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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  January 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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bathroom. why the school says one of the girls involved went looking for trouble it's january 14th, thursday, the day after the wednesday drawing. you can watch us now on it facebook live. >> it's lauren johnson fox 29, chris and i talk breakfast because he eats sometimes next to me on the commercial break and i get a little grossed out. he was lining his spick because he's going to eat chicken wings. >> i'm going to eat 400 wings in four hours. >> can you believe last year's 444 wings in 26 minutes? >> weather by the numbers, we're going to go up to 7. things are improving. it's not as windy and it will be milder, but you got to watch out this morning, if you're in new
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castle delaware, maybe in salem county, new jersey, you might be seeing a little bit of a snow squall. same for lehigh valley. it's winter time, cold and that's what happens. we got 27 degrees right now. almost at yesterday's high temperature. southerly's wind making a difference. wind picked up a little bit. it's not the issue that it was yesterday, sunrise at 7:21 this morning, 13 at mount pocono. 32 in trenton be 27 in wildwood. as we said, the windchill isn't that much different than the actual temperature. look at today's high temperature. 29 was the highest. 42 will be the high today. that's a little more seasonal and we will see sunshine. we'll talk about changes for the holiday weekend coming up in our seven-day forecast. bob kelly, how are we doing. >> not that bad this morning. good morning, 5:01, a lot better
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than that it yesterday. you see the different color of the road surface here, that's from all the salt that got put down yesterday to help navigate around some of that black ice. sue mentioned this morning, if you're heading out the front door when you see snow squalls, be ready, there was snow squalls landing on icy roads during the rush hour. the 42 freeway no problems or delays at the moment. looking good waking up in south jersey, quake re town, allentown, easton, look out as sue mentioned, snow squalls possible this morning, same deal rolling through wilmington, salem county toward south jersey. now, mt. laurel had a sewer break yesterday. still dealing with the repairs. hartford road, right along route 38, and in the neighborhood, northeast philly, frankford and margaret below the train station there, construction all part of that transportation center. mass transit looking good. chris and lauren back over to
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you. >> thank you. coming up how to on 5:03, pat toomey expected to hold a res conference in the shooting investigation of a philadelphia police officer now being called a terrorist. >> steve keeley live in center city with the latest. >> reporter: the fbi director was in pittsburgh yesterday as part of a planned tour of all fbi offices and now opening acknowledging the attempt to says 98 the philly policemen. one week ago tonight. toomey's comments made here in pennsylvania where he's on those planned visits of all fbi field offices and coincidentally he's here in philly at 6th street today at the fbi office. and agents have been here at the fbi field office in philly all week. busting their buts trying to track and trace that weekend anonymous tip that police shooter in that case was one of four radicals in a local group
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and that the threat to police and people here in philadelphia is far from over. >> we're investigating that as a terrorist attack and trying to understand as we do in all these cases, what were the motivations? and often it's a tangled web we have to untangle. who else might have been involved? that's the work we do and that's the work we're doing right now in that case. >> reporter: a real focus ear in pennsylvania now for four straight weeks, because it was just a month ago that the fbi arrested that that harrisburg teenager for helping isis recruits travel to the islamic state territories in iraqi and syria so these two cases prove that terror with the help of the internet and now no longer just far away in the middle east but in the mind, bedrooms and computers of here people in the midatlantic states of america. chris, lauren? >> scary sign of times. let's get to a developing to story. two philadelphia police officers
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injured in a car accident. it happened last night. >> before midnight on the 100 block of east willard street in kensington. >> fox 29 news learned the officers were in the patrol car when another car crashed am i them. that's when employees say the driver of the other car bailed. which led to a shrt chase through the neighborhood. he was arrested. the officers are said to be ok. we understand there's suffering minor injuries. one injury to the head and also injuries to the leg. lauren? a man died after being found with stab wounds behind the west philadelphia walgreen's last night. on 63rd near vine. taken to the hospital where he later died. investigators trying to figure out if the man was stabbed there or somewhere else and just ended up outside that store. no word on an arrest. lots of sats people waking up in area, no one hit the big power ball jackpot. there are a couple new million there's in our area. hear those winning numbers, 4,
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8, 19, 27, 34 and the power ball was 10. the fever is over. but some people are celebrating this morning. dave kinchen is taking a live look at sky cam happening in our area. dave, did you connection your ticket again? >> reporter: i did. i don't know, but, say being one of the smaller winners out there. we do know we don't have any big jackpot winners as we know of so far in our area. but there are some smaller winnings out there in pa and jersey. a massive crowd outside of a 7-eleven in suburban la where california lottery officials say winning ticket was sold. maybe the winner might be in the crowd somewhere. officials saying winning tickets for the jackpot were also sold in tennessee and florida. there are at least three winners for the 1.5 billion dollars scrap. the power ball says there was a $2 million match by power play winning ticket sold somewhere in
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new jersey. we don't know exactly where. we know that there are two, $1 million match five winners. exact locations aren't known. there are other winners in terms of pa, because ticket sales, according to the pennsylvania lottery, have brought in more than $60 million for programs that benefit older pennsylvanians, so there are other winners out there in terms of social programs that help a lot of people in need as well. so far, just three big winners overall for that big power ball jackpot. guys? >> i'm checking my ticket when i get home. >> once again, not one number. . >> unlucky duck. a delaware community showing support for a family dealing with a traffic loss. >> a three-year-old girl and little sister just three months old. killed tuesday when the family's home went up in flames in wilmington. their mother was seriously burned in that fire. last night, friends, family and
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there's gathered for vigil and a memorial service at city victory church. >> i feel for you. however you feel to lose a baby. >> those who came to show support also brought bags of clothing and other items that the family needs now in wake of that fire. a philadelphia elementary school closed for the rest of the week after a boiler exploded. at franklin elementary school in east mt. airy. the fire broke out in the boiler room while a maintenance man was working on it. he's in critical conditionful as a precaution, students and teachers left the building and will not return the rest of the week the chester county pastor wanted on rape charges is not in the country but he's expected to return by week's end, west whiteland police say they've
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been in touch with the lawyer representing 33-year-old jacob malone who says he's in he can what door. sexuallyly and assaulted and impression 98 add teenager. he and invited her to live with him. he most recently worked at calvary fellowship in downington a massachusetts judge is rejecting a proposal filed by lawyers for bill cosby that would keep materials sealed. seven women are suing the comedian for defamation. they claim cosby and his lawyers made them look like liars. the judge says measures to protect sensitive information are justified but he a blanket protective order on that case is not appropriate. a violent fight at a local high school and cell phone video captures all of it. a group of girls get into a fight in the rest room. security guards jumped in to break it up soon after it
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started at the martin luther king high school in germantown, a girl was hit in the head by another student. the fight all recorded on a cell phone, and posted on facebook. the 12th grade victim spoke to fox 29 and she said she didn't personally know the classmate who wanted to fight her, still wanted to ask her why. >> i said why would you want to fight me? we don't even know each other. i think she thought i was coming at her but i wasn't. >> a school district person clears things up and tells us to get in a school bathroom you have to have a pass. the victim did not have one and went in looking for trouble. the girl who got hit defends her actions and want to see her classmate fate consequences. a bucks county prosecutor recommending a harassment citation against the high school basketball coach. >> because of this, cell phone cameras recording back on january 5th when neshaminy basketball coachjer re divine appears to knock a referee to the floor. officials ejected him from the game. school officials say devine returned to his teaching
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position this week but suspended him from his coaching duties. bucks county da david heckler announced he's suggesting police issue for you a citation. >> any time you're colliding with somebody standing up, that's bad technique. that's just being a bully. the da does not believe the coach intentionally tried to harm that referee. that referee was not injured and declined to press charges. the gop candidates are getting set to take the stage tonight for the sixth debate. issue at hand that already has donald trump coming out swinging yet again, lauren. >> this will make you lose your appetite. breaks nearly every health code possibly restaurant employees doing their hair in the kitchen? the national chain where this all went down.
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little preview of coming attractions because we still have the roller coaster changes coming in the seven-day forecast. temperatures will climb again through the end of the work week even into saturday. it won't be too bad but we do have some weekend rain. not a lot but there will be some, then back to bitter colder for the martin luther king holiday on monday, keep that in mind if you're planning a service project. there's so many in philadelphia do. we are the best city in the country for that. i don't know if you realize that but it's true. we're looking at a little bit of
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snow shower activity in northern new jersey. that lake effects machine is going around buffalo. what about around here? we actually have been seeing snow showers show up on radar. look like easton will be getting a little bit of a coating. looks there's a little something over easton. nothing in philadelphia at the moment. but we had been seeing some activity in chester county now moved into new castle delaware. so it's not a big deal. but something you may see as you walk out the door. 27 degrees in philadelphia at the moment. 20 in allentown. 22 in reading. 13 in mount pocono. those are cold temperatures well below freezing, but the difference between today and yesterday, the wind. there isn't as much. it does feel like 19 in philadelphia but the difference between the windchill and the actual temperature is not as great as it was yesterday when we had those single digit wind chills and that wind went right through you.
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we have an eight miles an hour wind coming out of the south. that's going to make a difference as well with slightly higher temperatures than yesterday. we'll take it. because yesterday's high, look at this plunge in the temperatures. 29 degrees was all we got to yesterday. yes, we love the number 29. but the temperature, yeah, it's really cold. 42 today and 50 tomorrow. 47 for i on saturday. looks like it will probably rain friday night into saturday morning. then another frontal system comes through on sunday night. looks, at this point like it will mostly be rain, but we have to watch with falling temperatures into monday morning and bitter cold for the holiday on monday. bob? >> that's right. 5:16. good morning on a thursday, getting out and out. good morning to route 202 at 309, the area that saw the snow squalls and the black ice yesterday. we're waking up to dry roads.
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at least that's good news for the gang this morning along 309. good news if you're coming into downtown, vine street expressway open for business, in problems or delays coming into the city at least for right now. but right after the rush hour, 9:00, penndot will start working northbound between center city up through girard, so watch for delays on that stretch of 95 in the construction zone as you head on up toward cottman avenue and all the way up to woodhaven road. i wonder how long this map will fly for. >> landing, please? >> boom, we're going to stop at woodhaven road. then another cone zone for sue serio heading out to the outlets later on. 422 westbound. you hear that? if you see her coming into the outlet. look out. she's admit she's broke. but westbound watch for lane restrictions as you wake your way out to saint gabriel's curb. mass transit looking good. lauren back to you. >> thanks developing out of indonesia. at least four people, including
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a policeman are dead after militants carried out a series of coordinated gun and bomb attacks, happening in the heart of the indonesian capital. it happened at a star bucks cafe in a shopping center at a busy intersection there. so far no one claimed responsibility for the attacks. button dough amnesia's national police spokesman believe it was connected to the islamic state group. apologizing for entering any iranian waters. they're back at a u.s. military facility but the video where the sailors are on their knees with hands behind their heads makes it look like a surrender to i iranian forces and it's controversial much like the apology in what officialss call a stageed interview. they held them in the persian gulf tuesday. the navy says mechanical trouble with one of the boats had been adrift. chris. >> tonight is the sixth time gop presidential candidates will
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take the stage. this time in charleston south carolina. the headlineers, donald trump, marco rubio, ted cruz, seven candidates will be in the prime time debate hosted by fox business network, it will take place minute away from the emmanuel ame church. of course the scene of the last june of mass shooting. senator cruise is at the top spot, neck and neck with donald trump. trump has been rising, the billionaire still questioning whether cruise could be president because he was born in canada. >> you got to sort of make sure you can run, run, a lot of lawyers say you can't run if you do that. you can't be born in canada. you can't be a canadian citizens and i hope it works out for him. i really do. >> marco rubio criticized cruz saying he's flip-floping, one you won't see, rand paul who declined an invitation, the debate will take place tonight
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at 9:00 on the fox business network. >> atlantic city leaders say lawmakers are planning a hoflt take over. new jersey sthat steve sweeney introduced a bill giving the state vast power over most major decisions including atlantic city, atlantic city's mayor and other city leaders are sort of against this, they held a news conference yesterday. started with a show of solidarity but city council president said they need state help, not a take over. >> i want to extend the olive branch to the state to continue further discussions to let go ourselves but an olive branch is a to-way street, goes both ways, we're not going to be bullied, intimidated but we want to work for the common goal what's best for atlantic city. >> says too early to say how the city is planning to take over if the bill moves forward. he will be on good day later this morning to talk about the
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city's future and a possible take over. it's one of those things that completely totally grosses you out. right? . >> you're talking about hair? >> yes. >> it's disgusting. when you look at this video, a customer actually shot this with their cell phone. it's two employees, treating a woman's braided hair in a pot that's used in the kitchen. a pot used to cook food. this video was taken inside a waffle house in forrest city arkansas. several customers broke out their phones when they saw what was going on. >> i just thought it was nasty and i needed to let somebody see this. >> waffle house corporate office started an investigation because of this video. both of these people you see here, both employees have been fired. >> as they should have. the state department of health also took action doing a full inspection of that restaurant. they found it was no major violations. that's pretty major. >> video looks major; right?
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. better ingredients, better pizza, that's papa john's properties. how the chain is promising to deliver on that after making big changes from pizza to cookie, sweet treats may be in your future. the girl scouts biggest run of the year getting ready to take off.
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this is disturbing. smokers may be inhaling as much as 25 times the tar of a single
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cigarette. researchers found one hookah delivers about 25 times the tar. two and a half times the nicotine and ten times the carbon monoxide as cigarette smoke. while a cigarette smoker may smoke 20 cigarettes day a frequent hookah may only participate in a few sessionings each day. papa john making a switch. planning to get rid of all artificial ingredients. it will be applied to all pizza, topings, desserts. it will be first to make that switch. the second move papa john's is making to improve ingredients. >> pizza sounds good right now. doesn't it? chapolte trying to reverse losses after a series of food scales. sales plunged 30 percent after
5:26 am
the eco li outbreak. the key is taking measures to reduce the risk of another food scare. are you one of those who wait all year for the girl scout cookies to come? girl scout cookies officially starts two days in our area, remember to use. remember the tag alongs? all of the revenue raised through the sales goes right back to local girl scouts. so they're a great source of funding four their program. they do so much good. the tradition started nearly 100 years ago. they're going to come in. we're going to do a little taste test with mike jerrick. >> is it during the 9:00 hour? i'm down here too. >> were you a girl scout. >> i was not but i did indulge in the cookies.
5:27 am
bob knows. >> the chewy ones. >> i loved that toasted coconut. >> the kicker for the vikings is getting major back lash for his team. a group of students is showing him a little compassion. the rewards they will see today for the kind words they send his way. >> hard to watch. and it was the philly nights on american idol. we're going to tell you who got the golden tickets to hollywood. >> i have a question for you. >> i think i can answer it. >>
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♪ give it to me i'm worth it ♪ ♪ baby i'm worth it ♪ ♪ uh huh i'm worth it ♪ ♪ gimme gimme i'm worth it ♪ ♪ give it to me i'm worth it ♪ ♪ baby i'm worth it ♪
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. good morning, it's 5:30, local leaders will meet in philadelphia to discuss the safety of our city. this after the ambush shooting attack on a philadelphia police officer which, by the way, is for you being called a terrorist attack by the fbi. >> power ball fever ended. three people will split the record jackpot. we have a few new million there's in our area. stop by our studios. we're tracking where the lucky tickets were sold. come on over. look at diana. she's like hey winners. >> what are you posting? you're posting stuff about tough on my chair. >> are you just for you seeing
5:31 am
this? . >> yes. >> this girl has been so busy behind the scenes this morning. it's ridiculous. >> i have a job after my job. >> we all do. >> first of all, the flyers won again, this is five in a row now? >> four in a row. i heard that this morning. they won last night. bus stop buddy is wearing a flyers cap. >> speaking of sports. friday could be golf weather again. >> kind of. we could hit 50. you know if you're bundled up and you love golf that much, sure, go out there. temperatures this morning, still pretty cold. but it's not as windy as it was. bus stop buddy says, yeah, still wear the gloves and winter coat and the hat but at least the hat won't below off your head. we got a seven out of 10 in your weather by the numbers. we have been watching just a little bit of snow shower activity. mostly moving through the lehigh valley. we have one little area move out of chester county. looks like it's dissipating as
5:32 am
it gets to salem in new jersey. nothing here in philadelphia. something worth mentioning but not a big deal. 27 degrees but a windchill of 19 with an eight miles an hour wind out of the south and sunrise coming at 7:21 this morning. temperatures are mostly in the 20's this morning. teens in the poconos mountains. with the lack of wind, we're not seeing a windchill that's that much different than the actual temperature: do expect sunshine today and do expect to be warmer than yesterday's 29 degree i temperature. more seasonal 42 for your thursday. we'll talk more about that seven-day forecast, holiday weekend coming up. bob will have it for you. >> good morning, be everybody, 5:32 on this thursday morning. live look at the 42 freeway coming in to philadelphia. not bad. off to a good start. kind of quiet. no reports of icing in south jersey. good morning to conshohocken. this as you work your way in
5:33 am
toward conshohocken, not that far from the huge water main break that we had there yesterday. as sue mentioned, some areas waking up to snow squalls this morning. a lesson learned from yesterday that the areas where you see the snow squalls be prepared those roads could be a little slippery as you roll out of the driveway. like quakertown, wilmington, south jersey. on the roosevelt boulevard southbound, accident at red lion road and the boulevard there. look out, otherwise, we don't have the wind today, the speed restrictions on the bridges, looking good on tacony palmyra and the burlington bristol. 95 in good shape for the moment. later on paved said to work noshld between center city heading up to bridge street. if you're heading to the airport, to get out of town, lucky you, no delays. lauren back to you. senator pat toomey set to hold a press conference later this morning on the shooting of philadelphia police officer jessica hartnett and what the fbi now calling a terror attack
5:34 am
that video still hard to watch. steve keeley is live in center city with more on this story. good morning, steve. >> reporter: likely the bigger headline today will be what's happening here at the fbi field office. that's a visit from the fbi director, who happened to be in pittsburgh yesterday. all of this is part of a planned second tour of all 56 of the bureaus field offices across the country. how planned and perfectly timed is this one coming a week to the day that jesse hartnett also got assassinated oh streets. and that was one of the things that the director was asked about yesterday particular reporters in pittsburgh. >> we are investigating that as a terror attack and trying to understand, as we do if all these cases, what were the motivations and often it's a tangled web we have to untangle. who directed or inspired the individual, if anyone. and who else might have been involved? that's the work we do. that's the work we're doing right now in that case. >> reporter: as jesse hartnett recovers at the hospital. it's been a week now of
5:35 am
recovery. but he's got a lot more recovery. talking to commissioner ross yesterday. he says he has at least two more surgeries planned now. maybe even more after that. he still got a long road ahead. >> steve keeley, thank you so much. let's lighten the mood a little bit. >> this is the stuff that happens be i'll run and get water during the commercial break and lauren will just surreptitiously drape this over my chair or something. what is this? looks sort of like a woman's under garment. can you explain what this is? >> i sure will. what happened was the shirt is new and i hadn't worn it before. at his was in here like this, it was rubbing and it wasn't the right way and i didn't like it. when you don't like something you get rid of it. i cut it out. >> that said, we're having fun, because finally we're not going to be harassed by people at work give me 2 bucks to be part of
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the pool. power ball fever is officially over. >> three people celebrating huge this morning. we don't have a winning big jackpot in our area but smaller winnings in pa and new jersey. power ball says there was a $2 million match five power play winner sold somewhere in new jersey. we don't know where exactly yet. also, there was a $1 million match five winner in jersey and in pa. so the winners can opt for annual payments. the winners identities here are the winning numbers. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the power ball was 10. >> thanks for nothing, mike jerrick. here's the deal, mike is generous. he walks around the newsroom and bought all these tickets and handed them out and said good luck. >> he says. >> he says, if you win, looks at you and said do what you think is right.
5:37 am
>> or do the right thing. not one number. >> here's the right thing. thanks for the losing ticket. >> still very generous. >> what's left for the eagles replacing chip kelly?
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5:39 am
. available coaching pool coaching candidates got smaller, the eagles did not hit the power
5:40 am
ball. the latest is new york giants been mcadoo. he's going to be hired by the giants as headcoach. one of six people interviewed for the eagles job. he may have been a good candidate but reports to that the eagles were ready to hire mcadoo not true. i think it's between tom coughlin and shurmur. since the offensive coordinator hugh jackson was hire cleveland. other candidate is kansas city offensive coordinator dug pederson who works under andy reid and at one time was under the eagles. >> if it's in my future to become a headcoach, then there's a lot of great examples of him leading a team, an organization that i can use in my future as well. >> flyers in a tough one last night playing boston at the wells fargo, tied it up two to two. giroux shot will score the flyers beat boston 3-2. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. here's the deal quickly.
5:41 am
what's synonymous with football? eating a bunch of winnings. these are from sugarhouse casino. i'm going to attempt to eat 400 wings in four hours all to promote that you can try out for the wing bowl this year today and qualify. just walk off the streets, we'll have all the details coming up. this is one of six trace they've sent in. >> i'm glad they signed you up for that. >> we're going to need a bigger boat. >> you better have an appetite. minnesota vikings fan won't soon forget sunday. >> vikings with a chance to win it. all they had to do was kick a 25 yarder, blare walsh sends it wide left. viking season right here over. >> while many fans are blaming him for the loss, one teacher is teaching her students to show compassion for this poor guy. the children wrote letters of
5:42 am
encouragement to him. >> you are very good. >> i know you can do it. you can win the gunman. you are the best. >> maybe you need to practice. love cody. >> what a good guy. he's going to show up and meet with the kids because he was so touched by them. one of the long of the running science infection series on tv in history returns to preview as the xfiles mini series gets set to air on fox. >> 6:00
5:43 am
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what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all."
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i say "don't eat me now." ♪ he's turning 48. ll's real name is james todd smith. is that lushes lips. >> ladies love. >> i know they like his lips. how did you know that. >> i like him. i've been around forever too. >> since when? . >> i men like in the music world. >> i think going back to early 90's. right? >> ok, sue serio, happy birthday
5:46 am
to ll cool jay. >> we got something interesting going on. look at this, we're tracking the tropics. yes, i'm telling you what's happening, here we are in philadelphia. now, we're going to go off the african coast and see that we have our first named storm of the season, some tropical storm alex. this is rare this happens but this is a storm headed northward and it is a threat to the az ors. where are they? a set of islands off the west coast of africa. this is a storm that has tropical characteristics. we'll take a look at the status for the storm coming up but we do have cold weather that is happening around here. it's just not as windy as it was yesterday. so there's a little bit of snow to the north of us. we were watching some in the lehigh valley. mostly around easton. looks like that's dissipating
5:47 am
and we also have a little area that was in bucks county. so if you had a little coating of snow when you walk out the door, don't be surprised. it's a weak disturbance. right now temperatures in the 20's. 27 in the city, 14 in mount pocono. 28 wildwood, 26 in dover. and because of these winds, which are on the light side this morning, we don't have too much of a windchill, but temperatures in the 20's are still pretty cold. in fact, we never got out of the 20's yesterday. after 65 degrees on sunday, wednesday's high was only 29, but we rebound today to 42 degrees. 50 tomorrow with clouds increasing. looks like we'll get rain at night on friday. then on saturday night, we'll probably be fine. sunday night into monday, another chance of precipitation with a cold front. it will be cold on monday again bob kelly. >> 5:47 on this thursday
5:48 am
morning. we're off to a pretty good start. live at the schuylkill expressway. disabled truck on the website right at the montgomery drive off-ramp of the schuylkill expressway but the major roadways are dry. what a difference a day can make, no problems on the freeway if you're coming in to the city getting ready for thursday morning rush hour. accident south on the boulevard at red lion road. we don't have the wind so we're ok on the bridges tacony palmyra, burlington bristol. thursday we jump in the news van puck a different spot and go for breakfast. we're going to be live at the marlton diner from 9:00 to 10:00 today along route 70 right there near route 73. come on by, have breakfast, a cup of coffee. bring the kids. i'll be over there starting at 9:00. as sue mentioned up there in easton or any area where you say see a snow squalls this morning, not going to accumulate but it will tend to leave the roads slippery, just be ready as you roll out of the driveway.
5:49 am
chris back over to you. >> i can't wait to see some of that breakfast if i do. it is one of the longest running science infection tv shows in history. now it returns to fox. we're talking about fox put's michelle paul ino has the details on the xfile mini series. >>. >> reporter: it was a reunion 13 years in the making as the cast and crew the x files celebrated their new sixth episode mini series. >> more danger. >> do something about it. >> reporter: airing nine seasons from '93 to 2000, the show about two fbi special agents who investigate unsolved para normal fen not to my knowledge anonymous was brought back by the crater. >> 23 years that the show has been on. >> if we can't do a movie, maybe we can do this, if you want to.
5:50 am
talked to joan about it and actually it's a really interesting way to tell our stories, you know, in short six-hour season. >> you are on dangerous ground here. >> it was all about timing. a lot of it was before this point, before the last couple of years, networks weren't interested in doing small amounts of episodes, you know, our version of the show is doing 24 a year, which i do not know how we survived. i would not be able to survive if i was asked to do that again. >> what should the show's loyal fan base expect. >> always stirring the pot. there's definitely a new twist on the old stories. we'll see how people take to it. >> he's still in medicine and she's still got the drugs, and so there's, you know, there's not much that's changed.
5:51 am
except they're not together at this particular moment. >> need your expertise. >> for joan who place a popular tv reporter in a few episodes. being part of this project is a dream gig. >> i would have held a glass of water and handed it to david or jillian and said thank you, i hope you enjoy your water in this scene and walked away. >> the x files premiers january 24th. >> you saw it last night right here. american idol was in philadelphia. >> the auditions were held in august. a teen from ocean city new jersey wowed the judges. >> there is a house in new orleans they call the rising sun ♪ it's been ruin.
5:52 am
>> that's gina isabella. her name is brenda cay start. she got a golden ticket but the singer named philly idol on good day philadelphia not so lucky. >> that's the ones we sit outside. >> didn't kenny gamble come in as one of the judges. there's a creative way to showcase philadelphia's pieces and places. we're going to show you the new emojis that's going to allow you to send brotherly love to your friends and family.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
nice clear morning if you're flying anywhere from out of philadelphia international airport. it's a confusing time for one direction fans. rumors burning up social media saying the members of one direction are heading in different directions. announced last year that the boys are taking an extended hiatus. we reported that. some sources are claiming that
5:56 am
hiatus is permanent. others say it's nothing more than a rumor. next text message or e-mail about to get a little more fun if you're a fan of emoji, visit philadelphia just released more than 60 of them, and they represent the people, places and things that make philly philly. so you can now include an emoji of independent hall, ben franklin. cheese steaks, they're available for android and apple phones and the early consensus is an emoji talk, thumbs up. >> as a temple owl graduating in 2016, i would definitely use the temple. >> it's so cute. my goodness, i love it. >> ready to download them. >> is there a red owl tavern emoji? the download is free. visit philadelphia is promising
5:57 am
more to come. no one hit the power ball. but we do have a few winners, straight ahead good day philadelphia with alex and mr. michael eugene jerrick
5:58 am
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6:00 am
not a billionaire. there are three folks that hit the jackpot in the united states though. california, tennessee, florida. there are some millionaires in our area. we'll check it out. it was a terror attack, the addressing the threat against philadelphia police, what they're doing after the fbi provides new details about the ambush on a philadelphia police officer. >> the head of the fbi is in philly. plus, philadelphia time to shine last night. local auditions on american idol last night. guess what? guess who i saw? our good day philadelphia american idol contestant. he made the cut last night. he made it on to the show, and chris murphy, are you wing bowl worthy? how many wings can he eat in four hours, starting now. the winner of last year


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