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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  January 15, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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there is an episcopal church right up the street but what we see in the shot here is st. paul's roman catholic church. >> that is not good. >> at least winds are somewhat calm, sue. >> wind are calm and that is helping fire fighters this morning because this area in burlington city, a tight knit row home community here and homes that are on fire are four homes right together here along st. mary's street just off of union between union and broad and again a mark there are would be st. paul's roman catholic church. if we can go back to chop their would be great because this is breaking news here. we will go back to the chopper shot and get weather by the numbers in a moment. there we go white smoke is good but what we have seen is the fire when it reached two alarms the the roof collapsed on one of the homes in the middle, and that of course sparked the flames coming backup again. we have a building here, again, four homes together, fire fighters, knocking, trying to knock it down from
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different angles but the hot spots, continue to flare up. we have three people taken to a local hospital. our thoughts and prayers with them. the hats off to the fire fighters, we have snorkels doing a great job on a cold morning. 31 degrees. the lets get to the maps with the lowell detour st. mary off of union in burlington. another big story, the vice-presidential visit coming to town, somebody sent me a text saying what time should we get out of university city. i will say between 12 and 5:00 f activity. the event is at the 3:00 the at the university of penn right across from chop, children's hospital. if you are going down there for an appointment with the kids, keep that in mind. this will be a hot mess here between south and university. it will impact the schuylkill and, of course, the campus there of the university of penn later on today. the here's an accident the schuylkill expressway westbound right at gulph mills, off to the shoulder, but otherwise mass transit looking good with no delays.
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sue, the wind are keeping calm and that is good news for those fire fighters over there in burlington city. >> right, we don't have bitter icy conditions either that we have had other times this week. it is cold but in many case's above freezing. we have a seven out of ten today. is there your pal bus stop buddy. we do see temperatures in the 20's but we have been as warm as 40's in southern new jersey. so just wear winter coat and maybe flyers cap too they are on a winning streak, 32 degrees, no wind chill to talk b is there your official sunrise time 7:21. we are starting to see sunshine. look where it will take us to 54 degrees. we will see increasing cloud but friday, 50's that sound pretty good. now tonight is a different story as the rain rolls in well after sunset, and it will be, raining heavily at times in the overnight hours but the overnight the low 40 degrees, so at least it the is only rain. >> you got it. >> hey sue to you her? we may have a new head coach.
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>> i heard that. >> yes. what is oldies new again is that the line. >> that is right. >> so they is, doug pederson, do you remember he used to be our quarterback. new era will begin here in philadelphia so, after firing of the chip kelly which surprised us all a guy no one really considered at the time was going to be named the head coach and that is one doug pederson offensive coordinator for kansas city chiefs under andy reid. >> so he is a familiar face, right, but is he really the right fit for the the job. we will have a panel have of experts joining news ten minutes to go over what the eagles future will look like under doug pederson. could we be seeing changes on the field with formations, who is playing, who is not. >> and will be the quarterback? he used to be a quarterback. >> sam bradford said he will want ray shurmur. >> did we hire a offensive coordinator last night too? i think we did. >> staff? >> this is all reported, so it won't be confirmed bay peterson is still on the
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playoffs. >> shurmur is still here but we pick up somebody else with a odd name what is his name? no. >> bradford wanted shurmur to be the head coach. >> we have sports experts coming in. >> we will talk to the sports experts. >> that is pushing it. >> okay. happening also today in philadelphia, vice-president joe biden is coming to town. >> he is launching a national initiative and it is personal for him. they have a pretty big goal here don't they, steve keeley. >> to cure cancer. >> reporter: this goal first tried to be tackled by president nixon 45 years ago. he put what is today six and a half billion dollars for cancer funding and got national cancer instituting. so now a second president making a a second big push and experts interviewed since mr. obama's state of the union say some cancers in effect, is intensified will definitely be cured. we know why joe biden really has this close to his heart and on his mind constantly
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still trying to get over the the shattering death of his son, beau at age 46. >> last year vice-president biden said with a new moon shot america can cure cancer. last month he worked with this congress to get signed to the national institutes of health the strongest least sources they have had in a decade. so tonight i'm announcing a new national effort to get it done. and because he has gone for the the matt for all of us on so many issues over the past 40 years i'm putting joe in charge of the mission control. for the the loved ones we have all lost, for the families, we can still save, let's make america the country that cures cancer once for all. while since that assignment, the vice-president has been on twitter talking to a lot of supporters. he says his focus is to increase resources, and pride, public and private, to fight cancer and break down what he
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called cile owes and bring cancer fighters together work together, share information and then cancer as we know it. so as bob kelly was talking about the the big traffic jam here it sound like joe biden feels like there is a traffic jam in cancer. he called it fourth rule of politics, the politics of cancer. he will try to bring all of the people together to fight united instead of a bunch of different fights all together and different placees get on one team so to speak. he is in town at 3:00 this afternoon. developments out of sierra leone now, just one day after -- we will go to the fire, i'm sorry going to the fire. >> this is in burlington city. >> burlington city. >> st. mary's street. we have been watching this for an hour now. you can see the fire fighters on the roof. we know that this went up to a two alarm fire, multiple homes were affected in this fire and we know that several people have been taken to the hospital. >> you know dave kinchen is almost there, they are setting up their live shot the on the ground there on that street so we will get there in a second. >> let me get back to the
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other story out of sierra leone. just one day after world health organization declared ebola out break over in west africa, well, a new case has emerge just like we said yesterday, it could flare up again. >> sierra leone officials say the woman who died earlier this month tested positive for the virus. but still the the country says its level of preparedness is high, and there is no cause for concern. we will see as the day goes on and keep you updated. 7:07. what else is going on in the world, chris. >> reporter: construction worker died after falling in the delaware river last night. sky fox was over the scene, this ace long the the 2,000 block of columbus boulevard, rescue crews pulled the man out, around 8:30. no word just yet on how he fell n. state police in new jersey asking for your help in figuring out, how a young woman's body ended up in a salem county road. body of 19 year-old daniellea mannerva of atco was found in the wooded area off of woodstown allaway road in
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allaway township monday night. investigators are not sure how she ended up there. she had been missing, by the way, since october. police say an attempted robbery in strawberry mansion led to a shoot-out last night. it happened in the tattoo parlor on north 31st street, police say that two men tried to rob the place but an employee inside for the back, and shot back at those suspects. in fact one person inside of the customer was shot in the leg. both of the the suspects, ran off, the victim was taken to the hospital, in stable condition. philadelphia police investigating what they are calling a case of arson this morning. this happened just after 1:00 in the 3100 block of north sixth street, two cars were set on fire, no one was hurt thankfully. right now police are trying to figure out who did this. lets go to atlantic city for this story where casinos may have less time to decide if they want to bid for a new casino in northern new jersey. state lawmakers made a change to the casino expansion bill yesterday giving atlantic city casinos only 60 days to bid on one of two licenses. the previous version of the
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bill gave them six months. if they failed to apply after 60 days, the licenses would be opened to any interested bidder. mike and alex, back to you. thanks, chris. hundreds of the concerned neighbors in cobbs creek turnout for a commute meeting following the attack of the philadelphia police officer last week. >> they raised concerns about the the shooting of officer jesse hartnett and the focus of the attack task on the local muslim community. the suspect in the shooting edward archer said he carried out the the shooting in the name of ice is. fbi director james comey was in philadelphia and addressed the shooting saying they have not found evidence that archer is part of the larger terror cell. statement reiterated by those at last night's meeting. >> we can tell you unequivocally that there is no threat of terrorism that is coming from the the islamic community. >> this man, who happened to be a police officer was viciously attacked. he responded on behalf of not
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just his life, our lives. >> by the way, fbi director comey also visited officer jesse hartnett, at penn presbyterian medical center yesterday where he continues to recover from those three gunshot wounds to his left arm. well, listen, i have spent my entire life defending the constitution before the u.s. supreme court and i will tell you i will not be taking legal advice from donald trump. >> you don't have to. >> take it from your professor. take it from your own professor. >> any litigation proceeding, succeeding on this are zero. >> well, the gloves really came off between donald trump and ted cruz in the debate last night on the fox business network. they were going back and forth over questions, on various things, they are talking about new york and state of mind
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they have there, and cruz citizenship doug luzader. that seems to be the first big one talking about where they were born where ted cruz was born in canada. >> reporter: yes, this is an issue we have seen percolate in recent weeks, and it is something that is always been out there to some degree but it it was discussed and dismissed. now it has come in this issue of where ted cruz was been. there is no secret, he was born in canada his mother was an american. that makes him a u.s. citizen but does it qualify him to run for president. and, and ted cruz will continue to get the nomination. and, as well to try to income cruz down because cruz is really encroaching on trump's territory in iowa right now. and they are running neck and neck in some polls. >> even donald trump acknowledged that, cruz said this wasn't a problem a couple weeks ago. donald trump said well, you were not doing that well a couple weeks ago?
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>> reporter: yes, i think what trump was trying to say is that now that it is a possibility he could get nomination then it is something that need to be explored. but way it came off was, he said it almost politically opportunistic. it is an issue where i think cruz probably got better of trump but so quickly turn into that issue of new york values and that is where trump had a very good response to this allegation from ted cruz that he essentially a liberal. >> he did. he talk about new york. what insuring has been through especially after september 11th attacks. i have to say when i heard it, i thought wow, so far donald trump has been blasting off at the mouth but he sounded like a politician in his response to ted cruz. >> reporter: what we saw from donald trump is maybe one of the first times we have seen this was not just an effective response to an attack but real change in tone, as well. he got serious, almost a little emotional talking about
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what new york went flaw in the wake of 9/11. it was a very effective count's tack on cruz who had just landed a punch on trump over that citizenship issue. >> after the state of the union this week we all saw the government response from south carolina governor nicki haley and she talk about donald trump. she addressed it. i said they will have a debate in south carolina, for sure they will talk about this during the debate and donald trum didn't address it, didn't he. >> reporter: he did and nicki haley was in the audience as well. so, you know, listen, is there a push back against donald trump, the republican establishment, there is in question about that. trump has been effective though at using that to his favor, kind of running as an anti establishment republican date. >> well, thank you so much doug luzader. 7:13. we will check back on this break going news in new jersey where a major fire is
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underway. sky fox is still over the scene there. this is in burlington city, bob has some new information for us. >> yeah, st. mary's right off of union. we are looking at the fire fighters cutting a hole in the roof of one of these homes. think about it these roofs have collapsed in the last hour or so, so, what brave fire fighters we have here to be on that roof. it is four homes, all next to each other, we will call ate row home on st. mary's street right across from st. paul's roman catholic church. what they are doing here is trying to open up the roof to let all of that smoke out and then also the the opportunity for them to get fire, and water in on the the fire. hopefully the fact that they are on that roof it is a sign that they to have a handle on it the here. i don't know, if chopper can hear us or sky fox if you can pull out to give us a wider angle will here but this is in burlington city along st. mary's street where one alarmers, we have confirmed at
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least three people have been taken to the local hospital with the injuries. look at up are right, we have more fire still popping up. what i'm concerned about too is every time the roof collapses, it sparked up again and then, of course that whole road gettingized over with all of the water that they are pouring on it right there, again, this is right across the street from st. paul's roman catholic church, and we will keep sky fox over this scene. i think dave kinchen is on his way and getting ready to set up any minute. lets go to the maps in burlington city, watch for local detours just off of brought and route 130 there and a accident on 295 right at black horse pike and here's a live look downtown jammo on the the vine street expressway, heavy from brought street and the schuylkill. we will have a big jammo later today. motorcade madness with the vice-president coming to town. then the event set to start at 3:00 but i will bet you a
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jelly doughnut that shortly afternoon time we will start to see things go in will be down mode here. it is right on the campus of the the university of penn, right across the street from chop, so, if you are going down there for a checkup with the kids today may not be the best day to do it and you will want to get out of there by 2:00 o'clock so you do not get stuck in the shut down when that motorcade, rolls on into the the university of pennsylvania. sue, hows the wind helding for those fire fighters. >> luckily, the winds are kind of calm this morning and we have a brief visit from weekend wendy. reminder to watch good day weekend on saturday and sunday telling you about the martin luther king celebration at the african-american museum all weekend long. it will be getting colder throughout the weekend. we will start off with 50's today and then 30's by sunday. so the kids will want to wear a sweater but lots of fun activities the at the museum today, tomorrow, sunday, and monday, so, 50's today. forty's tomorrow. thirty's on sunday, and then the holiday itself on monday,
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boy will it be cold. we might not make to it 30 degrees on monday, and then stay cold with highs in the 30's through middle of next week but at least after tonight it won't be raining or doing anything else throughout the rest of the weekend. so cold times ahead mike jerrick. >> you better believe it, i'm ready though. i have a new coat. eagles made a decision. they cannot make it official until chiefs are out of the playoffs but look at this hail to the chief, doug pederson the new head coach. look at the the back cover, little red under the tutoring of big red. g is in, joeys in. we have g and joe. the lets start with you, joe. good to see you. >> what is up. >> how is it going. >> so i'll say two words doug pederson, how do you feel. >> i think how it feels under whelming a lot of people feel that way. >> like kissing your sister. >> will you get the chopper out of my ear please. >> ultimately, the the results
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will be over the next couple years we will find out. charlie manual was the most hated coach in this town for 20 years. he is last coach in 32 years to win a title. that doesn't mean doug pederson is going to. but we have to let this play out toe what happens. obviously fan reaction to this point generally speaking, i think would you agree is luke warm. >> i don't think that was an accident by the eagles, really. because chip kelly, ho, ho and then bottoms out. then you have a guy like doug pederson who knows the town. >> yes good they want him to go up. if he had his feelings he would have like to have resigned andy reid. they could in the resign them. >> he would have liked to resign andy reid. andy reid, nine years in the playoffs, out of 14 years. five years nfc championship game. the team goes up, value wise,
7:19 am
and the team is worth 4 billion. >> you really believe that. he would have andy come back. >> yes. >> absolutely, if andy reid was available i have no doubt jeffery lurie would do it. >> let's do it. >> you had a team that had a shot they didn't win it all but they were close every year. the city was engaged with them. everybody felt they had a chance. >> oh, come on. >> stability. >> they went with little red. >> here's an interesting quote, this david murphy in the paper here. he goes admit it, you don't know you can't coach, true. >> true. >> but you don't necessity that he can, and that is the problem. the bottom line is he has been offensive coordinator for two years. quarterbacks coach for three years. g knows this he was a quarterback coach for vick in his great year 2011. he was also quarterbacks when vick went down the tubes.
7:20 am
so clearly the jury is out on doug pederson. >> one of the sellers, andy is in lurie's ear i'm only a phone call away. i will tell him what he says. >> andy was pushing doug to get this job. >> any people don't realize how close andy and lurie are. he oversaw a company that was in the hunt, every season just about. >> can i tell you something who is calling the plays during this 11 game winning streak by the chiefs, is it andy or doug. >> it is andy reid but he says doug pederson does it from time to time. >> you can see a change in the play calling so i think pederson has had some say in it. >> chip kelly is the the san francisco 49ers head coach. do you see kaepernick coming back. >> kaepernick i think will be back. that gives chip a better chance to do his thing. but to me, failure of chip in philly is's replied his scheme
7:21 am
to the wrong players. he finally had player like kaepernick that can do what he wants to do but doesn't mean chip failed here and it wasn't outrageous. >> maybe chip knows his limitations. that is the key in the just neglect what you do know, knowing what you don't know. now he won't be in charge of personnel. >> who gets to the playoffs faster 49ers or eagles. >> i think eagles. >> i think they both need talent but i think eagles. >> because we don't have seattle to deal with. >> and arizona. >> that is a tough division out there. >> we play 49ers in 2017. >> that is right. >> good to see you joe, g. >> always good. >> yes. >> i don't know. >> nobody knows. >> nobody knows good including the eagles. >> just win. >> kissing your sister, taking a shower in the rain coat it is just not satisfying. i have in idea where i'm going but i think i'll talk about power ball numbers. we have found out who some of the people are who are billion airs and some of them have teeth.
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would you ever be comfortable in a car without a driver. driver less cars. >> hi, there. >> lauren simoneti, would you address this concept here that the obama administration wants to put a bunch of money in driverless cars. >> yes. i don't think we will really see them on the road for another 20 years. what the white house is doing now into putting $4 billion in the driver less car technology and regulation. technology companies and auto makers are working on these vehicles, understanding the same set of regulations, and those regulations actually make sense. they are in the outdated, right. we have white house and technology is keeping up with each other. most reports will tell you, 2035 is like the key year for autonomous vehicles, when the technology has been tested enough. give people a comfort level with sitting in the the car that in one is driving or robot is driving.
7:26 am
>> that is a a trust exercise. >> experts say it is safer. >> yes. >> true. well, is there options and they will continue to work on these options where the driver could take control of the wheel but thinking is look, you come back on traffic, pollution, cut back on accidents, and driver fatality. it is just getting the technology to work in the right way. >> 2035. >> it is never perfect. >> it sound like it will really work and it sound great, sit back and relax. >> yes, maybe listen to some music, not war big computers to take over. >> do more work. >> right, that is true you. >> more reading in the morning. >> yes. >> make up on in the car. >> yes. take selfies riding around. >> and in one will judge you. >> no judging. >> hey lauren great we will see you monday, okay. >> thanks, lauren. >> i love her. social media connects the world, in good ways and bad ways, coming up, a closer look at the role especially twitter and facebook is playing in recruiting terrorists.
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dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to buy a house. i know how it feels to be stressed about money. i understand what a scary word "retirement" is, and i can help. because i'm not just a fellow dad, fellow mom, fellow saver, i'm a fellow citizen. who gets up every day and tries her best. just like you. sincerely, elizabeth trackler samantha parke robert kennedy deanna morrison jared duemling alex payne
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okay. some may sound crazy but when a celebrity gets behind a fad diet it is wildly popular but food involved in this latest craze, it may surprise you and might make you happy. it made me happy. plus president obama compares it to going to the moon. our vice-president, joe biden
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is task with curing cancer. we have a team of doctors to join to us talk about how realistic this goal really is. 7:30. twitter is at the center on have the lawsuit today. the widow of the american killed in the middle east is suing the social media company saying twitter gave a voice to isis. her husband was killed in the nova tack at a police training center. widow says twitter neglectly let isis use its network to spread its message, raise money, recruit new members. twitter says it believes the the suit is without merit but deeply saddened to hear of the family's loss. now it is difficult to machine for all of the isis activity to join us on social media but joining us now is jeff tomlinson former supervisor of the joint terrorism task force in philadelphia and lisa gar versace who specializes in cyber security this morning. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> let's start with you, lisa we have been talking a lot about isis and how they have been using social media to
7:31 am
move things forward. but do you think twitter is key here for spreads the the message. >> twitter is a fantastic platform. it is similar to facebook. interestingly, last week, the white house officials from the fbi, nsa met with officials from twitter, facebook, google, apple, talking about working together to combat terrorist propaganda on line. while twitter provides the means to spread propaganda it can spread other ideas as well. so i think that responsibility is going to be a key issue here in this case. >> according to this case, it is a quote, without twitter the explosive growth of ice is over the last few years, the most feared terrorist group in the world would not have been possible. would you agree with that. >> i would gree with the idea that social media is a new way terrorist groups, to include isis, are recruiting and inspiring those to attack us in the west. >> okay. so how do you combat that then. how do you stop it then?
7:32 am
it seems like social media is just kind of out there and anyone can grab that. >> right, the issue and director comey spoke to it well yesterday in philadelphia is to go back to the source. the this is really going to require clantive effort with the intelligence community, foreign government, foreign intelligence services to get back to the source of the messaging, because social media is so widespread across the west. >> well, lisa, you are an expert when it comes to cyber community, finding the source, we see things that go viral on social media. you take the picture and pass it along. how do you know exactly where it comes from. >> right, this is the problem, if you managed to block all terrorist prop again, block all funding through these social media platforms can they jump to another one. with twitter, unfortunately and lawsuit alleged this, there are 70,000 isis related accounts there. eighty that verified. >> wait a minute, you are saying they are verified. twitter has given them
7:33 am
permission saying thinks a legitimate account that is link to isis. >> this is what they are saying, an authentic account, person matched their account. is there almost 80 right new good wow. >> that is obviously a problem f we know what they are and what they are tweeting why can't we stop them from doing it. >> the problem will be overseas aspect. where do you find them? how do you work with the foreign governments to get in and defeat and disrupt them at the source of their communication. >> jeff, how has this changed when we do investigations. the obviously all eyes have been on philadelphia with the ambush of officer jesse hartnett. we now edward archer, hoist the suspect in this case, he said difficult this in the name of ice is. when we find somebody that says something like that do we go to social media and checking their accounts and start to find a link. >> that is a response what director comey is expecting from the joint terrorism task force across the united states and intel communities to be pro active. not waiting for to it happen but have these relationships out ahead of time nerd to disrupt or get to the source of the the messages to try and
7:34 am
intercept them. >> it seems like that would be a pretty difficult task. lease marks do you have any recommendations to jump april head of the gun here. >> interestingly there is software that already exist, it has been used for to mind these platforms to figure out trend and see where things might be headed. this has been used in the city of boston, purchased by software, and used in the boston marathon after the attacks to try to machine for it. i think there will be an ongoing problem. hopefully it draws attention to it. but by the same toke even if somebody males something do you blame post office dor blame the person that mailed it. >> very good point. >> thanks very much, lisa thank you jeff. we did want to note we reached out to twitter for a statement on this lawsuit but at this point they have not responded to our request. thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you. >> 7:34. now we will get to sue with a look at this weather today. >> yeah, a lot of changes over the holiday weekend, alex starting with today. it is not as cold as it has
7:35 am
been with those single digit wind chills earlier in the week. temperatures range from the 20's to the 40's depending on where you live. winter coat is a good idea. it is january. we have a seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers, no rain, no snow, no nothing, but some clouds and sunshine right now. 32 degrees. it is up to 54 today. but don't get used to it with these warmer temperatures what we are expecting tonight is rain and we could get half inch to an inch of rain in the overnight hours. what happened after that? we will let you know in the seven day forecast bob kelly coming up. >> you got it. 7:35. crews continue to battle this fire in burlington, new jersey on st. mary's street right at union, right across from st. paul's roman catholic church upward of two alarms, three people taken to a local hospital. here comes the sun on the schuylkill, inbound montgomery into center city.
7:36 am
vine street expressway jammo heading over to the schuylkill. talking about a jammo we're talking about motorcade madness around 3:00 o'clock the the start of that event with the vice-president coming to town. you want to be out of the university of penn area no later than 2c o'clock unless you are staying for the event and that will cause havoc as well for our evening rush hour. we will grab a cup of coffee and coming right back.
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sky fox has been getting some great views of this horrible fire in burlington city. and now we're on the ground with dave kinchen, what are you seeing. >> reporter: we're seeing some white smoke billowing from the buildings. let me step out of the waste and show you pictures with the fire crews and cranes hoisted up. you can see white smoke billowing up through the rooftops. our view is obscured because fire authorities are keeping us back. we're not on the 300 block of st. mary street where this is happening, in burlington city
7:40 am
area. but we have fire crew is here as you can see here. we know four houses have been destroyed, four row homes we understand three people transported for injuries, one for burns, two for smoke inhalation taken to lord hospital where they are being treated right now. no word what may have caused this. the fire broke out around 5:30 and moved very quickly, two alarms have have been struck right now which is why you see several department here, including beverly company number one, the fire company there but we now know of three individuals, one person with burns and two others with smoke inhalation taken to lords hospital and four row homes destroyed. fire crew is still working on as evident by the white smoke, several hot spots here on location and we can still see the smoke coming through. we were driving over the bridge into burlington city. that is latest here as we tossed it back to you guys we will stay here and make sure
7:41 am
we can get more information and get an update on those injuries. back to you guys. >> it has been burning for two hours now. >> they are having a hard time, that is for sure. another year, another controversy for at contacted my award. why some are very upset with the stars who were nominated, more importantly, who was not nominated. normally when jen freddie's like i have heard about a new diet. i don't want to hear it. this one with i'm interested in. >> thinks yet another cleanse and it involves tacos. >> what? >> taco cleanse, it is a taco cleanse or sit a taco cleanse. we have a dietition in the house to tell us how she feels about the taco cleanse but if any of these things are on it, i'm feeling g we're at solo tacos here in bryn mawr but come on back and hear what the boss has to say about it.
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sorry. get a free quote at yes, grooming the slopes at blue mountain getting ready for a big holiday weekend. with the warm up today i don't think it will do too much damage because colder air is coming in right behind it and that is advice for the rest of us don't get used to the temperatures coming today. we have the jet stream moving further northward let nothing milder air that could be ten to 15 degrees above normal
7:45 am
willal. that is for today. it is a different story heading in the weekend. we're watching this storm system bringing rain, arrival time, of the rain, will be tonight, you'll see increasing clouds as the day goes along but not until about eight or nine or 10:00 o'clock tonight will it start to rain and boy, will it rain, heavy downpours with this off shore storm that could add up to an inch or less, maybe even a little bit more but around an inch of rain just in the overnight hours. it does look like, though it will be out of here by about seven or eight or 9:00 o'clock in the morning and then you can enjoy the the rest of your day without any precipitation. so 54 degrees today, 48 tomorrow, with the wind picking up in the afternoon on saturday, colder on sunday with a high of 39 and a real cold blast on martin luther king day itself on monday with a high of only 30 degrees, still cold on tuesday, wednesday, thursday not getting out of the 30's either. this time bob kelly, the cold might stick around a little will while. >> sticking around for a while.
7:46 am
7:45. not sticking around at home. accidents south on i-95 at cottman avenue in the the construction zone. what is you have tough there is no shoulder here. we have two lanes squeezing on through, southbound right at cottman avenue. we have been talking about our breaking news out of burlington new jersey, a two alarm fire. let's role video from sky fox, here on the scene when they first pulled up here. four homes, the row home style here along st. mary's street in burlington city, new jersey right across the street from st. paul's roman catholic church. look at the brave fire fighters on the roof here trying to open up the hole to get the smoke coming out. brave because we have already had at least one roof collapse here earlier this morning with this fire. the lets go back to the maps here coming through burlington, it is st. mary's street at union. again, watch for local detours through the neighborhoods and then we are getting ready for a vice-presidential visit today, joe biden coming to
7:47 am
town for a 3:00 o'clock event taking place on the university of pennsylvania campus right across from children's hospital. i mention that had because folks could be heading down there for an appointment or a checkup. do not want to get stuck in the motorcade madness that will occur around that 3:00 o'clock time and that is also going to kick off the start of our afternoon rush hour just keep that in mind if you are out and about in the afternoon down there in university city. mike and alex, back over to you. >> it is day two of my liquid cleanse. it is a juice cleanse. i don't like the taste of almond milk, look at ingredient. >> once with i down that i get to slide into that. >> i normally like the the green ones. >> green is better then this thing here. i have six of these bottles per day, for two days.
7:48 am
>> thinks it. >> this is how it goes, everyone wants to trying on different, cleanses and diets and they are like they want a quick fix. >> quick fix. roll tape. >> a new you year means a fresh start. and while many of you are working out to trim your waist line, others are trying fad diets. we have seen it all. cleanse, south beach diet, atkins diet, but as soon as the celebrity puts their name on a diet, it puts the others to shame. remember when brook shields swore by the grapefruit diet. before every meal dieters are supposed to eat half a grapefruit. and then the mapel syrup diet. she lost 20-pound in ten days while filming dream girls. then jennifer aniston spoke out about the baby food diet.
7:49 am
she is famous for her body and she reportedly lost 7-pound in one week, while filming just go witt. now, she's intrigued by a new trend. >> so, this is, wouldn't you know, when you come up with something called the taco cleanse. >> i like the sound of it. >> good morning to you. it is a bacon recipe book. it means there is no animal meat, no cheese and no dairy. >> i want to punch myself in the face when i say that but i
7:50 am
look at the this food and each one of the these plates is less than 200 calories. >> each one of these foods is a vegetarian option. they are delicious cooking and they are low in fat and they are low in calories. >> carlos, what the heck are them. >> what we have here is four vegan tacos. over here we have potatoes, with peppers. over here we have zucchini flower. over here, we have what we called acorn fungus which is actually very tasty good because that sound yucky. >> it does. >> someone must have been very hungry when they tried that. >> but it work out. >> it is g. >> the last one, everybody knows it is just your regular mushroom taco. >> you have heard about this taco cleanse. you are happen that i people are talking about tacos in a healthy way. >> yes, the name of the restaurant is solo tacos. the basically we do a lot of things here. we serve a lot of things but our main dish here is a taco.
7:51 am
i have always considered the taco to be one of the healthiest and most fresh food we can get and that is what we are trying to accomplish here. >> i agree. it depend what is in the taco. these are fantastic. >> i'm noticing there is no cheese, no sour cream. those are things you need to worry about. that is one thing here. >> yes. >> we did well. >> speaking spanish good and next time... speaking spanish. >> just so you clear carlos and i speak the same language. so do i, tacos are hungry. >> i can't believe i'm on this juice thing. >> why didn't i learn about this yesterday. >> yes. >> i will stick with this through tomorrow. >> another big announcement from caitlin jenner answering one of the big questions after she came out of the transgender. >> as a transgendered woman. we will tell what you she is revealing now that might surprise you. this was also kind of surprising the debate got a
7:52 am
little personal hear carli fiorina's dig at hillary clinton that has people talking this morning. was it too far. advil pain relievers are used by more households than any other leading brand. to treat their aches and pains more people reach for advil. relief doesn't get any better than this.
7:53 am
advil. two words: it heals.e different? how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you.
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fresh step extreme lightweight litter isn't just light. it's also the best lightweight for eliminating odors. amazing, right? for superior odor elimination try fresh step extreme... lighweight.
7:55 am
if americans can find a way to walk on the moon then americans can cure cancer, that is wayscally what the message was during president obama's state of the union address on tuesday night. every day we do a story about somebody dying of cancer. the just think about this week, we lost so many people, natalie cole, david bowie, actor alan rickman died, lemmie from motor head and last night we have learn that the manager and long time husband of celine dion renee, he has died of cancer. this is what the president had to say at the state of the union. >> last year, vice-president biden said that with a new
7:56 am
moon shot america can cure cancer. love the loved ones we have all lost, for the families, that we can still save, let's make america the country that cures cancer once and forever. >> as you know our vice-president joe biden will be in philadelphia this afternoon at 3:00 to start this initiative. so can this really be a moon shot, so to speak, how realistic is this? can we cure cancer, finally, 2016. maybe by 2020. we have a great panel of experts here with us this morning. is there steven shoes ter director of lymphoma research at pen, doctor eric horwitz at fox chase. doctor ann riley director of oncology on the children's hospital and our very own doctor mike. what aim missing here. i'm so oldy remember that during the nixon administration they talk about doing this. so i thought we were finding a cure for cancer all along. what is this push? this is what i'm trying to say, are we just going to try real hard new to do it.
7:57 am
haven't we been doing this all morning long. >> there is 40 years between nixon's war on cancer initiative and those 40 years, in the 40 years there has been normal scientific progress that now makes this feasible. >> so what is this push about. >> i think this push is about different kind of treatments that we're being able to use now in cancer. up to this point we have used surgery, radiation, chemical treatment but this is era of precision medicine. we have new treatments available that target what makes a cancer tic and kill it a different way. >> is this an optimistic time. >> this is a extremely exciting time. we do things new routinely that we have dream about ten years ago, 20 years ago. there are cancers that we can cure. we can manipulate the immune system. we can do that by itself and in combination with the more traditional treatments of radio, chemotherapy, surgery. there is cancers now that are considered incurable that are
7:58 am
routinely cured, in fact, there are certain treatments now that it is always the dream of the magic will where we cure cancer and there are no side effects. in reality that is in the always possible but many of these new treatments have dramatically less side effects. >> but wye 2020 doctor mike. >> we are on the crest of a wave, i'm telling you, it is so exciting to be in health care, now. we are seeing treatments. i never dreamed of seeing what i'm seeing. twenty-three years of practice, 23 years ago there are things that i could not dream about with immuno therapy. when you combine prevention like do i with primary care and these smart folks, doing cancer treatment, it is an unbelievable wind. we are at the red zone. we're on the 5-yard line and i think we will get a touchdown good let me ask a really stupid question. cure cancer. what am i talking about. what is cancer. i mean is there so many types of it. >> there is common denominators but there is
7:59 am
different types and i think the treatments will vary, but i'm telling you that with our understanding of the biology of cancer a biology of the immune system, and using these new techniques within the last three years i have been curing people that are at least putting people into long remissions who would have just in the survived good what kind of cancer. >> limb offensive coordinator as. >> how about you, doctor. >> absolutely. we are seeing cancers that used to be lethal are now turning into chronic diseases too even if you can't make cancer go away completely you can create a situation where a patient is living with the cancer for long period of time in a relatively healthy leave. >> is there a certain type of cancer we just do not have a lack on it. >> yes, is there certain pancreatic cancer, certain brain tumors, certain lung cancers, but even if with lung cancer there are lung cancers that are completely curable. there are certain things, certain groups of diseases that are still very difficult to treat but within those
8:00 am
different sub types. >> why are we at the the information front in philadelphia. >> we have the most amazing medical centers. it is acorn cope use of medical centers. we have more medical centers then anywhere. so this is, it draws in a amazingly smart people and researchers, and with philanthropy, philadelphia has the the most philanthropic people that there ever were. >> real quickly because this has been running around for years, 50 years. we don't want a cure for cancer because all of us are making so much money off the drugs. >> it is poppy cock. >> let me tell you right now. it is a bunch of bologne. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> bologne. >> if i ever needed a checkup, this is the day. i probably do. >> thank y'all for being here. >> let's go philly at the information front of this front. good day, it is friday, january 15th, 2016.
8:01 am
hail to the chief, the new head coach of the eagles. in the officially but unofficially. >> new era in philadelphia and why some are split on this decision. carli few rena ruthless but did this comment cross the line in this racy actually like spending time with my husband. >> personal attack leading to big backlash. oscar controversy, who is missing in this group of nominations why the the academy is under fire once again this year. nick carter gets into some trouble in miami, why he says we have not heard the truth about his arrest. >> ♪ >> okay a lot of big stories to check too. we should check on this fire once again. >> dave kinchen is on the scene and has been getting updates for us, dave?
8:02 am
>> reporter: alex and mike, still a very active scene right here. less smoke coming out of the rooftops of these row homes here, but, four row homes impacted here, still some smoke coming out, cranes hoisted here, several fire departments on the scene on the 300 block of st. mary's street in burlington city. we know three people have been injured, would be person with burns, two people with smoke inhalation, they were taken to lord hospital. what he don't know their exact condition or how severe they are at this time here, but two alarm fire still several communities called out here including beverly and number one, their number one fire unit out here. so some of the units are on this scene. as we switch over here this is a new bit of information we got, captain james lawrence school is closed, it is in the vicinity right here where this fire is, happening, and st. mary's and barclay where we are right now. if you have to go to that school that school is closed for the entire day. three people injured, one person with burns, two people with smoke inhalation, four
8:03 am
row homes impacted, possibly destroyed we're told in this fire fight, who is still working this scene. the causes not clear. fire started at 5:30 and quickly moved and that is very latest we have now back to you guys, bob. >> we have got a message from one of the parents whose child attend that school, again, that captain james lawrence elementary school there closed for the day. local detours a along st. mary's street at union, it is right across from st. paul's roman catholic church. otherwise schuylkill running slow. an accident on i-95. there you go, bam, southbound in the left lane right near cottman avenue. to second separate accidents. we have philadelphia fire fighters there. that is the first crash coming around the curve. and then just after you pass the the fire fighters, there is a second accident. so southbound i-95 a hot mess and then later on in university city we're expecting a big visit by the the vice-president,
8:04 am
3:00 o'clock is the the event start time at the university of pennsylvania. i will bet you shortly after 12 noon we will see heavy police presence. obviously secret service presence. and then motorcade madness as we bring the vice-president into our area, and then, of course, that will jump start the delays for our evening rush hour, once that event is opened. but sue, nice sun glare out there this morning at least to start. >> at least for today the the weather is cooperating. we are giving you seven out of ten, in weather by the numbers. buddy does have his winter jacket on but it is not as cold as it has been every morning this week. it depend where you live whose are in the 20's or 40's or in between like we are in philadelphia with this temperature of 32 degrees, it feels like 27 but now that the sunnies up it is easier to take and look at our high today, 54 degrees with increasing cloud as it day goes on and then we will get ready for that rain tonight which could be heavier at
8:05 am
times and low of 40 degrees. >> it is only rain. >> out of the old, did you see this, chip kelly is now the the new head coach of the san francisco 49ers, alex. >> and then there is a a new chief in town because doug pederson will be named the head coach of the philadelphia eagles. >> there is little will red they call him now. >> so doug announcement is expect to be official once the kansas city chiefs are out of the playoffs. who knows maybe they will go to the super bowl. >> wouldn't that be something. >> they will pay patriots the this sunday. >> they have to play the the patriots up in massachusetts. the will not be easy. doug is offensive coordinator for andy and chiefs. he works under former eagles head coach andy reid. he about in kansas city for three seasons, who has, what are we saying? he has been in kansas city the last three seasons but has never been a head coach ever in his career. so a familiar face, yes. eagles fans, remember doug from his days as quarterback here in philadelphia a he
8:06 am
started in nine games back in 1999 under andy. doug was also the quarterbacks coach in 2011 way back in 1999. donovan mcnabb took over for him. >> i hope lurie is right, i'm skeptical. i have season tickets to the eagles. i don't know. i hope he is right. i wouldn't have have chosen him. i don't think he is the right guy for the job. >> i was disappoint todd see tom coughlin was being considered. bleed green i will not annex giants coach coming in there. so i'm excited. peterson is done a phenomenal job with alex smith this year. >> alex is the quarterback of the kansas city chiefs. there is chip off to san francisco back to the west coast for that guy. the the eagles that one guy just mentioned he didn't want tom coughlin but tom was back in town interviewing with the eagles in the morning and then boom in the afternoon, no, not going with him. tom says i don't want to be an
8:07 am
eagles coach good that makes me think he was the second choice, backup plans. >> there are people that say he was targeted from the very moment they got rid of chip killie why did we bring tom coughlin back for second interview. >> due diligence it is looking like you are looking around. >> why didn't we bring in sean mcdermott he wanted the job as eagles coach, good defensive coach in carolina basically we were in a trial period for pederson. never been a head coach. try it out on us. >> sound like andy reid, so many years ago, 14, 15 years ago. he had never been a head coach. >> maybe it will work out. >> maybe it will. >> gloves were off last night but i need your opinion on something down in south carolina the republicans debated. they had a little debate first, three people. then we went to the big stage where seven people debate. donald trump/ted cruising at each other. trump tangled with jeb bush and marco rubio. by the the way jeb bush who
8:08 am
requested his controversial plan to stop muslims from entering this country until bee get this thing figured out. they went at it. >> there were number of attacks aimed at hillary clinton during earlier debates on the fox business network. so carli fiorina, she came out really strong, earlier but she's been slipping. she's at small are table. the jv table. >> the kid table. >> jv, whatever. >> there is two women in the race for the the presidency in the united states, carli and hillary. >> yes, a democrat. so carli hasn't been doing so well. we knew she would come out swinging but saying something like this? unlike another woman in this racy actually love spending time with my husband. >> so get on twitter, what do you think of that comment. >> i love spending time with my husband. what does it have to do with running the united states. >> she's looking for a line that will be repeated on television show the the next morning and she accomplished that. >> she sure did.
8:09 am
>> it doesn't have much were being respect i don't think. but you can tell somebody maybe wrote that for her or discussed it in the meeting, here's a good line. that would be my bolt. you will get in the paper tomorrow morning if you say this. >> i wonder if hillary will respond or let that go. >> i would let it go. >> while the republican presidential candidates were duking it out during last night's debate hillary clinton was making a guest appearance on the tonight show. >> and she had punches of her own the at the republican presidential candidates. here they are. >> every time they say your name you do this. >> well... >> i don't think i would make it through the first half an hour. >> we had donald trump on the other night. i don't know if you saw it. >> i is a lot more inn sensed with me then i am with him.
8:10 am
>> you think so. >> we were talking to him, and i said how was hillary, how do you think hillary is doing. >> not good. >> okay. >> she was throwing some shade there. >> pretty good line. >> she was off the cuff. >> hillary clinton went on to say she's not intimidated by donald trump but she's annoyed at her i phone, auto correct. on sunday hillary clinton with bernie sanders and martin o'malley will take part in the fourth democratic debate, that is also going to be held in a very important state, south carolina i guess presidential candidates are just like us, they are annoyed with auto correct. >> i'm very annoyed. >> he gets very annoyed, it is quite fun toy watch. >> i try instead of saying thanks i will watch tank, because i had an account an
8:11 am
she would kay tanx you. but auto correct, put tanx is, tanzania. >> so what do you say. >> oops, sorry, nothing about tanzania. >> i think you were saying hi and it came out ho. >> hi, hi. >> ho, ho, ho. >> merry christmas. >> where is your key pad, i and o are right next to each other. you can call somebody a ho just like that. at 8:11. we have breaking news in the the state of hawaii. >> u.s. coastguard is searching for two marine helicopters after reports that they collided off the coast of hawaii. coastguard says its personnel found debris field that included a empty life raft and fire on the water. aircraft was from a nearby marine core base, and carrying six people each. >> six people each good that is two people. >> they collided. >> all right, sue. >> wow, what a morning we have had. the weather though rather tranquil by comparison and as we head into the the weekend we
8:12 am
have warmer temperatures. zero to 15 degrees above normal today but don't get used to it because chillies coming back by the end of the holiday weekend. here's a system that will affect us tonight in florida, georgia, and heading in south carolina with rain and some cases heavy rain, when does it begin here? after clouds increase during the day-to-day we think that well after sunset, maybe eight or 9:00 o'clock we will see first rain drops by 10:00 o'clock, there are pockets of heavy rain around. it rains on and off throughout the the night, mostly on with an inch possible in some places, or more. by 4:00 o'clock still raining, by 6:00 o'clock not so much, it is starting to move up toward the north east and it looks like temperatures will stay well above freezing in the mountains for it to be only rain but it does, pick up with the wind on saturday, we will see sunshine in the afternoon by sunday it gets cloudy again as we prepare for the cold front which will make things feel so much different by monday, martin luther king
8:13 am
day so we do have sunshine scheduled for monday but much colder temperatures. it the is 32 degrees in the city. thirty-seven in mount pocono. in the the 20's to the north of that. close to 40 in wildwood to start your day and wind are not the an issue, wind are very calm this morning. here we go with the roller coaster ride, 50's today, 48 tomorrow, 39 on sunday. somebody say bingo. 30 degrees on martin luther king day. if wire's lucky even with the sunshine blast of colder air and it stays cold through middle of next week, bob kelly so enjoy those 50's today. >> we have sun glare and a couple accidents. first an update on the fire location in burlington county, local detours on st. mary's at union right across from the st. paul's roman catholic church and that school in that area closed for the morning. now two separate accidents here on i-95, southbound right in the cottman avenue construction zone, philadelphia fire fighters,
8:14 am
got the hook and lad's cross the lanes. only right lane gets on through here. so we are bumper to bumper from pretty much approaching academy all the way down through cottman avenue here and we have a presidential visit on tap, set to occur at 3:00 o'clock on the campus here at university of penn. right across from chop. we will have motorcade madness on the way in here and that is certainly going to impact the start of our evening rush hour, mike and alex, back over to you. this will be fun. apparently there is a viewer, who is absolutely in love with steve keeley. >> really. >> i want to meet steve keeley, i want to meet steve keeley. >> it is her birthday good so here we go steve, what do you have planned, look at this cake. >> look at this. >> huge cake. >> her name is kelly, is that right. >> i have met her before. we are setting a dangerous precedent. i'm glad i'm not even a footnote because if we did a personal happy birthday to
8:15 am
everybody that loves mike jerrick we would spend six hours a day doing happy birthdays. this is hopefully last one i got to do my one and only fan here and this was not my idea. this is why i'm in the on the real news because i have to do this. she doesn't know why we're here. unlike quincy, this will be live. this is curse on the air blame produce are. she works at the this orthodontics on castor avenue. we will go in. we will send reagan in first so she thinks we are singing happy birthday. there is kelly. hi, kelly, happy birthday, kelly. i told them this is live so if you curse it is not my fault. >> we wanted to say happy birth the day, and our budget is set up so we have brought you stationary from our station, some paper clips and things. there is your gifts. behind her are the co work horse who put us up on this. they did the cake and they are the ones that facebook the station 50 times to get this,
8:16 am
so i said happy birthday on the air to you 6:30. i said i'm never on a feature story. wednesday i did a prehappy birthday but nobody was going go to see it. but you heard that i did. now you get the in person thing. we're seeing it on delay behind us on tv back there. will you open up the back and show how much or will you wait and do that later. because i could in the even get a bob kelly mug. i don't have any connections. bob kelly would not give me a mug. i see we have your trucker hat because most of our viewers are truckers, you are one of the rare viewers that isn't a trucker. anyway, what else did we get you. wait, we got you some things. i'm sure this will be the great birthday ever. by the way no patients, because thinks an office staff day to day. is that a good day mug. >> good day good that is awesome. >> i didn't know we had those, 50th anniversary for fox tv, that is something i do not have have. that is chip kelly, left you that, he doesn't need that
8:17 am
anymore so he left you his visor. that is it. one of those hats is used i was told, that is why i wanted a new hat. maybe that was mike's hat. so there you go, happy birthday, kelly. >> mike, mike. >> happy birth the day. >> i promised, i promised her friend that i wouldn't say how old kelly is but she's 21. she can have her first beer today on happy hour. >> we are in the orthodontics. it is a big moehler. >> look at that good sit on my tooth. >> i'm in the kid seat. >> yes. >> steve. >> yeah, i'm getting all braces. >> go sit down next to her and give her a hug. that is what she wants. >> i already gave her a hug. we have a picture that is icing on the cake we love our fans. >> she lives in the the brideberg 7-eleven where we do our lottery shots. i had to do had. >> happy birth the day that that is really sweet. >> look at that cake. >> that is a great cake.
8:18 am
>> bob kelly says that could be a wedding cake. >> let's start the rumor. the great thing about the philly home and garden show, they let tv types go there and they make a room for you, right. >> true good designed with you in mind. >> so here's the thing, i got a little help from the painted homes but everyone knows i'm's a big empire fan. they said why don't we create a empire inspired room at philly home and garden show. >> this looks perfect. >> hi alex. >> with the painted home how are you. >> i'm good. i'm on a mission here good what is the mission. >> everyone that knows me know i'm a big empire fan. so i want to transform my house. >> you will take empire look and turn it in the room. >> when i think of empire i think of animal prints, lots of bling, luscious, and fury
8:19 am
surfaces. we will find you those elements whether they are in the tab brick, carpets, walls even. i some surprises to add to your walls. >> i like surprises. >> i can feel we are channeling cookie. >> so empire. >> i love those leopard print because cookie is all about prints. >> you want leopard print but you don't want the whole room to be elvis pressly young will will book. >> true. >> we want to lighten it up with glass, a little bit of metal and lots of blink what kind of room are we envision is here. >> we want it to be cozy and living roomish but we are designing you a glamour dressing room. >> is this something cookie would have like a dream come true. so it will house all of your housees, wardrobe and your shoes but it will have something for your girlfriend to sit and chat while you are getting ready. >> share something like this. >> you will have a chair like that but we will not do white.
8:20 am
it will be something else. i will surprise you. do you like this fabric. >> of course, i do. i have a fun wall treatment that is similar to this. we will have accessories. you want it to feel warm, cozy when you sit down with your girl friend. >> true you will have a coffee table, because you want a spot to put your drink while they are watching you get ready. and you always want some kind of a plants on it the or give it a little will life and atmosphere with the candles. >> well, of course, you have to a mirror if this is a dressing room. >> yes. >> big room, big personality, we will get you the the biggest mirror. >> will she have more than one mirror. >> sure good well, i'm having so much fun but i just can't wait to see finished product. i want to see this roomy can't wait either. >> if you feel the same way you get a chance to see it come to the philly home and garden show from the 15th through the 17th and just look for what is the name of the room. >> alex holley design room. >> i'm so excited.
8:21 am
>> okay. >> cheers, cheers. , i can't wait either. >> i have not seen it yet. i'm excited. >> look at the size of your head. >> so just like she promised it is alex holley room. reason i'm not in it because i want to surprise you, do something really special for you, check out the back wall of your room. i we will read it. she's quick, curious, playful and strong. she's a reader. fantastic dancer. look at those sparkling slippers. she saves old snapshots but always loses her umbrella her e-mails pile up but never forgets to call perfect grandmother. she has $7 in change, at the bottom of her hand bag. >> you did it. >> you did it. >> i did it. >> look at this room. >> alex wanted empire inspired, you made it all happen, coming together beautifully. >> very will alex and very empire so we did a glamorous dressing room for her and also put a little few things in so her girlfriend can sit and
8:22 am
have a drink while she's getting ready for a big night out. >> she's always on the go. this is perfect for her. her girlfriend can teller what is going on. do you notice the dog bowl denise got you. the that is when diamond and i come over and visit. >> you an your dog good i love that. >> what do you think. >> it is great. mike mentioned the two letters, a-h, up there we like that. i can see cookie or luscious lions walking in the room all hanging out. i might invite you, mike. >> is there a picture of cookie so you can remember how are inspired by. >> that is true. >> that is great. >> tell denise i say thank you so much. i can't wait to see it in person this weekend only at philly home and garden show. >> ton of people out to that event. >> if you go take a picture in the room. i want to see you guys, lounging in it, send me a picture on my twitter, instagram alex holley fox 29. >> nice job.
8:23 am
so yesterday at this very time we took you to hollywood for oscar nominations, but now, boy that is nothing but white folks there we will talk bit. kevin mccarthey is here. he is so steamed about star wars. huh.
8:24 am
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well, when it comes to the oscar voters because everybody is talking about the oscars and nominations have come out. we're thinking here we go again not a lot of people of color nominated. >> no. >> so here's some statistics, oscar voters are 94 percent white, 76 percent male and average age of the voter is 63. >> that is why i told you. >> you were right. >> bunch old white dudes voting. >> this almost made the cover of the daily news, their main article, beyond the pale, is there michael b jordan he was overlooked. creed was overlooked. >> even the director ryan kookler he put it together at the age of 29.
8:27 am
wasn't even considered. >> creed only got supporting actor, sylvester stallone. >> bill anderson a lot of people are saying here we go again. >> it is an ongoing theme. you guys touched on the the reason why. it is second consecutive year no minorities were nominated in/of the four acting categories but this theme continues to be discussed year after year. it is one year after critically acclaimed selma was snubbed by academy voters, many say actors and fix makers of color are being ignored again and twitter is not happy bit. hashtag oscars owe white trended on twitter yesterday for the second year in a row. this tweet paints a clear picture as to why. mike news tweet had you see anyone missing from the 20 acting nominations at this years oscars? picture shows 20 actors and actresses who were nominated for award and obviously no minorities included. so here's what many are calling the major snubs, people they expected to get
8:28 am
nominations, idris elba was expected to score one in beast of no nation. will smith, of course, was talked about for concussion, people thought he would get one for that particular role, and alex's bow, michael b jordan's incredible performance in creed. many were upset he didn't get nomination but sylvester stallone did see a nomination in the best supporting actor category. ryan kookler and straight out of thement company ton they were also ignored. it turns out that the best original screen play nomination, went to the co writers of thement company ton but both of them are white and that is just fueled ongoing discussion. here's what have movie fans had to say about the snubs. shawn king said many great films were nominated, but african-american were shut out of the seven top categories, disappointing, and there is that hashtag, and take a look at the this from joy reid, she tweeted hashtag oscar so
8:29 am
white. black people can't even get nominated for the the movies about black people. the academy faced criticism for years that its members who vote on the oscars, as you pointed out, 94 percent white, about 80 percent male, median age 63. so some people are saying that ultimately doesn't represent the viewing public. here's an interesting note, guys, chris rockies hosting the ceremony in which no minority actors are honored. can you imagine how that is going to be. >> he will bring it up. >> i bet you opening mono log will go right to that. >> right to it. >> they have to necessity it will happen. it makes people wonder. you are invited in the academy to vote. how do you change that. that is not a diverse group of people voting on this good don't quote me but i read last year they had ten pictures in the best picture category this year they had eight. they could have just put in creed. there are room for other pictures. >> there was room for it.
8:30 am
>> you look at, minorities not represented but star wars, highest grossing movie of all time. this is a group that is vote ago this isn't representing what the public truly thinks. >> we have said this for years. 90 percent males. good day everybody, it is friday january 152,016th. diana ross is in philadelphia. yes, she is. we have the picture of her visit to our city last night. >> quincy? >> i'm in new jersey. i'm at winter fest at ice skating rink at coupe are river park and i'm learning how to skate from these ice skating professionals as you can see, i have a little assistance here but next hour i will be as good as these guys. >> what is that thing he is on. >> it is a skate buddy.
8:31 am
>> it is for start. >> it is like training wheels on a bike. >> now i get it. >> suburban square last year in ardmore lost most of its big stores, you know, macy's, set to close, right? >> but now there is a new store, sephora store. >> that could be an anchor store. >> it has all kind of new features, jen. >> hi, jen. >> i want to show you, literally store after store after store it is like a ghost town here in suburban square. certainly there are some places that are still here, trader joe's, lulu lemon has opened up but people are saying that this sephora stories going to be something that will bring people back to suburban square. now cool thing about this store as i look at my new friend desiree, it is part of the whole store of the future concept. you guys have something in here that you have in where else in the the country. >> correct. >> talk to me about these things. i know you can get make over
8:32 am
and a facial here. >> certainly can, we offer complimently services, a color make over, 15 minutes and we will teach you how to apply. we have one going on here with one of our eye mini make overs. >> you can get a facial. >> you can. we have launched mini facial that is we are doing now in select stores, so that is exciting, very select. different areas. we will bring that in soon. the as well as full make overs. if you have a event, give us a call, we can book and appointment, sit you down and do your full face. >> and it is like a mini spa within a store which we have in the seen before. >> correct it is really centered around our beauty studio. new here at is a fur a a brand new set up. very personalized and tall ordinary to our clients. they will learn and get excited because in march we are launching classes for our clients here. >> so talk to me about color iq. i know you guys have been matching up fun days to peoples skin color for a long time. >> correct. >> but now you are doing other parts of the make up wheel. >> we actually work with
8:33 am
panttone in the leader in the industry for color. we have been seeing so many colors in fashion. we work with them. we can match your perfect foundation. we can do your concealer and lip color. >> that is new. >> brand new now, our lips whiz we will be featuring next month in the huge anvation so get excited for that. >> what is she doing here. we have tony right new doing a eye mini make over and she's just defining the eyes for lynn our model here. >> turf say everyone here is gorgeous, i love the blue hair, i love everything, and this is what people like about sephora stores, high and low there is no brand favorite is here. >> oh, definitely. as you many for us because we can sell you everything, over 200 brand we carry in the store, over 15,000 products. we have something for everyone from your entry level up to your luxury brand. >> here we are. thank you so much. we will come back in the 9:00 o'clock hour and do some skin care stuff. everybody is sick of the skin care, worried you are all dry
8:34 am
because of winter, we will talk with that in the 9:00 o'clock hour, guys, pretty cool. >> good for them. >> they need that had, for sure up is a popular store. good anchor store for suburban square. we have a big announcement coming in a half an hour. just right at 9:00. we will give you big clues. >> is what first clue. >> the the color green good is there another green. >> bob kelly is all a twitter about it. >> okay. >> so green, and bob kelly. >> um-hmm. >> exciting. >> there will be snare drums. >> okay. >> i will give you more in ten minutes. >> sue, do you have those clues. >> is it the the blue green hairy will get after watching that segment because now i want that blue/green kind of hair is that it. >> no. >> no, bob kelly is not excited about that. >> not as cold about to temps in the 20's and some cases 40 but wear your winter coat
8:35 am
today, we have seven out of ten, temperatures in the the 30's right now but we will go to 54 degrees today, 5:50's. it is looking g cloud will increase, getting ready for rain well after dark when it should begin but folks go out later on friday night, so bring the um will bell, if you are going out tonight and bob kelly, i know you like to step out sometimes on friday night. >> hey sues you got it, do you know, happy hour starts here at 10:00 a.m. after we get off the air. we have an update burlington bristol bridge set for an opening at 8:45 this morning so keep that in mind heading out the front door. here's a live look as they are trying to peak in on the burlington brits toll there in the background. vice-presidential visit coming our way today, try to avoid university of penn unless you are a member of the media and going to this event. the event starts at 3:00. motorcade madness. it is this have a noon. that will kick off our afternoon rush hour.
8:36 am
noon to three is that tough time. i put a hint up on my facebook page about the big announcement that we will have here at 9:00 o'clock. look at the smiles on the kids, the smiles on the kids faces, that is my hint right there. >> so that means it has to do with green. >> bob kelly is excited, and put a smile on kid faces okay. >> i'm thinking. >> okay. >> 9:00 o'clock good 9:00 o'clock i can't wait. >> caitlin jenner makes a stunning admission, in a new promotion for her show i am kate. what she is admitting about her love life. this might surprise you a little bit. later get ready for a new season of hell's kitchen six contestant are from our area and philly. we will do a to taste test challenge thaw won't want to miss. fact.
8:37 am
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the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget. that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania.
8:40 am
we're having breaking news in wilmington delaware. >> that is right a car has run into a house there. thinks coalsack court. they have an emergency crew there on the scene but on the right side of the house. you see a car in the garage but looking to the right is there a car right in on the side of it there. >> you are right, a dark vehicle, just slammed right into the house. right up through the side yard. >> it does look like the side yard there. >> blue car. >> officials are going around. we don't have a lot of information but we will keep you updated on this. this is in wilmington delaware. >> on something called the coalfax court. >> okay, more in a second, bobbies checking it out for us. a night of fire works on the republican debate stage last night. it seems like, the romance is over between donald trump and ted cruz. teddy side todd take on the the donald himself.
8:41 am
hi chris wallace, welcome back to philly. >> good to be with you. >> does this thing about where everybody was born, still have legs. >> obviously donald trump thinks it toss. he has been hitting cruise to the fact that he was born in canada to an american mother and whether that makes him a natural born citizen to run for president. it doesn't to have work with everybody, just has to work with a certain segment of the elect trait a lot of people believe what trump said about president obama and the birther controversy. if he can get those same people to believe what he is saying about cruz it may have an impact. cruz has slipped in the poles in the last week or so. >> what is the situation in iowa right now as far as the polls. >> cruz is still ahead but the margin is not as big as it was about a week or ten days ago. >> lets go to the kid table where they had three people, rick santorum, mike huckabee
8:42 am
and carli fiorina. i will play this bite and sees what your response was. i thought it was kind of unusual. here's carli. >> unlike another woman in this racy actually love spending time with my husband. >> now, you get the sense that maybe that was written out well in advance, and you will get some headlines miss fiorina if you say that and she certainly has. what did you make of that, chris? >> well, everybody is fair game. if you can say well, maybe i don't think, maybe it mate you wince or whatever but everybody is fair game and lord knows donald trump has been going after hillary clinton and bill clinton's personal lives and in an interview i did with trum will last week called hillary clinton an enabler saying she helped them discredit the woman who accused him. so, as jeb bush said in this debate, this bean bag these
8:43 am
are contact sports. whether they were going after each other and they were or whether they were going after hillary clinton on the campaign side, the gloves are off. we're close to the voting now. >> three weeks away from the caulk news iowa. >> who do you have on sunday real quickly. >> we will talk to ted cruz who remains the front runner for iowa for republican nomination. we will talk to paul ryan who said he had to practice his poker face so he wouldn't who upset. >> is that true. >> when barack obama during the state of the union address. >> he tried so hard in the to have any expression at all. >> thanks, chris. one of the chris wallace's biggest, he loves back street boys, always has, yeah. he might be upset about this. nick cart's rested, and he is in trouble and i mean wig time trouble in miami. ill will's tell you what he did. good looking mug shot though.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
welcome back everybody at 8:46. >> caitlin jenner is put to go rest speculation over her sexual tid identity. when asked if she was a lesbian, here's what she had to say. >> would you consider yourself to be a lesbian. >> to be honest with you, i don't see women in the future.
8:47 am
i have been there, done that. >> well, in -- that is a trailer for upcoming season of i am kate, you hear she declared that she's going to start dating men. >> that is right. >> right, dax. >> do i have that right. >> i'm not so sure, she kind of said i'm done with women. i have been there she doesn't say i will start dating men. now you can have annex husband. she said, oh, yeah, um-hmm. i am will's wondering, you know, kardashian and jenners are masters to getting people to talk. >> i agree. >> master of promotion and publicity, i kind of think this is a hook into season two. also this whole thing caitlin has been very coy about her dating relationships and saying that no she's only into women. it seems very strange that
8:48 am
season two comes out and that has change. it seems strange to me. >> do you you remember when dianne sawyer interviewed her, didn't she said that she was going to continue to go out with women. >> she didn't want to think that far, she is focusing on herself. >> yeah, so i don't know, i did hear the other women in that bus, you know, questioning her about same sex marriage. she has had controversy with that being on the ellen show and say she does president support it. then people going well if you are into women then wouldn't you be getting into that kind of a relationship, and i think she is now backtracking on that having to rethink a lot of her statements and her stances and so it could be an interesting season, i don't know. >> lets go back to the back street boy thing. >> nick carter i have to admit he takes a pretty good mug shot. >> he really does, did he do a really good mug shot but we have found out more details about this arrest in key west
8:49 am
on wednesday. apparently he showed up to the bar, this hog's breath saloon. >> hog's breath. >> 7:00 p.m. already completely wasted allegedly. at least that is what the people in the car are telling us and according to the police report. he was totally wasted. got in there so drunk he and his buddy are like we cannot serve you like get out of here. that is when some kind of violence broke out between the two guys and the staff and the report says that nick put his hand on one of the bouncers throats and that is where it was like okay, this will go bad. they were taken to the ground, subdued and cops were then called out and they arrested him. they took him in good can we put up the mug shot again of nick and compare that to dax's face, you look like brothers. >> they do. >> there we go. >> are you sure that wasn't you, dax. >> it is not me.
8:50 am
he has some good hair after an arrest i got to say good dax, have a great weekend, we will see you next week. big star in philadelphia last night. >> we sure did diana ross, so we have pictures to prove it if you don't believe us, her visit to our city last night. lottery numbers. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself?
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ good morning, once again everybody 8:53. jammo in northeast philadelphia, an accident south on i-95 at cottman avenue, two separate accidents here in the work zone, still tying up the left lane, so we are bumper to bumper leaving the north east heading in to cottman. tacony looking good but burlington bristol with the opening underway and we have a big event on tap today 3:00 he
8:54 am
clock vice-president gentlemen biden comes to town speaking on the campus of the university of pen right across from chop. look for heavy police presence, secret service, whole run down. you know what i like to say, motorcade madness between 30th street station and university of penn and that will set the tone for the afternoon rush hour. mike and alex, back over to you good real quickly here we are six minutes from a big announcement. i gave you clues, green, bob kelly is excited and dancing without moving arms. >> that is a new one. >> bob kelly says it will make babies excited over this. >> yes. >> babies are excited. >> babies are excited. >> all right. >> it was a big night in philadelphia last night. >> yes. >> there is the baby. >> wow good look at them, they are happy. >> so they are already neglect the news. >> i just told them that is why they are smiling. >> five minutes from the a announcement. >> yes, we are. >> i'm excited about the the
8:55 am
fact it was a big night in philly last night. >> she was here. amazing. hughe dylann took these photos of her this was at and stein 150 anniversary at constitution center late night. she did a meet and greet with people. she did ain't no mountain high enough. it was great. don't she look good good who those ted your event. >> your friend. >> jason alexander. >> george was in philadelphia last night. >> he was, and i'm sure did he a great job. i'm surprised were you there with him. >> i am too, i should have. >> you love seinfeld. >> but keeping up with the seinfeld theme guess who also was in town. >> within of jerry seinfeld's best friend. >> yes, walle the rapper. >> so he was performing at liacouras certainty and then went to cod a a, i love that place, he performed for 45 minutes and did he three new songs. he loves seinfeld and i love his mix tape more about
8:56 am
nothing. >> is that of walnut street. >> also i went to the sixers game last night. >> guess who was there? >> george lopees i told you already. >> george lope what he ises in town. he went on the mike and said i love philadelphia, i had my first doctor here, doctor j. >> nice. >> and, it turned out to be a good game that went in overtime. >> it did. >> well, in the good for us. we were winning. >> sixers were up 24 pointsy saw a tweet there that meek mill was there i cannot verify. that montell jordan was there. >> eagles players were there i hear. >> yes. >> okay. well, three and a half minutes from the big announcement but listen to this, sex ed classes, of course, they exist but in kindergarten? where some children are learning about the birds and bees when they are four and five years old. what do you think about that.
8:57 am
8:58 am
hey gus! good to see you again! the usual? veggie burger with the works. see ya. sounds good matt! thanks! gus, the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania! that's me. and this is for you! gus bucks ! the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery- with top prizes of a hundred grand. it's the best game yet.
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'cause you're on it? well... keep on scratchin'!
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karen hepp i'm glad you are here. you have three children. listen to this, sex education classes for kindergarten kids. they are already taking place. where kids are learning about the birds and the the bees and they are four and five years of age, what do you think. >> okay, the makeup, the hair, ladies, we know it is a struggle to get ready in the morning but who really hogs the the mirror in the bathroom. men or women. battle for the bathroom. plus this... >> yeah is that


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