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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  January 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> donald trump picks up endorsement, she can see his hair from her house. is this lipstick on a pig? good day everybody, it is january the 20th, 2016. high. >> good morning. >> bob kelly off this week. oh, he'll miss the snowstorm. >> oh, he planned this, didn't he? he planned it. >> i think he might be a boater -- better meteorologist than the rest of us. >> this cold, i can't take it, i feel like every time i step outside i'm getting slapped in the face. >> don't step outside. >> i'll hibernate. >> or we'll just slap you in the face and get it over with. >> no! >> let's talk about what we are facing for today. and a little bit about tonight, too, because there is a little bit of snow coming tonight. we've been ignoring. that will it is a six out every ten in your weather by the numbers. don't let down your guard, even though couple of degrees warmer than yesterday, or milder than yesterday, we still have single digit windchills in many places so bus stop buddy, still bundle
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up. see bit of breeze here in old city. enough to make 24 degrees feel like 16, sunrise is at 7:19 this morning, so, with windchills that are mostly in the teens and single digits, you still have to bundle up. now it won't be as winnie, with those gusts to up 25, 30 miles an hour. high of 35, sunset time 5:06. that takes care of your wednesday. we will tell you what we know and what we don't know about what's happening this weekend, coming up. but right now we check traffic for you with i95 at cottman avenue, first stop, and moving along here, starting to see more volume so things can start to get congested pretty soon on i-95. no delays there. but also picking up in volume. and weaver ongoing fire department activity. and this is the site that far fire from yesterday that apartment building fire at 21st street, between locust and spruce, still closed.
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or block off i should say, take 23rd street as your alternate. we can promise you slow going around the site of that fire, alex. >> let's talk more about this fire, huge apartment fire last night in center sit that i took firefighters over two hours to get under control. and we have learned the two firefighters were injured in the fire. and several people are without a home this morning. so we get to dave kinchen, live there, in center sit which more, dave? >> still active screen, fire crews on the 2100 block of locust, where this massive fire happened, destroying an apartment complex, the bitter cold made the fire fighting even more challenging, skyfox over the scene of this four alarm blaze last night, people ask what's that mean four alarms? each alarm means more firefighters have to come to the scene with fire on the roof and fire in the basement according to investigators, they needed 120 firefighters called out to this very large job, two every them hospitalized, with minor
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injuries. brought in septa bus to rotate out of the coal, warm them up with hot chocolate. fire commissioner talked about the role the weather played in this effort. >> so the weather is challenging because of it sub cold temperatures, water lines freeze, so once you score water you have ice on the gown, make sure, so members don't sit and fall, then if you don't keep the water flowing, your host lines can freeze up also. >> so, you have to worry about frostbite. there is a loft issues when you have cold weather like this. but our members do great job. they've operated safely, forest fires, and the main thing is that we didn't have any exposure, we didn't lose any other property except for the fire. >> the red cross had to set up shelter, nearby build to go help displaced resident get warm, and several families were told as many as seven are without their homes at this time, as we come back live you
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can see, the roads here still some wet spots turned to ice, but that's largely on the road that's closed, and salt is on the ground to take care of that, as well. and we know firefighters have to look for a cause, part of the investigation today. they have to find out if the fire started in the basement and spread from the walls up to the fourth floor which they say can happen in older buildings like this one, they have to find all of that out. so, we will see as they investigate. guys, back to you. >> so the roads closed there we are 22nd and where you are and 21st. all right. thanks. >> exactly. >> huge apartment. another fire overnight too. >> this is house fire, too. happened just before 11:00 last night the 2600 block every abington road wilmington. authorities told fox 29 a man was found inside the home. firefighters had trouble put willing out the flames due to frozen water hydrants. now, as you can see, in this video, the fire just destroyed this home. right now no word as to what caused the fire. >> another fire this time in north philadelphia, also, left people out in the cold.
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three-story row home caught fire just past 9:00 last night 1600 block of lehigh avenue. we know at least one person is injured. red cross helping folks in that area. >> more top stories. >> philadelphia police confirming officer ambushed earlier this month is improving in the hospital, that is officer jesse hartnett, recovering after police say edward archer shot him three times in the arm, on patrol. police upgrade today stable condition, they say archer carried out the attack in the name of islam. fbi continues to investigate the shooting as act of terrorism. the coast guard says it has suspended the search for 12 marines, missing since their helicopters went down off the coast of hawaii last week. crews had been searching around the clock since thursday. they found life rafter, but those rafts were empty among the missing, 31 year old captain brian kennedy from malvern. his family says they're devestated by the tragic
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accident, and they're deeply appreciative of the rescue effort. new jersey governor chris christie has rejected legislation that some lawmakers say would help cash strapped atlantic city. christie turned down a financial assistance package for second time. yesterday was the deadline to takings on the three bills. he took none. part of the legislation would have let the city casinos make payments to the state instead of paying taxes for 15 years. the governor vetoed the package in november, requesting legislation to give the state more control over the city finances. and new details this morning about the future of troubled atlantic city resort, revel owner grebe straub tells associated press he plans to reopen the resort with a casino, smaller than the one that was there before. red any time to open this summer, and he also says he has plans for water park and construction could begin on that in may with hotel rooms opening as early as june, mike analling. >> tell me there is lauren; there anyway could you have cruise ships pull up to atlantic city?
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park there, everybody get off? >> great idea. >> it is a great identifiable. >> fees be? >> talk to me on twitter, you atlantic city people. so maybe after i read this we will do the tight shot. >> sure. >> doug pederson steps up to the microphone for the first time at his news conference yesterday afternoon, as the eagles new coach. later in sports, in a minute, who he is looking to put on his coaching staff later. >> and donald trump picks scores, donald trump scores major endorsement. >> would you call it make snore why do we keep saying major endorse (. >> with the conservatives. hint. who is backing his run for the white house. >> and the way she did it. >> oh?
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the republicans in harrisburg were fighting each other over the state budget. that's right. each other. the republican state senate passed a responsible budget that "begins" to fund education but the republican house of representatives has insisted on a budget that fails to fund education and balloons the deficit. call your legislator, tell them to pass a budget that's right for pennsylvania.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> donald trump pick up endorsement yesterday afternoonment former alaska sarah pay land supporting the donald's run for the white house. doug luzader what did you think about that? >> well, you know, the trump campaign teased this, going to have big endorse: than is casino every a big endorsement. i mean, sarah pay land dropped off the national headlines, but when the race is as close as it is, in iowa, can do a lot to motivate people perhaps to show off cake you cents, may not be the fact she convinces people no they shouldn't support ted crust, should support donald trump but kind of get them entheusiastic about backing. that can be enough to make the difference.
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beyond backing trump this was big snub for ted cruz, because sarah pay land had backed ted cruz at one point. >> let's listen to one of her sounds bites here, she picked up his line about making america great again. >> here it is. >> his power, his passion, it is the fabric of america, woven by work ethic and dreams and drive and fate in the almighty. what a combination. are you ready to share in that again iowa, because that's what's going to let you make america great again. >> there you go. i'm going to put these back-to-back, doug luzader, then she talk about isis. here's sarah on isis. >> are you ready for a commander in chief? are you ready for a command nerve chief who will let our warriors do their job and go kick isis (beep)? >> going to kick isis ass, that's what she says, doug.
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she makes headlines. >> ya. listen. you know, the thing about it is if you don't like sarah pay land, when you hear sarah, it is nails on the chalk barred, if you love sarah, you love sarah. this was a very pay landy type of event yesterday. >> i mean, she -- i don't think she will hurt donald trump. i think from trump's stand point woe rather have her endorsement than not. in iowa getting so close that something like this could potentially make the difference. >> i think he looked as a boost in iowa in the last couple of weeks here. that's probably what he is looking for. doug, thank up, see you next hour. >> what police say these guys were doing at an atm that could put in you danger. simply by swiping your card.
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since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care.
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that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. >> let's talk about tonight, we could see little snow, any time after 7:00 driving around you might see snow shower even snow squawl that could mess up your visibility. it looks like this is mostly a southern event. we could see few snowflakes north of us notice lehigh valley, and we could get pushed around no matter where you go. we do have that for tonight,
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can't discount it, because just little coating on the ground could make a big mess, and be slippery. so estimate are from tenth of an inch in dover to maybe half inch up in al own town. that's for tonight t should be gone by tomorrow. now here comes the storm that's making its trek across the country, only on the west coast, now, but by friday it looks like it is a friday night event, our latest estimates show a little later for the snow beginning in the philadelphia area than originally we think maybe not until well after dark. here's what we've got. friday night into saturday, the timing of this storm. temperatures on either side of freezing. still, looking for agreement of the models on track of the storm, which is crucial, and the intensity of the storm, the northern track, sees mix with rain in our area, i95 corridor, and the southern track puts the worse of the heavy snow to our south in delaware, virginia, north caroline arc but gives us swat of maybe foot or more. look at the difference between
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these two models right now. this far out. we have 15 inches for one, the global model, european model has 6 inches. so see the problem here? we're still waiting for convergence. twenty's right now with your temperature, yes. but the windchill of course is what you dress for. feels like 16 in philadelphia. still pretty cold. just not as cold as yesterday. not as windy as yesterday. feels like nine in lancaster, feels like eight in dover. and wind speeds have calmed down a lot, but still breezy out there, especially down in southern new jersey, southern delaware. so, we look at high of maybe 35 degrees, today, 36, 37 tomorrow, and then it is friday night into saturday with the snow maybe mix with rain and we can count on wind and coastal impact from the storm that could last into sunday morning. that's your weather authority forecast. let's get to the roads. we start off with a look at the blue route, approaching route 30, all clear there. try to get out there soon.
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things will be getting crowded. then route 42 at creek road in new jersey, we have building volume, but no delays. and travel times looks like smooth sailing on all of our major roadways including the schuylkill and i-95. i guess you saw me cheat withing my cheat sheet there. >> we saw it. >> yes. >> it is okay, though. >> you snow. >> what's the last elements of that report? >> smooth sailing. >> all right. >> very smooth. >> 6:18. boy, this is a bad thing there is happened in the northwestern part of pakistan. gunman stormed an university there killing at least 20 people, alex. >> the attack now over. started shortly after the school opened for class. we just learned the taliban has taken responsibility for the attack, as least two of the dead are a student and a teacher. police and soldiers rush to the campus, the army says four of the attackers have been killed. >> and the oldest christian monastery in iraq is now rubble. the associated press is report
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that it has become the target of isis. the ap obtained that satellite photo which shows the monastery before and after its destruction. the saint al like a monastery of most you will, northern part of the country, stood as place of worship for 1400 years. and now it is rubble. >> 6:19 to lauren and more stories. >> police on the hunt for guy who stormed into north philadelphia wawa threatened employees with a big knife. it happened last friday, waiving the knife at the clerk, the guy forces the worker to step a bag full of money. >> this all taking place at the wawa along the 10,000 block of knights road. the man even at one point you see him right there reaches in the register, grabs the cash for himself, when he's given as much money as he can get he rushes right out the door. no one was hurt when this all went down. please call police if you recognize that guy. more than ink and and tattoos in north philadelphia when a shoot-out happens inside tatoo shop. now police after two men. one man pulled out gun right
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at the door on north 31 street. both barged inside last thursday demanded money the owner pulled his own gun and started firing. the robbers shot back. a mid the flying bullets one customer ended up hit in the leg. the men ran away. you look at these guys on the video, you know who they are, call police. >> area health system and thomas jefferson university announced definitive agreement on merge he announced last fall. officials say the two health organizations will now begin the process of seeking regulatory approval in hopes of completing the deal by late spring. the president and ceo of jefferson health says the goal is to re image healthcare delivery in the philadelphia region and beyond. >> pennsylvania prison population has decreased by 842 inmates in 2015. it is the biggest one year decline in 40 years. but union leader says the numbers are misleading. governor tom wolf and the corrections secretary say the decrease is driven by 2012 law that is reducing number of offend nerves prison, and
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diverting parole violators to less expensive halfway-houses, called community corrections centers, mike anal next. >> most people on twitter say they can't have cruise ships in atlantic city because do you have dredge yee year after year after year to get it deep enough to put a ship there. and they also play casinos on the ship itself. >> true. >> so. >> well, think of another option then. >> i'll keep thinking. the americans held hostage in iran are now sharing their experiences for the first time. >> what they have to say about the moment they new they were free. >> plus, the water woes continue in michigan. what the state's governor is now sake about the situation in flint as many are calling for his resignation. lottery numbers. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes,
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stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. >> good morning, i'm howard eskin. yesterday big day for doug pediatric err on and the eagles fans. fans got to hear the new football coach. jeff are you lurie said he started when ten candidate, narrowed it down, from that he chose doug pederson. he made it clear he likes sam bradford as quarterback would work well in his offense. all of his years under andy reid were a big part of yesterday for pederson. >> andy reid is a mentor, i will be the first one to tell you that he is. but i'm also here to tell that you this is not an andy reid football team. it is not a doug pederson football team. this is a philadelphia eagle football team. i'm going to bring my spin on
6:25 am
it, i'm going to bring my personality to it. >> doug pederson trying to put together a coaching staff. i'm told frank reich was in town last night, hired yesterday, defensive coordinator, former lions head coach jim swarth. tough one for the flyers last night, lose with 7th left in toronto. the score flyers lose it three-two, to toronto, that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> all of the newspapers getting heated up. war of words heating up ahead of sunday big nfl games, two big games, denver broncos, are taking on the new england patriots, that game in denver. >> broncos defense ever end, antonio smith, calling tom braid a cry babe. >> i a cry baby. look at the daily news in new york, he said he hasn't seen a quarter badge turn to the reps more than tom brady. rev, help me the so the new york daily news had some fun with this. that is the sports page this morning, matter of fact.
6:26 am
looks deflated. but it is not to be out done. the front page also packing a punch. it is a sarah endorsement for donald trump, with the headline: i'm with stupid. that is the front. and then the back is the sports cry baby page. >> oh,. >> man, they're on fire, aren't they? >> they are, recently the one with the statue of lib earthy? >> with tom cruz doing it? >> no, ted cruz. >> really? >> he is running for president, right? >> tom cruz for president. >> jumping on couches. >> and pen epp pea cruz for president. no. >> okay. >> ted cruz. >> okay. >> and in the headlines drop dead ted. >> okay, shoved on to the tracks. you know her story by now. there shy is, victim of the septa attack, speaks out, what she heard her attackers say to her as she fell on to the rales. >> and then entire school
6:27 am
system shuts down. too many teach remembers calling out, but are they really sick? >> tom cruz for president.
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>> all is quiet now but it is coming. sue tracking the winter storm could have major impact on our area. >> oh, alec, that was casino of dramatic. >> winter finally here though. >> huge fire overnight. this thing burned all night.
6:30 am
got to up four alarms, right in the heart of our city. over at 22nd and locust. a lot of people without a home now. >> plus, it is a dangerous trend at atm's. you're watching these guys swipe your identity. the warning out this morning, from police. >> that could happen to absolutely any of us. >> that's true. >> so, got to be careful at the atm. >> we will talk about the things you need to look out for when you go off and get monday. >> i that's right. good day everybody it is january the 20th, 2016. >> it is. good morning, mike. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. i'm alex. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> and this is sue serio, ladies and gentlemen. >> we will focus on today right now and give you the number of the day, which is a six out of ten. so little better than yesterday when we only had a four. single digit windchills in some places this morning. others are in the teens. see where we are in fill. the actual temperature 24. it feels like 16. which is still pretty cold. it is just not those high wind gust that is we had yesterday of 25, 30 miles an hour.
6:31 am
sunrise happens officially at 7:19. these are some other wind chills around the region. nine in lancaster, five mount pocono, eight is what it feels like in dover, delaware. and our planner for today has slightly higher temperatures than yesterday. yesterday we only made it to 29 degrees, for a hype, and well today it is a whopping 35. but later on tonight, maybe after 7:00, you could see little bit of snow. we will talk about today's minor event, and the big-' coming over the weekend in just a few minutes, but we check traffic right now, bob kelly continues his vacation, i95 at cottman avenue. well, starting to see the usual slow-down here as volume has continued to build. and, we go to the schuylkill, approaching girard. and we have smooth sailing so far. meanwhile, the site of that fire yesterday, in center city, we still have some roads blocked. that's 21st street between locust and spruce. so you can't get through there.
6:32 am
you will have to use 23rd as an alternate. and it will probably be pretty congested in that area, as they clean up that fire scene, mike and alex. >> let's go to the fire scene. because this got to be, look at the size of this fire. >> four alarms. >> yes, four alarms, went on almost all night, right? >> around 5:30, last night, 2100 block of locust street. it took more than 120 fire crews, members, more than two hours to get it under control. we have learned that two firefighters got injured in that fire. >> so dave, what's look like now as the sun starts to come up? >> right now one of the firetrucks that was here left. but you can still see the roadblock here, locust, block between 21st and 22nd there. you can see the philadelphia police officers handling the barricade. but, you know, i tell you the bitter cold certainly made fire fighting even more challenging. that's what the investigators have told us. skyfox over the scene of this four alarm blaze last night, which started in the basement, why four alarms? what's it mean in firefighters
6:33 am
say every alarm you strike it means they have to call out more people. so they had 120 firefighters called out to this very large job. the fire also on the roof, two of the firefighters hospitalized for minor injuries. the philadelphia office of emergency management brought in a septa bus, so that they could rotate crews, get them out of the fire scene get them on the bus to give them hot chocolate. warm them up. meanwhile witness talk about what they saw. >> and all the sudden huge flames came out. i went on top of the roof. actually real bad. about eight, ten feet high, planes, i heard loud boom. and i said to my mother all right, guys, we got to get everyone out of the building. >> i think little bit chaotic because of the wind. very cold. so i'm sure these firemen are having a tough time. >> the red cross had to set up shelter to help displaced resident get warm, as well. seven families are without homes at this time. as we come back live you can see some water still running, from looks like the hydrant
6:34 am
activity down there. and of course with the temperatures it, means, ice, but salt has been placed down to limit ice development here firefighters had it under control, now the investigation starts commissioner said the fire in the basement it is possible, in a old building like this one the fire could have spread from the basement up to the fourth floor, see at walls, but they have to check that. and that's part of the investigation, we'll see if that exactly happened once they real release that information to us. >> looks like they're getting close, police asking for your help this morning, in identifying men who were caught on camera, for putting skimming devices at atm's throughout our area. >> here we go again. officials say, they've already been four cases of tampering with atm's, in the last month, that is just in south jersey. >> this could happen anywhere. >> oh, yes. all over the delaware valley, hey, steve? >> three of the four new
6:35 am
jersey at 7-eleven's, how about this for coincidence, exact 7-eleven i was at a week ago for last wednesday's power drawing here on chapel avenue. and you can see, the police say the reason the 7-eleven atm's are hit, look where the atm's are. they are all burried in the back corner, so somebody can tamper with that green plastic lit up card swiping machine there. and put a fake one over it, that stores your information, you don't even know you are putting through two devices then the people come back, they take the device, and then they have all of that information stored on their fake device, and then they make duplicate cards and wipe out your account. here is surveillance video, that philadelphia police coincidentally timely put out as well, at 1:30 yesterday afternoon, because this happened at beneficial bank on city avenue in the overbrook section. >> this guy with the glasses on, put the skimming device over, he is caught on surveillance, then here is our second video and the guy takes the glasses off, comes back with kim of friends, notice
6:36 am
the friends the distinct tiff puffy coat there. no disguises as they take the device off. and then they have all that information that all of the customers had on there between the time the machine was tampered with, and the time these guys took the device away. here's lieutenant scott walker. >> it is terrible, just people trying to make a quick buck, and just horrible that they can do this, without people knowing, because the device, the device you don't really see, and they're able to get your account information, your pin number rather quickly then go into your banks and take your money. and just unsuspecting, just terrible thing to know you have x amount of dollars in your bank, then go in the next day to get money and you see no money left. so terrible situation. these people clearly work quickly. and they work at multiple different locations, so we're hoping that the public did the right thing and call our tip line. and identify these individuals. >> so the question this morning, are these guys caught on the still pictures in philadelphia, the same guys that put the thing on here at the 7-eleven?
6:37 am
we don't know. alex, when you have budd manahan on next hour from the cherry hill police department the chief over here who is hanging out with us a week ago, ask him about any surveillance here. because the police have not put out surveillance over here yet. maybe philly police and cherry hill police can compare notes, maybe find out if it is the same guys, help catch him that way. >> good idea. i want to know what it looks like, so when you walk up to the machine? that doesn't look right. >> or somebody says if you put in the card and it is casino every loose, you know it has been tampered w now that's another clue, too. >> be careful. woman targeted randomly by a stranger. >> yes, this was after she waited for a train, now she speaks out about the horrifying ordeal. >> is this the woman. >> that was shoved on to the tracks? >> on to the tracks. >> here we go 27 year old lauren lickman, of fishtown attacked sunday. she was shoved off platform, septa platform, right on to the rales. this was at 40th and market. she says she looked up on to
6:38 am
the platform on her back basically, looking up at the attacker, her attacker glaring down at her with big knife in his hand. >> the guy was standing right on the edge. and he was gripping a kitchen knife in his right hand, like really aggressively. the only audible word i heard was kill, he was mumbling, kill, kill. so i just ran the other way toward like the center of the tracks for more passengers were waiting. >> even though she was injured she managed to pull herself to safety and quickly called 911 with the help of septa surveillance cameras. her attacker eventually caught at 30th street station. >> yes, ten blocks away. mumbling he wanted to kill her, lauren, standing over her. >> scary stuff. check this out, mike. state police say they're going to release more information today about chester county stab that claimed the life of an elderly woman. police say member of the victim's families under arrest for the fatal stabbing of 81 year old woman. but they've not said who that suspect s the woman died in a home in lower oxford township yesterday.
6:39 am
state police say all other family members are safe. the chester county pastor wanted on rape charges now back in the u.s. us customs and border protection officers arrested jacob malone last night when he arrived in newark new jersey. authorities had been waiting for him to return from equidore, west whiteland township police say he raped and impregnated teen girl he invited to live with him. he is now in jail in new jersey awaiting extra addition to pennsylvania. philadelphia funeral home director stripped of her business license months after three bodies were found de composing in her garage. the state board of funeral directors announced it revoked janet powell daily funeral director and supervisor license as well as license for her business in august. police responded to a call about a foul odor coming from her garage. prosecutors have charged her with abuse after corpse and related offenses. mike anal next. >> horrible. okay, so, several americans held hostage in iran are now sharing their experiences with the first time. >> chris murphy joins us in
6:40 am
the news room with the latest on their release, what they are saying about it. >> learning negotiations believe it or not for the release were credited large part to the swiss government. and they're not just instrumental in helping secure the release by the way. they also flew them back to switzerland before they were brought to the u.s. base in germany. so former ss marine amir was among those released. he says he didn't believe he was free until his plane was outside of iranian air space, then big sigh of relief. can you imagine? now, as freedom comes after spending four and a half years in iranian prison after conviction spying. iran had initially sentenced him to death. a retrial reduce that to ten years. >> i feel extremely lucky alive for the first time, very humbled at everybody's support from the president to congress to my fellow marines and specially my family who have really gone through so much throughout the time. >> so that was pastor of sigh
6:41 am
eastbound and journalist jason, also in germany at this time with hekmati. one prisoner left behind in iran not part of this deal. former f.b.i. agent, robert levinson's family is upset he's not coming home. >> we're so happy for those families. but seeing their joyous reunions, has been so difficult for us, because my dad should be there. >> levinson has been in iranian prison for nine years now. his family hopes the government can secure his release sometime in the very near future. now the former prisoners that were released to the u.s. are expected to return to the state after few more days, first they have to finish that treatment, they're undergoing right now in germany, guys. >> air force base, yes. all right, chris, thank you. 6:41. as her music video continues to take over the internet, oh, enough already with her, adele says hello to another cd. we will tell you what she is
6:42 am
shattered now. she has another record is what i am saying. >> gentlemen. >> not a record like a vinyl record. >> like she breaking records. >> that's it. that's what i am trying to say.
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>> face the factual ' be dealing with cold temperatures this morning, at least not the snow. not coming just yet. 6:45. as least five schools in detroit will be closed today because of high number of teacher absences. detroit public schools made the announcement late yesterday. shortly after a group called detroit teachers strike to win. and they warned school closings. now teach remembers continuing their so-called sick-out to protest school conditions, the district's financial condition, and also work environments. more than 606 district schools were closed january 11, because of an absence of teachers. and also, in michigan, michigan governor rick snyder using his annual state-of-the-state address yesterday to reaffirm his
6:46 am
pledge to fix the water crisis that has been gripping flint. he also offered more evidence about what he knew of the alleged contamination, and also, when. the republican governor devote add lot of time in the roughly hour-long speech, to the disaster, real had i no choice, you could see calling for him to resign, getting a lot of attention nationally. and he blamed the situation on government failures at the federal, state and local level. snyder says he feels he let flint resident down. >> i'm sure a lot of people in that state would agree. >> 6:46, sue? >> lots to talk b we'll see how much we can get tonight first let's not ignore the fact we'll get snow showers tonight, specially south of philadelphia. look like light, light snow, in delaware, southern new jersey, but maybe even up in the pocono mountains in the lehigh valley, depends on where this light dusting starts to settle. keep that in mind, especially after 7:00 tonight, if you are driving around, could be a coating on the ground, and on the grassy surfaces tonight. then talking about the storm system moving in from the west
6:47 am
coast. eventually by friday night. it is on our doorstep. but, there are indications of a little bit after later start in the philadelphia area to the first snowflakes. so it looks like friday night into saturday night that still is holding steady. temperatures will be on either side of the freezing point. the track of course of this storm is crucial in forecasting it, and there is still some un ternes there. could you get the northern track, see mix withing rain, or get all snow. so again, we're still waiting for some consistency. there is northern track, there is the southern track, as we continue to track the track of the storm. 35 degrees today. 37 degrees tomorrow. friday most of the daylight hours should be okay. we don't really see again the first snowflakes fall until friday night. saturday, in addition to the precipitation, which could really pile up on saturday, we are talking about some high winds, as well, and the possibility of blowing and drifting snow, have few left
6:48 am
over flurries sunday morning, but then we do get a bit of a warming trend, as we get into the middle of next week. there is your weather. here is traffic. vine street expressway backed up with normal delays this morning, so that's going to be a problem for you if you are headed out just now. i59 approaching the betsy ross bridge, looking okay, smooth sailing. actually both directions. and your travel speeds this morning, let's check and see, looks like most of our congestion this morning on the schuylkill expressway casino every slow going there. mike anal next. >> going to mickey d's. >> well you know they're trying out unusual combinations so brace yourself. chocolate on top of french fries? >> yes, frock hat fries. check it out. this was released by the company yesterday. this is the mc chocko potato f our foodie thinking this is just is a venture to your stomach, and maybe bad news for your tummy, you can only get this combination in japan. so just in case you're flying
6:49 am
to tokyo today. >> now you know what to order. >> chocolate on your fries. >> i guess you get that sweet and salty flavor? >> no, i get it. i wouldn't mind it. they don't have any plan to bring it to the state though. >> don't, not mcdonald's, but chocolate covered poe -- potato chips? >> salt and sweet. hey, if you can't wait for wahlberg err's to open, listen to this. >> the burger joint under construction, but food truck has been set up outside the restaurant on weekends, so starting tomorrow you can get your hand on the famous burgers through grub hub. and delivery of wahlberg err's favorite sandwiches will be available during the truck's hours of operation, so just go on line place your order, restaurant officially scheduled to open in the next few weeks. >> they were in front of our building what two month ago. >> with the food truck. >> nice truck. >> american idol back on tv tonight. >> making another stop right here in the city of brotherly
6:50 am
love. showing more audition frost filly? >> hopefully it. >> fifteenth and final season as you know along with filled, tonight's idol will make stops in san francisco, little racker, arkansas, atlanta george, a although we hope this year's winner may come from our part, looks like san francisco did really well. >> the town has been incredible t kind of comes in waves almost. like when we were in san francisco, i remember ac period of about 15 performance coming in, and every single one of them got three yes'. which i had never seen before. >> so, we will be watching tonight, apparently hello, san francisco did very well. well, up front. >> now you will be watching tonight, aren't you? >> that's for sure. >> uh-huh. >> so, there we go. tonight at fox. will hand out more golden ticket. it will be right here on fox 29 at 8:00. >> 8:00 tonight. let's get back to adele. we have to do a story about adele every day. record setting adele, british
6:51 am
singer hello video, hit the 1 billion viewer mark on vevo. it happened yesterday. that makes it the fastest video on so many platforms. the first time in history somebody has done this. when hello was first released last year, the end of the year, it quickly beat out taylor swift's bad blood video. and became the most viewed video in a single day on vevo. hello is also the second fastest video to hit 100 million views on youtube. she is doing really well with hello. >> she is. gets stuck in your head, you know? >> yes, what's the second line? >> at least i tried a thousand times. hello from the other side, at least i try a thousand times. other side of the line. hello. >> oh, i didn't even get that. >> did you even listen to the song actually is. >> no. >> that's probably why. >> hey, go anywhere in the worm but don't post about it, does that place really exist?
6:52 am
if you don't post a pick, were you ever really there? >> is that what we have come to? >> yes, if a tree falls, anyway, we share which is the most instagram landmark in delaware, new jersey, and pennsylvania. i would guess the liberty bell in pennsylvania. >> no, i think the love park sign. >> okay, we will check it out after the break. >> okay. i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see collections of art and superb photography and film.
6:53 am
new york has beautifully restored theaters, that are now important centers for the performing arts. and museums that preserve the glories of the past. winter in new york state means more great things to do than ever. plan your trip at there's something for everyone.
6:54 am
>> what's the most instagram part of pennsylvania? love park?
6:55 am
>> filly? >> no, the state of pennsylvania. >> maybe the rocky steps? i don't know. >> i would go liberty bell. let's just get into this. >> okay? >> by going through millions and millions of images on instagram, time magazine has been able to find out what we take pictures of most in every state in the union. >> so, it turns out, pennsylvania's most instagram spot was pnc park in pittsburgh. uh-huh. >> it is a good looking field. look at that skyline. the big yellow bridge. >> home to the pirates. but also, citizens bank park has a beautiful skyline view, too. >> not like. that will our skyline so far in the distance, citizens bank park, that's why i wanted the stadium closer to the city. >> but oh, no, we have to put all of our stuff in one parking lot. one dude gets to get all of the money from the parking. and you can't walk from a restaurant -- oh, don't get me started. >> you have already started sounds like. >> i'm done. >> let's go to new jersey
6:56 am
then. what do you think it would be? trenton? >> well, met life stadium the most instagram location. >> how boring? >> of course that's home to the giants and the jets. okay, let's go to delaware. it is a vacation spot. >> the exit. >> a cone? >> rehoboth beach. >> oh, rehoboth beach is the most photographed spot in delaware. >> but do you have do it with a ice cream cone in front. >> okay. >> yes. >> sprinkles. >> dangerous trend out there at atm's, you're watching these guys, watch there is watch. >> this see that? they're putting a device on the swiping part of an atm, they can get your info, just because you swiped your card. >> and doug pederson new head coach steps up to the podium for his first news conference. >> hi, i'm tall. >> he's the birds new leader. is he a fearless leader? join us to breakdown first appearance in front of the media. how did he do?
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> is this the calm before the big winter storm? all eyes to the west as we track what could be a snowstorm with us right in the cross hairs. >> massive fire lights up the night sky. this morning, nothing but a burnt shell. the family in the cold and search for houses started. >> players that are in this
7:00 am
room. my challenge to them, we will washing hard every day. >> new era for the eagles. but does doug pederson really bring enough experience to lead the birds on the road to victory? >> i'm creeping around a home in norristown. who is it? it is uncle thomas, let me in, i'm whispering, checking out the china cabinet, going to wake up, guys, we have to make this one epic. >> big fan of this wake up wednesday. that will be good. >> it is. >> we have somebody's uncle. oh, he's not going to be pleased hi everybody it is january the 20th, 2016. so, a year from today, someone will be inaugurated. >> right. >> on the steps of the capitol in washington dc. who will it be? >> ya. >> who will be the first female president? >> that's almost as tough as predicting the storm. >> donald trump, will he


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