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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  January 14, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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tickets just yet if you live in our area. new details with the fbi director is now admitting about the ambush shooting attacks on a philadelphia police officer. first nightmare for atlantic city new jersey proposes a state take over of the struggling gambling resort town, while the mayor is comparing the idea to the bombing of pearl harbor. regret. we all have them. what about a reminder of your past? there's another way get rid of your unwanted tattoos forever. proving to be a lot less painful. >> thursday, january 14th, 2016. this is throw back thursday. every thursday is. i don't know why off the top of my head i want to go back and do the 90's. decade of the 90's. >> it was great.
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let's start playing 90's music. guess what. >> if you do the 90's you have to do at his one song. >> this is ♪ this is how we do it ♪ . >> you know this guy right here can be seen at half time of the 76er game tonight. but to warm up, he's going to sing at our studio on good day philadelphia. >> they still play this song today. >> i used to play that djaying at the roller skating rink, it was a good backward skate. >> can you do some of those dance moves. >> he's going to be performing in studio. we got to get our dance moves together. >> everybody come down from
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newsroom. chris, how are you doing? how do you eat 440 wings in four hours. >> i'm not doing it. not feel very good. >> he was all excited about this yesterday. been complaining ever since. >> he's an hour in. heel even to 100, let's pick up the pace. let's get to the numbers today. while we see what's going to happen. a seven out of 10, that looks a lot better than the past couple days. it's not as windy as it was, there's bus stop buddy with the intimate tins and winter coat. we have temperatures in the 20's, at least not the single digit windchill that we had yesterday. that's improvement but still cold and we have sflenow flurri not much is making it to the ground. 27 right now, 42 should be our high, that's more seasonal than we were uv when it was bitter
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cold. 32 overnight. that's your fox cast for thursday, getting closer to the holiday weekend. bob kelly. forecast just ahead. >> here's a live look at i95. southbound jammo from approaching cottman avenue into the work zone we had an earlier accident moved off to the shoulder. dealing with a crash on the schuylkill eastbound right at the 476 interchange. off to the shoulder. but still attracting some attention there, 15 minute delays on the trenton line, first train out of the gate. same deal we had problems yesterday with the cold weather, then on the roosevelt boulevard, southbound an accident at red lion. mt. laurel, left over from yet, that sewer main break, still working along hartford road and passing along to folks just waking up in mt. laurel. it's a no shower thursday. they're asking to preserve water as much as you can through 9:00 a.m. over in mt. laurel. kids, you still have to brush your teeth. alex, back over to you. thank you, bob kelly.
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about to show you number, really changed some lives last night. do you see them right here? yes. changed at least three lives. these are the winning power ball numbers. 4, 8, 19, 27, 34 and the power ball is 10. but if you're upset about this like i am, don't throw away your tickets just yet. there are new millionaires in pennsylvania and new jersey this morning, dave kinchen. you're in bridesburg, went get the big bucks but we may have me millions can. >> reporter: we're at the 7-eleven in bridesburg, a lot of people are disappointed or letting out a collective sigh. they didn't want to talk about it. we tried to talk to some people and get thoughts but we do though that there are some millionaires potentially in our area. a massive crowd outside of the 7-eleven in suburban los angeles. about 35 miles outside of anna
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heim there where california lottery officials say a what was this ticket to for a power ball jackpot was sold. maybe the winner is somewhere in the crowd. we know the store will come off with a pretty good percentage. other winning tickets sold in tennessee and florida. that means there are at least three winners for that 1.5 billion dollars historic jackpot. power ball also says there was a $2 million match five power play. winner sold somewhere in new jersey. we don't know that exact location. also, we know two 1 million dollar match five winners in jersey and pa exist. we just don't know exactly where they are. i went on twitter last night. i said the chances of me winning the power ball was probably, ice tea recording with black is a bath and ice tea tweeted me and said i did record with black sabbath about 20 years ago. we're kind of, yeah. >> amazing reference.
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>> the odds were somewhere weird. it was cool to hear back particular him. maybe he won. who knows? maybe ice tea won. >> he's been out there five hours. we'll check back with you. 7:06. we have senators in town, the head of the fbi in philadelphia today. >> and that's because there is a very big thing we learned about the fact they're calling the ambush on a philadelphia police officer a terror attack. officially calling it that. >> where is this meeting going to take place and when. >> reporter: there's a couple beneath here and right behind this building at police headquarters probably. they're going to be here all day. toomey will have a news conference, you're probably going to hear jim comey the head of fbi have is a news conference and probably the idea would be have everybody there. i know commissioner ross has to update senator casey both on the shooting of jesse hartnett and the potential future threatening terror acts here in philadelphia. remember, folks, while we've had the power ball a pretty nice fun
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distraction for the past week, it was exactly a week ago tonight jesse hartnett somehow ducked those assassin's point-blank bullets blocking them with his arm that got shattered by three of the 13 shots. he gets these visitors today on the federal level as the fbi director in both pa, u.s. senators plan to stop here in philly to talk more about what is now openly acknowledged as a for sure no tip toe ing around it terrorist attack. >> we're investigating this as a terrorist attack, what were the motivations? who directed or inspired the individual if anyone, that's the work we're doing right now in that case. >> reporter: well, the fbi comments made in pittsburgh yesterday where he made a visit
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to that bureau's field office on his second tour of all 56 fbi office. it's purely coincidental he's here in philly at the fbi office a week to the day officer hartnett was shot but planned and perfectly timed in that at me to kill our police officer and the fbi concentrated investigation all week since weekend tip we're leading to show it on monday about that assassin being just one of four radicals here who could be planning more attacks on people and police officers. still on edge. you know those agents don't want to stop to update politicians to give them a tour of the office, that's part of the job and probably welcome for all the federal attention and maybe extra dollars that can come with it. >> senator casey will be there 12:30 and give remarks lauren what else police say man died after being found with stab wounds behind a west philadelphia walgreen's late last night.
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man found on 63rd near vine be taken to the hospital where he died. investigators are trying to figure out if the man was stabbed there or happened somewhere else and left outside the store. no word on arrests. two philadelphia police officers injured in car accident late last night. happened before midnight on the 100 block in east willard street in kensington. fox 29 learned the officers were me their patrol car when another car crashed right into them. the driver of the other car bailed led to a short chase through the neighborhood. police caught up with the person, arrested him. officers are said to be ok. suffering minor injuries to the head and leg. delaware community showing support for a family dealing with a tragic loss, a three-year-old girl and her little sister three months old killed tuesday when the family's home went up in flames in wilmington. their mother seriously burned in that fire. last night, friends, families and neighbors gathered for a vigil outside the home and a memorial service at city of
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victory church. >> you lost kids, lost children. you know, i feel for you. i never knew how it would feel to lose babies. >> those who game to show support brought bags of clothing and other items the family needed in wake of that fire. mike and alex? i have something for you to do lauren don johnson. watch republican's debate. we're coming up on the primarys and the caucuss and stuff like this, this will be in south carolina tonight. there are ten candidates left for the gop. but seven of them will be on the main stage. doug in charleston, south carolina? >> seven on the main stage, just three for the under cut debate. there would have been four, as you know, rand paul decided he didn't want to play ball since he didn't get on to the main
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stage. the under card is going to be tiny, carli fiorino mike huckabee and rick is an tore rum. >> she had momentum after second debate. remember that? even though it was at the kid's table. >> she had such a good performance she was able to kind of go up to the main stage. she knows how to do this. she knows how to get back up on to that main stage. can she do it at this late stage in the debate? we'll see. the good news for her, she's at the kids's table but sitting at the head if that makes a difference. >> probably does. doug, is the first question maybe to ted cruz, you know, donald trump is not even sure you should be running because you were born in canada. that the got to be right to at the top tonight. >> yes, that's going to be one of the big issues here.
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for so long, we saw ted cruz and donald trump kind of dance around one another. cruz didn't go after trump. because of that trump wouldn't go after cruz. this has changed. cruz is doing much better in iowa. a real threat to donald trump. so drum's is going after cruz. >> the guys that haven't gone after trump are lost now. what happened to dr. ben carson? he refused to attack him. >> carson fallen significantly in the polls, maybe is his experience, part so much attention shifted to international issues and that's not his strongist point. he's kind of gun to fade away. >> what time is the debate in charleston. >> 9:00. >> it's on the fox business network. doug we'll see you tomorrow thank you for that.
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>> 7:12 almost 7:13 the world health organization has declared an end to the ebola outbreak in lie beer ia. it joins beginny and sierra leone which earned the status last year, west africa could still see flare-ups of the virus, ebola killed more than 11,000 people in that area since december of '13. it's exactly 7:13 now, here's sue serio. >> normally we don't talk about the tropics till june. we're talking tropics in january. here we are in philadelphia. here's some tropical storm and look at the name, alex, it's look at your swirling out of control. no now, you're swirling out of control. >> you look at a couple nuns at a party. >> this storm is a threat to the
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az or e s. it's a 70 miles an hour storm. it's not heading towards us, once it gets off where it is, he said not a threat to anybody. first time this happened since 1978 we use first name on our list in january. we've got a few snow flurries in the poconos mountains, they will celebrate any amount of natural snow. looks like snow squalls moving through easton in a weft disturbance and we're going to keep an eye on this, we could get a coating around the poconos mountains happening right now. also happening right now, temperatures are in the 20's, 30 degrees in wildwood. we never got out of the 20's yesterday but good news is the winds are calmer than they were yesterday. so here's yesterday's high -- look at this roller coaster ride over the last seven days, 65 on sunday, 29 was our highest. today, 42. tomorrow, 50, bingo. 47 on saturday.
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we could have rain friday night into saturday. in fact, it's looking more and more likely that it would be heavy rain overnight though. it's gone by 9:00 on saturday morning. we'll have sunshine the rest of the day and then another of rain with a cold front sunday night, meaning that martin luther king day will be bitter cold, bob kelley. just like yesterday. >> thank you, sister sue. confirmation practice after today. 7:15, a live look at northbound lanes of 202 in the construction zone here at 401. there's no shoulder. you get somebody walking around on the roadway. what's going to happen, there's a penndot, going to come up here and back down in left lane there in order to get this guy out. for the folks that are coming up from west chester heading north on 202, up to the schuylkill, be ready for a delay. delays on the vine street expressway heavy over through the schuylkill. 15 minute delays on septa's trenton line be first train had
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problems with the cold weather. by the way over the weekend, they're making adjusts on the media elwyn and chestnut hill east regional rail lines, they will be handing schedules out this morning, schuylkill not bad, fender-bender on 476. slow go as you work your way downtown into center city. mike and alex back over to you. >> yesterday i said i wanted the eagles to hire mcadoo. that will be the headlines in new york, because the new york giants beat us to it. they hired offensive coordinator ben mcadoo as their head coach yesterday. he was one of the six people that we were interviewing. he may have been a good candidate. our own howard eskin reports rumor the eagles were ready to hire him are untrue. according to howard, the search is now between tom coughlin, and pat shurmur. that's who you think is going to
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get it don't you alex. >> i do. i think they're going to try and keep it in-house. >> because of sam. >> sam said i worked with shurmur. i like, as long as things go that way, i'm interested in staying. >> also, there was interest in hugh jackson by a lot of fans. eagles didn't interview him. cincinnatti's offensive coordinator hugh jackson got hired yesterday believe it or not he's going across the state to be the headcoach of the cleveland browns. >> there's another candidate out there we haven't talked about doug pederson. he was interviewed in cans city, works under andy reid and one time also coach with the eagles. >> he played for us. >> 1999. >> things i've learned from copy reid, if it's in my future, to become a headcoach, then there's a lot of great examples of him leading a team anding or that i can use in my future as well.
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>> he has an opportunity complement to the hard work he's put in. he's done a nice job. he's ready to do that. if he has the opportunity more power to him. >> time choice. the daily news back cover. look at the picture they found of doug when he played quarterback. look at his eyes wide open. look at the headline there. pederson knows what it's like to not be the people's choice. well he was in competition with donovan mcnabb. who was the other guy? brian? i'll look it up. >> we're down to three. shurmur, pederson and coughlin. >> pretty much. >> we'll have to see what happens. i just want a new coach. all of this uncertain. let's get this going so we can figure out what's happening. >> are we going to be the last
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ones to choose? >> i open not. >> there's indication they have more people they're going to fly in to interview. that it's not down to three. >> they just took a break for the owner's conference. >> i might like at david shaw guy, try college one more times. so the flyers is something to cheer about. they've wouldn't four straight. they won a game last night against the boston bruins. >> i'm all for it. let's go flyers, let's go. >> they were down two to one in the third. but tied it up. wayne system mondays playing well last night, the captain giroux would help set up the game winner. so flyers have won tour straight. i like those uniforms too. four straight. i believe chris, did you say we're playing the ranger this weekend. >> 1:00 saturday. >> here? >> yes. >> he might not make it.
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>> former nfl player lawrence phillips out of the university of nebraska was found dead inside of his jail cell in california last night. >> investigators suspect that he died by suicide. >> remind everybody. lawrence was serving a 31-year plus term for assaulting his former girlfriend and driving his car into about four teenagers. authorities say he also strangled his prison cell mate to death last year. this guy had such promise coming out of the university of nebraska. he was in the draft six overall, first round of the draft by the st. louis rams. played for a couple other teams. 40 years old. 40. what a wasted life. he had it all. playing for the rams, making millions and couldn't stay out of trouble. now he's dead. 7:20. >> wake up. stop hitting the snooze.
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there's a new alarm clock you can buy that won't let you -- won't let up until you're actually physically out of bed. . >> the darn alarm makes you get out of bed. how? we'll explain. >> that's what you need. will the state take oversave atlantic city? apparently the mayor doesn't think so. why he is comparing the idea to the bombing of pearl harbor. >> what?
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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alex i planned your three-day weekend. >> i have a three-day weekend? >> do you have monday off. >> i'm working. do you have it off. >> i'm working. that actually is real snow in the poconos. >> my gosh, i'm going to go. i have to go this year ythat camera is on top of sky top lodge if you want to know the exact location of that real snow. do you have a hard time getting up? maybe you need a new alarm clock or alarm mat. lauren, how does this work? does this force you to get out of bed. >> yes, you have to put two feet on this mat and they have to be
7:25 am
there firmly for three seconds at least three seconds, then the alarm will stop sounding. hopefully after you jumped out of bed and three seconds, ruggi e. you can't buy it in the star, you can buy it in kick starter, when it does hit store shelves, it would be about hundred. >> i know a way to defeat it. >> one alarm clock in the kitchen and one by your bed. >> i use my phone and lay it on my chest which is probably killing me. i shouldn't do that. another thing lauren. >> that's too easy to snooze. you just touch it. somehow, my phone was under me. my body was i guess turning it off or causing it not to. >> your body was turning it on.
7:26 am
>> i overslept for work, it wasn't disastrous. >> i will show you my alarm situation here on my phone. hole please, lauren. by the way, you look fantastic today. come on, you jerk. see how often i got 4:11, 4:21. >> 4:11? i'm already pretaping at 4:11. what a slacker. >> your job stinks. and mine is great. >> what else you got. >> real quickly. i know how to defeat this new mat. you simply tape it to the headboard. flip around and should have your feet against the headboard to shut it off. >> ok. >> i'm done. good-bye, lauren. see you tomorrow. >> you're not the only one.
7:27 am
3:05, 3:15 be 3:20 be 3:25-3:30. 3:32 and it keeps going. 3:34, 3:42. >> i used to have an alarm clock inside of a softball and when the alarm went off you picked up the ball threw it across the room and it shut it off what did you think about this legislature yesterday? new jersey proposes a state take over of atlantic city. why the mayor is comparing this to the bombing of pearl harbor? we'll talk to him. >> later, regrets. have them. what about a permanent reminder of your past? the new way to get rid of your unwanted tattoos forever. >> can i get rid of this one? look. >> no. jape
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winter is hard on your nose.
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from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today.
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>> ♪ >> what is this 20 years ago? >> it's still good for this day though because this is how we do it. we're doing throw back thursday. everybody likes throw back thursday every thursday but this thursday we're really feeling it. we decided if we're going to do throw back thursday we're going to do throw back thursday. >> we're celebrating the 90's. this had to be in the mid 90's montel jordan had.
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he'll sing for the sixer six si. >> we'll have montel jordan in the studio. >> you know what happens in one hour folks about the in hollywood? it's the oscar nominations. academy awards alex holly we'll take you there lie. how does that sound? i bet this gets a nomination for sure. >> leonardo dicaprio hopefully. we'll see. >> i'm on sly watch. i'll see if sylvester stallone gets a academy award nomination. >> won the golden globes. sometimes they'll get accolades from one organization and other will snub you. >> what about michael b jorda jordan. i hope he does. >> foreigners do the golden globes. these are good americans. >> my gosh, mike. >> in "creed" is stallone the supporting actor? >> yes. >> yes. >> supporting actor. >> michael b jordan is the -- >> we just saw that last weekend. >> calm down. >> his performance was so good. >> you know what, i think it might be carl weathers
7:32 am
birthday. >> the original apollo creed. >> carl weathers birthday, apollo creed. >> look at that. >> all going come together in hollywood. >> character is no longer with us but carl weathers is. not as windy as yesterday. temperatures are in the 20's but unlike yesterday it actually feels like it's in the 20's. still cold so take bus stop buddy's advisement wear your gloves and winter coat today. it's a seven out of 10. it's a little bit better but we are watching that area of snow moving through the pocono mountains right now. little bit of it in the lehigh valley. this one looks a little more intense than earlier this morning when we were watching just some flurries flying around so that's good. very welcome for the pocono mountains. 27 degrees right now. a little bit of a wind 7 miles an hour so it feels like 19 out there and we he expec expect much milder than yesterday. we only made to it 29 for yesterday. we'll be at 39 for lunchtime topping out at 42 degrees and that's much more seasonable
7:33 am
and not as harsh as it was on wednesday. but there's another rollercoaster ride in our future bob kelly seven-day forecast coming up. >> good morning, everybody. 7:33 getting up getting out grabbing your coffee your keys, 202 northbound stacked up from boot road coming out of west chester up to 401 all because of this accident that pushed off into the construction zone. 95 a hot mess as well. southbound heavy from academy down through cottman avenue. had an earlier accident in the construction zone running with 15 minute delays on the trenton line. first train out of the gate has some problems because of the cold weather. the schuylkill expressway jammed up from 476 into and around your countie conshy curv. delay up towards belmont avenue. for the areas that saw maybe a snow squall or two this morning just be careful you could find some ice tea patches iicy patches.detours ard
7:34 am
transportation center. otherwise looking good on the bridges and no problems at the airport. mike and alex back over to you. >> quarterback from years ago with doug peterson bobby hoyne, yeah. just to clear that you. let's talk about el chapo may be sent to the united states like we want to stand trial. that's according to the head of the fbi. >> this comes after his arrest which followed a controversial meeting with actor sean penn. >> new details are now out about that meeting and "el chapo"'s attorney, he's got a number of attorneys criticizing sean penn the actor. jackie ibanez has more on this from new york. >> reporter: the secret meeting between infamous drug lord joaquin "el chapo" guzman and sean penn may not have been all it was cracked up to be. guzman reportedly never even heard of sean penn and was more interested in meeting actress kate decastillo than being interviewed for the movie. penn recently published an
7:35 am
article about the meeting claiming "el chapo" was bragging about his drug trafficking network. now the drug lord's lawyer is accusing penn of lying. [speaking foreign language] >> the interpreter: mr. penn should be called to testify to respond about the stupidities he has said and had revealing. >> reporter: mexican authorities embarrassed after "el chapo"'s two previous prison escapes are now more willing to hand him over to american authorities. the u.s. is now negotiating to extradite him but that process could take months 18 years. >> "el chapo" is the subject of charges in a variety of federal jurisdictions in the united states and i know the united states government is in conversations with the mexican authorities about possible extradition of him so he can stand justice here. >> reporter: guzman almost escaped after the raid on the home when he was hiding out in. those who lived nearby didn't even know the drug lord was living just a stone's throw away. >> the capture avenue drug lord may not help change the situation. he has broken out of jail twice with a large crowd of
7:36 am
people helping him. >> reporter: mexican authorities continue to move el chapo from cell to cell to prevent him from creating another escape plan. in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. >> thanks jackie. 7:36. do you have ed sheeran regrets? do you remember this tattoo of this line he put on his chest. >> who could forget. >> well, we have a new technique to remove tattoos and it can happen right here in philadelphia. and it can happen right here in philadelphia. in fact we'll show it to you next. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at >> ♪ >> is that nora a jones? she's good. she's pretty. >> uh-huh. >> good singer. >> ed sheeran he's pretty. >> but his at a time toot is not pretty. remember when he opened up and sent a picture of a lion, a huge lion tattoo that he got on his chest. >> oh. >> and then amber rose she got whiz khalifa's face tattooed on her arm. they're no longer together. >> this random person wanted to get bon jovi but it says
7:40 am
jon bovi. >> it says it's my life. >> it's is my life. >> let's get these tattoos off our body. how. >> we have to say good morning to dr. bernstein. >> good morning. >> there's a very curious reason why this guy is here many we're talking about this new laser called the peco and you're being paid to study this in some ways. >> i'm performing -- i performed and led the fda clinical trial that led to clearance of this laser meaning it's fda approved, fda cleared. >> we have some before and afters of the man we know as chef brian duffy. there's no cooking but there are pictures. talk to us a little bit about the before and after. it looks like there is no tattoo any. >> you can see it's totally gone. what's unique about this is the pulse duration is so short meaningless than a billionth of a second, it's a flash of
7:41 am
light, a flash of energy that wipes out the tattoo. why that's important is the granules are small so the smaller the granules the faster the pulse you need and until recently it was commercial available to give a pulse of light less than a billionth of a seconds. >> you're speaking as if you went to duke for engineering for your under grad. >> yes. >> which you d you mean it goes really fast. >> yeah, so fast the flash of light is less than a billionth of a seconds. >> what was a regular one? before what was it. >> five to 10 to a hundred billionths of a second. >> because it goes fast is it like a deeper strike. >> it's a more effective strike. so, it wipes out particles that the laser wouldn't see otherwise. it can see things, for example, we could never get out yellow ink. just looked at us and laughed at us. now we did a study with this laser and it just disappeared. we didn't expect that. we didn't know. it's really an innovation. >> his arm -- if you didn't know that that had some pretty disgusting tattoos on it --
7:42 am
>> it wasn't that bad. >> come on, it wasn't -- you weren't going put it on your profile . >> [laughter] to go -- to be like this bear clean, that's -- you couldn't do this before, right. >> it was harder. i think it offers a lot of possibilities we didn't have before. so, for example a lot of tattoos come in with just a shadow left. i turn to the peco way. >> before you would go to all this laserring and you could tell. >> it's really just another tool but a really cool one that we can use to remove tattoos and we are constantly doing investigative studies here. we'll do another one on green and blue ink. >> yeah i'm here for that one, too. >> i don't want to know -- cover yourself up. we don't need -- no, no, no, we don't need to know. he's a chef with bad tattoosly it's awesome. thank you for coming. in thank you for treating him. now you can take your photo whatever it is. come back. i don't think you need the
7:43 am
other thing much we'll talk about double chins in the next hour. mike, alex, you've seen this. i can't believe this is what he looks like. >> unreal. you don't see a thing. >> i don't see it either. it's like it never happened. >> we'll see you next hour. is it how to get a double chin or -- no, no, how to get rid of the double chin. >> how to get rid of the double chin. >> i can get rid of this now. >> no, i didn't know you had my name tattooed on you. >> from the day i met you. if you have any tattoo regrets yourself, i don't regret this one. >> you better not. >> use #fox 29 good day. we'll show it pictures throughout the show. >> as long as they're appropriate. >> let's get to atlantic city because a lot of viewers are down there tweeting we want to hear from the mayor. >> is this the worst nightmare for atlantic city. new jersey proposing a state takeover of the struggling city. why the mayor is comparing the idea to the bombing of pearl harbor. we're going to ask him about this next. >> ♪
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♪ i had an injury to my neck. it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
7:46 am
flush. >> 7:46. it's no secret that atlantic city has fallen on hard times. but is it a state takeover in the struggling gambling resort town's future? >> ♪ it was the premiere destination for gambling and partying. but in the last two years, atlantic city's skyline does not glow as bright as it used. the lights have dimmed in a resort that was always turned on. four of the 12 casinos have closed. 10,000 people have lost their jobs.
7:47 am
but there have been changes. there have been three previous state takeovers, a christie created tourism district an state of emergency manager. but now there could be an even bigger change. state senate president steven sweeney wants the state to take over atlantic city's finances. he introduced legislation for a formal plan and is threatening the struggling town to declare bankruptcy if the legislature does not approve the measure. but this does not come without opposition. mayor don guardian this week compared the proposal to japan's attack on pearl harbor. he told new jersey advanced media "it caught us completely off guard. it was our pearl harbor here, certainly no one was lost or killed but it was that kind of a surprise to me. ." joining us live now from atlantic city we have mayor don guardian. good morning, mr. mayor. >> good morning fox philadelphia. >> well, thank you. so, comparing sweeney's proposal to the pearl harbor attack do you think that was a little extreme?
7:48 am
>> no, when i compared to it pearl harbor, what i meant is the ambassador to the united states from japan was sitting at a table talking about peace and harmony with the secretary of state of the united states while they were bombing pearl harbor. and this is not different here. we're sitting at the table with our state mon, to our state emergency manager following every recommendation that they've made as we cut our cost of municipal government and do our best to recruit new businesses, as we diversify our economy away from simply being gaming centric. so, it's a complete surprise. the state would want to take over atlantic city. >> is it really a surprise, though? i mean, you guys have been getting help, what, since 2010. 10,000 people are without jobs. four out of 12 casinos have closed. the state has been working with you guys but we haven't really seen good results so is it really a surprise? >> so, i have to technological you that it's the proliferation of the 30 gaming casinos on the east coast that
7:49 am
has proved to be more than there are gamblers that want to gamble and so four casinos did close two years ago but the eight remaining this year did well. we stabilized. so maybe right sizing atlantic city casinos is actually what happened. now we realize we put all our eggs in one basket. a casino as a solution for government problems is a bad idea. it's a bad idea in north jersey, too its a bad idea wherever you do. you need to diversify the economy and that's why yesterday i talked about the excitement this spring of breaking ground for a university right near in atlantic city, new corporate offices, new housing and the sale of the showboat and opening up that as another hotel. >> what town was diversifying and also having another strategy and having the state come in and help if that means it's going to put atlantic city in there right direction? >> well, atlantic city's doing everything. the state right now through a memo of understanding has to
7:50 am
approve every contract, every budget, all of our hiring, firing any changes in salary. they have all of that. we've complied. the concept of a takeover it seems to be way, way -- a poor decision on the state's part. we're south jersey. we're not the confederacy. sending down an occupational force is not the way you do government. people were elected to run this municipality because of home rule and we're trying to do a very good job all of us. nine members of city council and myself. >> i think the issue is the way things have been going the state has to come back in with a lot of taxpayer dollars and support you guys i mean, sweeney has said the state is not going to come in and bail you out anymore. you need to fix this, get your act together, flock offer the bs and start addressing what you need to address. >> so, that couldn't be more incorrect. here are the actual facts. in the last 30 years atlantic city has spent $21 billion to the state of new jersey. so the question should be
7:51 am
what's the state of new jersey doing with our $21 billion? why are they not trying to help us out at the same proportion they're helping out 35 other urban areas in the state of new jersey. they're working with the mayor of camden helping with economic development dollars to rebuild that city as they are in trenton and patterson and newark and jersey city and irvington. we're asking for the same type of support. we just want to be treated equally. >> okay, welling thank you so much mayor guardian. i guess we'll have to see how this goes over with the legislators. >> thank you very much. have a great day everyone. >> you, too. all right. 7:51. well, it is a big, big morning for the stars. and all the movie lovers out there. the oscar nominations are less than an hour away. the revenant a big favorite thing this morning. leonardo dicaprio is also a big favorite. we want him to win, a lot of people do. we'll take you live to hollywood as they announce the nominations. will sylvester stallone get a nomination? we'll see.
7:52 am
hello lauren. >> hello alex. we're live in center city preparing for a big celebration in honor of mlk day on monday. there's a lot going on at this museum. we'll tell you all about it coming up after the break. >> ♪
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
>> ♪ >> 7:55. >> little stevie wonder. >> yeah. >> ♪ >> over here in trenton. >> there you go. that's what i'm looking for right there. >> ♪ >> this looks like fun. >> it does look like a lot of fun. they have a lot of fun at the african-american museum and you can go there, too, this weekend to have some fun. >> the museum has a lot going on there. interactive things planned in honor of this weekend martin luther king holiday of course is monday. lauren, you're over there right now. hi. >> reporter: i am. hello mike and alex. yeah, this is not an ordinary
7:56 am
museum where it's all quiet and you have to whisper and walk around like a party unside. here to tell us all about raki reynolds friend of the family at fox. how are you. >> i'm so excited about this weekend and i wanted to introduce you guys to the president and ceo of the african-american museum who will kick us off and tell us about the weekend. >> patti tells about it. >> good morning every unw a four day celebration of mlk's legacy. we have been working in partnership with citizens bank anand through their generosity we have programming friday through monday family friendly activities hands on. it's going to be a wonderful celebration. >> rakia is give us a sneak peek, right. what are we starting with. >> we're going to have antonio mcill wayne he's called the arm picasso. he'll do live painting a part of the inspire series. we'll have a local influence talk about economic empowerment among the millennial population and this is happening at a museum. a nontraditional place to talk
7:57 am
about economic empowerment but it's all about mlk. >> i love inside the museum there's music. >> we have music dancing hip hop culture jazz, you name it. it's going to be happening. it's family friendly. all ages. so no matter if you're eight or 80 you can come out this weekend and learn your favorite dances because you're going to have roger lee teaching you hip hop, culture, jazz and all the new dances as part of this great celebration. >> reporter: the kids can just jump in and join in when they want. >> we have one little girl just jumping in this morning. she was like i want to learn the nae nae. roger lee was i'm going teach you. he's teaching kids, teaching grand parents people of all ages how to dance and embrace our culture and celebrate this weekend. >> reporter: tell me about the other side of the dancers. >> we have a reenactment by a local actor who is portraying dr. martin luther king. so he's going to be going over some of his famous speeches. he's going to be doing poetry, he's going to be doing reading and again it gives you the culture, it brings you here
7:58 am
and it's lively and really brings you back to that moment in history and time. >> reporter: you guys are doing something very different than the traditional museum. you're like sort of bringing this all back to life. >> and that's what it is. it's an intra active visit filled with so many different things. family fun. and we wanted it to be exciting. we wanted to bring book the essence of it. part of the live paintings. people will come here not only to be educated but they'll be entertained and that's how you learn. you have to be entertained as well. >> reporter: you reference the millennials. you have to grab their attention and let people know the importance because so many times we think of mlk day as a day off but it really slob as we always hear a day on. >> it's a day of service. you're not supposed to be at home watching tv. you're supposed to be doing something with the community so as patti said earlier we're going so have citizens bank sponsors 1250 tickets so community organizations and people that normally don't get access to tickets, they will be able to be here so the under served communities.
7:59 am
it's about economic empowerment and bringing the community together. miss patty your last chance at a big invite for everyone at home. >> we hope everyone will come to the african-american museum in philadelphia 701 arch street friday saturday sunday and monday. tickets are two dollars saturday through monday and we have all those free tickets for outreach organizations. >> reporter: miss patti, rakia thank you so much. we appreciate you. mike and alex don't wait until monday. you can come and start partying tomorrow. >> tomorrow. >> come on down. >> you got a great job. hi, rakia. >> coming up on 8 o'clock here good day thursday january 14th 2016. >> the fox 29 studio. this is "good day" philadelphia. >> jackpot. we have three winners in the historic powerball drawing: bad news. nobody around here. one in california, one in
8:00 am
tennessee and one in florida. but there are millionaires in the delaware valley. >> a first for a local all girls school. one student now identifies as a boy. how a school on the main line is handling its first transgender student and why this is sparking a big conversation this morning. >> an big morning for the stars. the oscar nominations are moments away. the predictions right now as we take you live to hollywood. >> it is throw back thursday, isn't it. >> yes, it. >> well, guess who is on good day this morning? we're going to throw it back. >> okay. >> ♪ >> this is how we do it ♪ >> yes, that's montel jordan. >> and that's how we do it. take us back to the 90's at 9:00. >> we'll have to start the 8 o'clock hour, sue. some breaking news. this is overseas. actor allen rick man, you'll
8:01 am
recognize him, he has died. >> what. >> the star was known for his roles in harry potter. also, oh, one of his most iconic roles was hans gruber the villian in the original die hard movie. he played the sheriff of nottinghamly in robin hood prince of thieves. >> according to his family the star was suffering from cancer. he was 69 years old. >> wow, what a character. oh, yeah, harry potter. >> yes professor. >> he was in love actually. >> that's right. >> lot of people were just watching last christmas season because they watch it every year. >> that's so true. >> law so good. that's too bad. one minute past 8 o'clock on this thursday morning. should we check in on one chris murphy?? >> we should. >> two hours ago 6 o'clock in the morning his goal was to eat the same amount of wings that the winner of the wing bowl last year won. >> say that three times. >> which was 440 wings.
8:02 am
444. >> in 26 minutes. >> how many on your bowl there. >> i've eaten about 14. >> that's it? >> i've had a few and i threw them in there to help him out. >> i got a few. >> here's what we got. you got to pick up the pace brother. >> that's disgusting. >> keep going. you have two more hours. >> two more hours of this. >> while we watch that gluttony, oh, i asked sue to suegle how did we come up the term jackpot for things like the lottery. >> it comes from poker. goes back to the 18 70's, you know the game jacks or better. >> yeah. >> if you won jacks or better you won the pot, you won the jackpot. it caught on to this very day. >> you two look like little playing cards. [laughter] >> we think alike, sue. >> speaking of, what is the number i already forgot. seven. >> i picked seven today.
8:03 am
which is better than yesterday. it's cold but not as windy as bus stop buddy shows you. wear your mittens, wear your jacket but temperatures are at least feel like they're in the 20's. yesterday at this time we had single digit wind chills. so, little bit of flurry activity. we were watching in the pocono mountains. seems to have dissipated. we'll see if any of that holds together. 28 degrees feels like 19 with a little bit of a wind but generally milder than yesterday when we only got to 29 degrees. today's high 42. so, bob kelly, plenty of sunshine out there but not as bitter as yesterday. >> here's a live look at the blue route 476 the on-ramp from route one disabled off to the shoulder there. couple of folks have had a rough go. i should say the cars are having a rough go in the cold temperatures the last couple of days. looking good on the benny. sun splashed, maybe warming us up just a little bit but still it's cold if you're out on the bus stop this morning. speaking of bus stop got a
8:04 am
disabled bus on the boulevard right at the oxford circle and then south on 95 slow going from approaching cottman down through girard about 9 miles an hour and there's the leftover from yesterday in mount laurel that sewer main break they're still working on it hartford at 38. they're asking everyone in mount laurel refrain from using a lot of water. take the shower make it quick and make sure you brush your teeth quick as well and hopefully they'll have that repaired by the afternoon. schuylkill expressway as we go for a ride little sun glare at conshy and westbound leaving town heavy from the boulevard up the hill into gladwyne. mike and alex, back over to you. >> okay. i guess you know by now you're in the a billionaire. you're going have to go to work today. >> yeah, we're already here and if we can do it, you can do it. >> hey dave kinchen. i see the numbers right there. i don't know that i have any of them. >> but someone in our area does. >> millionaire. >> yes. >> reporter: i think one of the numbers -- i had one of those numbers in terms how
8:05 am
many tickets i bought but that's about it. you know it's a fact that here at the 7-eleven in bridesburg a lot of people came out here last night hoping they might be millionaires or billionaires but it's also a fact that there are no billionaires at least in relation to this latest contest in this area but here is what we do know. look at this. a massive crowd outside of a 7-eleven in suburban l.a. actually just outside of anaheim where a california lottery officials say a winning ticket for that powerball jackpot was in fact sold and the win are might even be in that crowd. you never know. we do know that store is going to get a pretty good cut. officials say there were winning tickets sold in tennessee and florida. that means there are at least three winners for the $1.5 billion jackpot. powerball does say, get this, that there was a 2 million-dollar match by power play winner sold somewhere in new jersey. we don't know that exact location. also two 1 million-dollar match five winners in jersey and pa but of course those
8:06 am
locations are unknown and those folks are millionaires until uncle sam of course takes his cut as well at least. it is a historic jackpot and good for pennsylvania, the pennsylvania lottery says that ticket sales brought in more than $60 million for programs that benefit older pennsylvania residents and that's based on sales for this whole jackpot that dates back really november 15th if you can believe it. >> that 7-eleven in california probably a thousand people showed up. if i had the winning ticket i would not tell anybody that that crowd. >> i wouldn't. >> i have a powerball ticket worth $1.6 billion. i'd be running home. >> reporter: and the person is probably going to see who is going to help them get their big chunk. millions going to that store. >> that's the way it works any movement i thought it was a set sum not a percentage any movement we'll have to look it up. >> they sure did look excited in california at the store there. >> i'd be nervous. >> dave thanks a lot. real quickly here, too,
8:07 am
one of the tickets was sold just outside of memphis, tennessee. in a town called mumford. it only has 6,000 people in that town. >> oh. >> can you imagine. >> everyone is going to be knocking on that door. let's say three people take in it a lump sum. after taxes they'll have to split 500,000,003 ways. that is about 160 million a piece n a town of 6,000 people this dude or woman has $165 million. >> wow. >> can't imagine. >> do you stay in town. >> yeah, really. i'd leave town. >> here's something weird. this is out of the state of florida. we now know there's that winning powerball ticket in florida. what we don't know is who got it yet. we heard yesterday about a mega pool in tampa. so, two guys you saw there set up a huge group that all started with a simple facebook post only to attract a couple friends but ended up with
8:08 am
almost 300 people in the pool. so, the minimum buy in for these guys. >> how much. >> 500 bucks. >> what. >> to play. and the group printed 72,500 tickets. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. there was somebody who won in florida. >> i know. so. >> so it could be them. >> it could be them. but if it's them, you'd have to split up your $160,000,000.300 ways. >> oh. >> staff? my math is bad. what would that be. >> 1.6 million divided by. >> no. >> 500 -- 500 million divided by 290. >> 1.7. >> our producer says. >> aid each get 1.7 million. >> more than i have now. >> 500 million divided by. >> before taxes. >> no, no, i think that's all the taxs are gone. >> yeah, yeah. >> okay. >> so, they would get $1.7 million all 290 of them. >> what a way to do it though to have all those possible come together and $500 just to buy in. >> still not bad.
8:09 am
>> probably didn't increase their odds by much. is there a bigger show than "empire" on fox television. >> nope. >> well, "empire" has been such a huge hit here for us at fox the show making millions and millions of dollars. >> but a local man says -- and we're also proud of the fact that there's a lot of philly ties, the lyon family in the show they're from philly, some of the actors are from philly,. >> lee daniels. >> lee daniels he's from filly. >> terrence. >> we're very proud of it but there's a local man who says all the money and all the attention and everything it's getting it should be his. >> why. >> he says he created the show and now he's suing. >> let's learn more about this guy his name is clayton prince. >> he's a philly guy who says he pitched the idea for the hit show back in 2008. so he filed a lawsuit in federal court and he says that he pitched the show to producer lee daniels at an event sponsored by the greater philadelphia film office. >> ooh. >> his show it was called cream was about a family from philadelphia involved in the
8:10 am
recording industry. now fox is not commenting on this lawsuit but he says hey, this was my idea. >> i'll be darned. this is from his web site. prince himself was a drama major at the high school for the performing -- creative and performing arts and attended temple university for a year before landing a professional acting job appearing in the movie hair spray and it was he was on an episode of "the cosby show" back in the day. >> this is not the first time "empire" has gotten flak. last january 50-cent he said the empire copied his marketing series. that's not it. then diddy he said the show is ripped off of his life story. >> kind of his life. >> but the show's cree creator danny strong says no that's not the case. he says if anything it was
8:11 am
jay-z who served as inspiration for lucious lyon especially given the fact that jay-z -- >> he was young. >> he's fast in now. >> well, if agave i would sue now. he just admitted it's about me. >> i don't know. it's interesting though 'cause i was reading more about it about the gentleman who claims -- >> clayton. >> yes. >> cream, can you imagine if "empire" was called cream. >> that's okay. >> cream rises to the top. >> that's true. i didn't look at it that way. >> this is the bizarre photo -- let's just put it out. let's put it out. no, no, no, go t to the wide shot. come on. >> what is it? >> that's it. what does that look like chris murphy. >> carrots. >> carrots in the back of pickups. >> what's wrong with that. >> that's an all gender restroom and that's a man eating chicken wings. >> what is going on.
8:12 am
>> you're not going on. >> he has the pooh chills. >> oh, right. oh, my gosh. it took a second for that to like -- wow. he's been eating chicken wings for two hours. he's sick. listen to this. so back to the picture of the stinking trucks. those are not carrots. >> what? >> supposed to look like carrots and it does. inside each one of those carrots it's not a carrot at all, that's marijuana. >> oh. >> 2 truckloads of marijuana disguised as carrots. this is in mexico. how about that. so, a dog was able to help discover -- they started sniffing around the trucks and said these aren't carrots. that's grass. >> my gosh. >> last month police were able to uncover more than $1 million in drugs that were disguised as cucumbers and carrots. >> i'm no expert. >> on what. >> carrots or marijuana. >> bringing in stuff like that. but it seems like would you want to put it in open
8:13 am
flatbeds. wouldn't you want to put it in a bag or grocery bag or something like a box and then if they want to open it then they'll take a quick look. >> i disagree completely. >> why. >> if it's covered it's suspicious. >> that's not how they transport carrots. they usually in like bags or something. >> how do you know how they transport carrots. you're a carrot expert. >> i like eating carrots and i don't think they're all out in the open air. >> hold on. i would think out in the fields carrots grow -- yeah they grow out of the ground right. >> you don't know how carrots grow. >> your harvesting carrots in a field. wouldn't you just yank them out of the ground and throw them in the back of a truck. >> i'm thinking transporting them to the grocery store. >> no, this is from a field. >> okay. >> then you go wash them, bag them and send them to the grocery store. >> i was thinking of the part they've already been warned. so this is fresh out the ground. >> yeah. >> soil on it and everything. >> wasn't any soil. looks like it was made of, what, plastic or rub are. >> seems kind of obvious.
8:14 am
all right we cleared that up. >> where is bugs bunny when you need him. that's all folks. >> what's up doc. >> what's up doc. >> at some point we're going see sue serio. >> that's all folks. get our phrases state. we're watching some snow in the pocono mountains. still some snow to the north of us but it's kind of dissipating. watching an area to our west. this looks to be losing some strength. 28 degrees in philadelphia right now. 16 mount pocono. 23 reading. 34 in wildwood and 33 in atlantic city. some milder air moving in out of the southwest and the winds are not nearly the issue they were yesterday with those single digit wind chills that we had all morning long. average high is 40. we were way below average yesterday with a high of only 29 degrees. remember sunday when we got to 65. the rollercoaster ride continues 'cause it's 42 degrees for today. not as bitter as yesterday. 50 tomorrow and then, ooh, i did a little i dream of
8:15 am
jeannie there. 47 degrees on saturday with some rain friday night into saturday and then another round of rain sunday night which means with a cold front that it will be bitter cold once again for the martin luther king holiday but it will not be raining so hopefully your service project will be indoors, bob kelly because it's cold for monday. >> indoor project day. good morning. getting ready to step outside this morning. live look at 202 northbound an accident at 401 in the construction zone as soon as you come out of the squeeze here so we're backed up from the west chester pike on up. we're throwing some sun glare in there this morning. i-95 southbound out of the northeast heavy in cottman down through girard. and an accident on actually it's a disabled bus on the roosevelt boulevard right at the oxford circle right there in front of sain saint martin parish. marlton diner load up the news van we do it every thursday different spot from nine until 10:00 a.m. i'll be at the
8:16 am
marlton diner. bring the kids i'll bring the tv cameras and we'll put them on television later on this morning around 9 o'clock. north on 95. >> bob. >> are you going to take chris murphy with you? he's hungry. >> i don't know. i'm afraid he's going to get sick in the news van. >> he doesn't look well. [laughter] >> i said if we had a different type of beverage other than coffee sitting next to him. >> a beer. >> things would go down much easier. >> thanks bob. >> keep going. >> we'll see you in marlton. >> you got it. >> 8:16. let's get into this story here the prestigious all girls school agnes irwin school in rosemont has put together a task force to look into future school policy regarding trance center student. this is after a student in the school identified as transgender. i believe a junior. the student made the news public to classmates just last friday: in the meantime the
8:17 am
clerical board of education expected to adopt a policy that allows transgender students to use restrooms based on the gender they identify with. joining us once again nellie fitzpatrick, the city director of the lgbt affairs. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> did i set that up right. >> you sure did. and personally i applaud agnes irwin for setting up a task force. >> the school. >> looking at policy and seeing what they can do now that they have a child that that has come forward and said to them that they are transgender. >> so we should now treat this junior as a boy. >> correct. this kid's a boy. so, he's a boy. he goes by male pronouns and whatever his preferred name s i heard that they have an assembly where they sat the students down, all of his fellow classmates and said, look, here's this kid's name. he uses male pronouns. it's that simple. he's now a boy. >> we encourage you to now treat him as a boy and use his
8:18 am
pronoun. >> correct. >> that's a good idea have an assembly just put it out on the table. >> sure in this case that was best. i hope that the child had some input into whether or not that is how this child wantd that to come out. >> right. >> there are many schools in philadelphia where we have transgendered children that nobody knows that they're transgendered, they're just a kid going school. so every school is different. this is an all girls school. >> it was important to him to let everybody know seems like it. >> he kind of will to. unless he wanted to stay in the closet and hiding who he is. he's at an all girls school and he's a boy so that maxis that different. the thing that's interesting though is this actually is nothing new even for these single gendered schools. >> why does seem new to me? i'm just unaware. >> you just haven't heard about it. and quite frankly these
8:19 am
efforts to protect kids like this and people talking about things like this in the media just haven't happened before. i was doing a little research and i'm not sure if you're familiar with her but professor jennifer finney boylan you might recognize her from i am kate the tv show caitlin jenner. >> yeah. >> she's a graduate. she graduated excuse me i have a little bit of a cold. she graduated in the 70's from the haverford school which is an all boys preparatory school. >> i didn't know that. >> it's about less than 3 miles down the road from agnes irwin. >> nelly can i hit you up with some stupid questions now. >> sure. >> i'm trying to figure this out and use the right words and stuff. >> right. >> okay. so, this junior identifies as a boy. >> correct. >> but this boy is in an all girls school. should he leave the school? what are the rules? don't you have to be a girl to go to the school? but he's boy. >> he's a boy. >> so what do we do about that? he wants to stay with the school and i think he
8:20 am
should. >> he should. >> been there his whole high school career but stay. i get the idea. you know it's going come up. i bet i already have a tweet about it. >> i'm sure you do. this particular student my understanding is that he's in the 11th grade. you know, these are going to be new places there we venture into and i think that's students themselves especially the particular individual who is trans identified needs to have a lot of input about where they can be safely. >> next dumb question. hold on. i've got a couple of them here and i got this on twitter already this morning. you knew it was coming. i don't know why when we bring up these different cases, we immediately think of the past room and restroom. chaos will ensue. >> right. that's where everybody immediately goes. and i suppose that's just part of our nature to worry about bathrooms. however, i'm really not sure, you know, maybe the men's room is slightly different but i don't go to the bathroom to look at other people's genitalia. i just don't see this as being
8:21 am
a problem. here in philadelphia -- >> i don't either. >> you use the bathroom that matches your gender. they do the same things in the school. clerical is working on it. >> as you know the city of philadelphia we have these all gender bathrooms. it's like going to star us. >> right. >> still men and women, it's just a restroom. >> all of the single occupancy bathrooms here in philadelphia are as of january 18th that's our effective date, 33 must be gender neutral and what that means is that there needs to be a sign on any single occupancy bathroom that labels it as what it is. a bathroom. >> it's a bathroom. >> a restroom a water closet whatever you wants to call it. not men or women or some other gendered space. >> good to see you. >> always good to see you. >> some hotty in the green room. >> i'm going look for that. no chicken wings. >> you don't want any wings? we got plenty. in about 91 minutes we'll take you live to hollywood. we'll see -- i'm on sly watch. will sylvester stallone get an
8:22 am
oscar for what do you call it. >> "creed." >> "creed" but what do they call it. >> supporting. >> best supporting actor. this is going to get an oscar i have a feeling this evans and leo will probablref --ref v. >> if you're going to the oscars you want to look tiptop. good morning. >> good morning. >> we've shown you how to suck the fat off but what about get rid of that double chin freezing it off. we're going to sit this guy up with a little situation and dr. bruce is going to tell us how that works. we'll be back in a few minutes. you're going look great i suspect.
8:23 am
the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget. that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania.
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ >> ♪ >> got to get up walk around a little bit. >> get some movement going. these wings are just sticking right here. >> in honor of wing bowl which is coming up the first friday of february just before the super bowl. >> correct. >> they're going to have -- it's not too late to get
8:26 am
involved in the contest at sugar house casino. >> tonight at 8 o'clock the first visit people who show up can compete in this thing. they'll pick the top person of the 50 who can eat the most wings in 10 minutes. >> you were trying to eat 444 because that's what the winner of last year's wing bowl ate 444. mike how are you doing. >> 26 minutes he ate 444. >> my gosh. >> we gave you four hours. you should be able to do it. >> i've had help from our staff here. >> are you done? >> from bob, sue. >> are you quitting? >> i think i'm done. >> what? >> we can't waste this. >> alex come on. how many did you have alex? two. >> two but because i wanted to flourish. i didn't want to come in and take eight weigh from you. >> he's flourishing already. >> i've floundered. >> good idea. you want to take them outside and give them out for free. >> i don't want to waste these. >> take it outside. >> you're a complete failure. you should never work here
8:27 am
again. bye chris. >> you know the guy is really hurting. he came over in the commercial. >> he's like this is not good. >> american idol taking over philadelphia last night. wasn't it cool to see our city on tv last night. >> yes, to see all the beauty shots. this girl from new jersey was able to get through but slaw really one of a few. they were kind of hard. so this next contestant also had the judges laughing. some online were saying that her name is jen. she seemed a little spacey they at first. >> when she talks yeah. >> not this girl the girl we're about to show you. >> i saw the contestants on that side. i was. >> what's your name. >> i'm jen. >> jen. >> yes. >> hi. >> hey. >> with 2n and. >> jenn with 2n's. >> i spell mine with 2n's when i don't do the iffer. >> i got you. it's a privilege to be here. >> thank you. >> what are you going to sing.
8:28 am
>> just a total spacey young lady. >> maybe she's just soft-spoken and she just takes her time with it. >> she kind of talks like i'm -- i'm not insinuating that she's on medication but she talks like this. >> okay. she may talk like that but have you heard her sing? >> yes. >> how about this. radioactive. >> whoa. >> ♪ >> i got to tell you, of course they he she made the to hollywood. they gave her the golden thing. and i think this kid could be a star. what a voice. >> now, i love the song already but the way she did it, it was different. i like what she gave it and they were like wow. they really loved her voice. she said it's something about
8:29 am
it. >> yeah, man. >> it stands out. >> i'm going to be rooting for her. is that on again tonight? >> i think it is, yes. >> oh, good. i like it. >> tonight at 8 o'clock. >> what were you doing last night. >> i was watching it. >> i missed her. >> i was so excited because i was thinking oh it's going to be in philly i can't wait to see people from philly because we're a music town, right. >> uh-huh. >> there wasn't a lot of people from filly. >> a lot of new yorkers came down. >> new yorkers virginia all kinds of people. i know they can't show everybody. obviously there was huge crowds that went out. i was hoping more people from fill wolf make it through because you know think about it we had teddy pendergrass, gamble and hough. pink. >> teddy anniversary today, too. coming up on 8:30 here. let's roll the open here and do another at least a half hour. we're calling this throw back thursday today alex. >> yes, we are.
8:30 am
tbt and if we're going to do throw back thursday we got to do it right. >> let's go back to the 90's. >> if we're going back to the 90's you know who we have to bring in, montel jordan baby because this is how we do it. >> uh-huh. he is here. he's going to be singing at the sixers game tonight but he's going to sing for us this morning. >> do you have your 90's dances ready mike? i'm going to meet you on the dance floor. >> totally ready. >> okay. turns out celebrities do have crushes on other celebrities. jennifer lawrence is opening up about, well, kind of an older gentleman in hollywood who really sparks her interests: is that him? did i give eight weigh. >> i think did you. >> that's not him. >> isn't that keifer sutherland's dad. >> donald sutherland. >> for years men and women have wanted an easy way to get rid of double chins.
8:31 am
>> one doctor says he can freeze it off. >> and he's in philadelphia -- well, he's actually in ardmore, isn't he. >> yeah. >> jen. >> lay guys okay so we've moved upstairs. we have dr. jason. good morning. >> good morning, jen. >> you guys have used this on the tummy. it's the same for the chin. >> this is the newest hand piece fda approved, fda cleared. >> i'm going to stop you there. you haven't been paid by the company yet but you'll be part of what they're doing in the future. >> we're involved in a clinical trial for them that we're doing here at the office and that's going to be upcoming. this hand piece. >> so let's talk about the neck. we have some before and after. >> i told you it was about freezing and even the shot is freezing. >> exactly. >> you can see that person, i don't know what crime he committed was. the person -- >> mike. >> it does look painful. >> the person on the table there is actually having fat,
8:32 am
double chins frozen off. so if you ever want to do that apparently the technology is here in philadelphia. here's sue. >> okay. so this is us after we get the thing. >> uh-huh. >> how do we look? we're all doing it in the studio. bus stop buddy he doesn't need any of that yet. he never will because he's perpetually eight. not as windy. temperatures in the 20's this morning but it feels like what it is so it's not as cold as yesterday. we're giving i was seven out of 10 and we were watching some flurries. there's still a few up in the pocono mountains. we'll keep an eye on radar for you but here in philadelphia we have sunshine and it's 28 degrees. factor in the wind and it feels like 19 so it is still cold outside. just that yesterday was so harsh it's not that bad. 42 degrees today. more seasonable temperatures and just a little bit of a breeze. then tonight we're down to 32. it's not quite as cold. we'll talk about another rollercoaster ride in temperatures as we led into the week. bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. coming you and on 8:33 on this
8:33 am
thursday throw back thursday. a live look at the schuylkill expressway. pretty much jammed both directions here as we look live at city avenue. westbound the bigger delay folks leaving the city from the boulevard out toward belmont. an accident north on 295 all the way up near exit number 63, that's causing a delay for the gang heading up to trenton and then right after the rush hour if you're heading out to the outlets later on today route 422 westbound they'll be doing work near the saint gabriel's curve. in mount laurel new jersey still dealing with yesterday's sewer main break so there's some construction here along hartford off of route 38 and the water department is asking to limit the water use this morning until they can get the repairs totally under way. hope tallhopefully by this afte. alex back to you. >> i've been sending text messages. i'm sure people who have been texting they already know what's going on.
8:34 am
what's this new impledge gees. visit philadelphia released more than 6060 new emojis and they represent the people places and things that make philadelphia so philly. you can include an emoji of the liberty bell, ben franklin even a cheesesteak and also gifts and videos you can send to friends and the early consensus is in emoji talk a thumbs up on this one. i love it because it's free and it's available on android and apple and i have been using them and i've sent some to my girlfriends and said yo' instead of saying hello. >> yo'. >> are you good at making a complete sentence out of emojis. get your sentence across without using words. >> i've never done that. i use them as exclamations. >> we got to get to hollywood okay. >> okay. >> we'll do that after we take a break. let's make some money here. they got the lights up, the nominations for the academy awards next. we'll go to hollywood when you
8:35 am
come back. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at
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8:38 am
>> the room looks night. that's the samuel golden theater in beverly hills california where the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences. we're about 45 seconds away. we'll get to that in 45 seconds. we found out this guy got arrested. a story earlier this week. police arrested the man who sent them a selfie because he didn't like the mug should there. he hated his mug shot so much he sent that to the police department and said use this instead. >> you may remember donald pugh. wanted in connection with several crimes he got arrested and now he has this mug should there. >> at least he has a big smile on his face. >> i wonder if he approves of this one. >> his name is pugh. >> he said he didn't like the other one because he said it made him look like a thunder cat. he's in jail. probably can't take a selfie and sends it. >> no. he was arrested in florida day before yesterday.
8:39 am
police say he's being held on another warrant out of the state of georgia. so let's put up the shot again. >> what did i say? >> what. >> he's probably going get caught. he was doing radio interviews and then he got caught. >> here we go. so, that woman she's the head of the motion picture association. >> and i think john krasinski is going help them out. >> welcome. what an exciting morning. thank you guillermo and ang for kicking it off. john let's continue. for performance by an actor in a supporting role the nominees are christian bale in the big short tom hardy in the revenant, mark ruffalo in spotlight. mark ryland in bridge of spice and sylvester stallone in "creed." (applause). >> for performance by an actress in a supporting role
8:40 am
the nominees jennifer jason lee the hateful eight. resume mee marrow in car a rachel mcadams in spotlight. alycia mcander in the danish girl and kate winslet in steve jobs. (applause). >> for achievement in visual effects the nominees are "ex machina" "mad max" furry road, the martian, the revenant and "star wars the force awakens." (applause). >> for achievement in film editing the nominees are the big short, "mad max" fury road, the revenant, spotlight and "star wars the force
8:41 am
awakens." >> for achievement in production design the nominees are bridge of spies, the danish girl, "mad max" fury road, the martian and the revenant. (applause). >> for adapted screen play the nominees are charles randolph in and adam mckay for the big short. nick horn bee for brooklyn. phyllis naj for carol. drew goddard for the martian. and emma donahue for room. [applause] >> for original screen play the nominees are, matt sharp man ethan cohen and ethan cohen for bridge of spies. alex garland for "ex machina."
8:42 am
josh cooley and ronnie dell carmen for inside out. josh singer and tom mccarthy for spotlight. and jonathan herman andrea burloff ashley savage and allen rankis for state out of compton. for original score the nominees are thomas newman for bridge of spies, carter burwell for carol. the hateful eight. johan johan son for "sicario" and john williams for "star wars the force awakens." (applause). >> from the best foreign language film category, the nominees are from colombia embrace of the serpent. from france, mustang. from hungary, son of saul. from jordan, theb. and from denmark, a war.
8:43 am
(applause). >> for achievement in directing, the nominees are adam mckay for the big short. george miller for "mad max" fury road. alejandro g for the revenant. len flee abramson for room. and tom mccarthy for spotligh spotlight. >> for that performance by an actress in a leading role the nominees are kate blanchett in carol. bree larsen in room. jennifer lawrence in joy. charlotte rambling in 45 years. and. >> performance by an actor in a leading role bryan cranston
8:44 am
trumbo, matt damon the martian. leonardo dicaprio in the revenant. michael fass bender steve jobs. eddiey redmayne in the danish girl. >> and finally we are pleased to announce the film selected as the best picture nominees. they are. the big short brad pitt, dd gardener and jeremy klineer sprucers. bridge of spies. brooklyn dwyer and amanda posey producers. "mad max" fury road doug mitchell and george miller producers. the martian, simon king bird ridley scott like cal shafer and mark huflam producers. the revenant alejandro g.
8:45 am
mary parent and keith redman producers. room. ed gine produce are and spotlight michael shiver, steve golan, nicole rockland and bleigh pagan faust producers. >> for the complete list of all the nominations please visit >> and join us sunday night february. >> shoot. >> so good news and not so good news. >> i was rooting for "creed." >> yeah. >> sill visitor stallone got nominated for best supporting actor but that was about it. some people thought maybe it should be best picture, too. okay. >> 8:45. let's come back and i've got a seinfeld reference for you. >> yay! >> ♪
8:46 am
dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. because i'm not just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, i'm a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne
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8:48 am
>> one of my favorite episodes of seinfeld by the way jason alexander is going to be at the national constitution center tonight. i hope to get to meet him. >> i hope so too. >> he plays george costanza. >> and diana ross will be there. >> she'll be singing. >> ♪ >> anyway so this episode jerry is dating a woman and every time they go out they've
8:49 am
been out five, 10 times she wears the same dress. he thinks she only has one dress. >> what. >> here we go. [laughter] >> look at that. >> yeah. >> that is a sting ray the girl's movement i always wanted one of these when i was little. what do you think, jerry? jerry? >> hm. >> jerry, what do you think? >> oh yeah,, great for your paper route. [laughter] >> i love it. i'm getting you it. can you help me get it down jerry. >> so he's end nam mored by this girl. he starts dating her. 10 dates she never takes that dress off. whatever happened to that dress? [laughter] >> for the love of god. i just accessorized a little differently. wish that was my dress.
8:50 am
temperatures will be climbing again as we go for a rollercoaster changes. everything goes back to seinfeld. some peaked rain friday night sunday night. keep that in mind. back to bitter cold for the martin luther king holiday on monday. still seeing some scattered flurries lehigh valley pocono mountains. not a big deal but we'll watch this area in the center of the state to see if it makes it here. we'll see. it looks like it might be dissipating. temperatures are the in the 20's right now. we don't have the wind chills we had yesterday. we're going get to 42 degrees today. 50 tomorrow. 47 on saturday with that overnight rain friday into saturday morning and then sunny rest of the day on saturday. starts out sunny on sunday but then rains at the end of the day with a cold front and that means a bitter cold martin luther king holiday. high of only 30 degrees so it will feel like yesterday on monday. got that straight. it will feel like yesterday on monday. >> sounds good to me. okay. rock legend. >> feeling like yesterday. >> on monday. >> on monday.
8:51 am
>> if you remember what yesterday felt like and hold on for that. >> i didn't like yesterday. >> you're not going like monday either. >> what do you suggest i do then? >> exactly. >> okay. >> okay, get ready. it's the cute kid of the day. >> oh, okay i'm ready. >> this little boy is trying to impress a girl so this video we're going to show it to you. he's at the gym. wait until you hear what he says to her. >> ♪
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> ♪ >> i think we're ready for take just. let's go. it can take some men an entire life time to figure out how to impress women. >> you still haven't figured that out. >> no, no. so, but i met this kid, he
8:55 am
learned at a very young age. >> okay. this little boy he's already hitting the gym to impress girls. >> try to get stronger so i can. >> so you can what. >> so i could be a guy has got to do what a guy has got to do. >> that's true. >> if a guy doesn't do what he's supposed to do he'll be weak. >> so he's got this little girl he's very interested in and he tells his mom that he's got to work out to impress her. and you know i don't know if you can herey him say this or not at the end he says well why are you doing this? he says sometimes you got to do what you got to do. >> oh my gosh that is so funny.
8:56 am
>> hey montel. >> good morning. >> 23 good to see you. >> hey. >> montel jordan is here. it's that time. the cookies are here. >> oh, girl scouts, they're back and you know they have online sales now. you know some people they are worried about parents getting too involved with the whole process. >> listen to this. >> what. >> we're going to have a taste off. i'm going to take on a third grader and i'm going to beat this kid in a taste test. you better be ready, little girl. >> ♪ >> hey montel. >> hey, what's up. >> welcome back to filly. >> thank you. >> hey. >> ♪ >> ♪
8:57 am
our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials.
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amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at
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>> ♪ >> come on, joe. wait until he gets the shot.
9:00 am
he's six-eight. >> aaron said did you ever play basketball. >> he said no. >> it's kind of a stereotypical thing to say. do you play basketball. >> he said he sucked at basketball. >> he said he likes to sing the national anthem. >> that's what he's going to do tonight before the sixers game. montell you'll sing at half time too. >> half time too. >> half time. >> so excited. i'm going view. to see this. >> who is playing tonight? anybody know. >> chicago. >> does it matter. >> the bulls, we're playing the us. >> that's good. >> doesn't -- who said that. >> chris murphy. >> put a wing in your mouth. you're supposed to be eating wings this morning. >> all right. so, what we're calling this throw back thursday. so for some reason i kind of wanted to go back to the 90's so let's just do all 90's stuff. >> who doesn't lover the 90's. >> that was good. >> mike thank you so much forgetting montell jordan to come


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