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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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at 6:00. we're at the start of another cold night but we have signs of a thaw. snow is gone but the bitter cold has stuck around. so it's another night of bundling up again the win. >> sure s tonight things are clear. but staying cold. but another round of big changes rolling in. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for iain page. i'm lucy noland. we're still riding that winter roller coaster. let's get straight to chief meteorologist scott williams. >> hi there lucy and dawn. yes, it was frigid out there today. in fact the high temperature only 29 degrees. making it the defendant day so far this season. so we didn't even make it above freezing out there and take a look at how bitterly cold it was this morning. the pocono mountains it felt like 8 degrees below zero this morning. doylestown it felt like three. it felt like 6 degrees in philadelphia and as well as mt. holly. look at the temperatures right now. if you're stepping outdoors, bundle up. it is still cold. we're looking at 25 in millvil
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millville. 12 degrees urn currently in the pocono mountains but factor in that wind, how your body reacts, it feels like 15 degrees right now in philadelphia. it feels like one below in the pocono mountains. so the bottom line, another frigid night. but not as windy as it was this morning. temperatures teens and 20s in the city but coming up we'll talk a little bit about those rebounding temperatures by the latter part of the week going above freezing and above avera average. but also a storm system that could impact the part of your weekend with rain maybe even some wet snow and then another bitterly cold blast in that seven day forecast so, yes, the roller coaster ride continues in the weather department. back to you. >> all right, thank you very much, scott. talk to you soon. back to our breaking news in camden county, new jersey. tricky commute for patco riders to night this is skyfox live over the patco station in haddonfield. right now service between haddonfield and woodcrest is suspended because a tree is in danger of falling on the tracks. so crews are lee that tree right now patco is hoping to have
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service restored any minute now. in the meantime shut link passengers to their stops of course we will keep you posted. to a developing story now the search for the cause of a devastating fire in delaware. a three-year-old little girl and her sister just three months old died in a house fire in wilmington yesterday. tonight, their father is working to deal with his unspeakable loss. >> he talked to fox 29's bruce gordon about the tragedy about his faith. bruce joins us live from wilmington, bruce, it is just simply beyond heartbreaking. >> reporter: it sure s lucy. yeah neighborhood vigil still underway at this hour. folks from up and down this block moved by that terrible fire that killed two little girls and in the process tore a gaping hole in the lives of a god-fearing husband and wife. mark car away once again had his faith in god put to a terrible test. 20 years after losing his mother to fire, he has now lost two of
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his beloved children. >> i don't know about -- all i know is that i got to make it. i got to stay strong. >> car away left home to pick up several of his kids from school late tuesday afternoon when fire broke out in the family's apartment on the 400 block of north monroe. three years old elizabeth and three month old is he pour rah died in the fire. >> if i can take back the words, i'll be right back, i'll be right back. >> reporter: neighbors dispute claims by the wilmington fire chief that they were slow to call 911. we do know some passengers by rushed to help. car away's wife and three of their children were at home at the time. she and a two-year-old were rescued with help from reggie carter. >> she through the baby out. then that's when they could of we can get her. her hair was on fire. her hair was on fire. what else could we do? aaron
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mcmanus rush to the back of the apartment to see if he could rescue kids from there. but was driven away by smoke and flames. >> i got a child and one on the way and i got little cousins like i did anything i think a father or human would. to all i can about trying to get them kids out of the house. >> reporter: on wednesday a memorial took shift and mark car away approach cher tried so very who are not to be swallowed whole by the sadness of his lo loss. fire officials say there was no working smoke detector in the apartment rented by the car away family. christina car away is hospitalized tonight in critical but stable condition with serious burns. the two-year-old child who was rescued with her suffered minor injuries and has been released from the hospital. dawn? >> such an overwhelming tragedy bruce, thank you.
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fire investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fast-moving fire this morning in wynnefield heights. the flames broke out in a home along the 1700 block of north lindenwold street about 9:30 when crews arrived, they were hearing -- they saw severe case of hoarding. the good news, no one is hurt. but there is very heavy damage to that home. investigation is underway into the deadly shooting a 12-year-old girl in central pennsylvania. state police say a constable accidentally shot her while serving her father with an eviction notice. they say sierra meyer was home sick on monday when the constable showed up at the apartment. authorities say the girl's father donald meyer point add loaded rifle at the constable so steal fired. the bullet traveled through the father's arm and hit the girl. meyer now faces aggravated assault charges. the constable is not charged. the district attorney's office is reviewing the case. the feds have just seized 350 count fit smart wrist bands in philadelphia.
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u.s. custom and border protection agents say they were shipped here from hong kong in early december. if they were the real thing they'd be worth a lot about $35,000. agents are not saying how they found out about the if they were arrested anyone. the chester county pastor wanted on rape charges is out of the country but is expected to return to the us by the end of the week. west whiteland police say they've been in touch with a lawyer representing 33-year-old jacob malone. authorities say malone sexually assaulted and impreganted a girl he first met while he work at a church in arizona. according to investigators, he invited that girl to live with him in exton in the fall of 2014. malone most recently worked at calgary fellowship in downingtown. happening now, troubling video from inside a local school. a cell phone was recording as a girl is punched inside a school bathroom. security guards jumping in to try to get things under control. well, tonight, the girl who took that hit is talking to fox 29.
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>> we're also hearing from school officials as well. let's get right straight to jenn for joyce. she's life in germantown. jennifer, clear, this stuff has got to stop. >> reporter: yeah, lucy, as you mentioned, this one was caught on tape. we did talk to a school district spokesperson who says that both of these female students were in the wrong. it's a violent smack to the head caught on cell phone video and it's quickly circulating through social media. the two female students are seniors at martin luther king high school. this fight happened in a school bathroom. >> i guess she thought i was coming at her but i wasn't. >> reporter: victim talk with us anonymously upset about what happened. she says the girl who hit her thought she was talking trash and wanted to fight. the victim tells us, that's not true. >> i said, why would you want to fight me but we don't even know each on the. >> reporter: regardless, school district officials say the victim was also in the wrong. they say she followed her classmate into the bathroom and was looking for trouble. the victim did not have a proper
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pass to enter. but she tells us, her up tensions were to talk it out and she wants to see the student properly disciplined. >> i didn't hit her. i didn't show any intentions of wanting to fight her. i just was asking simple question, why would you want to fight me? >> reporter: neither one of the students has been disciplined. the school district tells me that their plan is to put these two girls through peer mediation to try to work things out. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, jennifer. if you are cruising by the 2200 block of witten street in south philadelphia take a look up at the street sign. that block is now named wild bill way in a recognition of wild bill, who grew up on the block part of easy company the us army one hun first airborne division in world war ii. hbo based award wink band of brothers mini series on those heroes. he lost a leg trying to help a wounded soldier during the battle of the bulge. his commendations there are
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many. silver stairworks bronze stars, two purple hearts. he passed away in 2014. well, what would you do if you caught someone trying to steal your car? this man just took a big risk to save his ride and people around the world can't stop talking about what happens in this video. >> historic night with numbers we have never seen before. what the chance of becoming a billionaire is doing to folks in our city. howard? one morehead coaching vacancy. it's been filled in the nfl today. no, it's not the eagles. one local college coach has decided to call it a career. hear from one of his pro bowl players that will be coming up in sports. ♪ this price can't be right...
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the world but tonight people are around the globe are talking about what happened at this gas station in a remote part of australia. a man went to extreme lengths to fend off a carjacker. you see the owner of the car jump through the window while the carjack sorry tried to drive away and it actually worked. the driver managed to fight of f the would be thief. the carjacker well he gave up, got out of the car and ran away. amazing the drive was not hurt. philadelphia seems to be very popular spot. 2015 was a record year in fact. visit philadelphia hosting its annual new year's hospitality breakfast at the independence seaport museum. the seaport museum was the locate. the group says in 2015, the center city had a record hote hotel -- record hotel stays 77% occupancy rate. they saw record saturday occupancy at its hotels. >> we did have the pope here, too. >> that helped out a little bit. fact your fox 29 weather authority. what we have now is a whole lot of cold.
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>> yeah. >> any snow in the forecast, scott. >> there could be snow on sund sunday. but let's talk about the snow that hit yesterday. the first flakes. take look at this. making it official. the latest date for a trace of snow in philadelphia yesterday's system it's long gone but take look at ultimate doppler. yesterday we were tracking that little clipper that arctic front that blue through providing 2-inches of snow in the pocono mountains. once again a dusting or coating mainly north and west and that trace officially at the philadelphia international airport. but right now, it is dry, it is cold. look at the temperatures. stepping outdoors right now, it's 26 degrees. the high temperature today only 29. the coldest high temperature so far this season. still a little windy those westerly winds right now at 12 miles an hour in philadelphia and wilmington. 13 miles per hour out of the wet in millville when you factor in that wind, take look at the wind chills. this is what it actually feels like right now stepping outdoo outdoors. 12 in wilmington. it feels like 15 in trenton.
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15 in millville as well as pottstown. so this feign you're stepping outdoors bundle up, air temperatures will in the 20s. but once again those feels like temperatures will stay pretty steady in the teens. 24 degrees by 11:00 o'clock tonight. and we're looking at those lows overnight in the burbs. 16 degrees. low 20s in the city. so another cold evening and overnight much as we move toward the latter part of the week, however, that jet stream the arctic air will lift farther to the north. so that will mean temperatures will go above average by several degrees especially as we move toward friday and saturday. then sunday the roller coaster ride continues with temperatures dropping again. we have 26 philadelphia. 15 pittsburgh. 30s once you move into sections of virginia. and then take look at the 50s little rock as well as jackson. we're talking some of that milder air headed in our direction the latter part of the week. future cast we'll be watching a developing area of low pressure
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by friday off the coast. this will increase the cloud cover on friday, friday stays dry but watch what happens saturday. saturday morning we're talking some clouds, showers to start. that area of low pressure it stays offshore. so we'll salvage much of the weekend. the seven day forecast, not as harsh tomorrow's high 41 degrees. then look at that 5010 degrees above average. morning clouds, showers, saturday and then another front 30s that's it for high temperatures on sunday. maybe a passing snow shower and then look at mlk day of service only freezing. 30 on tuesday. and then wednesday it stays pretty chilly. so the roller coaster ride continues and also we're looking at some of that rain on saturday morning. maybe some snow on sunday. >> little of everything. >> yup. >> all right. did you get powerball ticket. >> i did. >> did you call your mom and dad? are they getting in on this? >> i'm pretty sure they have their tickets. >> i called my mom and i said, mom, did you get the lotto? she
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goes what? powerball. she goes, lucy, the power is on. >> i said not is the power on. powerball. >> they're not buying tickets. >> they're not buying much the only two in the nation. >> right now powerball fever except in the nolan family house hold. in case you haven't heard torque night's jackpot is worth $1.5 billion. >> really? >> tickets are selling like crazy. if you don't have one, there's still time. fox 29's chris o'connell live in ardmore, chris, a line there? >> reporter: line, yeah. take look behind me if you can see. we'll see it here in second. i can tell i was lot of people telling me tonight they'll be tuned in to fox 29 at 10:59 tonight for this historic drawing. how historic try one and a half billion dollars these people in line trying to get a little piece of that, yeah, 7eleven here in ardmore busy with players all day. some we saw spending hundreds of dollars on tickets just trying to strike it rich. >> it's crazy. it's crazy but it would be great
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to win. >> reporter: it's been 19 straight drawings since the last powerball jackpot was won back on november 7th. sips then, it's been a frenzy. >> amazing. and a lot of money. (laughter). >> reporter: your chances of winning, one in 292 million. your chances of becoming president are one in 10 million. but that's not stopping many who say you got to play to win. have you thought about what you would do with it? >> um, probably still work and travel. >> i want to be in the woods hunting and fishing. i don't know what ya'll are going to do. >> so far out in the middle of nowhere nobody will ever see me again. >> reporter: policely billion dollars wasn't enough, it finally got those who usually don't play the lottery to get in on the game. >> because it's so much money. i mean, a billion plus dollars is that unbelievable? hopefully somebody will win it this time. >> reporter: maybe it's you. >> that would be great. someone has to win eventually. so -- >> reporter: might as well be you.
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>> exactly. >> reporter: and remember the deadline to buy powerball tickets is 10:00 o'clock tonig tonight. you see three hours, 41 minutes. and listen to this. if someone doesn't win tonight, guys, it rolls over to $2 billion if you can imagine that. but you know what funny, guys. >> what? >> so many people say they have the winning tights. >> really? that's so weird. >> reporter: i'm hoping i have a couple of them. i promise to share, guys. >> share with friends. >> i promise i will. >> we got it on tape now. thanks chris. someone finally win? will it be you? >> the fastest the easiest way to fine out watch that drawing live tonight at 11:00 only on fox 29 right after the news at 10:00. fingers crossed. >> all of us and toes. >> howard, eagles get a head coach yet. >> no, they have not hit the lottery. (laughter). >> one morehead coach hired today in the nfl. eagles however are still trying to figure out who their head coach will be. and one local college coach
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has decided he will call it quits. hear from one of his former players who just happens to be a pro bowler. he used to play with the eagles much that's coming up in sports.
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♪ oh york. eagles. let's get back to the eagles. they are just over two weeks into that process. looking for a new head coach. their final interview was monday with tom coughlin and still no
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decision as we speak. although i think the front runner could be coughlin it could be the way it looks now anyone of four people. obviously coughlin, pat shurmur, casey offensive coordinator dug immediate derr zen. i think they might new england on sunday. new york giants ben mca do the second team filled the coaching vacancy in the nfl. cleveland browns hired cincinnati bengals offensive coordinator hugh jackson has their head coach. jackson the head coach of the raiders for one season before his two years with the bengals. hugh jackson was not one of the six coaches that the eagles had interviewed. villanova head football andy tally made it official today. that his last year as the head coach of the wildcats will be 2016. tally coached good players in his 32 years of coaching at nova including former eagles running back brian westbrook. >> remember all the small things. the people that help you get to this point and more important to be nice. i try to carry that throughout
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my life and coach tal system one of the guys that instilled those types of values in me. >> all right. nascar biggest race coming back to fox on february 21 that would be the daytona 500. one of the top drivers last year was martin true et cetera injury by the way. who finished fourth in the final standings. he grew up in may etta, new jersey. and he still a huge philadelphia sports fan. wondering like we all are who the neck eagles coach will be. he has been racing cars since he was a little kid and still loves what he does. >> i still pinch myself a lot of times when i wake up just thinking, you know, i get to do this for a living. it's been a great ride. been a lot fun. just lucky to be able to do what we do. yeah, looking forward to the opportunity to make most of that and just looking forward to another great season. >> but the biggest win in his life may have come off the track earlier this week. on monday his girlfriend sherri underwent her final chemotherapy
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treatment for ovarian cancer. >> washery has been through and her victory that she had this past week is the most amazing feeling you can ever have. so proud of what she's done and how far she's come and the people she's inspired along the way including me has been amazing. so i'm glad to have her on my side and hopefully we won't have to worry about this any more. >> what would top it off is obviously she would not -- she would be clean of ovarian cancer and he wins the daytona 500 would top it off. >> there you go. nice guy. >> yup. >> love that. saw him in the newsroom. >> be sure to join us tonight for the fox 29 news at 10:00. piles and piles of pot, bunches of weed confiscated off the streets but deputes have bit of problem. whose breaking in and eating his marijuana evidence tonight at 10:00. >> and that does it for us tonight at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00v a great night. inside edition is up next. at 10:59, you know what it is, powerball driving right here. good luck!
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who wants to be a billionaire? >> i need 685 quick picks. >> are you serious? >> even hillary has lot to fever. >> did you buy a powerball ticket? >> i did. >> and the mega let-down at this restaurant. >> powerball 17! >> they got every number right, so why didn't they win? >> just like that, it was gone. then, outrage over this video. american sailors forced on their knees. >> it was a mistake. that was our fault, and we apologize. >> and the young female sailor ordered to wear a head scarf. and magazine cover controversy. has kris jenner gone from this to this in just four months? and


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