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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  January 16, 2016 8:00am-10:01am EST

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breaking news in west philadelphia, police on the scene of a barricade situation on chestnut street. the suspect was just taken into custody and we'll take you there live in just minutes. and this morning some new revelations in the case against bill bi, the roadblock that could end up derailing the criminal case. joe biden stops philadelphia with a lofty goal to make an end to cancer. good morning, mike. >> got a credit card? i think you have maybe, two, three, four, but are some cards better than others. the low down on which ones you should keep and which ones you should cancel coming up. goodbye rain, hello sunshine. trying to peak through those clouds. we'll see a nice day today, but the bitter cold winds returns.
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it's all in the forecast. i'll have it all coming up. > this is good day philadelphia weekend. and good day, everybody on this saturday, january 16. look at this new cool camera angle. good morning, everybody, thank you for waking up and joining us. it is exactly 8:0 s. we had a lot of rain overnight. did you hear it. >> no, i slept right through it, to be perfectly honest with you. > me, too. >> how much came down, do you think? >> an inch to the south, not much to the less to the north. it's clearing out. > the sunshine will warm the temperatures up. there is a shot of the ben franklin parkway. step out, it's a little chilly, but above freezing. we had a lot of rain last night, but it's done, ending. it's still about 32-degrees. we're looking at a windy afternoon and it is a colder sunday. there goes the rain. it is moving off tot northeast.
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here's the important thing, karen, bill, i need money. >> we need bale money for wendy. what happened? >> i heard she is in jail. > she is. >> here's sue. don't worry, dave, she's not in trouble, but wendy is going to the intrastate pen tenry. they have holiday festivities all weekend long. if you're going on saturday, it's going to be a high of 48-degrees and then cloudier and chill rear with a high around 39. either way it will be a worthwhile experience. > dave, you want to get outside because the clouds will be clearing. here's a little bit of sunshine. maybe a few clouds to our south and an area of weak little disturbance passes to the south. colder air is getting closer. we're talking about temperatures above freezing. here they are, barely above freezing in the western suburbs.
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climbing though, in the seven day much that's coming up. good morning, everybody, got a double bubble in south philadelphia later on today. here's the deal, flyers play at 1:00. game over, kick everybody out, put down the hardwood and in come the sixers fans. we're going to see a lot of action in and out of south philadelphia. even if you're not going to see the games you're going to see the volume on i95. look for something to do today, head on out to the home and garden center out of exit 22. if you're out there make sure you stop by and see the alex holly empire room set up just for her. give yourself sometime because they're going to do some construction right near the saint gabriel's curve. septa running with a weekend special and then if you're in the great northeast watch out,
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they're doing some work at frankfurt and margaret right near the margaret hill stop throughout the entire weekend. enjoy your saturday. i'll see you bright and early for good day philadelphia weekend tomorrow morning. > right now in the news at 8:04 a possible suspect in that criminal case against comedian bill cosby. former district attorney bruce caster sent an e-mail to former district attorney rhys a foreman last year which discussed a verbal agreement made a decade earlier. in that agreement it had cosby testify in the civil sexual assault case in exchange for not being criminally charged. that is what is alleged this gave cosby's accuser the best case of winning her case according to caster. that e-mail was sent three months before criminal charges against cosby were filed. we'll follow that one. and at 8:05 we're following breaking news in west philadelphia. police surrounded a home in the
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4900 block of chestnut street for several hours overnight, a man with a gun barricaded inside. he was taken into custody just minutes ago. let's get out there with jennifer joyce who is on the scene. >>reporter: good morning, bill, we're standing at the corner of 49th and chestnut so this happened between 49th and chestnut. the calls came in around 5:45 and the suspect was taken into custody about a half hour ago. 9 # 1 calls in reporting they heard gun shots, a pass philadelphia police officer also heard gun shots. officers knocked on the door, but a man inside locked the door and refused to come out. other president as in the building and the properties next door were evacuated, according to police as swath, fire and homeland security officers arrived on scene. at this point we believe the man who was arrested was the only person inside of the barricaded
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home. that home has been cleared and again the suspect was taken into custody about a half hour ago. karen. thank you. taken into custody, good news on that one. 8:06. in from overnight, a shooting from port richmond lands one person in the hospital. this happened on the 2900 block of jane i street. a 22 year old man was shot in front of the home. he is currently undergoing surgery. no arrests so far. also, two people were hospitalized following a crash in west philadelphia. this is over at 68th and chester avenue. this is right after midnight. police say one of the cars crashed into a parkedç suv and another landed in the front yard of a on. both victims are expected to recover. the cause of the crash is under investigation. > inspectors will be back out today following a partial building collapse in the frank forth section of the city on the 2100 block of orthodox.
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the collapse did not affect any other homes. no word yet on what actually caused the collapse. > right now, philadelphia police are looking for the driver of a hit and run that left a man in critical condition. there is a 45 year old man who was found unconscious at the intersection of fifth and hunting park. this was about 3:00 on friday morning. police don't have any witnesses, but they say that the victim's severe injuries are consistent with being struck by a car. a cab driver who actually knows that victim and himself was involved in a minor fender bender at that same interaction yesterday says he is a friendly guy. >> he used to go and play domino with me when he got a day off. he's a friendly guy. a hard working guy just left there in the middle of the street. police are now looking through surveillance video to try to find some clues to lead them tot person that struck that victim and then just left him there. you decide coverage this saturday morning. we like politics this actually
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is getting kind of fun or at least interesting. republican presidential candidate ted cruz is apologizing sort of for comments that he made during thursday night's debate. but everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal or pro abortion or pro gay marriage focused around money and the media. now that statement set off a whirlwind in new york and it led to a controversial new york daily news cover telling gop candidates to go back to canada. he doesn't like new york. take a look at that. now cruz is apologizing to new yorkers, but he's in the apologizing for his statement. instead al post office apologized for their elected officials. well, you're right, donald trump clinton and andrew was owe have all demanded an apologize. i'm happy to apologize. i apologize to the millions of new yorkers that have been let
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down in that state. > cruz antrum p are currently the front runners. > 2016 not a goodyear on wall street. in fact, it's probably one of the first years we've ever had ever. the companies on the s and p have fallen 9 percent just so far this year. that's a loss of about one and a half trailed this year and this has been the first start since back in may. the market had fallen 7.1 percent. > joe biden visiting philadelphia with a loft think goal in mind. he's been put in charge of finding the cause for cancer. is this a reality and can this be achieved? > we asked one of the city's top cancer researchers. we've got some great money tips, but you're never going to guess why he's paying for lunch:and we've got our call to action. we want you to tell us what you're doing, of course, after
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you watch this show on a rainy saturday. are you going to the home and guarder show? are there events in your neck of the woods? a special shoutout, he turns 60 today. bill. if you have a birthday in your home, a milestone, just send us a tweet or a facebook and we'll try to get a shot out to them as well.
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for the loved ones we've all lost. for the families that we can still safe, let's make america the country that cures cancer once and for all. > a loft i goal set by president obama, a desire to rid the world of cancer. that initiative came during tuesday night's state of the union address, but it's not just anyone leading the charge. the president tasked joe biden. you should remember that the vice-president lost his cancer just last year. he announced some of his proposals at the university of pennsylvania hospital in philadelphia yesterday. > when you are engaged with someone you love who is fighting for their life, you become acquainted with at least the parameters of what they're
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dealing with and you, as dad will tell you, you do everything in your power, to be able to learn as much about the fight that is underway as you can. biden says the goal is to find an absolute cure to all cancers, but in the meantime at least get tot point that cancers can be managed and become chronic diseases. joining us live and to talk a little bit more about this, dr. karen newton and she is chair of sidney chemical cancer school. > good morning. >> good morning, thank you for having me. > good names in the news, david bowie, alan rick man, the celebrities kind of getting the high prohill, but is that pushing us toward this type of initiative? >> i think what's pushing us toward this initiative is the greater awareness on the part of
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the americans, patients and the scientific community about the importance and impact of cancer. right now we have 14 million americans living with the history of cancer in this country and in part due to advances that are allowing people to either be curd of or live longer with their kiss disease. we still know that one in four americans die of their cancer. so we have some work to do. > you listen to the president, obviously very loft i goals. is it real ballistic to have that cure for understand contactor the at any point in the near future? >> i think that's an excellent question. i think there is no one uniform answer. what we need to take into account is that cancer is really more than 200 different diseases. in some of those we've made remarkable gains and cures. in others we're really starting to learn what the basis of the disease is and how we might treat it better. do i think it's a realistic
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goal, yes? i think some of those will come in the short term and others will take a little longer. we're activitily looking at this. it takes a partnership between the scientific and the clinical community. here in philadelphia we have of the 69 cancer centers that have been designated by the national cancer institute as these night is areas where discoveries are fast tracked into the clinics. i look to philadelphia to continue to lead in this area. with all the progress we've made shall what's interesting is cancer that is not one of those diseases that have a shortage of funding. we always need more funding, but we're certain all on top of this and the need for it. if it's not money what needs to change to find the cure? or is it more money and research. >> i think it's both. certainly more research is going to be required. again, we have these 14 and a half million americans living with cancer because of the gains that we've had already. just in the last fiscal year we've had nine new cancer therapeutics approved.
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six previously identified agents approved for cancer therapy. and over 800 new medicines and vaccines currently in clinical trial. so we're at this cusp where discoveries are starting to come to fruition in the clinic. we're running those clinical trials allowing access for patients around the country to those clinical trials is a major endeavor. these are things even beyond the funding that needç to happen. in addition what i think we're looking for, especially in this era of precision medicine are standardizations for the way that we look genome include at tumors and try to understand their basis and treat the patient's tumor more precisely. we need to develop standards across the us, hopefully funded tests so that we can treat a patient's tumor in a more individual fashion. and also to set up mechanisms for sharing. i think we heard the vice-president talk about this, about the importance of breaking down silos.
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as director of the cancer center i would certainly endorse that endeavor. and so looking at national databases so that we can share information. we have an exceptional responder here in philadelphia, a patient that did exceptionally well on a particular regimen. we'd like to be able to share that type of information across the us. of course protecting the patient's confidential, but just this is the kind of tumor that they had, they really responded well to this type of intervention, are you seeing that, too. that sort of discovery will help us fast track nationwide. it is encouraging that those loft i goals. it sounds like we're taking realistic steps towards ehem. > thanks for spending time with us this morning. >> my pleasure. > let's get a check of our forecast. dave, i got this which comes from diana. i am waiting for you to tell us what to do today, she has three
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kids, 17, 13 and 8, what should we do. >> a lot happening around the city for the martin luther king long weekend here. check them out. they should be pretty good today, because rain was the key many it's gone. it's cleared out. that's what we have right now. a little bit of sunshine through those clouds and a few people are out this morning, just a little chilly, though. it's all above freezing, so the roadways are when the. nothing got down below freezing. visibility is at 6 miles. still a little low. it's cold in mount pocono, a few smoke flakes tried to fall there, 35. right now it's into the 40s but with that season we could push the temperatures up post the 50-degrees. wheretoing about the cold air. happy birthday bill, how soon will the cold come in i need to ride sunday night. it will be windy sunday night, but this is not the cold artic blast that we're talking about. the rain clears out. the wind will pick up sunday afternoon. it increases and becomes more
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widespread between 2 and 6:00, a ambiguous did i day. you'll notice it. it feel cooler. this is not the cold air that we're talking about, that will change. by sunday night and monday, another cold blast comes in, maybe a passing flurry. but very cold numbers. those numbers are in the seven day forecast forecast coming up in just a little bit. i have a personal question, how many credit cards do you have in your wallet right now? many americans have more than one, but are some better than others i think so, our jennifer frederick and our financial expert dan are goto explains which cards to keep and which cards to cut up:hi, jen, how many do you have in your wallet. >> i have a debit and maybe two, sometimes three. > that's pretty good. the average consumer has four cards in her purse. one of my friends has this card, she gets points to go to places.
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>> the airline card. that's really hot. unless you are going to use that card over and over with the same airline or the same hotel it's probably not worth it. what does everyone use. >> i like the cash back card. some cards pay you up to 2 percent back believe it or not on all your purchases. >> every time. > spend a thousand bucks, get two percent back. hey, jen,ive that you ever gone through a checkout line and they open you a discount if you open up a credit card. >> my husband says i'm not allowed. very smart man. you're better off with another type of cashed. did you just say my husband is right. >> he's right in this one. > you'll really be proud of me because i only have a couple of cards in my wallet that i use. the others are just on the shelf. i never touch them. they're in my husband's closet. maybe not so good. you want to close those old. >> i have to break up with them.
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call the credit card company or they'll stay on your credit report. >> i like seeing you because i don't even look for information because you can't figure out the right place to find the actual good information. there are so many different t offers, how do you know which one is best for you, check out nerd it's all the recent offerings based on how you spend your money. >> that's cool. > i hate to be whatever, but all this money talk made me kind of hungry. >> me, too. > let's go to lunch. >> let's go to lunch. > you pay you can get all the points. >> that's not such a good idea. we're cashing out. > this interview that i've bench whatting with sean penn, i'm so fascinated by this. i saw it on the evening news. he's saying that the interview that he had with the drug lord, elship oh, he has some regrets. coming up, the conversation that the actor hoped to start by interviewing the drug lord.
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man, have things changed since i was in school. that was a long time ago. you probably know what i'm talking about. when your kids or grandkids come home and tell you the latest things that they are learning in their schools. well, some students in delaware county are learning how to solve crimes and they're doing it up close and personal. it's amazing how technology has really changed our lives, but get this, what if you could talk to your car from the comfort of your living room. that's right, actually talk to your car. and it will do what you say. we're going to explain how it all works coming up.
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this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning, i'm sean bell. the divisional round of the playoffs start today. first game up, andy read and the patriots. right now they're focused on getting to the championship game. concentrate on your fundment always those things you can control. the fundamentals start right here today and do it fast and furious and then do it again tomorrow. good, consistent performance.
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a team that plays well for 60 minutes. we're going to have to battle for 60 minutes. the second game, cardinals, packers and cardinals looking like he has the team back on track. he's going to be a tough one to get past the arizona team. this stuff happens all the time. we know how it goes. anything can happen. we're going in as the under dogs. we're going to be loose and ready to go. it's their stadium, the place is going to be rocking, but that's on them.
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it's not about hugging trees. it's not about being wasteful either. ♪ you just gotta find that balance. ♪ where taking care of yourself takes care of more than just yourself. ♪ lease a 2016 lincoln mkz for $289 a month
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only at your lincoln dealer. > welcome back. it is straight up 8:30 right now. take a live look at interest national airport. we do have a little bit of call it funk out there. but dave says it will be clearing out. we're going to get to him in a few seconds. they have taken back of a luxury hotel that had been ceased by extremists. al qaeda terrorists took control of the hotel injuring 40 people and injuring 10. actor sean penn says his interview with el happen opaled because it didn't start a conversation about drug culture. penn says he wanted to show the
8:31 am
american war on drugs isn't working. he also said that isn't it true that his meeting with elship owe helped officials to capture him. they were humiliated that he found the drug kink pin before they did. nasa stopped a space spot after an air bubble was in the helmets. two men were september out to fix the. the further astronaut adventure on the orbiting out post. weekend wendy is very excited about the three-day holiday weekend. starting today, of course and here's the forecast. today will the warmest day of holiday weekend with a high of 48-degrees and increasing sunshine. then we get cloudy skies rolling in on sunday, tomorrow, with a high of 39. wow, what a difference on monday with a high of only 29-degrees.
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so wendy will definitely need her mittens by then. so while weekend wendy looks forward to that day off monday, what it's like right now, dave. >> right now, it looks according to pat like sleepy local ohio. we have low clouds and some mist and some fog. that will be clearing up. a few lingering showers and that's about it. certainly nothing like we saw last night. over an inch of rain and little less to the fart northern counties. even a little snow mixed in there right around monroe county. it's all cleared out now. we're looking at colder temperatures. 39. all above freezing. we have to climb a bit into the upper 40s, maybe closer to 50. here is the next few days, 50 down to 31, 40 down to 16. so certainly a down trend in our temperatures. windy today and a cold gusty
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wind on monday. thank you, dave. we have enough problems where there's bad news in the world so we like to tell you about things that are good. and this teenager is amazing. this is kendrick carter, 16 years old he lives in bucks county. get this, he is headed to the winter youth olympic games in norway in a month. he was just selected to represent team usa in this competition. so right now he's in the studio. kendrick and his mom joining us. good morning, guys. a lot of us don't even know what the skeleton is. how did you get into this. >> i got into it watching it on tv with her. watching the sochi olympics. > did you this i this was a reality for your child to do. >> never in a million years. i've always encouraged him to pursue his dreams and i've always tried to figure out what
8:34 am
your dreams are, find out what your kids are interested in. he had been playing football and i was trying to find out something else to get him involved. when he saw this on tv, the way his eyes lit up, he said, mom, i have to do this. i figured well, i'll send him up there, see what happens. when you say send him up there. where are you going to do this and how do you it. >> we drive up to lake placid. generally it's a sex and a half hour drive. i'll stay up there at the olympic training center for about a week, maybe two weeks and train up there on the track. how do you go to school when you do that, what happens. >> i take my laptop with me because i'm doing online school. i get to train during the day and when i come back i knock some homework out. let's take a look at you actually doing this. what's it like he with you're doing the skeleton? >> how it works is you start off at the top, you sprint off as fast as you can, you hospital on
8:35 am
the sled, as you can see there, and once you are on it you have to control the sled with your head, shoulders, mes and tows. you generally don't want to use your mes and tows because that slows you down. so you stick with your head and your shoulders. to me i like to describe it because it's peaceful in a sense. it seems ironic that it would be peaceful, but to me, once i have my helmet on, i'm in the zone and it's quiet. and i'm focused. > how fast do you go. >> about 75. > and you're really good? >> mom, he's pretty darn good. > i do have to agree with him. when he says peaceful it is. last year they had a friends and family event and they let the parents try it out from one of the lower starts, like a kid start or something. >> i got on it. i was having heart peltations. i thought what in the world did i do trying to do this. they pushed me off, but as soon
8:36 am
as you get going it is amazing. i totally enjoy it why he enjoys it. if you like roller coasters, you would enjoy this. there is always a sacrifice behind the kids that is a wonderful athlete. best of luck to you on your journey. can you send us pictures. >> absolutely. > i really love that. just think about that kids at home, there may be a sport that you've never even heard of that could change your life. > alex, over to you. >> technology has changed our lives are literally. it seems like every time we turnaround there is a new gadget designed to make our lives easier. well, what if you could talk to your car from your kitchen. and you actually get an answer back. it can happen. here's how it works in this morning tech tank. >> i'm anthony mongeluzzo. we have a very cool car from the tank bite. i can't quite talk to it.
8:37 am
now, amazon which makes a product called echo is teaming up with ford and they announced they're trying to work on a way to talk to your car. but guess what, from your car you can talk back to your kitchen, because let's where most people put their devise. you can say is my car locked. if the car is further away the car will say, my car is unlocked. you can say lock the car. boom it will lock the car. let's say you're driving back home, from your car, you hit a button and say, ask the garage to open. the garage tires waiting for you. on a cold winter day leak today, maybe you can turn up the heat before you get in the car by talking into this from the kitchen or opening the garage door from your car. basically we're taking cars high tech. it's not here yet. but let's see what they do.
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this is from the consumer electronics show. if you want to talk more about it, out to us at # tech tank.
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♪ ♪ > welcome back. good day philadelphia, and a shoutout to tammy. good morning to you. tammy -- i don't know where you've been. good morning and welcome. we love having you. >> we appreciate it. you can tweet us or facebook.
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there are these people who are new millionaires and we're all so jealous of them. there are some people who tweeted i hate this couple and i even love their dog. the tennessee couple had one of those power ball tickets. john and lisa robinson from number forward, tennessee came forward to claim the price. the robinsons along with their kids and their dog arrived at the state lottery headquarters friday and were immediately swept into the back room and have their ticket verified. the family was handed the $28.8 million wing. is that a big check? >> the couple says they're going to pay off their daughter's loans and continue to work. why? we talked about -- >> why not? > that's what we've done all our lives is work. you just can't sit down and lay
8:42 am
down and not do nothing anymore. how long are you going to last? i could. >> job robinson works in information technology and his wife is employed at a dermatologist office. >> i think some of these people are actually deserving. there's that dog. you can't hate him no matter what. there's a family that is facing a really tough struggle. they're trying to bring their child home to life on it some final moments truthfully. coming up, how you can help this family bring their sick little child home. > hey, jen. >> i am the queen of the gummy bears. why do i have an orange at work. you're going to find out on this week's mom-o-logue. > what if your child came home and blue your mind with what they're learning in school. that may be happening in delaware county. the class is learning how to solve crimes. you're in the going to leave
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what they're learning in school. puffs knows winter...
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take a look at the white house. you know what's going on today at the white house, karen. >> what? > absolutely nothing. the president has no schedule today. he has transitioned into chill mode at the white house. > i'll bet he's happening out with michelle and the girls. they've got all kinds of fun
8:46 am
activities planned. probably watching fox 29. >> shoutout, mr. president. > let's check in. mike derrick, hey, mike. >> it's time to get in focus. when i was in school we learned the basics, reading, writing and arithmetic, but photo journalist bill rugs found some kids who are actually learning how to become crime fighters. take a look. >> the students t at episcopal academy are learning the fundamentals of solving a crime. > we are collecting pictures. >> well, not real blood. we actually use green and red to make it look more realistic. fee lisa zoo are in charge of making fake blood for the experiment. this is all part of episcopal academy term between the fall and spring semesters. it gives each student the
8:47 am
hands-on knowledge. we got a lot of blood splatter from a victim and we have yarn which is acting as fibers. this is the forensic class. it's easy to study the process when you're actually doing it. we're actually just looking at it, recording the evidence. try to get a nice square going. it really sparks an interest and inspires children and to see that happening all over with different subject areas, it's some of the best learning i've ever seen in my career. what kind of evidence would these shoe prints be considered? >> shoe prints would be considered class evidence because they can't be traced back to one evidence. the foot injure, it might be a little bit larger. > the teacher, ann marie strange is running the class. >> i don't consider myself a teacher, but more of a facilitator. > maybe an easy and open shut case for rob i could he pit and his team.
8:48 am
the only thing left to work on trying to stay clean. > was it you. >> in t delaware county, bill roar, fox 29 news. > are are 37 other different classes the students are taking ranges from p toic of architecture, journalism, you name it. that's the future. > that is very column. i would check that out. i took an fbi class. did you know that? >> i did not know that. were you going to go into some sort of fbi, cia. >> i considered it. there was a community partnership. we did all those types of investigations as well. > take a live look at trenton. i was up in that neck of the woods yesterday. > we may be going up the pocono way on this day to hit a little bit of the slopes. >> will we be able to get out there. >> the slopes, temperatures are right about freezing. you need that temperature to get down below freezing. it will, in fact, fob everybody.
8:49 am
our weather scale, it's okay right now, a little bit better. right before noon today, it drops a little bit tonight. there's gusty winds. the winds will start to pick up starting about noon. it could be gusting closer to 30 miles an houric maaing it feel a little colder. the rain is gone. there's just a few lingering showers. we got snow there that tried to work its way south. just a few flakes fell. the temperatures unfortunately still above freezing, but they will be dropping. the steady rain was gone. it was allot there across south jersey and delaware, close to an inch. it was all last night. it's clearing out now. temperatures are still climbing a few degrees. mid 40s, close to 50 today in philadelphia. maybe a it almost l warmer tot south. cooler up north, still around 39 in al especially town. it's cool, chilly and raw out there. it's still above freezing, so the roadways are just when the. talk about another cold blast.
8:50 am
it'sç mostly clear today, get a little sunshine. the colder air coming in late tomorrow night as the storm comes down over the great lakes as the wind picks up. it's gusty today, but it's not cold. the wind picks up again sunday night and monday morning. we have wind chills monday morning into the teens. when you step outside, close to zero up in mount poconos. > the forecast, down to 29, maybe a few snow flakes early monday. cold tuesday, calmer on wednesday. it does try t get a little warmer thursday and friday. but we'll keep an eye on how the storm will develop to our south. maybe a wintry mix late this week. > sounds good. thanks, dave. the nurse who was quarantined in new jersey, you remember that story after returned from ebola is now suing governor chris christie. >> the governor wants that case
8:51 am
thrown out because the nurse shouldn't be entitled to anything. > you know i like to ethan we're doing it today from south jersey along route 70 with my girlfriend annette. we have the scrapple, tomato juice. we're coming to you from the marlton diner on route 70:getting some of the comments and pictures coming in. look at this. this comes in from jim, so proud of his daughter, erin making her first reconciliation today. from carla, including my fox 29 watchers. this one coming in from andy, 55 years young, tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. we will say it in advance.
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8:54 am
the city looks amazing. times square up there. bright lights any time of the day or night. beautiful there and the temperature is changing. hey, bob. good morning once again, everybody. you know i love to eat. every week we go to a different breakfast spot. this morning we're here at the marlton diner along route 70 in marlton, new jersey. what do you say? >> yea.
8:55 am
(applause) desert first or what take a look at the desert counter they have here when you walk in the door. what's the most popular desert? >> the new york cheese cake. > got to love it. we know we love the cheese cake. zero calories, right. >> zero calories. > good morning, everybody. this place has been here for 15 years, right off of route 70 -- i should say right on route 70, just before route 73 right before the old marlton circle. remember the old marlton circle back in the day. they now have an overpass. > thank you for having us out. >> you're welcome. thank you for coming. i heard cheese cake, i taught what could we stuff cheese cake in. french delight is stuffed with new york style cheese cake and fresh strawberries. > let's go down the line. >> strawberry pancakes, chicken
8:56 am
and waffles. we have another stuffed french toast with new tell a and bananas. we have a blt waffle sandwich and then a chicken cheddar delight and our extra bring and banana craps and our famous cajun objection to the form let. i know the folks at home are saying, look wow, look at the portions. > we are open 4/7. every day of the week. very good friendly. a fellow in the back told me the new item for the young ones now is just french fries, that's it. yourself french fries president they like american mack and cheese, too. > if you would like me to come to your favorite breakfast spot, accepted me an e-mail or hit me up on facebook or twitter and who knows we could be coming into your neighborhood one day next week. live from marlton, new jersey. i'm bob kelly on fox 29 at the
8:57 am
marlton diner. > i love our bob. this show is so amazing. i have seen this one and right now it is on the stage in philadelphia today and tomorrow. here's something really cool, several of the stars they're from our area. they grew up and hit the big time. so what they have to say about being part of this amazing tony award winning show. do you have an old cabinet or a dresser sitting around your house right now? i have them every where. this one is about to get a major make over and it's so easy you can do it. hgtv's jeff devlin is here. he's going to show us how to make your old furniture new again. a birthday wish going out to our producer aaron who is a really good dad. is that appropriate for me to say? it's his dad michael's birthday. your dad is really cute. hi, bob. happy birthday, michael.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
> vice-president joe biden stopped by philadelphia with a loft i goal, to bring an end to cancer and make the united states the country that cures it. but is this really achievable? what do you think, did we get the right guy? lots of anticipation for next season. this is the person that is going to be taking the helm. what do you think, did we make the right decision? please weigh in. we have some rain in the area, but now it's moving out. some showers just off the coast. some cooler air. a look at those numbers coming up. it's going to be good, from academy winning movie to tonyç award winning play. what has been wowing audiences for years on screen and on the stage. now it's back in philadelphia. the local stars of this new production in a couple minutes. from the fox 29 studios, this is
9:01 am
good day philadelphia weekend:and good morning, the first hour was filled with so much information, but the second hour, dairy say is going to be actually better. > raise the bar. thank you, bill. all right, dave. there could actually be some flurries maybe in the pocono mountain area? >> floorrys, i tried to get a few flurries, but all the flurry have melted. step outside, it's a little chill in the air. it is above freezing, but we had the rain come through. still clouds out there. the roadways when the, but the temperatures just above freezing and climbing. rain ends, temperatures above 32 barely. a windy afternoon. it's calm now, so get outside and enjoy. this was the rain. it's cleared out pushing off tot north, maybe a few snow flakes
9:02 am
in carbon and monroe county. not bad right now. we have a lot going on this weekend, a lot of celebrations for the long holiday. in fact, some of them are a little different this year. let's check in with sue and weekend wend definitely that's right, dave, this year the party laves all weekend long at the african american museum and it is family friendly all the way. it is the martin luther king celebration. all kinds of activities from music to dance to art projects. it's going to be a great time. today's forecast is for a high of 48-degrees. we'll have some sunshine, but the winds are going to pick up. but wendy is okay. she has her sweater on and she's going to be inside having all kinds of fun. we have the sunshine here, but by the afternoon, not now, by the afternoon that wind could start to pick up. gusts closer to 30 miles an hour. it will start to bring in some cooler air. the cold air is still up in canada, so a ways to go before it gets here.
9:03 am
these temperatures will climb with a little sunshine. mid 40s now, upper 40s this afternoon, maybe closer to 50 to the south, but then nowhere near that in the seven day forecast. the numbers and the timing are coming up just a little bit later. > let's get to some of the headlines at 9:03. a possible setback in the criminal case against comedian bill cosby. this may be the tail of an e-mail. cnn is reporting that am toker district attorney bruce caster sent an e-mail just recently, about three months ago to our most recent past da rhys a foreman that discussed, a verbal agreement that he had a decade ago with cosby. in that verbal agreement he had cosby testify in a civil sexual assault case in exchange for not being criminally charged and that could give cosby's accuser the best chance of winning the civil case at the time. apparently this e-mail was sent three months before criminal charges against cosby were filed
9:04 am
by the new district did attorney. we will stay on top of this story. > joe biden stepped in philadelphia for what he calls a moon shot, fast tracking a cure for cancer. he toured the abram son center at the university of pennsylvania and then met with doctors and researchers hoping to carry out his mission. he says he hopes to be the catalyst on getting a cure. the mission is personal to the vice-president. he lost his son bowe to brain cancer last year. he stressed the disease is the biggest killer to millions of people around the world. when you are engaged with someone you love who is fighting for their life, you become acquainted with at least the parameters of what they're dealing with and you, as a dad will tell you, you do everything in your power to be able to
9:05 am
learn as much about the fight that is underway as you can. biden says, the goal, of course is to cure cancer, but at least while working towards that get to the point that all cancers can be managed and become chronic diseases. this is just a heart breaking story. there is a family from new jersey dealing with late stage leukemia of their four year old son. they wanted to bring him home but then a pipe burst in their homemaking their home unlivable. in the last several weeks oncologists cold his parents the cancer had spread throughout his body and they're not able to continue treatment. the plan was to bring him home with hospice care, but that same day a pipe burst in the family's cape may county trailer home. logan's toys, his toys, his bed and the family's belongings were all destroyed. but there is hopefully a light at the end of the tunnel. through social media, neighbors
9:06 am
and nearby residents heard about their situation and local contractors bought and donated building supplies and a family friend set up a go fund me page for the family. we're going to share that information. if you would like to help the family you can find the link on our website. > new jersey lawyers for governor chris christie are asking to throw out a lawsuit from this nurse, because she had contact with ebola patients. she was working over in syria leone during the deadly outbreak. shes what stopped when she got to this country at the airport in newark. tested negative for ebola, but was still guaranteed anyone. state attorneys say they were acting with the public safety in mind so the lawsuit shouldn't stand. > political news republican presidential candidate ted cruz apologizing, kind of. one of those if you're offended i apologize for comments he made during thursday night's debate.
9:07 am
everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal or pro of-abortion or pro-gay marriage, focused around money and the media. lot of people in new york didn't like that. that statement set up a whole whirlwind in new york. they were telling that candidate to go back to canada if he doesn't like new york. cruz is apologizing to new yorkers in that sort of half hearted way for their elected offerings. you're right, donald trump, hillary clinton and andrew cuomo and bill deblast oh have all demanded an apology. i apologize to the millions of new yorkers who have been let down by liberal politicians in that state. > there you go. that guy, cruz. that's a big state with a lot of votes. 2016 hasn't been a goodyear on
9:08 am
wall street. it has been a bad year. the companies on the s and p have fallen nearly 9 percent. that's a loss of about one and a half trillion dollars in net dollars so far. only 18 days old. the worst start to a year ever. since may, the market has fallen 7 percent. > we're going to be talking about empire coming up because so many interesting developments. we're going to break all that down. is there an alex holly room down there. >> there is. we are going to be talking about that. the folks from hgtv are here. they built an alex holly room and you will get an opportunity to see it and it's themed after prior. > so much emotion going on this morning. thanks for sharing this picture.
9:09 am
she has a little girl kendall. ken del, you are in our thoughts and prayers. ♪
9:10 am
♪ there's the endless runny noses. hard on your nose the sneezes that just won't quit and of course, the biting cold of snow day play. that's why puffs is soft. puffs plus lotion tissues... ...are gentle on skin. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better. so you can get out and enjoy winter
9:11 am
a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. for softness that fits anywhere, try puffs softpack. > #:11 and welcome back to good day philadelphia. taking a look at some of the headlines. atlantic city emergency manager is recommending spending cuts and privatization of some government functions to help get the struggling city back on its
9:12 am
feet. in a report issued friday afternoon, officials say they're not even considering bankruptcy. despite the city possibly running out of cash by april. the city has a $1 million budget deficit though officials have been able to reduce that for $1 million for the next eight years. > black teen has been finalized. what black teen plans to do with the property is still up in the air. he says he is still considering a casino. he could use the space for who knows what. he bought the showboat from rowan university. > reporting revenue after two years. pennsylvania 12 casinos brought in more than 3 billion-dollar last year. a 3 percent increase over 2014.
9:13 am
the sands in betula hem, the pass, and valley forge casino. all saw gains. > it's 2016 and we'll be hearing a lot politics. but we have some major political stories in our other areas. as bruce gordon explains, these are the types of things that happen only in philly. i'm bruce gordon, the january inaugeration of elected officials following the victory in november reminds me that president obama's quote that, quote, elections have consequences, what the president meant is that the in wither in many election gets to set the agenda. here in philadelphia we've turned that expression on itself its ear. elections have consequences you say, how about the reelection of city commissioner of randy clark. he's responsible for running elects in the city of philadelphia. numerous reports shows that clark, a democratic seems to
9:14 am
have a hard time finding his place to vote, an even bigger problem going to work. with the help of a fellow commissioner, a republican, no less, clark keeps his commission as the head of that three-member panel. then there's wilson good jr. back in may they decided they had enough from the long time at large councilman and kicked him out of the office. his last day on the job was january 4. he wasn't without paycheck for long, because four days later city council president darryl clark hired him at a salary several thousand dollars a year higher than what he made as councilman. that's a good gig. finally there's josh shapiro, another democrat. back in november voters in montgomery county voted shapiro to another term as county commissioner, a hugely important commissioner helping to run pennsylvania's third most popular county. what happened? about five
9:15 am
minutes after he took the oath of office he announced formally he wants another job, that of state attorney general. he joined a crowded field looking to replace the embattled kathleen cane. perhaps you heard about her legal battles. so to review, voters in our area return to office a man who rarely shows up for work. they voted out a councilman who friends immediately hired him back with a raise in salary and they voted a man who run their county only to find out he's no longer interested in the job. elections may have consequences, but around here it's hard to figure out what they are. bruce gordon. > there you go, only in philly and around the area. > taking a look out in allentown, look, a little foggy, but generally a pretty nice day, a little chilly. is it going to hold up? >> it's improving compared to what we had last night p. the heavy rain, you may have slept through it or it woke you
9:16 am
up, 2, 3:00 in the morning. there's still a few light showers around. you don't have to worry about the rain, but we have this question coming in anyway. good morning, karen and dave, bill and all my friends at fox 29 good day weekend, buddy, wendy and i have are headed to the slopes on this martin luther king day weekend. is the weather going to be nice or are we going to have to reach for the umbrella? put that umbrella away. nice form on the slopes. the weather is clear, but here's the big thing, it's not the rain anymore, it's the temperatures. they are dropping. it will be nice today, but 38, tomorrow, down we go and the wind will pick up. it will be a breezy day, but the gusty winds sunday night and monday that could lead to cold. the winds will increase this afternoon. it will start to gust about 2, 3:00. you'll see the gusty wind about
9:17 am
20, 30 miles an hour. 40s, may be climbing to about 50. i it will not feel that warm because of the gusty winds. maybe a few light showers linger ing north and west. 51 with more clouds to the south. those bitter cold wind chills they're coming your way. i'll show you when and how cold we'll get in the seven day forecast coming up. > hi, everybody. this is an edition of momma log. here's the situation. on my facebook page i showed that i gave my kids a choice between phenyl and apair ambiguous for dinner. basically i'm saying you have to eat a vegetable. i do the same thing when i come to work, i make sure i have some choices for myself so i don't hit the vending machine. it's the way i make sure my kids, as well as myself eat healthy all day long. here's my question, what's working for you? go to my
9:18 am
facebook, send me a message, like the page, tell me what you're doing right, because as you faux, mom, we're all in this together. > i'm jen fredericks, mom-o-logue, thanks. actor sean penn says his interview with the mexican drug lord elship owe failed or at least he had some regrets about it. he wanted everyone to be talking about drug culture which is why he did that interview, going right to a person who was a main component of it. he said he wanted to show that the american war on drugs isn't working. and also says it's not true with his meeting on elship owe helped them capture him. he says the mexican government was humiliated that he was there and had that interview with the drug kingpin before they did nasa cut short an historic space walk after a water bubble appeared inside an astronaut helmet. two astronauts were spent out to
9:19 am
repair the. it's the furthest an astronaut can venture from the orbiting. we'll keep you updated. shane to parents happening out there in arizona we'll tell you what the officials are doing. coming up, why the governor plans to post pictures of up to 142,000 people on social media, a little public shame. > plus, i'm a fan of the falling gas prices. are you? they're continuing to drop. how low can they go? wait until you see how low they were at one gas station in texas and then we'll tell you what they are in our neck of the woods as well. > pamela is out there because we are out there every where. pamela caught the news van out covering a story. that may be jenny. >> jenny is moving to a new location. we'll get you that location in a
9:20 am
moment. > thank you, michael. kila got her elsa headband in the mail today. from caitlyn, visiting present franklin, pennsylvania, watching the show, out out to you. we appreciate all the support. maybe you have the winning lottery numbers from last night. it's the mega million, not in the bills, but certainly well worth it we'll be right back.
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9:22 am
9:23 am
> it will be a great day just close by. they are having a winter wonderland. lots of fun wine event happening in the wilmington area. there are several ws for this area. you think every day is a good day for a wine event. > which is true. it's not quite winning the
9:24 am
lottery, but some drivers in houston, texas felt extra lucky this week. it's a cute one. check this out, for a few hours there's a gas station that ran a promotion that offered gas for 99-cents per gal. let me know on facebook or twitter, do you remember those days? i remember when we actually paid less than dollar. some drivers actually pulled a u turn. they did obviously because they thought it would be eye much contacting and bring people in. it's not 99 cents in our area, but i've been noticing i'm sure you have as well. according to aaa the average was 1 point # 1. in pennsylvania we're paying 2.09 in delaware 1.83 in new jersey 1.77. steve kelly has seen 1.50. i even treated my car to some premium to let it feel a little bit better. i'm that kind of guy, a little treat.
9:25 am
> green milk hitting the stores in wisconsin in honor of the green bay packers that play in the nfl playoff. >> it sounds creeper. > you her it right. a limited edition, green milk. they started botting the new drink after the team's first playoff victory. the goal is to celebrate the packers success and the fans seem to like it. i haven't tasted it yet, but i'm going to. vanilla green milk seems very interesting. i think it will go good for parties and stuff. i think it would be good flavor for kids to have it. > nothing seems delicious like mold colored milk. the packers will face off against the arizona cardinals a little bit later today. fresh off a golden globes in. members of the fox show empire have even more reason to celebrate. eagles reportedly have a new head coach, but he is the right
9:26 am
man to lead our birds to the super bowl. we'll take a look at our picks, stay tuned. hershey's miniatures. we pour 'em! we pass 'em! we pick 'em! delicious fun for everyone. hershey's miniatures are mine, yours, our chocolate.
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9:29 am
welcome back at 9:28. >> a little bit any for your saturday morning. it doesn't look that great, but looks are deceiving. this is going to be a heck of a day much it's going to get a whole lot better. > it looks like somebody is giving me a ticket. news for everybody happening right now. this is a significant development. philadelphia police are looking for the driver of a hit and run vehicle that has a person right now in critical condition. the 45 year old man was found unconscious at the intersection of fifth street and hunting park avenue around 3:00 friday morning. jennifer joyce is actually out there. it happened very early, kind of transitioning in, but what can you tell us. >>reporter: it happened very early yesterday morning, bill and karen and the difficult part about this case is that there were no than withs. right now police are going through surveillance video trying to piece it altogether. it did happen at north
9:30 am
philadelphia at fifth and park streets friday around 3:00. a 45 year old man was found unconscious on the sidewalk with critical injuries to his head, hips and legs. he was transported to em t many university hospital where he remains this morning. last night we talk to a local cab driver who says he knows the victim personally. he's a nice guy, he's a, woulding hard guy. he used to go and play domino with me when he got a day of on. you know, he's a nice guy. > that man says fifth and hunting park streets is very busy and unfortunately he sees accidents all too often. at this point police don't have a description because again there were no live witnesses, but they are going through surveillance video to get some more information. reporting live in philadelphia, i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. > of all the days of this holiday weekend this is probably
9:31 am
the best one to go for a walk outside and that's exactly what weekend wendy is going to didment the mural arts promise sponsoring a walking tour around our city. it will take about an hour and it's all centered around the martin luther king holiday and the great mural around our subtleties that center around the civil rights movement. it begins at the african american museum and it all starts at 1:00 this afternoon. dave, things are looking a whole lot better for the afternoon. better for the afternoon compared to what we had this morning. here's our scale, around 11, pretty good, about 1:00, but then it goes down to bill's favorite category, blah, but the wind picks up, 30 miles an hour, late this afternoon. not bad tomorrow morning, but after that we are getting cold, another blast of wind coming in. it looks pretty good out there. i got to go see my dad tomorrow. every dad has a birthday this weekend it looks like.
9:32 am
ultimate doppler showed heavy rain, south jersey, right around the coast in del, it's gone. look at the temperatures, just above freezing, climbing up into the upper 40s and then it will start to drop overnight tonight. we're dropping into the mid-40s, the wind picks up. so it will feel a lot colder. tomorrow night is the second blast of the artic air. thank you, dave. > now, i'm getting tired of sayingç this, the playoffs have begun without our eagles, but the birds are still the talk of philadelphia sports. two new developments this week, first it looks as if former eagles quarterback doug peterson will be our new head coach and second, chip kelly has been fired by the 49s. it didn't take very long. but what does all this mean to our football in philadelphia. good morning, how are we doing? >> good. what do you think? let's start
9:33 am
off with doug, do you think he's a right choice. >> i think it was an interesting search and i use that term loosely because if you look at it jeffrey lori, back to the comfortable choice and that was doug peterson. he knew from his time with andy read and you look at the other candidates that were out there that the eagles refused to interview and that's my biggest problem and that's eagles fans problem as well as he didn't open it up. one that turned him down, tom coughlin, adams gates, the hot hand, everybody wanted him and henned up with miami and here we are with doug peterson, the safe choice. should it scare us, you went back, i don't want to call him a company man because he's not here yet, but you went back to the old school making no waves choice. >> it scarce me. you're going do have calm eagle l fans, believe me they exist as well that say let's let the guy
9:34 am
coach a game before we fire him in 2017. for me i don't know too much about doug peterson to really go crazy right now. that's why i like him because this guy knows how to deal with philadelphia fans. we want some reaction, we want some passion. knows what it's like. i think that's what they looked at. they don't want some outsider from california. jeffrey laurie wanted somebody that was nice to the secretary. that's what he wanted. > he wanted someone enough that is tough enough to deal with us because we care. > who was better? >> like i said there were candidates out there that i would have interviewed josh mack daniels. especially when tom coughlin stepped out. it seemed like it was a panic higher, we got to higher somebody right now. you can't interview him until the playoffs are over. let's not take a step back and see what else is out there.
9:35 am
the quick shot, i'm talking about chip kelly am he gets the job. he also gets column in chap knack possibly. did we give up on chip kelly too quickly. >> it's interesting because was you're theory on how it was going to play out next year? was there a chance that chip kelly was going to start the season two and five and two and six then i'm okay with jeff laurie then i'm all right with him pulling the plug on chip kelly because eventually he was going to get fired next year. the link was empty how many times this season. so chip kelly was not going to make it through the course of 16 games. but with that being said there were some pretty good coaches that have been fired. they've already done it sometimes. you bring in an andy read that was an offensive coordinator, you come in and you can establish your own -- >> sure. > i love your optimism. >> she's positive. > we want to know what you think about this one. are you happy with our head
9:36 am
coach selection. you can vote two ways, one is go right to the good day section of fox or just go to twitter. use your fox 29 yes or fox 29 no if you're not happy. the results in just a few minutes. thank you. we'll be right back. i drive a golf ball.
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> a look in reading. in burkes county. gorgeous. good stuff going on in reading? >> fire and ice festival says our dave warren and it looks like the sun is out and it is going to be a fabulous day. good day in leg. the state of arizona has a new way to expose parents who have been ignoring their child support. they've taken to social media. it's a dead beat kind of shaming. they have parents who oh 2 billion-dollar in unpaid child support. during the state address, dug does i announced they will be posting pictures of parents who do not pay their child's child support. it's going to have the # dead beat. i think it's actually looking at the power of the media and the responsibility we have to protect citizens and if somebody
9:40 am
doesn't want that, all they have to do is pay up. > clearly there are critics. i know this happened up in new york and mr. was a lot of push back there. there is a group out in arizona called father's rights blasting the governor's move as being called a cheap publicity spot. > i don't like it. dead beats need to pay for your children. > when you don't -- >> but there are circumstances where people run into hard times and can't. there's a difference because you don't and you can't. should you be publicly shamed if you can't. your kid is not eating. who is paying the rent. you put it on social media, your kid is still not eating. you have potentially stopped them from getting a job. > let us know what you think about that one. fresh off of golden globes win. you heard this on fox? they have a lot of reasons to celebrate. cookie lovers, be extra happy this morning. we will get into all of the details coming up. it's a show that's been
9:41 am
critically acclaimed and had a successful run on broadway, the original star from our area. now, a new tourist kicking off and it has more local talent. meet the stars of what. coming up. and social media, there you go, carla, i remember gas at 50 cents a gal when she started driving. problemrys. kathy says this, she found 1.67 in elmer, new jersey. tell us what your thoughts are about any of our stories, fox 29 good day.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
> good news for all you empire fans. all the drama from empire will return for a third season. fox announcing it has renewed the hit show. the show is riding high of course after tar raj i p hen sen who plays cookie on the show won a golden globe award. the latest season returns in march on fox 29. tim curry will be returning to a project he knows well, the iconic rocky horror picture show. the tony award nominated actor will portray the criminallest nare rater. curry was the original doctor frankfurter on stage and in the
9:45 am
film. the two-hour event will be airing this fall right here on fox 29, so dent miss it. i started as an academy award winning movie with a woman from cherry hill being nominated as best actress. the critically claimed show, it is amazing. listen. this song following slowly won the academy award for the best original song. it was back in 2007. this morning three of the stars who are on this touring section are from our area. > i love it. actors, introduce yourself. tom mcgovern.
9:46 am
> from. >> from central jersey but i went to em t many. > same for me. >> how about you? i'm liam fink ton. > line fink ingrain i gras up in bucks county. >> who do you play. >> bruce contact. > i play spets. she must have covered three different characters, a swing. > it's called a swing. >> exactly. > i saw the film. how does this compare on stage to the film? is it basically the same story you're telling. >> i think if you see the film, if you come to see the show you're going to notice a lot of similarities. there are a lot of little connections you may be able to make. > surprises. >> there will be some surprises, absolutely. > so don't act like you know what's going to happen, like i saw the movie. >> right. i think if you'll see the movie you'll notice things that you can say, oh, i remember that. it's a story of people who meet
9:47 am
unlikely and fall in love. >> take it from there. > i think it's more a story about relationships and i think it resounds, don't you think with everybody who would come to the show. it's about not being afraid to move forward in life and not to go after the things that you believe. > they took chances and it paid off. >> yes, they did. > didn't they get married? >> yes. > we believe so. >> you don't want to spoil this. here's the thing i like about it. sometimes my husband is not a theater person, i drag him all the time. this isn't just a love story, it's music. you guys instruments, you're on the stage. the stage is the bar. > it's a really unique experience. i got to see it in new york a couple of years ago and everybody in the cast plays instruments.
9:48 am
we all play multiple instruments. so we're all musician actors. > itself the show p stopper is that song. >> it's beautiful. > it will make you cry. it makes me cry on stage. > i cried watching the movie. > let's all sing it. >> and here's my line. > what do they say after the play? what do they like about it. >> people really tend to like how relatable it is. the story, it's not big and flashy. there's no crazy pyrotechnics or anything, but it's very impressive at the same time. also, it's just everybody can relate to at least one of the relationships in the story sometime. we're running out of the time. >> we're here for the weekend. we're here through sunday at the academy of music.
9:49 am
> tickets are still available. >> they are. there's a performance at 2:00 p.m. and one at 8:00 p.m. > thank you, guys so of much. it's about love, it's not predictable. it may or may not work out. it's like the sliding doors. > it's like you and i. > thank you. dave warren with the weather forecast here. the rain is ending, but it is chilly. temperatures at least above 32. roadways just when the out there but they'll start to dry out. the wind picks up today and it gets very cold sunday night and monday. the latest with the radar shows it's pushed up in new england. there was a few snow flakes coming down right around carbon and monroe county. they've cleared out. heaviest rain along the coast, about an inch fell there. things are clearing out now. we have to get ready for this next shot of cold day. not today. the temperatures are climbing up into the upper 40s, maybe touching 50s.
9:50 am
not a bad day. it's all down from there. winds are 20, 30 miles an hour. there is there's a light shower to the south, mainly off the coast. a few more clouds coming in. temperatures will be just a little l colder. there's the line of clouds. you can make it out right along 95. this is the cold blast of air. look at the time, monday at 3:00 in the morning. sunday is not bad, but monday morning you'll wake up to a gusty wind and much colder temperatures. the storm moves away, but the wind continues monday and tuesday. thinks the wind chill, what it feels like on your skin. so bundle up. north and western suburbs not much better tot south. they'll get a very, very cold start to the weekend. this is the martin luther king holiday on monday. the wind will continue to gust on tuesday. it's still pretty windy, by wednesday it's just a little calmer, still up into the upper 30s. watch out the storm develops on thursday and friday. uncertain of the actual track,
9:51 am
but we may have to put a chance of a wintry mix both thursday and friday. > thanks so much, dave. all right. in this morning's around the house it's time to make the old new again you can get a lot of ideas this weekend at the philly home and garden show. we should mention that the philly home and garden show is, of course, the sponsor of fox 29 because they're really smart. joining us this morning, you've seen him on hgtv, diy, carpenter and tv host, jeff devlin. >> good morning. > good morning. thank you very much forgetting me up early on this saturday morning. > is this your normal attire on the saw. >> don't let the suit fool you. i want to fix some stuff. > i should have brought you a flannel. >> i love your shows. > there are so many people out there that want to save money that also appreciate doing it themselves and stepping back and saying i did that. these two examples are perfect. what do we have here.
9:52 am
showing us that we can go from old to new. > correct. i messed up with the color. it's purple. i thought it was blue when i bought it in the can. but this cabinet originated -- i did all this stuff last night. it was a black cabinet first. the cabinet was basically 50 bucks. it's kind of an inexpensive cabinet. i'll show you the inside. it was kind of crummy, falling apart. it was black and it kind of blended into all the rest of the furniture. there it is last night in my shop. it's the same exact cab n. all i did was use one can of spray paint. there's all suits of new finishes. you can hear it's empty. this is the actual can i used. it's a chalk i finish. so it's kind of a newer finish, almost like a milk paint. it's not pristine. tot touch it has a little bit of a softer feel to it. it looks brand new. one can of spray paint. you can see furniture from your attic and you can actually repurpose it simply with one can
9:53 am
of spray paint and some new handles. and you changed the hardware. >> and i changed the hardware. so basically new nobody. the hardware i had in my house in the drawer. one can, this is five dollars and it took me 30 minutes to do this. h cabinet over here, same thing, what that one was an older white cabinet. this is actually, physically from my attic. this is a favorite cabinet of mine. it was white when i started. you can open it up and see how crummy it is on the inside. that's sort of what it was on the outside. it was really junk i. i did the same thing. i like the chalk i finish, but again you can make your cabinets look whatever you want. this wit settle l into the old school rustic design. > rustickish. >> you definitely did learn it from my show. that's how i talk. this the distressed look, the pottery barn look isç very in. people like the character in it.
9:54 am
it's very simple to apply the paint, sand it off where you want to sand it off and then use a glaze. this is not a stain. it's a glaze. think of it like years of tobacco smoke wiped on top of it. it gives you instantaneous age and it darkens it a little bit. i love it. i'm going home and i'm going to do some work. i'm leaving here and going right to the home show. the property brothers are going to be there presenting today as well as chip wade. it's going to be a great time and i'll be at the philly home show on february 13. >> and i'm coming. you can check out the philly home and garden show in oaks. the show runs from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. tickets are 10-dollars at the door. jeff will be there. the alex holly room has been designed and i'm coming there as well. > i'll see you there. >> pleasure. we'll be right back.
9:55 am
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> 9:57, well document back. no, people are not happy with the selection of the head coach. there you go. we're done. we're going to have some problems here in philly. all right. well, we hope you have a wonderful saturday. it looks like the day is going to be absolutely gorgeous. thank you for joining us. join me over at the home and garden show. it will be a lot of fun. also we have football at 1:00 and we'll be right back here
9:58 am
tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. have a wonderful good day. we'll see you tomorrow.
9:59 am
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