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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  January 13, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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turn on. >> we don't need to turn this on. >> american idol tonight at 8:00. >> we'll be watching it's really cold out there and we have a problem with the water main break. >> skyfox is over this water main break. in conshohocken. >> all the water that comes out, and i'll put my microphone, they. >> they will be freezing. >> this is outside the river walk apartments. >> this looks like a hydrant. >> it looks, they're calling it a water main break. whether it's the pipe that feeds the fire hydrant or not. i guarantee all the water going into that building is going to freeze instantly like the picture we saw yesterday of that frozen car. >> in buffalo. >> what's getting sprayed. >> it's going to end up buying
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an ice house. >> get on twitter, facebook and let us know. >> temperatures are in the 20's. wind chills are in the single digits. so is our weather by the numbers five out of ten with bus stop buddy covered all. make sure you have as little skin as possible exposed. we got the single digits wind chills for you. there's the snow that came through last night. as you look at the end of this loop, there's no more precipitation for us to talk about today, you don't have the cold and wind. call it windy wednesday because we have 22 degrees but with 18 miles an hour wind, feels like seven. we're almost at our official nero virus time of 7:21. single digits to the north below freeze in the poconos mountains. feels like 11 in wildwood. high of 30. wind chills in the teens, winds gusting to 30 miles an hour. the wind diminish tonight but still cold with a low of 22. talk about more of a roller coaster ride in our temperatures in the seven-day forecast. coming up. bob kelly. >> 7:01.
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the scene of that water main break. at washington and cherry by the apartment building. let's go back to skyfox if we can again getting reports of an actual water main or a fire hydrant. >> you see the train tracks at the top of the train they think that's the septa norristown line. >> this happened a few moments ago. we'll be waiting to hear from septa shortly. i know septa has delays on the paoli line. again, that's looking live from skyfox here in couldn't shouldn't. some of the problems have been in chalfont, 202 county line road, portions of 309. handful of accidents because of the icy conditions, any of the areas that got snow squalls last night.
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you're waking up to dangerous treacherous road conditions. we talked to gene from penndot hour ago ago. the wind is blowing the light snow back across the road surface, underneath the snow is the ice. now, the paoli thorndale line running with 30 minutes delays, most likely as mike just mentioned the norristown line will see delays because of the water main break there in conshohocken and an update on the vine street expressway, a sewage grate collapsed in the left lane in the construction zone, so there's only two lanes open coming into philadelphia on that vine street expressway, and this backup rolls back on to the schuylkill. if you typically use the schuylkill coming downtown, jump off and use one of the drives or spring garden street before you get stuck in the jam, mike and alex back over to you. >> it only lasted five minutes but it was interesting to watch for five minutes. >> this is the scene in penns landing last night when a snow squall moved through. if you blinked you pretty much
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missed it. >> i was in rittenhouse square over at restaurant rouge and all of a sudden this happened. in five minutes, it was gone. but we have a little taste of snow. how about north hampton county. a viewer e-mailed us this video from bethlehem last night. looks like a blizzard conditions outside of that shopping center. again, didn't last too long. >> the totals aren't really impressive, people are still feeling the effects this morning, i think it's because they're not expecting it. that's where you get in trouble. >> it's so darn slick out there. a lot of what they call black ice. dave kinchen is on this story. >> reporter: we are still dealing with the situation right here. this is what happened actually right behind me when we were on air last time. traffic there. you might be able to make out the police lights there from warrington police. spin-out up there. we don't know if anyone was hurt.
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we're trying to find that out. that actually took place as we were live on the air. couldn't really hear it as we were talking with you guys and reporting that happened over there on limekiln past 202. there's another situation going on here, this police car is blocking u.s. 202 at limekiln pike because an overturned trash truck that's been at work for the last couple hours here. let's go to video of skyfox which was over the scene earlier. we can tell you that this trash truck had overturned and was too much for a flatbed that tried to rectify the situation. they brought in two heavy duty wreckers to try to alleviate that. you can see it's a pretty good operation there. we'll show you the skyfox video. we don't know if anyone was hurt in that situation, we know an ambulance did come back up u.s. 202 leaving the scene. we don't know if anyone was that the ambulance. police told us it's been icy, icy all morning.
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again, with that spin be out up there. another example of ice on limekiln pike. people be very, very careful. you got school buss on the road, trucks, people trying to get to work. everybody has to be careful out here, it's very slick and there is a lot of black ice. especially where we are up in the warrington area. guys back to you. >> right behind you we're watching somebody spin their tires there. can't get any traction. there's one car right here. >> reporter: it's all about traction. people think especially a lot of people don't check their tires around this time of year. they didn't they're going to. they say they're going to. some people, they won't even realize it. you got to be careful. even if you have great tires, ice can win if you're going too fast. we don't want anyone hurt. >> let's get over to lauren a tragic scene in wilmington were fire claims the lives of two children and leaves mother in critical condition, it
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happened after 4:00 at a home on the 500 block of north monroe street yesterday. investigators say an ambulance passing by noticed a woman and her 2-year-old in the doorway. the woman's three-year-old and three month old daughters died inside. a pan was walking by says he tried everything he could to save him but the smoke and flames were just too much. >> i tried. i couldn't get them two kids in there. it's kill he me. >> to go into that much heat and flames to try to get to a child is a difficult situation. >> the father and couple's other four children were not home at the time. the mother is in critical but stable condition in the hospital. cause of the fire is still under investigation. neshaminy boy's basketball coach is expected to learn today if he will face charges for knocking down a review ri at a game last week. bucks county courier times is reporting jerry divine will learn his fate today. he was suspended from the position and reinstated to his teaching job yesterday. since been placed on administrative leave. he has been the varsity coach
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there ten years. customs and border patrol agents at philadelphia international airport flexing their muscles received $36,000 in smart wrist pandas, the shipment from hong kong came in last month. agents worked with the patent holders and found out the bands were fake. to they were real, the 350 bands would have been worth about $35,000 in retail mike and alex. >> can i tell you my same joke? that's why i can't get into shape. my fit bit is fake. it's giving me the wrong reading. >> ha, ha, wonderful. are you going to be watching tonight? watching fox tonight? this power ball probably will be 1.6, maybe 1.7 billion dollars by the time 11:00 rolls around tonight here on fox. cherry hill new jersey is where we're taking you now where steve
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keeley is watching people gobble up tickets. >> reporter: almost every reporter but this one does these live shots what are they going to do first if they win? the surveys say surprising number one thing, by far, that everybody says in these surveys is, keep it a secret. but i tweeted this yesterday. by law, only six of the 44 states let you stay anonymous. new jersey and pennsylvania, they're putting your name out there if you win, you're not going to be able to keep it a secret. look what this guy in california did. he won 4 $50 million. his name is on the check. you're not going to see my face. so he held up the big check the whole time. he used the big stupid check and never showed his face. he knew what was coming. we talked to a guy out here and he said he had an idea what he's going to do to stay kind of at least away from the public if he wins tonight. >> had no winner since november
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4. you think tonight is the night? >> 50-50 on that one. it's really hard to say. i would love to see it. i'd like to see somebody hit this. >> reporter: this is more than doubled since last wednesday. if it does it again it will be 3 or 4 billion next week. >> something going to hit it eventually. like i said, i tried every other detail, i'm doing this random thing, maybe this will work. maybe i'll get lucky. what else can i tell you? like i said, i'm not the type of person to -- we're going to fix our house up and everything like that, take care of our kids and stuff like that. >> reporter: you would stay in the same house even though you became a billionaire? >> put a big fence around it. >> reporter: a big fence everybody will be coming to your house. if we win we have to show up for work. we have to act like we didn't win.
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that's one thing, since you and i worked the holidays, who's going to work tomorrow? do you remember good fellows when they knocked off, he said don't do anything, don't look like your wives -- then he had to start because they were spending lack ofishing. who's going to play the part of jimmy if we win and people can't keep it a secret on social media? are you going to be jimmy? >> bruce gordon. >> reporter: he looks like a hit man. i want to remind you the drawing is live on the tv station tonight. here's the plan. he said american idol then 10:00 news, drawing and we close in at 11:00. alex? >> 7:11. u.s. now confirming the ten sailors have been freed and are safe. the confirmation coming you don't have the within the last hour. they said the sailors were released on the same boats that
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brought them there. the pen gone says the mechanical issue caused the boats to drift. a problem with the navigation system on the boat. the ten sailors in iran have been released. 7:12 the future we want, all of us want. opportunity and security for our families. rising standard of living. a sustainable peaceful planet for our kids. all of that is within our reach. but it will only happen if we work together. >> president obama focusing on the future in his final state of the union address last night. although he did tout some of of his accomplishments while at office. the commander and chief set lot of ty goals for the country for his final 11 months or so in office. republicans are reacting to the
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state of the union address. doug is here to join us from washington, dc. what would be your highlight of that speech as far as the presidents is concerned? >> well, you know, i think the president more or less called out donald trump in that speech. he didn't do it by nail, but made references to people who think the economy some doing better or people who think that the united states isn't a strong nation anymore. nature, given the fact this is an election year, that's going to get notice. listen, some of his potential successers were sitting in the audience, bernie sanders. ted cruz on republican side sitting in front of him. >> what would you -- what does that say if he brings up donald trump in the state of the union address? does he think do the democrats think he has a real shot at the candidacy here? >> i think a lot of people are thinking maybe he got a good shot. think of how close we are to
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iowa right now. he's widening his lead in iowa by some polls, he's also facing a pretty stiff head wind on the part of ted cruz. new hampshire looking good. there's a lot of enthusiasm out there for him. were you just don't know how many of his voters will show up at the polls. if they do, he's in a pretty good path. >> governor of south carolina where one of the early elections primarys is, she had the response to the state of the union address and i think she mentioned trump too. listen to this. >> i think you're right. >> some people think you have to be the loudist voice in the room to make a difference. that's just not true. often the best thing we can do is turn down the volume. when the sound is quieter, you can actually hear what someone else is saying. that can make a world of difference. >> don't you think she's talking about trump right there? >> i think she was. this may have been something written in coordinate facing with the national parties which
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have concerns with donald trump being the nominee few school delays this morning. in fact, boilertown area school district up there are going to have delays. this is coming in to us. kutztown. they're area school district are going to have delays. open two hours late some of these schools. >> we'll keep you updated only throughout the morning. but sue it's because of what we're dealing with. >> we do have the ticker up. is it rolling? you'll see those closings and delays as we discuss here. >> after those snow squalls came through last night, we got the blast of cold air, icy spots out there this morning and bob kelly has been telling us all morning, i think they were waiting for daylight, and some of those far reaching areas away from the city. in the city, we only had a trace
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of snow it was a 10th of an in haddon heights and hars listville. snowfall totals are not impressive but as we often say, doesn't take much to make a mess. lake effects snow machine is up in buffalo and syracuse because of this arctic air and it's going to be with us all day today. not only the cold but the wind, 22 degrees in philadelphia. teens and 20's area else. these are the wind chills. seven in philadelphia. feels like six if allentown. eight below is the windchill in mount pocono. atlantic city has a windchill of eight degrees. 18 miles an hour winds, gusts are higher in a lot of places close to 30 miles an hour in wildwood and in mount pocono. yesterday, we did manage briefly to get into the mid 40's. official high was 46. now we're expecting 30 degrees for a high temperature today. winds making feel colder. look what happens thursday and friday, little bit of a warming trend, 43 tomorrow, more like
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average and then 51 on friday. don't get used to that. after some showers and 47 degrees on saturday. it is cold again for the rest of the holiday weekend sunday and monday. temperatures in the 30's. bob kelly. >> you got it. 7:17. good morning. still got delays because of the icy conditions. here's a live look up in the chalfont area, one of the areas hit really hard. we talked to gene earlier. they're out there with the salt trucks. the problem is the wind blowing the light snow from the fields back on to the road surface. underneath the snow is a sheet of ice. this is a live look at upper state and the limekiln pike. the water main break in conshohocken, washington and cherry. and although the water is spraying out over the rail road tracks. heather from septa said the norristown manayunk is not impacted that's good news for mass transit commuters.
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here's 202 by the limekiln pike as a result of that overturned trash truck. you can see to back end of the police car, a perfect example where the roads are wet. you go to make the left or right turn, underneath that snow is a sheet of ice, chalfont on it billboard this morning, 309, 152, 202, icy and snow covered. paoli thorndale first couple trains out of the gate, 30 minutes delays. bundle yourself up. the headlights in the vine street expressway coming into the city, a sewage great collapse. we are jammo. sean will be able to tell us that. >> we thank you sean for coming in. yesterday morning, los angeles california had had no football teams -- it's not the story i want to do yet. see these people here? let's talk about this. put that in your head and we'll
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get back to it. >> it's in my head. >> we'll get back to it. yesterday morning at this time, there were no professional football teams in los angeles. this morning, when we get up, they may have two. >> and at one point we were looking at three. >> three. i'm so old that i remember when they were the los angeles rams. they moved to st. louis, now st. louis, they're coming back to los angeles. >> that is correct. the owners had a meeting and voted on it and the st. louis rams are moving back out to los angeles. they got a beautiful new stadium that's in the works. it's in englewood california. the owner of the st. louis rams bought the land a number of years ago. the writing was on the wall. the interesting thing is the san diego chargers have been saying all along there's a team in la the us. >> i thought they do have a chance. >> they have an option. seems like the league wants san diego to stay in san diego
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because they just gave them $100 million if they stay in is an yeah combo to improve the stadium. that and the oakland raider because exactly that. offered them $100 million to stay in oakland. >> i'll take 100 million. if i win the lottery i'm buying the philadelphia eagles and there's going to be big changes. >> you need more money than that. >> let's go back to this thing right here. this is funny that the metro did. we've had 22 coaches in eagles history. is the 23 charm? is this the only six or five guys left. >> when chip kelly was removed, i came and i said i'm hearing a little something. i didn't know if it was we could bank on chip kelly. at his past weekend i was told not all candidates are being discussed at this point in time, so that leads me to believe that there are maybe a possible offensive coordinator that slipped through the ranks, maybe a coach out there like brian billic that maybe people aren't
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talking about. jeffery lurie is the only one that knows. tom coughlin was in here, he's not my candidate. here's something funny about dug pederson. andy reid want one in five, he switched it up, gave doug pederson the role of play caller and turned it around. >> they won help that a row. >> with dug peterson as the play caller. >> good to see you. be careful going home, watch out for the manhole cover. is it the end of the world as we know it? it could be for iphone users, changes for the next version, that would be the iphone 7. i'm waiting for the iphone 32.
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we just talked to heather at septa. she says this water main break, almost like a hydrant spewing water into the cold air. it's pretty close to the septa tracks. they won't plan to shut it down
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any time soon. it's a big mess, freezing. >> that gets heavy and those wires come down. we've seen that happen. >> that would be a problem. >> skyfox pro is up there. let's get up to new york city, what is this thing with iphone? >> i'm so excited about this's i have the iphone 5 and i've been waiting. i want to wait for the next one. >> did you like the additions. >> what do you think, lauren. >> you drop your phone in the toilet, alex. >> it's happened. >> or the sink or the pool. rumor has it that the iphone 7 launching in september will be waterproof. >> i love that. >> fine for people who have the drop sis. you know when you plug your head phone into the jack, rumors are saying they're going to get rid of the jack, make the phone thinner and make you go out and
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buy wireless head phones as a result. >> buy new head phones i don't like but i love the wireless idea. >> i hearing that night go away too. you have to change your devices to get the few people who don't have iphones to buy tell me and get the people who do have them to upgrade them. put if all this stuff is much different and seems to be that it is, maybe apple has another success on their hands. if you look at sales, 2/3rds of all the money they bring in comes from the iphone. they got to keep that going. >> i kind of like this. if they're going to bring out a new phone, i want you to see a new phone. change it completely. >> that's what they do with the numbers. 7s would be a small change. donald trump is going to be
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in your building, go up and say hi ok. >> i have many hats. >> when are the first coming out. >> september. we'll see you tomorrow to at the republican debate airs tomorrow night on fox business. that's where lauren works. it's going to start at 9:00. getting close to the primarys. let's get back to the scene, this water main break. i guess that's a water main. >> this is in conshohocken, of course. >> they say it's close to the river walk apartments. i don't know that i see them. look how close the septa tracks are. >> it's the manayunk norristown regional rail line. to the right side of the screen would be the big apartment complex that you can see from the schuylkill. >> take a break and come back.
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>> okay we'll continue to follow breaking news. this is water main break in conshohocken right now. sky fox trying to zoom in on the area again. bob kelly why is this? >> intersection of washing ton and cherry which is right at the corner of the river walk millennium nrarments and that folks would probably remember one of the buildings burned down a couple years ago you can see the big building from schuylkill expressway. washington street is that main
7:31 am
drag that runs rights through conshohocken and it's adjacent to the septa manayunk norristown regional rail line which according to septa is not impacted. we're looking at the hole where the water was coming up out of. it looks like they have a big old wrenches in there and turned it off. but the concern will be the water that is now frozen on the overhead power lines. and let's hope that does not collapse those lines and lead to other problems throughout the morning. we'll keep you updated. >> all right. thank you so much bob barnard kelly. a man charged with killing his 3-year-old son this morning. david djcreato is behind bars on $750,000 bail. the 22-year-old killed his son brendan last october dumping his body along the cooper river in haddon township. now according to authorities the toddler may have been strangled or smoothers they were not specific how he died and father d.j. is charged with
7:32 am
first degree murder but he says the evidence dwens his client is circumstantial. >> circumstantial is certainly the only word i can think to use and as you heard me say in on court it's a weak circumstantial case. >> it's a weak circumstantial case. we'll bring in our attorney fred this morning. weak circumstantial case what does that mean. >> that means he's defense lawyer good lawyer doing his job. look there's circumstantial evident and direct evidence. direct evidence is what people see and circumstantial is different things can be dna or fingerprints and story i used to tell juries there were four people standing in woods and saw annie yu mall go by one says it's a horse one dez deer one says elephant one kangaroo and medicinal marijuana that's circumstantial and the direct is tracks in the mudd. oftentimes it tells you what kind of animal often times circumstantial better than direct.
7:33 am
>> so it may not be weak then. >> no we don't know what it s that's his job. when you're defense lawyer your job is to get the jury to look everywhere else and question what they see. >> a lot of people wondered since this happened we didn't know how he died. shouldn't that be a important part of the case. >> we didn't know how he died we know this he's a 3-year-old boy safe at home in bed and shows newspaper a basically in a river. and from what i understand socks and shoes were not dirty he didn't really walk there. whenever a healthy 3-year-old child dies it should raise serious red flags and questions as to what's going on. >> well the red flags certainly up. learning more about drngs y. creato charged he was in a relationship and we know part of motive he had a girlfriend they were texting more than 9,000 texts she was away and said i don't like the fact you have a child. she put pressure on him ultimatum could she be related to this or charmed with anything for pressuring him. >> no she can't she's a young
7:34 am
teenage woman and secondly -- >> he's young only 22. >> old enough to be charged with killing somebody okay and the fact of the matter is if it turns out he murdered this 3-year-old boy, because it somehow infringed upon his sex life or dating life that is absolutely unspeakable and repugnant. >> prosecutors are calling it something more. let's see what he had to say about it. >> described his own state of mind that monday night as jealous and paranoid that he was going to lose his girlfriend. >> he was paranoid. >> right. >> well, look, fist of all, rule one in law school motive is not element of any crime. state doesn't have to show where it was this guy ultimately killed his little boy. all right? juries are looking for motive and they want to know why. and that may go to the fact he was paranoid or dilution all or whatever circumstance goes to why he did it and intent in
7:35 am
doing it and may go a long way to helping get the guy cop vicked. >> one thing i was wondering after we found out the boy died why did it take three -- we know the father was in the home and door locked own no force forcedenry why does it get to this point three months to charge the father. >> vehicles go when they go and when they'll get there. if he was ra rested the next day the defense lawyer would have screamed and yelled this say race to justice and glorified lynching. okay. and now this taken three months people are saying it took so long. sometimes these cases take an awful time. >> they were building case against him. >> you know and the same person that yells and screams it's a weak circumstantial place questions the pact it took a while to get the proper evidence to make sure justice is served we'll have to see. >> see what happens. >> everyone is innocent until proven guilty sgle true he's charged with first degree murder. >> and time will tell if he's gultty.
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>> 7:35 okay sue it's very, very cold out there. >> oh, look bus stop bud yeah degrees. we're getting the point it's sunny outside. if you have not been aware of anything you'll think it's okay out there. single digit wind chills and weather by the numbers with a five out of ten today. you see the snow that came through last night didn't hit everywhere but where it did it's a little slippery this morning. 22 degrees. feels like 7 outside. and we do have wind chills in the single digits just about everywhere this morning. be prepared for that with layers today. high of 30. with wind chills in the teens and low of 22 overnight tonigh tonight. and that is your fox cast we have roller coaster ride temperatures in the 7 day coming up. >> it's been a rough morning so far. 7:36, good morning everybody, here's a live look at 202 one of the closures still in effect here in chalfont all because of overturned trash truck off the
7:37 am
limekiln pike. they've been outputting salt down and problem areas snow blowing back on to the road surface and collapsed sewer -- sewage drain on the vine expressway eastbound causing a major backup coming into september are city and that water main break looks like they cap today there in conshohocken at washington and cherry. it's time to wake folks up quinncy, good morning. >> we're in bensalem, karen pituchi whole family want to wake her up i don't think they like her i'm m coming up next karen you don't want to miss i like her i'm m coming up next karen you don't want to miss i it. pass
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>> no, no. >> no. >> we have to see your face. >> just a little pop . >> say hello to the world. >> she's speechless. >> we're laying on karen's bed, if you know her, call her right now. if you want us to wake you up, all you have to does tweet us, fox 29 philly, just go ahead. we're very serious. >> yes. >> sitting on your bed. >> sitting in my bed with me right now. >> don't tell my wife.
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>> okay. >> i love it. the the other thing that is happening today big night on american idol because it is philly audition. what to keith urban and j lo think of philadelphia. we will hear from them right have after the break.
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>> smoking in violation of the city's no smoking law. why is there no enforcement. >> smoking in violation of the city's no smoking law.
7:46 am
♪ 7:45. blue mountain is finally looking white. they've been waiting a long time for this they have 2" of real snow last night and they've been able to make snow on top of that because it is so, so cold this morning. so one group of folks happy about the weather today. black isa round this morning, though, bob kelly has been telling you all morning about the problem there. bitter cold the entire day. cold temperatures and wind. temperatures rebound by the week's end and then it's cold again for the martin luther king holiday. it's a roller coaster ride with temperatures all week long. right now, 22 in philadelphia. teens to the north of us. 20s to the south of us. the important numbers are the wind chills. single digits except in the mountains where it feels below zero. twelve is what it feels like in wildwood and that's due to sustained 18 mile an hour winds. 30 degrees remember the wind chill will be a lot colder today even with all the sunshine. and because wind will hang auto round most of the day and the winds diminish tonight and
7:47 am
reasonable tonl with 40s, 50s friday and then saturday there comes a cold front. it chills down again by the holiday which is monday and that's going to be a high of only bob kelly, 32 degrees. it's freezing temperatures. it's a heat wave. >> a little wet on the road. what a mess this morning. >> warming up to 32. good morning, everybody, 7:47 another incident county line road. this is about the sixth one this morning and that whole strep of country line, 202, 152 up in the area of chalfont just iced over. we talked to jean this morning he said salt trucks were out there and the wind blowing snow back on to the roads, look at this guy, squeezed between sound barrier and telephone pole there along county line road. update on the vine expressway, a sewage grate collapsed on that construction zone. coming into philadelphia, on the vine here, off of the schuylkill, only two right lanes available here near broad street.
7:48 am
we are bumper to bumper to bumper city line on in a 40 minute drive. use kelly drive, martin luther king. forget the schuylkill now if you come from burbs use one of the drives. penndot says in next hour they'll have that fixed up and 20 minute trip southbound on 95 woodhaven to downtown. mike, alex, back to you. >> thank you so much, bob. well, you hear that music♪ you know it's time. judges, jay-lo, keith, harry, they were all here this summer checking out the fully talent. this is big for philly night. >> in other words what they shot will be shown tonight on "american idol" starting 8:00 on "fox". i want to thank jay-lo one more time zooming out this is official "american idol" microphone i'll run this down to the studios here at fox. >> go fast we don't have all day now. >> okay. i'm waiting to see it we're still waiting. he's coming, he's cominging. >> that's beautiful thank you.
7:49 am
well, of course it's protestty. because it's final season of idol and philly was first stop for judges. >> it's the 15th season in so many ways we have idol happening this season. someone wants to win this thing. a lot of people want to win it. it will be a riveting compe compelling juney for people. >> because you've done it before do you know at this stage who will go far and make it to may? >> most of the time. not always. >> i could never -- >> last year we thought people would be going a long way and crash and burn and somebody like nick ended up winning. we thought he was strong. he kept rising up and unevery week. we got stronger and stronger. you never know what can happen. >> right here looking back is august in philadelphia. these interviews happened on day two of philly stop and jennifer lopez was candid.
7:50 am
she said day one was pretty intense. >> i just feel like we raised the bar this year and they'll have to step up their game this year. we kept six people yesterday that's the lowest we've done in any city in the five years i've been doing this. but, yeah, it's our farewell tour of the united states and we're only looking for best people this year. >> keep kicking butt. >> thank you. >> a lot of hub bub you can tell that was the first stop when idol judges were here. this is when they go back and check everyone out. literally this was first time they were together since all summer and since may. so, question is, do you want to see hopefuls? quinncy and i will show you some of them in the 8:00 hour before you see them tonight a fox 29 and jay-lo again in the 8:00 hour and yeah low in 9:00
7:51 am
hour and if we had the 10:00 hour we would see her again because the people want to see her. >> jay-lo confirmed she will do interview with you today on our show. >> yes. >> she'll be in hollywood. >> jenny and i are friends. i don't know why you're surprised. >> jeepy and from the block. >> we're pauls. i support her, she supports me. i love it. >> where is my microphone. >> right there. >> how is everybody so close with jay-lo she gave you microphone as gift and jen hangs out and i'm left out. >> i have major michael j. jordan stuff for you behind the scenes. >> how high will it go? i believe this powerball will get to $1.8 by 11:00 tonight. >> i'm starting to think no one will whip and we'll have another week this. >> or $2 billion. >> i love it. >> look at the thing. >> it says officially $1.5 but people are buying tickets now.
7:52 am
it will be something tonight. i mean something tonight. this is biggest story across the nation tonight at 11. we'll have a drawing live here. did you see lia still our little friend. >> she's doing so well. >> out of the hospital. >> we have great news about her this morning and her battlele with cancer. this morning and her battlele with cancer. >> lottery numbers. pa pa
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> ironically, guys, study national make your dreams come
7:56 am
true day. this being on the big powerball day. some dreams will come true probably 11:00 tonight. >> we want you guys to confess what was your dream profession when i were a kid. >> if not radio? >> it was always been the sam same. rock star baby. >> oohh. >> absolutely. >> i made a go for it made a run at it and clearly that did not work out. >> who did you want to be? >> well. >> phoebe snow. >> yeah. >> i wanted to be neal the drummer of rush. absolutely i wanted to be him. i was always a drummer. i played drums and i have for years and years before that it was peter chris from kiss but you know i always wanted to do that. >> i have two things desperately wanted to be pharmaceutical test subject and a cat rangler. >> cat rangler. >> yeah those were the two. but radio called ape answered
7:57 am
the call. >> do you like pets where are you wrangling pets. >> because i like to test out pharmaceuticals on them as wel well. no, but honestly i wanted to do something in entertainment at some level. >> me, too. >> a picked a lower level. >> right. >> and then but instead you're doing this. >> anyway, what was your dream. >> same thing entertainment i wanted to be news anchor and wanted to be fbi agent. >> whoa. >> i could see that. >> in all the years i never heard you mention that. >> okay. casey boy? >> i always wanted to be a standup comedian or actor yeah. >> well you're getting close to that. did you ever dry. >> i never tried it. i have like -- >> i flirted with it. >> i flirted with it and seen really good standup comedians and i'm like i can't do that. >> it seems really tough. now everybody is looking at yo you. >> why don't you make that a segment on your show.
7:58 am
casey has to go to helium and do a standup routine. >> we discussed that. he has to do it when the time is right. >> i got nervous when you said that. >> you need material. >> i have -- >> still work there. >> what was your dream? >> you know honestly front office for phillies or flyers something like that i would love to work in sports or you know mike jerick personal assistant. >> that can't be a dream that's a nightmare. >> who are people looking bored in the back. >> they're the mike jerrick fap club in here. >> great. >> i thought they were headed to fox and they ended up here. they're todd glass stains we have in the studio. >> do you believe in powerball? did you guy tickets, press ton. >> absolutely, positively. we had an awesome fantasy session of what we would do
7:59 am
with the money with my entire family last night. it was awesome. >> what did you come up with. >> get a new family [ laughter ]. >> oh, my god. >> zip line, water slide, up door swimming pool. all the kid stuff yeah. >> i like that. >> steve what would you do. >> i didn't play i played last go around. i would screw it up do something horrific and end up destroying world best for me not to have the money. >> stay out of it increase our khans. >> absolutely. >> bye-bye. >> good day. >> wednesday, january 13, will the 13th be luck your for you? roll tape. >> it's huge as you know by now the jackpot, ballooning, it's $1.5 billion now and still growing. we have until 11:00 tonight. are you ready? we're going to pass long advice from a billionaire we know by
8:00 am
the name of mark cue ban. >> and charlie sheen drops another bomb shell hiv positive actor revealed another surpris surprise. what he is just now admitting about his health. >> and next "american idol" from philadelphia the show is in philly tonight. why don't we just ask one jennifer lopez jay-lo is on the good day show this morning. the one thing she did every time she hits philly. she would rather do this than drink a bottle of wine she sai said♪ >> it's make your dreams come true day. when you wish upon a star♪ >> are you dreaming of winning powerball. i think we're all dreaming of that. tell us your dream house #fox29goodday. >> i want to be a dance. >> i would like to be able to
8:01 am
sing and dance. use #fox29goodday. what did you want to be when younger when was the dream whether it came true or not. >> you have a better chance of whipping money from fox today that you do with the powerball. >> all from watching fox. so you can enter two hours left to win 1,000 american express gift card and don't forget to watch "second chance" premier premiering at 9. >> is it simple go to web the web site and enter. >> yes. >> point us in the right direction conshohocken. >> sky fox over the scene of this water main break. fox used to say this is in conshohocken washington and cherry right in front of the millennium apartments. good news is that no reports of
8:02 am
any injuries or water off in the apartment building and septa says it's not impacted manyunk norristown regional rail. look at ice all built up on the overhead power lines. and that's going to be the concern that will chop off. those wires don't drop and then lead to power outage. let's go to jam cams as we say good morning to the schuylkill expressway, the vine expressway, the tough problem this morning has been the ice out in chalfont bucks county. strawberry mansion bridge closed now because of downed tree. that's causing delays into and out of city this morning. and we're also looking at delays in chalfont. i talked to jean blat from chalfont. they were out there putting salt down and wind blew the snow on top of roadway and this has been the bulls eye the hot mess here we had half a dozen accidents this morning in the area of shall front, 202, 152 one included overturned trash
8:03 am
truck and mess coming into the city on the vine. a sewage drain collapsed in the left lane herech the construction zone. so there's only two lanes available coming into philadelphia and right now the schuylkill. a 41 minute trip from city line to downtown and about 21 minute trip on 95 to great northeast. the winds whipping out there this morning. >> we hardly got any snow. it should not cause problems. mostly because of the cold that came in behind. it as a five out of ten this morning as we graph well wind and cold and dereceiving sunshine. bus stop buddy you can barely see him behind the shades and muffler there. single digit wind chills out there this morning in the wake of snow squalls that came through last night. there you see the sun and plus 22 degrees that feels like 5 thanks to 24 mile an hour wind and other wind chills single digits north of us below zero in mountains, ten in millville and dover and feels like twelve wildwood. high of 30.
8:04 am
with wind we'll have wind chills in the teens all day. >> great. let's -- now the sun is out. let's see what it looks like in conshohocken. they shut the water off and now they have the power line guys out. >> that water is freezing. >> that's right, take a look at this you have a cherry pic picker up here and gentleman breaking of ice off the power lines. he has a long stick as you can see and the pole utility pole and lines are completely covered in ice as well. they're busy trying to knock i it, like they're going one icicle to another at a time here and of course the water main shut off here and even the flag is frozen washington street conshohocken looks like a concrete business and we're told people may come in to work despite the whole situation
8:05 am
going on here and incredible to see you can see the juvrpingz breaking off it may look like he needs a longer stick and probably have to move that cherry picker up and they may need two units. when we look at the sky fox video of the water main break that was gushing water through the air there and we have water in the air in the power lines on the form of ice and crews trying to break all that down, guys. back to you. >> give us your shot again here. washington street below this cherry picker that's a pretty good main thoroughfare, isn't it. >> there's an apartment complex a few -- gosh it's hard to see. but there's an apartment complex the other way. but then it all most turns into like sort of service drive you know with the business and then tracks on presidential other
8:06 am
side. so we understand that the business will be in operation masonry business will be partial operation with people coming into work and the people that may have been inconvenienced until the river parkway. we nowak what is here on the scene. there's a lot of watt her company trucks trying to get everything restored there. this is the main operation right here as you can see getting this ice broken here and very delicate operation i would think, too. >> that's for sure. >> all right. be careful out there folks. >> you got it. >> attention kmart shoppers, after 11:00 tonight one of you could probably buy kmart. >> that's true and not just on one. plenty of kmarts. >> here is powerball ticket from me for tonight. >> you're so giving. >> will you give some to sgleev if steve comes in i'll be happy
8:07 am
to hadn't him one. he's in cherry hill. >> mike i saw your segment and what an unbelievable coincidence my dream career was bucket truck knocking ice off power lines putting my life in danger. it's amazing to see that. boom boom, the guy devshs a raise. that job is hardest job today in addition to the 40,000 it's a very brave job and nobody is noticing that wart part of the job. anyone per lopez tell jen to tell jay-lo i need her mom to by the powerball ticket. her mother hit a $2.5 slot machine at borgata ten years ago do you remember that? >> i remember that story, yes. >> she did? >> the daughter is a zillion air and mom hits the slot machine that nobody else in atlantic city needs that right? she's got a lucky charm there. i need her to get me my lottery
8:08 am
tickets. >> it's been bustling here you see the lime and this guy has numbers fixed and cash in hand and a lot of them have lucky numbers. you see that sign lottery guests be patient we'll help you as soon as possible. they brought extra help in because one guy couldn't handle it. one guy is doing lottery and the other handles food and convenience items. here are customers we twhent morning hoping to hit it big at 11 for the drawing. >> i think this is it. i think this is it. if it goes any higher it could be crazy. it would be too crazy. i cannot fathom that kind of money. >> i will buy one tickets and time polls at work. >> this is just you. you're not going to share this with people at work. >> no this is just me i'm not sharing with people at work. >> we're going to fix our house
8:09 am
up. >> if they stay in the same house they become a billionair billionaire. >> it would be a big fence buzz everybody would come looking for money. >> absolutely. i know that. >>reporter: all right so we had el chapo caught in mexico big drug cartel leader and i'm known at the stationel cheapo do i get a $2 big gulp and hoot dog special or ticket. i'm still on the fence. >> i would go. >> yes. they are a good pick. >> we keep showing signs at 9 999. the people that work at lottery never thought would get this big. >> first time in history. >> and something interesting on the radio this morning. >> okay. lot of people said i'll come into work.
8:10 am
i would still come into work. why wow go into work when you're a billionaire. somebody else can take your job and make money you don't need anymore. >> isn't that a weird take on that. >> that's a way to look at this. >> i would come in and do this for nothing. >> come and do it for nothing and give of it to you. >> give to you. >> and hire someone else. >> ladies and gentlemen, by the way, this quick announcement on "american idol" microphone powerball drawing will be live here on our station at 10:59. watch the 10:00 news and at 11:00, $6 68 will monday people will watch that. >> staring at the screen with the ticket in hand. >> did you have time to watch president obama in the final time he'll do this. >> last time. >> and i feel like he treated it that way. >> took a long time to get into
8:11 am
the haul. >> he made sure i would get into the moment this is the last time do i it. >> 20 in he got rouzy and tried to get erv worked up and it seemed like there was a line but almost seemed it was like from friday night lights. here's the president's line. >> president obama: the country we love, clear ride, big-hearted, undaunted by challenge, optimistic that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word. that's what makes me -- >> it kind of sounded similar. >> i don't know mike here's friday night lights was the same guy writing it. >> this game, this path is not over, so lights hear it one more time, together.
8:12 am
>> it was clear eyes line. >> clear eyes, full heart. >> maybe he's a fan of friday night light. >> congress didn't get up and one out with helmets in the ai air. >> no they deposit. republicans didn't. >> my favorite thing to watch is the opposite party sitting behind like paul ryan does he had to make sure for almost an hour he didn't show in expression because he didn't want to support the press. >> sit there with a stone face. in the beginning the president was making jokes i'll be quick he made people relax and paul ryan was like i'm not going to laugh. >> not support him in any way not even a joke. >> no. >> he doesn't cry at the appropriate time. >> look at his face. >> clear eyes, big hearted. >> i saw this on twitter and they said biden is like the best man remember the moment when president obama turned around and pointed at each other like yeah, >> fist bump. >> one person said president
8:13 am
obama -- >> we're talking about twitter and reactions of the fact he used friday night lights quote. >> obama must drop this clear eyes full heart can't lose. >> she saw the connection. >> and another obama escaped super close of saying clear eyes full heart can't lose. >> and then obama totally channeled inner coach taylor. >> that's funny. >> it was clear eye line that's what did it. >> all right. >> let's go back to audience here. because did you notice our friend? >> we were looking for him too. >> braden mannering of bear, delaware was guest of the first lady. he's 12 -- there he is. he had a long, long day. i think he's getting tired her here. he's 12 years old and created organization that kneads feeds hungry people in delaware and he's going to be on our show. he's still down in d.c.. he got some sleep. he and miss mommy will be on
8:14 am
good day from our sister station in washington z.c. >> he went to the white house and got to sit there last night. what was that like? >> it must be amazing to be a guest of the first lady who was looking lovely. >> in yellow. >> on dr. oz charlie seen said he admitted to not taking hiv medicine. >> he had another bomb to drop here it is. >> i was curious as a lot of people are, you know, you ingest something every day and you feel a certain way. i just got keerious what i might feel like off of this stuff. and then if -- >> by the way that was shot three or four weeks ago and his manager says he was bong on the medicine. >> he went a week without medicine he was seeking alternative treatment in mexic mexico. >> down in mexico. >> yes. >> now you know. .
8:15 am
>> that was semi-bomb shell. >> you what? >> he was back on medication. >> sorry talking to our producer. let's talk to sue and see how cold it is. >> she's off her medicine and ready to do the weather. >> no way: 22 degrees right now in philadelphia. and teens to the norm of us. and 20s to the south of us and important numbers are the wind chills single digits. it feels like 5 degrees outside even with all the bright sunshine. it feels like 7 below in mounts pocono and feels like 8 in atlantic city. 24 miles an hour sustained winds here in philadelphia. and with gusts up to 30 miles an hour. it's really windy and kould out tlut. do we need any more numbers to prove to you i don't think so except here's more 30 high today and not as harsh tomorrow 43 milder tomorrow where there's a chance of showers not
8:16 am
cold, that's sunday monday. martin luther king holiday will be cold. folks doing those service project monday it won't be rainy. >> or you get chosen for the indoor service project. >> exactly. >> looking at the vine expressway jano downtown. left lane of vine expressway sewage grate collapsed from all that volume in the work zone. it's been a hot mess come into town on the vine expressway. only two lanes on at broad street. a 40 minute trip to philadelphia right ow now on the schuylkill. strawberry mantion bridge closed to traffic because of -- use kelly or martin luther king. here's a live look at 422 the sun is popping up but not doing much to avoid the ice. icy and snow covered roads along 309, 202 and 152 i asked
8:17 am
queen where are the salt truck trucks. >> they're out there but the whipped is blowing know back on the road surface and that causes the problem for the morning rush hour. >> i'm good to be scolded by dietitian. >> food experts. >> tomorrow morning i'll start a three day juice cleanse which our friend hates i put it all in the refrigerator that's my fridge. >> that's your fridge that's all that's in there. >> six bottles a day for three days. >> aren't you doing this with your daughters. >> they're doing it as well. >> let's go to katie who will scold me she deposit believe in it. >> what do you do after the six days. >> i'm going to stuff myself full of cheese. >> exactly. >> no i'll try to jumpstart my plan. >> but for so many people when they do a cleanse it's a couple days that's all it is geep back to whatever they were doing. instead i would look at a mrenz as cleanup your diet and how
8:18 am
about this you do the sklepz and then we'll do some -- >> i promise if you don't give me too much about the juice i'll do this. >> you don't have to do this. i would rather you ease. >> here's are food trends. this is what is going on. funky ferman is all over the place. per meanttation is going on hundreds of years and it's retrending now and the reason because they're rich in pro buy otics all those healthy bacteria good for your gut. buy this. >> this is sauerkraut. there's sauerkraut. this one is actually smoky jalapeno we have a -- >> you have the jalapenos. >> what is this? >> sauerkraut. >> no hot dogs. >> you can eat it as a side dish. you can put a scoop of it on the side of your meal or put it
8:19 am
on something like a bugger. it's delicious is it not delicious. >> yes, i have to tell you it's good. >> picklee. >> delicious. >> yeah, it is. >> okay i want to try. >> jalapeno. >> okay. woo. >> what's this? >> nextal turn i've flowers. people moving along way from refined grapes and looking for grain free alternatives to flowers we have coconut flour and chick pea mrour that's really trending. one of the coolest thing you can do with chick pea flour is socca you win it with water and kum inand pour it into a fan and broil it. you get this which is super simple. >> we like hum us. >> you can bake with these. >> with you notice the cake
8:20 am
with coconut. >> they will be different. >> talking about beeps, 2016 has been deemed the international year of the pulse and pulse is actually a beaten a pea and lenlt ill. lentil.i >> beans trending chick peas, hello, these are red lentils not cooked fyi and also on trend with guide lipdz because we'll have a more plant step trick plate and that means looking for plant centric proteins which we get from beans and lentils. >> it kind of reminds me of keen what. >> this is shelled and if you cook it it will become fairly i don't want to say mushy that's not a great word it becomes softer versus len till with outer huvk keeps it shape bert. these are different taste of beans. >> and very manyyes, sea
8:21 am
veggies trending this year for lots of reasons. one, they are a nutrition power house. we've moved on. >> we've moved on from that. >> we've moved on. >> that's from ocean. >> these are from ocean first of all sustainable food in abundance and easy to grow. you had sea we'd sal id with sushi before correct we use things long cong to make bodily broth for the soup. >> kelp. >> try this this is munchy crunchy. >> i like the name choppers. >> the thing that is great. newt rish us, antioxidants, iodine, a lot of newt recent you won't find in other food. >> i got a little heart there you go. >> awe. >> awe. >> ki eat your heart.
8:22 am
>> eat your heart out. >> yes. >> it's fishy. >> sushi is made with sea we'd. those are just some of the hel helmy foods trending this year and really important is that the biggest trend even restaurants will be creating more plant centric base. >> katie give me a whole bag of stix for lunch. >> sounds believable. >> i'll be an angry human by saturday night. >> 8:22. >> most of you my raek niz the next going. adam paly director of heater and -- >> it's peter. >> and we'll talk to him about the new film with robert denero and zac efron talking to him
8:23 am
next. >> it's story called angry grandpa, is that what it's called? >> po'd grandpa or grumpy called? >> po'd grandpa or grumpy grandpa i can't -- for the girl scout meeting...
8:24 am
8:25 am
okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at giant, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
8:26 am
which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. ♪ >> oh, my gosh. got to love the dancing. >> elaine. >> julia louis-dreyfus is 55 today. the actress gained recognition on saturday night live and went on to be elaine bennett on "seinfeld". >> you don't think she had yada yada sex. >> i have yada yada sex, yeah. i met this lawyer we went out to dinner i had lobster biss being we went back to my place, yad yada yada i never sue haim again.
8:27 am
>> julia received first emmy award for "seinfeld"in 1996. wow, 20 years ago and then went on to win additional emmys for new adventures for old -- >> i loved that show. >> and deep. >> happy birthday to you. >> kevin heart sold out lincoln financial. >> what now tour. >> the hometown of philadelphia, here's a reminde reminder. >> here's a trailer board. >> my name is kevin hart. let's go make these people laugh. you're the man♪
8:28 am
[ yelling ]. >> in my city i made history. we sold a football stadium out tonight ! >> oh, my gosh. >> you know i heard he was first xheed dwroon every sell out a full football stadium and at his hometown in the linc. >> i love he chose to do this in philadelphia. contribute to hometown. where he came from. those shots looked amazing. this looks like a regular movie not like a comedy standup come. >> i that's a feature film there. >> it will number theaters it won't be in theaters until october 16. that is one of the earliest trailer i saw for a film not coming out until fall. >> it's cool. >> i'll watch that movie for sure. >> were you there mike? a lot of people went. >> i did go it was in summer.
8:29 am
>> quincy was there. >> he was there. >> we might see him because he had front seats. he lives a fancy life. >> that's right. >> di remind you jennifer lopez is on the show today. >> i think so. she gave you that gift. >> yes. >> is the next "american idol" from philadelphia? let's ask jay-lo. she was on our block this morning and one thing she did when she dime our city what did she do when she was here in philly. >> why so many people are obsessed and how much they will set you back if you want one of these mermaid pillows. isn't it cool looking. >> oh, my gosh i want one now i need that at my house. >> our next guest grew up in livingston, new jersey then headed to hollywood. >> she's been on tv and movies and writes and performs sketchs with up right said citizen brigade.
8:30 am
everyone will talk about him when his new film dirty grandpa opens this month he appears alongside zac efron and robert deniro. >> what's up? >> sucks about grandma hu? >> yeah. >> murdered like that. >> i think she had cancer. >> we'll never know the truth. >> we knew the truth. >> she had cancer step years. >> see you at the crossroads granld ma. >> i don't know how dirty the grandpa is but your character is dirty. >> i'm dirty and disgusting who are you in relationship to dirty grandpa. >> his grandson i play the grandson and cousin to zac efron and sduingting really human garbage. >> what was it like working with robert deniro. >> it was cool. i mean, there were were some moments like oh, my god it's robert denero and then it's
8:31 am
like oh, he doesn't care. >> so wait a minute this will be the number one question you get no matter what tv station what is it like working with robert deniro. >> i wish i knew. >> make something up. >> he's great. he was really career highlight and i will kharish forever i'm in one of the last movies i'm assuming his going to die soon. >> pour beer on his grave. >> i would. >> what kind of research do you have to do dirty research to be a dirty grandpa. >> di literally no research. >> natural. >> natural. >> i'm a disgusting human being even now looking at myself in the monitor wondering how i failed upwards like this. >> how you ever became this successful. >> i wouldn't say successful but how i ever got here it a mystery to me. >> that zac efron must be a jerk. >> i wish coye say that he's the stweetest guy, beautiful
8:32 am
man. >> beautiful plan is beautiful man it's like looking into the ocean when you look in his eye eyes. >> really? >> yes. but he's super funny and really pleasure to work with. >> what is the stinkin' premise i'm a grandfather now i have two grandchildren and i'm filthy yeah i have to see this movie. >> you will like it. premise is that robert deniro plays grandfather and grandmother pass as way and he asks zach to help him go on road trip and they learn a little bit about each other and maybe some things they didn't know before. >> okay. >> bonding trip? >> yeah i would say. >> i bet it becomes heart awarming by the end? >> i would not say heart-warming i would say just disgusting. >> you like that word don't you? >> it's reallyic i have to say, everyone is like where are you in the trailer and i was like i don't think i say a word that is not -- that can be allowed to be on television.
8:33 am
>> i see, i see. >> if robert deniro was walking down the street and go the opposite direction would he know who are you. >> zero chance. we shared about a month together and at the end he said it was a pleasure working with you allen. >> oh, no. >> yes, he definitely would know who i am he referred to me as fat bradley coop are a sum times. >> i can see that. >> what? >> no it was a joke. >> no, you were plated beautifully. >> maybe there will be a next movie. >> no. >> bradley coop ser from philly. >> bradley cooper is from philly there's a fact nobody cares about. >> oh, >> really. >> i'll tell what you alan this is -- >> thank you so much. thank you diane. >> you can say that in philly. >> diane who am i? >> steve. >> steve. >> steve. >> thank you. >> thank you alan. >> i have to tell you this we
8:34 am
have people in once and twice a week no promote films. you made me want to see this. >> that's a complement. >> shake your sgland i would wash that by the way. >> my hands are clean. >> flipin' cold out there it really s it's such a shock. yesterday we got to 45. today it's cold. single digit wind chills you see how much bus stop bupdy is bundled up you have a five out of ten by the numbers and get used to this just when we do it will warm up again. here's the deal, 22, feels like five. dress for five degrees. single-dimmingit wind chills have not gone away unless you're down south and then it's 11. in wildwood it's still cold. here's the deal, bindi all day long. high temperature 30. and kind chill is in the teens.
8:35 am
we'll check out the 7 day forecast in a few minute. bob kelly right now. >> make sure you're bundled up. we're not doing too much to melt the ice we've even in the bucks and montgomery counties and as you head to bellmar, new jersey, here's a live look at the schuylkill. running slow, both directions near city lien and draw berry mantion bridge shut down from a downed tree. still trying to fix this collapsed sewer grate that happened on the vine expressway. it would be in left lane between schuylkill and broad streets. we are bumper to bumper to bumper approaching city line to downtown. it is skipic used kelly or martin luther king instead, get off the schuylkill. >> it's actually make your dreams come true day perfect for the powerball day. you've been sending in on
8:36 am
twitter and facebooking. my dream is to have pizza and drinks with me watching a flyers game. >> that's something that could come true. look at a.j. esposito my dream is to get a job drawing. that's pretty cool. >> chris i know your dream be a rock and roll star i think? true? >> absolutely. definitely. how about this dream come true for someone who hit the powerball tonight? horks yeah this aston martin, 231,000 buck at fc kerbeck in palmyra we'll take you upstairs and show you the most insane bam lor genie you've ever seen. and show you the most insane bam lor genie you've ever seen. more after the break.
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8:40 am
>> so, if you win the powerball tonight, chris murphy says he'll buy a new car. he's actually out shopping for expensive cars. >> he is? >> he's that confident. >> jumping the gun a little. >> good. >> look at him. there he is. >> they invited us to come check out this lamborgini here. i'm in the passenger seat because i would be afraid to drive this thing. how about getting out of this car? steve, help me out? look at this. how cool is that. you don't have to worry about bumping your head. thanks for having us. this is crazy, what is this lamborgini cost. >> this is top of line. brand new, rodester right around $460,000. >> $460,000 why not make it $450 did do you need to add the ten grand. >> that's coming from manufacturer you're getting
8:41 am
best technologies known to man kind. >> how fast. >> 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds. >> so let's look at bently. how about a bentley? >> 40 and you come here to nice bntly continental gt. >> this gray sglun this gray one sgleer on this up and show us interior of this car. my goodness look how pretty it is. >> all wheel drive, 520 horsepower. >> how much. >> $240. >> twornl? >> absolutely. >> it's sporty. some bentleys are bigger and more luxurious. >> this is sportier body port exhaust and comfort and luxury and speed as well. >> speaking of luxury my goodness let's go to the rolls royce. what is this and what does it cost. >> don't tell us i'll have alex and my guests tell us after you
8:42 am
show us. show features and then they'll gles. >> this is same as queen of england would run. phantom. you see homage to the yadington industry on the back and it's a big presence of automobile. >> the door opens. >> coach doors. >> and i love it's two tone with stainless steel. >> oh, my goodness. >> nothing but the best for you, chris. >> cream dela cream quick guess how much will this run you. >> it looks beautiful. >> oh, my goodness. >> just a guess. >> you look great in it, 5:r50 quinncy is saying 550. >> are you on the nose $550,00 $550,000. >> quinncy and alex $550,000
8:43 am
there you go. >> you have to get out. you cannot afford it. >> winner of idol might get a record contract and be able to afford one of these. >> they got a ford focus. >> amazing. >> and i know that you want to see these contestants and i know you want jay-lo. >> love jay-lo. >> what if i can give you both. >> you can do both. >> sandwich. >> jay-lo, contestant and sandwich. >> jay-lo, contestant and sandwich. this is my jam.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> okay well it is make your dreams come true day. we're asking to you tweet us what are your dreams. what would you like to happen. when she was younger my dream was to come a flight surgeon and i went into computers and my us is served 23 years in military. >> good for them. >> united states air force. >> carla watches the show. >> 13 always my lucky number my dream donate most of the money and take care of my family. >> she mentioned january 13 maybe somebody becomes a billionaire sglont i was talking to quincy he revealed to us that his dream when a little boy was to be arsenial hall to have his own talk show. remember how pop lor that was?
8:47 am
>> hilarious. >> so let's help this man's dream come true today. let's create a talk show let's say 9:00 hour i think we can get together drag a couch out and get a chair for him he with be his guests and see if he can be a good arsenial mall. >> we need celebrity guests for him to interview. we need celebrities on the show. >> okay. sue we're thinking of celebrities. >> i forgot to give you your powerball ticket. >> thanks i have a turtleneck on today so i'm putting it in a safe place will be more of a challenge. wait, wait, wait, oh, okay, wait,. >> it's like for the knox. >> it's in there. >> we have plaque ice this morning. still some of it hang around. 50/50 when i win. >> really? >> it's only fair. >> bitter cold today. temperatures rebound by week's
8:48 am
end. so it will get warmer and cold again for martin luther king holiday. it's a rorl coaster ride with these numbers. single digit wind chills 30. wind chills in the teen as we get into the rest of the afternoon. 43 tomorrow. 51 friday, and then a chance of showers on saturday with a cold front. and that means chillier temperatures as we said, sunday and monday chilled on tuesday with sunshine. to a little bit of roller coaster ride we call this roller coaster winter. >> during the summer thousands of people showed up on market street and all around center city and went to the pennsylvania convention center and got to perform in front of "american idol" judges and taylor was in town and keith urban. >> jen, you were there. >> of course, so it was lee
8:49 am
acore acenter. and at the liacora center, temple. >> that's where i went. >> then got called back couple weeks later for the idol judge tour. you were not there you were on long island or yacht or something. at this stage of the game it's hard to tell who will be maz mazeing or pretty people can't sing and weird people look great and i talk to everyone. >> is this what you wore during the first audition. >> yes, the air hair, everything. >> it's a risk but looks good on you. >> thank you appreciate that. >> do you think they want you for singing or this. >> both. absolutely i'm a full package. >> of the three judge which are you most excited to see. >> jay-lo. >> jay-lo. >> what is that. >> that is a person that auditioned. >> he looks leak a superhero
8:50 am
hell boy or something. >> why does everyone swear when they're on tv for me. >> hell boy. >> say it again. >> hell hockey sticks. all you need to know about this next person is that he appeared on -- >> the next person. >> i'm focused. >> all we need to know about the next person is he appeared on america's next top model and his number is 444, 444, 444, 444. >> you have a magic number 444 444444. >> it is ma'amic 4 is numbe numberology life number it's crazy to be honest with you. >> where's rest of his shirt. >> he didn't need it. >> he needs a little more. >> i like the hat but the shir shirt? he is tall. he looked like a swimmer. >> lavrpingy like a swimmer. >> i'm trying to think about positive things to say about
8:51 am
fofofo. >> because you were here i knew you needed jay-lo this is least sexy jay-lo interview you heard because i talked to her about kids i explained my little girl laundry helps me decide what to wear, good, bad, whatever. >> i like this. >> thank you. >> she gets advice from her little ones too. >> my kid are here with me right now. and they're a part of everything that i do. and you know my daughter loves all of the dressing up and all that obviously she's a girl just you know i still do, too. >> she's amazing. she's so hot. >> she just woke up look at he her. minimal make yawp mazeing she's flawless. i would marry her right now. >> it's okay to talk about babies. >> doesn't matter. >> usually you hate about being pregnant or having babies or -- >> when women have babies they're beautiful they're most beautiful state hello to all
8:52 am
the mothers out there. >> how are you doing? we have big one direction news. >> it's just come in. >> and no. >> hang around for that. and here's numbers from last night and we'll tell you about one direction. night and we'll tell you about one direction. oh, geez. ♪ dream on♪[ ♪
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> waiting here for one direction unbelievable. gulph road and gunlry outside king of prussia another accident again we had icy spots this morning. so just be careful. all that snow blowing back on to the roadway back there in chalfont cautioning delays and south on 295 accident near black horse pike and sun glare on vine expressway and collapsed drainage grate in construction zone.
8:56 am
it's been a mott hess all morning long. eastbound owe on the schuylkill bumper to bumper to bumper all over 45 minutes into downtown and head to kelly drive or martin luther king drive to save time. mike, alex back to you. >> here it comes. it appears that one direction has split up ! >> they're done. it's all over. it's over. >> this is according to us weekly magazine. >> they extended hiatus and it's now permanent. we're going to be done with this. they decided four of them to not renew their recording contract after finishing october tour and a source says they want to maintain frien friendships and then try solo career. >> did this start with zane. >> get tee shirts blame zane. >> it's no longer the sdaim with zane and we're all in pain. >> i have to maintain here for a second. >> it is national make your
8:57 am
dreams come true day. we are going to share our dreams and make qunsy harris's dream come true. look at cat rat. >> she says my dream is to be on the dark side and if i win powerball i'll make my own "star wars" ranch. >> okay. let's get quinncy dream to come true. we'll make him a talk show host true. we'll make him a talk show host in the 9:00 hourer
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> it's national make your dreams come true. i guess most of her dreams have come true beyonce what do you think. >> get it girl. okay, beyonce. it's a dream of mine to be here. who would not want to be beyonce


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