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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  January 21, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EST

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>> we're brace being for snow, brine trucks already out over night. this is nothing to do with the blast every went their could be coming later this week. what to expect for your morning commute in the latest track for the storm ahead. >> and another warning about a threat to philadelphia police. how investigators found the man they wanted to question. good day everybody, it is thursday, january 21, 2016. everyone across the area is bracing for snow this weekend. >> you know what that means. >> what, tell me? >> stocking up on wine and beer. >> or? >> and bread and milling. >> yes. >> right. >> and eggs. don't ruin the joke. >> okay. before we get to sue serio, our chief meteorologist scott williams put together a special forecast and posted on
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our fox 29 facebook page. >> okay, so it is the bread task that scott based on the latest models for snow to help you plan on how many loaves of bread you'll need to go along with your milk and eggs, because the their is he everyone stays home and makes french toast, right? yesterday i met a baby in a lobby of my building, i know you work at fox 29, i want to say we didn't go buy milk bread and eggs, we bought wine, beer and liquor. >> i'm with her. where does she live? soup, is this thing coming or not? >> looks like we have a four-bread kind of storm here in at least in this corridor here along the i-95 corridor, two to the north, maybe one down to the south, because we are expecting less snow at the shore, and more after mixing with rain, and they're going to have other problems at the shore. so this storm doesn't really look like much now. but will gain some moisture and strength in the atlantic ocean before it gets here, meanwhile, the swat of snow we
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told you about yesterday, that would happen overnight it, did. if you have any snow and you want to take a picture and sends it to us at sue serio fox 29, is my twitter and facebook handle, so here is our live look at old city. it is a tiny bit miler than yesterday. 29 degrees, but it feels like 21, thanks to a 8-mile per hour wind. 7:18 your sunrise time, we have other temperatures in the 20's this morning, and a little bit after windchill, so most of our windchills to the north are until the teens, philadelphia, we are in in where it feels almost like the actual temperature. so upper 20's, could be few slick spots, down delaware, south jersey where we had the coating of snowfall overnight. partly sunny skies today, really pretty day, with a lot of sunshine, and sun and clouds with a high of 38 degrees, and then 33 by 7:00 p.m., so this is the calm before blah, blah, blah, you know the rest of it, we will
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talk about what we can expect this weekend including projections of snowfall totals coming up in just a few minutes. right now let's check traffic outside early on this thursday morning. we start off with a look at the schuylkill, right around city avenue. it is all clear this morning, not one, oh, one car, two, three on the roads this morning, ben franklin bridge, heading into philadelphia, is also clear with not many cars out there at all. and your travel times this morning are just fine, smooth sailing on the schuylkill and on i95 from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. so as we take a look at our radar here, we've got dave kinchen outside, team coverage of course as we get ready to get a decent size storm, dave, coming up this weekend. >> yes, that's right. we're here, penndot stores, all of their vehicles here in south philly. you know these vehicles are all part of penndot's big plan, their game plan, in place, in fact, that plan is
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already in play. penndot drivers are already working over time. they were called in to treat the highways with a coating of brine solution, and the trucks from the philadelphia street department were out and about treating city streets, as well. they will be out today and it could be the start after long weekend for crews with that big storm approaching. we talked with a variety of people who will be out in the weather, we spoke with a tourist, but we also spoke with people working in the winter conditions, including a penndot driver. >> this is my job. so, you know, more snow means more work for me, means more money, but, you know, we got to keep everybody safe. >> more work on the weekends. so can't get away from it. >> they say we could get foot of snow. how would that impact your plans? >> well, i don't know if they can fly in a foot of snow. i don't know. so i guess it means i will be staying in philly and playing in the snow for the weekend. have another cheese steak. >> ya, ya, ya, why not? >> meantime thinking about saving a parking spot if you
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shoveled it, better rethink that. of course philly cops hitting social media with their infamous save time no saving any spots at all, although some residents tell us fat chance they'll do that anywhere. their words, not ours, they told you. meantime penndot officials repeat their request, they often say at this time of year, give their trucks plenty of space, let those salt trucks get that salt down. and let their crews keep all of us safe. back to you, lauren? dave kinchen, thanks so much. we aren't the only ones preparing for snow. major airlines getting ready for the big storm, america, southwest, delta, among the airlines already issuing travel waivers to customers ahead of the storm. american allowing customers traveling through nine airports between philadelphia and southern virginia to change flights without penalty. southwest allowing customers from boston to washington to row-schedule if they plan to fly friday or saturday. and delta is waiving its change-fee to travelers planning to fly at 19 airports
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between boston and washington this weekend. >> okay, if you need to get ready for work or school, can't be near your tv of course stay on top of the storms by watching fox 29 from your iphone, ipad, or computer. download the app. that's the fox 29 app. we have the live radar, the weather app, get alerts, everything you need, just get your app in app or google play stores. high alert this morning, the philadelphia police department received phonecall threatening violence against cops here and in new york. >> just weeks after officer jesse hartnett ambushed thinks his cruiser, steve keeley live in center city with more on the scary threat. do they know where the threat came from? >> this is two weeks to the day today that jesse hartnett was shot and an update from headquarters here is that his condition finally upgraded to stable just this week. that is how bad he was hit. and as they deal with that, and wish him well, and the rest every us deal with the
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threat of snowstorm, now, the police again with a new threat. and what happened was two calls came in yesterday. one, here, to philadelphia police, a second call, up to new york city police. and that person calling said in both calls that somebody was going to shoot a police officer in philadelphia and in new york city. soap, both departments were out talking about that last night. >> there was a time when, you know, you were just cautious about it, and any more, i mean, because of the things that have happened, not only here but in new york and around the country, gout to take it very seriously, so when these things happen, the authorities really start working very hard to try to get to the bottom of it, as we're dealing with this case. >> one of the phonecalls indicated isis, not the phonecall to philadelphia, but rather, the phonecall to new york, and we are taking it serious, based on what happened in philadelphia. >> soap, police pick up a guy that was described by the
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caller. he was already wanted on couple of parole violations, and does that sounds familiar, just like mr. archer was, when he was accused of trying to kill a cop here in philadelphia. so right now the guy has not been charged with anything related to that threat. but they have enough to held him on on previous charges for parole violations. so now they have to obviously take every threat seriously, chris, lauren, because they saw what happened when somebody want and head bent on killing a cop two weeks ago today. >> yes, can't take anything right these days, steve keeley, thank you so much. >> out of center city scene at the corner every locust, 117 year old building, four alarm fire tuesday night gutted the building, flames shot through the roof for hours before the flames were finally brought under control. >> i could tell you you could smell the ten in center city. twenty-two apartments were destroyed, that means, dozens staying elsewhere, their homes completely destroyed.
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officials with philadelphia's licenses and inspections out on the scene, they say, the building is imminently dangerous, crews already demolishing parts of it. officials say they're concerned about the winter storm expected to hit our area this weekend. >> with the snow coming this weekend, we want to be extra cautious with this building, because of the additional loads there snow will place on the remaining interior structure, so we will start a demolition from the roof line down. we are hoping, though, that we can save the majority of this building. >> the fire also forcing people out of apartments, the building next-door, roads in the area still closed until crews remove parts of the building, that are in danger of falling. >> i drove through that area yesterday. what a mess. stay away. >> 4:09 the time. now to the latest, bill cosby's legal troubles, prosecutors say the comedian is seeking special treatment and wants his case thrown out just before the first evidence hearing.
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cosby filed request to dismiss the case. d.a. says he can proof from new evidence that the comedian drugged, molest add woman in 2004. but cosby says the encounter was concentual, a hearing scheduled for february 2nd about that dismissal. >> during a visit to michigan, president obama pledged continued support for flint's water crisis, people there are continuing to feel the effect of ongoing water contamination. the crisis start in the 2014 when flint's water source was switched from the detroit water system to flint river water. since then, several class action lawsuits have been filed claiming contaminated water is responsible for many health issues. the president declared federal emergency in flint, met with the city's mayor on tuesday. >> i told her that we are going to have her back and all of the people of flint's back as they work their way through this terrible tragedy. >> yesterday michigan's governor filed an appeal saying flint needs more federal aid to repair the
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entire water system including plumbing and homes. about 100,000 people are unable to drink their un filtered tap water. >> 4:11 this morning. watch as this woman takes on two carjackers and she wins. what she was caring in the back seat that was worth fighting for. >> i could only imagine, as a parent, and shoot-out at florida gas station, the gunman, two groups every teens, and this gets worse, what happens next, that left customers speechless.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i'll tell you what i want, what i really really want, some led zeppelin right now. no, i'm sorry, hey, happy birthday to the spice girls member, emma, 40 years old today, button. hi, sue. >> she's baby spice. >> button? >> they each had a name, ya. scary spice, posh spice. >> now, posh; she the one that married -- >> posh married david beckham, yes. >> okay. we got to school this guy, don't we? i won't absorb it anyway. we will cut to the chase with the map that you've been wait to go see about how much are we going to get. everywhere we go, that's what we're asking. you know what?
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this is an estimate. it will change between now and when the storm begins. this is thursday, really early in the morning, friday night is when the storm begins. so, we think that past our western suburbs, three-6 inches, it looks like berks, lancaster in the six-12-inch range, in the 12-18 right now, along the i95 corridor, and even more down in that baltimore-washington area, which is shaping up to be the bulls eye of the storm where the worse of it may be. then, much less, as you head down to the jersey shore, maybe three-6 inches or less, depending on how much rain mixing with the snow, and that's the map we have for now. winter storm watch has been issued for friday night, into sunday morning, by the national weather service, and eventually it will be upgraded to a warning, concerns down the shore are many, and they're not the same as the ones we have inland because of the flooding and the beach errosion. there is a full moon this weekend, coinciding with this major storm, as bad news for
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the shore, northeasterly winds, gust to go 50 to 60 miles an hour, wet snow mixing with rain, making travel different for different reason. so, here's the future cast of this storm as it heads up the east coast, gathers lots and lots of moisture, it is a big storm covering a lot of real estate. we see that by saturday noon in the thick of t but you also see down in southern delaware, and maybe at the jersey shore, there is rain. there is green, and not white, and this is where we expect the lower accumulations of snow. but with the high winds, anyway, these future wind gusts could be up to 40, 41 miles an hour, the snow begins south to north probably between 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. friday. so friday night, get to school and home, get to work and home on friday, fine. saturday, you might want to stay in. because the heaviest of the snow, 2:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., early in the day, we will be with us for good day, from 6:00 to 10:00 in the morning saturday to get you through. that will peak wind gusts
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saturday, 35 to 40 miles an hour, snow will be clinging to the trees, that heavy wet snow, which could take down power lines, and take down trees, as well. power outages, the heavy wet snow, a characteristic of it. so as we look ahead, in the seven day forecast mid 30's, for today, 37 for tomorrow. 34 degrees, on saturday, with that nighttime snow, actually, the night snow of course comes on friday. the words don't quite match with what's going on here, but we've got -- we will get it together and make sure that we get that seven-day forecast for you. let's get to traffic right now. there is construction on 295 northbound near the schuylkill expressway, which is blocking two lanes, use caution. this is expected to clear up by 5:00. but there is construction on that part of 295 northbound. now 95 southbound approaching
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woodhaven, fine this morning, you know that will get more crowded later on. forty-two, creek road, new jersey, some headlights we see, but no delays, at least not yet. chris, lauren? >> sue, thank you so much. it is 15 years in federal prison for philadelphia man convicted in the kidnapping and torture of a jewelry store employee. basil buyer i will be 38 years old before he's released in court yesterday. he apologized for his role in the crime before the judge handed down that sentence. pleaded guilty to a slew of charges, in the botched robbery, of national watch and diamond exchange in old city last april. he's one of three men prosecutors say abducted and assaulted the worker leaving her with permanent brain damage. montgomery county rounding up dozens every accused deadbeat parent. authorities say they owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in child support, from the montgomery county sheriff department, conducted the raids overnight, wednesday. they had 28 people on their list, from glennside, abington, willow grove, blue
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bell, pottstown, and college vim, in total, they owed $385,000. if you have an expired prescription drug in your medicine cabinet, well you now have safer way to get rid of these. city officials have set up boxes across philadelphia, where you can drop off old medication. they're like mailboxes but instead of letters you drop in expired pills and such. you will find the boxes at police districts throughout the city of philadelphia, it is all part of the pilot program, to keep expired unused medication frost falling into the wrong hands of course. >> show us that the majority of people who are addicted to heroin began their addiction as a result of being prescribed painkillers. >> six ooh people died in the city from an overdose.
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>> one of the menacing power tool to cut into the side of that safe, men crawled on the floor of the pharmacy outside of serving trying not to trigger motion detections. the store owners say the accused crooks used cough syrup to stop the carpet from catching on fire. after two hours, inside that store, the general manager says they got away with nearly a million dollars of delux. >> showing gun battle, everyone, running for cover, this is in orange county, at the bottom of your screen. you can see, the barrel after gun, as it is being fired. a stray bullet hits someone, nearby. a witness says, he was pulling up to the pumps, when he heard the shot. >> you don't just wake up and say okay, i'll get shot today. just out here trying to make a living, trying to support his family. can't even do that. for something to happen in broad daylight, i mean, you
4:21 am
have no regard for human life. >> the gunshot victims' lucky, his injuries are not life threatening. police are looking for at least seven teens involved in that shoot-out. incredible video, also out of florida, as a woman fights off a pair of carjackers at the gas pump. you can see her grab the guy by the neck and pull him out of her drivers seat, ripping off his ski mask. another guy jumps out of passenger seat. two take off. the entire time the woman's two children were in the back seat. >> she was a mom, and what that bad guy didn't know, in the back seat that far car, were two kids. and she wasn't going to let them be taken, so she fought, she dragged the guy out of the car, and they both ran away like cowards. >> man, police say the two guys hopped into a waiting get-away car, they sped off, a cop saw them speeding, started following them right before they crashed into a fence, both guys, you see that female driver, as well, were arrested. >> good! good for that mom protecting
4:22 am
her two kids, too. >> scary moments, though. 4:22. history making this morning, for the nfl, and it all has to do with this woman. we'll explain. >> and an old song gets a new twist, thanks to shoes and a ladder? >> huh? >> here are your winning lottery numbers. good morning. ♪ ♪ ♪ lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer.
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good to see you again! the usual? veggie burger with the works. see ya. sounds good matt! thanks! gus, the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania! that's me. and this is for you! gus bucks ! the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery- with top prizes of a hundred grand. it's the best game yet. 'cause you're on it? well... keep on scratchin'!
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eagles agreed terms with 15 coaches, seven returning from chip kelly's step and frank right, yes, officially the offensive coordinator. chip kelly spoke for the first time since before his firing three weeks ago, introduce in the news conference by new team the 49ers. now we all heard the same love when a new coach joins his new team. even chip had some love. >> when i met jeb, i looked at his track record, under standing, if you really look in the past five years, jed and his family built the best, and then when you talk about trent, trent is a football guy. i like to think i am a football guy. 's grinder. and i can't tell you what a blast it has been in the last two weeks just talking football, talking visions. >> really chip? you mean the general manager is a football guy? sixers on the road last night, to orlando, sixers within one, isiah cannon with the three. they led at the half 47-46. never trailed after that. nice playoff the inbound.
4:26 am
thompson will score, sixers beat orlando 96 to 87. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> and, the buffalo bills made nfl history yesterday by hiring the first woman to be a full-time coach. >> nice. >> catherine smith, she was named special teams quality control coach. >> that's cool. >> yes. so bills coach recommendation ryan -- rxe ryan, consulted, and arizona recently hired jan weather as training camp assistant coach. so, smith was administrative assistant for rex ryan this past season, previously worked with the jets for seven years. way to break some barriers. >> i love it. >> don't you love that? >> dow. pit ditty isn't the only one who likes to make re mixes. >> okay? >> listen. >> ♪ >> ♪
4:27 am
>> tutelar almost globetrotters getting into the groove through music, remaking famous theme song, the team paired one music producer and singer, mike tompkins, to create okay pell owe version of their theme song, sweet georgia brown. the song coming together, only using basketballs, a ladder, and beat boxing, the famed basketball team in its 90th year, currently on 250-city tour. >> casino of fun to see them, right? speaking of sports real quickly, i mention here the greatest golfer of all time, jack nicklaus. thirty-six years old today. eighteen major wins. how about that? >> wow. >> remember that nice ride the pope road around here in philadelphia over the summer. women it, could be yours. when and where this fiat will go on sale. >> on the auction block?
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>> what to expect for your morning commute today. the latest track for the storm ahead. >> plus, another warning about a threat to philadelphia police. how investigators found the man they wanted to question. >> such disturbing trend. police officers all around the world being targeted. >> all right, good day everyone, it is thursday, january 21st, 2016.
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>> we're a day away from the big snow. here is my question for everybody, because i was talking about this yesterday. what are you going to do this weekend when you get stuck inside? someone told me to start madam secretary on netflix. >> oh? >> sue, you know this show, madam secretary? >> since the beginning. >> what's the reminisce. >> tao leone, the actress once married to david dovekovne, the person that goes -- >> sorry i asked. >> on the hillary clinton experience as the first woman secretary of state, and a lot of the story lines parallel what's going on really in the world. >> well, that's kind of cool. >> it is cool. >> that's what i'm going to do, sue serio. >> you're going to be busy though. >> excellent, yes. you know what? i'll be here. >> yes. >> in fact, kathy orr and i will be here, tag teaming it, on saturday morning, scott williams, dave warren, saturday night. we got you covered. now you see this area of
4:32 am
energy here starting to develop, circulation, stretching from nebraska down to texas, that's the combination of what's going to be our storm. it will team up with this area of moisture, get a lot more powerful, and get up hereby friday night. meanwhile the little storm that came through last night, it is gone, it is well off shore. we're dry with 29 degrees in philadelphia, 8-mile per hour winds, so feels like 21, sunrise at 7:18 this morning. >> we have temperatures mostly in the 20's, but windchills that are mostly in the teens. now, this is not as extreme as it was earlier this week with the below zero windchills. it is still cold. so, it feels like it is in the teens, just about everywhere, we have 21 degrees windchill here as we showed you, it will be about 28 by 7:00. we might have few slick spots to the south, from what that coating we got last night, 34 degrees and sunshine by noon, our high temperature today, 38 degrees, coming at about 3:00 p.m. and then we get down into the lower 30's, the calm, very tranquil day, before the
4:33 am
storm, we're expecting, but not until friday night. so we will talk about what happens friday night, into saturday, coming up in just a few minutes, right now, traffic time. we have some construction to tell but, on 295 southbound between route 30 and i76. there are two lanes blocked. this of course is in new jersey, and expected to be cleared up by 6:00 in the morning. blue route approaching conshohocken there, that's the camera we're looking at, all clear this morning, i95 at cottman avenue. just few cars out there. but no delays, nothing like it will be in a couple of hours. 4:33 is the time. of course, team coverage is continuing this morning, as snow is predicted to hit us, of course tomorrow night, want to make sure you're safe as you walk out the door this morning, and hit the roads. because this little area of last night. and crews are closely monitoring the track of the storm, of course, along with us, so they can prepare the roads. and they do that brining ahead of time. for some reason, dave, i guess
4:34 am
our shovels get burried in the garage. we all need to buy new ones every single storm. what's up with that? >> yes, that or you tend to forget where they are. >> yes, my garage, that happens a lot. >> or if you have a big car, you know, it is in the back somewhere, you just can't finds it, depending how big the vehicle is. that happens to some folks. here where penndot keeps their trucks in south philadelphia. it is part of their big game plan of course. that game plan is not only in place, it is already in play. penndot drivers are already working over time. they were called in to treat the highways with a coating of brine solution, trucks from the philadelphia street department were also out and about, treating city streets we saw yesterday. they will be out today, too, it could be the start of very long weekend with the big storm approaching. we spoke with the wide variety of people who will be out in the winter weather, penndot driver, ups staffer, and also, tourists in town from kentucky. >> it has been pretty decent year so far. but i hate the winter.
4:35 am
>> not looking forward to the weekend? >> not looking forward to it. >> meantime we do know if you are planning on saving a spot, you know, don't do it, philadelphia police hitting social media with their iconic hashtag no savesies. telling people not to use cones, cones like this one to save spots, so some residents say they'll do it anyway, but police say don't try it. back to you guys. >> dave kinchen, thank up, sir. major airlines getting ready for the storm, american, southwest, delta, already issuing travel vouch tears customers. so american allowing customers traveling through nine different airports to change flight without penalty. southwest allowing customers from boston to washington to reschedule if they plan to fly either friday or saturday. and delta's waiving its change fee to travelers planning to fly to at least 19 different
4:36 am
airports between boston and washington this weekend, that could be kind of crazy, chris. so many business travelers come back home on friday's. >> yes, i think if they're somewhere like in miami, it would be nice to just stay, sure. >> okay, so if you need to get ready for work or school, can't be near your tv, you don't know what sue is saying, then you can go and watch on line or watch on your phone, your ipad, your computer, download the app, the weather, the radar, alerts, news, everything you need. it is in the apple and the google play stores. >> okay, and here is the other thing, we have to turn to this, serious stuff, developing for you on this thursday morning. philadelphia police on city-wide alert right now after they receive threats of violence from this anonymous caller. >> so the same thing happened in new york city, now the fbi is investigating, this all comes two weeks after philadelphia police officer was ambushed while on patrol in west philly. >> steve keeley you're in center city, this is scary stuff. >> this is the second threat you recall, we had the one first weaken after jesse hartnett was shot, now we have two anonymous tip calls to two
4:37 am
of the biggest police departments in america, new york and philly, saying the same one man pledged allegiance to isis planning to shoot officer here and up in manhattan. we learned from police source that the man identified by the caller turned himself in as a police precinct near yankees stadium in the bronx yesterday afternoon. so far he's not charged with making any threats or plans. he showed up on his own just few hours after both police departments put out alerts to their women and men in uniform. >> you got to be safe. you got to be vigilant. it is difficult. the very nature of this job is dangerous, you never know what you are going to get into. and that's what's important, not only for them to nope, but for the public to know. and it is equally important, if an officer happens to stop you on traffic violation, i mean, do everything you can to put that officer at ease, as well, because probably doesn't know you, and when you got people threatening your lives, police officers just because of the uniform they wear, i mean, obviously -- >> well, there was no threat called in, and nobody new anything was coming before
4:38 am
jesse hartnett was shot two weeks ago tonight. both the call here to philly police, and to the detective squad in new york, were trace from the coming the same spot in upper manhattan, new york police say having the guy in cuss today is only one good part. they also like to talk more to the by who made both calls. both they have to find him firms. the man, the caller said he had a plan to kill. right now that's the only thing he's being held on up in new york, chris, lauren? all right, thank you, keep us updated on that, police. >> we know this, hoverboards, the popular christmas gift, still causing some, but one company now saying, you know what? we'll give you your money back.
4:39 am
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>> your calorie count goes way up. new study shows, that more than nine and ten restaurant in the u.s. serving meals that exceed the recommended calorie limit for a single meal. duh. and that's just the on tray, drinks, appetizers, desserts, not included in the study. duh. researchers at tufts university say the finding are important because the general perception is that fast-food is the problem. but this study shows all restaurant are guilty of excessive portions that over feed customers. >> okay, but here's what you're supposed to do. >> you tell me. >> i'm going to tell you. >> go on and preach.
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>> bring it on. >> when you order your food, you always tell the server to bring you a to go container, as soon as you get it, and you put half in your to go container, only eat what's left on your plate. don't blame your restaurant. you can have some self-control. then you get two meals for the price of one. >> listen, if it is on my plate, it is gone. i'm going to clean the plate, and if no one is looking, i'll lick it. >> our produce is her screaming after chris says things, amen, amen. she from the south. >> amen. >> keep preaching, murphy. >> all right, let's talk money, says it will offer refunds to anyone who brought hoffer buds on the website, move comes among growing concerns, they're not safe, and fire hazards, consumer product safety commission is investigating more than three dozen instances of hoverboards smoking or just bursting into flames. despite the decision, amazon still sells hoverboards on its
4:43 am
site. >> what i do try to do is avoid the bread, though. the thing is when they bring all of that warm bread and the butter. >> yes? >> that's hard to resist. if you can just resist that, though? >> just tell them don't bring it at the beginning, then you don't have to resist. >> no, it is too tempting. wal-mart says many of its us workers will be getting pay raise next month. >> that's good news. retail giant says every wal-mart and sam's club employee hired before the start of the year will soon earn at least $10 an hour. more than a million us workers will get the pay hike starting february 20th. it comes about nine month after wal-mart increased pay for half million warning tears at least nine bucks an hour, but this all comes after the retail giant announced it will close about 269 stores all across the globe. >> hey, sorry star wars fans. why you may have to wait to see the next installment.
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>> ♪ >> lauren was too young to remember this, bonn on october 5th, 1981. >> dow remember this song, though. >> oh, i will ' tell you, in high school, back in the 80s, this was the song. >> even in california? >> what do you mean, even in california? listen, we don't just listen to the beach boys and the eagles. >> are you sure? >> yes.
4:47 am
>> so that was billy ocean celebrating birthday today. sixty-six years old. >> wow. he's young. >> yes. >> so, in california -- >> what? >> why the attitude? >> i can only anticipate what's coming next. >> all i was going to say, do you guys ever see snow? >> yes, in the higher elevations, certainly. >> but not where you're from in l.a.? >> big bear, arrow head. no, north of la. >> how far north? >> a drive to the mountains. hour and a half, two hours. >> really, and there's snow? >> yes. >> do you know you're coordinated today. look at yourselves. >> kind of like the prom, sue. >> true. >> truth be told. >> couldn't be cuter. >> couldn't be any cuter. >> i said what color is that? >> no, he said are you wearing red is what he said. >> i said no, chris, it is burnt orange. color blind. >> chris being color blind, total accident that you coordinate so well. happy accident in my opinion. let's get right to t talk about how much snow we're predicting, we remind this is an estimate. and that these numbers will
4:48 am
change, as we get closer to the storm. so, here we are, on i95 corridor, with more than a foot of snow possible, from the storm that's coming friday night into saturday. six to 12 inches just to the south of us, say dover, millville, and then along the shore, much lighter accumulation, because of mixing with rain. then you go up to the north and west, and we could be in the six to 12-inch range there. looks like i-95 corridor right now where it is setting up, but of course, a track of the storm that's a little bit off could change everything. winter storm watches in effect, for our entire area friday night, into sunday, and look at this, down in the baltimore, washington area, blizzard watch. it was issued yesterday. now that far out from the storm pretty high confidence in this forecast. just saying. down the shore, there are another whole set of issues with this coastal storm, being a coastal storm, and look at this, adding a full moon into it, so that will increase the chance of flooding and beach errosion, winds will gust up
4:49 am
50, 06 miles an hour, wet snow mixing with rain, here comes the future cast showing the storm gathering the moisture from the gulf of mexico. and then hugging the coast, as it moves, and again, 100 miles this way, 100 miles that way it, will change those snowfall projections, right now we have rain for saturday afternoon to the south of us, but snow continuing, if that rain line moves northward, our snowfall totals decrease. we'll see what happens. meantime look at the wind gusts for saturday, 62 miles an hour projected for dover, delaware, we're in the mid 30's, here in philadelphia, so whatever snowfalls will be blowing all around. but along the shore, and down to the south of us, very high wind gusts in the ooh to 60-mile per hour range on saturday. so, inland, we're thinking the first snowflakes will start between 9:00 and 11:00 p.m. the laters the start, the longer it will last. so we're expecting this to maybe last into sunday morning, but the heaviest of the snow expected to fall from
4:50 am
2:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. saturday. peak wind gusts 30 to 40 miles an hour inland, and of course it is different at the shore. so expect that wet snow to clinic to the trees, power lines, some of those could come down, and that's why you have to be prepared for power outages, with this storm. it certainly is a possibility. right now it doesn't look like much, so see the circulation, starting, that counter clockwise circulation, of a low pressure system forming. it will gather that moisture in the gulf of mexico, head our way. meanwhile we had the off shore area of snow, very light that came through last night. doesn't look like much happened with that. so your seven day forecast has 36 degrees for today, 35 for tomorrow, most of the day tomorrow should be fine before those nighttime snowflakes begin. and then amp up overnight and really crank up with the winds and the snow and a one out of ten, no surprise there, in your weather by the numbers again, possibly lingering into sunday morning, the good news is a little bit milder as we
4:51 am
get into the middle of next week. that's your seven day, let's check traffic. it is thursday morning, a lot to get done before the weekend, so, is anybody getting a early start? let's check. well, weaver construction going on, pennsylvania turnpike eastbound, construction blocking left lane between valley forge and bensalem. use caution, but it is not really slowing anybody down too much. and approaching spring garden on the schuylkill, all is clear, this morning, chris and lauren? >> sorry star wars fans, do you have wait little longer for the next film to hit the big screen. disney says star wars episode eight is released in december 2017. >> my goodness. it was originally scheduled for release seven months earlier. disney did not give reason for this postponement. the current star wars film, the force awakens, was originally planned for the summer of 2015 release, but moved to last month. soap, that movie paid off. as the force awakens now the highest grossing us film of all time, taking in more than $860 million here in the u.s.
4:52 am
alone. >> a loft monday. >> i yes. >> remember that nice ride the pope road around in while in filly? it could be yours. when and where the fiat will be on the auction block.
4:53 am
4:54 am
>> what the pope was riding around in when he came to visit philadelphia at times got almost as much as attention as did he. so who can forget that it i bitty fiat he was riding around and waving to everyone? >> now this it i bitty thing is hitting the auction block.
4:55 am
the pope actually used two fiats during his visit to philly. the fiat corporation donated the cars to the big event, right? free advertising. now, leaders from the world meeting of families and the philadelphia auto show say they're going to auction off one of those two cars at the auto show's black tie gala. mark your calendars, friday the 29th. >> we can think of no better way to officially close the visit of pope francis to philadelphia than to have his papal fiat drive off into the sunset, while benefitting so many people in need. >> you notice, lauren, she never said it i bitty there. >> select ministries of the archdioces, now, if you can't attend the black tie gala, no worries. the other fiat will be on display during the duration of the auto show. >> cbs is in holt water shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars to the things you may have bought.
4:56 am
will you stop laughing? which items are on store shelves caused half million dollars settlement.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> little area every snow moved through overnight. hardly anybody saw it. wait until you see what's coming for the weekend, your latest information, coming right up. lauren? >> i'm hanging on your every word, sue. and police, on high alert this morning, the major threat aimed at officer ers in philadelphia, and new york city. >> what took so long, because didn't take a scientist to tell us that brown water is not good. >> 100,000 people in flint michigan remain unable to drink their unfiltered tap water. the federal investigation now underway to solve the water contamination crisis. >> good day everyone, it is thursday, january 21, 2016. >> okay, we want you to take a live look at the center city skyline. and if it hasn't looked like winter just yet, you just wait. >> see that fog there? that's like everyone's breath this morning. 29 degrees. your storm is moving our way, sue serio tracking this for us, hi, sue. >> yes, we still have the better part of two days to get through. but the forecast is starting
5:00 am
to come together. but let's talk about today, because it is thursday, and you probably have a lot to do. we're moved to up a seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers. our storm is starting to take shape. it is pretty big area, too, that's going to gain some strength, and moisture from the gulf of mexico. but there is your snow that came through overnight. not too many problems with that, thank goodness, 28 degrees, but it feels like 21 right now in philadelphia. little bit milder than yesterday. but 21 degrees is still cold, and windchills in the teens in the suburbs as you see here actual temperatures in the 20's, but dress for the windchill, which is in the teens, feels like 10 degrees in lancaster, it feels like seven in mount pocono, feels like ten in millville. that's still very cold for the kids at the bus stop. so, plan on sunday shine today, it will stay chilly all day long, but we may get into the upper 30's, 36 was our high yesterday. 38 degrees we're expecting today. your sunset time is 5:07. so this is pretty tranquil. we'll tell you when this sw


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