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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  January 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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shows a dumping rain over california, but it is of course on the move. was he's our calm before the snow, cold temperatures. >> here's a live look right now at old city anallen town and lehigh county. the scarves and gloves desperately needed. thanks so much for joining us, i'm lucy nolan and i'my and page. > our weather team has answers. first we're talking about the bitter cold and that is going to stick around right through the overnight. then we'll talk about the impending storm. wind chills ranging from 3 to the poconos to 50 in philadelphia. it will be feeling a little bit better come tomorrow morning. wind chills will be in the single numbers but at least they won't be below zero and then i'm proving conditions. we do have a very quiet day on wednesday. another quiet day on thursday. maybe a quiet day on friday because this storm system, at least the computer models that are guiding us to this storm are
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slowing the storm down. here's a look at pre septation that losey showed you, entering the west coast. it's going to travel down toward dallas within the next couple of days, intensify and move off the eastern seaboard. it is going to combine to create a coastal low, a noreaster. still a lot of questions associated with it. look at the clock, this is friday at 7:00 p.m. and the snow in delaware, not even to philadelphia yet. many of our computer models are suggesting that this doesn't move in until early saturday morning. so we're keeping an eye on the timing and as it will be changing and evolving as that information conditions to come into the werther sent. there are two scenarios, a northern track and this is a heavy accumulation of snow into the philadelphia area. heavy no for philadelphia north and west, that ma gent that cover and blowing snow with whipping sounds. now suggesting a southern track.
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the southern track would be less snow for philadelphia, still accumulating. still have to shovel, but it would be a he can whatter system, heavier snow to the south and to the east and the bulls eye precipitation well to the south, in teen year virginia and the carolinas. still a lot of uncertainty with this particular storm. that's why we're not throwing out any rand a.m. snow acouple always at this point. the timing friday night throughst some of the-h yes, sir snow could be falling saturday into saturday night. temperatures right around freezing, so it is a when the, heavy snow at best, still a lot of model uncertainty and we'll continue to get that information into the weather storm. now that that piece of energy is entered into the west coast it can be entered into the algorithim that give us the information for tracking the super storms. we'll keep track of it and give you the latest throughout the
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evening and throughout the next couple of days. > you can count on your weather system. get the latest on fox you can also download your fox 29 weather app on your smartphone. let's go to montgomery county. skyfox live over a tractor trailer trash and it is making for a tough commute along 476. this is a closeup obviously of the crash. what you can't see is the very large backup. this is about four miles north of the lansdale interchange than right now southbound lanes of the interchange are closed. investigators are trying to figure out what went. the driver is at the hospital. we do in the know how the driver is doing. > a developing story spreading across our area and the northwest dozens of threats made to schools. a threat made to the chichester school district in delaware county prompted the district to evacuate all district and conduct searches of schools. threats are also reported in
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sussex county, delaware, north jersey and massachusetts. this comes after a string of threats last week again in delaware, in maryland and virginia. fox 29's bill anderson was at chew chess consider stores earlier. we don't like reporting on bomb threats, but this is wasting resources. >>reporter: a series of bomb throats throughout the reason have forced authorities to dedicate time and those resources that you're talking to investigating their credibility. locally delaware county was the target of a threat that led to the evacuation of the entire school documents a scary situation today in delaware county as all six schools in the chichester school district had to be evacuated after receiving a bomb threat. this morning we received a bomb threat saying that we had a bomb planted in our district and we had 45 minutes to evacuate our students. we did an all-district evacuation to ensure that our students were safe. the threat itself was taken
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seriously, but was likely given even more attention as authorities were made aware of reports of similar threats throughout our area. this apparently was a bomb threat that went out to many school district. we just reacted as quickly as possible to ensure the safety of our students. > concerned parents showed up in large numbers at evacuation sites they heard about on facebook looking for answers about the safety of their children, not knowing the urgency of the situation, some had concerns about the way it was handled. i just would have liked more information than noon. everybody is okay, but it's a good time, but at the same time they froze half to death. they have procedures in place, systems and drills, but i don't think they followed them today. police from several district continued to clear the area and so far there is no indication that the multi-state threats are related. as for the concerned parents, the superintendent and other authorities recognize the inconvenience but today had a larger responsibility.
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our job is to keep our students safe thans ' what we did. one delaware senator is reacting to the threats in that state tonight. senatorrer necessary toe low best released this statement and he says, in part, and i quote, today another record sought to put fears into the thoughts and minds of our most vulnerable population, our children. it's only a matter of time until your ago began and mean spirit catch up with you. we will find you. > the last report that we got is that the schools have been cleared and there is no evidence that an actual bomb ever existed. as senator lopez said authorities can dedicate their time to much contacting the person or people behind these senseless threats. > coming up at 5:30 upper darby police superintendent michael chit wood would join us, his strong message to whoever is behind the threats and what he wants parents to know.
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> an 81 year old woman died at the hands of a family woman. at about 2679. 30 this morning one of relatives stabbed her. troopers aren't releasing many details as of now, but do say the family member they've arrested -- that they have arrested the family member that killed her and that all other family members are in save. > eagles fans getting to know a new head coach. doug feeder son was introduced by team owner jeffrey lori. feeder son has spent the last three seasons as the offensive coordinator at the chiefs. fans want to hear what he has got to say about the future of the team. howard easiness live at the novacare complex. we heard one word a whole lot. it was a packed auditorium, that's number one. you know what i noticed that was interesting which people relate to, the sports fans is that andy he read never really dealt with
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questions about the ends of games, the last five minutes and doug speed son went through the whole thing. he got more questions about that than andy read would have ever answered. obviously mr. was some excitement in the room. the eagles have a new head coach a five year contract. but there is a lot of influence from that guy in kansas city, andy read. obviously there's hopes with feeder son, but learns from somebody. read had a lot of influence with jeffrey lori's decision because he spoke to him. read had influence on doug feeder son. andy read is a mentor, i'll be the first one to tell you that he is. i'm also hear to tell you that it's not a andy read football team and it's not a doug feeder son football team. this is a philadelphia football team. i'm going to bring my spin on it. i'm going to bring my person to it and we're going to make our
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team. jeffrey laurie says he talked to former players in picking feeder son and one message continued to came out. the message loud and clear with which i agree with in terms of leadership in today's world no matter what, is you have to be comfortable in your own skin in order to be reach out, be genuine with those who you want to get high performance from, be accountable to them and make them accountable to you. i think that's always important on a football team is you got to be held accountable and i know i will and i'm excited for everybody else to be held accountable. i will say this, there was a problem with discipline with chip kelly. if guys were late, didn't matter. didn't fine them, sit them down. those are the kinds of things which after a while really creates problems with players. doug schwartz was hired today as defensive coordinator than i'm told that frank like who was
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with san diego is coming in tonight to talk about the offensive coordinator's job. coming up later in sports we will hear a mystery voice, how i rose man has finally spoken to the media. we'll hear from how i coming up later in sports. back to you guys. >> thank you very much, howard. > a funeral home director in u lost her business license months after police found three bodies decomposing in her garage. today the state board of funeral directors announced the revocation of janet powell daily funeral director and supervisor licenses, as well as the license for her business powell mort wear i services. the board says powell daily failed to treat the diseased with dignity and respect. in august police responded to a call about a foul odor near her garage. they charged with abuse of a corpse. > one man is sent to the
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hospital after a college shuttle bus crashes. the man believed to be the driver of the lasalle shuttle somehow lost control and hit a pole. medics took him to einstein medical center with no injuries. no word on his condition or what might have caused the accident. still ahead on fox 29 a local woman survived a terrifying encounter at a subway station. a stranger pushed her onto the traction. i was down in the tracks when i stood up i looked up and a guy was standing right on the edge and he was grip a kitchen knife in his right hand. she describes to fox 29 what she did to get away after seeing a bone chilly look on her attacker's face. what would this have to do with the upcoming super bowl. the possible threat coming up once. people are fighting a drill bathing disease one step at a
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time. > a guilted bride what she did with her dream wedding that put a smile on a lot of faces. > a customer ended up with a permanent mark that they never expected.
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a septa rider was just waiting for a train when a stranger pushed her onto the tracks. she now has a broken collarbone. her attacker is in jail. our dawn timmeney is live at 30th street where they
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arrested the man say did it. >>reporter: scary indeed. police say they insured their guy here but it actually happened at 40th street. the victim says it wasn't even her regular stop. she was listening to music and forgot to get off and when she tried to make her way back she never imagined what happened next. probably one of the scariest things. no reason behind it. lauren like man of fish town describes how she was attacked out of nowhere on sunday morning. shoved out of a subway falling hard down to the train tracks below. it went from being shock at first to what is going than then it sunk in and i just remember being hysterical and crying, the why, so confused and scared. lauren says when she looked up onto the platform, her attacker was glaring down attar h. the guy was standing right on the edge and he was gripping a kitchen knife in his right hand only aggressively.
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the only audible word he was mumble kill, kill, so iran the other way toward the center of the tracks where more passengers were waiting. despite being injured the 27 year old somehow managed to pull h herself to safety. she quickly called 911 thankful for being alive. a train could have been coming. i could have been knocked out, more injured. i did break my clavicle but that is definitely not the worst thing that could have happened. i'm lucky. lauren's attacker had gotten away, jumping on the next l train. fortunately the whole thing was kept on september that's cameras. quickly forwarding a description to fellow officers down the line. within minutes police say 34 year old kenneth grime was seeing getting off the train at 30th street. he still had the knife and was spitting on officers. >> i feel things happen for a reason. i don't know if i stopped him from hurting someone else or from killing someone because i
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have no idea what he would have done. > grimes is facing aggravated assault charges, terroristic threats and other charges, including weapons charges. he is being held on $250,000 bale. lauren is looking at a four to six-week recovery from that broken collarbone. coming up, something else that really shocked her about that sunday attack. > we'll see you at 6. philadelphia police hope some newly released surveillance video can help track down t three men accused of putting a skimming device on an atm. this is video from the machine inside the beneficial savings bank on city avenue in over brook. investigators to investigators the man placed the device on the atm back in december. it's used to steal bang account and pin numbers, but police say the man returned with two others to reof month the skimmer. > actually a man renne freed with part of the exchange is speaking out says he feels born
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again. he spent four and a half years in an iranian prison. in 2012 he got a death sentence, but a retrial reduced that trial to ten years. he feels extremely lucky to be out. you know, i was at a point where i had just sort of accepted the fact that i was going to be spending ten years in prison. this was a surprise. i feel extremely blessed to see my government do so much for me and the other americans. > the marine says in the future he'll provide more detail about his experiment. hekmati is one of four americans released from iran over the weekend as part of a prisoner wap. > investigators are looking at recent attacks on fiberoptic systems in northern california. they fear could be linked to a more complex plot against the big game coming up in february in santa klehr a. >>reporter: vandals have
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attacked fiberoptic systems in various bay area cities since 2010. the fbi says there have been 15 such cases that have remained unsold. absolutely it's a concern. > the fbi and the department of homeland security are now looking to see if those cases may be test itself by those who plan to threaten the super bowl and related events. >> if it were cut it's going to be a disaster. this is a big event. this is one of the largest spectator events that we have in america, the super bowl. jeffrey heart was a counter terrorism expert for the fbi before retiring in october. he has seen the super bowl assessment memo from federal officials. every criminal act doesn't have to be terrorism because it is disruptive to the financial institution or disruptive to silicone val yes people can get a lot of bank for the buck by cutting a fiberoptic cable. an attack on fiberoptic cable
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can cause massive problems potentially stopping the super bowl itself. but hark and congressman eric swayl wall who is on the house committee says the type of attack carried out recently bee called loan woman ofs, we have a fairly good read on what groups -- what terrorists groups could be planning and the biggest fear is like a san bernadino or terrorist attack. super bowl city organizers say there will be four entrance gates for the tens of thousands of people attending the festivities along the waterfront. there will be metal detectivors and other security measure yours that fans would expect at any large sporting event whether it be here at levy stadium or elsewhere. this is a possibility, let's keep an eye on things. let's not diminish it and let's not overlook it. that wasç fox's amber lee
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reporting. the super bowl, of course, is in february. > still ahead on fox 9, a deadly bus crash on a rainy california highway. a passenger describes what the driver was doing just before things spun out of control. > what's behind what some are calling a hollywood white out. the police chase comes to an unusual end, officersenned up running after a pack of doings.
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> a terrifying scene on a california highway this morning. a greyhound bus rolled onto its side on the 101 in san jose. two people died and six others are injured. the bus left los angeles, 20 passengers were on board. > the bus driver, he was trying to weave a little bit and then we didn't think of anything of it and then all of a united states sen we heard what sounded to be like a lightning strike.
5:25 pm
and then it was just chaos. > the wreck made in the morning rush even worse. authorities are investigating what went on. > police made a tragic discovery at a texas home. they found a newborn baby inside a sewer line. officers went to the house after they got a call about an 18 year old woman who checked into a hospital. she had just given birth but they didn't have a baby with her so they called the plumber with her. they called a plumber and they had him snake the line. that's where they found the baby. no charges have been filed yet. > el chapo guzman from escaping yet again. the notorious drug lord is back in the same prison he escaped from six months ago from an underground tunnel. guards are watching him 24/7 and constantly moving him to different cells. other precautions include the use of electronic sensors. the drug lord broke out of the
5:26 pm
prison in twist, first in 2001 and then last july. > they captured him two weeks ago. > a police chase ends with officers chasing dogs around a highway. officer approached a parked car on route 91 in orange county. that's when they say the driver took off but didn't get far before surrender degradation. when she got out of the car several doings jumped out of the car as well. > bomb threats that through children into the bitter cold in several states. how an out spoken crime fighter that joins us live to explain how the threats impact all of us. caitlyn jenner has a new plan. > tracking a developing winter storm that has just entered the west coast. we'll take a look at what it means and the possibility for this weekend coming up.
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> let's take a live look at the ben franklin parkway. sure does feel like winter with those bitter cold winds. kathyor is tracking what could be our season's first winter stop. right now, investigators are searching for the person who called in a bomb threat to the chichester school district. officials evacuated all six
5:30 pm
schools. as of tonight they have found no signs of anything suspicious. the chicago chester school district not the only one in our area dealing with a threat today. school district in delaware, new jersey and massachusetts all had bomb threats called in. so far authorities say they have no sign that they're connected. and one thing is for certain here it is disrupting the lives of students, teachers and most certainly parents. upper darby police superintendent michael chipwood joins us now. thanks for joining us. talk about the kind of manpower, money and work thatting whys into finding where these threats are coming from. >>reporter: i think the first thing to understand is that every threat has to be responded to by local law enforcement agency and first responders. so from a cost perspective it is phenomenal the numbers -- the amounts of money that's spent to cover these things because what you're doing is you're taking resources from the rest of the community to put them into a
5:31 pm
particular situation. the good thing is that the overwhelming majority of these threats are unfounded. that's the thing, superintendent, when you're talking about smaller towns with much smaller resources, what does this do? >> basically what it does is you have to get assistance from other communities. you have to get -- if it's a smaller town you have to get assistance from the county or other law enforcement agencies. basically what the threat does itç have a tumble effect that disrupts the entire community safety is the number one thing. and number two is when you get involved into the schools, do you evacuate, do you not evacuate? what kind of relationship do you have with the school administration? who makes the final call? just because people say we should evacuate, what happens if there is a shooter outside in something that would be founded and he's waiting for people to be evacuated? it's a very, very
5:32 pm
difficult proposition. you're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. you have to make a decision based on the facts as you have them, based on the level of threat that is involved and based on the working relationship between local law enforcement and the school district. certainly in upper darby we have all that, but still somebody would have to make a decision if we get these calls. now with all that's going on across the country, we have seen copy cats. > that's the worry. >> that's problematic. > superintendent michael chipwood, thanks for stepping by. we appreciate it. > thank you. broken heaters forced two schools to close. the u district tells us a decision about schools closing tomorrow hasn't been made. parents and students should keep an eye on the website for closing updates.
5:33 pm
> speaking of that. >> it's interesting because we've got this thing going on out on the pacific, the pacific coast area, but all these new computer models these days and the high pollute on technology we're talking about how it might track our way. >> back in the day, like ten years ago we would probably not be talking about this now because there was so much uncertainty, because i think because of technology, computers, now social media, everybody knows about it. everybody has access to computer models on the internet. we used to have to pay for information. now we get off of university websites, the raw data. you know what i do know, it's cold out. >> it is cold and that's all you need to know tonight. don't run tot grocery store. > take a live look in on the philadelphia, market street. > it is cold. i yep have my thermals on.
5:34 pm
28-degrees. winds out of the north, northwest at about 14 miles an hour making it feel like it's in the single numbers. right now in the poconos it's still pretty cold, 19-degrees there. good snow making weather. wilmington 26-degrees. the whole northeast in the deep freeze. buffalo, new york at 20. pittsburgh at 16. cold tonight but the winds will slowly be diminishing. then we have a weak disturbance moving our way tomorrow night with a new light flurries and in some spots maybe a light accumulation of snow. you can see a coasting or a dusty into the lehigh valley and then again in southern delaware, but elsewhere a few floweries in the air. that's tomorrow night. the main event tracking this storm, it's going to be a headache, i can tell already. by thursday at 5:00 p.m. the area of low pressure over the deep involvement now watch what happens as it continues to move over alabama, mississippi and headed toward alabama. it's slowing down.
5:35 pm
that's telling me it intensifies. the more it intensifies in the south, the later it moves. later start time, not friday morning, not friday afternoon, maybe not even friday evening. if you have plans for friday night, don't cancel them yet. watch this area of low pressure, it redevelops off the coast and this is what is going to be key. at this point, the winds intensify, big problems down the shore, could see tropical storm, even hurricane force winds where the storm winds up and we're talking about coastal flooding and some real problems down the shore much the exact track of the storm will determine who gets the wintry mix and who gets heavy snow. here are the wild cards. the tracks further north, that keeps accumulation. the track shifts 100 or even 50 miles to the south, heavy snow goes into delaware, virginia and north carolina. right now still a lot of
5:36 pm
uncertainties with these computer models. it still looks like we'll be seeing snow, still shovel the snow. where will that real heavy accumulation go, right now it is still uncertain. we'll keep you updated on that. in the city 20, 14 in the suburbs. some late flurries, no big deal. the big focal point is probably night into saturday. i think the heaviest snow will be falling on saturday or saturday night. that's what i'm looking at right now. it gets a little bit milder, monday and tuesday. we know you have a lot of questions about this forecast and they won't give me enough air time to talk all about it. > i'll give it to you. bruce gordon will give you some more air time, too. scott and i will answer all the questions on the fox 29 facebook page. just log in after the 6:00 show and join us and we will be there on fox 29. that's very cool. it's the facebook mentions feature. it's very nice because you can
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actually talk back and forth. > i'm sure they have a lot of questions. coming up on fox 29, a boy fighting a deadly disease has a wish come true. he's getting a roller coaster thrill, but not from the ride. > a lot of folks think actor michael b gordon should have landed an cross arrested -- nomination for his role in creed. jordan was one of the african americans snubbed. come out a hollywood whiteout and what it may mean for the oscar's tell cast. > one visitor will never forget the lasting mark that he never asked for. winter is hard on your nose.
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from first sniffles to endless runny noses. puffs plus lotion is soft. they help soothe irritation by locking in moisture better so you can face winter happily. a nose in need deserves puffs indeed. and try puffs softpack today. did you do that whole twitter thing? because it looks some folks had to do without scrolling through their feed early this morning. they knocked the site off line. twitter says how many people the problem impacted. it hit both mobile and desktop versions of the site. things seem to be running just fine now.
5:41 pm
the social media network isn't saying what happened just yet. > a new shortcomings against the fight against cyber attacker attackers nations are facing cyber threat according to the annual security report. the report indicates decreased confidence in the ability to detack attacks and lack of interaction between security teams. sysco's chief security and trust officer says businesses should take away two important things from the report. the hacking community is getting super professional and do an attack after an attack after an attack and the second finding is frankly that we have a capacity at home, at work, businesses around the globe to make it harder for them. on average, it takes a company one hundred to 2 hyundais to detect a cyber attack. > turning heart break into a
5:42 pm
generous acubess of kindness. > what's coming next for caitlyn jenner.
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> republican presidential front runner donald trump just picked up a big endorsement, former alaska governor sarah play palin endorsing trump. he was the running mate in 2008 presidential raise. trump's campaign says they are honored to have her endorsement. > caitlyn jenner has a book. a people war will follow jenner's live from bruce to caitlyn. the reality star and olympic
5:46 pm
athlete will co-write the book with singer. that book should go on sale in the the spring of 2017. > the head of at academy awards is promising big changes soon. this comes in the wake of claims by actress jade a smith and spike lee that they're going to boycott this year's oscar. the # oscar so white is trending. no african americans were among the nominees. these are just some of the comments posted on twitter, facebook and instagram. our bruce gordon joins us in studio to explain what's behind the controversy. >>reporter: pressure is mount, chris rock to pull out of the event he's already jokingly dubbed the white bet awards. performance bien actor. spoiler alert, they're all white. so were the nominations for male supporting actor and female lead
5:47 pm
and supporting actor for the second year in a row, not a person of color to be found among the major categories. more than 6,000 member of the academy of motion pictures vote. 94s p of those voters are white, 76 percent are men. average age 63. the african american president of the academy, cheryl boon is action is now promising big changes to alter the makeup of our membership. we can't change the academy unless you change the membership long time movie critic carry ricky says change is needed. voters are out of touch. maybe they only see white. > will smith is as bankable a star as you'll find, but his stellar lead role in concussion was one of the few performances by p an african american actor even in the oscar conversation. that's because say african
5:48 pm
americans tend not to get the leading rolls in the first place. > michael dennis is founder of real which procreates than promotes black films. there's no personal power in hollywood to direct a film. that impacts what films we get to see. the philadelphia-based creed earned critical praise for michael b. gordons performance by a now retired rocky. > was it oscar wealthy. >> oh, god, yes,. > it was so deep, it was so quiet. it was so compelling. > the woman nominations were announced, gordon was snubbed. instead of a many no nation for best supporting actor went to, you geesed it. >> and sylvester salon and creed. > cheryl boon is action says the tweaking of the academy's voting roles will begin in the
5:49 pm
coming days and weeks. meantime, no indication that chris rock will bale on his host duties. last year ratings were down 16 percent from the year before. this year, some viewers could actually be drawn to the february 28 show just to see how they sued the academy. > it will be interesting do see that. a guilted bride turned her heart break into a night of joy for a group of homeless families. the woman donated her wedding reception over the weekend. the groom broke off the engagement that was too late to get a refund. the bride gave away the convenient view to feed 150 homeless families. a night out is something they rarely get to have. she's very happy to share it with someone else. i could take my kids and my kids had fun getting dressed up and playing the role. that's fun part of it for me.
5:50 pm
> the bride's kindness prompted others to chip in with their other donations, hair and other donations were free of charge. > a special wish come true for a california boy with a material until illness. the 11 year old and his teen sister got to watch the construction of a brand new roller coaster at six flags. it was his dream. >>reporter: some people love the thrill of riding a roller coaster. others such as 11 year owed patrick ton have always wanted to see one built. > today here at six flags discovery kingdom this little boy from sacramento with a rare progressive and potentially fatal disease got his wish. i want to ask if we can step on the track. there's little tiny hubs and i want to see if i can step on
5:51 pm
them. > tot purple and green tracks, patrick with his twin sister jen a and their mom tagging along got the stage tour from people building ther coaster. i think it's cool how they're built. how they could hold the cars so heavy. > patrick and his sister have the same genetic disease called cystinosis. it's so rare an estimated 500, mostly young people have it in the united states and just 2,000 worldwide. patrick and jen a take a lot of pills. i take 12 in the morning and 12 at night. cyst known is produces an unwanted amino acid that detrois the organs, eyes and muscles. there's no cure. kidney transplants are likely in a few years. live expectancy is 27 years old. we have to be strong so they can be strong. on the way here we saw the truck with tracks. > for them this was a great kay. >> this is awesome.
5:52 pm
i got to see all of it and i'm really happy. it's so fun. > when your kid has a genetic or a terminal illness or a serious disease, the great days are great, really great. when you can just forget about it and let them enjoy and indulge. it's special. the roller coaster is expected to be up and running sometime before memorial day and guess who wants to be among the first to ride it. >> i want to come the day it opens. > still ahead on fox 29 news at 5, fighting audile bathing disease in a whole newç way. how patients are easing their symptoms one pun at a time. > a beautiful mansion in florida destroyed. it's the only way to get rid of the home's dark, violent past. > the snub that could cost a struggling city a fortune.
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how about some popcorn. it's national popcorn day. popcorn may be one of the oldest snacks in the world. data has it dating back 80,000 years when corn poll in was ex contact investigated from mexico city. > a punching. turn on, you're looking at people fighting for their lives. four grab crosses, four to the cheek, four to the stomach. > everyone here has parkinson's disease, a progressive disorder that attacks the nervous system making it difficult to walk and talk. i started having freezing episodes at that point where i couldn't move at all. at 42 jennifer is the youngest in the class. she was diagnosed with parkinson's at the age of 32.
5:58 pm
it really made such a big impact on my life. it completely turned my symptoms around. there is no cure for parkinson's but researchers have learned that intense exercise can slow down the progress of the disease and improve the quality of live. i used to struggle for words. it's affected a lot of different areas and i'm very happy that i found this program. > go jerry,. lisa oliver is the general manager of tidal blocking club in new bring park. the people who used to use wheel chairs they're no longer using wheelchairs. they used to be on you can whatters, they're no longer on walkers perhaps because every exercise helps a system. shouting to improve speech. and punching to reduce the tremors. they say the camaraderie helps their state of mind. we fight parkinsons, when you
5:59 pm
fight something, you fight to the death. > fox news. > next at 6, the storm that's got everyone talking slams into california. we'll feel its winter punch by the weekend. what the latest models are showing right now. and terror on the tracks. if looks could kill that's the kind of look he was giving me, burning a hole in me. a local woman describes a subway attack she never saw coming. a customer at a local tattoo parlor leaves with the kind of mark that no one wants. retama at 6 it feels like winter with a bitter cold wind chill and there is a chance, keyword, chance it could soon look like a winter wonder land in our area. a developing storm in our area
6:00 pm
heading for the east coast. i'm ian page and i'm lose i nolan. the weather is the big story. itself. fox 29's chris o'connell is live in rittenhouse square. we begin with scott williams. this storm has a way to go though; it does. ultimate doppler it's dry, cold, quiet, another little disturbance moving through the midwest that could bring some flurries our way late tomorrow. look at all the moisture, moving into the pacific northwest and this is theny that will eventually hit us by friday into the upcoming weekend. you have to take a look at a couple of the scenarios. one computer model paints a picture a little farther to the north and that would mean more snow for the philadelphia area. take a look at the bile's ii in pink. we're talking flowing snow, a


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