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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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more will wind up being euthanized. plus the former montgomery county district attorney will be a key witness in bill cosby's defense. keep it here. your news tha in 30 seconds. ♪ happening right now, temperatures outside beginning to drop. you will want to bundle up tonight as we take a live look at love park. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. we are bracing for an arctic
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blast. meteorologist mike masco will have more in a moment. 18-year-old tape into custody tonight in connection with a murder on thanksgiving morning. sabina kuriakose live in port richmond tonight where she spoke to family members of the vick testimony about news of the arrest. sabina. >> reporter: dawn, ryan kelly's family tells me they are thankful and relieved that police have caught their son's alleged killer. tonight they have a message for anyone else who may have been involved. >> you didn't destroy us. we're a strong familiar we got a lot of family and friends, you know, we'll survive, but without our son ryan. >> reporter: william kelly is still mourning the loss of his 21-year-old son ryan who was shot to death one block from home this past thanksgiving morning. in front of this mother as he returned home from the store. >> it's not fair really. he never did anything bad. he was a good kid. he didn't, you know what i mean
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he was just going to wawa. >> reporter: kelly family now got news the philadelphia police homicide few touch apprehension unit arrested 18-year-old david ramos, jr. for ryan's murder. >> it won't bring ryan back but he's where he's supposed to be in a cage. that's what he deserves much he's an animal. so he's in a cage. >> reporter: ramos was taken into custody saturday morning. the family says they believe another suspect is still at large. and they're confident he'll be found. >> give yourself up. you know what did you. >> reporter: ryan's family says he was a loving, happy young man who cared deeply for his friends and family. legacy they say shines on despite his loss. >> happy go lucky kid. the whole family says he loved the flyers. he just loved life. >> i want to thank everyone. everyone has been awesome, his friends, our family they've been with us every day. they come over and hang out with us and keep us company. ooh want to thank the philadelphia police department. they've been awesome.
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>> reporter: ramos has been charged with murder and robbery. again the family believes other suspects may still be at large. dawn, back to you. >> all right, sabina, thank you. now a developing story out of montgomery county. former district attorney bruce castor is expected to be key witness for bill cosby at upcoming hearing for the comedian. castor expected to testify that he promised cosby he would never be charged in a sex assault case. according to cosby' attorneys prosecutors in montgomery county unfairly used the comedian's deposition from a 2005 civil lawsuit in order to bring charges against him. castor support that is position. earlier today, cnn reporting that castor sent an e-mail to his successor explaining that he agreed not to charge cosby in return for his deposition. current da kevin steal says there's no evidence assign community deal that hearing is set for february 2nd. on your ray tonight, temperatures are dropping.
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mike masco this is just the start of really cold weather heading our way. >> i hope you didn't get used to the 50 today's. that is done as we get into tomorrow and men monday and tuesday are going to be brutal. we'll get into that in one second. watching a storm all evening long across the gulf coast. it doesn't look like much, however, this storm could be responsible for little light snow as we go into tomorrow. that's going to be a conversational snow deal not accumulation. this is a system that will stay offshore but it's areas along atlantic county, cape may county and then into the dell splash that may pick up a quick coating. around four, 6:00 o'clock into the early evening hours. we just want to note that as you get along the atlantic city expressway and south and east. especially south and east of philadelphia. partly cloudy, 30 degrees tomorrow morning waking up. again, somers point an area clouds around lunch time, snow showers through the 4:00 o'clock hour. big headline will be the. look at these temperatures. these are air temperature. this isn't wind chills. 15 degrees below zero. that's in air mass that will
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shoot in our direct as we go into early next week. it's a chunk of the polar vortex talk about it move coming up in just a little bit. dawn. >> thank you, mike. a developing story now out of the middle east tonight. it is the biggest change in u.s. iran eighty nine relationships since our embassy was overrun and hostages take back in 1979. tonight we have more on the historic sweep swap from doug mckelway in washington. >> reporter: economic sanctions are ending and american prisoners are heading home from iran. the most significant change in tehran washington relations since the fall of the shy in 1979. >> we received confirmation five americans who had been unjustly detained in iran have been released from custody. >> reporter: the prisoner swap included clemency for ire iranian pass held in the u.s. one of the most prominent american prisoners released this weekend is washington post reporter jason, he had been held
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for 543 days on espionage and other charges. four other americans were also released. one of flint michigan was arre arrested when he ran to iran in 2011 to see his grandmother. sentenced to death aft being accused of of spying for the cia. this man is from boise idaho. he was arrested for organizing bible study classes in iran. >> my hub's imprisonment a lot of pain and suffering people go through. the other prisoners are these two. at the same time the prison swap is going on economic sanctions imposed on iran being dropped. that's because what was once considered a rogue state is now complying with the international nuclear agreements. >> while two tracks of negotiations were not directly related and they were not, there
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is no question that the pace and the progress of the humanitarian talks accelerated in light of the relationships forged and the diplomatic channels unlocked over the course of the nuclear talks. >> reporter: end of economic sanctions could release $100 billion in frozen assets for iran. additionally the end of sanctions will lift an european oil embargo which could flood the international market with 38 million barrels of crude n washington, doug mckelway, fox news. check out this video surfa surfacing showing notorious drug lord el chapo was hiding out. the footage shows his hideout in a mountainous region. el chapo back behind bars at the same prison where he made his daring escape six months ago but mexican authorities say they have beefed up security there since that prison break and they are outfitting the drug kingpin with a 24/7 guard at his cell. bad fire forces nearly three dozen people out of their apartments in delaware county flames racing through a building
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on north front street in yeadon this morning that fire started just before 9:00 o'clock in a third floor unit. it was brought under control in just about 40 minutes. but at least 37 people now display. we were dispatch here around 8:30 this morning for a building fire on the third floor. police were on location advised of a working fire. fire and smoke coming out of the rear. the first in crews were able to pull one victim from the fire. >> no word on that victim's current condition or exactly what sparked the fire. the trial for former professional wrestling star accused of murdering his mistress in allentown is postponed. jim knee supper fly snuka arrested last year investigators say he repeatedly assaulted nancy argentina in may of 1983. she was found dead at the now closed george washington motor lodge in whitehall township. his attorney told a judge yesterday his client's mental health is deteriorating and says
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know longer understands the charges against him. a judge must now decide if he is competent to stand trial. a suspected gang member facing drug and weapons charges to night. alexandria ortiz pulled over yesterday on the 300 block of hillside road in camden. police say they found hasn't gun and about $900 in the car. investigators searching his nearby apartment police say they found more guns, drugs and $15,000 in cash. investigators say ortiz is a sex money murder blood gang member. a man is shot repeatedly and then left for dead in north philadelphia. this was late this afternoon much police think the victim is about 25 to 30 years old. he was found shot in the head along the 1700 block of egley street. just before 5:00 o'clock. police rushing the victim to the hospital in extremely critical condition. investigators now trying to find the gunman behind this. camden county police hoping that someone recognizes the guys into these surveillance pictur pictures. police say these two men committed an arm robbery at a
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camden gas station on admiral wilson boulevard monday night. the pair got away in stole license buick. police say the car was recovered later that night but those two men remain on the loose. philadelphia's animal care and control team is planning to implement what it's calling a new humane housing policy at its shelter but critics it will result in more dogs being put down. a community meeting held at the shelter on west hunting park avenue to discuss the changes and address concerns. acct plans to double the size of its kennels for larger dogs it says increasing the size is better fort dogs health and well-being and will make them more adoptable but animal advocates argue, it will mean fewer kennels and a higher kill rate for stray or abandoned do dogs. >> very concerned about the euthanasia rate increasing because there is a number of, limited number of kennels open. so quite often the shelter is full.
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so they're already euthanizing for space and now the space obviously is less. >> there's certainly precedent. always situation where is euthanasia is more humane than housing in tight unclean areas unfriendly animal practices, keeping animal indefinitely a highly stressful situation, especially to attempt to care for an i wasn't mall you don't have the resources to care for. >> it is important to note that acct cannot say no to animals brought to the shelter. that can also mean some tough choices. stockton university sale of the former showboat casino to a philadelphia developer is a done deal. the showboat property going to developer bart, lap steen for $23 million. he's still considering other options besides a casino for the property including office space or entertainment uses. stockton university had hoped to use the property as a satellite campus but it ran into legal restrictions about how the property can be used.
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so the school sold it. developing story now out of michigan. help finally on the way for a city in crisis. president obama signing an emergency declaration today for flint, michigan much this comes as thousands of gallons of clean drinking water is trucked into the city today. it is certainly a welcomed sight for residents who can't drink their tap water because it's contaminated with lead. all the trouble started back in 2014 when the economically strapped city began drawing its water from the flint river to save money. the problem officials failed to treat the corrosive water properly. volunteers and non-profit groups are behind today's big shipment of water. people coming together because of all for one cause and that's to get clean water to the penal of flint. >> we'll get behind groups like bottles for babies and just get them resources, water and personnel to deliver into the community. we don't care if it's government or volunteer group. we're here to help.
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>> the emergency declaration clears the way for federal aid to the city. fema will coordinate disaster relief efforts going forward. it's a weekend of service across the nation to honor dr. martin luther king. how one group in new jersey is tackling a project that will benefit the entire community. and after serving on the force for nearly two decades one police officer's live changing decision is stirring up controversy. why some are questioning if the officer should remain on the force. mike? >> dawn, we could be talking about conversational snow by tomorrow afternoon tomorrow evening among our coastal points and then here comes an arctic attack. fantastically cold air poised to move into the delaware valley. oh, boy. i'll show you these numbers coming up.
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the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget. that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania.
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♪ dig steps forward for one camden non-profit it's a dance drill team that mentors young people in the city and it's finally getting its own home. before camden sophisticated sister which is move members are rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty on this mlk weekend of service it's all in an evident to turn a dilapidated space in to a revitalized performing arts sent of the fox 29's jennifer joyce takes look at this project. >> we're calling it help the dream. >> 200 volunteers with muscle and heart showed up to seventh and florence streets in the city of camden to clean up and revitalize this dilapidated property. once it's fully restore the no non-profit organization camden sophisticated sisters will be able to call this their first ever home.
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>> this dream has turned into reality. >> reporter: to you wanda jones the founder of css a 30-year-old drill deem that mentors young men and women in the city of camden. >> they have to maintain a c average much they have to do 200 hours of community street. jackson is on the team which performs around the city and even across the country. >> from a young age i just loved to dance ever since i was six -- four, five years old. >> we i policemen ballroom dancing, ballet, tap, jazz. >> members many of the members showed up to get their hands dirty and take ownership of this positive transformation. >> i love that we're doing it ourselves. we did this. we can't say oh, no, somebody else did. we did this. our building, we cleaned it. >> it's helping camden realize we don't have to -- we don't have to bring guns in to like everything that we do. >> i'm so glad to be here seeing all these people pull together for camden in camden. i had to move a big jug out of the building just like five of
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them. >> reporter: working on this mlk weekend of service to make the camden community better, brighter and stronger. >> you hear so many negative things about our steam look at today. you know, look at today. it only goes up from here. >> reporter: this is the first of many cleanup events and with continued work, css is hoping to have this space up and running by august. in camden, i'm jennifer joy, fox 29 news. a south philadelphia block has been rename for the world war ii veteran bill begin near. 200 block of winton street known as wild bill way. in honor of his nickname. councilman ken yacht the at a johnson helping to unveil the street sign for the vet who was a south philadelphia native much his story was told as part of the hbo mini series band of brothers. he died last march. a local library gives children an out of this world experience. all in an effort to encourage reading. special star wars themed effort
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featuring costume, contests and raffles held in lafayette hills. they hope all the fun and games will result in a love of read. an auction to benefit alex lemonade stand foundation painting creat created auctionef at a gala each year. auction runs until 11:00 tonight and the winning bidder will keep that painting for 11 months before it's then return to the charity. the painting has raised over $100,000 over the past few yea years. a mass intruder of sorts causing quite a stir at a new jersey hospital. new jersey state police posting this picture on their facebook page. it shows a trooper hot on the trail of a raccoon. yes, raccoon at a sussex county hospital. no word on exactly how the critter got inside. but the state police say it was caught and safely removed. a south jersey town says it's free designated driver program is curbing drunk driving so it's going keep the program going. the evesham saving lives program launched last september.
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provides both evesham and voorhees residents with free rides home from bars seven days week. officials say the program has far exceeded their expectations. there's been a 55% drop in drunk driving arrests they decided to extend it until june 1st. what would you do if you won the powerball? would you quit your job? would you buy a mansion? the tennessee family who actually did win a big piece of that lottery pie isn't doing any of those things. fox's karen mchugh has the sto story. >> reporter: talk about a lucky dog this pooch is now part of a tennessee family that won the lottery. john robinson purchased the winning ticket at a grocery store on his way home from work. speaking of work, he's an it and his wife works in dermatologist's office both of them say they're keeping their jobs. >> why not? >> that's what we've done all our lives is work. you just can't sit down and lay down and not do nothing any mo
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more. i mean, how long you going to last? >> reporter: robinson's have two children a son who's an electrician an daughter who just graduated from college. >> when we bought the ticks, our first priority was to pay her student loans off. >> because we just wanted a little piece of the pie. now i'm real grateful that we got the big piece of the pie. >> because the main thing we always say i want small piece of the pie i always hoped for five numbers. i always hoped for the winning numbers never. i always hoped for five. i know you get a million for five. >> reporter: their daughter wants her father to buy buy her hours. she's been asking for a long time and he always told her yeah, when i wish the lottery. >> as for the question, instead of the yearly payments the robinsons are taking the big check. >> we're going to take the lump sum because we're not guaranteed tomorrow. >> there are three winning tickets for the $1.3 billion jackpot. the other two winners have yet
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to come forward. those tickets were sold in the 7eleven in the los angeles suburb of chino hills and supermarket in the florida community of melbourne beach. in new york, karen, mchugh, fox news. a dozen marines still missing after their choppers apparently collide. what's making efforts to locate the missing crew more difficult and more adults smoke in the city of philadelphia than in any other major city in the country. why aren't anti-smoking laws more strictly enforced in public places like lincoln financial field? fox 29 investigates taking a closer look.
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♪ rescue teams are expanding the search area off the coast of hawaii where two marine helicopters crashed into the water on thursday. 12 marines are now missing. crews say surf spreading debris from the crash complicating their efforts. the coast guard is leading that rescue operation. >> the coast guard is cal could you lating those drift rates where we might find them and then we provide the guidance to helicopters, police, fire, navy, coast guard about where to conduct the search. >> initial reports indicating that the marines choppers collided but officials now say they don't know if the accident
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was in fact a collision and they are still investigating just what went wrong. a fire breaks out in a home with four children inside all alone and now a mother and a grandfather are facing charges. the children ages one to 10 years old made it out of that tulsa home fortunately. by the time a police officer drove by the house and spotted the fire the children had already run across the street to a neighbor's for help. the mother and the grandfather arrived three hours after the fact. they are now facing child negligent charges. mother admi admitting too she sd have done things a little differently. >> really scared i'm going to lose my kids and go to jail. >> the mother says she took her father to pick up a check since he is unable to drive. it was a big day for a little ball of fur at the national zoo in washington, d.c. why so many people lining up to see the not so giant panda known as bei bei.
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and police officer makes a deeply personal decision to undergo a sex change. the question is, will that officer be able to return to the force after almost two decades of service? mike? >> hard to believe we hit 50 degrees across the delaware valley. now we're talking about 20s and even a little snow by tomorrow evening. i'm meteorologist mike masco. we'll get whiplash across the area and wait until you see these temperatures. we'll talk about it coming up.
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♪ welcome back at 10:30. taking a live look at blue mountain from our pocono mountains camera tonight. lots of skiers hitting the slopes today despite above average temperatures. a cool down is on the way. mike masco will tell us how it's going get coming up in your fox 29 winter weather authority. a veteran in arlington texas
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who join the force nearly two decades ago as a man is in mid transition to become a woman. fox's deanne angeline has more on the controversy about his live changes decision. >> reporter: the officer who is transitioning from a man to woman has been with the arlington police force for more than 18 years working patrol. >> he is most appropriate to refer to -- >> we say she. >> it's appropriate to say she. >> david mack henderson with the lgbt advocacy group has act as liaison between the officer and her employer, the city of arlington. he says the officer first reached out to his group more than a year ago during mandatory training the city provided on lgbt awareness. >> they were willing to have a conversation with those of us who have seen these transitions on the job before, and create dialogue on how best to proceed. >> reporter: the city responded to our request for
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information regarding its first ever transgender patrol officer. its entire statement reads the city of arlington is an inclusive supportive organization and we respect the privacy of all of our employees. gender equality in the workplace has been a hot button topic recently with issues like a proposed ordinance in houston being struck down over dispute about where trance jent people would be allowed to use the bathroom. with that in mind, we ask the arlington municipal patrol's association if it is involved in the job related detail surrounding the officer's sex change? spokesman for the group says the union has no comment at this time. enter sop keeps in touch with the officer whom he says is currently out on medical leave. >> my understanding is that the officer who is mid transition currently had a long dialogue with the city of arlington and with the police department
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senior staff about what this transition would look like and how it would involve the police department and the city and how would it not. >> reporter: henderson is operate miss tech but also realistic about the officer who is planning to return to the beat as a woman. >> oh, i think it would be naive to suggest that everyone who greets this officer when he or she returns to work will all have the same pip. we're a big country with lot of opinions, and a lot of fears, but what i find unique is that the more people who folks who are transgender, the more realize what's the problem? >> right now there's no timeline for that officer to return to duty. get ready for those temperatures to drop again. it has been roller coaster ride this month.
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one moment we're in the 60s and the next day we're taking a dive. >> this evening everybody seemed very happy. >> it wasn't bad out. >> even people dining outside. it was, you know, you can't do that for the next three days or so. >> you're talking polar vortex cold? >> polar vortex. a little piece will come at us and drop our temperature that's the simple version government to my twitter page and we'll talk a little weather on there and i'll explain. here's the live shot right now. partly cloudy skies. 43 degrees as we talk together at 10:00 o'clock. westerly win right now at nine that's starting to relax some but it is producing temperatures feeling like it's into the low 30s. poconos right now sitting at the freezing mark while we're at 43. and down across new jersey into the upper 30s, 41 wild number from camden, voorhees, out towards egg harbor. so we're comfortable in fact we're actually above average where we should be for this time of year. 1:00 front that moved through earlier this evening. this is a more important front out to the west. look at the wind chill alerts. 45 degrees below zero.
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that's what they're forecasting with wind chill warnings existing for minneapolis right up tour the northern plains there's the cold air. here's a storm system across the gulf coast states. this is going to come out of the gulf coast states run up the coast and then it's going to be squeezed off towards the south and east. when you get the cold and moisture to come together we see big storms here in philadelphia. that's not the case. this is a storm that tracks more towards the east. but we do think there could be enough moisture along the coastal points to produce a light dusting of snow. it's really south of 195 as you get down across the atlantic city expressway and then into dover, delaware. so south and east of philadelphia that's where we're head lining snow showers late tomorrow afternoon into the evening. maybe another burst of snow coming through here tomorrow night into monday morning. and then it gets really cold. look at these temperatures. we're looking at low teens north and west. 21 in town monday morning. a brutal afternoon monday with temperatures into the middle 2 20s. real feel temperatures how it feels like on the exposed skin
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look at this, negative numbers i mean this is brutal. this is going to probably be the defendant air mass of the season. monday morning temperatures negative four to around nine so that is some harsh stuff that's headed our way. tonight overnight lows into the lower 20s north and west. 32 here in town. lower 30s into the jersey sized things again for your day on sunday. clouds increasing during the day. here's the snow showers developing. south and east of philadelphia. say around the one, 2:00 o'clock hour and then we get cold. man does it get cold here. it's bitter winds for martin luther king day. 28 degrees. that number doesn't do it justice because it will feel like it's into the single digits in parts of the lehigh valley. we're still head lining harsh conditions on tuesday. 29. wednesday 35 and then important system will have to watch by next weekend. the big story, yes, it will snow a little bit south and east of town. but 16 for overnight low in the city monday night is brutal. it could be dangerous and
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probably see alerts from the health department. >> bring your animals inside as well. >> absolutely. it's something most of us thought we'd never see again. gas prices under a dollar. wow! drivers are getting a cheap phil upcoming up. and it's been almost a week since the death of rock legend david bowie. how fans are continuing to keep bowie's memory alive. ♪
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♪ check this out of the unbelievable site at a houston gas station. gasoline for 99 cents. you got it of the 99 cents and of course it kept drivers circling the pumps. some couldn't help but rub their good luck in the faces of their out of state friends. >> yeah, yeah, the crazy. so i took a picture sign. sending it out to all my friends that live in michigan. show them how good it is down here. >> the newly opened gas station offering deep discounts for a limited time. ted cruz apologizes for comments he made about new yorkers as part of a jab at his republican presidential opponent donald trump. the comments were made during thursday night's republican
10:40 pm
debate. calls are being made for apology from cruz from new yorkers including governor andrew cuomo and new york city mayor. cruz says he feels badly for the millions of new yorkers who have been let down by liberal politicians. >> i apologize to the hard-working men and women of the state of new york who have been denied jobs because governor cuomo won't allow fracking even there have been high paying jobs south in pennsylvania, new yorkers are denied the ability to provide for their families. >> many political analysts say that the senators comments have done severe damage to his presidential campaign. one of the national zoo's baby pandas making her public debut to adoring crowd today's. talk about cutie. five month old panda known as bei bei her name means precious treasure in mandarin chinese and the baby proving to be just at washington's smithsonian
10:41 pm
national zoo. hundreds of zoo visitors some in bei bei costumes lining up to catch a glimpse of the 12.5-pound not yesterday giant panda. bei bei has been kept out the of public view since her birth on august 22nd much her mother is one of washington's top tourist draws. so cute. smoking a big problem in philadelphia. now fox 29 investigates wants to know if the city is really doing enough to enforce anti spoking laws. good evening i'm karen help along with bill anderson flex bag we're trig to get in shape in the new year. we have some snacks that are 150 calories and we won't be hungry. >> no, you can be all swole like this also. we'll also have of the new legal analysis of what's going on in the bill which is bee case. we'll break it down for you. >> see you tomorrow morning at 8am.
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♪ >> ♪ major tom to ground control ♪ david bowie fans paying tribute to the legendary rock musician by staging a flash mob in rome. dozens of fans singing in the streets to some of bowie' greatest hits.
10:45 pm
many of them donning zig good star dust thunder bolt one of the most influential and innovative musicians of his generation. he of course died sunday at the age of 69 following a long battle with cancer. smoking is still a problem in philadelphia. it has the highest adult smoking rate of the nation. 10 largest cities and more than 22% and it's why philadelphia no smoking slaw so important. and why fox 29 investigates recently took in eagles game. here's jeff cole. >> reporter: it was a big sunday night game for the eagles and excited fans were streaming in. the arizona cardinals were in town and eagle win could have help the team in what turn out to be its failed push for the playoffs. fox 29 investigates was there as well not to watch the team's battle, but to learn of philadelphia's nearest decade old no smoking law was being
10:46 pm
followed at the home of the eagles lynn of lincoln financial field known as the linc. debra brown is the president and ceo of american lung association of the mid atlantic. >> lincoln financial field has, what, approximately 70,000 seats, and i believe a majority of the time those seats are pretty full, so there's lot of people that are potentially at risk. >> reporter: according to the city, the law was designed to make sure about every public space in the city was smoke free. the goal was to protect patrons and workers of bars, restauran restaurants, stores, offices and even football stadiums from the dangers of second hand smoke. the managers of the facility must epp force the law the city can fine violator. >> we know people who are exposed to second hand smoke can develop lung cancer. they can develop coronary heart disease. they can suffer a stroke. >> reporter: but from what we saw at the linc especially on its upper floors, the law wasn't
10:47 pm
working. on the 200 level in a second of the concourse clearly marked no smoking, fans were lighting up and blowing cigarette smoke nearly everywhere we looked. paul is produce sr. we fox 29 investigates. he and another member of the team roam the 200 level with their cell phones rolling watc watching fans puff away. >> certainly going on. there's people all along the railing much there's people -- we saw some people in line with the vendors, you know, smoking or having a cigarette in their mouth. >> reporter: we came to the linc because a source who did not want to be identified fearing loss of a job as vendor contacted us complaining of repeated exposure to second hand smoke at the linc. the source said, not enough was being done to protect workers. the source's concerns were back up by what we saw especially at half time when fans swarm the concourse. smokers were clearly scene lightinlighting up wip a few fef
10:48 pm
vendors shrinking food and drinks. and while some of the smokers at least moved to the railing and he can hailed away from the crowd, others lit up a mid the crush of fans and right near those vendors who couldn't move away. there were a lot of possible standing there smoking. sometimes groups of three, four folks when they were blowing out it was a little bit breezy. you'd see the smoke go towards the vents sometimes past them, statement in to their areas. >> reporter: online in public announcement we heard as people were crowding into the linc fans were told smoking is not allowed except in three designated areas. one of them is head house plaza where we saw fans following the law. but on the upper level where smoking is banned, it was being openly violated and our fox 29 investigates staff never saw security tell anyone to put them out. >> it's unfortunate that we're seeing those individuals be exposed to second hand smoke.
10:49 pm
>> reporter: we showed our cell phone images to the national lung association's debra brown. >> it certainly appear there needs to be additional education of employees particularly security employees that they know that there is a law, they know what the law is, and that they are comfortable going up to individuals telling them that they cannot smoke in the stadi stadium. >> reporter: according to the americans for non smokers rights, 16nfl stadiums ban smoking, patrons must go outside the gates to smoke. the linc is one of the remaining 16 stadiums which allow smoking inside. the eagles declined to speak on camera. in a statement the team wrote "smoking is prohibited in the stadium except for designated areas and our guest services team communicates with the philadelphia police to enforce the policy" it adds "if fans noticed smoking in a non-designated area, we encourage them to inform our
10:50 pm
guest services team or one of the police officers on sight. the health and safety of our fans and employees is of utmost importance to us ". again, we never saw anyone told to put out their cigarette. but we did see lots of smokers and cigarette butts littering the floor in those sections where smoking is absolutely not loud. debra brown says the eagles could easily make the entire problem just disappear. >> you think the philadelphia eagles would be smart to say you may not smoke at the linc? >> i do think that would be very smart. because i think it would make the policy much more enforceab enforceable, because people would know they cannot smoke anywhere and if someone was smoking they would know they're in violation of that policy. >> reporter: our reports has already prompted action. the philadelphia department of health says, it plans to meet with the eagles after fox 29 investigates asked why in
10:51 pm
october complaint of smoking at the linc forwarded to the city from the pennsylvania department of health was never investigat investigated. the city says a break down in communication between city and state caused the delay. we'll keep you updated. jeff cole, fox 29 news. sean bell here talking sixers. >> yes, the sixers dawn actually doing something we never seen them do at least not this season. right? okay. they have to dell way blow out in the eagles will finally get a chance to introduce their new head coach. new head coach make sure doug pederson will be introducing this week much that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ eagles new head coach will be doug pederson. the offensive coordinator for the kansas city chiefs of course they can't make this official until the chiefs get knock out of the playoffs. well, you can expect to nary pederson this week. tom brady and the patriots made sure of that. pederson has done a great job witness chiefs offense under the guy dance of andy reid but there's only so much you can do. the chiefs trying to get back into the game. in the third down 14-six. kendrick west coughs up the ball giving the back to the pats. tom brady would find his favorite target rob grant could you ski on the double move. he had two touchdown on the day.
10:55 pm
now to the fourth. chiefs only down one score. trying to get back in the game. brady getting a little luck. after the tip he gets the cage catch and patriots go on to win, 27-20. to hockey the flyers on four game winning streak. this after lose three straight. so there's still looking for a little consistency trying to keep it going against the rangers much this game went into a shootout. the rangers coming up first getting the goal right past steve mason and nice move. now vorachek tries to get an answer. but he couldn't. he goes wide left. rangers within three-two. breaking the flyers four-game winning streak. sixers taking on the blazers first quarter jahlil okafor getting the ball down low. step back jumper. that boy has it all. to the third, the sixers up 27. they get the steal smith finds samson and he tacked two to the
10:56 pm
rim sixers get a big lead and actually hold on for once. leading the blazers 114-89. their fifth win of the season. to college the big east has been shredded due to schools looking for the big money. football money but still got a few classic big east matchups to villanova took on georgetown anterior game that went down to the wire. second half, about a minute le left. hoyas down by six. reggie cameron hits the set back three. now, georgetown only down by three. 40 seconds left. ryan archie misses the ball. georgetown gets the rebound but the player drops it on the out of bounds line. that would georgetown's chance. villanova 55-50. >> in college temple in overtime tied at 65. the owls took the rebound with the bucket and that would do it and look at our boy chris
10:57 pm
o'connell going wild. we had to show him one more time. the owls within 67-65. chris i see you out here chilling. i see why you're taking days off so you can go catch a great game. >> exactly. good day weekend begins at 8:00 a.m. your life powerball drawing is next followed by animation domination. have a good one.
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