but of course, we always say dress for the windchill and that means layers, layers, you can't forget your gloves or hat on a day like today, eight miles an hour the windchill in philadelphia. focusing here. we've got a 20 miles an hour sustained wind in philadelphia. that's how that biting that wind is and 26 miles an hour wind gust but in the higher elevations it's windyier in
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mount pocono. as we look at the roller code of ride. we piqued at that record high on sunday and yesterday we managed 46 but don't look for that today. 30 degrees for a high temperature windchills in the teens. we're back in the mid 40's tomorrow, so this is not a sustained cold spell. we're in the 50's by friday. then we see another plunge after the rain on saturday. temperatures will only be in the lower 30's for the martin luther king holiday on monument of at least for those service projects, bob kelly, it will be dry. >> that's good. it's not dry right now for the folks waking up and getting ready to step out in bucks, chester, montgomery county. the areas that saw the snow squalls heavy last night waking up to treacherous road conditions. here's a live look at a closure at route 202 between bristol road and limekiln pike, an overturned trash truck outside of our camera lens view.
5:18 am
but take a look. it's really figure out what happened here. make this right turn, you're making the turn coming off of maybe a wet or icy road through the snow covered roadway. what you want to watch out for is underneath this light dusting of snow could be ice that formed on the road stewpots, all a result of those snow squalls that calm in last night. 202 closed this morning just north of route 309. we're going to use business 202 as your alternate. here's another example. maybe another half mile from that spot. this is the stretch of upper state road. riding along, you got good road surface, all of a sudden you go to make that right turn and your tires and car is going to go out of control. underneath the dusting, there's the possibility of ice. maybe only five miles an hour away in exton, no trace of snow at all here right near the exton mall. it's going to be tricky this morning, depending upon where you begin and end your trip.
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county line road, a little further west of that other situation closed just off of route 309 because of downed wires, moreland avenue taking the detour there. bucks, chester, montgomery county is really where we're seeing the slippery icy conditions so far this morning. lauren back over to you. >> thanks so much. a first for a prestigious school for girls on the mainline, a high school at the agnes irwin school in rosemont recently came out as transgender and identifies as a boy. the private girls school is trying to address gender issues. students learned the news and reportedly received specific instructions on the student's new name and proper pronoun i don't want you. the head of the school notified parents in an e-mail. >> clearly they're researching now. they're meeting, getting advisors. the box is open. decision is going to have the to be made. >> the agnes irwin school for girls was founded by it's name
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sake in 1869, great granddaughter of benjamin franklin all u.s. navy sailors have now been freedch this was the announcement made by rhawn gentle vision traveling between activate in the persian gulf. the boat drifted off course where they were picked off by the revolutionary guard. again all been freed. things continue to heat up between north and south korea. south korea fired warning shots after a north korea drone over the border. at any returned shortly after the shots were fired. the nation's biggest single site jail placed on locked, the cooks county jail in chicago didn't have enough staff members show up for work on thursday. that meant no recreation.
5:21 am
18 percent of the day shift workers about 142 correctional officers called out for sickness, family issues and the weather. inmates could still go to court and of course have visitors volunteers and police are helping out in michigan. good samaritans are teaming up with police delivering water filters and bottled water to people who live there for months. they've been experiencing lady contamination from old plumbing, this following the city's decision to switch drinking water if detroit's system to save money. didn't quite work out. power ball drawing. it's just a few hours away. and while lottery pools may give you the best shot at winning, can cause a lot of problems with kdown the road. >> buy your own ticket. >> you buy your own. >> i got three. >> i'll get four schul. ♪ fact.
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♪ power ball jackpot is well over a billion dollars. . >> that's what she's saying. >> a lot of people are joining an office pool because it increases your odds of winning. >> it could cause trouble down the road. fox's linda williams has more on the dangers of power ball office pools. >> you're jumping in the lottery pool with your coworkers.
5:25 am
more than you think. >> all you have to do is ignoring horror stories with lottery and you'll see many cases where people were no longer friends after something like this happened or they were misconceptions about the office pool. >> monica lind says a short contract could help alleviate a lot of trouble down the road. somebody says i put money in and the administrator says i don't have any proof of that or the office administrator of the pool takes off. >> it has happened and when you're dealing with more than one billion dollars, that kind of money can bring out the worst in people. photocopy the tickets you buy. get a trustworthy administrator to buy the tickets and it doesn't have to be complicated. >> say this is what we're going to do. going to take it as a lump sum. everybody gets an equal share. here's who's involved. write down the names, e-mail it to everybody. maybe post it in the little kitchen area so everybody knows.
5:26 am
>> one last reality check from lynn stromvm. >> by the way, chances of winning are that small cymric don't crush our dreams. today is national make your dreams come true days. >> what was your dream growing up. >> to be a doctor. i always thought i want to be able to save people's lives. >> you can always play doctor ythen i took biology high freshman year at college. >> and failed. >> and got an f. >> it's tough. >> gave it up. >> this is the perfect career for you. watch the drawing live tonight at 10:59 after the 10:00 news only at fox 29. >> you mean with lucy and iain. >> yes and howard is there. shawn belfield is in, and kathy orr.
5:27 am
how does the guy say her name. >> kathy orr. american idol shines it's spotlight on philadelphia. get ready with jaylo, harry connick junior and keith irwin has to say. here's some other winning lottery winners, but not like the real lottery. >> mega millions. >> we want the power ball.
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wha...before the was discovered... and everything had fewer calories. truvia. life with less sugar is just as sweet.
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snow for some yesterday. cold for everybody today on this addition of the fox 29 morning news. we'll talk about windy wednesday, lauren. >> sue serio, it's power ball wednesday. do you have your tickets yet? the countdown to the biggest lottery in -- i think it's world history. i don't even think it's u.s. >> the biggest jackpot was in 2013 in florida like 500 something million, we're a billion already. >> the weather continues to change. it's like 70 then 60 then freezing then snowing, then cool then windy. you can't keep up with that. download the ap. >> you know who keeps up with it
5:31 am
all the time? . >> who. >> sue serio. it's so darn cold right now it's goinging to back up to 50. >> it's been this way all winter long. we'll call this the roller coaster winter when all is said and done. this morning, bus stop buddy is back in really bundled up mode at the point when you can't see his smile, you know, it's cold outside. we use this outfit sparingly, single digit wind chills out there for many of us this morning because of the clear skies, this is a loop of the last 12 hours. you see those snow squalls and in some cases rain showers moving through. we did get into mid 40's yesterday. we're left with clear skies and no more snow. but very cold temperatures. here are the numbers. teens and 20's for your actual temperatures. single digit windchills as we told you. feels like eight degrees in philadelphia right now. seven below is the windchill in mount pocono. feels like 14 in wildwood.
5:32 am
this is the reason why these winds sustained at 20 miles an hour. that's high enough wind. then we have higher wind gusts. if you're up in mount pocono. they've got 30 miles an hour wind gusts up there. 26 miles an hour wind gusts in philadelphia. you're getting the idea it's windy and cold. 23 feels like eight. 7:21 is your sunrise time. there will be deceiving sunshine today. 30 degrees the high. feeling like it's in the teens because of these windy conditions. then tonight, as winds diminish temperatures will plunge into the lower 20's in the city. it will be another cold night. we do have warmer temperatures in the seven-day forecast. and that's cominging up in just a few. bob, few locations a little slippery this morning. >> mainly the area north and west of the city. kind of centered around chalfont and that stretch of county line road. closed gibson to henry because of a down tree that pulled down the overhead power line. in this stretch north of 309 here, folks using moreland,
5:33 am
here's a picture of you were stayed road an example of what we're dealing with this morning through chalfont. the areas that got the snow squalls last night underneath this light dusting is ice ice. it's a cheat of ice. if it looks wet. let's go with the idea it's probably iced out there this morning, an overturned trash truck closing this stretch of root 202 in chalfont between brittle and the limekiln pill. roads are wet. the turning lane has a dusting of snow from the snow squalls last night. underneath is iced over and we got a trash truck flipped over. a business route 202 is going to be your best bet through chalfont's icy road conditions. seems to be this stretch here between 309 and doylestown is the hot spot right now where we have not only the snow covered and icy conditions but we have
5:34 am
the closures, because of those two accidents. outside of chalfont, we don't really have any problems, a little fender-bender in hamilton township. somebody is going to be saying what are they talk about snow? it's all forth and west of the city. but we're dealing with wind, 35 miles an hour speed restrictions across all of the area. bridges this morning and two septa notes, the 55 and the 96 are having adjustments because of the snow squalls from last night. chris and lauren back over to you. >> time is 5:34. bucks county courier times, neshaminy basketball coach jerry divine is expected to learn tomorrow if he will face charges of bumping a review ri at a game last week. he was suspended from that position and was just reinstated to his teaching job since being placed on administrative leave. >> a buddhist munk buying a lottery ticket like so many of us was robbed in a south philly
5:35 am
gas station. >> police need your help in finding this thief. they've released surveillance video hoping someone just might recognize the suspect. this happened at the sunoco on the 800 block of broad january 3rd. the 61-year-old munk was putting money into the lottery vending machine when the crook just pushed him and snatched his cash. he got away with 350 bucks. he also got away in his late silver, late model ford mustang. if you know anything about this call philadelphia police. robs among? steve keeley in cherry hill. >> no surprise people watching us. the ones that we're meeting and interviewing as soon as the power ball tickets went on sale at 5:00 a.m. had the biggest
5:36 am
power ball fever in all of the country because in the the 44 states that sell power tickets, people in our three state viewing area are among the top ticket buyers in the u.s. rhode island number one with an average three and a half tickets sold per person in the state's population. new hampshire second. these are among the small of the populated states. we have three through five. delaware third selling 3.08 tickets tore each person in the state, new jersey fourth, 2.9 tickets and pennsylvania fifth place, 2.78 tickets per person. that tells you how popular power ball is in the fox 29 viewing area. we really have the highest concentration when you think about it per capita of power ball players of any tv market in the nation watching this live drawing tonight on fox 29 at 10:59. you may hear a real loud collecti collective see tonight. when they find out they didn't
5:37 am
win. you may hear everybody booing or doing whatever they're going to do when they get the disappointment that their numbers weren't picked. you may hear one of your nightmares screaming loudly and that should give you a hint they won't be warming up the car the next morning to go to work. they will be on the phone to a lawyer or financial planner probably. . >> one that you can trust too. >> all that cash. will someone finally win? it could be you. the fastest way to find out is to watch the drawing live tonight on our airch watch the news at 10:00 and at 10:59 when they're signing off, it will be the drawing for the power ball. >> ticket me one hand, remote in the other. >> no, your phone in the other. then you can call your lawyer and the bank and your mom. got to call your mom. guess what? i won the lottery. or your boss, you're not coming into work tomorrow. >> themes still talking to people wanting the job now that
5:38 am
chip kelly is gone. who are we looking at now? next in sports. ♪
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eagles are a team still without a headcoach, football team still trying to make a decision, no interviews with other candidates can scheduled. last interview took place on monday with ex-giants headcoach tom coughlin who had an interview yesterday with the 49ers.
5:41 am
maybe one of the reasons is that the owner was with the other owners meeting in houston, i've been told right now no other interviews as i said. the reason the owners met was to relocation to get a team in la next season after much disagreement, the nfl owners volted to have the st. louis rams move back next season, they had left la in 1995. the chargers have the option to also move but have to do so by 2017. philadelphia will have another football coach after next season, andy tally will announce today that the 2016 year will be his last after 32 years. he brought back the program in 1985. he did win a national championship with nova. that is sports in a minute and i'm howard eskin. >> it's a new show following a man brought back to life in a younger person's body. co-stars talk about just that. what would you do differently if you can do it all over again? chris?
5:42 am
5:43 am
did he have did have
5:44 am
♪ julia lewis dreyfus turns
5:45 am
55. he said many people's favorite show, certainly mike jerrick's. >> she stars in a show called veep. >> she received her first emmy in 1996, 20 years ago. then went on to win additional emmy awards for new ventures of old christine. couple more birth days. how about mcdream mi. he is 50 today. and a loyal viewer teresa, it's her birthday. she didn't say how old. >> happy birthday. >> thanks for watching. >> this could be a good birthday gift, sue serio, if she played and wins the lottery. >> for somebody, it may be winning wednesday. for us, all of us, it's windy wednesday. take a look at the snowfall played out pretty much like we
5:46 am
said north and west of the city where we saw accumulations, just a trace in philadelphia, 10th of an inch in haddon heights. hallwayville half inch. phoenixville close to an inch. toby in monroe county close to two inches of snow. now a few lake effect streamers, nuggeting to our area, we don't expect it to but the jet stream as sunk far enough south that the arctic air is getting to our area. let's go through the numbers. first actual temperature, teens and 20's. 23 in philadelphia. feels like eight above. that's windchill in philadelphia. single digit windchill. mount pocono as seven below and feels like 11 in wildwood. winds pretty bad, 20 miles an hour in philadelphia with a 26 miles an hour wind gust. the windyist spot of course is in mountains.
5:47 am
that's where they had the below freeze wind chills which is dangerous if you stay outside too long. if these cold temperatures, anything liquid yesterday is ice this morning. bob kelly has details alt icyist spots you'll encounter as you drive around this morning. we did get to 46 before the cold blast yesterday. now we'll get to 30 today. and 43 tomorrow. friday, we're in the 50's. rain saturday and the cold front, it does chill things out for the rest of the holiday weekend. it's going to be cold but dry martin luther king on monday. bob kelly slick spots this morning. >> i would say chalfont, montgomery county is probably bulls eye right now for the most situations that we're watching. here's another accident and shut down shutdown this is county line road in chalfont. colmar actually closed because of an accident at walnut. watch the stretch. here's 309. here's route 202.
5:48 am
it's the entire stretch east of 202, we're having a problem. county line road closed with a down tree and wires between gibbs town and henry. here's upper stayed road. the light dusting of snow, below that it's iced over. folks are getting a false sense of security. pulling out of your driveway. just a little dusting, but underneath the light dusting is a sheet of ice. snow covered and icy road. whole stretch here. 202, 152, 309, bulls eye where we've seen the accidents. something going on on the vine street expressway, eastbound on the vine at broad street in the construction zone being told two left lanes are blocked. with some emergency construction. i came through there this morning. they had some of the cones and the barriers up. again, they're working above here on the ben franklin parkway. so all white lights coming off of the schuylkill on the vine if
5:49 am
you're getting ready to come into the city right now. you typically use the schuylkill to the vine, i would jessup jump off at spring garden or south or kelly drive. hamilton township, crash route 40 and 575. because of the wind all bridges have speed restrictions in place at the moment. lauren, back over to you. joe biden coming to philadelphia to launch his efforts to find a cure for cancer. he made the announcement. since it was one of the highlights in he plans to go to abramson cancer center. the vice president says he aims to coordinate efforts across government, researchers and physicians to make progress to fight the disease. chris? >> get ready, philadelphia, we're about to shine the spotlight on american idol. our cameras were there as local singers tried out for the
5:50 am
judges, jaylo, harry couldn't nick and keith irwin, many waiting hours to sing and maybe the last american idol. >> wouldn't that be great, a winner from philly. >> you can watch the philly auditions tonight at 8:00 to see who makes it through. we also had jennifer lopez on good day this morning. she's going to talk about food and everything else. >> courtney cox is taking on a new role at fox. the actress will be the star and executive producer in the untitled project which currently in development. tells the story of a woman who inhertz her late billionaire husband's charity and finds changing the world is far less glamorous than she imagined. >> another new coming to fox. mark shelly frankenstein take
5:51 am
place in entertained times,ly follows a 75-year-old former sheriff killed during a robbery and brought back to life in the body of a younger man thanks to a pair of tech savvy twins. it does give him the opportunity to right wrongs. something the cast members say they probably wouldn't do if given a second chance. >> i enjoyed all my mistakes. some of them have been devastatingly bad mistakes, but even the three worst thing i can think of happened to my in my life have formed the person i've become now. i would repeat those mistakes if i could. >> you think back and you think what if i done that differentlyly and. then when you look at the overall picture or if you think about jobs that you didn't get or, you know, career panthers that didn't go, maybe just sort of diverted this way, you sort of go, oh, well, it worked out anyway. didn't it. >> didn't it? >> she's a lot of confidence. you see that?
5:52 am
she had a cocktail in her hand. >> he's used that before. >> look for a woman who's -- means she's confident. >> give the confident look. >> second chances talk about yours. what would you do different? if you had a second chance? what would i do differently? there's not enough paper and pen ink. >> you hear mike? everything. >> thanks, mike. >> you want me to tell you what mine would be? so simple. so learn spanish. i took it 99 times in high school, college, this semestering that semester. i wish i could speak spanish fluently. >> i'll top that. what about mander in or can tan ese? >> power ball so huge canadians
5:53 am
crossing the border, stores along the border 60 percent of the customers in recent days have been from out of the country. that's not fair. >> it's worth the trip. i say the more the merier. it keeps uping the jackpot. some stores called employees to deal with the crowds. the odds of winning are ridiculously slim, but that's not stopping ticket holders from dreaming, 1.5 billion dollars and may possibly grow again this morning and through today into this evening when we have the big drawing tonight. >> good luck, everybody. >> i would do so many things, purchase an island for sure. islands aren't even that cheap. >> purchasing your ticket but you're going to hear what your favorite celebs say they would do different if they won tonightly billion dollar jackpot. ♪ ♪
5:54 am
when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i'm checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there. if the last 3 letters were p22, that's me.
5:55 am
services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern.
5:56 am
look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today! . welcome back, power ball fever even swept over empire. the stars have dreams of what they will do with all of that dough. >> i'd do so many things, definitely purchase an island for sure, islands aren't cheap, only $100,000. >> i would not do anything. i would literally just stay in bed all day, have nowhere to be. >> i posted a picture of me
5:57 am
winning the lottery and there's money all over me. i mean, i wouldn't quit my job. i think about it all the time. i wouldn't quit but i would buy and sell you. >> don't forget you can watch the power ball drawing live tonight at 10:59 p.m. on fox 29. we'll be right back. job
5:58 am
everyone needs a bff. even your smile. colgate optic white toothpaste goes beyond surface stains to whiten over 3 shades. in fact, it whitens more than the leading express whitening strip. it's your smile bff. whiten more just by brushing.
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it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either. ♪ you just gotta find that balance. ♪ where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. ♪ lease a 2016 lincoln mkz for $289 a month only at your lincoln dealer. from fox 29 studio, this is good day philadelphia. >> ridiculous.
6:00 am
it's cold, arctic cold, elsa cold, frigid air cold, ig glue cold, south pole cold. do you know why? because of the wind. look at the flag. there's your problem. >> breaking news out of iran an update on the ten u.s. navy sailors captured there. >> and here we go. it's today. is it going to happen tonight at about 11:00? are you going to become a billionaire? well, that's your top story in america right now. good day, everybody, it is january 13th. it's the 13th going to be lucky for you? >> i like that. >> thank you. >> i say it's going to be lucky. >> there's a little piece of me that wants it to go over again. >> wouldn't that be something? >> 2 billion dollar. >> i think they only get about 80 percent of the


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