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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  January 19, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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good morning at 4:00 o'clock. maybe the third time is a a charm. doug pederson is back with the eagles and fans are helping his third stint. eagles interest cues new head coach later today. woman gets pushed off tracks at 40th street station after armed man threatens her life. she escapes death just in time. how police were able to find her attacker. ♪ >> some people like to stay out late, hold out that long ♪ >> yeah, the song, holiday tonight, we will remember green fry, founding member of the eagles dead at just 67 years old. >> good day everybody. >> it is tuesday, february 19th. >> yeah. >> well, we have eagles records here, one of the best
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selling rock bands of all time, glenn frey with don henley and others. what a sad week it has been now in the the rock world losing david bowie and then glenn frey at just 67. when i walk in and we talk about this, how did you put it. we are losing the sound track of your life. >> sound track of my life. >> i think for those of us of a certain age, that is how it feels this week because these were stars, that had hits on the charts, all the time, and so we know them all by heart and we will play them for you, of course, this morning, those great hits from the eagles. we've got 17 degrees in philadelphia right now. we will start off with the number, but the the real number, you have to pay attention to is two. that is the wind chill. because of the 16 miles an hour wind. we have not seen any let up in the wind. 7:19 is your sunrise time. let's check other actual temperatures to start.
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single digits in mount poconos. teens every where else. but this is what it feels like. we have zero, wind chill in pots the town and allentown. feels like 16 below, in mount pocono, one below in trenton, and single digit wind chills every where else. we have one below in wilmington. so these are colder wind chills. if you were with us yesterday and we know it was a holiday so maybe you weren't. it wasn't as cold. now it is colder. we have clear skies and that is part of the the reason why. the cold air is still coming across those great lakes but we don't see any lake effect snow extending down into our area but still piling up around cleveland and southern towns of buffalo. precipitation isn't the issue today but it is temperature. here is your planner from the the weather authority. we will stay in the the 20's all day long. to still bitter cold. still wind chills, that are colder then the actual temperatures as if 28, wasn't cold enough. so, just plan on a cold day to day as you get back to to reality, if you were off
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formatter inn luther king holiday yesterday, sunset time is 5:05. that is what we have for weather, bob kelly taking vacation this week so we will be handling traffic today. we will start off with construction, yeah, it is back, it just cleared on the i-95 northbound off ramp to the walt whitman bridge at packer avenue. roadways are getting cleared there. in new jersey, construction blocking 295, ramps to i-76, use caution in that area. so far so good, on ben franklin bridge. but undoubted that will be a different case a little later on as we get back to reality, guys after the holiday. >> and whole new reality weather-wise later in the week. sue will have that. and have of course, you can down load the weather authority app, anytime, just go to our phone or tablet and get to the apple and google play stores. for the the first time we will hear from the eagles new head coach. team made the official announcement in a news release yesterday and today they will
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introduce doug pederson. eagles had to wait until kansas city chiefs lost over the weekend. peter send went with andy reid to kansas city three years ago to be his offensive coordinator. during the the season he did do some of the play calling. he is back in philadelphia a now. pederson was an eagles coach before, played quarterback for the the team in 1999. doug pederson arrived from kansas city yesterday morning with his wife, jeanie. we will take you to the novacare complex at the 2:00 o'clock today as team introduces our new head coach. you can watch that news conference live right here on fox 29. lasalle shuttle will bus driver taken to the hospital after a overnight accident this happened around 1:00 this morning in the broad street and olney avenue in olney. a as you can see in the video the the bus appears to be, turned in the wrong direction on the streets. the the driver was the only person on board at the time of the accident. no word as to how that accident happened. developing right now, a septa rider nearly died at the
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the hands of an armed attacker who push would the man on to the the track this morning. police have have a man in custody. dave kinchen is now live from west philadelphia this morning. dave, police are now trying to track down the guy who did this? >> reporter: yeah, we under tan that police actually have a suspect right now, in the meantime, while police have that suspect the the victim is recovering from some physical injuries, but more likely what are emotional injuries, after this whole ordeal, and here's what we know about the suspect. he is 34 year-old kenneth grimes, he is in jail after police say he shoved a woman off the septa platform at 40th and market, having her land on the tracks below sunday morning. investigators say that the 27 year-old victim from fishtown was able to gain composure and climb backup on to the the platform just seconds, just seconds before a train came in. >> as she's looking for the the train, a man comes off an
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african-american male, comes over and pushes her on the track. she falls on the track, on to her shoulder. she hits her shoulder. she looks up, she sees him, he threatened to kill her. she had no idea who this individual is, or what he was doing. she asked him what he was doing, and then he just walked away. >> i didn't witness it the but i saw that she was shaking, she was confused by what happened. >> we were fortunate the the train wasn't coming and the the fact that we have live third rail issues. if the person steps on those rails she would be electrocuted. >> reporter: surveillance cameras captured the incident. they have a description of grimes so officers down the line. victim gave a precise description. we are told cops say grimes got off the train at 30th street station, and had a knife and was confronted by officers and even spit on officers when they tried to take control of the situation. he was placed under arrest and he is currently in jail. >> that is where he deserves to be, thanks very much. more developing news this
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morning, a man wanted for killing a home less shelter em will plea has turned himself in. investigators say john brook, killed one man, shot another inside the station house homeless shelter early sunday morning. brook had stayed at the shelter for past two months but employees asked him to leave on friday, when they say he was intoxicated and broke curfew. the at a news conference yesterday police say he specifically targeted his victim. >> he walked into the facility, as soon as he walks in their station is as soon as you walk into the left, he turns, and attempts to execute both of them as soon as he walks in. >> prosecutors have charged brook with murder as well as other gun related felonies. pennsylvania state police are trying to identify human remains in ridley creek state park and they are asking for your help. hiker discovered bodies on new years day, and authorities say that these three rings were in the clothing on the body, and they believe, that she was most likely, white and in her late teens or early 20's. rings are pretty unique.
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one is an irish ring. the second has an engraving. the the third has a green stone. if you recognize the ring, you are asked to give pennsylvania state the police a call. 4:08. the we're developing news in flynt, michigan where contaminated water crisis you can say has reached a boiling point with several kids getting sick from lead and many are blaming the the state's governor and they are calling for the resignation. look at the protesters outside the governor's home yesterday. they are calling for rick snyder's arrest, and accusing him of taking too long to act. the problem is it the is going on since city switched water supplies in 2014 but only recently gained national attention. even becoming a topic during sunday's democratic debate in charleston, south carolina a. >> the governor of that state acted as though he didn't really care. >> what i think is also right is demand the resignation of the governor. >> meanwhile the national guard continues to hand out the water to residents in
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need, governor snyder is expect to face even more criticism this week, with protesters expect to be at his yearly state of the state address, tonight lauren. gas prices continue to fall all around the nation and by at least 6 cents in our region since last week. the experts say it is mainly due to years of over production overseas and right here in the the states. fox 29's jennifer joyce live with more on this story, jenny, what is up. >> reporter: good morning lauren and chris. you know that web site gas buddy. that is telling us right the here turnersville, new jersey has some of the cheapest gas in the state. we are live here at riggins gas station on black horse pike where gas is selling, look at this, $1.47. can we go up and show that, chris. we have to go back a decade to find gas this cheap, ten years ago a gallon of gasoline was $2.40. so why this dip now? as lauren explained experts say it is a simple economic factor supply and demand.
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years of over production have caused prices to plumet, drivers are loving it. >> it helps out a lot with, you know, money to go out and, you know, to buy stuff, during the week. you don't realize how much gas you use, you know, until the the the end of the week and you are like hundred dollars, and now i have $10. >> i was thinking it was pretty nice when i first got the my license, it was under a dollar. so we're in the quite there but pretty nice compared to what it has been. >> reporter: as for neighboring states the average price of the gallon of regular in pennsylvania, is 2.08. in delaware it is $1.81. cheapest gas here in new jersey is $1.75 and some experts are saying that the drop isn't over just yet. prices could dip below a dollar a gallon. that is already happening in some states. lauren and chris? >> thanks, jenny. >> back to the future, a amazing. thanks very much. were some of your favorite
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players paid to fix matches? why some people are saying they think so. and he was found in the snow bank, well yah, he thought his son had frozen to death but a a miracle for one local man. why even his doctors were shocked. fry blank
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we lost another music legend eag also announce guitar player glenn frey died at just 67 years old. frey was battling many health issues including rheumatoid arthritis, pneumonia and don henley says we're all in the state of shock, disbelief and profound sorrow. he went on to say meeting frey back in 1970 changed his life, eagles turned out hit after hit in the 07's such as hotel california, lying eyes, new kid in the town, long run, i mean sue, the list goes on and on and on and we have some old record here. >> yes. >> so many memories. >> yeah, yeah who didn't have hotel will california, in their collection back then and the eagles greatest hits album was i think one of the best selling albums of all time, i think more than thriller.
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we will look that up. we will play that music for you all morning long, share your memories on twitter and facebook as you often do, we love to hear that. so polar air is still with us, with this upper air low pressure system kind of driving down that air from the north pole, so, prepare for a very cold morning. you know it was a cold day yesterday. we have two events we're talking about. the first one is wednesday night's snow. you see this projection of very light accumulation, most of it south and east of philadelphia but we could see a coating, probably less than a inch if we get anything, overnight wednesday night, gone by thursday morning. then we will turn our attention to this weekend's set up. this is just one computer models and they are now not all in agreement. this storm is very far away on the west coast so wye the time it gets here it could look different but it is looking more and more likely that we will have a coastal storm and it has potential for a lot of precipitation. the questions are what will be the track of the storm and the
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amount and type of the precipitation. will we see snow/rain mix or will it be all snow and it depend fit takes the track closer to the coast or further a away. these are all of the things we are watching as potential for this storm comes together. too early, don't ask us how much snow? because we're not going to answer it yet. it is too early. i know, i know what you are thinking we all want to know but we want to be accurate as well. the right now we don't have any precipitation to show you. let's talk numbers. here is our temperatures 17 but worst in pittsburgh with seven, ten in detroit. one in chicago. this is cold air that has taken over the northeast part of the country. wind chills, two in philadelphia. one in reading. sixteen below in mount pocono, it feels like a degree below zero in wilmington and zero, in dover, a very cold start to the day, bundle those kids up, bundle yourself up, even as you are maybe scraping ice off of your car you need to bundle
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up. wind gusts in the 20, 28, 29-mile an hour range this morning, that is why it feels even colder then it is, so yesterday, lets see where you ended up with a high of 31 degrees, we have cracked 30 but not freezing and i don't think we will either with a high of 29, upper 30's tomorrow. that snow, again in the overnight hours, and very light snow, there, thursday, fine, very sunny day, friday starts out sunny but then comes late in the day and it has potential to accumulate a little bit. it even has potential to accumulate a lot. we will continue to of course watch that and narrow it down but it could be a a snowy day on the saturday. the that is your seven day forecast, traffic wise, all is cleared, and on the schuylkill expressway approaching spring garden. at least so far. i-95 at cottman avenue has some cars there but no delays, flyers play tonight, at the
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wells fargo center at 7:00 p.m. plan for heavier traffic around the center, tonight, chris and lauren. >> all right, sue serio, thanks very much. first responder well men in his community has died after responding to an emergency call, involving his own daughter. washington township police in warren county shared this photo the owe of 49 year-old captain scott danielson, he served the lakeland rescue squad. he was dispatched saturday to a crash involving his 19 year-old daughter. the his daughter was not hurt but the the captain had a heart attack, and died later at the hospital. danielson was a dispatcher, fireman and member of the andover boro council. sussex county delaware man is in jail after police said he nabbed him for his sixth dui, officers say they pulled over 51 year-old william perry of bridgeville after cops spotted him traveling 78 miles an hour in the 55 miles an hour zone. police say once they stopped him, they found he was intoxicated. search is on for four men
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police say, crashed a stolen car, and run in the woods, this happened just before 3:00 y neighborhood. they lost control and crashed in the intersection of the crescentville road and adam a avenue. he calls 111 saying police are in danger, and investigators say 20 minutes later a local officer was found dead, and here's what is going on. the county sheriff said sunday night in the danville a woman called 911 to say the x was armed and looking to kill police. deputies found the body of officer thomas behind the county a's municipal building. he had been shot after a short chase. the authorities say they tracked down the suspect, hirsch he will jones, no word on what charges he faces. tsa is issuing a new warning and if you use a walking kane this could apply to you. if your kane is antique you might want to take a closer look. the security officials say it
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could be concealing a deadly weapon. take a look at that. tsa says it is seeing and confiscating more and more of these sword canes, so many in fact that it decided to post a video on the tsa blog. years ago, it wasn't uncommon for a kane to hold a secret sword. more often then not these days those who buy them don't realize is there more than meets the eye. authorities say if you do manage to slip them through security you could be arrested, lauren. there has been a peacock making himself men in one delaware county community but in recent weeks now, he is back in safe hands. neighbors in brookhaven affectionately named him pete the peacock. official from his three palms zoo in clayton, delaware captured the bird, sometime yesterday, neighbors tell us they will miss seeing the big guy rome around the street but his new home has a bunch of p hen and p cock friends waiting for him. as for where he came from that is a really big mystery.
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4:20. believed to have frozen to death and then a miracle at the last second. why even his doctors were shocked he survived. and 4:21, driving you to stay off the road when you are drunk, one program that one local town says is saving lives. here are your winning lottery numbers. good luck.
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good morning, i'm howard eskin. eagles to day will formally announce their new head coach, doug pederson at a news conference, the eagles had to wait but when kansas city lost over the weekend, the eagles could make it official and they did so, on monday. ahh, doug pederson arrived from kansas city late yesterday morning the atlantic aviation at philadelphia international airport. 's wife with his wife, jeanie, doug pederson went with andy reid to kansas city three years ago to be offensive coordinator and during the season he did call some of the plays. he became a coach with the eagles in 2009 and he came back to a familiar building and said hello to the president don smolenski. it appears former san diego offensive coordinator frank like is the target but pat shurmur not out of the picture just yet. also arriving at 30th street station was lions head coach
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jim schwartz. he came in for an interview and close to being named the defensive coordinator. i'm also told former eagles wide receiver greg lewis will be the wide receivers coach. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. shake it up. >> yes. >> you have to do something. scandal rocking world of tennis, allegations of match fixing and people were supposed to regulate the sport turning a blind eye. >> i was surprised to hear this. "fox news" correspondent trace gallagher some of the sports top players are now speaking out. >> reporter: as australian open is getting underway down under there are allegations that the under world has its claws in the high class sport. british broadcasting company and buzz feed are reporting that the governing body of tennis is failing to investigate 16 players, who may have been involved in match fixing. in other word, throwing a game for money. >> those guys with the money that they are making and it is not about the money to them. it is not really a problem. where it does exist at lower
4:26 am
levels. >> reporter: while no players have been named prominent a athletes are speaking up. >> when i'm playing, i can only answer for me, i play every hard, and i think, you know, as an athlete i do everything i can to be not only great his torque and if that is going on, i don't know about it. sometimes i'm a lit built in the bubble. >> everybody has a vested interest, with the govern bodies, grand slam. >> reporter: at so, of tennis professionals is showing no love for the report. >> i think it is always disappointing when stories come out like this just before the big events because it does detract but we are so confident that, you you know, there is nothing in this sport that is being suppressed. >> reporter: they say the the
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ago asians are more than a decade old, officials with the governing body say they are determined to thoroughly investigate any new allegations. in los angeles, trace gallagher, "fox news".
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he found his son in the
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snow bank and thought i had froze tone death but then a miracle for one local man. why even his doctors were shocked by this. and a free ride in south jersey town. organizers say services are saving lives. the what is next for the the program keeping drunk drivers off of the road. good day everyone, yeah, absolutely, tuesday january 19th, 2016. big birthday today. >> who, tell me. >> well, here's a hint. she has 26, number one billboard hits. >> taylor swift. >> no. >> it is dolly parton. zero seven years old today. >> really. >> we will will play music from her a little bit later. jolean one of her big songs, sue serio. >> people don't know whitney houston's big hit i will always love you was written by dolly parton. the dolly version, i want to hear the the dolly parton version, it is good. >> here's our temperature right now you guys look so good lets just keep looking at
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you. thank you. you wake up and say wow, it is 17 degrees. do you see this flag and wind? that makes it feel like two. that is what you are dealing without side this morning, a 2-. sunrise at 7:19. sun will not help us out much today, we have 14 in allentown, the teens every where and those are the real temperatures. these are the ones that matter, the wind chillies a determination of what it feels like, against your skin, so it feels like zero in pottstown and allentown, one below is wind chill in wilmington, feels like zero in atlantic city. zero or below zero wind chills in many place these morning. no precipitation to show you, you can see, there is lake effect snow which is proof that there is more cold air coming a across the great lakes. cold air is making it here, the flurries are are not. 28 degrees for a high temperature, child sunshine, another blustery day with winds gusting as high as 30 miles an hour, that means we will have have wind chills in the teens, all day long.
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4:31 is the time, we will talk about a couple of interesting weather events, on the horizon, coming up in the seven day forecast but right the new we will check traffic with bob kelly, on vacation, i-95 a approaching street road, we can barely count the cars there this morning, so far, so good there. vine street expressway has no delays this early, but we expect that to change, of course as more people return to work after what is for many was a three day holiday weekend. your travel speeds this morning it looks like it is all a go for just about everybody, maybe a little slow down there, on i-95, but we're looking good this morning so far, guys. sue serio, thanks very much. now developing, terrifying moments for a septa rider. she was pushed on to the track as the train bailed right toward her. >> this morning police say they have the man behind that push, behind bars. dave kinchen is new joining us live from southwest detectives with the latest on the investigation, dave, good morning. >> good morning to you. >> no doubt a very scary situation for this victim whom
4:33 am
we are told does have some physical injuries but perhaps far more emotional injuries after this terrifying situation in west philadelphia a. here's what we know, police tell us that the suspect is 34 year-old kenneth grimes. he is in jail. police say he shoved a with man off the septa platform at 40th and market. having her land on the tracks below sunday morning. investigators say the 27 year-old victim from fishtown was able to gain composure and climb backup on to the the platform just seconds before a train came in. we are told grimes fled to the other end of the platform and got on the train, while a victim called 911. >> down there by yourself, just pay attention to what is going on around you. she was in the hurry looking for a train, thinking she may have missed it this gentlemen gets up on her and pushed her on the track and it could have been a lot worse. >> it goodies to necessity
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there were security cameras here. >> these kids, when they are down here every day, my kid are down here every day. kids are dunn here every day. i mean i don't understand what this world is coming to. >> reporter: meantime alert septa cops passed description of the grimes to officers down the line and victim also gave a a precise description of him. cops say grimes got off at 30th street station and still had a knife, police say that he spit on officers who confronted him but they got him under control. motive the not known. victim still resting at this time. all right dave, thank you. a story now even doctors are calling a miracle. in february of last year, a schuylkill county man found his son in a snow bank. he had been there for at least ten hours and appeared to be frozen solid. >> this morning he is alive and telling his story. fox 29's joyce evans has that story that doctors say has made scientific history. >> he was just laying there
4:35 am
looking up in the sky. i started shaking his head, no, no you cannot leave me. >> reporter: don smith found his 25 year-old son justin frozen, ten to 12 hours, in february of 205. he had fallen down an embankment while walking home in a blustery snowstorm. >> all signs lead to us believe that he has been dead for a considerable amount of time. >> i remember just trying to feel his extremities and it was like a block of concrete. it was solid. >> reporter: lehigh valley hazelton er doctor gerald coleman thought there may be a very slim chance. >> given his age and the the fact that he had had induced hypotheria i don't feel comfortable technically to call him. >> reporter: what he saw brought a tough doctor to tears. >> it just seemed like there was a little flicker of hope. >> reporter: he had medivac'd to lehigh valley cedar crest they took turns flying chopper and administering cpr for two
4:36 am
hours. >> he had, no pulse, no blood pressure. he had no vital signs. >> reporter: cardiothoracic surgeon james wo gave him one shot the the machine. >> these are tubes that drain blood and to return blood. use the blood, and oxygen nateed take the co2 out, and then get back to the patient. >> reporter: that is not all. >> we shocked him. we were able to get him back. we did echocardiogram and it showed normal heart function. the it is absolutely incredible. >> reporter: justin speaks to us 11 months after he came back from the dead. >> everyone, all my friend are sitting there like what did i do now. >> no human being should be able to survive the cold and the temperature of 18 degrees and lack of pulse, pressure, for 12 hours but justin smith
4:37 am
did. >> reporter: minus his toes and his pinky fingers just continue's doctors say he is completely normal. he is back in college working on his psychology degree and back at playing golf. lucky guy. joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> that is amazing, cruel willly. >> really. >> 4:37. one local township is seeing results from a program that tries to put an end to drinking and driving, with just a touch of the the button. >> the program is called evesham saving lives and using an app that ace a lot like uber but it is free. evesham and or tease residents can sign up if you have had too much to drink, all you have to to is click and somebody will pick you up from the bar. officials say it has had a major impact in the number of dui's in the township. >> but dui's of evesham residents leaving evesham bars since we started this in september, it is down 83 percent. >> wow. >> well, no excuses, right. >> seriously. >> mayor brown says the program doesn't cost anything
4:38 am
to taxpayer because of private donations are footing the bill. some of those donations are even coming from the bar's themselves. safety first, great. one of the philadelphia's favorite snacks is getting a twist, here's a hint, it involves something that you can get at chickie and pete's. is it crab fries?
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last week we got a tip. inside, he made the chilling discovery. >> there are bags of evidence that may hold the key to catching, this killer. >> and we have them. >> who knew. and, in your money you can get your favorite restaurant in philadelphia brought to your door, even if they do not deliver. users of the grub hub do not only order their food than line but grub hub will send its own drivers to pick up your meal and bring it directly to you. company relied on drivers from each individual restaurant. that makes it easy. >> absolutely. >> raises are coming for employees at pennsylvania convenient stores and gas stations. >> both wawa and sheets are increasing hourly wages. wawa says starting pay for customer service associate will be $10 an hour, shift supervisors will begin at 13, assistant managers, $17. all wawa employees will receive a 5 percent increase. the sheets announced similar
4:42 am
pay raises for its workers. hostess cakes is stepping up its game just in time for valentines day. >> so, the snack company will now reveal five new festive hostess, is there chocolate covered strawberry cup cakes which is a pink chocolate frosted cake with a cream filling or how about red velvet doughnuts or heart shaped check late cakes covered in a layer of check late with a vanilla cream filling. and then, don't forget these, these pink snow balls, dark chocolate covered raspberry cup cakes and then the new treats are available now until the end of february. >> so yesterday. >> yes. >> i was judging at the grocery store. >> judging who, people who walk by you. >> no, the the guy behind me starts putting stuff up on the belt and it was hostess cake, chips, snacks, ice cream. >> are you judgmental like that. >> i was like you can tell he
4:43 am
is a bachelor, nothing is making him eat healthy. everything was prepackaged or frozen. >> or tv dinners. >> i said oh, man. >> he needs a good woman. >> did you talk to him about that. >> was he cute. >> i don't know. >> you weren't going to step in and rescue him and say fresh vegetables that i will cook for you. >> that is what i won't do. >> so snack food company, is making a new chip flavor and familiar one in the city, it is crab freys. you were right. taking after the favorite food, you know, bar, fun place to go for games, chickie and pete's crab fries that has been served at the sports bar chain since 1977. herrs officials say a lot of research was done to replicate the salty, spicy, flavor in march. >> and that is what i don't want to you do is take my delicious crab fries and double down to a chip. >> you don't want that. >> no. >> but you judge.
4:44 am
>> i want crab fries and cheese. >> perfect burst of flavor. >> i don't want a little chip to represent those fries, if you can get to dip in and then you get to dip how much or how little you want and the chip will have some built in flavor. >> it is that flavor you can take with you anywhere you wanting to. you do in the to have get hot, fresh and chickie and petes. >> that makes it so good. >> you are saying something really goodies worth the the wait. >> totally. >> now, the celebrities now speaking out against oscars. >> plus it broke the internet. now we know how it happened. this morning we have behind the the scenes news behind the lip sync battle with channing tatum featuring beyonce. >> sit wrong i'm craving crab fries at 4:44 in the morning. >> no, i am too.
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if you stayed inside yesterday, you will walk out to a big shock, it is freezing out there, wind chills are around zero, we will show you the numbers in just a second but this is what is happening? jet stream has gone south of us, let nothing that arctic air, just canadian air, arctic air, so, first storm system we're watching is a one that will move in on wednesday night, and this should happen in the overnight hours and probably be gone by the time we're together for fox 29 morning news early on thursday
4:48 am
morning. maybe a coating maybe an inch, probably less. other one is potential biggie that could come friday night in, to saturday. it looks like what we do know is a coastal storm. what we don't know is amounts and type of precipitation because we think it will be cold enough for snow but some areas could get a mix of snow and rain, which will, of course, affect the snowfall totals. so other, of course, important thing to consider is the track of the storm. will it be a little further close to the coast or little further away from the shore and that also will affect how much precipitation but this one has potential, as a a lot of coastal storms do for a lot of precipitation and that is about all we will commit to right now. it is tuesday. this is coming friday night. it looks like it could ab a snowy saturday. meanwhile 17 degrees in philadelphia that arctic air is affecting detroit, 10 degrees, chicago, one, three below in minneapolis. it is a cold one even as far south as charlotte north
4:49 am
carolina where it is 19 degrees. the these are wind chills. this is what you dress for, 16 below in mount pocono. two is wind chill in philadelphia, one in reading, three below in lancaster, four above is wildwood. we are feeling like we're right on the either side of zero this morning, because of these 21 miles an hour wind gusts, 28 miles an hour wind gusts, 23 miles an hour, so it looks like these wind will hold up and stay with us all day long, so we've had our ups and downs with temperatures, it was down yesterday, from a monday, and the high of, from sunday i should say with a high of 31 degrees formatter inn luther king day yesterday, today, 28 is our projected high with sunshine but bitter cold, once again and wind chills in the the teens all day long. we do have arise in temperature tomorrow, and whooping mid 30's, and it looks like, a more tranquil day as the wind calm down and then thursday looks okay with a high of 37 degrees. the it is just that wednesday night's snow is something that we are watching.
4:50 am
of course, all eyes on this friday into saturday storm. because again, this has potential for accumulating precipitation. that is what we will have for you, could linger into sunday morning, of course, much more details coming up on that. that is your seven day forecast. traffic time now, bob kelly on vacation. will we will start with 422 past trooper road, a few headlights out there but all is clear for now. route 42 at creek road in new jersey is building volume but no major delays there and a look at your travel times this morning look at smooth sailing on the schuylkill, from the the blue route to the vine and on i-95 from woodhaven to the vine is also, no problems at all. guys? >> okay, sue. >> actress jada pink it smith is going a step further and releasing a video to show her distaste for lack of diversity in the oscars. out of the 27 people nominated in the acting category none of them are people of color. people took to social media using oscars so white to voice
4:51 am
their opinion. >> have we now come to a new time and place where we recognize that we can no longer beg for love, acknowledgment or respect of any group, that maybe it is time that we recognize that if we love and respect and acknowledge ourselves in the way in which we are asking others to do, that that is the the place of true power. >> she asks what is the solution when people of color constantly overlooked by main stream and says begging diminishes peoples power. actress says she will not attend the oscars, she will in the watch them on tv. other celebrities boycotting the award show include spike lee and michael more more tweeted says he supports both smith and lee saying he believes the the academy will fix it. but actress nece nash doesn't
4:52 am
believe boycott is the solution, i don't know if avoiding it all together is going to help. we have this awareness and this spotlight. we've got to look at other work. the there's other work out there that i think was just missed. we've just got to do better. the the academy president released a official statement regarding the lack of diversity in this years award. i'd like to acknowledge the wonderful work of this year's nominees. while we celebrate their achievement, i'm both heart broken and frustrated about the the lack of inclusion. this is a difficult time but important conversation and time for big changes. the academy is taking dramatic steps to alter the makeup of our membership. >> she is on it, the the membership. >> the makeup of the membership. >> bring more diversity into that group, which then decides who will be honored for their work in hollywood. >> totally. >> yes, easy fix, right. >> simple, right. >> yes. sometimes you have to have these dramatic moments to bring about change.
4:53 am
>> so jada pink it smith came out and very good for her to say that. will smith and his movie concussion did not get any nod for academy awards. i hear it is quite a good film. >> i can't wait to see it. we will learn more about that iconic lip battle between queen b and channing tatum. >> fans are still talking about it, a week later. >> ♪ >> it turns out, beyonce committed to doing this, only the night before, she didn't rehearse the the performance with tatum at all, even though they rock it together. that moment we saw on air between them that was first time they had ever met in person it was a real spike in
4:54 am
ratings were 4.7 million viewers. >> my goodness. >> she's rocking the entertainment world and she's still the the top. >> she runs the world. yes, she does. totally. okay. we will take a quick break. >> okay. grover cleveland here. yes, the dashing fellow on the thousand-dollar bill. with 'cash4life', the great game from the pennsylvania lottery, you could win a thousand dollars a day for life!
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you could buy a new house! or maybe even treat yourself to a trip to the islands. and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life.
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it is 4:57. here's a question what if you could do grocery shopping without aimlessly roaming aisles. >> microsoft is partnering with a number of grocery store chains to make that a reality in what they call the grocery store of the future. the goal, use technology to change the shopping experience. well, one of the most popular programs so far is skip, it is a app being used by gary super markets in pennsylvania. it the lets customer up load their shopping list and get a map showing them where each item is. they can also scan, bag as they go skipping the the check outline. brilliant. >> love it. >> looking it up now. >> high end store getting complaint about two dudes, the gun controversy surrounding this sculpture is coming up.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
bundle up, the bitter cold continues to strike. the that is a line. powe to tension winter storm heading our way. plus a woman, this is scary, she was randomly attacked, pushed on the septa tracks. what he did moments before the the train arrived to save her life. it is official there is a new head bird in town, big announcement happening today. eagles fans have been waiting for this. good day everybody it is tuesday, january 19th, 2016. how cool that we got a chance to help sue


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