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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 21, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EST

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>> new information on a blast of winter heading our way. live radar shows the system. it may not look like much but it will bring a mess this weekend. a winter storm watch already issued. >> first though getting ready for burst of snow tonight. a live rook at wilmington right to you. one of the first spots that could see flakes flying. take look though the same system already covered washington, d.c. that is the president almost flipped on the snowy -- slipped on the snowy steps a mid all of those flurries. >> good evening, i'm lucy nola noland. >> your weather authority busy tonight. from the preps already underway across the area to fine tuning your forecast. let's begin tonight with kathy orr. >> right now on ultimate doppler you can see some of those snow showers this is a weak disturbance moving through. you can see already moving through baltimore and washingt
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washington. moving into delaware and south jersey. so that's where you may have a coating of snow overnight tonight. but that's not the main event. here's the main event an area of low pressure diving down into the deep south tomorrow with severe weather and then driving toward the east coast redeveloping as a classic east coast snowstorm by late friday and into the weekend. bringing snow, little bit of a mix well to the south and west and maybe even some rain especially to our shore points. winter storm watch already been issued begins friday at 7:00 p.m. continues into sunday morning. where you see the blue that's the watch. the pink down the i-95 corridor toward baltimore and washington we're talking about a blizzard watch and we can be seeing even blizzard like conditions for a period of time during the storm. that winter storm watch and those warnings continue all the way down to the south and toward the west and we're talking about 16 states and millions of people being impacted by this storm if you'll be traveling, flying, driving this weekend, you you will be severely impacted. here's to look at the snow intensity in the philadelphia
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area we're talking about different intensities depending on where you live. light snow accumulation down the shore. significant inland south jersey. major along the i-95 corridor and crippling as you head toward baltimore and washington. this is something we don't usually smo on television but i want to show you our two compute models we rely on the american and european models both bringing total snow accumulations for philadelphia around 15-inches. this is guidance not gospel but it gives i was good idea that these models are coming together with agreement with the storm. we do know that the snow begins from south to north friday between 9:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. we also know the heaviest will come in early saturday morning till about early saturday afternoon. and the peak wind gust saturday will be 35 to 40 miles an hour. that is inland and that will create blowing and drifting snow and poor visible. what about down the shore? huge impact there. i turn it over to scott williams with the latest on our shore impacts. hi, scott. >> hi, kathy a lot of moving
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parts with this system and a lot to talk about, of course, down the shore, we are going to be looking ahead at what to expect. we have a coastal flood watch that has already been posted. it will kick into gear late friday into sunday morning. the key take away times for that high tidy by the way a full moon tide six to 8:00 a.m. on saturday. then again saturday evening from seven to nine. then sunday morning 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. we have three high tides cycles to really get through. the other concern take a look at future wind gusts saturday morning. already gusting over 30 miles an hour down the shore. wildwood by 9:00 a.m., 50 miles per hour wind gust as well as lewes as we move toward avalon and also barnegat approaching 60 miles per hour wind gusts in the afternoon. so we're talking power outages likely in addition to that coastal flooding as well as beach erosion with this system. we'll have much more on the timing, the coastal impact and the other inland impacts coming up.
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kathy. >> scott g news, we do have more information coming in to the weather center throughout this broadcast. american model will be coming in of course we'll be updating with new information and updated snow accumulations coming up later in the broadcast. iain and lucy, see you then. >> look forward to that, kathy, thank you state agencies and emergency teams are moving into place but they are just as busy working to keep you safe. they're also working to keep the roads clear. fox 29's shawnette wilson live in king of frosh night where penndot is gearing up for the potential impact this weekend but also what we may see overnight. shawnette? >> reporter: iain, they want salt brining done a day in advance of what you just heard kathy orr referred to as the main event. that of course is on friday. so we're told that the first trucks will go out 2:30 tomorrow morning the others will hit the road after the rush hour again tomorrow morning. it's not just penndot. we found people getting an early start on preparations, too. >> my wife said we're shopping like college kids on weekend.
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>> reporter: chris mcdonald left wegmans in king of prussia tonight with full shopping cart. >> hopefully it's just kind of over hyped, overblown you never know. >> reporter: he's talking about the snow predicted to hit the area starting friday. others are getting ready, too. >> little bit of everything. lasagna, pasta, milk and cheese and everything, snacks. you could have for kids. >> get rock salt and some extra logs and just a few other things just because i don't know how long we're going to be hold in. hold up in our house in the event there's snow. >> reporter: nearby at this cop wal*mart we caught heather pennington following strict orders. >> my stepfather called and said heather you need to stop by and get a shovel. >> we moved like six months ago. so we had to get a new shovel altogether any way. >> reporter: you probably won't need a shovel thursday morning. but penndot has trucks ready to salt if necessary. friday may need more planning. >> our managers will gearing up their game plan based on what the forecast is telling us. we expect that we are getting snow.
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it's just a matter of how much and how quickly will it fall? >> reporter: and back here live, penndot asked that you also start to think about what your driving will be like in the event that we do get significant amount of snow on friday. they say you should plan ahead try to leave early to give yourself more time and also remember to drive slower and keep a safe distance much back to you. >> good advice, shawnette. thank you. here's life look at allentown right now. you can stay on top of the storm's path with the fox 29 weather app. you can see live radar get alerts sent to your phone fine it in the apple and google play stores. developing to night, philadelphia police are on ale alert. authorities say a pair of phone calls threatened violence against cops here and in new york city. >> the threat comes just two weeks after philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett was ambushed while patrolling in west philadelphia. let's get right out to dave schratwieser whose live outside police headquarters tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain we spoke with police commissioner ross a short time who assures us this
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is being check out carefully because it involved a threat to shoot a philadelphia police officer and an nypd officer. tonight, as we told you at 5:00 o'clock, a person of interest has been questioned in new york. but no charges have been filed at this point. philadelphia police hit the streets wednesday night with a warning and two officers in each car. this after another threat was made on officers. this time in the form of an anonymous phone call from a man in new york. >> because things that have happened not only here but in new york and around the country you got to take it very seriously. >> reporter: the threat had investigators scrambling as they tried to track down the caller in upper manhattan he mentioned another man in connection with an alleged plot to shoot an officer in philadelphia and an officer in new york. >> one of the phone calls indicated isis. not the phone call to philadelphia but rather the phone call to new york and we are taking it serious based on what happened in philadelphia a couple weeks ago.
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>> when you got people threatening the lives of police officers just because of the uniform they wear, obviously they're intent is not good. >> reporter: nypd investigators were questioning a person of interest after he turned himself in to police wednesday afternoon in the bronx. officers in the big apple have also been put on alert. >> we figure it all out we'll remain as we are. just for the safety of the men and women that wear this uniform. >> reporter: latest threat comes two weeks after officer jesse hartnett was ambushed at 60th and pine while on patrol. police have charged edward archer in the shooting that left officer hartnett seriously wounded in the arm. the officer chased and shot archer as he tried to escape. archer confessed saying he shot the officer on behalf of isis. the fbi and homicide detectives continue to investigation. >> all occasions right now he acted alone. obviously investigations like this they don't wrap up that quickly but what we have preliminarily suggests probably just him.
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>> reporter: now the 36-year-old person of interest is a parolee with a long arrest record. he was wanted on two outstanding warrants. he remains in custody tonight. police still trying to track down the person who placed those phone calls. lucy. >> all right, dave,. skyfox over the scene of a big blaze in montgomery county. flames shot through the roof of this house on welsh road in lower more land. firefighters fully extended the truck ladder to get a handle on this one. took them nearly three hours to get the fire under control. one firefighter does have minor injuries and investigators are still trying to figure out what start the the fire. a two-car crash involving a police officer injures two children in fairmount park. tonight a nine-year-old girl and two-year-old boy are recovering from bruises and cuts to their faces. the officer driving an unmarked car was on his way to a crime scene when the collision happened. at the intersection of belmont and montgomery around 6:00 o'clock. investigators say the officer had the right of way. a police suv damaged in a
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crash trying to stop suspected carjackers. this was the scene near 39th and haverford just before 6:00 tonight. police tell us an officer spotted a car reported as part of a carjacking earlier today. when the officer tried to stop it, both of those vehicles crashed. the officers arrested both people inside the car. they were after. the officers not hurt. police are still looking for two other people. a developing story tonight out of center city. this is the scene at the corner of locust street and vanpelt. charred shell of a 117-year-old building, a four harm fire last night gutted the building. skyfox overhead as flames shot through the roof. officials tell us 22 apartments were destroyed and that means dozens are staying elsewhere tonight. their homes destroyed. officials with philadelphia's licenses and inspections out on the scene today. they say the building is eminently dangerous. crews are already demolishing parts of it. officials say they're concerned about the winter storm expected to hit our area this weekend. >> with the snow coming this
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weekend, we want to be extra cautious with this building because of the additional loads that the snow will place on the remaining interior structure, so we will start a demolition from the roof line down. we are hoping, though, that we can save the majority of this building. >> the fire also forcing people out of apartments in the building next door. roads in the area still closed until crews remove parts of that building that are in danger of falling. two men with hoods up marched into this local food market and point add handgun at an employee inside. it went down on 72nd avenue and west oak lane but the employee new just what to do. police say the person locked the plexiglass window at the front count. the robbers tried to get in through the side door when that didn't work they took off empty hasn'ted. police are still aft them. ♪ >> reporter: watch as this woman takes on two carjackers and wins. what she was carrying in the back seat that was worth fighting for. and vandals target a courthouse carving right into the doorway. what they left behind so
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offensive we can't even show you on tv. it's one of the hottest things this winter but they're getting stolen. we're not talking about hover boards. what is so popular thieves are even targeting people in the hospital. >> and devastating news for one local mom. a diagnosis she never saw comi coming. >> went from running, jumping, playing, talking, eat i mean he's a tank. he was a tank. to nothing. >> h
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♪ we are track wagon looks to be a major snowstorm this weekend. but before that one comes, we've got some winter weather moving in tonight. live look at wilmington, delaware, where flakes should start falling very very soon. of course torque night's snow is nothing compared to what's supposed to be coming friday night. but the city of philadelphia is ready making sure you're safe when you walk out the door and hit the roads tomorrow morning. let's get receipt out to chris o'connell live in south philadelphia tonight. chris? >> reporter: yes, storm may ab little ways off but preparations in full force tonight, guys, over this forecasted to be a major winter storm. we're down here at the penndot center. you see trucks, they are filling up salt already. they're already putting down salt for tonight's storm and getting ready for what may be ahead in the next 48 hours. >> that's what we're doing. we're getting prepared. >> reporter: penndot drivers are already working overtime. called in to hit the highways
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with a fresh layer of brian solution. we saw city streets trucks along cottman and the boulevard. they'll be out all night preparing for what may be the beginning of a long weekend. >> this is my job, so, you know, more snow means more work for me which means more money. got keep everybody safe. >> reporter: mark mcguire in town for kentucky aft the threat of lots of snow, he's predicting an extended winter vacation. >> i don't know if they can fly in a foot of snow. i don't know. so i guess it means i'll be staying in philly and playing in the snow fort weekend. >> reporter: if you're planning on saving that parking spot after you've shoveled it, think again. philly police hitting social media warning residents with the hash tag no savesies. the not going over well with some in south philly. >> if we get a snowstorm, don't, you know, you have to save that. you shoveled it out, that's your spot, you know, you put your cone down and you mark it, you know, kind of like a dog marking its territory.
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>> reporter: well, back out here live, you see penndot drivers once again filling up with salt for tonight's foreca forecasted dusting, but really it's the next 48 hours penndot drivers tell me they've already been warned to expect lots of overtime with this storm, but keep in mine, guys, every time it snows, these guys make their rounds about once every three hours. but it is forecasted tour an inch an hour. so these guys definitely going to have their work cut out for them this week, guys. >> we'll have all our work cut out for us. chris, thanks so much. take look at these two bursting into a local cell phone store in the middle of the morning. this is the metro pcs at port richmond just after 9am yesterday where police say one guy pushed an employee against a wall. told her to be quiet. then went into the back of the store and took cash from the register. the other guy was a look out. they did get away with cash. it's 15 years in federal prison for philadelphia man convicted in the kidnapping and torture of a jewelry store
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employee basil bury will be 38 years before he's released. in court today he apologized for his role in the crime before the judge handled down the sentence. he plead guilty to a slew of charges in the botched robbery of national watch and diamond he can change in old city last april. he's one of the three men prosecutors say abducted and assaulted the worker leaving her with permanent brain damage. a woman is dead after a crash in gloucester county, new jersey. skyfox over route 55 in elk township around 7:30 this morning. state police say this blue toyota lost control and hit a tree. the driver was taken to cooper university hospital. there's no word op her condition. a female passenger was killed but her department at the has not yet been released. >> in delaware, investigators are working to fine out what started a house fire that killed a man. firefighters discover the man's body in the charred ruins of this two-story house on abington road in north wilmington. the fire started shortly before 11:00 last night. it was so intense crews from
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neighboring pennsylvania raced down to help with the fire fig fight. authorities have yet to release the victim's name. montgomery county rounding up dozens of accused dead beat parents. authorities say hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support. deputes from the montgomery county sheriffs department conducted the raids overnight. they had 28 people on their list from glenside, abington, willow grove, blue bell, pottstown and collegeville. in total they owed $385,000. what the pope was riding around when he came to visit philadelphia at times got almost as much attention as he did. who can forget that itty bit dee black fiat pope francis used to get around the city. >> now it's hitting the auction block and the pope used two fee ats to his visit to the city of brotherly love. fiat corporation donated the cars. leaders from the world meeting of families and philadelphia auto show will auction off one of those cars at the black tie gala on friday the 29th.
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>> we can think of no better way to officially close the visit of pope francis to philadelphia than to have his papal fiat drive off into the sunset while benefiting so many people in need. >> money raised from the auction will benefit select ministries of the archdiocese and if you can't a 10 the black tie gale today. the other fiat will be on display during the duration of the auto show. a shoot out at a florida gas station. the gunmen two groups of teens. it gets worse. what happens next that left customers speechless. >> actor jamie foxx turned real life hero. the oscar winner pulling a man from his burning truck. >> i don't look at it as heroic i just look at it like, you know, um, you just had to do something. >> what he told the driver as he was trying to save his life. and j.lo is opening up about american idol. the one way she says being a judge has changed her.
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♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. hi i'm sewer serio filling for bob kelly this week tonight's construction project is in east whiteland township and that is in crest county. it is conestoga road between mill lane and valley creek road. utility installation going on so the road is closed until 6:00 in the morning. we'll see at 4:00 in the morning for the fox 29 morning news.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ we are following breaking news out of the drexel hill. a driver has struck a person. that person is now at the hospital. skyfox live over the scene on state road in lansdowne avenue. you can see emergency vehicles are still there collecting all kinds of information. you know it. we don't know many details yet but as the news warrants we will bring it to you. this is incredible video check it out a woman grabbing a few things inside a convenience store a car comes crashing. it car plows through the glass wall you see a woman thrown to the ground by the impact of the crash. three people inside the car were taken to the hospital though investigators say the driver took off. there's still no word on what caused that crazy crash. >> a judge in atlanta made startling discovery outside his courtroom. a swastika carved right into the edge of the doorway leading into the courtroom. we're not showing it. the judge is jewish. did he not want to go on camera
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but calls it disturbing. the county sheriffs office is now investigating. oscar winning actor jamie foxx turned hero. >> tonight we're hearing from fox about the moment he pulled a man from a burning truck. we first told you about the rescue last night. safety for citizens posted these photos on their facebook page. fox heard the accident outside his home in california ran outside to fine the truck was flipped and starting to burn. fox pull the guy out. he met with that victim's fath father. >> i don't look at it as hero with i just look the at it like, you know, um, just had to do something. and it all just work out, man without going too far into it it all work out and i told him as we were talking i said, man, listen, as i'm getting him out you got to help me get you out because i don't want to have to leave you. i said you got angels around y you. >> the vick testimony was taken to the hospital. he is now charged with driving under the influence. >> a determined woman ripped a
3:25 am
carjacker right out of her driver's seat. the other guy took off running. what she was protecting in the back. kathy? in weather tracking light snow tonight and then that winter storm that will be making its way into the delaware valley by late friday night. temperatures will be right around that, 30 degrees. heavy wet snow details on how much to expect coming. >> kathy, devastating news for one local mom. a diagnosis she never saw comi m
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>> tracking snow. live look at south philly as dusting of snow starts to move in tonight. but what most everyone is talking about is the storm still thousands of miles away. could it dump not just inches but feet of snow. >> but the question, we're trying to nail down where. fox 29 weather authority hard work on that forecast.
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kathy washington do we know tonight. >> that's biggest challenge where and when. we do know the when and we do know the timing with this and how intense it will be. now take look outside right now no weather issues. maybe a few flurries in philadelphia overnight with a weak disturbance it's 30 degrees the wind out of the west at 10 miles an hour. right now below freezing everywhere. in the poconos we're around 20. northeast basically in the deep freeze and more cold air will be working its way in to make sure most of usie all this precipitation in the form of snow. ultimate doppler showing those real bright whites through central and southern delaware and south jersey. that's a little coating of snow. you'll be seeing that overnight just accumulating on the grassy surfaces and sticking to some untreated roadways so please be aware there could be slick spots during the overnight and tomorrow morning especially south jersey and the state of delaware also as you head north of the lehigh valley. then all eyes on the main event. major winter storm by tomorrow afternoon. we'll be talking about deep south with potential for severe weather by friday morning at 9am
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the snow begins to spread along the spine of the appalachians and then it redevelops off the coast as a major east coast snowstorm and by midnight saturday you can see most of the region in the snow and that snow will fall heavy at times during the overnight friday noon the day on saturday. here are snow estimates. you can see in the poconos three to 6-inches. six to 12 through the lehigh val al swath along the i-95 corridor 12 to 18-inches. interior south jersey six to 12 and heading toward the shore three to six. the immediate coast could only see about one to 2-inches as you will be seeing a mix and also some rain. baltimore/washington that's where we'll see the heaviest snow. 18-inches plus possible in part of the east coast. here's a look at our storm concerns. we are concerned about the snow. clinging to the trees with wet snow and gusty winds, also, sticking to the power lines and this could create some power outages. so some big concerns as far as
3:31 am
that is concerned when you look at how wet the snow will be with temperatures that are around freezing scott. >> that's right. another concern down the shore, kathy, coastal flood watches have already been posted for parts of the area. that will kick in late friday through sunday morning. take a look at south jersey. also delaware, the delaware bay area. the key high tides cycle times to take note of. 68 to 8:00 a.m. saturday morni morning. seven to 9:00 p.m. saturday night and then again sunday morning from seven to nine. full moon tide is going to make eight little worse down the shore as well. combine that with gusty winds, saturday morning those winds they will be gusting close to 50 miles per hour by the afternoon. we could have winds gusting 60 miles per hour down the shore. that will cause a lot of beach erosion, water rises, several feet offshore wave heights 10 to tempt feet. so down the shore in addition to some of that wet snow, mixing in with rain those totals will likely be a little less down the shore as well but nonetheless,
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major problems down the shore but also inn land. >> when we talk about inland we also have to talk about the blowing and drifting snow saturday with really strong winds gusting to 45 miles an hour. that could create blizzard conditions at times. something we have to watch for. >> absolutely. >> let's take look at the forecast. here we go. for tomorrow we're looking at a pretty decent day. very quiet. some slick spots in the morning be aware of that because light snow overnight tonight temperature 28. by the noon hour, partly sunny, pleasant, 34. the afternoon high look at this, near 40 with a mix of sun and clouds. hard to believe a storm is coming and then partly cloudy 33 degrees by 7:00 p.m. your dinner hour. seven day forecast shows the snow comes friday night close to midnight. so we can get the day in no problem. saturday our snowstorm. sunday we clean up and look at the temperatures warming up monday, tuesday, and wednesday so a slow melt. >> i was going to say it will melt off at least. >> exactly. all right, kathy, thank you. >> you bet. >> incredible video out of florida tonight a woman fights
3:33 am
off a pair of carjackers at a gas pump you see her grab the guy by the neck and pull him out of her drivers seat ripping off his ski mask another guy jumps out of the passenger seat and the two take off. the whole time the woman' twos kids were in the back seat. >> she was a mom and what that bad guy didn't know in the back seat of that car were two kids. she wasn't going to let them be taken she fought, she drag the guy out of the car and they both ran away like cowards. >> incredible. >> police say the two guys hop in waiting get away car and sped off a cop saw them speeding followed them right before they crashed into a fence. both guys and the driver were arrested. good. >> sparks flew as these guys saw their way into a metal safe watch was inside was a million dollars. these men were determined to g get. >> it's one of the hottest things this winter but they're getting stolen. we're not talking about hover boards. what is so popular thieves are targeting people in the hospital to get.
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>> and j.lo's opening up about american idol. the one way she says being a judge has
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♪ get good a* gall bladder good look at the most valuable desmond discover in the united states. it's name the esperanza diamond going up for auction next month. it totals 4.6 carats classified as internal nally flawless discovered at a state park in arkansas. the diamond expected to sell for more than a million dollars. >> that is one amazing gem. >> if you're aware of oreos and sin in a buns for you. we have something for you. sin in a bun flavored oreos. >> they're hitting grocery store shelves for a limited time. >> okay. >> hurry up and get some. >> when they're gone they're gone. here to stay read velvet oreos. >> notice i like. >> good. because i've got something for you. nabisco announced it's selling that flavor permanently. >> good news there. one of the season's hottest items may ab huge target for thieves. we're talking about canada goose
3:38 am
jackets easily recognizeddable by signature red patch on the arm and fur lined hood. they sell for 500 bucks. they can cost a thousand dollars and that's got thieves on the look out for them. >> i had to go to the emergency room because in a car accident, and while i was being treated, my friend was looking after my stuff and he stepped out for a moment to answer a phone call then it just got swiped from the waiting room. >> police say people obviously should always keep an eye on their stuff regardless of what it is. did you catch idol tonight? the last week of i was dig. >> that's right. tonight more hopefuls from philadelphia and san francisco gave it their all in front of the judges. >> ♪ >> that is 16-year-old emily
3:39 am
brook. she made it through. american idol judge jennifer lopez is opening up about her time on the show and she told in style mag zone that by helping these rising stars on idol, she had become a better performer over the years. of course, you can tune in for two hours of idol tomorrow night. american idol of course airs every wednesday and thursday night right here on fox 29. a shoot out in a florida gas station. the gunman two groups of teens and it gets worse. what happens next that left customers speechless. and devastating news for one local mom a diagnosis she never saw coming. >> he went from running, jumping, playing, talking, eating. i mean he's a tank. he was a tank. to nothing. >> her fight to save her family
3:40 am
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♪ like a scene out of the wild wild west a group of teens ended up in a shootout they were at a florida gas station, though. surveillance footage shows the gun battle and everyone running for cover in orange county at the bottom of your screen. you can see the barrel of a gun as it's firing. a stray bullet hit somebody
3:43 am
nearby. a witness says he was pulling up to the pumps when he heard the shots. >> you don't wake up and say okay i'll get shot today. you just out there trying to make a living trying to support his family. he can't even do that. for something to happen in broad daylight you have no regard for human life. >> the gunshot victim is lucky. his injuries are not life-threatening. police are now looking for at least seven teenagers involved in that shootout n texas the search is on for two men caught on camera breaking into a safe inside a pharmacy. check out the video one of these guys using a power tool to cut into the side of that safe. the men crawled on the floor of the pharmacy that's outside of irving near dallas trying not to trigger motion detectors. the store owner say the accused crooks used cough syrup to stop the carpet from catching fire. after two hours in the store the general manager they got away with nearly a million dollars worth of drugs. imagine finding out your child has rare and deadly disease. then learning it's not just one
3:44 am
of your children. montgomery county mother is fighting to raise awareness about a disease that is ravaging her family. >> it caught early it doesn't have to be a killer. fox 29's karen hepp has the herring family's journey to save their boys. >> reporter: picture perfect. three great kids whirling bundles of energy eight-year-old at a ron, jr. six-year-old tare and two-year-old thalia tearing it outpatient and four wheelers and mini mouse ride ons. >> then the phone call that changed everything. something was wrong at kindergarten. >> he's gibberish much he's not able to -- he's at the wall not knowing what to do. he's confused in the classroom. disoriented. >> reporter: the diagnosis tyree had rare deadly genetic disease that attacks the brain. ald adrenal luke company distrophy. this is tyree's mri. >> the disease affects the white matter in the brain so you have
3:45 am
gray and white matter in the brain and the white matter you can see in these pictures is literally just being destroyed. >> reporter: win weeks, tyree began regressing and rapidly -- my son he lost everything. in two months he went from running, jumping, playing, talking, eating. i mean he's a tank. he was a tank. to nothing. he smiles and laughs. >> reporter: this is tyre today. he can no longer lift his own head and he needs constant care. his condition is too advanced for treatment and that's just the beginning of the heartbreak for the herrings. it turns out the oldest child tar ron, jr. has the same rare disease. >> one day you have three beautiful kids and one day, you know, you get told by the doctors that, you know, two of them, upping, might be taken away from you. >> tar ron, jr. condition was
3:46 am
caught early enough he is being treated first with chemotherapy and just recently with a bone marrow transplant. >> we can't revert the damage that's already occurred but we can stop any future damage because you're correcting all of the new cells. you're able to get the donor who has healthy bone marrow into the child there's no further destruction. you can halt the disease. >> reporter: ald affects one in 17,000 people mostly boys and passed from mothers to sons. a sent at the children's hospital of philadelphia just opened this spring. dr. amy waldman is the director. >> in general, when there's something not working properly in a cell, the body's job is to destroy that cell. the problem is that all the cells in the brain have the abnormal metabolism so the body starts attacking all of the cells and in doing so, attack as the protect covering of the nerves and attack the nerve underneath resulting in
3:47 am
irreversible brain damage. >> it's devastating plus, you know, hopefully we're raising awareness. we've had so much support from everybody. it's been really amazing to see how people come together for us. >> reporter: friends have wrapped their arms around the family to help save the boys following the journey on facebook to help the herrings. >> these two are like unsay prabble. like anywhere, big brother went, little brother was right behind him. >> cassandra prays for miracles but she works for change. she wants ald to be added to the list of diseases that are tested for at birth. >> we shouldn't be in a position. no family should be in this position with a disease that's treatable and has a newborn screening. >> reporter: just this summer the federal government actually
3:48 am
recommended that ald be added to that newborn screen but it's up to every state to do it and so far only new york has. to help the evident right here in our area, in pennsylvania, contact the members of the health committee information is on our website fox you can also follow the herring family journey as well. i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. >> praying for miracles. absolutely. >> hoping for change. we're rooting for them. as faster three i can't imagine. >> howard is here with a look what's coming in sports film a little college basketball. villanova in a tough one. and chip kelly speaks for the first time since before he got fired by the eagles. asked what he did wrong to get fired. hear from chip coming up in sports. >> still tracking the latest on developing winter storm, and waiting for updates from our computer data to so if there's any changes in the track or
3:49 am
3:50 am
3:51 am
♪ the eagles head coach doug pederson has put most of his coaching staff together 15 coaches agreeing to contracts today. seven of the assistants chip
3:52 am
kelly staff stayed on with pederson pat shower myhr not one of them. he can go to the rams as offensive coordinator. also no quarterback coach yet but i'm told it still could be john the offensive coordinator previouslpreviouslypreviously o. frank wright was hired as the offensive coordinator. dave fipp passion as special teams coach. duce staley back. greg lewis were join the team. jeff stoutland is back as well. chip kelly spoke for the first time since before his firing three weeks ago. he was introduced at a news conference by his new team those san francisco 49ers. now we all heard the same love when knew coach joins his new team. we've heard this from chip before. even chip had a love fest. >> when i met jeb i was just struck i never hit him before i look at his track record and understood he was about winning if you look at the past five years, jed and his family built the best and when youou talk abt trent, trent is a football guy. i like to think i'm a football guy. he's a grinder and i can't tell
3:53 am
you,, what a blast it's been in the last two weeks just talking football. talking vision. >> yeah, i love it. did he say that with the eagles too. >> chip kelly made mistake here in philadelphia. he was one that said he always self evaluates his job after games. so with two weeks between jobs, three weeks since he spoke, he was asked if he look at what went wrong here. chip continues to move his lips and say nothing. >> you self scout what we did well, what we did poorly how can we improve as a team? i was in the process of that and really i don't think it was a self scout to me probably because i got fired. i look at more an autopsy. i'm in the middle of the autopsy right now. still looking eight. sent toxicology reports we'll see when when they come back i'll give you a full answer of what went on. >> do you things in seconds. it's already done. the 76ers on the road did something for the first time this season. let's go to orlando. first time they won a conference game eastern conference game for the first time.
3:54 am
right before the end of the half isaia cannon with three. within one. they led at the half 47-46. never trailed after that. third quarter. watch the inn bound. nice play off the time out. hollis thomas. inbounds and gets the ball back. sixers within 96-87. all right. villanova now ranked fourth in the country playing on the road. let's go to the prudential center. playing seton hall hall. that's villanova jail lynn brunson hits the three. now seton hall comes back it's win two. they got to win two but right now villanova leads by four. close game in the second half. chip kelly -- (laughter). >> come on chip! >> you know there's somebody around here that has whole lot to talk about right now about now. >> that's kathy orr. we're waiting for this new computer model to come in. it's slowly coming in and the timing looks the same as it did before. it will be a friday night into saturday event. once again we do have that winter storm watch that will go into effect friday night snow estimates look like i-95
3:55 am
corridor will see some of the heaviest snow 12 to 18-inches possible on either side in our suburbs six to 12 and heaviest the jackpot goes down towards baltimore and washington with lesser accumulations in the poconos and down the shore. that's the very latest from the weather sent. of course, more updates coming tomorrow morning on good day with sue because then of course another computer model comes in. >> continue to update this evolving situation. >> all right. evolving is the key word. poconos missing out. how is this happening. >> i know. they want snow. >> i know. all the skiers want it. >> the wisdom of howard. >> entertainment coming up next. tmz, dish nation and tune into chasing news and the simpsons much we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia" with those new models. your lottery powerball drawing is neck. stay tuned and goo
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>> we're brace being for snow, brine trucks already out over night. this is nothing to do with the blast every went their could be coming later this week. what to expect for your morning commute in the latest track for the storm ahead. >> and another warning about a threat to philadelphia police. how investigators found the man they wanted to question. good day everybody, it is thursday, january 21, 2016. everyone across the area is bracing for snow this weekend. >> you know what that means. >> what, tell me? >> stocking up on wine and beer. >> or? >> and bread and milling. >> yes. >> right. >> and eggs. don't ruin the joke. >> okay. before we get to sue serio, our chief meteorologist scott williams put together a


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