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tv   Chasing News  FOX  January 15, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EST

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now on chasing news. forget the, rats, new yorkers now have to worry about raccoons. they appear to be popping up every where. the raccoons were looking for some beef cow main. i get it. prison is not sexy. that's what carina is learning the hard way. she's one of the four ex strippers where they basically drugged mostly wealthy men and robbed them. diane, raccoons are taking over the bronx. forget the rats, new yorkers now have to worry about raccoons. the unwelcome creates happen to
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be popping up every where in new york city. don't believe me, take a look at this video. this is what a diner saw last week while eating the at the new chinatown restaurant on bronxville avenue. he can keep that. the invasion of the raccoons. specifically where i am now in brooklyn, a great home for raccoons because of the large wooded areas in back of me and the local waterways. we know that raccoons like chinese food, but have you personally had to go to many restaurants or homes? >> mainly homes. i have hardly ever, in all the years, had to go to a restaurant for a raccoon. richard consider badge owns kinks exterminators. he took me on a tour of some raccoon hot beds around the area. specifically chair tan beach.
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oftentimes difficult to trap. you better believe it he has some funny stories to go along with that. a man was talking to me on the phone and he said they're coming through the wall. >> i said i won't worry about that, sir, but they won't get through the sheetrock. the sheetrock usually will be enough to eliminate that. all of a united states sen he started screaming. he came through the wall as i'm speaking to him. city policy requires exterminators to youth nice rack soons citing them as health risks to local homeowners. but exterminators aren't doing that and that's why experts are saying we see an up take in raccoons. i asked him what do you do when a client calls about the raccoon. develop a plan to exclude the raccoons and then patch up the holes properly.
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>> that's what a lot of experts are saying the problem is that you cannot go and relocate these animals because they're very aggressive, too, so they don't get along with other animals. on top of that it furthers the risk of disease. i said are you violating city law here? >> we capture them and then we move -- take them upstate to a wildlife area where they will no longer be on force the residents of the new york city. that's his workaround? that's like deported to a country you're not from. they're taking him from the city and sending him out. the idea that these raccoons are so dangerous to people, they've got -- they're being deported out of the city. >> they need a background check. you know what, we need a pause on all incoming raccoons. the challenge with the raccoons is that they're dirty, filthy animals and they not only carry
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remembers, but they've got something called raccoon round worm. there are egg spores in theird3 poop that can dry and you can inhale it and it can make you sick. i'm glad those raccoons were at that chinese restaurant in the bronx. thanks tot raccoons now we know how filthy it is. wait a minute. the raccoons could have shown up because it had an a rating. apparently prison is not sexy. that's what katrina is learning the hard way. she's one of the four ex strippers that is part of throb in hood with the crime ring where they drugged mostly wealthy men and robbed them and charged their credit cards for thousands and thousands of dollars. katrina was asked how she is doing and she said, how do you think jail is going? she's now been sentenced to weekends in jail.
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>> she's only there on families. a family from alloway township has some closure in the case of daniel. her body was found on monday. she was last seen in bridgeton at a gas station getting into a car with a man at about the age of 30. as of right now there is no information about how she got to the wooded area or what happened to her. the largest jackpot in american histories finally has some winners, people from three different states, florida, tennessee and florida will a little bit the 1.6 billion. although new jersey didn't win the big spot they have a moore $2 million and a moore $1 million winning ticket. we here at chasing news have one. >> we will be splitting what is $12, i believe, and it comes to .71 a a appease.
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i missed that one. after taxes -- >> i don't think i can count that small. so let's everybody take their winnings. >> you didn't participate? >> i didn't. you didn't, either. >> you missed out. just tack on this the jacket pot will be payed in 2 # years or they can opt for the one payment. i'm in the going to spend this all in one place. jessica, you're chasing a story that i suspect some people might think is cute. what do you got? >> get ready for cuts overload. i recently spent sometime with two little cubs. chasing news was invited by six
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flags great adventure in jackson, new jersey to meet some new additions to the family. >> a siberian club and a lion cub that are being raised right here in new jersey. you know what that is going to look like in a few years. >> they grow into killers. dr. ken keeper is the lucky veterinarian watching over these two. the lion cub was born mid november. and one week later the tiger cub was born. as of now they haven't been named. they don't have names yet. >> i didn't hear that. you're like what are their names? >> i got distracted by the ciba towel thinking they're training them on their future food. they're both about eight pounds. they will be fully green and weigh 300 pounds. the tiger will weigh over 500 pounds. i helped feed these two little
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ones. we measured out two bottles. there you have it. that's their meat shake. we'll do this four times a day. they each get four bottles a day. six flags received the two female big cats species that would typically never meet in the wild you fortunately the moms did not accept them. it's not beneficial for them to raise a solo cub. >> where can you see these cubs. >> on our adventure ride. > siberian tigers are on the endangered species least, only 3,200 are estimated to live in the wild according to the world wildlife organization. there are less than # thousand tigers in the wild and they are being protected under the
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endingiered species act. they scratched me. i'm like, am i pleading. >> i was thinking they're adorable. he's got the cub on his back and i go running up to them and it scratched me on my neck. > future killers. unless you guys live under a rock, you have heard the devastating news. one direction has broken up. your office is officially in morning and so is twitter. our # for the day, live after one direction. at sushi sprinkle 2 says i
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survived the break up of new kids in the block in the '90s. i can offer up any advice. nj101.5 own brian gregory says # live after one direction, who cares. # live after haul than et cetera that's a whole other story. > for myself, someone who really doesn't care about one direction at all. >> you don't?&,5" rujy >> after all that. my # live after one direction is filled with sad messages with people like allison, yes, sir and my two roommates. >> it's not like they died. let's make up now. >> #, make it up. # can't make it up. done. i am in a training academy for
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future nfl players. the reason why we look at film is, you may say i feel like i'm keeping my head down and you say, no, you're not. let's do this.
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at a sports club with some former and some want a bee nfl players. i am at a test sports club in martinsville. behind me you can see the test football academy, which is a training academy for future nfl players. we've got all of the latest tools and technology in the toolbox to deliver the kind of world class results that these guys need. today we have 91 current players on 29 of 32 nfl teams. they come here and they learn how to do the combine exercises which they all have to do on february 23. it's a very big event. to train they have a guest here today. he is a four time olympic medal list, author bulletin. he is here teaching them to do the 40-yard dash. it's one of the things they have
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to do in the combine. >> the things that they need to know about how to move in a certain way to get the desired time. there are a lot of things that are not similar, but on the other hand there are. that's why there is some benefit to me working with these guys. they've come from all over. i have to speak with one of them which is a local. he is a tight end from monmouth. today was awesome. we got to get a lot of valuable information from a seasoned veteran who knows everything about the yard dash. they've developed a program that is amazing. by far. so i put on my running shoes myself and i learned how to do the 40-yard dash. ready to take them? >> i think i got this. set. the reason why we look at film is, you may say, you nowacki
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feel like i'm keeping my head down and i go, oh, no, you're not. or i feel like i'm pushing out rather than up and i go, no, you're not. that doesn't necessarily mean that they're not processing that information. the way that they've been doing it feels right. when i see you do it right, the thing i will say to you is remember the feeling. are my arms swinging a little bit. >> no. you go to high school and you won't see a lot of high school girls look that good in the first step because they'll be doing this. at least you have some relative angle. even though you didn't feel it, you absolutely improved quite a bit from republic one to rep 10. the film many doesn't lie. there it is. a high personal of these guys who will be here will go onto the nfl but first they have to go to the combine which is february 23. you can tweet me for more information at tweeting camera. locked up and innocent, that's what happened to rodney roberts.
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i got an exclusive interview with rodney right outside the state prison in rahway where he was held for 17 years for a crime he did not commit. for the crime of raping a 17 year old girl he had never met. when i was speaking to rodney, i said being here is this your worst nightmare. >> it is my worst nightmare. being this close to the facility, i mean, i promised myself that i would never come nowhere near the building. it's like coming back to a gravesite. rodney was advised by a public defender to plead guilty. he said that he felt a lot of pressure. he was told that the 17 year old girl was right outside the courtroom, had identified him and if he did not plead guilty he was going to spend the rest of his life in jail. i felt that he he was there to help me and the period of time when i confessed, i said, you better take this, you got no lawyer. you're going to go to jail for
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the rest of his life. >> i wanted to get home to my son. > but you didn't do it. >> he said in prison there's a cast system. >> the murders are like the biggest respect and the lowest one are the child molesters. > rodney was finally released after 17 years because he got a lawyer who had dna evidence tested. >> the results came back completely exonerating me. >> he was free. he said it's the happiest day in his life. since he's been released he said the struggle has gotten harder. there is nothing for individuals who are exonerated. there is no work. no family program. no social program. you're just out. he said that it's easier for a criminal to find employment than it is for him who did not even commit the crime he's lost 17 years of his life for. > why. >> because he says he can't account for the 7 years in his employment history that doesn't
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exist. can i ask you? what was it like? he says i'm never going back, the trauma of being in prison for 17 years and you bring him back to rahway. >> it's literally right behind us. >> is this your first time back here. >> yes, it is. i feel my body shaking just from being this close to this facility. i definitely didn't want to come back, but for the sake of story, to get the truth out there, i came back out here with this wonderful reporter. if you can't get a good lawyer, you get a public defender. if that public defender does t not have your best interest at heart and just wants to get it out, get your case off the books and move on there is a very real possibility that you can be in jail for a crime you didn't commit. this isn't the only time this happened. what's he going to sue. >> you bet. rodney is suing the city,, the county, and the state for ruining his life. > keep us posted. >> we got the union going. adam is now the host of south of
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will sure. > it's fun. it's a fun game show. awesome times. these huge celebrity stars go to regular places. celebrities are just like us, adam.
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you thought for the only time you were the only tmz style guy with your own show. you're going to have to make a a little bit of room. adam glenn is now the host of south of will sure. adam, what's going on blotter. >> what's up guys? what's up, new jersey. > congratulations. thank you so much. this is insane. this is very cool. tell us about the show. >> harvey called me. i work for tmz.
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he said i have a game show. >> i said are you serious. the next day he flies me to la. the next day he went to an urban barber shop and he found out a lot of celebrities had gone there, not just there, to other businesses south of wilshur. we found a taco place that bad pit loves. i with a film many crew go to all these locations south of will sure and the people around the area give me clues about the area. we have three contestants in the roomful of people that the audience is eating and partying the whole time. they are trying to get celebrities based on the business and the customers giving clues. >> it's a fun game show. >> we've watched some clips. you're from union, man. what is a jersey guy getting your own show. >> i grew up wanting to be the quarterback of the jets.
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> you got a better gig here. >> i'm a game show host. i'm the only one game show host that can't grow a mush mustache. describe south of will sure. >> englewood, even shaw, family businesses, businesses that have been around the community for a long time. we found a taco place that amy shoe mere loves to go to. we went to a boxing gym where one of the kardashians trains. it's going to blow your mind that these celebrity stars go to these regular places. >> celebrities are just like us. > they're just like us. >> you've inspired me to start my own show called all of trenton. it is five days a week on this channel. it's amazing. no other show is like it.
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it's really fun annex sighting. what the heck is a vampire facial? >> a vampire facial using your own blood on your face, tiny tiny needles repeatedly prick your face. >> how do you dress like vampire. >> anybody else notice that? > this is a fox 29 news update. good morning, i'm fox 9 meteorologist kathy orr and we are chasing this storm that's developing in the gulf of mexico picking up moisture and it will be moving up the easternin seaboard. it will be impacting our weatheg by tomorrow evening. look at friday's high, 59-degrees. at night the rain moves in, lingers onto saturday.t st look at mlk day, 39-degrees and it stays chilly into next week.
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