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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the next eagles head coach. pederson played with the eagles and andy reid's first year as the head coach in 1999. he was the quarterback. pederson the quarterback coach here with the eagles in 2011 and 2012 under andy reid now he's the offensive coordinator for the kansas city chiefs. now, two days from now the chiefs are playing a game against the new england patriots in the afc play off game. pederson has hired a defensive assistant coach. this can't be announced until the chiefs are out of the playoffs. interesting that and this is really an interesting part that howie roseman and doug pederson have the same agent. who by the way is andy reid's agent and who by the way is pat shurmur's agent that would be bob lamon. all right. also today, chip kelly i mean it's winding around here. also, today chip kelly who was fired at the end of the season was hired as the head coach of the 49ers. i'll have more on doug pederson and kelly coming up later in sports.
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back to you guys. >> all right, thank you very much, howard. talk to you soon. a developing story at 6:00 the search for two robbers. police say they caught the pair on surveillance cameras using credit cards they stole from two university of delaware students. >> but investigators say they did not only steal from the women. one of the victims was violently attacked. school officials have warned students to be careful. >> let's get straight to fox 29's dawn timmeney in wilmingt wilmington. dawn? >> reporter: well lucy and iain, scary stuff. one of the young women was punched in the face, knock to the ground before these two women could even comprehend what had happened investigators say the two men were already using their credit cards all around wilmington including right here at this gas station but this is where they were caught on surveillance. a clue police are hoping will lead them to these robbers. in the meantime i spoke to a young woman who lives in that neighborhood who by chance saw the whole thing happen. >> it was terrible. >> university of delaware senior rachel blair couldn't believe what she was seeing.
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she stepped out on her front porch on the 100 block of wilbur street in newark around 5:30 tuesday evening and that's when she heard a scream and saw two students being robbed. their purses stolen right off their arms. >> i look over and there's just a like a girl on the ground and like two girls next to her and then i see like two men just like bolt the up the street. >> reporter: blair says she and her friends quickly invited the victims inside. one had been attacked while trying to resist. >> the girl was coming over she's got blood on her face. he punch immediate in the face. it gave me chills. >> they her the people coming up quickly from behind them and nervous their purchases were grabbed. >> reporter: police say it wasn't long before the robbers were using the 21 and 22-year-old's credit cards in wilmington. including right here at this exxon on center road. that's where the pair were caught on surveillance. police are hoping someone recognizes them before anyone else is attacked. >> absolutely scary. they were walking together. it was daylight. they remember walking in the populated area. so sounded like they were doing everything right and these guys -- predators happened to be out there looking for something. >> reporter: university of
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delaware sent out a text alert to notify students and many are heeding the warning. >> a little worrisome knowing it's happening right outside our front door. everyone is keeping their doors lock. walking in groups. it caused a little bit of concern at least on the streets. >> reporter: now the student who was punched is battered and bruised and shook up but expected to be okay. police say if you recognize those guys in the surveillance photos they definitely want to hear from you. lucy and iain? >> all right. thank you very much, dawn. it is busy night breaking news out of trenton. sky fox over a fire along the 300 block of south broad street. now you see a lot of lights. you don see a lot else. let me item was going this is the luther arms senior housing facility. fire officials say one person has died in a fire in a six floor apartment. medics are treating other residents at the scene. we do not know what started this fire or if any evacuations are currently underway. all breaking right now we'll bring you more as the news come in on air and on
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big delays along the northeast extension of the pennsylvania turnpike. skyfox over the northbound lanes of worcester township, montgomery county. that's where a tractor trailer somehow crashed and started leaking diesel fuel. no one has been hurt and there are some serious traffic problem in the area as crews continue to clean up that scene. happening now fbi sharing new information about the shooting of a philadelphia cop. officer jesse hartnett was ambushed a week ago while patrolling in west philadelphia. >> and the fbi is confirming its investigating the incident as an act of terrorism. fox 29's bruce gordon live at fbi headquarters in center city. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, lucy, labeling this in formal way a terrorism investigation is bound to frighten a whole lot of folks but the fbi director in town for a regularly scheduled field office visit is quick to point out there does not appear any evidence that this is case of isis inn phil straighting philadelphia. edward archer's own confession to police that he ambush officer jesse hartnett because archer
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pledged allegiance to the islamic state and because police defend laws contrary to the teaching of the quran had fbi officials looking at this as an act of terrorism right from the start. fbi director james comey says they are searching for connections between archer and a larger terror cell but so far -- >> we see no indication that he was part of an organized cell of any sort and no indication that there is any follow-on plot connected to that, any specific or credible threat of violence beyond this connected to that attack. >> reporter: comey suggested archer may simply have been sympathetic to the message of hatred and violence spread worldwide by the islamic state. >> in every single state in every single city there's going to be a small group of people who are unmoored for whom that message is sick as it is has a traction. if that is so i asked the director, how do we stop these lone wolves? >> we have to get to a place where people understand see something, say something more than just a slogan. we need help spotting these people before they ruin their
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own lives and ruin the lives of a lot of innocent people by engaging in acts of violence. >> reporter: mayor kenney met with reporter today's repeating his plea that the larger muslim community in philadelphia not be scapegoated by archer's actions. >> 200,000 muslims who live in philadelphia are not represented by the actions of mr. archer. that he's a criminal. and they are not criminals. >> reporter: officer hartnett remain hospitalized. recovering from gruesome gunshot wounds to his left arm. he was visited today by commissioner richard ross. >> putting aside his physical recovery, very concerned about his psychological recovery. i mean because that's such a dramatic event to go through. so he's getting a lot of praye prayers. >> reporter: a lot of prayers indeed. there were lots of questions director comey would not answer today. but he did appear to shoot down the claim made by anonymous tipster that edward archer was among four men roaming the streets of philadelphia in fact that tipster claiming archer was the least radical of the bunch. there appears to be no evidence
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now to suggest those other three men exist or that if they do exist, they were part of some larger violent organization. iain? >> all right, bruce, thank you. officers serving a warrant in merry dell delaware come away with a stash of drugs, guns and ammo. gavin, was wanted in both delaware and maryland when officers along with us marshals showed up at his home yesterday. they found 829 bags of heroin along with marijuana and lsd. they also found guns, a cross bow and hundreds of rounds of ammo. his 18 month old daughter lived in the home as well. she was turn over to a relative. in jail tonight a person philadelphia police say smashed out the wip dose of several cars in northeast philly in the early morning hours today. police say residents in the holmesburg neighborhood a woke to fine mess along the 4500 block of luring street. at least one person we spoke with says he didn't have a way to get to work because of his smashesmashed out windshield. >> my boss ain't going to be
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happy with this but i'm going to text him the picture. >> best thing to do. yup. luckily his insurance will cover the cost of the repairs. all right. things are maybe a little bit warmer out there in your fox 29 winter weather authority. you still going to need that winter coat if you step outside tonight. >> especial physical your name is iain page. >> exactly. i won't be stepping out. (laughter). >> won't be quite so brutal like yesterday. all set up for a mild end to the week. let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams. >> that's right. welcome back iain. temperatures today actually made it to 47 degrees. that's 7 degrees above average. but look at ultimate doppler. well to the south along the gulf of mexico. we're tracking some rain that will move in our direction friday evening and overnight but also those temperatures will continue to climb. so take a look at the orange, the reds and yellows. that will move in our direction late friday. but look at the temperatures right now. it's not that bad. 45 degrees. 47 that was the high today because of the winds out of the south and west. also, that arctic air will
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continue moving to the north for the time being. coming up we'll talk about another arctic blast and that complete holiday forecast with your seven day. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. police in westampton township, new jersey, are looking for two people accused of of robbing a family of their belongings from hotel room that they were staying in. police say jermaine, and lauren tom sell low now have active warrants out for their arrests. investigators believe the two robbed a massachusetts family of all their clothes while they were staying in an area hotel. we first showed you this video earlier this month. that is sergeant andrew brewer pushing four kids from that family in a cart at a target and was part of a shopping spree the department bought the family new clothes. if you see the two suspects call police. chances are you're still nursing an itty bitty bit of disappointment over last night's powerball drawing. you know what, not everybody in our area ended up empty handed. the big money tickets told sold near you. and many of us cannot get
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enough of the drama in fox's mega hit empire. even bigger drama is happening off screen. it involves man from philadelphia. we'll explain. ♪
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♪ fox's mega hit empire has been making millions and millions of dollars. but a local man says that should be his money. he says he create the show and now he's suing. the man's name a clayton prince from philly. he says he pitched the idea for the hit fox show in 2008 and federal, f a lawsuit filed in federal court. prince says he pitch the show to producer lee daniels at an event sponsored by the greater philadelphia film office. his show called cream was about a family from philadelphia involved in recording industry. fox is not commenting on the lawsuit.
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happening right now, sadly no newly minted billionaires among us. after rolling over for almost two months, three tickets finally came up lucky in last night's record smashing 1.5 billion powerball drawing. unfortunately unless you bought that ticket in california, or florida or tennessee you did not within the jackpot. >> but that doesn't mean some people aren't still going to walk away with a lot of money. fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose is live outside a store in chester county tonight that sold million dollar ticket. sabina? >> reporter: that's right, iain. and that winning ticket came straight from this machine. now we don't know who the winner just yet but all day people have been coming in checking their ticket hoping the winner is th them. >> all the stores in all the world a million dollar winner walked in kennett square's land hope farms. for kim hagan it just wasn't h her. >> as i look at the line and saw the first two numbers no, no, it
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was actually no, no, no. >> still a lucky streak from lancaster to the lehigh valley. burlington county here to kennett square. it may not have scored the $1.6 billion powerball jackpot, but a fortunate four are newly minted millionaires in our area. make that a double for whoever bought a $2 million ticket at this westampton, new jersey, wawa. >> nobody never wins in new jersey. it's always somewhere you never heard of. and then i come in here and they said somebody wouldn't here. i'm like well all right. >> reporter: even though the folks we spoke with didn't quite beat the one and 292 million odds, their still feeling lucky. >> i still feel like i have good mojo. i'll play again. it's bound to happen. i'll keep playing them. >> reporter: one sure winner the store who's could not sell these tickets fast enough. >> there were lot of people we had never seen before, and that's what made the whole thing great. >> reporter: second best never
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looked so good. unless it wasn't you. >> i'm happy for them. be happy if it was me. >> better luck next time everyone! >> reporter: indeed. there is always next time and in this case it is saturday the powerball resetting to 40 million. lucy? >> 40 million not bad either sabina. i'm just saying. >> not at all. >> i'm not picky when it comes to that. >> i'm not greedy. i'd take that. >> split it with guys. really. >> really? you didn't say how much give me 50 cents. >> no. i'd give you several million. you scott. >> i had the powerball. >> did you? >> i got $4. >> if you had the multiplier you would have had eight. i'm just saying good i'll buy coffee after the show. >> thank you. >> up about 8 degrees. >> all right. let's talk about the weather because the headlines as we he had into your friday, 50's will be back in the forecast. but it comes at a cost because some rain that's going to arrive friday night keep that in mind for your plans and then another
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arctic blast as we move toward next week. but look at the temperatures right now enjoying 45 degrees. that's actually 5 degrees above the average high for this time of year. and we made it all the way up to 47 degrees this afternoon. so milder air for us. but look at the 50s to the south. you head further down south we're talking 62 in jackson, mississippi. 60 in little rock. so more of that milder air for tomorrow. so fair skies for tonight. not as cold. we'll keep those winds out of the south and west. above freezing in the city. below freezing in the burbs. look at ultimate doppler right now. it's dry and white. we have to head along the gulf coast where we nap some moisture that will head in our direction come late friday evening and overnight. so some heavy rain right now moving toward the big easy in new orleans and as we watch things play out on future cast hour by hour, for tomorrow, increasing clouds during the d day. look at the clock late friday night. that rain really moves in and it means business a pretty good
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soaking overnight friday into your saturday morning so watch the clock. by 10am this system is moving toward new england impacting them with rain around boston but head farther interior sections of new england tracking that snow. this will turn into a nor'easter for folks in new england but for us it moves out during the early morning hours on saturday. we'll zoom in a little closer. tomorrow morning it's dry but look at the clock by 8:00 o'clock. we're watching that rain move into lancaster county also move into delaware and by 11:00 o'clock, moderate to heavy rain along the i-95 corridor. it continues overnight then early saturday morning once again that system it is out of here. so how much rain are we talking about as we look at the american model? you can see over half an inch. closing in on an inch of rainfall illustrated by the european model. hey, yeah, we're tracking the tropics here in january. hurricane alex the last time we had a hurricane develop this time of year in the month we're
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talking 1938. right now maximum sustained winds at 85 miles per hour racing to the north northeast at 23 miles per hour toward the i was surveillances. certainly a rare event. farce your planner for tomorrow, we start out dry, comfortable, not as cold either but look at those temperatures climbing into the 50s by the afternoon. then that evening rain. saturday high temperature 49 degrees. and then we look for another arctic blast. upper 30s on sunday. maybe even a couple of late snow showers or flurries. mlk day, day of service, it is going to be cold for those service projects. bundle up, high temperature only around freezing. feels like temperatures during the day teens and 20s. and we keep that cold blast going for much of next week. >> it is indeed january. >> it is. >> you have all kinds of breaking news going on, man. you've been busy. >> it's been crazy. easy day for me.
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it was. >> as we told you earlier the search is over. former eagles quarterback doug pederson will become the next eagles head coach. on the same day pederson was coming in, chip kelly was heading west with a new job. more on pederson and where kelly is heading that will be coming up in sports.
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♪ so the eagles have a new
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head coach. >> yeah. >> the eagles made their decision on the neck head coach. not official yet because the guy still coaching. nfl sources told me that kansas city offensive coordinator doug pederson will be the next eagles head coach. pederson played here as the first quarterback under andy reid in 1999 and was the quarterback coach with the eagles in 2011 and 12. and when andy reid went to kansas city, he took pederson with him as his offensive coordinator. interestingly, howie roseman and peter derr son have the same agent. bob lamont who's also the agent for andy reid and more interesting he's the agent for offensive coordinator pat shurmur also interviewed for the job. nothing can be announced until after kansas city is eliminated from the playoffs. and i think the chiefs have a good chance of beating the patriots this weekend. so it might take awhile. peter derr son hired defensive coach and is looking at former lions jim schwartz as defensive coordinator. how about chip kelly? well he
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got a job today as well. we'll be at the linc in 2017 but as the head coach the san francisco 49ers. yes, the 49ers play the eagles during that season. chip kelly told me when he was leaving philadelphia he would have a job in a week. well he lied tonight. it took two weeks. 49ers made it official today with a tweet by the owner jed york chip has proven track record at both the college and nfl levels. we believe strongly that he's the right man to compete for championships. what else would he say i do know that chip did not have the 49ers as his primary choice. he wanted to stay on the east coast. but did not have any other offers. obviously chip wanted to coach again quickly. expect chip to take at least half the coaches he had here with the eagles. and get used to the site in another team's apparel. this site, yeah. that's chip as a 49ers head coach. don't you love social media and photo shopping. this morning tom coughlin withdrew his name from
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consideration to become the coach of the eagles the head coach. and then after that, the wheels started to turn. i just talked to brent celek who's a tight end with the eagles. he was here when red pederson was coach and he said i love h him. he says i love him. >> that's great. >> he's happy. he didn't know about it. he's in michigan in 18-inches of snow. somebody gets snow. (laughter). >> any way, he said he loves him. >> your day started off so quietly howard. >> and then boom. >> so many things planned. the day from hell. (laughter). >> be sure to join us tonight for the fox 29 news at 10:00. so you didn't win the powerball but a group of south jersey -- in south jersey says there's much better way to cash in. we take you inside the one store they say is a good luck charm that does it for us here at 6:00. >> see you back here at 10:00. have a great night.
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only at pizza hut. jackpot jubilation. [ cheering and applause ] >> this is the machine that the winning powerball ticket came from. >> and disappointment all over the country. >> we are losers. and -- >> gold medalist picabo street. >> did olympic gold medal winner picabo street throw her father down a flight of stairs? >> look what he did to my hair. he pulled so much hair out of my head. plus the hero med student shot in the stomach rescuing a kidnapped woman. look where we found him. then, apology uproar. >> it was a mistake that was our fault and we apologize. >> what we have learned about the american lieutenant. and -- >> the touching kangaroo photo seen round the world. >> a mom's last look at her little kangaroo. >> well, unfortunately, that's


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