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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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♪ right now on fox 29 news at 6:00 concerns over the future of homeless dogs in philadelphia. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> the city's animal care and control team is planning to implement what it's calling a new humane housing policy at its shelter. but critics say it means more dogs will have to be put down. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live in hunting park where heated meeting just ended. sabina. >> reporter: dawn, this was relatively calm meeting but a lot of passion on both sides. you can tell they really care about the animals here. now, act animal care control wants to house the homeless pets they do have here more humanely. their plan to create larger kennels for each dog. that by increasing the quality of life they say for the dogs which they hope translates to happier animals that are able to
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be more ease al adopted out. however, the concern by some at the meeting was that the bigger cages could mean higher kill rate that could go up because fewer animals overall that could be housed here. now, act is the city's shelter they can't say no when animals are brought here or are surrendered by their owners. that can often tell us lead to overcrowding and deteriorating conditions for dogs who are here. these are both tough choices they tell us. here's veterinarian doctor hillary, telling us she was responding to the concerns of people brought up here at the meet dag. >> dogs have i was than used for space in this fortunately at at varying levels. unfortunately we're a city that have does larger intake than we have resources to care for the animals. and what we're hoping this will do is make -- increase the rate that animals are leaving the building alive in order to help reduce that euthanasia rate in the end. >> i would like to see hard core numbers based on our euthanasia
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rate at the end of three months where we can take good hard look at our intake numbers, how many animals got out the door alive, and how many we had to euthanize because of the lack of space. >> reporter: that of course the concern volunteers speak to go after this meeting ended. pilot program is already in place here. the staff here hopes to roll out the whole program within about four to six months for the entire shelter here. they tell us they'll be monitoring the numbers to see how the plan works out. dawn, very latest here. back to you. >> sabina, thank you. to your fox 29 weather thor. the rain has moved out and now talk of snow. fox 29 meteorologist mike masco is here. mike, actually pretty warm out earlier today. >> beautiful, right. 50-degree weather that's not bad when we're in the middle of january. finley out that going for a nice walk. i had sims outgoing for a walk today. great day to walk the dog. 52 in town. watching more cooler air towards the north. snow showers towards the great lakes this is a new air mass that pope francis in as we go
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into tomorrow and that's going to bring much cooler air. at the same time watching a weak system across the gulf coast it doesn't look like much right now, however, our modeling is going to bring this out of the gulf coast and bring it right up the coast and then it's going to hook it offshore. the question is, how much precipitation could get upheld across the coastline and we're thinking maybe along the atlantic right along the atlantic city boardwalk back down towards the delmarva maybe some snow possible as we go tomorrow. i'll talk more about that coming up in a little bit. breezy and cool at 8:00 o'clock 45 degrees. 40 as we get into the 11:00 o'clock hour. above normal at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning at 34 and we will spend much of the day in the 30s for tomorrow. and then look at all this cold air over the northern plains. this is going to be a blast of arctic air and it is going to feel brutal around here as we get into the monday and tuesday time frame. so there's two things to talk about. some light snow along our coast and also some major cold air
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coming our way. we'll talk about that in 20 minutes. dawn? >> see you then. thank you mike. to develo developing story n economic sanctions in iran are being lifted. united nation nuclear agency said tide today iran met all of its commitment under last summer's landmark nuclear deal put in place to crimp iran's ability to make atomic weapons the sanctions have been in mace for years. without them iran will have access to $100 billion in frozen assets creating new opportunities for its battered economy. president barack obama signing executive orders lifting the sanctions this afternoon. also today, five americans held in iran on their way home. fox's doug mckelway reports, they were released in what iran is calling a prisoner swap. >> reporter: washington post bureau chief jason, is one of the american prisoners released by tehran today as part of what are something appraisee are in swap. the other americans are former u.s. marine amir heck matty, pastor ab deed deanne student
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matthew -- their flying from tehran to switzerland and to germany for medical treatment at a u.s. military hospital. >> the family is excited about this. the children especially with not having a father for over three years, and so it's a bit as you can imagine, it's shocking to believe that this day has finely come, and that he's made it through. >> reporter: in return for the release of the prisoners the united states is granting clemency seven iranian iraniansn prison in the united states. washington agreed to drop poll red notices. >> contender force the white house are already reacting to the news. >> there may be some ugly parts of this deal we don't know about yet. so we should with hold judgment but right now i give thanks that the americans are coming back and this should have happened a long long time ago. >> reporter: the prisoner swap happens as the international atomic energy agency issue as report on iran's nuclear
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program. the iranian transportation minister says that once economic sanctions against iran are lifted, they will buy 114 air bus jetliners. those european paid passenger planes will be used to upgrade iran's aging civilian fleet. in washington, doug mckelway, fox news. about three dozen people out of their homes tonight aft fire in delaware county. flames racing through an apartment building on north front street in yeadon. the fire started in a third floor unit and was brought under control in about 40 minutes. one person had to be taken to the hospital. at least 37 people are now displaced as a result of that fire. the cause is under investigati investigation. a shooting vick testimony gives an extraordinary account about how he ended up being shot as he was being robbed way gun to his head. 22-year-old man told police he was getting gas in port richmond when he was approached by three men one will a gun. the men demand money but the vick testimony said he could only get cash from his home. the three men forced him into his car and held a gun to him
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during the ride. at his home the victim says he gave the robbers a thousand bucks but then a physical fight broke out. the victim says during this time he tried to grab the gun from one of the armed robbers and it went off. he was shot in the groin. the trial for a former professional wrestling star accused of of killing his mistress in hotel nearly a len town more than three decades ago is postponed. jimmy super fly nuke today arrested last year. investigators say he repeatedly assaulted nancy argentina in may of 1983. she was found dead at the now closed good george washington motor lodge in whitehall township. his attorney told the judge his client's mental health is deteriorating much he has no understanding about the charges against him and doesn't even know why he was arrested. a judge must now decide if he is competent to stand trial. happening now, some desperately needly help for a city in crisis. president obama signing an emergency declaration for flint,
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michigan this afternoon. this as truck loads of clean drinking water arrived there early this morning. certainly is a welcomed sight for residents there because they can't drink their tap water because it's contaminated with lead. all the trouble started in 2014 when the financially troubled city began drawing its water from the flint river to save money. officials failed to treat the corrosive water proper. residents just recently finding out about the contamination. volunteers and non-profit groups are behind today's shipment of water. people coming together because all for one cause and that's to get clean water to the people of flint. >> we'll get behind groups like bottles for babies and just get them resources, water and personnel to deliver it in the community and we don't care if it's government or volunteer group. we're here to help. >> and help they need. the emergency declaration clears the way for federal aid to the city. the federal emergency management agency, fema, will coordinate
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disaster relief efforts. big steps forward for one camden non-profit. it's a dance drill team that mentors young people in the city and it's finally getting its own home. but before the camden sophisticated sisters can move in, members are rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty on his mld weekend of service all in an evident to turn this dilapidated space in a revitalized performing arts center and jennifer joyce takes closer look at the project that will benefit the entire camden community. >> we're calling it help clean the dream. >> reporter: 200 volunteers with muscle and heart showed up seventh and florence streets in the city of camden to clean up and revitalize this dilapidated property. once it's fully restore the non-profit organization camden sophisticated sisters will be able to call this their first ever home. >> this dream has turned to reality. >> reporter: to you wanda jones is the founder of cfs it's a 30-year-old dance drill team
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that mentors young men and women in the city of cam. >> they have to maintain a c average, do 200 hours of community service. >> it will help keep kids off the treat. >> reporter: jackson is on the team which performs around the city and even across the count country. >> from a young age i just loved to dance ever since i was six, four, five years old. >> we implement ballroom dancing, ballet, tap, jazz. >> reporter: many of the member showed up to get their hands dirty and take owners ship of this positive transformation. >> i love that we're doing it ourselves, like, we did this. we can't say oh, no somebody else did. we did this. our building, we clean it. >> it's helping camden realize we don't have to -- we don't have to bring guns into, like, everything that we do. >> i'm so glad to be here seeing all these people pull together for camden in camden. high to move a big jug out of the -- out of the building just like -- like five of them. >> reporter: working together on this mlk weekend of service to make the camden community
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better, brighter and stronger. >> you hear so many negative things about our city, look at today. you know, look at today. it only goes up from here. >> reporter: this is the first of many cleanup events and with continued work css is hoping to have this space up and running by august. in camden, jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. cnn is reporting an e-mail could derail the criminal against against bill cosby in montgomery county. castor describes a vernal agreement made a decade earlier cosby would testify in a civil assault case filed by andrea couldn't stand the woman he's accused of of assaulting at elkins park home back in 2004. now, in exchange, the comedian would not be criminally charged. that's according to the e-mail. c inform n is reporting the e-mail was accept three months before criminal charges were filed against cosby by current district attorney kevin steal.
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steal telling cn inform yesterday "there is a specific method to grant immunity. this was not done in 2005 ". and still ahead op fox 29 news at 6:00, relatives of some military veterans are absolutely furious. they say big trucks are damaging the graves of their loved ones. why the trucks are on sacred ground in the first place and what is being done about it. plus, a five-year-old walks away from her school alone right in the middle of the day. what the little girl was told by a teacher that caused her to leave. plus a shootout inside a candy store is caught on tape. hear from the woman who exchanged gunfire with an armed robber. sean? college basketball today a bunch of games go down to the wire. villanova in a classic big east showdown with georgetown. the wildcats trying to avoid that upset. that's coming up later in sports. ♪
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♪ camden county police are hoping someone might recognize the guys in these surveillance pictures. police say these two men committed app armed robbery at a camden gas station on admiral wilson boulevard on monday nig night. pair got away in stolen buick. police say the car was recovered later that night, but these two men remain on the loose. a father and son are busted in delaware in a drug investigation. 25-year-old michael nunn and his dad 5584 old keith nunn sr. facing various drugs and weapons charges. delaware state police say they found crack cocaine, steroids, two guns and $2,600 in cash at their felton home.
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relatives of military veterans laid to rest at a cemetery near chicago are furious tonight. they say 18 wheelers are doing the unthinkable to their loved ones graves. fox's mike flannery with the story. >> reporter: the skinny youngster on the right was teenager when he fought in world war ii and maryland a few years later back here in chicago just before shipping out to fight in the korean war. daniel and his bride joanne now lie here near 43,000 other veterans and their spouses. but their family fears they may not be resting in peace. >> what the truckers did to this cemetery is just awful. we shouldn't tolerate. >> this the third snip this week we've had damage to a sacred hollowed ground here at abraham lincoln national cemetery. big tractor trailer blundered into the cemetery smashing and destroying ornate wooden sign. ironically one of a half dozen that warned that such trucks are prohibited. a few days earlier, another
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careless trucker rolled right over several graves leaving a big tire rut as evidence of his desecration. these drivers all face charges but none has ever apologized. >> i've never seen such disrespect for our true veterans who have honored our country and served our country here. i'm pretty upset about it. >> reporter: lincoln cemetery is next door to one of the largest inter mobile freight facilities in america as many as 8,000 trucks a day come gone picking up cargo from rail lines to for delivery to home depot and wal*mart. a spokesman for the facility's developer center point told us, these incidents at the the cemetery are really horrible. we are looking at hour how to stop this. no truck should ever enter the cemetery. "trespassing though is not the only problem. families and local officials complain speaking truckers disrupt funeral processions, rudely mistreating grieving
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families. if he had seen an 18 wheeler drove over the graves of veterans what would have been your dad's reaction. >> i think he'd like to shoot the guy. >> reporter: cemetery's director says he's reach out to the families of every veteran whose grave was desecrated with a solemn promise. >> my heart goes out to you. but rest assured we're doing all that we can to make sure that this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: under discussion, lashing electronic signs on route 53 to warn careless truckers and a stop light at the cemetery entrance to give them time to read it. center point plans to meet with the dozen of different employers in the inter mobile complex mobile they'll deliver stern new warnings to all their truck operators. michael flannery, fox news. south jersey town says it's free designated driver program is curbing drunk driving so it's going keep it going. the program evesham saving lives launched last september and provides residents of both evesham and voorhees with free
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rides home from bars seven days a week. officials say the program is far exceeding expectations and there has been a 55% drop in drunk driving arrests so they've decided to extend it until jun june 1st. south philadelphia block has been renamed for world war ii veteran bill begin near. 2200 block of winton street is wild bill way. councilman kenyata johnson helping to unveil the street sign for the vet who was a south philadelphia native. his story was told as part of the hbo winnie series brand of brothers. he died last march. a texas woman was heart broken when her little dog wandered away and got lost. four months later though she got good news. the pooch was found in atlanta. fox's jacqueline schultz takes a look at the dog's mysterious journey. >> reporter: after four months and a journey hundreds of mile miles -- >> how you get sore away from me. >> reporter: cocoa the chihuahua now back with his mom
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g i just would love to hear his story. >> reporter: only cocoa can tell you how he traveled from arlington texas and four months made an hit hundred mile trip across the country into metro atlanta back home in texas in september he slipped off his leash and sent his family into a frenzy. >> we put flyers out. we put, you know, we call the chip people. we've been, you know, we went door to door everywhere. report roar the amazing discovery of cocoa's journey happened thursday. cocoa walked up to a stranger. >> one of our volunteers son found him. brought him in to actually the campus and then we scanned him for micro chip. >> reporter: despite going missing cocoa the chihuahua was healthy as a horse. someone had been caring for him. >> called the micro chip company. the lady on the phone said far away from home. i said where is home. >> she said tech text. >> i don't know how on earth he ended up here.
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>> reporter: amanda benton had no idea how to get to atlanta quickly. so the humane society paid for amanda's flight out the next d day. >> he's our like kid, you know, so it's like a big deal for us. >> reporter: in atlanta, jacqueline schultz, fox news. >> what great story. a mass intruder causes quite a stir at a new jersey hospital. the new jersey state police po posting this picture on fir facebook page. trooper hot on the trail of a raccoon at the sussex sex county hospital. no world how that critter got inside but the state police say he was safely caught and remov removed. still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 this is no lady. a man pretending to be a woman at a news conference and it cost a city official her job. the bizarre reusse making headlines tonight. plus a woman is forced to take cover in her own kitchen after her oven explodes. why she fears this could happen to you.
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patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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♪ ♪ it's major tom to ground control i'm stepping through the door ♪ >> fans in rome gathering in the street to honor david bowie a week after his death. he passed away sunday after an 18 month battle with cancer and since then, fans have been buying his music at record rat rates.
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more heartbreak for seal lean dion. her older brother daniel passed away today in quebec. he had been battling cancer. her husband died on thursday also of cancer. a boston mom wants to know how her 584 old daughter you know what away from school all alone and know one noticed. little rain says her teacher asked her to step outside the classroom but rain miss understood the request and she ended up walking outside and all the way to park. now the school and a neighbor who found the little girl are disagreeing on just how long it took for anyone to notice. the school says she only disappeared for five minutes. the neighbor says it was more like 20. either way the girl's mother says the incident shows the school is not very cautious. >> i told the principal i don't feel comfortable with her even attending his school because ya'll don't keep an eye on children. >> the boston public school district issuing a statement saying "it is very disconcerting that this student demonstrat demonstrated -- that this student demonstrated a weakness in the school's safety
6:26 pm
procedures". no word if there will be any policy changes. a city official in rhode island resigns after a scandal involving a cross dresser at a news conference of. the story is unfolding in cranston rhode island the director of the city's senior services department is accused of of having a man impersonate a woman and stand beside her as she announced a new city progr program. that program connects high school students with seniors who need help shoveling snow. well the man in question is wearing a gray wig makeup, jewelry an naked tag that reads cranston senior home resident. rhode island television station uncovered the reusse. it's not clear why the city official used a stand in at this event instead of a real elderly woman. still ahead on fox 29 news at six shoot out inside a candy store caught on tape. hear from the woman who exchanged gunfire with an armed robber. plus, the bike helmet that works with your smart phone to keep you safe. mike? >> all right. well we hit the 50s today. now, temperatures starting to
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cool down into the 40s for the overnight and 34 degrees tomorrow morning. host, there is a lot of cold air sitting off towards the west. i'm meteorologist mike masco. arctic blast on the way and even some snow for sunday much those details coming up.
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♪ a terrifying shoot out is caught on tape april side a st. louis candy store. fox's betsy bruce talks to the brave woman who took on an armed robber. >> reporter: she operates a convenience store that is only two aisles wide. but she is a main stay of the neighborhood. and is willing to fight to protect her property. surveillance video from the afternoon of january 4th shows a black mail, 5 feet 6-inches to 5 feet eight pulling a gun and then firing at the 63-year-old woman after she points a handgun at him. >> he say give money. okay i i give it to you. (inaudible). >> reporter: it is clear from
6:31 pm
signs on the front door the asian market is protected by surveillance cameras. what the signs don't say is that the owner pack as begun and is not afraid to use it if necessary. >> she shoot over here. right here. right here. one over here. one over here. i don't know --,. >> reporter: the customers want to help fine the suspects. >> she's a neighborhood store. she's a convenience to us. so, um, i'm glad you guys -- we need for protect. >> reporter: the husband and wife team are old enough to retire. but insist it is age not fear that is prompting those though thoughts. >> i scared. when come i have to fit back. i don't give up. don't mess with her. that was fox's betsy bruce reporting much police are still searching for that armed robber
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tonight. and now to your fox 29 weather authority. it was pretty mild january day, mike. i was out earlier with the dogs and it was sunny and nice. i was surprised kind of. >> 15 degrees above normal today. if yeah. >> 54. middle 50s down along the beach front. so this is a gift. >> right. >> it will get colder, right. >> oman we'll get smack around with arctic air. get ready. i got to -- wait until you see these temperatures by the way. maybe a little snow also. let's talk about that. this is the shot from our airport camera. and about a quarter of an inch of some precipitation this morning. that's heavy rains almost an inch along our coastal points and live look as you get out towards market street in old city beautiful shot looking towards penn's landing much it's 47 degrees. not bad. nice and mile but the whipped is a little bit busy around 13 miles an hour. that 47 feeling like the middle and upper 30 at this hour. pottstown 42. 45 in wildwood. 47 in atlantic city. cooler spots to the north as you get into mount pocono 35 degrees. again the winds a little busy
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that's why we have these wind chill values registering into the low 40s and even some upper 20s showing as you get well towards the north. so 50s today that is out of here as we get into tomorrow. cold front pushing across the region right now that's why we have the cloud cover earlier this afternoon. and more important cold front sitting out towards the west. this is producing tremendous cold air. you see all this pink? this is advertisement for wind chill values of 45 degrees below zero. this is the type of air mass that's headed our way and this probably will be the coldest air mass of the season. these are actual air temperatu temperatures right now. showing negative digits. 15 below zero as you get over north dakota and the northern plains and that is the type of air mass headed our way for this week. at the same time watching an area of low pressure along the gulf coast. this is not going to be a coastal storm. it's going to be a swing and a miss as it goes offshore but there's some modeling indicating maybe burst of snow curse late tomorrow afternoon into the evening. we're really going headline and
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hoy light atlantic city, cape may and even as you get down towards delaware the possibility of some snow showers. maybe a quick coating we'll have to look at new modeling as we go into the 10:00 o'clock newscast so we'll have an important update tonight. fox future cast showing maybe some snow showers developing as the cold air rushes out of canada and that may meet up way little moisture as we go into tomorrow evening and then monday get ready. i mean it's going to be brutal. 25 degrees. that's your air temperatures. wind chill values could be into the sip gel digits. even the negative numbers and look at monday night into tuesday. we're gedding ahead of things but this is the air -- these are air temperature. 17, 11, 15 with feels like temperatures into the dangerous range this is going to be nasty wicked cold air setting up as we get into the early next week time period. so for tonight, 20s north and west. 32 in town. lower 30s as you get across the jersey sized thing. tomorrow afternoon certainly not as mild. temperatures into the 30s. snow showers developing from the
6:35 pm
atlantic city expressway south and east. again cape may, wildwood these are areas that advertising for little snow as we get into tomorrow. so 39 degrees with falling temperatures tomorrow. it is bitter winds as we get into martin luther king day at 28 degrees. real feel temperatures into the teens and single digits. two tuesday still harsh at 29. rather benign as we get into the latter portion of next week and more important storm for snow freaks out that love the snow and want a snowstorm, saturday is looking very interesting for maybe our first coastal storm of the season. that's a little far out but i will say confidence on possibility of next weekend is certainly there for maybe some snow. >> i think some people, i know not everybody, but some people are ready. >> all right. thanks, mike. sure. >> still ahead on fox 29 news at 6:00 an exploding oven sends a woman running for cover in her own kitchen. why she fears this could happen to someone else. plus a historic space walk cut
6:36 pm
short what appeared inside an astronaut's helmet that force fd the experts to call whole thing off.
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a leak in out spouse forces two astronauts to abandon their space walk. a water rubber appeared inside astronaut's helmet as they were repairing an electrical unit on the iss nasa cut the space walk short to prevent a couple flood in the helmet no one was in danger. every day task turns dangerous for a florida woman as fox's erin, she was standing in front of her oven when it exploded. >> just shattered everywhere. >> reporter: jodi manning simply has to take a step into her kitchen. >> there's still pieces on my cutting board. >> reporter: to get a sharp reminder of the moment she calls terrifying. >> the first thing i said was thank god i didn't lose an eye. >> reporter: she was cooking dinner this week. the oven was set to 400 degrees. then turned up to broil. >> i went to great, i didn't touch it yet. it just exploded. >> reporter: sending glass all over the kitchen into the
6:40 pm
surrounding rooms and on to jodi. >> i had it all over my face. i had it on my arms. >> reporter: she only ended one with a cut on her hasn't. a relief given what her kenmore oven looks like now. she's also glad her one-year-old wasn't nearby. >> i think personally he would have been seriously injured. >> reporter: then came jodi's next shock. finding out she's far from alo alone. in the last two years, consumers filed about 150 reports of exploding glass oven door on the website. fox 13 consumer reporter chris chmura noticed a common thread. >> one thing that seal to be common what high heat. i don't mean remember baying baking people using the broiler or high heat self-cleaning cyc cycle. >> this has him wondering whether the government might eventually take action. >> it looks like it's the same story over and over and over again. that tells me this could be the leading edge of a recall. >> extremely extremely scary. >> reporter: for now jodi just wants to make peel aware that
6:41 pm
something this dangerous can happen when they least expect it. >> i think people need to know about the dangers. more so thanage else. >> now sears the parent company of kenmore tells fox that breakage during the first year falling purchase is usually due to damage to the glass during use it says for example like using the glass to push in an oven rack or the result of an object striking the glass. sears says it uses safety glass design to pebble when it's broken to prevent injury. well looking for excitement, how about a snake hunt? we are getting your hands on a python or where i shall say getting your hands on python could earn you big money. magic of the circus a s alive and well. where grown ups are making childhood dreams come true while getting an intense work out. good evening i'm karen hepp along with bill anderson flexing because we're trying to get in shape in the new year. we have some snacks that are 150 calories and we won't be hungry? no, you can be all
6:42 pm
swole like this. we'll also have all of the new legal analysis of what's going on in the bill cosby case. we'll break the down for you. >> see you tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m.
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never in the history of the world have we seen anything like what we're getting ready for, the greatest war in history. and russia will be there, ezekiel 38 and 39, china will be there, revelation 16:12 and is the one that leads this horrendous battle i just mentioned at the euphrates river
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where isis is now. watch jack van impe presents. ♪
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feeling adventurous. go python hunting this weekend. you need to go to florida. more than $16,000 will be awarded to hunters who capture the most and largest python pytn the everglades. the hunt started today and runs through february 14th the goal to reduce the python population. they are not native to florida. and officials say they pose a threat to both wildlife and pe pets. a new multi facetted tool for your bike helmet is making rides safer using smart phone technology a new helmet kit can sense accidents and automati automatically call for help. douglas kennedy shows us how it works. >> reporter: to brett mountain biking isn't fun. unless it's a little bit dangerous. so unfortunately you have some family members who just want you to be safe. >> yeah, 100%. if you fall on the trail you could be knocked unconscious and not be able to move. there's so much we can do with technology in this device. >> reporter: one of the reasons why ryan sherman invented the mohawk. a state of the art sports helmet
6:46 pm
kit that can detect accidents in real time. so you've got internal components here that sense impact and will immediately notify loved ones and ems if there's been a crash? >> that's correct. there's an on board nine axis motion sensor that can detect that collision. like a black box in an airplane it locks down the last two minutes of telemetry. the mohawk isn't just about safety. a walkie talkie system allows uses to communicate with up to 12 friends at the same time. making communal rides more communal. it also has advanced gps tracking that maps all activity of current and past trails and trips. >> first device consolidating futures from action cameras and communication devices navigation activity tracking but in one. >> reporter: but it's the new advancements in helmet recording that leaves brett jumping for
6:47 pm
joy. so the camera always records the last 15 seconds of time so you never miss anything that's rea really great. >> absolutely. i can't tell you how many times i wish i could have go gop back and turned my camera and reported what i missed but that won't happen any more. >> reporter: more importantly he'll be safer if the trick he tries doesn't work out as pla planned. at granville pork in new york, douglas kennedy, fox news. a local library giving children an out of this world experience. a special star wars theme event featuring costume contests, crafts and raffles happening in lafayette hill. librarians are opening hoping all this fun will encourage more reading. so when you were a child did you ever dream of joining the circus? what's changed since you became an adult? at the detroit fly house the answer is nothing. fox's derek kevra checks it out. ♪ >> reporter: wonder and magic of the circus is alive and well
6:48 pm
at detroit fly house. ♪ >> reporter: before i got my own lesson -- veronica explain the importance of safety. >> safety is our top priority. making community space, welcoming for everyone, but safety because if it's not, then we can't be here. >> reporter: which is good because some of the thing i was about to do were a little weird. >> you're in the used to being upside down or doing something with your body that is kind of really different than your normal every day live. >> right. kind of like this interview? >> yeah. >> reporter: it gets stranger. isn't are you trying to tell me what we're doing right now is we're? good we're to the doing anything strange. we're just sitting here having an interview the way i always sit. >> this is how i do all of my inter views. >> it will be from now on. >> i know what you're wondering. so okay so -- what's that. >> i'm good. >> he's good. >> he's good. >> the report from the base de deck. >> he's okay. >> i'm okay. there comes a point -- >> maybe we should finish the rest of the interview sitting down.
6:49 pm
>> you want to. >> let's do that. >> bleep. >> i think it's becoming more prevalent but i think it's really unique and i think it's different. you get a work out that you will not get anyplace else but besides the work out you really get to conquer your fierce. >> reporter: you name it, they do it. >> juggling. >> chair balancing. fire breathing. >> fire breathing. >> is that for real. >> we have a fire breather. >> reporter: okay. not everything. chainsaw juggling. >> nope. >> reporter: 95 throwing. >> no. >> reporter: locked up in a jacket and put in a tank of water? >> i didn't teach it but that happened but it was spring break. (laughter). >> reporter: if you're like me -- >> do you want me to demonstrate this first, eric. >> no -- >> you're just going to go for it. >> i like your spirit. >> your enthusiasm may get the best you. >> you're so far up there. >> now what. >> i have no idea. i never got anybody that high. (laughter). >> reporter: reporting from detroit fly house, i'm derek
6:50 pm
kevra fox two news. >> the divisional round of the playoffs kick off today. we'll preview the arizona cardinals and green bay packers plus the flyers riding high on a four-game winning streak. they look to make it five but the rangers come to town this one came down to shootout. that's coming up next in sports. the centers for medicare and medicaid
6:51 pm
services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
6:52 pm slash eastern. ♪ the flyers have been up and down, up and down. they followed a three game los losing streak with four straight wins. inconsistent see that comes with having a new head coach. today they tried to make it five in a row against the rangers. in the third period flyers down by one. some good puck movement right here. dwayne simmonds being right where he's supposed to be. he gets the goal.
6:53 pm
ties it at two. and this game would eventual goal to a shootout. matt comes down, fakes mason out and gets it in. rangers go up in the shootout. vorachek tries to keep this game alive takes a shot but it's wide left. the flyers lose three-two. ending their four-game winning streak. to college hoops, march madness is just around the corner. teams are in the heart of their conference schedule. villanova georgetown in a classic big east game today. hoyas putting a scare in the wildcats down in d.c. second half, ryan, surveying the scene finds mychal bridges for the ally-oop. nova up by 10. georgetown came storming back. down by six reggie cameron with the three. hoyas within three. 40 seconds left now archie mis misses this three. georgetown gets a shot to tie the game now but hold on. on the rebound jesse goldman drops the ball out of bounds.
6:54 pm
that would end any shot georgetown had. villanova survives 65-50. temple in wild one much this one in two over times shot clock winding down much there's a miss. he puts it back in. temple takes the lead and look at this. chris o'connell screaming temple grad. now we know why you're not at work playing hookie. a chance to upset chris' day. but the bad pass much that's back court and owls hold on for chris 67-65 in double overtime. unlike temple st. joe's didn't really have the sweat against fordham. up comfortably gimbal drives. easy dunk. he had 26 points. 80-55. they won 10 out of their last 11. nfl division round of the playoffs kicked off today. doug pederson andy reid and the kansas city chiefs are currently
6:55 pm
down 21-13 to the patriots. the game tonight the packers are playing the cardinals and last time these two teams met it didn't go too well for the pack. the cardinals played the packers in week 16 and it wasn't very pretty. arizona won 38-eight. aaron rodgers 151 yards passing, sacked eight times. cardinals are favored in this one and aaron rodgers is hoping to change his fortune. >> the pressure will all be on them. they're coming off a tough loss at home in seattle before that they blew us out. super bowl favorites and, you know, obviously the favored team on saturday night, so we just got to go out and be loose and let it all hang out. the pressure is on. >> tomorrow you can catch the panthers/seahawks game right here on fox at 1:00 o'clock. coverage begins at 11:00. the most entertaining thing in sports right to you has to be the monmouth bench mob the most creative celebrations around
6:56 pm
yesterday they were at it again. monmouth beating iona acting a fool on the bench. i guess that's the kid in play. a bunch of whole different thing i can't really describe. iona didn't like this too much. someone hit somebody if you see in the back a melee. guys start fighting. iona very angry with all the celebrations. you knew this was coming. but if you don't want me celebrating don't let me win. don't let me have big plays. big melee. guys showing they ain't like iona. stop me one time iona. stop me and i won't celebrate. that's the best thing in sports to see the bench mob celebrate. they get so creative and now that's, new york city one would watch monmouth but now they will. you'll watch monmouth. that's the only thing you'll watch them for. isn't exactly much. >> it's beautiful. it looks like doug pederson probably will be announced this week.
6:57 pm
>> all right. >> not that we don't know already. >> it's tight but they look like they'll lose to the patriots and doug pederson will be introducing by wednesday. >> and temperatures are really going to take a dive. >> they'll take hit. watching some snow we're tweeting right now. what are you talking about? this is what we're talking abo about. fox future cast bring something snow into the picture by tomorrow evening. is it it an accumulation deal? i don't think so but we'll get new information coming up at 10:00 o'clock so we'll share that with you live on tv. joke. >> all right much sounds good, mike. be sure to join us tonight for fox 29 news at 10:00. philadelphia making more room inside for dogs and its shelter but will it mean more animals are being euthanized. we'll take look at a meeting to night, and we're giving i was never before seen look into the hideout of the world's most wanted man. see how el chapo lived prior to being captured. that's our news for this saturday night. we'll see you at 10:00.
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