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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  January 15, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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finally friday good morning at 4:00 o'clock to cars set on fire, video police are using to track down this arsonist. shoot-out inside a strawberry mansion tattoo parlor and hunt is on for those shooters. vice-president joe biden making a stop right here in philadelphia a. very important trip to the university of pennsylvania, medical school. good day everybody, it is, as chris just says friday, january 15th, 2016. >> we had christmas, new years and we are halfway through january. >> well, watching hopefully on line from a at the plant a a a, more importantly he is probably sleeping at 4:00 he clock in the morning, right. >> yes. >> you didn't tell him you were going to say happy birth the day then why would you watch. >> a nice warm up today, um.
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>> yes, brief but enjoyable. i think this is going to be the best day of what we've got coming, weather-wise, only because there is such a big chill coming after the the we will break it down step by step, lot milder now then it was yesterday, and the day before. 33 degrees, and it feels like 33 because of the calm wind. so, already we're doing better. we are even at freezing at mount pocono. we have 25 degrees in pottstown. twenty-seven in lancaster. look at this at the new jersey shore we're already in the the 40's, at 4:00 in the morning. the we are not talking about wind chill today because of the wind that are largely calm or very light, so that is a a good thing this morning. we're starting off your friday if you were already happy that it is friday. we will probably be a couple degrees above freezing by 7:00. by lunchtime we're in the mid 40's with that brief arrival of warmer air, and cloudy and mild, at 50 by 3:00 o'clock and rain a arrives anytime after 7:00, and this could be
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a soaker in the overnight hours, tonight. we will take a lot a the the fox future cast and break that down for you too but in the meantime at 4:02, happy friday bob kelly. >> right back at you, tgif, we made it to the end of the workweek, 4:02. we have a problem here on the schuylkill expressway, ramps through to route 202. i passed it this morning, pulled over, talk to the officers, a tractor trailer got cut off, and off the roadway and then the load shifted and it felon to the the ramps from the 202 north to the schuylkill expressway, and a van then rolled over, all of the debris, flattened all of its tired so bottom line is some local detours here in king of prussia a this morning. north bound lanes of 202, the ramp to the schuylkill, closed while they clean all that up. let's go up to that traffic light at gulf road with the king of prussia mall, made the u turn and get right back on
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the schuylkill expressway. other problem, it is an accident, investigation and clean up over here in cherry hill. the let's roll video from the news van when we passed the scene here at route 70 in cherry hill, new jersey right here near cropwell. well, they have an accident investigation, crash pulled down a telephone pole and the power lines, so, the the westbound and eastbound lanes of the route 70, are some lane restrictions as crews are out there making repairs, probably another hour or so, before we get that back in business, and let's go back to our map computer here. the guess who is coming for a little afternoon visit. >> vice-president joe biden. >> you got it. it will be motorcade madness here in university of pennsylvania, for that 3:00 he clock visit the by the vice-president. so plan your afternoon accordingly if you are coming into or out of the city. chris and lauren, back over to you. now to a developing story out of south philadelphia.
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fox 29 news has learned a construction worker -- >> wrong rid yes here thinks our doug pederson, new eagles coach. >> eagles play in south philadelphia at the link. >> we understand he is coming in our head coach but there is a few things that are in the the way of that right now. we cannot hire him officially right. >> nfl rules that we have to get through basically all of the nfl playoffs, so we will have much more on this announcement coming from last night later, and, here's the deal, dave, specifically what is it that the nfl is making the eagles wait for to a announce this. >> reporter: specifically they are waiting for the the reportedly new coach to finish up in can suggest city as one thing before coming to philadelphia but, of course, a all we have are reports to go on about doug pederson coming to the eagles but it is enough to get eagles fans talking and
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many eagles fans like what they are hearing too. the here's what we do know, doug pederson has been named the new eagles coach, according to multiple reports, sighting multiple sources. "fox sports" confirms that the eagles have ended their coaching search. pederson is a long time name, a backup quarterback in his nfl days including brief play with the eagles quarterback donovan mcnabb in his rookie season in 1999. forty-seven year-old pederson will be replacing ousted eagles coach chip kelly once he is donnas kansas city chiefs o line coordinator. that move cannot be a announced until the chiefs end their season which is in a playoff run but eagles fans still had plenty to say. >> i hope lurie is right, i don't know. i got season tickets to the eagles on. i hope he is right. i wouldn't have chosen him. i don't think he is the the right guy for the job. >> i was disappoint todd see
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tom coughlin was being considered, i bleed green i will not have a ex-giants coach come in here so i'm excited. pederson has done a good job with allah ex-smith this year. >> reporter: eagles boss and personnel coach chip kelly landed work fast heading out to san francisco. he will take over as 49ers head coach and, of course, eagles fans we have talked to say chip was long gone and far, far away. they say that is just fine by them at this point. >> i'm just surprised nobody is giving our guy pederson a warm welcome. everybody is skeptical. >> reporter: yeah, they are skeptical because the last coach blew up the team. they are also skeptical because once the the new announcement is made official he has to get his own guys in here, he has to bring in his own guys and that takes a while to build a program. it is like college it takes a little bit, to build a program.
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>> with andy reid, going to kansas city, and we have let him go. >> yes. >> thanks very much. >> reporter: reid was eight-zero after in his first season in kansas city, before his first loss, it was something like that. >> yes all right, thank you. >> now to that developing story out of south philadelphia, fox 29 news has learned that the construction worker has died after falling in the delaware river. sky fox was over the the scene, along the the 2,000 block of columbus boulevard, rescue crews pulled the man out around 8:30 last night. no word on how he fell into that river. at four credit 07 we have more developing news a shoot-out inside a strawberry mansion tattoo parlor. now hunt is on for shooters. police say two guys tried to rob the place in the 1900 block of north 31st street last night and an employee inside for the back and shot back at the suspects. one customer was hit in the leg. the both suspects ran off, victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition.
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first on fox, police hope surveillance tapes will lead them to several teens wanted for vandal icing the gym at temple university. temple police tells fox 29 that the five teens entered pierson hall on saturday january the ninth. once inside they caused an undetermined amount of damage to that gym. right the now police are in the process of reviewing surveillance tapes and showing them to local schools in hopes of finding who did damage that gym. staff in gloucester township schools contacted police after noticing a suspicious man going through their desk in the main office. the suspect seen in this video is believed to have entered through a door being used by a junior basketball team. man described as a thin man in his late 30's and bald was seen going in and out of the various classrooms before running out of the front doors, when custodian staff started to approach him. two cars set on fire in north philadelphia. police are calling this yes, a case of arson. this happened just after 1:00 this morning on the 3100 block of north sixth street. two cars set on fire, near the
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engines, no one was hurt, right now police are trying to figure out who did this. developing this morning a warning out for students at the university of delaware after a couple of strong armed robberies on campus. newark police are looking for two men who attacked 2u dell seniors walk ago along wilbur street tuesday night. authorities say they have violently snatched their purses getting away in a older model mercury gray or silver car with the license plate partially covered by paper. another student who lives in the neighborhood heard screams and then called for help. >> she said she was just walking. she had a purse on her shoulder and she felt a arm loop back that purse. she went to tug away. next thing she knew she was knocked right in the face. it gave me chills. >> detectives say that the thieves are caught on security camera using women's credit cards at several gas stationness wilmington. university of delaware sent out a e-mail to all students warning them of the crime. finding a cure for cancer,
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vice-president joe biden chooses philadelphia to launch a new national initiative. steve keeley now joins us from the the university city with more on this. steve, good morning. this was announced right during the time that the president obama was giving his final state of the union address. >> reporter: no better place to begin what the president termed to joe by tone start doing a new job to tackle the disease that took his son. he got his early diagnosis and treatment close to home in delaware. the experts interviewed since the state of the union say some cancers if it is intensified will be cured and many other will be stalled out become not as killers anymore but chronic diseases like diabetes, things people will survive and live with. there are 100 and so many more kind of cancer and researchers say for sure they are excited over any presidential push in acceleration about how to treat and cure this deadly disease. >> last year vice-president biden said with a new moon
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shot, america can cure cancer. the last month he worked with this congress to get scientists the national institutes of health the strongest resources that they have had in over a decade. so tonight i'm announcing a new national effort to get it done and because he has gone to the matt for all of us on so many issues over the past 40 years i'm putting joe in charge of mission control. for the loved ones we all lost and for the families we can still say, let's make america the country that cure cancer once and for all. >> reporter: as president speech writers used that moon shot analogy and put a man on the moon by the end of the decade, doctors in the national cancer institute say sustain funding and support will show some positive results, like going to the moon or mars curing cancer may have long seemed as any out of this world possibility, and like the first moon land ago this was safe, we have seen
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out of the world possibility turn into probability is here in america. >> let's get this one done. >> a lot of money behind both. >> steve, thank you. a seven year-old boy left out in the cold for hours no hat, mittens or way to get inside his house. next the school bus mix up that left this little will boy crying alone in the dark alley. gloves are off last night for the republican presidential debate we will break it down straight ahead.
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okay. this is pit bull, his real name is armando perez. >> he is 35 years old today. >> ♪ >> yes, this is 2009, resolution. >> hi sue serio, a little warm up, um. >> in the this much. we wanted to show you record highs, even though we expect to get in the 50's and that is unusual for mid-january, we had 71 as our record highs in both wilmington and philadelphia i don't think those highs are in danger nor high temperatures in trenton, reading or mount pocono where i don't know we may make it to 60 degrees but i doubt it. that is short lived. as we look at what is going on, we have a coastal storm.
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normally that with strike fear into us but this one will remain far enough off shore and we will show you more of the future cast, in a moment but this is something that is coming up from the south and it will bring us rain but since the bulk of the storm will remain off shore we will get outer portion of it. we do think by ten or 11:00 it will be raining pretty hard in some places and it looks like if you are at the shore or in southern delaware you will get heavier rain but it may happen depend ing on how late you stay up while you were sleeping. the here's 3:00 in the morning and raining steadily but by six or 7:00 in the morning most of the storm is starting to get out of here and it ties mild, every where, for anything but rain, and that is tonight into tomorrow. now we will move ahead in the future cast to sunday where we start to see things cloud up and we're getting ready for a cold front to come through. that should come through with snow flurry activity but it will not be much, big difference will be the temperature, once we get to monday, so speaking of to
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temperature right now we're at 33 degrees in philadelphia we are even at freezing in mount pocono, mid 20's in allentown and pottstown. twenty-seven lancaster. 39 degrees in dover. and, 48 degrees, already in at atlantic city, wind not a factor so we are not talking about wind chill, you won't have as much of a chill as you had in earlier days this week. look at the roller coaster ride we had from sunday's high of 65. that early morning high of 40 on monday. mid 40's on tuesday. bam, down to 29 for wednesday. up to 47 yesterday. up to 54 today, 49 on saturday, and then back to the 30's, on sunday, and by martin luther king day we may not even make it to 30 degrees. if you remember what wednesday felt like, that will be your martin luther king holiday, very, very cold but it will be sunny and it looks like a lot of that chill bob kelly will be hanging around through the middle of the week. >> it is, winter, right.
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>> it is kind of supposed to be cold, isn't it. >> it is supposed to be cold. >> 4:18. good morning everybody. for the gang coming from king of prussia we have an accident here, northbound lanes of 202 the ramp to the schuylkill. i stopped to talk to the police officers this morning and a tractor trailer got cut off made a sharp turn and then load shifted and like metal, brackets for like shelfing in the warehouse fell all over the roadway and then a van rolled overall of that debris and four flat tires. the bottom line clean up underway here in king of prussia anyone heading north on 202 you will make the u turn at gulf road traffic light and get back on to the schuylkill. vine street expressway opened for business. they did not work last night but an accident in cherry hill, new jersey causing problems. let's roll video from the news van, steve keeley driving by this morning westbound lanes of route 70 are closed the at haddonfield road.
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this is right there in front of the wegmans shopping plaza to give you an idea. the accident took down the telephone lines so westbound lanes are blocked, and we come back to the maps eastbound they have one lane closed. it is right here, 70 and haddonfield. you just want to use 38 getting out of the gate this morning until we get that all a cleaned up. over the weekend if you are using septa regional rail lines heads up they are kicking in a weekend schedule, and, chestnut hill line, and make sure you have a timetable today and weekend detours around the septa a frankford transportation center up there in frankford and harrison, all due to some construction up there in the great northeast. september, mass transit, with no delays, chris and lauren back to you good as with you, with that beautiful gray suit, thanks for being with us. careless smoking is to blame for a fire that killed a woman in trenton. >> sky fox over the scene over broad street yesterday a afternoon. investigators say they believe the woman who used a
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wheelchair fell asleep while smoking setting her clothing on fire. people living there were evacuated for several hours while fire fighters battled the flames. >> she didn't get around that well anymore. she was in a wheelchair. >> i was sitting in my living room with my cat. i put her in the carrier and quickly bring her out. then they divert me to the fifth floor to the hallway which was not smokey. >> woman's name has not been released. nine other residents suffered smoke injuries and treated at the the scene. philadelphia police hope you can identify men wanted for trying to break into a home in north philadelphia investigators believe the group may have forced their way in the home on the 1900 block of page street. back in december the home owner change his locks after the incident. and then on new years day police a this group of guys tried to get into that home again using a key but they had in luck so they took off.
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4:21. it is politics, in this election year 2016. republican presidential candidates, they are really coming out swinging. this was the sixth debate last night. >> they had more room then in the previous five debates. only seven were chosen for that g.o.p. main event including new jersey governor chris christie. >> billion air donald trump and texas senator ted cruz are at the top of the polls, one and two. so you knew they were going to go at each other. they were right at the center part of the stage. others such as chris christie hoping to get some momentum through the debate. hot topics during the the the debate on fox business network gun control and immigration. >> i will gladly accept the the mantle of anger. our military is a disaster. our health carries a who are owe show. we will repeal it and replace it. we have no borders. our vets are being treated horribly. illegal immigration is beyond bee leave.
4:22 am
>> carli fiorina, the former senator and former arkansas governor, mike huckabee held a earlier debate before the main event. >> seven year-old boy, bus after school turned into a nightmare left out in the wisconsin cold for hours after the mom said the bus dropped him off at the wrong spot. his mom said that the bus was supposed to take him today care. she said school put him on the wrong bus and took him home instead. the problem though his mother was still a at work. when the driver pulled up to his house, he said the the driver told him to get off of the bus. >> i was very cold and i can't have move. >> not knowing where you are from, it is something you never want to feel. >> neighbor saw the little boy crying in the alley, and invited him inside until his mom got home from work. even in that bit are school. now the will school is investigating. this weekend only the big discount amazon is offering up
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that could save you a lot of money. plus, caught selling big tickets to disney world? what they allegedly sold to under cover sheriff deputies posing as to your wrists. but first here's your winning lottery numbers. good luck to you.
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good morning, i'm howard
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eskin. once tomorrow testimony coughlin was done with consideration as eagles head coach eagles decided to make the move with the other two candidates they have interviewed. pat shurmur and former eagles quarterback and couch doug pederson. multiple sources told me he will be named, that would be doug pederson, once kc completes their run in the playoffs which could go a couple weeks. pederson was a coach under andy reid from 2009 and 2012. he went to andy reid with kansas city as his offensive coordinator. i was tell by a source that andy reid had input in trying to get pederson the head coaching job here. also with the source from kansas city pederson did get more of the the play calling responsibilities as season went on. chip kelly is now the head coach of the 49ers. they play against eagles here in 017. sixers found another way to lose. they were up by 24 but lost in overtime. jimmy butler here had 53. sixers lose it 115-111. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin.
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they lost again. >> yes. >> they try though. >> they were up by 20 points in the first half. chipotle closing its doors but is it for good? the reason why the chain will hand out lots of free byes. >> they cannot close.
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>> reporter: eagles reportedly have their new coach, we will tell you who, and who will be coming to philadelphia coming up, lauren. vice-president joe biden making a stop right here in philadelphia, and we will tell you why. good day everybody it is friday january 15th, 2016. >> sue racing over. there is the walk of shame captured by joe danker controlling the camera here in the fox 29 morning studios. >> she made it my first one of 2015. >> yes. >> you had about 47 of those in 2015. >> well, i did, but you know, i'm rushing to get the most accurate information. >> oh, yeah, right. >> for you, the viewer. >> are you buying that one. >> i'm doing it all for you. okay. it is the 15th of the month but it is, 2015. we have that all straight. that is accurate now. we have been looking at clouds
4:31 am
on ultimate doppler radar and for first time this week, we have nothing. not even lake effect snow because things are warming up and wind have changed direction. so we have 33 degrees in the city, calm wind, and no wind chill to talk about, in fact, it is 32, in mount pocono, so, that is maybe not a good thing but this warm up isn't going to last long, so we're okay for the the holiday weekend. we have temperatures in the 40's in wildwood and atlantic city, and wind are either very light or very calm, and they are coming from all kind of directions because things are changing. we are getting milder a air moving in ahead of some rain, which will see it in. we have friday 50's coming up, put on your poodle skirt because we will get to about 54 degrees for a high temperature today. this is a milestone as well, 15th of january our official sunset time, bob kelly, 5:00 o'clock. >> fifty's i will do my vince
4:32 am
fountain impression. i'll work on. that 4:32. we're going to hand jive get on out there, northbound 202, approaching the schuylkill expressway. an early morning accident. i talk to the officers here when i passed the scene this morning. they said a tractor trailer was cut off, lost control, load shifted and like metal beams that would be used like in warehouse shelving spilled all over the roadway, and then a van carrying five or six people, jumped overall of those met aal pieces, and came up with some flat tires. they have got some activity here in king of prussia this morning. also an early morning accident, closing westbound route 70. let's role video, news van is on the the scene at haddonfield road right in front of the wegmans, westbound 70, coming in toward philadelphia, closed, at had haddonfield road as the the crews make repairs to the overhead power lines, and the utility pole. now lets go back to the maps
4:33 am
for a second because if you are coming in toward philadelphia, your best bet, stick with route 38, again you are pushed off at haddonfield, pass wegmans take 38 in towards the the benny. we have a big visit to day, the vice-president is coming to town for a 3:00 o'clock event slated to occur on the campus of the university of pennsylvania, more about the details on that event later on but if you are going to be in this area later on after lunchtime and beginning of the evening rush hour, head up, we're expecting some grid lock on the u of p campus later this afternoon. chris and lauren, back over to you good bob kelly, thank you. this morning a new era for the the eagles as the team find a new head coach. >> his name is doug pederson, and he was with the kansas city chiefs for a while. he is now going to take over for what chip kelly left which was kind of a mess in south philadelphia a that is where dave kinchen joins us live, hi dave. >> reporter: i guess you can say eagles have mended their wings or that process is
4:34 am
nearly complete. we have reports to go on right now but these reports are enough to have eagles fans talking and many say they like what they hear at the least so far. doug pederson, of course, has been named the new eagles head coach according to reports sighting multiple sources. "fox sports" does confirm that the eagles coaching search has ended, that is from "fox sports" one precisely. pederson, of course was a long time quarterback, backup qb in his nfl years including brief play with the eagles era under donovan mcnabb's rookie season in 1999. forty-seven year-old peterson will be replacing ousted eagles coach chip kelly once he is donnas the kansas city chiefs offensive coordinator. move cannot be made until the chiefs end their season which is in the playoff mode right now but eagles fans still had plenty to say. >> i'm down with it. i know he brought mcnabb up in his rookie year and everything. we also learned under andy
4:35 am
reid, to see what andy reid is doing in kansas city right the new so i'm cool. sound like a good idea to me. >> as long as it ain't chip. he came, dismantled the whole team for personal reasons and things likement that i don't feel as though he had made professional decisions. hopefully this next coach coming in will make better decisions. >> meantime eagles former coach and personnel boss chip kelly landed work fast heading out to san francisco. he will take over for 49ers out there as head coach. eagles fans say as long as he is long gone and far, far away hey it is a brand new day. you like that, don't you. >> i was surprised that san francisco 49ers picked up chip kelly. >> reporter: i was too i would have thought a lot of times fired coaches get a offensive coordinator gig or something lick that, not a top coaching gig like that. >> dave, thank you, sir. >> major news in the fight against cancer, a national
4:36 am
initiative will be unveiled in philadelphia today. >> vice-president gentlemen biden travels to the university of pennsylvania, with details, on the mission to find a cure. steve keeley now joins us from university city where, the vice-president will be, greeted, later today, and that meeting is what about 3:00 this afternoon, steve. >> reporter: just three days after the the president's speech tuesday night he shows up here at penn with his new assignment and do all that he can, so fewer fathers in the future will to have cope as he is right new with the loss of the son and all loved ones. >> last year vice-president biden said that with a new moon shot america can cure cancer. last month he worked with this congress to get scientists at the national institutes of health the strongest resources that they have had in over a decade. so tonight i'm announcing a new national effort to get it done. because he has gone to the matt for all of us on so much issues for the past four years, i'm putting joe in charge of the mission control.
4:37 am
for the loved ones we all lost, for the families that we can still save, let's make america the country that cures cancer once and for all. >> reporter: next morning joe biden focused his increase of resources private and public to fight cancer, break down cile owes and bring cancer fighters together to work together, share information and then end cancer as we know it. lauren and chris. >> steve keeley, thanks very much. 4:37. chipotle trying to win back loyal customers by closing the doors? how does that make sense? we will explain giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
4:38 am
4:39 am
4:40 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. in your money the cost to mail a letter, what, could be going up again. >> u.s. postal service, they are having money problems, still. they need some help. the postal service is seeking a 3cent increase per stamp, that would bring a price of the first class stamp to 49 cents. post office expects to lose $6 billion this year. the last year the the agency lost $16 billion. rate hike must be approved by the the postal regulatory commission. it keeps going up and up. from free bye toss closures we have lot to talk about when it comes to chip pot thely. >> it all has to do with the chain's food born illness out break. ceo of the chain announced it will american double amount of free food it gave way to
4:41 am
customers in the show of goodwill. on february 8th plans to brown bag it the for lunch. all chipotle stores will close for a national all employee meeting. the the closure toys give executives time to answer questions about the the out break and to go over a new marking plan to bring customers back. more than 350 people say they to the sick after eating chipotle food last year. >> i would still go there. >> i don't know if i have been there since the the out break but it is one of my favorite restaurants. >> good thing is you don't eat a lot of meat and they have a lot of meatless options. >> they are healthy, i can get a bruno, which is beans, salad bowls. >> here's my only problem when you want quacamole, when i love. >> it is $10 extra. >> it is more like $40 extra. >> what is up with that. >> i know. >> it is smallest amount ever too. >> it is unbelievable, it is like gold, really. >> amazon, offering a huge discount for its prime membership this weekend. >> subscription fee will drop
4:42 am
from 99 to $73. it starts friday night 9:00 pacific time and end sunday at noon. only new customers can take advantage of the deal. on line retailer is celebrating two golden globe wins for one of the original shows, mozart in the jungle. >> it thinks time of the year, people around signing up for those things. >> that is a good deal though 73 bucks. >> yeah, good savings. >> are you a member? >> i'm not, but i might be tonight. good bye, adele, someone has taken over your number one spot. >> hello. >> hello. our cosmetics line was a hit.
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well, today is doctor martin luther king, junior's birthday. the civil rights leader would have been 87 years old. so we all celebrate on monday, because it is a a national holiday. actually, today though the celebration kicks off at african-american museum, they are having a party all weekend. >> dancers, history, reinact. s, why wait until monday. >> but it is also, they are calling for a day of service on monday. this is not a day to hang out and watch tv, do something for others, as the late great
4:46 am
civil rights leader would have done. at 87, here's a sad thing for all of us, he could be alive and thriving today at just 87 years old if you think bit, sue serio. >> it is true, but at least we have made something positive out of everything to that happened by having that day of service on monday, and as you know, or maybe you don't that philadelphia has the largest, martin luther king day of service of any city in the country and that is something to be proud of. yeah, we're still tracking tropics. in case you missed this yesterday, is there a hurricane. we have used a first name on our 2016 hurricane list and it is alex way off the west coast of africa right there in the middle of the atlantic ocean. if you are going to have a hurricane this is the way to do it so it doesn't bother anybody but it has been one of the earliest starts in hurricane season in january. that will not affect us at all. this is. the this is a storm system in the gulf of mexico bringing rain, to alabama and georgia
4:47 am
and parts of the florida and it will move up the coast. the it looks like the center of the storm will move far enough off shore that it will just get some rain from it the but nothing epic, just a lot have rain and probably won't start until well after sunset tonight maybe eight or 9:00 o'clock first rain drops start falling. heavy rain around midnight and into two or 3:00 in the morning and then things taper off and still raining by six or 7:00. by 9:00 o'clock for sure that rain is out of here. then we will take a look at what will happen on sunday, because for saturday, temperatures still remain pretty reasonable but it gets chillier on sunday, and there is the the possibility of maybe a little snow shower activity late in the day at the shore on sunday, again we will see what happens but a cold front is coming through so we are back to bitter cold on martin luther king day on monday. so 33 degrees right now in philadelphia, 32 mount pocono. twenty-eight in reading. thirty-nine in dover.
4:48 am
forty-three in wildwood. a much more comfortable morning then any we have experienced this week and wind are in the a factor at all. so, no wind chill. look at our high 54 degrees. forty-eight for tomorrow with that rain lingering just in the early morning hours. kind of cloudy on sunday, and it will be a little bit colder with temperatures in the 30's but very cold on the holiday itself on monday with a high of only 29 degrees. then we will stay below average in the 30's all the way through to the middle of next week. so first it is mild, then it is cold, you know the drill bob kelly. >> that roller coaster ride, good morning everybody. 4:48. tgif. we are off to a good start. schuylkill expressway, blue route, i-95, nothing major this morning. the the one problem we do have is a a fire location in southwest philadelphia, at 61st and upland. so watch out for local detours through the neighborhood. an accident on fifth and hunting park avenue in the
4:49 am
hunting park section of the city, luzerne or the boulevard will probably be your two best bets. two early morning crashes. then over in cherry hill, new jersian accident, let's roll video from the news van. steve keeley passed this on the way in westbound lanes of route 70, an accident pulled down overhead power lines right in front of the wegmans there at haddonfield road. so the the the westbound lanes are blocked, let's go back to the maps. the eastbound side has one lane opened, so at least for the moment through cherry hill, i think 38 is your best bet for maybe the next half an hour or so. big visitor coming to town today, motorcade madness, vice-president joe biden coming to town for an event the at the university of penn, 3:00 o'clock start time for the event itself but i will caution you from noon time on just watch for a lot of unusual traffic patterns, a heavy police presence and, of course, knowing mr. bind he is coming from washington. sure, he can fly but he loves to ride the train which will
4:50 am
put him right there at 30th street. either way he still has to get to 30th to u of p and that will take a motorcade. a lot of options but within thing i can guarantee you from noon to say 5:00, jammo in the campus of the university of penn later on today. >> you didn't say it. >> motorcade madness. >> i did say it, you weren't paying attention. >> motorcade madness. >> now you have said it. >> all right. >> thank you. we have sad news to report for you this morning. >> yes, alan rickman best known as professor snap in the . i'm not a harry potter person, has died from cancer. >> rickman started big time series films. big one that put him on the map for us in america was in 1988 with bruce willis and mad guy in diehard. he starred in love actually. of course the entire harry potter franchise. one of the most beloved british actors in the past 30
4:51 am
years. he was 69 years old. in the course of the one week we have lost two great british icons in the entertainment world, david bowie on monday and then yesterday, alan rickman. speaking of david bowie setting a single day record. views of bowie's videos hit 51 milan monday the day after he died at the age of 69. that broke the record held by adele whose video had 36 million views when her song hello, debuted in october. most watched video monday was lazarus and lazarus is a really interesting video because it is him, in a hospital bed talking about being in heaven. he knew have of his demise, and he didn't let anyone else know he was suffering for cancer about 18 months before he passed away ever last week even. >> what was the name of adele's song. >> hello. >> you are so crazy. >> former front man for back street boys a arrested in florida. the authorities say nick
4:52 am
carter impact a bouncer and was drunk. >> unaudible. >> that is carter's friend talking to police after they arrest and in key west, carter walk out of jail yesterday saying he was just trying to have fun on vacation. bar owners said bouncer told the two they were too drunk to come in. witnesses say carter grabbed the bouncer by the throat his friend head butted another employee. both are facing battery charges. there were highs and lows on american idol last night. we will have details next. we will leave you with, you two song in the name of love. of course, this song written about the late great martin luther king junior who would have turned 87 years old today.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
4:55. the search for next american idol is just heating up. >> this time the judges are looking for new talent in denver and little rock. fox's michelle has a recap of thursday a's show. >> are you guys ready to get started. >> yeah. >> the the farewell season of american idol continued its search for the next final superstar, this time, returning to denver, colorado and little rock, arkansas. >> watching in the studio, obviously for people who are excited to be on the farewell season. i think a lot of it is people growing up watching the show.
4:56 am
this is a special moment for them. >> ♪ >> reporter: many hopefuls have potential but judge harry connnick junior says being good enough is not going to cut it. >> i don't think singing is good enough for you. the last couple years we have put a lot of faith in these young performers to improve greatly over the course of the season, but that doesn't happen as much as you like to see. we are trying to pick people that are a little bit ready to go right out of the gate. >> chris allen and ruben studdard stopped by to lend a hand. while contestants did their best to shoot for the stars, the judges took a break. to shoot hoops. although a lucky few left the room with golden ticket they said sing nothing front of the judges was scary. >> when you first walk in judges are sitting there, looking the at you, and light are sobriety, and it is very intimidating but it was so
4:57 am
awesome. i got so pumped up. >> i was nervous, saying i'm nervous but they are personable, talkative. >> i was really any of us. my first song was a little bit shaky. they said will you sing another song. let me sing another song. then i felt confident after being in there for a little bit. >> reporter: audition round continue next wednesday when idol revisits four more cities, in hollywood, michelle pullino, "fox news".
4:58 am
4:59 am
winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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right now, on the fox 29 morning news the the eagles will name doug pederson has the new head coach, why the kansas city chiefs offensive coordinator isn't so quick though to take the job. and vice-president joe biden, he is coming to philadelphia today. very personal mission bringing the vice-president to philadelphia. and later power ball fever has finally been cured after tickets in california, tennessee, florida, came up luck any wednesday night's drawing but that doesn't mean there weren't still some big winners, right here in our area. good day everyone it is friday january 15th, 2016. >> so you know i went home yesterday and looked over my ticket like five times. i said maybe the numbers are not in order. i was just hoping for something. >> just a little anxiety there. >> nothing. >> i want to continue lauren dawnoh


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